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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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02/05/2015 > 58 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150039872 - Multiple signed filesystem application packages: A method and system is provided for file and application management. The method may include configuring a destination system where the method further includes generating a filesystem image including an application file and files necessary for the destination system to execute the application file, generating a cryptographic signature of the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150039873 - Processor providing multiple system images: An example processor includes a plurality of processing core components, one or more memory interface components, and a management component, wherein the one or more memory interface components are each shared by the plurality of processing core components, and wherein the management component is configured to assign each of the... Agent:

20150039871 - Systems and methods for infrastructure template provisioning in modular chassis systems: Systems and methods for provisioning the infrastructure of modular information handling systems, such as modular blade server chassis systems, using one or more pre-defined templates. IT service templates may be initially loaded and present in local memory or storage of a modular information handling system to define the system infrastructure... Agent:

20150039879 - Cubesat system, method and apparatus: A satellite system includes a chassis, an avionics package included within an upper portion of the chassis. The avionics package includes a main system board, a payload interface board, at least one daughter board and a battery board. The main system board, the payload interface board, the at least one... Agent:

20150039875 - Deployment of software images with distinct configuration logic: A solution for deploying a software image comprising a target operating system on a target computing machine is proposed. A corresponding method comprises mounting the software image as a storage device, identifying each software program comprised in the software image, downloading a configuration logic for configuring each software program, applying... Agent:

20150039878 - Method of programming the default cable interface software in an indicia reading device: An indicia reading apparatus includes an interconnect cable and an indicia reading device. The indicia reading device is configured so that, if the indicia reader device is not configured to any interconnect cable and detects an indicia which does not contain one of a plurality of specified sequences of data... Agent:

20150039876 - Parallelizing boot operations: The present disclosure describes apparatuses and techniques for parallelizing boot operations. In some aspects, an operation transferring a boot image from a non-volatile memory to a volatile memory is initiated prior to completion an operation validating another boot image previously-transferred into the volatile memory. This can be effective to enable... Agent:

20150039877 - System and methods for an in-vehicle computing system: Embodiments are disclosed for controlling power modes of a computing system. In some embodiments, a method for an in-vehicle computing system includes, while the vehicle is shut down, operating the system in a suspend mode with volatile memory on standby, and determining whether a reboot may be completed before a... Agent:

20150039874 - System on a chip hardware block for translating commands from processor to read boot code from off-chip non-volatile memory device: Translation of boot code read request commands from an on-board processor of a system on a chip (SoC) from a bus protocol (e.g., advanced high-performance bus (AHB) protocol) into a sequence of commands understandable by a serial interface of the SoC to read boot code from an off-board (e.g., flash... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150039880 - Mobile computing device and wearable computing device having automatic access mode control: A system can include a mobile computing device and a wearable computing device. The wearable computing device can include a sensor that outputs an indication that the wearable computing device is being worn. In some examples, one or both of the devices can be operable to determine that the devices... Agent: Google Inc.

20150039881 - Triggering an internet packet protocol against malware: A process of triggering an Internet packet protocol against malware includes providing protocol trigger mechanisms configured to affect network access and data object access against malware, denial of service attacks, and distributed denial of service attacks, A multi-level security system is established with a cryptographically secure network channel, or another... Agent: Tecsec Inc.

20150039882 - Identifying content from an encrypted communication: Provided is an identifying device for identifying request content from an encrypted request to a server, the identifying device including: a target acquiring unit for acquiring the data size of an encrypted response returned from the server for the encrypted request to the server to be identified; a candidate acquiring... Agent:

20150039883 - System and method for identity-based key management: A system and method for identity (ID)-based key management are provided. The ID-based key management system includes an authentication server configured to authenticate a terminal through key exchange based on an ID and a password of a user of the terminal, set up a secure channel with the terminal, and... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20150039884 - Secure configuration of authentication servers: Embodiments of the invention are directed to automatically populating a database of names and secrets in an authentication server by sending one or more lists of one or more names and secrets by a network management software to an authentication server. Furthermore, some embodiments provide that the lists being sent... Agent:

20150039885 - Conjunctive search in encrypted data: A method comprises receiving a first cryptographic token for one search term and a second cryptographic token is generated using the one search term and at least another search term. A first search is conducted using the first cryptographic token to generate a first result set, and the second cryptographic... Agent:

20150039886 - Secure application access system: A proxy server creates an index of keywords, receives at least a portion of a file, and, when a keyword in the index is encountered in the at least a portion of the file as the at least a portion of the file is being encrypted, associates in the index... Agent: Bitglass, Inc.

20150039887 - Secure application access system: A proxy server creates an index of keywords, receives an encrypted record, decrypts the received encrypted record as decrypted data and, when a keyword in the index is encountered in the decrypted data, associates in the index an encrypted record location identifier with the encountered keyword. The proxy server receives... Agent: Bitglass, Inc.

20150039888 - Techniques for sharing data: Techniques for sharing data between users in a manner that maintains anonymity of the users. Tokens are generated and provided to users for sharing data. A token comprises information encoding an identifier and an encryption key. A user may use a token to upload data that is to be shared.... Agent:

20150039889 - System and method for email and file decryption without direct access to required decryption key: Exemplary systems and methods are directed to decrypting electronic messages in a network. The system includes a processor configured to receive or monitor message sources for encrypted messages, where private keys associated with the encrypted messages are not previously provided to the system. For each message, extract a set of... Agent: Zeva Incorporated

20150039892 - Electronic key system: In a network to which a plurality of electronic devices and a server are connected, an electronic key system controls locking and unlocking of ID information output of each electronic device. Each electronic device includes a switching device that locks or unlocks output of ID information of each electronic device.... Agent:

20150039890 - Method and device for secure communications over a network using a hardware security engine: A method, device, and system for establishing a secure communication session with a server includes initiating a request for a secure communication session, such as a Secure Sockets Layer (SLL) communication session with a server using a nonce value generated in a security engine of a system-on-a-chip (SOC) of a... Agent:

20150039891 - Secure server on a system with virtual machines: A system, an apparatus and a method for providing a secure computing environment may be provided. In one aspect, an apparatus may comprise a communication port and a computer processor coupled to the communication port. The computer processor may be configured to initialize a hypervisor, establish a first virtual machine... Agent: Ologn Technologies Ag

20150039893 - Document verification with id augmentation: At least one node in a distributed hash tree document verification infrastructure is augmented with an identifier of an entity in a registration path. A data signature, which includes parameters for recomputation of a verifying value, and which is associated with a digital input record, will therefore also include data... Agent: GuardtimeIPHoldings Limited

20150039897 - Information processing apparatus, program, storage medium and information processing system: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a reception unit that receives a request for access to an IC chip from an application having access right information for accessing to the IC chip, an acquisition unit that acquires an authentication information for authenticating the application from an external server based... Agent:

20150039895 - System and method for authentication for field replaceable units: A method and apparatus of a network element that authenticates a field replaceable unit of the network element is described. The network element authenticates a field replaceable unit of the network element by generating a nonce. In addition, the network element generates a signature using a nonce and a private... Agent:

20150039894 - System and method for authentication for transceivers: A method and apparatus of a network element that authenticates a transceiver and/or a field replaceable unit of the network element is described. The network element generates a stored transceiver signature using transceiver data stored in the removable transceiver and a nonce. In addition, the network element generates a hardware... Agent:

20150039896 - System and method for pool-based identity generation and use for service access: A computer-implemented system and method for pool-based identity generation and use for service access is disclosed. The method in an example embodiment includes seeding an identity generator with a private key; retrieving independently verifiable data corresponding to a service consumer; using the independently verifiable data to create signed assertions corresponding... Agent:

20150039898 - Method for authenticating a device including a processor and a smart card by pattern generation: A method for authenticating a device comprising a processor and a smart card. A user unlocks the smart card using a PIN code. A secret key Kc of the smart card and the PIN code of the smart card is transmitted to the processor. The processor performs a cryptographic calculation... Agent:

20150039899 - Method for encrypting a plurality of data in a secure set: A server-implemented method encrypting at least two pieces of indexed data as lists of elements, each element belonging to a finite set of indexed symbols on an alphabet. The data is encrypted to form a protected set, including: the server randomly generates, for each datum, a corresponding encoding function; if... Agent: Morpho

20150039900 - Program execution method and decryption apparatus: A method for program execution in a system including a decryption apparatus that prevents external referencing and an information processing apparatus communicating therewith and accessing first and third storage areas, includes: the decryption apparatus detecting a series of commands from a command group obtained by decrypting at least a portion... Agent:

20150039902 - Digest obfuscation for data cryptography: Execution of an obfuscation application may cause a computing device to translate bits of a hashed value according to a sparse bit selection pattern, the sparse bit pattern including a translation of bits of the hashed value into reordered bit unit groupings sized according to a numeric base of a... Agent: Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless)

20150039901 - Field level database encryption using a transient key: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, system, and computer program product for implementing user specific encryption in a database system. A computer receives a query statement including a user specific key and data, the data including data needing encryption and non-encrypted data. The computer encrypts the data needing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150039904 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: Speed-up of a cryptographic process by software (program) is realized. A data processing unit which executes a data process according to a program defining a cryptographic process sequence is included, and the data processing unit, according to the program, generates a bit slice expression data based on a plurality of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150039903 - Masking query data access pattern in encrypted data: A method for encrypting a database includes the following step. Keywords in the database are encrypted to obtain encrypted search tags for the keywords. A table of reverse indices is generated for the encrypted search tags. A table of cross keyword indices is generated. A method for searching in an... Agent:

20150039907 - Method of adapting a uniform access indexing process to a non-uniform access memory, and computer system: Method and apparatus for constructing an index that scales to a large number of records and provides a high transaction rate. New data structures and methods are provided to ensure that an indexing algorithm performs in a way that is natural (efficient) to the algorithm, while a non-uniform access memory... Agent:

20150039905 - System for processing an encrypted instruction stream in hardware: A system and method of processing an encrypted instruction stream in hardware is disclosed. Main memory stores the encrypted instruction stream and unencrypted data. A central processing unit (CPU) is operatively coupled to the main memory. A decryptor is operatively coupled to the main memory and located within the CPU.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20150039906 - Systems and methods for long universal resource locator compression: Methods and systems for managing universal resource locators (URLs) at a server include receiving, at the server, a search query from a client device; creating, by the server, a compressed hash value based on the search query; processing, by the server, the search query to yield a search result; and... Agent:

20150039909 - Command executing method, memory controller and memory storage apparatus: A command executing method for a memory storage apparatus is provided. The method includes grouping logical addresses into logical address groups and assigning a key for each of the logical address groups independently. The method also includes receiving a write command and write data corresponding to the write command and... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150039911 - Complimentary bit slicing side channel attack defense: This document discusses, among other things, systems and methods to communicate data over a data bus during a first period of a clock signal with a uniform power distribution, including providing a complimentary bit state of the data during a first portion of the first period of the clock signal... Agent:

20150039912 - Homomorphic database operations apparatuses, methods and systems: The HOMOMORPHIC DATABASE OPERATIONS APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“HEDO”) transform transaction storage requests and homomorphic model queries using HEDO components into homomorphic model query results. In some implementations, the disclosure provides a processor-implemented method of securely querying a shared homomorphically encrypted data repository and performing cross-table homomorphic joins.... Agent:

20150039910 - Side channel power attack defense with pseudo random clock operation: Apparatus and methods are provided for defending an electronic circuit secret algorithm and secret parameter values against a side-attack. In an example, a method can include receiving first one or more parameters for altering a clock signal of the electronic device at a non-volatile memory register, and altering a frequency... Agent:

20150039908 - System and method for securing a credential vault on a trusted computing base: A method for utilizing a secure credential vault on a mobile computing device includes: prompting a user for and receiving from the user a credential vault password; prompting a user for and receiving a near-field communication (NFC) security token from a NFC-enabled device; verifying the credential vault password and the... Agent:

20150039914 - Apparatus and method for estimating power consumption: A power consumption estimation apparatus searches for an accessory apparatus that is mounted in a computing system that is connected through the Internet, receives a power consumption value of the accessory apparatus and a correlation value on an accessory apparatus combination basis from a power consumption and load amount information... Agent:

20150039913 - Electronic control unit: Disclosed is an electronic control unit capable of identifying an abnormality in a power supply voltage without narrowing the operating voltage range, and having minimal effects on cost and the circuit mounting surface area. The ECU includes a microcomputer containing an input terminal VCCin and an input terminal Vrin, a... Agent:

20150039915 - Server power system: A server power system includes a backboard with a plurality of hard disk drive (HDD) units, a number of motherboards, and a number of power cables. The numbers of the HDD units, the motherboards, and the power cables are the same. Each HDD unit includes a number of HDDs. Each... Agent:

20150039916 - Data processing system with protocol determination circuitry: A semiconductor device includes a processing system including a section of power domain circuitry and a section of coin cell power domain circuitry. The coin cell power domain circuitry is configured to, when power is initially provided to the coin cell power domain circuitry, using power provided by a power... Agent:

20150039917 - Information processing device, activation method, and computer program product: According to one embodiment, an information processing device includes a receiver, a search controller and a request transmitter. The receiver is configured to receive an activation request relative to a first device from a requesting device connected to a first network. The first device is connected to a second network.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150039918 - Rack server system and operation method applicable thereto: A rack server system and an operating method applicable thereto are provided. The rack server system includes a battery backup unit (BBU) and at least one server. The operating method includes: communicating the server and the BBU with each other; the BBU providing a status information and a previous self-discharging... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150039919 - Directed wakeup into a secured system environment: Embodiments of processors, methods, and systems for directed wakeup into a secured system environment are disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes a decode unit, a control unit, and a messaging unit. The decode unit is to receive a secured system environment wakeup instruction. The control unit is to cause... Agent:

20150039921 - Memory system and memory chip: A memory system includes a memory which asserts a high-power-consumption operation output when an amount of the power consumption is high in internal operations in respective operations, and a controller which has an interface function between a host and the memory and receives the high-power-consumption operation output. The controller switches... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150039920 - Reducing power consumption of uncore circuitry of a processor: In one embodiment, a multi-core processor includes multiple cores and an uncore, where the uncore includes various logic units including a cache memory, a router, and a power control unit (PCU). The PCU can clock gate at least one of the logic units and the cache memory when the multi-core... Agent:

20150039925 - Computing device and method for adjusting an operating status of a computing device: The computing device calculates a battery level of a battery of the computing device when the computing device is powered by direct current (DC) electricity of the battery. The computing device adjusts an operating system (OS) of the computing device to a sleep mode when the battery is in a... Agent:

20150039922 - Dynamic low power states characterization: An optimal idle state of a processor is selected using dynamically derived parameters. For example, the idle state is selected from a group of possible idle power states. A current detector is arranged to perform power measurements of the processor and to report a total power consumption of the processor... Agent: Texas Instruments, Incorporated

20150039924 - Field device: A field device with a microprocessor and a display and/or operating module, which can be disconnected from the field device, with the microprocessor showing an energy saving module, in which the display and/or operating module are switched off, with the waking circuit being provided, which generates a waking signal when... Agent:

20150039923 - Method of controlling sdio device and related sdio system and sdio device: Described in embodiments herein are techniques for placing a secure digital input output (SDIO) device in a sleep mode and waking up the SDIO device from the sleep mode. In accordance with an embodiment, a method of controlling the SDIO device comprising: writing a control value into a register of... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20150039926 - Delay system and method for server: A system of delaying the shutdown of a server, the server including a data processing unit connected to an external power supply unit. The delay system includes a delay controlling unit, a first discharging unit, and a second discharging unit. The delay controlling unit is coupled to the data processing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150039927 - Device under test data processing techniques: A data processing unit has a time information provider for processing a clock or a strobe signal, configured to provide a digitized clock or strobe time information on the basis of the clock or strobe signal and at least one data extraction unit, coupled to the time information provider and... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20150039928 - Data processing method and apparatus: A data processing method and apparatus are provided. The data processing apparatus includes a converter module and a control module. The converter module receives a clock signal through a pin, and decides a bit value of the first data according to a length of a corresponding period of the clock... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

