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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: support

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08/07/2014 > 70 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140223152 - Configuring operating system administration capabilities using an embedded workflow engine: Embodiments include methods, systems and computer program products for executing a workflow having a plurality of steps to configure an operating system. The method includes assigning, with a workflow engine operated by a processing device, an owner to each of the plurality of steps and receiving a notification of acceptance... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140223153 - Power mode register reduction and power rail bring up enhancement: Aspects of power mode register reduction and power rail bring up enhancements are described. In one embodiment, an operating parameter for a first power rail is set by power management circuit according to a predetermined programmed setting. In connection with a wait time, the power rail is enabled, and a... Agent:

20140223158 - Booting display control method and related processor chip: A booting display control method and a processor chip are disclosed in the present invention. The processor chip includes at least a first processor, a second processor and a display control module. The second processor is coupled to the first processor. The display control module is coupled to the first... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140223159 - Booting method and electronic device: A booting method is provided. In the booting method, a basic input/output system (BIOS) is activated to check a first set value. When the first set value corresponds to a fast boot mode, the BIOS performs a fast boot process, in which the fast boot process is interrupted when the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140223154 - Computer system: A computer system is disclosed. The computer system comprises a near field communication (NFC) tag and a computer. The computer comprises a flash read only memory (ROM), a chipset, an NFC module and a central processing unit (CPU). The flash ROM stores a basic input/output system (BIOS) having a default... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140223157 - Computer system having voice-control function and voice-control method: The invention discloses a computer system having voice-control function. The computer system includes a voice-recognition module, a shared memory, a microcontroller, a power-management module and a central processing unit. The voice-recognition module receives an external voice signal via a microphone and determines whether the external voice signal corresponds to an... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140223161 - Electronic device and booting method thereof: An electronic device includes: a clock divider configured to divide a received main clock signal and generate a plurality of divided clock signals; a storage configured to store booting data; and a controller which, upon supply of power, is configured to generate the main clock signal and output the main... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140223160 - Electronic device and firmware upgrading method thereof: A firmware upgrading method for an electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a storage section which stores a firmware image and a controller which executes a boot loader of the electronic device to determine whether the firmware image is damaged, performs a restoration function for the firmware image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140223155 - Fast learning to train learning machines using smart-triggered reboot: In one embodiment, a triggered reboot of a field area router (FAR) of a computer network is initiated, and gathered states of the FAR are saved. The nodes in the computer network are informed of the triggered reboot, and then feedback may be collected from the nodes in response to... Agent:

20140223156 - Method and apparatus to support separate operating systems in partitions of a processing system: A processing system with multiple processing units may support separate operating systems (OSs) in separate partitions. During an initialization process, a preboot manager in the processing system may copy software to a sequestered area of memory in the processing system. The preboot manager may also configure the processing system to... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140223163 - Secure recovery apparatus and method: A system and method is disclosed for recovering a boot image from a secure location. Hardware instructions initiate a sequence of boot cycles to launch a computer operating system on a computer-enabled device. During the boot cycles, multiple levels of boot code are verified and a determination is made whether... Agent: Google Inc.

20140223162 - System and method for an access controller assisted boot: Systems and methods for reducing problems and disadvantages associated with network boots are disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure, an information handling system comprises a processor, a memory communicatively coupled to the processor, and an access controller communicatively coupled to the processor. The access controller has... Agent:

20140223164 - Computer system and remote control method for computer device: A computer system and a remote control method for a computer device are provided. The computer system includes a computer device and a remote device. The computer device includes a network communication unit and an ID table. Before the computer device enters into a power-saving state, the computer device reads... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140223165 - Data-capable band management in an integrated application and network communication data environment: Techniques for data-capable band management in an integrated application and network communication data environment are described, including storing in memory a first operational mode and a second operational mode, the first operational mode being associated with a parameter and being configured to operate on an input received from one or... Agent: Aliphcom

20140223166 - Dynamic core selection for heterogeneous multi-core systems: Dynamically switching cores on a heterogeneous multi-core processing system may be performed by executing program code on a first processing core. Power up of a second processing core may be signaled. A first performance metric of the first processing core executing the program code may be collected. When the first... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140223167 - Programmable multimedia controller with flexible user access and shared device configurations: In one embodiment, a programmable multimedia controller that is capable of interfacing with and controlling audio, video, telephony or heating ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) devices. A first mobile device and a second mobile device of a same type are configured to communicate with the programmable multimedia controller. The first... Agent: Savant Systems, LLC

20140223168 - Testing a configuration change: An approach is provided for testing a change (i.e., configuration change) in a configuration of a computing environment. First configurable attributes of a user identifier (ID) of a user are determined. The user ID was received from an administrative user having an administrative user ID providing the administrative user with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140223169 - Tcp/ip-based communication system and associated methodology providing an enhanced transport layer protocol: A more secure TCP/IP protocol stack is provided having an enhanced transport layer. Encryption and decryption logic is arranged on the transmission side and on the reception side for processing a payload of a transport layer protocol, such as TCP or UDP. By employing this enhanced transport layer, a cryptograph... Agent: Into Co., Ltd.

20140223170 - System and method for electronic secure obfuscation network: Described are a secure obfuscation network (SON) and ingress nodes, transit nodes and egress nodes used in such a network. Also described is a method for implementing such a network.... Agent: Chickasaw Management Company, LLC

20140223171 - Methods and apparatus to certify digital signatures: Methods and apparatus to certify digital signatures are disclosed. An example method includes retrieving, from a first database, a first geographical location associated with an identification number associated with a network device and identified in a request to certify a digital signature, comparing the first geographical location associated with the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140223173 - Information recording device: A controller is provided with a controller key and a first controller identification information unique to the controller. The controller generates a controller unique key unique to a respective controller based on the controller key and the first controller identification information, and a second controller identification information based on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140223172 - System, method, server and computer-readable medium for real-time verification of a status of a member of an organization: A method, system, server and computer-readable medium enable verification of a member of an organization and the generation of a session-specific certificate for the member upon receipt of a status report indicating that the member is in good standing with the organization. When the member logs in, the member's credentials... Agent: Clawd Technologies Inc.

