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Electrical connectors

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04/16/2015 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150104958 - Rotating vacuum chamber coupling assembly: A coupling (30) for the introduction of a bias voltage into a vacuum chamber. The coupling consists of a metallic ball bearing assembly (36), a bearing sleeve or cup (34), and an EMI shielding gasket (42) seated within the bearing sleeve or cup. The ball bearing assembly is fitted within... Agent:

20150104959 - Electrical connector with magnetic element: An electrical connector comprises an insulative housing, a plurality of conductive terminals secured in the insulative housing, a metal shell shielding around the insulative housing and a magnetic element retained in the metal shell. The metal shell forms an accommodating room for receiving the magnetic element. The magnetic element has... Agent:

20150104960 - Safe outlet: Provided in a safe outlet further including a rotary type locking body in which the rotary type locking body falls down when a plug is not plugged into the outlet, to thereby make outlet terminals not opened, to thus prevent an electric shock accident in advance, and to thereby entirely... Agent:

20150104961 - Motor vehicle charging inlet structure: A motor vehicle charging inlet structure includes: a first charging socket disposed in a recess portion of a vehicle body and connected to an electricity storage unit of a motor vehicle, the first charging socket being configured to be connected to a charging connector which supplies electric power from an... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150104962 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first connector, a second connector, a engage portion, and a fixing portion. The second connector is configured to be connected to the first connector. The engage portion is in the first connector and movable between a first position where the engage... Agent:

20150104963 - Connector: In a connector, interference portions for interfering with lances in accordance with an engagement state between lock holes of female terminals and the lances are provided in a male terminal housing to protrude toward a female terminal housing. The interference portions interfere with the lances to restrain male terminals from... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150104964 - Underwater electrical connection: An underwater electrical connection assembly is provided, where the assembly includes (1) a contact pin including an axially extending conductive core and an axially extending annular insolation portion around the conductive core, (2) a front end portion of the conductive core having an electrical contact surface, (3) a rear end... Agent:

20150104965 - Terminal locking structure for electrical connector: Provided is a terminal locking structure for an electrical connector excellent in assembly even when the locking position of a lance of a terminal is restricted, wherein, in the terminal locking structure that locks a terminal into a housing of the electrical connector with a lance, the terminal includes the... Agent:

20150104966 - Method and apparatus for improving connector security and device coexistance: Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus and a method for connecting a first device and second device. An apparatus includes an angled connector configured to connect to a first device to a second device, the first device and the second device configured to communicate through signal paths in... Agent:

20150104967 - Positive lock connector for small power couplers: A coupler including a housing is configured to affix individual lines of a multiline cable within the housing, the housing including a front portion for engaging an inlet, a rear portion, and an upper portion including a raised central area and at least one lowered side area. A sliding lock... Agent:

20150104968 - Apparatus for retaining a plug in a receptacle: The present disclosure is an apparatus for retaining a plug within a receptacle. The apparatus for retaining a plug within a receptacle may include a receptacle body and a retention device. The retention device may include a face portion and at least one prong, each prong of the at least... Agent:

20150104969 - Fastener: A fastener is made of a plastic material by integrated injection molding and has a locking portion and an installation portion, wherein the locking portion has two arm levers extended and arranged at a predetermined interval, and at least a concave buckle corresponding to another is respectively protruded from inner... Agent: Kemax Shing Co., Ltd.

20150104970 - Mountable cable interface: A mounting plate assembly for securing a plug of a network cable to a jack of an electronic device. The assembly includes a mounting plate having an attachment mechanism that is configured for releasable locking engagement with the electronic device. Further, the mounting plate is adapted to be mounted to... Agent:

20150104971 - Connecting module, power supply module and connecting set for light strips: Various embodiments may relate to a connecting module for mechanically connecting two light strips each having at least one semiconductor light source and having at least two electrical contacts arranged in a housing, which electrical contacts each have two contact sections for making electrical contact with the light strips. The... Agent: Osram Gmbh

20150104972 - Connector: An electrical connector housing is disclosed having a first housing member, and a second housing member mated with the first housing member. A front wall is disposed on an outer surface of at least one of the housing members and extends perpendicular to an insertion direction. A first sidewall is... Agent: Tyco Electronics Japan G.k.

