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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: multicomputer data transferring or plural processor synchronization

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20150127704 - Data processing: Example data processing methods and systems are provided. A server obtains first order data submitted by a client. The first order data includes user address information. A matching operation is performed according to the user address information in a preset database to find second order data that satisfies an address... Agent:

20150127697 - Elevator system using dual communication channels: An elevator control system includes at least one destination entry fixture coupled to a controller area network (CAN) bus that provides a first communication channel, the at least one destination entry fixture operable to transmit destination information over the CAN bus; a plurality of elevator car controllers each associated with... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20150127698 - Method and apparatus for remote application monitoring: A method executable via operation of configured processing circuitry to identify applications by remote monitoring may include initiating remote communication with a target device through an access point, the access point providing network access to the target device, providing a series of ping messages to the target device via the... Agent:

20150127702 - Method for the transmission of messages in a computer network and computer network: The invention pertains to a method for the transmission of messages in a computer network, wherein the computer network comprises computing nodes with said computing nodes being interconnected by means of at least one star coupler and/or at least one multi-hop network, wherein each computing node is connected to the... Agent: Fts Computertechnik Gmbh

20150127701 - Multicast multipathing in an ip overlay network: The subject technology addresses the need in the art for improving utilization of network bandwidth in a multicast network environment. More specifically, the disclosed technology addresses the need in the art for extending multipathing to tenant multicast traffic in an IP overlay network, which enables the network to fully utilize... Agent:

20150127703 - Name based media delivery and presentation system: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a media communication system. The media communication system is configured to receive presentation information identifying a multimedia name. The media communication system is also configured to receive one or more multimedia data units associated with the multimedia name. The media communication... Agent:

20150127699 - Obtaining dispersed storage network system registry information: A method begins by a processing module of a dispersed storage network (DSN) obtaining an identifier (ID) piece of multiple ID pieces regarding a registry fragment of a distributed DSN registry. The method continues with the processing module performing a function on the ID piece to obtain a registry fragment... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20150127700 - Parallel computer system, control unit, and method of controlling parallel computer system: A parallel computer system includes a plurality of computation nodes, connected with one another through a grid-shaped or a ring-shaped network in a physical space including a plurality of physical axes, and configured to execute jobs, respectively, and a control unit configured to control the plurality of computation nodes. The... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150127705 - Standard commands for native commands: A system and method for standardizing commands used for various application behaviors in an application regardless of the environment of the application. A client intercepts a user input standard command, retrieves a corresponding native command from a standardizing server and inputs the native command in the application.... Agent:

20150127706 - Systems and methods for data extraction: Systems and methods are provided for data extraction based on model-view-controller (MVC). For example, a data extraction request of a control layer object is acquired; network address parameters and a data carrier object corresponding to the data extraction request are acquired; a network data capturing function of the data carrier... Agent:

20150127708 - Systems and methods for facilitating service provision between applications: Embodiments of the invention are concerned with facilitating service provision between software applications. In embodiments of the invention, a first user terminal includes an application which causes the first user terminal to delegate execution of a first service to a different application. In response to determining that the first service... Agent:

20150127707 - Terminal communication apparatus, and distributed control system: A terminal communication apparatus has a terminal communication control portion rendering an immediate communication control portion sequentially transmitting serial data to another terminal communication apparatus bitwise when receiving a packet as bitwise serial data and a normal communication control portion performing processing on the packet after accumulating the serial data... Agent: Hitachi High-tech Instruments Co., Ltd.

20150127713 - Cloud agent processing method, device, and system: A cloud agent processing method, device, and system. In the present disclosure, an agent server may generate an agent function operating request; send the agent function operating request to an agent call center; receive, after the agent call center processes the agent function operating request, an agent function processing result... Agent:

20150127712 - Handling security services visitor at a smart-home: This patent specification relates to apparatus, systems, methods, and related computer program products for providing home security/smart home objectives. More particularly, this patent specification relates to a plurality of devices, including intelligent, multi-sensing, network-connected devices, that communicate with each other and/or with a central server or a cloud-computing system to... Agent:

20150127710 - Method and apparatus for associating mobile devices using audio signature detection: One disclosed method of operation includes obtaining audio data from a plurality of mobile devices, comparing the audio data to at least one stored audio signature, and grouping mobile devices that have audio data containing the at least one stored audio signature. The method may further include sending an invitation... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150127709 - Providing reliable session initiation protocol (sip) signaling for web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media: Embodiments include providing reliable Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling for Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media. In one embodiment, a method for providing reliable SIP signaling for WebRTC interactive flows comprises establishing, via a stateless SIP user agent executing on a first... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150127711 - System and method for distribution and consumption of content: Content is received from content producer computers and distributed by the system to content consumer computers via a computer network. The system monitors for indications of interactions with the content by the content consumer computer. The system receives out-of-band transaction data, such as financial transaction data, of content consumer parties... Agent:

20150127717 - Computing device with automatic download and installation of a new plug-in: A computing device includes at least one processor to execute a web browser application and a separate and distinct plug-in deployment application. The web browser application receives user action information indicating user interaction with a web page displayed by the web browser application, determines that a new plug-in is to... Agent:

20150127722 - Data processing method, apparatus and system: A data processing method applied to a proxy capable of communicating with a client and a server is provided. The method includes the proxy receiving request data in a first data format sent from the client associated with a computer game, where the first data format of the request data... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150127715 - Decoupled dictionary and transmission services over communications networks: Systems and methods are described for providing dictionary services that can be decoupled from transmission services. For example, a subscriber can request content via a network of a transmission services provider, which offers dictionary services via a third-party dictionary services provider. In response to receiving the content request from the... Agent: Viasat Inc.

