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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: memory

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11/13/2014 > 41 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140337564 - Apparatuses and methods of operating for memory endurance: Methods of operating an apparatus such as a computing system and/or memory device for memory endurance are provided. One example method can include receiving m digits of data having a first quantity of digits represented by a first data state that is more detrimental to memory cell wear than a... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140337561 - Flash memory cache for data storage device: A storage device made up of multiple storage media is configured such that a flash memory serves as a cache for data stored on a backend storage device having one or more magnetic storage media. The storage device includes a controller configured to maintain a direct mapping from respective backend... Agent: Nimble Storage, Inc.

20140337562 - Journal management: Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for managing a journal. A method may include reordering storage commands based on different storage volumes associated with the storage commands. A method may include reordering storage commands based on different snapshots associated with the storage commands. A method may include... Agent: Fusion-io, Inc.

20140337563 - Method and apparatus for configuring write performance for electrically writable memory devices: Methods and systems are provided that may include a nonvolatile memory to store information, where the nonvolatile memory is associated with a configuration register to indicate a write speed setting for at least one write operation to the nonvolatile memory. A circuit may supply current to achieve an indicated write... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140337566 - Solid state memory (ssm), computer system including an ssm, and method of operating an ssm: In one aspect, data is stored in a solid state memory which includes first and second memory layers. A first assessment is executed to determine whether received data is hot data or cold data. Received data which is assessed as hot data during the first assessment is stored in the... Agent:

20140337567 - Storage device including flash memory and capable of predicting storage device performance based on performance parameters: A storage device includes a semiconductor memory storing data. A controller instructs to write data to the semiconductor memory in accordance with a request the controller receives. A register holds performance class information showing one performance class required to allow the storage device to demonstrate best performance which the storage... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140337565 - Storage subsystem including logic for copy-out and write: A storage server receives a write request from a client system including new data and a location to store the new data. The storage server transmits a copy instruction to a storage subsystem to relocate old data at the location and transmits a write instruction to the storage subsystem to... Agent:

20140337560 - System and method for high performance and low cost flash translation layer: Aspects include systems and methods for increasing performance of a flash translation layer (FTL) of a flash memory device. A copy of FTL tables stored on a flash memory device may be copied to a memory of a host device. The copy of the FTL tables may be directly accessed... Agent:

20140337568 - Electronic device and method for operating the same: Provided is an electronic device including a power supply circuit. The power supply circuit includes: a voltage driving unit configured to pull-up drive an output node and generate an output voltage; and a driving control unit configured to receive the output voltage, disable the voltage driving unit from the time... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140337570 - Memory system and method using stacked memory device dice, and system using the memory system: A memory system and method uses stacked memory device dice coupled to each other and to a logic die. The logic die may include a timing correction system that is operable to control the timing at which the logic die receives signals, such as read data signals, from each of... Agent:

20140337569 - System, method, and computer program product for low latency scheduling and launch of memory defined tasks: A system, method, and computer program product for low-latency scheduling and launch of memory defined tasks. The method includes the steps of receiving a task metadata data structure to be stored in a memory associated with a processor, transmitting the task metadata data structure to a scheduling unit of the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140337571 - System, method and computer program product for a self-describing tape that maintains metadata of a non-tape file system: Embodiments described herein provide systems and methods for a self-describing tape that allow files stored on a tape according to a tape file system to be presented in a similar manner (e.g., to an operating system, to a network file system interface) by different instances of a second type of... Agent:

20140337574 - Memory system, semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof: Disclosed are a memory system, a semiconductor memory device and a method of operating the same. The memory system includes: a memory controller to output a command, address and data; and a semiconductor memory device to store at least one page data in each memory cell in response to the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc

20140337572 - Noncontiguous representation of an array: A system and method for storing a composite array including a reference array and one or more arraylets is provided. A set of contiguous memory locations for a reference array including one or more slots is allocated based on a quantity of bits in a binary representation of a logical... Agent:

20140337573 - Redirecting data from a defective data entry in memory to a redundant data entry prior to data access, and related systems and methods: Embodiments disclosed include redirecting data from a defective data entry in memory to a redundant data entry prior to data access. Related systems and methods are also disclosed. The memory is configured to receive a memory access request. The received memory access request comprises a data entry address. The memory... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140337578 - Redundant array of inexpensive disks (raid) system configured to reduce rebuild time and to prevent data sprawl: A RAID system is provided in which, in the event that a rebuild is to be performed for one of the PDs, a filter driver of the operating system of the computer of the RAID system informs the RAID controller of the RAID system of addresses in the virtual memory... Agent:

20140337576 - Sub-lun auto-tiering: Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for auto-tiering multiple file systems across a common resource pool. Storage resources are allocated as a sub-LUN auto-tiering (SLAT) sub-pool. The sub-pool is managed as a single virtual address space (VAS) with a virtual block address (VBA) for each logical block address... Agent:

20140337577 - Sub-lun auto-tiering: Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for auto-tiering multiple file systems across a common resource pool. Storage resources are allocated as a sub-LUN auto-tiering (SLAT) sub-pool. The sub-pool is managed as a single virtual address space (VAS) with a virtual block address (VBA) for each logical block address... Agent:

20140337575 - Tape emulating disk based storage system and method with automatically resized emulated tape capacity: A data protection and storage system includes an array of disk drives for data storage. Data is received for storage on the disk drive via an interface that is configured to emulate a tape drive interface. A virtual tape data structure is created and stored on the disk drives. The... Agent: Overlnd Storage, Inc.

