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Electrical connectors

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05/21/2015 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150140840 - Connector: A connector is mateable with a mating connector along an up-down direction under a mounted state where the connector is mounted on a circuit board. The mating connector is mounted on a mating circuit board. The connector comprises a housing, a regulation member and a contact. The regulation member has... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150140841 - Receptacle connector and method of producing receptacle connector: A receptacle connector includes a receptacle insulator having an annular outer peripheral wall which defines a fitting recess; receptacle contacts; and a receptacle-side metal fixing member. When a projecting fitting portion of a plug insulator of a plug connector is fitted into the fitting recess, plug contacts of the plug... Agent: Kyocera Connector Products Corporation

20150140842 - Receptacle connector: A receptacle connector includes a main body, an insulating base, a tenon member, a compressing spring, and a cap body. The main body includes a first concave area. The insulating base includes a second concave area. The first and the second concave area constitute a joint cavity and an opening.... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150140843 - Cable connector assembly having several plug connectors: A cable connector assembly (100, 100′) includes a first cable end (1, 1′), a second cable end (2, 2′), and a cable (3, 3′) connecting between the first cable end and the second cable end. The first cable end has a first insulative body (11, 11′) and a first connecting... Agent:

20150140844 - Detachable electrical contact connection: A releasable electrical contact connection is formed between a first plug part and a complementary second plug part. The first plug part has an electrically conductive screw bolt on which a cable end can be mechanically and electrically connected by a threaded nut, the cable end and the threaded nut... Agent:

20150140845 - Outlet unit facilitating plug separation, and multi-outlet device using same: The present invention relates to an outlet unit facilitating plug separation and to a multi-outlet device using same. The outlet unit according to the present invention includes: an outlet main body having a plug inlet into which a plug is to be inserted, a bottom surface plate forming the bottom... Agent:

20150140846 - Connector: Out of resilient contact pieces (21) provided on a shorting terminal (20), contact portions (24) to come into contact with specific terminal fittings (10) to be shorted by the shorting terminal (20) are provided on a front side of the shorting terminal (20) in a connecting direction to a mating... Agent:

20150140847 - Waterproof connector: A waterproof connector includes a housing (20) that accommodates terminal fittings (12). A rubber plug (40) is fit in the housing (20) and a rear holder (50) is mounted behind the rubber plug (40). The rear holder (50) is set in a partially locked state while inserting the terminal fittings... Agent:

20150140848 - Connector and injection method for filler material: A connector includes a connector housing, an inner plate that supports a terminal connected to a one end portion of an electric wire and that is accommodated in an inside of the connector housing, and filler material that fills the inside of the connector housing which has accommodated the inner... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140849 - Connector with integral fuse holder: A connector with an integral fuse holder is described herein. The connector can include a portion having a fuse receiver disposed within a cavity and coupled to an electrical connection feature. The connector can include an end coupled to the portion, where the end includes a wall that forms a... Agent:

20150140850 - Shield connector structure: A shield connector structure includes: a connection member fixed to the outer surface of a metal case; a first seal member interposed between an inner surface of the connection member and an outer surface of an outer insulation coating of a shield wire; a second seal member interposed between the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140851 - Shield connector structure: A shield connector is provided with: a housing fixed to an outer surface of a metal case; a shield member; a first seal member interposed between the shield member and a shield wire; and a second seal member interposed between the shield member and an insertion hole, the housing having... Agent:

20150140852 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector that includes a connector housing and a contact housing. The connector housing has a contact receiving space with a front opening and a rear opening and a sealing rib extending into the contact receiving space. The contact housing is disposed in the contact receiving space and abuts... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150140853 - Electric connector and detection terminal included therein: An electric connector includes a housing to be fit into a second electric connector, a lock arm resiliently deforming when the lock arm makes contact with an engagement part of the second electric connector, and thereafter, returning back to its original position, when the electric connector and the second electric... Agent:

20150140854 - Coaxial cable connector with continuity bus: A coaxial cable connector includes a continuity bus that extends a ground circuit from a coaxial cable outer conductor to a connector part such as a connector fastener and/or a connector post.... Agent:

20150140855 - Insulation piercing battery connector: The present invention relates to a flexible connector for attaching electrical accessories to an industrial battery electrical cable. The connector includes a housing and an electrically conductive pin that is positioned within the housing and protrudes through a cable mating surface of the housing. The connector also includes a fuse... Agent:

20150140857 - Aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal and method for producing aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal: Provided is an aluminum cable with crimping terminal in which a copper or copper alloy crimping terminal is crimped to a conductor that is exposed by peeling off an insulating covering member in a terminal portion of an aluminum cable in which an outer periphery of the conductor constituted by... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140856 - Crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire: A crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire includes an aluminum electric wire that includes a conductor part made of aluminum or aluminum alloy and an insulative coating part which surrounds the periphery of the conductor part, and a crimped terminal that is crimped to the conductor part which is exposed... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140858 - Electrical connector: Provided is an electrical connector without making the manufacturing process complicated and without increasing the size and the manufacturing cost, wherein, an electrical connector includes a holddown attached to a body part of a second insulating housing and fixed to a circuit board P. The holddown is formed of a... Agent:

20150140859 - Coaxial connector: A coaxial connector includes an inner tube, an outer tube, a center connector unit and a resilient member. The inner and outer tube each have a first/second body, and each of the first and second bodies has a semi-circular first/second tubular portion. A first flange extends outward from the front... Agent:

20150140860 - Plug-in connector, control apparatus and method for producing a control apparatus: A plug-in connector for a control apparatus has at least one contact pin which passes through a base section of a support body of the plug-in connector and can be connected electrically and mechanically to a printed circuit board of the control apparatus. The support body of the plug-in connector... Agent:

20150140862 - Actuation system and lithographic apparatus: Actuation systems and lithographic apparatus which address the issue of uncontrolled return of common mode currents are provided. In an embodiment such systems aim to prevent the occurrence of corona and discharge between high voltage electric cables in low pressure environments. An exemplary actuation system includes an actuator module, a... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150140863 - Shielded connector assembly: A connector assembly according to embodiments of the present disclosure is advantageously configured to allow a sensor connector to straightforwardly and efficiently join with and detach from a patient cable connector. Further, embodiments of the connector assembly advantageously reduce un-shielded area in an electrical connection between a patient cable and... Agent:

20150140861 - High density connector: A connector can be provided that allows for improved route-out including straight-back routing. Signal and ground terminal tails can be arranged in a single row to help facilitate such functionality. Consequentially, a connector with two vertically stacked card slots can be provided that allows for straight back routing of the... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150140864 - Arrangement for contacting a screen of an electrical high voltage cable: An arrangement for contacting an electrical screen includes an armature that has at least two ring shaped contact elements, a first contact element, and a second contact element which, in the assembly position, are connected to each other by a screw connection. The first contact element has a conical outer... Agent:

20150140865 - Pin spacers for connector assemblies: A connector assembly includes a housing, a plurality of contact modules received in the housing, and a pin spacer coupled to the contact modules. Each contact module has a plurality of contacts each including a pin extending from a bottom of the corresponding contact module. The pin spacer has a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150140866 - Electrical connector having an insulative plate with a slot: An electrical connector including an insulative housing defining a mating port in a transverse direction, a top wall and a bottom wall horizontally extending in two sides of the mating port, and a number of terminal passageways; and a terminal module received in the insulative housing, the terminal module comprising... Agent:

20150140867 - Power plug extender: A power plug extender includes a bottom three-pin plug portion and a top three-pin plug receptacle portion. The top power plug receptacle portion is rotated to have a rotational offset angle between thirty degrees and sixty degrees with respect to the bottom plug portion.... Agent:

20150140868 - Connector receptacle with side ground contacts: Connector receptacles having a contoured form factor that allows their use in stylized enclosures. These receptacles may also be contoured to avoid circuitry internal to the device enclosure. The contoured form factor may also simplify the assembly of the connector receptacle.... Agent:

20150140869 - Electric connector and fixer used therefor: An electric connector to be mounted on a printed circuit board, includes a housing having an inner space into which a second electric connector is inserted in a direction in which a plane of the printed circuit board is extensive, and at least one fixer through which the housing is... Agent:

20150140870 - Spring-loaded contacts: Spring-loaded contacts having an improved reliability. One example may provide spring-loaded contacts having a reduced likelihood of entanglement between a spring and a plunger. For example, a piston may be placed between a plunger and a spring. The piston may have a head portion that is wider than the diameter... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150140871 - Connector for electrically connecting two panels having switchgear: A connector for electrically connecting two panels having switchgear has: two cups having a truncated cone shape for arrangement in a panel, the cups each having a conductor end extending through the tip of the cone and into the cup; an insulating body having two opposite truncated cone shaped outer... Agent: Eaton Industries (netherlands) B.v.

20150140872 - Battery cable connector with open back handle: An improved battery cable clamp is provided with an integral T shaped connecting rod mounted in the handle of the clamp.... Agent:

20150140873 - Crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire: A sheath (4) of an aluminum electric wire (1) is peeled, a distal end of an exposed conductor part (2) is tightened and connected after being placed in a conductor crimping part (13) of a crimped terminal (10) while being recessed to be further inside than the distal end of... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140874 - Aluminum cable provided with crimping terminal: A crimping portion includes a first crimping portion including a conductor crimping portion and a conductor enveloping portion that is integrally connected to the conductor crimping portion and envelops a portion of a conductor in the vicinity of an insulating covering portion, and a second crimping portion that is separate... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140875 - Connection terminal: Provided is a connection terminal including: a conductive plate including a connection unit having a ring shape, and an extension unit integrally formed with the connection unit and extending from one side of the connection unit; and a connection cable electrically connected to the conductive plate, wherein the conductive plate... Agent:

20150140876 - Pin contact comprising a contact body produced as a stamped bent part and a solid contact pin: A pin contact for an electrical connector is disclosed having a contact body and a pin. The contact body is formed from a metal sheet and has a mating end, a pin receiving space and an offset wall. The pin receiving space extends inward from the mating end. The offset... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

05/14/2015 > 33 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150132974 - Adapter for using two one-way light bulbs in a three-way light socket: An adapter for using two one-way light bulbs in a three-way light socket comprises a lower body, a first female socket body, and a second female socket body. The lower body comprises a male metal threaded base for screwing into a three-way light socket. The first female socket body is... Agent:

20150132975 - Keystone jack for use in a computing network: Provided is a keystone jack for use as a port in a wired computing network. The keystone jack includes a housing, a plug receptacle within the housing configured to receive a plug connector therein, a termination portion of the housing for connecting a network cable thereto, a first circuit disposed... Agent: Hcs Kablolama Sistemleri San. Ve Tic.a.s.