20140223174 - Securing a computing device accessory: Various embodiments are disclosed that relate to security of a computer accessory device. For example, one non-limiting embodiment provides a host computing device configured to conduct an initial portion of a mutual authentication session with an accessory device, and send information regarding the host computing device and the accessory device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140223175 - System, design and process for easy to use credentials management for online accounts using out-of-band authentication: The invention provides an easy to use credential management mechanism for multi-factor out-of-band multi-channel authentication process to protect a large number of documents without the need to remember all the document passwords. When opened, the secure document application generates a multi-dimensional code. The user scans the multi-dimensional code and validates... Agent:

20140223176 - Automating the creation and maintenance of policy compliant environments: Embodiments of the present invention provide for a method, system, and apparatus for creating a policy compliant environment on a computer. In an embodiment of the invention, an encrypted file can be loaded into memory of a computing. The encrypted file can define a security policy for the computing device.... Agent: Steelcloud, LLC

20140223177 - Electronic data sharing device and method of use: An electronic data sharing device configured to exchange a first tag with a corresponding tag from a further electronic data sharing device, wherein the first and second tags provide information that enables respective users of the electronic data sharing devices to share information via a server enabled internet-connected software system... Agent: Blendogy Limited

20140223179 - Computer network system for preventing logging of input data: A computer network system for preventing logging of input data has a client side host computer and a data input and encryption device linked with the host computer for data transmission. The data input and encryption device is fitted with a data input interface for inputting textual data and also... Agent:

20140223181 - Management of group secrets by group members: A method of adding a new device (121) to a device group (110), wherein the device group comprises at least one device (111) that hosts a trusted module (151), the method including: generating keys of the trusted modules (151, 153) and devices (111, 112, 113, . . . , 11N)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140223180 - Method and apparatus for allowing software access to navigational data in a decrypted media stream while protecting stream payloads: A method, apparatus and system enabling software access to navigational data in a decrypted media stream while protecting stream payloads. In one embodiment, a filter may route an encrypted content stream and associated information to a secure partition having a trusted computing component for decryption. Upon decryption, the trusted computing... Agent:

20140223178 - Securing communication over a network using user identity verification: A method for securing communication over a network is disclosed. The method is performed on a server system having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors. The server system receives a first encrypted user identifier from a trust... Agent:

20140223182 - Methods and devices for authentication and key exchange: One feature pertains to a content accessing device for securing content. The content accessing device is provisioned with a cryptographic algorithm, and generates a symmetric key also known to a content storage device. The content accessing device sends a first authentication challenge to the content storage device, where the first... Agent:

20140223183 - Apparatus and method for securing digital data with a security token: A security token includes a wireless interface to communicate with a secured device. A cryptographic module generates cryptographic information, encrypts messages to the secured device, decrypts messages from the secured device and coordinates the encryption and decryption of data on the secured device.... Agent: Redporte, Inc.

20140223185 - Action verification methods and systems: The present invention relates to a method of verifying that an action is authorised by a user, including receiving a request from a first user device to a remote service via a first communications channel to perform an action at the remote service, receiving a user identifier from the first... Agent: Emue Holdings Pty Ltd.

20140223184 - Method and system for authenticating an accessory: A method, system, and connector interface for authenticating an accessory. the method includes performing a first authentication operation on the accessory by the media player, where an authentication certificate is validated; and performing a second authentication operation on the accessory by the media player, where an authentication signature is validated.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140223187 - Method for authenticating key information between terminals of a communication link: With the help of a key management protocol, the transmitted key information is authenticated by at least one certificate signed by the terminals, and at least one fingerprint of the public keys or certificate, which were used for authenticating the key information, is added to the useful part of an... Agent: Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140223186 - System and method for verifying digital signautes on certificates: A system and method for verifying a digital signature on a certificate, which may be used in the processing of encoded messages. In one embodiment, when a digital signature is successfully verified in a signature verification operation, the public key used to verify that digital signature is cached. When a... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140223188 - Device: According to one embodiment, a device includes a cell array including an ordinary area, a hidden area, and an identification information record area in which identification information which defines a condition for accessing the hidden area is recorded. An authentication circuit performs authentication. A sensing circuit recognizes information recorded in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140223189 - Method and device for unlocking screen: A method for unlocking a screen of a device, including: detecting an inputting operation on the device for inputting an unlock password, the inputting operation causing one character to be inputted to the device; performing, in response to the detecting, a comparison to determine whether all input characters corresponding to... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140223190 - Web-based security authentication: A method and system for performing a security authentication. A name of a user, N sequences of digits, and encrypted values respectively corresponding to the digits in the N sequences are transmitted to a destination device. Each sequence includes a same M unique digits and begins with a different digit,... Agent: Softlayer Technologies, Inc.

20140223191 - Communication system and authentication card: One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a communication system in which biometrics can be utilized without leaking to a third person so that a strict personal authentication can be conducted. The communication system includes, storing a correspondence table in a card, storing a reference password... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140223194 - Cryptographic system of symmetric-key encryption using large permutation vector keys: A method for use in encrypting data using a computer. The method comprises receiving data to be encrypted, defining a set of byte codes comprising user byte codes, storing a transformation vector defined from the set of byte codes, retrieving the transformation vector from the memory, transforming a block of... Agent:

20140223192 - Method for protecting the integrity of a fixed-length data structure: One feature pertains to a mechanism to secure a data structure by using a computationally efficient algorithm. A plurality of keys and/or masks may be pre-generated upon boot-up or initiation of a session. An authentication code may be computed for each data structure (e.g., memory block or header block) by... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140223193 - Signature verification apparatus, signature verification method, program, and recording medium: A signature verification apparatus including a signature acquisition unit configured to acquire a digital signature including first information generated based on a pair of multi-order multivariate polynomials F=(f1, . . . , fm) defined in a ring K, a signature key s which is an element of a set Kn,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140223195 - Encrypted storage device for personal information: An encrypted storage device for personal information has a control module, a plug and play interface and a storage unit. The Control module has an encryption module and a processing module electrically connected the encryption module and driving the encryption module to perform an encryption/decryption operation. The plug and play... Agent:

20140223197 - Method and apparatus for memory encryption with integrity check and protection against replay attacks: A method and apparatus to provide cryptographic integrity checks and replay protection to protect against hardware attacks on system memory is provided. A mode of operation for block ciphers enhances the standard XTS-AES mode of operation to perform memory encryption by extending a tweak to include a “time stamp” indicator.... Agent:

20140223196 - Methods and systems for storing and retrieving data: Through use of the technologies of the present invention, one is able to store and to retrieve data efficiently. One may realize these efficiencies by coding the data and storing coded data that is of a smaller size than original data.... Agent:

20140223198 - Secure replay protected storage: Embodiments of the invention enable secure standard storage flash memory devices such as SPI flash memory devices to achieve replay protection for securely stored data. Embodiments of the invention utilize flash memory controllers, flash memory devices, unique device keys and HMAC key logic to create secure execution environments for various... Agent:

20140223199 - Adaptive temperature and power calculation for integrated circuits: Methods, apparatus, and fabrication processes relating to thermal calculations of an integrated circuit device are reported. The methods may comprise determining a power consumption by a power entity of an integrated circuit, the power entity comprising at least one functional element of the integrated circuit; determining a temperature of a... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140223200 - Charger detection and optimization prior to host control: Aspects of charger detection and optimization prior to host control are described herein. In various embodiments, a condition of whether reverse current is present on a system bus is detected. When the condition for reverse current is present, reverse current is sunk by one or more of various reverse current... Agent:

20140223202 - Electronic device and starting up method thereof: An electronic device includes a read only memory (ROM), a processing unit coupled to the ROM, a first sensing area coupled to the processing unit and a second sensing area coupled to the processing unit. The processing unit starts up when the first sensing area and the second sensing area... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140223204 - Power supply apparatus, image forming apparatus, power supply method, and storage medium: A power supply apparatus includes a charging mode information receiving unit configured to receive, from each of a plurality of power receiving apparatuses each including a secondary battery, charging mode information indicating whether each of the power receiving apparatuses requests normal charging of the secondary battery or fast charging of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140223203 - System and method for creating high powered emc compliant power supply for industrial and military applications: The present invention is an apparatus and method for provisioning a compact power filter connection to a well-grounded connector in such a way as to include a capacitive and inductive circuit connection, extremely near the connector and filter, such that EMC compatibility is created in a space roughly 30% of... Agent:

20140223201 - Techniques for solar cell management for computing devices: Embodiments of an apparatus, system and method are described for managing one or more solar cells for a mobile computing device. An apparatus may comprise, for example, a power management module operative to manage a power output received from a plurality of solar cells and an interface management module operative... Agent:

20140223208 - Cognitive power management for memory dominated wireless communication systems: A power management technique utilizing a method for accurately and rapidly estimating the change in the statistical distribution of data at each block in a communication system leading to or originating from a memory that is experiencing voltage scaling induced errors is disclosed. An appropriate memory supply voltage that maximizes... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140223209 - Media content caching: A playback device includes tangible storage configured to receive transfer of media content from a remote communications device to the playback device while the remote communications device is operating in a high power mode. Interface logic is coupled to the tangible storage and configured to signal the remote communications device... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140223205 - Multiple voltage identification (vid) power architecture, a digital synthesizable low dropout regulator, and apparatus for improving reliability of power gates: Described is an apparatus comprising: first and second processing cores; and a PCU which is operable to: generate a first VID for an off-die regulator external to the apparatus, the first VID resulting in a first power supply for the first processing core; and generate a second VID different from... Agent:

20140223207 - Power control device and power control method: The present invention provides a power control device, a machine comprising the same and a power control method. The device is used for an integrated machine comprising a thin client and a display and comprises: a current detecting unit for detecting the current flowing through a port in the thin... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140223206 - System and method for power reduction by sequestering at least one device or partition in a platform from operating system access: In some embodiments, the invention involves a system and method relating to managing power utilization in systems having multiple processing elements. In at least one embodiment, the present invention is intended to control the sleeping/wakefulness of processing elements, as necessary, to maintain a preferred level of power utilization in the... Agent:

20140223211 - Regulating the activity of a core: It is proposed a method for regulating the activity of a core running at a given clock rate. The method comprises: monitoring (S100) a value of a parameter of the core, the parameter being a critical parameter for a safe operating of the core; determining whether the monitored value reaches... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20140223210 - Tunable sector buffer for wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution: A wide bandwidth resonant clock distribution comprises a clock grid configured to distribute a clock signal to a plurality of components of an integrated circuit and a tunable sector buffer configured to receive the clock signal and provide an output to the clock grid. The tunable sector buffer is configured... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140223212 - Power management circuit, power management method, and computer system: A power management circuit is provided. The power management circuit includes a power switch, a current/voltage detector, a current setting unit, and a control unit. The power switch is coupled to a power supply of the computer system. When the power switch is turned on, it supplies an output current... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20140223214 - Dynamic power mode switching per rail: Aspects of dynamic power mode switching per rail based on power profiling are described. In one embodiment, an amount of current supplied by at least one of a plurality of power rails is sensed with a current sense circuit. The amount of current is profiled over a period of time... Agent:

20140223213 - Memory system: According to one embodiment, a memory system includes a nonvolatile memory, a controller configured to control an operation of the nonvolatile memory, a connector electrically connected to a host device, a power supply circuit configured to electrically connect the connector to the controller and the nonvolatile memory, and a power... Agent:

20140223216 - Power management of low power link states: A method and apparatus for intelligent power management for low power link states. Some embodiments include methods, apparatuses, and systems for a device coupled to a controller via a link; a link power management engine to alter a power state of the link based on a transaction and some knowledge... Agent:

20140223215 - System and method for power management of storage resources: A system and method for power management of storage resources are disclosed. A method may include detecting an occurrence of an event associated with a storage resource disposed in an array of storage resources. The method may further include transitioning the storage resource into a specified power state in response... Agent:

20140223217 - Power and system management information visibility: Aspects of power and system management information visibility are described. In various embodiments, a system parameter of a system is measured. The system parameter may include one or more parameters such as system voltages, temperatures, options, or conditions of the system. The system parameter may be evaluated by a power... Agent:

20140223218 - Power meter with effective measurements: A power monitoring system includes a plurality of current sensors suitable to sense respective changing electrical current within a respective conductor to a respective load and a conductor sensing a respective voltage potential provided to the respective load.... Agent:

20140223219 - Clock frequency controller for a processor and method of operation thereof: A clock frequency controller for a processor and a method of operation thereof. The clock frequency controller may be embodied in a processor, including: (1) a processing core operable at a clock frequency to undertake a processing of a graphics application, and (2) a clock frequency controller coupled to the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140223220 - Clock selection circuit and method: The invention provides a clock select circuit and method which uses feedback arrangements between latches in different branches, with each branch for coupling an associated clock signal to the circuit output. An override circuit is provided in one of the feedback arrangements for preventing a latching delay in that feedback... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140223221 - Approach to clock frequency modulation of a fixed frequency clock source: A modulated clock device is provided that includes an update device for updating a phase of the modulated clock device. In one example, the update device includes an update phase multiplexer coupled to an output phase multiplexer of an output clock generator and configured to receive an input clock signal... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

