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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output

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07/10/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140195697 - Apparatus and method for detecting functions of video card: A video card detection device electrically connects to a motherboard of a computing device to detect functions of an integrated video card and an independent video card of the motherboard. The independent video card is configured to electrically connect to a first display, and the integrated video card is configured... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140195698 - Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization cotroller in a data storage system: Embodiments of the invention relate to configuring a virtualization controller in SAN data storage system without disrupting I/O operations. One aspect of the invention concerns a method that comprises establishing a first data path between a host and a storage controller in the same communication zone wherein the storage controller... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140195699 - Maintaining i/o priority and i/o sorting: Multiple variants of a data processing system, which maintains I/O priority from the time a process makes an I/O request until the hardware services that request, will be described. In one embodiment, a data processing system has one or more processors having one or more processor cores, which execute an... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140195700 - Computing system with multimodal interaction mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a computing system includes: receiving a interrupt request for an interrupt task request; determining a request intent, with a control unit, from the interrupt request; generating a system notification for the interrupt task request based on the request intent; and determining a presentation order of... Agent: Telenav, Inc.

20140195701 - Time-sharing buffer access system: A time-sharing buffer access system manages a buffer among plural master devices. Plural buffer handling units are operable to associatively couple the master devices, respectively, and a first end of each buffer handling unit is used to independently transfer data to or from the associated master device. A second end... Agent: Skymedi Corporation

20140195702 - Method of operating data compression circuit and devices to perform the same: A method of operating a data compression circuit includes receiving and storing a plurality of data blocks until a cache is full and writing the data blocks that have been stored in the cache to a buffer memory when the cache is full. The method also includes performing forced literal/literal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140195703 - Electronic system subject to memory overflow condition: A method of operating an electronic system comprises storing information corresponding to an input data stream in a first memory having a first operating rate, detecting an overflow condition of the first memory, generating overflow information in response to the detection of the overflow condition, storing the overflow information in... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140195704 - Chassis management implementation by management instance on baseboard management controller managing multiple computer nodes: Certain aspects of the present disclosure are directed to a baseboard management controller (BMC). The BMC includes a processor and a memory having firmware. The firmware includes a master management instance and a plurality of assisting management instances. When the firmware is executed at the processor, the master management instance... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20140195705 - Communication method of host apparatus capable of connecting with device by using wireless universal serial bus and wireless connection system including host apparatus and device: A communication method of a host apparatus capable of connecting with a device by using a Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) includes operations of receiving a connection request signal from the device to be connected to the host apparatus, according to a determination of whether a request to perform an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140195706 - Electronic apparatus and data processing method thereof: An electronic apparatus and a data processing method thereof are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a processing unit, a first and a second bus interface. The first bus interface transmits and receives a first type data related to a target device. The second bus interface transmits and receives a second... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140195707 - Executive device and stack method and stack system thereof: A stack method for executive devices includes the following steps: a present master-slave setting is detected of each execution device, such that the execution device is respectively set as a master device and a slave device. The master device generates coding information. It is detected if another execution device is... Agent:

20140195708 - Determining when to throttle interrupts to limit interrupt processing to an interrupt processing time period: Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for determining when to throttle interrupts to limit interrupt processing to an interrupt processing time. Upon receiving interrupts from the hardware device, a determination is made as to whether a number of received interrupts exceeds an interrupt threshold during a interrupt... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140195709 - Delivering real time interrupts with an advanced programmable interrupt controller: Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for delivering real time interrupts with an APIC are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a local advanced programmable interrupt controller including a storage location to store a non-maskable interrupt vector.... Agent:

20140195710 - Storage device: According to one embodiment, a storage device includes a processing unit and a plurality of storage units. The processing unit includes a processor and a network communication unit. The storage unit includes a processor input/output port connected to the processing unit via a bus, a storage-unit input/output port connected to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140195713 - Computer system including cpu or peripheral bridge to communicate serial bits of peripheral component interconnect bus transaction and low voltage differential signal channel to convey the serial bits: A computer system for multi-processing purposes. The computer system has a console comprising a first coupling site and a second coupling site. Each coupling site comprises a connector. The console is an enclosure that is capable of housing each coupling site. The system also has a plurality of computer modules,... Agent: Acqis LLC

