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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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11/13/2014 > 54 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140337607 - Configuring a device based on proximity to other devices: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for associating one or more remote devices with one or more configuration parameters, the remote devices comprising one or more mobile devices, detecting one or more of the remote devices wirelessly, and setting, on a local device, one or more of the configuration... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20140337608 - Configuring a device based on proximity to other devices: Provided are a booting method of updating software components installed in a system and recovering from an error that occurs in an update, a method and system for automatically updating the software and recovering from the error, and a computer readable recording medium storing the method. The master boot record... Agent:

20140337610 - Arrangement for secure independent operating environments in a computer: The present invention protects a memory image of an OS in a sleep state. A CPU executes a first OS or a second OS while switching there between. The first OS is loaded into a main memory, and the second OS is loaded into an auxiliary memory. The auxiliary memory... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20140337609 - Os bootloader caching in non-volatile memory: An OS bootloader or other code or data requested by firmware during a boot sequence is cached inside ROM or another non-volatile memory location. Firmware uses this cached version, instead of retrieving the OS bootloader or other code from a peripheral location to speed up the boot sequence. Embodiments also... Agent: Insyde Software Corp.

20140337611 - Kiosk application mode for operating system: A method includes transforming a mode of a computer from an operating system mode to a kiosk mode, wherein the kiosk mode provides a user interface for one web application, and wherein the kiosk mode prevents access to any other application or the operating system of the computer. The computer... Agent: Google Inc.

20140337612 - Systems and methods for interacting with a quantum computing system: Systems and methods that employ interactions between quantum computing systems and digital computing systems are described. For an iterative method, a quantum computing system may be designed, operated, and/or adapted to provide a rate of convergence that is greater than the rate of convergence of a digital supercomputer. When the... Agent:

20140337613 - Selectively performing man in the middle decryption: An agent on a device within a network receives a request to access a resource outside the network. A first encrypted connection is established between the device and the agent, and a second encrypted connection is established between the agent and the resource, to facilitate encrypted communication traffic between the... Agent: Phantom Technologies, Inc.

20140337614 - Selective modification of encrypted application layer data in a transparent security gateway: According to one embodiment, a transparent security gateway is coupled between a client end station (CES) and a web application server (WAS). The security gateway monitors an encryption protocol handshake between the CES and the WAS to capture, using a provided private key of the WAS, a generated symmetric key... Agent: Imperva, Inc.

20140337615 - One-time pad communications network: A system and method for providing secure and anonymous communication between a plurality of individuals relying on the cryptographic method of the one-time pad (OTP) is described. Unique, randomly generated blocks of data are generated to serve as one-time pads, and each is given a unique identification that serves as... Agent:

20140337617 - Long-term signature server, long-term signature terminal, and long-term signature verification server: Long-term signature data is formed at a server side while a private key and the like are held at a client side. The long-term signature data is configured by arranging ES, STS, verification information, ATS (1st), and ATS (2nd) in a predetermined long-term signature format. Among these elements, those for... Agent:

20140337618 - System and method for validating scep certificate enrollment requests: A system and method for validating SCEP certificate enrollment that enforces the pairing of a SCEP challenge password and a set of expected certificate request content. A SCEP Validation Service or software residing in another system component whether a certificate request is legitimate by comparing it to registered SCEP challenges... Agent: Certified Security Solutions, Inc.

20140337616 - Verification of aircraft information in response to compromised digital certificate: A method and apparatus for verifying data for use on an aircraft. A plurality of digital certificates associated with the data are received by a processor unit. The processor unit determines whether one of the plurality of digital certificates is compromised. The processor unit selects a selected number of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140337619 - Derived certificate based on changing identity: A first device with a changing identity establishes a secure connection with a second device in a network by acting as its own certificate authority. The first device issues itself a self-signed root certificate that binds an identity of the first device to a long-term public key of the first... Agent:

20140337620 - System and method for local generation of streaming content with a hint track: Embodiments of a system and method for local generation of streaming content with a hint track are described. Embodiments may include receiving a first version of encrypted content comprising encrypted content samples that each include media content and non-content information. Embodiments may also include receiving a hint track including packet... Agent:

20140337625 - Communication system and communication method: A capability list stores a capability list in which capabilities regarding algorithms for encryption and decryption treated by a reader/writer are described. Similarly, a capability list stores a capability list in which capabilities regarding algorithms for encryption and decryption treated by an IC card are described. The reader/writer and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140337623 - Data security in a disconnected environment: Systems and methods are provided for the detection and prevention of intrusions in data at rest systems such as file systems and web servers. The systems and methods regulate access to sensitive data with minimal dependency on a communications network. Data access is quantitatively limited to minimize the data breaches... Agent:

20140337622 - Dispersed storage network with encrypted portion withholding and methods for use therewith: An integrity record is appended to data slices prior to being sent to multiple slice storage units. Each of the data slices includes a different encoded version of the same data segment. An integrity indicator of each data slice is computed, and the integrity record is generated based on each... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140337624 - System for providing session-based network privacy, private, persistent storage, and discretionary access control for sharing private data: The invention provides secure and private communication over a network, as well as persistent private storage and private access control to the stored information, which is accomplished by imposing mechanisms that separate a user's actions from their identity. The system provides (i) anonymous network browsing, in which event the anonymity... Agent:

20140337621 - Wearable communication device, security complex and user interface: A wearable electronic modular computer-communicator device is described which may interact and cooperate with other wearable, vehicle-mounted, object-mounted or stationary electronic devices that are also described.... Agent:

20140337626 - Content reproducing device, content reproducing method, and content reproducing system: According to one embodiment, a content reproducing device is provided with connection unit and reproducing unit. The connection unit connects a license server and removable medium to each other in such a manner that mutual authentication can be carried out between the license server and removable medium, and rights information... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140337627 - Secured transmission of a sequence of data to be transmitted: A method for transmitting a sequence of data blocks to be transmitted includes: one first piece of authentication data and one second piece of authentication data different from the first are formed relative to a selected data block; the selected data block, the first piece of authentication data and the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140337629 - Methods and systems for increasing the security of private keys: A method for increasing the security of private keys is provided that includes generating transaction data at a device operated by a user and processing the transaction data. Moreover, the method includes determining whether the user permits using a private key that is associated with the user and with a... Agent:

20140337628 - Systems and methods for providing a secure data exchange: A system, a method, and a computer program product for a data exchange are provided. A first application generates a first key for exchange of data between the first application and a second application. The first application stores the first key in a first memory location. The second application obtains... Agent:

20140337632 - Certificate distribution device and method for same, and computer program: Distribution of a certificate and a private key via a network includes a certificate/private key storage unit by which a certificate and a private key prepared for distribution to one or more devices are stored; a security level storage unit by which a security level for each device belonging to... Agent: Alaxala Networks Corporation

20140337631 - Method for copy-protected storage of information on a data carrier: A method for storing digital data information on a data carrier and for reading the information therefrom uses a disk having an individual digital identifier. A signature is formed, and the information includes information items, which can be processed by a first electronic data processing device only if the identifier... Agent: Vorwerk & Co. Interholding Gmbh

20140337630 - Use of multiple digital signatures and quorum rules to verify aircraft information: A method and apparatus for verifying data for use on an aircraft. A plurality of digital certificates associated with the data is received by a processor unit. The processor unit verifies the data for use on the aircraft using a selected number of the plurality of digital certificates.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140337633 - System and method for indicating a service set identifier: A method for securing communications between an access point and a station includes generating a first hashed service set identifier (SSID) by applying a first hash function to a first SSID known by the station, transmitting a first message to the access point, wherein the first message includes the first... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20140337634 - Biometric authentication substitute for passwords on a wearable computing device: Methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media are described herein related to biometric authentication. A first computing device can detect a machine-readable code displayed by a second computing device, where the machine-readable code can identify protected information viewable via the second computing device. In response to detecting the machine-readable code, the first... Agent: Google Inc.

