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Electrical generator or motor structure February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/10

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02/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100045118 - Reciprocating linear actuator: A reciprocating linear actuator in which a slide and a counter slide are arranged for linear movement within a hollow guide. The actuator has driving force generating means for generating a driving force between the slide and the counter slide and also has bearing structures formed individually between the guide... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100045119 - System for generating electrical energy from ambient energy: A system for generating electrical energy from ambient energy such as the energy of ambient motion and acoustic vibrations. The system has at least two stages, a resonating electrical generator and a kinetic energy conversion system. The stages have differing resonant frequencies to enable harvesting energy from lower frequency ambient... Agent: Stoel Rives LLP - Slc

20100045120 - Magnetic powder, dust core, motor, and reactor: According to the present invention, a magnetic powder for a dust core, which is excellent in terms of insulation properties without causing a decrease in the dust core magnetic flux density, a dust core comprising the magnetic powder, and a motor or a reactor having a core composed of the... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100045121 - Motor for high temperature applications: A motor for high temperature applications has a stator that carries windings and a rotor that carries magnets. The rotor and the stator are built up from a stack of laminations made of a high temperature rare-earth permanent magnetic alloy. The stator windings are made of a high temperature magnet... Agent: Leighton K. Chong Patent Attorney

20100045122 - Stator of an electrical machine, electrical machine, and power tool: A stater of an electrical machine has a cross section, a longitudinal extension, a jacket surface, a plurality of winding holders configured so that at least one of the winding holders for receiving a field winding has a larger winding width than another of the winding holders.... Agent: Striker, Striker & Stenby

20100045123 - Stator of an electrical machine, electrical machine, and power tool: A stator of an electrical machine has a cross section, a longitudinal extension, a jacket surface, a plurality of winding holders configured for receiving field windings, the winding holders being distributed inhomogenously around an inner circumference of the cross section, such that a density of the field windings in at... Agent: Striker, Striker & Stenby

20100045124 - Rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine, for solving problems that a space for installing the noise insulation enclosure around the rotary electric machine and a base for installing the noise insulation enclosure are necessary, and that the noise insulation enclosure reducing the noise on an outer side of the noise insulation enclosure... Agent: Brundidge & Stanger, P.C.

20100045125 - Rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine having a stator including a coil; and a cooling unit that cools a coil end of the coil, which projects in an axial direction of the stator, wherein the cooling unit includes: an outer periphery cooling portion that is disposed along an outer peripheral surface of... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100045126 - Rotor of rotary-electric machine: In a rotor of a rotary-electric machine, in order to improve a cooling performance of a rotor winding on an end portion of the rotor in an axial direction, the rotor winding being held by a retaining ring of the rotor winding formed by laminating conductors in slots of a... Agent: Brundidge & Stanger, P.C.

20100045146 - Power generation system for a stroller: A system for generating electrical energy from the movement of the stroller includes: a wheel; a gear reduction system operationally coupled between the wheel and a motor such that rotation of the wheel causes the motor to generate electrical energy; a power storage device operationally coupled to the motor for... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100045127 - Spring-sheet-type vibration motor: A spring-sheet-type vibration motor comprises a motor body with an output shaft on a front end and an end cap coupled between a supporting bracket and the motor body on the rear end. The end cap supports one or more electric brushes against the motor body. The supporting bracket includes... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, LLP

20100045128 - Direct current machine: The invention relates to a DC current machine, in particular a DC current motor for driving a blower of a motor vehicle, with a pole housing forming the stator of the machine, a rotor that is rotatably mounted in two bearing plates, and with a brush support for supplying current... Agent: Ronald E. Greigg Greigg & Greigg P.l.l.c.

20100045129 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor is disclosed, wherein the spindle motor is integrally formed by a one side-exposed cylindrical bearing housing by pressing a metal sheet plate to save material costs and to simplify an assembly process of constituent elements, whereby the manufacturing cost can be reduced, and a bearing housing is... Agent: Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik A Professional Association

20100045130 - Superconducting pulsed-power source: Methods and systems provide pulsed-power to a load utilizing high temperature superconductors (HTS) within multiple pulsed-power devices. According to embodiments described herein, each pulsed-power device includes a HTS mounted on a rotor and an armature coil mounted on a stator. The rotor is positioned to allow a magnetic field within... Agent: Hope Baldauff Hartman, LLC

20100045131 - Electric motor: It comprises stator including stator core having yoke and a plurality of teeth protruded from yoke, which is formed with slots between adjacent teeth, and rotor having rotor core and permanent magnet formed with a plurality of magnetic poles, which confronts tip ends of teeth via gaps, wherein rotor core... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100045132 - Rotor for an electric motor: The invention relates to a rotor for an electric motor, comprising a rotor shaft, a rotor core stack that is attached to the rotor shaft, a ring member which surrounds the rotor core stack, and a gap located between the rotor core stack and the ring member. Adhesive is introduced... Agent: Manelli Denison & Selter