20150132976 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes a socket housing and socket terminals. Each socket terminal includes a front terminal and a rear terminal. The front terminal contacts a plug connector inserted into the socket housing. The front terminal includes front contact-point portion that contacts the plug connector and an elastic piece that... Agent: Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150132977 - Electrical connection box: An electrical connection box is provided in which a printed circuit board provided with a lateral connection-type connector is housed in a case, and a cover is attached to the case, and this electrical connection box has a novel structure in which a reduction in size and manufacturing cost can... Agent:

20150132978 - Electrical connection box: The electrical connection box includes a block and a frame which accommodates the block. The block is configured to include a terminal support section which supports a relief terminal section of a bus bar in a state in which the relief terminal section of a bus bar is protruded, and... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150132979 - Electrical connector having grounding mechanism: An elbow-type medium or high voltage electrical device includes a longitudinal body, a first connector end formed substantially perpendicularly to an axial direction of the longitudinal body, and an integral grounding element end substantially perpendicularly to the axial direction of the longitudinal body and opposing the first connector end. The... Agent:

20150132980 - Removable media with latch: A removable case is provided with a latch that allows users to remove the case from a memory card slot or peripheral interface slot of an electronic device. The removable case can be used to enclose removable media or peripheral devices, such as wireless network interface controllers. When inserted into... Agent:

20150132981 - Quick disconnect method and apparatus for utility power distribution systems: A quick release connector for tensioned power lines, the connector comprising: a first component, said first component attached to a power line segment; and a second component attached to a second generally collinear power line segment, said second component comprising a locking clamp mechanism that selectively clamps the first component... Agent:

20150132982 - Contact mechanisms for electrical receptacle assemblies: An electrical receptacle assembly having an outer body and an inner body. The inner body can include at least one first wall forming a first cavity and at least one resilient element disposed within the cavity proximate to the at least one first wall, where the at least one resilient... Agent:

20150132983 - Lockout features for electrical receptacle assemblies: An electrical receptacle assembly having an outer body and a faceplate. The outer body can include at least one driven feature disposed on an outer surface of the outer body. The faceplate can include a number of terminal receivers and at least one driving feature, where the terminal receivers traverse... Agent:

20150132984 - Mobile otp service providing system: A mobile OTP system providing system is provided, in that it performs security token and OTP management functions, it generates an OTP having high security level in hardware by using a mobile OTP device for performing a security data storage function of encoding and decoding data during data storage, and... Agent: Saferzone Co., Ltd.

20150132985 - Shield and locking type board to board connector: A shield and locking type board to board connector functioning to connect a first board and a second board to each other, the connector including: a first connector unit having both a first base and a first terminal; a second connector unit having a second base and a second terminal;... Agent: Uju Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150132986 - Electrical connection system: The present invention relates to an electrical connection system of a means for generating electrical energy from regenerative sources, in particular from a wind turbine, comprising a first connection piece which can be joined to an end of a first cable, a longitudinal axis of the first cable determining a... Agent:

20150132987 - Device connector: A device connector (10) includes conductive members (18) that electrically connect a device (11) and a mating connector (13) and a device-side housing (26) in which the conductive members (18) are held. The device-side housing (26) includes primary molded parts (36) in which the conductive member (18) is arranged and... Agent:

20150132988 - Hand-held machine tool: A hand-held machine tool has an integrated tool or a tool holder to receive a tool. An electric motor drives the tool or the tool holder. A battery pack for supplying power to the electric motor can be pushed into a guide in a first direction. Electrical contacts are disposed... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20150132989 - Coaxial cable connector structure: A coaxial cable connector structure including a sleeve and an annular nut on the front end of the sleeve is disclosed, wherein an inner tube is disposed inside the sleeve for connecting the coaxial cable, and a spring is disposed between the inner tube and the inner threads on the... Agent:

20150132991 - Heat dissipating electrical connector: An electrical connector that includes a terminal adapted to mate with another terminal and at least one heat dissipating element that has opposing ends and an opening therebetween. At least one of the ends includes at least one printed circuit board engagement member configured to engage a printed circuit board... Agent: Amphenol Corporation

20150132990 - Optical-electrical connector having inproved heat sink: An optical-electrical connector (100) having an end for mating with an electrical connector and an opposite end coupling with an optical medium, includes a thermal conductive shell (10), a printed circuit board assembly (20) received in the thermal conductive shell, and an optical-electrical module (50). The printed circuit board assembly... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150132992 - Coaxial connector with ingress reduction shielding: A coaxial connector with an F female end shield is configured to restrict RF ingress.... Agent:

20150132993 - Terminal-equipped electric wire and wire harness using the same: A terminal-equipped electric wire includes an anticorrosion member integrally formed around a connection between a conductor of an electric wire and a crimp terminal and around a wire coating material. The anticorrosion member contains thermoplastic polyamide resin as the main component. Moreover, the peel strength between the anticorrosion member and... Agent:

20150132994 - Insertion type connector: A connector having a housing and a plurality of contact element pairs fixed inside the housing, wherein at least two contact element pairs are arranged adjacent to each other in one row and at least one contact element pair is arranged adjacent to the row at a distance that is... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrquenztechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150132995 - Pcb-mount electrical connector with shielding for inhibiting crosstalk: A board-mount electrical connector includes an electrically conductive rear shell interposed between a contact-retaining front body and an insulator member that holds a plurality of board-mount contacts. The rear shell includes at least one electrically conductive shielding divider that extends through the insulator member and is positioned between two or... Agent:

20150132996 - Connector: A connector (10) includes a first housing (12) made of synthetic resin and including a fitting (11), and a second housing (14) made of synthetic resin and including a tubular receptacle (13) into which the fitting (11) is to be fit. At least one first projection (37) projects forward on... Agent:

20150132997 - Receptacle connector and terminal used therefor: The receptacle connector includes a central terminal mechanically and electrically connecting with a core wire of a coaxial cable connected to a plug connector, and an outer terminal mechanic all and electrically connecting with an external conductor surrounding the core wire with an internal electrical-insulator being sandwiched therebetween, the central... Agent:

20150132999 - Connector terminal and electrical connector: A socket terminal includes a movable portion that includes a first extension that extends from a position near a fixed housing in an insertion/extraction direction of a plug connector, a hairpin portion that is continuous with the first extension, and a second extension that is continuous with the hairpin portion... Agent: Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150132998 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes a fixed housing, a movable housing, and socket terminals. Each of the socket terminals includes a movable portion, a base, a front contact-point portion, and a rear contact-point portion. The movable portion includes a first extension, a hairpin portion, and a second extension, and elastically supports... Agent: Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150133001 - Metallurgical clamshell methods for micro land grid array fabrication: A structure and method for manufacturing the same for manufacturing a contact structure for microelectronics manufacturing including the steps of forming first and second metal sheets to form a plurality of outwardly extending bump each defining a cavity. Symmetrically mating the first and second metal sheets in opposing relation to... Agent:

20150133000 - Surface-mount type electric connecting terminal, and electronic module unit and circuit board using the same: Provided is a surface-mount type electric connecting terminal which is disposed between opposing conductive objects and is configured to electrically connecting the objects while easily adjusting pressing force and recovery force. The electric connecting terminal includes a cylindrical fixed member which is made from a metallic material; a cylindrical movable... Agent: Joinset Co., Ltd.