20150127716 - Filtering unnecessary display updates for a networked client: Methods, systems, and computer programs are provided for managing remote display performance. One method includes operations for receiving notifications of events identified by an operating system, and for receiving notifications of display updates destined to a remote display coupled to a remote client. The method includes an operation for correlating... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150127719 - Information processing system, proxy apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an information processing system includes a unique information collector, a response changer, and a response transmitter. The unique information collector is configured to transmit a unique information request to a client apparatus, and receive unique information from the client apparatus. The unique information request is for... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150127725 - Method and system for building an elastic cloud web server farm: A method and system for building an elastic cloud web server farm. The method includes registering a web application on a serving cloud and copying the web application to a distributed store. A load of the web application is specified, and a plurality of nodes is added for the web... Agent:

20150127724 - Method, system and server for pushing information: A method, system and server for pushing information are disclosed in the embodiments of the present invention. In the method, corresponding to position information, the server presets contacts used for pushing information as communication robots. The method comprises: receiving, by the server, a nearby contact search request from a client,... Agent:

20150127726 - Methods, systems and apparatus for configuring a system of content access devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus to configure a system of content access devices and direct signals, content, and communications between devices are described. A requested content item is directed from a source device to a first receiving device. A change of format of the requested content item from a first format... Agent:

20150127718 - Page update reminding method, system, and device: A method for reminding a page update is provided. The method includes: receiving by a proxy server a request from a user for visiting a page of a third-party website via a mobile terminal; obtaining by the proxy server the page of the third-party website according to the request and... Agent:

20150127721 - Server network address selection based on network characteristics of service providers: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and software that select network addresses of a network content server are provided herein. In one example, a method of operating a control node to perform network address selection that selects between different communication service providers according to network characteristics is presented. The control node receives a... Agent:

20150127720 - System and method for combining content site visitor profiles: Embodiments of the systems described herein can implement one or more visitor stitching processes. Visitor stitching can include, among other things, one or more processes by which multiple visitors that may appear distinctly independent may be merged into a new single united visitor profile due to the leveraging of one... Agent:

20150127723 - Telephony web event system and method: An embodiment of the system for publishing events of a telephony application to a client includes a call router that generates events from the telephony application and an event router that manages the publication of events generated by the call router and that manages the subscription to events by clients.... Agent:

20150127714 - Using a smartphone for remote interaction with visual user interfaces: Methods and systems are provided for establishing an interaction session between a visual interface on any of a wide range of devices (e.g., POS, ATM, computer, television, or other visual display) and a smartphone having a camera by using the smartphone camera to scan or capture a special image (e.g.,... Agent:

20150127738 - Bio-language based communication system: A method comprising defining a bio-language, establishing a bio-language based metric for an event, and transmitting a bio-language based communication based at least in part on the metric is disclosed. A system and a body-associated personal communicator configured to define a bio-language, establish a bio-language based metric for an event,... Agent:

20150127742 - Broker designation and selection in a publish-subscription environment: Approaches for designating and/or selecting broker systems in a publication-subscription (pub-sub) messaging environment are provided. In one approach, a subscriber system may be designated as a broker system based on a capability of the subscriber system to function as a broker system for its peers. In another approach, a broker... Agent:

20150127733 - Context-aware peer-to-peer communication: Methods and systems are disclosed for determining context information for one or more peers to be used in a peer discovery and/or peer association process(es) and/or to otherwise facilitate P2P proximity communications. For example, a method for determining peer context information may include receiving a context-aware identifier (CAID). The CAID... Agent: Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

20150127735 - Fabric network: Systems and methods relating to communication within a fabric network are presented. The fabric network includes one or more logical networks that enables devices connected to the fabric to communicate with each other using various profiles known to the devices. A device sending a message may follow a general message... Agent:

20150127744 - Implicit geolocation of social networking users: In one embodiment, one or more computing systems receive a request for a location prediction for a user from a service. The computing systems access one or more real-time location signals and one or more aggregated location signals. The aggregated location signals may comprise one or more previous location signals.... Agent:

20150127734 - Information processing device, information processing method and terminal device: There is provided an information processing device including a score calculation unit that calculates, for one or more events for which a plan is set by one or more of users in a user group composed of the plurality of users capable of sharing information by satisfying a predetermined condition... Agent:

20150127729 - Inter-site integration platform for communication between social networking sites: A method, system, and computer program product for data mining and analytics from social networking sites. One method commences upon receiving a social event from a first social networking site, classifying the social event to determine a social site action, and modifying at least some aspect of the social event... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150127728 - Lifestyle-based social groups: Techniques for lifestyle-based social groups are described. A user device can learn movement patterns of the user device. Based on the movement pattern, and a user activity history, a computer system can determine a lifestyle of a user, or a meaning of a location. The system can create a social... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150127727 - Media plug-in for third-party system: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request to display a media plug-in on a third-party website hosted by a third-party system, determining media content associated with the request to display the media plug-in, and determining whether the third-party website is being viewed by a user that is currently... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150127745 - Peer-to-peer network image distribution hierarchy: In one embodiment, network devices such as IP phones may be upgraded with a set of files. A master network device in the set of network devices is identified. The master network device retrieves or receives one or more files in the set of files. The master network device then... Agent:

20150127743 - Processing data and operating a communications device: Processing data in a communications system comprising a plurality of servers is provided. First data received from a communications device is directed to a given server in the plurality of servers. A server identifier identifying the given server is transmitted to the communications device. Subsequent data is received from the... Agent:

20150127741 - Promoting communicant interactions in a network communications environment: In a network communication environment in which communicants operating from respective client network nodes connect to different server applications, communicants who are related to a target communicant are ascertained, statuses of the related communicants with respect to the different server applications are determined, and indications of the related communicants and... Agent:

20150127732 - Shared presenting method and system: The present invention provides a shared presenting method and system, in said shared presenting method: an initiator sets up a shared presentation room and sends invitation information of said shared presentation room via a network; a receiver that receives said invitation information joins in said shared presentation room through establishing... Agent:

20150127737 - Social media networking based on physiologic information: A method comprising receiving physiologic information at a social-networking system from a body-associated personal communicator is disclosed. A social-networking system configured to receive physiological information from a body-associated personal communicator and a body-associated personal communicator configured to receive physiologic information and communicate the physiologic information to a social-networking system also... Agent:

20150127731 - System and method for providing electronic content: The system according to an embodiment of the present invention may more appropriately provide recommendation information of contents based on use status of the contents by a plurality of users. The system includes a service provision control unit for controlling provision of services, an information storage unit for storing information,... Agent: Dena Co., Ltd.

20150127730 - System and method for vehicle alerts, notifications and messaging communications: A method, system, a computer program product, and mobile device application product that uses vehicle license plate information (license plate State, Number, and/or other information) and user location information (IP address, Mobile GPS, etc.) to send real-time alerts, notifications, or messages to individual users, organizations, external systems, and/or any other... Agent:

20150127736 - Systems and methods for distributed rules processing: The invention provides in some aspects a distributed rules processing system that includes a first and second digital data processors that are coupled to one another by one or more networks. A rules base and a transactional data base are each coupled to one of the digital data processors; both... Agent:

20150127740 - Systems and methods of social networking: A method, device, system or article of manufacture is provided for social networking. In one embodiment, a method comprises hosting, by a master server, a plurality of client devices for a conference event, wherein each of the plurality of client devices is associated with a member of a community, wherein... Agent:

20150127739 - Targeted electronic and networked content delivery: Disclosed are various embodiments for a content module to identify targeted content to a user based on the user's prior interactions with a content providing entity over multiple forms of communication. Information about the user's interaction over the multiple forms of communication, such as, for example, duration of interaction and... Agent:

20150127747 - Blog integration in a collaborative system: A system and computer program product for an integrated blog in a collaborative environment is provided. In this regard, the computer program product includes a computer program comprising a set of instructions which when executed by a machine causes the machine to perform the steps of processing a single sign-on... Agent:

20150127746 - Methods, nodes, computer programs and comuter program products for activating remote access: The invention relates to a method for activating remote access, the method performed in a collaboration node of a communication system. The communication system includes a first node and a second node having an established communication link them between. The method includes receiving, from the first node, object identification information... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150127749 - Email thread procrastinating method: A computer-implemented method for procrastinating an email for review at a later time is provided. The method includes identifying an email for procrastination, and selecting a procrastination period. The method also includes procrastinating the identified email, including storing the identified email separately from other emails or email threads stored in... Agent: Google Inc.

20150127752 - Intelligent messaging method, apparatus and computer-readable storage device: Disclosure herein is related to an intelligent messaging method, an apparatus, and a computer-readable storage device. The method includes firstly acquiring selection of message recipients from an address book when a user manipulates a messaging program. The method essentially includes configuring the message transmitted to the multiple recipients selected from... Agent:

20150127758 - Location-based content aggregation and distribution: In one embodiment, a method includes storing one or more content postings that each include data representative of one or more content instances. Each content posting is associated with one or more first users. The method also includes storing one or more data records associating one or more geographic locations... Agent:

20150127755 - Method and apparatus for checking status of messages in electronic device: A method and apparatus for checking the status of sent and received messages in an electronic device. The method may include: setting, when a message is sent, the reception confirmation state of the sent message to “unread”; and displaying a notification window in at least one of a status display... Agent:

20150127756 - Method of virally expanding social networks: Membership in a social network is virally expanded by suggesting to a user to invite contacts from the user's address book and, in addition, eligible contacts from other address books. Eligible contacts from other address books include those contacts that have e-mail addresses with the same e-mail domain as the... Agent:

20150127748 - Recommendations for enhanced content in social posts: Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for creating recommendations to add enhanced content to a post being created in a social network. One method includes an operation for detecting, using one or more computing devices, user input for a social post before the social post is submitted on the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150127751 - Sending an out-of-facility notification based on aggregated content frm a task management system: Historical content corresponding to activity of a user in at least one social networking service is aggregated. The historical content indicates a plurality of collaboration partners with whom the user collaborated via the at least one social networking service in an occupation context. Based on the aggregated historical content, at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127750 - System and method for pushing smart alerts: An alert notification is received and evaluated by a processor. An identifier of a subscriber who is registered to receive the first alert notification is identified. The subscriber identifier is used to select assessment rules corresponding to the first alert notification. The assessment rules are applied to the alert notification... Agent: Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

20150127754 - Systems and methods for collecting media content: A system and method are provided for collecting photographs, drawings, videos and other media elements from one or more sources. A user on one site can create an album associated with one or more identifiers and the site can search for and retrieve media elements associated with the identifiers on... Agent:

20150127757 - Systems and methods for sending messages: Devices and methods are provided for sending messages. For example, a receiving user list corresponding to a specific message to be sent is acquired; a first timeline refresh request associated with a first receiving user in the receiving user list is received; and upon the capture of the first timeline... Agent:

20150127753 - Word recognition and ideograph or in-app advertising system: A non-transitory processor readable medium is described having processor executable instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to monitor application data from a user device via a communications network, analyze the application data for one or more indicator, retrieved one or more ideograph indicative of a graphical... Agent:

20150127759 - Per-session invocation of priority services based upon network available information: Concepts and technologies disclosed herein are directed to per-session invocation of priority services based upon network available information. A service architecture can include a service architecture core and a service execution runtime framework in which a priority service application is executable to perform operations to provide a priority service for... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150127760 - Process system for constructing network structure deployment diagram and method thereof and computer program product storing analysis program of network structure deployment: A process system for constructing network structure deployment diagram and the method thereof and a computer program product storing a network structure deployment analysis program are provided to analyze the network structure deployment of a target network. At first, a request instruction is sent by the process system for constructing... Agent: Xinguard Inc.

20150127761 - Apparatus and method for client-side flow control in a remote access environment: A client-side flow control mechanism for controlling the flow of messages communicated from a service to a client in a remote access system. The service, which may be a managed or unmanaged service, may communicate messages to the client where the messages include a service sequence ID (SSI). As the... Agent:

20150127763 - Programmed input/output mode: A data processing system and method are provided. A host computing device comprises at least one processor. A network interface device is arranged to couple the host computing device to a network. The network interface device comprises a buffer for receiving data for transmission from the host computing device. The... Agent: Solarflare Communications, Inc.

20150127762 - System and method for supporting optimized buffer utilization for packet processing in a networking device: A system and method can support efficient packet processing in a network environment. The system can comprise a direct memory access (DMA) resources pool that comprises one or more of DMA resources. Furthermore, the system can use a plurality of packet buffers in a memory, wherein each said DMA resource... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150127765 - Content node selection using network performance profiles: A communication system exchanges communications between end user devices, content delivery nodes (CDN) of a content delivery system, and a control system that selects CDNs of the content delivery system. The control system receives a domain name lookup request issued by an end user device for retrieving content cached by... Agent:

20150127766 - Method and node entity for enhancing content delivery network: The present invention provides a method and a caching node entity for ensuring at least a predetermined number of a content object to be kept stored in a network, comprising a plurality of cache nodes for storing copies of content objects. The present invention makes use of ranking states values,... Agent:

20150127764 - Storage device control: A method includes receiving a write request on at least one storage device; detecting a predetermined block of data within the write request; setting a first short code within a translation table if the predetermined block of data is detected; and writing the write request into the at least one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127767 - Resolving cache lookup of large pages with variable granularity: A method, system, and computer program product for resolving cache lookup of large pages with variable granularity are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A number of unused bits in an available number of bits is identified. The available number of bits is configured to address a page of data in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127768 - Rapid cloud-based image centralization: A system for a mass centralization approach to full image cloning of multiple computing devices is provided. The system includes a server, and a computing device that includes a disk for data storage, wherein the disk includes a plurality of blocks within a plurality of regions. The system also includes... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150127770 - Distributed cloud disk service provisioning and management: A distributed cloud disk system includes a computer system that is connected to the Internet or another external network, to which storage services can be remotely provisioned, connected, and monitored by a managed service provider on behalf of the user of the computer system. The system is structured in a... Agent: Pax8, Inc.

20150127773 - Electronic device, storage medium and file transferring method: The present invention discloses an electronic device, a storage medium and a method for transferring a file. The method for transferring the file includes: submitting a file segment to be transferred to a target device to a transferring queue in a main process; waiting for an interrupt signal; monitoring whether... Agent:

20150127771 - Method and apparatus: A method includes causing a first request to be sent; receiving a response to said request including a script; causing a second request to be sent including parameter information; running said script to determine type information associated with said parameter information; and causing said type information to be sent.... Agent: Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

20150127769 - Strict queue ordering in a distributed system: Methods and systems for implementing strict queue ordering in a distributed system are disclosed. A plurality of messages are distributed to a plurality of queue servers based on strict order parameters for the messages. Messages that share a strict order parameter are distributed to a respective one of the queue... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150127772 - Transmission control apparatus, reception control apparatus, transmission control method, and reception control method: There is provided a transmission control apparatus including a transmission control unit configured to transmit image data by changing a stream to transmit the image data from the stream in which the image data is recently transmitted, in each predetermined unit of the image data indicating an image to be... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150127774 - Adaptive cloud-based application streaming: Methods and systems for remotely provisioning immediately executable applications with license control in secure environments. Immediately initially executable portions of applications are pushed onto user desktops, and when applications are selected for use, additional components of selected applications are streamed to said desktops.... Agent: Numecent Holdings Inc.