20140195711 - Pci express channel implementation in intelligent platform management interface stack: Certain embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a baseboard management controller (BMC) that includes a PCI express (PCIe) interface controller configured to provide access to a PCIe channel over a PCIe link, and firmware. The firmware includes a PCIe module being configured to access the PCIe channel through... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20140195712 - Processor module, micro-server, and method of using processor module: A processor module includes at least one storage device, at least one central processing unit (CPU) that uses a preset interface, and a module controller to relay a connection between a common interface bus formed on the based board and an interface used by the CPU.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140195714 - Methods and structure for buffering host requests in serial attached scsi expanders: Methods and structure are provided for “spoofing” an active connection between a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) initiator and a SAS target. The structure includes a SAS expander, comprising multiple physical links with associated transceivers (PHYs), switching hardware, a memory, and a control unit. Each PHY is operable to receive incoming... Agent: Lsi Corporation

07/03/2014 > 29 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140189163 - Apparatus including memory system controllers and related methods: Memory system controllers can include a host bus adapter (HBA) and a serial advanced technology attachment (SA) programming compliant device coupled to the HBA via a function-specific interconnect configured to simultaneously transfer a command, a response, and other information between the HBA and the SA programming compliant device.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20140189162 - Regulating an input/output interface: An apparatus includes an input/output (I/O) interface circuit that includes a memory and a controller. The memory stores a plurality of commands to regulate an input/output (I/O) interface. The commands indicate at least one I/O state of at least one I/O terminal of the I/O interface circuit and a time... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140189164 - Memory bus attached input/output ('i/o') subsystem management in a computing system: Memory bus attached Input/Output (‘I/O’) subsystem management in a computing system, the computing system including an I/O subsystem communicatively coupled to a memory bus, including: detecting, by an I/O subsystem device driver, a hibernation request; setting, by the I/O subsystem device driver, a predetermined memory address to a value indicating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189165 - Size-minimized data logger and secure digital (sd) memory card housing: Disclosed herein is a size-minimized data logger that also serves as a housing for a secure digital (SD) memory card. The SD card housing is located on one side of the data logger. The micro-SD card is used for recording raw or digital data and digitized event data. The data... Agent: Precision Life Technologies, Inc.

20140189166 - Semiconductor device and data processing system: The present invention is to provide a semiconductor device that can correctly switch endians on the outside even if the endian of a parallel interface is not recognized on the outside. The semiconductor device includes a switching circuit and a first register. The switching circuit switches between whether a parallel... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140189167 - Computer apparatus: A computer apparatus comprising a memory, a first processor arranged to read and execute processor readable instructions stored in the memory, a peripheral device connected to and controlled by the first processor and a second processor in communication with the first processor, the second processor being operative to control an... Agent:

20140189168 - Hard disk drive module having indicating device: A hard disk drive module comprises a hard disk drive, a bracket to support the hard disk drive, and an indicating device. The indicating device indicates a working status of the hard disk drive. The indicating device comprises an indicating unit and a processor. The processor is electrically connected to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140189169 - Regulating direct memory access descriptor execution: An apparatus includes an integrated circuit that includes a processing core and a direct memory access (DMA) engine. The DMA engine is adapted to process descriptors to control DMA communications. The descriptors contain data indicating communication endpoints that are associated with the DMA communications. The DMA engine is adapted to... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140189170 - Information processing apparatus, setting information management method and recording medium: An disclosed information processing apparatus includes a memory unit for storing first setting-values for setting-items for a program in accordance with multiple priority levels, a given one of the setting-items being for one or more of the first setting-values, and each of the first setting-values having one of the priority... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140189171 - Optimization of native buffer accesses in java applications on hybrid systems: Managing buffers in a hybrid system, in one aspect, may comprise selecting a first buffer management method from a plurality of buffer management methods; capturing statistics associated with access to the buffer in the hybrid system running under the initial buffer management method; analyzing the captured statistics; identifying a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189172 - Discovery mechanisms for universal serial bus (usb) protocol adaptation layer: A WiFi serial bus (WSB) attribute for use in Wi-Fi Alliance defined point-to-point (P2P) discovery mechanism includes a plurality of fields disposed in the frame. The WiFi serial bus attribute is arranged to provide information in the plurality of fields to support connectivity decisions for a USB device in a... Agent:

20140189174 - General input/output architecture, protocol and related methods to implement flow control: An enhanced general input/output communication architecture, protocol and related methods are presented.... Agent: Intel Corporation

20140189173 - Network efficiency and power savings: A mechanism is provided for resource management. A first network interface card in a set of network interface cards receives network data from one or more servers in a set of servers. Responsive to the first network interface card determining that a first threshold has been met indicating that an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189175 - Generic bus de-multiplexer/port expander with inherent bus signals as selectors: A circuit comprising: a device determiner configured to, in a first mode of operation, receive a device selection signal via at least one of: at least one control line and at least one signal line; and a device router configured to, in a second mode of operation, route signals between... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20140189177 - High speed overlay of idle i2c bus bandwidth: High-speed serial communications between programmable devices connected to an I2C bus that includes a serial clock channel (SCL) and a serial data channel (SDA), having at least a logical low state and a logical high state. The programmable device determines if the SCL channel is idle, indicated by a logical... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189176 - Processor arrangements and a method for transmitting a data bit sequence: A processor arrangement is provided. The processor arrangement includes: a first processor; a plurality of second processors, each second processor including a bit-mask generator configured to generate a processor-specific bit-mask sequence; wherein the first processor includes a bit-mask generator configured to generate the processor-specific bit-mask sequences of the second processors;... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140189178 - Single wire serial interface master module and method thereof for sampling data information: The present invention discloses a single wire serial interface (SSI) master module, including: a sample delay controlling unit, configured to send a delay instruction; the state machine unit, configured to wait, according to the delay instruction, for a delay period starting from a moment when an SSI master module completes... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140189179 - System on chip and method for accessing device on bus: The present invention discloses a system on a chip and a method for accessing a device on a bus, and belongs to the electronics field. The system includes: a primary device, configured to send an access request; an extension module, configured to receive the access request sent by the primary... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140189180 - Method and system for changing bus direction in memory systems: A method including sorting read/write commands initiated by a memory controller based upon a destination page within a memory device. The read/write commands having a highest priority level are determined. The commands are then categorized as either page movement commands or data movement commands. The page movement commands or data... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140189181 - On-chip bus arbitration method and device thereof: A method and device for on-chip bus arbitration are disclosed. The method includes: dividing devices into a first level, a second level and a third level from high to low; and in each arbitration period, calculating remaining processing time of each real-time transaction, and upgrading a device making a request... Agent: Beijing Pkunity Microsystems Technology Co., Ltd.

20140189183 - Memory system and driving method thereof: A memory system includes first and second memory devices, a memory controller configured to control the second memory device, to store a request signal to access the first memory device, and to generate an interrupt signal, and a host configured to receive the request signal in response to the interrupt... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140189182 - Method to accelerate message signaled interrupt processing: Methods to accelerate a message signaled interrupt (MSI) are described herein. An embodiment of the invention includes an interrupt controller to receive a messaged signaled interrupt (MSI) request from a device over a bus, and an execution unit coupled to the interrupt controller to execute an interrupt service routine (ISR)... Agent:

20140189184 - Creating dynamic fixed functionality for a hardware device system: One particular example implementation of an apparatus that includes logic, the logic at least partially comprising hardware logic to: trigger a particular interrupt based, at least in part, on input/output (I/O) activity when a predetermined state is activated on a platform; generate a system control interrupt based, at least in... Agent:

20140189185 - Interrupt monitoring system and computer system: An interrupt monitoring apparatus includes a storage that stores a given threshold that corresponds to an external interrupt notification; a measuring circuit that measures time that elapses from a time when the external interrupt notification is received until a time when dispatch notification is received from a CPU; a comparing... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140189186 - Memory bus attached input/output ('i/o') subsystem management in a computing system: Memory bus attached Input/Output (‘I/O’) subsystem management in a computing system, the computing system including an I/O subsystem communicatively coupled to a memory bus, including: detecting, by an I/O subsystem device driver, a hibernation request; setting, by the I/O subsystem device driver, a predetermined memory address to a value indicating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140189187 - Method to integrate arm ecosystem ips into pci-based interconnect: Methods and apparatus for integrating ARM-based IPs in computer system employing PCI-based fabrics. An PCI-based fabric is operatively coupled to an ARM-based ecosystem employing an ARM-based fabric such as OCP, AHB, or BVCI via a corresponding fabric-to-fabric bridge. Transactions between IP operatively coupled to the PCI-based fabric and IP in... Agent:

20140189188 - Methods and apparatus for bridged data transmission and protocol translation in a high-speed serialized data system: An apparatus for transmitting data across a high-speed serial bus includes an IEEE 802.3-compliant PHY having a GMII interface; an IEEE 1394-compliant PHY in communication with the IEEE 802.3-compliant PHY via a switch; the switch determining whether data transmission is be routed to the IEEE 802.3-compliant PHY or the IEEE... Agent:

20140189189 - Computer arbitration system, bandwidth, allocation apparatus, and method thereof: The bandwidth allocation apparatus includes a high bandwidth arbitration module, a low bandwidth arbitration module and a multiplexer. The high bandwidth arbitration module is used to select one downstream device from the high bandwidth downstream device group for allowing uplink. The low bandwidth arbitration module is used to select one... Agent: Asmedia Technology Inc.

20140189190 - Mechanism for facilitating dynamic cancellation of signal crosstalk in differential input/output channels: A mechanism is described for facilitating dynamic cancellation of signal crosstalk in input/output differential channels according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments may include detecting crosstalk between a first differential signal channel pair (“differential pair”) and a second differential pair of a plurality of differential pairs at a computing... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 36 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140181324 - Data transmitting method, memory controller and data transmitting system: A data transmitting method for a memory controller is provided. A host system executes threads to transmit commands through a human interface device (HID) interface. The method includes: receiving a command packet from the host system; executing an operation corresponding to a command according to the command packet to generate... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20140181323 - Doorbell backpressure avoidance mechanism on a host channel adapter: A method for processing commands includes receiving, for multiple commands, doorbells for writing to a send queue scheduler buffer on a host channel adapter (HCA). The send queue scheduler buffer is associated with a send queue scheduler. The method further includes detecting a potential deadlock of the send queue scheduler... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140181327 - I/o device and computing host interoperation: An I/O device is coupled to a computing host. In some embodiments, the device is enabled to utilize memory of the computing host not directly coupled to the device to store information such as a shadow copy of a map of the device and/or state of the device. Storage of... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140181325 - Systems and methods for exchanging usb information with selected remote devices: Devices, systems, and methods for selectively pairing an upstream facing USB port device (UFP device) and a downstream facing USB port device (DFP device) over a network are disclosed. A controller device sends pairing commands to a selected UFP device and a selected DFP device, which then establish a connection... Agent: Icron Technologies Corporation

20140181326 - Tag allocation for queued commands across multiple devices: The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates the processing of commands in a set of devices. The system includes a host bus adapter that provides an interface for connecting the set of devices to the host and manages the allocation of a set of tags to one or more... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140181328 - Techniques for configuring contacts of a connector: Systems and methods for configuring contacts of a first connector includes detecting mating of a second connector with the first connector and in response to the detection, sending a command over one of the contacts and waiting for a response to the command. If a valid response to the command... Agent:

20140181329 - Computer system audio device switching: A detachable audio device structured to be coupled to an interface port of a computer system simulates the coupling and uncoupling of an audio controller to trigger an operating system being executed by a processing device of the computer system to select between an audio driver for that same audio... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140181330 - Method, system for configuring peripherals, and a computer-readable medium: Disclosure herein is related to a method and a system for configuring peripherals. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the system mainly includes a computer system and one or more peripheral devices connected with the computer system. With the software in the computer system, a user is allowed... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20140181331 - Reconfigurable memory controller: Embodiments of a memory controller are described. This memory controller includes signal connectors, which are electrically coupled to a communication path that includes multiple links, and an interface circuit, which is electrically coupled to the signal connectors. In a first operating mode, the interface circuit communicates with a first memory... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20140181332 - Monitoring record management method and device: The present invention provides a monitoring record management technology, which is used to manage a monitoring record stored in a memory, where the monitoring record is used to monitor a chunk in a storage, and by reading at least one monitoring parameter from each monitoring record in the memory, monitoring... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140181333 - Variable-width command/address bus: Embodiments of the invention relate to a variable-width command/address bus (CA bus). In one embodiment, a memory controller includes first logic to determine whether a memory device is in a first mode or a second mode. The memory controller includes second logic to transmit a command to the memory device... Agent:

20140181334 - System and method for determination of latency tolerance: Particular embodiments described herein can offer a method that includes receiving first link state information associated with a first device, determining, by a processor, an upward latency tolerance based, at least in part, on the first link state information, and providing the upward latency tolerance to a power management controller.... Agent:

20140181335 - Method and system for communication between devices: A method and a system in which a second device provides a service along with an external device via a first device is provided. The method includes, when a service connection to at least one external device has failed, searching for the first device that will relay service data for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140181336 - Method, apparatus and cable for enabling two types of hdmi communication: An electronic apparatus includes a first communication unit configured to perform I2C bidirectional communication with an external apparatus using two signal lines included in a transmission path as I2C communication lines, a second communication unit configured to perform bidirectional differential communication with the external apparatus using the two signal lines... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140181337 - One-to-many 2.4g wireless computer peripheral communication device and transmission method thereof: The present invention relates to the wireless transmission technology. Disclosed is a one-to-many 2.4G wireless computer peripheral communication device, which includes a 2.4G wireless USB transmit-receive adapter connected with a USB interface of an intelligent appliance and more than one 2.4G wireless computer peripheral cooperated with the USB transmit-receive adapter.... Agent: Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd.

20140181338 - System and method for audio pass-through between multiple host computing devices: A digital audio pass-through device capable of connecting multiple host computing devices is described. The digital audio pass-through device allows computing devices such as personal computers (Mac or PC), tablets, and smart phones to share high quality digital audio data streams with one another via USB connections. The digital audio... Agent: Ikingdom Corp.

20140181340 - Deterministic method to support multiple producers with multiple consumers in peer or hierarchical systems: A transaction processing method is disclosed to solve the issue of multiple producers (software and hardware) and one or more consumers operating in a peer or hierarchical system. The transaction processing method is a deterministic method operable in a system having any number of producers. The producers themselves may be... Agent:

20140181339 - Equalization coefficient search algorithm: A method comprises selecting a starting point on a map of equalization coefficients and measuring an eye height of a signal transmitted using the set of equalization coefficients associated with the starting point and an eye height associated with each adjacent point on the map relative to the starting point.... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140181342 - Prioritized lock requests to reduce blocking: A method includes requesting a lock on a resource. The request for the lock on the resource is specified as a low priority non-blocking request that does not block one or more other requests such that one or more other requests can request a lock on the resource and obtain... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140181341 - System and method to reset a lock indication: An apparatus include a first core processor, a second core processor, and a lock register coupled to the first core processor and to the second core processor. The apparatus further includes a shared structure responsive to the first core processor and to the second core processor. The shared structure is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140181343 - Structured block transfer module, system architecture, and method for transferring: Structured block transfer module, system architecture, and method for transferring content or data. Circuit allowing content in one memory to be shifted, moved, or copied to another memory with no direction from a host, the circuit comprising: a connection manager, at least one copy engine, and a connection between the... Agent: Synopsys, Inc.