20140337635 - Biometric verification with improved privacy and network performance in client-server networks: The present invention relates to improving the privacy of biometric information used in biometric authentication of identity by retaining all biometric information corresponding to a given user, and conducting all transactions related thereto (i.e., the actual authentication process) on a client (i.e., user) side of the system, thereby maximizing the... Agent:

20140337636 - Simplified multi-factor authentication: A reader element is associated with an identity verification element. The reader element has a biometric input device and is configured, through enrollment of a biometric element is used to encrypt a character sequence associated with the identity verification element. In a verification phase subsequent to the enrollment, a user... Agent:

20140337637 - Methods and systems for executing protected content: Various embodiments for enabling and protecting execution of encrypted electronic content in a client system. In various embodiments, there is a method for managing the state of the cache memory of the client system. In various embodiments, there is a method for protocol stack validation to confirm readiness of the... Agent: University Of Jyvaskyla

20140337639 - Steganographic embedding of executable code: A method for digital immunity includes identifying a call graph of an executable entity, and mapping nodes of the call graph to a cipher table of obscured information, such that each node based on invariants in the executable entity. A cipher table maintains associations between the invariants and the obscured... Agent:

20140337638 - Systems and methods for secure storage on a mobile device: In one embodiment the present invention includes a computer-implemented method for a mobile device. An application security status is detected. When the application security status is active an application passcode is required to access functionality of a mobile application operating on the mobile device. A first encryption of data associated... Agent: Successfactors

20140337641 - System and method for providing data integrity: Systems and methods for providing data integrity for stored data are disclosed. A method may include, in connection with the receipt of a read command at a storage resource, reading a data block from the storage resource, the data block including a data field, a data integrity field indicating the... Agent:

20140337640 - Virtual zeroisation system and method: A system for protecting data includes a virtual zeroisation device which receives data to be encrypted and key material for encrypting the data. The key material is stored in a storage device. As the encryption unit encrypts the data using the key material, the encrypted data is stored in the... Agent: Quintessencelabs Pty Ltd.

20140337642 - Trusted tamper reactive secure storage: A cryptographic system includes a memory device and a processor. The memory device has at least two sections, including a first section and a second section. The processor is configured to determine a mode of operation, receive a signal, and selectively zeroize at least one section of the memory device... Agent: Cyber Solutions International, LLC

20140337643 - Power supply apparatus, electronic apparatus, and method: A power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit configured to wirelessly supply power to an electronic apparatus, a communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with the electronic apparatus, a setting unit configured to set the power to be supplied to the electronic apparatus, based on data indicating a category... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140337645 - Fast-wake memory: A memory device is transitioned to a low-power mode in which an active-mode resource required to receive memory access commands from a memory controller at a first command-signaling frequency of the memory device is disabled. A first memory access command, transmitted by the memory controller, is received within the memory... Agent:

20140337644 - Methods and systems for managing performance and power utilization of a processor employing a fully-multithreaded load threshold: A method for managing performance and power utilization of a processor in an information handling system (IHS) employing a balanced fully-multithreaded load threshold is disclosed. The method includes providing a maximum current thread utilization (Umax) and a minimum current thread utilization (Umin) among all current thread utilizations of the processor... Agent:

20140337646 - Adaptively limiting a maximum operating frequency in a multicore processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores each to independently execute instructions, and a power control unit coupled to the plurality of cores to control power consumption of the processor, where the power control unit includes a control logic to reduce a maximum operating frequency of the... Agent:

20140337648 - Information processing apparatus and power saving control method: An information processing apparatus includes a detection unit and a frequency control unit and is designed to activate power saving control and perform information processing. The detection unit detects an idle time of a processor caused by job scheduling. The frequency control unit reduces the operating frequency of the processor... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140337647 - Systems and methods for managing current consumption by an electronic device: Systems and methods for managing current consumption by an electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes first and second clock units. The first clock unit generates a first reference clock signal based on a first current input. The second clock unit generates a second reference clock signal based on... Agent:

20140337651 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus including a plurality of sensors, an application processor, and a micro-processor is provided. The plurality of sensors is configured to generate at least one sensing signal. The application processor is configured to execute an application procedure according to a sensing-merged signal. The micro-processor is coupled between the... Agent: Cywee Group Limited

20140337652 - Electronic device: An electronic device is capable of switching between a standby state and a working state. The electronic device includes a power management module, a key module, a detection module, a processor, and a trigger module. When the electronic device is in the standby state, the power management stops outputting a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

20140337649 - Memory power savings in idle display case: In an embodiment, a system includes a memory controller that includes a memory cache and a display controller configured to control a display. The system may be configured to detect that the images being displayed are essentially static, and may be configured to cause the display controller to request allocation... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140337654 - Method and apparatus for controlling standby operation: A method and an apparatus for controlling a standby operation are provided that relate to the field of communications technologies. The method for controlling a standby operation includes: performing user detection within a preset range when it is detected that no operation instruction exists within a first preset time; and... Agent:

20140337653 - Reactive power supply: Embodiments are directed to a reactive power supply circuit comprising: a capacitor configured to provide an output of the power supply circuit based on power received from a power source, a processor configured to control the output based on at least one of: a state of a first switch that... Agent: Walter Kidde Portable Equipment Inc.

