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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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07/10/2014 > 54 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140195792 - Hiding boot latency from system users: Methods and systems may provide for identifying a proximity condition between a system and a potential user of the system. In addition, one or more boot components of the system can be activated in response to the proximity condition, wherein one or more peripheral devices associated with the system are... Agent:

20140195791 - Methods and systems for instant restore of system volume: Techniques are disclosed for restoring a system volume on a computing system without requiring the system volume to be fully restored prior to being used or requiring the use of a dedicated recovery environment (e.g., the WinPE or BartPE environments). Instead, the computing system is booted directly from the restore... Agent: Symantec, Inc.

20140195794 - Electronic device with baseboard management controller updating system: A method for updating a baseboard management controller (BMC) of an electronic device, includes steps of: obtaining a sensor data record (SDR) table from a storage unit of the electronic device, the SDR table records a first kinds of sensor data and a second kind of sensor data, the second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140195795 - Method and mobile terminal for configuring application mode: Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of electronic communications, and in particular, to a method and a mobile terminal for configuring an application mode. In the method and device provided by the embodiments of the present invention, the mobile terminal first detects an object material currently in... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140195793 - Remotely establishing device platform integrity: This invention includes apparatus, systems, and methods for repairing a corrupted device still in the field by sending the corrupted device a known-good configuration derived from the majority group of devices in the field. First, an initial inventory and content scan of the device's hardware and software stack is taken.... Agent:

20140195796 - Universal file packager for use with an interoperable keychest: There is provided a system and method for a universal file packager for use with an interoperable key chest. There is provided a method for distributing media contents to distributors, comprising obtaining a first key, a second key and a content, encrypting the second key using the first key to... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140195797 - Efficient forwarding of encrypted tcp retransmissions: A network device receives TCP segments of a flow via a first SSL session and transmits TCP segments via a second SSL session. Once a TCP segment has been transmitted, the TCP payload need no longer be stored on the network device. Substantial memory resources are conserved, because the device... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20140195798 - Transparent encryption/decryption gateway for cloud storage services: A mechanism is provided for secure data storage in a distributed computing system by a client of the distributed computing system. A gateway device intercepts a data file from at least a portion of stream data during transmission. If the destination of the data file is the storage, the gateway... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140195799 - Targeted security policy override: An aspect provides a method, including: gathering, with an information handling device, client system identification data of a client system; providing, with the information handling device, the client system with at least one cryptographic key; transmitting, with the information handling device, the client system identification data and a request for... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140195800 - Certificate information verification system: The invention discloses a system and apparatus for detecting problematic certificate action requests and digital certificates. Ideally, the invention will be used to detect a certificate request that will result in security problems and detect issued certificates that lack essential information. The invention uses a proxy system that intercepts certificate... Agent: Digicert, Inc.

20140195801 - Method and system for encryption of messages in land mobile radio systems: A method and system for authentication of sites in a land mobile radio (LMR) system and encryption of messages exchanged by the sites. In some embodiments, the method includes transmitting a certificate created by a trusted authority by applying a function to a first site public key using the trusted... Agent: E.f. Johnson Company

20140195802 - Page encryption system: Text containing files are encrypted by first formatting the files for display. The display-formatted files are then coded to form files indicating the information. The files are encrypted. The coding can determine a distance of a transition between a first color and a second color in the display file, and... Agent:

20140195805 - Method of sharing contents by using personal cloud device, and electronic device and personal cloud system: A method of sharing content by using a personal cloud device and an electronic device and a personal cloud system using the method are provided. The method includes connecting to a personal cloud device configured to share the content with another electronic device, if a new first content is added... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140195806 - Secure communication method: A first computing device receives over a telecommunications network from a second computing device a verification message encrypted using a public key. The verification message is generated by the second computing device when initiating a call to the first computing device. The first computing device transmits to a wireless router... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140195803 - Secure wireless charging: A wireless charging apparatus and method utilizing a secure element is disclosed. Illustratively, a receiver containing a secure element securely communicates with a charging pad also equipped with a secure element. The communication can be used to establish the identity of the receiver and facilitate billing for the wireless charging.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140195807 - System, device, and method of provisioning cryptographic data to electronic devices: System, device, and method of provisioning cryptographic assets to devices. A method includes: (a) generating a delegation message at a first provisioning server; the delegation message indicating provisioning rights that are delegated by the first provisioning server to a second provisioning server with regard to subsequent provisioning of cryptographic assets... Agent:

20140195804 - Techniques for secure data exchange: Disclosed are various embodiments for securely sending and receiving data between one or more clients. A ciphertext key suitable for use by a first encryption algorithm is generated. Plaintext data is encrypted according to the first encryption algorithm using the first encryption key. The ciphertext key is then encrypted using... Agent: Safelylocked, LLC

20140195808 - Secure message filtering to vehicle electronic control units with secure provisioning of message filtering rules: A method according to one embodiment includes the operations of configuring a host processor to receive a message filtering rule, the host processor associated with a vehicle; configuring a bus controller to verify authenticity of the message filtering rule, wherein the bus controller is programmed through an interface, the interface... Agent:

20140195809 - Electronic content distribution based on secret sharing: A method for distributing information includes distributing an item of encrypted information to a plurality of clients and distributing respective key-shares to the clients, such that each client will require a key-share that has been distributed to at least one other client in order to reconstruct a key for decrypting... Agent:

20140195810 - Secured method for controlling the opening of lock devices from messages implementing a symmetrical encryption: A management site (10) generates an encrypted message by a public-key symmetrical encryption algorithm, the algorithm and the key being selected by the management site among a memorized list. The message (DKE), which includes an identifier of the encryption algorithm and key used, is transmitted to a portable device (16),... Agent: Openways Sas

20140195811 - Method and an apparatus for securely signing application data: The invention provides a method and apparatus for the secure electronic signing of electronic documents and data. In a preferred embodiment, a method for generating a first digital signature associated with a set of application data is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: obtaining a first digital representation in... Agent: Vasco Data Security, Inc.,

20140195812 - Cryptographically secure authentication device, system and method: An electronic device generates identifying values which are used in authenticating the electronic device. The device comprises an interface, a private key generator for generating a private key, a non-volatile memory for storing at least the private key, an index source, a hash engine, and a logical interconnection between the... Agent: Aclara Technologies LLC

20140195813 - Secure digital communications:

20140195814 - Method and system to decrypt private contents: The invention discloses a method and a system to decrypt private contents stored in a device and the invention belongs to the field of computer security. The method may include: receiving a contents ID and a decrypting password from a first user; decrypting the encrypted private contents corresponding to the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140195815 - Methods and systems for fingerprint template enrollment and distribution process: A system and method may comprise providing a database comprising a user list and a user device list, the user list comprising a list of user biometric identifiers, each extracted from and unique to a respective template of a user biometric of a verified user, and the user device list... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20140195819 - Bonding contents on separate storage media: Local storage on player instruments provides the ability for adding further amendments and most recent supplements to the optical disc content. A problem arising with this technically applicable possibility is the protection of copyrights bound to disc and supplement data. The present invention describes a technique to ensure a security... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140195818 - Method and device for privacy respecting data processing: A user device encrypts data and privacy attributes associated with the data. A processing device receives the encrypted data and privacy attributes, receives a signed script from a requester and verifies the signature. If successfully verified, the private key is unsealed and used to decrypt the privacy attributes and script... Agent:

20140195816 - Plaintext injection attack protection: A system including a memory having regions including a first and second region, the first region being different from the second region, and a digital rights management engine to receive a plurality of ciphertext cipher blocks, decrypt the ciphertext cipher blocks yielding plaintext cipher blocks, output the plaintext cipher blocks... Agent:

20140195817 - Three input operand vector add instruction that does not raise arithmetic flags for cryptographic applications: A method is described that includes performing the following within an instruction execution pipeline implemented on a semiconductor chip: summing three input vector operands through execution of a single instruction; and, not raising any arithmetic flags even though a result of the summing creates more bits than circuitry designed to... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140195820 - Apparatus for generating a decryption key for use to decrypt a block of encrypted instruction data being fetched from an instruction cache in a microprocessor: An apparatus for generating a decryption key for use to decrypt a block of encrypted instruction data being fetched from an instruction cache in a microprocessor at a fetch address includes a first multiplexer that selects a first key value from a plurality of key values based on a first... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140195821 - Method for encrypting a program for subsequent execution by a microprocessor configured to decrypt and execute the encrypted program: A method for encrypting a program for subsequent execution by a microprocessor configured to decrypt and execute the encrypted program includes receiving an object file specifying an unencrypted program that includes conventional branch instructions whose target address may be determined pre-run time. The method also includes analyzing the program to... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140195823 - Microprocessor that facilitates task switching between encrypted and unencrypted programs: A microprocessor includes an architected register having a bit. The microprocessor sets the bit. The microprocessor also includes a fetch unit that fetches encrypted instructions from an instruction cache and decrypts them prior to executing them, in response to the microprocessor setting the bit. The microprocessor saves the value of... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140195822 - Microprocessor that securely decrypts and executes encrypted instructions: A microprocessor is provided with a method for decrypting encrypted instruction data into plain text instruction data and securely executing the same. The microprocessor includes a master key register file comprising a plurality of master keys. Selection logic circuitry in the microprocessor selects a combination of at least two of... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140195824 - Protecting method and system of java source code: The present disclosure discloses a protecting method and system of Java source code. When a first initiating class is invoked, the method comprises following steps, wherein the first initiating class is an initiating class of Java program: the first initiating class decrypts first cipher data to obtain a class loader;... Agent: Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140195825 - Method and system for running encrypted files: A computer-implemented method for running an encrypted file and system are provided, where the method includes the following steps: receiving a file running instruction; invoking an encrypted target file according to the file running instruction, and performing memory-based decryption on the encrypted target file according to key information corresponding to... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140195829 - Dynamically computing an electrical design point (edp) for a multicore processor: In one embodiment, a multicore processor includes a controller to dynamically limit a maximum permitted turbo mode frequency of its cores based on a core activity pattern of the cores and power consumption information of a unit power table. In one embodiment, the core activity pattern can indicate, for each... Agent:

20140195828 - Dynamically measuring power consumption in a processor: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a processor having multiple cores to independently execute instructions, a first sensor to measure a first power consumption level of the processor based at least in part on events occurring on the cores, and a hybrid logic to combine the first power consumption... Agent:

20140195826 - Electronic device case: A case for an electronic device is provided. The case includes a battery and electrical circuitry. The electrical circuitry is configured to receive electrical power from a power source connected to the case, supply the electrical power to the electronic device, and monitor an amount of current of the electrical... Agent: 1 Oak Technologies, LLC

20140195827 - Electronic device with power control function: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a main system processing a process, a power control unit and a battery module. The power control unit provides operating power to the main system via an external power source when the external power source has been connected, and detects whether... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140195832 - Accelerated cache rinse when preparing a power state transition: Methods, integrated circuit devices, and fabrication processes relating to power management transitions of a compute unit comprising a cache are presented. One method includes, responsive to an indication that the compute unit is attempting to enter a low power state, detecting at least one line of the cache differing from... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140195833 - Adaptive low-power link-state entry policy for active interconnect link power management: Methods and apparatus for implementing active interconnect link power management using an adaptive low-power link-state entry policy. The power state of an interconnect link or fabric is changed in response to applicable conditions determined by low-power link-state entry policy logic in view of runtime traffic on the interconnect link or... Agent:

20140195831 - Advanced poe power control: A power sourcing equipment (PSE) device including a power over Ethernet (PoE) interface. A processor is coupled to the PoE interface. A memory is coupled to the processor and includes instruction that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform a number of functions. The processor may supply... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140195830 - System and method for power management: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method for managing power for at least one processor that includes evaluating a plurality of ports associated with an electronic device; determining that a particular pin associated with at least one of the ports is not receiving a signal; disabling a squelch function... Agent:

20140195834 - High throughput low latency user mode drivers implemented in managed code: Implementing a safe driver that can support high throughput and low latency devices. The method includes receiving a hardware message from a hardware device. The method further includes delivering the hardware message to one or more driver processes executing in user mode using a zero-copy to allow the one or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140195837 - Enhanced dynamic memory management with intelligent current/power consumption minimization: A low-power state current/power consumption for each volatile memory device in a plurality of volatile memory devices is obtained. Data is copied from a first set of the volatile memory devices to a second set of the volatile memory devices, where the second set of volatile memory devices has a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140195839 - Method for performing wake-up event management, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product: A method and apparatus for performing wake-up event management and an associated computer program product are provided, where the method is applied to an electronic device. The method includes the steps of: classifying a plurality of wake-up events of the electronic device according to at least one predetermined rule, wherein... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140195840 - Method for power management and an electronic system using the same: A power-management method is provided, and the power-management method includes setting a central processing unit in a first low-power state when receiving a second low-power state request requiring the central processing unit to enter the second low-power state, obtaining first idle periods of the peripheral modules respectively to determine a... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140195836 - Methods and apparatus for efficient service layer assistance for modem sleep operations: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with improving wireless device power consumption in an M2M environment. In an example, a service layer module equipped to obtain a network value indicating that a service layer transaction is complete and no additional... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140195838 - Methods and systems for implementing wake-on-lan: Methods and systems for a device in a network are disclosed. The methods and systems compare priority data of the device to priority data of a set of other devices in the network. In addition, the methods and systems determine the device has a priority greater than or equal to... Agent: Powerplug Ltd.

20140195841 - Portable device and method for providing voice recognition service: A portable device and a method for controlling the device are disclosed. The portable device includes sensors configured to sense user inputs; a sensor hub configured to activate a main processor and control the sensors including a touch sensor, the touch sensor sensing touch inputs while the portable device is... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140195835 - System and method for providing power savings in a processor environment: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method that includes powering down a root port; initiating a first downstream cycle by a central processing unit (CPU) to the root port; identifying a power up activity for the CPU; and triggering an exit flow for a power state in conjunction with... Agent:

20140195842 - System comprising a main electrical unit and a peripheral electrical unit: The invention relates to a system comprising a main electrical unit (2) and a peripheral electrical unit (3, 4,5), wherein the main electrical unit and the peripheral electrical unit are switchable between a low-power mode and a high-power mode. The main electrical unit is adapted to hand over a control... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140195843 - Method and system for battery power saving: The present disclosure provides a method and system for saving battery power. The method comprises: determining whether a new program has been initiated by a user and, when a new program has been initiated by the user, storing the new program initiated by the user in a history database; determining... Agent: Beijing Netqin Technology Co., Ltd.

20140195844 - System and method for developing, deploying and implementing power system computer applications: A system and method for developing, deploying and implementing computer applications for a power system has an open software framework for developing mobile applications. The mobile applications are developed by combining predefined modules having functionality to monitor a power system, change configuration settings within devices installed on the power system... Agent: Abb Inc.

07/03/2014 > 83 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140189334 - Electronic apparatus hibernation recovery setting method and electronic apparatus having hibernation state and hibernation recovery mechanism: An electronic apparatus hibernation recovery setting method for an electronic apparatus is provided. The method includes: assigning different priorities to multiple tasks in process before the electronic apparatus enters a hibernation state; storing multiple image files of the tasks; and first reading and loading the image file for the task... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140189338 - Electronic device and method for detecting booting time period for electronic device: An electronic device includes a boot controlling chip, a power switch, a display unit, a power management unit and a processing unit. The power switch generates an electronic signal to the boot controlling chip while being triggered by a user. The boot controlling chip includes a boot sequence controlling module... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140189337 - Electronic device having updatable bios and bios updating method thereof: An electronic device having updatable BIOS is used to perform a BIOS updating method. The electronic device electrically connects to a server, in which update data is stored. The electronic device includes a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), a network connection module and a switch. A BIOS program is stored in... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20140189335 - Firmware upgrade error detection and automatic rollback: A system includes a utility meter. The utility meter includes a network interface and a processor. The processor is configured to determine whether the network interface is operational subsequent to a bootup of the utility meter. The processor is also configured to initiate a reboot of the utility meter using... Agent: General Electric Company

20140189339 - Method for switching between virtualized and non-virtualized system operation: A method performed by an embedded system controlled by a CPU and capable of operating as a virtualized system under supervision of a hypervisor or as a non-virtualized system under supervision of an operating system, is provided. The embedded system is executed in a normal mode if no execution of... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140189336 - Methods and apparatus to support authenticated variables: Methods and apparatus to support authenticated variables are disclosed. An example method includes, in response to an update request directed to an authenticated variable of a computing platform and received during a second stage of a first instance of a booting process, the booting process including a first stage and... Agent:

20140189340 - Secure boot information with validation control data specifying a validation technique: Examples disclosed herein relate to secure boot information with validation control data specifying a validation technique. Examples include determining, with the specified validation technique, whether validation data is consistent with the secure boot information.... Agent:

20140189341 - Electronic device having an active edge: An electronic device is provided that includes a base, a processor, and a tablet having a front surface, a rear surface and a bottom edge surface. A processor may operate at a first operating condition when the tablet is coupled to the base, and the processor may operate at a... Agent:

20140189342 - Method for controlling registration of input device in input handler instance, terminal and storage device: A method for controlling an input device to be registered with an input handler instance includes: an input handler instance corresponding to a CPU frequency adjusting mode obtains device driver information of an input device upon detection of the input device; determines whether the device driver information is the same... Agent: Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

20140189344 - Providing a web page to a client: To display pieces of data provided by different servers in one page, a providing apparatus provides a page to a client terminal, the page including data retrieved from a server. The providing apparatus includes a) a page return unit for, upon receipt of a page retrieval request from the client... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189343 - Secure internet protocol (ip) front-end for virtualized environments: An IPSec front-end may be configured to encrypt, decrypt and authenticate packets on behalf of a host on an insecure network and a peer on a secure network. For example, the IPSec front-end may receive internet protocol (IP) packets from the host and encrypt the data and format the data... Agent:

20140189345 - Method for defining a filtering module, associated filtering module: A method is provided for defining a filtering module between a first module processing information with a first sensitivity level, and a second module processing information with a second sensitivity level connected, in parallel with the filtering module, by a cryptographic module. The method includes defining a set of filtering... Agent:

20140189346 - License server manager: Technology is disclosed for managing provision of licenses in an unsecure communication network (“the technology”). Various embodiments of the technology include creating a secure communication tunnel between a client device of a user requesting a license and a license server that contains the license for a secure transmission of the... Agent:

20140189347 - Virtual pad: A system and method for communicating information over an insecure communications network include one or more computing devices that may access a first server via the communication network. In operation the first server displays an authentication Web page having a virtual pad with a plurality of characters that may be... Agent:

20140189349 - Decrypting files for data leakage protection in an enterprise network: A method of decrypting an encrypted file within an enterprise network is provided. The method includes identifying by a password collecting module a password entered during a file encryption procedure performed at a terminal and storing the password; receiving an encrypted file by a data leakage protection (DLP) module; and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189348 - Integrated data deduplication and encryption: The subject disclosure is directed towards encryption and deduplication integration between computing devices and a network resource. Files are partitioned into data blocks and deduplicated via removal of duplicate data blocks. Using multiple cryptographic keys, each data block is encrypted and stored at the network resource but can only be... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140189353 - Apparatus and methods for provisioning in a download-enabled system: Apparatus and methods for provisioning of customer premise equipment (CPE) equipped with a secure microprocessor to receive e.g., digital video content by entering unique identification of the CPE at one or more servers located at the headend or other location of a content-based network. In one embodiment, the CPE comprises... Agent:

20140189352 - Method and system for secured data storage and sharing over cloud based network: The various embodiments herein provide a method and system for secure data storage and sharing over a cloud based network. The method comprises installing a client application on a user device, authenticating a client application user, extracting content from a data source, obtaining content sharing information from a content storage... Agent:

20140189351 - Print release with end to end encryption and print tracking: A method for encrypting print jobs that includes receiving output data, encrypting the output data with a randomly-generated symmetric session key, generating a session key header by encrypting the randomly-generated symmetric session key using an asymmetric user public key, and encrypting the session key header using a server public key.... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc.

