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20150149748 - Computer system: A computer system is disclosed. When a user conducts different operations on a switch module, a switch module generates different clicking indication signal, and a logic control module generates a corresponding signal according to clicking indication signals so that a management control module processes a signal generated by a logic... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149749 - Methods and systems of operating computing device: In one or more embodiments, a system can configure a physical mobile device via configuring a configuration for an emulator of the physical mobile device. For example, a user (e.g., a customer) can request a physical mobile device, and a system can provide the user with an emulation of the... Agent: Invodo, Inc.

20150149750 - Bios update with service processor without serial peripheral interface (spi) access: Certain aspects direct to BIOS update with a service processor (SP) without access through a serial peripheral interface (SPI). In certain embodiments, the system includes a SP, which includes a processor, a non-volatile memory, a volatile memory and a system interface. The SP receives a BIOS image from a remote... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20150149760 - Context agent injection using virtual machine introspection: A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for executing a process within a virtual machine. A module is injected into an operating system for the virtual machine to form an injected module. The injected module is executed to load an agent process within an application space within... Agent:

20150149751 - Cpu-based measured boot: A measured boot process for an electronic device includes taking a measurement of the early system start up instructions of the electronic device upon a reboot or start-up of the device. A representation of the measurement is stored in a trusted platform module of the electronic device prior to initialization... Agent:

20150149759 - Electronic device including a memory technology device: The electronic device may include a RAM, a nonvolatile storage device as an MTD, and firmware that may be stored on the nonvolatile storage device. The firmware may include a kernel that is expanded onto the RAM and a root disk image as a root file system. The kernel mounts... Agent:

20150149758 - Method, computer readable medium and device for the configuration or maintenance of a computer system in a cluster: The configuration and maintenance of a computer system in a cluster, where the computer system is configured to allow booting from data stored in an administration computer system is disclosed. In one aspect, after obtaining a boot disk image making it possible to boot an operating system and configuration data... Agent:

20150149755 - Projector and boot up method thereof: A projector comprises an environment detecting module and a processing module. The environment detecting module detects a predetermined environmental information at a first time and a real-time environmental information at a second time. The processing module is coupled to the environment detecting module, receives the predetermined environmental information and the... Agent: Delata Electronics, Inc.

20150149752 - Server and control method thereof: The disclosure provides a server and a control method thereof, and the server includes a memory unit and a basic input/output system (BIOS). The memory has an address space into which a specific string is written. When the server is booted, the BIOS is started to inquire the address space... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149753 - Server and inspecting method thereof: Disclosed herein are a server and a inspecting method thereof. The server comprises a baseboard management controller, a field-replaceable unit coupled with the baseboard management controller, and a basic input/output system (BIOS). After the server is powered on, the BIOS starts running, performs power-on self-test for the server to generate... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149754 - Server and inspecting method thereof: Disclosed herein are a server and an inspecting method thereof. The server comprises a baseboard management controller (BMC), a non-volatile memory coupled with the baseboard management controller, and a basic input/output system. After the server is powered on, the basic input/output system starts running, performs power-on self-test for the server... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149756 - System and method for setting up a bootable storage device using image: A system and method for setting up a bootable storage device using an image are disclosed, a booting image supporting the network file system service is built up in an OS installed into a temporary device, the booting image and the kernel of the OS are copied to a pre-boot... Agent:

20150149757 - System and method for validating components during a booting process: A method and system for validating components during a booting process of a computing device are described herein. The method can include the steps of detecting a power up signal and in response to detecting the power up signal, progressively determining whether software components of the computing device are valid.... Agent:

20150149761 - Network model for distributed computing architecture: The invention sets forth a New Network Model for building and managing distributed computing networks based on a fundamental network building block referred to as a DIME; an acronym for Distributed Intelligent, Managed, Entity, and a Signaling Infrastructure. The network model enables dynamic management of the programs comprising the DIME.... Agent:

20150149762 - Method and apparatus for unified encrypted messaging: A unified encrypted messaging system transmits messages from a first computer to a second computer by dividing the encrypted message into a plurality of encrypted message fragments. A first portion of the plurality of encrypted message fragments is transmitted via a first protocol and a second portion of the plurality... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150149763 - Server-aided private set intersection (psi) with data transfer: Existing private set intersection (PSI) protocol allows two parties to find intersection of their sets, but restricts learning any other information about each other's set except for its size. In general, the server-aided private set intersection with data transfer technique described herein provides a server-aided private set intersection (PSI) protocol... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150149764 - Method for network communication past encryption devices: This disclosure is directed to techniques for providing communication between devices in different networks wherein the communication must first pass through an encryption mechanism and the devices do not have the stand-alone capability to encrypt or decrypt the communication. According to these techniques, an adapter may determine certain fields in... Agent: Architecture Technology Corporation