20100045133 - Multiphase synchronous electrical machine for converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into kinetic energy on board a transport vehicle: A multiphase synchronous electrical machine for converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into kinetic energy has a rotor, extending along an axis, and a stator, which is provided with a stator pack having slots and with an electrical winding, which extends in part in the slots and... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20100045134 - Multiphase synchronous electrical machine for converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into kinetic energy on board a transport vehicle, method for assembling the electrical machine, and transport vehicle provided with said e: A multiphase synchronous electrical machine for converting kinetic energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into kinetic energy has a rotor extending along an axis, and a stator, which is provided with a stator pack having slots and with an electrical winding, which extends in part in the slots and... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20100045136 - Brush gear of a motor: Brush gear of a motor has a brush card with a plurality of brushes installed at one side thereof. Each brush is electrically connected with a connector. Two motor terminations provide power to the brushes via the corresponding connectors and at least one wire connects two of the connectors. Each... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100045135 - Electric motor: A multi-pole PMDC motor has brush gear for transferring electrical power from motor terminations to its windings via a commutator. The brush gear comprises a brush card supporting at least four brush assemblies. The brush assemblies are separated into two brush groups with the brush assemblies of each group being... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100045137 - Actuator and method for manufacturing the same: An actuator that can be driven at a reduced voltage and manufactured with ease, and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The actuator includes second supporting portions 31 and 32 secured to a supporting substrate 4 through a spacer, fixed portions 33 and 34 secured to the supporting... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100045138 - Piezoelectric thin-film acoustic wave device and information processing unit using the same: A piezoelectric thin-film acoustic wave device formed of a piezoelectric thin film of AlN on the +C plane and having the polarization strength of not lower than 0.63×10−20 FN and an information processing unit using the same are disclosed. This is the result of the inventors having studied the factors... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100045139 - Driving device and optical apparatus: Control units supply driving signals to piezoelectric elements to control actuators such that the actuators repeatedly change their operational states between a driving state and a stop state. In addition, the control units control the actuators to enter the stop state at different timings. As such, since the actuators enter... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100045140 - Piezoelectric ultrasonic motor: A piezoelectric ultrasonic motor includes a piezoelectric stator including a hollow metal tube having a quadrangular cross section and four piezoelectric elements each installed in each outer face of the metal tube; a rotary shaft including a rotation bar inserted into an inner space of the metal tube, an upper... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100045141 - Large force and displacement piezoelectric mems lateral actuation: A piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) actuator includes a silicon substrate; an actuator beam comprising a first end region connected to the silicon substrate and a second end region connected to a mechanically compliant spring assembly; a first electrode over the silicon substrate; a piezoelectric layer above the first electrode; a... Agent: U S Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20100045142 - Negative vertical deflection piezoelectric mems actuators and method of fabrication: Co-fabricating of vertical piezoelectric MEMS actuators that achieve large positive and negative displacements through operating electric fields in excess of the coercive field includes forming a large negative displacement vertical piezoelectric MEMS actuator, forming a bottom structural dielectric layer above a substrate layer; forming a bottom electrode layer above the... Agent: U S Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20100045143 - Self-contained piezoelectric device for generating voltage: A piezoelectric device for generating a voltage, comprising a vibratory blade with a first end secured to a fixed substrate and a second, free end which can be moved by applying a mechanical pulse thereon. At least one separate piezoelectric element is provided on one side of blade in such... Agent: Marjama Muldoon Blasiak & Sullivan LLP

20100045144 - Piezoelectric device, angular velocity sensor, electronic apparatus, and production method of a piezoelectric device: A piezoelectric device is provided and includes a substrate, a first electrode film, a piezoelectric film, and a second electrode film. The first electrode film is formed on the substrate. The piezoelectric film is represented by Pb1+X(ZrYTi1−Y)O3+X(0≦X≦0.3, 0≦Y≦0.55) and a peak intensity of a pyrochlore phase measured by an X-ray... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20100045145 - Piezoelectric component and manufacturing method thereof: An object of the present invention is to; miniaturize, increase the capacity, and reduce the price of piezoelectric components. The present invention relates to a piezoelectric component and a manufacturing method thereof, characterized in that: there are bonded and laminated at least two or more piezoelectric elements in which comb-teeth... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

02/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100038975 - Electrical generation apparatus and process: Apparati and methods for generating electricity which comprise in one embodiment a pair of stationary magnets oriented so that their like poles are facing one another with a space between them, and having a stationary length of wire disposed in the space between said magnets of said pair and enabling... Agent: Christopher J. Whewell Western Patent Group

20100038976 - Dual linear electrodynamic system and method: An exemplary description provided for patent searches includes a linear electrodynamic system involving conversions between electrical power and mechanical motion uses unique magnet assemblies that move and unique stator assemblies and stator members shaped and oriented with respect to the moving magnet assemblies.... Agent: Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP/seattle

20100038977 - Anti-deformation mechanism for an axial rod motor: An anti-deformation mechanism for an axial rod motor comprising a base, two vertical fixing seats, two axial fixing seats, two axial screws, a stator and a mover arranged on the stator. The two vertical fixing seats are arranged on the base to support the stator vertically. The two axial fixing... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia

20100039002 - Overdrive generator: A motor includes a first layer including a first circular conductive winding having a first center portion and mounted to a first plurality of dowel rods connected to the first center portion of the first winding, a second layer including a center-piece element, a spindle, and an outside drive element,... Agent: Black Lowe & Graham, PLLC

