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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110125989 - Collaborative configuration of a media environment: A system and method for collaboratively providing configurations for a media environment are provided. In general, configuration events from a number of media environments are collected and provided to a Collaborative Configuration System (CCS) server. Based on the configuration events, the CCS server generates and provides recommended configurations to a... Agent: Qurio Holdings, Inc.

20110125990 - Computing device and method for wireless remote boot in a networked environment: In some embodiments, a secure authenticated remote boot of computing device over a wireless network is performed in a pre-boot execution environment (PXE) using active management technology (AMT) for remote discovery. In these embodiments, a management engine (ME) may maintain full control of a wireless interface and a wireless connection... Agent:

20110125993 - Display apparatus and control method thereof: A display apparatus is provided, including: a signal processing unit which comprises at least one device, and processes a received image signal to display an image; a volatile memory unit which comprises a first memory area allotted to an application for displaying the image and a second memory area that... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110125991 - Fast restart on a virtual machine: Media, methods, and computer systems are provided for performing a quick restart of applications in a virtual machine of the computer system. The virtual machine is configured with a critical object array that identifies the critical applications. In response to a quick restart request, the garbage collector operates in a... Agent: Sprint Communications Company L.p.

20110125995 - Method and apparatus for downloading secure micro bootloader of receiver in downloadable conditional access system: A method and apparatus for downloading a Secure Micro (SM) bootloader of a receiver in a Downloadable Conditional Access System (DCAS) is provided. The method includes generating, by a transmitter, an SM bootloader for the receiver and adding the generated SM bootloader to firmware to be transferred to the receiver,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110125994 - Methods and systems for secure online browsing: An external operating system (OS) that is separate from the internal OS of a computer is provided. The external OS may be stored on a USB device, a CD ROM, or other devices. The device that stores the external OS may be removable or non-removable, may have an internal flash... Agent: Tap Innovations, Inc.

20110125996 - System and method for supporting multiple hardware platforms with a single disk image: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclosed herein relate to a method and system for providing data in response to a request. An exemplary method comprises receiving a request for data and determining whether the request contains a specific pattern of data intended to enable a patching process. The exemplary... Agent:

20110125992 - System tool placement in a multiprocessor computer: A multiprocessor computer system comprises a plurality of nodes and an application placement module operable to place an application on a selected group of the compute nodes. The application placement module includes a system tool helper operable to manage operation of a system tool on the selected group of the... Agent: Cary Inc.

20110125997 - Method and device for controlling a computer system: A method and a device for controlling a computer system having at least two execution units, switchover operations being carried out between at least two operating modes, and a first operating mode corresponding to a comparison mode and a second operating mode corresponding to a performance mode. At least one... Agent:

20110125998 - Network photographing apparatus having a partial encryption function: Disclosed is a network photographing apparatus including a partial encryption function capable of encrypting only a portion of objects included in images. A network photographing apparatus including a partial encryption function, includes an object information extracting unit that receives digital image data from a photographing unit, analyzes a plurality of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110125999 - Proxy access to a dispersed storage network: A method begins with a processing module selecting one of a plurality of dispersed storage (DS) processing modules for facilitating access to a dispersed storage network (DSN) memory. The method continues with the processing module sending a DSN memory access request to the one of the plurality of DS processing... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110126000 - Method for accessing data safely suitable for electronic tag: A method for accessing data safely, which is suitable for the electronic tag with low performance, is provided. The method comprises the following steps: when performing a data writing process, the first read-write device encrypts the message MSG and then writes the message in the electronic tag; when performing a... Agent: China Iwncomm Co., Ltd.

20110126001 - Automatic certificate renewal: A method and system for automatic certificate renewal is described.... Agent:

20110126004 - Device management system, site monitoring apparatus and method: A server certificate and root certificate for performing secure communication with monitoring target devices are issued in a site monitoring apparatus. Using a secret key that is paired with a public key, a digital signature is issued based on communication destination information in which the site monitoring apparatus is the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110126003 - Ssl client authentication: A client authentication system receives an authentication request from a server for a session between a client and the server. The authentication system determines whether a storage device contains a configuration that corresponds to the authentication request. The authentication system configures client authentication based on whether the storage device contains... Agent:

20110126002 - Token renewal: A method and system for renewing certificates stored on tokens is described.... Agent:

20110126005 - Dynamic configuration of connectors for system-level communications: A host device comprises a configurable connector. The host device connector can be connected to a configurable connector of an accessory device. The host device can select connector functions to be enabled for connecting to the accessory device connector. The selection of connector functions can be based on accessory device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110126006 - Method and system for secure network-based distribution of content: A method and system for network-based distribution of content are disclosed. The distribution of content is not only secure but also controlled. The security restricts access to content within media files during downloads as well as while stored at a server or client. In one embodiment, each media file is... Agent:

20110126007 - Secure block read and write protocol for remotely stored files: A file transfer system including a client and a server capable of updating portions of the file stored on the server. The system is capable of uploading portions of a file before the file has been specified at the client side. The files are stored in raw at the client... Agent: Simdesk Technologies, Inc.

20110126008 - Method and apparatus for sharing documents: A method for securely sharing electronic documents on a document storage system. The method includes receiving an electronic document from a creating user, generating an encryption key unique to the electronic document, encrypting the electronic document using the encryption key to create an encrypted electronic document, and communicating the encrypted... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110126009 - Event triggered pairing of wireless communication devices based on time measurements: An event-triggered pairing mechanism allows pairing wireless devices having short range interfaces (e.g., Bluetooth devices) by bumping the wireless devices together. A wireless device being paired with a connecting device detects a bump event; exchanges time information about the bump event with the connecting device; authenticates the connecting device based... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110126012 - Method and system for secure data collection and distribution: A data provider generates a data encryption key and an identifier, uses the data encryption key to encrypt data, sends the encrypted data and the identifier to a data requestor, and sends the data encryption key and the identifier to a crypto information server. The data requestor sends the identifier... Agent:

20110126011 - Method of user-authenticated quantum key distribution: A method of user-authenticated quantum key distribution according to the present invention shares a position having the same basis without making public basis information using previously shared secret keys and authenticates a quantum channel by confirming whether there is the same measured outcome at that position, in order to secure... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110126010 - Server, system and method for managing identity: Disclosed herein is a system and method for managing identity. The system includes a mobile terminal, a web server, and a service terminal. The mobile terminal includes a smart card on which a management server for managing user identity is mounted. The web server generates the user identity and provides... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110126013 - Systems and methods to securely generate shared keys: A method for secure bidirectional communication between two systems is described. A first key pair and a second key pair are generated, the latter including a second public key that is generated based upon a shared secret. First and second public keys are sent to a second system, and third... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110126014 - Event triggered pairing of wireless communication devices based on time measurements: An event-triggered pairing mechanism allows pairing wireless devices having short range interfaces (e.g., Bluetooth devices) by bumping the wireless devices together. A wireless device being paired with a connecting device detects a bump event, determines time information about the bump event, and then generates a private session key based on... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110126017 - Methods, nodes, system, computer programs and computer program products for secure user subscription or registration: The invention relates to secure user subscription or registration to a service at least partly enabled in a network. The network comprises user equipment adapted to perform generic bootstrapping. A network application function provides the service. A bootstrapping server function generates a bootstrapping transaction identifier. A home subscriber system stores... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110126015 - Sink authentication system and method using mobile communication network: A system is provided for authentication between a mobile device (MD) and a sink using a mobile communication network. If a sink authentication request for the sink is received from the MD, a base station (BS) sends a sink authentication response including sink authentication information for the sink, to the... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (kaist)

20110126016 - System and method for secure wireless multi-hop network formation: The present invention provides methods and devices for a security architecture for use in wireless multi-hop networks. A method for implementing pair-wise encryption key establishment, network node authentication and determining tunnel encryption keys is provided in a following manner. In a multi-hop wireless network including a plurality of network nodes,... Agent: Nortel Networks Limited

20110126019 - Altering functionality for child-friendly control devices: A method of interacting with a digital content device is described. The method includes defining a collection of digital content available via the digital content device. A specific control device is associated with the collection of digital content. A control signal is received from the control device. The digital content... Agent: Kaleidescape, Inc.