20140181344 - Detection of abnormal operation caused by interrupt processing: A controller for controlling interrupt processing in a multiple-interrupt system is provided. The controller includes multiple watchdog timers (WDTs), each provided for each of interrupt priorities. The controller includes interrupt priority selectors, each of which receives each interrupt request signal and outputs an activation signal to a corresponding WDT according... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140181345 - Hidden i/o connector assembly for mobile computing devices: A mobile computing device comprising a rotatable I/O port module that includes a plurality of I/O ports providing connections with external electronic devices. The I/O port module is rotatable in relative to the main body of the mobile device between a working state in which the I/O ports are externally... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140181346 - Assembly and manufacture method of printed circuit board with solid memory module: An assembly includes a printed circuit board and a solid memory module. The printed circuit board defines a slot in a side surface of the printed circuit board, the slot has a bottom surface, and the printed circuit board defines a groove in the bottom surface and includes a number... Agent:

20140181347 - Docking assembly for a handheld device: A docking assembly for docking a handheld device thereto is provided. The docking assembly includes a cradle for receiving the handheld device, and a handle adjacent to the cradle and reciprocally movable inwardly and outwardly relative to the cradle between an open and a position. The handle has a handle... Agent: Technologies Humanware Inc.

20140181348 - Crosstalk aware decoding for a data bus: Techniques for decoding encoded data are described herein. An example of a device in accordance with the present techniques includes a receiving signaling module coupled to a plurality of signal lines. The signaling module includes a receiver to receive a plurality of encoded line voltages or currents on the plurality... Agent:

20140181349 - Per-source ordering: Systems and methods for maintaining an order of read and write transactions for each source through a bridge in a bus fabric. The bridge provides a connection from a first bus to a second bus within the bus fabric. The first bus has a single path for read and write... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140181351 - Intelligent interrupt distributor: An intelligent interrupt distributor balances interrupts (workload) in a highly parallelized system. The intelligent interrupt distributor distributes the interrupts between the processor cores. This allows lowering of voltage and frequency of individual processors and ensures that the overall system power consumption is reduced.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140181352 - Interconnect to communicate information uni-directionally: A processor includes at least one core, a power control unit, and a first interconnect to couple with a peripheral controller. The first interconnect is to provide a first uni-directional communication path for communication of first power management data from the processor to the peripheral controller. Other embodiments are described... Agent:

20140181353 - Interface extension device: An interface extension device is disclosed. The interface extension device includes a USB port, a USB hub and a first interface conversion circuit. The USB hub has a first port connected to the USB port. The first interface conversion circuit includes first and second USB hosts. The first USB host... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140181350 - Method and apparatus pertaining to universal serial bus-based charging: A control circuit (comprising, for example, a part of a charging hub for a portable electronic communications device) that is not configured to support USB On-The-Go-compatible Host Negotiation Protocol is operably coupled to a USB-ID connector and is configured to transmit an identifier via that USB-ID connector to prompt a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140181354 - System and method for transmitting data based on pcie: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and a method for transmitting data based on Peripheral Component Interconnect Express 9PCIe). The system includes: a PCIe switching network, multiple switch terminal devices, a managing unit, multiple host processing units, multiple terminal processing units, multiple hosts, and multiple terminal devices. After... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140181356 - Band dynamic switching between two bus standards: In some embodiments, an electronic system includes a processor, a memory in communication with the processor, a bus in communication with the processor, an Express Card controller coupled to the bus, the Express Card controller providing an interface to an external device, a USB3 controller coupled to the bus and... Agent:

20140181355 - Configurable communications controller: A communications controller includes a physical interface and an internal transmit and receive circuit. The physical interface has a port for connection to a communication medium, an input, and an output, and operates to receive a first sequence of data bits from the input and to transmit the first sequence... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20140181358 - Crosstalk aware decoding for a data bus: Techniques for decoding encoded data are described herein. An example of a device in accordance with the present techniques includes a signaling module with a receiver, quantizer, and arithmetic circuit. The receiver receives a plurality of encoded line voltages or currents on a plurality of signal lines. The quantizer determines... Agent:

20140181357 - Crosstalk aware encoding for a data bus: Techniques for encoding data are described herein. An example of a device in accordance with the present techniques includes a signaling module coupled to a plurality of digital inputs. The signaling module is to encode data received at the plurality of digital inputs to generate encoded data. Based on the... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 30 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140173139 - System, method, and computer program product for inserting a gap in information sent from a drive to a host device: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for inserting a gap in information sent from a drive to a host device. In operation, one or more commands are received at a drive from a host device. Additionally, information is queued to send to the host device. Furthermore, a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140173140 - Detecting firmware version for an input/output adapter: An indication of a version of a firmware stored in an input/output adapter may be provided by a method that includes detecting whether a first pin is connected to an external circuit, detecting whether a second pin is unconnected to an external circuit, and causing the indication to be provided... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140173141 - Robust cable-type detection for usb power delivery: A system and method for detecting a USB cable-type. A USB PD device configured at a near end of a USB cable is configured to (i) receive and process a signal from a device at a far end of the USB cable to determine a power rating of the USB... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140173142 - Electronic device and connection detection method: An electronic device includes a function extension device that includes a first slim line connector based on SATA, and a terminal device connected to the function extension device. The terminal device includes a detection circuit for outputting a first and second detection signals which indicate whether connection to the function... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140173143 - Data processing method and apparatus: The present invention relates to the field of communications technologies and discloses a data processing method and apparatus to obtain a DPD non-linear distortion compensation coefficient under a QPSK mode. The embodiments of the present invention receive a first data flow, and perform interpolation into the first data flow to... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140173144 - Information processing apparatus, storage apparatus, information processing system, and input/output method: An input and output method includes connecting a storage apparatus to an information processing apparatus via a plurality of paths, storing management information for a timeout time of each of the plurality of paths in a storage unit of the storage apparatus, and acquiring the timeout time of a path... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140173145 - Computer realizing high-speed access and data protection of storage device, computer system, and i/o request processing method: In a computer, a logical partition for calculation in which an OS and an application operate and a logical partition for storage for providing a storage function are constructed. In the logical partition for calculation, a device corresponding to a storage device is provided, while the logical partition for storage... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140173146 - Hard disk drive module having usb interface and electronic device using the hard disk drive module: A hard disk drive module includes a hard disk drive, a bracket, a hard disk drive backplane, and a USB interface unit. The bracket supports the hard disk drive. The hard disk drive backplane is electrically connected to the hard disk drive. The USB interface unit includes a USB interface... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140173147 - Trigger routing unit: Trigger routing in computational hardware such as a digital-signal processor involves routing a trigger signal from a first, master module to a second, slave module, thereby initiating an event at the slave module without involving a core processing unit.... Agent:

20140173148 - Approach for working around starvation problems in a datapath: A starvation control engine operable to monitor data transactions within a computer system potentially prevents or corrects starvation issues. The starvation control engine is programmed to generate one or more bubbles in a data path based on one or more trigger events. The trigger events or the criteria underlying the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140173149 - Completion notification for a storage device: A method for providing notification of completion of a computing task includes providing access to an information handling resource for a first information handling system, registering the first information handling system with a first completion queue, submitting commands from the first information handling system to a first submission queue, providing... Agent:

20140173151 - Increasing turbo mode residency of a processor: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for accessing a task stored in an entry of a task queue that identifies the task and a first core of a processor on which the task has been scheduled, reassigning the task to a coldest idle core of the processor,... Agent:

20140173150 - System on chip, method of operating the same, and apparatus including the same: A method of operating a system on chip (SoC) includes calculating a first residence time indicating an amount of time that at least one task resides in an execution queue in the SoC, wherein the at least one task is assigned to at least one core of a multi-core processor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140173152 - Techniques for identifying and handling processor interrupts: A method for identifying and reporting interrupt behavior includes incrementing a counter when an interrupt signal is a designated type and is not received from an approved peripheral device, and performing a corrective action when the counter reaches a threshold value. In some embodiments, the designated type of the interrupt... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20140173153 - Method and system for detecting multiple expanders in an sas topology having the same address: Methods, systems, and processor-readable media are disclosed for detecting multiple expanders in a SAS topology having the same address. A root expander can be connected to a plurality of expanders, wherein one or more expanders among the plurality of expanders possesses a same SAS address as the root expander. The... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140173154 - Network interface with logging: Structures and methods for improving logging in network structures are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, an apparatus can include: (i) a network interface card (NIC) configured to receive data, to transmit data, and to send data for logging; (ii) a memory log coupled to the NIC, where the memory log... Agent: Adesto Technologies Corporation