20140189350 - System and method for efficiently enrolling, registering, and authenticating with multiple authentication devices: A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for multi-device operations within an authentication framework. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: detecting N authentication devices on a client, wherein N>1; generating a N cryptographic entities, one for each of the N authentication devices; transmitting a command... Agent:

20140189354 - Systems and methods for digital multimedia capture using haptic control, cloud voice changer, and protecting digital multimedia privacy: Provided are computer implemented methods and systems for multimedia capture and encrypting. According to the method, a first user input is received. Based on the first user input, one or more sensors are initiated to capture multimedia to obtain captured multimedia. The method further comprises receiving a second user input.... Agent:

20140189355 - Encrypting globally unique identifiers at communication boundaries: Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for encrypting communications containing or referencing globally unique identifiers to prevent unauthorized access to content item data, such as through spoofing or ancillary information leakage. An example system configured to practice the method identifies a communication, between a storage environment and a client device,... Agent: Dropbox, Inc.

20140189357 - Encryption and authentication based network management method and apparatus: Disclosed are an encryption and authentication-based network management method and apparatus. A network management method according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: generating a public key and a private key for encryption and decryption of network attribute information to be used by a virtual machine positioned in the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140189356 - Method of restricting corporate digital information within corporate boundary: A method of enforcing a virtual corporate boundary may include a client device requesting sensitive content from a network site on a server device responsive to a user's interaction with the client device. The server device can determine whether the user and/or client device are permitted to access the sensitive... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140189358 - Multimedia data protection: A method of transmitting a media work such as a movie to a client is disclosed. The method includes (a) encrypting the work using a sequence of different keys corresponding to respective temporally spaced segments of the document, (b) transmitting software code containing an algorithm from a security server to... Agent:

20140189359 - Remote authentication and transaction signatures: Authentication devices and methods for generating dynamic credentials are disclosed. The authentication devices include a communication interface for communicating with a security device such as a smart card. A dynamic credential such as a one-time password (OTP) or a message authentication code (MAC) may be generated by receiving from a... Agent: Vasco Data Security, Inc.

20140189362 - Method for a secured backup and restore of configuration data of an end-user device, and device using the method: The method for a backup and restore of configuration data of an end-user device comprises the steps: encrypting the configuration data by using symmetric-key encryption with a symmetrical key, signing the encrypted configuration data with a device private key, and sending the encrypted and signed configuration data to a personal... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140189361 - Nformation processing apparatus, signature generation apparatus, information processing method, signature generation method, and program: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a message generation unit that generates a message based on a pair of multi-order multivariate polynomials F=(f1, . . . , fm) defined in a ring K and a vector s that is an element of a set Kn, a message supply unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140189360 - System and method for implementing transaction signing within an authentication framework: A system, apparatus, method, and machine readable medium are described for performing transaction signing within an authentication framework. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: executing an online transaction between a first server and a client; providing transaction details of the online transaction to a second server; generating a... Agent:

20140189367 - Digital-encryption hardware accelerator: An electronic device for encrypting and decrypting data blocks of a message having n data blocks in accordance with the data encryption standard (DES) has a first data processing channel having a first processing stage for performing encryption and decryption of data blocks of a predefined length, and a second... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20140189366 - Obfuscating transformations on data array content and addresses: In a first computer (digital) data obfuscation process, data which is conventionally arranged in a data structure called an array (e.g., a table) and conventionally stored in computer or computer device memory is obfuscated (masked) by logically or mathematically combining the data, entry-by-entry, with a masking value which is computed... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140189364 - Privacy-preserving database system: A database system includes a server, index server and client. In one embodiment the server randomly permutes the order of database records. The server provides to the index server an array of encryption keys by generating a random encryption key corresponding to each permuted database record. The server encrypts each... Agent:

20140189365 - Secure key derivation and cryptography logic for integrated circuits: A processor of an aspect includes root key generation logic to generate a root key. The root key generation logic includes a source of static and entropic bits. The processor also includes key derivation logic coupled with the root key generation logic. The key derivation logic is to derive one... Agent:

20140189363 - Separate cryptographic keys for protecting different operations on data: The disclosed embodiments provide a system that processes data. During operation, the system uses a first key to protect a write operation on the data. Next, the system uses a second key to protect a read operation on the data.... Agent: Moka5, Inc.

20140189368 - Instruction and logic to provide simd secure hashing round slice functionality: Instructions and logic provide SIMD secure hashing round slice functionality. Some embodiments include a processor comprising: a decode stage to decode an instruction for a SIMD secure hashing algorithm round slice, the instruction specifying a source data operand set, a message-plus-constant operand set, a round-slice portion of the secure hashing... Agent:

20140189369 - Instructions processors, methods, and systems to process secure hash algorithms: A method of an aspect includes receiving an instruction. The instruction indicates a first source of a first packed data including state data elements ai, bi, ei, and fi for a current round (i) of a secure hash algorithm 2 (SHA2) hash algorithm. The instruction indicates a second source of... Agent:

20140189372 - Computer implemented method for analyzing data of a user with the data being stored pseudonymously in a database: m

20140189370 - Memory devices, and systems and methods for verifying secure data storage: A memory device includes an input/output (I/O) interface, a secure logic for receiving a storage verifying command including an expected value of secure data via the I/O interface, an I/O logic for receiving an input request for inputting user data into the memory device and/or an output request for outputting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140189371 - Method and apparatus for a trust processor: In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a cryptographic processor within a wireless device. The cryptographic processor includes at least one cryptographic unit. The cryptographic processor also includes a nonvolatile memory to store one or more microcode instructions, wherein at least one of the one or more microcode instructions is related... Agent:

20140189373 - Method for hard partitioning the resources of a secure computer system: This invention relates to a method for hard partitioning the resources of a secure computer system. The system hardware comprises a hardware mechanism designed to: generate an encryption key with each new program detected by the system, the key being specific to each program, store the said key associated with... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140189374 - System and method for the secure transmission of data: A system for securely transmitting data includes a control device and at least one security module. The control device is configured for producing a cryptographic key using a physically unclonable function (PUF). The at least one security module is configured for communicating with the control device at least one of... Agent:

20140189377 - Apparatus and method for intelligently powering hetergeneou processor components: An intelligent power allocation architecture for a processor. For example, one embodiment of a processor comprises: a plurality of processor components for performing a corresponding plurality of processor functions; a plurality of power planes, each power plane associated with one of the processor components; and a power control unit (PCU)... Agent:

20140189380 - Controlling partner partitions in a clustered storage system: A rack-power control module (RPC) module is used for allowing a local storage partition, located on a local server, for controlling a destination storage partition, located on a destination server, by piggybacking commands on power alerts issued by the RPC module in a clustered storage system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189375 - Distributed power delivery to a processing unit: Technology is provided for distributed power delivery to a processing unit on a printed circuit board. In one example, a printed circuit board includes a processing unit coupled to multiple power channels, including first channels on a first side of the processing unit, and second channels on a second side... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140189379 - Power supply unit with configurable output rails: A power supply unit includes two or more power converters. Each power converter provides power at a corresponding output terminal of the power supply unit. The power supply unit also includes a controller to determine an operating mode of the power supply unit. When the power supply unit is operating... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20140189381 - Semiconductor device having active mode and standby mode: In an active mode, a VDD line receives an internal power supply voltage from an external regulator. A VDD_RAM line receives an internal power supply voltage from an internal regulator. A PMOS switch includes a first PMOS transistor having a source and an N-type well connected to the VDD line,... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140189378 - Table driven multiple passive trip platform passive thermal management: Methods and apparatus relating to table driven multiple passive trip, platform passive thermal management are described. In one embodiment, the power consumption limit of one or more components of a platform is modified based on one or more thermal relationships between one or more power consuming components of the platform... Agent:

20140189376 - Total platform power control: Methods and apparatus relating to total platform power control are described. In one embodiment, power consumption by one or more processor cores of a processor and one or more components coupled to the processor are modified based on a total platform power consumption value. The platform, in turn, includes the... Agent:

20140189382 - Automated shutdown methodology for a tiered system: Various aspects of the present invention relate to automated shutdown of a tiered system. In one embodiment, at a host, an instruction is received to execute a command that instructs at least one system at a site and in communication with the host via one or more fibre channels to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189383 - Low power paging of consumer electronics: Systems, apparatuses, and methods are configured to monitor signals received via a transmission medium by a paging monitor to detect an activity trigger. Systems, apparatuses, and methods are further configured to, in response to detecting the activity trigger, cause, by the paging monitor, a main receiver to transition from an... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140189384 - Method and arrangment for remote controlling a power consumption state of a network device: The instant invention improves the control of a low-power consumption state of network devices linked to a network switch by a suitable network such as an optical network. It allows for the sleep mode also to shut down the power supplies of the components of the network device necessary for... Agent:

20140189396 - Communication apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium: A communication apparatus includes a connection unit configured to connect the communication apparatus to an external apparatus, a determination unit configured to determine whether the external apparatus is connected to the communication apparatus via the connection unit in a first connection mode, the first connection mode being a mode in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140189392 - Communication link and network connectivity management in low power mode: Methods and apparatus relating to communication link and network connectivity management in low power mode are described. In one embodiment, logic manages one or more external communication network links (also referred as “links”) in response to a determination that a processor has entered a low power consumption state and based... Agent:

20140189394 - Electronic device and power-supply control method: According to one embodiment, a electronics device includes a setting module, a determination module, a control module. The setting module is configured to set a power consumption reference value for a predetermined period of time. The determination module is configured to determine whether an amount of power consumption of an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140189395 - Intelligent power management for a multi-display mode enabled electronic device: Particular embodiments described herein provide an apparatus to control power consumption including logic, at least partially including hardware logic, to determine whether an electronic device is using an external display, determine whether a user input has been received by the electronic device within a predetermined time period when the electronic... Agent:

20140189385 - Intelligent receive buffer management to optimize idle state residency: Methods and systems may provide for determining a plurality of buffer-related settings for a corresponding plurality of idle states and outputting the plurality of buffer-related settings to a device on a platform. The device may determine an observed bandwidth for a channel associated with a receive buffer and identify a... Agent:

20140189388 - Peer assisted mobile device battery extension system: A system configured to manage battery energy of a mobile device includes a primary mobile device and at least one peer device. The primary mobile device includes a power unit, a main communication module to electrically communicate with a peer device, and a peer assisted module in electrical communication with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189389 - Peer assisted mobile device battery extension system: A system configured to manage battery energy of a mobile device includes a primary mobile device and at least one peer device. The primary mobile device includes a power unit, a main communication module to electrically communicate with a peer device, and a peer assisted module in electrical communication with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189393 - Power supply and method for supplying power to motherboard: A monitored and high-efficiency power supply for a motherboard includes an AC-to-DC conversion circuit, a control circuit, a standby circuit, a main output circuit, a standby output circuit. The AC-to-DC conversion circuit converts an AC source voltage to a DC voltage. When the power supply is in a standby state,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140189387 - Staged power distribution control: Various embodiments are directed to restrictions in portable computing device electric power to accommodate reductions in the voltage level of a power source. An apparatus comprises a controller caused to receive configuration data from a main processor circuit specifying a voltage level threshold and selected action to take to reduce... Agent:

20140189397 - State control device, state control method and program: A state control device which controls return from a power saving state to a normal operating state by an extremely simple operation without wastefully consuming power. In a power saving state the functions of an LCD unit (including a backlight) and a touch panel unit are disabled. When a function-enabled... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140189386 - Supply-voltage control for device power management: One embodiment provides a method for reducing leakage current in device logic having an operational supply-voltage threshold, a nonzero data-retention supply-voltage threshold, and two or more on-die transistor switches to switchably connect a voltage source to the device logic. After the logic enters an idle period, one or more of... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140189390 - System and method for causing reduced power consumption associated with thermal remediation: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method that includes receiving a signal indicating whether at least one device is in a low power mode, determining that the at least one device is in a first thermally benign state based, at least in part, on the signal, and performing a... Agent:

20140189391 - System and method for conveying service latency requirements for devices connected to low power input/output sub-systems: In at least one embodiment described herein, an apparatus is provided that can include means for communicating a latency tolerance value for a device connected to a platform from a software latency register if a software latency tolerance register mode is active. The apparatus may also include means for communicating... Agent:

20140189404 - Adaptive thermal control of electronic devices: An apparatus includes logic to control heat generation in a device. The device to operate ate leas in one of a first state and a second state, wherein the device to consume more power in the first state than in the second state. The device to connect to a network... Agent:

20140189402 - Apparatus and method to manage energy usage of a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes at least one processor core and power control logic having energy usage logic to predict an energy usage of the processor and a voltage regulator coupled to the processor, during a low power period according to a first voltage regulator control mode and a... Agent:

20140189405 - Apparatus and method to manage energy usage of a processor: In an embodiment, a processor includes at least one processor core and power control logic having energy usage logic to predict an energy usage of the processor and a voltage regulator coupled to the processor, during a low power period according to a first voltage regulator control mode and a... Agent:

20140189401 - Block-level sleep logic: In one embodiment, a processor includes at least one sleep block and a central sleep controller. The at least one sleep block may include at least one execution unit, at least one processor component, and sleep logic. The central sleep controller may be to program the sleep logic to perform... Agent:

20140189406 - Computer device and method of power management of the same: A method of power management of a computer device includes a number of steps. When a decision element determines that the computer device must enter a power saving mode, the decision element generates a power saving mode signal. When an embedded controller detects the power saving mode signal, the embedded... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140189407 - Data storage device and method for operating the same: A data storage device and a method for operating the same are provided. In the data storage device and the method for operating the same, a predetermined number of memory chips are operated based on a usable power limitation when a power supply is supplied from a finite power supply... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140189399 - Methods, systems and apparatus to manage power consumption of a graphics engine: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to manage power consumption at a graphics engine. An example method to manage power usage of a graphics engine via an application level interface includes obtaining a policy directive for the graphics engine via the application level interface, the policy directive identifying a threshold corresponding... Agent:

20140189403 - Periodic activity alignment: Methods and systems may provide for determining a latency constraint associated with a platform and determine an idle window based on the latency constraint. In addition, a plurality of devices on the platform may be instructed to cease one or more activities during the idle window. In one example, the... Agent:

20140189400 - Processing system and associated method: The present invention provides a processing system and associated method; the processing system includes a processing unit, a peripheral unit consuming system resource, a support unit capable of providing the system resource, a buffer capable of storing a portion of the system resource, and a system power manager (SPM). When... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140189398 - Techniques for platform duty cycling: Various embodiments are generally directed to an apparatus, method and other techniques for detecting active and semi-active workloads during execution on a platform processing device and enabling a duty cycle process to reduce thermal output and power consumption, and align unaligned activity. In various embodiments, the duty cycle processing may... Agent:

20140189411 - Power control for cache structures: Techniques are disclosed relating to reducing power consumption in integrated circuits. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a cache having a set of tag structures and a power management unit. The power management unit is configured to power down a duplicate set of tag structures in responsive to the cache... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140189409 - System and method for providing universal serial bus link power management policies in a processor environment: One particular example implementation may include an apparatus that includes logic, at least a portion of which is in hardware, the logic configured to: determine that a first device maintains a link to a platform in a selective suspend state; assign a first latency value to the first device; identify... Agent:

20140189408 - System and method for reducing power consumption: Particular embodiments described herein can offer an apparatus that includes logic, the logic at least partially comprising hardware logic to receive a first notification indicating that at least one first user interaction device has become precluded; and cause, by a processor and absent intermediate operation of operating system software, disabling... Agent:

20140189410 - Systems and methods for predictive power management in a computing center: Aspects and implementations of the present disclosure are directed to systems and methods for predictive power management in a computing center. In general, in some implementations, a system for conserving resources in a multi-processor computing environment monitors usage of the processors in the environment and maintains a sorted list of... Agent:

20140189412 - Time sequence circuit for power supply unit: A time sequencing circuit for a power supply unit to ensure the correct sequencing of system voltages for a computer from a power supply unit includes first to fifth resistors, an electronic switch, first to third comparators, and a capacitor. Each of the first to third comparators includes an inverting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140189413 - Distributed power management for multi-core processors: A system and method for performing distributed power control in a processor comprising an array of cores enables each core to regulate power at least partially independently. Global power management settings are made accessible to all cores and communication between cores propagates power consumption information between nearest neighbors in the... Agent:

20140189414 - Data bus synchronizer: A data bus synchronizer includes a plurality of registers arranged in a cascade, configured to generate a synchronized output in response to sampling an asynchronous bus without an enable signal, where the plurality of registers receive a value on the asynchronous bus. A last register of the plurality of registers... Agent:

20140189415 - Media peripheral interface, electronic device with media peripheral interface, and communication method between processor and peripheral device: A media peripheral interface for communication between a processor and a peripheral device includes a clock port, a plurality of data I/Os, and a data strobe port. The clock port is operative to transfer a clock signal to the peripheral device. The data I/Os are provided for command transfer to... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140189416 - Predictive sequential calculation device: A calculation device is provided that executes calculations within real-time restrictions. The calculation device implements a step of predicting a processing time of a calculation related to the amount and property of input data based on a prediction model; a step of adjusting the processing time by decreasing the amount... Agent: Hitichi, Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 85 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140181488 - Method and system for machine identification: A method and system for identifying a machine used for an online session with an online provider includes executing a lightweight fingerprint code from a provider interface during an online session to collect and transmit machine and session information; generating and storing a machine signature or identity including a machine... Agent: Ca, Inc.

20140181487 - Method, apparatus, system for continuous automatic tuning of code regions: Described herein are mechanisms for continuous automatic tuning of code regions for optimal hardware configurations for the code regions. One mechanism automatically tunes the tunable parameters for a demarcated code region by calculating metrics while executing the code region with different sets of tunable parameters and selecting one of the... Agent:

20140181500 - Bios network access: Embodiments provide devices and operations which enable a computing device to access a network. The computing device may execute a basic input/output system (BIOS). In response to the BIOS, the computing device may establish a wireless link with a client device and receive, from the client device, network access information.... Agent:

20140181490 - Boot from modified image: A new image being hosted by the device is modified. The modification is based on a main image operating the device. The device is booted from the modified image.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140181489 - Cloud transformable device: Technologies for performing a platform transformation on a computing device include transforming a transformable component of the computing device from a first hardware configuration in which a first set of hardware features is enabled to a second hardware configuration in which different hardware features are enabled. The computing device has... Agent:

20140181491 - Field-programmable module for interface bridging and input/output expansion: One or more specialized field programmable modules (e.g. CPLD and FPGA blocks) and their programming interface are embedded into a processing system (e.g. a CPU, GPU, APU and/or chipset). The field programmable modules are in-system programmable, in contrast to the application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) modules that perform the core... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20140181498 - Method and apparatus for supporting dynamic change of authentication means secure booting: A method for supporting change of the authentication means for secure booting with the change of the trust root (root of trust) of the readymade electronic device and the electronic device therefor is provided. The secure boot generation method of an electronic device of the present disclosure includes storing plural... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140181499 - Method for improving booting of a computing device: It is disclosed a method for a non-volatile digital data storage optimization for a computing device. A source physical data layout is first generated which comprises computer executable instructions. A bootup test of the computing device with the source physical data layout is then executed and the sequence of access... Agent: Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a.