20140337650 - System and method for power management in a multiple-initiator storage system: The disclosure is directed to a system and method for managing a plurality of storage devices. In an embodiment, at least one enclosure is configured to contain or support a plurality of storage devices accessible by a plurality of initiators. The enclosure further includes or is coupled to a power... Agent:

20140337656 - Energy management system: An energy management system is connected to a power supply unit and a power switch. The energy management system includes a power supply monitor, a power supply connector, and a baseboard management controller (BMC). The power supply monitor is connected to the BMC through an intelligent platform management interface (IPMI).... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140337655 - Integrated interface system for power-system monitoring and control system: An integrated interface system for a power-system monitoring and control system is provided. The integrated interface system includes an input and output (I/O) interface unit 220 performing data transmission to and reception from the external data source system; and a data exchange unit exchanging data by using the naming of... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140337657 - Design support device, design support method, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein design support program: When a sequential circuit to which a clock signal distributed by a first buffer included in a clock distribution circuit is input is added, in a case where a plurality of other sequential circuits are connected to the first buffer, a processor determines whether or not a distance between the... Agent:

20140337658 - Frequency execution monitoring: A method includes reading first and second timer count values from a timer, wherein the first timer count value is associated with a first time point and the second timer count value is associated with a second time point, calculating a difference between the first and the second timer count... Agent:

20140337659 - Dual-domain dynamic multiplexer and method of transitioning between asynchronous voltage and frequency domains: A dual-domain dynamic multiplexer and a method of transitioning between asynchronous voltage and frequency domains. One embodiment of the dual-domain dynamic multiplexer includes: (1) a first domain having a first voltage and a first clock, and a second domain having a second voltage and a second clock, (2) a plurality... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140337660 - Trigger circuits and event counters for an ic: Some embodiments provide an integrated circuit (“IC”). The IC includes multiple configurable circuits that configurably perform operations of a user design based on configuration data. The IC also includes a configurable trigger circuit that receives a set of configuration data that specifies an operational event. The configurable trigger circuit also... Agent: Tabula, Inc.

11/06/2014 > 43 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140331034 - Embedded system boot from a storage device: Using a minimal amount of non-volatile memory for booting up a system brings down costs associated with increased silicon real estate area and power consumption. Capability of pre-initializing the system even before a CPU is brought out of reset provides flexibility and system robustness. Through the use of the Power-On... Agent:

20140331035 - Fast computer startup: Fast computer startup is provided by, upon receipt of a shutdown command, recording state information representing a target state. In this target state, the computing device may have closed all user sessions, such that no user state information is included in the target state. However, the operating system may still... Agent:

20140331033 - Firmware code loading method, memory controller and memory storage apparatus: A firmware code loading method for loading a firmware code from a rewritable non-volatile memory module of a memory storage apparatus is provided. The method includes: obtaining a storage address for storing a first portion firmware code copy corresponding to a first portion of the firmware code in a first... Agent:

20140331039 - Data center power adjustment: A power cap agent establishes a power cap. The power cap agent throttles a first power priority virtual machine. The power cap agent determines that the first power priority virtual machine and the additional power priority virtual machine contribute to power consumption above the power cap among the plurality of... Agent:

20140331036 - Data relay by server: Example embodiments relate to data relay by a server. In one example implementation, a master server may load a temporary operating system and a slave server may load a temporary operating system. The master server may then receive a command from a user via a user interface of a computing... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140331038 - Methods for firmware signature: A method for installing embedded firmware is provided. The method includes generating one or more firmware file instances and generating one or more digital certificate instances that are separate instances from the firmware file instances. The method includes associating the one or more digital certificate instances with the one or... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140331037 - Secure boot override in a computing device equipped with unified-extensible firmware interface (uefi)-compliant firmware: A firmware-based system and method for detecting an indicator of an override condition during a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Secure Boot sequence. The indicator of the override condition may be detected based upon the pressing of a specialized button, designated key or keys or other received input that indicates... Agent:

20140331040 - Systems and methods for controlling email access: Embodiments of the disclosure relate to proxying one or more email resources in transit to the client devices from the email services, removing one or more email attachments from the email resources, and encoding the stripped email attachments based at least in part on one or more cryptographic keys.... Agent: Airwatch, LLC

20140331041 - Method and system for signing and authenticating electronic documents via a signature authority which may act in concert with software controlled by the signer: A system and method for signing and authenticating electronic documents using public key cryptography applied by one or more server computer clusters operated in a trustworthy manner, which may act in cooperation with trusted components controlled and operated by the signer. The system employs a presentation authority for presenting an... Agent:

20140331042 - Apparatus and method for providing semantically aware network services: A method and apparatus where network-layer devices use host-provided, detailed, per-packet, semantic information (DPPS information), which describes the content, meaning, importance, and/or other attributes of particular application data and is associated with each packet, to provide enhanced network services. In some embodiments of the above method, network-layer devices use DPPS... Agent:

20140331043 - Electro device for protecting user's privacy and method for controlling thereof: A method of controlling a first electronic device to acquire content in cooperation with a second electronic device is provided. The method includes performing a mutual authorization, acquiring content, generating an encryption key based on a first personal key and a second public key of the first electronic device, encrypting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331044 - Secure search method and secure search device: In search that uses searchable code, the search query and the secure index is collated in round-robins fashion, registering the required secure index and a characteristic quantity of deposited data in a database server to realize the searchable code. The server uses the characteristic quantity to perform clustering on the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140331045 - Apparatus, system and method of communicating location-enabling information for location estimation: Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of communicating location-enabling information for location estimation. For example, an apparatus may include a location-enabling information (LEI) processor to process a location-enabling message, which is transmitted between first and second location-enabling sources and receivable by a mobile device, the location-enabling message including... Agent:

20140331048 - Method and apparatus for monitoring transmission characteristics in a network: A method for monitoring transmission characteristics in a network including a media client, a media server, and a data processor, the method including establishing a connection with the data processor; establishing an end-to-end encrypted channel between the media client and the data processor for exchanging streaming media content over the... Agent:

20140331047 - System and method for encrypting traffic on a network: According to embodiments of the present invention a system and method for encrypting traffic on a network is disclosed. Encrypted data is transmitted between a first network element and a second network element by: acquiring an encryption seed at the first network element, the encryption seed being substantially similar to... Agent: Bce Inc.

20140331046 - Virtual desktop accelerator with support for multiple cryptographic contexts: In particular embodiments, a method includes intercepting a remote desktop connection request and connecting to a network gateway based on the remote desktop connection request. A first connection with a server is initiated via the network gateway using a first communication protocol. A plurality of cryptographic contexts are exchanged with... Agent:

20140331052 - Communicating an identity of a group shared secret to a server: An identity is communicated by a client device to a server without requiring the identity to be disclosed to eavesdroppers and without requiring the use of symmetric or asymmetric cryptography. In one example, the identity is an identity of the client device, where the identity has been assigned to the... Agent:

20140331051 - Localized network authentication and security using tamper-resistant keys: The invention provides a secure Wi-Fi communications method and system. In an embodiment of the invention, unique physical keys, or tokens, are installed at an access point and each client device of the network. Each key comprises a unique serial number and a common network send cryptographic key and a... Agent:

20140331050 - Qkd key management system: A system for securely moving data from one location to another exchanges key material between the locations. The system enables cryptosystems to use key material distributed over a quantum channel.... Agent: Quintessence Labs Pty Ltd.

