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Electrical computers and digital processing systems: memory

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01/22/2015 > 46 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150026391 - Block grouping method for garbage collection of solid state drive: A block grouping method includes the following steps. Firstly, a link list is established. In the link list, plural blocks are classified into plural groups according to valid data counts of respective blocks. If a host refreshes a stored data of a flash memory of the solid state drive or... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20150026389 - Block grouping method for solid state drive: A block grouping method for a solid state drive includes the following steps. Firstly, plural blocks are classified into a high valid data count group and a low valid data count group according to valid data counts of respective blocks. An average erase count is set according to a specified... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20150026386 - Erase management in memory systems: Computer processor hardware receives notification that data stored in a region of storage cells in a non-volatile memory system stores invalid data. In response to the notification, the computer processor hardware marks the region as storing invalid data. The computer processor hardware controls the magnitude of erase dwell time (i.e.,... Agent:

20150026390 - Garbage collection control method for solid state drive: A garbage collection control method for a solid state drive includes the following steps. Firstly, when a garbage collection is started by the solid state drive, a type of a write command from a host is judged. If the write command is not a sequential write command, a first type... Agent: Lite-on It Corporation

20150026392 - Host-managed logical mass storage device using magnetic random access memory (mram): A mass storage device includes a storage media with magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices and a NAND flash interface and NAND flash memory devices that are coupled to the MRAM devices. The storage media has partitions (Logical Units (LUNs)) made of a combination of MRAM and NAND flash memory... Agent: Avalanche Technology, Inc.

20150026396 - Memory card and host device thereof: A memory card is attached to a host device, and includes a data control circuit which transfers data with respect to the host device in synchronism with a rise edge and a fall edge of a clock signal.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150026394 - Memory system and method of operating the same: A method of operating a memory system includes the operations of outputting dirty cache lines from a data cache to a volatile memory device as instructions are executed, and outputting from the volatile memory device to a non-volatile memory device as many dirty cache lines as the size of a... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20150026387 - Method and apparatus for selecting a memory block for writing data, based on a predicted frequency of updating the data: Some of the embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for programming a flash memory having a plurality of memory blocks, wherein each memory block of the plurality of memory blocks is either a single-level cell (SLC) memory block or a multi-level cell (MLC) memory block, the method comprising... Agent:

20150026393 - Semiconductor memory device: A semiconductor memory device includes a memory array, a setting unit and a control unit. The memory array consists of non-volatile memory cells. The setting unit set a page address of the memory array which is initially read out at startup. The control unit performs an internal sequence to read... Agent: Winbond Electronics Corp.

20150026388 - Storage control apparatus, data storage apparatus, and memory control method: According to one embodiment, a storage control apparatus includes an interface and a controller. The interface transfers data or a command to or from a nonvolatile memory including a storage area for each of banks. The controller controls read operations for the banks in accordance with generation of access requests... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150026395 - Storage system and management method of control information therein: An embodiment of this invention divides a cache memory of a storage system into a plurality of partitions and information in one or more of the partitions is composed of data different from user data and including control information. The storage system dynamically swaps data between an LU storing control... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150026397 - Method and system for providing memory module intercommunication: Exemplary embodiments include a memory module including a plurality of connectors, at least one memory, at least one transmitter and at least one receiver. The connectors are configured to fit with a form factor of a memory socket on a server board. The memory is coupled with the connectors. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics, Ltd.

20150026398 - Mobile device and a method of controlling the mobile device: A mobile device including: a storage device; a system-on-chip (SOC) including a central processing unit (CPU) and a memory interface configured to access the storage device in response to a request of the CPU; and a working memory including an input/output (I/O) scheduler and a device driver, the I/O scheduler... Agent:

20150026399 - Automatic partial array self-refresh: Methods of configuring dynamic memory associated with a processing system, are described. The dynamic memory is configured in a plurality of blocks, the method comprises: a) receiving information relating to a utilisation status of the memory; b) processing the received information to determine at least one first block of the... Agent:

20150026400 - Facilitating communication between memory devices and cpus: According to one embodiment, an apparatus comprises one or more memory devices and one or more processors coupled to a circuit board. The memory devices are configured according to a second memory technology. The processors are configured to receive messages conforming to a first memory technology, translate the messages from... Agent:

20150026401 - Methods and system of pooling storage devices: A system and method are provided for pooling storage devices in a virtual library for performing a storage operation. A storage management device determines a storage characteristic of a plurality of storage devices with respect to performing a storage operation. Based on a storage characteristic relating to performing the storage... Agent:

20150026402 - Storage apparatus and data management method: A storage apparatus includes storage devices of a plurality of types of varying performance, and a control unit which manages each of storage areas provided by the storage devices of the plurality of types by means of storage tiers of a plurality of different types, and assigns the storage areas... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150026403 - Self-adjusting caching system: An apparatus having a cache and a controller is disclosed. The controller is configured to (i) gather a plurality of statistics corresponding to a plurality of requests made from one or more hosts to access a memory during an interval, (ii) store data of the requests selectively in the cache... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150026404 - Least recently used mechanism for cache line eviction from a cache memory: A mechanism for evicting a cache line from a cache memory includes first selecting for eviction a least recently used cache line of a group of invalid cache lines. If all cache lines are valid, selecting for eviction a least recently used cache line of a group of cache lines... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150026405 - System and method for providing a second level connection cache for use with a database environment: Described herein is a system and method for providing a level 2 connection cache for use with a database environment. In accordance with an embodiment, a second level, or level 2 (L2), connection cache is used to cache no-session connections for use with a database. When a connection is requested,... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150026407 - Size adjusting caches based on processor power mode: As a processor enters selected low-power modes, a cache is flushed of data by writing data stored at the cache to other levels of a memory hierarchy. The flushing of the cache allows the size of the cache to be reduced without suffering an additional performance penalty of writing the... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150026406 - Size adjusting caches by way: A size of a cache of a processing system is adjusted by ways, such that each set of the cache has the same number of ways. The cache is a set-associative cache, whereby each set includes a number of ways. In response to defined events at the processing system, a... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150026408 - Cache memory system and method of operating the same: A cache memory system and a method of operating the cache memory system are provided. The cache memory system includes: an address buffer for receiving address bits including a cache address and a tag address from the outside or externally; a cache memory including a memory array, the cache memory... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150026409 - Deferred re-mru operations to reduce lock contention: Data operations, requiring a lock, are batched into a set of operations to be performed on a per-core basis. A global lock for the set of operations is periodically acquired, the set of operations is performed, and the global lock is freed so as to avoid excessive duty cycling of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026411 - Cache system for managing various cache line conditions: A cache controller configured to detect a wait type (i.e., a wait event) associated with an imprecise collision and/or contention event is disclosed. The cache controller is configured to operatively connect to a cache memory device, which is configured to store a plurality of cache lines. The cache controller is... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150026410 - Least recently used (lru) cache replacement implementation using a fifo: A method and apparatus for calculating a victim way that is always the least recently used way. More specifically, in an m-set, n-way set associative cache, each way a cache set comprises a valid bit that indicates that the way contains valid data. The valid bit is set when a... Agent:

20150026412 - Non-blocking queue-based clock replacement algorithm: One embodiment provides an eviction system for dynamically-sized caching comprising a non-blocking data structure for maintaining one or more data nodes. Each data node corresponds to a data item in a cache. Each data node comprises information relating to a corresponding data item. The eviction system further comprises an eviction... Agent: Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

20150026413 - Access map-pattern match based prefetch unit for a processor: In an embodiment, a processor may implement an access map-pattern match (AMPM)-based prefetcher in which patterns may include wild cards for some cache blocks. The wild card may match any access for the corresponding cache block (e.g. no access, demand access, prefetch, successful prefetch, etc.). Furthermore, patterns with irregular strides... Agent:

20150026415 - Adaptive application caching for mobile devices: A method for pre-loading contents in a cache of a mobile terminal, and a mobile terminal using the method, are provided. The method includes determining specific contents for pre-loading, determining circumstances for pre-loading the specific contents, and monitoring circumstances of the mobile terminal. If the circumstances for pre-loading are detected,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150026414 - Stride prefetching across memory pages: A prefetcher maintains the state of stored prefetch information, such as a prefetch confidence level, when a prefetch would cross a memory page boundary. The maintained prefetch information can be used both to identify whether the stride pattern for a particular sequence of demand requests persists after the memory page... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150026416 - Dynamic memory cache size adjustment in a memory device: Methods for dynamic memory cache size adjustment, enabling dynamic memory cache size adjustment, memory devices, and memory systems are disclosed. One such method for dynamic memory cache size adjustment determines available memory space in a memory array and adjusts a size of a memory cache in the memory array responsive... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20150026417 - Caching method for distributed storage system, a lock server node, and a lock client node: A caching method for a distributed storage system, a lock server node, and a lock client node is disclosed. When the lock server node receives a first lock request sent by the first lock client node for locking a first data stripe, if the lock server node determines that the... Agent:

20150026418 - System and method for increased capacity and scalability of a memory topology: A system and method for serial interface topologies is disclosed. A serial interface topology includes a replication device configured to receive control information from a controller interface. The replication device is configured to transmit two or more copies of substantially replicated control information to a device control interface. A data... Agent:

20150026419 - Operating system virtualization for host channel adapters: A host information handling system (IHS) provides virtualization of host channel adapters (HCAs). A hypervisor partitions a system memory of the host IHS into multiple logical partitions (LPARs). A particular LPAR includes a single instance of an operating system. The single instance of the operating system includes a common layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026420 - Memory access using address bit permutation: An apparatus including a memory having an array of blocks addressable using address bits; and a permutation circuit coupled to the memory and configured to permutate the address bits such that during a memory access blocks of data are rearranged virtually.... Agent:

20150026423 - Data integrity protection in storage volumes: A plurality of logical volumes are stored at a plurality of sites. A command to execute an operation on a logical volume is received. A determination is made as to whether a rule associated with the logical volume permits execution of the operation on the logical volume. In response to... Agent:

20150026421 - Management system for managing a physical storage system, method of determining a resource migration destination of a physical storage system, and storage medium: An example is a method for determining at least one migration destination for resources of one migration source physical storage system, with physical storage systems, which provide resources to a virtual storage system recognized by a host as one storage system, as migration destination candidates. The method defines at least... Agent:

20150026422 - Managing data sets of a storage system: A method of and system for managing data sets of a storage facility is disclosed. The method and system may include copying a first data set of a first unit of storage space. A second data set in a second unit of storage space may be created from copying the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026424 - Systems, methods, and computer program products providing change logging in a deduplication process: A method performed in a network storage system, the method including receiving a plurality of data blocks at a secondary storage subsystem from a primary storage subsystem, generating a first log that includes a first plurality of entries, one entry for each of the data blocks, in which each entry... Agent:

20150026425 - Electronic device, operating system and access control method: An electronic device includes a memory protection unit configured to protect an access to a register of a device arranged in an address space. An operating system sets an access right to the register by using the memory protection unit. A process requests the operating system to operate the device... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150026426 - System and method for high performance secure access to a trusted platform module on a hardware virtualization platform: A system and method for high performance secure access to a trusted platform module on a hardware virtualization platform. The virtualization platform including Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) managed components coupled to the VMM. One of the VMM managed components is a TPM (Trusted Platform Module). The virtualization platform also includes... Agent:

20150026427 - Data reassign method and storage device: A data reassign method in an embodiment includes: when a reassign command specifying a first logical sector that is included in a first physical sector and that has not been specified yet by the reassign command is received, reassigning data in the first physical sector to a second physical sector... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150026428 - Memory use for garbage collected computer environments: A method, processing system, and computer readable storage medium, reduce heap memory used by an application, where unused memory in the heap memory is reclaimed by a garbage collector. A processor periodically monitors the application's memory usage including maximum heap memory size, committed heap memory size, in use heap memory... Agent:

20150026429 - Optimizing memory usage across multiple garbage collected computer environments: A method, information processing system, and computer readable storage medium, vary a maximum heap memory size for one application of a plurality of applications based on monitoring garbage collection activity levels for the plurality of applications, each application including a heap memory, and unused memory in the heap memory being... Agent:

20150026430 - Virtual data storage service with sparse provisioning: Virtual data stores may be sparsely provisioned by virtual data storage services in a manner that controls risk of implementation resource shortages. Relationships between requested data storage space size, data storage server capacity, allocated data storage space size and/or allocated data storage space utilization may be tracked on a per... Agent:

20150026431 - Method of processing data with an array of data processors according to application id: A method wherein a plurality of data processors are associated with application IDs whereby the array processes a plurality of applications in parallel.... Agent: Pact Xpp Technologies Ag

01/15/2015 > 44 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150019791 - Control circuit of semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device: A control circuit includes a ROM suitable for generating ROM data based on a ROM address corresponding to a predetermined operation, a command analyzing unit suitable for outputting the ROM address corresponding to the predetermined operation, generating an address storing signal in response to an operation suspension command for suspending... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019792 - System and method for implementing transactions using storage device support for atomic updates and flexible interface for managing data logging: Systems and methods provide an efficient method for executing transactions on a storage device (e.g., a disk or solid-state disk) by using special support in the storage device for making a set of updates atomic and durable. The storage device guarantees that these updates complete as a single indivisible operation... Agent:

20150019794 - Data storage device and operating method thereof: A data storage device and a method of operating the same. The data storage device includes a nonvolatile memory device and a working memory device. The working memory device is configured to store an address mapping table to map a physical address associated with the nonvolatile memory device to a... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019796 - Data storage device and operating method thereof: An operating method of a data storage device, which includes a first memory area and a second memory area, includes selecting a victim block for securing a free area from the first memory area, calculating a first cost required when a merge operation for the victim block is performed in... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019800 - Firmware package to modify active firmware: A computing device includes a non-volatile storage component with a first portion to include active firmware for components of the computing device and a second portion to include a firmware package to modify the active firmware. The computing device installs firmware from the firmware package and determines if the firmware... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company L.p.

