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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120271967 - Multi-configuration computer: A method for configuring computer operational parameters comprising detecting with at least one processor at least one peripheral device in communication with the at least one processor; receiving, with the at least one processor from at least one of a plurality of communication ports constructed and arranged to interface with... Agent:

20120271968 - Logic device for combining various interrupt sources into a single interrupt source and various signal sources to control drive strength: A processor includes a RISC CPU core and a plurality of peripherals including a configurable logic cell peripheral. The configurable logic cell peripheral may be configured to combine a plurality of inputs into a single output. The configurable logic cell may be programmable to function as one of a plurality... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20120271969 - Multifunctional touch-enabled devices: Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to multifunctional touch-enabled devices. A device includes a touch-enabled display. The device further includes an external connection to connect to a graphics bus of a computing device or an input bus of the computing device. The device also includes a selection module to determine a... Agent:

20120271971 - Non-contact sensing device and its method for computer peripherals: A non-contact sensing device for computer peripherals comprises a sensing unit, a controller and a transmitting unit. The sensing unit can detect a digital pointing device and generate a sensing signal. The controller outputs a starting signal and a stopping signal in different time ratios according to the sensing signal... Agent: Kye Systems Corp.

20120271970 - Situational playback: Broadly speaking, the embodiments disclosed herein describe an apparatus, system, and method for processing a media asset by a media asset player in accordance with situational information related to a previous relationship between an identified external device and the media asset player. In one of the described embodiments, the identified... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120271972 - Adaptive semaphore: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to semaphores. In aspects, a feedback mechanism is described that uses a semaphore to attempt to maximize throughput of a computer system. Throughput is tracked over periods of time. At or after the end of a period of time, the throughput of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120271973 - Data transfer system and data transfer method: A data transfer system includes: a processor; a main memory that is connected to the processor; a peripheral controller that is connected to the processor; and a peripheral device that is connected to the peripheral controller and includes a register set, wherein the peripheral device transfers data stored in the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120271974 - Sata mass storage device emulation on a pcie interface: A mass storage device, system, and method for operating a mass storage device are disclosed. In one such mass storage device, a host bus adaptor emulates a SATA mass storage device over a PCIe interface with a host system. The host system generates commands with the PCIe mass storage device... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20120271975 - Definition of wakeup bus messages for partial networking: Further, a bus node for a system bus having a plurality of stations that are coupled together by means of an arrangement of bus lines, comprises decoding circuitry configured for an analysis of sub-patterns in a stream of data on at least one bus line, and analysing circuitry configured to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120271976 - Variable length arbitration: In one embodiment, a method determines a plurality of categories for requests for a shared resource being shared by a plurality of entities. A request for the resource is received from an entity in the plurality of entities. The method determines a category in the plurality of categories for the... Agent:

20120271977 - Exception handling in a concurrent computing process: A system initiates multiple instances of a concurrent computing process, establishes a communication channel among the multiple instances, initiates execution of a computational job on the multiple instances, detects an interrupt request on one of the multiple instances, and terminates execution of the computational job while maintaining communication among the... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20120271978 - Resource sharing expansion card: An expansion card is provided that allows resources allocated to the expansion card to be shared with a different card. The expansion card comprises a coupling device that couples the expansion card to a data processing system. The expansion card also includes an identifier data structure that when queried by... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120271979 - Systems and methods for enabling communication between an accessory charger adapter (aca) and an aca-agnostic universal serial bus controller: A physical layer integrated circuit (PHY), including an accessory charger adapter (ACA) bridge circuit to communicate with an ACA via a universal serial bus (USB) cable having at least an ID pin and a VBUS pin. The PHY is also to communicate with an ACA-agnostic USB controller configured to act... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120271980 - Test device and method for testing serial ports of computing device: A test device for testing serial ports of the computing device includes a multiplexer, a USB interface, a signal conversion unit, a switch unit, and multiple serial port interfaces. The USB interface is connected to a USB port of the computing device. Each of the serial port interfaces is connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120265903 - Efficient connection management in a sas target: A method includes pre-configuring a hardware-implemented front-end of a storage device with multiple contexts of respective connections conducted between one or more hosts and the storage device. Storage commands, which are received in the storage device and are associated with the connections having the pre-configured contexts, are executed in a... Agent: Anobit Technologies Ltd.

20120265904 - Processor system: Disclosed herein is a processor system including a specific code area setting register holding a first set value corresponding to an address range of a specific code area in which a specific program is stored; a peripheral device having a specific data storage area for storing specific data to be... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120265905 - Data writing method for non-volatile memory, and controller and storage system using the same: A data writing method for writing data from a host system into a plurality of memory dies of a rewritable non-volatile memory storage apparatus is provided. The data writing method includes determining whether the data transmission interface of the host system complies with a first interface standard or a second... Agent: Phison Electronics Corp.