20140181492 - Method of booting an electronic system and an electronic system applying the same: In a method of booting an electronic system, a processor generates a booting request signal in response to an external control signal, and a memory controller enables the processor to read and execute a first boot program stored in a first memory in response to the booting request signal. The... Agent:

20140181496 - Method, apparatus and processor for reading bios: An embodiment method for reading a BIOS includes receiving a reset signal of a processor, and generating a first start address or a second start address according to the reset signal, and reading a BIOS in a storage chip according to the first start address or the second start address.... Agent:

20140181494 - Setting method, program, and information processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, a setting method, includes storing, in a first partition of a storage which stores a first file causing a processor to execute a first program to booting an operating system, a second file having a same path as a path of the first file and causing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140181495 - System on chip including boot shell debugging hardware and driving method thereof: A system on chip (SOC) includes a first memory configured to store a primary bootloader for providing an environment in which a boot shell is to be executed; and a processor configured to execute the primary bootloader to initialize hardware. The boot shell includes at least one instruction for debugging... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140181493 - Technique for deploying operating systems in a virtualized environment: Systems and methods are disclosed herein to a method of deploying a guest disk comprising: creating a plurality of virtual disks; partitioning each virtual disk into at least an OS partition and a data partition; launching virtualization software; booting the restore environment; downloading a OS partition image file and a... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140181497 - User interface with splash screen: A user interface for a host data processing system includes a display screen and a display controller adapted to receive image data from the host processing system and to display them on the screen. The display controller has access to a non-volatile screen memory storing data for generating a splash... Agent: Oce Technologies B.v.

20140181502 - Dynamically manipulating rules for adding new devices: An exemplary system may allow new devices to be added. In one embodiment, upon receiving information associated with a device event, the system generates a first rule for a device based on the information and a system state. The system determines determine an updated system state based on the first... Agent:

20140181501 - Heterogeneous multiprocessor design for power-efficient and area-efficient computing: A technique for managing processor cores within a multi-core central processing unit (CPU) provides efficient power and resource utilization over a wide workload range. The CPU comprises at least one core designed for low power operation and at least one core designed for high performance operation. For low workloads, the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140181503 - Rate-controlling of heat generating data processing operations: In one embodiment, individual or groups of heat generating data processing operations are rate-controlled such that a component, a set of components, a board or line card, and/or an entire apparatus or any portion thereof stays within a corresponding heat budget. One or more heat price tags are associated with... Agent:

20140181506 - Processing a dispersed storage network access request utilizing certificate chain validation information: A method begins by a processing module receiving a dispersed storage network (DSN) access request that includes a requester identifier (ID), wherein the requester ID is associated with a certificate chain. When the certificate chain is valid, the method continues with the processing module accessing registry information for the DSN.... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140181504 - Secure provisioning of computing devices for enterprise connectivity: Technologies for securely provisioning a personal computing device for enterprise connectivity includes a trusted computing device for wirelessly communicating with the personal computing device, generating a key pair for the personal computing device, generating a certificate signing request, sending the certificate signing request on behalf of the personal computing device,... Agent:

20140181505 - Unified mobile security system and method of operation: A mobile secure agent on a wireless device executes one or more authenticated data collection profiles provisioned by a private profile producer. Each data package can only be transmitted to a collector certificated by the same private profile producer. Update profiles are signed and provisioned through a tunnel initiated from... Agent: Carrier Iq, Inc.

20140181507 - Linking token detection at a single computing platform with a user identification to effectuate modifications in virtual space instances presented via multiple computing platforms: Token detection at a single computing platform may be linked with a user identification to unlock content and/or effectuate modifications in virtual space instances presented via multiple computing platforms, in accordance with one or more implementations. Exemplary implementations may enhance consistency in a user's experiences of a virtual space across... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140181508 - Communication device and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a communication device includes a cryptographic communication unit, a first communicating unit, and a control unit. The cryptographic communication unit is configured to perform cryptographic communication with an external device via a first network. The first communicating unit is configured to perform communication with a key... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140181509 - Method and apparatus for verifying anti-counterfeiting information: A method and apparatus for verifying anti-counterfeiting information are provided so as to improve an anti-counterfeiting effect, to lower an anti-counterfeiting cost, to extend the scope of population to which anti-counterfeiting effect is applicable and to guarantee the stability of anti-counterfeiting means. The method includes: a terminal obtains and parses... Agent: Peking University Founder Group Co., Ltd.

20140181512 - Computer implemented method for performing cloud computing on data being stored pseudonymously in a database: The invention relates to a computer implemented method for performing cloud computing on data of a first user employing cloud components, the cloud components comprising a first database and a data processing component, wherein an asymmetric cryptographic key pair is associated with the first user, said asymmetric cryptographic key pair... Agent: Compugroup Medical Ag

20140181510 - Control system, information processing apparatus, terminal device, control method, and computer readable medium: A control system includes an information processing apparatus and a terminal device which perform wireless communication with each other, wherein the terminal device is moved with a user, and includes: a switching request signal transmission section that transmits a switching request signal, the information processing apparatus includes: a received signal... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140181511 - Secure system for allowing the execution of authorized computer program code: Systems and methods for selective authorization of code modules are provided. According to one embodiment, file system or operating system activity relating to a code module is intercepted by a kernel mode driver of a computer system. The code module is selectively authorized by authenticating a cryptographic hash value of... Agent: Fortinet, Inc.

20140181513 - Centralized secure device pairing: Various embodiments are generally directed to pairing computing devices for collaborative interaction via a network through a centralized secure device pairing service. An apparatus comprises a controller processor circuit, and a controller storage communicatively coupled to the controller processor circuit to store an initial private key and to store instructions... Agent:

20140181517 - Cloud centric application trust validation: In accordance with the exemplary embodiments of the invention there is at least a method and an apparatus to perform the method of sending towards a key management device associated with an application service provider for an application, a key request for the application being booted in the cloud network;... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140181516 - Detection method for fraudulent mail, detection program therefor, and detection device therefor: Preliminarily sharing internal-transmission-secret-key-information used in e-mail addressed to an internal-network, between transmitting and receiving-terminals, and generating external-transmission-secret-key information used in an e-mail addressed to an external-network and external-transmission-public-key-information corresponding to the external-transmission-secret-key-information, in transmitting a mail, generating verification-information by encrypting first characteristic-amount-target-information including a characteristic-amount-target-item included in an outgoing-mail and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140181514 - Encryption key management program, data management system: An objective of the present invention is to ensure security of the file sharing function provided by cloud storages without significantly decreasing the convenience of cloud storages. The encryption key management program according to the present invention encrypts, using authentication information of a user, a group shared key shared in... Agent: Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

20140181515 - Mobile communication devices, wireless access points, and wireless local area network (wlan) authentication methods thereof: A Wireless Access Point (WAP) including a Local Area Network (LAN) interface and a first wireless module is provided. The LAN interface is configured to provide access to the Internet. The first wireless module is configured to generate a plurality of security parameters associated with a Wireless Local Area Network... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140181518 - Secure mobile app connection bus: A secure mobile application connection bus is disclosed. First encryption information and an identifier associated with a data storage location on a mobile device are provided from a first application to a second application. Second encryption information associated with the second mobile application is retrieved from the data storage location.... Agent: Mobile Iron, Inc.

20140181519 - Systems and methods for securely place shifting media content: Systems and methods are provided for securely providing a place-shifted media stream from a place shifting device to a remote player via a communications network. A request for a connection is received from the remote player at the place shifting device via the communications network. In response to the request... Agent:

20140181520 - Method using a single authentication device to authenticate a user to a service provider among a plurality of service providers and device for performing such a method: A method for authenticating a user to a provider, among a plurality of providers. The method uses an authentication device comprising, for each of provider, a record comprising a pairing key and first data, both as shared data. Provider authentication data comprises a first cryptogram obtained by encrypting said first... Agent: Nagravision S.a.

20140181522 - Communication node, key synchronization method, and key synchronization system: In general, according to one embodiment, a communication node includes a key synchronization controller and an application communicator. The key synchronization controller controls synchronization of an application key on the basis of a node-based signaling process and a session-based signaling process, where the former process is for starting or ending... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140181523 - Gesture-based encryption methods and systems: Methods and systems for transmitting and receiving are disclosed. For example, a method for establishing secure communications can include measuring one or more human gestures using a sensor on a first device so as to create a first metric of the one or more human gestures, creating a strong encryption... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140181521 - Provisioning of electronic devices: Systems and methods for provisioning electronic devices. In some embodiments, a method may include receiving a first message at a provisioning server, the first message originated by a computing device, the first message including a device identifier associated with an automation device. The method may also include receiving a second... Agent: Wigwag, LLC

20140181524 - Authentication method, authentication system, and authentication chip using common key cryptography: A method is disclosed for authenticating, by a processor that controls a parent device, a child device includes: authenticating the child device by making a comparison between a value obtained by operating, for a first response value, a third transform function, which is decided based on a number of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140181525 - Digital rights management of streaming contents and services: Managing digital rights of contents and services streamed to a client device, including: receiving and validating a certificate from the client device; enabling the client device to log into and communicate with a server using a secure protocol to establish a private relationship between the client device and the server;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140181528 - File tamper detection: This disclosure relates generally to methods and systems for determining when a file has changed. According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method of determining if contents of a file have changed can include determining if a digital signature created as a function of contents of the file... Agent: Ca, Inc.