20110126020 - Content disclosure system and method for guaranteeing disclosed contents in the system: Means for confirming the validity of the contents of a change made to a disclosed content is provided for use in a content disclosure system in which a signed content may be modified and the validity of the modified signed content may be verified using a verification key corresponding to... Agent:

20110126021 - Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving secure and non-secure data: A communications system, and a method suitable for use therein, are described which are suitable for transmitting and receiving both secure and non-secure data. The system comprises: means for transmitting data comprising both ciphered secure data and unciphered non-secure data; means for receiving transmitted data; means for deciphering the received... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110126018 - Methods and systems for transaction digital watermarking in content delivery network: Methods and systems for applying a transaction digital watermark to content being downloaded over a content delivery network. The digital watermark carries information about the transaction pursuant to which the content was downloaded, which can be useful in establishing a “chain of custody” that facilitates piracy detection and/or other tracking... Agent:

20110126022 - Method for generating an advanced electronic signature for an electronic document: A process for the generation of an advanced electronic signature of an electronic document (4) using a signature creation unit (1) comprises the generation of unambiguous user identification data (BI) of a signer; the generation of a one-time used session key (SK); the encryption (BI_crypt) of the user identification data... Agent:

20110126023 - Systems and methods for data security: A system comprises a basic-input-output-system (“BIOS”), a disk drive, and a security system configured to prevent unauthenticated access to the disk drive. For each of at least two users out of a plurality of users, the BIOS authenticates the user based on the user's token. The BIOS also accesses secured... Agent:

20110126024 - Method and system for combining a pin and a biometric sample to provide template encryption and a trusted stand-alone computing device: Biometric data, suitably transformed are obtained from a biometric input device contained within a stand-alone computing device and used in conjunction with a PIN to authenticate the user to the device. The biometric template and other data residing on the device are encrypted using hardware elements of the device, the... Agent:

20110126025 - Active intelligent content: Active intelligent content is aware of its own timeline, lifecycle, capabilities, limitations, and related information. The active intelligent content is aware of its surroundings and can convert automatically into a format or file type more conducive to the device or environment it is stored in. If the active intelligent content... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20110126026 - Efficient storage of encrypted data in a dispersed storage network: A method begins with a processing module obtaining data to store and determining whether substantially similar data to the data is stored. When the substantially similar data is not stored, the method continues with the processing module generating a first encryption key based on the data, encoding the first encryption... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110126027 - Secure seed media: Accessing a data set with secret and non-secret data. A method includes accessing a data set image. The data set image comprises secret data. The data set image is derived from an authorized data set associated with a master key that authorizes access to the secret data. The master key... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110126029 - Display panel power prediction: Power consumption data for a first group of brightness settings is stored in a memory. At least a portion of the power consumption data is used to predict power consumption data for a second group of brightness settings.... Agent:

20110126030 - Electronic device: An electronic device comprising: a wiring substrate having a first power-supply wiring to which a first power-supply potential is applied and a second power-supply wiring to which a second power-supply potential lower than the first power-supply potential is applied; a microcomputer having first and second power-supply terminals in which the... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110126028 - Fast turn-on/off for energy efficient ethernet: In described embodiments, turn-on time for active portions of an Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) device is improved by storing energy in a corresponding capacitor bank through a bidirectional device from a certain node in the device during an active state, continuing to store the energy when the device enters a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110126031 - Vehicle-mounted multimedia apparatus and a method of powering the same: The present invention is related to a vehicle-mounted multimedia apparatus 1 which has at least one functional module 42A, 42B, 42C . . . 42N which is powered from a power source 50 to operate and an interface 12 to which an extension device 20 is to be connected. When... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110126032 - Power management for power-over-ethernet-capable switch: A system and method is described that allows a PoE-capable switch to selectively provide power to one or more remote devices in an instance where power being supplied to the switch itself is limited or failing. In one embodiment, the switch receives a notification from an uninterruptable power supply (UPS)... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110126035 - Energy conservation control method for network system: In an electric power consumption control method of a plurality of network connection devices connected to a network, the plurality of network connection devices are grouped, and on the basis of the traffic amount of the grouped network connection devices, the grouped network connection devices are controlled by a group... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110126034 - Power management utilizing proximity or link status determination: Methods and apparatuses for power management are disclosed. In one example, proximity of link status of a wireless communication device is used to determine whether a power conservation mode is implemented.... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20110126033 - Systems and methods for electronic device power management: Embodiments of the invention implement one or more power management policies on one or more devices in order intelligently to manage the finite amount of battery power available while maximizing synchronization between connected devices.... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore

20110126036 - Image forming apparatus: An image forming apparatus includes a first control unit configured to control an operation of an image forming unit, and a second control unit configured to be capable of communicating with the first control unit and transmitting information associated with forming an image to the first control unit. The image... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110126037 - Power saving method in mobile communication network: Provided is The present invention provides a method to dynamically control the sleep window or the listening window of a sleep mode in order to minimize power consumption of a mobile terminal. The power saving method relates to a method for a transmitter of a communication system that controls data... Agent:

20110126038 - Time delay compensation in power system control: A method and controller are provided for the compensation of time delays in remote feedback signals in power system control. The method includes converting the time delay into a phase shift and calculating four compensation angles from the phase shift. The optimal compensation angle is determined and applied to the... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20110126039 - Memory controller with reduced power consumption, memory device, and memory system: A memory device comprising: at least one bank of memory cells that receives a first clock for clocking commands and a second clock for clocking data, wherein the second clock is activated based on a first command and deactivated based on a second command. The memory device further including a... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110119473 - Virtual platform configuration validation: Systems and methods are provided for unambiguously checking and/or validating a hardware configuration. Configuration rules based upon an actual hardware specification are written and applied to a software use case before the software use case is run. Actual hardware is modeled to create a virtual hardware via a virtual platform... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110119475 - Global synchronization of parallel processors using clock pulse width modulation: A circuit generates a global clock signal with a pulse width modification to synchronize processors in a parallel computing system. The circuit may include a hardware module and a clock splitter. The hardware module may generate a clock signal and performs a pulse width modification on the clock signal. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110119476 - Hardware reset button equivalent software reset method for network device: A software reset method that can be used to reset a network device 1 from a network connected computer 2 without relying on user name, password, IP or hardware button is described. It makes use of power up time and MAC address to validate a reset request. The effective state... Agent:

20110119477 - Memory system and memory management method including the same: A multi-processor system includes a first processor, a second processor communicable with the first processor, a first non-volatile memory for storing first codes and second codes to respectively boot the first and second processors, the first memory communicable with the first processor, a second volatile memory designated for the first... Agent:

20110119474 - Serial peripheral interface bios system and method: Various embodiments disclosed herein are directed to a serial peripheral interface-based (SPI-based) BIOS system for improved upgrading of a BIOS software image in a gaming machine. The system includes a flash BIOS chip and a SPI BIOS chip. The flash BIOS chip is operable to be written to by an... Agent: Bally Gaming, Inc.