20150019795 - Memory system for shadowing volatile data: An apparatus configured to shadow volatile data while minimizing read latency is described. In an implementation, the apparatus includes a memory controller configured to operatively couple to a volatile memory device and a non-volatile memory device. The volatile memory device includes a volatile memory cell and the non-volatile memory device... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150019798 - Method and apparatus for providing dual memory access to non-volatile memory: A method and system for providing a dual memory access to a non-volatile memory device using expended memory addresses are disclosed. The digital processing system such as a computer includes a non-volatile memory device, a peripheral bus, and a digital processing unit. The non-volatile memory device such as a solid... Agent: Cnexlabs, Inc.

20150019797 - Method and apparatus for providing improved garbage collection process in solid state drive: An improved garbage collection (“GC”) process configured to recover new blocks from used storage space is disclosed. After initiating the GC process for a flash memory in accordance with at least one of predefined triggering events, a first valid page within a first block marked as an erasable block is... Agent: Cnexlabs, Inc.

20150019799 - Multi-level memory, multi-level memory writing method, and multi-level memory reading method: A memory comprising a memory array unit including a plurality of data units, and a controller. The controller is configured to receive data; convert the data into converted data using a conversion rule for converting a data piece into another data piece, wherein the conversion rule is selected based on... Agent: Sony Coporation

20150019793 - Self-measuring nonvolatile memory devices with remediation capabilities and associated systems and methods: Several embodiments of systems incorporating nonvolatile memory devices are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a system can include a central processor (CPU) and a nonvolatile memory device operably coupled to the CPU. The nonvolatile memory device can include a memory that stores pre-measurement instructions that are executable by the nonvolatile... Agent:

20150019801 - Semiconductor storage device and method of throttling performance of the same: A semiconductor storage device and a method of throttling performance of the same are provided. The semiconductor storage device includes a non-volatile memory device; and a controller configured to receive a write command from a host and program write data received from the host to the non-volatile memory device in... Agent:

20150019804 - Mapping of random defects in a memory device: A memory device includes a memory array with random defective memory cells. The memory array is organized into rows and columns with a row and column identifying a memory location of a memory cell of the memory array. The memory device includes a row address device and a column address... Agent:

20150019802 - Monolithic three dimensional (3d) random access memory (ram) array architecture with bitcell and logic partitioning: A monolithic three dimensional (3D) memory cell array architecture with bitcell and logic partitioning is disclosed. A 3D integrated circuit (IC) (3DIC) is proposed which folds or otherwise stacks elements of the memory cells into different tiers within the 3DIC. Each tier of the 3DIC has memory cells as well... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150019803 - Partitioned memory with shared memory resources and configurable functions: A memory device that includes an input interface that receives instructions and input data on a first plurality of serial links. The memory device includes a memory block having a plurality of banks, wherein each of the banks has a plurality of memory cells, and wherein the memory block has... Agent: Mosys, Inc.

20150019805 - Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, program for the same, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus according to an aspect of the present invention acquires temperature information for each of a plurality of memories in a wide IO memory device, and when execution of a job is instructed, decides on a memory having a lower temperature as the memory to be used... Agent:

20150019806 - Memory device with page emulation mode: In some examples, a memory device is configured to load multiple pages of an internal page size into a cache in response to receiving an activate command and to write multiple pages of the internal page size into a memory array in response to receiving a precharge command. In some... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20150019808 - Hybrid storage control system and method: Disclosed are a hybrid storage control system and method. Hard disk arrays are divided into a solid-state hard disk array and a disk-type hard disk array according to a type, and the solid-state hard disk array is used as a default data read source, thereby improving a data read speed... Agent:

20150019807 - Linearized dynamic storage pool: The present technology provides a two step process for providing a linearized dynamic storage pool. First, physical storage devices are abstracted. The physical storage devices used for the pool are divided into extents, grouped by storage class, and stripes are created from data chunks of similar classified devices. A virtual... Agent:

20150019809 - Providing redundancy in a virtualized storage system for a computer system: A method for providing redundancy in a virtualized storage system for a computer system is provided. The method includes determining first set of first logical addresses to provide a virtual storage volume, A redundancy schema is then selected to provide redundancy data for primary data stored in the first set... Agent:

20150019810 - Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride: Compressed data is maintained in a plurality of strides of a redundant array of independent disks, wherein a stride is configurable to store a plurality of tracks. A request is received to write one or more tracks. The one or more tracks are written to a selected stride of the... Agent:

20150019811 - Removable storage media control apparatus for preventing data leakage and method thereof: A device and method for controlling a removable storage medium to prevent data leakage are provided. The device includes a storage medium determination unit, a storage medium policy acquisition unit, and a storage medium control unit. The storage medium determination unit determines whether a connected storage medium is a removable... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150019813 - Memory hierarchy using row-based compression: A system includes a first memory and a device coupleable to the first memory. The device includes a second memory to cache data from the first memory. The second memory includes a plurality of rows, each row including a corresponding set of compressed data blocks of non-uniform sizes and a... Agent:

20150019812 - Replication between sites using keys associated with modified data: Systems and methods are disclosed for replicating data stored in an in-memory data cache to a remote site. An example system includes an in-memory data cache and an in-memory keys cache. The system also includes a key insert module that detects a modification to the in-memory data cache, identifies one... Agent:

20150019814 - Extract target cache attribute facility and instruction therefore: A facility and cache machine instruction of a computer architecture for specifying a target cache cache-level and a target cache attribute of interest for obtaining a cache attribute of one or more target caches. The requested cache attribute of the target cache(s) is saved in a register.... Agent:

20150019818 - Maintaining cache size proportional to power pack charge: The present disclosure is directed to a method for managing a cache based on a charge of a power source. The method includes the step of determining a charge of the power source at a first time instance. The method also includes the step of designating for write back cache... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150019817 - Tuning global digests caching in a data deduplication system: Input data is partitioned into data chunks and digest values are calculated for each of the data chunks. The positions of similar repository data are found in a repository of data for each of the data chunks. The repository digests of the similar repository data are located and loaded into... Agent:

20150019815 - Utilizing global digests caching in data deduplication of workloads: For utilizing a global digests cache in data deduplication of difficult workloads in a data deduplication system using a processor device in a computing environment, input data is partitioned into data chunks and digest values are calculated for each of the data chunks. A search for similar data in a... Agent:

20150019816 - Utilizing global digests caching in similarity based data deduplication: Input data is partitioned into data chunks and digest values are calculated for each of the data chunks. The positions of similar repository data are found in a repository of data for each of the data chunks. The repository digests of the similar repository data are located and loaded into... Agent:

20150019820 - Prefetching for a parent core in a multi-core chip: Embodiments of the invention relate to prefetching data on a chip having at least one scout core, at least one parent core, and a shared cache that is common between the at least one scout core and the at least one parent core. A prefetch code is executed by the... Agent:

20150019819 - Prefetching for multiple parent cores in a multi-core chip: Embodiments relate to a method and computer program product for prefetching data on a chip. The chip has at least one scout core, multiple parent cores that cooperate together to execute various tasks, and a shared cache that is common between the scout core and the multiple parent cores. An... Agent:

20150019821 - Specific prefetch algorithm for a chip having a parent core and a scout core: Embodiments relate to a method and computer program product for prefetching data on a chip having at least one scout core and a parent core. The method includes saving a prefetch code start address by the parent core. The prefetch code start address indicates where a prefetch code is stored.... Agent:

20150019822 - System for maintaining dirty cache coherency across reboot of a node: Nodes in a data storage system having redundant write caches identify when one node fails. A remaining active node stops caching new write operations, and begins flushing cached dirty data. Metadata pertaining to each piece of data flushed from the cache is recorded. Metadata pertaining to new write operations are... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150019823 - Method and apparatus related to cache memory: A cache includes a cache array and a cache controller. The cache array has a plurality of entries. The cache controller is coupled to the cache array. The cache controller evicts entries from the cache array according to a cache replacement policy. The cache controller evicts a first cache line... Agent:

20150019824 - Cache pre-fetch merge in pending request buffer: An apparatus for processing cache requests in a computing system is disclosed. The apparatus may include a pending request buffer and a control circuit. The pending request buffer may include a plurality of buffer entries. The control circuit may be coupled to the pending request buffer and may be configured... Agent:

20150019825 - Sharing virtual memory-based multi-version data between the heterogeneous processors of a computer platform: A computer system may comprise a computer platform and input-output devices. The computer platform may include a plurality of heterogeneous processors comprising a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU) and a shared virtual memory supported by a physical private memory space of at least one heterogeneous... Agent:

20150019826 - Storage controlling device and controlling method: A Controller Module (CM) includes a memory that temporarily stores therein data to be written into storage, a switch that connects to another CM and a DMA controller that transfers the data stored in the memory to the other CM via the switch. The DMA controller reads a transfer status... Agent:

20150019829 - Dynamic data set replica management: Systems and methods dynamically manage replicas of data sets. A collection of data stores is used to redundantly store one or more replicas of one or more data sets. The replicas may be used to respond to read requests from multiple sources. Upon identification of a need to allocate storage... Agent:

20150019827 - Generating and using checkpoints in a virtual computer system: To generate a checkpoint for a virtual machine (VM), first, while the VM is still running, a copy-on-write (COW) disk file is created pointing to a parent disk file that the VM is using. Next, the VM is stopped, the VM's memory is marked COW, the device state of the... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150019828 - System and method for mirroring data: Disclosed is a data processing and/or storage system. The data processing and/or storage system includes at least two interfaces, wherein each of the at least two interfaces includes a non-dedicated communication port for communicating data to and form external data systems or clients based on a rule base.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019830 - Dynamic address mapping for finish in the field: Implementations disclosed herein provide for dynamically mapping logical block addresses (LBA) of unfinished data blocks to unused data blocks during an in-the-field finishing process of a storage medium. Such dynamic mapping creates an impression that the storage medium operates at an advertised capacity before the effective capacity is equal to... Agent:

20150019831 - Dual asynchronous and synchronous memory system: A computer-system implemented method for dual asynchronous and synchronous memory operation in a memory subsystem includes establishing a synchronous channel between a memory controller and a memory buffer chip. A mode selector determines a reference clock source for a memory domain phase-locked loop of the memory buffer chip based on... Agent:

20150019832 - Semiconductor device and method of operating the same: A semiconductor device includes a pipeline latch unit including a plurality of write pipelines, and suitable for latching data, and a control unit suitable for controlling at least one write pipeline of the write pipelines based on an idle signal.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150019833 - Hierarchical content defined segmentation of data: A method, system, and computer program product for segmenting data into variable size blocks based on content defined positions. Segmenting probabilities and associated segmenting conditions are defined. The segmenting conditions are ordered in accordance with the associated segmenting probabilities to form a hierarchy of the segmenting conditions. A segmenting condition... Agent:

20150019834 - Memory hierarchy using page-based compression: A system includes a device coupleable to a first memory. The device includes a second memory to cache data from the first memory. The second memory is to store a set of compressed pages of the first memory and a set of page descriptors. Each compressed page includes a set... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 39 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150012688 - Computer system and operating method thereof: A computer system and an operating method thereof are disclosed herein. The operating method includes: dividing a file into a plurality of file segments; transmitting the file segments to an integrated circuit (IC) sequentially: receiving, through the IC, the file segments sequentially, and writing an operating file segment in a... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150012687 - Method for managing commands in command queue, memory control circuit unit and memory storage apparatus: A method for managing commands in a command queue, a memory controller, and a memory storage apparatus are provided. The method includes: storing at least one first command in a command queue register according to a plurality of first indication bits and updating the first indication bits according to a... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150012690 - Multi-leveled cache management in a hybrid storage system: A hybrid storage system is described having a mixture of different types of storage devices comprising rotational drives, flash devices, SDRAM, and SRAM. The rotational drives are used as the main storage, providing lowest cost per unit of storage memory. Flash memory is used as a higher-level cache for rotational... Agent:

20150012691 - Storage control apparatus, control program, and control method: A storage control apparatus which receives a command from a higher-level apparatus for a storage volume constructed by a plurality of storage devices one of which is a first storage device in which physically erasing data is performed on an area in which undesired data is stored in advance in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150012692 - Systems and methods for managing data: Systems and methods for managing data input/output operations are described. In one aspect, a device driver identifies a data read operation generated by a virtual machine in a virtual environment. The device driver is located in the virtual machine and the data read operation identifies a physical cache address associated... Agent: Intellectual Property Holdings 2 LLC

20150012689 - Systems and methods for persistent address space management: Data is stored on a non-volatile storage media in a sequential, log-based format. The formatted data defines an ordered sequence of storage operations performed on the non-volatile storage media. A storage layer maintains volatile metadata, which may include a forward index associating logical identifiers with respective physical storage units on... Agent: Fusion-io, Inc.