20100038978 - Flux-switching dual excitation electrical machine: Flux-switching electrical machines. In particular, a flux-switching electrical machine having a stator and a rotor. The stator has permanent magnets, armature windings and excitation windings, and the rotor has no winding or permanent magnet but includes a plurality of flux-switching teeth. The stator is generally formed by a succession of... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100038979 - Power tool with motor air flow path control: In accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure, a power tool has an electric motor having a stator disposed in a field case. The stator has field coils having opposed axial ends that extend axially outwardly from opposed axial ends of a lamination stack of the stator. An armature... Agent: Harness Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100038980 - Cooling system of a superconducting machine: A superconducting machine device is disclosed including a machine; a rotor including a superconductive coil; and a cooling system including at least one incline-intolerant component for cooling the coil. In at least one embodiment, at least one component is held by a carrier compensating for an incline of the machine... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100038981 - Rotating electric machine and cooling system for the rotating electric machine: Heat discharging property of the stator coil end is improved effectively in a rotating electric machine. A motor as the rotating electric machine includes a stator and a rotor. The stator includes a stator core and resin mold coil ends provided on both axial ends thereof. Column-shaped projections projecting in... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20100039003 - Electromotive actuating drive: An electric motor actuating drive for actuating elements designed such that the drive train, which is formed from spur gears, is not self-locking, and such that a braking spring is operatively connected to a gearbox stage upstream of the output-drive element of the drive train, such that, when the drive... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

20100038982 - Stators having female connectors and methods for forming female connectors integral with the stator winding conductors: Stators having female connectors and methods for forming female connectors integral with the stator winding conductors, thereby avoiding the necessity of use of a separate female connector. A typical connector in accordance with the present invention has a first length of the wire adjacent an end of the wire striped... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100038983 - Actuator system with a motor assembly and latch for extending and flexing a joint: One of the embodiments of the invention is an actuator system for extending and flexing a joint. The actuator system includes a multi-motor assembly for providing a rotational output, a rotary-to-linear mechanism including a screw that accepts the rotational output of the multi-motor assembly and a nut that cooperates with... Agent: Schox PLC

20100038984 - Onboard energy: A working electrical system that transfers electricity from a generator through various components back to itself to produce a continuing cycle of electrical energy.... Agent: Bailey Gifford Penn

20100038985 - Brushless dc motor, magnetizing method thereof and washing machine having the same: Disclosed is a brushless DC motor, a magnetizing method thereof and a washing machine having the same. The brushless DC motor, comprising: a stator, and a rotor having a plurality of magnetic poles with a same thickness, wherein each of the magnetic poles is magnetized such that a magnetic flux... Agent: Mckenna Long & Aldridge LLP

20100038986 - Brushless motor/generator with trapped-flux superconductors: Apparatus and methods provide for a high specific power electro-dynamo device that utilizes high-temperature superconductors, a dysprosium core, and superconducting coils to provide power. According to various embodiments, a rotor includes a number of rotor arms with a high-temperature superconductor attached to each arm. A stator includes a number of... Agent: Hope Baldauff Hartman, LLC

20100038987 - Motors having a hyperbolic cosine curve shape: A motor having a hyperbolic cosine curve shaped rotor and a matching hyperbolic cosine curve shaped stator.... Agent: Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson PC

20100038988 - Stator and method of making the same: The present disclosure describes an endcap assembly for a stator of an electric motor having a stator winding. The endcap assembly has a dielectric material, and a plurality of connection paths each being supported by the dielectric material and each intervening between each turn of the stator winding wherein the... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100038989 - Inner cross over support clip: An inner crossover support clip may be used to support a crossover wire joining two adjacent rotor coils on a rotating machine, such as a generator. The support clip of the present invention may be capable of withstanding forces, such as centrifugal forces, that lead to the failure of conventional... Agent: Honeywell/shimokaji Patent Services

20100038990 - Brush assembly for an electric motor: A rail brush assembly for an electric motor having a commutator, comprises a brush, a spring, a pair of rails and at least one detent for retaining the brush on the rails. The brush has a groove on each of a pair of opposite sides. The rails are disposed in... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100038991 - High frequency surface acoustic wave device and the substrate thereof: A high frequency SAW device and the substrate thereof are disclosed. The disclosed high frequency SAW device does not need to use the conventional and expensive sapphire substrate as its substrate. Besides, the disclosed substrate for a high-frequency SAW device can replace the conventional sapphire substrate in the use of... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100038992 - Surface acoustic wave device and method of fabricating the same: A surface acoustic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate; comb electrodes provided on a first surface of the piezoelectric substrate; and an insulating film provided on at least one of the first surface of the piezoelectric substrate and a second surface thereof opposite to the first surface, the insulating film... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100038993 - Surface acoustic wave element: A surface acoustic wave element includes: a diamond layer; an alumina nitride layer provided on the diamond layer; a silicon oxide layer provided on the alumina nitride layer; and a pair of electrodes provided between the alumina nitride layer and the silicon oxide layer, the electrodes applying a voltage to... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100038994 - Switched mode power supply: A switched mode power supply is provided. The switched mode power supply includes a transformer, which includes at least one primary winding connected to a DC voltage via a switching element and a secondary winding connected to a load via a rectifier circuit including at least one diode, and at... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100038995 - Fine positioning system using an inertial motor based on a mechanical amplifier: The invention relates to a fine positioning system using an inertial motor based on a mechanical amplifier that comprises a first amplified inertial sub-assembly including a mechanical amplifier, a piezoactive member and a countermass. A second relative drive sub-assembly includes a clamp and a clamped member attached to the first... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100038996 - Semi-resonant driving systems and methods thereof: A driving system in accordance with embodiments of the present invention includes a structure and a vibration system. The structure has at least one point to frictional couple to and drive a movable element in one of at least two directions. The structure also has at least two bending modes... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP - Patent Group