20150149765 - Method of anonymization: This invention is aimed at a method for the anonymisation of data that could help identify the user while a profile of said user is collected by a targeting data collection server. To implement such anonymisation, an anonymisation server is placed between a user terminal and the collections server. The... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20150149767 - Method and system for authenticating the nodes of a network: A system and a method are provided for authenticating the nodes of a communication network in order to access the services of a service provider, and includes a collective authentication of the nodes, performed in a single exchange between the nodes of the network declared in a group and an... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20150149766 - System and methods for facilitating authentication of an electronic device accessing plurality of mobile applications: Systems and methods for facilitating authentication of an electronic device accessing plurality of mobile applications are disclosed. The system may receive a device public key and authentication information of the electronic device. The system may validate the authentication information to initiate a device session with the electronic device and create... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20150149769 - Securing a secret of a user: Methods, systems and apparatuses for securing a secret of a user are disclosed. One method includes one or more adjudicator devices providing a plurality of public keys, wherein each of the plurality of public keys has a corresponding at least one adjudicator, and a corresponding secret key, receiving, by the... Agent: Pivotcloud, Inc.

20150149768 - System and method for automated customer verification: Techniques are disclosed for identifying and authenticating prospective certificate authority customers of a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate prior to receiving an order from the customer. The CA generates a list of prospective customers of digital certificates (e.g., by scanning networked servers via the Internet for the presence of an... Agent: Symantec Corporation

20150149770 - Time check method and base station: A time check method and a base station are provided. The base station receives an authentication interaction message sent by an authentication interaction device; extracts time information in the authentication interaction message; and uses the time information to check local time. Before an Internet Key Exchange (IKE) connection is set... Agent:

20150149771 - Block encryption method and block decryption method having integrity verification: An encryption method and decryption method are provided. The encryption method divides an electronic file into a plurality of message blocks, wherein the message blocks have a sequence. The encryption method sets a checking vector as the last message block. The encryption method performs the following steps on each message... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150149773 - Average-complexity ideal-security order-preserving encryption: Embodiments provide ideal security, order-preserving encryption (OPE) of data of average complexity, thereby allowing processing of the encrypted data (e.g. at a database server in response to received queries). Particular embodiments achieve high encryption efficiency by processing plaintext in the order preserved by an existing compression dictionary already available to... Agent: Sap Ag

20150149775 - Method and system of secure email: A process of sending and receiving emails using uniquely associated mobile communication devices involving a sender and a recipient, both registered users in a secure email communication system. The use of uniquely associated mobile communication devices with additional user authentication in the email sending and receiving ensures the authenticity of... Agent:

20150149774 - Rights management system and method integrated with email transmission of documents: A rights management system and method allow users to easily associate rights management policies with documents send via email from a client (e.g. a computer or scanner). The client transmits email recipient information, including the attention type (“to,” “cc” or “bcc”) for each recipient, to a rights management server. The... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20150149772 - Secure access for encrypted data: Embodiments generally provide techniques for managing data security. One embodiment includes providing, at a client system, an encrypted private key that can be decrypted using a locker key. Encrypted data is received from a remote system, and embodiment determine that the received encrypted data can be decrypted using a private... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150149776 - Apparatus and method for secure delivery of data from a communication device: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may perform, for example, providing an upload request to a mobile communication device to cause a secure device processor of the mobile communication device to perform a modification of data according to a data protection key to generate modified data and to perform... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

20150149778 - Content reception apparatus and method, and content transmission apparatus and method: A content reception apparatus includes: a communication unit that communicates with a content transmission apparatus; an authenticating unit that performs mutual authentication with the content transmission apparatus; a content recording unit that records content; and a content reproduction output unit that reproduces the content, wherein the content is received from... Agent:

20150149777 - Mobile terminal, terminal and authentication method using security cookie: An authentication method including: transmitting, by a first terminal, a security cookie to a server and making an authentication request; transmitting, by the server, session information and the security cookie to a second terminal in response to the authentication request; verifying, by the second terminal, whether the security cookie has... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150149781 - Authenticated session establishment: Methods, devices, and machine-readable media are provided to provide secure communications between entities. As provided in this disclosure, this may include receiving a request to begin a new communication session, determining one or more desired parameters of the session, and determining whether the desired parameters of the message match proposed... Agent:

20150149780 - Mediator device monitoring and controlling access to electronic content: Methods, systems and apparatuses for a mediator controlling access to an electronic content, are disclosed. One method includes receiving, by a mediator device of a mediator, a second share SKG2 from an owner device, wherein a first share SKG1 is provided to a member device of a member of a... Agent: Pivotcloud, Inc.