20150012686 - Uneven wear leveling in analog memory devices: A method for data storage in a memory that includes multiple analog memory cells, includes defining, based on a characteristic of the memory cells, an uneven wear leveling scheme that programs and erases at least first and second subsets of the memory cells with respective different first and second Programming... Agent:

20150012685 - Write operations for defect management in nonvolatile memory: Data that is stored in a higher error rate format in a nonvolatile memory is backed up in a lower error rate format. Data to be stored may be transferred once to on-chip data latches where it is maintained while it is programmed in both the high error rate format... Agent:

20150012684 - Write operations with full sequence programming for defect management in nonvolatile memory: Data that is stored in a higher error rate format in a nonvolatile memory is backed up in a lower error rate format. Data to be stored may be transferred once to on-chip data latches where it is maintained while it is programmed in both the high error rate format... Agent:

20150012694 - Hardware assisted meta data lookup: A memory system including a memory device. The memory device includes a substrate. A memory array defines a plurality of pages, each page including a data area for storing data and a spare area for storing metadata. A compare circuit is configured to receive metadata retrieved from a plurality of... Agent:

20150012693 - Read based temporal locality compression: For read based temporal locality compression by a processor device in a computing environment, read operations are monitored, traced, and/or analyzed to identify repetitions of read patterns of compressed data. The compressed data is rearranged based on the repetitions of read order of the compressed data that are in a... Agent:

20150012695 - Apparatus and method for multi-mode storage: According to an example, multi-mode storage may include operating a first array including a first memory and a second array including a second memory in one or more modes of operation. The first memory may be a relatively denser memory compared to the second memory and the second memory may... Agent:

20150012696 - Data management device, data management system, and data management method: A data management device includes a processor. The processor is configured to transmit data of a logical volume to a library device different from the data management device so as to record the data of the logical volume on a portable recording medium managed by the library device. The processor... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150012697 - Storage control apparatus and storage control method: A storage control apparatus includes a processor. The processor is configured to store, during a normal operation mode, first data as a first logical volume in a storage section of a first virtual storage device. The first data is transmitted and received between a first host device and a physical... Agent:

20150012700 - Managing a cache in a multi-node virtual tape controller: According to one embodiment, a system includes a virtual tape library having a cache, a virtual tape controller (VTC) coupled to the virtual tape library, and an interface for coupling multiple hosts to the VTC. The cache is shared by the multiple hosts, and a common view of a cache... Agent:

20150012698 - Restoring temporal locality in global and local deduplication storage systems: Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the restoration temporal locality in global and local deduplication storage systems. According to various embodiments, when it is determined that cache memory in a storage system has reached a capacity threshold, each of a plurality of data dictionary entries stored in the cache memory... Agent:

20150012699 - System and method of versioning cache for a clustering topology: Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for versioning cache for a clustered topology. In the clustered topology, a first controller mirrors write data from a cache of the first controller to a cache of the second controller. When communication between controllers of the topology is disrupted... Agent:

20150012703 - Method to optimize provisioning time with dynamically generated virtual disk contents: Distribution of middleware binary includes: receiving a request to deploy a workload with middleware service(s); selecting a base operating system (OS) image to host the middleware service(s); determining locations of binary file(s) for the middleware service(s) in a repository on a storage system; cloning a virtual disk containing the base... Agent:

20150012701 - Redundant array of independent disks (raid) system backup management: Disclosed herein are RAID backup management systems and methods. According to an aspect, a method may include identifying portions of data in each of multiple storage units of a RAID system. The method may also include backing up data in the identified portions to a hot spare. Further, the method... Agent:

20150012702 - Redundant array of independent disks volume creation: Methods and structure for automatic creation of Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) volumes are provided. The system comprises A RAID controller that includes a memory and a processor. The memory stores information describing storage devices of a storage system. The processor is able to receive a request to generate... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150012704 - Storage system: A storage system includes a first storage apparatus including a first logical volume and a second storage apparatus including a second logical volume. The first and second logical volumes are set as a High Availability pair and associated with a virtual volume. When receiving a write request to the virtual... Agent:

20150012705 - Reducing memory traffic in dram ecc mode: A method for managing memory traffic includes causing first data to be written to a data cache memory, where a first write request comprises a partial write and writes the first data to a first portion of the data cache memory, and further includes tracking the number of partial writes... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150012706 - Managing metadata for caching devices during shutdown and restart procedures: A computer program product, system, and method for managing metadata for caching devices during shutdown and restart procedures. Fragment metadata for each fragment of data from the storage server stored in the cache device is generated. The fragment metadata is written to at least one chunk of storage in the... Agent:

20150012707 - System and control protocol of layered local caching for adaptive bit rate services: A system for layered local caching of downstream shared media in a hierarchical tree network arrangement includes a first network node on a first distribution network having a first caching controller. The first network node configured to store a video segment transmitted on the first distribution network based on a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150012708 - Parallel, pipelined, integrated-circuit implementation of a computational engine: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to parallel, pipelined, integrated-circuit implementations of computational engines designed to solve complex computational problems. One embodiment of the present invention is a family of video encoders and decoders (“codecs”) that can be incorporated within cameras, cell phones, and other electronic devices for encoding... Agent:

20150012709 - Progressive virtual lun: A system for progressive just-in-time restoration of data from backup media. Backup data may be stored on any kind of media such as DAS disk, object storage, USB drive, network share or tape. The backup data does not need to reside on contiguous media and can span multiple media. An... Agent:

20150012710 - Cache stickiness index for content delivery networking systems: Various embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a cache stickiness index for providing measurable metrics associated with caches of a content delivery networking system. In one embodiment, a method for generating a cache stickiness index, including a cluster stickiness index and a region stickiness index, is disclosed. In embodiments,... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150012711 - System and method for atomically updating shared memory in multiprocessor system: A system for operating a shared memory of a multiprocessor system includes a set of processor cores and a corresponding set of core local caches, a set of I/O devices and a corresponding set of I/O device local caches. Read and write operations performed on a core local cache, an... Agent:

20150012712 - System, method and a non-transitory computer readable medium for a pre-fetch operation: A method for pre-fetching information units, the method may include: (I) Receiving, by a storage system, write requests for writing information units to the storage system. Each write request includes a first identifier and a second identifier. The first identifier identifies a logical address. A combination of the first and... Agent:

20150012713 - Data processing apparatus having first and second protocol domains, and method for the data processing apparatus: A data processing apparatus (2) comprises a first protocol domain A configured to operate under a write progress protocol and a second protocol domain B configured to operate under a snoop progress protocol. A deadlock condition is detected if a write target address for a pending write request issued from... Agent: Arm Limited

20150012714 - Method and system for multiple processors to share memory: A method and system for multiple processors to share memory are disclosed. The method includes that: at least one local interconnection network is set, each of which is connected with at least two function modules; a local shared memory unit connected with the local interconnection network is set, and address... Agent: Zhongxing Microelectronics Technology Co.ltd

