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Electrical connectors

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01/22/2015 > 34 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150024610 - Brush block for a slipring: A brush block for a slip ring assembly consists of a spring wire that is mechanically supported by two bores of a printed circuit board and continues into two contact springs. Furthermore, the spring wire comprises a solder joint for electrically contacting the printed circuit board. The solder joint is... Agent:

20150024611 - Magnetic connection for cable assembly of electronic device: A cable connection apparatus for an electronic device receives and retains a cable connector at the end of a cable carrying power and/or data signals. The apparatus comprises a housing defining a receptacle sized to receive the cable connector, a compartment, and a passage communicating between the compartment and the... Agent:

20150024612 - Flippable electrical connector: A plug connector includes a connector tab connected to and extending longitudinally away from a rear body, the tab includes opposite first and second major surfaces. A first plurality of contacts is carried by the tab on the first major surface and a second plurality of contacts is carried by... Agent:

20150024613 - Method for reducing crosstalk in electrical connectors: An apparatus and method for crosstalk compensation in a jack of a modular communications connector includes a flexible printed circuit board connected to jack contacts and to connections to a network cable. The flexible printed circuit board includes conductive traces arranged as one or more couplings to provide crosstalk compensation.... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150024614 - Electrical connector having a shielding member disposed between two magnetic modules: An electrical connector includes an insulative housing defining a lower inserting port, an upper inserting port stacked thereon, and a mounting port located behind the lower and upper inserting ports. The inserting module is assembled from the mounting port to the inserting ports. The inserting module comprises a set of... Agent:

20150024615 - Electro-mechanical connection for lighting: An electro-mechanical connection is provided for transmitting power to one or more light sources affixed to the shelves of a shelving system. The connection eliminates the need to run wires the entire distance from the light source to a source of power and enables efficient and accurate coupling of the... Agent: Streater LLC

20150024616 - Multi-type receptacle connector and plug connector applied thereto: A multi-type receptacle connector includes a receptacle insulator, main receptacle contacts arranged at the receptacle insulator to provide an electric contact point corresponding to a universal plug connector, sub receptacle contacts additionally installed at both sides of the main receptacle contacts to give an additional contact point, and a receptacle... Agent:

20150024617 - Connector: A connector is connectable with a sheet-like or plate-like object having an end. The connector comprises a base member, a contact and an actuator. The contact is held by the base member. The actuator is supported by the base member so as to be openable and closable. The actuator is... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150024618 - Rotatable rf connector with coupling nut: An RF connector comprises a coupling nut for locking the connector to a mating connector and a locking ring. When tightening the coupling nut, it pushes on the locking ring, which again pushes on a protrusion of the connector, moving the connector into a mating connector. When the coupling nut... Agent:

20150024619 - Device for contacting a circuit board: A device for contacting a circuit board having one or more contact elements, an intake into which at least one section of the circuit board can be inserted, an actuator for moving the circuit board relative to the contact elements until the contact elements are contacted, and at least one... Agent:

20150024620 - Electric connector: A socket terminal includes a front connection portion that comes into contact with a plug terminal, in which a recess having an inner wall is formed in a contact surface that comes into contact with the front connection portion. The front connection portion is locked on the inner wall by... Agent: Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150024621 - Plug connector comprising a protective conductor bridge: The innovations relate to a plug connector (1) for mechanical and electrical connection to a corresponding mating plug connector, comprising a housing (2), a protective conductor bridge (3) and a plug insert, wherein the protective conductor bridge (3) is held on the housing (2), wherein the protective conductor bridge (3)... Agent:

20150024622 - Dimm connector: A Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) connector includes an electrical receptacle, a first fastening member and a second fastening member. A mating end of the electrical receptacle has a first slot and a second slot for receiving a first and a second DIMM modules to be inserted therein, respectively. The... Agent: Lotes Co., Ltd

20150024623 - Adapter device and electronic apparatus: An adapter device includes a cover that covers an inserted recording medium, a cover urging portion that urges the cover in a direction of the recording medium and causes the cover to be in press contact with the recording medium, and a connector conversion section that connects a terminal portion... Agent:

20150024624 - Connector housing assembly: A connector housing assembly for use with an electrical device and a cable having a connector is disclosed. In one embodiment, the assembly has a body, a cable access element, and an attachment assembly. The housing is connected to the electrical device by the attachment assembly. The cable connector attaches... Agent: Pacific Power Source

20150024625 - Connector integrating device: A connector integrating device includes a housing which includes a through hole and two vertical walls, the two vertical walls being formed on the inner surface of the housing and adjacent to the through hole, two notches being respectively formed on ends of the two vertical walls; and a connector... Agent: Phihong Technology Co., Ltd.