20150149779 - Secure transmission of a message: The embodiments relate to methods and apparatuses for producing secure transmission of a message. The methods are based on production of a basic key that is used for producing respective transmitter keys for a plurality of transmitters. For the ascertainment of the receiver keys by respective receivers, the basic key... Agent:

20150149782 - Integrity protected smart card transaction: Systems, methods, and technologies for configuring a conventional smart card and client machine, and for performing a smart card authorization using the configured smart card and client. Further, the combination of methods provides for mutual authentication—authentication of the client to the user, and authentication of the user to the client.... Agent:

20150149783 - Method and apparatus for secure distribution of embedded firmware: A method and apparatus to securely distribute embedded firmware to a module in an industrial control system is disclosed. A security certificate corresponding to the firmware is generated utilizing a proprietary algorithm. The certificate includes an identifier corresponding to the module on which the firmware is to be loaded and... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150149784 - Communication method utilizing fingerprint information authentication: A communication method utilizing fingerprint information authentication comprises the following steps: (a) extracting fingerprint information of first, and sending a request instruction to second user via the fingerprint information by a first user on an information exchange platform, and extracting fingerprint information of second user after receiving the request by... Agent: Wwtt Technology China

20150149785 - Generating fingerprinted content data for provision to receivers: A method for generating, from initial content data, output content data for provision to one or more receivers, wherein the initial content data is encoded according to a coding scheme, wherein for a quantity of data encoded according to the coding scheme, the coding scheme provides a mechanism for including... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20150149786 - Network storage system for a download intensive environment: A network storage system for a download intensive environment is provided. The network storage comprises at least a data storage server (DSS) that includes an interface enabling connection of the DSS to a network at a location that enables at least a view of network transactions performed by a plurality... Agent: Reduxio Systems Ltd.

20150149787 - Client-based authentication: Apparatus, systems, and methods may operate to invoke multiple authentication mechanisms, by a client node, to encrypt N split-keys using credentials associated with corresponding ones of the authentication mechanisms. Further activity may include transforming the split-keys to provide N encrypted split-keys, and storing each of the encrypted split-keys with an... Agent: Novell, Inc.

20150149788 - System, method, and computer program product for optimizing data encryption and decryption by implementing asymmetric aes-cbc channels: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for implementing asymmetric AES-CBC (Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher Block Chaining) channels usage between encryption and decryption of data. In operation, data to be written to memory is identified. In addition, the data is encrypted utilizing a first AES-CBC channel. Additionally, at least... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150149789 - Memory system, host system, and method of performing write operation in memory system: A write operation is performed in a memory system by encoding, in the memory system, original data transmitted from a host system, according to a first type of host command, to produce an encoding result, transmitting information about the encoding result to the host system after the encoding, and writing... Agent:

20150149790 - Nonvolatile memory and electronic device: The embodiments of the present invention disclose a nonvolatile memory and an electronic device, where each time the nonvolatile memory is powered on, an exchanger is used to implement a random exchange of at least one address subsignal and its inverted signal in a bank decoder and/or a row decoder... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150149791 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes a chip, a memory and a switch unit. The chip works in a boot state. The memory coupled to the chip stores firmware and has a write-protection control end connected to the chip through a write-protection control path. In a standby state, when receiving an electric... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149794 - Methods and systems to control power gates during an active state of a gated domain based on load conditions of the gated domain: Methods and systems to adjust a resistance between a supply grid and a power-gated grid during an active state of a power-gated circuitry in response to load changes in the circuitry to maintain a relatively consistent IR droop. Subsets of power gates (PGs) may be selectively enabled and disabled based... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150149795 - Semiconductor device and electronic device: To reduce a variation in the electrical characteristics of a transistor. A potential generated by a voltage converter circuit is applied to a back gate of a transistor included in a voltage conversion block. Since the back gate of the transistor is not in a floating state, a current flowing... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150149792 - Server system and controlling method for operation timing after being powered up: A server system and controlling method for an operation timing after being powered up are disclosed. The sever system controls a reset signal to have a voltage lower than a first voltage value by introducing a voltage monitoring module when a work power lower than a voltage threshold. On the... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150149793 - Various psus adaptive server and method: A various PSUs adaptive server and method used therefor, in which the management module sends a detection command to the bus address corresponding to the model corresponding to each of the PSUs, identifies the model according to the bus address in the response information and controls the one of the... Agent: Invectec Corporation

20150149797 - Hierarchical wearable processing unit: A hierarchical wearable processing unit (HWPU) (102) for WPUs (100) is described. According to an implementation of the present subject matter, the HWPU (102) may include a plurality of hierarchies (106). Each hierarchy (106) from amongst the plurality of hierarchies (106) is determined for a particular performance and power consumption.... Agent: Ineda Systems Pvt. Ltd