20100038997 - Coating for harsh environments and sensors using same: A coating providing high abrasion and chemical resistance composed of a barrier layer from vanadium, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum and the like, and an outer layer of diamond-like carbon. The coating is especially applicable for acoustic wave device (AWD) based sensors, and for passivating an electrode such as an electrode deposited... Agent: Saltamar Innovations

20100038998 - Piezoelectric actuator and electronic apparatus: Piezoelectric actuator (51) includes a piezoelectric element (11) that performs expansion/contraction movement in accordance with the state of an electrical field, a base (21) with the piezoelectric element (11) adhered to one surface thereof, and a support member (46) for supporting the piezoelectric element (11) and the base (21), the... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100038999 - Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric part: A piezoelectric ceramic composition contains main components represented by a general formula of [(Pb1-x-yCaxSry){Ti1-z(Zn1/2W1/2)z}O3], and x, y, and z satisfy 0≦x≦0.2 (preferably 0≦x≦0.15), 0≦y≦0.2 (preferably 0≦y≦0.1), 0.1≦x+y≦0.2, and 0.04≦z≦0.1. It is also preferable that the piezoelectric ceramic composition contains 0.05 weight part to 1.0 weight part of a Mn component... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100039000 - Bulk acoustic wave resonator device: A bulk acoustic wave, BAW, resonator device comprising first and second metal layers (10, 20) and an intervening piezoelectric layer (30), the first metal layer (10) comprising spaced first and second portions (12, 14), wherein the first and second portions (12, 14) are each arranged as a plurality of interconnected... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100039001 - Electrically conductive polymer actuator, and method for manufacturing the same: The bendable electrically conductive polymer actuator of the present invention is an electrically conductive polymer actuator having a laminate structure of: a first organic polymer including at least one or more of a vinylidene fluoride/hexafluoropropylene copolymer, polyvinylidene fluoride, a perfluorosulfonic acid/PTFE copolymer, polymethyl methacrylate, polyethylene oxide, and polyacrylonitrile; a solid... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

02/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100033029 - Switched reluctance linear motor/generator: The invention consists on a linear switched reluctance electrical machine that may be operated indistinctly as a generator or a motor, with a series of characteristics that allow the optimization of the mass to power ratio, as well as the manufacturing cost. The machine has several air gaps, crossed by... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100033030 - Acceleration generator and pseudo force sense generator: An acceleration generator 20 includes: a moving member (21, 25) that performs a periodic translational motion along a particular straight line; a first operating part (24) that applies a first force that varies in magnitude depending on the relative position thereof with respect to the moving member to the moving... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100033031 - Voice coil motor for optical device: A voice coil motor. A first coil is connected to a fixed base and includes a first winding portion and a second winding portion connected to and opposite the first winding portion. A second coil is connected to the fixed base and includes a third winding portion and a fourth... Agent: Quintero Law Office, PC

20100033032 - Linear synchronous motor: A first pair of connected portions of one end magnetic pole portion, a first pair of connected portions of an end bracket, a first pair of connected portions of the other end magnetic pole portion, and a first pair of connected portions of each of five magnetic pole portions are... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100033033 - Rotating electric machine having replaceable and interchangeable chuck assemblies: An electric machine, such as a switched reluctance motor (SRM), having a stator housing that allows for stator chuck assemblies to be removed and replaced independently of other stator chuck assemblies is described. The stator housing of the electric machine has a plurality of slots for receiving the stator chuck... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20100033034 - High-power and high-torque step motor: A high-power and high-torque step motor comprising a stator which is provided with a first stator pole, a second stator pole, a third stator pole, a fourth stator pole, a fifth stator pole, a sixth stator pole, a seventh stator pole and a eighth stator pole. An A-phase winding orderly... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia

20100033035 - Ring motor: A ring motor (1) as a direct drive, particularly for vertical mills or rod mills, has a stator (6) and a rotor (12) configured as a rotating milling body (10), wherein the stator (6) has at least two different excitation systems, and the milling body (10) has only a toothed... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20100033036 - Motor with permanent magnets and method of manufacturing; power tool with same: An electric motor has a rotor and a stator. The rotor or the stator has arced permanent magnets that have essentially the same inner radius (IR) and outer radius (OR). In an aspect, the stator has a stator housing having a plurality of poles. Each pole includes a plurality of... Agent: The Black & Decker Corporation