20140331049 - Secure shell authentication: A first information handling system receives a security challenge and forwards it to a second information handling system. The second information handling system retrieves a private key from a public/private encryption key pair and satisfies the challenge with the private key. The second information handling system forwards the satisfied challenge... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20140331053 - Transmission method and system for terminal unique information: A terminal unique information transmission method including: receiving, by a server, from a terminal, a terminal unique information acquisition request including a terminal unique public key certificate of the terminal; generating an encrypted terminal unique public key certificate by encrypting the terminal unique public key certificate of the terminal; checking,... Agent:

20140331056 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program: An information processing system comprising interface circuitry configured to receive message-independent information, the message-independent information having been generated by another apparatus and transferred to the interface in advance of a digital signature being generated, send message-dependent information to an external device, and receive a digital signature from the external device;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140331055 - System and method for interapplication communications: A first executable program on a computer system is enabled to exchange communications with a second executable program on the computer system by determining that the first executable program requests to exchange information with the second executable program, using the second executable program to challenge the first executable program for... Agent:

20140331054 - Virtual desktop accelerator with enhanced bandwidth usage: In particular embodiments, a method includes receiving a request for a signature verification. In response to the request, signature data is encrypted. A first data size associated with the signature data is determined. A second data size associated with data of a data packet is determined. The method includes comparing... Agent:

20140331057 - Method and system for processor or web logon: A system is for a proof of knowledge enrollment or authentication. The system includes a processor having an input, an output and a routine; and a display having an image from the output of the processor. The routine is structured to input from the input of the processor a plurality... Agent: Antique Books, Inc.

20140331058 - Encapsulated security tokens for electronic transactions: Functional data for use in one or more digital transactions are secured by using an encapsulated security token (EST). In certain embodiments, the EST is created by encapsulating digital data including the functional data using at least two cryptographic systems of two parties. The encapsulation and subsequent de-encapsulation can utilize... Agent: Institutional Cash Distributors Technology, LLC

20140331059 - Method and system for authenticating biometric data: A method for authenticating biometric data determines a first set of descriptors of a fingerprint. Each descriptor in the first set represents a region of the fingerprint that includes multiple minutiae. The method compares each descriptor in the first set of descriptors with each descriptor in a second set of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20140331060 - User and device authentication in enterprise systems: Methods and systems for authenticating users of client devices to allow access of resources and services in enterprise systems are described herein. An authentication device may validate a user based on authentication credentials received from a client device. Validation data stored by the authentication device, and a corresponding access token... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20140331061 - Drive level encryption key management in a distributed storage system: Disclosed are systems, computer-readable mediums, and methods for receiving an input/output operation regarding data associated with a distributed storage system that includes a plurality of storage devices. A key identifier associated with the I/O operation is determined. The key identifier identifies a key that has been divided into a number... Agent:

20140331062 - System and apparatus for securely storing data: Certain aspects of the invention pertain to the field of networked computing, and in particular to the field of data file security. Methods, systems and apparatuses are disclosed for encrypting and decrypting data stored and shared on networked data file storage devices such that the data may be accessed and... Agent: The Provost, Fellows, Foundation Scholars, And The Other Members Of Board, Of The College Of The ...

20140331063 - Disrupting password attack using compression: Methods and systems for disrupting password attacks using compression are described. A user password may be stored on a mobile computing device. The password may be compressed, for example, using a Huffman compression algorithm, and may be subsequently encrypted using a short secret as a key. The user password may... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20140331064 - Key revocation in system on chip devices: Methods and apparatus relating to key revocation in system on chip (also referred to as SOC or SoC) devices are described. In an embodiment, a storage device stores an identifier of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and key versioning information corresponding to the OEM. At least a portion of the... Agent:

20140331065 - Securing a data segment for storage: A method begins by a dispersed storage (DS) processing module encrypting a data segment utilizing an encryption key to produce an encrypted data segment and performing a deterministic function on the encrypted data to produce a transformed representation of the encrypted data. The method continues with the DS processing module... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140331066 - Rectifier circuit and powered device: A powered device is electronically connected to a power sourcing equipment, and includes a powered circuit, a receiving unit and at least one rectifier circuit. Each rectifier circuit includes a rectifier unit, an auxiliary power unit, a polarity determining unit, a control unit and a selecting unit. The rectifier unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140331067 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device is provided. The portable electronic device includes a host, a power adapter and a signal transmission interface. The host generates state information according to present operating state, and the power adapter is used to provide a voltage to the host. The power adapter receives the state... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140331068 - System and method for managing power supply units: A system for controlling a plurality of power supply units to provide power to a server, includes a priority level definition module and a control module. The priority level definition module defines priority level for each one of the plurality of power supply units. The control module prior power on... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140331070 - Dynamically adjusting power disturbance hold up times: Power line disturbance hold up times are dynamically adjusted prior to the commencement of the power disturbance failover based on battery capacity of batteries in racks of the storage system as the batteries either fail, are repaired, or are added to the storage system having at least one uninterruptible power... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331072 - Multiple-speed interface: The present invention provides a security module having a communication interface being capable of operating according to any from a selection from a plurality of predetermined operation modes or communication protocols. The security module further comprises a voltage detector to detect the voltage on the module's power supply connection. Depending... Agent:

20140331069 - Power management for multiple compute units: An interface couples a plurality of compute units to a power management controller. The interface conveys a power report for the plurality of compute units to the power management controller. The power management controller receives the power report, determines a power action for the plurality of compute units based at... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140331073 - System and method for efficient service-instance oriented energy management in the internet of things: A system and a method for efficient service-instance oriented energy management in the IoT are provided. The method comprises: a predicting step for predicting target service instances to be serviced in a subsequent time period based on a service instance stance transition model; a selecting step for selecting an ON-sensor... Agent:

20140331071 - Systems, methods and devices for control of the operation of data storage devices using solid-state memory: A variety of data storage devices, methods and systems are implemented for control of memory associated with backup functionality. One such data storage device includes a power circuit that provides main power. The data storage device has a first solid-state memory circuit that maintains data in the absence of electrical... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140331074 - Time division multiplexed multiport memory implemented using single-port memory elements: Integrated circuits having single-port memory elements may be provided. The single-port memory elements may be controlled using a control circuit to emulate multiport functionality. In one suitable embodiment, the control circuit may be an arbitration circuit configured to execute a memory request as soon as it is received by the... Agent:

20140331075 - Time reference systems for cpu-based and optionally fpga-based subsystems: A time reference system includes a master clock, generating a clock reference, interface logic and a CPU-based subsystem. The interface logic receives the clock reference and generates the clock, pulses, and timestamp signals. The CPU-based subsystem includes an internal counter, a CPU and a clock synthesizer, the CPU and receiving... Agent: Spirent Communications, Inc.

10/30/2014 > 60 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140325195 - Method for unlocking a mobile device: The present disclosure is drawn to a method for unlocking a mobile device. The method comprises the steps of adopting a configuration file to define an operational input for unlocking the mobile device, adopting the configuration file to define at least one animation and/or effect, adopting the configuration file to... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140325194 - System for configuring a controller: A system for configuring a controller without a file transfer. Programmable controllers may typically use configuration data structures that are transferred to the controller via a file transfer mechanism. The present controller does not necessarily need a tool with file transfer capability, but only a capability to read and write... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140325201 - Automatic entrance device and method for upgrade boot mode: An automatic entrance device in accordance with the present invention performs software upgrade by starting up a terminal in an upgrade boot mode by holding operation of a memory when a USB interface of a terminal is connected to an external device, and starts up the terminal in a normal... Agent: Core Logic Inc.