20140181526 - Methods and systems for bypassing authenticity checks for secure control modules: Methods and systems are provided for bypassing an authenticity check for a secure control module. In one embodiment, a method includes: receiving authenticity data from a secure source, wherein the authenticity data includes a signature and an identifier that is unique to the control module; programming the control module with... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140181527 - Unsecure network socket communication: Disclosed herein are techniques for secure communications through unsecure sockets. It is determined whether an executable file contains a signature from a trustworthy source. If the executable file contains the trustworthy signature, communication from a process is permitted.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140181529 - Verification of password using a keyboard with a secure password entry mode: The present invention includes a device and method to authenticate a user to a computer prior to the user having access to the computer or network. As user name and password protocols are nearly ubiquitous in authentication applications used today, there have been developed many nefarious techniques to defeat the... Agent: Advanced Biometric Controls, LLC

20140181530 - System and method for protecting cloud services from unauthorized access and malware attacks: Disclosed are systems, methods and computer program products for protecting cloud security services from unauthorized access and malware attacks. In one example, a cloud server receives one or more queries from security software of the user device. The server analyzes a system state and configuration of the user device to... Agent: Kaspersky Lab Zao

20140181531 - Systems and methods for queue level ssl card mapping to multi-core packet engine: The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for distributed operation of a plurality of cryptographic cards in a multi-core system. In various embodiments, a plurality of cryptographic cards providing encryption/decryption resources are assigned to a plurality of packet processing engines in operation on a multi-core processing system. One... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20140181532 - Encrypted flash-based data storage system with confidentiality mode: Raw or unencrypted data is encrypted using a standard encryption algorithm and stored in a Flash memory array. The raw or unencrypted data may be pre-processed before it is encrypted. Pre-processing may include data scrambling, pre-encryption data mixing, or both. Data scrambling may involve an invertible transformation. The scrambled data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140181533 - Secure object having protected region, integrity tree, and unprotected region: A method and structure for a secure object, as tangibly embodied in a computer-readable storage medium. The secure object includes a cryptographically protected region containing at least one of code and data, an initial integrity tree that protects an integrity of contents of the cryptographically protected region; and an unprotected... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140181534 - Cryptographic circuit protection from differential power analysis: According to an example embodiment, a device provides cryptographic processing functions using secret data. The device can include protection from differential power analysis (DPA). The encryption processing circuit and its memory can be decoupled from external power source(s) during encryption-related computations. A local power storage element, such as a capacitive... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140181538 - Controlling configurable peak performance limits of a processor: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a processor having a plurality of cores each to execute instructions, a non-volatile storage to store maximum peak operating frequency values each a function of a given number of active cores, a configuration storage to store frequency limits each corresponding to one of... Agent:

20140181537 - Guardband reduction for multi-core data processor: A multi-core data processor includes multiple data processor cores and a power controller. Each data processor core has a first input for receiving a clock signal, a second input for receiving a power supply voltage, and an output for providing an idle signal. The power controller is coupled to each... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181540 - Hybrid battery pack: A power source for supplying power to a mobile computing system comprising a Li polymer battery coupled in parallel with a supercapacitor cell battery. The Li polymer battery supplies substantially all the continuous currents demanded by the system load. The supercapacitor cell battery supplies substantially all the transient current demanded... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140181541 - Information equipment and battery charge circuit: To protect a battery when an anomaly of a charge circuit occurs. Information equipment includes: a charge circuit for controlling an output voltage of a DC power supply and applying the controlled voltage to a battery; a battery protection circuit for interrupting a first power supply path connecting the battery... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140181543 - Portable terminal, recording medium: A portable terminal supplies power to a chip card therein with host power off. A power controller supplies power from a battery to a host, the chip card, and a CLF; a first switch opens/closes a power supply channel to the chip card, branching from a power supply channel from... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20140181542 - System and method for dynamically controlling a plurality of cores in a multicore central processing unit based on tempature: A method of controlling power within a multicore central processing unit (CPU) is disclosed. The method may include monitoring a die temperature, determining a degree of parallelism within a workload of the CPU, and powering one or more cores of the CPU up or down based on the degree of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140181539 - System for adaptive -power consumption design in ultrathin computing devices: A system and method for adaptive power consumption in a computing device having a chassis forming an enclosure for a chamber. The computing device further includes, in the chamber, a heterogeneous processing unit that includes a CPU operatively coupled with a GPU and that generates thermal and performance information for... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181535 - Tap-to-wake and tap-to-login near field communication (nfc) device: Described herein are techniques related to a tap-to-wake and tap-to-login system. This Abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope and meaning of the claims. A tap-to-wake and tap-to-login system allows a user of a near field device to wake... Agent:

20140181536 - Using temperature margin to balance performance with power allocation: A method and apparatus using temperature margin to balance performance with power allocation. Nominal, middle and high power levels are determined for compute elements. A set of temperature thresholds are determined that drive the power allocation of the compute elements towards a balanced temperature profile. For a given workload, temperature... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181545 - Dynamic balancing of power across a plurality of processor domains according to power policy control bias: In an embodiment, a processor includes multiple domains including a core domain having at least one core to execute instructions and a graphics domain including at least one graphics engine to perform graphics operations and a power controller to control power consumption of the processor. The power controller may include... Agent:

20140181546 - Method and apparatus for power resource protection: An apparatus may comprise a platform power protection circuit to monitor an electric current over a platform input line, the electric current received on the platform input line from a current source, and output an alert signal from a comparator when current output is determined to exceed a current threshold.... Agent:

20140181544 - Reducing power consumption of a redundant power system utilizing sleep power consumption considerations for power supply units within the redundant power system: A method, system, and information handling system provides better system power consumption of a redundant power system having a plurality of power supply units (PSUs) by taking into consideration each PSU's sleep power consumption during selection of one or more PSUs to place into a “hot spare” sleep mode. For... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140181547 - Smart charging system for hybrid battery pack: A hybrid battery pack and a power supply procedure for supplying power to a mobile computing system comprising a Li polymer battery coupled in parallel with a supercapacitor cell battery. The Li polymer battery supplies substantially all the continuous currents demanded by the system load. The supercapacitor cell battery supplies... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140181549 - System and method for managing power consumption of an information handling system: An AC-to-DC power adapter provides DC power to an information handling system at a first higher DC voltage or a second lower DC voltage based upon a power state of the information handling system. For example, approximately 19 Volts DC power is provided if the information handling system is in... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140181548 - System and method for using energy efficient ethernet to control energy efficiencies in lower layers: A system and method for using energy-efficient Ethernet to control energy efficiency in lower layers. In one example, an energy-efficiency control policy in a first Ethernet device can be configured to determine a need for transitioning of at least a part of the first Ethernet device into an energy saving... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140181550 - System having tunable performance, and associated method: A system having tunable performance includes: a plurality of units, wherein at least one unit includes a hardware circuit; at least one global/local busy level detector including a global busy level detector, wherein the global busy level detector is arranged to detect an entire global busy level of the plurality... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140181551 - Mixed cell type battery module and uses thereof: Various embodiments are generally directed to operation of a computing device powered with first and second sets of energy storage cells, the cells of the first set structurally optimized for higher density storage of electric power, and the cells of the second set structurally optimized for providing electric power at... Agent:

20140181556 - Idle phase exit prediction: A method and apparatus for exiting a low power state based on a prior prediction is disclosed. An integrated circuit (IC) includes a functional unit configured to, during operation, cycle between intervals of an active state and intervals of an idle state. The IC also include a power management unit... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181553 - Idle phase prediction for integrated circuits: A method and apparatus for idle phase prediction in integrated circuits is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit (IC) includes a functional unit configured to cycle between intervals of an active state and an idle state. The IC further includes a prediction unit configured to record a history of... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181555 - Managing a power state of a processor: A method and system for managing a power state of a processor are described herein. The method includes receiving, at the processor, a signal indicating that an interrupt is to be sent to the processor. The method also includes transitioning the processor from the deep idle state to the shallow... Agent:

20140181557 - Methods and apparatus related to processor sleep states: A system includes a processor including at least a first core and a local interrupt controller associated with the first core. The first core is operable to store its architectural state prior to entering a first core sleep state, and the processor is operable to receive and implement a request... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181552 - Multi-mode device power-saving optimization: Methods and systems input an energy consumption profile for each of a plurality of different sleep modes available for a device, and input a probability distribution of interjob times for the device. The methods and systems then compute the optimal time-out period for each sleep mode based on the energy... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140181560 - Platform power consumption reduction via power state switching: Methods and apparatus relating to platform power consumption reduction via power state switching are described. In one embodiment, control logic causes a processor to enter a first low power consumption state (e.g., S0ix) instead of a second low power consumption state (e.g., S3) based on whether a threshold time period... Agent:

20140181554 - Power control for multi-core data processor: A multi-core data processor includes multiple data processor cores and a circuit. The multiple data processor cores each include a power state controller having a first input for receiving an idle signal, a second input for receiving a release signal, a third input for receiving a control signal, and an... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181558 - Reducing power consumption of volatile memory via use of non-volatile memory: A method includes initiating a transition from an operating mode to a sleep mode at an electronic device that includes a volatile memory and a non-volatile memory. In response to the initiating, data is copied from the volatile memory to the non-volatile memory and a portion of the volatile memory... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140181559 - Supporting runtime d3 and buffer flush and fill for a peripheral component interconnect device: Particular embodiments described herein provide for an apparatus that includes a means for determining a power state for a device connected to a system, a means for determining that the device should change power states, and means for sending a signal to the device to put the device in a... Agent:

20140181562 - Method for preventing over-heating of a device within a data processing system: A method for providing over-heating protection of a target device within an information processing system is disclosed. A determination is made whether or not a power status of the information processing system is set to turn on a main power of a power supply device. If the power status of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140181561 - Power throttling queue: A power throttling queue includes a queue and a throttling circuit. The queue has multiple entries. Each entry has a data field and a valid field. The multiple entries include a first portion and a selectively disabled second portion. The throttling circuit is coupled to the queue, and selectively disables... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140181564 - Determining redundancy in a power distribution system: A computer-implemented method identifies the path of a first power circuit to a first power supply that is connected to supply power to an electronic device, and identifies the path of a second power circuit to a second power supply that is connected to supply power to the electronic device.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140181566 - Information processing apparatus and power supply control circuit: Provided is an information processing apparatus including: a power supply control portion that performs control of a power supply; a detection signal emitting portion that, when a connection of an external power source is detected in an operation stand-by state in which power consumption is suppressed and an operation is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140181565 - Storage apparatus: A storage apparatus writes data to a storage drive or reads data from a storage drive in response to an I/O request sent from a server. The storage apparatus includes a plurality of AC-DC power supplies supplying the storage drive with drive power is provided with a plurality of power... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140181563 - System and method for determination of latency tolerance: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method that includes determining that a first reported latency tolerance associated with at least one first device has not been received, and causing determination of a platform latency tolerance based, at least in part, on a first predefined latency tolerance, which is to... Agent:

20140181567 - Command control circuit for memory device and memory device including the same: Exemplary embodiments disclose a command control circuit including a command decoder configured to generate an internal command signal using a chip select (CS) signal and a command signal, and a CS gating logic configured to provide the CS signal to the command decoder, wherein the CS gating logic is further... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140181568 - Interface for controlling the phase alignment of clock signals for a recipient device: Interface circuitry transmitting transactions between an initiator and a recipient includes: a clock input receiving a clock signal; a transaction input receiving transactions; clock outputs for outputting the clock signal; transaction outputs outputting the transactions to the recipient; and synchronising circuits clocked by the clock signal and transmitting the transactions... Agent: Arm Limited

20140181569 - Systems and methods for synchronizing operations among a plurality of independently clocked digital data processing devices without a voltage controlled crystal oscillator: Example systems, apparatus, and methods receive audio information including a plurality of frames from a source device, wherein each frame of the plurality of frames includes one or more audio samples and a time stamp indicating when to play the one or more audio samples of the respective frame. In... Agent: Sonos Inc

20140181571 - Managing fast to slow links in a bus fabric: Systems and methods for managing fast to slow links in a bus fabric. A pair of link interface units connect agents with a clock mismatch. Each link interface unit includes an asynchronous FIFO for storing transactions that are sent over the clock domain crossing. When the command for a new... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140181570 - Signal processing circuitry with frontend and backend circuitry controlled by separate clocks: An apparatus comprises read channel circuitry and associated signal processing circuitry comprising frontend processing circuitry and backend processing circuitry. The frontend processing circuitry comprises a loop detector and equalizer configured to determine an equalized read channel signal from a read channel signal and a decoding module configured to apply verification... Agent: Lsi Corporation

06/19/2014 > 63 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140173263 - Booting from a trusted network image: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for booting from a trusted network image. The image can be executed from a trusted source on a Wide Area Network (“WAN”) to perform a maintenance operation, such as, for example, malware scanning, operating system repair, factory reset, etc.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140173267 - Computing device and method for accessing bios using middleware controller of the computing device: A computing device includes a first BIOS chip and a second BIOS chip. Each of the first and second BIOS chips store a BIOS image and comprises a plurality of data blocks to store BIOS data of the BIOS image. During a booting process of the computing device, the BIOS... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140173266 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: One embodiment provides an information processing apparatus including: a setting module configured to allow an administrator to set usable-date/time information during which a user is allowed to use the information processing apparatus; a storage module configured to store the usable-date/time information which is set by the administrator; and a control... Agent:

20140173268 - Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, non-transitory recording medium storing control tool, host device, non-transitory recording medium storing performance evaluation tool, and performance evaluation m: According to the embodiments, a nonvolatile memory device is configured to store a normal operating system, and store a bootloader. A host device is capable of initiating the normal operating system by using the bootloader. The host device is configured to determine whether a first condition is established based on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140173264 - Priority activation of metrology driver in boot sequence: The techniques described herein implement an operating system that can reliably process time sensitive information in non real-time manner. Thus, the operating system described herein is capable of processing an instance of time sensitive input during a time period after the instance of time sensitive input is received (e.g., at... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20140173265 - Protecting memory contents during boot process: Embodiments include methods, systems, and computer storage devices directed to identifying that a trusted boot mode (TBM) control bit is set in an input/output memory management unit (IOMMU) and configuring the IOMMU to block a DMA request received by the IOMMU from a peripheral in response to the identifying.... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173269 - Event sharing protocol for data processing devices: Systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed for an event sharing protocol for data processing devices. In some implementations, a first user's interactions with a first device are recorded as events and stored in an event history log. Upon request by the first user, an event data packet is transferred to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140173270 - Secret sharing method and system: In a secret sharing process based on an improved threshold scheme, secret data is shared as shared data parts equal to or greater than a threshold value in number such that the secret data cannot be reconstructed from shared data parts less than the threshold value in number. Each of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140173272 - Cloud storage system, data encryption processing device and data encryption method in cloud storage system: A cloud storage system includes a plurality of cloud storage modules for storing and managing data and a data encryption processing device. The data encryption processing device includes a priority manager for managing priorities on encrypting data of a plurality of cloud storage modules by using information on whether encryption... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20140173271 - Power line based theft protection of electronic devices: Technologies for establishing and managing a connection with a power line communication network include establishing a communication connection between an electronic device and a security server. A default device encryption key associated with the electronic device is changed to correspond with a new device encryption key of the security server.... Agent:

20140173273 - Creating and using a specific user unique id for security login authentication: A method of monitoring all network login activity, which includes a real-time analysis of intercepting all network login activity, analyzing network login activity, authenticating network login activity and closing (i.e., terminating) those network login connections that are not authenticated to proceed and access the network.... Agent: Cw International, LLC

20140173274 - Credential validation: A message to be signed and a base name point derived from a direct anonymous attestation (DAA) credential may be provided to a device. A signed version of the message and a public key value associated with the base name point may be received in response. Thereafter, the DAA credential... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140173275 - Securing data transmissions between processor packages: Embodiments of an invention for securing transmissions between processor packages are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes an encryption unit to encrypt first content to be transmitted from the apparatus to a processor package directly through a point-to-point link.... Agent:

20140173276 - Local area network: A method and system for distributed security for a plurality of devices in a communication network, each of the devices being responsible for generating, distributing and controlling its own keys for access to the communication network and using the keys to establish a trusted network, each device's membership to the... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140173277 - System and method of mobile lightweight cryptographic directory access: A system for handling an LDAP service request to an LDAP server for an LDAP service comprises a client program executable on a client system and a handler program executable on a handler system. The client program is operable to generate LDAP service request data corresponding to the LDAP service... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140173280 - Device authentication: An authenticatable device includes a substrate and a computing device with encryption capability affixed to the substrate. The computing device is to receive a challenge value and a first value from a host device, generate a second value based on at least the first value, and generate a response value... Agent:

20140173278 - Imparting cryptographic information in network communications: This specification describes technologies relating to imparting cryptographic information in network communications. In general, aspects of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods that include identifying a location in a pre-defined portion of a network communication to be sent in a client-server environment, wherein the... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140173279 - Securely identifying host systems: Embodiments of the present invention allow for “end-user” provisioned instances to securely identify themselves beyond a simple user ID and password. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention use a multi-part security approach that includes (among other things): an identifying key (e.g., a shared private key) known by the cloud security... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140173281 - Apparatus and method for anonymity-based authentication and key agreement capable of providing communication message binding property: Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for anonymity-based authentication and key agreement capable of providing a communication message binding property. The apparatus includes a signature verification unit and a binding checking unit. The signature verification unit receives a plurality of messages, each carrying a signature including link information of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140173283 - Key management device, communication device, communication system, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a key management device includes a key exchange processing unit, a transmission unit, and an update unit. The key exchange processing unit is configured to perform a key exchange process for executing an exchange of a shared key together with authentication between the key management device... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140173284 - Key management using quasi out of band authentication architecture: To provide key management layered on a quasi-out-of-band authentication system, a security server receives a request for activation of a user interface window for a particular user from a network device via a communication channel. It then transmits an activation PIN to an out of band authentication system for forwarding... Agent:

20140173282 - Method to access data in an electronic apparatus: An access method includes providing a secure element which stores at least a user key for decrypting one of the encrypted partitions; establishing a temporary secure channel between the secure element and the electronic apparatus; and authenticating in the electronic apparatus a user which is associated to one of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140173288 - Elliptic curve cryptography with fragmented key processing and methods for use therewith: A cryptography module includes a key store having a plurality of storage locations for storing a private key as k key fragments. One or more crypto-processing segments each operate based on corresponding ones of the k key fragments to process a message in accordance with elliptic curve digital signature algorithm... Agent: Morega Systems Inc.

20140173287 - Identifier management method and system: A unique identifier is assigned to each user, and a standard for evaluating the reliability of information dispatched on the Internet using the identifier to reveal the source of the information is achieved by: using the identifier as a search term, and acquiring a corresponding public key from information publicly... Agent:

20140173286 - Input challenge based authentication: Input challenge based authentication techniques are described in which data regarding a user's input signature is employed for authentication of the user to access resources. Different users have distinct input signatures that are indicative of the manner in which each individual user provides input including at least typing characteristics and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140173285 - Method for non-repudiation of ad-hoc workflows: Described herein is a technique in which the proof that an object (e.g., a document) was processed within a certain task by an entity in a workflow is chain-linked to another proof of the next task. The chain of proofs embedded within the document serves to irrefutably prove that a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140173289 - Mobile identity provider with two factor authentication: An approach is provided for generating and decoding secure machine readable codes with a processor where the machine readable codes have multiple layers of security.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140173291 - Encryption key generation in encrypted storage devices: A system and method of generating an encryption key in a self-encrypting mass storage device that includes using a manual input device as input for a micro-controller that contains a cyclic counter. An input device event triggers the micro-controller to read the current state of the cyclic counter. An accumulation... Agent:

20140173292 - Enhancing useability of mobile devices that securely store data: Methods, computer-readable media, and systems for enhancing useability of mobile devices that securely store data. An input to transfer a computer software application executing on a mobile device from a foreground state of the mobile device to a background state of the mobile device is received. In response, noise data... Agent:

20140173290 - Return address tracking mechanism: A processor, a method and a computer-readable storage medium for tracking a return address are provided. The processor comprises a hardware register and logic configured to receive a call instruction. The logic is further configured to, based on the call instruction, encrypt a return address, store the encrypted return address... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173293 - Hardware based return pointer encryption: A processor, a method and a computer-readable storage medium for encrypting a return address are provided. The processor comprises hardware logic configured to encrypt an instruction pointer and push the encrypted instruction pointer onto a stack. The logic is further configured to retrieve the encrypted instruction pointer from the stack,... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173295 - Method and apparatus for securing transfer of secure content to a destination: A computer implemented method and apparatus for securing transfer of secure content to a destination. The method comprises receiving a request to copy selected content from a secure source document; extracting one or more security settings associated with at least one of the selected content or the source document; encrypting... Agent: Adobe Systems Inc.

