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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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01/15/2015 > 50 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150019850 - Method and apparatus for firmware based system security, integrity, and restoration: Methods and systems for firmware based system security, integrity, and restoration are disclosed, including (a) determining in a pre-boot environment which mode a security and policy enforcement platform (“platform”) should be loaded into firmware of a computing system; (b) if the determination made in step (a) is that it is... Agent: Def-logix, Inc.

20150019853 - Boot-up method of e-fuse, semiconductor device and semiconductor system including the same: A semiconductor device includes a power-up signal generation unit suitable for receiving a first power supply voltage and a second power supply voltage higher the first power supply voltage and generating a power-up signal when the first and second power supply voltage increase to reach target levels, respectively, a voltage... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019854 - Booting display control method and associated apparatus: Booting display control method and associated apparatus are disclosed. The apparatus includes a processor chip, wherein the processor chip includes a processor and a display. After the processor chip is activated, the processor loads the leading program and displays control program; the processor detects whether a vehicle backing indicator indicates... Agent: Autochips Inc.

20150019856 - Secure download and security function execution method and apparatus: A method and electronic device for executing secure download and security function is provided. The method includes storing a unique identifier (ID) of the electronic device, receiving a binary update request, determining whether the stored unique ID matches a unique ID signed to the binary, and downloading the binary depending... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150019851 - State dependent optimization for sequential booting of heterogeneous systems: A method and computer program product for implementing the method, where the method comprises obtaining boot dependencies among a plurality of systems, wherein a boot dependency identifies a dependent system, a service system that provides a service to the dependent system, a provide state of the service system, and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019855 - System platform supporting infrared receiver/transmitter and operation method thereof: An operation method of a system platform includes steps of: transmitting, by an infrared receiver, a received infrared signal to a transmission interface; transmitting, by the transmission interface, an interrupt notification signal to an operation system power management agent (OSPM) through an advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI); receiving, by... Agent:

20150019852 - Verification method for system execution environment: The present invention provides a verification method for system execution environment. According to the present invention, at least an algorithm is used for operating a basic input/output system (BIOS) and loaded program check information, a first characteristic code and operation system check information, a second characteristic code and file system... Agent: International Games System Co., Ltd.

20150019857 - Method and system for controlling system settings of a computing device: Methods and devices for controlling system settings of a computing device are described herein. One example embodiment comprises: determining configuration data associated with a software application, wherein the configuration data identifies one or more new system settings to be temporarily enforced on the computing device during an execution of the... Agent:

20150019858 - Data loss prevention techniques: Data received through a proxy for a service is analyzed for compliance with one or more data policies, such as one or more data loss prevention policies. When data satisfies the criteria of one or more data policies, the data is manipulated at the proxy prior to transmission of the... Agent:

20150019860 - Method for providing data to a personal portable device via network and a system thereof: Disclosed are a method and a system for synchronizing and providing data requiring digital rights protection, to a portable device, wherein a contents providing server is connected with a contents synchronization server to which the portable device is connected.... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20150019859 - Tunnel interface for securing traffic over a network: Methods and systems for a flexible, scalable hardware and software platform that allows a managed security service provider to easily provide security services to multiple customers are provided. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for delivering customized network services to subscribers of a service provider. Multiple virtual routers... Agent: Fortinet, Inc.

20150019861 - System and method for monitoring secure data on a network: A system and method for monitoring secure digital data on a network are provided. An exemplary network monitoring system may include a network device in communication with a user and a network. Further, a server may be in communication with the network. A browser and monitoring program may be stored... Agent:

20150019862 - Avionics gateway interface, systems and methods: Systems and methods are provided for FAA-certified avionics devices to safely interface with non-certified mobile telecommunications devices before, during, and after flight. Data transmitted to the certified devices do not affect functionality of the certified device unless and until a user acknowledges and/or confirms the data on the certified device.... Agent: Aspen Avionics, Inc.

20150019863 - Method of handling a certification request: In a certification request, a user device includes an object identifier. When a certification authority generates an identity certificate responsive to receiving the certification request, the certification authority includes the object identifier, thereby allowing improved management of the identity certificate at the user device and elsewhere.... Agent:

20150019867 - Resynchronization of passive monitoring of a flow based on hole detection: Embodiments are directed towards resynchronizing the processing of a monitored flow based on hole detection. A network monitoring device (NMD) may be employed to passively monitor flows of packets for a session between endpoints. The NMD may receive copies of the monitored flow and perform processes on the monitored flow.... Agent: Extrahop Networks, Inc.

20150019864 - Secure virtual machine: An approach to securely distributing and running virtual machines is described that addresses the inherent insecurity of mobile virtual machines by authenticating a user before establishing a specialized virtualization runtime environment that includes a filesystem driver inserted into the host operating system to provide secure access to a virtual machine... Agent: High Cloud Security, Inc.

20150019865 - System and method for obfuscating initiation values of a cryptography protocol: A computer-implemented technique for determining whether a first computing device has the correct version of a software program may be used to provide a secure approach to verifying that a client computing device has a secure and approved version of content player software implemented for consuming downloaded copyright media content.... Agent:

20150019866 - Systems and methods for automatically generating top level index files: Systems and methods for automatically generating top level index files for use in adaptive bitrate streaming in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment of the method of the invention includes receiving a request from a playback device at a playback server, where the request identifies a... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20150019868 - Public encryption method based on user id: A public encryption method based on user ID includes: setting, by a key generation server, at least one public parameter and master key used for generating a private key; receiving, by the key generation server, an inherent ID of a user from a receiving terminal, generating a private key based... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150019870 - Master key generation and distribution for storage area network devices: Mechanisms are provided for generating a master key used to secure key objects associated with data blocks in a data center. A cryptographic node creation request is received. It is determined that a master key can not be obtained from another cryptographic node in the data center. A master key... Agent:

20150019869 - Online identification and authentication: Systems and methods may provide for online identification and authentication. In one example, the method may include generating a credential to represent a relationship based on a common ground of authenticated communication between a first user and a second user, identifying the second user to the first user, authenticating the... Agent:

20150019871 - Certification method and electronic device: A certification method comprises steps of: providing a reliable time clock on a first electronic device; when data of the digital file are generated on the first electronic device, reading a reliable time count from the reliable time clock and adding the reliable time count into the digital file; generating... Agent:

20150019872 - Method and device for verifying the integrity of platform software of an electronic device: A method for verifying the integrity of platform software of an electronic device is provided, the method comprising accessing a module of said platform software, obtaining a signature (S), obtaining a verification key (VK), said verification key (VK) corresponding to a signing key (SK), verifying if said signature (S) was... Agent:

20150019873 - System for embedded biometric authentication, identification and differentiation: An electronic device authenticates a user without requiring active input from the user. At least one user interface receives a plurality of user inputs to the electronic device that are unrelated to an active authentication action of the user of the electronic device. At least one biometric sensor extracts from... Agent:

20150019874 - Apparatus and method for generating electronic book, and apparatus and method for verifying integrity of electronic book: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for generating an electronic book (e-book) and an apparatus and method for verifying integrity of an e-book. An e-book including information for verifying the integrity of the e-book is generated, and the integrity of an e-book is verified from information included in the e-book... Agent:

20150019875 - Portable device for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression: Portable integrated device (100) for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression including: an outer casing (2); at least one authentication support cryptographic chip (4); at least one first data input/output port (5) adapted to be interfaced with external devices; at least one second data input/output port (6) adapted to be interfaced with... Agent: Quantec Sa

20150019877 - Scalable precomputation system for host-opaque processing of encrypted databases: A method, system, and computer program product to generate results for a query to an encrypted database stored on a host are described. The system includes a host comprising a storage device to store the encrypted database, and a a secure processor to generate indexes and index metadata from the... Agent:

20150019876 - Support for secure objects in a computer system: A method and structure in a computer system, including a mechanism supporting a Secure Object that includes code and data that is cryptographically protected from other software on the computer system.... Agent:

20150019878 - Apparatus and method for memory address encryption: An apparatus for encrypting an input memory address to obtain an encrypted memory address is provided. The apparatus comprises an input interface for receiving the input memory address being an address of a memory. Moreover, the apparatus comprises an encryption module for encrypting the input memory address depending on a... Agent:

20150019881 - Accelerated cryptography with an encryption attribute: Methods and systems for encrypting and decrypting are presented. In one embodiment, the method comprises encrypting one or more segments of a data with a key. The data is associated with at least one encryption attribute and having a plurality of segments. The encryption attribute includes information to identify one... Agent:

20150019880 - Electronic device, system for pairing electronic devices and method for pairing electronic devices: An electronic device includes: a data acquiring unit configured to detect an encryption apparatus in a preset distance range and to read preset data in the detected encryption apparatus; a data storage unit configured to store the preset data; and a connection establishing unit configured to establish power line communication... Agent: Hisense Usa Corporation

20150019879 - Optimal re-encryption strategy for joins in encrypted databases: Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for selecting columns for re-encryption in join operations. In some implementations, actions include determining a first column and a second column to be joined, receiving a first key corresponding to the first column and a second key corresponding to the second column, receiving a... Agent: Sap Ag

20150019885 - Countermeasure method and device for protecting data circulating in an electronic microcircuit: The disclosure relates to a countermeasure method in an electronic microcircuit, comprising successive process phases executed by a circuit of the microcircuit, and adjusting a power supply voltage between power supply and ground terminals of the circuit, as a function of a random value generated for the process phase, at... Agent:

20150019884 - Pd in poe system having redundant pse channel inputs: A Powered Device (PD) in a PoE system has two input channels, each being coupled to a separate Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) for increased reliability. A first PD controller is coupled to the first channel to perform hand-shaking and closes a first Power Good (PWRGD) switch when the PoE voltage... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20150019883 - Power supply circuit for central processing unit: A power supply circuit for a central processing unit (CPU) includes a comparing circuit, first to third switch circuits, first and second compensation circuits, a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, a first power circuit connected to a first output pin of the PWM controller, and a second power circuit connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150019882 - Switching power supply with noise control: On embodiment of a device with a noise adaptive power supply includes a noise adaptation unit configured to receive a noise adaptation signal. The noise adaptation unit can provide processing, such as digital filter processing to reduce the effect of power supply noise. In one embodiment, a feedback signal is... Agent:

20150019886 - Integrated circuit, semiconductor memory device, and operating method thereof: An integrated circuit includes an internal circuit including a input/output unit suitable for inputting/outputting data, and a voltage supplying circuit suitable for supplying a first operating voltage to the internal circuit in response to a first control signal during a general operation, and supplying a second operating voltage that is... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019887 - Low power idle signaling for gigabit media independent interfaces operating in legacy modes: A method and apparatus for enabling low power idle (LPI) signaling for Ethernet transceivers operating in legacy modes are disclosed that allow a high speed transceiver to retain energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) functionality even when the transceiver is operating in a slower speed mode. In some embodiments, an Ethernet device... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150019890 - Cache array with reduced power consumption: Embodiments of the disclosure include a cache array having a plurality of cache sets grouped into a plurality of subsets. The cache array also includes a read line configured to receive a read signal for the cache array and a set selection line configured to receive a set selection signal.... Agent:

20150019888 - System, apparatus, and method for information processing: A system includes apparatuses and a power collecting device for collecting power consumption information at power sources to which the apparatuses are connected, respectively. The apparatus includes a controller that sets the apparatus to a first state or a second state for a lower power consumption; a first obtaining unit... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20150019889 - Virtualizing battery across a group of personal mobile devices: A system, method, and non-transitory computer readable medium for virtualizing battery in a personal mobile device or across a group of personal mobile devices controlled by a user are provided. The user specifies a set of power management policies for applications running in the personal mobile device(s). Battery usage per... Agent:

20150019891 - Controlling power consumption in multi-core environments: Systems and methods of enabling modulation of a frequency of a first core in a multi-core environment include logic to determine a power limit assigned to the first core, logic to determine a stall count of the first core, and logic to modulate the frequency of the first core based... Agent:

20150019895 - Information processing apparatus and judging method: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a processor, a non-volatile storage unit, a receiving unit, a judging unit, and a transmitting unit. The receiving unit receives from the processor an inquiry about accessibility of the storage unit. The judging unit judges, upon receipt of the inquiry, whether... Agent:

20150019892 - Low-power near-field communication authentication: This document describes techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) for implementing low-power near-field communication (NFC) authentication. These techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) enable a computing device (102) to detect, in a low-power state, an NFC-enabled device (104) with which to authenticate via NFC. In some... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150019894 - Power supply control device, power supply system and electronic device: An electronic device includes a power supply system and a load circuit connected to the power supply system. The load circuit mutually switches between the first mode and the second mode. In the first mode, the load circuit operates with electric power supplied from the power supply system. On the... Agent:

20150019893 - Standby power interception apparatus for computer and computer peripheral device: The present invention relates to a computer and a method for controlling same, in which power being supplied to a computer peripheral device is completely intercepted in a standby mode (power saving mode) or a monitor power-off mode during use of the computer, and power being supplied to the computer... Agent:

20150019897 - Communication system, relay device, and method for controlling power supply: The present invention provides a communication system including a relay device that is capable of simplifying the configuration of a control device for controlling a device based on relay information and reducing cost of the whole system, the relay device and a method for controlling power supply. A GW device... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150019896 - Method to control the number of active vector lanes for power efficiency: The vector data path is divided into smaller vector lanes. The number of active vector lanes is controllable on the fly by the programmer to match the requirements of the executing program, and inactive vector lanes are powered down by the CPU to increase power efficiency of the vector processor.... Agent:

20150019898 - Data reception apparatus and method of determining identical-value bit length in received bit string: A data reception apparatus calculates an integrated number of bits by integrating the number of bits in a received bit string; calculates an integrated number of samples by integrating the number of samples obtained by oversampling each bit; obtains a fitting line indicating correspondence between the integrated number of bits... Agent:

20150019899 - Memory system with improved bus timing calibration: A method includes communicating between a memory controller and multiple memory devices over an interface that includes at least a control signal and an information signal. For each memory device, a respective individual skew parameter, which is indicative of a timing misalignment between the control signal and the information signal... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 40 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150012734 - Basic input output system update apparatus: A basic input output system (BIOS) update apparatus is configured to update the BIOS of a first electronic device. The BIOS update apparatus includes a transfer board and a second electronic device. The transfer board includes a firmware for converting between USB signals and system management bus (SMBUS) signals. The... Agent:

20150012738 - Firmware verified boot: Methods and apparatus for verifying a boot process of a computing system are disclosed. An example computer-implemented method includes reading, by a computing system during a boot process, a header section of a read-write portion of firmware of the computing system. The example method further includes generating, using a first... Agent:

20150012737 - Secure boot for unsecure processors: A method for securely booting a target processor in a target system from a secure root of trust includes computing a message authentication code from boot code to be provided to the target processor, including an obfuscated algorithm for recreating the message authentication code in the target processor, serving the... Agent:

