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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output

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01/22/2015 > 22 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150026364 - Semiconductor device and memory system having the same: A semiconductor device includes a plurality of bus lines, a plurality of bus bar lines grouped in pairs with the plurality of bus lines, respectively, and a parameter register including a plurality of parameter groups coupled to the plurality of bus lines and a plurality of bus bar lines, wherein... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150026365 - System and method of connecting a computer to a peripheral of another computer: A system and method of connecting a computer to a peripheral of another computer. An example system includes a processor connected to a network and to the one and the other computers through the network. The processor executes web service software which establishes a discovery service for receiving a peripheral... Agent:

20150026366 - Cable with circuitry for communicating performance information: A cable with circuitry that enables the cable to communicate data in one of at least two different signal modes of operation is presented. In a first signal mode, the cable enables data communication between the circuitry and either a source device or a sink device. The first signal mode... Agent:

20150026367 - Computer device and identification device therein: An identification device includes a processing unit. The processing unit is electrically connected between a control circuit and a connection port, in which the processing unit is configured for detecting and identifying an external device which is connected to the port; when the processing unit identifies the external device as... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20150026368 - Direct memory access to storage devices: An interface device includes a first proxy interface configured to carry out first direct memory access (DMA) transactions initiated by an input/output (I/O) device and a second proxy interface configured to carry out second DMA transactions initiated by a storage drive. A buffer memory is coupled between the first and... Agent:

20150026369 - Systems and methods for managing usb data transfers: System and methods are provided for managing universal-serial-bus (USB) data transfers. An example system includes a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium including a first scheduling queue for sorting endpoints and a host controller. The host controller is configured to: store a plurality of endpoints for data transfers to the storage medium,... Agent:

20150026370 - Unpowered data-transfer device: Apparatus and associated methods relate to an unpowered data-transfer device having a processor, non-volatile memory, and two connection ports, from which operating current for the unpowered data-transfer device is drawn when connected to a powered system via one of the connection ports. In various embodiments, the apparatus may transfer program... Agent:

20150026371 - Techniques for migrating active i/o connections with migrating servers and clients: A technique for modifying an input/output (I/O) connection type between a client and a server includes determining, by the client, when at least partial storage access control for the client is to be migrated from a first virtualized I/O server to a second virtualized I/O server. An I/O connection type,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026373 - Computer system including cpu or peripheral bridge to communicate serial bits of peripheral component interconnect bus transaction and low voltage differential signal channel to convey the serial bits: A computer system for multi-processing purposes. The computer system has a console comprising a first coupling site and a second coupling site. Each coupling site comprises a connector. The console is an enclosure that is capable of housing each coupling site. The system also has a plurality of computer modules,... Agent: Acqis LLC

20150026372 - Device, method and system for communicating with a control unit of a motor vehicle: A control unit for controlling or regulating a component, including a processing arrangement for controlling or regulating the component for connecting the control unit to a bus for communicating with a further control unit; an application tool port for connecting the control unit to an application tool for communicating with... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150026375 - Control apparatus, computer system, control method and storage medium: A control apparatus which controls an access to a memory acquires, for the access to the memory, a predetermined address corresponding to the order of addresses at which the memory is accessed, and determines whether the predetermined address is identical to the target address of the access. In a case... Agent:

20150026374 - Managing slave devices: A hardware system comprises a digital signal generator, which generates a digital electrical signal that describes a first physical state of a first device; an analog electrical signal generator, which generates an analog electrical signal that describes a second physical state of the first device; a hybrid digital state signal... Agent:

20150026376 - Upgradeable multimedia module connector: Systems and methods for providing a modular in-vehicle infotainment architecture with an upgradeable multimedia module having a multimedia module connector are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes: providing a male portion of a multimedia module connector including an alignment mechanism; providing a female portion of a multimedia module connector, the female... Agent: Cloudcar Inc.