20150133002 - Terminal position assurance with dual primary lock reinforcement and independent secondary lock: The present teachings provide for a connector including a first body and an assurance body. The first body defines a first locking member, a cavity and a slot. The cavity accepts a terminal inserted therein to a first distance. The slot extends into the first body and intersects the cavity.... Agent: Yazaki North America, Inc.

20150133003 - Contact, connector, and connecting device: A contact includes a pair of conductive members and a biasing member attached between the pair of conductive members and biasing the pair of conductive members toward each other. The pair of conductive members each have a base portion, an attaching portion, and a support portion At least one of... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150133004 - Female terminal: A female terminal (10) includes a tubular portion (14) into which a male terminal (11) is to be inserted, a plurality of first resilient pieces (23) projecting inwardly of the tubular portion (14) from a bottom wall (15) of the tubular portion (14) and arranged side by side in a... Agent:

20150133005 - Plated terminal for connector and terminal pair: The present invention aims to provide a plated terminal for connector which requires a smaller insertion force by reducing a friction coefficient and a terminal pair formed using such a plated terminal for connector. An alloy containing layer (1) made of tin and palladium and containing a tin-palladium alloy is... Agent:

20150133006 - Terminal cover: A terminal cover is capable of improving the workability. The terminal device includes a first cover portion to be positioned above the first screw terminals, wherein the first cover portion including the first operation openings which respectively expose screws of the first screw terminals, a second cover portion to be... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

05/07/2015 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150126047 - Connectors providing haptic feedback: A first connector may include a housing defining a first connector face to be positioned in a first position or a second position proximate to a second connector face of a second connector. A first extremely high frequency (EHF) communication unit may be disposed in the housing for communicating with... Agent:

20150126048 - Data storage connecting device: A data storage connecting device includes a circuit board, a first connector, a second connector and a third connector. The circuit board has a first connecting end and a second connecting end. The first connector and a second connector are both disposed on the first connecting end and respectively at... Agent: Super Micro Computer Inc.

20150126049 - Electrical circuit for the interconnection of an electrical component, such as a power component: An electrical circuit including at least one electrical component, such as a power component, and an electrical flex circuit, and at least one electrical conductor part connecting the electrical component to the flex circuit, the electrical conductor part including at least a first contact portion configured to receive in contact... Agent: Hispano Suiza

20150126050 - Electrical connector assembly with low profile: An electrical connector assembly mounted on a printed circuit board, includes a socket and a connector. The socket mounted on the printed circuit board, has an insulative housing with upper body and lower body formed with a receiving room. A number of contacts respectively received in the upper body and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150126051 - Very low inductance flexible electrical connector insert: A connector insert comprising a plurality of layers of conductive elastomer, and a concomitant method of employing a connector insert, the method comprising the steps of fabricating a plurality of layers of conductive elastomer as an insert and placing the insert into a connector.... Agent:

20150126052 - Three-level power converter: A 3-level power converter device with power semiconductor components including a first direct voltage positive potential terminal, a first direct voltage negative potential terminal, and first and second neutral voltage potential terminals. The first and second neutral voltage potential terminals are electrically conductively connected. The first direct voltage positive potential... Agent:

20150126053 - Rail-based fastening structure for terminal block: A rail-based fastening structure for terminal blocks includes a fastening clip, a positioning rail and a bus body. The fastening clip has a base plate and two side plates each extending upward from the base plate and having an engaging hook. The positioning rail includes a bottom plate and two... Agent: Dinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150126054 - Float adapter for electrical connector: A float adapter for an electrical connector that includes a conductive shell and an insulator received in the conductive shell. The insulator includes an engagement end, an interface end that is opposite the engagement end, and a reduced diameter middle portion therebetween. The insulator includes an inner bore that extends... Agent:

20150126055 - Connector and connector connection structure: A connector includes a metal terminal part on which conductive wires exposed outside at an end of an electric cable are pressure-contacted; a housing for accommodating the end of the electric cable and the metal terminal part; and a tube-like metal cover for covering the housing and fixing the housing... Agent: Furukawa Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150126056 - Connector and connector connection structure: A connector includes a metal terminal part on which conductive wires exposed outside at an end of an electric cable are pressure-contacted; and a housing for accommodating a pressure-contact part A of the end of the electric cable and the metal terminal part. The housing 10 has an electric cable... Agent: Furukawa Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150126057 - Connector: A connector (1) includes a housing (7) for housing a terminal (5) connected to an electric wire (3), and a front holder (11) attached to the housing (7), and configured to allow a connecting portion (9) of the terminal (5) to be exposed outside of the housing (7) and hold... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150126058 - Connector assembly contact having an outwardly projecting primary lance: A contact for a plug connector has: a housing; and a primary lance which projects obliquely outwardly over the housing counter to a plug-in direction and which is inwardly deflectable for restraining the contact plugged into a contact chamber of a plug connector. The primary lance has both a stiffened... Agent:

20150126059 - Waterproof assembly for a light string: A waterproof light string assembly that comprises two ends that join to complete a circuit. The first end comprises an electrical male conducting element encased within a protective nodule. A second end comprises a protruding sheath having a female conducting element disposed therein and a configuration that accepts a portion... Agent: Shandong Neon King Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150126060 - Support device and electrical connector assembly used thereof: An electrical connector assembly (100) for electrically connecting an abutment connector (3) comprises an electrical connector (1) with a plurality of contacts (12) and a support device, the support device includes a support member (2) for positioning the abutment connector (3) being assembled in a horizontal direction and a press... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150126061 - Float plate for blind matable electrical cable connectors: A float plate for a connector interface includes: at least one substantially planar body panel; at least one opening in the body panel, the opening having a perimeter; and a plurality of fingers extending from the perimeter of the opening within a plane defined by the body panel, each finger... Agent:

20150126062 - Connection structure of outer conductor terminal to electric wire: An outer conductor terminal for connecting an electric wire to an outer conductor, the electric wire including an internal conductor, an insulating cover covering an outer periphery of the internal conductor, an outer conductor having a twisted wire to wrap an outer periphery of the insulating cover, and a protective... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150126063 - Hybridized coaxial cable connector: A hybridized connector apparatus is provided for solder connection with a central conductor of an associated coaxial cable and for crimp connection with a conductive braid and foil of the coaxial cable, and includes a hollow, generally cylindrical contact pin member or tip portion operably received into an interior of... Agent:

20150126064 - Connector: A connector C is configured so that terminal fittings (10) extending from a rear surface of a housing (20) are connected to a board (50) and a casing (60) for covering the board (50) is mounted on the side of an upper surface (20U) of the housing (20), and drainage... Agent:

20150126065 - Electrical connector having a rotatable buckle: An electrical connector assembly (600) comprising a shielding housing (20) and a socket (40), and a buckle (60) assembled to the shielding housing. The shielding housing has a horizontal passage (22) and an entrance (220) backwardly communicating the passage and forwardly opening for receiving a plug (80). The socket is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150126066 - High speed high density connector assembly: An electrical connector (50; 70; 80; 90; 91) includes a number of contact wafers (502; 61; 71; 822; 920) stacked with each other along a transverse direction. Each contact wafer includes a conductive body, one or more shielding members (53; 68; 720; 900) mounted to and electrically connecting with the... Agent:

20150126068 - Electrical connector with shielding plate: An electrical connector has a conductive shell, a terminal module and a shielding plate. The conductive shell has a mating portion and an accommodate room. The mating portion has a first mating face. The terminal module is secured in the accommodate room and has a first insulator and a plurality... Agent:

20150126067 - Connector for shielded electric cables and corresponding assembly method: The invention relates to a connector for a shielded electric cable (1), said shielded electric cable (3) comprising at least one conductor and a shielding (5) that at least partially covers said shielded electric cable (3), said connector (1) comprising a connector housing (7) containing the conductor, the invention being... Agent:

20150126069 - Flippable electrical connector: A flappable plug connector and a complementary receptacle connector are provided wherein the plug connector defining a mating tongue, is made with a pair of insert molding housings which are associated with the contacts thereof, commonly sandwiching a paddle card therebetween with a pair of power contacts exposed on two... Agent:

20150126070 - Apparatus for powering an electronic device in a secure manner: According to one embodiment of the invention, a portable adapter for an electronic device charger is described. Such an adapter comprises a plug, a receptacle and a socket device wherein the adapter is configured to connect to one of a plurality of standardized connectors such as a Universal Serial Bus... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150126071 - Connector: A board to board connector according to the present invention comprises a male connector 10 and a female connector 20. The male connector 10 comprises a pair of male contacts 100A, 100b and the female connector 20 comprises a pair of female contacts 200A, 200B. The male contacts 100A, 100B... Agent:

20150126072 - Electrical card connector with improved metallic cover: An electrical connector, for receiving an electrical card, includes an insulative housing, a plurality of conductive contacts retained in the insulative housing and a metallic shell covering the insulative housing. The metallic cover and the insulative housing define a receiving cavity. The shell has a top plate, the top plate... Agent:

20150126073 - Communications jacks having flexible printed circuit boards with low-coupling jackwire contacts mounted thereon: Communications jacks include at least first through third jackwire contacts and a flexible substrate that has a first finger and a second finger. The first jackwire contact and the third jackwire contact are each mounted on the first finger and the second jackwire contact is mounted on the second finger.... Agent:

20150126074 - Electrical connector with low-stress, reduced-electrical-length contacts: An electrical connector adapted to receive a mating plug utilizes low-profile jack terminal contacts that can flex in their PCB-anchored base portions, which are substantially parallel to the PCB. Any bend in the distal connecting portion or in the intermediate transition portion of each terminal contact is gradual and forms... Agent:

20150126075 - Power plug and power receptacle: A power plug including an insulation main body is provided. A first pillar and a second pillar arranged at the insulation main body. Only a first channel for inserting a first plug terminal is defined on the first pillar and multiple second channels for inserting second plug terminals are defined... Agent:

20150126076 - Socket terminal: A socket terminal (10) to be fitted and connected to a mating pin terminal (20) includes a tubular portion (11) to be fitted to the pin terminal (20). The tubular portion (11) includes a base portion (12) provided on a side opposite to a fitting starting end to the pin... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150126077 - Ball plunger-style connector assembly for electrical connections: A ball plunger-style lateral connector assembly for electrical connections. One embodiment has an electrically conductive connector body with an electrically conductive pin extending into the body's interior area. An electrically conductive connector plate adjacent to the body's closed end engages the pin. An insulator sleeve in the body's interior area... Agent:

20150126078 - Crimp terminal, connection structural body and connector: In a female crimp terminal including a pressure-bonding section for permitting pressure-bonding and connection to an aluminum core wire of an insulated wire, the pressure-bonding section is configured in a hollow sectional shape by a plate material, and a long length direction weld portion in a long length direction is... Agent: Furukawa Automotive Systems, Inc.