20100033037 - Shielding of superconducting field coil in homopolar inductor alternator: A superconducting field coil assembly includes a superconducting field coil disposed within a vacuum insulated electro-magnetic (EM) shielded cryostat. A water cooling jacket is thermally integrated with the outer surface of the EM shielded cryostat.... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100033039 - Electric motor: An electric motor for use in an electric vehicle, the electric motor includes: an inner housing which holds a stator; and an outer housing which defines a space through which cooling water is caused to flow between the inner housing and itself. The inner housing and the outer housing are... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100033040 - Rotaring electric machine: To provide a rotating electric machine capable of accurate detection of coil temperature by causing refrigerant to flow so as not to contact a temperature detecting element provided on a coil end portion. A rotating electric machine (10) comprises: a cylindrical stator core (12); coils (16) wound around a plurality... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20100033038 - System and method for cooling an electric motor: A cooling system is provided for an electric motor and comprises a rotor assembly, an intake assembly, and a first reservoir. The rotor assembly is coupled to and rotatable within a housing, and comprises a rotor having a first and second ends having a first plurality of veins extending therebetween,... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20100033041 - Counter-rotating axial-flow fan: A counter-rotating axial-flow fan is provided that is capable of increasing effect of cooling a stator. One or more through-holes 83 penetrating support frame bodies (21, 75) in the axial direction are formed in support frame bodies 21 and 75. One or more vent holes 57a for introducing air, sucked... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100033042 - Totally enclosed heat pipe cooled motor: A totally enclosed motor comprising a housing totally encloses an electrical package that includes plurality of slot vents extending radially outward from a shaft on which the electrical package is mounted. The electrical package being operable to generate a closed circuit electrical package cooling air flow that circulates through the... Agent: Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi

20100033064 - Rotation detector and direct-current motor: A power supply unit superimposes alternating-current voltage on direct-current voltage and applies it to a motor. As a result, when the motor is rotated, a current containing an alternating-current component flows. Further, the motor includes a capacitor connected in parallel with one phase coil. Owing to this capacitor, the impedance... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100033065 - Brushless motor stator: A plurality of winding parts are wound around teeth of an iron core with insulators disposed therebetween, and a printed wiring board is electrically connected to the winding part with a plurality of terminal pins. Each terminal pin is extends along an axial direction of the iron core and is... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20100033066 - Starting device for engines: An electromagnetic switch unit comprises a solenoid device that pushes out a pinion gear to a ring gear side of an engine, and an electromagnetic switch that opens and closes a main point of contact of a motor circuit. The solenoid device and the electromagnetic switch are arranged in series... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100033044 - Motor for an electric power steering apparatus: A motor for an electric power steering apparatus is obtained which can reduce the number of parts required. The motor has terminals for electrically connecting between leads and a stator coil. Each terminal is a band-shaped conductive member that has a pair of connector side terminal end portions at its... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100033043 - Motor stator and mold motor: A motor stator is disclosed. Each of a first phase, second phase and third phase of three-phase winding has multiple toroidal coils and crossover wires connecting the coils. The crossover wire of the first phase runs inside the second phase coil and the third phase coil. The crossover wire of... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100033045 - Vibrating motor: A vibrating motor includes a base having a bearing mounting section, a magnet mounted on the base, a shaft assembled with the bearing mounting section, a pair of brushes located on the base and a rotor rotably supported by the shaft. Each of the brushes has a first contacting portion... Agent: Jamie Zheng

20100033046 - Rotating electric machine: A rotating electric machine in which an adequate magnetic supporting force can be produced even when the gap length of the rotator is long. The rotating electric machine comprises a rotator (31) mounted on the main shaft and a stator so provided as to enclose the rotator. The rotator has... Agent: Day Pitney LLP

20100033047 - Flavell home electric generation system: Three generator heads are now supplying 240 volts electric to three motors allowing the portable generator and motor one to shut down. Motor one will stop automatically when the portable generator is stopped. Generator head one will then be supplying 120 volts electric to a buildings wall outlets. While generator... Agent: Herbert G. Flavell

20100033048 - Hybrid step motor: A hybrid step motor comprises a stator, a rotor assembly, a magnet and a mandrel. The rotor assembly and the magnet are mounted on the mandrel and are disposed in the stator. The proportion of a stator outer diameter to a stator inner diameter is 1:0.475 to 1:0.6. The proportion... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia

20100033049 - Rotary motor: The present invention relates to rotary motors in which the rotational motion of the motor is provided by the attractive (or repulsive) forces between a pair of cooperating magnets in response to tilting of the motor axle.... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20100033050 - Motor and electronic apparatus having the same: The motor of the invention is an outer rotor type motor, and a rotor includes a cylindrical rotor frame that is opened at one end thereof in an axial direction, and a hollow cylindrical magnet attached to an inner periphery of the rotor frame. The magnet has a joining portion... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/panasonic

20100033051 - Rotor and permanent-magnet rotating electrical machine: A permanent-magnet rotating electrical machine includes a stator with an armature coil and a rotor arranged to rotate with a predetermined air gap with respect to the stator. The rotor includes a rotor core. Permanent magnets are arranged inside the rotor core on an outer circumferential side, or at the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100033052 - Electric machine with a multi-level winding: Stator winding (10) for an electric machine, in particular for a generator of a motor vehicle, the stator winding (10) being embodied as an ordered stator winding (10), and the stator winding (10) being embodied in at least two axially spaced-apart levels (22, 24) in a winding head (13). The... Agent: Michael J. Striker

20100033053 - Brush device for motor: Each of the paired brush devices includes a brush in sliding contact with a commutator, a brush arm holding the brush, and a brush base to which the brush arm is fixed and which has a base hole. The pair of brush devices are disposed such that a line connecting... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20100033054 - Patterned dielectric elastomer actuator and method of fabricating the same: A patterned dielectric elastomer actuator is disclosed which includes a series of thin parallel elastomer filaments, separated by certain distances sandwiched between a pair of rigid electrodes. The elastomer filaments and air acts as a patterned dielectric layer. The elastomer filaments can compress laterally from a circular cross-section to an... Agent: Honeywell International Inc. Patent Services