20150104975 - Electric connector and terminal included in the same: There is provided a terminal made of a single metal sheet, the terminal including a support unit in which a core wire of a cable is sandwiched, the support unit including a first portion extensive in a direction perpendicular to a direction in which an axis of the core wire... Agent:

20150104974 - Electrical coaxial connector: An electrical coaxial connector comprising a signal-joining contacting conductor and a grounding contacting conductor each supported by an insulating base member, wherein a body portion of the signal-joining contacting conductor has a press-contacting part with a contacting protrusion for contacting with a signal-joining conductor in a mating connector and a... Agent: Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd.

20150104973 - Method and device for producing an operative connection between a connector and a cable: A method for producing an operative connection between a coaxial cable (1) and a coaxial connector (16). A cable jacket (5), if present, is removed by means of a first tool (6) to a predefined first length L1. In a second step, an outer conductor (3) is removed by means... Agent:

20150104976 - Connector assembly having multiple shield current paths: A connector assembly may include a housing that retains one or more contacts, a cable having a shield that surrounds one or more conductors that electrically connect to the one or more contacts, and a backshell that secures the housing to the cable. The backshell may include at least one... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150104977 - Electrical connector having a connector shroud: Electrical connector including a module assembly having a contact module. The contact module has a module body and signal conductors held by the module body. The module assembly has a shroud-engaging face. The signal conductors have respective signal members disposed along the shroud-engaging face. The electrical connector also includes a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150104978 - Electrical connector having an array of signal contacts: Electrical connector including a connector body having a mating side with a communication array of signal and ground contacts and first and second mounting sides with respective mounting arrays of signal and ground contacts. Each of the first and second mounting sides is configured to be mounted to a corresponding... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150104979 - Subscriber identity module connector: The present invention discloses a subscriber identity module connector which places a detecting terminal and a grounding terminal into a same contact area. The above placement of the detecting terminal and the grounding terminal form a circuit to determine if a SIM card is inserted appropriately. As a result, there... Agent: Advanced-connetek Inc.

20150104980 - Method and apparatus for mounting a cable connector onto a panel: A method is provided for mounting a plurality of cable connectors onto a panel that defines a plurality of target mounting locations. At least two of the plurality of cable connectors defines at least a pair of cable retaining apertures. The pairs of cable retaining apertures of a first one... Agent:

20150104981 - Connector and connection terminal: A connector includes: a housing in which a communication groove that communicates between adjacent terminal accommodating chambers is formed in a partition wall; and a connection terminal having a terminal body section connected to a wire connection part. The terminal body section includes: a first side wall on which a... Agent:

20150104982 - Conducting device and socket: The conducting device and the socket with stable electrical-connection ability are provided. The socket comprises a socket body, the conducting device arranged in an accommodating slot of the socket body, and an ending cap arranged on the socket body. The conducting device comprises a movable spring plate, a stationary spring... Agent:

20150104983 - Joint structure between end of coaxial cable and terminal, and joining method therebetween: The present invention relates to a joint structure for joining an end of an outer conductor of a coaxial cable in which the outer conductor including a plurality of outer core wires is coaxially and integrally formed with and around an inner conductor via an insulation inner coat with a... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150104984 - Socket cover: A socket cover contains: a cap, a first lid, and a second lid. The cap has an orifice defined thereon, the first lid is disposed on a first side of the orifice of the cap and covers a first part of the orifice, and the first lid has a cutout... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 33 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150099376 - Connector: A connector reduced in height without reducing contact reliability. A contact of the connector includes a first spring portion that supports a contact portion, a second spring portion that supports a connection portion, and an integral connection portion that integrally connects the first spring portion and the second spring portion.... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150099377 - Apparatus & methods for electrically grounding a load-supporting surface: Apparatus for electrically connecting and grounding at least two mechanically interconnectable, planar mats in a reusable load-supporting surface includes at least one removable, electrically-conductive cover configured to be engaged with each mat and extend at least partially across the top and/or bottom face thereof. Each cover includes at least one... Agent:

20150099378 - Apparatus for connecting a shared dc bus link: A system for connecting a shared DC bus between multiple power converters is disclosed. The DC bus includes a positive and a negative rail across which the DC voltage is present. A pair of DC bus stabs is mounted to a PCB within the power converter. Each DC bus stab... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150099379 - Safety device for an electrical plug and receptacle: A safety device prevents the terminal of an electrical plug from being disengaged from or engaged with an electrical receptacle. When the terminal is engaged with the receptacle, a tubular lock-in member slides over the plug to obstruct the release of a plug securing means that secures the plug to... Agent: Hitek Urethane Global Ltd.