20150126080 - Connection structure: In a connection structure, electric wire includes an inclined sheath section between an exposed core wire section and a whole circumferential sheath section. In the inclined sheath section, an end surface of the insulating sheath on one end side in a longitudinal direction inclines in a direction intersecting the longitudinal... Agent:

20150126079 - Crimp terminal, connection structural body, connector and pressure-bonding method of crimp terminal: In a female crimp terminal having a pressure-bonding section which allows pressure-bonding and connection of a conductor tip in an insulated wire obtained by coating a conductor with an insulating cover and having the conductor tip in which the conductor is exposed by peeling off the insulating cover in a... Agent: Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.

20150126081 - Electric contact and socket for electric parts: An electric contact for preventing a terminal of an electric part and the electric contact from sticking to each other after a continuity test to improve the durability of the electric contact; and a socket for electric parts using the electric contact. The electric contact of this invention includes a... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20150126082 - Connector cover and connector connecting apparatus: A connector cover holds altogether a plurality of insertion connectors, the insertion connectors being provided at corresponding ends of cables and inserted into reception connectors. The connector cover includes a cover part in which a plurality of holding openings that hold the insertion connectors with ends thereof being exposed are... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

04/30/2015 > 55 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150118869 - Connectors for smart windows: This disclosure provides connectors for smart windows. A smart window may incorporate an optically switchable pane. In one aspect, a window unit includes an insulated glass unit including an optically switchable pane. A wire assembly may be attached to the edge of the insulated glass unit and may include wires... Agent:

20150118868 - Electronic device having electric connector: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing and a first connecting unit configured to be exposed out of the housing, wherein the first connecting unit includes an annular magnetic material formed to be exposed out of a surface of the housing, a depression at least partly... Agent:

20150118870 - Integrated circuit connectors: Embodiments related to integrated circuit (IC) connectors are described. In some embodiments, an IC assembly may include an IC package substrate, an intermediate member, and a male connector. The IC package substrate may have first signal contacts on a top or bottom surface, and the bottom surface may have second... Agent:

20150118871 - Leg unit used for connector housing and connector housing including the same: A leg unit used for a connector housing, the leg unit being inserted into a fixing hole formed through a printed circuit board from a first surface towards a second surface of the printed circuit board, the leg unit including a first projection having elasticity, a second projection, and a... Agent:

20150118872 - Electrical connectors for use with printed circuit boards: A connector for electrically connecting a first printed circuit board (PCB) with a second PCB wherein, in one example, the connector includes a housing having a keyed feature adapted to mate with a correspondingly keyed feature provided to each of the first and second PCBs and at least one connecting... Agent: Ideal Industries, Inc.

20150118873 - Plug-in device having a foldable plug: A structure of a plug-in device with a foldable plug for connecting a power supply to a power-receiving device is provided. The plug-in device includes an upper housing, a blade element, and a lower housing.... Agent:

20150118874 - Incorrect insertion prevention structure of connector and the connector: An incorrect-insertion-prevention structure of a connector which prevents a first connector from being incorrectly inserted into a space formed within a second connector to be fitted to the first connector, wherein the first connector includes at least one first magnet, a bottom surface or a side surface at an insertion... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150118875 - Bus bar module: A bus bar module includes: a bus bar module body section formed of an insulating material, and including an output terminal installation section on which to install an output terminal, a part of the output terminal installation section projecting, and a cover latching section provided to a tip end side... Agent:

20150118876 - Electronic card connector and electronic device using the same: The fixing member includes two notches corresponding to the two protrusions. When the main body receives in the second accommodating space, each of the two protrusions receives in one of the two notches respectively to engage the tray with the fixing member. When a pressure applied on the two elastic... Agent:

20150118877 - Quickly connectable plug and socket for power connection of electrical lighting apparatus: A quickly connectable plug and socket for power connection of electrical lighting apparatus comprising a male plug which is capable to be inserted and connected with a female socket; conductive contact pieces are provided in the female socket; conductive pins are provided on the male plug; at least two resilient... Agent:

20150118878 - Bus connector with reduced insertion force: A bus connector configured for receiving a bus is provided. An example bus connector includes a plurality of contact fingers configured to engage with the bus. The plurality of contact fingers include a first set of contact fingers and a second set of contact fingers arranged substantially parallel to one... Agent: Asco Power Technologies, L.p.

20150118879 - Methods and apparatus for grounding an electrical device via a lampholder: A lampholder includes a housing and a plurality of electrical terminals. The lampholder is adapted to hold a light-emitting diode (LED) tube light assembly supported at two ends of the tube light. The lampholder includes at least one terminal that electrically couples before the remaining terminals located in the same... Agent:

20150118881 - Connector: A connector includes: a case-shaped attachment member including a through-hole; a first housing including a first fitting portion accommodating a first terminal; and a second housing including a second fitting portion accommodating a second terminal. The first housing includes an outer housing and an inner housing. The inner housing is... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150118880 - Power connector with thermal conductivity: An electrical connector arrangement includes male and female connectors each having plural terminals connected to a respective conductor, and adapted for mutual physical and electrical mating. Each connector includes a respective overmold body coupled to a multi-conductor cable, a respective inner insulator disposed about and in contact with plural terminals,... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150118882 - Connector: A connector (10) includes a housing (30) with a terminal accommodating portion (31) into which a plurality of differently dimensioned terminals (20) are to be accommodated, and a retainer (60) retains the terminals (20) by being inserted through a side surface of the housing (30). The retainer (60) is moved... Agent:

20150118883 - Connector: A connector (10) has a terminal accommodating portion (31) with a plurality of cavities (34) into which terminals (20) are accommodated from behind and a front holder (50) is mounted into the terminal accommodating portion (31). The front holder (50) includes locks (53) that move onto locked portions (49) on... Agent:

20150118884 - Electronic device having electronic card connector: An electronic device includes a housing and an electronic card connector. The housing includes a supporting wall and a number of peripheral sidewalls. The supporting wall and the number of peripheral sidewalls define an accommodating space. The peripheral sidewall defines a first through hole and a second through hole. The... Agent:

20150118886 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector is disclosed having a first connector and a second connector. The first connector includes a first housing, a plurality of first terminals mounted in the first housing, and a first locking member positioned outside of the first housing. The second connector has a second housing, a plurality... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.,

20150118885 - Self-rejecting connector apparatus and locking method thereof: A self-rejecting connector apparatus ensures that the connector apparatus of the present invention become fully engaged or fully locked when a rejection force, which pushes connector locks out of any partial-lock or partial-mate condition, ceases to be generated. A specially-shaped spring element, which is used to generate the rejection force,... Agent: J.s.t. Corporation

20150118887 - Receptacle connector that can easily obtain a desired friction lock without forming a large opening in a metal shell: A locking portion formed by bending is provided at a free end portion of a cantilever-like spring piece extending from a shell body on the outer side of a receptacle connector and folded back outward. The locking portion protrudes into the shell body through a hole of the shell body.... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150118888 - Device for closing a plug connector housing: A device for closing a plug connector housing which comprises a first housing part and a second housing part includes a Socking element which comprises an elongate handle and two fastening portions which are each connected to the handle. The fastening portions each comprise a first web element and a... Agent:

20150118889 - Terminal block: A terminal block allows wires to be connected to the block by insertion at a front portion of the block and along a direction parallel to the length of the block. The block includes a securing feature to retain the electrical conductor securely in the block while also allowing simplified... Agent:

20150118890 - Communication connector and image forming apparatus: The present invention provides a communication connector arranged on an image-forming apparatus body to provide communications with an information storage device including a guide portion and installed on a detachable device. The connector includes a body terminal which, when the detachable device is attached to the apparatus body, contacts a... Agent:

20150118891 - Electrical connector for strip cable: An electrical connector is disclosed having a body with a cable receiving space, and at least two rows of first through holes. At least two conductive plates are positioned on the upper surface of the body, each conductive plate having at least two second through holes positioned over the corresponding... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150118892 - Grounding rod for sacrificial appendage: A grounding rod for a sacrificial appendage of an electrical cable connector, such as a splicing connector for joining two or more electrical cables, is provided. The sacrificial appendage is comprised of a feature for enabling personnel to ensure that the connector is de-energized, and once this is confirmed, the... Agent: Thomas & Betts International LLC

20150118893 - Environmentally sealed contact: An electrical contact includes a contact body having a mating portion and a barrel portion configured for receiving an electrical conductor. The barrel portion includes a wall defining a bore having a closed end and open end, and the bore includes a core receiver portion for receiving the core of... Agent: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, Inc.

20150118894 - Lga socket terminal damage prevention: A land grid array (LGA) socket apparatus includes an LGA socket, with two guide rails provided respectively on the inner sides of two opposite side walls of the socket. The height of the top surface of each guide rail from the socket's bottom is greater than the height of socket... Agent:

20150118895 - Fast connector of electronic cigarette: A fast connector of electronic cigarette comprising a battery adaptor plate 201 above a battery 10, wherein a top surface of the battery adaptor plate 201 is welded with a pair of resilient battery columns 30 to form two electrical poles at a lower end of the fast connector; a... Agent:

20150118896 - Relocatable power tap for use in a patient care area: A power tap configured to deflect falling material, such as liquid and/or object, from electrical outlets. The power tap includes a housing having an opening to an electrical outlet, and a shelf that extends outwardly from a portion of the housing above the opening when the housing is in an... Agent: American Iv, Inc.

20150118897 - Coaxial cable and connector with capacitive coupling: A coaxial connector junction includes first and second coaxial connectors. The first coaxial connector engages the second coaxial connector, the post of the first central conductor extension being inserted into the cavity of the second central conductor extension such that a capacitive element is created between the first and second... Agent:

20150118898 - Coaxial cable and connector with capacitive coupling: A coaxial connector junction includes first and second coaxial connectors. The first coaxial connector includes: a first central conductor extension; a first outer conductor extension spaced apart from and circumferentially surrounding the first central conductor extension; and a first dielectric spacer interposed between the first central conductor extension and the... Agent:

20150118900 - Coaxial connector plug: A coaxial connector plug includes a first outer conductive unit that includes a first outer conductor that has a substantially ring-like shape in a portion of which a cutting portion is formed when viewed in plan and first and second outer terminals that are drawn out downwardly from the first... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150118899 - Printed circuit board coaxial connector: The invention relates to a coaxial connector (1) having a first and a second connector part (2, 3) and an adapter (4) arranged between said connector parts. When installed, the adapter (4) is arranged in an opening (6) in an external conductor (8) of the first connector part (2, 3)... Agent:

20150118901 - Coaxial cable connector having a gripping member with a notch and disposed inside a shell: A gripping member for a coaxial cable connector is disclosed. The gripping member has a front end and a rear end opposite the front end, and an outer surface and an inner surface defining a longitudinal hole extending between the front end and the rear end. A first portion of... Agent: Corning Gilbert Inc.