20100033055 - Method for manufacturing elastic wave device: A method for manufacturing an elastic wave device includes: forming comb-shaped electrodes for exciting elastic waves on a piezoelectric substrate; forming a dielectric layer having a thickness greater than that of the comb-shaped electrode so as to cover the comb-shaped electrodes, forming an etch back layer so as to cover... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center C/o Cpa Global

20100033056 - Ultrasonic motor having lightweight vibrating element: An ultrasonic motor includes a vibrating element having a piezoelectric body attached thereto to produce a traveling wave when the piezoelectric body is supplied with an electric power, and a contacting element to come in friction contact with the vibrating element when the vibrating element is vibrated by the traveling... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100033057 - Ultrasonic linear motor: An ultrasonic linear motor includes a substrate; a vibrator disposed on the substrate having an oblique or curved face at two sides thereof forming concave receiving portions with the surfaces of the substrate; and a slider having clamping portions at two sides thereof for correspondingly clamping to the receiving portions,... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100033058 - Physical/biochemical sensor using piezoelectric microcantilever and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses a physical/biochemical sensor using a multisized piezoelectric microcantilever resonator array which enables to quantitatively and simultaneously analyze a mass loading effect and a surface stress change effect and a manufacturing method thereof. In the physical/biochemical sensor using the multisized piezoelectric microcantilever resonator array, a plurality of... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100033059 - Apparatus for generating electrical energy and method for manufacturing the same: An apparatus for generating electrical energy including a first electrode, a second electrode and one or more nanowires, and a method for manufacturing the apparatus for generating electrical energy. The second electrode may have a concave portion and a convex portion. The first electrode and the nanowire are formed of... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100033060 - Bending transducer for generating electrical energy from mechanical deformations: A bending transducer device for generating electrical energy from deformations, and a circuit module which has such a bending transducer. The bending transducer includes at least one electrically deformable, vibration-capable, electrically conductive support structure, one piezoelectric element and a first contacting element, the conductive support structure having a first restraining... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100033062 - Low frequency quartz based mems resonators and method of fabricating the same: A method for fabricating a low frequency quartz resonator includes metalizing a top-side of a quartz wafer with a metal etch stop, depositing a first metal layer over the metal etch stop, patterning the first metal layer to form a top electrode, bonding the quartz wafer to a silicon handle,... Agent: Ladas & Parry

20100033061 - Piezoelectric devices: In the disclosed piezoelectric devices a piezoelectric frame includes a vibrating piece. An excitation electrode is formed on the vibrating piece. An outer frame portion surrounds the vibrating piece and includes an extraction electrode connected to the excitation electrode. A package base is bonded to one surface of the outer... Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP

20100033063 - Piezoelectric thin0film resonator, filter using the same, and duplexer using the same: A piezoelectric thin film resonator includes a substrate, a lower electrode formed on the substrate, a piezoelectric film formed on the lower electrode, and an upper electrode formed on the piezoelectric film, the lower electrode and the upper electrode opposing each other through the piezoelectric film to form an opposing... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

02/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100026103 - Driving or power generating multiple phase electric machine: The electric machine of the invention operates in a synchronous manner based on the principle of reluctance variation. It comprises the following combination: a fixed portion (1) with notches (11) for receiving armature coils (12) connected in series by phase, wherein the successive windings as wound in opposite directions; a... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100026104 - Short stroke linear motor: The invention relates to a short stroke linear motor. In order to improve the dynamics of such a short stroke linear motor, the primary part (12) of the motor is provided with a single-strand winding. The primary part (12) and the secondary part (1) have essentially the same pole pitch... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100026105 - Mobile data storage device: A mobile data storage device is configured in the manner of a data storage card, or a data storage stick. The mobile data storage device can include at least one electrical coil (7), and energy storage (6), a data storage (1), at least one interface unit (3), and at least... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100026106 - Blade drive device: A blade drive device includes: a board that has an opening; a blade that opens and closes the opening; and a drive source that drives the blade. The drive source includes a rotor rotatably supported and a stator for applying a rotational force to the rotor. The stator, around which... Agent: Kratz, Quintos & Hanson, LLP

20100026107 - Power tool: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a power tool including: a housing; a fan rotatably supported by the housing so as to generate an air flow; a wall portion supported by the housing; and a heat generation portion supported by the wall portion, wherein the... Agent: Kimble Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

20100026108 - Electric motor with heat pipes: A motor that includes a motor portion structured to house a stator and a rotor mounted to a shaft of the motor. The motor additionally includes a cooling portion disposed adjacent to the motor portion and separated from the motor portion by a structural interface. The cooling portion provides a... Agent: Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi

20100026109 - Electric motor with heat pipes: A motor including a frame that defines a motor portion and an adjacent cooling portion, and a plurality of heat pipes disposed within and fully enclosed by the motor frame. Each heat pipe has an evaporator end disposed within the portion of the frame that defines the motor portion and... Agent: Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi

20100026110 - Method and device for cooling an electric machine: In a slowly-running electric machine, such as a bulb turbine generator, air circulation for cooling is supplied by externally driven fans. A cooling device is mounted on the pressure or the suction side of the fan and the rotor and the stator are mounted on the suction side of the... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100026111 - Stator for an electrical machine with liquid cooling: The invention relates to a stator (2), in particular for a housing-less electrical machine (1), wherein substantially axially running cooling channels (3, 13) are located in the stator (2), into which channels cooling pipes (4, 6, 7) can be inserted and, at least in sections, means are provided which, by... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100026145 - Sealed type electric rotating machine: In a sealed type electric rotating machine, in which a cooling medium inflows from both end sides of a rotating shaft of a claw-pole type rotor, a cooling medium having passed through a heat exchanging part divides into one on an exhaust side and one on an intake air side... Agent: Mattingly & Malur, P.C.

