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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: processing architectures and instruction processing (e.g., processors) April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110099352 - Automatic control of multiple arithmetic/logic simd units: There is provided a method of performing single instruction multiple data (SIMD) operations. The method comprises storing a plurality of arrays in memory for performing SIMD operations thereon; determining a total number of SIMD operations to be performed on the plurality of arrays; loading a counter with the total number... Agent: Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

20110099353 - System and method for extracting fields from packets having fields spread over more than one register: Systems and methods that allow for extracting a field from data stored in a pair of registers using two instructions. A first instruction extracts any part of the field from a first register designated as a first source register, and executes a second instruction extracting any part of the field... Agent: Mips Technologies, Inc.

20110099354 - Information processing apparatus and instruction decoder for the information processing apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes an instruction supplying section that supplies a plurality of instructions as a single instruction group, an executing section that repetitively executes a plurality of execution processes corresponding to the plurality of instructions in parallel, an issue timing control section that controls an issue timing of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110099355 - Multi-threading processors, integrated circuit devices, systems, and processes of operation and manufacture: A multi-threaded microprocessor (1105) for processing instructions in threads. The microprocessor (1105) includes first and second decode pipelines (1730.0, 1730.1), first and second execute pipelines (1740, 1750), and coupling circuitry (1916) operable in a first mode to couple first and second threads from the first and second decode pipelines (1730.0,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110099356 - Device for correcting set-point signals and system for the generation of gradients comprising such a device: A device for real-time correction of set-point signals intended to receive at the input set-point signals and to deliver at its output set-point signals that are modified to compensate for defects, negative effects or the like subsequently encountered during the processing and/or the application of the set-point signals. This device... Agent: Bruker Biospin

20110099357 - Utilizing a bidding model in a microparallel processor architecture to allocate additional registers and execution units for short to intermediate stretches of code identified as opportunities for microparallelization: An enhanced mechanism for parallel execution of computer programs utilizes a bidding model to allocate additional registers and execution units for stretches of code identified as opportunities for microparallelization. A microparallel processor architecture apparatus permits software (e.g. compiler) to implement short-term parallel execution of stretches of code identified as such... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110093681 - Remaining instruction for processing vectors: The described embodiments include a processor that executes a vector instruction. The processor starts by receiving an input vector and optionally receiving a predicate vector as inputs. The processor then executes the vector instruction, which causes the processor to determine a key element position in the input vector and generate... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110093682 - Method and apparatus for packing data: An apparatus includes an instruction decoder, first and second source registers and a circuit coupled to the decoder to receive packed data from the source registers and to pack the packed data responsive to a pack instruction received by the decoder. A first packed data element and a second packed... Agent:

20110093683 - Program flow control: A data processing apparatus includes a data engine 6 having an instruction decoder 18 for generating one or more control signals 24 for controlling processing circuitry 20 to perform data processing operations specified by the program instructions decoded. The instruction decoder 18 responsive to a marker instruction to read a... Agent: Arm Limited

20110093684 - Transparent concurrent atomic execution: Executing a block of code is disclosed. Executing includes receiving an indication that the block of code is to be executed using a synchronization mechanism and speculatively executing the block of code on a virtual machine. The block of code may include application code. The block of code does not... Agent: Azul Systems, Inc.

20110093685 - Data processing circuit: A data processing circuit is disclosed in the present invention. The data processing circuit includes a decoder and a number of N-stage circuits. The circuits receive input data from at least a memory and separate the input data into N stages. The circuit process and store the N input data... Agent:

20110093686 - Register state saving and restoring: In a data processing apparatus 1 having registers 6, when a state saving trigger event occurs while a result value of a data processing operation is still to be written to a destination register then saving and restoring control circuitry 12 selects a state saving sequence defining a temporal order... Agent: Arm Limited

20110093687 - Managing multiple speculative assist threads at differing cache levels: An illustrative embodiment provides a computer-implemented process for managing multiple speculative assist threads for data pre-fetching that sends a command from an assist thread of a first processor to second processor and a memory, wherein parameters of the command specify a processor identifier of the second processor, responsive to receiving... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087859 - System cycle loading and storing of misaligned vector elements in a simd processor: The present invention provides efficient transfer of misaligned vector elements between a vector register file and data memory in a single clock cycle. One vector register of N elements can be loaded from memory with any memory element address alignment during a single clock cycle of the processor. Also, a... Agent:

20110087860 - Parallel data processing systems and methods using cooperative thread arrays: Parallel data processing systems and methods use cooperative thread arrays (CTAs), i.e., groups of multiple threads that concurrently execute the same program on an input data set to produce an output data set. Each thread in a CTA has a unique identifier (thread ID) that can be assigned at thread... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20110087861 - System for high-efficiency post-silicon verification of a processor: A post-silicon validation technique is able to craft randomized executable code, with known final outcomes, as a verification test that is executable on a hardware, such as a prototype microprocessor. A verification device is able to generate the test, in the form of programs, in such a way that at... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110087862 - Multiprocessor resource optimization: Embodiments include a device and a method. In an embodiment, a method applies a first resource management strategy to a first resource associated with a first processor and executes an instruction block in a first processor. The method also applies a second resource management strategy to a second resource of... Agent:

20110087863 - Data processing apparatus having a parallel processing circuit including a plurality of processing modules, and method for controlling the same: In an apparatus which includes a plurality of processing modules connected via a ring-shape bus, if a plurality pieces of pipeline processing to be processed in a different order is allocated to a plurality of processing modules, the transfer efficiency may decrease when an amount of data transferred from one... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110087864 - Providing pipeline state through constant buffers: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for providing state information to one or more shader engines within a processing pipeline. State information received from an application accessing the processing pipeline is stored in constant buffer memory accessible to each of the shader engines. The shader engines... Agent:

20110087865 - Intermediate register mapper: A method, processor, and computer program product employing an intermediate register mapper within a register renaming mechanism. A logical register lookup determines whether a hit to a logical register associated with the dispatched instruction has occurred. In this regard, the logical register lookup searches within at least one register mapper... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110087866 - Perceptron-based branch prediction mechanism for predicting conditional branch instructions on a multithreaded processor: A multithreaded microprocessor includes an instruction fetch unit including a perceptron-based conditional branch prediction unit configured to provide, for each of one or more concurrently executing threads, a direction branch prediction. The conditional branch prediction unit includes a plurality of storages each including a plurality of entries. Each entry may... Agent:

20110087867 - Primitives to enhance thread-level speculation: A processor may include an address monitor table and an atomic update table to support speculative threading. The processor may also include one or more registers to maintain state associated with execution of speculative threads. The processor may support one or more of the following primitives: an instruction to write... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110083000 - Data processing architectures for packet handling: A data processing architecture includes an input device that receives an incoming stream of data packets. A plurality of processing elements are operable to process data received from the input device. The input device is operable to distribute data packets in whole or in part to the processing elements in... Agent:

20110083001 - Methods and apparatus for automated generation of abbreviated instruction set and configurable processor architecture: A systematic approach to architecture and design of the instruction fetch mechanisms and instruction set architectures in embedded processors is described. This systematic approach allows a relaxing of certain restrictions normally imposed by a fixed-size instruction set architecture (ISA) on design and development of an embedded system. The approach also... Agent: Altera Corporation

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