20110119479 - Eoobe-application to collect information for new computer and manufacturing process: A system and method for enhancing the Electronic Out Of Box Experience (eOOBE) for individuals who are ordering a new or replacement device from the device manufacturer. The user is able to select an option to complete the eOOBE setup prior to receiving the new device, where the new device... Agent:

20110119478 - System and method for providing object triggers: The present invention provides for systems and methods of dynamically controlling a cluster or grid environment. The method comprises attaching a trigger to an object and firing the trigger based on a trigger attribute. The cluster environment is modified by actions initiated when the trigger is fired. Each trigger has... Agent:

20110119483 - Computing system with off-load processing for networking related tasks: A method is described that comprises executing a service selection method on an off load processor of a computing system to select an available network service for handling traffic sent to/from a handheld device. The execution of the service selection method is performed while a main CPU of said computing... Agent:

20110119481 - Containerless data for trustworthy computing and data services: A digital escrow pattern and trustworthy platform is provided for data services including mathematical transformation techniques, such as searchable encryption techniques, for obscuring data stored at remote site or in a cloud service, distributing trust across multiple entities to avoid a single point of data compromise. Using the techniques of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110119482 - Method and system for establishing a communications pipe between a personal security device and a remote computer system: A method and a system is provided for establishing a communications path over a communications network between a personal security device (PSD) and a remote computer system without requiring the converting of high-level messages such as API-level messages to PSD-formatted messages such as APDU-formatted messages (and inversely) to be installed... Agent:

20110119480 - Methods and apparatuses for selective data encryption: A method of encryption, using an encryption key K with key length k, of at least one message M comprising uniformly distributed symbols, k bits are encrypted of messages at least k bits long, while shorter messages are lengthened, e.g. by padding or concatenation, to obtain a lengthened message at... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110119484 - Systems and methods for securely providing and/or accessing information: The invention is directed to a system for use with a first device in communication with a second device. The system includes a storage medium that is connectable with the first device, a hardened, stand alone, web browser stored on the storage medium, and client authentication data. The web browser... Agent:

20110119486 - Method and apparatus for managing access rights to information spaces: An approach is provided for managing access rights of users to information spaces using signatures stored in a memory tag. A signature manager caused reading of a memory tag to initiate a request, from a device, for an initial access to an information space. The request includes an authorization signature... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110119485 - Method and apparatus for providing radio communication with an object in a local environment: A method and apparatus for providing radio communication with an electronic object in a local environment are disclosed. For example the method receives via a mobile endpoint device of a user at least one first digital certificate associated with the local environment from a trusted source, and a second digital... Agent:

20110119487 - System and method for encryption rekeying: Disclosed is a system and method for maintaining a secure, encrypted networking session across a communications network by dynamically replacing encryption keys during the networking session and without terminating the session. A secure control channel is embedded within the general encrypted network connection and is used to transport encrypted control... Agent: Velocite Systems, LLC

20110119488 - Method and system for facilitating throttling of interpolation-based authentication: One embodiment provides a system that facilitates throttling of interpolation-based authentication at a client. During operation, the system receives data points encrypted with a public key associated with a throttle server. The system then applies offsets to the data points, wherein a respective offset for a data point is associated... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20110119490 - Controlling communications: A gateway, program and method for use in a packet-based communication system. The gateway comprises: a connection to a public packet-based network comprising a public-network server and a plurality of public-network user terminals; a connection to a private packet-based network comprising a private-network server and a plurality of private-network user... Agent: Skype Limited

20110119489 - Network and method for establishing a secure network: The invention relates to a network with a first node (102) comprising first pre-distributed keying material being assigned to the first node before the first node is connected to the network and a second node (104) comprising second pre-distributed keying material being assigned to the second node before the second... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110119491 - Simplified pairing for wireless devices: A first wireless device is paired with a second wireless device for communication over a wireless connection. The first wireless device receives an input that indicates a device identifier of the second wireless device, and then matches the device identifier with one of the data entries in a data repository... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20110119492 - Apparatus and method for over-the-air (ota) provisioning of authentication and key agreement (aka) credentials between two access systems: A method and apparatus for over-the-air provisioning of authentication credentials at an access device via a first access system, wherein the authentication credentials are for a second access system lacking an over-the-air provisioning procedure. For example, the second access system may be a 3GPP system using AKA authentication methods. The... Agent:

20110119493 - Unauthorized contents detection system: Processing load on an executing device for conducting playback is high during the playback of contents since the executing device performs verification of the contents validity in parallel with the contents playback, and therefore the executing device has to be equipped with a highly efficient processor. The present invention reduces... Agent:

20110119494 - Method and apparatus for sharing licenses between secure removable media: A method and an apparatus for sharing a license between SRMs are disclosed. The method includes: a DRM agent obtains the license from a first SRM, and sets the license to a forwarding state locally; the DRM agent deducts one right of sharing the license; and the DRM agent sends... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110119495 - Method and arrangement relating to encryption/decryption of a memory unit: A memory unit is disclosed comprising a security driver application providing an interface, a storage arrangement and a driver application for activation when connected to a memory accessing arrangement. The driver application is configured, when accessed, to authenticate a user using a password whereby the interface is configured to secure... Agent: Cryptzone Ab

20110119496 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for entering sensitive and padding data using user-defined criteria: Disclosed are methods, systems, and computer program products for identifying sensitive data from a user-entered input sequence based on user-defined criteria. According to one method, user-defined criteria for identifying sensitive data within user-entered input sequences that include sensitive data and padding data are received. A request for sensitive data from... Agent:

20110119497 - Smart card and access method thereof: A smart card and an access method thereof for use with a smart card management system are provided. The smart card management system comprises a smart card access apparatus and a card server. The smart card access apparatus is electrically connected to the smart card. The smart card is configured... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20110119498 - Implementing data confidentiality and integrity of shingled written data: A method, apparatus and a data storage device are provided for implementing data confidentiality and integrity of data stored in overlapping, shingled data tracks on a recordable surface of a storage device. A unique write counter is stored for each zone written to the recordable surface of the storage device.... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110119499 - Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, program and storage medium: An information processing apparatus that generates private information used as one of an encryption key for encrypting data or a generation key for generating falsification detection information used in detecting falsification of data, comprises a storage unit adapted to prestore key information, an input unit adapted to input calculation target... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110119500 - Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption: In accordance with certain aspects, data is received from a calling program. Ciphertext that includes the data is generated, using public key encryption, in a manner that allows the data to be obtained from the ciphertext only if one or more conditions are satisfied. In accordance with another aspect, a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110119501 - Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption: In accordance with certain aspects, data is received from a calling program. Ciphertext that includes the data is generated, using public key encryption, in a manner that allows the data to be obtained from the ciphertext only if one or more conditions are satisfied. In accordance with another aspect, a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110119502 - Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption: In accordance with certain aspects, bound key operations on ciphertext and/or data are implemented. A bound key operation can receive both data to be signed and a bound key blob that is bound to one or more processors, recover a private key from the bound key blob, and generate a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110119504 - Content protecting method, content reproducing apparatus, and program: A content reproducing apparatus includes a viewing expiration time determining unit which determines lapse of a viewing expiration time, a decryption key temporary storage unit which temporarily stores a decryption key, a decryption key moving unit which moves the decryption key from a recording medium to the decryption key temporary... Agent:

20110119503 - Copy-protected software cartridge: A cartridge preferably for use with a game console. The cartridge comprises a ROM, a non-volatile memory, a processor and an encryption unit. An application running on the console may read data from the ROM, read data from the non-volatile memory, and write data in the non-volatile memory. Data to... Agent: Thomson Licensing LLC