01/29/2015 > 61 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150033003 - Host and method of upgrading connection manager of dongles: A host device with a function dongle includes a first connection manager and a first version file. The host upgrades the first connection manager and the first version file. The host gets a second version file which is saved in the dongle. The dongle includes a second connection manager corresponding... Agent:

20150033002 - Requesting memory spaces and resources using a memory controller: Methods of requesting memory spaces and resources using a memory controller are provided. A particular method may include communicating, by a memory controller, a request to a computer program for a resource, and using the resource in response to an indication from the computer program that the resource is available.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150033006 - Hiding logical processors from an operating system on a computer: Hiding logical processors from an operating system (OS) of a computer is described. In an example, a method of hiding at least one logical processor in a computer having a plurality of logical processors includes: initializing the plurality of logical processors by executing a pre-boot routine in system firmware; identifying... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150033004 - Processing device: Disclosed herein is a processing device comprising a secured execution environment comprising means for bringing the processing device into a predetermined operational state; and a timer; a communication interface for data communication between the processing device and a remote device management system external to the processing device; wherein the secured... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20150033005 - System and method for boot acceleration of a data processing system: A system and method to reduce the boot time of a data processing system by informing a memory device to send data prior to the boot time. The data processing system includes: a host system having a host processor and host memory; and (2) the memory device. The memory device... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150033007 - Method and system for sharing a hotkey between application instances: Examples of the present disclosure provide a method and a system for sharing a hotkey between application instances. The method includes receiving a hotkey release message from an application instance that registers a first hotkey, wherein the hotkey release message is to release the first hotkey and includes identification information... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150033008 - Efficient common storage of partially encrypted content: Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the efficient common storage of partially encrypted content. According to various embodiments, a client device to transmit a designated representation of a media content item via a communications interface may be received. The media content item may be associated with a plurality of representations... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20150033009 - Method and system for authenticating a user by an application: The invention relates to a method for authenticating a user by an application by means of a challenge-response method. In this case, the challenge (5) is displayed in the form of a barcode on a display (6) and is transmitted to a communication device (3) associated with the user. The... Agent:

20150033010 - Method for the secure exchange of data over an ad-hoc network implementing an xcast broadcasting service and associated node: A method for the secure exchange of data over an ad-hoc network implementing an Xcast broadcasting service and an associated node are disclosed. The method includes providing a security graph for the network and a communication graph for the network, routing a data item between the sender node sending the... Agent:

20150033011 - Method for initializing a memory area that is associated with a smart meter: A method for initializing a memory area associated with a smart meter,: establishing a first communication channel between a first computer system and a security module, the security module being associated with a memory area, and the first computer system being associated with a set of computer systems interconnected via... Agent: Bundesdruckerei Gmbh

20150033012 - Secure processing environment measurement and attestation: Embodiments of an invention for secure processing environment measurement and attestation are disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes an instruction unit and an execution unit. The instruction unit is to receive a first instruction associated with a build or a rebuild of a secure enclave. The execution unit is... Agent:

20150033013 - Network-based service content protection: Network-based service content protection techniques are described. In one or more implementations, content is edited locally by a computing device. The edited content is automatically encrypted without any user intervention by the computing device using an encryption credential, e.g., encryption key or other secret. The automatic encryption is performed responsive... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150033014 - Compact and efficient communication security through combining anti-replay with encryption: A method of providing anti-replay protection, authentication, and encryption with minimal data overhead is provided. A sender uses an arbitrary-length pseudorandom permutation to encrypt messages that include plaintext and successively increasing sequence numbers, to produce ciphertext messages. The sender transmits the ciphertext messages. A receiver receives the ciphertext messages and,... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150033015 - Methods and systems for securely uploading files onto aircraft: Embodiments described herein provide for a system for verifying integrity of files uplinked to a remote vehicle. The system is configured to receive a first message authentication code (MAC) for the uplinked file, a first acknowledgement MAC for the MAC, and a first cyclic redundancy check (CRC) for the first... Agent:

20150033019 - Cryptographic communication system, communication device, key distribution device, and cryptographic communication method: A cryptographic communication system constituted by a first communication device, and a second communication device that stores a master key serving as an encryption key, the cryptographic communication system being characterized in that said first communication device has a common key storing unit configured to store a key pair constituted... Agent:

20150033017 - Methods and apparatuses for electronic message authentication: Various methods are provided for facilitating the message recipient authentication using facial detection. One example method may include receiving a message. The message may include a plurality of encoded facial features that identify a message recipient. The method may further include causing an image to be captured of the message... Agent:

20150033020 - Protocol for controlling access to encryption keys: A secure remote-data-storage system stores encrypted data and both plaintext and encrypted keys at a server, where data at the server is inadequate to recover the plaintext of the encrypted data; and stores at least one encrypted key at a client system. To decrypt the data, the client must obtain... Agent:

20150033021 - Remote access to local network via security gateway: Multiple protocol tunnels (e.g., IPsec tunnels) are deployed to enable an access terminal that is connected to a network to access a local network associated with a femto access point. A first protocol tunnel is established between a security gateway and the femto access point. A second protocol tunnel is... Agent:

20150033018 - System for determining whether character string has been accepted by automaton: Provided is a server connectable to a client for input of a string and that has an automaton defining a subsequent state for transition for each state and each character. This server has a key chain generating unit for generating a key chain for each combination of index, character and... Agent:

20150033016 - Systems and methods for securing real-time messages: A first aspect of the invention includes a method of securing messages using multiple cryptographic algorithms that distributes the burden of computing a session key using a strong cryptographic algorithm while using the session key with a faster cryptographic algorithm to protect messages long enough to compute a new session... Agent:

20150033022 - Configuring a valid duration period for a digital certificate: A valid duration period for a digital certificate is established by a process that includes assigning numeric values to certificate term. The numeric value assigned to each certificate term is representative of the valid duration period. The method continues by identifying one certificate term, which may include requesting a user... Agent:

20150033027 - Cryptographic security functions based on anticipated changes in dynamic minutiae: Dynamic key cryptography validates mobile device users to cloud services by uniquely identifying the user's electronic device using a very wide range of hardware, firmware, and software minutiae, user secrets, and user biometric values found in or collected by the device. Processes for uniquely identifying and validating the device include:... Agent:

20150033024 - Data distribution path verification: A method may include receiving data and first path-metadata. The first path-metadata may include a first entity identifier. The first entity identifier may be associated with a first receiving entity that receives the data and the first path-metadata from an originating entity. The first path-metadata may also include a first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150033025 - Digital signature technique: A method for signing a digital message, including the following steps: selecting parameters that include first and second primes, a ring of polynomials related to the primes, and at least one range-defining integer; deriving private and public keys respectively related to a random polynomial private key of the ring of... Agent:

20150033026 - Dynamic tardos traitor tracing schemes: A fingerprinting method. For each round in a series of rounds: providing to each receiver in a set of receivers a version of a source item of content, the source item of content corresponding to the round. For the round there is a corresponding part of a fingerprint-code for the... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20150033023 - Preventing playback of streaming video if ads are removed: A digitally signed manifest file includes metadata that specifies whether a policy regarding the digital signature should be enforced. The policy is then used to generate additional metadata associated with the program and ad content of the video stream. The metadata is tamper resistant so that any modification or removal... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20150033028 - Method for reading attributes from an id token: A method for reading at least one attribute stored in an ID token assigned to a user involving: authenticating the user to the ID token, authenticating a first computer system to the ID token, and, assuming successful authentication of the user and the first computer system to the ID token,... Agent: Bundesdruckerei Gmbh

20150033029 - Apparatus, method and computer-readable medium: An apparatus includes a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory and configured to: authenticate an identification for accessing a first service by comparing a password associating with the identification with an first encrypted password that is generated by encrypting the password on the basis of a first encryption... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150033030 - Securely recovering a computing device: A method and an apparatus for establishing an operating environment by certifying a code image received from a host over a communication link are described. The code image may be digitally signed through a central authority server. Certification of the code image may be determined by a fingerprint embedded within... Agent:

20150033031 - System and method for detecting a security compromise on a device: Embodiments of a system and method for detecting a security compromise on a device are described. Embodiments may be implemented by a content consumption application configured to protect content decryption keys on a device, such as a computer system (e.g., a desktop or notebook computer) or a mobile device (e.g.,... Agent:

20150033033 - Efficient homomorphic encryption scheme for bilinear forms: In one exemplary embodiment, a computer readable storage medium tangibly embodying a program of instructions executable by a machine for performing operations including: receiving information B to be encrypted as a ciphertext C in accordance with an encryption scheme having an encrypt function; and encrypting B in accordance with the... Agent:

20150033032 - Encrypted database system, client terminal, database server, data linking method and program: An encrypted database system or the like, which make it possible to perform linking between a plurality of tables without decrypting them and further to reduce a risk of the data correlation leaking out, is provided. A client terminal (10) encrypts an inputted first table having data in a-th and... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150033034 - Measuring a secure enclave: Embodiments of an invention for measuring a secure enclave are disclosed. In one embodiment, a processor includes an instruction unit and an execution unit. The instruction unit is to receive a first, a second, and a third instruction. The execution unit is to execute the first, the second, and the... Agent:

20150033035 - Apparatus and method for accessing an encrypted memory portion: An apparatus for accessing an encrypted memory portion of a memory is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of signature generators, wherein each signature generator of the plurality of signature generators is configured to generate a signature of a plurality of signatures depending on an instruction of a plurality of... Agent:

20150033037 - Key rotation for a memory controller: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with rotating keys for a memory are described. According to one embodiment, a memory system comprises a memory controller configured to control access to a memory and to process memory access requests. Rrekeying logic is configured to rotate a first key that was used... Agent:

20150033038 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for secure demand paging and other paging operations for processor devices: A secure demand paging system (1020) includes a processor (1030) operable for executing instructions, an internal memory (1034) for a first page in a first virtual machine context, an external memory (1024) for a second page in a second virtual machine context, and a security circuit (1038) coupled to the... Agent:

20150033039 - Sector map-based rapid data encryption policy compliance: To comply with a policy for a computing device indicating that data written by the computing device to the storage volume after activation of the policy be encrypted, a sector map is accessed. The sector map identifies one or more sectors of a storage volume and also identifies, for each... Agent:

20150033036 - Securing backing storage data passed through a network: Techniques described herein generally relate to methods, data processing devices and computer readable media to ensure that data stored in a remote backing storage device are in encrypted form before that data is transferred to another device or over a network. In some examples, the methods, data processing devices and... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20150033040 - Power supply circuit for central processing unit: A power supply circuit for supplying power to a central processing unit (CPU) of a computer includes a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, a control circuit, a switch circuit, a first current protection circuit, a second current protection circuit, a first power circuit, and a second power circuit. When the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150033041 - Power supply circuit for central processing unit: A power supply circuit applied to a central processing unit (CPU) of a computer includes a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, a control circuit, a first switch circuit, a second switch circuit, a first compensation circuit, a second compensation circuit, a first power circuit, and a second power circuit. When... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150033043 - Electronic device, control method, and system: An electronic device is connected to a server device. The electronic device includes: a detection unit that detects a state of the electronic device; a generation unit that generates third information in which first information that is information indicating the state of the electronic device and second information that is... Agent:

20150033044 - Methods and circuits for dynamically scaling dram power and performance: A memory system supports high-performance and low-power modes. The memory system includes a memory core and a core interface. The memory core employs core supply voltages that remain the same in both modes. Supply voltages and signaling rates for the core interface may be scaled down to save power. Level... Agent:

20150033042 - Power supply system, electronic device, cable, and program: A power supply system includes an electronic device configured to output from an external audio output terminal a power-supply signal according to a target value for supply voltage when power is supplied to an external device and a cable with a rectifier circuit that rectifies the power-supply signal and generates... Agent:

20150033047 - Application processors, mobile devices including the same and methods of managing power of application processors: An application processor includes a memory controller, a display block and a power management unit. The memory controller controls an external memory that stores an image signal to be displayed on a display unit. The display block includes an internal frame buffer and a display controller and the display controller... Agent:

20150033046 - Method of power management, portable system and portable power bank: A method of power management is to be implemented by a portable electronic device coupled to a portable power bank. The portable power bank is further coupled to an electrical appliance. In the method, the portable electronic device receives power information from the portable power bank, and controls the portable... Agent: National Taiwan Normal University

20150033049 - Method, device and mobile terminal for information backup: Disclosed is a method for information backup, comprising: an information backup device detects a battery volume of a mobile terminal and determines whether or not the battery volume reaches a preset low-battery alarming threshold; and the information backup device stores contact information stored in the mobile terminal into a backup... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150033048 - Multiple voltage generator and voltage regulation methodology for power dense integrated power systems: An integrated power system suitable for simultaneously powering marine propulsion and service loads. The system includes: (a) at least one generator configured with at least first and second armature windings configured to output respective first and second alternating current power signals of different voltages, the at least two armature windings... Agent:

20150033045 - Power supply droop reduction using feed forward current control: An apparatus for performing instruction throttling for a computing system is disclosed. The apparatus may include a first counter, a second counter, and a control circuit. The second counter may be configured to increment in response to a determination that a processing cycle of a processor has completed. The control... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150033051 - Restricting clock signal delivery based on activity in a processor: In an embodiment, a processor has a core to execute instructions which includes a first cache memory, a clock generation logic to receive and distribute a first clock signal to a plurality of units of the core, and a core activity monitor logic to monitor activity of the core and,... Agent:

20150033050 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and computing device including the same: A semiconductor integrated circuit and a computing system including the same are provided. The semiconductor integrated circuit includes: an integrated clock gating cell including a clock output node; and clock-based cells each including a clock input node. The clock output node of the integrated clock gating cell and the clock... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150033053 - Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of a portable terminal: A method for controlling a power consumption in a portable terminal and a portable terminal supporting the method are provided. The method includes receiving first data from at least one device, by a main processor; transmitting second data based on the received first data to a sub processor, by the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150033054 - Method for operating at least two data processing units with high availability, in particular in a vehicle, and device for operating a machine: A method for operating at least two data processing units with high availability, in particular in a vehicle, is provided. A first data processing unit and a second data processing unit can each provide the same function to an extent of at least 60 percent or at least 90 percent.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150033056 - Reducing power consumption of sensor by overriding instructions to measure: Systems and methods for reducing power consumption of a device utilized to measure affective response to content by overriding selections of a mode-selector. The mode-selector receives tags corresponding to segments of content. The mode-selector selects, based on the tags, modes for operating the device to measure affective response to the... Agent:

20150033055 - Techniques for managing power and performance of multi-socket processors: Examples are disclosed for managing power and performance of multi-socket processors. In some examples, a utilization rate of a first processor circuitry in a first processor socket may be determined. An active memory ratio of a cache for the first processor circuitry may be compared to a threshold ratio or... Agent:

20150033052 - Wakeup receiver circuit, electronic system and method to wake up a device: A device is operated in a low power mode of operation. The device receives a differential signal that includes a first polarity signal and a second polarity signal. A slope of a first direction is detected in the differential signal and a slope of a second direction is detected in... Agent:

20150033057 - Power conservation based on caching: The present invention relates to a method and device that conserves power. In some embodiments, the device is a battery powered storage device. The invention employs a large cache and aggressive caching algorithm to serve data from the storage media (hard disk or SSD) or write data to the storage... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20150033058 - Server cluster and control mechanism thereof: A server cluster including a network switch and multiple server nodes is provided. The network switch is connected to an external network. Each server node includes a network port, a network chip and a control unit. The network port is connected to the network switch via a cable. The network... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150033059 - Status-sensitive power observing system: s

20150033060 - Clock data recovery circuit, timing controller including the same, and method of driving the timing controller: Provided is a clock data recovery circuit including a phase-frequency detector configured to detect a frequency and phase of a reference clock signal and control a frequency and phase of an internal clock signal based on the detected frequency, a frequency detector configured to detect a frequency of a data... Agent:

20150033062 - Apparatus and method for controlling controllable clock source to generate clock signal with frequency transition: A clock generator includes a controllable clock source and a frequency hopping controller. The controllable clock source generates a clock signal to a clock-driven device. The frequency hopping controller controls the controllable clock source to make the clock signal have at least one frequency transition from one clock frequency to... Agent:

20150033061 - Harmonic detector of critical path monitors: A system for monitoring a clock input signal including a reference clock to be monitored, a flip-flop, a plurality of delay logic blocks, a sampling unit, and a comparison unit. The reference clock may have an expected maximum frequency. The flip-flop may be configured to generate a corresponding clock signal... Agent: Apple Inc.