20150149798 - Information processing device: In an information processing device 10, while a main CPU 200 is in a standby state, a sub CPU 100 is in an active state. While the sub CPU 100 is in the standby state, the main CPU 200 is in the active state. The main CPU 200 and the... Agent:

20150149799 - Power coordination system for hybrid energy storage system: A method of controlling power in a hybrid energy storage system that may include controlling power through the at least one battery storage element and the capacitor storage element using a multi-level power management system. In some embodiments, the multi-level power management system includes at least a long term battery... Agent:

20150149796 - Voltage regulator training: Embodiments including systems, methods, and apparatuses associated with increasing the power efficiency of one or more components of a computing system. Specifically, the system may include a processor chip which may include an on-die voltage regulator (VR) configured to supply a voltage to a component of the processor chip. The... Agent:

20150149800 - Performing an operating frequency change using a dynamic clock control technique: In an embodiment, a processor includes a core to execute instructions, where the core includes a clock generation circuit to receive and distribute a first clock signal at a first operating frequency provided from a phase lock loop of the processor to a plurality of units of the core. The... Agent:

20150149801 - Complex wakeup gesture framework: A processing system for sensing includes a sensor module including sensor circuitry coupled to sensor electrodes, the sensor module configured to generate sensing signals received with the sensor electrodes. The processing system further includes a determination module that is configured to determine, from the sensing signals, a positional information for... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150149803 - Electronic device, control method, and computer-readable storage medium: In an embodiment, an electronic device includes a power supply module, a processor, a mode setting module and a clock module. The processor is configured to operate with power from the power supply module, and to be able to enter a power-saving operation state. The mode setting module turns on... Agent:

20150149802 - Power-save mode in electronic apparatus: This document discloses a solution for employing a power-save mode in an electronic device providing, in a display unit, a plurality of home screens and a mechanism to switch from one home screen to another home screen in response to a user input received through user input means of the... Agent:

20150149804 - Responding device and responding method: A responding device has operating modes including a first mode and a second mode. The responding device includes a first responding unit and a second responding unit. The first responding unit operates during the first mode and outputs, when receiving a request, a response including information in accordance with the... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150149805 - Managing graphics power consumption and performance: The graphics pipeline produces real time utilization data for each of a plurality of functional units making up an overall graphics processor or graphics system on a chip. This information may be used for fine grain management of power consumption and performance at the functional unit level as opposed the... Agent:

20150149806 - Hard power fail architecture: The various implementations described herein include systems, methods and/or devices used to enable power sequencing and data hardening in a storage device. In one aspect, the method includes determining whether a power supply voltage provided to the storage device is higher than an over-voltage threshold. The method further includes, in... Agent: Sandisk EnterpriseIPLLC

20150149807 - Computer device: A computer device is disclosed. The computer device includes a central processing unit (CPU), a chipset, an input/output (I/O) chip, a general purpose I/O (GPIO) interface, and a smart battery. The chipset is electrically connected to the CPU. The I/O chip is electrically connected to the chipset. The GPIO interface... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150149808 - Frequency calibration method applicable in universal serial bus device and related universal serial bus device: A frequency calibration method applied to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device includes: coupling the USB device to a USB host, wherein the USB device at least comprises a programmable oscillator; utilizing the USB device to extract a low frequency periodic signal from the USB host; and calibrating the programmable... Agent:

20150149809 - Synchronous bridge circuitry and a method of transferring data using asynchronous bridge circuitry: Asynchronous bridge circuitry provides data communication between source circuitry 4 in a source clock domain and destination circuitry 12 in a destinations clock domain. The asynchronous bridge circuitry includes first-in-first-out buffer 20, transmission path circuitry 14, which has an input end coupled to the source circuitry and an output end... Agent: Arm Limited

05/21/2015 > 67 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150143092 - Information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus startup method, and recording medium: An information processing apparatus includes a startup condition acquisition unit that acquires a startup condition of multiple program modules, a determination unit that determines a startup order of the multiple program modules by multiple CPU cores, a startup unit that starts up the multiple program modules by executing an executable... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150143091 - Methods and systems of operating computing device: In one or more embodiments, a system can configure a physical mobile device via configuring a configuration for an emulator of the physical mobile device. For example, a user (e.g., a customer) can request a physical mobile device, and a system can provide the user with an emulation of the... Agent: Invodo, Inc.