20110119505 - Saving and retrieving data based on public key encryption: In accordance with certain aspects, data is received and a digital signature is generated and output. The digital signature can be a digital signature of the data and one or more conditions that are to be satisfied in order for the data to be revealed, or a digital signature over... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110119506 - Powered device: An exemplary powered device (PD) connected to a local power source and a power sourcing equipment (PSE) includes a constant current source drawing at least 10 mA direct current from the PSE when the local power source is in operation. The PD includes a first conversion circuit, a first diode,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110119507 - System and method for controlling bus-networked devices via an open field bus: A system for controlling bus-networked devices, the system including a gateway, an open field bus electrically connected to the gateway, and a first power supply unit electrically connected to the gateway and configured to supply primary power for the gateway and a plurality of bus subscribers. An auxiliary power supply... Agent: Eaton Industries Gmbh

20110119508 - Power efficient stack of multicore microprocessors: A computing system has a stack of microprocessor chips that are designed to work together in a multiprocessor system. The chips are interconnected with 3D through vias, or alternatively by compatible package carriers having the interconnections, while logically the chips in the stack are interconnected via specialized cache coherent interconnections.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110119509 - Storage system having power saving function: A controller of a storage system associates a portion of the logical area of logical storage devices with one or more pool area of a pool. The frequency of I/O (Input/Output) of any of the portion of the logical areas is higher than the I/O frequency of the remaining logical... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110119510 - Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in portable terminal: An apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a mode manager for, if determining data reception before sleep mode entry, processing to convert a state of a controller into a wakeup state and to complete the data reception and, if determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110119512 - Method and apparatus for waking up a sleeping system: One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that wakes up a sleeping target system located on a target LAN (Local Area Network) from a remote system located on a remote LAN. Because the sleeping target system is in a sleep state, it receives packets of a lower-layer protocol... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110119511 - System for managing power of peripheral communications by automatically closing communications channel immediately after finishing a communication with a peripheral device: An improved method and apparatus manages communications port contention and power consumption for a handheld computer, particularly handheld computers with a communications protocol that boosts power consumption when active, such as an RS-232 protocol. The improved method provides communications channel management that automatically opens the communications channel in response to... Agent: Access Systems Americas, Inc.

20110119514 - Power control apparatus and method for cluster system: A power control apparatus for a cluster system, includes a cluster including a plurality of nodes, each equipped with a battery; and a power control unit connected to the cluster over a network and configured to monitor power management information and performance information of the cluster and to set a... Agent:

20110119516 - Power control device: A power control device coupled to a power supply device and an information processing device, and configured to control a power supply from the power supply device to the information processing device, the power control device including: a first input/output unit configured to input/output data from/to the information processing device;... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20110119515 - Power monitoring and control system: A power monitoring system is disclosed which enables monitoring of power consumption and optionally control of power delivery. An embodiment of the power monitoring system includes a client device and a server device. The client device includes a power meter, a client-side microcontroller, and a client-side communication transceiver, for transacting... Agent: Innosys, Inc.

20110119513 - Seensorless digital avp implementation for voltage regulators: A voltage regulator may include a voltage converter to generate an output voltage based on an input voltage and a control signal. The voltage regulator may also include a control loop to adjust the control signal based on a magnitude of an error between a digital representation of the output... Agent:

20110119517 - Systems and methods for classifying power network failures: Systems and methods for classifying a possible failure in a power network are provided. In one embodiment, a method may include receiving network device status information for multiple network devices in communication with a communications network and capable of receiving primary power from a power network; and determining that a... Agent: Cox Communications, Inc.

20110119519 - Method and apparatus for providing symmetrical output data for a double data rate dram: An apparatus and method is disclosed to compensate for skew and asymmetry of a locally processed system clock used to synchronize an output signal, e.g., a data signal or a timing signal, from a logic circuit, for example a memory device. A first phase detector, array of delay lock loop... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110119518 - Method for providing a guaranteed playout rate: A method for delivering data to first and second processes comprising: identifying a first process communicatively connected to a first data access port; identifying a second process communicatively connected to a second data access port; identifying a data-throughput requirement of the first process via the first data access port; identifying... Agent:

20110119520 - Hardware function generator support in a dsp: The present invention relates to digital signal processors with an integrated module configured to compute a Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer (CORDIC) in a pipeline. The pipelined module can advantageously complete computation of one CORDIC computation for each clock pulse applied to the CORDIC module, thereby providing a CORDIC computation for... Agent: Avaz Networks

20110119521 - Reproducibility in a multiprocessor system: Fixing a problem is usually greatly aided if the problem is reproducible. To ensure reproducibility of a multiprocessor system, the following aspects are proposed: a deterministic system start state, a single system clock, phase alignment of clocks in the system, system-wide synchronization events, reproducible execution of system components, deterministic chip... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110119522 - Electronic device with reduced power consumption in external memory: An electronic device for data processing is disclosed having a CPU (3), a Closely Coupled Memory (5), an external memory system (8), and a first clock unit (1) and second clock unit (9) for receiving a main clock signal (2) and converting the main clock signal (2) into a first... Agent: Sitel Semiconductor B.v.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110113225 - Basic input/output system capable of supporting multi-platforms and constructing method thereof: A basic input/output system (BIOS) capable of supporting multi-platforms and a constructing method thereof are provided. In the method, a plurality of segment modules is provided, and each of the segment modules includes more than one BIOS module. A module header is established for each of the BIOS modules and... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110113230 - Apparatus and method for securing and isolating operational nodes in a computer network: A system and method for securing firmware from malware in a computer processing system having a trusted node daughterboard connected to at least one operational node motherboard. The method includes the steps of sending a power on signal from the trusted node daughterboard to the operational node motherboard when it... Agent:

20110113226 - Distribution of software updates: Methods, apparatuses, and systems for distribution of software updates are described. A file representing a difference between a first software stack and a second software stack and a task sequence may be received at a computer. The task sequence may represent instructions for installing the second software stack on the... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20110113227 - Electronic equipment and boot method, storage medium thereof: An electronic equipment is provided, which includes a plurality of boot devices and a basic input/output system (BIOS). The BIOS is electrically coupled to the boot devices and used for recording driving parameters of the boot devices and a driving sequence of the driving parameters. The BIOS drives the boot... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110113229 - Method for shortening the boot time of a computer system: A computer system having an operating environment configured for enabling boot up in a relatively short time is disclosed. A hard disk is utilized to store a boot file. A run process list registers a process to be run during boot up. When the computer system is being booted up,... Agent:

20110113232 - Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for memory management in devices using software defined radios: An apparatus may include a processor configured to maintain a profile comprising data about software defined radio usage. The processor may be further configured to determine a subset of the plurality of software defined radios. The processor may be additionally configured to determine computing resources required for loading an available... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110113228 - Rules-based, mode-driven manager for timer bounded arbitration protocol based resource control: An example apparatus includes a processor, a memory, and an interface that connects the processor, the memory, and a set of components. The set of components includes a first component configured to acquire a mode from members of an HA cluster and a second component configured to enforce mode pairing... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20110113231 - System and method for providing secure reception and viewing of transmitted data over a network: A method and system for securely opening an e-mail attachment in a computer processing environment having a trusted node daughterboard connected to at least one operational node motherboard with an e-mail processing system operatively coupled to the trusted node daughterboard. The method includes the steps of when an e-mail attachment... Agent:

20110113233 - System, server, method, and computer program for relaying electronic mail: A system, a server, a method, and a computer program are described for relaying an electronic mail without a leak of secret information included in a quoted electronic mail to an unintended recipient without impairing the usability of the electronic mail system. The server receives an electronic mail that is... Agent: International Business Machines

20110113234 - User device, computer program product and computer system for secure network storage: A technique for providing secure network storage by a user device that includes one or multiple network interfaces, a driver configuration component comprising a volume mapping schema and a connection mapping schema, and a driver operable to map I/O requests for logical data blocks to one or multiple network storage... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110113235 - Pc security lock device using permanent id and hidden keys: The invention is a method, system, and apparatus providing user control and security of a PC system. Using the hardware and associated installation software, the system is capable of uniquely securing a PC system without the need for name and password entry. The secure USB device contains a unique asymmetrical... Agent:

20110113236 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for offloading internet protocol security (ipsec) processing using an ipsec proxy mechanism: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for offloading IPsec processing from application hosts using an IPsec proxy mechanism are disclosed. According to one method, at least one of unencrypted, IPsec, and Internet key exchange (IKE) packets transmitted between a first application host and a second application host are intercepted by... Agent:

20110113237 - Key camouflaging method using a machine identifier: A method is provided for generating a human readable passcode to an authorized user including providing a control access datum and a PIN, and generating a unique machine identifier for the user machine. The method further includes modifying the controlled access datum, encrypting the controlled access datum using the PIN... Agent: Arcot Systems, Inc.

20110113238 - Certificate enrollment with purchase to limit sybil attacks in peer-to-peer network: A system may protect against Sybil attacks on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network based on each one the nodes in the P2P network being identified by a corresponding certificate. In particular, a node may receive a license key, where the license key is evidence of a purchased product license. The node... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110113240 - Certificate renewal using enrollment profile framework: A method and system for renewing digital certificates using an enrollment profile framework is described.... Agent:

20110113241 - Ic card, ic card system, and method thereof: An IC card includes: a common key set upon issuance of a card by an IC card issuer; a public key certificate of a parent IC card issued by an authentication station; a signed public key which has been signed by using the parent IC card secret key; a key... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110113239 - Renewal of expired certificates: A method and system for renewal of expired certificates is described. In one embodiment, a method, implemented by a computing system programmed to perform operations, includes receiving, at a certificate manager of a computing system from a requester, a certificate renewal request for an original digital certificate that has already... Agent:

20110113242 - Protecting mobile devices using data and device control: A method for securing data on a mobile device includes establishing a remote connection between a server and a mobile device, receiving at the server a directory listing from the mobile device indicating files and folders stored on the mobile device, selecting one or more files or folders for securing... Agent: Beyond Encryption Limited

20110113243 - Wireless ad hoc network security: Providing network security includes detecting network traffic associated with an ad hoc network that includes a first station and a second station, and preventing data sent by the first station from reaching the second station.... Agent: Network Chemistry, Inc.

20110113247 - Automatically reconnecting a client across reliable and persistent communication sessions: The invention relates to methods and systems for reconnecting a client and providing user authentication across a reliable and persistent communication session. The method includes providing a first connection between a client and first protocol service and a second connection between the first protocol service and a host service. The... Agent:

20110113248 - Leak-resistant cryptographic token: Chip cards are used to secure credit and debit payment transaction. To prevent fraudulent transaction, the card must protect cryptographic keys used to authenticate transactions. In particular, cards should resist differential power analysis and/or other attacks. To address security risks posed by leakage of partial information about keys during cryptographic... Agent:

20110113245 - One time pin generation: A method and system is provided for generating a one-time passcode (OTP) configured for use as a personal identification number (PIN) for a user account from a user device. The OTP may be generated using an OTP generator which may include an algorithm an user account-specific OTP key. The OTP... Agent: Arcot Systems, Inc.

20110113246 - Secure data transfer using an embedded system: A method and device for securing data transmission via an embedded system that is operationally coupled to a local device and a remote computing system using a network is provided. The method includes, determining if data received from the remote computing system is secured, handshaking with the remote computing system... Agent: Lantronix, Inc.

20110113244 - Stateless cryptographic protocol-based hardware acceleration: According to one embodiment of the invention, a network device comprises a first processing element and a second processing element. The first processing element is adapted to handle an authentication handshaking protocol, such as the SSL/TLS Handshake, and upon receipt of a Client Key Exchange message, passes control of the... Agent: Aruba Wireless Networks

20110113249 - Method and system for sharing trusted contact information: A method and system for sharing trusted contact information between trusted, known and unknown parties, without revealing the contact information itself, thus protecting the party defined in the contact from possible unsolicited messages known as “Spam”. Addresses of trusted senders are encrypted using a one-way encryption and stored in a... Agent:

20110113250 - Security integration between a wireless and a wired network using a wireless gateway proxy: A method, system and computer program product in a wireless gateway to provide secured communications over a wireless network and a wired network is provided herein. The method includes the steps of receiving a first authentication credential from a wireless device and mapping the first authentication credential to a second... Agent:

20110113251 - Method for improving network application security and system thereof: The invention, related to information security field, discloses a method for improving network application security and a system thereof. The method comprises that client terminal application generates protocol message and disassembles the protocol message to plural IP packets and sends the plural IP packets; network filter driver receives and caches... Agent: Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110113252 - Concierge registry authentication service: In an example embodiment described herein is an apparatus comprising a transceiver configured to send and receive data, and logic coupled to the transceiver. The logic is configured to determine from a beacon received by the wireless transceiver whether an associated wireless device sending the beacon supports a protocol for... Agent:

20110113253 - Enhanced digital signatures algorithm method and system utilizing a secret generator: The present invention is a digital signatures scheme method and system that permits the generation of a digital signature in a manner whereby the generator is kept secret. The inclusion of a secret generator in the digital signatures scheme may reduce the potential for an attack upon the scheme to... Agent:

20110113254 - Multipad encryption: A method for protecting a message or document. The method comprises encrypting the message using a first key associated with a first party; sending the encrypted message to a second party; encrypting the message using a second key associated with the second party, so that it is encrypted with two... Agent: The University Court Of The University Of St. Andr Ews

20110113255 - System and method for providing user media: An identification system includes at least one user medium, which is equipped to store a derived key and authenticate itself using the same with respect to a write and/or read device. Furthermore, at least one key dispensing medium is present, which comprises a monolithic first integrated circuit having storage means... Agent: Kaba Ag

20110113258 - Information processing device, information recording medium manufacturing device, information recording medium, methods thereof, and computer program: An information processing device for executing reproduction processing of content recorded in an information recording medium that includes: a data processing unit for acquiring content codes including a program or application information to be applied to the recording content of the information recording medium, and executing data processing in accordance... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110113256 - Secure method for processing a content stored within a component, and corresponding component: The component comprises a first memory (MM) comprising a first portion (P1) having a content modified with a first modification entity (K1) and a second portion (P2) having a content modified with a second entity (K2), a storage means (MS) configured to store the first entity (K1) secretly, a non-volatile... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20110113257 - Systems and methods for manipulating and managing computer archive files: A computer program for managing and manipulating archive zip files of a computer. The program includes a system and method for opening, creating, and modifying, and extracting zip archive files. The program is fully integrated into Microsoft Windows Explorer and is accessed via Explorer menus, toolbars, and/or drag and drop... Agent: Pkware, Inc.