20150024626 - Crimping structure of cable connector: A crimping structure includes a plastic ring, an internal hollow pillar, a circular nut and an outer collar, and an embedding slot is formed around the external periphery of an end of the plastic ring for installing the circular nut, and an elastic crimping portion is disposed on a protruding... Agent:

20150024627 - Coaxial cable connector: A spring has a first resilient tab configured to be radially outward bent at a first angle when the spring is in an expanded position, wherein when a coaxial cable connector is tightly screwed with a threaded connector of an electronic device, an inner flange of a nut of the... Agent: Ezconn Corporation

20150024628 - Coaxial plug connector arrangement: A coaxial plug connector arrangement is provided, having an inner sleeve which is pluggable into an outer sleeve in an axial direction. The inner and outer sleeves have respective through openings for inserting first and second contact pins, respectively. A first insulating part is fixed to the inner sleeve. The... Agent:

20150024630 - Connector: Provided is a connector free from such inadvertent withdrawal or slip-out of the shell from the main body during insertion or drawing-out of the connection object. The connector includes a contact to be electrically connected to a connection object, a main body holding the contact, and a shell covering the... Agent:

20150024629 - Shielded electrical header assembly: A shielded electrical header assembly is provided. The header is configured to be coupled to a first connector connected to a shielded electrical cable and second connector. The header is also configured to be attached to an electrically conductive panel, such as an aluminum battery pack in a hybrid or... Agent:

20150024631 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes an insulating housing having a receiving chamber of substantial U-shape with a top opening, an insulating body assembled to the insulating housing, a plurality of terminals disposed in the insulating body, and a shielding shell of substantial inverted-U shape with a top plate and two side... Agent:

20150024632 - Portable charger: Provided is a portable charger connected to a wall electric power source and configured to supply an electric power from the wall electric power source to a load. The portable charger includes a plug, an electric wire, a switch, a first detection unit, a second detection unit, and a control... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150024633 - Sata connector and electrical connector assembly thereof: A SATA connector including an insulative housing and a plurality of terminals are provided. The insulative housing has a plurality of slots into which external terminals are inserted, and the slots run through the insulative housing from a front side to a rear side. The terminals include a plurality of... Agent:

20150024634 - Wiring module: A wiring module includes first detection terminals for detecting a state of electric cells, and a resin protector that retains the first detection terminals. The first detection terminals each include a first plate-shaped portion having a plate shape, and a first electric wire connecting portion continuous with the first plate-shaped... Agent:

20150024635 - Electrical connector for transmitting data signals: Electrical connector including a conductor pair having first and second signal conductors extending through the connector body along respective paths between the mating and mounting sides. The first signal conductor has a height and a thickness taken transverse to a direction of the respective path and includes a flag segment... Agent:

20150024636 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector to be connected with an Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) interface is disclosed, including a base, a plurality of first terminals, and a plurality of second terminals. A plurality of first terminal slots parallel disposed on one side of the base for the first terminals to be... Agent: Advanced-connectek Inc.

20150024637 - Connector: A connector includes a housing having a sealing material potting area and a terminal assembling groove formed in the sealing material potting area, and a separate terminal formed separately from the housing and mounted into the terminal assembling groove. The separate terminal includes a resin portion and a terminal integrated... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150024638 - Power breaker strip for the fixed-pitch connection of several electrical cables lines: A power breaker strip comprising a strip support and a plurality of interphase spacer elements, and a plurality of interline spacer elements, assembled with the plurality of interphase spacer elements such that each interline spacer element extends at least partly between two consecutive interphase spacer elements. The interphase spacer elements... Agent:

20150024639 - Connector: A connector is provided which includes a housing in which a terminal is accommodated, and a retainer which is mounted on the housing to prevent movement of the terminal in the direction of detachment. A retainer insertion hole is provided on the housing to insert the retainer, and a provisional... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150024640 - Connector: A connector having a housing and a terminal made installed therein is disclosed. The terminal has a base portion held by the housing, a first contact member connected on one end to the base portion in the longitudinal direction, and a pair of second contact members connected to the ends... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150024641 - Reduced diameter hyperboloid electrical contact: A hyperboloid contact socket comprises a tubular body of conductive material having at one end an entrance aperture and cavity for receiving a mating pin terminal, and an integral termination extending from the opposite end of the tubular body. The tubular body contains a plurality of conductive wires attached at... Agent:

20150024642 - Bondable electrical connector and method of utilizing same: An electrical connector (10) is particularly suitable for bonding to a vehicle window (12), wherein the vehicle window (12) and the electrical connector (10) are disposed on/in an assembly fixture and are brought into bonding contact with one another to form a vehicle window assembly (14).... Agent:

20150024643 - Conversion terminal device and method for coupling dissimilar metal electrical components: In one aspect, a conversion terminal device for electrically coupling dissimilar metal components is provided. The device includes a body having a first layer coupled to a second layer. The first layer is formed from a first metal and the second layer is formed from a second metal different from... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150017819 - Foldable electrical connector-housing system and method of manufacture thereof: A system and method of manufacture of a foldable electrical connector-housing system includes: a first end panel with an outer first end panel side having first end panel contacts; a second end panel having an outer second end panel side; a clip mechanism in at least one of the two... Agent:

20150017818 - Method and structure of penetration and combination for flexible circuit board with hinge assembly: Disclosed are a method and a structure of penetration and combination for a flexible circuit board with a hinge assembly. A pre-formed flexible circuit board is processed by taking a pre-folding line as a center line to fold a connection section of the flexible circuit board toward the terminal distribution... Agent: Advanced Flexible Circuits Co., Ltd.