20150127778 - Adaptive streaming aware node, encoder and client enabling sooth quality transition: For adaptive streaming, a video item is available in plural quality versions. Corresponding video slices (411, 421; 412, 422) in the different quality versions are pre-processed to contain bit strings for equal image portions. The client (303) can request a video segment of the video item thereby specifying in its... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20150127780 - Apparatus, systems and methods for providing edge cached media content to media devices based on user history: Systems and methods provide media content events to media devices. An exemplary system receives a request for a media content event from a first media device; communicates the media content event to an edge server that is communicatively coupled to the first media device based on an identifier of the... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20150127775 - Downstream bandwidth aware adaptive bit rate selection: A system for providing downstream bandwidth aware adaptive bit rate selection is disclosed. The system may determine a fixed bandwidth available to transmit content to a client on a second network. The system may connect to a first network, which may be configured to have no specific bandwidth constraints, to... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150127779 - File playback method and apparatus: A method for playing multimedia data in an electronic device includes A method for playing multimedia data in an electronic device, the method comprising: receiving a request for transmitting a file including multimedia data to a second device; identifying sample playback data that is a portion of multimedia data; transmitting... Agent:

20150127776 - Streaming state data for cloud management: A cloud manager uses streams to monitor state of the cloud. A cloud state streaming policy specifies state data to stream, along with one or more initial operators for processing the streams. An archive mechanism allows archiving the streamed data when specified data in the streams exceeds one or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127781 - Techniques for metadata-driven dynamic content serving: Techniques for metadata-driven dynamic content serving. Metadata content is stored as a source instance, the metadata content is to be utilized to provide dynamically-constructed pages of content. The metadata content is published to one or more runtime pods communicatively coupled to receive the metadata content. A request for content is... Agent:

20150127777 - Using cloud resources to improve performance of a streaming application: A streams manager monitors performance of a streaming application, and when the performance needs to be improved, the streams manager automatically requests virtual machines from a cloud manager. The streams manager specifies to the cloud manager streams infrastructure and one or more streams application components for the virtual machines. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127782 - Video conference recording method, device, and system: A video conference recording method, device, and system, which can implement recording and playback of a video of a conference according to a user requirement when the video conference is in progress. The method includes receiving a playback request message input by a user; sending the playback request message to... Agent:

20150127783 - Centralized networking configuration in distributed systems: Methods and apparatus for centralized networking configuration in distributed systems are disclosed. Networking related metrics from a plurality of sources within a distributed system are obtained at a networking configuration server. A set of rules to be used to apply a network configuration option to a particular category of traffic... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150127786 - Communicating data associated with different personas of a user: An electronic device has a plurality of environments including respective communication stacks. The environments correspond to respective different user personas. Data associated with the different user personas are communicated in corresponding separate transport flows over the network.... Agent:

20150127787 - Deployment device and deployment method: When constructing a system, normality of the system is confirmed more efficiently. In deployment device (100), a configuration information storage unit (104) stores, in association with an identifier of a module of which a system is composed, a configuration information including at least one of an identifier of a platform... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150127784 - Dynamic conversion of hardware resources of a server system: Embodiments herein provide for a method of dynamically converting servers and a computer and storage readable medium configured to do the same. In the method a first server enters a server conversion while a second server performs one or more network services. A current physical hardware configuration and logical hardware... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127785 - Gateway service manager for business object applications: A system includes a backend server with business applications within a business object processing framework. The business object processing framework includes a framework data format. The system also includes a generic gateway service manager coupled to the business object processing framework, and a gateway coupled to the generic gateway service... Agent: Sap Ag

20150127788 - Centralized enterprise image upgrades for distributed campus networks: System, method, and computer program product to perform an operation, comprising establishing a connection between a primary intermediate branch director (IBD) in a first branch of an enterprise network and a first proxy IBD in a second branch of the enterprise network, receiving, at the primary IBD, network topology information... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150127792 - Configuration management device, configuration interface device and method for vendor-independent network device configuration: A configuration management device for vendor-independent network device configuration includes a network interface unit for communicating with network devices over a communications network and a data storage unit. The network interface unit can include a unified device network interface and a device-specific driver unit, where the unified device network interface... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150127791 - Data collection system having eir terminal interface node: A network accessible node facilitates management of a fleet of portable communication devices (EIR terminal), including portable data terminals and/or barcode readers, by directing performance of software upgrade and/or configuration update actions by one or more members of the fleet of EIR terminals. The node can be configured for use... Agent:

20150127789 - Encoding traffic classification information for networking configuration: Methods and apparatus for encoding traffic classification information for a networking configuration system are disclosed. At a networking configuration server, a hierarchy of network traffic categories and corresponding networking configuration options are generated. In addition, steps of a procedure usable to classify network traffic units into the categories are determined.... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150127790 - Systems and methods for enterprise mission management of a computer nework: Systems (100) and methods (1400) for enterprise mission management of a Computer Network (“CN”). The methods involve configuring CN to operate in accordance with a first Mission Plan (“MP”) specifying a manner in which an assigned value for a first IDentity Parameter (“IDP”) is to be dynamically modified by a... Agent: Harris Corporation

20150127793 - Building and transporting centrally modified software systems: Various embodiments herein include at least one of systems, methods, and software for building and transporting centrally configured and modified software systems. Such embodiments provide for a virtual appliance to be configured and customized prior to transport of the virtual appliance to the target organization. Once configured and customized, the... Agent: Sap Ag

20150127794 - Content and device naming scheme: Methods and systems for managing content are disclosed. An example method can comprise receiving content at a first device. The first device can be associated with a first identifier. The method can comprise inserting the first identifier into the content. The method can also comprise providing the content comprising the... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20150127802 - Cross-protocol communication in domain name systems: Systems and methods for processing domain name system requests in accordance with subscriber information are provided. A request for domain name information can be correlated with subscriber information using a subscriber identifier to resolve the domain name information at a domain name system (DNS) nameserver. The subscriber identifier and/or subscriber... Agent: Opendns, Inc.