20140173294 - Techniques for emulating an eeprom device: Disclosed are various embodiments of an emulation device for generating a cryptographic hash value associated with program data stored in a memory of a computing device. Validation data is generated based upon the cryptographic hash value and a flush counter of the computing device. The program data is encrypted in... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140173296 - Chip level power reduction using encoded communications: A circuit arrangement, method, and program product communicate data over a communication bus by selectively encoding data values queued for communication over the communication bus based at least in part on at least one data value queued to be communicated thereafter and at least one previously communicated encoded data value... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140173298 - Performance aware idle power management: Methods, systems, and media are provided for power management. The power management includes, but is not limited to storing at a computer system a history of canceled entries into a low power state that interrupted a transition of the unit from an active mode to the low power state and... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173297 - Performing frequency coordination in a multiprocessor system: In an embodiment, a processor includes a core to execute instructions, uncore logic coupled to the core, and a power controller to control a power consumption level. The power controller is configured to determine an activity level of the processor and responsive to this level, to generate a request for... Agent:

20140173301 - Power state synchronization in a multi-core processor: A multi-core processor includes microcode distributed in each core enabling each core to participate in a de-centralized inter-core state discovery process. In a related microcode-implemented method, states of a multi-core processor are discovered by at least two cores participating in a de-centralized inter-core state discovery process. The inter-core state discovery... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140173300 - Power storage system and power storage device: The versatility of a power feeding device is improved. A power storage system includes a power storage device and a power feeding device. The power storage device includes data for identifying the power storage device. The power storage device includes a power storage unit, a switch that controls whether power... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140173302 - Power supply device: Miniaturization of a multiphase type power supply device can be achieved. A power supply control unit in which, for example, a microcontroller unit, a memory unit and an analog controller unit are formed over a single chip, a plurality of PWM-equipped drive units, and a plurality of inductors configure a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140173299 - Server rack fuel cell: Computing devices receive power from multiple fuel cells, consuming natural gas and outputting electrical energy natively consumable by the computing devices. The fuel cells are sized to provide power to a set of computing devices, such as a rack thereof. The computing devices of a failed fuel cell can receive... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140173304 - Cloud based power management of local network devices: A method for power management comprises registering and subscribing one or more endpoint devices to a remote power management service. The one or more endpoint devices are connected with a local network. Power state information of the one or more endpoint devices is obtained. Power state of one or more... Agent:

20140173303 - Re-driver power management: The present disclosure provides techniques for increasing the power efficiency of re-drivers by providing a technique for a re-driver to recognize a variety of power states. A message generator may be located in a host device and may encode a signal indicating a change in a power state. The message... Agent:

20140173308 - Chip level power reduction using encoded communications: A circuit arrangement, method, and program product communicate data over a communication bus by selectively encoding data values queued for communication over the communication bus based at least in part on at least one data value queued to be communicated thereafter and at least one previously communicated encoded data value... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140173310 - Electronic apparatus, control method of electronic apparatus and computer-readable medium: An electronic apparatus includes a connection detector, an electric-power amount information acquisition module and an instruction module. The connection detector detects whether each of a plurality of electric-power supplies including a first electric-power supply and a second electric-power supply is connected to the electronic apparatus. The electric-power amount information acquisition... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140173309 - Information processing apparatus, and control method for information processing apparatus: One embodiment provides an information processing apparatus including: a main body; a CPU provided in the main body, a limit value being set for an instantaneous power consumption of the CPU; a measuring module configured to measure a power that is being supplied to the main body; and a setting... Agent:

20140173307 - Interfacing dynamic hardware power managed blocks and software power managed blocks: A method and apparatus for interfacing dynamic hardware power managed blocks and software power managed blocks is disclosed. In one embodiment, and integrated circuit (IC) may include a number of power manageable functional units. The functional units maybe power managed through hardware, software, or both. Each of the functional units... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140173305 - Method and apparatus for managing computing system power: An apparatus may include first circuitry coupled to one or more platform components, the first circuitry operative to receive an unfiltered input voltage signal, compare a first voltage level of the unfiltered input voltage signal to a first reference voltage level, and generate a control signal operative to lower operation... Agent:

20140173311 - Methods and systems for operating multi-core processors: A method of operating a system on chip (SoC) includes determining to switch from a selected low-power core among a plurality of low-power cores to a high-performance core among a plurality of high-performance cores, counting the number of high-performance cores that are operating among a plurality of high-performance cores, determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140173306 - System and method for providing for power savings in a processor environment: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method that includes receiving storage operation information that is to indicate one or more storage drive operations, receiving storage independent power information, determining, by a processor, a performance profile based at least in part on the storage operation information and the storage independent... Agent:

20140173314 - Adaptively disabling and enabling sleep states for power and performance: Methods and systems may provide for determining whether a runtime disablement condition is met with respect to a sleep state and disabling the sleep state if the runtime disablement condition is met. Additionally, the sleep state may be enabled if a runtime reinstatement condition is met. In one example, determining... Agent:

20140173312 - Dynamic re-configuration for low power in a data processor: A data processor includes an execution unit having a multiple number of redundant resources, and a configuration circuit having first and second modes, wherein in the first mode, the configuration circuit enables the multiple number of redundant resources, and in the second mode, the configuration circuit disables the multiple number... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173315 - Information processing apparatus operable in power saving mode and method for controlling the same: In an information processing apparatus operable in a power saving mode, a sub CPU reads out initial screen data pre-stored in a nonvolatile memory, and displays it on a display screen when the information processing apparatus returns from the power saving mode. Further, the sub CPU detects coordinate data of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140173313 - Link clock change during veritcal blanking: Embodiments of an apparatus for implementing a display port interface are disclosed. The apparatus may include a source processor and a sink processor coupled through an interface. The interface may include a primary link, and an auxiliary link. The source processor may be operable to send a wake-up command to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140173316 - Computer mainboard: A delay circuit for power sequencing in a computer includes an oscillator; an input pin; a counter; a register; and a comparing controller. The counter detects a voltage of the input pin when each clock signal arrives, resets a number counted by the counter when the voltage of the input... Agent:

20140173317 - Apparatus and method for reducing leakage power of a circuit: Described is a processor comprising: a plurality of transistors operable to provide dynamically adjustable transistor size, the plurality of transistors coupled at one end to a first power supply and coupled at another end to a second power supply; a circuit coupled to the second power supply, the second power... Agent:

20140173319 - Method and device for monitoring power consumption of application in android terminal: The disclosure provides a method for monitoring power consumption of an application in an Android terminal, including that: a behaviour of an application is captured via a preset monitoring point; data on power consumption of the behaviour of the application are collected; and the power consumption of the application is... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140173318 - Relaying device, relaying method, and power control system: A relaying device for relaying serial communication that couples an upper level device and a power supply controller, the relaying device includes: a control information transmitter configured to, in response to receiving control information that is output from the upper level device to the power supply controller, transmit the control... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140173320 - Maintaining synchronization during vertical blanking: Embodiments of an apparatus for implementing a display port interface are disclosed. The apparatus may include a source processor and a sink processor coupled through an interface. The interface may include a primary link, an auxiliary link, and a hot plug detect link. The source processor may be operable to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140173321 - Clock distribution network for multi-frequency multi-processor systems: Embodiments of a synchronous digital system are disclosed that may include generation of clock and synchronization signals. Any of a plurality of available clock signals may be selected for use as a primary clock, without causing clock-induced errors in the synchronous digital system. The clock signals may be selected automatically... Agent: Coherent Logix, Incorporated

20140173322 - Packet data id generation for serially interconnected devices: Various memory devices (e.g., DRAMs, flash memories) are serially interconnected. The memory devices need their identifiers (IDs). Each of the memory devices generates IDs for neighboring memory devices. The IDs are generated synchronously with clock. Command data and previously generated ID data are synchronously registered. The registered data is synchronously... Agent: Mosaid Technologies Incorporated

20140173323 - Timing control circuit: A timing control circuit includes a single chip having a plurality of output ports; a chip selecting circuit having a plurality of control ports connected to the output ports and paths; a signal input circuit; a signal output circuit; and a switching circuit including a plurality of signal channels. The... Agent:

20140173324 - Automatic selection of on-chip clock in synchronous digital systems: Embodiments of a synchronous digital system are disclosed that may include generation of clock and synchronization signals. Any of a plurality of available clock signals may be selected for use as a primary clock, without causing clock-induced errors in the synchronous digital system. A clock signal generated on-chip with the... Agent: Coherent Logix, Incorporated

20140173325 - Method of operating system on chip and apparatuses including the same: A method of operating a system on chip (SoC), an integrated circuit including the SoC, and a system including the same are provided. The method includes: delaying a data strobe signal; obtaining a setup margin and a hold margin by adjusting a delay of the delayed data strobe signal; and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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