20150026377 - High-security card slot module: s

20150026378 - Methods and systems for removal of information handling resources in a shared input/output infrastructure: One or more chassis management controllers may be configured to receive a user indication of a user desire to physically remove a modular information handling resource from a chassis, determine whether the modular information handling resource is shared or nonshared with respect to modular information handling systems present in the... Agent:

20150026379 - Generic method to build virtual pci device and virtual mmio device: A technology for implementing a method to build a virtual device as at least one of a virtual Peripheral Controller Interconnect (PCI) device or a virtual Input/Output (I/O) device is disclosed. A method of the disclosure includes receiving a request for a PCI compatible device. The method further includes building... Agent:

20150026383 - Direct memory access controller: Systems and methods for direct memory access are described. One example system includes a memory module that includes a first memory portion that maintains transfer descriptors of direct memory access (DMA) channels, and a second memory portion that maintains transfer descriptors of enabled DMA channels. The system includes a controller... Agent:

20150026382 - Memory and process sharing via input/output with virtualization: Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach for memory and process sharing via input/output (I/O) with virtualization. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a circuit design/system in which multiple chipsets are present that communicate with one another via a communications channel. Each chipset generally comprises a processor coupled... Agent:

20150026381 - Remote terminal device and method of operating the same: Provided is a remote terminal device having an industrial versa module eurocard bus (VMEbus) structure and including a main module that receives control logic information of a field device from an input/output module, and a programmable logic controller (PLC) function module that receives the control logic information from the main... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150026380 - Scalable direct inter-node communication over peripheral component interconnect-express (pcie): A method of communicating data over a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Non-Transparent Bridge (NTB) comprising transmitting a first posted write message to a remote processor via the NTB, wherein the first posted write message indicates an intent to transfer data to the remote processor, and receiving a second posted... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150026384 - Network switch: A network switch, based on the PCI Express protocol, is disclosed. The switch is in communication with a processor, local memory and includes a plurality of non-transparent bridges and, optionally transparent bridges, leading to PCI Express endpoints. By configuring the non-transparent bridges appropriately, the network switch can facilitate simultaneous communication... Agent:

20150026385 - Resource management for peripheral component interconnect-express domains: Embodiments of the present invention provide a solution for managing inter-domain resource allocation in a Peripheral Component Interconnect-Express (PCIe) network. One processor among a plurality of link processors is elected as a management processor. The management processor obtains information about available resources of PCIe network. When a resource request from... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 30 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150019761 - Information processing apparatus and information processing method: According to one embodiment, a first controller is connected to one of a plurality of terminals. A detector is configured to detect a connection between each of the plurality of terminals and an MHL cable. A power supply module supplies electric power to a first connected apparatus connected via a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150019762 - Analyzing activity data of an information management system: In an information management system, activity data is collected and analyzed for patterns. The information management system may be policy based. Activity data may be organized as entries including information on user, application, machine, action, object or document, time, and location. When checking for patterns in the activity or historical... Agent:

20150019764 - Information displaying method, mobile terminal device and non-transitory computer readable storage medium: Examples of the present disclosure may provide an information displaying method, mobile terminal device and non-transitory computer readable storage medium. The method may include: monitoring an execution status of an application on a mobile terminal device, obtaining memory information of the mobile terminal device when a monitoring result shows that... Agent:

20150019763 - Multifunctional i/o apparatus: Multifunctional I/O apparatus having one connection terminal with two connections and an electronic circuit, which with the assistance of a plurality of settable operating states detects an active input signal or passive input signal applied on the two connections of the connection terminal or controls/switches an externally driven load.... Agent:

20150019765 - Virtual interrupt filter: A system for processing interrupts in a virtualized computing environment includes a virtual interrupt controller to provide virtual interrupts from peripherals to virtual machines. The system also includes a virtual interrupt filter that has an estimator circuit to provide an estimate of what proportion of interrupts from one or more... Agent:

20150019766 - Buffer memory reservation techniques for use with a nand flash memory: This disclosure provides examples of circuits, devices, systems, and methods for managing a buffer memory. Regions of the buffer memory are dynamically reserved, responsive to a read/write request. Where the read/write request includes a plurality of data transfer requests, following completion of a data transfer request, the reserved buffer space... Agent:

20150019767 - Semiconductor memory device having data compression test circuit: A semiconductor memory device includes a data transmission unit configured to transmit first input data to only a first global line driver or to the first global line driver and a second global line driver in response to a test signal, and a transmission element configured to transmit second input... Agent:

20150019768 - Software interface for a specialized hardward device: Embodiments of the disclosure include methods, systems and computer program products for performing a data manipulation function. The method includes receiving, by a processor, a request from an application to perform the data manipulation function and based on determining that a specialized hardware device configured to perform the data manipulation... Agent:

20150019769 - Data exchange and storage device: The invention concerns a device (1) comprising a portion of cable (3) with a male USB connector (3a) connected to a module (2) capable of operating as a USB peripheral device, said device being characterised in that the device also comprises a portion of cable with a female USB connector... Agent:

20150019770 - Dynamically calibrating the offset of a receiver with a decision feedback equalizer (dfe) while performing data transport operations: Dynamically calibrating an offset of a receiver with a DFE while performing data transport operations, the DFE comprising a plurality of independent data transport banks, at least one data transport bank operating a data transport mode and at least one data transport bank operating in a calibration mode, including: iteratively,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019771 - Daisy chain communication bus and protocol: A battery pack has first and second battery terminals, plural battery cells each with a battery element, a cell supervisor electrically connected to the battery element, and a communication section to communicate with the cell supervisor. The battery elements are connected serially between the first and second battery terminals. Bus... Agent:

20150019772 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus includes a switch, a signal conditioner, multiple storage units, and a controller. Each of the storage units stores a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol. The controller sends one or more control signals to the switch. The switch selects one of... Agent:

20150019773 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus includes a switch, a signal conditioner, and multiple storage units. Each of the storage units stores a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol. The switch selects one of the storage units and connects the signal conditioner to the selected storage unit.... Agent:

20150019774 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus includes a storage unit, a signal conditioner, and a controller. The controller connected writes a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol into the storage unit. The signal conditioner retrieves the set of signal transmission parameters from the storage unit. The signal... Agent:

20150019775 - Single wire programming and debugging interface: A microcontroller has a housing with external pins and an integrated debugging interface using only a single signal pin. In a method for operating a microcontroller as described above, the method includes the step of debugging or programming the microcontroller using only a single signal pin of the external pins.... Agent:

20150019777 - Configuration via high speed serial link: Mechanisms and techniques for configuring a configurable slave device using a high speed serial link where a different number of lanes of the high speed serial link are used to send data between the slave device and a master device, depending on whether the slave device is in configuration mode... Agent:

20150019776 - Selective change of pending transaction urgency: The present invention provides a transaction interface to be used between semiconductor intellectual property cores. The urgency attribute of pending transactions can be changed by a special type of transaction at the interface. The urgency can be incremented, raised to at least an indicated value, or changed to a value... Agent: Arteris Sas

20150019778 - Switch fabric having a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface: A switch fabric is disclosed that includes a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface. The serial communications interface is configured for connecting a plurality of slave devices to a master device in parallel to transmit information between the plurality of slave devices and the master device, and the... Agent:

20150019779 - Microcomputer: To detect an abnormality in an interrupt control system without completely depending on dualization of a circuit, without the need to create a test pattern for a built-in self-test by spending time, and without considerably increasing an amount of power consumption. A test interrupt request is generated periodically using a... Agent:

20150019780 - Controlling operations according to another system's architecture: An I/O device operating according to a native computer architecture is accessed by a primary computer system operating according to a primary computer architecture. An application program of the primary computer system requests an I/O operation to access the I/O device. To facilitate this access, an application program interface formed... Agent:

20150019781 - Managing over-initiative thin interrupts: A method, system, and computer program product identify extraneous input/output interrupts for a queued input/output device architecture. At least one interrupt is determined to have been generated for at least one queue in a plurality of queues of a queued input/output device architecture. The interrupt is identified as an extraneous... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019782 - Message broadcast in a 1-wire system: A message is simultaneously broadcast to multiple systems on a 1-wire bus. A first addressed communication session is established between a microprocessor and a first 1-wire I/O expander via a 1-wire bus, where the first 1-wire I/O expander is electrically coupled to a first system. The first 1-wire I/O expander... Agent:

20150019783 - System and method for accessing a user interface via a secondary device: An adapter provides a link between a digital media player having a memory on which is stored digital media files, a display device, and a remote control. The adapter receives from the digital media player data which is used to generate a representation of a user interface which is provided... Agent: Universal Electronics Inc.

