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05/28/2015 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150149660 - Server and identifier synchronization method: A server and an identifier synchronization method are provided, and the server includes a network card, hardware peripherals and a basic input output system. The network card stores at least one identifier. The basic input output system starts operating to acquire the at least one identifier of the network card... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149661 - Sharing single root io virtualization peripheral component interconnect express devices: Systems and methods for sharing a single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) device (106) amongst a plurality of roots (104) are described herein. The described systems implement a method which includes identifying a physical function (PF) and a plurality of virtual functions (VFs) associated with the SR-IOV device (106). The method... Agent: Ineda Systems Pvt. Ltd

20150149662 - I/o module and process control system: An I/O module according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a receiver electrically connectable to a field device and configured to receive first information autonomously transmitted from the field device, a storage storing the first information received by the receiver, and a comparator configured to compare the first... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150149663 - System and method for providing performance sampling in a computing system: A method performed by a computer system, the method including maintaining a plurality of work-based counters, each of the work-based counters being associated with a respective functional entity of a plurality of functional entities, in response to determining that a first one of the work-based counters has reached a threshold,... Agent:

20150149664 - An electronic device having a plurality of cpus and a method: An electronic device includes a first CPU, a second CPU, an auxiliary storage unit, and a controller. The auxiliary storage unit includes a first starting program for the first CPU and a second starting program for the second CPU. The first CPU loads the first starting program via the controller,... Agent:

20150149665 - Polling method of communication system:

20150149666 - Event system and methods for using same: Event systems and methods are provided through which applications can manage input/output operations (“I/O”) and inter-processor communications. An event system in conjunction with fast I/O is operable to discover, handle and distribute events. The system and method disclosed can be applied to combinations that include event-driven models and event-polling models.... Agent: Mcorelab, Inc.

20150149667 - Interrupt reduction by dynamic application buffering: Systems and methods are disclosed for processing a queue associated with a request. An example system includes an input/output (I/O) interface that receives a request associated with a channel. The example system also includes an association module that determines whether a condition is satisfied. When the condition is determined to... Agent: Red Hat Israel, Ltd.

20150149668 - Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section: A combination generally directed to a combination computing device and game controller. The computing device provides a plurality of sides, in which each of the sides are disposed between an electronic display screen and a back of the computing device. The game controller provides a communication port interacting with the... Agent:

20150149669 - Dynamic enhancement of media experience: The present disclosure relates to a method for enhancement of media experience that comprises transmitting, by a first computing device, a data stream stored in a first storage region of the first computing device to an output device connected to the first computing device, providing, by a trigger module, a... Agent:

20150149670 - System and method for controlling bus-networked devices via an open field bus: A system for controlling bus-networked devices includes a gateway including a memory unit and having an interface to an open field bus. A power supply unit supplies primary power for the gateway and bus subscribers. An auxiliary power supply unit supplies auxiliary power for the bus subscribers independent of bus... Agent:

20150149672 - Clockless virtual gpio: A virtual GPIO architecture for an integrated circuit is provided that both serializes virtual GPIO signals and deserializes virtual GPIO signals without the need for an external clock.... Agent:

20150149671 - Systems and methods for biasing a bus: A bi-directional differential bus interface that includes a differential transmitter having a non-inverting terminal and an inverting terminal, a differential receiver having a non-inverting terminal and an inverting terminal, and a biasing circuit that is electrically coupled to the non-inverting terminal of the differential transmitter and the inverting terminal of... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150149674 - Embedded storage device: An embedded storage device for use with a computer device is provided. The embedded storage device includes a microprocessor, a master storage unit, a slave storage unit, and a relay bus. The microprocessor provides a clock signal and creates data transmission link to the computer device. The master storage unit... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150149673 - Fence management over multiple busses: Embodiments of a bridge unit and system are disclosed that may allow for processing fence commands send to multiple bridge units. Each bridge unit may process a respective portion of a plurality of transactions generated by a master unit. The master unit may be configured to send a fence command... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150149675 - Memory controller, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling memory controller: A memory controller has a request holding unit holding a write request and a read request; a transmission unit transmitting any one of the write request and the read request to a memory through a transmission bus; a reception unit receiving read data corresponding to the read request through a... Agent:

20150149676 - System for formulating temporal bases for operation of processes for process coordination: A novel approach to coordinate processes in a process environment includes establishing a coherent temporal and resource framework for operation of selected processes in order to formulate a basis for coordination. A key aspect of the present innovation includes the novel techniques for coordinating processes including transmission of electromagnetism and... Agent:

20150149678 - Apparatus of high speed interface system and high speed interface system: Disclosed are an apparatus (equalizer module or receiving apparatus) of a high speed interface system and a high speed interface system, in which the resistance value of a termination resistor in a circuit for high speed interface is adjusted to follow that of a termination resistor of a sink circuit... Agent:

20150149677 - Hot plugging system and method: A hot plugging system and method are disclosed, in which a pluggable device transmits a request to a host before the pluggable device is pulled out so that the host may select whether preserving a device status, and preserves the device status and then shuts down a power of the... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150149679 - Method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing concurrent connections between wireless dockee devices in a wireless docking environment: Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless docking center device to manage one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices on behalf multiple wireless dockee devices. An example embodiment of the invention includes receiving, by a wireless docking center device, at least two request messages for peripheral... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150149682 - In-vehicle sensor, in-vehicle sensor system, and method of setting identifiers of in-vehicle sensors in in-vehicle sensor system: An in-vehicle sensor (1) connected to a communication bus CAN includes a bus connection connector (40) including external communication terminals T3, T4, and external setting terminals T5, T6 each of which is brought into one of a plurality of connection states; judgment means S1-S7 for judging the connection states of... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150149680 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method:

20150149681 - Methods for sharing bandwidth across a packetized bus and systems thereof: A system, method, and computer readable medium for sharing bandwidth among executing application programs across a packetized bus for packets from multiple DMA channels includes receiving at a network traffic management device first and second network packets from respective first and second DMA channels. The received packets are segmented into... Agent:

20150149684 - Handling two ses sidebands using one smbus controller on a backplane controller: Present disclosure relates to a computer-implemented method for handling two SES sidebands using one SMBUS controller. The method includes one or more of following operations: (a) establishing communication between a backplane controller and a host computer through HBA, (b) receiving control commands and control data from host computer for monitoring... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20150149683 - Pci express transaction descriptor: A method and apparatus for enhancing/extending a serial point-to-point interconnect architecture, such as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is herein described. Temporal and locality caching hints and prefetching hints are provided to improve system wide caching and prefetching. Message codes for atomic operations to arbitrate ownership between system devices/resources are... Agent:

20150149685 - Pci-e standard selection setting system and microserver: A peripheral component interface-express (PCI-E) standard selection setting system and microserver are disclosed, in which a selection controller selects an arrangement setting in storage elements to arrange the PCI-E control chip, whereby each of the second PCI-E standard ports is or is not arranged as an upstream PCI-E standard port,... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150149686 - Adapter card with a computer module form factor: A system includes a circuit board with a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (“PCIe”) backplane. The backplane is configured to receive processing power from a computer module. An adapter card having a computer module form factor is coupled to the PCIe backplane instead of the computer module. The adapter card includes... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

05/21/2015 > 27 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150142992 - Device and method for addressing, and converter: It is provided to implement a different number of logical slaves in a field device for use in an AS interface network as a function of the assigned address, which slaves may be addressed using the assigned address in the standard or in the expanded addressing mode. Thus, in a... Agent:

20150142993 - Connection compatibilty method and device: A connection compatibility method is disclosed, which comprises: connecting a mobile device to a first in-vehicle connectivity port; receiving at an compatibility check unit, via the first connectivity port, identification information for the mobile device; determining, based on the identification information, whether the first connectivity port meets a connection requirement... Agent:

20150142994 - Robust cable-type detection for usb power delivery: A system and method for detecting a USB cable-type. A USB PD device configured at a near end of a USB cable is configured to (i) receive and process a signal from a device at a far end of the USB cable to determine a power rating of the USB... Agent:

20150142995 - Determining a direct memory access data transfer mode: In response to receiving a request for a DMA data transfer, a DMA transfer mode may be determined based on based on the size of the requested DMA data transfer and profile data of an I/O adapter. The profile data for the I/O adapter may include a physical location of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142996 - Dma transmission method and system thereof: A method for transmitting data between an information processing device and a storage device, in which the storage device includes a buffer memory and flash chips, includes: receiving a first write request including data to be written and an address used for the flash chip of the storage device; allocating... Agent:

20150142997 - Methods for frame order control and devices in storage area network: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and device that sends an outgoing storage device frame to a storage device, the outgoing storage device frame converted from an incoming storage device frame received from a host device based on a protocol supported by the storage device. An incoming host device frame... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150142998 - Sensor data correlation and analysis platform: Systems and methods for aggregating multiple handheld instruments into a single platform facilitating the collection and transfer of measurement data to a centralized or distributed system. The platform comprises multiple sensor heads made up of the minimum hardware required for application specific sensing with a common interface which communicates with... Agent:

20150143001 - Computer architectures using shared storage: An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) system includes a shared storage that stores data corresponding to files, a file system, and ESB infrastructure functions. The ESB system includes a metadata registry storing metadata associated with the ESB infrastructure functions, separate from the ESB infrastructure functions, and includes storage location information of... Agent:

20150143002 - Computer system: A computer system includes a first storage control module and at least one server module. The first storage control module includes plural storage processors. Each server module includes a server processor and a server I/F connected to the server processor and at least two of the plurality of storage processors.... Agent:

20150142999 - Computer system and method for migrating volume in computer system: The present invention relates to migrating volumes among computers in a computer system. According to the migration method of the present invention, a setting of a storage apparatus is changed so that the volume having been used by the migration source host is accessible by the migration destination host, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150143000 - Storage system, storage control apparatus, information processing apparatus, storage control program and storage control method: A storage control method is characterized by receiving a write signal from an external transmission source, transmitting write data included in the write signal to a transmission destination, storing the write data temporarily, monitoring a temporary stored data amount that is an amount of the write data temporarily stored, transmitting... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150143003 - High speed, parallel configuration of multiple field programmable gate arrays: Representative embodiments are disclosed for a rapid and highly parallel configuration process for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). In a representative method embodiment, using a host processor, a first configuration bit image for an application is stored in a host memory; one of more FPGAs are configured with a communication... Agent:

20150143004 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method: Provided is a communication system that can aim to prevent unauthorized communications, i.e., to improve the reliability of communicated messages. A communication system comprises a plurality of ECUs connected to a communication line such that the plurality of ECUs can communicate communication messages. Each of the plurality of ECUs has... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150143005 - Method and apparatus for use in a data processing system: A method is described, for use in a data processing system, the system having a node and a communication link, wherein the communication link is coupled to the node. The method can comprise obtaining first digital signal information associated with a first signal, transmitting the first signal from the node... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150143006 - Multi-protocol combined receiver: A receiver circuit configured to operate in a DisplayPort (DP) mode and a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) mode. The receiver circuit includes: termination circuitry configured to receive a DP signal in the DP mode and an HDMI signal in the HDMI mode; and voltage common-mode (VCM) level shifter circuitry configured... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150143007 - Control circuitry module group, electric device and modem device: The present invention relates to a control circuitry module group, an electrical device, and a modem device. The control circuitry module group is configured for communication and/or power supply between a master control module and at least one slave modules in an electrical device. The control circuitry module group comprises:... Agent:

20150143008 - Field bus system: A field bus system includes at least one bus module designed as a master module with at least one connecting device for connection to a network and with at least one port for connecting a parameterizable IO link device. The field bus system uses a data storage device which is... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20150143009 - Use of an io link for linking field devices: The invention relates to the use of an IO link for linking a field device to a master assembly.... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20150143010 - Method and apparatus for compensating for delay in real-time embedded system: In a real-time embedded system, if a higher-level interrupt having a higher priority than a lower-level interrupt being processed occurs, the lower-level interrupt is stopped from being processed and the higher-level interrupt is processed. Upon completion of the processing of the higher-level interrupt, delay information about the lower-level interrupt is... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150143011 - Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues: Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues. In response to a queue transitioning from a no replies pending state to a reply pending state, an interruption is initiated. This interruption signals to a processor that a reply to a request is waiting on the queue. In order for the queue to... Agent:

20150143012 - Method for configuring maximum transmission unit (mtu), terminal and usb data card: A method for configuring a maximum transmission unit (MTU) value, a terminal and a universal serial bus (USB) data card are provided. The method includes the following steps: after detecting that a connection to a USB data card is established (201), the terminal issuing a request for obtaining an MTU... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150143013 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus including processing units and a connection control unit that controls the connections between the processing units, in which the connection control unit is provided with a table creation unit which, with respect to a first logical channel established with a processing unit, creates table information showing... Agent:

20150143015 - Dma controller and data readout device: A DMA controller (40) comprises a reading start address register (402) storing a reading start address from which reading starts; a reading data size register (403) storing the size of data to be read in a single reading operation; an offset value register (404) storing an offset value for updating... Agent:

20150143014 - Support for ioapic interrupts in amba-based devices: One disclosed computing system comprises a x86 processor, memory, a PCIe root complex (RC), a PCIe bus, and an interconnect chip having a PCIe endpoint (EP) that is connected to the PCIe RC through a PCIe link, the PCIe EP being connected to an AMBA® bus. The interconnect chip may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143016 - Method and apparatus for delivering msi-x interrupts through non-transparent bridges to computing resources in pci-express clusters: An apparatus for initialization. The apparatus includes a management I/O device controller for managing initialization of a plurality of I/O devices coupled to a PCI-Express (PCIe) fabric. The management I/O device controller is configured for receiving a request to register a target interrupt register address of a first worker computing... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150143018 - Flexible server system: A flexible server system includes an embedded processor, one or more processor boards, one or more storage boards, and a switch including a plurality of ports. The embedded processor, the one or more processor boards, and the one or more storage boards are connected to a corresponding one of the... Agent:

20150143017 - Memory device debugging on host platforms: A system and method are disclosed for an electronic integrated circuit to communicate with different hosts via different interfaces using the same host protocol. The system may use a host interface circuit to select a first set of electrical contacts or a second set of electrical contacts in order for... Agent:

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