20150143093 - Plurality of interface files usable for access to bios: A computer may comprise a processor and first storage device coupled to the processor. The first storage device contains a basic input/output system (BIOS) executable by the processor. The system may also comprise a second storage device coupled to the processor. The second storage device may contain a management interface... Agent:

20150143090 - System and method for configuring and executing services: Systems and methods for configuring and executing services are disclosed. A plurality of services and a plurality of technology services are configured based on information stored in a knowledge repository. The plurality of services and the plurality of technology services correspond to a plurality of messages. The service is configured... Agent:

20150143095 - Bios failover update with service processor: Certain aspects direct to basic input/output system (BIOS) failover update with a service processor (SP). In certain embodiments, the system includes a host computer and a SP. A CPU of the host computer loads and executes a current BIOS image stored in a BIOS chip to a memory as a... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20150143097 - Information processing apparatus that saves data in main storage device and control method therefor, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus that can flexibly change an amount of data to be saved. A determining unit determines, at a time when the information processing apparatus is started up, whether termination processing has abnormally ended last-time or not. A detecting unit detects an instruction indicating processing that should be... Agent:

20150143099 - Method and apparatus for enhancing a hibernate and resume process using user space synchronization: Before hibernating a computing device (102), system software components (116) are notified of an upcoming hibernation process. The notifications are conveyed through an application program interface (API) (114). At least a portion of the system software components (116) can perform one or more pre-hibernation activities to place that system software... Agent:

20150143096 - Method and chip card for transmitting information: A card including a data transmission mechanism using annex transmission channels. A method is described for the transmission of data by a chip card at an end of its life using hidden communication channels different from standard communication channels of the card. The data are transmitted by modulating a binary... Agent: Morpho

20150143098 - Method for updating firmware of an electronic device within a computer: A method for updating firmware of a hard disk drive (HDD) within a computer. In order to use the firmware that has been updated without rebooting the computer, the old identification information of the old firmware is loaded into a random-access memory (RAM) of the HDD. The new firmware containing... Agent:

20150143094 - System and method to perform an os boot using service location protocol and launching os using a dynamic update of network boot order without a reboot: A system, method, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for a boot mapping system. More specifically, in certain embodiments, BIOS of an information handling system includes a boot mapping system which allows the information handling system to boot up regardless of a boot order change in a network mode of operation... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150143101 - Method and apparatus for embedded systems reprogramming: A reprogramming device is used for reprogramming embedded systems. The reprogramming device comprises a microprocessor, a memory programmed with software to accomplish the reprogramming of distinctly different embedded systems architectures, and one or more hardware devices that facilitate communication over multiple protocols contained in a portable package designed for both... Agent:

20150143100 - Triggered controlled event listener learner: Aspects of the present invention provide a solution for responding to a change in an environment of a computer system. In an embodiment, a set of triggered controlled event listener learners (T-CELLs) are deployed in the computer system. Each T-CELL of the set of T-CELLs is a self-contained, persistent software... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143102 - Sending messages by oblivious transfer: A system includes a server connectable to a client, the server configured to allow the client to acquire a message of an index designated by the client among N messages held by the server where N is an integer of two or more. The server includes a classification unit configured... Agent:

20150143104 - Apparatus, system, method, and medium: An apparatus includes a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to generate a first common key whose key value varies based on a first elapsed time when a notification of the first elapsed time after a start-up of another apparatus to which a data frame to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150143103 - Messaging and networking keepsakes: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for allowing parties exchanging digital objects and members of social networks to catalog certain data objects as favorites in a cataloged interface and which allow the parties to access and interact with the catalog of favorited content.... Agent: Life Of Two

20150143105 - Usb interface for performing transport i/o: Systems and methods for implementing a Transport I/O system are described. Network encrypted content may be received by a device. The device may provide the network encrypted content to a secure processor, such as, for example, a smart card. The secure processor obtains a network control word that may be... Agent:

20150143106 - Remote authentication system: One embodiment of the invention is directed to a method including receiving an alias identifier associated with an account associated with a presenter, determining an associated trusted party using the alias identifier, sending a verification request message to the trusted party after determining the associated trusted party, and receiving a... Agent:

20150143107 - Data security tools for shared data: Embodiments of data security tools enable secure data sharing. A data sharing system includes a memory device and a processor. The processor encrypts data with a common key. The processor also assigns separate instances of the common key to each user having permissions to access the data. The processor also... Agent:

20150143108 - System and method for updating an encryption key across a network: Systems and methods are provided for generating subsequent encryption keys by a client device as one of a plurality of client devices across a network. Each client device is provided with the same key generation information and the same key setup information from an authentication server. Each client device maintains... Agent: Landis+gyr Innovations, Inc.