20140337579 - Entertainment memory device: A digital memory device comprising: stick shaped memory chip; and read only memory. The digital memory device provides a means to store digital audio and video files for playback.... Agent:

20140337580 - Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy: Methods and apparatus relating to gather or scatter operations in a multi-level cache are described. In some embodiments, a logic may determine whether to perform gather or scatter operations at a first memory or a second memory, based in part on a relative performance of performing the gather or scatter... Agent:

20140337581 - Pointer chasing prediction: A system and method for efficient scheduling of dependent load instructions. A processor includes both an execution core and a scheduler that issues instructions to the execution core. The execution core includes a load-store unit (LSU). The scheduler determines a first condition is satisfied, wherein the first condition comprises result... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140337582 - High-performance cache system and method: A digital system is provided for high-performance cache systems. The digital system includes a processor core and a cache control unit. The processor core is capable of being coupled to a first memory containing executable instructions and a second memory with a faster speed than the first memory. Further, the... Agent:

20140337583 - Intelligent cache window management for storage systems: Methods and structure for intelligent cache window management are provided. The system comprises a memory and a cache manager. The memory stores entries of cache data for a logical volume. The cache manager is able to track usage of the logical volume by a host, and to identify logical block... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140337584 - Control apparatus, analysis apparatus, analysis method, and computer product: A cache controller receives a reference request from a CPU executing a program in which information indicative of a reference request specifying in shared memory, an area not having an update request and information indicative of a snoop reference request are distinguished from one another. When the reference request specifying... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140337585 - Page table management: Page table data for each page within a memory address space includes a write permission flag and a dirty-bit-modifier flag. The write permission flag is initialised to a value indicating that write access is not permitted. When a write access occurs, then the dirty-bit-modifier flag indicates whether or not the... Agent:

20140337588 - Information processing device, information processing method, program, and information storage medium: An object of the present invention is to, when execution of a program is started, in a case where a memory region used by the program when the execution of the program was stopped is usable, enable the past execution conditions of the program to be reproduced without reading in... Agent:

20140337586 - Memory device: A memory device having a primary memory element, in which the memory device includes an evaluation device to ascertain whether the primary memory element experiences a state change and to activate a secondary memory element so that if (a) the primary memory element experiences a state change, the secondary memory... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140337587 - Method for memory consistency among heterogeneous computer components: A method, computer program product, and system is described that determines the correctness of using memory operations in a computing device with heterogeneous computer components. Embodiments include an optimizer based on the characteristics of a Sequential Consistency for Heterogeneous-Race-Free (SC for HRF) model that analyzes a program and determines the... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140337589 - Preventing a hybrid memory module from being mapped: A system includes a hybrid memory module. The hybrid memory module includes volatile memory and non-volatile memory. The system further includes a processor coupled to the hybrid memory module. The processor prevents the hybrid memory module from being mapped during a memory initialization routine by misrepresenting a status of the... Agent:

20140337590 - Smart digital message archival: A device may receive information identifying an attribute to be used when determining whether to archive a digital message. The attribute may be associated with the digital message. The device may determine an attribute value based on the attribute and the digital message. The device may determine an archival weight... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140337595 - Information processing apparatus, and information processing method: Provided is an information processing apparatus capable of reducing time required for a move or copy of a file. The information processing apparatus includes a resident module (72) that, when detecting a selection operation of a move source or a copy source of data from an OS (70), reads target... Agent: Media Logic Corp.

20140337592 - Peripheral device data integrity: A system and method for protecting against corruption of data stored in a peripheral storage device. The peripheral storage device is communicatively coupled with a host computer. The peripheral storage device includes at least memory and a controller. Data from the host computer is stored to a first portion of... Agent: Imation Corp.

20140337593 - System and method for reading and writing data with a shared memory hash table: A method and apparatus of a device that reads and writes data using a shared memory hash table and a lookaside buffer is described. In an exemplary embodiment, a device locates a bucket for the data in a shared memory hash table, where a writer updates the shared memory hash... Agent:

20140337594 - Systems and methods for collapsing a derivative version of a primary storage volume: Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer readable media for restoring virtual machines. In a particular embodiment, a non-transitory computer readable medium is provided having instructions stored thereon that, when executed by a computer system, cause the computer system to perform a method for restoring virtual machines. The method comprises generating... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20140337591 - Systems and methods for increasing restore speeds of backups stored in deduplicated storage systems: A computer-implemented method for increasing restore speeds of backups stored in deduplicated storage systems may include (1) identifying a backup that includes data stored in at least one data container within a deduplicated storage system, (2) detecting a subsequent backup that includes additional data, (3) calculating an amount of duplication... Agent: Symantec Corporation

20140337596 - Grouping method and device for enhancing redundancy removing performance for storage unit: The present invention relates to a grouping method and device for enhancing redundancy removing performance for a storage unit such as a hard disk, a solid state disk (SSD), etc. The grouping method for enhancing performance of a redundancy removing technology may include: extracting samples from data that is stored... Agent:

20140337597 - Computer, program, and memory management method: A computer capable of managing reference relationships between data executes access of first and second storage regions in which stored data can be altered and a third storage region in which stored data cannot be altered. The computer sets specification data in the first storage region for accessing data stored... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140337598 - Modulation of flash programming based on host activity: An apparatus comprising a memory and a controller. The memory may be configured to process a plurality of read/write operations. The memory may include a plurality of memory modules each having a size less than a total size of the memory. The controller may be configured to (i) determine an... Agent:

20140337599 - Allocating memory based on performance ranking: A method for optimizing memory bandwidth using bank-based memory allocation is described. The method includes receiving a request for an allocation of memory. In response to receiving the request, memory is allocated to the request based on a performance ranking of memory banks in a plurality of memory banks. A... Agent:

20140337600 - Providing metadata in a translation lookaside buffer (tlb): In one embodiment, the present invention includes a translation lookaside buffer (TLB) to store entries each having a translation portion to store a virtual address (VA)-to-physical address (PA) translation and a second portion to store bits for a memory page associated with the VA-to-PA translation, where the bits indicate attributes... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140331001 - Command barrier for a solid state drive controller: Methods and systems may perform one or more operations for solid state device administrative command execution including, but not limited to: receiving, in at least one administrative command queue, at least one administrative command affecting at least one submission queue; halting enqueuing of one or more submission commands in the... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140331003 - Fault-tolerant non-volatile integrated circuit memory: Apparatus and methods are disclosed, such as those that store data in a plurality of non-volatile integrated circuit memory devices, such as NAND flash, with convolutional encoding. A relatively high code rate for the convolutional code consumes relatively little extra memory space. In one embodiment, the convolutional code is spread... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140331005 - Memory system and bus switch: A memory system includes a nonvolatile memory having a plurality of nonvolatile memory chips incorporated therein, a control circuit that controls the nonvolatile memory, an MPU that controls the control circuit, and an interface circuit that communicates with a host, all of which are mounted on a board of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140331002 - Systems and methods for internal initialization of a nonvolatile memory: Methods and systems are provided that may include a memory device having a physical nonvolatile memory, a memory space, and a controller. At least a portion of a physical nonvolatile memory may permit a direct read operation of the physical nonvolatile memory and prohibit a direct write operation of the... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140331004 - Write spike performance enhancement in hybrid storage systems: In an embodiment, a hybrid storage array one uses two or more storage device tiers provided by solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). Random writes are collected and written to a write cache extension, such as a portion of the SSD storage tier. The write cache extension... Agent:

20140331006 - Semiconductor memory devices: A semiconductor memory device includes a memory cell array, a data inversion/mask interface and a write circuit. The data inversion/mask interface receives a data block including a plurality of unit data, each of the plurality of unit data having a first data size, and the data inversion/mask interface selectively enables... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331007 - Virtual library controller and control method: A virtual library controller includes: a substitution logical volume creation unit to create, in a case that a logical volume subject to an instruction to write data from a superior device is not present in a cache disk, a substitution logical volume in the cache disk; and a write process... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140331008 - Controlling methods of storage control device and virtual volumes: To the virtual volume 5, in accordance with write accesses from the host 20, the physical storage area in the pool is allocated. A RAID group 6 in the pool includes multiple chunks 7. Each chunk 7 includes multiple pages 8. To the virtual volume 5, the physical storage area... Agent:

20140331009 - Selectively securing a hot-swappable data storage device to prevent data corruption: A method and computer program product secure a hot-swap data storage device against being manually physically removed from an operable position within a chassis bay of a computer system. The hot-swap data storage device is released to be manually physically removed from the operable position within the chassis bay of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331010 - Software performance by identifying and pre-loading data pages: Embodiments relate to methods, computer systems and computer program products for improving software performance by identifying and preloading data pages. Embodiments include executing an instruction that requests a data page from the one or more auxiliary storage devices. Based on determining that the instruction is present in the long-running instruction... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331011 - Systems and methods for instantaneous cloning: Techniques to clone a writeable data object in non-persistent memory are disclosed. The writeable data object is stored in a storage structure in non-persistent memory that corresponds to a portion of a persistent storage. The techniques enable cloning of the writeable data object without having to wait until the writeable... Agent:

20140331012 - System and method of arbitrating cache requests: This disclosure relates to arbitration of different types of requests to access a cache. Features of this disclosure can be implemented in a graphics processing unit (GPU). In one embodiment, an arbiter can receive requests from a color processor and a depth processor and determine which of the received requests... Agent:

20140331013 - Arithmetic processing apparatus and control method of arithmetic processing apparatus: An arithmetic processing apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention includes: a plurality of arithmetic processing units configured to perform arithmetic operations to output access requests; a cache memory to retain data undergoing the arithmetic processes of the arithmetic processing units in cache blocks; a retaining unit configured... Agent:

20140331014 - Scalable matrix multiplication in a shared memory system: High performance computing systems perform complex or data-intensive calculations using a large number of computing nodes and a shared memory. Disclosed methods and systems provide nodes having a special-purpose coprocessor to perform these calculations, along with a general-purpose processor to direct the calculations. Computational data transfer from the shared memory... Agent: Silicon Graphics International Corp.

20140331015 - Recovering from uncorrected memory errors: A method for recovering from uncorrected memory errors may include receiving, at an operating system, a correctable error (CE) associated with a first memory page. The correctable error is marked in a page table entry describing the first memory page. The first memory page is then migrated, by the operating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331016 - Application-directed memory de-duplication: In a computing system including an application executing on top of a virtualization control layer, wherein the virtualization control layer maps portions of a virtual memory to portions of a physical memory, a method for managing memory including: identifying, by the application, a range of virtual memory whose probability of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331017 - Application-directed memory de-duplication: In a computing system including an application executing on top of a virtualization control layer, wherein the virtualization control layer maps portions of a virtual memory to portions of a physical memory, an apparatus for managing memory configured to: identify, by the application, a range of virtual memory whose probability... Agent:

20140331018 - Method and device for saving data in an it infrastructure offering activity resumption functions: The saving of data in an information technology (IT) infrastructure offering activity resumption functions is disclosed. For these purposes, a saving system is provided with at least one first and one second sets of data storage and at least one first and one second memory controllers associated with the first... Agent:

20140331019 - Instruction set specific execution isolation: A system on a chip (SoC) or other integrated system can include a first processor and at least one additional processor sharing a page table. The shared page table can include permission bits including a first permission indicator supporting the processor and a second permission indicator supporting at least one... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140331020 - Memory controller mapping on-the-fly: Systems, methods, and devices for dynamically mapping and remapping memory when a portion of memory is activated or deactivated are provided. In accordance with an embodiment, an electronic device may include several memory banks, one or more processors, and a memory controller. The memory banks may store data in hardware... Agent:

20140331021 - Memory control apparatus and method: A memory control apparatus that minimizes memory bank collisions by rescheduling memory requests. The memory control apparatus includes a scheduler configured to, in response to at least two memory requests existing in a current cycle, schedule a plurality of elements included in the at least two memory requests based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331022 - Service associated with persistent storage: Examples are disclosed for allocating a block of persistent storage or accessing a block of persistent storage based on a storage service string that includes a universally unique identifier and associated metadata.... Agent:

20140331023 - Multi-core page table sets of attribute fields: A device includes a memory that stores a first page table that includes a first page table entry, wherein the first page table entry further includes a physical address, an alternative location associated with the page table entry, and a physical page of memory associated with the physical address. A... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140331024 - Method of dynamically adjusting mapping manner in non-volatile memory and non-volatile storage device using the same: A method of dynamically adjusting a mapping manner for a non-volatile memory includes mapping a plurality of logical addresses to a plurality of physical addresses by a first mapping unit; storing data in the non-volatile memory by the first mapping unit; and mapping at least one logical address to at... Agent: Skymedi Corporation

10/30/2014 > 65 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140325115 - Conditional iteration for a non-volatile device: Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for conditional iteration. A method includes receiving a request comprising a condition. A method includes checking an address mapping structure for entries satisfying a condition for a request. A method includes providing a result for a request based on one or... Agent:

20140325133 - Amount of memory for execution of an application: Examples disclose determining an amount of memory for execution of an application, associated with a user preference, based on an inspection of data associated with the application. Further the example discloses transmitting a request to a non-volatile memory to allocate a segment corresponding to the amount of memory for execution... Agent:

20140325125 - Atomic write methods: A method of transmitting atomic write data from a host to a data storage device in a data system includes; communicating a header identifying a plurality of data chunks associated with an atomic write operation from the host to the data storage device and storing the header in a buffering... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325131 - Controller and method for performing background operations: The embodiments described herein provide a controller and method for performing a background commands or operations. In one embodiment, a controller is provided with interfaces through which to communicate with a host and a plurality of flash memory devices. The controller contains a processor operative to perform a foreground command... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20140325126 - Data storage device performing atomic write and related method of operation: A method of operating a data storage device comprises allocating a plurality of data blocks among received data to a plurality of intellectual property (IP) cores, performing an atomic write independently for of the IP cores, wherein the atomic write for each of the IP cores writes corresponding allocated data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325118 - Data writing method, memory controller and memory storage apparatus: A data writing method for writing data into a physical erasing unit and a memory controller and a memory storage apparatus using the data writing method are provided. The method includes dividing the data into a plurality of information frames in a unit of one physical programming unit. The method... Agent:

20140325117 - Flash translation layer with lower write amplification: A method of associating a logical block address with a physical location in a non-volatile memory includes (A) in response to a write request comprising a respective logical block address in a logical block address space and respective data to be written to the non-volatile memory, determining a physical location... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140325123 - Information processing apparatus, control circuit, and control method: An information processing apparatus includes a cyclic frequency counter that updates a count value when a process that determines whether data stored in each of multiple storage areas included in NAND devices is targeted for a move has been executed on all pieces of data stored in the NAND devices.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140325124 - Memory system and method for operating a memory system: A memory system for storing data in a plurality N of memory chips. The memory system includes a number K of sets of memory chips, wherein each set of the K sets includes a number M of the memory chips, with N=K·M; and one signal processing unit having a number... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325129 - Method and apparatus for active range mapping for a nonvolatile memory device: Methods and systems are provided that may include a nonvolatile memory to implement a virtual random access memory space.... Agent:

20140325132 - Method and apparatus for transferring data between a host and both a solid-state memory and a magnetic storage device: A hybrid circuit includes a system-in-a-package (SIP) and an integrated circuit. The SIP includes a solid-state memory, and a first control module. The first control module controls access to the solid-state memory based on a first control signal. The integrated circuit includes an embedded multi-media card (eMMC) module, a second... Agent:

20140325128 - Mirror copies of solid state drives using portions of hard disk drives: Mechanisms for storing data to a storage system comprising a set of one or more solid state storage devices and a set of non-solid state storage devices are provided. A request to write data to the storage system is received and the data is written to the set of one... Agent:

20140325122 - Nonvolatile memory system including nonvolatile memory device, memory controller and operating method thereof: An operating method of a memory controller that controls a nonvolatile memory device is provided. A command is received from an external device. Whether the nonvolatile memory device is in a temperature control mode is determined. When the nonvolatile memory device is in the temperature control mode, the received command... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325134 - Prearranging data to commit to non-volatile memory: An apparatus includes a hybrid memory module, and the hybrid memory module includes volatile memory and non-volatile memory. Data is prearranged in the volatile memory. The data is committed to the non-volatile memory, as prearranged, in a single write operation when a size of the prearranged data reaches a threshold.... Agent:

20140325120 - Resistive memory device and operation method thereof: A resistive memory device includes a memory cell array including a unit memory cell coupled between a word line and a bit line, wherein the unit memory cell includes a data storage material and a non-silicon-substrate-based type bidirectional access device coupled in series, a path setting circuit coupled between the... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140325116 - Selectively persisting application program data from system memory to non-volatile data storage: Application program data stored in system memory may be selectively persisted. An indication may be provided to an application program that an application data object or a range of application data stored in system memory may be treated as persistent. Data backup may be enabled for the application data object... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140325130 - Status information saving among multiple computers: Provided are techniques for status information saving among multiple computers. In one embodiment, a selected computer is operated using a plurality of input/output devices over switched input/output signal paths passing through a KVM (keyboard video mouse) switch positioned between the selected computer and the plurality of input/output devices. Status data... Agent:

20140325121 - Storage system: A storage system monitors the first access frequency of occurrence which is the access frequency of occurrence from a host device during a first period, and the second access frequency of occurrence which is the access frequency of occurrence from a host device during a second period shorter than the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140325127 - Storage system comprising flash memory modules subject to two wear-leveling processes: A storage system using flash memories includes a storage controller and plural flash memory modules as storage media. Each flash memory module includes at least one flash memory chip and a memory controller for leveling erase counts of blocks belonging to the flash memory chip. The storage controller combines the... Agent:

20140325119 - Writing method, memory controller and memory storage device: A writing method, a memory controller and a memory storage device are provided. The writing method includes steps of: configuring logical addresses to map to part of physical programming units in a storage area, wherein at least one of the physical programming units stores a valid data; transmitting a first... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20140325136 - Configuration for power reduction in dram: Disclosed embodiments may include an apparatus having a segment wordline enable coupled to logic to selectively disable ones of a number of segment wordline drivers. The logic may partition a page of the apparatus to reduce power consumed through activation of the disabled ones of the number of segment wordlines.... Agent:

20140325135 - Termination impedance apparatus with calibration circuit and method therefor: A termination impedance apparatus includes a variable pull-up resistor, a variable pull-down resistor, and a small-signal calibration circuit. The variable pull-up resistor is coupled between a first power supply voltage terminal and an output terminal. The variable pull-down resistor is coupled between the output terminal and a second power supply... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140325137 - Memory controller and associated signal generating method: The invention is directed to a memory controller and an associated signal generating method. By appropriately arranging a sequence according to which command signals are generated and expanding a latching interval of a part of address signals, not only the memory controller is enabled to control the DDR memory modules... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140325139 - Low power, hash-content addressable memory architecture: A method is comprised of inputting a comparand word to a plurality of hash circuits, each hash circuit being responsive to a different portion of the comparand word. The hash circuits output a hash signal which is used to enable or precharge portions of a CAM. The comparand word is... Agent:

20140325138 - Replicating tag entries for reliability enhancement in cache tag arrays: Technologies are generally described for exploiting program phase behavior to duplicate most recently and/or frequently accessed tag entries in a Tag Replication Buffer (TRB) to protect the information integrity of tag arrays in a processor cache. The reliability/effectiveness of microprocessor cache performance may be further improved by capturing/duplicating tags of... Agent:

20140325140 - Automatic creation, deployment, and upgrade of disk images: A computer installs an operating system. The computer receives, in a logical partition (LPAR) via a management network, a deploy program configured to download a disk image from an image repository and to write the disk image to a first direct access storage device (DASD) of the LPAR. The disk... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325141 - Trim support for a solid-state drive in a virtualized environment: A computer system that employs a solid-state memory device as a physical storage resource includes a hypervisor that is capable of supporting TRIM commands issued by virtual machines running in the computer system. When a virtual machine issues a TRIM command to its corresponding virtual storage device to invalidate data... Agent: Wmware Inc.

20140325142 - Input/output de-duplication based on variable-size chunks: Techniques, systems, and articles of manufacture for input/output de-duplication based on variable-size chunks. A method includes partitioning virtual block data into multiple variable-sized chunks, caching each of the multiple variable-sized chunks in a chunk cache according to content of each of the multiple variable-sized chunks, initializing virtual block-to-chunk mapping and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325145 - Cache rebuilds based on tracking data for cache entries: Methods and structure are provided for rebuilding cache data from a failed cache device based on tracking data for the failed cache device. The system includes a memory and a cache manager. The memory stores tracking data that correlates entries at a cache with logical block addresses of a logical... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140325146 - Creating and managing logical volumes from unused space in raid disk groups: Methods and structure are provided for creating and managing unused storage capacity in Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) systems. One embodiment is a RAID controller that includes a controller operable to create and manage a logical volume out of storage space that would otherwise not be used by a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140325148 - Data storage devices which supply host with data processing latency information, and related data processing methods: A method is for operating a data storage device including a plurality of memory chips. The method includes generating state information regarding the plurality of memory chips, storing the generated state information in a memory, receiving an access command from a host, analyzing the state information in response to the... Agent:

20140325147 - Deduplication of data blocks on storage devices: A storage system comprises a cache for caching data blocks and storage devices for storing blocks. A storage operating system may deduplicate sets of redundant blocks on the storage devices based on a deduplication requirement. Blocks in cache are typically deduplicated based on the deduplication on the storage devices. Sets... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140325149 - Method and system for consolidating a plurality of heterogeneous storage systems in a data center: A system and method for consolidating a plurality of heterogeneous storage systems in a data center comprising collecting data from a plurality of heterogeneous storage devices (101) using data collection tools (102), using Data PreparationTool (103) for extracting and translating the collected data, populating a Data Model stored in source... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140325144 - Protection information initialization: M number of physical drives are divided into a plurality of strips. The plurality of strips each has an equal number of blocks on each of the M physical drives. Each of the strips has a first logical block address associated with a first block of the strip. The plurality... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140325143 - Using protection information metadata fields for storing configuration information: A SCSI command is issued to a mass storage device to read a first block that stores a first portion of a DDF data structure associated with a first volume. The SCSI command instructs the mass storage device not to check at least a first portion of protection information metadata... Agent:

20140325150 - Wireless apparatus: According to one embodiment, a wireless apparatus includes a substrate, a first semiconductor chip, a transmission line, a non-conductive layer, a conductive layer and a wire. The first semiconductor chip is arranged on the substrate and includes a circuit which transmits and receives a signal. The transmission line includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140325151 - Method and system for dynamically managing big data in hierarchical cloud storage classes to improve data storing and processing cost efficiency: A system and method for autonomic data storage and movement for big data analytics. A cost, such as storing cost and a processing cost are calculated for received data. The processing type associated with the received data is determined in response to the calculated costs. The received data is classified... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140325156 - Long latency tolerant decoupled memory hierarchy for simpler and energy efficient designs: A decoupled memory execution verification method is provided that includes executing load and store commands separately using an appropriately programmed computer, where the load and store commands are independent of correctness, where the load commands and the store commands are re-executed in-order at memory retirement to verify correctness, where an... Agent:

20140325155 - Managing resources using resource expiration data: Resource management techniques, such as cache optimization, are employed to organize resources within caches such that the most requested content (e.g., the most popular content) is more readily available. A service provider utilizes content expiration data as indicative of resource popularity. As resources are requested, the resources propagate through a... Agent:

20140325153 - Multi-hierarchy interconnect system and method for cache system: A multi-hierarchy interconnect system for a cache system having a tag memory and a data memory includes an address interconnect scheduling device and a data interconnect scheduling device. The address interconnect scheduling device performs a tag bank arbitration to schedule address requests to a plurality of tag banks of the... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20140325154 - Private memory regions and coherence optimizations: A system for optimizing cache coherence message traffic volume is disclosed. The system includes a plurality of caches in a multi-level memory hierarchy and a plurality of agents. Each agent is associated with a cache. The system includes one or more monitoring engines. Each agent in the plurality of agents... Agent:

20140325152 - Quadtree based data management for memory: A method for managing memory. The method includes executing a memory management function, and reading data from memory into a particular size array structure using the memory management function based on using quadtree structure sub-functions to scan the particular size array structure for filtering the data iteratively.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

20140325157 - Data access request monitoring to reduce system resource use for background operations: An I/O processing stack includes a proxy that can provide processing services for access requests to initialized and uninitialized storage regions. For a write request, the proxy stores write information in a write metadata repository. If the write is requested for an address in an initialized storage region of the... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140325158 - Managing global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for clustered file systems: Systems. Methods, and Computer Program Products are provided for managing a global cache coherency in a distributed shared caching for a clustered file systems (CFS). The CFS manages access permissions to an entire space of data segments by using the DSM module. In response to receiving a request to access... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325159 - Control of pre-fetch traffic: Methods and systems for improved control of traffic generated by a processor are described. In an embodiment, when a device generates a pre-fetch request for a piece of data or an instruction from a memory hierarchy, the device includes a pre-fetch identifier in the request. This identifier flags the request... Agent: Imagination Technologies, Ltd.

20140325160 - Caching circuit with predetermined hash table arrangement: Disclosed herein are an apparatus, an integrated circuit, and method to cache objects. At least one hash table of a circuit comprises a predetermined arrangement that maximizes cache memory space and minimizes a number of cache memory transactions. The circuit handles requests by a remote device to obtain or cache... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325161 - Collaborative caching: A method is provided for collaborative caching between a server cache (104) of a server computer (102) and an array cache (112) of a storage array (110) coupled to the server computer. The method includes collecting instrumentation data on the server cache and the array cache of the storage array... Agent:

20140325162 - Memory device and method for high speed and reliability: A memory device is provided with an instruction decoding unit, a control and logic unit, a first memory, and a second memory. The memory device serves to decode an inputted instruction and producing a decoding signal. The control and logic unit serves to produce a control signal based on the... Agent:

20140325163 - Cross-partition shared memory attach for data processing environment: A technique for managing shared memory includes linking address translation data structures used by first and second sharing applications. The first sharing application is managed by a first operating system (OS) and the second sharing application is managed by a second OS that hosts an associated virtual object. Virtual addresses... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325165 - Memory apparatus and memory management method: A memory apparatus includes a detection unit, a storage unit, an update unit, and a determination unit. The detection unit is configured to detect a deterioration factor of a nonvolatile memory. The storage unit is configured to hold a lifetime estimation value. The update unit is configured to update the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140325164 - Set head flag of request: A request is output to a first queue of a storage device. A head flag of the request is set based on whether the request is a read type request and a comparison of a percentage of requests queued at the first queue that are read type requests to a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325166 - Power saving mode hybrid drive access management: A hybrid drive includes multiple parts: a performance part (e.g., a flash memory device) and a base part (e.g., a magnetic or other rotational disk drive). A drive access system, which is typically part of an operating system of a computing device, issues input/output (I/O) commands to the hybrid drive... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325167 - Invalidating a range of two or more translation table entries and instruction therefore: An instruction is provided to perform invalidation of an instruction specified range of segment table entries or region table entries. The instruction can be implemented by software emulation, hardware, firmware or some combination thereof.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325168 - Management of stored data based on corresponding attribute data: A data storage device receives data and corresponding attribute data, stores the received data and the corresponding attribute data in a storage region of the data storage device, and automatically processes invalid data among the received data stored in the storage region based on the corresponding attribute data.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325170 - Conversion of virtual disk snapshots between redo and copy-on-write technologies: A framework for converting between copy-on-write (COW) and redo-based technologies is disclosed. To take a virtual disk snapshot, disk descriptor files, which include metadata information about data stored in virtual volumes (vvols), are “swizzled” such that the descriptor file for a latest redo log, to which IOs are currently performed,... Agent: Wmware Inc.

20140325169 - Dirty data management for hybrid drives: A hybrid drive includes multiple parts: a performance part (e.g., a flash memory device) and a base part (e.g., a hard disk drive). A drive access system, which is typically part of an operating system of a computing device, issues input/output (I/O) commands to the hybrid drive to store data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325173 - Memory controller mapping on-the-fly: Systems, methods, and devices for dynamically mapping and remapping memory when a portion of memory is activated or deactivated are provided. In accordance with an embodiment, an electronic device may include several memory banks, one or more processors, and a memory controller. The memory banks may store data in hardware... Agent:

20140325172 - Selective data storage in lsb and msb pages: A method for data storage includes providing a memory, which includes multiple groups of memory cells and is configured to concurrently store first data using a first storage configuration having a first access time, and second data using a second storage configuration having a second access time, longer than the... Agent:

20140325171 - Semiconductor device: The amount of data to be backed up and recovered is reduced when supply of power to a semiconductor device is stopped and restarted. A backup need determination circuit provided in the semiconductor device reads the kind of instruction decoded by a decoder and determines whether data needs to be... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140325174 - Access control apparatus, access control method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, an access control apparatus includes a determiner and a controller. The determiner is configured to determine whether an access state of a first device to a storage device satisfies an exclusion criterion for access to the storage device from a second device. The controller is configured... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140325175 - Pipeline configuration protocol and configuration unit communication: The present invention includes an integrated module including a plurality of data processing units including a memory device having processing instruction data stored therein. The processing instruction data including subconfiguration data for at least one of the data processing units, the subconfiguration data including a plurality of blocks. The integrated... Agent: Pact Xpp Technologies Ag

20140325176 - Security memory access method and apparatus: Various embodiments comprise apparatuses and methods to allow access to a memory device by an external device. A method includes receiving, at the memory device, a request from the external device to access a storage area of the memory device and performing an unlock procedure of the storage area. The... Agent:

20140325177 - Heap management using dynamic memory allocation: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system, and program product for heap management using dynamic memory allocation. The method comprises receiving, via a computing device, a memory request associated with a memory block, wherein the computing device has a double linked list of fixed sized memory blocks and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325178 - System having one or more memory devices: A system having serially connected memory devices in a ring topology organization to realize high speed performance. The memory devices have dynamically configurable data widths such that the system can operate with up to a maximum common number of active data pads to maximize performance, or to operate with a... Agent:

20140325179 - System and method for writing pilot data interspersed with user data for estimating disturbance experienced by user data: A system including a write module to write pilot data at predetermined locations in a page of memory cells that are interspersed with user data in the page. The pilot data has a first predetermined pattern and provides an indication of a disturbance experienced by the user data due to... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 42 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140317339 - Data access system, data accessing device, and data accessing controller: A data access system, device and controller are provided. The data access system includes a plurality of storage units and first controllers, a second controller, and a host. The first controller is utilized to parallel access the storage units, and each first controller includes a plurality of first storage unit... Agent: Genesys Logic, Inc.

20140317335 - Data storage device, storage controller, and data storage control method: According to one embodiment, a data storage device includes a first storage medium, a second nonvolatile storage medium, and a controller. The controller allows write data requested to be written from a host device to be recorded into the first storage medium which is a cache memory of the second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140317336 - Local direct storage class memory access: A queued, byte addressed system and method for accessing flash memory and other non-volatile storage class memory, and potentially other types of non-volatile memory (NVM) storage systems. In a host device, e.g., a standalone or networked computer, having attached NVM device storage integrated into a switching fabric wherein the NVM... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140317338 - Memory device and memory system including the same, and operation method of memory device: A memory device includes a memory cell array having a plurality of memory cells, a storage unit suitable for storing a fail address corresponding to a fail memory cell in the memory cell array, an available storage capacity determination unit suitable for generating available capacity information indicating an available storage... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140317337 - Metadata management and support for phase change memory with switch (pcms): Methods and apparatus related to management and/or support of metadata for PCMS (Phase Change Memory with Switch) devices are described. In one embodiment, a PCMS controller allows access to a PCMS device based on metadata. The metadata may be used to provide efficiency, endurance, error correction, etc. as discussed in... Agent:

20140317334 - Storage of gate training parameters for devices utilizing random access memory: Methods and structure are provided for maintaining gate training parameters for Random Access Memory. The system comprises a memory controller and a management unit. The management unit is able to initialize the system after the system returns from an unpowered state by accessing a non-volatile memory to retrieve timing intervals... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140317340 - Storage system and storage control method: A storage system includes: a storage device including a recording medium that stores data and a device controller that executes addition processing involving a change of state of the data with respect to the data; and a storage controller that controls input and output of data for the storage device.... Agent:

20140317341 - System and apparatus for flash memory data management: The system and apparatus for managing flash memory data includes a host transmitting data, wherein when the data transmitted from the host have a first time transmission trait and the address for the data indicates a temporary address, temporary data are retrieved from the temporary address to an external buffer.... Agent:

20140317342 - Microcomputer and storing apparatus: In a microcomputer provided with a program storing device for storing instruction codes and a micro-processor for reading and executing the instruction codes stored in the program storing device, the program storing device have plural memories for storing instruction codes, an output unit for receiving plural pieces of data output... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140317343 - Configuration of data strobes: Disclosed embodiments may include a circuit having a plurality of data terminals, no more than two pairs of differential data strobe terminals associated with the plurality of data terminals, and digital logic circuitry. The digital logic circuitry may be coupled to the data terminals and configured to use the no... Agent:

20140317344 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device may include a storage unit configured to store a number of times a first command has been provided to a memory cell array, a control unit configured to generate a second command operable to activate at least one word line in the memory cell array based on... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140317345 - Method and apparatus for an efficient hardware implementation of dictionary based lossless compression: A method, computer readable medium, and apparatus for implementing a compression are disclosed. For example, the method receives a first portion of an input data at a first register, determines a first address based upon the first portion of the input data, reads the first address in a memory to... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140317348 - Control system, control apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording control program thereon: A control system includes: a superordinate apparatus that includes a multi-path driver controlling an access path; and a second control unit that transmits a control signal used for an instruction for setting an access path to a first control unit that is newly connected to be communicable with the superordinate... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140317349 - Distributed storage time synchronization based on retrieval delay: A method begins with a processing module receiving a data retrieval request and obtaining a real-time indicator corresponding to when the data retrieval request was received. The method continues with the processing module determining a time-based data access policy based on the data retrieval request and the real-time indicator and... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20140317346 - Redundant array of independent disks systems that utilize spans with different storage device counts for a logical volume: Methods and structure are provided for defining span sizes for Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) systems. One embodiment is a RAID controller that includes a control system and a span manager. The control system is able to identify storage devices coupled with the controller and is able to receive... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140317347 - System and method for logical removal of physical heads in a hard disk drive (hdd): A hard disk drive (HDD) provides for the logical removal of defective physical heads. The HDD includes one or more disks organized into a plurality of regions, each region having a plurality of physical block addresses (PBAs). A number of physical heads are used to read and write information to... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140317350 - Portable storage devices for electronic devices: A portable storage device (1) includes a flash memory element (5) for providing mass storage functionality to a host device via a host device interface (4), and a computing environment (8), comprising an application processor (6), a system memory (1), and wireless interface support (a wireless connection) (12). The storage... Agent: Fxi Technologies As

20140317351 - Method and apparatus for preventing non-temporal entries from polluting small structures using a transient buffer: A method for preventing non-temporal entries from entering small critical structures is disclosed. The method comprises transferring a first entry from a higher level memory structure to an intermediate buffer. It further comprises determining a second entry to be evicted from the intermediate buffer and a corresponding value associated with... Agent: Soft Machines, Inc.