20150017820 - Electronic system and connecting mechanism thereof: A connecting mechanism for connecting an electronic device to a docking station includes a first socket, a first magnet, a fixing member, a first magnetic induction member, a first engaging member and a first driving member. The first socket is movably disposed in the electronic device and a first engaging... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150017821 - Electrical connector assembly with a supporting plate and assembly method of the same: An electrical connector assembly includes an electrical connector and a complementary connector mated with the electrical connector. The electrical connector includes a shell and a terminal module received in the shell. The shell defining a mating portion extending forwardly and a receiving room recessed from the rear face thereof. The... Agent:

20150017822 - Terminal set of electrical connector: A terminal set of an electrical connector includes signal terminal duos and ground terminal duos. The signal terminal duos have two signal terminals. The signal terminals are spaced apart by a first distance and each have a first recess. The direction of the depth of the first recess equals the... Agent:

20150017823 - Connector: In the connector disclosed herein, a shunting member is arranged between the case and the cover member. The shunting member has a first contact piece elastically deformed by contact with a terminal inserted into a first terminal hole in the case, and a second contact piece elastically deformed by contact... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20150017824 - Lock device for electronic apparatus: A lock device for electronic apparatus includes a lock body and a key member. The lock body includes a front end, a rear end, and a bottom side defined between the front and the rear end and having at least one retaining section provided thereon. The lock body is configured... Agent: Tigerex Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150017825 - Lever-type connector: A fitting operation lever includes rotation fulcrum holes rotationally engaged with boss portions on a first connector housing, boss guiding grooves enabling the boss portions and the rotation fulcrum holes to be engaged with or disengaged, flexible arms extending from lever main bodies so as to be superposed on outer... Agent:

20150017826 - Electrical connector housing: The invention relates to a front housing of an electrical connector, particularly for sealed applications, said front housing being designed to be connected to a base and being configured to be at least partially received in a main housing of said electrical connector, said front housing comprising: at least one... Agent:

20150017827 - Interconnection seal: A seal for a cable and connector interconnection includes a unitary elastic body with a bore therethrough. The bore is provided with a cable outer diameter seal portion at a cable end, the cable outer diameter seal portion adjacent a connector cavity portion, the connector cavity portion adjacent a coupling... Agent: Andrew LLC

20150017828 - Linkage apparatus for plugging pcb board: A linkage apparatus is provided. The linkage apparatus is disposed between a bottom plate and a carrier plate, and the linkage apparatus includes a drag link and an “L” shape swing link. The drag link is rotatably connected to an end of the “L” shape swing link, and the drag... Agent:

20150017829 - Connection structure of braided-shield-type electric wire and method for manufacturing shield electric wire harness: A connection structure of a braided-shield-type electric wire for connecting the braided-shield-type electric wire including a plurality of sheathed electric wires and a braided shield member surrounding the sheathed electric wires to a connector and for electrically connecting the braided shield member to a shield shell in a connector housing,... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150017830 - Connector assembly with plate for contact nesting and effective heat dissipation path: A connector assembly includes a plug connector and a receptacle connector mateable with each other. The plug connector includes a plug insulative housing and a pair of plug power contacts. The plug insulative housing includes a first plug cavity, a first plate cantileveredly extending into the first plug cavity, and... Agent: Alltop Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd

20150017831 - Connector assembly: A connector assembly includes a first connector and a second connector. The first connector is coupled to a first electronic device, and the second connector is coupled to a second electronic device and detachably mated with the first connector. The first connector includes a first housing and a magnetic member.... Agent:

20150017832 - Electrical connector: The invention relates to an electrical connector for connecting an electrical device to an electrical conductor (3) for powering the electrical device (9) with DC voltage. The electrical connector (1) comprises an arrangement information providing unit for determining arrangement information being information about the arrangement of the electrical connector on... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150017833 - Terminal crimped wire: A terminal crimped wire includes a wire including a conductor and an insulation sheath covering a circumference of the conductor, a crimping terminal crimped to the wire, an anticorrosion material which covers an exposed part of the wire drawn out of the crimping terminal, and an elastic member provided along... Agent:

20150017834 - Outlet faceplate extension: An outlet faceplate extension device includes female receiving components at a first side, male electronic components at a second side, and a rim that is connectable to furniture.... Agent:

20150017835 - Universal serial bus apparatus and electronic device including universal serial bus apparatus: An electronic device includes a power receiver that manages power transmitted from an outside; and a receptacle including a plurality of first basic connection terminals based on a first Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface and a plurality of first expansion connection terminals based on a second USB interface, wherein the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150017836 - Active plug connector and method for assembling the same: An active plug connector (100; 300) adapted to plug into a receptacle includes a shell (11; 21; 31) defining a receiving room (114; 314), a pair of printed circuit boards (12, 13; 22, 23; 32, 33) received in the receiving room and disposed horizontally and spaced apart from each other... Agent:

20150017837 - High speed communication jack: A high speed communication jack including a housing including a port for accepting a plug, the port including a plurality of pins each connected to a corresponding signal line in the plug and a shielding case surrounding the housing. A flexible circuit board between the shielding case and the housing... Agent:

20150017838 - Electrical connector with enhanced structure: An electrical connector includes an housing and a plurality of first terminals The housing includes a first side wall, a second side wall opposite to the first side wall and two end walls connecting with the first side wall with the second side wall. The first side wall defining a... Agent:

20150017839 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector (100) includes an insulative housing (1) with a plurality of contacts (11) received therein, a plurality of soldering members (12) connect the contacts (11) and protrude beyond the bottom of the insulative housing (1), and a position member (2) surrounds the insulative housing (1) and moves downwardly... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150017840 - Shielded circular plug connector unit with symmetrically arranged plug contacts: A circular plug connector unit for shielded electrical cables, comprising an insulating body that is enveloped by a shielding sleeve, wherein plural electrical socket shaped plug contacts and/or pin shaped plug contacts are arranged in receiving cavities in the insulating body, wherein the shielding sleeve is interlocked with the insulating... Agent:

20150017841 - Plug and receptacle of power connector: An electric power plug includes an insulative body having a first bar and a second bar at a space. The first bar is longitudinally formed with only one first channel for receiving a first plug terminal. The second bar is longitudinally formed with a plurality of second channels for receiving... Agent:

20150017842 - Modular field device connection unit: An exemplary field device connection unit includes a base plate on which a plurality of connection elements for connection of connecting lines with field devices and a plurality of module slots for receiving in each case one plug-in unit of different plug-in unit types. To avoid erroneous configurations, an identical... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150017843 - Mechanical lug with dovetail interlock feature: The present invention is directed to a mechanical lug with interlocking features that secures an electrical conductor. The mechanical lug has a main body and a mounting tongue extending from the main body. The main body includes an inner flange and an outer flange. The inner flange has a horizontal... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150017844 - Connector: A connector includes a connector terminal electrically connected with a terminal (a counterpart terminal) of a counterpart component and a connector housing holding therein the connector terminal. The connector terminal includes a cylindrical terminal insertion section into which the counterpart terminal is to be inserted, a spring section which is... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150017845 - Wire connection member, wire connection structure and annular power distribution member: A wire connection member for connecting a first wire to a second wire by crimping includes a partition for dividing a first housing space for housing tip portions of the first wire from a second housing space for housing a tip portion of the second wire, a first housing portion... Agent:

20150017846 - Fork type electrical connector: A fork type electrical connector for use in providing an electrical joint comprises a first connector part having a body that supports two spaced prongs; a second connector part comprising a conductive element with a first face and a second opposing face and which is shaped so as to define... Agent: Trw Limited

01/08/2015 > 35 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150011098 - Trailer adapter with light: A trailer adapter to connect a master electrical system of a towing vehicle with a subservient electrical system of a towed vehicle having a light connectable thereto is disclosed. In particular, the trailer adapter may include a body having at least one electrical interface, where the at least one electrical... Agent: Cequent Consumer Products, Inc.

20150011099 - Portable device's protecting case having sliding connector: Provided is a portable device's protecting case having a sliding connector, the portable device's protecting case including: a sliding connector 100 capable of reciprocating in a specific direction in the protecting case, wherein the sliding connector 100 is provided with a connector 120 connected to a connection port of the... Agent:

20150011100 - Printed circuit board, method of manufacturing same, and method of mounting the circuit board in a connector socket: A circuit board that is to be mounted in a connector socket includes a plurality of electrical connectors located along a side edge of the circuit board. Retention bosses are formed on first and second opposite sides of the circuit board, each of the retention bosses protruding from a surface... Agent: Germane Systems, Lc

20150011101 - Single layer leadframe with integrated three-row connector: A lead frame assembly having a lead frame made of a single layer, a housing substantially surrounding the lead frame, and a plurality of leads formed as part of the lead frame. The lead frame assembly also includes a plurality of interfaces, allowing various devices to interact with the lead... Agent:

20150011102 - Connector: A connector connecting a main circuit board and a sub circuit board has two bases, two electrical contacting sets, two resilient bar sets and two mounting brackets. The bases are mounted on the main circuit board. The electrical contacting sets are mounted respectively in the bases and each electrical contacting... Agent:

20150011103 - Electrical connector with improved solder effect: An electrical connector for being surface-mounted to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and electrically connected with a complementary connector, includes an insulative housing, a number of conductive contacts received in the insulative housing, and a fixing spacer. The insulative housing includes a front main portion defining a receiving space for... Agent: Alltop Electronics (suzhou) Ltd.