07/31/2014 > 70 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 62 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140208088 - Methods for remote configuration of software applications: Methods for remotely configuring application software on a user device are described. The application software defines at least one operating parameter having a set of pre-defined values which change the way the application interacts with the operating system. The operating parameter can be configured remotely and pushed to the user... Agent: Good Technology Corporation

20140208093 - Electronic device with a pluality of booting modes: An electronic device with a plurality of booting modes comprises at least a button unit, a control module, a control chip unit, a super I/O unit and a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). One of the button units outputs a first signal according to a trigger event. The control module includes... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140208091 - Method and system for dynamically resizing enclosed storage device partitions: A computer-implemented method for updating a recovery operating system (OS) stored in a boot partition of a storage device. The method involves booting, via host operating system (OS) boot files stored in the boot partition, a host OS that is stored in a host partition of the storage device, receiving... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140208092 - Method for updating firmware of a battery included in a rechargeable battery module, portable electronic device, and rechargeable battery module: In a method for updating firmware of a battery included in a rechargeable battery module of a portable electronic device, the portable electronic device stores a booting instruction set of the firmware in a battery monitoring unit of the rechargeable battery module, and stores a basic input/output system (BIOS) of... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140208089 - System and method for dynamically changing system behavior by modifying boot configuration data and registry entries: A method includes booting an information handling system, starting a BIOS on the information handling system, storing configuration information for the information handling system, retrieving, by an operating system (OS) loader, the configuration information, determining, by the OS boot manager, that a configuration of the information handling system indicated by... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20140208090 - Systems and methods for command-based entry into basic input/output system setup from operating system: In accordance embodiments of the present disclosure, a method may include, during execution of an operating system on an information handling system and responsive to a user input indicating a desire to invoke a basic input/output system (BIOS) setup program for configuring a BIOS, prompting for and receiving user-provided credentials... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140208094 - Control plane encryption in ip/mpls networks: A method for providing control plane encryption in layer 3 networks is disclosed. The method for providing control plane encryption in layer 3 networks includes for a network having a subset of network elements forming a secured domain; the steps of at a network element which is in the secured... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20140208095 - Managed real-time communications between user devices: Managed real-time communications between user devices may be provided. Upon receiving a request to instantiate a communication connection from an application, a secure session may be established between the application and a remote application. Input from a user of the application may be received, subjected to at least one management... Agent: Skysocket, LLC

20140208098 - Method and system for digital rights management of documents: A method and system for transmission of digital content via e-mail with point of use digital rights management is disclosed. The secured access rights to the digital content may be customized for individual recipients by the sender, and may evolve over time. The access rights are enforced according to a... Agent: Nl Systems, LLC

20140208096 - Secure interface for invoking privileged operations: A formalized set of interfaces (e.g., application programming interfaces (APIs)) is described, that uses a security scheme, such as asymmetric (or symmetric) cryptography, in order authorize and authenticate requests sent to a virtualization later. The interfaces can be invoked to perform security monitoring, forensic capture, and/or patch software systems at... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208097 - Securing results of privileged computing operations: A formalized set of interfaces (e.g., application programming interfaces (APIs)) is described, that uses a security scheme, such as asymmetric (or symmetric) cryptography, in order to secure the results of privileged operations on systems such as the operating system (OS) kernel and/or the hypervisor. The interface allows a public key... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208099 - Service plane encryption in ip/mpls networks: A method for providing service plane encryption in IP/MPLS and GRE networks is disclosed. The method for providing service plane encryption in IP/MPLS and GRE networks includes receiving a first Security Parameter Index with associated first encryption key and associated first authentication key at a first network element supporting the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20140208101 - Confidential computation system, confidential computation method, and confidential computation program: A client executes processing for data encryption by adding an error vector to plaintext, the error vector being not larger than a predetermined criterion and processing for sending limitation information to a server, the limitation information being formed from a sublattice basis of a lattice generated by a secret key.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140208100 - Provisioning an app on a device and implementing a keystore: A keystore is installed on a mobile app where the keystore is created and provisioned on a server, such as an app wrapping server, under the control of an enterprise. A generic (non-provisioned) wrapped app is installed on a device. The app prompts the user to enter a passphrase. When... Agent:

20140208103 - File encryption, decryption and accessvia near field communication: Methods and devices for NFC-tap file encryption, decryption and access via Near Field Communication (NFC) are disclosed. A user can select an unencrypted file stored in a computing device for encryption. Upon encryption, the file name of the selected file and the encryption key used to encrypt the selected file... Agent:

20140208102 - Method of protecting digital information: t

20140208105 - Automated content signing for point-of-sale applications in fuel dispensing environments: A system and method for obtaining manufacturer-signed content for use with manufacturer equipment is provided. Content is obtained at a merchant device for executing or presenting on manufacturer equipment. A signature is generated for the content based on a private key. The merchant device transmits the content and signature to... Agent: Gilbarco, S.r.i.

20140208104 - Id-based encryption and signature method and terminal: Provided are an identity (ID)-based encryption and signature method and a terminal that use an ID of a transmitter or a receiver as a part of the filename or the extension of a file transmitted to the receiver by the transmitter. Accordingly, it is possible to enable a user to... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140208108 - Mediator utilizing electronic content to enforce policies to a resource: Methods, systems and apparatuses for a mediator enforcing policies to a resource utilizing an electronic content, are disclosed. One method includes receiving, by a mediator computing device of a mediator, a second share SKG2 from an owner server, wherein a first share SKG1 is provided to a member server of... Agent: Alephcloud Systems, Inc.

20140208106 - Network-based service for secure electronic mail delivery on an internet protocol network: A network is disclosed that includes a message originator computer and a message recipient computer, for secure electronic mail delivery. In accordance with the invention, the network includes a message delivery server that can distinguish between real and phantom messages. In operation, the message originator computer waits a random time... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140208107 - Systems and methods for implementing application control security: Systems and methods for implementing application control security are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a first device, a decrypted white-list, and an executable program. The first device may be in electrical communication with a memory containing an encrypted white-list. The encrypted white-list may be decrypted using an identifier... Agent: Lumension Security, Inc.