20150099380 - Multiple socket: A socket has a plug board with first plug-in openings for appropriate pins of a plug of a first standard and with second plug-in openings for appropriate pins of a plug of a second standard. Provided in a spacing to the plug board are a first type of contact mounts... Agent:

20150099381 - Plug structure for connecting sockets: A plug structure for connecting sockets comprises at least one jack formed at a side of a first socket; and a plug rod disposed on a second socket corresponding to the at least one jack and configured to plug in the at least one jack. The plug rod is electrically... Agent:

20150099382 - Multiple-in-one interface connector: A multiple-in-one interface connector includes a shielding casing, an insulation body received in the shielding casing, a micro card receiving zone formed on a surface of the insulation body and a micro USB connection zone, a card ejection bar movably arranged at one side of the insulation body, and a... Agent: Kuang Ying Computer Equipment Co., Ltd.

20150099383 - Connector: A connector includes a housing for insertion and ejection of a device, and an ejection mechanism. The ejection mechanism includes a rod member able to slide in the directions of device insertion and ejection. The rod member includes a main body portion extending in the directions of insertion and ejection,... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150099385 - Connector joining structure: A connector joining structure includes an outer housing mounted on a casing, an inner housing having a terminal to be connected to a terminal of a mating connector mounted in the casing, and a first packing interposed between the outer housing and the inner housing. The first packing is configured... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150099384 - Electrical connector assembly with terminal retaining seal: An electrical connector assembly is provided. The assembly includes a terminal, a housing, and a seal. The seal is configured to create a moisture barrier between the housing and a mating connector. The seal defines a retainer portion that cooperates with the housing to retain the terminal to the housing.... Agent:

20150099386 - Electrical connector with a sliding flexible cantilever beam terminal retainer: An electrical connector configured to retain an electrical terminal including a terminal lock nib that projects inward into a terminal cavity from a first cavity wall for retaining the electrical terminal in the connector body and a flexible cantilever beam that projects axially into the terminal cavity from a fixed... Agent:

20150099387 - Circuit board connecting device: A circuit board connecting device comprising a first connector which having a first fixing metallic member attached to a first housing, a second connector having a second fixing metallic member attached to a second housing, and holding means operative to prevent the second housing from being undesirably separated from the... Agent: Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd.

20150099388 - Connection structure for ground terminal fitting: A connection structure connects a plate-like terminal main body (11) on the ground terminal fitting (10) in surface contact with a grounding member (20) that has female screw holes (41, 42) and a receiving portion (23). A wire connecting portion (12) on the ground terminal fitting (10) is connected to... Agent:

20150099389 - Connection structure for ground terminal fitting: A grounding member (20) is formed with a receiving hole (23), and a ground terminal fitting (10) is formed with a cantilevered lock (13) including a step (13B). The lock (13) is locked to the receiving hole (23) with the step (13B) contact with a stopper (24) of the receiving... Agent:

20150099390 - Contact terminal having a plunger pin: A contact terminal having a main body case and a plunger pin received in an elongate hole formed in the main body case is provided. The plunger pin is a round bar provided with a step and includes a small diameter portion including the protrusion end portion and a large... Agent: Shimano Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150099391 - Electric connector: An electric connector includes a first housing including a guide shaft and a second housing including a guide hole into which the guide shaft is inserted, the guide shaft including a main body, and a projection radially projecting from the main body, the guide hole being formed at an inner... Agent:

20150099392 - Connectors for landscape lighting systems: A connector includes a cable tray configured to receive and retain a cable in a stable position and couple with a top cap configured to create an electrical connection with the cable as the top cap is manipulated in a predetermined manner while coupled with the cable tray. An upper... Agent:

20150099393 - Connectors for landscape lighting systems: A connector includes a cable tray configured to receive and retain a cable in a stable position and couple with a top cap configured to create an electrical connection with the cable as the top cap is manipulated in a predetermined manner while coupled with the cable tray. An upper... Agent:

20150099394 - Connector: A connector includes: a mounting member having a case shape and a side wall with a through hole; a first connector placed outside the mounting member and having a first fitting portion; a second connector placed inside the mounting member and having a second fitting portion capable of fitting to... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150099395 - Multi-conductor cable connector for multiple coaxial cables: A multi-conductor cable connector for coaxial cables is provided. In one embodiment, the connector includes a cable connection portion and a multi-contact portion. The multi-contact portion has a plurality of contacts that extend on different axes.... Agent: Ppc Broadband, Inc.

20150099396 - Connector: A connector (11) includes terminals (17) to which distal end portions (19) of covered electric wires (13) are fixed, a sealing portion (23) integrally covering respective adjacent portions (27) of the terminals (17) and coverings (21) of the covered electric wires (13) that are provided side by side, and a... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150099397 - Shield sleeve and shielding end element comprising a shield sleeve: A shield sleeve is disclosed having a sleeve member. The sleeve member has a first end, and at least one radially protruding contact finger. Each contact finger has a cantilevered end connected to the first end, and at least one contacting protrusion positioned proximate to an opposite free end and... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150099399 - Connector: A connector is attachable to an object and connectable to a card inserted rearward. The connector has a predetermined portion which is located at a position same as that of an upper surface of the object. The connector comprises a housing and a contact. The contact has a held portion... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150099398 - Connector for printed circuit boards: A female connector for electrical connection to an edge connector, the edge connector being of predetermined width, the female connector comprising: two parallel outer segments, at least one of the outer segments comprising electrical connections for the edge connector located on an inwardly facing surface thereof; and a spacer spacing... Agent:

20150099400 - High digital bandwidth connection apparatus: A multiple connector socket is able to interface to a low bandwidth connector and a high bandwidth connector. The low bandwidth connector facilitates a low bandwidth interface, such as USB 2.0, using a miniaturized connector having low bandwidth blade contacts, such as a micro USB 2.0 connector. The high bandwidth... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150099401 - Plug comprising a pin pivoted out of a socket: A plug (1) for electrical equipment, the plug comprising a pin (2) and the pin comprising an electrical terminal contact, the plug further comprising a housing (3), the plug arranged to be received in a socket (10), wherein the pin and the housing configured to enable the pin to be... Agent:

20150099402 - Electrical plug: This invention relates to an electrical plug (1; 100; 154; 160; 200; 300) comprising: a plug main body (3; 103; 204; 302); and a plurality of electrical pins (21, 23; 156, 158; 164, 166; 210, 212; 310; 312), the pins being carried by an arm (17; 208; 308) that is... Agent:

20150099403 - Electrical device connector: The electrical device connector is characterized by including: a first central conductor in which a first concave portion is provided; a first insulation layer provided around the first central conductor; a second central conductor in which a second concave portion is provided; a second insulation layer provided around the second... Agent:

20150099404 - Connector: A connector comprises a cover 4 having a panel portion 41 which covers a portion of the opening of a retaining hole 3a formed in an outer peripheral surface 31 of a case body 3, a retainer 5 having a recessed portion 5a corresponding to the panel portion 41, and... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150099405 - Mechanical lug: This disclosure provides systems and methods for connecting electrical cables to electrical devices via mechanical lugs. Illustrative mechanical lug can include a body portion, a connection point, an electrical cable fastener, a shoulder portion, a neck portion, and an electrical device fastener. The connection point may include grooves, which can... Agent:

20150099406 - Structure for joining electric wire and terminal, resistance-welding electrode, and method for joining electric wire and terminal: A structure for joining an electric wire and a connection terminal by a resistance-welding is provided. The electric wire includes a core wire made of metal. The connection terminal is made of metal different from the metal of the core wire. The core wire includes a melt-joining portion configured to... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150099407 - System and method for transmitting power through a plug-in unit: A stab for use in a plug-in assembly includes a stab piece and a lug. The stab piece includes one or more contact arms configured to engage a bus bar, and a base portion coupled to the one or more contact arms. The base portion is configured to be coupled... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150099408 - Receptacle contact: A receptacle contact includes a resilient contact arm having at least one contact area for contacting a mating contact. A support arm is stamped and formed from an area of a wall of the receptacle contact. The support arm cooperates with the resilient contact arm to support the resilient contact... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 29 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150093917 - Mobile fibers and elongated structures and units thereof: The present invention provides a unit or segment having a ball, a socket and a connector with the connector physically linking the ball and socket together such that a main opening of the socket continuous with the socket cavity faces away from the connected ball. Alternatively, a unit/segment may instead... Agent:

20150093921 - Connector unit: A connector unit for connecting at least two cables includes a male part, a female part, and a shuttle piston. The shuttle piston includes at least one magnetic connecting device for establishing a magnetic connection between the shuttle piston, and at least one magnetic connecting aid of the male part... Agent:

20150093919 - Connectors: Pairs of matching connectors are described. The matching connectors can provide power to a powered device and/or communicate signals to a device. The matching connectors can include electrical contacts. In one example, the electrical contacts may be ring-shaped and several electrical contacts may be concentrically positioned. In one example, the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093918 - Electrical connectors: A plug (1) for electrical equipment comprising a housing and a plurality of projections (2, 4, 5) extending from the housing, wherein first and second projections are larger than a third projection, and the projections are arranged so as to facilitate disengagement of the plug from the socket.... Agent:

20150093920 - Heat resistant magnetic electrical connector: A magnetic connector system (100) having a cable-end connector (110) and a printed circuit board connector (115). The cable-end connector has a ferro-magnetic strike plate (155). The printed circuit board connector has plugs or bosses (120A, 120B) which mate with corresponding sockets in the cable-end connector and are configured to... Agent:

20150093922 - Stackable magnetically-retained connector interface: A stackable connector interface with magnetic retention for electronic devices and accessories can allow power and data to be transferred between one or more stacked connectors. Each interconnected stackable connector may include one or more magnetic elements, which magnetic elements may have poles arranged to facilitate mating with other stackable... Agent:

20150093923 - Terminal: A terminal includes a contact portion and a soldering portion for being soldered to a circuit board. A metal coating is plated on the contact portion and is made of a chromium-carbon material, so that the contact portion has desirable electric conductivity and strong hardness, and has desirable corrosion resistance.... Agent: Lotes Co., Ltd

20150093924 - Power adapter components, housing and methods of assembly: A dual-purpose transformer may be oriented in a plane perpendicular to planes in which printed circuit boards connected thereto are oriented, thereby providing structural support for a framework that can include a dense arrangement of internal power adapter components, in addition to stepping down voltage. Methods for ultrasonic welding are... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093925 - Adapter for contacting bus bars: An adapter for contacting busbars with a multi-pole connecting cable is disclosed with at least two contact connections for at least two busbars; a housing having holding means; and a cable-connecting device that is secured in the housing by the holding means. The cable-connecting device has: a lever switch; a... Agent:

20150093926 - Connector: In a connector including a tubular male housing, a female housing, and a lever turnably supported in one of this male housing and the female housing and also is engaged with an engaging part formed in the other housing and slides the male housing in a direction in which the... Agent:

20150093928 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes a female connector (10) and a male connector (20). The female connector (10) includes a female connector body (11) and a vertical wall (12) that define an accommodating space (17), a positioning block (13) disposed in the accommodating space (17), a latch edge (121) and a... Agent:

20150093927 - Electrical connector assembly with miniature axial cpa: An electrical connector assembly that includes a body, a lever, and a connector position assurance device (CPA). The lever is coupled to the body by an arm. The lever is configured to move about the arm and relative to the body to raise a lock end of the lever when... Agent:

20150093929 - Connecting terminal: A connecting terminal is disclosed having a wire connection portion with at least one pair of side arms, and an abutting portion attached at a second end to the wire connection portion. The Abutting portion includes at least one mating terminal receiving chamber and a locking structure. The locking structure... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150093931 - Connector unit: A connector unit for connecting at least two cables includes at least a male part, a female part, and a shuttle piston. The shuttle piston includes an opening configured for receiving at least a section of the male part, at least one latching device, and at least one latching structure.... Agent:

20150093930 - Lead wire connection structure and electronic device including the same: A lead wire connection structure includes: a terminal including a terminal main body having a through hole, and a connection part extending from one end of the terminal main body; and a lead wire having one end connected to the connection part. Herein, a pair of elastic holding parts extending... Agent:

20150093932 - Fixing device and connector assembly having the same: A connector assembly includes a first connector, a second connector, a first holding member, and a second holding member pivotably connected to the first holding member. The first connector includes a first connecting portion, and a first cable and a blocking portion connected to opposite ends of the first connecting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150093933 - Fixing device for two connected connectors: A fixing device for fixing two connectors connected to each other includes two holding members and a connecting member connected between the holding members. Each holding member includes a connecting piece and two arms extending down from opposite ends of the connecting piece to sandwich one of the connectors.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150093934 - Electrical connector having an integrated impedance equalisation element: The present invention relates to an electrical connector having an electrically insulating contact carrier and at least one electrically conductive contact element which is provided with an impedance equalisation element. In particular, the present invention relates to an electrical connector which has defined impedance properties, both with and without shielding.... Agent:

20150093935 - Insulation body of a plug-in connector: The invention relates to an insulation body that can be inserted into a housing (11) of a plug-in connector (10), which is formed from a connecting portion (2) and a contacting portion (3), wherein in the contacting portion (3), contacting means (4) are provided and the connecting portion (2) is... Agent: Harting Electronics Gmbh

20150093936 - Flippable electrical connector: A receptacle connector mounted to the printed circuit board, includes an insulative housing defining a mating tongue and a metallic shell enclosing the housing to form a mating cavity in which said mating tongue forwardly extends. A complementary plug connector includes a shell with a bull-nose tip. A metallic piece... Agent:

20150093937 - Modular power adaptor: An adaptor may include a base modular unit that includes a plurality of surface connectors, a first port and circuitry. At least one surface connector may couple to an expansion modular unit. Circuitry or logic may provide information from the first port to the at least one surface connector.... Agent:

20150093938 - Smart card connection circuit of electronic device and electronic device: A smart card connection circuit of an electronic device which includes a card holder, a travel switch, and a switching unit; a contact of the travel switch is located in the card holder, and an output end of the travel switch is connected to a control end of the switching... Agent:

20150093939 - Terminal plate set and electric connector including the same: A terminal plate set and an electric connector including the terminal plate set are disclosed. The terminal plate set includes two signal terminal plates and two grounding terminal plates, and the signal terminal plates are parallel to each other and disposed between the grounding terminal plates. A partition channel is... Agent: All Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

20150093940 - Connector: A connector is connectable with a card which is inserted from an insertion opening. The card has a terminal. The connector comprises a holding member and a contact. The holding member has a rear support portion and a front support portion. The contact is held by the holding member. The... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150093941 - Terminal and connector having the same: A terminal including a first fixable portion, a second fixable portion, a joining portion, and a first contacting portion. The first fixable portion has a dimension in a second direction, the dimension allowing the first fixable portion to be fixed to a first portion of an accommodation hole of a... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20150093942 - Structure of connector combination: A structure of a connector combination includes at least one first RJ45 connector, a second RJ45 connector, and a positioning member. The first RJ45 connector has at least one side forming a first coupling section. The second RJ45 connector has at least one side forming a second coupling section that... Agent: Kinnexa, Inc.

20150093943 - Terminal block: A terminal block is disclosed having a leaf spring, a contact, a cam member, and a spring member. The contact is positioned adjacent to the leaf spring and has a contact seat. The contact seat has a projection extending towards the leaf spring and is positionable in a hole of... Agent: Tyco Electronics Japan G.k.

