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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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12/18/2014 > 51 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140372737 - Electronic device and method for automatically waking up operating system of electronic device: In a method for waking up an operating system of an electronic device, a sensor of the electronic device is started and controlled to detect a distance between a specific object and the electronic device when a specific object enters into a detection area of the sensor. The detected distance... Agent:

20140372745 - Booting a server using a remote read-only memory image: Systems, methods, and computer-readable and executable instructions are provided for booting a server using a remote read-only memory image. Booting a server using a remote read-only memory (ROM) image can include accessing a remote ROM image from a second server for the first server, wherein the first server does not... Agent:

20140372744 - Bootstrapping from a remote disk image via a network: A method of bootstrapping from a remote image file comprising loading, by a processor, an initial bootloader, employing the initial bootloader to download a final bootloader from the remote image file via a network, employing the final bootloader to mount the remote image file as a block device, downloading a... Agent:

20140372742 - Computer system and startup method: A computer system comprising a plurality of computers on which a plurality of operating systems run, wherein a memory stores a first hardware control unit, wherein a storage device stores a first OS image, a second OS image, a second hardware control unit for executing start processing of the second... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140372739 - Implementing concurrent adapter firmware update for an sriov adapter in a virtualized system: A method, system and computer program product are provided for implementing concurrent adapter firmware update of a Single Root Input/Output Virtualization (SRIOV) adapter in a virtualized system. An adapter driver is used to update adapter firmware concurrent with normal I/O operations. When configuration is stored in a scratchpad buffer, the... Agent:

20140372743 - Method and system for rendering a stolen mobile communications device inoperative: A method and system for rendering a stolen mobile communications device inoperative is presented. A determination that the mobile communications device is in a first state is made at a security component on the mobile communications device. A removal of a cryptographic key is affected at the security component on... Agent:

20140372741 - Opaque bridge for peripheral component interconnect express bus systems: A host system may couple to a PCIe subsystem. During setup of the PCIe subsystem, the BIOS in the host system may first be informed that the devices to be coupled are not PCIe devices, and certain amount of memory is required for these devices. The BIOS may therefore not... Agent:

20140372746 - Port throttling across an operating system restart during a hot upgrade: A method includes tagging, by a processor executing a first operating system kernel, a region of a memory used by a first storage area network (SAN) adapter driver coupled to a SAN adapter, and decoupling the first SAN adapter driver from the SAN adapter. A boot of a second operating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140372738 - Providing a trustworthy indication of the current state of a multi-processor data processing apparatus: A data processing apparatus formed on an integrated circuit comprising: a plurality of processors; power control circuitry configured to control power up and power down of the processors; a read only memory for storing boot up software for booting up each of the processors. The power control circuitry is configured... Agent: Arm Limited

20140372740 - Securely obtaining memory content after device malfunction: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for securely obtaining memory content after a device malfunction. For example, applications, components, and/or an operating system of a device may maintain information within volatile memory in a secure manner (e.g., using encryption). When the device malfunctions, such information may be useful... Agent:

20140372747 - System and method for managing tls connections among separate applications within a network of computing systems: An approach for reutilizing transport layer security (TLS) connections among separate application is provided. In one aspect, a computing system establishes a a transmission control program/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) connection between a first application of a first endpoint and a second application on a second endpoint. The computing system further performs... Agent:

20140372748 - Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and system for securing a message published to a topic by a publisher in a publish-subscriber messaging system with a topic policy for the topic. In a step, an exemplary embodiment establishes a topic policy for a topic. In another step,... Agent:

20140372749 - Network with protocol, privacy preserving source attribution and admission control and method: A device implemented, carrier independent packet delivery universal addressing networking protocol for communication over a network between network nodes utilizing a packet. The protocol has an IP stack having layers. At least some of the layers have privacy preserving source node attribution and network admission control. The packet is admitted... Agent:

20140372750 - Client-side encryption: Methods and systems of encrypting files at a client in a cloud-based file system are provided. A first key corresponding to an organization to which the client belongs is obtained. Then a first file is encrypted using the first key. Then the encrypted first file is transmitted to a server... Agent: Intermedia.net. Inc.

20140372751 - Enabling reliable communications between computing instances: Systems and methods for enabling reliable transactions of data communications are provided. A processing device according to one embodiment includes a management interface and a security module. The management interface is configured to initialize a transaction having a plurality of transaction elements. The transaction is a unit of work including... Agent:

20140372752 - Method and database system for secure storage and communication of information: A secure communications system for the secure storage and communication of authenticated user identity and personal information. The system includes a database of anonymised, individually encrypted user records. Access to the records is only permissible using a user key which is stored in a user keychain on a client device.... Agent:

20140372753 - Method and apparatus for performing distributed privacy-preserving computations on user locations: A location-trace comparison system can perform privacy-preserving computations on locations traces for two or more users, for example, to determine a location-visit overlap for these users. During operation, the system obtains location-event descriptions for locations that a local user has visited and/or is likely to visit, such that a respective... Agent:

20140372754 - Image based key derivation function: Embodiments of the invention relate to methods of generating and using an image-based derived key. In various embodiments, the image-based derived key may be used to facilitate user authentication and data encryption. For some embodiments, a method is disclosed comprising determining an image-based derived key, wherein the image-based derived key... Agent:

20140372757 - Primitive functions for use in remote computer management: The invention facilitates remote management of a computer via a network. Remote computer management capability can be expanded beyond that previously available through the addition of one or more new primitive functions that can be performed on a managed computer.... Agent:

20140372756 - Secure data parser method and system: The present invention provides a method and system for securing sensitive data from unauthorized access or use. The method and system of the present invention is useful in a wide variety of settings, including commercial settings generally available to the public which may be extremely large or small with respect... Agent:

20140372755 - System and method for controlling lifespan of interaction requests: An apparatus for controlling lifespan of interaction requests includes a processor and a memory, the memory storing instructions that when executed by the processor cause the processor to detect when an interaction request is being initiated for send from a communications appliance, server, or system, activate an interface on the... Agent:

20140372758 - Method and system for secured communication of control information in a wireless network environment: A method and system for securely communicating control information in a wireless network environment is provided. When a transmitting station has to transmit control information to a receiving station, the transmitting station determines whether the control information belongs to first type or second type. If the control information is the... Agent:

20140372759 - Copy protection scheme for digital audio and video content authenticated hdcp receivers: A method of delivering digital audio and video content and a HDCP source device are disclosed herein. In one embodiment the method includes: (1) receiving an encryption key from a potential receiver of the digital audio and video content, (2) authenticating the potential receiver is an HDCP compliant device and... Agent:

20140372760 - Method for the encryption of data: To improve known encryption methods for communication in non-secured wireless networks, the invention proposes using an active key for encryption, in each instance, and sending along a new key in the messages, in each instance, which key, after it has been received completely, becomes the key used, and, once again,... Agent: Appbyyou Gmbh

20140372761 - System and method for secure cloud service delivery with prioritized services in a network environment: An example method includes receiving a request for a cloud capability set during an Internet Key Exchange negotiation associated with a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel between a subscriber and a cloud, wherein the cloud capability set comprises one or more cloud capabilities, mapping the request to one or more... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140372762 - Trusted device: A trusted device, such as a wristwatch 2, is provided with authentication circuitry 26, used to perform an authentication operation to switch the trusted device into an authenticated state. Retention monitoring circuitry 32 monitors the physical possession of the trusted device by the user following the authentication operation and switches... Agent:

20140372763 - Dynamic media zones systems and methods: Systems and methods are described for applying digital rights management techniques to manage zones in electronic content. In one embodiment, zones are defined in a piece of electronic content, and a license is associated with the electronic content that indicates how the zones are to be accessed or otherwise used.... Agent:

20140372765 - Hashing prefix-free values in a signature scheme: Methods, systems, and computer programs for producing hash values are disclosed. A prefix-free value is obtained based on input data. The prefix-free value can be based on an implicit certificate, a message to be signed, a message to be verified, or other suitable information. A hash value is obtained by... Agent:

20140372764 - Schema signing: In one embodiment, an object in a database schema may be verified as having a valid digital signature associated with a trusted entity. An application may be permitted access to the object of the database schema only when the object of the database schema is verified to have a valid... Agent:

20140372766 - Automated document notarization: An automated notarization device includes a scanner, printer, hardware security module and camera. The hardware security module includes a secure processor and secure storage for data records and cryptographic keys, along with a secure real time clock. A person desiring to have a document notarized presents the document to the... Agent:

20140372769 - Automatic protocol selection in mixed-protocol secure computation: Secure multi-party computation may be performed utilizing mixed protocols in order to improve performance. In particular, embodiments implementing mixed protocols can reduce run time and thereby lower the cost of performing secure computation. Algorithms for optimizing selection from mixed protocols are disclosed, including an algorithm based on integer programming or... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372768 - Multi-layer data security: Data may be encrypted using a public key. From a plurality of functions executable on the data, one or more functions may be selected. The selected one or more functions may be associated with the encrypted data. The selected one or more functions may provide exclusive access to the data.... Agent: Sap Ag

20140372767 - Pooling entropy to facilitate mobile device-based true random number generation: A mobile device operating system pools any available entropy. The resulting entropy pool is stored in device memory. When storing entropy in memory, preferably memory addresses are randomly allocated to prevent an attacker from capturing entropy that might have already been used to create a random number. The stored entropy... Agent:

20140372770 - Secure data parser method and system: A secure data parser is provided that may be integrated into any suitable system for securely storing and communicating data. The secure data parser parses data and then splits the data into multiple portions that are stored or communicated distinctly. Encryption of the original data, the portions of data, or... Agent:

20140372771 - Piracy prevention and usage control system using access-controlled encrypted data containers: This is a system for controlling and restricting access (reading, writing, creating, deleting, manipulating, and control) to data and data representations of arbitrary processing engines through the use of secure containers, an access processing engine, and cryptographic keys.... Agent:

20140372774 - Context and power control information management for proximity services: Management of context and power control information enables different power control schemes for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint based on proximity services or applications. Context information may be defined as situation data about a service or application that is used to help define a power control scheme to be implemented. Power control... Agent:

20140372775 - Context and power control information management for proximity services: Management of context and power control information enables different power control schemes for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint based on proximity services or applications. Context information may be defined as situation data about a service or application that is used to help define a power control scheme to be implemented. Power control... Agent:

20140372776 - Method and apparatus for selecting the output of programmable power adapter: An apparatus of programming an output of a programmable power adapter according to the present invention comprises a control circuit. The method according to the present invention sends a signal to a device. A resistor is coupled to the signal to determine the level of the signal. The resistor is... Agent:

20140372772 - On-chip integrated processing and power generation: A self-powered processing device comprises both a processing device and a power generator that are physically, electrically, and thermally coupled to one another. The power generator can be a fuel cell that can be manufactured from materials that can also support processing circuitry, such as silicon-based materials. A thermal coupling... Agent:

20140372773 - Power over ethernet on data pairs and spare pairs: Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) provides a PoE supply voltage over data wires to a Powered Device (PD). A PSE controller controls a first FET that couples the PoE voltage to the data wire pairs and controls a second FET that couples the data wire pairs to the spare wire pairs.... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20140372777 - Adaptive latency tolerance for power management of memory bus interfaces: A method includes, in a memory system that includes a host and a storage device connected by a bus interface, assessing in the storage device a power supply state of the memory system. In the storage device a latency tolerance is selected for the bus interface based on the assessed... Agent:

20140372778 - Server backplane: A server backplane includes a circuit board, a first connector, a second connector, a power connector, a plurality of hard disk drive interfaces to be coupled to HDDs, a HDD controller interface, and a controller coupled to the plurality of HDD interfaces and the HDD controller interface. The controller can... Agent:

20140372779 - Control system and method for power shutdown of electronic device: A control system for power shutdown of an electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a sound monitor. The sound monitor monitors a decibel level of sound generated by surrounding environment. The control system includes a sound acquiring module, a first determining module, and a control module. The sound... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140372781 - Energy-efficient media equipment device: Method and systems for operating a media equipment device having at least a full-power mode and an off-power mode are provided. A voltage supply to the media equipment device may be controlled by the media equipment device itself or by an external power management unit to automatically power-off the media... Agent:

20140372780 - Power supply device: In a power supply device, the bridge circuit is configured by connecting, in parallel, a plurality of series circuits of an inverse-parallel connection circuit of a semiconductor switch and a diode. A control unit controls switching of a semiconductor switch so that a voltage v between AC terminals becomes zero... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140372782 - Combined dynamic and static power and performance optimization on data centers: Various datacenter or other computing center control apparatus and methods are disclosed. In one aspect, a method of computing is provided that includes defining plural processor performance bins where each processor performance bin has a processor performance state. At least one processor is assigned to each of the plural processor... Agent:

20140372783 - System and method for providing dynamic charge current based on maximum card power: Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for providing dynamic charge current based on maximum expansion card power. Dynamic monitoring of overall power usage by an expansion card is performed. Based on the dynamic monitoring, power consumption of a charging circuit of the card is dynamically adjusted... Agent:

20140372784 - Energy-efficient pipeline circuit templates for high-performance asynchronous circuits: Asynchronous circuits and techniques are described for asynchronous processing without synchronization to a common clock. Two specific energy-efficient pipeline templates for high throughput asynchronous circuits are provided as examples based on single-track handshake protocol. Each pipeline contains multiple stages of logic. The handshake overhead is minimized by eliminating validity and... Agent: Cornell University

20140372785 - High-speed i/o data system: In embodiments of a high-speed I/O data system, a first computer chip includes a data transmission system, and a second computer chip includes a data reception system. A data channel communicates an NRZ data signal, and a clock channel communicates a forwarded clock signal, from the data transmission system to... Agent:

20140372786 - Virtual per-processor timers for multiprocessor systems: A system provides virtual per-processor timers based on a timer such as a platform timer. To virtualize a timer to be used by each processor independently, a data structure is maintained in memory for the timer. The data structure has an entry for each interrupt to be produced for each... Agent:

20140372787 - Methods for dynamically adaptive bit-leveling by sweep sampling with automatic jitter avoidance: A circuit and method for implementing a adaptive bit-leveling function in an integrated circuit interface is disclosed. During a calibration operation, a pre-loaded data bit pattern is continuously sent from a sending device and is continuously read from an external bus by a receiving device. A programmable delay line both... Agent: Uniquify, Inc.

12/11/2014 > 56 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140365755 - Firmware authentication: Firmware authentication in Information Handling Systems (IHSs) are disclosed. In some embodiments, an IHS may include a controller having a memory, the memory configured to store a plurality of firmware volumes, each of the plurality of firmware volumes including a plurality of firmware files. The IHS may also include a... Agent:

20140365757 - Information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium: An information processing system includes an operating unit that receives an input in response to a user operation and that runs under a first operating system; and a main body that runs under a second operating system and operates in response to the input received by the operating unit. The... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140365756 - Managing host computing devices with a host control component: Systems and methods are disclosed which facilitate the management of host computing devices through the utilization of a host computing device control component. The host computing device control component includes a state monitoring component that monitors operating states of the control component and a group of associated host computing devices.... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140365758 - Techniques for booting an information processing system: A technique for booting an information processing system includes storing a boot sequence table in a storage unit. The boot sequence table includes a specific boot sequence defining a boot sequence of a setup utility and a bootable subject during booting. The boot sequence table is accessed via the operating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365760 - Communication equipment for secure communication: Communication equipment includes a communication device (112) and a user interface device (101), e.g. a remote speaker-microphone, interconnected via a short-range data link. The user interface device includes a user interface (102) for receiving commands from a user. The user interface device includes a processor (104) for generating event data... Agent:

20140365759 - Signaling and carriage of protection and usage information for dynamic adaptive streaming: A Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over Hypertext Transport Protocol (DASH) server component is disclosed. The DASH server component may comprise a memory, a processor coupled to the memory, and a transmitter coupled to the processor. The processor may be configured to generate one or more keys containing content protection information for... Agent:

20140365761 - Secure relay system: A method and apparatus for use in securely relaying data. The data is received by a first relay unit from a data provider. The data is sent by the first relay unit to a mail server. The data is retrieved by a second relay unit in a second network from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140365762 - Method and apparatus for securely synchronizing password systems: A centralized password repository (CPR) provides network users with a password portal through which the user can manage password access to domains and applications on the network. A subset of the domains and applications on the network may be required, by design, to maintain a separate password infrastructure. For these... Agent:

20140365763 - Apparatus and method for provisioning an endorsement key certificate for a firmware trusted platform module: Disclosed is a method for provisioning an endorsement key (EK) certificate for a firmware trusted platform module (fTPM). In the method, the fTPM receives a derived key (DK) from a hardware trusted platform (HWTP). The fTPM is implemented in the HWTP, the DK is derived from a hardware key (HWK)... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140365765 - Method and system for signing and authenticating electronic documents via a signature authority which may act in concert with software controlled by the signer: A system and method for signing and authenticating electronic documents using public key cryptography applied by one or more server computer clusters operated in a trustworthy manner, which may act in cooperation with trusted components controlled and operated by the signer. The system employs a presentation authority for presenting an... Agent:

20140365766 - Method and system for signing and authenticating electronic documents via a signature authority which may act in concert with software controlled by the signer: A system and method for signing and authenticating electronic documents using public key cryptography applied by one or more server computer clusters operated in a trustworthy manner, which may act in cooperation with trusted components controlled and operated by the signer. The system employs a presentation authority for presenting an... Agent:

20140365767 - Scalable groups of authenticated entities: Example embodiments provide various techniques for securing communications within a group of entities. In one example method, a request from an entity to join the group is received and a signed, digital certificate associated with the entity is accessed. Here, the signed, digital certificate is signed with a group private... Agent:

20140365764 - System and method for distributed security: A security architecture in which a security module is integrated in a client machine, wherein the client machine includes a local host that is untrusted. The security module performs encryption and decryption algorithms, authentication, and public key processing. The security module also includes separate key caches for key encryption keys... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140365768 - Extending data over cable service interface specification (docsis) provisioning of ethernet passive optical network (epon) (dpoe) to epon over coax (epoc) multicast key management: Disclosed herein are mechanisms to support the management of multicast keys for a multicast group comprising one or more optical line terminals (OLTs), one or more fiber to coax units (FCUs), and a plurality of coax network units (CNUs). The disclosed embodiments may support the management of multicast keys over... Agent:

20140365770 - Apparatus and method for efficiently and securely exchanging connection data: In the described embodiments, a connection data exchange (“CDX”) service serves as an exchange point for connection data for establishing peer-to-peer (“P2P”) connections between devices. During operation, the CDX service can receive a connection data structure (a “ticket”) that was created by a matchmaker or an invitation service in response... Agent:

20140365771 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and computer program: An information processing apparatus that controls a display to display a first user interface including a first input field configured to receive identification information and a second input field configured to receive a public key; and controls transmitting identification information received at the first input field and a public key... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140365769 - Method and arrangement for provisioning and managing a device: A method, arrangement, and provisioning server in a Selected Home Operator (SHO) network for downloading a new Downloadable Universal Subscriber Identity Module (DLUSIM) to a communication device when the communication device changes from a first operator network to the SHO network. A manager of the communication device registers with the... Agent: Telefonkatiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140365772 - Privacy protected interactions with third parties: Various embodiments are directed to computer-implemented methods and systems for a site to facilitate privacy protected interactions between users of a site and a third party utility. For example, a computer may receiving from a user selected from the users of the site, a request to interact with the third... Agent:

20140365773 - Systems and methods for controlling a locking mechanism using a portable electronic device: Systems and methods are provided for operating a remotely operable lock. In an example embodiment, a method comprises receiving credentials at a web service from a portable electronic device, authenticating the credentials, and based on a successful authentication, issuing a command for receipt by the lock from the web service... Agent:

20140365774 - Communication device, communication method, and communication system: According to an embodiment, a communication device includes a storage unit and a determiner. The storage unit is configured to store therein a degree of priority and a first requested volume for each of one or more applications that use an encryption key. The first requested volume indicates a volume... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140365776 - Electronic authentication systems: A transaction device for establishing a shared secret with a point of interaction (POI) over a communications network to enable encrypted communications between the transaction device and the point of interaction, the device comprising: an input arranged to receive communications from the point of interaction; a processor arranged to generate... Agent:

20140365775 - System and method for mitigation of denial of service attacks in networked computing systems: In a method of network communication that mitigates denial of service attacks, a server broadcasts cryptographic puzzles with certain time intervals, where each puzzle is only valid for the given time interval. A client receives the puzzle, generates a solution for the puzzle, and sends a network request to the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140365777 - Systems and methods for securing network communications: Secure communications may be established amongst network entities for performing authentication and/or verification of the network entities. For example, a user equipment (UE) may establish a secure channel with an identity provider, capable of issuing user identities for authentication of the user/UE. The UE may also establish a secure channel... Agent:

20140365778 - Method and system for roaming website account and password: A method and system for roaming website accounts and passwords are provided. The method is operational on a first client and includes: authenticating website accounts and passwords that have been stored; obtaining the stored website addresses, accounts and passwords according to a success verification; encrypting the stored website addresses, accounts... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140365779 - Generating digital signatures: Methods, systems, and computer programs for generating a digital signature are disclosed. In some aspects, a symmetric key is accessed. The symmetric key is based on an ephemeral public key. The ephemeral public key is associated with an ephemeral private key. A ciphertext is generated based on the symmetric key... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140365780 - System and methods for one-time password generation on a mobile computing device: A method for a mobile computing device comprises downloading a one-time password initializer from an authentication server, the one-time password initializer configured to generate a device-specific signature for the mobile computing device; uploading a device-specific signature to the authentication server; and downloading a device-specific configuration and one-time password generator from... Agent:

20140365781 - Receiving a delegated token, issuing a delegated token, authenticating a delegated user, and issuing a user-specific token for a resource: Some embodiments relate to a computer readable medium including a program code, which is configured, when running on a programmable hardware component, to receive a delegated token from a user's device, including receiving a signal indicative of at least the delegated user identifier and a delegating security pattern from the... Agent:

20140365782 - Method and system for providing password-free, hardware-rooted, asic-based authentication of a human to a mobile device using biometrics with a protected, local template to release trusted credentials to relying parties: Biometric data, which may be suitably transformed are obtained from a biometric input device contained within a stand-alone computer or a mobile device, which may contain an ASIC chip connected to or incorporated within the stand-alone computer or mobile device and which includes the capability for capturing one or more... Agent:

20140365783 - Method and system for verifying authenticity of at least part of an execution environment for executing a computer module: A system for verifying authenticity of at least part of an execution environment for executing a computer program module. The system includes a processor and a storage for storing the computer program module and the execution environment. The computer program module is operative to cause the processor to process digital... Agent: Irdeto Corporate B.v.

20140365784 - Setting-data encrypting apparatus, information processing apparatus, and setting changing method: A setting-data encrypting apparatus includes an input device, a processor, and an output device. Setting data is input from the input device. The setting data indicates a detail to be newly set to an information processing apparatus whose performance-related setting is to be changed. The processor encrypts the setting data... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140365786 - Communication device, communication method, computer program product, and communication system: According to an embodiment, a communication device includes an acquirer and a determiner. The acquirer is configured to acquire a first history value for each of one or more applications that use an encryption key. The first history value indicates a history value of a volume of the encryption key... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140365785 - Migration of encrypted data for data storage systems: Systems and methods for compression, formatting, and migration of data for data storage systems are disclosed. In some embodiments, data repacking can be used in any situation where embedded metadata needs to be accessed, such as during data migration, and where the underlying data is encrypted. In some embodiments, performance... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20140365790 - Battery power management for a mobile device: Techniques for managing battery power of a mobile device are described. In an aspect, battery power may be reserved for an application prior to execution of the application on the mobile device. The reservation may ensure that the application has sufficient battery power for execution. In another aspect, battery power... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140365788 - Control circuit for hard disk drives: A control circuit includes a power supply, a measurement unit, a control unit, and hard disk drives. The power supply is used to supply power for the hard disk drives. The measurement unit is used to detect a current of the power supply and output a trigger signal if the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140365789 - Electronic device and method of providing battery information by electronic device: An electronic device, a method of providing battery information of an electronic device, and a storage medium for storing the method are provided. The electronic device includes a storage unit that stores an application use history; and a controller that partitions an entire battery capacity into at least one or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140365787 - Scenario power management: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for dynamically applying power policies to a computing environment. For example, a computing environment may comprise one or more activity components (e.g., a display driver, an audio driver, an application, etc.) that may provide status information used to identify a scenario (e.g.,... Agent:

20140365791 - Remote power down control of a device: In remote power down control of a device configured for externally initiated remote power down, such as over a network, activity of all externally connected sources of valid power down requests for the device is monitored; and the device is powered down in response to a combination of one of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140365792 - Battery management system, and method of managing the same: A battery management system includes a plurality of slave controllers, each slave controller of the plurality of slave controllers being coupled to a respective battery module, each of the slave controllers having a slave controller identifier, the respective slave controller identifiers being allocated by a slave controller identifier allocation operation... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140365794 - Browser-driven power saving: The embodiments disclosed herein describe ways that a browser application or other process can reduce power usage by a computing device. Methods include the process suspending one or more plug-ins on a web page by replacing them with a snapshot taken from the plug-in, and reducing processing on non-media plug-ins... Agent:

20140365796 - Power management for a system on a chip (soc): In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for sending a first link handshake signal between a first subsystem and a power management unit (PMU) of a system on a chip (SoC) to request entry into a power saving state for the first subsystem, sending a second link handshake... Agent:

20140365795 - Systems and methods for reducing energy storage requirements in a data center: A method for reducing a need for power in a backup mode of operation in a data center includes receiving a first alert from an uninterruptible power supply indicating that the uninterruptible power supply is operating in a first mode, wherein the first mode includes deriving power from a stored... Agent:

20140365793 - Thermal management of an integrated circuit: Methods for thermal management of an integrated circuit are disclosed. In particular, a dual control loop, having a first control loop and a second control loop, is used to maintain the temperature of an integrated circuit at a first temperature and a second temperature, respectively. In order to prevent the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140365797 - Minimizing power consumption in a network device: A network interface device (NID) may determine whether the received data units of the computer system are to be compressed before transmitting the data units. The NID may determine the compression energy value consumed to compress the first K1 data units and a second transmission energy value to transmit the... Agent:

20140365800 - Electronic apparatus, power management system, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program: Provided is an electronic apparatus including a changing unit that changes control modes of the electronic apparatus including a first mode and a second mode, a first notification unit that notifies a management unit of circumstances of the electronic apparatus at a notification timing which is determined by the electronic... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140365802 - Information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and power management method: An information processing apparatus includes: a communication unit that performs communication with a power supply controller controlling supply and shutoff of power supply of a device; an operation receiving unit that receives input of user operation; an instructing unit that instructs the power supply controller via the communication unit to... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140365798 - L2 flush and memory fabric teardown: A system and a method which include one or more processors, a memory coupled to at least one of the processors, a communication link coupled to the memory, and a power management unit. The power management unit may be configured to detect an inactive state of at least one of... Agent:

20140365801 - Management device and management system: A hop count between a management device and a management target device is calculated, and a notification destination range of an unspecified notification pertaining to a power supply mode is obtained from the management target device. On the basis of the obtained results, it is determined whether or not an... Agent:

20140365799 - Reducing power consumption and wakeup latency in ssd controllers by not resetting flash devices: An apparatus comprising a memory and a controller. The memory processes a plurality of read/write operations. The controller (i) operates in a first power domain to control power savings operations, and (ii) processes the read/write operations in a second power domain. The first power domain is isolated from the second... Agent:

20140365803 - Motion fencing: In some implementations, a mobile device can be configured with virtual motion fences that delineate domains of motion detectable by the mobile device. In some implementations, the mobile device can be configured to invoke an application or function when the mobile device enters or exits a motion domain (by crossing... Agent:

20140365804 - Non-intrusive power management: A method and system for managing power consumption of a pool of computing devices are disclosed. One aspect of certain embodiments includes managing resource utilization for each computing device without installing customized software, firmware or hardware on the computing device and dynamically selecting, one or more candidate computing devices for... Agent: Tso Logic Inc.

20140365806 - Peripheral apparatus and control method thereof: A peripheral apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The peripheral apparatus is suitable for coupling an electronic device to provide a peripheral function to the electronic device for use, where the peripheral apparatus draws power supplies from the electronic device. The peripheral apparatus includes a power detecting module... Agent: Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

20140365805 - Power over ethernet parameter storage: Presented herein are techniques for storing parameter values determined by a power sourcing equipment (PSE) device during a Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection process. More specifically, in one example, a voltage is applied to an end device connected, via an Ethernet cable, to a port of the PSE device. The... Agent:

20140365807 - Power supply apparatus, power supply method, and recording medium: A power supply apparatus includes a wireless power supply unit that wirelessly supplies power to an electronic device, a wireless communication unit that wirelessly communicates with the electronic device, a detection unit that detects a change of a position of the electronic device, and a control unit that controls, based... Agent:

20140365808 - Temporary frequency adjustment of mobile device processors based on task migration: Systems and methods for temporarily adjusting the frequency of processors are disclosed. A computing device may include a plurality of processors that are each configured to execute one or more tasks at a corresponding one of a plurality of frequencies. A scheduling component migrates tasks between the processors to balance... Agent: Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

20140365809 - Semiconductor circuit apparatus and electronic apparatus: A semiconductor circuit apparatus includes a controller configured to output a control signal, an outputting part configured to output the control signal outside of the semiconductor circuit apparatus, a condition holding part configured to hold a generating condition and an output condition of a trigger signal, a trigger signal generator... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140365810 - Power saving device and power saving method thereof: The power saving device and method are provided. The power saving device which applies to a network apparatus includes a Phase-Locked Loop circuit, a computing module and a clock-selecting register, the Phase-Locked Loop circuit is configured to receive a reference clock frequency and generate a clock frequency-increasing signal according to... Agent: Accton Technology Corporation

12/04/2014 > 83 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140359259 - Communication with a virtual trusted runtime bios: A computing system and a method of communicating with a virtual trusted runtime BIOS. The computing system can include hardware and a virtual machine monitor. A virtual trusted runtime BIOS can be managed by the virtual machine monitor. A communication channel can communicate with the virtual trusted runtime BIOS. The... Agent:

20140359258 - Declarative configuration elements: Systems and methods for desired state configuration (DSC) are disclosed. DSC provides the ability to perform declarative configuration natively within a shell language and to use early-bound schematized data constructs embedded in a late-bound shell language. This allows declarative programming elements to be incorporated into imperative languages, such as scripts... Agent:

20140359261 - Environmentalization technique for promotion of application programming interface (api) server in lifecycle succession of deployments: Example methods, systems, and techniques of managing a succession of deployments of an application programming interface (API) server configuration are provided. An example method includes defining a first configuration of the API server. The first configuration includes a deployment package that encodes at least policy, listener and external connection components... Agent: Vordel Limited

20140359260 - Image forming apparatus having hibernation function, control method therefor, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus which has a hibernation function and is capable of selecting a suitable startup method even in a case where device connection states are different at power-off and at next startup. A hibernation image created based on data stored in a memory of the image forming apparatus... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140359257 - Systems and methods for accurate initialization from low-power and power-off states: This paper describes various embodiments that relate to personal computer systems, and accurate initialization of computer hardware of personal computer systems from a low-power and/or power-off state. According to one embodiment of the invention, a computer system includes a device operative to be powered down to the power-off state dependent... Agent:

20140359262 - Wireless handheld device startup method and wireless handheld device: The present disclosure discloses a startup method and a wireless handheld device. The present disclosure relates to the field of communications technologies. The startup method includes: when a wireless handheld device is started, if it is detected that a Kth Android installation package file in a data application directory is... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140359270 - Attestation protocol for securely booting a guest operating system: In a cloud computing environment, a production server virtualization stack is minimized to present fewer security vulnerabilities to malicious software running within a guest virtual machine. The minimal virtualization stack includes support for those virtual devices necessary for the operation of a guest operating system, with the code base of... Agent:

20140359263 - Boot from logical volume spanning plurality of pci devices: A first driver may interface with an operating system (OS). A second driver may interface with a plurality of Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices. The first driver may expose the plurality of PCI devices as a single logical volume to the OS. The OS may boot from the single logical... Agent:

20140359265 - Fast modeling using interpolated starting points: Techniques are disclosed relating to forward and inverse modeling of geophysical formations using interpolation. In one embodiment, a method includes generating a system of equations based on a background model that describes a geophysical formation. In this embodiment, the method also includes generating a first set of solutions for the... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140359264 - Method for low power boot for microcontroller: A microcontroller includes a clock generator having an internal reference clock, a system mode controller establishing an operating mode, a flash memory having an internal clock and a non-volatile option register, and a boot mode selection logic circuit coupled to the system mode controller and the flash memory. The logic... Agent:

20140359267 - Method of controlling computer system and computer system: A computer system with a plurality of processors having a hardware-assisted virtualization and a memory, the computer system including a first processor group of the processors having hardware-assisted virtualization set disabled, and a second processor group of the processors and having hardware-assisted virtualization set enabled, the method having: booting a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140359268 - Methods of securely changing the root key of a chip, and related electronic devices and chips: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for changing a security key on a computer chip that has a CPU, a first OTPROM (OTPROM1) storing a root key of the chip or derivative thereof (RKPUB1), and a second OTPROM (OTPROM2) on which the chip manufacturer stores nothing. A ROM of the chip... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140359266 - Optimizing boot time of a storage system: Systems and methods herein provide a storage system that optimizes the boot time when the storage system is rebooted. One embodiment includes a storage controller operable to determine a topology of one or more storage devices. The storage controller stores the topology in memory. When the storage controller detects a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140359269 - Techniques for dynamic system performance tuning: Systems and methods consistent with the present disclosure include techniques for dynamic system performance tuning (DSPT). Techniques for DSPT include identifying an active software application during a user session and applying an application-specific profile that defines different system-hardware operating states of a computing system to enhance the performance of the... Agent:

20140359271 - Elastic auto-parallelization for stream processing applications: A method for adjusting a data parallel region of a stream processing application includes measuring congestion of each parallel channel of the data parallel region, measuring a total throughput of all the parallel channels, and adjusting the number of parallel channels based on the current measured congestion and throughput.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140359273 - Method and apparatus for inputting data: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for inputting data. The present invention relates to the communications field and aims to improve security of input information. The method includes: acquiring, by a virtual machine manager, input data; performing, by the virtual machine manager, encryption processing on... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140359272 - Secure multi-party device pairing using sensor data: Content is securely shared between communication devices in an ad-hoc manner by employing common sensing context to establish pairing between the communication devices. In one aspect, the communication devices are within a specified distance from each other and sense common signals from their environment over a specified time period. The... Agent:

20140359274 - System and method for exchanging encryption keys between a mobile device and a peripheral device: Systems and methods for providing additional security for data being transmitted across a wireless connection that has been established using a known wireless protocol (e.g. Bluetooth) are described. An encryption key is exchanged between a computing device (e.g. a mobile device) and a wireless peripheral device (e.g. a keyboard, a... Agent:

20140359275 - Method and apparatus securing traffic over mpls networks: Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) data is typically sent non-encrypted over MPLS-based networks. If encryption is applied to MPLS data frames and MPLS labels are encrypted, each node receiving any of the MPLS data frame would have to perform decryption in order to direct the data frames to a next node,... Agent: Certes Networks, Inc.

20140359276 - Securing data in a dispersed storage network: A method begins by a source processing module securing data based on a key stream to produce secured data, where the key stream is derived from a unilateral encryption key accessible only to the source processing module, and sending the secure data to an intermediator processing module, where desecuring the... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140359277 - Network security using encrypted subfields: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving from a secure device, an encrypted rule at a first network device, receiving at the first network device, a packet containing at least one encrypted subfield from a second network device, the subfield encrypted based on a key received at the second network... Agent:

20140359279 - Method and system for authenticating peer devices using eap: A system and method for authenticating a peer device onto a network using Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). The key lifetime associated with the keying material generated in the peer device and the authentication server is communicated from the authenticator to the peer device within the EAP Success message. The peer... Agent:

20140359278 - Secure remote subscription management: A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing secure remote subscription management. Secure remote subscription management may include providing the Wireless Transmit/Receive Unit (WTRU) with a connectivity identifier, such as a Provisional Connectivity Identifier (PCID), which may be used to establish an initial network connection to an Initial Connectivity Operator... Agent:

20140359281 - Certificate evaluation for certificate authority reputation advising: In many information security scenarios, a certificate issued by a certificate authority on behalf of a domain is presented to a client in order to verify the identity of the domain. However, due to a decentralized structure and incomplete coordination among certificate authorities, the presence and exploitation of security vulnerabilities... Agent:

20140359280 - Certificating authority trust evaluation: In many information security scenarios, a certificate issued by a certificating authority may be presented to a client in order to assert a trust level of a certificated item, such as a message or a web page. However, due to a decentralized structure and incomplete coordination among certificating authorities, the... Agent:

20140359284 - Computer program and method for biometrically secured, transparent encryption and decryption: A computer program for enabling secured, transparent encryption and decryption provides a user interface that allows a user to drag and drop files into and out of a secure repository and automatically encrypts files transferred into the repository and automatically decrypts files transferred out of the repository. The user can... Agent:

20140359283 - Interlocking applications and files: A file system monitoring layer is positioned between a virtual file system (VFS) encryption layer and a lower level file system layer. The file system monitoring layer stores a list of applications that are allowed to access encrypted files stored in the lower level file system. The monitoring layer receives... Agent: Zentera Systems, Inc.

20140359285 - Method and system for transferring data instructions through a host file system: A method for encrypting data may generate an encryption instruction and combine it with a payload of data to form a packet. The packet is associated with a command and passed to a host file system process. The packet, now associated with a second command, is received from the host... Agent:

20140359282 - Systems and methods for enabling searchable encryption: A system and method for enabling searchable encryption of encrypted documents stored by a client on one or more storage providers includes a broker server in communication with the client and the one or more storage providers. The broker server is adapted to transfer the encrypted documents between the client... Agent: Alcatel-lucent

20140359286 - Contact management method, apparatus and system for third-party application: A contact management method, apparatus and system for a third-party application are described. The contact management method includes: detecting an instruction to obtain a contact, wherein the instruction is input by a user operating the third-patty application; reading contact data in an address book in responsive to the instruction to... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140359287 - Method and system for reconstruction of a data object from distributed redundant data parts: A data object is encoded in a redundant code. The redundant code defines a decoding scheme for reconstructing the data object from a sub-set of the encoded data parts. At least the sub-set of the encoded data parts is encrypted using a homomorphic encryption scheme, which allows equivalents of the... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140359290 - Authentication: A method in a first entity for authenticating itself to a second entity by proving to the second entity that it is in possession of a full secret without sending the full secret to the second entity, the method comprising: receiving in the first entity an input from a user,... Agent:

20140359288 - Authentication devices, key generator devices, methods for controlling an authentication device, and methods for controlling a key generator: An authentication device may be provided. The authentication device may include a memory configured to store: a first public key; and first data signed using a first private key corresponding to the first public key, the signed data including a second public key. The authentication device may further include a... Agent:

20140359292 - Electronic key registration method and electronic key registration system: A method for registering a first electronic key, which is capable of controlling a communication subject, to a controller of the communication subject, the method including: performing an initial production process including storing identification information unique to the communication subject in the controller, and storing an encryption key generation code... Agent:

20140359293 - Method and device for secure notification of identity: A system, methods and devices for the secure notification of an identity in a communications network. The methods include sending or receiving a communication including a hash of a certificate of a device to notify or detect the presence of the device in a network. Each certificate is associated with... Agent:

20140359289 - Method for deriving a verification token from a credential: A method for deriving a verification token from a credential may be provided. The credential may be a set of attributes certified by an issuer to a user using a public key of the issuer. The method may comprise generating the verification token out of the credential and binding the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140359291 - Registry: A system, method, server processing system, and computer program product for operating a registry. In one aspect, the server processing system is configured to: receive, from a user processing system in data communication with the server processing system, document data relating to an entity; receive, from the user processing system,... Agent: The Digital Filing Company Pty Ltd

20140359294 - Configurable, secure quick response code creation and use: Systems, software, and methods are provided for configurable, encrypted, secure QR code creation and use. Furthermore, these codes can be used by many entities to provide improved monitoring for a variety of systems.... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140359295 - Method of transferring the control of a security module from a first entity to a second entity: A method is provided for transferring control of a security module from a first entity to a second entity. The security module has a first security domain controlled by the first entity by at least one first secret control key specific to the first entity, and a second security domain,... Agent: Orange

20140359296 - Methods to improve secure flash programming: Methods are provided for securely loading software objects into an electronic control unit. The methods include receiving a first software object comprising a second level public key certificate, a first encryption signature and a first set of software. Once the first software object is received, validating the first second level... Agent:

20140359297 - Systems and methods for intermediate message authentication in a switched-path network: Systems, methods, and devices are provided for intermediate authentication of a message transmitted through a switched-path network, such as an optical transport network (OTN). In one method, a message transmitted through communication nodes of a switched-path network may be authenticated, at least partially, by authentication logic of one or more... Agent: Altera Corporation

20140359298 - Systems and methods to secure user identification: A computing apparatus configured to verify a digital signature applied on a set of data received from a user device, including a user ID assigned by a partner system to uniquely identify a user of the user device among customers of the partner system, and a user device identifier identifying... Agent:

20140359299 - Method for determination of user's identity: Method and system for determination of user's identity described herein, ensures a secure user authentication process using mobile device, e.g. a phone. Method can be used with any service provider resource site, not limited to a website on Internet accessed from the personal computer. The only technological pre-requisite for such... Agent:

20140359300 - Input information authentication device, server device, input information authentication system, and program of device: At the time of input of authentication information, even when the hand and the input screen are seen from the third person, guess of authentication information is made difficult. A plurality of keys serving as input means are divided into a first region and a second region. Then, the first... Agent:

20140359301 - Uniform modular framework for a host computer system: A security framework for a host computer system which allows a host to control access to a compliant security token by ensuring enforcement of established security policies administered by a middleware application. Processing between the host computer system and the security token is performed using one or more modular security... Agent: Assa Abloy Ab