20150118902 - High power electrical connector: A high power electrical connector is provided for transmitting electrical signals from a pair of cables, such as high current capable cables, to an associated member, such as a dash panel. The high power electrical connector includes an insulative housing and a pair of contact path assemblies therethrough for transmission... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150118903 - Electrical contact with sealing web: Electrical contact (19) having a housing (2) in which an electrical conductor (1) is embedded, the housing (2) having a recess (3), the electrical conductor (1) being inserted into the recess (3), an intermediate space (20) between the conductor (1) and the housing (2) being filled with a sealing material... Agent:

20150118904 - Connecting device for electrically connecting two circuit boards: A connecting device for electrically connecting two circuit boards is provided. The connecting device has a first and a second coaxial connector and a coupling member. The two coaxial connectors and the coupling member each have an outer conductor and an inner conductor. The outer conductors of the coaxial connectors... Agent:

20150118905 - Connector: A connector includes: a terminal which is fixed to a conductor exposed from an end portion of a covered wire; a sealing portion which is made of an insulating and elastic material, and which integrally covers an adjacent portion of the terminal and a sheath of the covered wire; and... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150118906 - Electrical receptacle connector: An electrical receptacle connector for electrically connecting with a mating plug connector is disclosed. The electrical receptacle connector comprises an enclosure which has an upper wall and a lower wall at least one of which comprises a spring clip. The spring clip defines at its end an engaging head bending... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150118907 - High speed high density connector assembly: An electrical connector (10; 20; 50; 60; 70; 80; 90; 91) includes a conductive body (11, 12; 21; 32; 502; 61; 71; 822; 920), and a plurality of contact modules mounted on the body, each of the contact modules comprising a plurality of contacts (121; 220; 321; 420; 551; 620;... Agent:

20150118908 - High speed high density connector assembly: An electrical connector assembly (1; 2; 3) includes a first connector (10; 50; 70; 90) and a second connector (20; 60; 80; 91). The first connector includes a first conductive body (11, 12; 32; 502; 71; 920) including a first mounting face, a plurality of first contacts (121; 321; 551;... Agent:

20150118909 - Connector: A connector has a receiving portion which is receivable a connection member inserted rearward in a front-rear direction. The connection member has a plate-like or sheet-like shape and has terminals and a ground pattern. The connector comprises a plurality of contacts, a holding member and a conductive member. The contacts... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150118910 - Dc connector with a voltage-stabilizing function: A DC connector with a voltage-stabilizing function has a tube and a wire connected with a noise-resistant filter between the tube and the wire. The tube has an upper cap and a lower opening. The lower opening has an internal terminal for electrical connection when the tube is inserted into... Agent: Acbel Electronic (dong Guan) Co., Ltd.

20150118911 - High performance communications jacks having crosstalk compensation and/or return loss improvement circuitry: Communications jacks include a housing having a plug aperture that is configured to receive a mating RJ-45 plug along a longitudinal axis and eight jackwire contacts that are arranged as four differential pairs of jackwire contacts, each of the jackwire contacts including a plug contact region that extends into the... Agent:

20150118912 - Connector for flat conductor: A connector for a flat conductor includes an insulation body, a plurality of conductive terminals disposed in the insulation body, a press over, an embedded metal unit, an embedded metal piece and two ground secure members. The embedded metal unit and the embedded metal piece are respectively embedded in the... Agent:

20150118913 - Connector with secure wafer retention: A connector includes a connector body, a plurality of wafers arranged within the connector body, and a weld tab defined by a unitary member that includes a plurality of weld tab legs and a plurality of weld tab arms. The plurality of weld tab arms are arranged to engage with... Agent: Samtec, Inc.

20150118914 - Terminal block, connection apparatus formed therewith, and field device with such a connection apparatus: A terminal block serves for electrically connecting a connection line and extending externally of an electronics housing. The terminal block comprises a platform composed at least partially of an electrically insulating, synthetic material, a connection terminal arranged on a first side of the platform forming a first connection side of... Agent:

20150118915 - Assembly for a prefabricated terminal block and method for producing prefabricated terminal blocks: The invention relates to an assembly for a prefabricated terminal block and to a method for producing a prefabricated terminal block, wherein two pre-moulded parts are held together by an injection-moulded base frame. The pre-moulded parts can be designed to provide electrical contacts for contacting an engine control unit for... Agent:

20150118916 - Electrical contact having a pin which is arranged such that it can move: An arrangement is disclosed, including an electrical contact and a pin, arranged such that it can move. The electrical contact includes a plurality of electrically conductive contact laminations which form a sleeve-like receptacle for a contact bolt. The contact laminations are pressed by a spring force in the direction of... Agent:

20150118918 - Assembly of an electrical connector and a cable unit and electronic device including the assembly: An assembly includes an electrical connector, a cable unit, and adapter terminals. The electrical connector includes an insulator body and conductive terminals disposed at the insulator body. Each conductive terminal includes an insert arm positioned outside the insulator body. The cable unit includes a plug connector and cables connected to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150118919 - Seal-preserving contact element with a position securing element: The invention relates to a contact element, made of an electrically conductive contact material. In order to provide a contact element which can be passed repeatedly and non-destructively through a housing or a seal of a plug connector in and/or opposite to a direction of insertion (E), a contact element... Agent:

20150118917 - Termination assembly for a shielded cable and method of assembling: A method is provided for attaching a termination arrangement to a shielded cable which includes a conductive core, a core insulation layer, a conductive shield layer, and an outer insulation layer. A length of the outer insulation layer is removed to expose an end portion of the conductive shield layer... Agent:

20150118920 - Contact element for a plug type connector and arrangement comprising a contact element: A contact element for a plug type connector is provided a contact body having a pair of guiding faces and a catch opening. The contact body is prepared from electrically conductive contact material. The pair of guiding faces provide a reinforced region with each guiding face having a plurality of... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150118921 - Leadframe for a contact module and method of manufacturing the same: A leadframe for a contact module includes signal contacts arranged in pairs carrying differential signals. Each pair of signal contacts includes a first signal contact and a second signal contact. Each signal contact has a mating beam at an end thereof configured to be electrically connected to a corresponding header... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150118922 - Mating interfaces for high speed high density electrical connector: Mating interfaces for high speed, high density electrical connectors. In some embodiments, a contact comprises a base region, a first elongated member comprising a distal end attached to the base region and a proximal portion, a second elongated member comprising a distal end attached to the base region and a... Agent: Amphenol Corporation

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