20140173155 - Mobile device dock: A transportation system includes a passenger vehicle, a mobile device, and a mobile device dock that couples the mobile device to the passenger vehicle. The mobile device dock includes a base coupled to the passenger vehicle and a cradle configured to receive the mobile device. The cradle is coupled to... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20140173156 - Cable adapter correlation in a cluster: A verified cluster configuration is collected and stored by a central management entity. Servers within the cluster are connected to network cables, where each of the servers has at least one network port and memory storing a port identification code for each network port, and where each network cable has... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140173157 - Computing enclosure backplane with flexible network support: Computing unit enclosures are often configured to connect units (e.g., server racks or trays) with a wired network. Because the network type may vary (e.g., Ethernet, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel), such enclosures often provide network resources connecting each unit with each supported network type. However, such architectures may present inefficiencies... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140173159 - Expresscard adapter and electronic device: An ExpressCard adapter able to accept a PCI-E-type or a USB-type ExpressCard in a single ExpressCard slot includes the ExpressCard slot, a PCI-E port, a data conversion unit, a switch unit, and a detection unit. The data conversion unit is connected to the PCI-E port, and converts between USB data... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140173160 - Innovative structure for the register group: A processing circuit comprises a plurality of modules connected in series to form a module pipeline. Each module comprises one or more registers having corresponding addresses within an address range for the module. A register request, including a target register address, is passed from one module to succeeding modules down... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140173158 - Rate of transfer of data within a plasma system: A bus interconnect interfaces a host system to a radio frequency (RF) generator that is coupled to a plasma chamber. The bus interconnect includes a first set of host ports, which are used to provide a power component setting and a frequency component setting to the RF generator. The ports... Agent:

20140173161 - Multiprocessor system with improved secondary interconnection network: Embodiments of a multiprocessor system are disclosed that may include a plurality of processors interspersed with a plurality of data memory routers, a plurality of bus interface units, a bus control circuit, and a processor interface circuit. The data memory routers may be coupled together to form a primary interconnection... Agent: Coherent Logix, Incorporated

20140173162 - Command queue for communications bus: Performing transactions on a bus by first generating a sequence of commands by an initiator module and queuing the sequence of commands in a queue module. A first one of the sequence of commands is sent from the queue module via the bus to a target module. The queue module... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140173163 - Information processing apparatus, control method of information processing apparatus and apparatus: An information processing apparatus includes a first processor, a second processor, a switch configured to relay a packet transmitted between the first processor and the second processor, a first output buffer corresponding to the first processor and being configured to store therein a first packet from the first processor and... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140173164 - Providing a load/store communication protocol with a low power physical unit: In one embodiment, a converged protocol stack can be used to unify communications from a first communication protocol to a second communication protocol to provide for data transfer across a physical interconnect. This stack can be incorporated in an apparatus that includes a protocol stack for a first communication protocol... Agent:

20140173165 - Expander for loop architectures: An expander for a device architecture, such as a SAS-compatible expander for a SAS architecture, is configured to follow a set of discovery rules that are applied following detection of a discovery-triggering event, such as system power up or reset. According to one of the discovery rules, the expander waits... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140173167 - Pci express switch and computer system using the same: Disclosed herein are a PCI Express switch and a computer system using the switch, which do not require a separate switch device for communication between computers, and enable a switch to be mounted in each PCI Express (PCIe) device, thus enabling main memory to be shared between the computers. The... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140173166 - Reduction of idle power in a communication port: Techniques for reducing idle power consumption of a port are described herein. An example method includes determining device presence using a pull-down resistor disposed in a downstream port. The method also includes initiating a low power state of a link between the downstream port and an upstream device. The method... Agent:

20140173168 - Sas expander based persistent connections: A network device comprising a first attach point, a second attach point, a switch and persistent connection logic is provided. The first attach point may connect the network device to a first link, and the second attach point may connect the network device to a second link. The switch may... Agent: Emulex Corporation

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