20140325203 - Backing up firmware during initialization of device: Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to backing up firmware. An operating system can be initialized. During the initialization process, memory can be set. The firmware can be backed up to storage based on the set memory.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325198 - Electronic device and loading method of control program: An electronic device comprises a first memory unit, a processing unit and an operating interface. The processing unit is electronically connected to the first memory unit. The operating interface is electronically connected to the processing unit. When the processing unit is communicated with a host device via the operating interface,... Agent: Asmedia Technology Inc.

20140325199 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus and start up control method: An information processing system includes an operation part that receives an operation performed by a user; and a body part that operates based on a request from the operation part. The operation part includes a power control part that, when receiving a power turning off instruction from the body part,... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140325202 - Intelligent boot device selection and recovery: Techniques for recovering virtual machine state and boot information used to boot an installed guest operating system on systems where the information has either been lost or is not present are described.... Agent:

20140325200 - Memory access control performing efficient access: A memory access control system includes a plurality of operators, a first memory, and a second memory. The plurality of operators are configured to execute different arithmetic operations. The first memory has a shared region accessible from the plurality of operators. The second memory is configured to cause any one... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140325197 - Specialized boot path for speeding up resume from sleep state: A specialized boot path for speeding up resume from a sleep state is discussed. In a UEFI-compliant system, a specially constructed alternate firmware volume is created which contains only the code modules used during resumption from an S3 sleep state. This alternate firmware volume is copied into Random Access Memory... Agent: Insyde Software Corp.

20140325196 - System and method for inventory collection optimization by selective binding of the pre-boot drivers: A solution to optimize system boot-up time by selectively collecting device inventory for only the devices that have configuration changes and for skipping for all other devices. More specifically, the solution includes a selective driver binding operation which in certain embodiments executes within an inventory application. After the selective driver... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140325204 - Device management macros: Mobile device management macros may be provided. A request to perform a function may be received. If the function is associated with a management macro comprising a plurality of operations, the macro may be activated to perform at least some of the plurality of operations.... Agent: Sky Socket, LLC

20140325206 - Digital device and method for performing secure communication using same: Disclosed is a method for performing secure communication using a digital device. The method includes outputting a light pattern using a radiator of a proximity sensor unit; and detecting the proximity of an object using the proximity sensor unit. Further, the method includes, when the object is in proximity within... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20140325207 - Multi-version message condition based delivery: A recipient message system receiving an email message set of two or more email messages and a related condition from a sender to a recipient. The recipient message system detects an attempt from the recipient to read the message set at a second time instance and evaluates the condition at... Agent:

20140325205 - Secure transmission between a source component and a node device: A system and method for communicating a data file is described. The system includes at least one particular node, a source component, a node identifier request, a query, an encrypted data file and a node decryption key. The node identifier request is communicated from the source component to the particular... Agent: Xsette Technology, Inc.

20140325208 - Obtaining a signed certificate for a dispersed storage network: A method begins by a dispersed storage (DS) processing module generating a certificate signing request (CSR) that includes a certificate and a certificate extension, wherein the certificate includes information regarding a requesting device and wherein the certificate extension includes information regarding an accessible dispersed storage network (DSN) address range for... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140325210 - Apparatus and methods for activation of communication devices: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, storing, by a universal integrated circuit card including at least one processor, a digital root certificate locking a communication device to a network provider, and disabling an activation of the communication device responsive to receiving an indication... Agent:

20140325209 - System and method for managing network access based on a history of a certificate: Provided is a system and method for managing network access based on a history of a Certificate. The system includes an Authentication System structured and arranged to receive from a User a request for network access, the request including a Certificate and at least one associated Characteristic distinct from the... Agent: Cloudpath Networks, Inc.

20140325211 - Method for updating a table of correspondence between a logical address and an identification number: A method for updating a table of correspondence between a logical address associated to a user unit in a communication network and a unique identification number associated to one of a group of user units managed by a management centre, a method where messages are exchanged between said management centre... Agent:

20140325212 - Distribution of encrypted information in multiple locations: A method, system, and/or computer program product stores information in a distributed data-processing environment. The method comprises: encrypting, by one or more processors, a piece of information; splitting, by one or more processors, the encrypted piece of information into at least one first encrypted block and at least one second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325213 - Block management unification system and method: A block management unification system and method for communicating a data file that includes a source component, a first rearrangement criterion, a first block encryption key, a second rearrangement criterion, a second block encryption key, a compression module, and an encryption module. The source component accesses the data file that... Agent: Xsette Technology, Inc.

20140325217 - Database apparatus, method, and program: Provided a database apparatus comprising a control means to execute data access control on a database, wherein the control means, receiving a database operation command from a user apparatus, comprises, regarding data and/or metadata to be handled associated with the database operation command, means for executing database operation or computation... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140325215 - Encryption method and system: Methods and systems for encrypting data are disclosed. A circuit uses a white noise generator to capture a random string of bits as an encryption key. The encryption key is generated at a central server and is provided to a subscriber on a physical memory device. The subscriber uses the... Agent:

20140325214 - Encryption solution for protecting file systems in multi-host clusters: A method of managing file security in a cluster environment is provided. The method includes passing a request for a file from a secure file system layer to a secure volume manager layer and locking at least a portion of the file as affected by the request, at a cluster... Agent: Vormetric, Inc.

20140325216 - Segment deduplication system with encryption and compression of segments: A system for storing encrypted compressed data comprises a processor and a memory. The processor is configured to determine whether an encrypted compressed segment has been previously stored. The encrypted compressed segment was determined by breaking a data stream, a data block, or a data file into one or more... Agent: Emc Corporation

20140325220 - \"unpassword\": risk aware end-to-end multi-factor authentication via dynamic pairing: A method for determining an authentication score for use in exchanging information between a first and a second device. The method comprises at the first device: determining a first authentication score associated with a first information exchange session between the first and second devices; determining a second authentication score associated... Agent:

20140325223 - Device, system, and method of visual login and stochastic cryptography: Devices, systems, and methods of detecting user identity, differentiating between users of a computerized service, and detecting a possible attacker. The methods include monitoring of user-side input-unit interactions, in general and in response to an interference introduced to user-interface elements. The monitored interactions are used for detecting an attacker that... Agent:

20140325224 - Dispersed data storage in a vpn group of devices: A method begins when at least a consensus threshold number of devices are active in a virtual private network (VPN) group of devices. The method continues by encoding group specific data based on a consensus threshold number of devices in the VPN group of devices and a number of devices... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140325221 - Network token authentication scheme: Aspects of the disclosure relates to managed access to content and/or services. In certain aspects, tokens or other artifacts can be utilized for authentication and authorization.... Agent:

20140325222 - Portable device, a stationary device, a digital device and a method for performing secure communication using thereof: A method includes sensing an image of a portable device by using a camera unit, acquiring an orientation information estimation value of the portable device by using the sensed image, extracting key generation information for secure communication by using the orientation information estimation value, generating a secret key by using... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20140325219 - Secret key management method for multi-network platform: In a secret key management method for multi-network platform, when the user logs in any network platform via arbitrary web-browser, the network platform links to the private cloud by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Daemon (HTTPD), and the private cloud shows a timeliness operational parameter on the web-browser for the user inputting... Agent: Wanin International Co., Ltd.