20120265906 - Demand-based dma issuance for execution overlap: A method, apparatus, and program product retrieve data for a task utilizing demand-based direct memory access (“DMA”) requests. The method comprises, prior to the execution thereof, analyzing a first portion of a task to determine whether data required for execution thereby is stored in a local memory, and, in response... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120265907 - Access method, computer and recording medium: An access method includes: obtaining, by a computer, a result of monitoring a busy rate and a number of access operations per unit time of a storage device, the storage device having a first storage area and a second storage area; calculating a characteristic of correlation between the busy rate... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120265908 - Server and method for buffering monitored data: A method for buffering monitored data received from a monitoring device. The received monitored data is buffered into a buffer area and all of the monitored data from the buffer area is stored to a database server when a current count of data in the buffer area equals a recycling... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120265909 - Communication of commands in a home automation network and between home automation networks: Method of communication in a home automation network allowing communication between parties consisting of command transmitters and/or communication receivers associated with equipment in a building by means of frames.... Agent: Somfy Sas

20120265911 - Mobile device auto detection apparatus and method: This application discusses, among other things, multiple interface detection circuits configured to connect with a mobile electronic device connector. In an example, a multiple interface detection circuit can include a first comparator to compare a bus voltage of the mobile electronic device connector with a first threshold and to provide... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20120265910 - Server input/output failover device serving highly available virtual devices: A failover input/output device and corresponding method are provided to manage failover events of input/output controller devices that operate in accordance with a computer expansion card standard, such as the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) standard. The failover input/output device connects to redundant first and second virtualized input/output controller devices... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120265912 - Out of band location information retrieval: A data processing system boots at least one service processor controlling at least one PCIe card in an I/O unit. The data processing system boots a second service processor located in a processor unit, wherein the processor unit and I/O unit are interconnected using functional path conductors, wherein functional path... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120265913 - Method, apparatus and computer program product for creating a wireless docking group: Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments are disclosed to enable simplified configuring of a wireless docking group for wireless devices by allowing a wireless device to communicate its capabilities and characteristics of one or more wireless devices within a wireless docking group, using a new Wireless Docking Protocol, to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120265914 - Adaptive integrated circuitry with heterogenous and reconfigurable matrices of diverse and adaptive computational units having fixed, application specific computational elements: The present invention concerns a new category of integrated circuitry and a new methodology for adaptive or reconfigurable computing. The preferred IC embodiment includes a plurality of heterogeneous computational elements coupled to an interconnection network. The plurality of heterogeneous computational elements include corresponding computational elements having fixed and differing architectures,... Agent: Qst Holdings LLC

20120265915 - Distributed computing system architecture: A computing system architecture is based upon a peer-to-peer, asynchronous model. The architecture specifies a set of infrastructure facilities that comprise an inter-prise operating system. The inter-prise operating system provides all the facilities that make application coding as easy in the peer-to-peer asynchronous model as it is in a hierarchical,... Agent: Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

20120265917 - Data transferring device: A data transfer device for transferring data on a platform, in particular for transferring simultaneous data between different components of the platform, is disclosed. In one aspect, the data transfer device is adapted for simultaneous transfer of data between at least 3 ports of which at least one is an... Agent: Imec

20120265916 - Dynamic allocation of a direct memory address window: A computer-implemented method may include determining that a slot coupled to a peripheral component interconnect host bridge is occupied by an input/output adapter. The computer-implemented method may include determining one or more characteristics of the input/output adapter and determining whether the input/output adapter is capable of using additional memory based... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120265918 - Interface device and wiring board: In the case of mounting two serial communication interfaces such as PCI-e and USB 3.0 with standards different from each other, it is allowed to flexibly address a design change and the like, and reduce a board area. An interface device includes a PCI-e I/F, a USB 3.0 I/F with... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120265919 - Interface device and wiring board: In the case of mounting two serial communication interfaces such as PCI-e and USB 3.0 with standards different from each other, it is allowed to flexibly address a design change and the like, and reduce a board area. An interface device is provided with a PCI-e PHY I/F, a USB... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

10/11/2012 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120260001 - Electronic device with card interface: When initializing a card-shaped device inserted in a card interface, operation mode acquiring means incorporated in an electronic device acquires operation mode information, stored in a register file incorporated in the card-shaped device, by a predetermined procedure using a predetermined pin. Operation mode setting means incorporated in the electronic device... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120260000 - Protocol resolution device and method employing the same: A protocol resolution device electrically connected to a central processing unit (CPU) includes a signal controller to receive communication protocol from the CPU, a signal input module, and display module. The signal input module provides an electrical signal to the signal controller. The signal controller decodes the communication protocol from... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120260002 - Output module for an industrial controller: An output module for an industrial controller configurable to simplify setup and commissioning is disclosed. The output module includes configurable PWM outputs that may be scheduled to start at different times within the PWM period, that may be configured to generate a fixed number of PWM pulses, and that may... Agent:

20120260003 - Data recording apparatus and method: A data recording apparatus includes a connection unit which is capable of connecting, as a recording medium, a first recording medium having a predetermined function and a second recording medium that does not have the predetermined function. The data recording apparatus detects a connection status of the recording medium to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120260004 - Information processing device, connection method and storage medium: To add an unpackaged interface without adding a new connector to an information processing device. An information processing device includes: a first control device connected, when first equipment is attached, to the equipment via a terminal train containing a first detection terminal; a second control device; and a connection control... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120260005 - Controller for direct access to a memory for the direct transfer of data between memories of several peripheral devices, method and computer program enabling the implementation of such a controller: The subject of the invention is in particular the direct transfer of data between first and second peripherals connected via a communication bus. For this purpose, the first peripheral comprises a controller for direct access to a memory having means (425) for initiating at least one command for direct access... Agent: Bull Sas

20120260006 - Communication system, terminal device, communication processing method, communication processing program, storage medium stored with communication processing program.: A controller to which a second controller is connected arranges, based on predetermined integrated scenario information defining a first input region allotted for the controller and a second input region allotted for the second controller within data regions for packet input data, operation input data corresponding to an operation input... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120260007 - Varying host interface signaling speeds in a storage array: An apparatus comprising an interface circuit and a controller. The interface circuit may be configured to calculate a speed signal in response to data traffic measured over a network. The controller may be configured to present and receive data from an array in response to (a) the speed signal and... Agent:

20120260008 - Method and apparatus for transferring data: One embodiment of the invention comprises a non-transitory, tangible computer readable storage medium encoded with processor readable instructions to perform a method of transferring SDIO data. One method comprises buffering multiple IP packets to transfer from one of a SDCC host and a SDIO client to the other of the... Agent: Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

20120260009 - Data storage system with compression/decompression: A data storage system includes a host interface configured to be coupled to a host device, to receive data from the host device, and to send data to the host device and a memory. The data storage system further includes a primary compression engine coupled to the host interface and... Agent: Stec, Inc.

20120260010 - Storage control system and storage control method: A storage control system, for controlling data transmission between a computer and an external device, includes a USB interface connected to the computer, an external interface connected to the external device and a control module connected between the USB interface and the external interface. The control module includes a data... Agent: Ipgoal Microelectronics (sichuan) Co., Ltd.

20120260011 - Efficient buffered reading with a plug-in for input buffer size determination: A method of buffered reading of data is provided. A read request for data is received by a buffered reader, and in response to the read request, a main memory input buffer is partially filled with the data by the buffered reader to a predetermined amount that is less than... Agent: Globalspec, Inc.

20120260012 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for medical device interface connectivity: Certain examples provide systems, apparatus, and methods for adaptive, dynamic medical device connectivity. In an example, a medical device interface system includes a device interface connecting a medical device to a client system and enabling exchange of data between the medical device and the client system, the device interface includes... Agent:

20120260013 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for medical device interface connectivity: A KVM switcher (multi-computer switcher) with integrated parallel transmission, serial peripheral interface (SPI), and universal serial bus (USB), characterized in that signals are transmitted through a parallel transmission interface between a SPI master control unit and at least one USB host interface control unit.... Agent: Oct Technology Co.,ltd.

20120260014 - Data processor and control system: Provided are a data processor, and a control system, in which an interrupt controller and an event link controller are adopted. The event link controller responds to a generated event signal to output a start control signal for controlling start of an operation of a circuit module. The circuit module... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120260015 - Pci express port bifurcation systems and methods: Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (“PCIe”) Port bifurcation systems and methods are provided. An illustrative PCIe port bifurcation card can include: a PCIe interface and a plurality of PCIe devices, each independently coupled to the interface via an unswitched connection. The card can further include a read only memory (ROM) coupled... Agent:

20120260016 - Multi-use physical architecture: A multi-use physical (PHY) architecture that includes a PHY connection that includes one or more bit lines and that is communicatively coupled to a first processor. The PHY connection is configurable to carry signals between the first processor and a second processor, or between the first processor and a memory.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120260017 - Computer, computer system, and data communication method: A computer includes first and second processors, first and second I/O devices, a shared memory, and an interrupt controller. The first processor issues a control command for causing the first I/O device to read target data from the first apparatus and store the target data in the shared memory. The... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120260018 - Kvm switcher with ability to extend universal serial bus (usb) host interface via serial peripherial interface (spi): A multi-computer (KVM) switcher with ability to extend universal serial bus (USB) host interface via serial peripheral interface (SPI), characterized in that SPI master device interface of master control unit can switch the capability of controlling plural SPI slave devices via serial peripheral interface (SPI), and through installing SPI slave... Agent: Oct Technology Co.,ltd.