20110113260 - Block encryption security for integrated microcontroller and external memory system: A secure microcontroller system comprising an integrated cache sub-system, crypto-engine, buffer sub-system and external memory is described according to various embodiments of the invention. The secure microcontroller incorporates block encryption methods to ensure that content communicated between the integrated microcontroller and external memory is protected and real-time performance of the... Agent:

20110113259 - Re-keying during on-line data migration: A method of migrating data comprises migrating source encrypted data from a source storage device to a target storage device and re-keying while migrating the source encrypted data. The method further comprises while re-keying and migrating the source encrypted data, performing an access request to the source encrypted data apart... Agent: Brocade Communication Systems, Inc.

20110113261 - Tamper resistant apparatus for a storage device: In various embodiments, an apparatus includes a processor, a read only memory communicatively coupled to the processor, and a visibility port associated with the apparatus. The visibility port provides information about the processor and the read only memory to the port, with the read only memory including at least a... Agent:

20110113265 - Circuit system and control method thereof: A circuit system is provided, including a processing unit, a control unit electrically connected to the processing unit, and a plurality of PWM units electrically connected to the control unit. The processing unit transmits a control signal to the control unit according to a load current value of the circuit... Agent:

20110113266 - Electronic device and power control module thereof: This invention provides an electronic device and a power control module thereof. The electronic device is used for being connected with an external power source, and the electronic device includes a system unit, a power supply unit, a power control module, and a control unit coupled with the system unit... Agent: Pegatron Corporation

20110113264 - Method and apparatus for network communications over hdmi in standby mode: Provided are an apparatus and method thereof for providing standby power for Ethernet communications between a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) device and an Ethernet device. The apparatus includes: an HDMI switch which is connected to the HDMI device; an Ethernet switch which is connected to the HDMI switch and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110113263 - Server: The present invention provides a server including a plurality of power supplies independent from each other, a management backplane, a first embedded management board (first EMB) and a plurality of motherboards independent from each other. The power supplies are turned on or off according to a first control signal. The... Agent: Iinventec Corporation

20110113262 - Voltage sensor for high-current junction: A system includes a high-current junction, a voltage sensor, and a controller. Power connectors of two components are electrically connected at the high-current junction, where a high current passes between the two components at the high-current junction. The voltage sensor detects a voltage at the high-current junction. The controller performs... Agent:

20110113268 - Communication device: In one embodiment, a communication device includes: a relay module relaying communication of a signal between devices; a notification module giving a notice to recover from a standby state to the device via different communication from the communication; a function judgment module referring to information indicating a function of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110113267 - Image forming apparatus and power control method thereof: An image forming apparatus includes a volatile memory and an SoC part. The SoC part includes an internal memory, a CPU for accessing the volatile memory in the normal mode; an interface part for receiving a external signal, and a control part for, when the interface part has no input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110113269 - Method of dynamically scaling a power level of a microprocessor: A method of dynamically scaling a power level of a microprocessor is provided. The method includes: calculating unit workload rates during unit periods in a first duration period; changing a length of the first duration period based on a variation of the unit workload rates; calculating a period workload rate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110113270 - Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (dvfs) control for simultaneous multi-threading (smt) processors: A mechanism is provided for controlling operational parameters associated with a plurality of processors. A control system in the data processing system determines a utilization slack value of the data processing system. The utilization slack value is determined using one or more active core count values and one or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110113271 - Method and device for the dynamic management of consumption in a processor: A method for managing the power consumed in a processor executing an application, the application including several processing phases, each of which is associated with a computational load. The method includes defining a first nominal mode of consumption, defining at least one second mode of low consumption, and formulating a... Agent: Thales

20110113273 - Operation management method of information processing system: In a computer room including information processing devices and air conditioners, power saving of the computer room by means of optimization of workload allocation to the information processing devices is achieved in a short time. There, a coefficient of air conditioner performance with respect to the information processing device (device-specific... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110113272 - Projector and power control method thereof: A projector and a power control method thereof are provided. The projector includes a battery supplying a battery power; an interface receiving and transmitting an external power; a selection unit receiving the battery power and the external power, and selecting and outputting one of the battery power and the external... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20110113274 - Electronic device, a method of controlling an electronic device, and system on-chip: An electronic device is provided, which comprises at least one processing unit (CPU) for processing at least one application, an operating system (OS) for controlling the at least one application performed by the at least one processing unit (CPU), at least one workload build-up detector (WBD) for detecting a build-up... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110113275 - Microcomputer: IO buffers that operate with an IO power supply system and cut cells that isolate the IO buffers from each other are disposed on the periphery of an always-on power supply area and a power supply cut-off available area. A signal indicating the holding of an IO output(s) output from... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110113276 - Physical separation and recognition mechanism for a switch and a power supply for power over ethernet (poe) in enterprise environments: A Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) communication system dynamically provides power and data communications over a communications link. In an enterprise environment, a table top network switch uses a power supply to provide power for PoE and data communications to one or more powered devices (e.g., personal or laptop computers). To reduce the... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110113277 - Processing unit, process control system and control method: A processing unit is connected to another processing unit through a system bus composed of serial signal communication line and synchronization signal communication line to be able to communicate therewith. When an operation unit detects abnormal state in the processing unit, the operation unit supplies notification of detection of the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110107072 - Method for self-diagnosing system management interrupt handler: A method for self-diagnosing a system management interrupt (SMI) handler is provided. A first time value is obtained from an advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) timer at a time of executing the SMI handler. And a source path of a SMI is obtained. Then, a second time value is... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110107073 - Booting a computer device: A method of booting a computing device includes, responsive to said computing device powering on, loading a first lightweight operating system on said computing device and executing an instant-on application through said lightweight operating system. The method further includes, during execution of said instant-on application, loading a hypervisor on said... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110107074 - Electronic device capable of automatically setting up operating systems and related method and system: To reduce human resource cost, a method of automatically, consecutively setting up multiple operating systems, for an electronic device operating in an operating system, includes clearing a partition sector of the electronic device during operation of the operating system to generate an emptied boot record status, and setting up a... Agent:

20110107075 - Network device and network control device in wireless body area network, and secure wake-up method and wake-up authentication code generation method of network device and network control device: A network device and a network control device in a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), and a secure wake-up method and a wake-up authentication code (WAC) generation method of the network device and the network control device are provided. The network device includes a wake-up circuit to receive a wake-up... Agent: Inha-industry Partnership Institute

20110107076 - System comprising electronic device and external device storing boot code for booting system: An electronic information system comprises an external storage device and an application processor. The external storage device stores boot code and the application processor is adapted to receive the boot code from the external storage device and to perform a system booting operation during a power-up operation by executing the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110107083 - Content transmission device and content transmission method: Provided is a content transmission device 310 that can reduce failure of content key confirmation processing during special playback such as fast-forwarding and fast-rewinding. A key management unit 312 generates or updates a key parameter, and stores therein the generated or updated key parameter. The key management unit 312 receives... Agent:

20110107080 - Data broadcasting system, server and program storage medium: A data broadcasting system includes a user device and a data broadcasting server. The device includes: a transmission requesting section transmitting the own model information and a request to transmit a content; and a content reproduction section reproducing the requested encoded content by decoding the content using key information for... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110107078 - Encoded data slice caching in a distributed storage network: A distributed storage processing unit encodes data objects into multiple encoded data slices to prevent reconstruction of the original data object using a single encoded data slice, but to allow reconstruction using at least a threshold number of encoded data slices. The distributed storage processing unit can decide to whether... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110107081 - Method and apparatus for processing of broadcast data: A plurality of conditional access (CA) clients are needed to receive services from a plurality of service, where the CA clients respectively correspond to the service providers. Thus, the CA clients should be installed into a broadcast receiver, and in this case, a method of managing the CA clients is... Agent:

20110107077 - Obscuring form data through obfuscation: Obscuring form data to be passed in forms that are sent in messages over a communications network. The form data to be obscured is removed from a form and inserted as a portion of a Uniform Resource Location (“URL”) string. The obscured form data may comprise hidden fields and/or links.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110107082 - Storing and forwarding media data: A method apparatus for storing and forwarding media data in a communication network. An intermediate node disposed between a media data source node and a client node receives encrypted media data packets from the media data source node. The intermediate node stores the received media data packets in a memory... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson

20110107079 - Target device, method and system for managing device, and external device: A device management system is configured with a target device including at least one unit that includes a tamper-resistant chip, a management apparatus that manages or uses the target device, and an authentication apparatus including a database for authentication, connected via a network in a communicable manner. In the target... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110107084 - System for and method for relaying messages: A system for and method of relaying messages is presented. In an exemplary embodiment, the system and method may include receiving a request from a user to transmit a message to an intended recipient, processing the message for transmission, wherein processing the message comprises assigning metadata to the message, and... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110107087 - Apparatus and method for refreshing master session key in wireless communication system: A Master Session Key (MSK) refresh in a wireless communication system is provided. A MSK refreshing method MSK includes when receiving a first Media Access Control (MAC) message including MSK refresh indication information from a Base Station (BS), generating, at a Mobile Station (MS), an Extended Master Session Key (EMSK)_Hash... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110107085 - Authenticator relocation method for wimax system: A method is provided for Authenticator Relocation in a communication system applying an Extensible Authentication Protocol, or the like, which provides replay protection and mitigates the rogue ASN-GW problem during relocation of the Anchor Authentication, and without conducting re-authentication of the MS. The method of the invention optionally allows secure... Agent:

20110107086 - Secure authentication and privacy of data communication links via dynamic key synchronization: A dynamic computer system security method and system using dynamic encryption and full synchronization between system nodes. A data record from a data stream created by a source user is encrypted with an initial dynamic session key. A new dynamic session key is generated based upon a data record and... Agent: New Mexico Technical Research Foundation

20110107088 - System and method for virtual team collaboration in a secure environment: A computing platform for facilitating dynamic connection and collaboration of users to transact services in a secure computing environment. The users include service providers and service requesters. The platform includes a registration module for registering users including service requesters and service providers, a connection module for connect users to form... Agent:

20110107089 - Methods and systems for implementing policy based trust management: This disclosure describes, generally, methods and systems for implementing policy based trust management. The method includes receiving, at an host server, a trust request from a partner, and identifying, at the host server via a trust policy enforcer, parameters and attributes associated with the partner. The method further includes identifying,... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110107090 - System and method for flying squad re authentication of enterprise users: Enterprise users access several applications and services routinely to carry out their work-related activities on a day-to-day basis. These applications and services could be hosted within an enterprise or on a third-party data center. The enterprise users login into the applications and services so as to gain access to the... Agent: Satyam Computer Services Limited Of Mayfair Centre

20110107094 - Distributed storage network employing multiple encoding layers in data routing: A distributed storage processing unit creates multiple different data slices from the same data object, and generates a message including one or more of the different data slices. The distributed storage processing unit identifies a chain of distributed storage units, and encrypts the message into multiple nested layers using, for... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110107097 - Method for encoded data exchange and communication system: In a system and method for encrypted data exchange between entities (users) of a communication system using cryptography based on elliptic curves, in response to a challenge of a first user a scalar multiplication is calculated by the second user, wherein only part of the result of the scalar multiplication... Agent:

20110107096 - Method, apparatus and system for managing drm content: A method and an apparatus manages DRM (digital rights management) content with a forward lock so that the DRM content can also be used in other devices. The method comprises receiving DRM content with a forward lock from a content provider server. The DRM content is encoded by using an... Agent: Samsung Electronis Co., Ltd.

20110107098 - Methods and systems for controlling traffic on a communication network: Methods and systems for controlling traffic on a communication network are provided. In accordance with some embodiments, methods for controlling traffic on a communication network are provided, the methods comprising—receiving, at a processor in a receiver, a query message for permission to send a data flow to the receiver; sending... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110107092 - Performance based authentication method and apparatus for secure communication: An apparatus includes a first module and a second module. The first module provides a challenge. The second module performs a signature function in response to the challenge. The first module authenticates the second module based on a time required by the second module to complete the signature function and/or... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20110107091 - Secure communication between client device and server device: A user is enabled to select one or more client devices from a number of client devices and to select one or more server devices from a number of server devices. Secure communication is to occur between each selected client device and each selected server device. For each unique pair... Agent:

20110107095 - System and method for obtaining an authorization key to use a product: A system and method for obtaining an authorization key to use a product utilizes a secured product identification code, which includes a serial number and at least one code that is generated based on a cryptographic algorithm.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110107093 - System and method for providing an user's security when setting-up a connection over insecure networks: A method for setting up a secure communication line between a user and a service provider using non-secure communication channels within an insecure network, comprising the steps of transmitting an identity token from a user station to a service provider station both coupled to the insecure network; upon reception of... Agent: Berner Fachhochschule Hochschule Fur

20110107099 - Pre-authentication method, authentication system and authentication apparatus: A pre-authentication method and an authentication system related to the mobile communications field are disclosed. The pre-authentication method includes: when a mobile node (MN) enters a visited network other than a home network, the MN obtains the identity information of the visited network, selects, according to the identity information of... Agent:

20110107100 - Method and system for providing secure codes for marking on items: A method and system for creating a group of marking codes for marking items in a code generation and validation system and validating the marking codes. The code generation and validation system includes a first subsystem and a second subsystem, where first and second keys in each of the subsystems... Agent: Kezzler As

20110107102 - Method for authenticating an entity by a verifier: A method for authenticating an entity by a verifier, the entity having an identifier, the verifier having a pair of private and public keys, comprising: sending to the entity a first random number selected by the verifier; a step wherein the entity encrypts a value by means of the public... Agent: France Telecom

20110107101 - Password-authenticated asymmetric key exchange: Communicating keys between network devices on a network using asymmetric cryptographic techniques, for which asymmetric keys may be derived from a single (same) password. Knowledge or partial knowledge of the password may be the only information shared between parties prior to execution of a key exchange, and may be the... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110107104 - Method, system, and device for negotiating sa on ipv6 network: A method, system, and device for negotiating a security association (SA) on an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) network are disclosed. In this method, the initiator and the responder generate an SA through the interaction of two messages. Compared with the conventional procedure for setting up an SA based on... Agent:

20110107103 - Systems and methods for secure distributed storage: Embodiments relate to systems and methods for secure distributed storage. In aspects, a set of remote storage hosts, such as personal computers, servers, media devices, cell phones, or others, can subscribe or register to provide storage via a cloud-based or other distributed network. Source data from an originating computer, such... Agent:

20110107106 - File-distribution apparatus and recording medium having file-distribution authorization program recorded therein: A file-distribution apparatus includes a file-distribution unit configured to distribute an image file received from an image-forming device to a terminal device, a source-reference-information storage unit configured to store source-reference authorization information, and a security-management unit configured to determine whether a source-apparatus identifier corresponding to the image file is included... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110107105 - Message sending/receiving method: Provided is a message sending method for sending a message by a process of a computer including a processor and a memory. The method includes the steps of: randomizing a signature generation key sk_s with a random number r to calculate a randomized signature generation key sk′_s=SigningKeyRandomize(sk13 s, r); encrypting... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110107107 - Multisigning - a protocol for robust multiple party digital signatures: Embodiments describe a system and/or method for multiple party digital signatures. According to a first aspect a method comprises establishing a first validity range for a first key, establishing a first validity range for at least a second key, and determining if the validity range of the first key overlaps... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110107108 - Content recorder/player and content writing and reading method: A content recorder/player. The content recorder/player includes a first data-storage medium including a first data-storage area, a second data-storage medium including a second data-storage area, and a control section. The control section is configured: to encrypt information groups having a predetermined relationship for writing into the first data-storage area; to... Agent:

20110107111 - Information carrier comprising access information and dummy information: The invention is based on the insight that the noise level of a read out signal increases somewhat in the region(s) where the access information is hidden. To avoid this difference in noise level between regions with and without the access information, this access information is assigned for only a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110107110 - Information processing apparatus, control method and computer-readable medium: An information processing apparatus that performs mapping of a data field in a database to a document template holding a variable area according to a mapping rule defined in the variable area, thereby generating print data for each record in the database, the information processing apparatus comprises: an accepting unit... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110107109 - Storage system and method for managing data security thereof: A method for managing data security of a storage system includes dividing a storage unit of the storage system into a data access block and a key block. An encryption key input is used to set the encryption key, the data access block is encrypted using the set encryption key,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110107112 - Distributed storage network and method for encrypting and decrypting data using hash functions: A distributed storage network received a data segment. The data segment is partitioned into two or more portions. A first portion hash is calculated from the first portion of data and used to encrypt the second portion of data. A hash of the encrypted second portion of data is then... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110107113 - Distributed storage network data revision control: Multiple revisions of an encoded data slice are generated, with each revision having the same slice name. Each of the data slices represents the same original data portion, but each is encoded so that no single data slice can be used to reconstruct the original data portion. Appropriate revision numbers... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110107114 - Electronic device and method for security monitoring thereof: A method for security monitoring of an electronic device includes determining whether a storage system of the electronic device is a secured storage system according to a signal of a first switch of the electronic device, determining whether an encryption key of the secured storage system is modifiable according to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110107115 - Hardware based p-state control: A performance state control system includes a processor and a voltage regulator coupled to the processor. The voltage regulator provides a regulated voltage to the processor, as instructed by the processor. A logic circuit coupled to the processor and the voltage regulator detects that the processor is in an operating... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110107120 - Information processing apparatus, power supply control method, program and power supply control system: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a first connection unit with power supply type information, a second connection unit with power supply type information, a connection state determination unit for determining whether the connection states of the first and second connection units have changed, a power supply identification... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110107117 - Method and apparatus for activating device: Method and apparatus for activating a slave device are provided. The method including: receiving communication medium scan signals comprising a slave device identifier; controlling a main power supply when the slave device is in an inactive state; determining whether the slave device is completely booted; and executing an upper layer... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110107124 - Method and system for discovering a power source on a peripheral bus: Improved techniques to recognize a power source on a peripheral bus and/or determine power available from the power source via the peripheral bus are disclosed. Typically, the peripheral bus is supported by a cable connected between a host device and an electronic device. In this case, the host device is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110107123 - Power control system for distributing power to power demanding facility: A power control system includes a distribution unit distributing power supplied from a power system to a plurality of power demanding facilities, and a measurement unit measuring a value of running power between the power system and the distribution unit. A power control instruction is transmitted to a power demanding... Agent:

20110107121 - Power supply and computer having external power source: A power supply having an external power source, for receiving a power energy of an input voltage and converting to an external power source and an internal power source which is used in a computer, is disclosed. The power supply includes a body, a power converting module disposed inside the... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110107122 - Power supply and power supply system incorporating a plurality of power supplies: Disclosed is a power supply for receiving an input voltage and generating an output voltage and an output current, which includes a power converter for receiving the input voltage and generating an intermediate output voltage, an output protection circuit connected to an output terminal of the power converter and including... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110107119 - Power supply apparatus, power receiving apparatus, power supply system, and power supply method: Provided is a power supply apparatus including a direct-current power source connected to a bus line on which an information signal representing information is superposed upon direct-current power including first direct-current power and second direct-current power, the direct-current power source arranged to always outputting to the bus line the second... Agent:

20110107116 - System and method for power over ethernet enabled network management: A system and method for power over Ethernet enabled network management. An intermediary device is positioned between a computing device and a network. The intermediary device can be designed to wake up a part of the computing device (e.g., network interface) through the application of power via power over Ethernet.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110107118 - System and method for testing hybrid sleep modes of an electronic device: A system and method for testing hybrid sleep modes of an electronic device sets a switch time of switching a suspending to RAM (S3) sleep mode to a suspending to disk (S4) sleep mode. A computer sends a power management event (PME) signal to control the electronic device to be... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110107125 - Computer system: A computer system includes a monitor, and a motherboard. The monitor includes a display screen, a switch set on the monitor, and a first video connector. The first video connector includes a first monitor identity pin, and a first ground pin. The motherboard includes a second video connector. The second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110107127 - Network relay apparatus: A network relay apparatus which conducts data transfer by using a plurality of network LSIs includes a transfer engine unit having at least two network LSIs and a central control unit which controls the operation state of the network relay apparatus. The transfer engine unit includes the network LSIs capable... Agent:

20110107126 - System and method for minimizing power consumption for a workload in a data center: A system and method are disclosed for minimizing power consumption for a workload in a data center having two or more computers. The system and method execute a server-centric management tool that provides a workload-power cost function to predict a cost of running a workload on a server. The workload-power... Agent:

20110107128 - Image forming apparatus: Provided is an image forming apparatus that realizes a distributed control system with a reduced number of power lines, and that has highly reliable power supply and an effective power saving mode. To accomplish this, the image forming apparatus employs a distributed control system including a master CPU, a plurality... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110107129 - Methods and apparatus for load-based power management in a storage system: Apparatus and method for managing power consumption of circuits within a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) device. A SAS device having a plurality of PHY logic circuits includes a queue manager and a power manager. The queue manager is operable to determine a current workload based on queued entries for the... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110107130 - Method and device for waking users of a bus system, and corresponding users: A device for waking up users of a bus system includes an evaluator having at least one clock-pulse generator and configured to selectively evaluate the wake-up information used to activate the users. The wake-up information to be evaluated has the structure of a standard CAN message. The activating procedure is... Agent:

20110107131 - Saving power when in or transitioning to a static mode of a processor: A method for reducing power utilized by a processor including the steps of determining that a processor is transitioning from a computing mode to a mode is which system clock to the processor is disabled, and reducing core voltage to the processor to a value sufficient to maintain state during... Agent:

20110107132 - Method for detecting the improper removal of electronic equipment: A method for detecting an improper removal of the electronic equipment. In the method, having received a command from a higher-level device, the electronic equipment (card reader) executes processing operations in accordance with the command. The electronic equipment includes a first RAM for saving electronic information including the confidential data,... Agent:

20110107134 - Information recording medium, method for recording information on information recording medium, method for reproducing information from information recording medium, and method for manufacturing information recording medium: The present invention provides a measure for getting read/write control information stored within a space of a predetermined size in a format that ensures compatibility with media of a lower order or an older generation even if the size of the read/write control information increases significantly as the storage densities... Agent:

20110107133 - System and method for implementing a cloud computer: One embodiment is a clocking system for a computing environment. The system comprises a first set of processes executing in a first computing environment; a first local clock mechanism associated with the first set of processes; and a first communications channel for connecting the first local clock mechanism with the... Agent: Novell, Inc.

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