20140325218 - Wireless charging system using secure wireless charging protocols: The disclosure includes a system and method for charging a target object wirelessly. The system includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that when executed cause the system to: receive data describing a charging request from a target object; generate a challenge responsive to the charging request; send the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140325228 - Load balancing hash computation for network switches: Techniques to avoid polarization in a communication network include a network switch or device having a first interface to receive a data unit or packet, and a second interface via which the packet is transmitted from the network device. The network device includes a hash value generator configured to generate,... Agent:

20140325227 - Method and apparatus for verifiable generation of public keys: The invention provides a method of verifiable generation of public keys. According to the method, a self-signed signature is first generated and then used as input to the generation of a pair of private and public keys. Verification of the signature proves that the keys are generated from a key... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140325229 - Method and system for secure digital file sharing: A system and method for securely storing, retrieving and sharing data using PCs and mobile devices and for controlling and tracking the movement of data to and from a variety of computing and storage devices.... Agent: Quickvault, Inc.

20140325231 - Method and system for sharing encrypted content: The present invention relates to the use of encrypted intermediate key(s), such as an encrypted community key and/or workspace key. A changeable group of users is associated with a community key. Changeable set of content is associated with a workspace key. The present invention also uses permits in association with... Agent: Lock Box Pty Ltd.

20140325230 - Method of comparing private data without revealing the data: Disclosed in this specification is a method and program storage device for comparing two sets of private data without revealing those private data. If the comparison deems the two data sets sufficiently similar, helper data may be provided to permit reconstruction of one of the private data sets without transmission... Agent:

20140325225 - Self-authenticated method with timestamp: A self-authenticated method with timestamp consists of key generating process and self-authenticated process between sender and receiver. The key generating center generates public key generator and private key according to sender's ID; combines the ID of the key generating center and the applied valid time of the sender to generate... Agent: Quantron Inc.

20140325226 - System and method for controlling user access to encrypted data: Disclosed are systems, methods and computer program products for providing user access to encrypted data. In one example, a system is configured to receive a security policy for the user device, wherein the security policy includes data access conditions and data encryption conditions for one or more users of the... Agent: Kaspersky Lab Zao

20140325232 - Requesting and storing certificates for secure connection validation: A client system may be configured to request a certificate from a server system and store the certificate locally. The stored certificate may be used to later authenticate a secure connection between the client system and the server system. The secure connection validated by the stored certificate may be, for... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140325233 - Digital watermarking for secure transmission between a source component and a node device: A system and method for embedding a watermark into a data file and communicating the data file to a particular node from a source component is described. The system includes a particular node, a source component, a node identifier request, a query, a watermark, a permutation key, an encrypted data... Agent: Xsette Technology, Inc.

20140325234 - System and method for controlling user access to encrypted data: Disclosed are systems, methods and computer program products for providing user access to encrypted data. In one example, a system is configured to receive a security policy for the user device, wherein the security policy includes data access conditions and data encryption conditions for one or more users of the... Agent: Kaspersky Lab Zao

20140325235 - Decrypt and encrypt data of storage device: Data read from a volume is decrypted using a first key. The decrypted data is encrypted using a second key. The encrypted data is written back to the volume. An access request to a location of the volume is received from a host. Data is encrypted to or decrypted from... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325237 - Physically unclonable function (puf) with improved error correction: A cryptographic system for reproducibly establishing a reliable data string, such as a cryptographic key, from a noisy physically unclonable function (PUF, 110) is provided. The system comprises a hard decision decoder (150) to decode a first multiple of error correctable data words to obtain a second multiple of corrected... Agent:

20140325236 - Vehicular image processing apparatus and data processing method using the same: Provided is a vehicular image processing apparatus for applying a different encryption scheme and access authority for each of a channel and a type of data with respect to an image recorded in a black box mounted in a vehicle, and a data processing method using the same.... Agent: Thinkware Systems Corporation

20140325238 - System and method for validating program execution at run-time: A pipelined processor comprising a cache memory system, fetching instructions for execution from a portion of said cache memory system, an instruction commencing processing before a digital signature of the cache line that contained the instruction is verified against a reference signature of the cache line, the verification being done... Agent:

20140325239 - System and method for validating program execution at run-time using control flow signatures: A processor comprising: an instruction processing pipeline, configured to receive a sequence of instructions for execution, said sequence comprising at least one instruction including a flow control instruction which terminates the sequence; a hash generator, configured to generate a hash associated with execution of the sequence of instructions; a memory... Agent:

20140325241 - Device specific information generation device and device specific generation method: A device generating specific information of a semiconductor device includes a bit generation unit including a glitch generation circuit and a bit conversion circuit for converting a shape of the glitch into an information bit. The glitch generation circuit includes a plurality of combinational circuits mounted thereon to output a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140325240 - Programming on-chip non-volatile memory in a secure processor using a sequence number: An improved secure programming technique involves reducing the size of bits programmed in on-chip secret non-volatile memory, at the same time enabling the typical secure applications supported by secure devices. A technique for secure programming involves de-coupling chip manufacture from the later process of connecting to ticket servers to obtain... Agent: Acer Cloud Technology, Inc.

20140325242 - Encrypt data of storage device: A request from a host is received requesting data from a storage device. Data of the storage device is written into a buffer of the host. The data at the buffer is to be encrypted and written back to the storage device. The requested data of the request is written... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325243 - Apparatus, method, and system for predicitve power delivery noise reduction: An apparatus and method is described herein for reducing noise in a power distribution network for an interface. The power distribution network is characterized. And based on that characterization, worst case patterns for the interface are predicted and avoided. As one example, characterization includes providing a stimulus, such as a... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140325244 - Electronic device and power control module: An electronic device includes a power supply, a power consuming module, and a power control module. The power control module includes a capacitor, a detecting unit, and a control unit. A first end of the capacitor is connected to the power supply. Another end of the capacitor is grounded. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140325245 - Usb power distribution management system: A system providing an optimized power delivery and management of USB power in a closed network, such as found on commercial aircraft. The system enables utilization of a limited number of AC-DC step down and isolation converters to support a multitude of USB power outlets. It provides a means of... Agent: Transistor Devices, Inc. D/b/a Tdi Power

20140325246 - High voltage dedicated charging port: Circuitry in an adapter, such as a power supply, can provide power at a desired voltage level to a portable device. The circuitry may assert one of several electrical configurations on the cabling that electrically connects the portable device to the external device to indicate to the external device a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140325248 - Apparatus and method for adjusting bandwidth: A method for adjusting bandwidth, a bandwidth scaler and an apparatus are provided. The method for adjusting bandwidth involves determining a dynamic context of a processor, and based on the determined dynamic context, scaling bandwidth between the processor and a memory.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325247 - Controlling power and performance in a system agent of a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes a core to execute instructions, an agent to perform an operation independently of the core, a fabric to couple the core and agent and including a plurality of domains and a logic to receive isochronous parameter information from the agent and environmental information of... Agent:

20140325249 - Semiconductor device: To reduce power consumption of a processing device including a processor and a main memory in the processor. The main memory includes not only a volatile memory such as a DRAM but also a nonvolatile memory. The processor monitors access requirements to the main memory. The processor determines on the... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140325250 - Distributed synchronization and timing system: A method and apparatus for controlling the phase and frequency of the local clock of a USB device, the apparatus comprising circuitry for observing USB traffic and decoding from the USB traffic a periodic data structure containing information about the frequency and phase of a distributed clock frequency, and phase... Agent: Chronologic Pty Ltd

20140325251 - Synthetic time series data generation: According to an example, synthetic time series data generation may include receiving time series data for a plurality of users, and applying dimensionality reduction to transform the time series data from a high dimensional space n of the time series data to a low dimensional space m, where m<n. The... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325252 - Generating interface adjustment signals in a device-to-device interconnection system: Described are a system and method to control interface timing and/or voltage operations of signals transmitted between devices. A processor may be coupled through one or more bus interfaces of a bus to one or more corresponding interface timing and/or voltage comparison circuits and corresponding interface timing and/or voltage adjustment... Agent:

20140325253 - Timing control circuit: A timing control circuit includes: a first variable delay circuit configured to receive first data having a first communication speed, and to give a variable delay to the first data; a first multiplexer configured to receive output of the first variable delay circuit, and to convert into second data having... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

10/23/2014 > 44 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140317393 - Method and apparatus for integrating personal computer and electronic device functions: An apparatus and a method for integrating personal computer and electronic device functions. An input device, personal computer host, and encoder in turn integrate hardware, operating system, and application programs to provide personal computer and electronic device functions at the same time.... Agent:

20140317391 - Method for changing a system program and processing device utilizing the same: A processing device includes a program memory and a processor. The program memory includes at least a first memory partition for storing a system program and a second memory partition for storing an application program. The processor is coupled to the program memory for executing the programs stored in the... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20140317395 - Microprocessor, and method of managing reset events therefor: A microprocessor comprises at least one reset management module. The at least one reset management module is arranged to detect a reset event, determine if at least one reset condition has been met upon detection of the reset event, and cause at least a part of the microprocessor to remain... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140317392 - Operating system management of second operating system: The present invention provides a method of easily managing two or more OSs. A host OS, a guest OS, and a virtualization module are loaded into a primary physical address area of a main memory. The guest OS is executed in a virtual environment in a primary physical address area.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20140317394 - Provisioning of operating systems to user terminals: Methods and apparatus are provided for provisioning an operating system image from a server (2) to an untrusted user terminal (4) via a data communications network (3). A trusted device (5) such as a pocket USB device has tamper-resistant storage (9) containing bootloader logic, for controlling booting of a user... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140317396 - System and method for relicensing content: A method of relicensing digital encrypted radio media content transmitted via a network and received by a user electronic device includes receiving a request to relicense an encrypted digital media data file included within digital encrypted radio media content. The encrypted digital media data file is retrieved from the digital... Agent:

20140317397 - Selectively performing man in the middle decryption: A device within the network receives a domain name service (DNS) request for an address of a first resource outside the network, the first resource associated with a security policy of the network. An address of a second resource within the network is returned to the device within the network... Agent: Iboss, Inc.

20140317399 - Computer storage device having separate read-only space and read-write space, removable media component, system management interface, and network interface: A storage device for use with a computer is disclosed. The storage device includes a processor communicably connected to a computer through a computer interface and a system interface. The computer interface enables communications exclusively between the processor and the computer, while the system interface enables to processor to manage... Agent:

20140317398 - Securing information within a cloud computing environment: Embodiments of the invention provide a solution for securing information within a Cloud computing environment. Specifically, an encryption service/gateway is provided to handle encryption/decryption of information for all users in the Cloud computing environment. Typically, the encryption service is implemented between Cloud portals and a storage Cloud. Through the use... Agent:

20140317400 - System and method for validation and enforcement of application security: A system and method for validation and enforcement of application security, wherein the user credentials and the integrity of a target application are verified before the target application is permitted to execute.... Agent:

20140317401 - Server, system, and method for issuing mobile certificate: A mobile certificate issue server, system, and method are provided. The mobile certificate issue server includes a certificate generation part for generating a certificate using a public key included in certificate issue request information received from a user terminal, an e-mail sending part for sending the certificate to an e-mail... Agent: Unetsystem, Inc.

20140317403 - Dispersed storage network with slice refresh and methods for use therewith: An integrity record is appended to data slices prior to being sent to multiple slice storage units. Each of the data slices includes a different encoded version of the same data segment. An integrity indicator of each data slice is computed, and the integrity record is generated based on each... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140317402 - Method of processing packet in below binary stack structure: Disclosed is a packet processing method in a below binary stack (BBS) structure. A transmission packet processing method includes receiving a packet from a network layer, reassembling a packet for which a first fragmentation has been performed when the received packet is the packet for which the first fragmentation has... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140317404 - Dynamic encryption of a universal resource locator: A system including a computer and a computer readable hardware storage device containing instructions which, upon being executed by the computer, implements a method for restricting access to information transmitted over a computing network. A resource request for a resource to be located is received. The resource request contains a... Agent:

20140317405 - Secured communications arrangement applying internet protocol security: A secure communications arrangement including an endpoint is disclosed. The endpoint includes a computing system. The computing system includes a user level services component and a kernel level callout driver interfaced to the user level services component and configured to establish an IPsec tunnel with a remote endpoint. The computing... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140317406 - Communication between network nodes that are not directly connected: A first node sends a sequence of packets to another node to which it is connected over a communication network. A second node monitors network traffic in the communication network and intercepts the sequence of packets in the network traffic sent by the first node. The second node decodes a... Agent: Beep, Inc.

20140317407 - Incremental mac tag generation device, method, and program, and message authentication device: Provided is an incremental MAC tag generation device that enables incremental tag calculations that can support the editing of all block units, without losing the efficiency of normal tag calculations. A padding unit (11) carries out padding on a final block of a plaintext (M) that has been divided into... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140317408 - Data backup and service encryption key management: Disclosed are an apparatus and method of using encryption to access remote online application servers. One example method of operation may include applying an encryption key to an application server access operation. The method may include transmitting authentication credentials to an encryption server and receiving an application session key from... Agent: Kaseya International Limited

20140317411 - Deduplication of data: Backing up a data file can be accomplished by processing, in-line and at a first client, a plurality of datablocks taken from the data file. The processing of each datablock includes creating a unique signature of the datablock and determining whether the signature is contained in a database of signatures.... Agent: Intronis, Inc.