20150019784 - Storage device and motherboard able to support the storage device: A motherboard assembly able to use a PCI slot either to expand system function or for the installation of additional memory includes a motherboard and a storage device. The motherboard includes a PCI expansion slot, a platform controller hub (PCH), and a power circuit. The PCI expansion slot includes a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150019785 - Information processing apparatus and method for hot plug: An information processing apparatus of the embodiment includes: a data storage unit to store a virtual address in association with first information that includes at least identification information of a slot; and circuitry. And the circuitry is configured to : detect an interrupt that notifies an operating system that a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150019787 - Data interleaving module: The present disclosure includes apparatuses and methods related to a data interleaving module. A number of methods can include interleaving data received from a bus among modules according to a selected one of a plurality of data densities per memory cell supported by an apparatus and transferring the interleaved data... Agent:

20150019786 - Method and system for synchronizing address and control signals in threaded memory modules: A memory system includes a memory module which further includes a set of memory devices. The set of memory devices includes a first subset of memory devices and a second subset of memory devices. An address bus is disposed on the memory module, wherein the address bus includes a first... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20150019788 - Providing a sideband message interface for system on a chip (soc): According to one embodiment, a system on a chip includes multiple agents each corresponding to an intellectual property (IP) logic and a fabric to couple the agents. The fabric can include a primary message interface and a sideband message interface. The fabric further includes one or more routers to provide... Agent:

20150019789 - Method and apparatus for securing and segregating host to host messaging on pcie fabric: A PCIe fabric includes at least one PCIe switch. The fabric may be used to connect multiple hosts. The PCIe switch implements security and segregation measures for host-to-host message communication. A management entity defines a Virtual PCIe Fabric ID (VPFID). The VPFID is used to enforce security and segregation. The... Agent:

20150019790 - Communications control system with a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface: A communications control system is disclosed that includes a serial communications interface and a parallel communications interface for coupling a plurality of input/output modules with a control module. The serial communications interface is configured for connecting the plurality of input/output modules to the control module in parallel to transmit information... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150012670 - Command executing method, connector and memory storage device: A command executing method, a connector and a memory storage device are provided. The command executing method includes: receiving at least one command and at least one tag corresponding to the command from a host system, and temporarily storing the command in a command queue; transmitting the tag to the... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20150012672 - Ic card and ic card system having suspend/resume functions: An IC card and an IC card system are disclosed in which command processing performance is improved by storing current state data related to a first command upon interruption of an execution cycle for the first command by a second command. Upon completion of the second command, the current state... Agent:

20150012671 - Storage systems and ufs systems configured to change interface mode in active state: A storage system includes a host and a storage device. The storage device includes a device controller and a device interface. The device controller is configured to generate interface idle time information in response to a command received from a host, the interface idle time information being determined based on... Agent:

20150012673 - External display system for displaying data and visuals of an input operating interface: An external display system for displaying data of an input operating interface comprises: a computer module comprising a host, a display and a keyboard; a mouse module comprising a sensor unit, a first USB transmission interface unit, a control unit and a switch unit; an external display module comprising a... Agent:

20150012674 - Semiconductor memory devices and semiconductor systems including the same: Semiconductor systems are provided. The semiconductor system includes a controller and a semiconductor memory device. The controller generates a first command signal and receives a foreground data to generate a foreground control signal for controlling a drivability of the foreground data and to generate a second command signal. The semiconductor... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20150012675 - Methods and apparatus for interfacing a host device to a peripheral device in order to increase consumption of consumable products by the peripheral device: Some of the embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method comprising providing an apparatus, wherein the apparatus is configured to be coupled to (i) a peripheral device and (ii) a host device. The apparatus includes memory configured to store logic, wherein the logic is configured to (i) allow the... Agent:

20150012676 - Configurable data processing system based on a hybrid data and control driven processing architecture: A data processing system comprising a plurality of data inputs and of data outputs for processing input data and providing processed data to a data output. The system comprises a plurality of data processing hardware units, each being configured to process data within a predetermined latency and according to a... Agent:

20150012677 - Back channel support for systems with split lane swap: Example embodiments may include a method for configuring an interface that includes determining information for a configuration of an interface of a first device including a plurality of SERDES slices having a plurality of connections to a second device over the interface; and configuring a back channel layer associated with... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150012679 - Implementing remote transaction functionalities between data processing nodes of a switched interconnect fabric: A method of implementing remote transactions between system on a chip (SoC) nodes of a node interconnect fabric includes determining that a bus transaction initiated at a first one of the SoC nodes specifies a target at a second one of the SoC nodes, providing a virtual on-chip bus between... Agent:

20150012678 - Sensor systems and methods utilizing adaptively selected carrier frequencies: A sensor system utilizing adaptively selected carrier frequencies is disclosed. The system includes a system bus, a bus master, and a sensor. The system bus is configured to transfer power and data. The bus master is coupled to the system bus and is configured to provide power to the bus... Agent:

20150012680 - Expansion card assembly: An expansion card assembly includes a first expansion card with a first circuit board, a first expansion slot, and a second expansion card with a second circuit board. A first edge connector is arranged on a bottom edge of the first circuit board and is inserted into a second expansion... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150012681 - Common idle state, active state and credit management for an interface: In one embodiment, the present invention includes method for entering a credit initialization state of an agent state machine of an agent coupled to a fabric to initialize credits in a transaction credit tracker of the fabric. This tracker tracks credits for transaction queues of a first channel of the... Agent:

20150012683 - Devices, systems, and methods for distributed monitoring and control of networked server computers: Embodiments of the present invention include network cables that include a number of inter-integrated circuit communication addressable components in the connector heads. The inter-integrated circuit communication addressable components include signal translators and switches for communicating with environmental and electrical sensors, memories, and controllers in the connector heads and the computers... Agent: Nebula, Inc.

20150012682 - Dual mode display-port connector: A dual mode display-port connector including a host-side auxiliary interface, a display-side auxiliary interface, and a cable. Each of the host-side auxiliary interface and the display-side auxiliary interface includes a bi-directional converter and a direct-current (DC) balancing codec. The bi-directional converter converts differential auxiliary signals received via one side thereof... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150006761 - Brokering application access for peripheral devices: Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for brokering access to peripheral devices and/or device models associated with a computing system. An access broker evaluates requests for access to peripheral devices/models on behalf of a plurality of applications. The access broker evaluates requests for access to peripheral devices including... Agent:

20150006762 - Method and apparatus for controlling memory operation: A method for controlling a memory operation includes determining a number of commands for each memory address based on information of requests stored in an interface buffer and a scheduler buffer, determining a control state of the memory operation according to a command type with a largest number of commands,... Agent:

20150006763 - Electronic device, control method of electronic device and control program of electronic device: According to one embodiment, electronic device includes: an certification module configured to use certifying information outputted from a certification device including a use certifying function of the electronic device to certify the certification device; and a control module configured to control the electronic device to be charged or discharged in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006764 - Electronic apparatus and control method thereof: An electronic apparatus is provided. The electronic apparatus includes: a plurality of USB terminals, a sensor configured to sense a current of each of the connected USB devices and output current information in response to a USB device being connected to each of the plurality of USB terminals; a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150006765 - Direct memory access descriptor-based synchronization: A method includes processing descriptors to control a direct memory access (DMA) channel. The method includes synchronizing at least part of the processing, which includes processing a first descriptor of the descriptors to cause the execution to selectively pause based on a trigger value.... Agent:

20150006766 - Hardware-assisted dma transfer with dependency: m

20150006767 - Universal serial interface and semiconductor device including the same: A universal serial interface (USI) includes two transceivers configured to separately support a plurality of serial communication standards; a buffer configured to store received data and data to be transmitted; and a transceiver controller configured to connect one of the two transceivers to the buffer based on a configuration signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150006768 - Immediate direct memory access descriptor-based write operation: A method includes processing a direct memory access (DMA) descriptor in a DMA controller. The method includes storing first data of the DMA descriptor at an address that is identified by second data of the DMA descriptor.... Agent:

20150006769 - Dual-buffer serialization and consumption of variable-length data records produced by multiple parallel threads: Under control of the consumer, it is determined that a first buffer is empty and that a second buffer contains data; a first compare-double-and-swap operation within a spin loop is executed to swap a double pointer of the first buffer and a double pointer of the second buffer, wherein responsive... Agent:

20150006770 - Low latency first-in-first-out (fifo) buffer: Systems and methods are provided for a first-in-first-out buffer. A buffer includes a first sub-buffer configured to store data received from a buffer input, and a second sub-buffer. The second sub-buffer is configured to store data received from either the buffer input or the first sub-buffer and to output data... Agent:

20150006771 - Chip having register to store value that represents adjustment to reference voltage: An integrated circuit device includes a transmitter circuit including an output driver. The integrated circuit device includes a first register to store a value representative of a drive strength setting associated with the transmitter circuit such that the output driver outputs data in accordance with the drive strength setting. The... Agent:

20150006772 - Dual-driver interface: A network interface device capable of communication with a data processing system supporting an operating system and at least one application, the network interface device supporting communication with the operating system by means of: two or more data channels, each data channel being individually addressable by the network interface device... Agent:

20150006773 - Control device and image forming apparatus: A control device includes an apparatus controller that is connected to at least one apparatus and includes a first memory which stores data for controlling the driving of the apparatus and data indicating a state of the apparatus and a reading and transmitting unit which reads each data item stored... Agent:

20150006774 - System and method for controlling a bus in response to an indication of bus capacity in a portable computing device: Systems and methods for real-time control of a bus operating point in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are presented. An indication of an event occurring in a bus interface is used as an indicator of a mismatch between a resource request and a data throughput level that can be supported... Agent:

20150006775 - Bridge circuit to arbitrate bus commands: A circuit may include a queue, a monitor, and a controller. The queue may receive and store a plurality of commands from a plurality of buses to access a shared set of registers. The monitor may monitor the plurality of commands in the queue to determine whether a period of... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150006776 - On-chip mesh interconnect: A particular message is received at a first ring stop connected to a first ring of a mesh interconnect including a plurality of rings oriented in a first direction and a plurality of rings oriented in a second direction substantially orthogonal to the first direction. The particular message is injected... Agent:

20150006777 - Method and apparatus for reducing slow or stuck scsi commands in a multi-service environment at a scsi target: A computer-implemented method to reduce slow or stuck SCSI commands at a SCSI target is disclosed. The method starts with initiating a first request to acquire an exclusive lock for a first service daemon of a SCSI target to shut down a first service, where the SCSI target offers a... Agent:

20150006778 - Integrated data concentrator for multi-sensor mems systems: An integrated data concentrator, so-called “sensor hub”, for a multi-sensor MEMS system, implements: a first interface module, for interfacing, in a normal operating mode, with a microprocessor through a first communication bus; and a second interface module, for interfacing, in the normal operating mode, with a plurality of sensors through... Agent:

20150006779 - Method for operating a universal plug and play av system, respective system and control device: The method relates to a Universal Plug and Play AV system, which comprises a media server included in a server device having a digital interface, to which a removable storage device is coupled, a media renderer included in a display device and a control point included in a control device... Agent:

20150006781 - Switch and control method: A switch connected to an external device, the switch including: a plurality of ports connected to the external devices; a storage unit to store a zone database indicating a group in which each of the plurality of ports is included; and a processor to perform power control of the plurality... Agent:

20150006782 - Switching a computer system from a high performance mode to a low power mode: A computer system includes a first processor, a second processor, and a common memory connected to the second processor. The computer system is switched from a high performance mode, in which at least a portion of the first processor and at least a portion of components on the second processor... Agent:

20150006780 - System and method for extended peripheral component interconnect express fabrics: An exemplary embodiment extended peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) device includes a host PCIe fabric comprising a host root complex. The host PCIe fabric has a first set of bus numbers and a first memory mapped input/output (MMIO) space on a host CPU. An extended PCIe fabric includes a root... Agent:

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