20140359305 - Application integrity protection via secure interaction and processing: The present disclosure is directed to application integrity protection via secure interaction and processing. For example, interaction with a user interface in a device may result in input information being generated. Following encryption, the input information may be conveyed to an application executing in a secure processing environment. The encrypted... Agent:

20140359309 - Deletion of content in storage systems: The invention notably relates to a computerized system (301) comprising a storage system (302, 308) storing objects and attribute values associated to the objects. The attribute values are organized according to a set of N attribute types, N≧1, such that, for each of said attribute types, an object can be... Agent:

20140359308 - Display device with mobile high-definition link port and signal processing method thereof: A signal processing method for a display device is provided. The display device is capable of connecting a portable consumer electronic device via a high-definition link (MHL) port. Via the communication bus (CBUS) in the MHL port, a set of encryption codes is provided to the portable consumer electronic device.... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140359307 - Image forming apparatus performing control of browsing of a file by a terminal, terminal, file browsing control system, image forming method, and recording medium: There is provided an image forming apparatus that eliminates the need for separately preparing an encrypted file for each user. To achieve this, the image forming apparatus performs control of browsing of a browsing file that is browsed at a terminal. The document acquisition portion of the image forming apparatus... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140359303 - Secure original equipment manufacturer (oem) identifier for oem devices: An authorized information handling system (IHS) generates unique identifier codes for an OEM (programmable) device designed as a component for an IHS. An identifier generation and validation (IGV) controller in the authorized IHS generates a unique encrypted sequence by encrypting identification (ID) data read from the OEM device. The IGV... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140359302 - System and method for intercept of uefi block i/o protocol services for bios based hard drive encryption support: An information handling system and method performs Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) interception and pre-processing of data associated with block input/output (I/O) commands targeting encrypted storage devices. A UEFI interceptor block (IB) I/O driver intercepts each block I/O command targeting block addresses on a storage device and identifies whether any... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140359306 - System, information processing apparatus, secure module, and verification method: A system includes a secure module structured to prevent information stored therein from being externally referenced; and an information processing apparatus configured to enable communication with the secure module. The information processing apparatus includes a first computer configured to execute a first verification process of verifying whether an application under... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20140359304 - Trusted manager bridge: A system and method for securing processing devices includes a police bridge disposed in one or more data busses between a central processing and input/output peripherals, components or components. The police bridge is suitably disposed between northbridge logic and southbridge logic. Alternatively, or in addition to such placement, a police... Agent:

20140359314 - Computer system and its power adapter with image projection function: A computer system and its power adapter with image projection function are provided. The computer system includes an electronic device and a power adapter. The power adapter includes a waveform-transforming module and an image-projecting module electrically connected to the waveform-transforming module. When the power adapter electrically connects to both a... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140359311 - Controlling power delivery to a processor via a bypass: In one embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of domains each to operate at an independently controllable voltage and frequency, a plurality of linear regulators each to receive a first voltage from an off-chip source and controllable to provide a regulated voltage to at least one of the plurality of... Agent:

20140359313 - Implementation of an air tube button: An approach is described for implementing an air tube button in a computing system. An associated apparatus may include an air tube having an aperture located on a panel of the computing system. The apparatus further may include an airflow sensor located in the air tube and a fan configured... Agent:

20140359315 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a configuration information acquiring unit, an operation information acquiring unit, an estimating unit, and a first power calculator. The configuration information acquiring unit acquires configuration information representing a configuration of a device. The operation information acquiring unit acquires operation information representing an operation state of... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140359316 - Method and apparatus for controlling operation voltage of processor core, and processor system including the same: A method and an apparatus for controlling an operation voltage of a processor core and a processor system including the same are provided. The apparatus for controlling an operation voltage of a processor core includes a voltage supplier and an operation voltage searching core. The voltage supplier supplies the operation... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140359317 - Motherboard with connector compatible for different interface standards: A motherboard includes a first connector, a first signal module, a second signal module, a power module, and a switch module. The first connector is used to couple external devices to the motherboard. The first signal module and the second signal module are compatible for external devices under different interface... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140359318 - Power adapters: Power adapters are disclosed. An example power adapter includes a housing. The example power adapter also includes a power converter to convert an input power to an output power. The example power adapter also includes a communication pod carried by the housing, the port to receive data from a first... Agent: Hewlett-packarddevelopment Company, L.p.

20140359319 - Power distribution inside cable: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that provide for the powering of active components in connector inserts at each end of a cable may in various ways. For example, where a host is coupled to a device that is not self-powered, the host may provide power for circuitry at each end of... Agent:

20140359312 - Power on with near field communication: A system for powering up a computer having a central processing unit (CPU), which CPU includes an operating system (OS), when the CPU is in an Sx state in which the (OS) is not powered up. There is a near field communication (NFC) detector for detecting an NFC signal, and... Agent:

20140359320 - Power over ethernet method, apparatus, device, and system: The application pertains to a method for an Ethernet power souring equipment to provide electric power to one or more Ethernet powered devices. A controlling apparatus determines a power supply mode of the Ethernet power sourcing equipment, and determines high-power Ethernet powered device(s) and low-power Ethernet powered device(s) among the... Agent:

20140359310 - Subsystem-level power management in a multi-node virtual machine environment: A computer-implemented method includes capping the amount of power available to each of a plurality of compute nodes, and managing power allocation among subsystems within each of the compute nodes according to the requirements of workloads assigned to each of the compute nodes. The method further comprises reporting an actual... Agent:

20140359321 - Preventive apparatus and method for protecting server: A preventive apparatus and a preventive method for preventing an automatic server shutdown are described. The preventive apparatus includes a power consumption determination unit and a controller. The power consumption determination unit compares the power consumption of the server with a preset power consumption value and determines whether the power... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140359322 - Serial advanced technology attachment interfaces and methods for power management thereof: At least one example embodiment discloses a method of managing a power between a host serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) interface and a device SATA interface. The method includes first requesting to enter one of power saving states, defined by a SATA protocol, and second requesting to enter a deep... Agent:

20140359327 - Electronic apparatus that performs cooling during power-off, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: A technique for controlling a power supply of an electronic apparatus, which makes it possible to positively cool the inside of the apparatus after turning off a main switch of the apparatus, thereby making it possible to reduce unnecessary power consumption. A battery is rechargeable by an AC power supply.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140359326 - Embedded controller for power-saving and method thereof: An embedded controller for power-saving and a method thereof are provided. The embedded controller is used for executing a plurality of tasks and includes a timer module and a control unit. The timer module includes a plurality of timers, and each of timers is corresponding to one of the tasks... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140359325 - Method, device and system for energy management: The present application relates to carrying out energy management based on context information. In the method, apparatus and system according to the application, a context vector (820) is used to select a operational state plurality of operational state vectors (825, 835). The plurality of operational state vectors are indicative of... Agent:

20140359323 - System and method for closed loop physical resource control in large, multiple-processor installations: A system and method for closed loop power supply control in large, multiple processor installations are provided.... Agent: Smooth-stone, Inc. C/o Barry Evans

20140359324 - System and method for intelligent multimedia-based thermal power management in a portable computing device: Various embodiments of methods and systems for intelligent multimedia-based thermal power management implemented in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are disclosed. To reduce or increase power consumption in the PCD, embodiments adjust one or more visual multimedia parameters, the settings of which contribute to power consumption associated with an overall... Agent:

20140359329 - Adaptive power switch circuit: An adaptive power-switch circuit suitable for an electronic device includes a multi-gate power switch module, a monitoring module and a driving controller circuit. The multi-gate power switch module includes to plurality of power switch units connected in parallel. The power switch units include a gate control terminal respectively. The monitoring... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140359328 - Method and system for run-time reallocation of leakage current and dynamic power supply current: A method and system for dynamic or run-time reallocation of leakage current and dynamic power supply current of a processor. In one embodiment of the invention, the processor uses the variation in the leakage current of the processor to reduce the maximum current dissipation or power supply current of the... Agent:

20140359332 - Power management circuit for a self-powered sensor: A power management circuit including, between a first terminal intended to be connected to an electric power generation source and a second terminal intended to be connected to a load to be powered, a linear regulator and a circuit capable of activating the linear regulator when the power supplied by... Agent:

20140359331 - Rack and power controlling method thereof: The disclosure provides a rack, including nodes and power supplies, and a power controlling method thereof, including the following steps. Power information of each node is collected to calculate a total power consumption value of the nodes. A power supply enabling demand is calculated according to the total power consumption... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140359330 - Reduced power mode of a cache unit: In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores and a cache unit reserved for a first core of the plurality of cores. The cache unit may include a first cache slice, a second cache slice, and power logic to switch operation of the cache unit between a first... Agent:

20140359333 - Voltage regulation for a computer system: A computer system has a controller and a voltage regulator. The controller generates a power consumption state signal for one or more components of the computer system to the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator supplies a first voltage level for the one or more components when the one or more... Agent:

20140359335 - Multi-core apparatus and job scheduling method thereof: A multi-core apparatus includes cores each including an active cycle counting unit configured to store an active cycle count, and a stall cycle counting unit configured to store a stall cycle count. The multi-core apparatus further includes a job scheduler configured to determine an optimal number of cores in an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140359334 - Receiving, at least in part, and/or issuing, at least in part, at least one packet to request change in power consumption state: An embodiment may include circuitry to be included, at least in part, in at least one node to be used in a network. The circuitry may (a) receive, at least in part, via at least one power supply line of the at least one node, at least one packet, and/or... Agent:

20140359336 - Server and power chip detecting method: A power chip detecting device, applied in a server, includes a power chip, a power sequence control module, a base management controller, a GPIO module, and a signal detecting module. The power sequence control module sends an initial power enable signal to the power chip after the server is switched... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Preceision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140359339 - Apparatus and method for detecting power failure: A power failure detection apparatus includes a comparison circuit and a logic device. The comparison circuit may receive a power signal from a power supply unit and compare a voltage of the power signal with a predefined voltage value. When the voltage of the power signal is not equal to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140359337 - Circuits for load power threshold: Circuits for preventing power drawn by a load from exceeding a threshold are provided. A first circuit monitors power supplied to the load and disables a power supply if a threshold is exceeded. A second circuit disconnects the load from the power supply if the threshold is exceeded.... Agent:

20140359338 - System and method for managing rechargeable power sources in a portable computing device with two or more usage modes: Systems and methods for managing rechargeable power in a portable computing device (“PCD”) having two or more usage modes. One embodiment method involves logically dividing a rechargeable power source in the PCD into a first logical power source and a second logical power source. The first logical power source is... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 54 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140351570 - Programming interface and method: A programming interface and method of operating a programming interface use a system clock input, an asynchronous reset input, and an interface control input. The method selectively controls multiplexed coupling of a source register to a destination register and the destination register to a buffer register. The multiplexed coupling of... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140351569 - Software updating process for an embedded device: The invention relates to a method for updating software in an embedded device (1), said software being stored in an EEPROM memory (12) of the embedded device, the method comprising the steps of: c) executing an update management program code, this execution step comprising:—erasing the memory area storing the former... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140351571 - Out of band management of basic input/output system secure boot variables: A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes storing secure boot variables in a baseboard management controller; and sending the secure boot variables to a basic input/output system (BIOS) during a power on self-test, where the BIOS utilizes the secure boot variables during runtime to authenticate drivers and... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140351572 - Automatically configurable intelligent electronic device: Disclosed herein are intelligent electronic devices configured for monitoring an electric power delivery system and for determining a plurality of configuration settings based on measurements from the electric power delivery system. An IED may identify a configuration event, obtain a plurality of electrical parameters associated with the configuration event, determine... Agent: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

20140351573 - Selectively performing man in the middle decryption: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for selectively performing man in the middle decryption. One of the methods includes receiving a first request to access a first resource hosted by a server outside the network, determining whether requests from the client device to access... Agent: Phantom Technologies, Inc.

20140351575 - Apparatuses and a method for protecting a bootstrap message in a network: The embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatuses in the form of a first network unit and a device, and also relates to a method for enabling protection of a bootstrap message in a device management network system. The method comprises: receiving at the first network unit, a request... Agent:

20140351576 - Server algorithms to improve space based authentication: A system and methods for location authentication are presented. An estimated server signal is estimated based on a generated known code signal, and a client received satellite signal is received from a client device. The client received satellite signal is compared to the estimated server signal to provide a comparison... Agent:

20140351574 - Systems and methods for application identification: Systems and methods for application identification in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, a user device includes a processor and memory configured to store an application, a session manager, an application identifier, and at least one shared library, and the processor is configured by the... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20140351578 - Determination of apparatus configuration and programming data: A method including determining a public identifier for identifying a configuration of an apparatus, determining a common configuration certificate comprising a common configuration certificate identifier for verifying programming data, and determining a hardware certificate comprising the public identifier and the common configuration certificate identifier for associating a permitted combination of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140351577 - Dual layer transport security configuration: A system includes a first computer processor that receives a data transmission from a second computer processor. The data transmission includes a client certificate authentication and a user-based authentication. If the incoming information cannot be authenticated by the client certificate in a first layer of the system landscape, then there... Agent: Sap Ag

20140351579 - Hardware authentication in a dispersed storage network: A method for authenticating a node of a dispersed storage network (DSN). In various embodiments, a dispersed storage (DS) management unit receives a device list originating from a hardware certificate authority (HCA). The HCA also provides a hardware certificate to the node. Upon receiving the hardware certificate from the node,... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140351580 - Url-based certificate in a pki: A method of requesting and issuing a certificate from certification authority for use by an initiating correspondent with a registration authority is provided. The initiating correspondent makes a request for a certificate to the registration authority, and the registration authority sends the request to a certificate authority, which issues the... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140351581 - Revocation of public key infrastructure signatures: In one implementation, a public key infrastructure utilizes a two stage revocation process for a set of data. One stage authenticates or revokes the set of data based on the status of the digital signature and another stage authenticates or revokes the set of data based on the status of... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140351582 - Data protection system and method: An authentication system to authorize access to data to be protected, including a token having a memory that stores: an array containing alphanumeric information and random data; and a seal scheme vector containing information to enable access to each of the information items in their respective positions in the array.... Agent: Alenia Aermacchi S.p.a.

20140351583 - Method of implementing a right over a content: Disclosed are methods and systems of implementing a right over a content or contents. Various implementations may include means and operations for receiving, for example in an execution environment and from a secure element, a first key for implementing a right over an encrypted content; decrypting said content in said... Agent:

20140351586 - Cryptographic method and system: In the field of security for electronic data and/or communications, a method of providing data security and/or privacy in a distributed and/or decentralised network environment. Private collaboration and/or information sharing between users, agents and/or applications is enabled, as well as the sharing of key(s) and/or content between a first user... Agent: Lock Box Pty Ltd

20140351585 - Information storage device, information processing system, information processing method, and program: There is provided a device and a method for preventing using of illegitimate content or manufacturing of the illegitimate media that uses illegitimate media. In a system that has an information storage device, a license management apparatus that generates a media key set (MKS) that is stored in the information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140351584 - Method and system for protected transmission of files: To protect a software to be transferred to programmable electronic devices, a management system for programmable electronic devices is provided, comprising: a plurality of electronic devices (57), each identified by at least one unique identification parameter (ID) and containing at least one encryption key (Key);—at least one protected site (41)... Agent: Power-one Italy S.p.a.

20140351587 - Protecting cryptographic secrets using file system attributes: Techniques are disclosed for protecting cryptographic secrets stored locally in a device, such as a mobile phone. A client device creates or downloads a shared secret to be used in a server transaction. To protect this shared secret locally, the client device encrypts the shared secret using a key generated... Agent:

20140351591 - Information setting method and wireless communication system: An information setting method for a setting device includes the following processes. A first certificate and identification information are obtained from a wireless device to be caused to join a wireless network managed by a management device. The first certificate certifies that the wireless device is a formal wireless device... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140351592 - Machine-to-machine network assisted bootstrapping: The service layer may leverage the access network infrastructure so that applications on a device may bootstrap with a machine-to-machine server without requiring provisioning beyond what is already required by the access network.... Agent:

20140351588 - Method and system for product authentication: During manufacturing a unique encrypted authentication code is created for each product based upon device specific information relating to that product. The unique encrypted authentication code together with the device specific information is stored in a database, and a representation of the unique encrypted authentication code is stored on the... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140351590 - Network device, ipsec system and method for establishing ipsec tunnel using the same: A network device is provided. The network device is connected to a number of slave network devices. Each slave network device communicates with the network device by using an Internet protocol (IP) address. The network device includes an Internet protocol security (IPsec) module and a network address translation (NAT) module.... Agent: Sercomm Corporation

20140351589 - Performing client authentication using onetime values recovered from barcode graphics: Techniques are disclosed for authenticating users accessing computing applications, e.g., applications hosted in a cloud environment accessed using a variety of computing systems. As disclosed, an authentication process is performed using a certificate and private key installed on a mobile device and a nonce generated on the server. To authenticate... Agent: Symantec, Inc.