20150011104 - Connector for reducing near-end crosstalk: A connector is providing for reducing near end cross-talk (NEXT). The connector includes a first pin set having sequentially arranged pins configured to transmit a uni-directional signal, a single ended pin adjacent to the first pin set, and a second pin set having sequentially arranged pins adjacent to the single... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150011105 - Lever connector: A second connector housing (20) includes shaft guiding slots (22) in which lever supporting shafts (11) of a first connector housing (10) are fitted movably along a direction in which the connector housings are fitted with each other, and action receiving shafts (23) at a pair of opposed side walls... Agent:

20150011106 - Lever type connector: After first and second connector housings have been aligned at an engagement initiating position, a lever is rotatably engaged with the first connector housing. The lever is provided with boss parts slidable in boss guiding grooves of the second connector housing and boss retracting grooves of the first connector housing.... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150011107 - Wet-mateable electrical connector with wet contacts and an associated method: A wet-mateable electrical connection and an associated method are provided for use, for example, within an adverse environment such as underwater. A wet-mateable electrical connection may include a female connector body comprising at least one receptacle. A female contact is disposed within the at least one receptacle. A male connector... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150011108 - Panel connector: The disclosure relates to a panel connector for locking to a pass-through opening of a panel to allow electrical connection from one side of the panel to the other side. This connection can be considered to be of an outside-in type. The connector can seal the pass-through opening to resist... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150011109 - High voltage connector: A high voltage connector is provided that includes a female body, a male body, and a safety pin. The female body has an insertion bore, a push bar, and an engagement portion. The male body is inserted in the female body. An upper end portion of the male body has... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150011110 - Electrical connectors and receptacle assemblies having retention inserts: An electrical connector includes a housing extending from a mating face to an opposite face, and first and second side walls that extend between the mating face and the opposite face. The housing has a contact cavity that includes opposing sides. The first side wall includes a side opening that... Agent:

20150011111 - Power supply connector: The link member (10a) is connected to the lock lever (7) by a pin (23d). Thus, the link member (10a) is pulled to an upward direction by the upward movement of the lock lever (7). At this point, with the movement of the lock lever 7, the link members (10a)... Agent:

20150011112 - Electrical connection device, assembly including such a device and an electronic board, and method for electrically connecting an electronic board: The invention relates to a device (2) for electrically connecting an electronic board (22), including at least one electrical conductor (23) for conducting a current to and/or from said electronic board (22), a body (24) extending in at least one plane (26) and retaining said electrical conductor (23) in said... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20150011113 - Electrical connector and contact for interconnecting different components: Electrical connector including a connector body having an engagement side and a contact cavity that opens to the engagement side. The contact cavity includes a wire-receiving slot that is shaped to receive a wire conductor and a board-receiving slot that is shaped to receive a circuit board. The electrical connector... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150011114 - Connector terminal and connector housing used for the same: The connector terminal includes at opposite ends a pair of press-fit terminals to be inserted into through-holes formed through two printed circuit boards located facing each other, each of the press-fit terminals having a plurality of contact pieces, and further includes at least one buffer portion deformable in accordance with... Agent:

20150011115 - Electrical connection secured against rotation, in particular for an electrically heatable honeycomb body: An electrical connection for an electrical component or electrically heatable honeycomb body, in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine includes an electrical conductor passing through a metallic jacket of the exhaust system, a bushing and an insulating layer and having an outer connection section with circular cross section.... Agent:

20150011116 - Connection terminal: A connection terminal includes: a terminal connection portion to be connected with a mating terminal; a wire connection portion including a pair of crimping pieces crimped to an exposed conductor and insulation sheath of a wire; an anticorrosion material provided to cover the exposed conductor and insulation sheath exposed on... Agent:

20150011117 - Connection terminal: A connection terminal includes a terminal connection portion to be connected with a mating terminal is connected, a wire connection portion connected to the terminal connection portion and a wire, an anticorrosion material provided to cover an area in the wire connection portion where water may be poured to the... Agent:

20150011118 - Connector: A connector that reduces damage of a contact portion of a contact, caused by a frame portion of a card holder when the frame portion is inserted into or extracted from a holder accommodating portion of a connector main body. A connector includes a card holder that includes a frame... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150011119 - Rotatable frame, connector, and connector support system: A rotatable frame is provided for accommodating a connector. The rotatable frame can be used with a plate and includes a frame body, two positioning portions, and two pivots. The frame body has a first sidewall, a second sidewall, a top plate, and a bottom plate, wherein the first sidewall,... Agent: Emcom Technology Inc.

20150011120 - Shielded and multishielded coaxial connectors: A shielded coaxial connector with a moveable center conductor and a stationary center conductor, the center conductors forming a disconnect switch that interoperates with a waveguide to shield one of the center conductors from radio frequency signals such as radio frequency signals carried by the other center conductor.... Agent:

20150011121 - Antenna line protection device: An antenna line protection device includes a pair of coaxial connectors and a streamer discharge module. The pair of coaxial connectors are disposed on both side ends of the antenna line protection device. The streamer discharge module is coupled between the coaxial connectors so that, when a pulse signal is... Agent:

20150011122 - Socket connector with shielding structure: A socket connector includes an insulative base (2), a plurality of contacts (3) therein with an engaging portion (32) and a floating cover (5). The floating cover (5) includes a plurality of through holes (53) for receiving the engaging portions (32) extending therethrough. The socket connector includes a metallic shell... Agent:

20150011123 - Power receiving connector and communication system: The power receiving connector to be placed as a vehicle-mounted feeding port is formed by integrating connection terminals, internal wirings, wiring branch parts, a ground wire side branch line, a control wire side branch line, capacitors, a superposition separation element, and a low-pass filter with a housing as a replaceable... Agent:

20150011124 - Apparatus and method for providing a resistive shunt within a light string: A shunting mechanism is provided within a socket of a light string system having a resistive element that substantially mirrors the resistive characteristic of the bulb inserted in the socket. The shunting mechanism is disabled when the bulb is inserted into the light string socket. When the bulb is removed... Agent:

20150011125 - Electrical connector for transmitting data signals: Electrical connector including a connector body having a pathway assembly extending between mating and mounting faces of the connector body. The pathway assembly includes a signal conductor having separate conductor segments and a dielectric body that holds the conductor segments of the signal conductor. The conductor segments have respective interior... Agent:

20150011126 - Methods and apparatus for terminating wire wound electronic components to an insert header assembly: An exemplary connector insert assembly, and methods of manufacture and use thereof. In one embodiment, the connector insert assembly comprises an insert body assembly consisting of two insert body elements made from a high-temperature polymer. The insert body assembly includes an electronic component receiving cavity that is configured to receive... Agent:

20150011127 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector can include a connector housing including a housing body that can define an opening that is configured to receive a complementary electrically conductive component along a mating direction. The electrical connector can further include at least one contact member that is supported by the connector housing and... Agent:

20150011128 - Printed circuit board, method of manufacturing same, and method of mounting the circuit board in a connector socket: A circuit board that is to be mounted in a connector socket includes a plurality of electrical connectors located along a side edge of the circuit board. Retention bosses are formed on first and second opposite sides of the circuit board, each of the retention bosses protruding from a surface... Agent:

20150011129 - Foolproof structure for sharing card slot space: The present invention discloses a structure for sharing card slot space. The structure includes a housing. A first card slot and a second card slot are disposed inside the housing. The insertion port of the first card slot is disposed opposite the insertion port of the second card slot. A... Agent:

20150011130 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes an insulating housing defining an inserting chamber and terminal grooves communicating with the inserting chamber, electrical terminals of which each has an elastic arm received in the terminal groove and a contact portion protruding towards the inserting chamber at a front end of the elastic arm,... Agent:

20150011131 - Methods and apparatus for terminating wire wound electronic components to a header assembly: An exemplary header insert assembly, and methods of manufacture and use thereof. In one embodiment, the header insert assembly comprises a connector insert assembly having an insert body assembly consisting of an insert body element. The insert body element includes an electronic component receiving cavity that is configured to receive... Agent:

20150011132 - Press-fit terminal and electronic component using the same: There are provided a press-fit terminal which has an excellent whisker resistance and a low inserting force, is unlikely to cause shaving of plating when the press-fit terminal is inserted into a substrate, and has a high heat resistance, and an electronic component using the same. A press-fit terminal comprises:... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

01/01/2015 > 45 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150004809 - Electrical plug-type connector and an associated arrangement comprising a housing: An electrical plug-type connector consisting of an electrically nonconductive material includes a plug housing with an inner wall and at least one plug-type contact. The inner wall delimits a first space. The at least one plug-type contact has a first end with which contact can be made by a mating... Agent:

20150004810 - All-in-one computer with fixed and simple connection: An all-in-one (AIO) computer with a fixed and simple connection includes a panel, a motherboard, and a connector. The connector includes a male connector and a female connector. The male connector is mounted on the motherboard and the female connector is mounted on the panel. The panel communicates with the... Agent:

20150004811 - Signal transmitting connector: A signal transmitting connector includes a metal base and a circuit board. The metal base includes a bottom plate, a first and a second lateral plate. The bottom plate includes a first surface, an opposite second surface, and an edge surface between the first and second surface. The first and... Agent: Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.

20150004812 - Substrate connector: There are provided in the substrate connector a connector main body that has a leading end face butted against the circuit board, thereby bringing leading end faces of terminal fitting, which are housed and retained in the connector main body, with contact point patterns on the circuit board, thereby butting;... Agent:

20150004813 - Shielded sockets for microprocessors and fabrication thereof by overmolding and plating: Shielded sockets for microprocessors and fabrication of shielded sockets by overmolding and plating techniques are described. In an example, a socket for a packaged semiconductor device includes a plastic housing having walls surrounding a cavity. A plurality of contact strips is disposed in the cavity and supported by one or... Agent:

20150004814 - Housing having a seal: The invention relates to a housing having a seal, the seal being formed from a resilient material, characterised in that the resilient material is electrically conductive.... Agent:

20150004815 - Tunable cast grounding block for dry sections: A number of variations may include a casting having a raised integrated cast grounding block with tunable surfaces for routing an electrical grounding wire/strap via an eyelet and an anti-rotational tab attachment.... Agent:

20150004816 - Electrical connector with differential pair contact: An electrical connector comprises an insulative block, a plurality of contacts received in the insulative block. The contacts each include a retaining portion retaining in the insulative block, a contacting portion extending forwardly from the retaining portion and a soldering portion. The contacts include a plurality of differential signal contacts... Agent:

20150004817 - Connection structure of electronic components: Two bus bars 13 having terminal parts 19 at their one ends 17 are arranged in parallel. Right and left contact spring pieces 23a, 24a on an upper stage of the terminal parts 19 of the bus bars 13 are connected to a pair of contact parts of a semiconductor... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150004818 - Chip card ejecting mechanism: o