20150127799 - Hierarchical distribution of control information in a massively scalable network server: A method of propagating an FCAPS operation through a plurality of servers including a configuration server connected on a network. The method includes the steps of: receiving, by the configuration server, an FCAPS operation; the configuration server selecting a server from the plurality of servers to be lead management aggregator;... Agent:

20150127800 - Information processing terminal, control method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An information processing terminal having a relay function of relaying, via a network, a client for managing data and a service for providing a function using the data managed by the client, comprises: a receiving unit which, upon receiving function information for calling the function provided by the service by... Agent:

20150127796 - Method of managing resource transmission between two service providers and related computer system: When performing resource management between different service providers, a first interface and a second interface are provided simultaneously on an electronic device for connecting to a first service provider and a second service provider, respectively. The first interface is arranged to display the resource list of the first service provider... Agent: Synology Incorporated

20150127801 - Name service object clustering: Method and System for load balance of Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) object servers, comprising: invoking a name service cluster, indicating to a user whether bind interceptors are in use, and providing the user with a class having relevant methods if bind interceptors are in use.... Agent:

20150127798 - Object version management: Object-oriented network management includes defining an information model with one object class for each type of network resource and network entity to be managed. A hierarchy tree with a plurality of hierarchy levels is defined independent from an inheritance hierarchy. Each object class is assigned to one hierarchy level, and... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150127803 - Scalable policy deployment architecture in a communication network: Aspects describe using a Policy Access Gateway that can facilitate scalability within a communication network and that can provide a solution to deploy an enhanced policy gateway. The Policy Access Gateway can enhance standard defined Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) functions with session binding mechanisms. Further, the Policy Access Gateway is... Agent:

20150127795 - Scaling a trusted computing model in a globally distributed cloud environment: A distributed cloud environment system comprising: a repository; a plurality of cloud managed nodes with a client program interface; a plurality of service management components with a service management component interface; a central trusted computing platform service in communication with the repository, the plurality of cloud managed nodes and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127797 - System and method for multi-path load balancing in network fabrics: In accordance with one embodiment, a source leaf device receives a packet. The source leaf device identifies a flowlet associated with the packet and a destination leaf device to which the packet is to be transmitted. The source leaf device may determine whether the flowlet is a new flowlet. The... Agent:

20150127820 - Apparatus and method for searching across groups of networked devices for devices having a same function: A search device in a system in which first and second device groups are connected to each other, acquires first history information that specifies transmission sources and transmission destinations of communication executed between devices in the first device group, and second history information that specifies transmission sources and transmission destinations... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150127812 - Capacity forecasting based on capacity policies and transactions: According to one aspect of the present disclosure, a method and technique for capacity forecasting is disclosed. The method includes: storing, in a memory, resource data associated with an environment, the resource data comprising inventory information of applications, processing resources and storage resources of the environment; and providing a ledger... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127813 - Contextual browser composition and knowledge organization: Various systems and methods for organizing knowledge are described herein. A context of a browsing session of a plurality of online resources is identified. User browsing behavior during browsing of the plurality of online resources is tracked. Using a computing device, a relevance metric of the plurality of online resources... Agent:

20150127821 - Control device: To reduce the processing load of the control calculations run on a PLC while quickly providing data representing a state of control, a PLC for communicating data with an external device executes a user program to manage a controlled object. The user program executes a program that monitors data representing... Agent:

20150127816 - Datacenter health analysis using dns switching: Technologies are generally described for monitoring application health in datacenters through load rebalancing. In some examples, a domain name server (DNS) module may cyclically vary load provided to an application instance. A monitoring module may then measure application output data and/or parameters associated with the processing of the load by... Agent:

20150127805 - Dynamic bandwidth allocation systems and methods using content identification in a software-defined networking controlled multi-layer network: A method, a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controller, and a network include operation of a multi-layer SDN network and uniquely identifying streaming content on higher layers relative to the multi-layer SDN network through deep packet inspection; associating the streaming content to a multi-layer service on the SDN network; and monitoring the... Agent: Ciena Corporation

20150127825 - Incremental browser-based device fingerprinting: A method for incrementally fingerprinting a computing device includes steps for executing device-identification code programmed to retrieve a complete set of device configuration metrics from a web browser of the computing device, interrupting execution of the device-identification code after retrieval of a first subset of the device configuration metrics, generating... Agent: Bluecava, Inc.

20150127827 - Lawful interception in an ip multimedia subsystem network: A method and apparatus for providing lawful interception in an IMS network. A first node in an IMS network receives a message from a Lawful Intercept mediation system node instructing the first node to perform lawful interception on a target. The first node sends a subscribe request message towards a... Agent:

20150127822 - Managing devices in a heterogeneouus network: A system that accesses managed devices in a heterogeneous network includes a controller, coupled to the managed devices, having processor hardware, an operating system running on the processor hardware, an application framework layer that provides low level communication and resource management to the operating system, and a mapping layer that... Agent:

20150127818 - Media playlist construction for virtual environments: Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for generating song playlists for use in an immersive virtual environment. Generally, playlists may be generated based on stored music preference data. The music preference data may be generated by storing user interactions with specific songs. The user interactions may be associated with characteristics... Agent: Activision Publishing, Inc.