01/22/2015 > 60 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150026447 - Apparatus for configuring operating system and method therefor: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for configuring an operating system. An apparatus for configuring an operating system may comprise a system resource management part managing system resources by assigning control permission for system resources which interwork with the operating system to a first domain of the operating system;... Agent:

20150026446 - Signal processing device and method for initializing the same: Provided is a signal processing device including: a digital signal detector outputting an inputted serial digital signal; a clock signal generator generating a clock signal on the basis of the serial digital signal; a chip selection signal generator generating a chip selection signal for selecting a chip by using at... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science

20150026448 - Dynamic nic binding: In one embodiment, a network boot program is received from a server via a first network interface controller associated with a first network identifier. The network boot program is executed. An operating system loader comprising an operating system driver is received from the server via the first network interface controller.... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150026449 - Method of managing a solid state drive, associated systems and implementations: One embodiment of a method includes loading, by a memory controller, a boot image from a solid state drive to an operating memory of a computing system during an initialization operation of the computing system. The initialization operation initializes components of the computing system.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150026450 - Dynamic data dimensioning by partial reconfiguration of single or multiple field-programmable gate arrays using bootstraps: An approach is presented for managing resources of a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). At runtime, first data is extracted and processed. At runtime and via a very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL) interface, a change in a size, a structure, or a load schedule of next data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026451 - Multiprocessor fabric having configurable communication that is selectively disabled for secure processing: Disabling communication in a multiprocessor fabric. The multiprocessor fabric may include a plurality of processors and a plurality of communication elements and each of the plurality of communication elements may include a memory. A configuration may be received for the multiprocessor fabric, which specifies disabling of communication paths between one... Agent:

20150026452 - Digital rights management: There is disclosed a method of controlling use of encrypted content by a plurality of client terminals each provided with a digital rights management (DRM) client and a content decryption module separate to the DRM client. First key information is provided for use by one or more selected ones of... Agent: Irdeto B.v.

20150026453 - System and method for establishing security in network devices capable of operating in multiple frequency bands: A Network device including a security module to establish, in response to the network device being capable of operating in multiple frequency bands, and in response to the network device operating in a first frequency band, security for the frequency band and a second frequency band by performing a single... Agent:

20150026454 - Chunk-level client side encryption in hierarchical content addressable storage systems: Techniques for chunk-level client side encryption are provided. In a content addressable storage system, a plurality of chunks is used to implement a hierarchical file system. The hierarchical file system supports both encrypted and non-encrypted volumes. A folders and files layer makes calls directly to a chunk system layer for... Agent: Upthere, Inc.

20150026456 - Apparatus and method for managing digital copyright on epub-based content, and apparatus and method for providing epub-based content according to user's right: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for managing a digital copyright on electronic publication (EPUB)-based content and an apparatus and method for providing EPUB-based content according to a user's right. An encryption unit of the apparatus for managing digital copyright generates encrypted unit files by encrypting a plurality of unit... Agent:

20150026455 - Systems and methods for securing email in mobile devices: A computer-implemented method for providing secure mobile email communications is described. At least one application programming interface (API) of a native email client is hooked in order to transmit data securely via email. The native email client is native to an operating system of the mobile device. An email originating... Agent:

20150026457 - Controlling access by code: A novel code signing system, computer readable media, and method are provided. The code signing method includes receiving a code signing request from a requestor in order to gain access to one or more specific application programming interfaces (APIs). A digital signature is provided to the requestor. The digital signature... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150026458 - Managing user access in a communications network: A method of operating a node for performing handover between access networks wherein a user has authenticated for network access in a first access network. The method comprises receiving from a home network a first session key and a temporary identifier allocated to the user for the duration of a... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150026459 - Method and system for encrypting multimedia streams: A method and system for encrypting data packets in a multimedia stream are disclosed. Each data packet includes a header portion and a payload portion. In one embodiment, one or more data packets are selected from an incoming multimedia stream. Further, one or more of a header portion and a... Agent:

20150026462 - Method and system for access-controlled decryption in big data stores: A method and system for access-controlled decryption in big data stores is provided. In an implementation, a system provides a method for encryption that stores meta-information about sensitive data elements being encrypted in a big data store, such as a Hadoop system, in which the bulk of the data may... Agent: Dataguise, Inc.

20150026463 - Secure system for allowing the execution of authorized computer program code: Systems and methods for selective authorization of code modules are provided. According to one embodiment, file system or operating system activity relating to a code module is intercepted by a kernel mode driver of a computer system. The code module is selectively authorized by the kernel mode driver by authenticating... Agent: Fortinet, Inc.

20150026461 - System and method to create resilient site master-key for automated access: A system encrypts a private key with a master key and includes a storage device for storing a protected private key at a site location, a processor that determines a plurality of derivatives by selecting an order of site characteristics from a plurality of disjoint sets of site characteristics unique... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20150026460 - Systems, methods and media for selective decryption of files containing sensitive data: Systems, methods and media are provided for selective decryption of files. One method includes monitoring a secure file storage area including at least one file using a selective decryption process associated with the secure file storage area. Content of each of the at least one file is protected with an... Agent: Appsense Limited

20150026467 - Methods and apparatus for authenticating data as originating from a storage and processing device and for securing software and data stored on the storage and processing device: Techniques are described for using unique features of a storage medium for authentication of data as originating from the storage medium, and also for installing software and data to a storage medium in a way which inhibits unauthorized copying of the software and data to another storage medium. Cryptoprocessing keys... Agent: Xtec, Incorporated

20150026465 - Methods and devices for protecting private data: Private data in a cloud-based network may be protected by insuring that inadvertent, malicious, or suspicious access to such data is minimized. Reachability analyses may generate directed graphs that can be displayed as paths on a graphical user interface. If a displayed component of a path indicates that inadvertent, malicious... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150026470 - Secured embedded data encryption systems: Devices generate security vectors based on their own attributes. A device's security vectors compose its transformation matrix. The devices securely share copies of their transformation matrices with other devices. A transmitting device adds its unique MAC to packets, encrypts those packets using its own transformation matrix, and transmits those packets.... Agent:

20150026471 - Staged control release in boot process: Integrity validation of a network device may be performed. A network device comprising a secure hardware module, may receive a root key. The secure hardware module may also receive a first code measurement. The secure hardware module may provide a first key based on the root key and the first... Agent:

20150026464 - Steganography detection: Systems and methods for detecting potential steganography use to hide content in computer files transmitted via electronic communications are provided. An electronic communication associated with a computer file may be identified. The communication and the computer file may be analyzed to determine whether the computer file potentially includes hidden content.... Agent:

20150026469 - System and method of secure encryption for electronic data transfer: A system for secure transfer of encrypted data involves a sender client, a recipient client, a main server, and a key server. The sender client receives instructions from a first user identifying transfer data and a recipient identifier, creates a key, encodes the transfer data using the key, and communicates... Agent:

20150026472 - Systems and methods for implementing computer security: A computer system includes memory storing an operating system. An agent executive runs within the operating system. The agent executive receives an agent identity token from a grid computer system. The agent identity token includes a unique cryptographic key assigned to the agent executive. The agent executive collects information about... Agent:

20150026466 - Token-based security for links to media streams: Systems and methods of token-based protection for links to media streams are disclosed. For example, a computing device may generate a first token based on a private key and an encryption algorithm. The first token may be inserted into a link to a media stream. When the link is selected... Agent: Wowza Media Systems, LLC

20150026468 - Token-based security for links to media streams: Systems and methods of token-based protection for links to media streams are disclosed. For example, a computing device may receive a media request in response to selection of a link to a media stream. The link may include a first token that is generated based on a private key and... Agent:

20150026474 - Managed authentication on a distributed network: An authoritative computer network (10) comprising: at least one manager user (12); a plurality of subordinate users (14); and access control means adapted to allow the manager user to control access of one or more subordinate users to the authoritative computer network, wherein the authoritative computer network is provided as... Agent: Sigmoid Solutions Limited

20150026475 - Simple nonautonomous peering network media: A method of playing content across a network includes receiving, at a media player, an input from a user selecting media located on a network, sending a request across a network comprised of devices employing a common security protocol, the request to identify peer devices on the network, receiving a... Agent: Secure Content Storage Association LLC

20150026473 - Verifying privacy of web real-time communications (webrtc) media channels via corresponding webrtc data channels, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media: Verification of privacy of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) media channels via corresponding WebRTC data channels, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed. In this regard, in one embodiment, a method for verifying privacy of a WebRTC media channel comprises establishing the WebRTC media channel between first and second... Agent:

20150026476 - Method for reading an attribute from an id token: A method for reading at least one attribute stored in an ID token using first, second and third computer systems, wherein the third computer system comprises a browser and a client, and wherein a service certificate is assigned to the second computer system, wherein the service certificate comprises an identifier... Agent: Bundesdruckerei Gmbh

20150026477 - System and method for delivering application content: A system and method for messaging application content that includes providing an application content messaging application programming interface (API); receiving a content delivery request from an account, through the application content messaging API; retrieving device information of a destination endpoint specified in the content delivery request; based on the device... Agent:

20150026478 - Electronic document notarization: A server receives a package of data including: a document designated for notarization, identification information including a photograph, photograph of a user, and a signature of the user. The server compares the photograph of the user to the photograph included with the identification information. Next, the server verifies an identity... Agent:

20150026479 - Creation and authentication of biometric information: In accordance with the embodiments of the present invention, the biometric information created for biometric authentication is available for a predetermined time after it was acquired. In addition, the authentication processing is performed on the biometric information useful for a predetermined time after the biometric information was acquired when authenticating... Agent: Suprema Inc.

20150026480 - Personal digital key initialization and registration for secure transactions: A system and method provide efficient, secure, and highly reliable authentication for transaction processing and/or access control applications. A personal digital key (PDK) is programmed using a trusted programming device to initialize and/or register the PDK for use. In one embodiment, the initialization and registration processes are administered by a... Agent: Proxense, LLC

20150026481 - Computation protected against spying: The invention provides a method for executing a cryptographic computation comprising a plurality of blocks while employing secret data in a processor, said executing being protected against spying out of secret data. To achieve a computational result of the computation, there is executed a multiple computation in which the computation... Agent:

20150026482 - Systems, methods, software, and components using tamper-proof real-time clock: The write-access control line for an RTC is combined with a clear line for an RTC signature register, so that changes to the RTC will cause subsequent reads to return an invalidity flag.... Agent:

20150026483 - Systems and methods for mobile application protection: Systems and methods are provided for mobile application protection. An executable code associated with an application is received. An encrypted code and a wrapper code are generated based at least in part on the executable code. The encrypted code is capable of being decrypted based at least in part on... Agent:

20150026484 - Smart storage device: A smart storage device can have a smart-card portion with access control circuitry and integrated memory, a controller in selective communication with the smart-card portion, and a memory device in communication with the controller. The memory device can be separate from the smart-card portion and can store one or more... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20150026485 - Method and apparatus for prevention of tampering and unauthorized use, and unauthorized extraction of information from secured devices: The present invention considers an apparatus for prevention of tampering, unauthorized use, and unauthorized extraction of information from at least one secure system including at least one information device arranged to process information, at least one integrated encryption segment arranged to encrypt the information using at least one encryption process... Agent:

20150026490 - Clock tree in circuit and operation method thereof: A clock tree in a circuit and an operation method thereof are provided. The clock tree includes at least two sub clock trees, at least two voltage-controllable power-mode-aware (PMA) buffers and a power-mode control circuit. The PMA buffers delay a system clock to serve as the delayed clock, and provide... Agent:

20150026489 - Distributed antenna system using power-over-ethernet: A system is provided for adjusting power provided over a channel to a device. The system can include power sourcing equipment and a sub-system. The power sourcing equipment can provide power to a powered device via a channel. The sub-system can determine an amount by which to increase the power... Agent:

20150026487 - Mobile terminal and method of determining and displaying power efficiency of an application: A method and mobile terminal for determining a power efficiency of an application installed in and executed by a mobile terminal. The method includes: determining power consumption per unit time according to units of the installed and executed application; and determining a power efficiency level of the installed and executed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150026486 - Overcurrent protection circuit and server using the same: An overcurrent protection circuit and a server using the same are provided. The overcurrent protection circuit coupled between a power supply module and a load on a mainboard including a detecting component, a detection unit, a comparing unit, and a power switch. The detecting component is coupled between the power... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150026488 - Selectively powering a storage device over a data network: Methods and structure for selectively powering a storage device over a data network. An exemplary system includes a power module configured to detect power from a host system via a network port. The system also includes an input/output controller configured to receive power derived from the network port of the... Agent:

20150026492 - Process calibrator: A process calibrator is formed with functions of a fieldbus communicator. Preferably, functions of a fieldbus communicator support several fieldbus protocols, and it is provided such that the use of it does not hamper the functioning of a process calibrator. This has been achieved by providing the process calibrator with... Agent:

20150026491 - Remotely controllable electronic device and system including the same: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a controller configured to transition the electronic device into a sleep mode, and a communication interface configured to establish a network session with the external computing device when the electronic device into the sleep mode, wherein the communication interface is configured... Agent:

20150026493 - Nonvolatile memory device and device sleep state control method thereof: A nonvolatile memory device includes a device interface configured to communicate with a host. The nonvolatile memory device includes a sleep controller configured to select a sleep state from among a plurality of sleep states. The sleep controller is configured to control the device interface to enter the selected sleep... Agent:

20150026494 - Intelligent mesochronous synchronizer: A method and apparatus for transmitting data over a clock-gated mesochronous clock domain boundary in an interconnect network of an integrated circuit. New data is received into storage buffers within a sender domain. The data is synchronized by sending time-controlled signals from storage elements in a sender control within the... Agent:

20150026497 - Electronic device that executes hibernation: An electronic device includes a main processor and a first memory. The main processor is configured to: determine whether or not specific data is stored in a first IO memory area of the first memory; generate a first piece of image data based on an OS memory area of the... Agent:

20150026498 - Power management in a data-capable strapband: Embodiments of the invention relates generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and computing devices, and more specifically to structures and techniques for managing power generation, power consumption, and other power-related functions in a data-capable strapband. Embodiments relate to a band including sensors, a... Agent: Aliphcom

20150026496 - Powered device, power supply system, and operation mode selection method: A powered device, a power supply system and an operation mode selection method are provided. The power supply system includes a power sourcing equipment and the powered device. The powered device is electrically connected to the power sourcing equipment through an internet cable. The powered device includes a sensing module... Agent:

20150026495 - System and method for idle state optimization in a multi-processor system on a chip: Various embodiments of methods and systems for idle state optimization in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are disclosed. An exemplary method includes comparing an aggregate power consumption level for all processing cores in the PCD to a power budget and, if there is available headroom in the power budget, transitioning... Agent:

20150026499 - Circuit for changing load operation using temporary power-off means: A circuit for changing load operation using temporary power-off means having a power-off detection circuit with input end connected to a power source and its output end is connected to a microprocessor (MCU) connected to at least one load driving circuit. A load appliance is mounted on each of the... Agent:

20150026500 - General purpose processing unit with low power digital signal processing (dsp) mode: A method and circuit arrangement utilize a general purpose processing unit having a low power DSP mode for reconfiguring the general purpose processing unit to efficiently execute DSP workloads with reduced power consumption. When in a DSP mode, one or more of a data cache, an execution unit, and simultaneous... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026503 - Appliances powered over sas: Methods and structure for powering storage devices over a SAS interface. An exemplary system includes a storage device that includes a receptacle configured to receive a plug that communicates Serial Attached Small Computer Systems Interface compliant signals from a host system. The storage device also includes a microcontroller configured to... Agent:

20150026501 - Portable electronic apparatus and power management method: A portable electronic apparatus and a power management method are disclosed. The portable electronic apparatus comprises a processor and an embedded controller (EC). The EC determines whether the processor starts a throttling mechanism according to a current power consumption, a proportional term, a last power consumption, a lower bound, a... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150026502 - Reset signal control apparatus: A reset signal control apparatus outputs a reset signal to a microcomputer to restrict a malfunction of the microcomputer when the microcomputer is started. The reset signal control apparatus outputs the reset signal to the microcomputer at least until a clock signal provided by an oscillation circuit and based on... Agent:

20150026504 - Controller timing system and method: A controller timing system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a master controller to generate a timing signal, a first slave controller configured to wake in response to the timing signal, and a second slave controller configured to wake in response to the... Agent:

20150026505 - Storage device, storage system, and background processing execution method: According to an embodiment, a storage device includes a storage medium and a controller. The controller manages a local clock, adjusts the local clock in accordance with an order for adjustment of the managed local clock, and executes background processing involving access to the storage medium on the basis of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

01/15/2015 > 50 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150019850 - Method and apparatus for firmware based system security, integrity, and restoration: Methods and systems for firmware based system security, integrity, and restoration are disclosed, including (a) determining in a pre-boot environment which mode a security and policy enforcement platform (“platform”) should be loaded into firmware of a computing system; (b) if the determination made in step (a) is that it is... Agent: Def-logix, Inc.

20150019853 - Boot-up method of e-fuse, semiconductor device and semiconductor system including the same: A semiconductor device includes a power-up signal generation unit suitable for receiving a first power supply voltage and a second power supply voltage higher the first power supply voltage and generating a power-up signal when the first and second power supply voltage increase to reach target levels, respectively, a voltage... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019854 - Booting display control method and associated apparatus: Booting display control method and associated apparatus are disclosed. The apparatus includes a processor chip, wherein the processor chip includes a processor and a display. After the processor chip is activated, the processor loads the leading program and displays control program; the processor detects whether a vehicle backing indicator indicates... Agent: Autochips Inc.

20150019856 - Secure download and security function execution method and apparatus: A method and electronic device for executing secure download and security function is provided. The method includes storing a unique identifier (ID) of the electronic device, receiving a binary update request, determining whether the stored unique ID matches a unique ID signed to the binary, and downloading the binary depending... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150019851 - State dependent optimization for sequential booting of heterogeneous systems: A method and computer program product for implementing the method, where the method comprises obtaining boot dependencies among a plurality of systems, wherein a boot dependency identifies a dependent system, a service system that provides a service to the dependent system, a provide state of the service system, and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019855 - System platform supporting infrared receiver/transmitter and operation method thereof: An operation method of a system platform includes steps of: transmitting, by an infrared receiver, a received infrared signal to a transmission interface; transmitting, by the transmission interface, an interrupt notification signal to an operation system power management agent (OSPM) through an advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI); receiving, by... Agent:

20150019852 - Verification method for system execution environment: The present invention provides a verification method for system execution environment. According to the present invention, at least an algorithm is used for operating a basic input/output system (BIOS) and loaded program check information, a first characteristic code and operation system check information, a second characteristic code and file system... Agent: International Games System Co., Ltd.

20150019857 - Method and system for controlling system settings of a computing device: Methods and devices for controlling system settings of a computing device are described herein. One example embodiment comprises: determining configuration data associated with a software application, wherein the configuration data identifies one or more new system settings to be temporarily enforced on the computing device during an execution of the... Agent:

20150019858 - Data loss prevention techniques: Data received through a proxy for a service is analyzed for compliance with one or more data policies, such as one or more data loss prevention policies. When data satisfies the criteria of one or more data policies, the data is manipulated at the proxy prior to transmission of the... Agent:

20150019860 - Method for providing data to a personal portable device via network and a system thereof: Disclosed are a method and a system for synchronizing and providing data requiring digital rights protection, to a portable device, wherein a contents providing server is connected with a contents synchronization server to which the portable device is connected.... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20150019859 - Tunnel interface for securing traffic over a network: Methods and systems for a flexible, scalable hardware and software platform that allows a managed security service provider to easily provide security services to multiple customers are provided. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for delivering customized network services to subscribers of a service provider. Multiple virtual routers... Agent: Fortinet, Inc.

20150019861 - System and method for monitoring secure data on a network: A system and method for monitoring secure digital data on a network are provided. An exemplary network monitoring system may include a network device in communication with a user and a network. Further, a server may be in communication with the network. A browser and monitoring program may be stored... Agent:

20150019862 - Avionics gateway interface, systems and methods: Systems and methods are provided for FAA-certified avionics devices to safely interface with non-certified mobile telecommunications devices before, during, and after flight. Data transmitted to the certified devices do not affect functionality of the certified device unless and until a user acknowledges and/or confirms the data on the certified device.... Agent: Aspen Avionics, Inc.

20150019863 - Method of handling a certification request: In a certification request, a user device includes an object identifier. When a certification authority generates an identity certificate responsive to receiving the certification request, the certification authority includes the object identifier, thereby allowing improved management of the identity certificate at the user device and elsewhere.... Agent:

20150019867 - Resynchronization of passive monitoring of a flow based on hole detection: Embodiments are directed towards resynchronizing the processing of a monitored flow based on hole detection. A network monitoring device (NMD) may be employed to passively monitor flows of packets for a session between endpoints. The NMD may receive copies of the monitored flow and perform processes on the monitored flow.... Agent: Extrahop Networks, Inc.

20150019864 - Secure virtual machine: An approach to securely distributing and running virtual machines is described that addresses the inherent insecurity of mobile virtual machines by authenticating a user before establishing a specialized virtualization runtime environment that includes a filesystem driver inserted into the host operating system to provide secure access to a virtual machine... Agent: High Cloud Security, Inc.

20150019865 - System and method for obfuscating initiation values of a cryptography protocol: A computer-implemented technique for determining whether a first computing device has the correct version of a software program may be used to provide a secure approach to verifying that a client computing device has a secure and approved version of content player software implemented for consuming downloaded copyright media content.... Agent:

20150019866 - Systems and methods for automatically generating top level index files: Systems and methods for automatically generating top level index files for use in adaptive bitrate streaming in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment of the method of the invention includes receiving a request from a playback device at a playback server, where the request identifies a... Agent: Sonic Ip, Inc.