20150012736 - Server and booting method: A server including a basic input output system (BIOS), a control unit and a plurality of central processing units (CPUs), and a booting method are provided. The BIOS outputs a booting signal. One of the CPUs receives the booting signal to execute a booting program, and outputs a successful signal... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150012735 - Techniques to initialize from a remotely accessible storage device: Examples are disclosed for remotely initializing or booting a client or host device. In some examples, a network (NW) input/output (I/O) device coupled to a host device may connect to a remote server via a NW communication link. For these examples, modules of the network I/O device may establish a... Agent:

20150012739 - Switching of operating systems: Switching from a first operating system to a second operating system by re-using components that are common to the first operating system and the second operating system. The common components can be for example a kernel, file systems, drivers, protocol stack and the like.... Agent:

20150012741 - Protecting information using policies and encryption: A technique and system protects documents at rest and in motion using declarative policies and encryption. Encryption in the system is provided transparently and can work in conjunction with policy enforcers installed at a system. A system can protect information or documents from: (i) insider theft; (ii) ensure confidentiality; and... Agent:

20150012740 - Techniques for secure network searching: Techniques for network searching are provided. A search is defined and the search is encrypted in a format known to a search service. Return instructions are defined for delivering search results of the search to a principal that defined the search and the return instructions. The return instructions are encrypted... Agent:

20150012742 - Active biometric authentication with zero privacy leakage: The invention provides a method for frequent verifications of the identity of a user performed during a long session of client-server communication by secure exchange of keys between the client and the server. A user is represented at the server by a set of random numbers that have nothing to... Agent:

20150012743 - Device to device security using naf key: A method, apparatus and computer program product are disclosed for establishing secure off-network communications between first and second Secure Cellular Devices that each have a cellular identity. The second Secure Cellular Device may assume the role of Remote Device for interaction with the NAF keyserver and may obtain a local... Agent:

20150012744 - Group based bootstrapping in machine type communication: A group key is computed based on unique identifications of each member device of a group of machine type communication devices, wherein communication with a network application function is performed by using a session identification of the group, and/or by using a session identification of a member device of the... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150012745 - Precalculating hashes to support data distribution: A content server precomputes a hash value corresponding to content stored by the server. The server receives a request for the hash value from a first client device and provides the hash value to the first client device. The server receives a request for the content corresponding to the hash... Agent:

20150012746 - Detecting user presence on secure in-band channels: A method for detecting a human user includes establishing a protected audio video path (PAVP) session between a client device and a server device. The method also includes encrypting the user presence object with keys associated with the PAVP session. The method further includes sending an encrypted user presence object... Agent:

20150012747 - Method and apparatus for applying encryption in communication between terminals: A method for applying encryption in communication between terminals includes determining a security key to be used when the terminal transmits and receives data to/from another terminal, determining information for updating the security key; transmitting a signal including information related to the security key and the information for updating the... Agent:

20150012748 - Method and system for protecting data: Disclosed are a method and a system for protecting data. The method for protecting data provided by an embodiment of the present invention comprises: in an initialization process of a device where data are located, acquiring an environmental factor according to environment information of the device in a secure environment;... Agent:

20150012749 - Security identity discovery and communication method: The present invention provides a security identity discovery method, through hiding or omitting MAC addresses of the first station and a second station in a frame for identity discovery between the two stations, adopting identity codes to identify the identities of the two stations and authenticating the identities by using... Agent:

20150012750 - Information distribution system, and server, on-board terminal and communication terminal used therefor: Inherent terminal identification information and a terminal unique key are stored in an on-board terminal, and server-side terminal identification information and a server-side terminal unique key, which are same information as the above terminal identification information and terminal unique key are stored in a server. And, the on-board terminal transmits... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20150012751 - System and method for securing authentication information in a networked environment: This disclosure is directed to systems and methods for securely communicating authentication information in a networked environment such as one involving a client device, a cloud based computing platform, and an enterprise computing environment. Some embodiments may include encrypting, by a client device using a public key, authentication information provided... Agent:

20150012752 - Multi-factor device authentication: A method and system for the secure delivery of data to a remote device that has been registered and which requires authentication through the use of a multifactor signature profile is disclosed, and in particular according to certain disclosed aspects, a method and system for ensuring that an authenticated remote... Agent:

20150012753 - Terminal device, verification device, key distribution device, content playback method, key distribution method, and computer program: The terminal device 600 comprises: a read unit configured to read encrypted content and a content signature from a regular region of a recording medium device 700, and to read a converted title key from an authorized region of the recording medium device 700, the converted title key having been... Agent:

20150012754 - System for generating a security document: e

20150012755 - Cryptographic passcode reset: This invention provides a novel method, system, and apparatus allowing an authorized user access to controlled assets when a passcode method malfunctions, such as when a user forgets a password, a token malfunction, or a biometric mismatch. The invention allows temporary access to an access control system without knowing the... Agent:

20150012756 - Device with privileged memory and applications thereof: A device includes a key store memory, a rule set memory, a plurality of cryptographic clients, and a key store arbitration module. The key store memory stores a plurality of cryptographic keys and the rule set memory stores a set of rules for accessing the cryptographic keys. A cryptographic client... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20150012757 - System and method for routing-based internet security: Method and system for improving the security of storing digital data in a memory or its delivery as a message over the Internet from a sender to a receiver using one or more hops is disclosed. The message is split at the sender into multiple overlapping or non-overlapping slices according... Agent:

20150012758 - System, method, and device for delivering communications and storing and delivering data: A system, method, and device includes a platform data storage that stores a wrap that secures an executable controller and executable sensors. The wrap is verified, optionally through a downloaded authentication driver. After verifying the wrap, the wrap is opened and a sister of the executable controller is installed into... Agent:

20150012760 - Information processing apparatus and power supply control method: An information processing apparatus including a removable board, the board including a first control circuit which controls the board, a second control circuit which controls a power supply of the first control circuit, a first locking unit which is capable of locking the board and releasing a locking of the... Agent:

20150012759 - Voltage regulator with feed-forward and feedback control: Described is a voltage regulator with feed-forward and feedback control. Described is an apparatus which comprises: a circuit for providing power or ground supply for a target circuit in response to a control signal; and a feed-forward filter to receive data and to generate the control signal according to the... Agent:

20150012761 - Method for performing wake-up control with aid of wake-up packet, and associated apparatus: A method and apparatus for performing wake-up control are provided, where the method is applied to an electronic device, and the method may include the steps of: detecting whether a predetermined wake-up action is input into the electronic device, wherein the predetermined wake-up action is a user action for wake-up... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150012762 - Power control system and method thereof: A power control system and a power control method thereof applied to a computer device are provided. The computer device includes a computer system and a power system. The power system includes a plurality of voltage regulators for providing supply voltages to the components of the computer device. The power... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20150012763 - Systems and methods of remote communication: A system comprising at least one power device is provided. The at least one power device includes an input to receive power from a power source, an output operatively coupled to the input and configured to provide power, a data storage, a network interface, and a controller coupled to the... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150012765 - Distribution of tasks among asymmetric processing elements: Techniques to control power and processing among a plurality of asymmetric cores. In one embodiment, one or more asymmetric cores are power managed to migrate processes or threads among a plurality of cores according to the performance and power needs of the system.... Agent:

20150012766 - Distribution of tasks among asymmetric processing elements: Techniques to control power and processing among a plurality of asymmetric cores. In one embodiment, one or more asymmetric cores are power managed to migrate processes or threads among a plurality of cores according to the performance and power needs of the system.... Agent:

20150012764 - Method and apparatus for power control: Embodiments of the present invention relate to limiting maximum power dissipation occurred in a processor. Therefore, when an application that requires excessive amounts of power is being executed, the execution of the application may be prevented to reduce dissipated or consumed power.... Agent:

20150012768 - Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller: A method includes detecting a trigger condition, and in response to detecting the trigger condition, reducing a voltage applied to a graphics controller component of a memory controller. The reduction in voltage may cause the voltage to be reduced below a voltage level required to maintain context information in the... Agent:

20150012767 - Sensor interface systems and methods: A sensor interface system includes a system bus, a bus master and a sensor. The bus master is coupled to the system bus. The bus master is configured to provide voltage regulation at a first band and perform data transmission within or at a second band. The sensor is also... Agent:

20150012769 - Information processing apparatus capable of reducing power consumption, and control method and storage medium therefor: An information processing apparatus capable of changing a state of power supply to respective parts of the apparatus with less user operation. When a sleep recovery button is depressed in a power saving mode, a button depression time is measured, and whether a length of the measure depression time exceeds... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaihsa

20150012770 - Method and apparatus for transitioning a device between operating states to control power consumed by the device: A method including: accounting for a transition time for a device to transition between two of first, second, and powered off states; generating a control signal based on the transition time; receiving, at the device and from a processor, an output signal and the control signal; and consuming power, via... Agent:

20150012771 - Power management for input/output devices: Methods and systems are provided for managing power consumption in network devices. In a network device that may comprise a plurality of ports, each of which being identified by a unique identifier and being adapted to handle separate network traffic, it may be determined whether a first port of the... Agent:

20150012772 - Method and apparatus for adjusting connection speed of usb device: A method for adjusting connection speed of a USB device includes determining connection speed of the USB device connected to the electronic device, recognizing whether an enhancement event for the connection speed of the USB device is generated, and enhance the connection speed of the USB device when the enhancement... Agent:

20150012773 - Information processing apparatus and distribution method: An apparatus transmits data to terminal devices. The apparatus includes a storage unit, a transmitting unit, an obtaining unit, a calculating unit, and a controlling unit. The storage unit stores time differences between times clocked by the terminal devices and a time clocked by the apparatus. The transmitting unit transmits... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 76 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150006870 - Wireless initialization of electronic devices for first time use: Apparatuses, devices, and methods of initializing an electronic device such as a wrist-worn device are provided. An optical input device may read the display of the wrist-worn device to obtain input corresponding to a pairing token presented at the display. An optical input processor may process the input to identify... Agent:

20150006873 - Boot mechanism: A system and method for message analysis, including: receiving, by a control service, a first modification request to modify a file system of a computing device, wherein the computing device is operating in a read-only state; identifying, by the control service, a request parameter associated with the first modification request;... Agent:

20150006871 - Controlling access to storage in a computing device: In an embodiment, a computing device may include a control unit. The control unit may acquire a request from a central processing unit (CPU), contained in the computing device, that may be executing a basic input/output system (BIOS) associated with the computing device. The request may include a request for... Agent:

20150006872 - Information processing apparatus and output control method: An information processing apparatus includes a BIOS, a setting module, a determination module and a display controller. The setting module sets a display priority order at booting in the BIOS. The determination module determines connection of display units in order of priority based on the display priority order. The display... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006875 - Method of displaying information in booting, and electronic apparatus and mobile terminal using the same: A method of displaying information when an electronic apparatus is booted is provided. The method includes storing specific information, the specific information being monitored and collected from data created when the electronic apparatus operates, in an information file, and executing the information file storing the specific information during booting of... Agent:

20150006874 - System and method for managing data used for activation of operating systems: A system includes first and second nodes and a management device managing the first and second nodes. The first node manages data used for activation of an operating system. The second node acquires, from the first node via a network, the data used for activation of the operating system, and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150006878 - Automatic configuration of a computer system based on process modeling of an implemented process: A configuration architecture automatically links the output of a business process modeler to a business system configuration tool. The output of the business process modeler is translated into a representation of a source business process that is used by the business system configuration tool to automatically generate configuration templates. A... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150006877 - Dynamic time zone definition update manager: A system that manages dynamic time zone definition updates can access stored time zone definitions and receive a subscription request from an application. The system can receive new time zone definitions and, while the application is being executed, update the stored time zone definitions to include the new time zone... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150006876 - Providing a distraction free reading mode with an electronic personal display: A method and system for providing a distraction free reading mode with an electronic personal display is disclosed. One example accesses non-adjustable settings for a reader mode. In addition, user adjustable settings for the reader mode on the electronic personal display are also accessed. The user adjustable settings and the... Agent:

20150006879 - System, method and apparatus for troubleshooting an ip network: The present invention provides a system, method and apparatus for troubleshooting one or more communications between a first device and a second device. A monitoring device disposed between the first device and the second device receives a message associated with the communication(s), analyzes the received message and stores the analyzed... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150006880 - Method of encrypting and transferring data between a sender and a receiver using a network: A method of encrypting and transferring data between a sender and a receiver in a secure manner is disclosed. The method includes steps of a server receiving from the sender an identifier of the receiver; establishing a transfer specific encryption key specific to the transfer; encrypting the data using the... Agent: Litera Corp.

20150006884 - Methods and systems for distributing cryptographic data to trusted recipients: A method for distributing cryptographic data to trusted recipients includes receiving, by an access control management system, from a first client device, information associated with an encrypted data object, the information including an identification of a platform for generating an integrity measurement digitally signed by a root of trust. The... Agent:

20150006881 - Securing an encryption key of a user device while preserving simplified user experience: A user device generates a key for encrypting and decrypting data of an application suite, uses a long secret to encrypt the key, and stores the key locally only as encrypted. The key is stored, along with a user-provided short secret, in a non-volatile memory of a server. Preferably, the... Agent:

20150006882 - Self-service portal for provisioning passwordless access: Methods and apparatuses for managing access to hosts in a computerized system are disclosed. A request for an authenticator for enabling access to at least one host in the computerized system is communicated from an user to a portal. The portal verifies the right of the user to make the... Agent:

20150006883 - Valldating a system with multiple subsystems using trusted platform modules and virtual platform modules: Software validation is provided for a breakout system having multiple subsystems at the edge of a mobile data network. The software validation utilizes one or more trusted platform modules (TPM) to secure multiple subsystems including virtual machines in the breakout system. Hash values for the software in the various subsystems... Agent:

20150006885 - Protecting subscriber information from third parties: A data warehouse and method of providing a record that includes both desired demographic information and undiscoverable individual information are described. Data records including subscriber-identifiable information associated with a device of a subscriber to the network service provider and demographic attributes associated with the network subscriber are initially extracted from... Agent:

20150006886 - Secure user presence detection and authentication: This disclosure relates generally to a system and method for authenticating an electronic device may comprise a server configured to transmit an encrypted object, the encrypted object having an image file format, to the electronic device, the encrypted object being encrypted based on a certificate, the electronic device operatively coupled... Agent:

20150006887 - System and method for authenticating public keys: A method and system for authenticating a public key of a server digital certificate of a third party online entity is disclosed. The method includes establishing a secure, independent connection between an aggregation server and a mobile device, over which a request to authenticate a public key of the server... Agent:

20150006888 - Method for assembling authorization certificate chains: A method for assembling authorization certificate chains among an authorizer, a client, and a third party allows the client to retain control over third party access. The client stores a first certificate from the authorizer providing access to a protected resource and delegates some or all of the privileges in... Agent:

20150006889 - Academic quiz-pack suite administration based on digital rights management service: A method for managing access and use of quiz-packs by users of course-packs which may are accessed and displayed by a client application, comprising the steps of establishing a database with entries of correlating course-pack and quiz-pack identifications (IDs) and pre-conditions for using respective quiz-packs, providing a plug-in program to... Agent:

20150006891 - File packing and unpacking method, and device thereof: A file packing and unpacking method. The method including: encrypting a target file using an encryption/decryption algorithm to obtain an encrypted target file, dividing the encryption/decryption algorithm into a first part encryption/decryption algorithm and a second part encryption/decryption algorithm; obtaining a packed target file according to the first part encryption/decryption... Agent:

20150006890 - Virtual service provider zones: A service proxy services as an application programming interface proxy to a service, which may involve data storage. When a request to store data is received by the service proxy, the service proxy encrypts the data and stores the data in encrypted form at the service. Similarly, when a request... Agent:

20150006892 - Methods and apparatuses for secure end to end communication: The present invention relates to application-level secure end-to-end communication. Specifically it relates to methods apparatuses and computer program products for creating and distributing a shared secret and to sending or receiving messages between an embedded device and a user device via a cloud server.... Agent: Hitech & Development Wireless Sweden Ab

20150006893 - Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for securing a message published to a topic by a publisher in a publish-subscriber messaging system with a topic policy for the topic. In a step, an exemplary embodiment establishes a topic policy for a topic. In another step, an exemplary... Agent:

20150006896 - Content-centric networking: Methods of content-centric networking, a client, a server and a non-transitory computer-readable storage device storing a computer program product are disclosed. A method of establishing a secure session for transfer of a stream of data packets between a client and a server of a content-centric network is performed by exchanging... Agent:

20150006895 - Distributed network system: A method of storing data from a first node on a peer-to-peer network. The method includes creating a public and private key pair for a data item. The method also includes determining a hash value for the public key and assigning the hash value as a user identifier for the... Agent:

20150006894 - Method and system for secure data communication between a user device and a server: The present disclosure discloses a method, a system and a computer program product for secure data communication between a user device and a server. User credentials, a device id and a first hash are received at server from a user device. The first hash is generated using the user credentials.... Agent: Infosys Limited

20150006897 - Apparatus and method to obtain electronic authentication: A host apparatus to obtain electronic authentication of a request associated with a group, the host apparatus including a processor to receive the request from an external device external to the group, to generate a digital document based on information associated with the request, to transmit the digital document to... Agent:

20150006902 - Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment: Exposure of sensitive information to users is controlled using a first security token containing user identity and user credentials to represent the user who requests services, and a second security token containing two other identities, one identifying the token issuer and the other identifying the owning process. When requesting services,... Agent:

20150006899 - Method and apparatus of data authentication: Provided are apparatuses and methods of generating and verifying signature information for data authentication. A method of verifying signature information may involves receiving signature information with respect to a predetermined number of data segments from a transmitter, constructing a hash tree based on the signature information, and verifying a validity... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150006898 - Method for provisioning security credentials in user equipment for restrictive binding: A binding verification scheme based on a proof of possession of the device-specific secret key associated with the reported IMEI is provided. The IMEI reported by user equipment (UE) is checked to make sure that it matches the IMEI configured into the UE by the manufacturer and has therefore not... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20150006900 - Signature protocol: The present invention relates to data communication systems and protocols utilized in such systems.... Agent:

20150006901 - System and method for using digital signatures to assign permissions: According to one embodiment of the invention, a method for setting permission levels is described. First, an application and digital signature is received by logic performing the permission assessment. Then, a determination is made as to what permission level for accessing resources is available to the application based on the... Agent:

20150006903 - User authentication method and user authentication system: A verification server is configured to communicate with a usage target system via a first communication channel and an information terminal device via a second communication channel. The verification server includes: a unit for registering personal information of a user for using a usage target system; a unit for receiving,... Agent: Passlogy Company Ltd.

20150006904 - Method and apparatus for electronic device access: A method on an electronic device for a wireless network is described. A plurality of component confidence indicators is determined for a corresponding plurality of authentication components of the electronic device. The plurality of component confidence indicators is grouped into at least first and second sets. A first set confidence... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150006908 - Database encryption system, method, and program: A user apparatus connected to database apparatus via network comprises: unit that manages key information in order to encrypt and decrypt; storage unit that stores security configuration information of data and/or metadata; application response unit that determines whether or not encryption is necessary for database operation command, and if encryption... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150006906 - Key retrieval: Key retrieval can include accessing a password for a keystore from a source. Key retrieval can include placing the password in memory. Key retrieval can include deleting the password from the source. Key retrieval can include retrieving an encryption key from the keystore with the password in memory:... Agent:

20150006905 - Method and apparatus to encrypt plaintext data: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for encrypting plaintext data. The method includes: receiving at least one plaintext data input; applying a Nonce through a function to the at least one plaintext data input to create Nonced plaintext data outputs and/or to intermediate values of a portion of an encryption... Agent:

20150006909 - Module encryption/decryption program: Even for encrypted programs, when all modules are decrypted all at once at the time of execution, it is possible to analyze codes stored within a storage area. Therefore, a program execution and decryption method that prevents easy analysis via reverse-engineering is required. In order to solve the aforementioned problem,... Agent: Hypertech Co., Ltd. C/o Astem, Kyoto Research Park

20150006907 - System and method for content protection based on a combination of a user pin and a device specific identifier: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for encryption and key management. The method includes encrypting each file on a computing device with a unique file encryption key, encrypting each unique file encryption key with a corresponding class encryption key, and encrypting each class encryption key with... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150006910 - Multiple volume encryption of storage devices using self encrypting drive (sed): A method for encrypting data on a disk drive using self encrypting drive is provided. The method includes encryption of data chunks of a computing device. The method further includes associating the encrypted data chunks with encryption key indexes of the computing device. Moreover, the method further includes receiving the... Agent:

20150006912 - Firmware for protecting data from software threats field of the invention: In a method for protecting data, an electronic card device receives encrypted data, the data encrypted using a valid encryption key. The electronic card device stores the encrypted data in a first memory. The electronic card device decrypts the encrypted data using a decryption key. The electronic card device stores... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006913 - High speed cryptographic combining system, and method for programmable logic devices: A system, apparatus, method, and/or computer program product is disclosed for decreasing side channel signal leakage and increasing speed of cryptographic combining operations. An exemplary method may be incorporated, in an exemplary embodiment, in an exemplary programmable logic device (PLD) such as, e.g., but not limited to, a field programmable... Agent:

20150006914 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and system: To raise confidentiality of the value stored in the ROM, in an IC having a built-in or an externally-attached ROM storing a value (program and/or data) encrypted using a predetermined cryptographic key. The IC includes the ROM storing the encrypted value (program and/or data), a unique code generating unit, and... Agent:

20150006911 - Wear leveling non-volatile memory and secure erase of data: Methods and apparatus teach wear leveling non-volatile memory and secure erasure of data. A computing device receives data to be stored. The data is encrypted, including generation of encryption/decryption key(s). The key(s) are stored in either non-volatile or volatile memory according to a plurality of classification schemes. In a first... Agent:

20150006916 - Active peak power management of a high performance embedded microprocessor cluster: In some embodiments, a system may include at least one voltage controller. At least one of the voltage controllers may assess, during use, an occurrence of a predetermined condition. In some embodiments, the system may include an at least first capacitor. The at least first capacitor may be coupled to... Agent:

20150006915 - Apparatus and method to implement power management of a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores grouped into a plurality of clusters. The clusters are formed based on a corresponding operating voltage of each core at each of a plurality of frequencies. Each cluster includes a unique set of cores and at least one cluster includes... Agent:

20150006920 - Keyboard circuit: A keyboard circuit includes a CPU, a plurality of keys aligned in n rows and m columns, n first resistors, m second resistors, a first voltage output terminal, a second voltage output terminal, and a detection resistor. A first contact of each of the plurality of keys in a column... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150006918 - Method and system for monitoring resource usage of logical domains: A method for obtaining power management data for a system executing by at least one processor, where a plurality of logical domains are executing on the system. The method includes determining, using the power management data, power consumption for each of the plurality of logical domains and receiving a request... Agent:

20150006921 - Power supply adaptor and method for switching between power supples: A power supply adaptor includes more than one path to an output terminal electrically coupled to and powering a load, and can switch between paths according to the level of current being drawn by the load. In addition to first and second power supply paths, there is a switch controller,... Agent:

20150006917 - Protected power management mode in a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores. Each core includes a core power unit to detect one or more power management events, and in response to the one or more power management events, initiate a protected power management mode in the core. Software interrupts to the core... Agent:

20150006919 - Usb otg device with power mode switch function: A USB OTG device includes a USB interface having a VBUS pin and an ID pin. A voltage input pin of a first switch is connected to a power source VDD5V. A voltage output pin of the first switch is connected to the VBUS pin and a second switch. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20150006922 - Computer and waking method thereof: A computer and a waking method thereof are provided. The computer includes a switch circuit, a chipset, a peripheral component interconnect express (PCIE) device, and an embedded controller. The chipset includes a first wake-up pin and a power button pin, wherein the first wake-up pin is coupled to a terminal... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150006925 - Allocating power to compute units based on energy efficiency: A method is provided for allocating power to compute units based on energy efficiency. Some embodiments of the method include allocating portions of a power budget of a system-on-a-chip (SOC) to a plurality of compute units implemented on the SOC based on ratios of a performance level for each compute... Agent:

20150006923 - Controlling reduced power states using platform latency tolerance: In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores and power management logic. The power management logic may be to, in response to a first break event during a reduced power state in the processor, set an exit timer based on a platform latency tolerance, block a first plurality... Agent:

20150006928 - Device and method for controlling the supply of power to peripherals: The invention relates to a device and a method for sequentially starting USB peripherals in order to optimise the supply of electrical power. Using current profiles corresponding to the start-up of peripherals, the connected peripherals are started one after the other. The delay between each start-up corresponds to the time... Agent:

20150006927 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method and non-transitory computer readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a first sensor unit that senses a person within a first distance from the information processing apparatus, a second sensor unit that senses a person within a second distance set closer to the information processing apparatus than the first distance, a shifting unit that sets... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150006924 - Selection of an operating point of a memory physical layer interface and a memory controller based on memory bandwidth utilization: The present application describes embodiments of a method that includes modifying an operating point of at least one of a memory physical layer interface or a memory controller in response to changes in bandwidth utilization of the memory physical layer interface. The present application also describes embodiments of an apparatus... Agent:

20150006926 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a fuse unit comprising an array e-fuse and suitable for generating a boot-up end signal when a boot-up operation ends, a power generation unit suitable for generating a plurality of driving voltages for the fuse unit in response to a power-up signal indicating start of the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150006936 - Communication device for processing target data quickly: A communication device for communicating via a telecommunication line includes a plurality of operating units, an energy-saving control unit, an instruction receiver, and a wake-up unit. The plurality of operating units are configured to receive an electric power and operate. The energy-saving control unit is configured to alternatively run a... Agent:

20150006931 - Generic host-based controller latency method and appartus: Methods and apparatus relating to generic host-based controller latency are described. In one embodiment, latency information, corresponding to one or more devices, is detected from a host controller that controls access to the one or more devices. Detection of the latency information is performed in response to one or more... Agent:

20150006934 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a setting module, an estimation module, a receiver, and a display processor. The setting module sets the apparatus in a power saving state, based on one or more values corresponding to one or more power saving setting items. The estimation module... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006935 - Method for controlling cache memory and apparatus for the same: Disclosed are a processor capable of reducing power consumption of a cache by controlling power mode of the cache and a method for the same. A processor may comprise a processor core; a cache storing instructions to be executed in the processor core; and a cache management part controlling the... Agent:

20150006932 - Power supply apparatus: There is provided a power supply apparatus which varies the state of operating power used for powering a main power supply depending on a load condition. The power supply apparatus includes: a standby power supply unit performing power-conversion on an input power to provide a predetermined standby voltage; and an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150006929 - System and method for displaying content on a computing device during an inactive or off-state: Usage of a computing device is monitored when the computing device is in an active state. A content screen is stored corresponding to a digital content item that is in use when the computing device is in the active state. In response to the computing device being placed in an... Agent:

20150006933 - System and method for limiting power of battery: A system and method for limiting power of a battery in which a minimum discharging voltage reference value and a slew rate for discharging power are prepared per temperature section and the slew rates for discharging power are applied differently according to temperatures. The method includes measuring, by a sensor,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150006930 - Systems and methods for power management: Systems and devices employ a power saving mode which disconnects power from the AC mains during periods of device inactivity to eliminate power drawn from the AC mains. To allow monitoring of user-associated events while disconnected from the AC mains, power is drawn from a power source separate from the... Agent:

20150006939 - Management method for nonvolatile memory system following power-off: A management method for a memory system executes a first memory system management sequence upon determining that the memory system was normally powered off, and a second sequence upon determining that the memory system was abnormally powered off. The first sequence allows immediate execution of a program operation at a... Agent:

20150006938 - Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor: Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state. A processor may include a dedicated cache memory. A voltage regulator may be coupled to the processor to provide an operating voltage to the processor. During a transition to a zero voltage power... Agent:

20150006937 - Techniques and system for managing platform temperature: In one embodiment an apparatus includes a temperature sensor to perform a multiplicity of junction temperature measurements for a component in a platform, a controller comprising logic at least a portion of which is in hardware. The logic may receive from the temperature sensor the multiplicity of junction temperature measurements... Agent:

20150006942 - Information processing device and semiconductor device: A verification control part has the same write information data piece written into each of a plurality of memories according to a write instruction and then reads out information data piece from the plurality of memories. At this time, a coincidence determining part performs first verification to determine whether respective... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20150006943 - Information processing device, improper connection detection method, and computer readable recording medium having stored therein improper connection detection program: An information processing device includes first and second power supply units that are connected to first and second power supply devices, respectively, a storage unit that stores first and second expectation values indicating states in which the first and second power supply devices are connected with the first and second... Agent:

20150006941 - Method and apparatus of non-linear compensation of power monitoring for power supply units: A power monitor is used to estimate the amount of input power that is supplied to a power supply. The power monitor is protected by an EMI filter within the power supply. The power monitor measures a line frequency and a line voltage within the power supply and it also... Agent:

20150006940 - Server power predicting apparatus and method using virtual machine: A server power predicting method apparatus and method using a virtual machine are provided. The server power predicting method includes: calculating an initial power amount of a virtual machine allocated to a server; calculating a power consumption proportion of each component of the virtual machine; calculating a power consumption variation... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150006944 - System with feature of saving dynamic power of flip-flop banks: A system comprises a first plurality of flip-flop circuits, a second plurality of flip-flop circuits, and a gating control module. At a first processor frequency, gating of clock signals is enabled for the first and second plurality of flip-flop circuits. At a second processor frequency, gating of a first of... Agent:

20150006945 - Indirect clock measuring and media adjustment: A method for indirectly measuring the clock rate of a media rendering subsystem, in a media rendering device that has a separate hardware clock for rendering the media, by using the rate at which data requests are made of the CPU in the media rendering device and using the CPU... Agent:

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20140380029 - Mobile terminal apparatus, recording medium storing terminal control program, terminal control method, and terminal control system: A mobile terminal apparatus includes a detection unit that detects a temperature of the mobile terminal apparatus, a determination unit that determines whether or not the detected temperature is a predetermined value or more, an analysis unit that collects and analyzes usage histories of a function of the mobile terminal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140380028 - Virtualized device reset: In a hardware-based virtualization system, a hypervisor switches out of a first function into a second function. The first function is one of a physical function and a virtual function and the second function is one of a physical function and a virtual function. During the switching a malfunction of... Agent:

20140380030 - Automatic turning on of a data processing device during charging of a battery source thereof: A method includes monitoring, through a charge monitor circuit associated with a data processing device and/or a battery source of the data processing device, a charge level of the battery source during charging thereof. The method also includes triggering, through a driver component provided in a non-volatile memory associated with... Agent:

20140380032 - Electronic device, method for controlling electronic device, and program: There is provided an electronic device including a manipulation unit configured to acquire manipulation by a user, and a control unit configured to selectively execute one of a plurality of controls of the electronic device which are associated with a duration of the manipulation and to perform switching of at... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140380035 - Encrypting and decrypting a virtual disc: A computer-readable storage medium containing machine executable instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to encrypt a virtual disc; wherein the virtual disc comprises a virtual disc image; and wherein execution of the machine executable instructions cause the processor to: receive the virtual disc; increase the size... Agent:

20140380033 - Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack: A computer system is partitioned during a pre-boot phase of the computer system between a first partition and a second partition, wherein the first partition to include a first processing unit and the second partition to include a second processing unit. An Input/Output (I/O) operating system is booted on the... Agent:

20140380034 - System and method for redirecting input/output (i/o) sequences: A method for redirecting I/O (Input/Output) sequences. A computer platform is initialized. If the computer platform is enabled for command packet rerouting, the platform firmware may be used to install a runtime enable block I/O interface and a standard UNDI (Universal Network Device Interface) interface for routing I/O requests to... Agent:

20140380031 - System wide root of trust chaining via signed applications: A processing device searches executing at least one of a boot loader or a kernel for the operating system searches for an extensible firmware interface (EFI) binary object. Responsive to finding a first EFI binary object, the processing device verifies that a first signature associated with the first EFI binary... Agent:

20140380036 - Distributed network encryption key generation: Embodiments of methods and network devices for securing data within a network are generally described herein. One such method includes a key aggregation server receiving a request for an encryption key to secure the data. The server may query a plurality of network devices for a respective key from each... Agent:

20140380037 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: A plurality of user terminals or sensors transmit data encrypted by individual cryptographic key, a server receives the encrypted data items, and executes a data process according to a program defining a decryption process sequence. Bit slice expression data is generated by performing a bit slice process with respect to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140380038 - Secure internet protocol (ip) front-end for virtualized environments: An IPSec front-end may be configured to encrypt, decrypt and authenticate packets on behalf of a host on an insecure network and a peer on a secure network. For example, the IPSec front-end may receive internet protocol (IP) packets from the host and encrypt the data and format the data... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140380039 - System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names: A system for connecting a first network device and a second network device includes one or more servers. The servers are configured to: (a) receive, from the first network device, a request to look up a network address of the second network device based on an identifier associated with the... Agent:

20140380041 - Methods and systems for registering a packet-based address for a mobile device using a fully-qualified domain name (fqdn) for the device in a mobile communication network: A mobile communication device registers for data communication through a mobile communication network with a packet-based network. The device may or may not have a mobile device number, and registers using a fully-qualified-domain-name (FQDN) uniquely identifying the device in a domain-name-system (DNS) of the packet-based network. A packet-data-network gateway assigns... Agent:

20140380040 - Secure biometric cloud storage system: A secure and scalable data storage system that includes a server and a plurality of clients. The server maintains an access permission file that includes a file-group name, a plurality of client access blocks, a first and second public key, and a signature that is based on a first private... Agent:

20140380042 - Computer network, network node and method for providing certification information: A computer network for data transmission between network nodes, the network nodes being authenticatable to one another by authentication information of a public key infrastructure, with a root certificate authority configured to generate the authentication information for the public key infrastructure. The root certificate authority is arranged separate from the... Agent:

20140380043 - System and method for interleaving information into slices of a data packet, differentially encrypting the slices, and obfuscating information in the data packet: Approaches for combining different information to be transmitted into different slices of a data packet and/or encrypting the slices using different cryptographic schemes for secure transmission of the information are disclosed. In some implementations, first information and second information may be received. A first data slice representing a portion of... Agent: Luminal, Inc.

20140380044 - Accessing local applications when roaming using a nfc mobile device: A method of accessing local applications when roaming on a NFC mobile device may include creating a first partition and a second partition on a secure element (SE) of a subscriber identification module (SIM) of a near field communication (NFC) enabled device. The home TSM separates the first partition and... Agent:

20140380045 - System and method for wiping and disabling a removed device: A system and method implemented at a server system, for securely wiping a remote mobile device after the device registration has been removed from the server system. Prior to removal of the device registration from the server system, a “pre-packaged” command is created and stored at the server system. In... Agent:

20140380046 - Collaborative streaming system for protected media: The present disclosure is directed to a collaborative streaming system for protected media. A presentation device may interact with a group of trusted devices over a network to stream multimedia content. The presentation device may obtain a presentation content encryption key for presenting the content. Each trusted device in a... Agent:

20140380049 - Management of group secrets by group members: A method of adding a new device (221) to a device group (210), the device group (210, 220) including a plurality of devices, wherein each device in the device group possesses a device group key and device keys of all other devices in the device group for encryption of messages,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140380048 - Method and a server for processing a request from a terminal to access a computer resource: In one embodiment disclosed herein is a method of processing a request made by a terminal of a user to access a resource made available to a client entity by a platform of a cloud computer service supplier.... Agent:

20140380050 - Migrating authenticated content towards content consumer: Techniques involving migrating authenticated content on a network towards the consumer of the content. One representative technique includes a network node receiving an encrypted seed having at least a location of the user data at a network service that stores the user data, and a cryptographic key to access the... Agent:

20140380047 - System and method for delivering encrypted information in a communication network using location identity and key tables: Access to digital data is controlled by encrypting the data in such a manner that it can be decrypted only at a specified location, within a specific time frame, and with a secret key. Data encrypted in such a manner is said to be geo-encrypted. This geo-encryption process comprises a... Agent:

20140380052 - Message filtering method and system: A message filtering method and system is provided for enabling a terminal to determine whether a message is true or false. A message server and a mobile network server perform mutual authentication and negotiate with each other for a sequence code for message verification; when transmitting a message to a... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140380051 - Secure data access using sql query rewrites: A mechanism is provided for secure data access in a data processing system. A database having two tables is provided. A subset of the tables' primary key attributes is considered sensitive. A first user is authorized to access the primary key's sensitive attribute in an unmasked format, while a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140380053 - Obtaining targeted services using a unique identification header (uidh): A system is configured to receive, from a user device, a request for content; obtain, based on receiving the request, an identifier for a subscriber associated with the system and a key; encode the identifier and the key to create a unique identifier; store the unique identifier in the request... Agent:

20140380055 - Key pair updates based on digital signature states: Example embodiments relate to updating key pairs based on digital signature states. In example embodiments, first credentials that are generated using a first private key may be sent to a user computing device, where the first private key is associated with a first public key. At some stage, second credentials... Agent:

20140380057 - Method, server, host, and system for protecting data security: A method, a server, a host, and a system for protecting data security. A server generates a cloud feature value that uniquely corresponds to the server, binds a data encryption key required by the host to generate data encryption key ciphertext, and then transmits the data encryption key ciphertext and... Agent:

20140380054 - Multiple authority data security and access: Data is encrypted such that multiple keys are needed to decrypt the data. The keys are accessible to different entities so that no single entity has access to all the keys. At least one key is managed by a service provider. A customer computer system of the service provider may... Agent:

20140380056 - Securing method for lawful interception: A method is presented for secure communication, the method including generating a signature using a private key, a nonce, and at least one of an identifier and a key component; and transmitting the signature, the nonce, a security parameter, and the at least one of the identifier and the key... Agent:

20140380059 - Authentication of email servers: An originating email server is authenticated by a destination email server using a public key provided by the originating email server, thereby making it possible to detect an email with a forged origination address with no action required by a domain owner. A personal computer is authenticated using a reputation... Agent:

20140380058 - Process authentication and resource permissions: The techniques and systems described herein present various implementations of a model for authenticating processes for execution and specifying and enforcing permission restrictions on system resources for processes and users. In some implementations, a binary file for an application, program, or process may be augmented to include a digital signature... Agent:

20140380060 - Electronic authentication document system and method: In one embodiment a controller comprises logic configured to receive a document copy, wherein the document copy comprises an identifier which uniquely identifies an electronic device and an authentication algorithm logic, generate, with the authentication algorithm logic, a security key for the document copy based on at least one input... Agent:

20140380061 - Implementation method of a multifunctional mcu and such multifunctional mcu: A method comprises steps of: acquiring a function operation instruction input by a user; and scanning a fingerprint of the user and performing identity authentication on the user according to the fingerprint, if an operation corresponding to the function operation instruction is authentication; storing data information into a preset storage... Agent: Golden Vast Macao Commercial Offshore Limited

20140380062 - Information processing apparatus, image processing method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a number acquisition unit configured to acquire a number used for a coefficient of each term constituting a set of a multi-order multivariate polynomial F=(f1, . . . , fm), the number generated using a predetermined function from information shared between entities that... Agent:

20140380064 - Deleting encoded data slices in a dispersed storage network: A method begins by a dispersed storage (DS) processing module receiving a request regarding at least a portion of corresponding encoded data slices, wherein a collection of encrypted and encoded data slices of a plurality of collections of encrypted and encoded data slices includes a common data aspect, wherein encrypted... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140380063 - Information processing device, information storage device, information processing system, information processing method, and program: Provided is an information storage device including a storage unit configured to store encrypted content and an encryption key to be applied to decryption of the encrypted content, wherein the storage unit stores a converted encryption key generated through an arithmetic operation of the encryption key and an electronic signature... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140380067 - Backup power for reducing host current transients: A data storage device (DSD) includes a power supply from a host and a charge storage element. A current transient is detected on the power supply from the host and it is determined whether the current transient exceeds a current threshold. When the current transient exceeds the current threshold, power... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20140380066 - Control scheme to temporarily raise supply voltage in response to sudden change in current demand: A system for managing changes in current demand, including one or more processors, a memory coupled to at least one of the processors, a clock generation circuit coupled to the memory and configured to output a clock, one or more functional blocks, a power supply, configured to output a plurality... Agent:

20140380065 - Transition rate controlled bus driver circuit with reduced load sensitivity: A bus driver circuit (FIG. 2) is disclosed. The circuit includes a signal lead of a bus (200) and a reference terminal (Vss). A first transistor (MN0) has a first control terminal and has a first current path coupled to the reference terminal. A second transistor (MN1) has a second... Agent:

20140380069 - Date adjusted power budgeting for an information handling system: An information handling system determines a system configuration including a hardware module, and determines an adjusted power budget for the hardware module. The adjusted power budget is based on a calculation including a difference between a date code read from the hardware module and a baseline date, a baseline power... Agent:

20140380068 - Sram regulating retention scheme with discrete switch control and instant reference voltage generation: A system including control logic, a voltage reference, a sense amplifier, and a voltage supply circuit is presented. The sense amplifier may be configured to detect a current state of the voltage supply circuit output compared to the reference voltage. The voltage supply circuit may be configured to capture and... Agent:

20140380070 - Voltage regulator control system: A processor power management system and method are disclosed. The system includes a voltage regulator control system that is communicatively coupled to each of a plurality of processors. The voltage regulator control system is to generate a processor voltage that is provided to each of the plurality of processors and... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140380071 - Dynamic voltage and frequency management based on active processors: In an embodiment, a system may include multiple processors and an automatic power state controller (APSC) configured to switch the processors between various operating points. The operating points may be described by data programmed into the APSC, and the APSC may include a register that is programmable with a target... Agent:

20140380073 - Computer system and power management method thereof: A power management method for a computer system is provided. The power management method includes: obtaining a system power consumption; determining whether the system power consumption is greater than a first safe operating point; when the system power consumption is greater than the first safe operating point, controlling a CPU... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140380072 - Digital power estimator to control processor power consumption: In an embodiment, a digital power estimator (DPE) may be provided that may monitor the processors to estimate the amount of power being consumed. If the estimate exceeds a power threshold, the DPE may throttle one or more of the processors. Additionally, throttling events may be monitored to determine if... Agent:

20140380074 - Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium: When a printing apparatus operates in a normal power mode, a control unit specifies a time of receipt of a packet and a reception interval between packets by using an RTC. On the other hand, when the printing apparatus operates in a power-saving mode, a communication unit specifies a time... Agent:

20140380077 - Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus: It is an object to enable a request received from an outside to be automatically processed immediately before shifting to a power saving state such as a suspend state. On the way of a shift from a normal state to the suspend state and in a state where the shift... Agent:

20140380076 - Mapping a performance request to an operating frequency in a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes multiple cores each to independently execute instructions and a power control unit (PCU) coupled to the plurality of cores to control power consumption of the processor. The PCU may include a mapping logic to receive a performance scale value from an operating system (OS)... Agent:

20140380075 - Selective blocking of background activity: Controlling background activity in a computing device or system during a low-power mode is described. In some example techniques, when a computing device or system is in a low power mode, a determination is made whether to block one or more trigger events from causing an activation of one or... Agent:

20140380078 - Image forming apparatus and power control method thereof: An image forming apparatus and a power control method thereof are provided. The image forming apparatus includes: an image forming unit which forms an image; a power supply which supplies operating power for the image forming apparatus; a switching circuit unit which switches to selectively supply the operating power; a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140380079 - Operation management device, operation management method, and recording medium: An operation management device that comprises: a memory configured to store, for a plurality of nodes that each operate on one computer out of a plurality of computers included in a computer system and for a plurality of nodes capable of moving between the plurality of computers, operation suspension sequence... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140380080 - Energy-saving circuit for motherboard: An energy-saving circuit for a motherboard includes a connecting circuit, a control circuit, a power circuit, an audio circuit, and a south bridge circuit. The connecting circuit can be connected to a number of audio devices, or may be unconnected to an audio device. A first detecting signal to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140380081 - Restricting clock signal delivery in a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes a core to execute instructions, where the core includes a clock generation logic to receive and distribute a first clock signal to a plurality of units of the core, a restriction logic to receive a restriction command and to reduce delivery of the first... Agent:

20140380082 - Integrated circuit comprising fractional clock multiplication circuitry: Circuitry capable of performing fractional clock multiplication by using an injection-locked oscillator is described. Some embodiments described herein perform fractional clock multiplication by periodically changing the injection location, from a set of injection locations, where the injection signal is injected and/or by periodically changing a phase, from a set of... Agent:

20140380084 - Detecting full-system idle state in adaptive-tick kernels: A technique for detecting full-system idle state in an adaptive-tick kernel includes detecting non-timekeeping CPU idle state, initiating a hysteresis period, waiting for the hysteresis period to end, manipulating a data structure whose state indicates whether a scheduling clock tick may be disabled on all CPUs, and disabling the scheduling... Agent:

20140380083 - Out-of-band signal detection by host interfaces of storage modules: A host interface for a storage module may include an out-of-band (OOB) detector that is configured to detect receipt of an OOB signal using a clock signal. The clock signal may be generated by a clock generator that is activated using a counter. When an OOB signal is received, the... Agent:

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