20150143109 - Data decryption circuit and associated method: A data decryption circuit for decrypting a current encrypted data packet is provided. The current encrypted data packet includes a header and a payload. The data decryption circuit includes an operation unit and a decryption calculation unit. The operation unit generates first data according to the header and a pseudo-random... Agent:

20150143110 - Manage encrypted network traffic using spoofed addresses: Methods and systems for managing encrypted network traffic using spoofed addresses. One example method includes receiving a request to resolve a domain name; determining that the domain name is included in a predetermined set of domain names; associating a spoofed address with the domain name; sending a response to the... Agent: Phantom Technologies, Inc.

20150143111 - Methods and devices for securing keys for a nonsecured, distributed environment with applications to virtualization and cloud-computing security and management: The present invention discloses methods and devices for securing keys for a non-secure computing-environment. Methods include the steps of: providing a security-key framework which is adapted, upon receiving an encryption request for protecting a secret item, for repetitively encrypting the secret item with each of a set of N location-specific... Agent: Porticor Ltd.

20150143114 - Information processing system and control method of information processing system: A first information processing device holds data and a key for encryption. A second information processing device does not have rights to share data not encrypted with the first information processing device and a client. The first information processing device transmits data and key to the client when receiving a... Agent:

20150143113 - Method and system for encrypting information utilizing three-dimensional shapes: Method and system is disclosed for encrypting information utilizing three-dimensional shapes. The method includes receiving one or more computer device usage metrics, one or more user files having information, and instructions for encrypting the one or more user files, selecting shape type from a plurality of predetermined shape types, determining... Agent: Connectx, Inc.

20150143112 - System and method for dynamic, non-interactive, and parallelizable searchable symmetric encryption: A method of searching encrypted data includes generating with a client computing device a search index identifier corresponding to a search term in an encrypted search table and transmitting the search index identifier, a first single use key and a second single use key to a server. The method includes... Agent:

20150143119 - Content distribution method, content distribution system, source device, and sink device: Provided is a content distribution method which allows a source device to safely distribute copyrighted content to a sink device in response to a request from the sink device as a trigger. The content distribution method includes a list transmission step S11, a content request step S12, and a content... Agent:

20150143120 - Controlling mobile device access to secure data: Various aspects of the disclosure relate to providing secure containers or data vaults for data of one or more managed applications. In some embodiments, each managed application may be assigned its own private data vault and/or may be assigned a shared data vault that is accessible to at least one... Agent:

20150143117 - Data encryption at the client and server level: Embodiments of the present invention include a computer system and computer program product for implementing encryption of data. A computer system determines that a first data field of a plurality of data fields of a web form requires encryption. The computer system tags the first data field with one or... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143118 - End-to-end secure communication system: The present disclosure is directed to an end-to-end secure communication system wherein, in addition to encrypting transmissions between clients, communication-related operations occurring within each client may also be secured. Each client may comprise a secure processing environment to process encrypted communication information received from other clients and locally-captured media information... Agent:

20150143115 - Method and apparatus for avoiding license storming during an unplanned regional blackout: A computer implemented method and apparatus for avoiding license storming during an unplanned regional blackout. The method comprises generating a leaf license for each geographic region of a plurality of geographic regions in a broadcast area, wherein each leaf license includes a first content encryption key for decrypting media content... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150143116 - Systems and methods for convenient and secure mobile transactions: Systems and methods for conducting convenient and secure mobile transactions between a payment terminal and a mobile device, e.g., in a fueling environment, are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the payment terminal and the mobile device conduct a mutual authentication process that, if successful, produces a session key which can... Agent:

20150143122 - Methods and apparatus for private service identifiers in neighborhood aware networks: Methods and apparatus in accordance with various embodiments provide for private service IDs for utilization in wireless devices in neighbor aware networks. One aspect of the subject matter described in the disclosure provides a method of transmitting service information in a wireless neighborhood aware network. The method includes generating a... Agent:

20150143121 - Portable computerized device adapted for ad hoc security associations: A portable computing device configured to provide secure data communications with a network via a network communications interface. In one embodiment, the portable computing device includes a network security apparatus configured to communicate data with other network security apparatus over the network via the establishment of an association, the establishment... Agent:

20150143125 - Key derivation for a module using an embedded universal integrated circuit card: A module with an embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) can include a received eUICC profile and a set of cryptographic algorithms. The received eUICC profile can include an initial shared secret key for authentication with a wireless network. The module can receive a key K network token and send... Agent:

20150143126 - Method and apparatus for establishing a security association: A method for establishing a security association between a client and a service node for the purpose of pushing information from the service node to the client, where the client and a key server share a base secret. The method comprises sending a request for generation and provision of a... Agent:

20150143123 - Systems and methods for fuel dispenser security: Systems and methods for fuel dispenser security are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a user seeking access to a protected function of the fuel dispenser is presented with a challenge that is encrypted using a secret key that is unique to the fuel dispenser. To access the secured function, the... Agent:

20150143124 - Systems and methods for fuel dispenser security: Systems and methods for fuel dispenser security are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a user seeking access to a protected function of the fuel dispenser is presented with a challenge that is encrypted using a secret key that is unique to the fuel dispenser. To access the secured function, the... Agent:

20150143127 - Securely filtering trust services records: Embodiments include method, systems, and computer program products for filtering trust services records. Embodiments include receiving a trust services record that includes a plurality of security components and that is usable to secure data that is stored in an untrusted location. It is determined whether the trust services record has... Agent:

20150143128 - Method and device for product and document authentication: Counterfeit articles are distinguished from genuine articles by a combination of a party-specific code and a product authentication code of the article. After authenticating a genuine article, a replacement authentication code is generated based on the original authentication code and party-specific code. Documents and currencies can be authenticated independently of... Agent:

20150143129 - Secure mobile identity: A “Secure Mobile Identity System” that enables the creation of secure digital credentials on mobile devices, prevents identity theft, prevents fraudulent financial transactions, protects privacy, enables a simplified federation process and provides a consumer friendly “One Click Sign On”™ process. Also, the user's credentials are secure if his/her mobile device... Agent:

20150143132 - Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an information processing device includes a first manager, a second manager, and a generator. The first manager loads a first class of a first object that requests execution of methods contained in a second object and a third class of a limiter configured to limit access... Agent:

20150143131 - Information processing device, information storage device, information processing system, information processing method, and program: According to a first aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided an information storage device including a storage unit that stores encrypted content, usage control information of the encrypted content, and a revocation list in which revocation information of a content reproduction device is recorded, and a data processing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143130 - Integrated circuit provisioning using physical unclonable function: A one-time programmable (OTP) memory of an integrated circuit is provisioned based on identifier data generated by a physical unclonable function (PUF) of the integrated circuit. The identifier data is used as part of cryptographic operations to secure provisioning of security information at an OTP memory of at the integrated... Agent: Vixs Systems Inc.

20150143133 - Systems for embedding information in data strings: A data processing system is provided that includes applications, databases, encryption engines, and decryption engines. Encryption and decryption engines may be used to perform format-preserving encryption on data strings stored in a database. Applications may be used to embed information in data strings. Information may be embedded by using a... Agent:

20150143136 - Deletion of content in digital storage systems: A data processing and storage apparatus has a hardware security module and a data storage medium storing encrypted data objects and a hierarchical data maintenance structure of encrypted partition tables and hash-nodes forming a rooted tree, where a given partition table comprises a first reference to a given encrypted data... Agent:

20150143135 - Information processing device, information processing system, information processing method, and program: The present disclosure realizes a structure that can unify the management of the storage block for the encryption key to be used in decrypting encrypted content stored in a memory card. This structure includes: an information processing apparatus that stores content into an information storage device such as a memory... Agent:

20150143134 - Secure data encryption in shared storage using namespaces: A data storage device in a distributed computing system has physical block addresses that are each allocated to multiple namespaces. To access the data storage device, a host system issues a command to the data storage device that includes an access key and a virtual block address to be accessed.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150143137 - Information processing apparatus, control device, and control method: An information processing apparatus includes a monitoring unit that monitors a reception of a power-on instruction from a second control device among the plurality of control devices, and a prevention unit that prevents an issue of the power-on instruction to the second control device when the monitoring unit detects the... Agent:

20150143139 - Providing per core voltage and frequency control: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a processor having a plurality of cores and a control logic to control provision of a voltage/frequency to a first core of the plurality of cores independently of provision of a voltage/frequency to at least a second core of the plurality of cores.... Agent:

20150143140 - System and method for providing modular and scalable power infrastructure outside of usable it space: In accordance with the present disclosure, a system and method for providing scalable and modular power infrastructure outside of usable rack space is described. The system may include a chassis configured to mount on the side of a rack. A power cable interface box (PCIB) may be disposed within the... Agent:

20150143138 - System for detecting universal serial bus (usb) device and method thereof: A system for detecting universal serial bus (USB) device and method thereof are described. The system and method utilizes a USB controller to control a switch module and to detect the signal level of USB interface for determining whether the USB device is electrically connected to the host unit. Therefore,... Agent:

20150143147 - Fan control during low temperature operations to reduce platform power: In general, in one aspect, the disclosure describes running a cooling fan within a computer at low speed while the computer is in low temperature operations (e.g., idle). The operation of the cooling fan may reduce CPU temperature enough to decrease CPU leakage power, offsetting the power consumption of the... Agent:

20150143145 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program: When an amount of a change of a temperature sensor output value is greater than a threshold, the occupation ratio is updated. When the amount of the change of the temperature sensor output value is equal to or smaller greater than the threshold, the occupation ratio is not updated and... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20150143143 - Method and system for optimizing a core voltage level and enhancing frequency performance of individual subcomponents for reducing power consumption within a pcd: A method and system for optimizing a core voltage level of a portable computing device (“PCD”) and enhancing frequency performance of individual subcomponents are disclosed. A plurality of voltage values is determined for a plurality of subcomponents within the PCD. Next, a reduced set of voltage values may be calculated... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150143144 - Method for transmitting data between nodes of a motor vehicle using an ethernet transport protocol and control unit configured to carry out said method: A method for transmitting data in a motor vehicle from an application using an Ethernet transport protocol between nodes of the motor vehicle includes: the application transmitting data via an Ethernet-based network at cyclic intervals; deactivating local transmitters and receivers of a node in non-use periods, in which no data... Agent:

20150143141 - Shared interrupt multi-core architecture for low power applications: A multicore architecture is configured to exploit explicit task parallelism to save power by sharing interrupt sources that trigger independent tasks.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150143146 - Substrate processing apparatus and control method: According to one embodiment, there is provided a substrate processing apparatus including a substrate processing unit, a power supply, and a control unit. The substrate processing unit is configured to conduct processing on a substrate successively under first and second processing conditions each including a plurality of kinds of processing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150143142 - System and method for dynamic dcvs adjustment and workload scheduling in a system on a chip: Various embodiments of methods and systems for dynamically adjusting operating frequency settings of one or more processing components in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are disclosed. One such method involves receiving a request to adjust an operating frequency setting of a processing component to a required frequency (“F_req”) to process... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150143149 - Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines: Efficient power management of a system with virtual machines is disclosed. In particular, such efficient power management may enable coordination of system-wide power changes with virtual machines. Additionally, such efficient power management may enable coherent power changes in a system with a virtual machine monitor. Furthermore, such efficient power management... Agent:

20150143148 - Method and system for optimizing a core voltage level and enhancing frequency performance of individual subcomponents for reducing power consumption within a pcd: A method and system for optimizing a core voltage level of a portable computing device (“PCD”) and enhancing frequency performance of individual subcomponents are disclosed. A plurality of voltage values for a plurality of subsystems is determined. At least one subsystem is a multiplexed subsystem. Next, a reduced set of... Agent:

20150143150 - Dc-powered system side control of ac-dc adapter primary side switching circuitry: Systems and methods are provided for enabling control of adapter primary side switching circuitry of an AC-DC adapter by a DC-powered information handling system that is connected to the AC-DC adapter for receiving DC power from the AC-DC adapter.... Agent:

20150143152 - Method and apparatus for a power-efficient framework to maintain data synchronization of a mobile personal computer to simulate a connected scenario: An apparatus and method for a power-efficient framework to maintain data synchronization of a mobile personal computer (MPC) are described. In one embodiment, the method includes the detection of a data synchronization wakeup event while the MPC is operating according to a sleep state. Subsequent to wakeup event, at least... Agent:

20150143151 - Method for operating multiple standby states and broadcast receiving apparatus using the same: A method for operating multiple standby states and a broadcast receiving apparatus using the same are provided. The method for operating multiple standby states includes releasing, by a framework, a full wake lock for an electronic device, and acquiring, by the framework, a partial wake lock for the electronic device... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20150143153 - Automated infrastructure management systems and methods for enabling real time energy management: Automated infrastructure management systems and methods document infrastructure elements within a facility, provide a comprehensive record of all network-connected equipment within a facility, and facilitate trouble shooting of network-connected equipment. An automated infrastructure management system includes a plurality of intelligent patch panels, each comprising a plurality of connector ports connected... Agent:

20150143154 - Computer systems and methods of detecting ac failure: A computer system that includes a power supply unit that generates at least one secondary supply voltage (Vcc) and an auxiliary voltage (Vaux) based on an AC supply voltage (VAC), and a system board electrically connected to the power supply unit, the system board comprising a sequencing microcontroller that selectively... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20150143155 - Data storage apparatus: A data storage apparatus includes a controller including a controller input/output unit suitable for receiving a ready/busy delay signal and generating a ready/busy output signal in response to a first control signal, and a memory chip including a memory input/output unit suitable for receiving a chip enable delay signal and... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150143156 - Systems and methods for tracking elapsed time: A system utilizing time tracking is disclosed. The system includes a real time clock, a time component, and a controller. The real time clock is configured to track time. The time component is configured to measure a time value without an additional power source. The controller is configured to determine... Agent:

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