20100026112 - Electric motor: An electric motor has a stator and a rotor. The stator has a housing with inlets and outlets. The rotor has a shaft, a rotor core and a commutator. A fan is fixed to the rotor. An end cap is fitted to the housing to close a first end of... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100026113 - Stator for use in electric rotary machine and electric machine: A stator for an electric rotary machine which includes a stator coil which is made up of conducting wires each of which includes in-slot portions disposed one in each of slots formed in a stator core and turned portions each of which connects adjacent two of the in-slot portions outside... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100026146 - Electrical motor: An electrical motor includes: a rotor; a stator including a stator core that is formed with a plurality of first slot units and a plurality of second slot units which are alternately disposed with the first slot units, each of the first slot units including at least two first slots,... Agent: Nikolai & Mersereau, P.A.

20100026114 - Brush system with a suppression board: The invention relates to a brush system for a motor-vehicle actuating drive, having a base body, a board on which interference-suppression components are mounted, and electrically conductive plug contacts. The plug contacts each have an accommodation slot. The board is inserted into the accommodation slots in the plug contacts.... Agent: Manelli Denison & Selter

20100026116 - Dynamoelectric machine having a multi-part plug housing: A dynamoelectric machine includes a stator in which a winding system is positioned, and at least a multi-part plug housing with a pivot joint between housing parts of the plug housing. The pug housing has at least one plug-type connector with at least two plugging elements. At least one housing... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100026115 - Stator windings and an electric rotary machine: Stator windings for an electric rotary machine comprise a lead wire wound in predetermined form that has a lead part formed by laminating plate-like conductors, a beginning and an end of a winding of the lead part are connected to the conductors, and at least one place between a beginning... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100026117 - Motor stator, motor and electric pump unit: There are provided a tubular stator core having a plurality of tooth portions which protrude radially inwards and slots which are defined between the respective tooth portions and coils which are disposed on circumferences of the tooth portions. An insulator is attached to the stator core from an axial direction... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100026118 - Direct current motor: A direct current motor includes: a stator (2) on which a plurality of coils (4) is provided; a rotor (8) including a plurality of permanent magnet magnetic poles (9) that is provided so as to face an inner periphery of the stator, and a pipe (11) on one end; a... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100026119 - Motor mounted with stopper fitting for fixing ball bearing: A motor, in which a creep phenomenon can be prevented and a ball bearing can readily be mounted, is provided. A pair of end brackets each have a bearing hole in which a ball bearing is fitted. A pair of ball bearings are fitted into the bearing holes of the... Agent: Rankin, Hill & Clark LLP

20100026120 - Magnetic centre-finding device with no magnet on the rotor and with small air gap: The present invention relates to a magnetic centre-finding structure, and more particularly a magnetic centre-finding bearing structure intended notably for space applications. The present invention proposes a magnetic concept with no magnet on the rotor, the rotor being reduced to a crown comprising magnetic yokes, to arrange an item of... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100026121 - Superconducting magnetic thrust bearing with integrated dynamotor: In a superconducting magnetic thrust bearing with integrated dynamotor, a first fixed core is formed to have a U-shaped cross-section in a direction of the central axis of the cylindrical shape with an opening of the U-shape being directed perpendicularly to the central axis, and a superconducting coil is arranged... Agent: Grossman, Tucker, Perreault & Pfleger, PLLC

20100026122 - Variable speed constant frequency motor: A variable speed isosychronized motor includes two annular stators conformed for variable angular alignment relative to each other and a common rotor extending a plurality of isolated loops to cross-induce power between stators once such are angularly displaced. In this form of losses, attendant to speed variation through stator phasing... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100026123 - Permanent-magnet (pm) rotors and systems: Permanent-magnet (PM) rotors, rotor components, and machines using PM rotors.... Agent: Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.

20100026124 - Rotor for brushless motor: A rotor for brushless motor is disclosed to use locating blocks for securing magnetic plates to peripheral flanges of silicon steel plates being arranged in a stack and sleeved onto a shaft and weight(s) for insertion into peripheral notches of the silicon steel plates to adjust the center of gravity... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100026125 - Magneto field type motor and a method of manufacturing it: When the magnet holding spring is in the deployed state of the plate-like shape, the auxiliary pole is beforehand fixed to one of the side-plates, then the magnet holding spring is bent into a “]”-like sectional shape. As a result, the magnet holding spring and the auxiliary pole that are... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100026126 - Outer rotor-type fan motor and method for magnetizing magnet applied thereto: An outer rotor-type fan motor and a method for magnetizing a magnet applied thereto. The outer rotor-type fan motor comprises a rotation shaft; a stator disposed outside the rotation shaft; a fan having a hub and blades formed on the hub, the hub covering the stator with a predetermined gap;... Agent: Ked & Associates, LLP