20150004819 - Electrical component device: An electrical component device includes an internal conductor, a case and a fitting detection connector. The internal conductor is connected to an electrical component and includes a fastening part configured to be fastened with an external conductor. The case accommodates the electrical component and the internal conductor and has a... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150004820 - System and method for releasably coupling a fluid dispenser to a dispensing system: A system and method for releasably coupling a fluid dispenser to a structure. There is a push to connect-pull to disconnect connector system that has first and second mating connectors. A first connector is mounted to the dispenser and a second connector is mounted to the structure. The connector system... Agent: Fishman Corporation

20150004821 - Connection device, in particular switching device, comprising a spring-type terminal and a drive for actuating the spring-type terminal: Connection device for connecting at least one electrical conductor to at least one spring-type terminal which is provided in a housing of the connection device and which comprises a mechanical drive, the mechanical drive being arranged or installed in the housing and comprising a blade which has a broad face... Agent:

20150004822 - Connector assemblies and methods of manufacture: A connector assembly that includes an insulation displacement member including a hydrophobic organosilane mono-layer protective coating is disclosed. In one embodiment, the connector assembly may be manufactured by a method that includes assembling the connector assembly, contacting the connector assembly with an organosilane coating solution, and curing the organosilane coating... Agent:

20150004823 - Smart card securing mechanism and electronic device using same: A smart card securing mechanism for securing a first smart card and a second smart card includes a base, a first latching member, a second latching member, and an elastic sheet. The base includes a first connector. The first latching member is positioned on one side of the base. The... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150004824 - Dual inline memory module socket: The present disclosure describes, in one example, a dual inline memory module socket. The dual inline memory module socket includes a base to receive a memory module. The base further comprises a first detection pin and a second detection pin. A latch may be coupled to the base and is... Agent:

20150004825 - Multi-connector assembly: The present invention can relate to multiple-connector assemblies for use in, for example, electronic devices. Each of the connectors are constrained to another connector by aligning one or more complementary sets of reference features. A locating bracket may be used to couple multiple connectors together. Alternatively, the connectors may be... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150004827 - Plug connector: The invention relates to a plug connector for electrically connecting an electric vehicle to a charging device, comprising a pug or a socket (1) and an electromechanically driven locking device (3), wherein the plug or the socket (1) is configured for establishing an electrical connection to a second socket or... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20150004826 - Shielded plug-in connector and method for producing a shielded plug-in connector: A method for producing a plug-in connector includes stripping a cable on a free end in a first and second region of a sheath of the cable, where a shield is disposed below the sheath on the cable. The method includes disposing a first electrically conductive spring element in the... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150004828 - Electrical connector and squib connection device: In an electrical connector, in a state in which an abutting portion of a support is abutted against a receiving face of a retainer or an inflator housing, if the connector housing is pressed toward the mating side and then released before being inserted into the retainer to a predetermined... Agent: J.s.t. Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150004829 - Lever-type connector: A fitting operation lever includes rotation fulcrum holes rotationally engaged with boss portions on a first connector housing, boss guiding grooves which enable an engagement or disengagement between the boss portions and the rotation fulcrum holes, and action point projecting portions which move from engagement starting positions on projecting portion... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150004830 - Electrical connector with a terminal stabilizer coupled to a resilient spring member: An electrical connector assembly including a moveable terminal stabilizer is presented. The terminal stabilizer is moveable from a stabilizing position to a stowed position. In the stabilizing position terminal stabilizer is near the tips of the terminals and in the stowed position is near the base of the terminals. The... Agent:

20150004831 - Electrical adaptor having a temperature indicator: An electrical adaptor comprising a housing. A male electrical plug comprises a prong extending from the housing and is configured as a standard 120-volt male plug. The prong comprises a distal tip, and the distal tip forms an end to the male electrical plug. A female socket is electrically connected... Agent:

20150004832 - Visually evident connection system for plug-in power/data cable: A visually evident connection system for a plug-in power/data cable including a power/data cable connector securable to a power/data cable. The connector is configured to be received by a power/data receptacle having an illumination region. In response to an interconnection between the connector and the receptacle, the connector is configured... Agent:

20150004833 - Coaxial cable and connector: The coaxial cable includes a central conductor, a cable dielectric formed along the outer circumferential surface of the central conductor, and a protruding central conductor configured to protrude from one side of the central conductor and be exposed from the cable dielectric. The diameter of the central conductor is equal... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150004834 - Truss interconnect: An interconnect for transferring signals herein includes one or more signal contacts to transfer the power or data to or from an integrated truss system. An interconnect may be configured to transfer power or data between layers of the integrated truss system or within the same layer of the integrated... Agent:

20150004835 - Telecommunications cabling system, and electrical connection module shielding interface therefor: wherein the shielding interface (110) is simultaneously contactable with shielding (52) of the shielded cable (50), a corresponding shielding interface (500) of the electrical connector (400), and the earthed support (12).... Agent:

20150004836 - Connector: A connector capable of achieving a height reduction thereof; dealing with connecting a large number of wires; and easily obtaining a shielding effect against external and internal noises is provided. A receptacle used for the connector includes: a receptacle housing of a plate shape having a width direction, a depth... Agent: Smk Corporation

20150004837 - Connector for medical device: A connector system employs an electromechanical connector to connect to a complementary electromechanical connector on an electronic device in a medical system. A shroud surrounds the electromechanical connector and is conductive and shaped to provide a thermal contact to the electronic device. A shielded cable can be electrically coupled to... Agent:

20150004838 - Electrical connector with insert: An electrical connector includes a housing having a receptacle, and an electrically conductive insert held by the housing within the receptacle. The electrically conductive insert includes a plurality of module openings. The electrically conductive insert includes electrically conductive segments that extend between adjacent module openings. A plurality of signal modules... Agent:

20150004839 - Electrical connector used for transmitting high frequency signals: An electrical connector includes an insulative housing defining a base portion and a tongue portion extending forwardly from the base portion, the tongue portion defines a first surface and a second surface disposed oppositely. A first terminal module is retained in the insulative housing and exposed on the first surface.... Agent:

20150004840 - Techniques for detecting removal of a connector: A system that detects electrical disconnection of one connector from another connector includes a detection circuitry and a protection circuitry. The detection circuitry detects that a plug connector has been electrically disconnected from a corresponding receptacle connector. In response to the detection, the detection circuitry sends a signal to the... Agent:

20150004841 - Connector with electronic component: A connector includes an electronic component (60) with an electronic component main body (61) extending in a front-back direction and a lead wire (62) projecting forward from a front end surface (61A) of the electronic component main body (61). A conductive member (40) is arranged before the electronic component (60)... Agent:

20150004842 - Electrostatic discharge protection: An apparatus comprising: a connector for providing an electrical interface, the connector comprising an opening configured to receive a suitable member; at least one conductive contact located at least partially within the connector and configured to operate as a switch such that when the connector is in an unplugged to... Agent:

20150004843 - Electrical connector having cold shrink component: An electrical connector assembly configured to couple a power cable and at least one other electrical component, includes a housing body that includes a outer jacket, an insert portion, and an insulative inner housing positioned between at least a portion of the outer jacket and the insert portion. The housing... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, LLC

20150004845 - Contact assembly for a combined power and data connector and socket assembly for a mating connector socket: The invention relates to a contact assembly for a combined power and data connector and to a socket assembly for a mating socket. In order to provide a combined power and data connector that allows combined transport of electrical power and data signals, which is compact, solid and may be... Agent:

20150004844 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes a base including a base housing, and a socket including a socket housing. Each of two socket side walls of the socket housing is provided with a first protrusion, and a distance L4 between two base side walls Is equal to or larger than a distance... Agent: J.s.t. Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150004846 - Dual card connector and wireless electronic device employing same: A dual card connector includes a holder and a base body. The holder defines two overlapped sliding slots for receiving cards, each sliding slot includes a group of conductive terminal assemblies, the holder includes a plurality of elastic pieces, the elastic pieces are connected to the conductive terminal assemblies. The... Agent:

20150004847 - Pulse injection apparatus: A coupling clamp-type pulse injection apparatus, which can couple a high-voltage wideband pulse having a peak voltage of several tens of kV and having a rising time of several hundreds of ps or less to a cable without causing dielectric breakdown and a 50 ohm impedance mismatch, is provided. The... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institutte

20150004848 - Rotating electrical plug: A rotating electrical plug includes a hollow shell, a bottom cap attached to one side of the hollow shell, a rotary member detachably inserted into an opposite side of the hollow shell to selectively force respective locating notches thereof into engagement with locating blocks in the rotary member, an electrode... Agent:

20150004849 - Methods and apparatus for reducing crosstalk in electrical connectors: A communication jack having crosstalk compensation features for overall crosstalk interference reduction is disclosed. In one embodiment, the jack is configured to receive a plug to form a communication connection, and comprises jack contacts disposed in the jack, with each contact having at least a first surface and a second... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150004850 - Card connector and contact: A card connector is provided having a housing and a contact. The housing includes a card receiving space. The contact is supported by the housing and includes a contact arm and an extended portion. The contact arm includes a free end and the extended portion includes a first end positioned... Agent: Tyco Electronics Japan G.k.

20150004851 - Insert of electrically conducting material, and tool and method for fitting such an insert to a supporting member: An insert made of electrically conducting material, insertable at least partly inside a seat on a first member, and connectable to a second member; the insert having a fastening member connectable electrically to a first electrically conducting area on the first member.... Agent:

20150004852 - Apparatus for mechanical and electrical connection of conductive cores of a cable with cable connectors of an electric module: A device for mechanical and electrical connection of line wires in a cable to line connectors in an electrical assembly for a motor vehicle, wherein each line wire of the cable is connected to one line connector of the electrical assembly in such a manner that a form-locking unit, comprising... Agent:

20150004853 - Electrical plug type connector having a microstructured contact element: In an electrical plug type connector having an electrically conductive contact element having a contact surface, the contact surface has a microstructure.... Agent:

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