20140317410 - Network service intermediation method and intermediation system: An intermediation method used in an intermediation system that includes an intermediation device determining a permission for application services requiring user authentication on a network, where in response to a user request, a first account used for a first service and a second account used for a second service, and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140317409 - System for managing cryptographic keys and trust relationships in a secure shell (ssh) environment: A system for managing cryptographic keys and trust relationships in a secure shell (SSH) environment by mapping network servers, clients, and appliances and locating SSH keys and key pairs associated with each device. The system provides for mapping the network topology and all SSH keys and key pairs stored on... Agent: Venafi, Inc.

20140317412 - Method for securely searching, finding, reproducing, recovering, and/or exporting of electronic data: A method for securely searching, finding, reproducing, recovering, and/or exporting electronic data from at least two systems which can be found in a network and which are organized in a functionally identical and decentralized manner. The individual systems include a system certificate and a corresponding serial number by the manufacturer... Agent: Artec Computer Gmbh

20140317413 - Secure remediation of devices requesting cloud services: In accordance with embodiments disclosed herein, there are provided systems, apparatuses, and methods for implementing secure remediation of devices requesting cloud services. For example, in one embodiment, such means may include means for receiving, at a services provider, a request for services from a client; means for requesting authentication from... Agent:

20140317414 - Context sensitive dynamic authentication in a cryptographic system: A system for performing authentication of a first user to a second user includes the ability for the first user to submit multiple instances of authentication data which are evaluated and then used to generate an overall level of confidence in the claimed identity of the first user. The individual... Agent: Security First Corporation

20140317415 - Multi-touch methods and devices: The present disclosure relates to a multi-touch method, configured to a touch panel. The method comprises: applying a first object to touch a first image on the touch panel for inputting a first password; and determining whether inputting a second password, and if not, removing the first object from the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140317416 - Method for inputting accounts and passwords to computer or telecom device via an audio interface: A method for inputting accounts and passwords to a computer or telecom device via an audio interface via an audio jack. The method includes the following steps: fabricating a data storage device with audio interface; storing an account and password into the data storage device; setting a software capable of... Agent:

20140317417 - Generation of working security key based on security parameters: Techniques for improving security of an electronics device are disclosed. In one aspect of the present disclosure, security of a device may be improved by generating a working key based on a hardware secret key and at least one security parameter of the device, e.g., with a key derivation function.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140317418 - Server, client device, and usb redirection method: A client device obtains data from a universal serial bus (USB) device and compresses the data. The client device sends the compressed data to a server using a USB redirection. The server decompresses the compressed data and sends the decompressed data to a virtual machine installed in the server. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140317421 - Data storage system and method by shredding and deshredding: A system and method for data storage by shredding and deshredding of the data allows for various combinations of processing of the data to provide various resultant storage of the data. Data storage and retrieval functions include various combinations of data redundancy generation, data compression and decompression, data encryption and... Agent:

20140317420 - Encrypted data storage apparatus: The present invention relates to a secure memory storage system. In particular there is a data storage device having a receiver for receiving data, an encrypted persistent memory to store received data and a transmission control device physically independent of the data storage device. The apparatus is arranged such that... Agent: Knightsbridge Portable Communications Sp

20140317419 - Secure computing: Techniques and logic are presented for encrypting and decrypting programs and related data within a multi-processor system to prevent tampering. The decryption and encryption may be performed either between a system bus and a processor's individual L1 cache memory or between a processor's instruction and execution unit and their respective... Agent:

20140317422 - Method and apparatus to control current transients in a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes at least one core. The at least one core includes an execution unit and a current protection (IccP) controller. The IccP controller may receive instruction width information associated with one or more instructions of an instruction queue prior to execution of the instructions by... Agent:

20140317423 - Multi-battery power supply system: A multi battery power system includes an electronic device and an extension docking. The electronic device includes a first power storage module, a first connector, a second connector and a power conversion module. The first power storage module includes a first power storage unit. The first connector is coupled to... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140317424 - Power supply apparatus, power supply method, and storage medium: A power supply apparatus includes a receiving unit configured to receive a power supply request and a power supply condition from a power receiving apparatus, and a power supply control unit configured to instruct a power supply unit to perform a test power supply to a target power receiving apparatus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140317426 - Energy saving circuit of computer: Energy saving circuit of a computer is connected between a power supply and a motherboard. The energy saving circuit includes six electronic switches and a switch. When the computer is in the stand-by state, and the switch is pressed, the motherboard of the computer receives a standby voltage and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140317425 - Multi-core processor instruction throttling: An apparatus for performing instruction throttling for a multi-processor system is disclosed. The apparatus may include a power estimation circuit, a table, a comparator, and a finite state machine. The power estimation circuit may be configured to receive information on high power instructions issued to a first processor and a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140317427 - Dynamic clock voltage scaling (dcvs) based on application performance in a system-on-a-chip (soc), and related methods and processor-based systems: Dynamic clock voltage scaling (DCVS) based on application performance in a system-on-a-chip (SOC), and related methods and processor-based systems are disclosed. In this regard, in one embodiment, a method of providing an application-specific DCVS in a SOC is provided. The method comprises receiving performance data corresponding to at least one... Agent:

20140317429 - Electronic device and method for resuming from hibernation for the same: An electronic device and method for resuming from hibernation, the electronic device has a light sensing component and a tilt sensing component. When the electronic device is in the hibernation status, external light of electronic device is detected via the light sensing component for attaining light source data, the tilt... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20140317430 - Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including optimizing c-state selection under variable wakeup rates: A processor may include power management techniques to, dynamically, chose an optimal C-state for the processing core. The measurement of real workloads on the OSes exhibit two important observations (1) the bursts of high interrupt rate are interspersed between the low interrupt rate periods and long periods of high activity... Agent:

20140317428 - Pre-processing operation method and related electronic device: A pre-processing operation method for an electronic device with a touch panel, includes detecting a hovering event according a pre-processing condition of an application service; and entering into a standby mode of the application service and performing a pre-processing process after the hovering event conformed to the pre-processing condition is... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140317431 - Method and system for remotely controlling a storage shelf of a storage system: System and method for remotely performing a power cycle operation for a storage shelf of a storage server using a control path independent of a data path used for processing I/O requests is provided. The storage server maintains a data structure for storing information regarding a state of a plurality... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140317432 - Methods and systems for receiver detection on a pci-express bus: A method for detecting a receiver on a computer bus, comprises the steps of: applying a low voltage state on transmission lines of the computer bus using a voltage mode driver; applying a high voltage state on the transmission lines using the voltage mode driver; determining a voltage rate change... Agent:

20140317433 - Clock control circuit and method: This invention provides a clock control circuit, which can be added to any pipeline-processor to solve timing problems arising from variations due to process outcome and environmental conditions. Critical instructions are detected (instructions that exercise critical paths) in conjunction with environmental sensing (such as process, temperature and voltage). This information... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140317434 - Methods and systems for distributing clock and reset signals: A distribution network, comprises: circuit blocks having counters, wherein the counters are synchronized relative to an input signal; drivers connected in a balanced tree for distributing the input signal synchronously to the circuit blocks; and drivers connected in an unbalanced tree for distributing a reset signal to the circuit blocks,... Agent: Kool Chip, Inc.

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