20140208110 - Information processing apparatus, signature generation apparatus, signature verification apparatus, information processing method, signature generation method, and signature verification method: Provided is an information processing apparatus including a message generation unit configured to generate a message based on a pair of quadratic multivariate polynomials F=(f1, . . . , fm) defined in a ring K and expressed in a quadratic form and a vector s that is an element of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140208109 - Method and system for protecting memory information in a platform: A method and system to provide an effective, scalable and yet low-cost solution for Confidentiality, Integrity and Replay protection for sensitive information stored in a memory and prevent an attacker from observing and/or modifying the state of the system. In one embodiment of the invention, the system has strong hardware... Agent:

20140208113 - Communication apparatus, communication method, communication system, and computer program: A measurement to obtain an RTT to a receiving apparatus is performed by a relay apparatus that is disposed between a WAN and a home network and connects these two networks. That an RTT value is equal to or less than the threshold value is set as a content distribution... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140208116 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a communication apparatus includes a sharing processing unit, an extension unit, and a communication unit. The sharing processing unit shares a first cryptographic key with an external apparatus connected via a link, and further generates a second cryptographic key and shares the second cryptographic key with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140208115 - Communication apparatus, method for controlling communication apparatus, and program: A communication apparatus includes a storage unit, an updating unit, a determination unit, and a deletion unit. The storage unit stores, in a storage, a first key used to decrypt or authenticate a packet to be communicated between the communication apparatus and a second communication apparatus. The updating unit updates... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140208112 - Providing an encrypted account credential from a first device to a second device: Disclosed is an apparatus, system, and method to decrypt an encrypted account credential at a second device that is received from a first device. The second device may receive a first share of a master key and the encrypted account credential from the first device. The second device may reconstruct... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140208111 - Secure virtual machine migration: A formalized set of interfaces (e.g., application programming interfaces (APIs)) is described, that uses a security scheme, such as asymmetric (or symmetric) cryptography, in order to enable secure migration of virtual machine instances between multiple host computing devices. The migration is performed by receiving a request to migrate a virtual... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208117 - Server apparatus and program: A server apparatus according to an embodiment generates a random number on receiving from a user apparatus a notification showing that a re-encryption key should be updated, and calculates re-encryption key data on the basis of the re-encryption key stored and the random number generated. The server apparatus transmits the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140208114 - System and method for massive controlled and secured update of devices firmware: System for remote firmware updates of mail processing device from a remote data server including: file download servers connected to the remote data server for receiving encrypted files encrypted from a list of binary files corresponding to firmware of a mail processing device to update; web servers providing a web... Agent: Neopost Technologies

20140208118 - System and method for the safe spontaneous transmission of confidential data over unsecure connections and switching computers: Disclosed is a method and system for transmitting data. The system includes at least one first stationary and/or mobile communication terminal at least one further second communication terminal and a switching unit reachable by all communication terminals via a data network. The communication terminals send data to the switching unit,... Agent: Hoccer Gmbh

20140208119 - Controlling exposure of sensitive data and operation using process bound security tokens in cloud computing environment: Exposure of sensitive information to users is controlled using a first security token containing user identity and user credentials to represent the user who requests services, and a second security token containing two other identities, one identifying the token issuer and the other identifying the owning process. When requesting services,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140208121 - Near field communication (nfc) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message: A method and apparatus for selectively securing records in a Near Field Communication Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message in a Near Field Communication (NFC) device are provided. The method includes generating a place marker signature record by setting a URI_present field to ‘0’ and setting a signature_type field to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140208122 - Secure content distribution: In an example, a method of securing content is described. The method may include instantiating a content server on a client device. The method may also include operating the content server to retrieve content identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The method may also include serving the content from... Agent: Qumu Corporation

20140208120 - System for controlling the distribution and use of rendered digital works through watermarking: A trusted rendering system for use in a system for controlling the distribution and use of digital works. A trusted rendering system facilitates the protection of rendered digital works which have been rendered on a system which controls the distribution and use of digital works through the use of dynamically... Agent: Contentguard Holdings, Inc.

20140208124 - High privacy of file synchronization with sharing functionality: Systems and methods for providing privacy of file synchronization with sharing functionality are presented. In embodiments, a file synchronization system comprises one or more folders associated with one or more non-shared encryption keys, which may be a managed key shared across an organization, and/or a personal key that is not... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20140208123 - Privileged cryptographic services in a virtualized environment: A privileged cryptographic service is described, such as a service running in system management mode (SMM). The privileged service is operable to store and manage cryptographic keys and/or other security resources in a multitenant remote program execution environment. The privileged service can receive requests to use the cryptographic keys and... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208125 - Encryption and decryption device for portable storage device and encryption and decryption method thereof: An encryption and decryption device for a portable storage device and an encryption and decryption method thereof are provided. The encryption and decryption device includes a storage element, a control element and an encryption and decryption circuit. The control element receives a password, saves the password to the storage element... Agent: Asmedia Technology Inc.

20140208131 - Electronic apparatus, power supply device, system and apparatus: A power supply device is caused to execute a new program. An electronic apparatus that receives power from a power supply device in a non-contact manner includes: an intra-apparatus circuit that operates with power received via a power transmission path from the power supply device to the electronic apparatus; a... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20140208127 - Electronic device having multiple human-machine interfaces and method for running multiple human-machine interfaces: An electronic device having multiple human-machine interfaces and a method for running multiple human-machine interfaces are provided. The electronic device includes a host and a plurality of human-machine interfaces. The host has a processor, and each of the human-machine interfaces is disposed in the host and includes a power setting... Agent: Atrust Computer Corp.

20140208128 - Initialize a computing device to perform an action: A method uses a computing device that includes a first processor in a first, inactive state operatively coupled to a second processor in an active state. While the first processor is in the first state (301) the second processor uses sensors to determine (303) that a first condition occurred. In... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140208126 - Rate scalable io interface with zero stand-by power and fast start-up: Systems and methods of interconnecting devices may include an input/output (IO) interface having one or more clock circuits, a power supply coupled to the one or more clock circuits, and logic to receive a rate adjustment command at the IO interface. The logic may also be configured to adjust a... Agent:

20140208129 - Reserve power system for data center: A system for performing computing operations in a data center includes one or more sets of computer systems, one or more primary power systems, and a reserve power system. The primary power systems include at least one power distribution unit that supplies power to at least one of the sets... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208130 - Reserve power system for data center: A system for performing computing operations in a data center includes one or more sets of computer systems, one or more primary power systems, and a reserve power system. The primary power systems include at least one power distribution unit that supplies power to at least one of the sets... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140208134 - Host controller interface for universal serial bus (usb) power delivery: An apparatus, comprising a system management bus configured to communicate with a USB PDC, and a processor coupled to the system management bus and configured to send a power delivery configuration to the PDC, wherein the power delivery configuration comprises voltage and current settings, and receive a power delivery status... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140208133 - Systems and methods for out-of-band management of an information handling system: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an access controller of an information handling system may be configured to receive a management operation from a management server communicatively coupled to an out-of-band network interface of the information handling system. The access controller may further be configured to, in response... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140208132 - Wake on cloud: A method can include receiving a request to access a specified resource associated with a user account; and, in response to the request, transmitting, to a network address associated with the user account, instructions for waking a system or device from a sleep state and for accessing the specified resource.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140208139 - Information processing apparatus, method of controlling power consumption, and storage medium: An apparatus includes a memory, a processor coupled to the memory, a power supply device that supplies power to the processor, and a signal generation circuit that, when overcurrent of the power supply device is detected, generates a first signal instructing suppression of power consumption of the processor, and outputs... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140208140 - Power consumption limit associated with power over ethernet (poe) computing system: A computing system is associated with power consumption based on Power over Ethernet (PoE). Power consumption is compared to a threshold, and a signal is asserted that power consumption is to be limited based on the comparison to the threshold.... Agent:

20140208135 - Power-up restriction: Techniques are disclosed relating to power management within an integrated circuits. In one embodiment an apparatus is disclosed that includes a circuit and a power management unit. The power management unit is configured to provide, based on a programmable setting, an indication of whether an attempted communication to the circuit... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140208138 - System and method for reducing power consumption: Systems and methods are disclosed for operating an interface of an electronic device in an active mode or a power save mode based, at least in part, on a condition of a data exchange module buffer. When buffer space is available, incoming data may be stored locally and the interface... Agent:

20140208137 - Systems and methods for dynamic load reduction control messaging: Systems and methods for dynamic load reduction control messaging. In one embodiment, a system can include at least one memory that stores computer-executable instructions; and at least one processor configured to access the at least one memory, wherein the at least one processor is configured to execute the computer-executable instructions.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140208136 - Systems and methods for power supply configuration and control: Systems and methods are disclosed that may be used for controlling information handling system power supply based on current system power policy such as current system load power need and/or based on current system load power capping information. The disclosed systems and methods may be so implemented to improve power... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140208141 - Dynamically controlling interconnect frequency in a processor: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for determining whether a number of stalled cores of a multicore processor is greater than a stall threshold. If so, a recommendation may be made that an operating frequency of system agent circuitry of the processor be increased. Then based on... Agent:

20140208143 - Multiprocessor having runtime adjustable clock and clock dependent power supply: A multiprocessor that that provides for adjusting the clock frequency for at least some data processing units at runtime and a voltage supply adapted to supply higher supply voltages for data processing at higher clock frequencies.... Agent: Pact Xpp Technologies Ag

20140208142 - Semiconductor device: Supply of power to a plurality of circuits is controlled efficiently depending on usage conditions and the like of the circuits. An address monitoring circuit monitors whether a cache memory and an input/output interface are in an access state or not, and performs power gating in accordance with the state... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140208144 - Method and apparatus for adaptive power management of memory subsystem: A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing adaptive memory power management in a system employing a CPU and a memory subsystem. A CPU throttle control (THR) module generates a CPU throttle control signal indicating when the CPU is idle. A memory controller (MC) module generates memory power management signals... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140208145 - Methods and apparatus for saving power: In one example embodiment, a device uses a camera and an eye detection service to determine whether a user is looking at a display of the device during periods when the user is not actively interacting with the device. In response to a determination that the user is not looking... Agent:

20140208146 - Time protocol latency correction based on forward error correction status: One embodiment provides a method for time protocol latency correction based on forward error correction (FEC) status. The method includes determining, by a network node element, if a forward error correction (FEC) decoding mode is enabled or disabled for a packet received from a link partner in communication with the... Agent:

20140208149 - Apparatus and method for dynamically aligned source synchronous receiver: An apparatus including a synchronous lag receiver that receives one of a plurality of radially distributed strobes and a data bit, and that delays registering of the data bit by a propagation time. The synchronous lag receiver has a first plurality of matched inverters, a first mux, and a bit... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140208147 - Apparatus and method for locally optimizing source synchronous data strobes: An apparatus is provided that compensates for misalignment on a synchronous data bus. The apparatus includes a bit lag control element and a synchronous lag receiver. The bit lag control element is configured to measure a propagation time beginning with assertion of a strobe and ending with assertion of a... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140208148 - Automatic source synchronous bus signal alignment compensation mechanism: An apparatus including a Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface and a bit lag control element. The JTAG interface receives information that indicates an amount to adjust a propagation time. The bit lag control element measures the propagation time beginning with assertion of a first signal and ending with assertion... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

07/17/2014 > 52 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140201514 - Computer device and boot method thereof: A computer device and a boot method thereof are provided. The method is applicable to a computer with a Basic Input Output System (BIOS) and an Operating System (OS). The computer includes a chassis and a memory. In the boot method, after the computer is started, it is judged whether... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140201512 - Data storage for remote environment: A method can include receiving operating system environment settings via a network; storing the received operating system environment settings to a storage device; establishing an operating system environment according to the stored operating system environment settings; receiving information via the network; instructing the established operating system environment according to the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140201515 - Imaging process: A user-friendly system, method, and program product for installing an image on a computer, the method comprising: booting the computer (400) from an image source; receiving first information from an end-user of the computer (400), wherein the first information is at least one unique identifier associated with the end-user; obtaining... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140201511 - Method and apparatus for optimizing out of band job execution time: A method of performing an out of band (OOB) job at a host is disclosed. A boot option query is transmitted from the host to a service processor. It is then determined if a current boot option is an OOB job. At least one of a job type and a... Agent:

20140201513 - Power management circuit, server, and power management method thereof: A server is provided in the present disclosure, and the server includes a power module, a motherboard circuit, and a power management circuit. The power management circuit is coupled to the motherboard circuit and the power module. The motherboard circuit receives a remote control signal through a network module and... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140201516 - Automated control plane for limited user destruction: To avoid user error and breaking operations, administration and management (OAM), the control plane for implementing OAM is automatically generated by network devices without user input. This control plane is hidden from the user, preventing any configuration that may bring down the connectivity for OAM.... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140201518 - Framework for provisioning devices with externally acquired component-based identity data: A method is provided for updating identity data on devices. The method provides for acquiring a device comprising a component associated with a component identifier and having a One Time Programmable Key installed on the component, submitting the component identifier and the One Time Programmable Key to an External Trust... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140201517 - Method and system for distributed off-line logon using one-time passwords: A method and a system for extending distributed logon services to an off-line computing device includes encrypting, on the off-line computing device, a one-time password (OTP), a nonce, and a unique identifier to generate an authorization request message. Using a mobile device as a proxy to forward the authorization request... Agent:

20140201519 - Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting: A method for supply of data, including generating an empowerment certificate signed with a signing entity's electronic signature. The empowerment certificate includes attributes of a described entity, information identifying the signing entity, indication of data relating to the described entity, indication of a source of the data, and identification of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140201520 - Attribute-based access-controlled data-storage system: The current application is directed to computationally efficient attribute-based access control that can be used to secure access to stored information in a variety of different types of computational systems. Many of the currently disclosed computationally efficient implementations of attribute-based access control employ hybrid encryption methodologies in which both an... Agent:

20140201521 - Method and apparatus for providing an adaptable security level in an electronic communication: A method of communicating in a secure communication system, comprises the steps of assembling a message at a sender, then determining a frame type, and including an indication of the frame type in a header of the message. The message is then sent to a recipient and the frame type... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140201522 - System and method for preventing web crawler access: Preventing web crawler access includes receiving a request for a webpage that includes web content that is to be protected from a web crawler, encrypting the web content to be protected to generate encrypted content and responding to the request, including sending the encrypted content and a decryption instruction. The... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20140201523 - Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system, transmission method, and reception method: Provided is a transmission apparatus capable of avoiding unnecessary decryption and preventing a denial-of-service attack. The transmission apparatus that establishes a secure communications channel (SA) between the transmission apparatus and a reception apparatus includes a creation section that creates a packet, an encryption section that, based on a ratio of... Agent:

20140201525 - System and method for multi-layered sensitive data protection in a virtual computing environment: Systems and methods for providing sensitive data protection in a virtual computing environment. The systems and methods utilize a sensitive data control monitor on a virtual appliance machine administering guest virtual machines in a virtual computing environment, wherein each of the guest virtual machines may include a local sensitive data... Agent: Ca, Inc.

20140201526 - System, method, and apparatus for data, data structure, or encryption key cognition incorporating autonomous security protection: A system, method, and apparatus for securing a date file or a cognitive encryption key data file stored in a storage medium or memory device. The date file or encryption key file having stored instructions for an embedded autonomous executable program which is executed each time there is an attempt... Agent:

20140201524 - Systems and methods for securing data in a cloud computing environment using in-memory techniques and secret key encryption: In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises determining, by a controller, whether a first data store is in an initialization mode. The first data store stores client data. A second data store stores credential data of the first user and credential data of a second user. An application server includes... Agent: Sap Ag

20140201529 - Method for communication between gateways in wireless sensor network (wsn), initiating party gateway and destination party gateway: The disclosure provides a method for communication between gateways in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), comprising: in a WSN configured with a plurality of gateways, an initiating gateway determining a target gateway with which a telecommunication network communication connection is to be established; the initiating gateway and the target gateway performing... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140201527 - Systems and methods for secure and private delivery of content: The present solution provides a new tool for privately and securely delivering content from a send to a recipient. Additionally, the tool provides a system and method for ensuring the content is not seen by onlookers, retransmitted, or copied. The system described herein accomplishes the protection of content by several... Agent:

20140201528 - Techniques to monitor connection paths on networked devices: Techniques for managing network connections are described. An apparatus may comprise a communications component operative to manage a connection for a client, the connection routed over a network and a traffic analysis component operative to determine one or more characteristics of the routing of the connection. Other embodiments are described... Agent:

20140201530 - Broadband certified mail: The present invention provides system and method for providing certified voice and/or multimedia mail messages in a broadband signed communication system which uses packetized digital information. Cryptography is used to authenticate a message that has been compiled from streaming voice or multimedia packets. A certificate of the originator's identity and... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140201531 - Enhanced mobile security: Systems and methods for utilizing a remote server for storing credentials associated with a mobile device. For example, a login credential and/or a token credential can be stored at the remote server rather than at the mobile device. Because these credentials are stored at the remote server, the ecosystem including... Agent: Enterproid Hk Ltd

20140201532 - Enhanced mobile security: Systems and methods for utilizing a remote server for storing credentials associated with a mobile device. For example, a login credential and/or a token credential can be stored at the remote server rather than at the mobile device. Because these credentials are stored at the remote server, the ecosystem including... Agent: Enterproid Hk Ltd

20140201533 - Quorum-based virtual machine security: Technologies related to quorum-based Virtual Machine (VM) security are generally described. In some examples, VM data, such as a VM payload or other VM data, may be quorum-encrypted, such that that a quorum of decryption keys may be used to decrypt the data. Decryption keys may be distributed among multiple... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140201534 - Near field communication (nfc) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message: A method and apparatus for selectively securing records in a Near Field Communication Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message in a Near Field Communication (NFC) device are provided. The method includes generating a place marker signature record by setting a URI_present field to ‘0’ and setting a signature_type field to a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140201535 - Incorporating data into an ecdsa signature component: During generation of a signature on a message to create a signed message, a signer determines one of the signature components such that particular information can be extracted from the signature component. The particular information may be related to one or more of the signer and the message to be... Agent: Certicom Corp.

20140201536 - One-time passcodes with asymmetric keys: Protecting the security of an entity by using passcodes is disclosed. A user's passcode device generates a passcode. In an embodiment, the passcode is generated in response to receipt of user information. The passcode is received by another system, which authenticates the passcode by at least generating a passcode from... Agent: Biogy, Inc.

20140201537 - Mobile device-based authentication with enhanced security measures providing feedback on a real time basis: The tracking of user authentication is disclosed. A first user biometric data set is received from a mobile device on an authentication server, and a second user biometric data set is received from a site resource on the authentication server. The second user biometric is transmitted from the site resource... Agent:

20140201538 - Systems and methods for securing data: Systems and methods are provided for securing data. A processing device receives a data set and identifies a first subset of data from a first dimension of a multi-dimensional representation of the data set. The processing device encrypts the first subset of data using a first encryption technique to yield... Agent: Security First Corp.