20100026128 - Interior permanent magnet motor including rotor with unequal poles: An electric machine includes a stator and a rotor core including a first rotor portion positioned adjacent the stator and having an outside diameter. The first rotor portion includes a plurality of elongated slots that define a plurality of poles. The electric machine also includes a plurality of magnets. Each... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100026127 - Rotor and method of manufacturing the rotor and electric vehicle: A rotor includes: a rotor core formed by stacking a first sheet member and a second sheet member and having a first magnet-inserted hole and a second magnet-inserted hole located radially outward relative to the first magnet-inserted hole; magnets inserted respectively into the first and second magnet-inserted holes; and a... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100026129 - Method of generating electrical potential from a stationary magnet and a stationary conductor: The present invention relates to a method and device of generating electrical potential by placing a magnetic shielding and/or deflecting material between a stationary magnet and a stationary conductor, then mechanically altering the position of the magnetic shielding and/or deflecting material so as to alternately shield or expose the stationary... Agent: Defillo & Associates, Inc.

20100026130 - Electric rotary machine for vehicle: An AC alternator for a vehicle has a rotor having a pair of pole cores, and a stator. A plurality of claw magnetic pole parts are formed in the pole cores. A permanent magnet is placed between a pair of the claw magnetic pole parts so as to prevent leakage... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100026131 - Brushless alternator with claw pole rotor:

20100026132 - Stator for rotating electric machine: A stator for a rotating electric machine includes a cylindrical stator core and a stator winding. The stator winding includes inserted portions, which are inserted in slots of the stator core, and connecting portions that are located outside of the slots to connect the inserted portions. Each of the inserted... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100026133 - Coil production method, coil of motor, and stator of motor: A coil production method capable of improving the space factor of a rectangular conductor with respect to the slot of a stator core, a coil of a motor, and a stator of a motor. The coil production method in which one surface of a rectangular conductor is brought into contact... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100026134 - Proceeding for the manufacturing of a stator for an electric motor and of an electric motor, stator and electric motor: A process for manufacturing an outer stator (11; 111; 211; 311; 411; 511) for an electric motor (13; 113; 213; 313; 413; 513) is described, said stator (11; 111; 211; 311; 411; 511) comprising stator poles (2; 102; 202; 302; 402; 502) surrounded by coils (5; 105; 205; 305; 405;... Agent: Akerman Senterfitt

20100026135 - Electric machine: A stator assembly adapted for use in an electric motor. The assembly includes a stator core having an annular rim and a plurality of teeth extending radially inward from the rim. The stator core has an outer diameter, a root tooth diameter and an inner diameter. Each tooth has a... Agent: Senniger Powers LLP (emer)

20100026138 - Electrostatic micromotor with stator and rotor in contact, in particular for probe-storage systems: In an electrostatic micromotor, a mobile substrate faces a fixed substrate and is suspended over the fixed substrate at a given distance of separation in an operative resting condition; an actuation unit is configured so as to give rise to a relative movement of the mobile substrate with respect to... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100026136 - Micromechanical resonating devices and related methods: Micromechanical resonating devices, as well as related methods, are described herein. The resonating devices can include a micromechanical resonating structure, an actuation structure that actuates the resonating structure, and a detection structure that detects motion of the resonating structure.... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100026137 - Silicon electrostatic micromotor with indentations, in particular for probe-storage systems: In an electrostatic micromotor, a mobile substrate faces a fixed substrate, and electrostatic-interaction elements are provided to allow a relative movement of the mobile substrate with respect to the fixed substrate in a direction of movement. The electrostatic-interaction elements include electrodes arranged on a facing surface of the fixed substrate... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100026139 - Driver: A driver, including: a piezoelectric element extending and contracting upon application of an electrical voltage; a driving member having one end secured to the piezoelectric element; a frictionally coupling member, frictionally coupling the driving member; and a drive circuit, connected with a power supply to activate the piezoelectric element at... Agent: Sidley Austin LLP

20100026140 - Solid-state actuator drive apparatus: A solid-state actuator drive apparatus has—a shaft, —a pivot bearing for supporting the shaft, —a drive body, —at least two actuators for the excitation of the drive body and the shaft relative to each other for causing the shaft to rotate relative to the drive body, and—a base element, on... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100026141 - Intracavity ultrasonic probe: An intracavity ultrasonic probe which prevents or reduces degradation or failures with time due to use of an intermediate balloon made of rubber. The intracavity ultrasonic probe includes: a piezoelectric vibrator having a piezoelectric material, and a first electrode layer and a second electrode layer formed on a first surface... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100026142 - Human energy harvesting and storage system: A human energy harvesting and storage system that captures energy from various human activities and stores that energy on a vehicle to be used for various vehicle applications. In one embodiment, piezoelectric devices, or other types of energy generating devices, are provided in the seat of the vehicle that generate... Agent: MillerIPGroup, PLC General Motors Corporation

20100026143 - Monolithic electroactive polymers: The present invention relates to polymers, transducers and devices that convert between electrical and mechanical energy. When a voltage is applied to electrodes contacting an electroactive polymer, the polymer deflects. This deflection may be used to do mechanical work. Similarly, when the electroactive polymer deflects, an electric field is produced... Agent: Levine Bagade Han LLP

20100026144 - Piezoelectric component comprising security layer and method for the production thereof: A piezoelectric component with a monolithic stack has piezoceramic layers and electrode layers arranged alternately one on top of the other, at least one porous security layer arranged in the stack for the formation of a crack if mechanical overload of the stack occurs, at least one outer electrode arranged... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

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