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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output

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05/21/2015 > 27 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150142992 - Device and method for addressing, and converter: It is provided to implement a different number of logical slaves in a field device for use in an AS interface network as a function of the assigned address, which slaves may be addressed using the assigned address in the standard or in the expanded addressing mode. Thus, in a... Agent:

20150142993 - Connection compatibilty method and device: A connection compatibility method is disclosed, which comprises: connecting a mobile device to a first in-vehicle connectivity port; receiving at an compatibility check unit, via the first connectivity port, identification information for the mobile device; determining, based on the identification information, whether the first connectivity port meets a connection requirement... Agent:

20150142994 - Robust cable-type detection for usb power delivery: A system and method for detecting a USB cable-type. A USB PD device configured at a near end of a USB cable is configured to (i) receive and process a signal from a device at a far end of the USB cable to determine a power rating of the USB... Agent:

20150142995 - Determining a direct memory access data transfer mode: In response to receiving a request for a DMA data transfer, a DMA transfer mode may be determined based on based on the size of the requested DMA data transfer and profile data of an I/O adapter. The profile data for the I/O adapter may include a physical location of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142996 - Dma transmission method and system thereof: A method for transmitting data between an information processing device and a storage device, in which the storage device includes a buffer memory and flash chips, includes: receiving a first write request including data to be written and an address used for the flash chip of the storage device; allocating... Agent:

20150142997 - Methods for frame order control and devices in storage area network: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and device that sends an outgoing storage device frame to a storage device, the outgoing storage device frame converted from an incoming storage device frame received from a host device based on a protocol supported by the storage device. An incoming host device frame... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150142998 - Sensor data correlation and analysis platform: Systems and methods for aggregating multiple handheld instruments into a single platform facilitating the collection and transfer of measurement data to a centralized or distributed system. The platform comprises multiple sensor heads made up of the minimum hardware required for application specific sensing with a common interface which communicates with... Agent:

20150143001 - Computer architectures using shared storage: An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) system includes a shared storage that stores data corresponding to files, a file system, and ESB infrastructure functions. The ESB system includes a metadata registry storing metadata associated with the ESB infrastructure functions, separate from the ESB infrastructure functions, and includes storage location information of... Agent:

20150143002 - Computer system: A computer system includes a first storage control module and at least one server module. The first storage control module includes plural storage processors. Each server module includes a server processor and a server I/F connected to the server processor and at least two of the plurality of storage processors.... Agent:

20150142999 - Computer system and method for migrating volume in computer system: The present invention relates to migrating volumes among computers in a computer system. According to the migration method of the present invention, a setting of a storage apparatus is changed so that the volume having been used by the migration source host is accessible by the migration destination host, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150143000 - Storage system, storage control apparatus, information processing apparatus, storage control program and storage control method: A storage control method is characterized by receiving a write signal from an external transmission source, transmitting write data included in the write signal to a transmission destination, storing the write data temporarily, monitoring a temporary stored data amount that is an amount of the write data temporarily stored, transmitting... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150143003 - High speed, parallel configuration of multiple field programmable gate arrays: Representative embodiments are disclosed for a rapid and highly parallel configuration process for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). In a representative method embodiment, using a host processor, a first configuration bit image for an application is stored in a host memory; one of more FPGAs are configured with a communication... Agent:

20150143004 - Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method: Provided is a communication system that can aim to prevent unauthorized communications, i.e., to improve the reliability of communicated messages. A communication system comprises a plurality of ECUs connected to a communication line such that the plurality of ECUs can communicate communication messages. Each of the plurality of ECUs has... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150143005 - Method and apparatus for use in a data processing system: A method is described, for use in a data processing system, the system having a node and a communication link, wherein the communication link is coupled to the node. The method can comprise obtaining first digital signal information associated with a first signal, transmitting the first signal from the node... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150143006 - Multi-protocol combined receiver: A receiver circuit configured to operate in a DisplayPort (DP) mode and a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) mode. The receiver circuit includes: termination circuitry configured to receive a DP signal in the DP mode and an HDMI signal in the HDMI mode; and voltage common-mode (VCM) level shifter circuitry configured... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150143007 - Control circuitry module group, electric device and modem device: The present invention relates to a control circuitry module group, an electrical device, and a modem device. The control circuitry module group is configured for communication and/or power supply between a master control module and at least one slave modules in an electrical device. The control circuitry module group comprises:... Agent:

20150143008 - Field bus system: A field bus system includes at least one bus module designed as a master module with at least one connecting device for connection to a network and with at least one port for connecting a parameterizable IO link device. The field bus system uses a data storage device which is... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20150143009 - Use of an io link for linking field devices: The invention relates to the use of an IO link for linking a field device to a master assembly.... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20150143010 - Method and apparatus for compensating for delay in real-time embedded system: In a real-time embedded system, if a higher-level interrupt having a higher priority than a lower-level interrupt being processed occurs, the lower-level interrupt is stopped from being processed and the higher-level interrupt is processed. Upon completion of the processing of the higher-level interrupt, delay information about the lower-level interrupt is... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150143011 - Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues: Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues. In response to a queue transitioning from a no replies pending state to a reply pending state, an interruption is initiated. This interruption signals to a processor that a reply to a request is waiting on the queue. In order for the queue to... Agent:

20150143012 - Method for configuring maximum transmission unit (mtu), terminal and usb data card: A method for configuring a maximum transmission unit (MTU) value, a terminal and a universal serial bus (USB) data card are provided. The method includes the following steps: after detecting that a connection to a USB data card is established (201), the terminal issuing a request for obtaining an MTU... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150143013 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus including processing units and a connection control unit that controls the connections between the processing units, in which the connection control unit is provided with a table creation unit which, with respect to a first logical channel established with a processing unit, creates table information showing... Agent:

20150143015 - Dma controller and data readout device: A DMA controller (40) comprises a reading start address register (402) storing a reading start address from which reading starts; a reading data size register (403) storing the size of data to be read in a single reading operation; an offset value register (404) storing an offset value for updating... Agent:

20150143014 - Support for ioapic interrupts in amba-based devices: One disclosed computing system comprises a x86 processor, memory, a PCIe root complex (RC), a PCIe bus, and an interconnect chip having a PCIe endpoint (EP) that is connected to the PCIe RC through a PCIe link, the PCIe EP being connected to an AMBA® bus. The interconnect chip may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143016 - Method and apparatus for delivering msi-x interrupts through non-transparent bridges to computing resources in pci-express clusters: An apparatus for initialization. The apparatus includes a management I/O device controller for managing initialization of a plurality of I/O devices coupled to a PCI-Express (PCIe) fabric. The management I/O device controller is configured for receiving a request to register a target interrupt register address of a first worker computing... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150143018 - Flexible server system: A flexible server system includes an embedded processor, one or more processor boards, one or more storage boards, and a switch including a plurality of ports. The embedded processor, the one or more processor boards, and the one or more storage boards are connected to a corresponding one of the... Agent:

20150143017 - Memory device debugging on host platforms: A system and method are disclosed for an electronic integrated circuit to communicate with different hosts via different interfaces using the same host protocol. The system may use a host interface circuit to select a first set of electrical contacts or a second set of electrical contacts in order for... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150134854 - Methods of providing access to i/o devices: A method of providing one or more computing devices with access to a plurality of resources. The plurality of resources are provided by at least one physical device. The method comprises, at a first control element receiving a data packet transmitted by one of said one or more computing devices,... Agent:

20150134856 - Control device for controlling a safety device, and use of an io link for transmission of a safety protocol to a safety device: A control device for controlling a safety device which can be connected to a master assembly by means of an IO link is characterized in that a safety protocol can be transmitted via an IO link connection.... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20150134855 - Decoupling host and device address maps for a peripheral component interconnect express controller: A controller includes a virtual memory mapped to device-side Peripheral component interconnect express address space includes virtual buffers allocation for each data transfer. Each virtual buffer is associated with a scatter/gather list entry in a host memory. The controller executes direct transfers between Peripheral component interconnect express devices and host... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150134858 - Electronic device including a memory: An electronic device includes a semiconductor memory unit that includes a vertical electrode formed over a substrate and receiving a voltage through one end of the vertical electrode, a resistance variable layer formed along a side of the vertical electrode to be thinner going from one end to the other... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150134857 - System and method for i/o optimization in a multi-queued environment: A system and method for I/O optimization in a multi-queued environment are provided. In one embodiment, a host is provided that sorts commands into a plurality of queues, wherein a command is sorted based on its data characteristic. The host receives a read request from a storage module for commands... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20150134859 - Multi-configuration computer: A method for configuring computer operational parameters comprising detecting with at least one processor at least one peripheral device in communication with the at least one processor; receiving, with the at least one processor from at least one of a plurality of communication ports constructed and arranged to interface with... Agent:

20150134860 - System for improving hdmi cec performance, and method for controlling same: The present invention provides a method for controlling a HDMI CEC device on HDMI CEC network including a plurality of devices, the method comprising: receiving a message for requesting a physical address allocation of a new device when the new device is connected to the HDMI CEC network; allocating a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150134861 - Personal cloud storage chain service system and method: Disclosed herein are a personal cloud storage chain service system and method which are capable of solving the shortage problem of personal cloud storage by connecting surplus storages, used by each person, to a Digital Media Player (DMP) (e.g., a SetTopBox (STB)) and storing and managing content. A personal cloud... Agent:

20150134862 - System and method of sending data via additional secondary data lines on a bus: A serial low-power inter-chip media bus communications link is deployed in apparatus having multiple Integrated Circuit devices. Communications capabilities of a device coupled to the communications link may be determined and configuration or framing message may be sent to the first device based on the capabilities. The messages may be... Agent:

20150134863 - Decreasing usb interference to adjacent wireless device: Decreasing interference of a first device operating according to high speed serial bus standard on a second device operating according to another different communication standard is provided. The method can include obtaining a first signal strength received by the second device before connection of the first device. The method can... Agent:

20150134865 - Method for synchronizing display elements in a control system for automated control of a technical installation: A method for synchronizing display elements of a plurality of subscribers of a distributed, bus-based control system is proposed. The subscribers comprise a message transmitter and a plurality of message receivers. The message receivers each comprise a respective display element, which can be toggled between a switched-on state and a... Agent:

20150134866 - Superspeed inter-chip interface: An interface for low power, high bandwidth communications between units in a device in provided herein. The interface comprises a USB 3.0 system interface and a SuperSpeed inter-chip (SSIC) protocol adaptor configured to facilitate communications between the USB 3.0 system interface and an M-PHY interface.... Agent:

20150134864 - Synchronisation of a system of distributed computers: A method of determining a propagation time of signals from a USB Host Controller to an attached USB device is presented. In an embodiment, the method insludes: the USB device sending a message or data packet to the USB Host Controller; the USB device starting a local timer upon transmission... Agent: Chronologic Pty Ltd

20150134867 - Device and method for interrupt coalescing: An external logic device for a network interface controller enables interrupt coalescing from a network interface controller. The network interface controller has a cause register for storing information about interrupt causes and drives an interrupt line. The external logic device is connectable to the cause register for reading the contents... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150134868 - Socket interposer having a multi-modal i/o interface: Exemplary embodiments include a socket interposer having a plurality of connectors configured to attach to a server board, the server board including: a first processor socket having a processor form factor, and a first memory associated with the first processor socket, a processor inserted into the at least first processor... Agent:

20150134869 - Docking stations for remote control and multimedia devices: A representative base unit for charging a remote controller and a multimedia device includes at least two docking stations for a remote controller and a multimedia device, wherein the at least two docking stations having charging slots that transfer power to the remote controller and the multimedia device for recharging;... Agent:

20150134870 - Clocking for pipelined routing: An integrated circuit may have pipelined programmable interconnects that are configured to select between a routing signal stored in a register and the identical routing signal bypassing the register. The pipelined programmable interconnect may send the selected routing signal over a wire to the next pipelined programmable interconnect circuitry. The... Agent:

20150134872 - Bus subscriber for a bus system, bus system for a motor vehicle, and method for allocating addresses in a bus system: A bus system that has at least two lines. A bus subscriber has at least one connection element that has at least two contacts that can each be connected to one of the lines. An address allocation device can be used to ascertain an address for the bus subscriber in... Agent: Audi Ag

20150134871 - Reduced host data command processing: Methods and systems are provided that execute reduced host data commands. A reduced host data command may be a write command that includes or is received with an indication of host data instead of the host data. The reduced host data command may be executed with a Direct Memory Access... Agent:

20150134873 - Protocol neutral fabric: An embodiment integrates non-PCI compliant devices with PCI compliant operating systems. A fabric system mimics the behavior of PCI. When non-PCI compliant devices do not know how to respond to PCI enumeration, embodiments provide a PCI enumeration reply and thus emulate a reply that would typically come from a PCI... Agent:

20150134874 - Determining extended capability of a channel path: A computer program product includes a tangible storage storing instructions for performing a method. The method includes: sending a request from a processing unit in a host computer system to a channel subsystem to provide a channel path description for a channel path, the channel subsystem including a channel configured... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150127854 - Compound storage system and storage control method: One or more storage systems are connected to one or more storage boxes comprising multiple storage devices. Multiple storage areas provided by one or more storage boxes include an allocated area, which is a storage area that is allocated to a virtual volume, and an empty area, which is a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150127855 - Tiered storage device providing for migration of prioritized application specific data responsive to frequently referenced data: Data is placed in tiered storage with a suitable granularity according to application characteristics. The storage apparatus comprises a controller for managing storage areas, provided by storage media of a plurality of types of varying performance, as pools, and for assigning the storage areas in page units to a virtual... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150127856 - Configurable multi-lane scrambler for flexible protocol support: Various structures and methods are disclosed related to configurable scrambling circuitry. Embodiments can be configured to support one of a plurality of protocols. Some embodiments relate to a configurable multilane scrambler that can be adapted either to combine scrambling circuits across a plurality of lanes or to provide independent lane-based... Agent: Altera Corporation

20150127857 - Image forming apparatus and host computer capable of sharing terminology, method of sharing terminology and terminology sharing system: A host apparatus capable of sharing terminology information and a peripheral device, a method of sharing the terminology information, and a terminology information sharing system. The host apparatus includes a communication module to provide a communication interface between the host apparatus and the peripheral device, an information sharing unit to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150127858 - Dynamic virtual machine (vm) input-output per second (iops) control based on application io profiling & vm io usage trend analysis: Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods for controlling input-output (IO) requests of a plurality of virtual machines to a datastore. The method includes: monitoring, for each virtual machine, a throughput of IO to a datastore for a preset time interval; identifying a peak value of the throughput;... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150127859 - Data transmission method and electronic device: A data transmission method and an electronic apparatus are disclosed. The data transmission method comprises: establishing transmission channels between the local endpoints and a plurality of remote endpoints, wherein at least one of the local endpoints corresponds to at least two of the remote endpoints and at least two transmission... Agent:

20150127860 - Setting a pcie device id: One embodiment of the present invention includes a hard-coded first device ID. The embodiment also includes a set of fuses that represents a second device ID. The hard-coded device ID and the set of fuses each designate a separate device ID for the device, and each device ID corresponds to... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150127861 - Dynamic data collection communication between adapter functions: An approach is provided that collects data from a multi-function adapter that is used by multiple functions. In the approach, a master function is dynamically selected from the group of functions. The approach further allows the master function to perform a disruptive adapter data collection while inhibiting performance of disruptive... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150127862 - Intelligent connector and bus controller: An intelligent connector is disclosed having a signal processing unit, a first port, and a second port. The signal processing unit communicates signals between a bus and a slave module. The first port is coupled between the bus and the signal processing unit, and is connected to a power supply... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20150127863 - Maintaining i/o priority and i/o sorting: Multiple variants of a data processing system, which maintains I/O priority from the time a process makes an I/O request until the hardware services that request, will be described. In one embodiment, a data processing system has one or more processors having one or more processor cores, which execute an... Agent:

20150127864 - Hardware first come first serve arbiter using multiple request buckets: A First Come First Server (FCFS) arbiter that receives a request to utilize a shared resource from a plurality of devices and in response generates a grant value indicating if the request is granted. The FCFS arbiter includes a circuit and a storage device. The circuit receives a first request... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20150127865 - Method and apparatus use with interrupts: A system is configured to capture a set of interrupts and output the interrupts serially onto an interconnect. The interrupts, which are routed to a destination, may first be packetized such that additional information is associated with the interrupt within the packet.... Agent:

20150127866 - Secure, fast and normal virtual interrupt direct assignment in a virtualized interrupt controller in a mobile system-on-chip: Aspects include apparatuses and methods for secure, fast and normal virtual interrupt direct assignment managing secure and non-secure, virtual and physical interrupts by processor having a plurality of execution environments, including a trusted (secure) and a non-secure execution environment. An interrupt controller may identify a security group value for an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150127867 - Semiconductor device: A microcomputer includes a central processing unit (CPU) and a data transfer controller (DTC). The data transfer controller (DTC) reads out data transfer information including transfer mode information from a storage device (RAM) or the like. The data transfer controller (DTC) analyzes the transfer mode information to change at least... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150127868 - Information processing device, control method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having control program recorded thereon: An information processing device creates a management table of bridge addresses by allocating the bridge addresses to a plurality of bridges, respectively, and, when detecting one access to one device of a plurality of devices, refers to the management table, performs, based on the management table referred to, cancelling allocation... Agent:

20150127872 - Computer system, server module, and storage module: An exemplary computer system includes a server module including a first processor and first memory, a storage module including a second processor, a second memory and a storage device, and a transfer module. The transfer module retrieves a first transfer list including an address of a first storage area, which... Agent:

20150127870 - Semiconductor memory device: A semiconductor memory device includes a first global line suitable for inputting/outputting data from/to a first bank, a second global line suitable for inputting/outputting data from/to a second bank, a multi-purpose register (MPR) suitable for loading data having a predetermined value on the first global line in a training mode,... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150127869 - System and method for supporting an efficient packet processing model in a network environment: A system and method can support efficient packet processing in a network environment. The system can comprise a thread scheduling engine that operates to assign a thread key to each software thread in a plurality of software threads. Furthermore, the system can comprise a pool of direct memory access (DMA)... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150127871 - Updated io memory management unit identity settings for dma remapping: Disclosed is a system and method for updating IOMMU (Input Output Memory Management Unit) tables for remapping DMA (Direct Memory Access) range for a requested bus device when the device is active.... Agent:

20150127873 - Semiconductor device and memory system including the same: A semiconductor device and a memory system including the same are disclosed, which relate to a technology for reducing a toggle current of a global input output (GIO) of a semiconductor device configured to use a data bus inversion (DBI) scheme. The semiconductor device includes:a local input/output (LIO) line driver... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150127874 - Platform communication protocol: A host chipset heartbeat may be utilized, in some embodiments, to handle interrupts from external devices on a power efficient basis. The availability of the host chipset heartbeat may be signaled to external devices and those external devices may time their activities to a period of time when not only... Agent:

20150127875 - Pci express to pci express based low latency interconnect scheme for clustering systems: PCI Express is a Bus or I/O interconnect standard for use inside the computer or embedded system enabling faster data transfers to and from peripheral devices. The standard is still evolving but has achieved a degree of stability such that other applications can be implemented using PCIE as basis. A... Agent:

20150127876 - Apparatus and methods to communicatively couple field devices to controllers in a process control system: A disclosed example apparatus includes a first interface to be communicatively coupled to one of a first field device or a second field device. The first interface communicates using a first fieldbus communication protocol when coupled to the first field device and communicates using a second fieldbus communication protocol when... Agent:

20150127877 - Serdes receiver oversampling rate: An apparatus relates generally to serializer-deserializers. In such an apparatus, a first serializer-deserializer has a first data path and a data eye path. The first data path is coupled to a first data out interface of the first serializer-deserializer. A second serializer-deserializer has a second data path. The second data... Agent: Xilinx, Inc.

20150127879 - Signal transmission reducing coupling caused delay variation: A signaling bus having a plurality of adjacent logical lanes, each logical lane having an odd signal path and an even signal path. Driving circuitry drives each logical lane by transmitting, if data has changed from an immediately preceding cycle, a one cycle signal having a first transition direction on... Agent:

20150127878 - Tunneled window connection for programmed input output transfers over a switch fabric: Tunneled window connections are utilized in a switch fabric to perform programmed input output transfers. The window connections are based on global IDs. A management entity may enforce the tunneled window connections, improving security.... Agent: Plx Technology, Inc.

04/30/2015 > 22 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150120964 - Peripheral device complying with sdio standard and method for managing sdio command: The invention provides a method of managing SDIO commands at a host device and a peripheral device. The host device connected to the peripheral device by a bus comprising a command transmission line and a data transmission line, both of which are arranged to transmit single end signal. The host... Agent:

20150120963 - Transport mode data transfer between a channel subsystem and input/output devices: A computer program product is provided for performing a method that includes receiving a command message at a control unit from a channel subsystem in a host computer system, the command message including a command for data to be transferred from the host computer system to an I/O device. The... Agent:

20150120965 - Apparatus and method for copying rules between devices: Devices, systems, and methods are described for allowing rules that are applied to one device to be applied to another device based on a user's interaction with only the devices. A rule-copy action, such as simultaneous shaking of the two devices, proximity of the two devices to each other, and/or... Agent:

20150120966 - Techniques for using an assigned switch identification at an input/output device: Examples are disclosed for assigning a switch identification to data received at an input/output device coupled to a host device. In some examples, the data may be associated with a virtual station interface (VSI) for a virtual machine implemented at the host device. For these examples, a switch identification may... Agent: Intel Corporation

20150120967 - Communication device ingress information management system and method: The components of communication network device ingress systems and methods cooperate to manage information ingress and prevent denial of service attempts. A classifier classifies incoming information. A classification filter filters the information on a classification basis to prevent denial of service. The classification filter includes a classification filter counter for... Agent:

20150120968 - Control method and information processing system: A control method for an information processing system including a first computer, a second computer, and a plurality of storage devices coupled to the first computer and the second computer through a switch, a processing performance of the second computer being higher than a processing performance of the first computer,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150120969 - Data processing system and data processing method: Embodiments of the present invention provide a data processing system and a data processing method. An MMIO address of a data request is obtained, where data stored in a PCIe storage device can be directly obtained from the MMIO address, and according to the MMIO address, a network adapter can... Agent:

20150120970 - Method and apparatus for providing performance data over a debug bus: A device and method for providing performance information about a processing device. A stream of performance data is generated by one or more devices whose performance is reflected in the performance data. This performance data stream is then provided to a parallel port for outputting thereof.... Agent:

20150120972 - I/o module: An I/O module includes a base plate, a plurality of universal-circuits, and an option-module. The base plate includes a plurality of connection terminals. A plurality of field devices is electrically connectable to the connection terminals. The universal-circuits correspond to the connection terminals. The universal-circuits are provided on the base plate,... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150120971 - Server system and storage system: A storage system includes a communication unit configured to perform communication with a server, a storage unit including a plurality of storage media, an input/output (I/O) controller configured to transmit/receive data to/from the server through the communication unit, and transmit/receive the data to/from the storage unit, and a board unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150120973 - Method for detecting receive end, detection circuit, optical module, and system: A method for detecting a receive end, a detection circuit, an optical module, and a system are provided, and relate to the field of optical communications. The method includes: transmitting a first detection code pattern to a PCI-E receive end through optical transmission, so that after receiving the first detection... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150120975 - Camera control slave devices with multiple slave device identifiers: System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate transmission of data, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. An address list may associate each of a plurality of slave devices coupled to a control data bus with a plurality of slave device identifiers. Access to the control data bus... Agent:

20150120974 - Electronic controller to be connected to program tool: A first external tool (10A) serially connected to an electronic controller (20A) through a pair of communication lines (LANH, LANN) applies a high voltage (Vaa) higher than a normal control voltage (Vcc) to the communication line (LANH) when a program is written. The electronic controller (20A) recognizes connection of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150120977 - Inter-component communication including slave component initiated transaction: Component apparatuses with inter-component communication capabilities, and system having such component apparatuses are disclosed herein. In embodiments, such a component may include a number of control pins including a clock pin, a number of data pins, and a logic unit. The logic unit may be configured to receive a clock... Agent:

20150120976 - Method and apparatus for performing a bus lock and translation lookaside buffer invalidation: A method and apparatus for performing a bus lock and a translation lookaside buffer invalidate transaction includes receiving, by a lock master, a lock request from a first processor in a system. The lock master sends a quiesce request to all processors in the system, and upon receipt of the... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150120978 - Input/output memory map unit and northbridge: The present invention provides for page table access and dirty bit management in hardware via a new atomic test[0] and OR and Mask. The present invention also provides for a gasket that enables ACE to CCI translations. This gasket further provides request translation between ACE and CCI, deadlock avoidance for... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150120979 - Method of controlling computer and computer: A computer, having: a first OS to which a first processor core group is allocated; and a virtualization module to which a second processor core group is allocated, wherein a virtualization module registers interrupt handler processing for resetting the second processor core group, wherein a first OS has: a monitoring... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150120980 - Portable computing device docking apparatus: A portable computing device docking apparatus includes an input unit to input a user command, a mounting unit disposed on one side of the input unit, into which one end portion of a portable computing device is separately inserted, and a hinge unit to interconnect the input unit and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150120981 - Data interface for point-to-point communications between devices: A data interface is provided for point-to-point communications between two devices, such as a read channel and a disk controller in an HDD system. An interface for communications from a transmitting device to a receiving device comprises a data bus configured to communicate m bits of data and a corresponding... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150120982 - Multi-channel universal serial bus (usb) to subrate channel systems and methods: Multi-channel universal serial bus (USB) to subrate channel methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes providing a system comprising a USB interface and a multi-channel interface configured to communicatively connect to a plurality of subrate channels. The method also includes communicatively connecting the subrate channels with a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150120983 - Direct memory access controller, control method thereof, and information processing system: Two channels of a main CPU channel and a sub CPU channel each including a reception channel and a transmission channel, and performing a data transfer by a DMA in accordance with a descriptor are provided, a channel switching part selects the main CPU channel or the sub CPU channel... Agent:

20150120984 - Memory system having high data transfer efficiency and host controller: According to one embodiment, the host controller includes a register set to issue command, and a direct memory access (DMA) unit and accesses a system memory and a device. First, second, third and fourth descriptors are stored in the system memory. The first descriptor includes a set of a plurality... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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