20150093944 - Connector terminal: A connector terminal comprises: an electrical conductive portion connected with an electrical conductive member; and a connection portion integrally provided with the electrical conductive portion, the connection portion including: a pair of flat plate portions opposed to one another to form an insertion portion into which a corresponding terminal is... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150093945 - Terminal connection structure: In a terminal connection structure, a male terminal and a female terminal are mutually connected by being butted to each other. The male and female terminals are to be connected with respective ends of electric wires. The male terminal includes a male contact portion formed into a curved shape opening... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

03/26/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150087163 - Conductive ink elastomeric molded connector: An electronic connector system includes one or more electronic components electronically coupled to one another by an elastomeric connector. The elastomeric connector is disposed in a compressed condition against the one or more electronic components to form a sound electrical connection therebetween. A casing is provided about the elastomeric connector... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150087164 - Ganged connector system: A connector system includes a plurality of housing mounted on a circuit board and a plurality of cages are provided, each cage enclosing one of the housings, each of the cages including a front face that defines a first port, the cages being spaced apart a predetermined distance. A thermal... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150087166 - Network adapter card having two switchable network connectors: A network adapter card includes a main card, a first secondary card, and a second secondary card. The main card includes a PCIe male connector, an adapter female connector, and a first chip group connected between the PCIe male connector and the adapter female connector. The first chip group converts... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150087165 - Receptacle connector with double metallic shells: A receptacle connector includes an insulative housing, a number of contacts fixed to the insulative housing and a shell enclosing the insulative housing. The insulative housing includes a main portion, a mating portion and a fixing portion. The shell includes a first metallic shell and a second metallic shell fastened... Agent: Alltop Electronics (suzhou) Ltd.

20150087167 - Connecting part of storage device: A connecting part of a storage device including a body, a plurality of connecting terminals, and a grounding member is provided. The body has a first end and a second end opposite to each other. The connecting terminals are disposed at the first end and the second end respectively. The... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150087168 - Flow drill screw attached grounding block: A grounding block is provided. The grounding block includes a means for fastening and a formed metallic block. The formed metallic block further comprises two or more flanges, where each flange is configured to accept the means for fastening. The formed metal block further comprises a uniform clearance formed into... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150087170 - Electric connector for shielding high voltage: A shielding device that shields high voltage for a voltage connector is provided. In the shielding device, a second wire is brought into contact with a first wire and a shielding terminal is formed at the end of the second wire to shield contact between a voltage connector and the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150087172 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a metal shell covering the insulative housing, electrical terminals and auxiliary terminals received in the insulative housing. The electrical terminals includes a number of first contacts. The first contacts include a grounding contact in the middle and some signal contacts on both sides... Agent:

20150087171 - Permanent ground point for splicing connectors: A permanent ground point for a splicing connector is provided. The ground point is comprised of a ground rod that is permanently attached to a port on the splicing connector. A grounding clamp may then be attached to the ground point after the system is de-energized in order to provide... Agent: Thomas & Betts International LLC

20150087169 - Self grounding electrical outlet: This disclosure is directed to an electrical outlet whereby the neutral terminal and the ground terminal are mechanically and electrically connected. This device utilizes a common 3 prong outlet retrofitted to the present invention specifications.... Agent:

20150087173 - Protective lockable female electrical outlet: An improved electrical outlet providing a lockable electrical connection between a male plug and the outlet to securely retain the plug. The method to secure and retain the plug imparts minimal stress to the outlet and to the male plug so as to not substantially decrease the durability of either.... Agent:

20150087174 - Mountable connector box for electrical device: An electrical connector box, capable of mounting a type of electrical device to a surface, including methods of so mounting, is provided. The box includes a housing configured with a hollow to receive electronics of a device. The housing includes a first set of two or more anchor point locations... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150087175 - High speed data module for high life cycle interconnect device: A hermaphroditic high speed data contact set having an insert shroud and a termination subassembly. A plurality of protective arms extend from its front to protect contact beams of the termination subassembly and provide multi-stage re-alignment of contacts during engagement. A plurality of raised bosses engaged with a plurality of... Agent:

20150087176 - Interlocking terminal: An embodiment electrical connector includes a body portion having a central aperture extending between a first surface and an opposing second surface, the first surface including indents and the second surface including corresponding detents and a wire post portion unitarily formed with the body portion, the wire post portion supporting... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20150087177 - Electrical adapter, and related switchgear panel: An electrical adapter is disclosed for connecting a connection contact of a circuit breaker with an associated contact piece of an electrical circuit along which the circuit breaker has to be inserted, including a hollow tubular element having a first end portion and a second end portion configured to be... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150087178 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector that can prevent an unexpected length of time from being spent in separating the mated connectors is provided. The supporting portion is a plate-like member forming a slot in which a jig can be inserted in cooperation with the operation portion when the plug housing and receptacle... Agent:

20150087179 - Low profile cable connector: A cable connector for connecting a cable having an inner conductor includes an insulating housing having an assembling portion and a mating portion protruding from one side of the assembling portion, the mating portion including a mating cavity, the assembling portion including a receiving room communicating with the mating cavity;... Agent:

20150087180 - Connector for plug, connector and heat conduction apparatus: A connector for receiving a plurality of plugs is provided. The connector includes a cage, a plurality of partition plates, a plurality of partition sections, and a heat conduction apparatus. The cage includes a plurality of plug receiving passageways arranged along two rows stacked on top of each other. Each... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150087181 - Active cooling of electrical connectors: An electrical connector having an active cooling system is described herein. The electrical connector can include a conductor having an electrically conductive pin, and a conductor receiver slidably coupled to the conductor. The conductor receiver can include a wall having an electrically conductive material forming a cavity into which the... Agent:

20150087182 - Power terminal connector: A power terminal connector includes a flexible conductor having a first mounting portion, a second mounting portion and a flexible section between the first and second mounting portions. The first mounting portion is terminated directly to a power terminal of a first battery module. A female terminal is coupled to... Agent:

20150087183 - Connector terminal housing: A connector terminal housing includes a housing hole for a connector terminal to be housed, and a biasing portion provided in the housing hole and configured to bias the connector terminal housed in the housing hole to eliminate rattle of the connector terminal housed in the housing hole. A thickness... Agent:

20150087184 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes an insulating housing and a plurality of contacts retained on a mating portion of the housing. The mating portion has a mating port with a geometric centre. The contacts are divided into an upper array and a lower array. Each array includes several first contacts and... Agent: Drapho Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150087185 - Accessory connector: An accessory connector generally includes a plurality of metal conductive terminals, which is arranged not to contact each other so as to form individual pins; a first insertion port, which is formed at one end of the accessory connector; and a second insertion port, which is formed at an opposite... Agent: Kuang Ying Computer Equipment Co., Ltd.

20150087186 - Electrical connector with engaging arms formed on cover: An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a number of contacts retained in the insulative housing and a cover shielding the insulative housing. The insulative housing includes a top wall, a pair of side walls and a plug-receiving cavity formed thereby. Each contact includes a resilient contacting portion extending into... Agent: Alltop Electroncs (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20150087187 - Audio interface connector with ground lift, kit, system and method of use: In an audio system my balanced interface audio connector couples an audio driver device and an audio receiver device by means of a cable containing a pair of conductive differential lines within a shield. The balanced interface audio connector comprises an electronic filter and a manually operable switch by means... Agent:

20150087188 - Connector:

20150087189 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes an insulating housing, a shell retained on the insulating housing, a plurality of terminals retained on the mating portion of the insulating housing, and a spacer engaging with the insulating housing. The insulating housing includes a base portion and a mating portion protruding from the base... Agent: Drapho Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150087190 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector is provided and includes a contact cavity, a contact receiving passageway, and a contact lock. The contact cavity includes a cavity body with a base plate provided at a longitudinal end of the cavity body and a lock receiving space provided on an opposite surface of the... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150087191 - Receptacle with terminal hold-open detent: An electrical receptacle includes a detent for holding a terminal clamp in an open position. A terminal assembly having a terminal clamp, a terminal plate, and a terminal fastener. The terminal fastener can move the terminal clamp toward the terminal plate. The terminal clamp includes a tab that fits in... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20150087192 - Terminal fitting: A male terminal (90) is inserted into a tubular main body (11) and a resilient contact piece (13) separate from the main body (11) is deflectably arranged in the main body (11). The main body (11) includes crimping pieces (27) to be crimped and fixed to crimping regions (33) of... Agent:

20150087193 - Linear conductor connection terminal: A housing of a linear conductor connection terminal is provided with a first contact point portion having a recessed portion composed of a metal plate and opening inwardly of the housing. The recessed portion allows insertion of a linear conductor inserted into the housing from an insertion port. The housing... Agent: Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

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