20140317352 - Memory object reference count management with improved scalability: Generally, this disclosure provides systems, devices, methods and computer readable media for memory object reference count management with improved scalability based on transactional reference count elision. The device may include a hardware transactional memory processor configured to maintain a read-set associated with a transaction and to abort the transaction in... Agent:

20140317353 - Method and apparatus for managing write back cache: A network services processor includes an input/output bridge that avoids unnecessary updates to memory when cache blocks storing processed packet data are no longer required. The input/output bridge monitors requests to free buffers in memory received from cores and IO units in the network services processor. Instead of writing the... Agent: Cavium, Inc.

20140317354 - Electronic device, data caching system and method: A data caching system applied in an electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a processor, a cache, a main storage. Data stored in the cache is assigned with a weight value to present times that the data has been read. The data caching system includes a receiving module... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140317355 - Cache allocation scheme optimized for browsing applications: Methods and systems for cache allocation schemes optimized for browsing applications. A memory controller includes a memory cache for reducing the number of requests that access off-chip memory. When an idle screen use case is detected, the frame buffer is allocated to the memory cache using a sequential allocation mode.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140317356 - Merging demand load requests with prefetch load requests: A processor includes a processing unit, a cache memory, and a central request queue. The central request queue is operable to receive a prefetch load request for a cache line to be loaded into the cache memory, receive a demand load request for the cache line from the processing unit,... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140317357 - Promoting transactions hitting critical beat of cache line load requests: A processor includes a cache memory, a first core including an instruction execution unit, and a memory bus coupling the cache memory to the first core. The memory bus is operable to receive a first portion of a cache line of data for the cache memory, the first core is... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140317358 - Global maintenance command protocol in a cache coherent system: A system may include a command queue controller coupled to a number of clusters of cores, where each cluster includes a cache shared amongst the cores. An originating core of one of the clusters may detect a global maintenance command and send the global maintenance command to the command queue... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140317359 - Clustered file system caching: A method for accessing data stored in a distributed caching storage system containing a home cluster and a secondary cluster is provided. A first copy of a file is stored on the home cluster and a second copy of the file is stored on the secondary cluster. The second copy... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140317360 - Memory access control: Memory access circuitry for controlling access to a memory comprising multiple memory units arranged in parallel with each other. The memory access circuitry comprising: two access units each configured to select one of the multiple memory units in response to a received memory access request and to control and track... Agent:

20140317362 - Interface control apparatus, data storage apparatus and interface control method: According to one embodiment, an interface control apparatus includes an interface, a table, a command processor, and a controller. The interface transmits and receives information to and from a host. The table holds management information for managing an address in a memory space in the host. The command processor carries... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140317361 - Speculative memory controller: A method and a system are provided for controlling memory accesses. Memory access requests including at least a first speculative memory access request and a first non-speculative memory access request are received and a memory access request is selected from the memory access requests. A memory access command is generated... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140317363 - System and method for optimizing memory usage in a universal controlling device: A method for optimizing memory usage in a device having a universal controlling application includes receiving into the device data for use in configuring the universal controlling application wherein the data is used to identify from within a library of command code sets stored in a memory of the device... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20140317368 - Device information backup method, device, and system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a device information backup method, device, and system for information backup between a first device and a second device. The first device and the second device are directly connected through a cable, and the first device acquires, from the second device through the cable,... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140317370 - Managing access of multiple executing programs to non-local block data storage: Techniques are described for managing access of executing programs to non-local block data storage. In some situations, a block data storage service uses multiple server storage systems to reliably store network-accessible block data storage volumes that may be used by programs executing on other physical computing systems. A group of... Agent:

20140317366 - Method and apparatus for remote storage performance data copy: A storage system comprises: a storage device; and a controller operable to manage a primary volume in the storage system of a remote copy pair with a secondary volume of another storage system by using a storage area of the storage device, and send a first type copy data to... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140317369 - Snapshot creation from block lists: Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and methods for creating snapshots from a list of changed blocks. In a particular embodiment, a method provides establishing a base state for a data storage volume having a file system, creating a snapshot of the data storage volume, and restoring data items by merging... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20140317367 - Storage apparatus and data copy control method: A storage apparatus comprises a storage controller and multiple storage devices. The storage controller sends, to either a storage device which is a copy source of copy-target data, or a storage device which is a copy destination of the copy-target data, a copy indication showing areas of the copy source... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140317364 - Systems and methods for data backup: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an intermediary information handling system for communicatively may be configured to couple an information handling system communicatively coupled to the intermediary information handling system to information handling resources attached to or integral to the intermediary information handling system. The intermediary information handling... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140317365 - Techniques for reducing power-down time in non-volatile memory devices: A method includes, in a memory including analog memory cells, storing first data in a group of the memory cells using a first type of storage command that writes respective analog values to the memory cells in the group. Second data is stored in the memory cells in the group,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140317372 - Data frame security: A method of securing a data frame is provided. The method includes receiving a request from a memory client to read or write decoded data in a memory. The memory may be partitioned to have a secure memory region and an unsecure memory region. The method also includes determining if... Agent:

20140317371 - Method and system for access based directory enumeration: Method and system for access based directory enumeration is provided. When a directory is enumerated for a first time, user credentials are verified against an access control list (ACL) entry that is referenced by an ACL inode (referred to as Xnode). The Xnode number is obtained from a file handle... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20140317373 - Method and apparatus for managing memory: A method of managing a memory in an electronic device is provided that includes calculating an indication of remaining life of a memory component that is used as a swap space by the electronic device; and adjusting the use of the memory component as a swap space based on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140317374 - Logical address translation: The present disclosure includes methods for logical address translation, methods for operating memory systems, and memory systems. One such method includes receiving a command associated with a LA, wherein the LA is in a particular range of LAs and translating the LA to a physical location in memory using an... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140317375 - System and method to prioritize large memory page allocation in virtualized systems: The prioritization of large memory page mapping is a function of the access bits in the L1 page table. In a first phase of operation, the number of set access bits in each of the L1 page tables is counted periodically and a current count value is calculated therefrom. During... Agent:

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