20150019868 - Public encryption method based on user id: A public encryption method based on user ID includes: setting, by a key generation server, at least one public parameter and master key used for generating a private key; receiving, by the key generation server, an inherent ID of a user from a receiving terminal, generating a private key based... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150019870 - Master key generation and distribution for storage area network devices: Mechanisms are provided for generating a master key used to secure key objects associated with data blocks in a data center. A cryptographic node creation request is received. It is determined that a master key can not be obtained from another cryptographic node in the data center. A master key... Agent:

20150019869 - Online identification and authentication: Systems and methods may provide for online identification and authentication. In one example, the method may include generating a credential to represent a relationship based on a common ground of authenticated communication between a first user and a second user, identifying the second user to the first user, authenticating the... Agent:

20150019871 - Certification method and electronic device: A certification method comprises steps of: providing a reliable time clock on a first electronic device; when data of the digital file are generated on the first electronic device, reading a reliable time count from the reliable time clock and adding the reliable time count into the digital file; generating... Agent:

20150019872 - Method and device for verifying the integrity of platform software of an electronic device: A method for verifying the integrity of platform software of an electronic device is provided, the method comprising accessing a module of said platform software, obtaining a signature (S), obtaining a verification key (VK), said verification key (VK) corresponding to a signing key (SK), verifying if said signature (S) was... Agent:

20150019873 - System for embedded biometric authentication, identification and differentiation: An electronic device authenticates a user without requiring active input from the user. At least one user interface receives a plurality of user inputs to the electronic device that are unrelated to an active authentication action of the user of the electronic device. At least one biometric sensor extracts from... Agent:

20150019874 - Apparatus and method for generating electronic book, and apparatus and method for verifying integrity of electronic book: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for generating an electronic book (e-book) and an apparatus and method for verifying integrity of an e-book. An e-book including information for verifying the integrity of the e-book is generated, and the integrity of an e-book is verified from information included in the e-book... Agent:

20150019875 - Portable device for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression: Portable integrated device (100) for data encryption/decryption and/or compression/decompression including: an outer casing (2); at least one authentication support cryptographic chip (4); at least one first data input/output port (5) adapted to be interfaced with external devices; at least one second data input/output port (6) adapted to be interfaced with... Agent: Quantec Sa

20150019877 - Scalable precomputation system for host-opaque processing of encrypted databases: A method, system, and computer program product to generate results for a query to an encrypted database stored on a host are described. The system includes a host comprising a storage device to store the encrypted database, and a a secure processor to generate indexes and index metadata from the... Agent:

20150019876 - Support for secure objects in a computer system: A method and structure in a computer system, including a mechanism supporting a Secure Object that includes code and data that is cryptographically protected from other software on the computer system.... Agent:

20150019878 - Apparatus and method for memory address encryption: An apparatus for encrypting an input memory address to obtain an encrypted memory address is provided. The apparatus comprises an input interface for receiving the input memory address being an address of a memory. Moreover, the apparatus comprises an encryption module for encrypting the input memory address depending on a... Agent:

20150019881 - Accelerated cryptography with an encryption attribute: Methods and systems for encrypting and decrypting are presented. In one embodiment, the method comprises encrypting one or more segments of a data with a key. The data is associated with at least one encryption attribute and having a plurality of segments. The encryption attribute includes information to identify one... Agent:

20150019880 - Electronic device, system for pairing electronic devices and method for pairing electronic devices: An electronic device includes: a data acquiring unit configured to detect an encryption apparatus in a preset distance range and to read preset data in the detected encryption apparatus; a data storage unit configured to store the preset data; and a connection establishing unit configured to establish power line communication... Agent: Hisense Usa Corporation

20150019879 - Optimal re-encryption strategy for joins in encrypted databases: Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for selecting columns for re-encryption in join operations. In some implementations, actions include determining a first column and a second column to be joined, receiving a first key corresponding to the first column and a second key corresponding to the second column, receiving a... Agent: Sap Ag

20150019885 - Countermeasure method and device for protecting data circulating in an electronic microcircuit: The disclosure relates to a countermeasure method in an electronic microcircuit, comprising successive process phases executed by a circuit of the microcircuit, and adjusting a power supply voltage between power supply and ground terminals of the circuit, as a function of a random value generated for the process phase, at... Agent:

20150019884 - Pd in poe system having redundant pse channel inputs: A Powered Device (PD) in a PoE system has two input channels, each being coupled to a separate Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) for increased reliability. A first PD controller is coupled to the first channel to perform hand-shaking and closes a first Power Good (PWRGD) switch when the PoE voltage... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20150019883 - Power supply circuit for central processing unit: A power supply circuit for a central processing unit (CPU) includes a comparing circuit, first to third switch circuits, first and second compensation circuits, a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, a first power circuit connected to a first output pin of the PWM controller, and a second power circuit connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150019882 - Switching power supply with noise control: On embodiment of a device with a noise adaptive power supply includes a noise adaptation unit configured to receive a noise adaptation signal. The noise adaptation unit can provide processing, such as digital filter processing to reduce the effect of power supply noise. In one embodiment, a feedback signal is... Agent:

20150019886 - Integrated circuit, semiconductor memory device, and operating method thereof: An integrated circuit includes an internal circuit including a input/output unit suitable for inputting/outputting data, and a voltage supplying circuit suitable for supplying a first operating voltage to the internal circuit in response to a first control signal during a general operation, and supplying a second operating voltage that is... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019887 - Low power idle signaling for gigabit media independent interfaces operating in legacy modes: A method and apparatus for enabling low power idle (LPI) signaling for Ethernet transceivers operating in legacy modes are disclosed that allow a high speed transceiver to retain energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) functionality even when the transceiver is operating in a slower speed mode. In some embodiments, an Ethernet device... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150019890 - Cache array with reduced power consumption: Embodiments of the disclosure include a cache array having a plurality of cache sets grouped into a plurality of subsets. The cache array also includes a read line configured to receive a read signal for the cache array and a set selection line configured to receive a set selection signal.... Agent:

20150019888 - System, apparatus, and method for information processing: A system includes apparatuses and a power collecting device for collecting power consumption information at power sources to which the apparatuses are connected, respectively. The apparatus includes a controller that sets the apparatus to a first state or a second state for a lower power consumption; a first obtaining unit... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20150019889 - Virtualizing battery across a group of personal mobile devices: A system, method, and non-transitory computer readable medium for virtualizing battery in a personal mobile device or across a group of personal mobile devices controlled by a user are provided. The user specifies a set of power management policies for applications running in the personal mobile device(s). Battery usage per... Agent:

20150019891 - Controlling power consumption in multi-core environments: Systems and methods of enabling modulation of a frequency of a first core in a multi-core environment include logic to determine a power limit assigned to the first core, logic to determine a stall count of the first core, and logic to modulate the frequency of the first core based... Agent:

20150019895 - Information processing apparatus and judging method: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a processor, a non-volatile storage unit, a receiving unit, a judging unit, and a transmitting unit. The receiving unit receives from the processor an inquiry about accessibility of the storage unit. The judging unit judges, upon receipt of the inquiry, whether... Agent:

20150019892 - Low-power near-field communication authentication: This document describes techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) for implementing low-power near-field communication (NFC) authentication. These techniques (400, 500, 600) and apparatuses (100, 700) enable a computing device (102) to detect, in a low-power state, an NFC-enabled device (104) with which to authenticate via NFC. In some... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150019894 - Power supply control device, power supply system and electronic device: An electronic device includes a power supply system and a load circuit connected to the power supply system. The load circuit mutually switches between the first mode and the second mode. In the first mode, the load circuit operates with electric power supplied from the power supply system. On the... Agent:

20150019893 - Standby power interception apparatus for computer and computer peripheral device: The present invention relates to a computer and a method for controlling same, in which power being supplied to a computer peripheral device is completely intercepted in a standby mode (power saving mode) or a monitor power-off mode during use of the computer, and power being supplied to the computer... Agent:

20150019897 - Communication system, relay device, and method for controlling power supply: The present invention provides a communication system including a relay device that is capable of simplifying the configuration of a control device for controlling a device based on relay information and reducing cost of the whole system, the relay device and a method for controlling power supply. A GW device... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150019896 - Method to control the number of active vector lanes for power efficiency: The vector data path is divided into smaller vector lanes. The number of active vector lanes is controllable on the fly by the programmer to match the requirements of the executing program, and inactive vector lanes are powered down by the CPU to increase power efficiency of the vector processor.... Agent:

20150019898 - Data reception apparatus and method of determining identical-value bit length in received bit string: A data reception apparatus calculates an integrated number of bits by integrating the number of bits in a received bit string; calculates an integrated number of samples by integrating the number of samples obtained by oversampling each bit; obtains a fitting line indicating correspondence between the integrated number of bits... Agent:

20150019899 - Memory system with improved bus timing calibration: A method includes communicating between a memory controller and multiple memory devices over an interface that includes at least a control signal and an information signal. For each memory device, a respective individual skew parameter, which is indicative of a timing misalignment between the control signal and the information signal... Agent:

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