20140201539 - Authorizing removable medium access: For authorizing removable medium access, a reassembly module retrieves a medium portion of an encryption key from a removable medium. The encryption key encrypts encrypted data stored on the removable medium and includes a plurality of portions. The reassembly module further retrieves the user portion of the encryption key assigned... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140201540 - Secure key storage using physically unclonable functions: Some implementations disclosed herein provide techniques and arrangements for provisioning keys to integrated circuits/processors. A processor may include physically unclonable functions component, which may generate a unique hardware key based at least on at least one physical characteristic of the processor. The hardware key may be employed in encrypting a... Agent:

20140201541 - Secure online distributed data storage services: The data vaporizer provides secure online distributed data storage services that securely store and retrieve data in a public distributed storage substrate such as public cloud. The data vaporizer vaporizes (e.g., fragmented into tiny chunks of configurable sizes) data and distributes the fragments to multiple storage nodes so that the... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140201542 - Adaptive performance optimization of system-on-chip components: Methods, apparatus, and fabrication relating to adaptive performance optimization of a plurality of components in view of power consumption and demand, component activity, and thermal events. A method may comprise allocating a first power budget to a first component of an apparatus, wherein the first power budget is less than... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140201543 - Recharging of the gate charge of a transistor: Power switches operate with reduced power consumption. A circuit controls a power switch via its gate having a gate capacitor. The circuit comprises an on-control switch coupling the gate of the power switch with a charge supply to provide a gate charge to the gate capacitor of the power switch,... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140201544 - External storage device and driving method thereof: An external storage device comprises a plurality of hard disks, a bridging control unit, a connecting port and a voltage converter circuit. The bridging control unit is coupled to the hard disks and ingrates the hard disks into a redundant array of independent disks. The connecting port is coupled to... Agent:

20140201545 - External storage device and method for starting up external storage device: An external storage device includes a storage unit, a D flip-flop, a power supply, an interface unit, and a processing unit. The interface unit receives an out-of-band (OOB) signal from a host computer and transmits the OOB signal to a clock input terminal of the D flip-flop. The processing unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140201546 - Power supply control method and system: A power supply control method includes detecting that a result of a first function performed by a first device ceases to be displayed on a display screen; suspending power supply to the first device and supplying power to a second device, based on a detection of the result ceasing to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140201549 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and computer program product: An information processing apparatus includes: a power mode information storage unit that stores power mode information indicating whether a power mode of an electronic apparatus is a first power mode in which at least a first communication unit is operable or a second power mode in which the first communication... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140201548 - Management of the interaction between security and operating system power management unit: The present invention relates to a method of controlling the operation of a processing device in a first mode or in a second mode. The processing device has a first execution environment and a second execution environment. The method comprises, upon detection of a switch between said first and second... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20140201547 - Selective precharge for power savings: Embodiments of a memory device are disclosed that may allow for detecting the opportunity for energy savings and implementing the energy savings for each access to the memory device. The memory device may include a plurality of columns, an address comparator, and a timing and control circuit. Each of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140201550 - Apparatus, method, and system for adaptive compensation of reverse temperature dependence: Described herein are an apparatus, method, and system for adaptive compensation for reverse temperature dependence in a processor. The apparatus comprises: a first sensor to determine operating temperature of a processor; a second sensor to determine behavior of the processor; and a control unit to determine a frequency of a... Agent:

20140201551 - Method of changing over computer from power-on state to power-saving state and computer: A power state controlling method is provided that balances quick resumption with reduction of power consumption. An upper limit value Pih and a lower limit value Pil of a power idle state are set for the magnitude of power consumption of a system. The power consumption of the system in... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20140201552 - Sleep wake event logging: A machine implemented method includes creating a universally unique identifier, detecting a trigger of a sleep event, and associating the universally unique identifier with the sleep event. The method monitors sub-system events that occur after a sleep event has been triggered and stores data in non-volatile non-disk storage (e.g., non-boot... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140201555 - Method and system for governing an enterprise level green storage system drive technique: A method and system for manipulating a spin state of each disk in a drive array is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes monitoring input/output (I/O) requests to each disk drive in a disk array and identifying any disk drive as an inactive disk drive based on a number... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140201553 - Multi-element memory device with power control for individual elements: A multi-element device includes a plurality of memory elements, each of which includes a memory array, access circuitry to control access to the memory array, and power control circuitry. The power control circuitry, which includes one or more control registers for storing first and second control values, controls distribution of... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20140201554 - Power source management device, power source management method, and computer-readable recording medium: A management server includes a storage unit that stores therein destination physical machine information capable of identifying a physical machine serving as a destination candidate of a certain virtual machine that operates on any one of a plurality of physical machines. The management server includes a control unit that performs... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140201559 - Control system and method for fans: A control system comprises a power distribution unit (PDU), a number of fan modules, a processing module, and a storage module. The PDU comprises a number of power-output terminals. The storage module comprises a number of programs to be executed by the processing unit. The storage module obtains power information... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140201556 - Managing modem power consumption: Methods, systems, and devices are described for managing power consumption in a modem of a mobile device. A receive power associated with a receiver of the modem may be measured during a scheduled power-up of the modem associated with checking for paging messages. A power consumption metric associated with transmitting... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140201557 - Monitoring the temperature of a high powered computing component: Methods, systems, and products are provided for monitoring the temperature of a high powered computing component. The high powered computing component has a thermal sensor and the high powered computing component in thermal communication with a liquid cooled heatsink. Embodiments include determining, by a thermal monitoring module, a temperature of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140201558 - Monitoring the temperature of a high powered computing component: Methods, systems, and products are provided for monitoring the temperature of a high powered computing component. The high powered computing component has a thermal sensor and the high powered computing component in thermal communication with a liquid cooled heatsink. Embodiments include determining, by a thermal monitoring module, a temperature of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140201560 - Hierarchical global clock tree: Methods, systems, and circuits for forming and operating a global hierarchical clock tree are described. The global hierarchical clock tree may comprise a clock circuit that operates to provide clock signals to a core circuit surrounded by the clock circuit. The clock circuit may include two or more first and... Agent: Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

20140201561 - Clock skew analysis and optimization: A method for adjusting clock skew in a network is disclosed. A model is fit to a first clock input signal received at a first receiver of the network and to a second clock input signal received at a second receiver of the network to obtain a fitted model. A... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140201562 - Systems and methods for optimizing data storage among a plurality of solid state memory subsystems: A solid state storage device includes an interface system configured to communicate with an external host system over an aggregated multi-channel interface to receive data for storage by the solid state storage device. The solid state storage device also includes a storage processing system configured to communicate with the interface... Agent: Liqid Inc.

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