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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150147895 - Techniques to convert signals routed through a fabric cable assembly: Examples are disclosed for converting signals routed through a fabric assembly. In some examples, a connector housing may house a paddle card having a first edge portion coupled to a twin-axial cable having first signal pathways capable of routing first signals to/from a fabric controller integrated with a processor/processor package.... Agent:

20150147896 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector includes a circuit board, a chip module, an isolation portion, and at least one liquid metal conductor. Multiple first conducting portions are disposed on the circuit board, and multiple second conducting portions are disposed on the chip module. The second conducting portions correspond to the first conducting... Agent: Lotes Co., Ltd

20150147897 - Support device for electrified insert: A holder for supporting electrified inserts that may vary in width, comprises a base having a groove into which the insert can be placed. Two or more gaskets can be positioned in the groove with each gasket including a resilient section adapted to engage the insert so as to retain... Agent:

20150147898 - Connector: A connector is mateable with a mating connector along a predetermined direction. The connector comprises a holding member, a plurality of contacts and a plurality of contact prevention members. The holding member includes a holding portion. The plurality of contacts include held portions and main portions, respectively. The held portions... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150147899 - Socket, a plug, an assembly, a method of setting a socket and a method of resetting a socket: There is provided a socket for selectively coupling to a plug. The socket comprising a conforming portion adapted to conform to a first configuration complementary to the plug, wherein the first configuration allows the socket to electrically couple to the plug; and a securing member adjustable to releasably engage at... Agent:

20150147900 - Plug connector and electrical connector assembly: A plug connector being insertable into a corresponding socket connector is provided. The plug connector includes a first housing, a lock, and a first insertion device. The first housing includes a plurality of first connection terminal receiving passageways, while the lock is integrally connected with the first housing. The first... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150147902 - Connector and mating connector: An electrical connector is configured to be electrically coupled to a mating connector. The connector includes a housing having a contact chamber and a connector face. The connector further includes a contact connector element accommodated in the contact chamber. The contact connector element includes a primary locking member configured to... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20150147901 - Connector assembly and connector product: A connector assembly comprising: a first connector having a housing on which an elastic locking piece is suspended; a second connector having a housing on which a locking member mating with the elastic locking piece is formed so as to lock the first and second connectors together when the first... Agent:

20150147903 - Guide device: A guide device that guides a component terminal includes: a guide portion configured to guide the component terminal to a specified position; and a separating mechanism portion configured to move the guide portion away from the component terminal after the guidance of the component terminal, as compared with before the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150147904 - Connector structure: In a base part 25 of a male connector housing 22, surfaces 25a and 25b where adjacent terminals 23 and 23 are installed upright are formed at mutually different levels to form a step 24 between the surfaces 25a and 25b. In a fitting tip surface 21 of a female... Agent:

20150147905 - Vehicle-side connector and method of assembling it: A vehicle-side connector (10) is provided for connection to a battery of a vehicle. The vehicle-side connector includes a housing main body (30) for mating with a charging connector (50) that is connected to a charger. An indication device (20) with LED indicators (21) is mounted into the housing main... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20150147906 - Direct-attach connector: A contact ribbon configured to connect a cable to a substrate includes a plurality of signal contacts, a ground plane, and at least one ground contact extending from the ground plane. The plurality of signal contacts are connected by a support member, and the support member is removable after the... Agent:

20150147907 - Electrical series terminal: An electrical series terminal includes a first connecting portion which is connected via a first associate current bar to a first functional contact and a second connection portion being connected via a second associate current bar to a second functional contact. A functional zone is provided between the first connection... Agent:

20150147909 - Connection terminal: A connection terminal having a terminal housing for securing a terminal block arrangement having a plurality of terminal blocks in a wall opening of a housing wall, and a construction unit having two connection terminals and a terminal block arrangement that are formed of a plurality of adjacently arranged terminal... Agent:

20150147910 - Electrical connector having hold down member: An electrical connector include a movable hold down member that is configured to receive a fastener so as to secure the electrical connector to an underlying substrate to which the electrical connector is mounted.... Agent:

20150147908 - Power plug clamping device: A clamp for securing a power plug in a socket including a pair of identical clamping plates separate from each other that are drawn together to capture the socket therebetween and secure the power plug engaged in the socket, each of the clamping plates including a plate having spaced posts... Agent:

20150147911 - Advanced panel mount connector and method: A panel mount connector and method involve a connector shell assembly that is configured to be received in an opening that is defined by a panel with the connector shell defining a through passage. A flexible circuit board is supported within the through passage and defines a first external connection... Agent:

20150147912 - Electrical plug device for connection of a magnet coil and/or of a sensor element: An electrical plug device is configured for the connection of a magnet coil and/or of a sensor element to a contact partner of a counterpiece cooperating with the electrical plug device. The electrical plug device has at least one first portion, which comprises the magnet coil and/or the sensor element... Agent:

20150147913 - Dual connector coupling for accessory device and electronic device using the same: An electronic device includes an analog connector and a digital connector. The analog connector has one or more analog signal contacts and at least one other contact. A signal detector detects signals at the other contact. A switch is coupled to the other contact to, where analog signals are at... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150147914 - Electrical connector having an improved structure for assembling a contact module to an insulative housing: An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a lower mating contact module, and an upper mating contact module. The insulative housing has a lower receiving cavity, an upper receiving cavity, and an intermediate wall located therebetween. The lower mating contact module has a lower insulating carrier and a set of... Agent:

20150147915 - Connector: The invention provides a connector capable of reducing crosstalk between contacts. The connector includes first and second contacts 200a and 200b aligned at a first height along a first direction X in a body 100, a third contact 200c provided at a second height between the first and second contacts... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20150147916 - Managed electrical connectivity systems: A receptacle block defines one or more sockets at which plugs may be received. Each socket contains a first set of contacts and a second set of contacts. Each socket also includes a sensing contact that interacts with the second set of contacts to close an electrical switch. For example,... Agent:

20150147917 - Connector and mating connector: An electrical connector is configured to be electrically coupled to a mating connector, The connector includes a housing having a contact chamber, and a contact connector element accommodated in the contact chamber. The contact connector element is configured to be coupled to a mating connector element of the mating connector... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20150147918 - Vehicle-side connector: A vehicle-side connector (C) to which a charging connector is to be connected includes a housing (20) capable of accommodating vehicle-side terminal fittings (11) fixed to ends of wires (10) drawn out from a battery in a vehicle. A connector fitting portion (25) is provided in a front part of... Agent:

20150147919 - Charging cable connector: A charging cable connector including an electrically-connector connector unit, a receptacle housing enclosing at least some sections of the connector unit, a charging cable connector section and a strain relieving device. The receptacle housing is a multi-part design and further includes a housing base section of closed outer surface design... Agent:

20150147920 - Connector attachable to another same connector: A connector includes a connecting interface and a connection piece. The connecting interface defines a socket for receiving a plug and includes a shell surrounding the socket. The shell defines a recess on an external surface of the shell. The connection piece is attached to the shell and is movable... Agent:

20150147921 - Clamp for connecting battery terminals: A clamp for freely connecting sheet metal terminals made of a battery in a lateral or vertical direction suitable for working environment is provided. A bolt and a nut connecting both walls are parallel to each other at an open end. Wedge-shaped recesses, into which chamfers of the terminal units... Agent:

20150147922 - High performance multiport connector system using liga springs: A multiport zero insertion force (ZIF) connector can include a multiport connector housing defining an opening and an interior space for receiving a multi-path circuit device having multiple types of electrical connection paths therethrough and multiple LIGA springs positioned within the interior space to apply pressure to the multi-path circuit... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20150147923 - Crimp terminal and connector: A crimp terminal includes a crimp barrel to be crimped around a conductive core of a cable. The crimp barrel includes an inner surface which is formed with a plurality of cavities independent of one another. Each of the cavities has a predetermined shape in a plane perpendicular to a... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150147924 - Metallic material for electronic components and method for producing same, and connector terminals, connectors and electronic components using same: The present invention provides metallic materials for electronic components, having low degree of whisker formation, low adhesive wear property and high durability, and connector terminals, connectors and electronic components using such metallic materials. The metallic material for electronic components includes: a base material; a lower layer formed on the base... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

05/21/2015 > 37 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150140840 - Connector: A connector is mateable with a mating connector along an up-down direction under a mounted state where the connector is mounted on a circuit board. The mating connector is mounted on a mating circuit board. The connector comprises a housing, a regulation member and a contact. The regulation member has... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited

20150140841 - Receptacle connector and method of producing receptacle connector: A receptacle connector includes a receptacle insulator having an annular outer peripheral wall which defines a fitting recess; receptacle contacts; and a receptacle-side metal fixing member. When a projecting fitting portion of a plug insulator of a plug connector is fitted into the fitting recess, plug contacts of the plug... Agent: Kyocera Connector Products Corporation

20150140842 - Receptacle connector: A receptacle connector includes a main body, an insulating base, a tenon member, a compressing spring, and a cap body. The main body includes a first concave area. The insulating base includes a second concave area. The first and the second concave area constitute a joint cavity and an opening.... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150140843 - Cable connector assembly having several plug connectors: A cable connector assembly (100, 100′) includes a first cable end (1, 1′), a second cable end (2, 2′), and a cable (3, 3′) connecting between the first cable end and the second cable end. The first cable end has a first insulative body (11, 11′) and a first connecting... Agent:

20150140844 - Detachable electrical contact connection: A releasable electrical contact connection is formed between a first plug part and a complementary second plug part. The first plug part has an electrically conductive screw bolt on which a cable end can be mechanically and electrically connected by a threaded nut, the cable end and the threaded nut... Agent:

20150140845 - Outlet unit facilitating plug separation, and multi-outlet device using same: The present invention relates to an outlet unit facilitating plug separation and to a multi-outlet device using same. The outlet unit according to the present invention includes: an outlet main body having a plug inlet into which a plug is to be inserted, a bottom surface plate forming the bottom... Agent:

20150140846 - Connector: Out of resilient contact pieces (21) provided on a shorting terminal (20), contact portions (24) to come into contact with specific terminal fittings (10) to be shorted by the shorting terminal (20) are provided on a front side of the shorting terminal (20) in a connecting direction to a mating... Agent:

20150140847 - Waterproof connector: A waterproof connector includes a housing (20) that accommodates terminal fittings (12). A rubber plug (40) is fit in the housing (20) and a rear holder (50) is mounted behind the rubber plug (40). The rear holder (50) is set in a partially locked state while inserting the terminal fittings... Agent:

20150140848 - Connector and injection method for filler material: A connector includes a connector housing, an inner plate that supports a terminal connected to a one end portion of an electric wire and that is accommodated in an inside of the connector housing, and filler material that fills the inside of the connector housing which has accommodated the inner... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140849 - Connector with integral fuse holder: A connector with an integral fuse holder is described herein. The connector can include a portion having a fuse receiver disposed within a cavity and coupled to an electrical connection feature. The connector can include an end coupled to the portion, where the end includes a wall that forms a... Agent:

20150140850 - Shield connector structure: A shield connector structure includes: a connection member fixed to the outer surface of a metal case; a first seal member interposed between an inner surface of the connection member and an outer surface of an outer insulation coating of a shield wire; a second seal member interposed between the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140851 - Shield connector structure: A shield connector is provided with: a housing fixed to an outer surface of a metal case; a shield member; a first seal member interposed between the shield member and a shield wire; and a second seal member interposed between the shield member and an insertion hole, the housing having... Agent:

20150140852 - Electrical connector: An electrical connector that includes a connector housing and a contact housing. The connector housing has a contact receiving space with a front opening and a rear opening and a sealing rib extending into the contact receiving space. The contact housing is disposed in the contact receiving space and abuts... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150140853 - Electric connector and detection terminal included therein: An electric connector includes a housing to be fit into a second electric connector, a lock arm resiliently deforming when the lock arm makes contact with an engagement part of the second electric connector, and thereafter, returning back to its original position, when the electric connector and the second electric... Agent:

20150140854 - Coaxial cable connector with continuity bus: A coaxial cable connector includes a continuity bus that extends a ground circuit from a coaxial cable outer conductor to a connector part such as a connector fastener and/or a connector post.... Agent:

20150140855 - Insulation piercing battery connector: The present invention relates to a flexible connector for attaching electrical accessories to an industrial battery electrical cable. The connector includes a housing and an electrically conductive pin that is positioned within the housing and protrudes through a cable mating surface of the housing. The connector also includes a fuse... Agent:

20150140857 - Aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal and method for producing aluminum electrical wire with crimped terminal: Provided is an aluminum cable with crimping terminal in which a copper or copper alloy crimping terminal is crimped to a conductor that is exposed by peeling off an insulating covering member in a terminal portion of an aluminum cable in which an outer periphery of the conductor constituted by... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140856 - Crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire: A crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire includes an aluminum electric wire that includes a conductor part made of aluminum or aluminum alloy and an insulative coating part which surrounds the periphery of the conductor part, and a crimped terminal that is crimped to the conductor part which is exposed... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140858 - Electrical connector: Provided is an electrical connector without making the manufacturing process complicated and without increasing the size and the manufacturing cost, wherein, an electrical connector includes a holddown attached to a body part of a second insulating housing and fixed to a circuit board P. The holddown is formed of a... Agent:

20150140859 - Coaxial connector: A coaxial connector includes an inner tube, an outer tube, a center connector unit and a resilient member. The inner and outer tube each have a first/second body, and each of the first and second bodies has a semi-circular first/second tubular portion. A first flange extends outward from the front... Agent:

20150140860 - Plug-in connector, control apparatus and method for producing a control apparatus: A plug-in connector for a control apparatus has at least one contact pin which passes through a base section of a support body of the plug-in connector and can be connected electrically and mechanically to a printed circuit board of the control apparatus. The support body of the plug-in connector... Agent:

20150140862 - Actuation system and lithographic apparatus: Actuation systems and lithographic apparatus which address the issue of uncontrolled return of common mode currents are provided. In an embodiment such systems aim to prevent the occurrence of corona and discharge between high voltage electric cables in low pressure environments. An exemplary actuation system includes an actuator module, a... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150140863 - Shielded connector assembly: A connector assembly according to embodiments of the present disclosure is advantageously configured to allow a sensor connector to straightforwardly and efficiently join with and detach from a patient cable connector. Further, embodiments of the connector assembly advantageously reduce un-shielded area in an electrical connection between a patient cable and... Agent:

20150140861 - High density connector: A connector can be provided that allows for improved route-out including straight-back routing. Signal and ground terminal tails can be arranged in a single row to help facilitate such functionality. Consequentially, a connector with two vertically stacked card slots can be provided that allows for straight back routing of the... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150140864 - Arrangement for contacting a screen of an electrical high voltage cable: An arrangement for contacting an electrical screen includes an armature that has at least two ring shaped contact elements, a first contact element, and a second contact element which, in the assembly position, are connected to each other by a screw connection. The first contact element has a conical outer... Agent:

20150140865 - Pin spacers for connector assemblies: A connector assembly includes a housing, a plurality of contact modules received in the housing, and a pin spacer coupled to the contact modules. Each contact module has a plurality of contacts each including a pin extending from a bottom of the corresponding contact module. The pin spacer has a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150140866 - Electrical connector having an insulative plate with a slot: An electrical connector including an insulative housing defining a mating port in a transverse direction, a top wall and a bottom wall horizontally extending in two sides of the mating port, and a number of terminal passageways; and a terminal module received in the insulative housing, the terminal module comprising... Agent:

20150140867 - Power plug extender: A power plug extender includes a bottom three-pin plug portion and a top three-pin plug receptacle portion. The top power plug receptacle portion is rotated to have a rotational offset angle between thirty degrees and sixty degrees with respect to the bottom plug portion.... Agent:

20150140868 - Connector receptacle with side ground contacts: Connector receptacles having a contoured form factor that allows their use in stylized enclosures. These receptacles may also be contoured to avoid circuitry internal to the device enclosure. The contoured form factor may also simplify the assembly of the connector receptacle.... Agent:

20150140869 - Electric connector and fixer used therefor: An electric connector to be mounted on a printed circuit board, includes a housing having an inner space into which a second electric connector is inserted in a direction in which a plane of the printed circuit board is extensive, and at least one fixer through which the housing is... Agent:

20150140870 - Spring-loaded contacts: Spring-loaded contacts having an improved reliability. One example may provide spring-loaded contacts having a reduced likelihood of entanglement between a spring and a plunger. For example, a piston may be placed between a plunger and a spring. The piston may have a head portion that is wider than the diameter... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150140871 - Connector for electrically connecting two panels having switchgear: A connector for electrically connecting two panels having switchgear has: two cups having a truncated cone shape for arrangement in a panel, the cups each having a conductor end extending through the tip of the cone and into the cup; an insulating body having two opposite truncated cone shaped outer... Agent: Eaton Industries (netherlands) B.v.

20150140872 - Battery cable connector with open back handle: An improved battery cable clamp is provided with an integral T shaped connecting rod mounted in the handle of the clamp.... Agent:

20150140873 - Crimped terminal attached aluminum electric wire: A sheath (4) of an aluminum electric wire (1) is peeled, a distal end of an exposed conductor part (2) is tightened and connected after being placed in a conductor crimping part (13) of a crimped terminal (10) while being recessed to be further inside than the distal end of... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140874 - Aluminum cable provided with crimping terminal: A crimping portion includes a first crimping portion including a conductor crimping portion and a conductor enveloping portion that is integrally connected to the conductor crimping portion and envelops a portion of a conductor in the vicinity of an insulating covering portion, and a second crimping portion that is separate... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150140875 - Connection terminal: Provided is a connection terminal including: a conductive plate including a connection unit having a ring shape, and an extension unit integrally formed with the connection unit and extending from one side of the connection unit; and a connection cable electrically connected to the conductive plate, wherein the conductive plate... Agent:

20150140876 - Pin contact comprising a contact body produced as a stamped bent part and a solid contact pin: A pin contact for an electrical connector is disclosed having a contact body and a pin. The contact body is formed from a metal sheet and has a mating end, a pin receiving space and an offset wall. The pin receiving space extends inward from the mating end. The offset... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

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