20150012715 - Distributed shared memory: Systems and methods for implementing a distributed shared memory (DSM) in a computer cluster in which an unreliable underlying message passing technology is used, such that the DSM efficiently maintains coherency and reliability. DSM agents residing on different nodes of the cluster process access permission requests of local and remote... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150012716 - Data management apparatus and control method of data management apparatus: A data management apparatus has a first storage unit, a first selecting unit, a second selecting unit, and a second storage unit. The first storage unit stores data associated with first identification information. When writing data out to a storage medium, the first selecting unit selects a first storage medium... Agent:

20150012717 - Memory controlled data movement and timing: The present disclosure includes apparatuses, electronic device readable media, and methods for memory controlled data movement and timing. A number of electronic device readable media can store instructions executable by an electronic device to provide programmable control of data movement operations within a memory. The memory can provide timing control,... Agent:

20150012718 - System for compensating for dynamic skew in memory devices: A memory device includes a memory array, a memory controller, data lines connecting the memory array and the memory controller, and a delay compensation module. The delay compensation module includes a delay line that provides delayed clock signals, a look-up table that stores a mapping between predefined data bit patterns... Agent:

20150012719 - Data store and method of allocating data to the data store: A data store has a data array for storing data values and a tag array for storing tag values for tracking which data values are stored in the data array. The associativity of the data array is greater than the associativity of the tag array. This means that fewer tag... Agent:

20150012720 - Memory managing apparatus and image processing apparatus: The memory area managing unit 22 (a) sets a protect flag to each virtual area allocated in a virtual memory space, the protect flag indicating whether a use of the virtual area has been finished or not, and (b) when a part or all of a first virtual area would... Agent:

20150012721 - Seamless application access to hybrid main memory: A command from an application is received to access a data structure associated with one or more virtual addresses mapped to main memory. A first subset of the virtual addresses for the data structure having constituent addresses that are mapped to the symmetric memory components and a second subset of... Agent:

20150012722 - Identification of page sharing opportunities within large pages: Memory performance in a computer system that implements large page mapping is improved even when memory is scarce by identifying page sharing opportunities within the large pages at the granularity of small pages and breaking up the large pages so that small pages within the large page can be freed... Agent:

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20150006783 - Emulated message signaled interrupts in a virtualization environment: A processor with coherency-leveraged support for low latency message signaled interrupt handling includes multiple execution cores and their associated cache memories. A first cache memory associated a first of the execution cores includes a plurality of cache lines. The first cache memory has a cache controller including hardware logic, microcode,... Agent:

20150006789 - Anti-replay protected flash: Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a system and method for providing anti-replay protection. One embodiment describes a system comprising: a security device; and an anti-replay protected flash device comprising: a flash memory array; an authentication unit; and a secure memory, wherein the authentication unit and the secure memory are... Agent:

20150006794 - Apparatus and method for controlling multi-way nand flashes by using input-output pins: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for controlling multi-way NAND flashes using input-output pins. The apparatus for controlling multi-way NAND flashes includes: a NAND flash monitor for confirming each state of a plurality of NAND flashes by using a read status command which checks whether an inner... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20150006798 - Automatically updating advertising content via a usb flash drive: Systems and methods are provided herein that provide for the automatic updating of advertising content via USB flash drives.... Agent: Imagine Media Partners, LLC

20150006785 - Dynamically varying transfer size in a storage device for improved performance: A method of dynamically varying transfer size in a storage device for improved performance may include receiving, by a processor, a plurality of data transfer parameters. The data transfer parameters may be compared against disk characterization data associated with a Solid State Disk, which is the target of a data... Agent:

20150006784 - Efficient post write read in three dimensional nonvolatile memory: Data that is stored in a higher error rate format in a 3-D nonvolatile memory is backed up in a lower error rate format. Later, the higher error rate copy is sampled to determine if it is acceptable. A sampling pattern samples all word lines of a string and at... Agent:

20150006790 - Efficient post write read in three dimensional nonvolatile memory: Data that is stored in a higher error rate format in a 3-D nonvolatile memory is backed up in a lower error rate format. Later, the higher error rate copy is sampled to determine if it is acceptable. A sampling pattern samples all word lines of a string and at... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150006797 - Interface for extending functionality of memory cards: An enhanced flash memory card, including a memory including a file management system for storing files within directories, the files and directories being identified by respective file names and directory names, and a controller that interfaces with a host device and that reports to the host device names of files... Agent:

20150006795 - Memory controller for providing a plurality of defined areas of a mass storage medium as independent mass memories to a master operating system core for exclusive provision to virtual machines: A computer system includes at least one processor, a first mass memory and a second mass memory. The computer system implements a master operating system core, a first operating system core and at least one second operating system core on the processor under control of the master operating system core.... Agent:

20150006796 - Memory controller, data storage device and memory control method: When a data utilization ratio R which is a utilization ratio of sectors in one page is not lower than a threshold value Rth1 and when write data is not frequently-rewritten data, a flash memory is controlled such that the write data is stored into the flash memory. When the... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150006792 - Memory controller, method of operating, and apparatus including same: A method of operating a memory controller includes; counting a number of read operations directed to a page-group of data stored in a block and generating a first read count number, then comparing the first read count number with a first reference count threshold among a first set of reference... Agent:

20150006802 - Memory system, program method thereof, and computing system including the same: Disclosed is a memory system and a method of programming a multi-bit flash memory device which includes memory cells configured to store multi-bit data, where the method includes and the system is configured for determining whether data to be stored in a selected memory cell is an LSB data; and... Agent:

20150006786 - Operation management in a memory device: Multiple segment operations having non-volatile state trackers in memory devices are disclosed. Operations are segmented in multiple segments and selectively performed to avoid violating timing requirements within a memory device. In at least one embodiment, a memory device operation is segmented into a plurality of segments and selectively performed within... Agent:

20150006799 - Solid-state drive management and control: Various techniques of solid-state drive (“SSD”) management systems, components, modules, routines, and processes are described in this application. In one embodiment, a management engine for controlling a solid-state drive includes an input interface configured to receive a target operation profile from an input source. The management engine also includes a... Agent:

20150006791 - Storage device and method of writing and reading the same: A write method of a storage device including at least one nonvolatile memory device and a memory controller controlling the nonvolatile memory device includes dividing write data into a plurality of page data groups, each page data group including multiple bits of data; encoding the divided page data groups using... Agent:

20150006800 - Storage device and method using parameters based on physical memory block location: A method includes determining a block identifier of a physical block of a memory array that is to be accessed. The method further includes determining a word line index of a first word line that is to be accessed within the physical block based on the block identifier and further... Agent:

20150006801 - Storage system: A storage system monitors the first access frequency of occurrence which is the access frequency of occurrence from a host device during a first period, and the second access frequency of occurrence which is the access frequency of occurrence from a host device during a second period shorter than the... Agent:

20150006793 - Storage system and operating method thereof: Provided are a host device, a storage device, a storage system and operating methods thereof. The host device includes a duplicated information updater configured to update pre-stored duplicated information in response to a write request or a delete request for duplicated data, and a transferor configured to transfer the updated... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150006787 - Techniques for dynamically relocating virtual disk file blocks between flash storage and hdd-based storage: Techniques for dynamically managing the placement of blocks of a logical file between a flash storage tier and an HDD storage tier are provided. In one embodiment, a computer system can collect I/O statistics pertaining to the logical file, where a first subset of blocks of the logical file are... Agent:

20150006788 - Techniques for implementing hybrid flash/hdd-based virtual disk files: Techniques for utilizing flash storage as an extension of hard disk (HDD) based storage are provided. In one embodiment, a computer system can store a first subset of blocks of a logical file in a first physical file residing on a flash storage tier, and a second subset of blocks... Agent:

20150006803 - Duplicate tag structure employing single-port tag ram and dual-port state ram: An apparatus for processing cache requests in a computing system is disclosed. The apparatus may include a single-port memory, a dual-port memory, and a control circuit. The single-port memory may be store tag information associated with a cache memory, and the dual-port memory may be configured to store state information... Agent:

20150006804 - Systems and methods for safely moving short term memory devices while preserving, protecting and examining their digital data: The present invention provides a method for safely recovering, protecting, and reading short term memory devices, such as DRAM modules, following their immediate removal from a system after it powers down. By providing power and appropriate control signals, the present invention stabilizes the memory and allows it to be safely... Agent:

20150006805 - Hybrid multi-level memory architecture: Hybrid multi-level memory architecture technologies are described. A System on Chip (SOC) includes multiple functional units and a multi-level memory controller (MLMC) coupled to the functional units. The MLMC is coupled to a hybrid multi-level memory architecture including a first-level dynamic random access memory (DRAM) (near memory) that is located... Agent:

20150006806 - Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory module and configuring method thereof: Disclosed are a double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory module and a configuring method thereof. The DDR SDRAM module in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a plurality of memory chips; and a serial transceiver portion configured to serially receive first serial data including a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150006807 - Dynamic memory signal phase tracking method and associated control circuit: A dynamic memory signal phase tracking method is provided. The method, applied to a memory controller that accesses a memory module, includes: issuing a memory access command and an access request to an arbiter to request for an access right of the memory module; when the access right is obtained,... Agent:

20150006808 - Content addressable memory in integrated circuit: An integrated circuit (IC) that includes content addressable memories (CAM) is described. A CAM receives a key and searches through entries stored in the CAM for one or more entries that match the key. If a matching entry is found, the IC returns a storage address indicating a memory location... Agent:

20150006809 - Shiftable memory supporting bimodal storage: A shiftable memory supporting bimodal data storage includes a memory having built-in shifting capability to shift a contiguous subset of data stored in the memory from a first location to a second location within the memory. The shiftable memory further includes a bimodal data storage operator to operate on a... Agent:

20150006810 - Register file with read ports clustered by entry: A register file includes a substrate, a plurality of entries, and a plurality of read ports. Each entry includes a corresponding subset of a plurality of memory cells defined on the substrate. Each read port includes a plurality of access elements defined on the substrate. Each access element is associated... Agent:

20150006813 - Caching data between a database server and a storage system: Techniques are provided for using an intermediate cache between the shared cache of an application and the non-volatile storage of a storage system. The application may be any type of application that uses a storage system to persistently store data. The intermediate cache may be local to the machine upon... Agent:

20150006812 - Non-volatile hard disk drive cache system and method: A non-volatile hard disk drive cache system is coupled between a processor and a hard disk drive. The cache system includes a control circuit, a non-volatile memory and a volatile memory. the control circuit causes a subset of the data stored in the hard disk drive to be written to... Agent:

20150006811 - Storage device, electronic apparatus, control method of storage device, and control program for storage device: According to one embodiment, a storage device includes: a first storage module configured to detect number of accesses to data to be stored, and configured to store data, which is larger in the detected number of accesses than a preset value, in a nonvolatile cache memory; and a second storage... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006815 - Backup of cached dirty data during power outages: Systems and methods presented herein provide for backing up cached dirty data during power outages. In one embodiment, a system includes a controller operable to process input/output requests from a host system, and a cache memory operable to cache dirty data pertaining to the input/output requests. The system also includes... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150006818 - Data access method and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program: A storage system manages initialization status of a storage area block by block. The storage system allows reception of an access request indicating data write to Storage Area #1, which is a part of an uninitialized block. Upon receiving the access request, the storage system writes data to the designated... Agent:

20150006814 - Dynamic raid controller power management: A method for reducing power consumed by a storage array controller in a storage array that comprises a plurality of physical communication interfaces such as PHYs. The method may comprise monitoring each of the plurality of physical communication interfaces. For each of the plurality of physical communication interfaces, it may... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20150006816 - Method, apparatus, and controller for managing storage array: A method, an apparatus, and a controller for managing a storage array that is divided into a first storage device subset and a second storage device subset according to degrees of wear of storage devices, where a minimum degree of wear of a storage device in the first storage device... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150006817 - Storage system providing virtual volumes: Multiple storage area groups into which multiple storage areas provided by multiple storage devices are classified with reference to storage area attributes are managed. The multiple logical volumes to which, in accordance with a write request to at least one address included in multiple addresses in the logical volume, at... Agent:

20150006819 - Method and system for file-system based caching: A method and system for file-system based caching can be used to improve efficiency and security at network sites. In one set of embodiments, the delivery of content and storing content component(s) formed during generation of the content may be performed by different software components. Content that changes at a... Agent:

20150006820 - Dynamic management of write-miss buffer to reduce write-miss traffic: Traffic output from a cache write-miss buffer is controlled by determining whether a predetermined condition is satisfied, and outputting an oldest entry from the buffer only in response to a determination that the predetermined condition is satisfied. Posting of a new entry to the buffer is insufficient to satisfy the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150006821 - Evict on write, a management strategy for a prefetch unit and/or first level cache in a multiprocessor system with speculative execution: In a multiprocessor system with at least two levels of cache, a speculative thread may run on a core processor in parallel with other threads. When the thread seeks to do a write to main memory, this access is to be written through the first level cache to the second... Agent:

20150006822 - Memory dump optimization in a system: Reducing memory dump data size by: (i) receiving a memory dump data including a set of stack(s), including at least a first stack which includes a current stack portion; (ii) removing from the memory dump data a first removed data portion that comes from a portion of the first stack... Agent:

20150006823 - Virtual nand capacity extension in a hybrid drive: A method and system for virtual cache memory extension in a data storage device are disclosed herein. The storage device may include a memory that serves as a cache to a primary memory. The method for the storage device may include maintaining mapping information of one or more logical block... Agent:

20150006824 - Apparatus and method of detecting periodicity of memory: An apparatus to detect access periodicity of memory to manage cache pages includes a periodicity value calculator to calculate periodicity of a first period with respect to addresses in memory, and a periodicity determiner to determine periodicity of a first period based on the first periodicity value of the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150006825 - Method and apparatus for memory write performance optimization in architectures with out-of-order read/request-for-ownership response: A block of data may be transferred to memory through a plurality of write operations, where each write operation is preceded by a protocol request and a protocol response. A plurality of protocol requests issued in a first order may elicit a corresponding plurality of protocol responses in a second... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150006826 - Strap-based multiplexing scheme for memory control module: Embodiments include integrated circuits (ICs), system-on-chips (SoCs), and related methods for a strap-based multiplexing scheme for a memory control module. In one embodiment, a memory control module may include a first memory controller coupled to a first bus including a first conductor configured to carry a first signal, and a... Agent:

20150006827 - Method for detecting bank collision at a memory and device therefor: A pipeline circuit determines a first effective address based a sum of a first value and a second value. The first effective address is based upon an actual value of a carry-in into a bit-wise region of the first and second values. The bit-wise region includes a predefined internal region... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150006828 - Memory architecture determining the number of replicas stored in memory banks or devices according to a packet size: A memory architecture for storing information units, the memory architecture comprising a plurality of memory banks or a plurality of memory devices and a memory controller for initiating storage of an information unit and a number of replicas of the information unit in the memory banks or in the memory... Agent: Huawei.technologies Co., Ltd.

20150006829 - Apparatus and method to track device usage: In an embodiment, a processor includes measurement logic to measure a usage associated with the processor. The processor also includes statistical logic to determine, based on a statistical procedure, whether to provide a permission to record an increase in usage responsive to an indication that the usage has increased by... Agent:

20150006830 - Storage system and method for operating the same: Provided are a storage system and method for operating the same. A controller of a storage system includes: a storage device selection unit configured to select a storage device to process a command among a plurality of storage devices; a command process request unit configured to request the selected storage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150006831 - Constructing persistent file system from scattered persistent regions: Methods and apparatus related to constructing a persistent file system from scattered persistent regions are described. In one embodiment, stored information in a storage unit corresponds to one or more persistent memory regions that are scattered amongst one or more non-volatile memory devices. The one or more persistent memory regions... Agent:

20150006832 - Vsam data set tier management: Embodiments of the disclosure are directed toward a method, a system, and a computer program product for managing virtual storage access method (VSAM) data sets on performance tiers. The method can be used with VSAM data sets. The method can include determining a usage metric for a particular control area... Agent:

20150006835 - Backup management for a plurality of logical partitions: A mechanism is provided for managing backups. A plurality of logical partitions are generated in a computer system, each logical partition having assigned a respective first portion of the main memory in the computer system as a resource and each logical partition hosting at least one application program which consumes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006834 - Method and apparatus for store durability and ordering in a persistent memory architecture: An apparatus and method are described for store durability and ordering in a persistent memory architecture. For example, one embodiment of a method comprises: performing at least one store operation to one or more addresses identifying at least one persistent memory device, the store operations causing one or more memory... Agent:

20150006837 - Methods and apparatus for multi-source restore: Methods and apparatus that restore a resource from a first source and a second source to a device are described. Availability of the resource from a second source may be dynamically determined after a portion of the resource has been restored to the device from the first source. If the... Agent:

20150006833 - Optimizing storage utilization by modifying a logical volume offset: Methods, apparatus and computer program products implement embodiments of the present invention that include arranging a first multiple of storage slices to store a second multiple of logical volumes, and assigning a respective offset to each of the logical volumes. Each of the logical volumes are then configured to start... Agent:

20150006836 - Storage control device, storage device, and storage control method thereof: A storage control device includes: a detection unit that determines whether a preliminary process of saving data from a first memory to a second memory is necessary, where the second memory includes a suspend area and a typical area; a preliminary processing unit that writes a first value to the... Agent:

20150006838 - Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor: A management system is coupled to a storage system group including a scale-out storage system (a virtual storage system). The management system has storage management information, which includes information denoting, for each storage system, whether or not a storage system is a component of a virtual storage system. The management... Agent:

20150006839 - Swapping pointers to process data stored in buffers by a data source without copying the data to separate storage: Apparatuses and methods of swapping pointers to process data stored in a plurality of buffers by a data source without copying the data to separate storage are provided. Data may be consecutively loaded into a plurality of buffers pointed to by a first pointer by consecutively swapping the first pointer... Agent:

20150006840 - Generation-based memory synchronization in a multiprocessor system with weakly consistent memory accesses: In a multiprocessor system, a central memory synchronization module coordinates memory synchronization requests responsive to memory access requests in flight, a generation counter, and a reclaim pointer. The central module communicates via point-to-point communication. The module includes a global OR reduce tree for each memory access requesting device, for detecting... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006841 - Message-based memory access apparatus and access method thereof: A message-based memory access apparatus and an access method thereof are disclosed, The message-based memory access apparatus includes: a message-based command bus, configured to transmit a message-based memory access instruction generated by the CPU to instruct a memory system to perform a corresponding operation; a message-based memory controller, configured to... Agent:

20150006842 - Method of managing requests for access to memories and data storage system: The method includes, at a first clock cycle: obtaining (202) new requests by the processing stage; supplying (210) by the processing stage at least one of the new requests;—placing on standby (212) by the processing stage at least one further new request, hereinafter referred to as a standby request. The... Agent: Simpulse

20150006844 - Methods, systems, and devices for management of a memory system: Methods, devices, and systems for a memory management system within an electronic device are disclosed, such as those wherein the memory management system is external to and compatible with architectures of currently existing operating systems. One such memory management system may include a power savings manager configured to be invoked... Agent:

20150006843 - Thread-based memory management with garbage collection: Systems and methods for thread-based memory management may include activating a processing thread. The memory may include a first region and a second region with the first region having several segments. A segment of memory may be allocated for the processing thread. Data associated with an object may be stored... Agent:

20150006845 - Method of creating target storage layout table referenced for partitioning storage space of storage device and related electronic device and machine-readable medium: An exemplary method of creating a target storage layout table referenced for partitioning a storage space of a storage device includes following steps: identifying defective storage areas in the storage space of the storage device, and accordingly generating an identification result; and creating the target storage layout table according to... Agent:

20150006846 - Network system to distribute chunks across multiple physical nodes with disk support for object storage: A method of storing a file in a storage system that includes a plurality of memory-storage hosts includes: specifying a unique chunk identifier for a memory chunk included in the file; specifying a hash mapping to identify one or more storage locations for the chunk identifier, each storage location corresponding... Agent: Saratoga Speed, Inc.

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