20140351593 - Process for encrypted login to a secure computer network, for the creation of a session of encrypted communications between computers and a device including a mobile phone logged into a network, for the persistence of encrypted communications between comm: A method for users of devices including mobile phones and computers to engage in encrypted communications with other devices using asymmetrical key exchange technology, involving the user of a device first creating a password and then at a later time re-entering that password on the device, with the result that... Agent:

20140351594 - Token-based authentication using middle tier: An intermediary system facilitates a connection request from a client to a server. The intermediary system may participate in either or both of a token creation phase and a server connection phase. If participating in the token creation phase, the intermediary system generates a token that may later be used... Agent:

20140351595 - Key management in a communication network: A method and apparatus for key management in a communication network. A Key Management Server (KMS) receives from a first device a request for a token associated with a user identity, the user identity being associated with a second device. The KMS then sends the requested token and a user... Agent:

20140351596 - Method, system and apparatus for authenticating user identity: The present invention relates to a method and system for authenticating user identity with a user terminal, authentication front-end computer system, and authentication server. In a first scheme, the user terminal transmits an authentication instruction comprising an authentication message to the authentication front-end computer system. Then, the authentication front-end computer... Agent:

20140351597 - Authentication device, system and method: An authentication device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: when a registration request including authentication information to be used during authentication is received from a terminal device, generate registration information using the authentication information and key information and store the registration information in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140351600 - Method and apparatus for authenticating static transceiver data and method of operating an ais transceiver: A method and apparatus which ensures that static data entered into a communications device or apparatus is accurate, or at least consistent with data provided to an authentication service. In some embodiments of the invention, the authentication service may maintain a database of static data associated with each communications apparatus... Agent:

20140351601 - Product authentication using end-to-end cryptographic scheme: A system is provided for inside-to-outside or outside-to-inside cryptographic coding that facilitates product authentication along a distribution channel. An association of authenticated, secured codes is generated between inner items (e.g., pharmaceutical doses such as pills, capsules, tablets) and outer items (e.g., packaging containing inner items). For instance, an inner code... Agent:

20140351599 - System and method for updating message trust status: Systems and methods for processing encoded messages within a wireless communications system are disclosed. A server within the wireless communications system performs signature verification of an encoded message and provides, together with the message, an indication to the mobile device that the message has been verified. In addition, the server... Agent:

20140351598 - Systems and methods for broadcast wlan messages with message authentication: Systems, methods, and devices for broadcast wireless local area network messages with message authentication are contained herein. The method includes determining a digital signature for a broadcast packet to be transmitted to a plurality of devices on a wireless local area network, the digital signature encrypted using asymmetric cryptography to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140351602 - Apparatus and method for controlling transparent tunnel mode operation in communication system supporting wireless docking protocol: A method for controlling a transparent tunnel mode operation in a Wireless Dockee (WD) in a communication system supporting a wireless docking protocol is provided. The method includes performing a group join process and a provisioning process for security keys with a Wireless Docking Center (WDC); accessing services of a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140351603 - Encryption process protected against side channel attacks: The invention relates to a symmetric encryption process executed by a microcircuit to transform a message into an encrypted message from a secret key, the process including a first round, intermediary rounds, and a last round. According to the invention, the process includes several executions of the first round and... Agent:

20140351604 - Electronic device and encryption control method: According to at least one embodiment, an electronic device includes a storage comprising a plurality of sectors and a processor configured to encrypt data in the plurality of sectors of the storage. The processor is configured to cause to be stored in a storage area address information indicating a defective... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140351606 - Policy driven cloud storage management and cloud storage policy router: Techniques are disclosed for a policy driven cloud storage management broker and a cloud storage policy router, along with methods for registering tenant applications with the cloud storage management broker and for sending (and retrieving) files to/from a cloud storage service. A tenant application may be configured to generate a... Agent:

20140351607 - Removable, active, personal storage device, system and method: A storage device is configured to communicate with a host device over a Bluetooth connection. The storage device includes a flash memory, a processor, and a Bluetooth controller. The memory stores at least one permission for determining access to the memory. The processor manages access to the memory, independently of... Agent: Wilan, Inc

20140351605 - System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for erasing user data stored in a file system. The method includes destroying all key bags containing encryption keys on a device having a file system encrypted on a per file and per class basis, erasing and rebuilding at least... Agent: Apple Inc

20140351610 - Computing system with power requirement evaluation: A computing system is provided and includes recording media relative to which input/output (I/O) operations are executable, and a processor, disposed in signal communication with the recording media, which is configured to execute the I/O operations and to evaluate power requirements associated with executions of the I/O operations relative to... Agent:

20140351609 - Memory with variable operation voltage and the adjusting method thereof: A memory with variable operation voltage is disclosed. The disclosed DRAM comprises a core memory module, a register, and a first voltage adjustment module. The core memory module operates with a first control voltage. The register is used for storing a plurality of control signals and selecting one among the... Agent: Etron Technology, Inc.

20140351608 - Power management in a discrete memory portion: Systems and methods of operating a computing system may involve receiving, at a control interface, an instruction to alter a power state at a memory device, and directing, by the control interface, a controller to control a power supply to a memory device channel to alter the power state in... Agent:

20140351611 - Communication connector enabling communication status thereof to be determined independently and communication apparatus comprising the same: Disclosed is a communication connector enabling the communication status thereof to be determined independently which makes it possible to determine the communication status of the communication connector by the communication connector itself independently without the involvement of a processor for controlling the communication connector through wired data communication and a... Agent: Wiznet Co., Ltd.

20140351614 - Data storage system with power management and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a data storage system includes: providing a standby power source; detecting activity on a communication channel with an upstream re-driver powered with the standby power source; generating a signal-detect output from the upstream re-driver based on the activity; determining a link status with a power... Agent:

20140351612 - Information processing method and electronic device: The present invention discloses an information processing method and an electronic device. The method is applied in an electronic device including a first heating element and a first cooling apparatus, and comprises steps of: detecting and obtaining, at a first instant, first posture information indicating that the electronic device is... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Limited

20140351613 - Virtual machine power consumption measurement and management: Embodiments of the virtual machine power metering system and method measure the power consumption of individual virtual machines. Power meter measurements for a physical host server are converted into individual virtual machine power meters that measure the power consumption of each individual virtual machine residing on the host server. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140351615 - Integrated circuit wake-up control system: An integrated circuit (IC) that operates in high and low power modes includes high and low power regulators, first and second sets of circuits, a switch connecting the high power regulator and the second set of circuits, and a wake-up control system. The wake-up control system includes a state machine... Agent:

20140351616 - Voltage-controllable power-mode-aware clock tree, and synthesis method and operation method thereof: A voltage-controllable power-mode-aware (PMA) clock tree in an integrated circuit (IC) and a synthesis method and an operation method thereof are provided. The PMA clock tree includes at least two sub clock trees, at least two PMA buffers and a power mode control circuit. The at least two PMA buffers... Agent: National Tsing Hua Univerisity

20140351617 - Method and electronic device for bringing a primary processor out of sleep mode: A method performed by an adjunct processor of a device for bringing a primary processor of the device out of a sleep mode includes monitoring a touchscreen of the device for a first continuous gesture. The method also includes sending, by the adjunct processor to the primary processor upon detecting... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140351618 - Method and electronic device for bringing a primary processor out of sleep mode: A method is performed by an adjunct processor of a device for bringing a primary processor of the device out of a sleep mode. The method includes: monitoring for a set of inputs that indicates a likelihood of the primary processor being provided a primary awake command signal to awaken... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140351619 - Suspension and/or throttling of processes for connected standby: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for assigning power management classifications to a process, transitioning a computing environment into a connected standby state based upon power management classifications assigned to processes, and transitioning the computing environment from the connected standby state to an execution state. That is, power... Agent:

20140351621 - Methods and apparatuses for dynamic power control: Exemplary embodiments of methods and apparatuses to manage a power of a system that leverage intermediate power margins are described. One or more subsystems of the system are operated at one or more performance points. A power consumed by the one or more subsystems at each of the one or... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140351620 - Power supply detecting system and detecting method: A detecting system of a power supply includes a logic unit and a baseboard management controller. The logic unit is configured to receive a health state of a power supply. The baseboard management controller is electrically connected to the logic unit. The BMC is configured to detect the power input... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140351622 - Systems and methods for providing device-to-device handshaking through a power supply signal: Handshaking circuits are provided in a communications cable and in a device operable to be mated with the communications cable. Before a device can utilize the power supply signal of such a communications channel, the two handshaking circuits must sufficiently identify one another over a power supply signal with a... Agent:

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