20150127809 - Method and apparatus for distributing etherchannel load based on variance: Techniques are disclosed for determining a preferred hashing algorithm for load balancing physical interface utilization in a network device, such as a switch, configured with a port-channel architecture. While a current hashing algorithm is being applied to network traffic flows, a forwarding engine of the network device retrieves snapshot data... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150127819 - Methods and apparatus to credit background applications: Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture are disclosed which credit background applications. Examples disclosed herein set a threshold for bandwidth activity based on the bandwidth pattern. Examples disclosed herein compare a bandwidth usage of the application executing in the background to the threshold for bandwidth activity. Examples disclosed herein... Agent:

20150127807 - Modeling computer network topology based on dynamic usage relationships: A method for modeling dependencies in a computing system including a plurality of resources, the method includes monitoring data communications made between the resources of the plurality of resources; modeling dependencies, at least among and between the resources, based, at least in part, upon the monitored data communications; and generating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127815 - Modeling computer network topology based on dynamic usage relationships: A method for modeling dependencies in a computing system including a plurality of resources, the method includes monitoring data communications made between the resources of the plurality of resources; modeling dependencies, at least among and between the resources, based, at least in part, upon the monitored data communications; and generating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127814 - Monitoring server method: A monitoring server method includes the following steps. First, the baseboard management controller (BMC) receives the running status information of a system device transferred by the system management software. Then, the BMC determines whether or not the system device is operated in a normal state. When the system device is... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150127811 - Network fallback using resource request expectations: Methods for network fallback using resource request expectations are provided. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a resource request, the resource request including one or more request expectations. The method also includes sending the resource request to a hostname via a first network connection. The method also includes evaluating... Agent: Google Inc.

20150127817 - Network-based high performance sap monitoring system and method: Provided are a network-based high performance SAP monitoring system and method, including a hardware engine selecting packets to be updated from input packets by performing session-based filtering and pattern matching on the input packets, identifying to which application protocol belongs among dynamic information and action gateway (DIAG) protocol, remote function... Agent: Somansa Co., Ltd.

20150127806 - Node de-duplication in a network monitoring system: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for node de-duplication. One method includes discovering, by a network monitoring apparatus, nodes in a network, and collecting a list of internet protocol (IP) addresses, media access control (MAC) addresses, domain name system (DNS) names, and sysnames for each of the nodes discovered... Agent: Solarwinds Worldwide, LLC

20150127826 - Providing alternative representations of virtual content in a virtual universe: An invention for automatically reducing a load on a server functioning with a virtual universe is provided. In one embodiment, there is an alternative representation tool, including a detection component configured to detect a load on a server, and a determination component configured to determine whether the load on the... Agent:

20150127823 - Resolving communication collisions in a heterogeneous network: Resolving heterogeneous communication collisions in a system includes measuring a quality-of service value for at least one communication connection, determining if a communication collision is reducing the quality-of-service value to below a pre-determined threshold, and, if a communication collision is reducing the quality-of-service value to below a pre-determined threshold, iteratively... Agent:

20150127828 - Service oriented architecture service dependency determination: Service dependency is determined for services in a service oriented architecture (SOA) environment. The steps in determining service dependency include: recording a first triple describing a first service call where the first service calls the second service, and determining the first service is dependent upon the second service based, at... Agent:

20150127810 - Streaming state data for cloud management: A cloud manager uses streams to monitor state of the cloud. A cloud state streaming policy specifies state data to stream, along with one or more initial operators for processing the streams. An archive mechanism allows archiving the streamed data when specified data in the streams exceeds one or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127824 - Systems and methods for controlling communication between a host computer and communication devices: A site controller adapted to be used in an automated monitoring system for monitoring and controlling a plurality of remote devices via a host computer connected to a first communication network is provided. The site controller is configured for controlling communication with the host computer and a plurality of communication... Agent:

20150127804 - Systems and methods for differential health checking of an information management system: Differential health-check systems and accompanying methods provide health-checking and reporting of one or more information management systems in reference to a first time period before and a second time period after a triggering event. A triggering event may be an upgrade of at least part of the information management system,... Agent: Commvault Systems, Inc.

20150127808 - Using cloud resources to improve performance of a streaming application: A streams manager monitors performance of a streaming application, and when the performance needs to be improved, the streams manager automatically requests virtual machines from a cloud manager. The streams manager specifies to the cloud manager streams infrastructure and one or more streams application components for the virtual machines. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127830 - Management of addresses in virtual machines: Methods for managing an address on a switching device, managing an address on a network switch, and screening addresses in a cloud computing environment are provided. One embodiment is directed towards a computer-implemented method for managing an address on a switching device that is communicatively coupled to a plurality of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127829 - Method and apparatus for transforming application access and data storage details to privacy policies: An approach is provided for transforming application access and data storage details associated with a mobile device to application specific privacy policies. A policy platform processes and/or facilitates a processing of an application code to identify one or more application programming interfaces invoked by the application code. The policy platform... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150127831 - Method and device for enabling or disabling server in wireless communication system: A method of disabling a specific server operating by means of a terminal in a wireless communication system according to the present invention includes: receiving from a first server a message requesting the disabling of the account of the specific server; processing the requesting message; and transmitting a message on... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150127832 - Pairing in a distributed network management system that uses a logical multi-dimensional label-based policy model: A server is paired. A pairing request that includes a pairing key is received from an unpaired server. A determination is made regarding whether to approve or reject the pairing request. Making the determination comprises attempting to validate the pairing key in the pairing request. Responsive to determining to approve... Agent:

20150127834 - Optimizing placement of virtual machines: Systems and methods are described for allocating resources in a cloud computing environment. The method includes receiving a computing request, the request for use of at least one virtual machine and a portion of memory. In response to the request, a plurality of hosts is identified and a cost function... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150127833 - Rapid virtual machine cloning: A management server clones a source virtual machine to a plurality of target host computers. For each target host, the management server creates linked clones of the source virtual machine in a target data store that is accessible to the target host. The management server starts execution of the linked... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150127836 - Method for operating cloud server device, method for operating client device, and client device: An operation method of a first client device is provided. The client device transmits device information to a cloud server device. The client device receives an operational state of a second client device from the cloud server device. The client device establishes a logical session with the second client device... Agent:

20150127838 - Page operation processing method and apparatus, and terminal: A page operation processing method and apparatus, and a terminal. The method includes acquiring, by a terminal device, a uniform resource locator (URL) corresponding to a to-be-accessed resource; detecting, by the terminal device, whether a stored domain name includes a domain name corresponding to the URL; and if the stored... Agent:

20150127837 - Relay apparatus and data transfer method: A relay apparatus for transferring data between a terminal on which an application runs and a server, the relay apparatus including, a TCP management module for monitoring a packet to be transmitted and received by using TCP connection established between the terminal and the server; a determination module for analyzing... Agent:

20150127835 - System, device and method for configuring a connection in a machine to machine environment: The invention relates to a method for configuring a connection between a second device (110) and a first device (130). The first device (130) requests (302) a broker system (140) by providing a unique IDentifier identifying the First device (130), ID-F, to supply a Uniform Resource Locator associated with the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150127841 - Communication control device and communication control method: A communication control device includes: a parameter storage unit that stores each entry containing a communication parameter learned through a communication between communication nodes, a communication source IP address related to the communication, and a communication destination IP address related to the communication; and a parameter acquiring unit that acquires... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150127840 - Method for establishing communication with a guest device on a network: A method of establishing communication with a guest device on a network, where the guest device may not have access to network services such as DNS. The guest device ascertains its own network address and encodes it in a QR code or the like which is read by a second... Agent: Gerard Lighting Pty Ltd

20150127842 - Method for extending application interface for future applications: A Session Initiation Protocol session on a mobile terminal is tagged to associate the session with a specific application and SIP messages for the SIP session are associated with, and routed to, the specific application according to the tagging. A conduit manager matches sessions to the specific application when there... Agent:

20150127843 - Multiple pathway session setup to support qos services: A request from a user device is received for a service by a network management server via a communication network. The network management server determines multiple routes for delivering content associated with the requested service based on a provisioning profile for the user device. Content associated with the requested service... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150127839 - Session quality display in a wireless communication system: Wireless communication systems may transfer communication status to a session icon that is displayed on a wireless communication device such as a smart phone, a tablet, a personal computer, a game console, a hand-held or wearable console, or other software processing device that has a wireless transceiver. A session quality... Agent: Sprint Communications Company L.p.

20150127846 - Encoding system and encoding method for video signals: Joined streams can be generated by devising an encoding method for a video tile stream, while limiting load on the server. After a video signal that is the subject of encoding has been received, a tile stream is generated by encoding the video signal using appropriate prediction reference information. The... Agent: Gnzo Inc.

20150127847 - Splice signalling buffer characteristics: In one method embodiments, providing a transport stream to a client device, the transport stream comprising a head stream and a tail stream, the head stream and the tail stream each comprising a compressed video sequence; providing information in a transport stream packet associated with the head stream, the information... Agent:

20150127845 - System and method for optimizing defragmentation of content in a content delivery network: A system and method for optimizing defragmentation of content in a content delivery network (CDN). In an example, a manifest available to the content delivery node with respect to a particular content as well as segment files stored in a database cache of the content delivery node are analyzed to... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc

20150127844 - System and method for pre-provisioning adaptive bitrate (abr) assets in a content delivery network: A system and method for pre-provisioning ABR assets in a content delivery network (CDN). In an example, historical delivery patterns of one or more ABR assets downloaded at respective content delivery nodes of the CDN are monitored. For each content delivery node, one or more delivery rules may be determined... Agent: Ericsson Television Inc

20150127848 - Method and apparatus for providing a plurality of transcoded content streams: A method of providing a plurality of versions of a content stream with different bit-rates is suggested. According to the method a set of versions of a content stream with different bit-rates is offered to a client. A manifest part describing the offered set of versions of the content stream... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150127849 - Tcp data transmission method, tcp offload engine, and system: Embodiments of the present invention provide a transmission control protocol TCP data transmission method, a TCP offload engine, and a system, which relate to the field of communications, and can reduce data migration between the TCP offload engine and a CPU, and at the same time reduce parsing work on... Agent:

20150127850 - Communication layer structure for computing device communication: This invention discloses a Layer Architecture (LA) and its method of implementation. The Layer Architecture can be used in layered network communications between devices. The structure can be used in a network as one of the network layers within the network structure wherein two or more devices communicate via the... Agent: Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

20150127851 - Data processing system with routing tables: A data processing system with routing tables comprising an operating system for supporting processes, such that the process are associated with one or more resources and the operating system being arranged to police the accessing by processes of resources so as to inhibit a process from accessing resources with which... Agent: Solarflare Communications, Inc.

20150127852 - System and method for facilitating routing: A system and method are provided for routing content requests. On a given server network, content requests comprising a character string may be routed up a hierarchical network topology until a linear chain, corresponding to the character string, is identified. Thus, the content request is forwarded up the hierarchy until... Agent: Neustar, Inc.

20150127853 - Communication across network address translation: A system and machine-implemented method for communicating with a client device. A server receives a first request by a client device via a first communication protocol, wherein the first request establishes a NAT binding which defines a communication path from a server to the client device. The server sends a... Agent: Google Inc.

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