10/04/2012 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120254472 - Chip selection in a symmetric interconnection topology: Techniques for distinguishing between symmetrically-connected integrated circuit devices so that each device may be individually selected are disclosed in reference to various embodiments. In one embodiment, a bi-directional data path provided for ongoing data transfer between a master device and multiple nominally identical slave devices is used to receive a... Agent:

20120254471 - Output system and method for restoring location arrangement of output devices: A docking device for restoring location arrangement of output devices is provided according to an aspect of the present invention. The docking device includes a transmission module configured to obtain output information from an information generation module and transmit it to an output device and an identifier storage module configured... Agent:

20120254473 - Method of establishing virtual usb interface for non-usb apparatus and the non-usb apparatus thereof: A method of establishing a virtual USB interface for a non-USB device, comprising the steps of establishing a non-USB interface to communicate with the non-USB device, generating a virtual USB physical device object to provide a USB transport layer driver, establishing the virtual USB interface to communicate with the USB... Agent: Ralink Technology Corporation

20120254474 - Milarrs systems and methods: An add-on module provides extrinsic management functionality to legacy and other devices. Contemplated modules include: (a) a state agent that provides at least one of the MILARRS function, and (b) a product agent that communicates with the device using at least one serial interface. Implementations are contemplated for both legacy... Agent: Lantronix, Inc.

20120254475 - Intelligent building automation node: Apparatuses and methods for use in connection with a Building Automation System (BAS) are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the present invention comprises an intelligent power node comprising a JAVA-enabled device and serial communication cable that provide a seamless open protocol and aggregation point to broadcast internet protocol communications. In... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120254476 - System for controlling input and output resources for addressable devices: A system and method for a establishing a data connection between peripherals through a global computer network. The global computer network having at least two computerized addressable stations connected to a network, and each of the stations including at least one input and at least one output. A computerized server... Agent:

20120254477 - Managing data storage in a distributed storage space: A method and apparatus are provided for selecting at least one device for manipulating data. The at least one device is selected from a plurality of devices forming a distributed storage space. Selection of a device includes taking account of at least one item of technical information associated with the... Agent: France Telecom

20120254478 - Input-output circuit: An identification terminal voltage detecting circuit detects a voltage of an identification terminal. A video switch is inserted into a signal line connecting a video circuit included in an internal circuit and the identification terminal. When a voltage representing that a video cable is connected to a connector is detected,... Agent:

20120254479 - System and method for supplementing and/or modifying operations of a mobile computing device using a cover: A mobile computing device is disclosed. The mobile computing device comprises a housing, an internal communication port and one or more processors. A user may attach various covers to the housing of the mobile computing device interchangeably. The one or more processors are configured to detect whether the attached cover... Agent:

20120254480 - Facilitating, at least in part, by circuitry, accessing of at least one controller command interface: An embodiment may include circuitry to facilitate, at least in part, a first network interface controller (NIC) in a client to be capable of accessing, via a second NIC in a server that is remote from the client and in a manner that is independent of an operating system environment... Agent:

20120254481 - Systems and methods for using a shared buffer construct in performance of concurrent data-driven tasks: Disclosed herein are techniques to execute tasks with a computing device. A first task is initiated to perform an operation of the first task. A buffer construct that represents a region of memory accessible to the operation of the first task is created. A second task is initiated to perform... Agent: Calos Fund Limited Liability Company

20120254482 - Storage system, and access path state update method: A storage system includes: an access path management unit managing a state of each access path for each logical disk; an I/O speed calculation unit storing, for each of the access paths, a data size and required time obtained when an I/O is executed, and calculates an I/O speed for... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120254483 - Data transmission method, device and system: A data transmission method is provided, which includes: obtaining a current queue length of a queue corresponding to an output port; when the current queue length meets a back-pressure requirement, determining a back-pressure priority corresponding to the current queue length according to the current queue length and a mapping relationship... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120254484 - Dynamic reassignment for i/o transfer processing: In some embodiments of the present invention, host systems and/or devices are made to be capable of employing asynchronous or synchronous modes. For example, for storage devices capable of finishing I/O requests in a sufficiently small amount of time, e.g., a few microseconds, host system software may perform the storage... Agent:

20120254485 - Multi-thread file input and output system and multi-thread file input and output program: A configuration performing processing of dividing a file into a plurality of pieces and transmitting the same even when a size of the file is large in transfer of files (input/output) between computers on a network is provided. A multi-thread file input/output system includes a first module performing processing of... Agent: Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd.

20120254486 - Usb peripheral device comprising limited function usb host controller: A USB peripheral device comprising a limited function Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller configured to control HID compliant USB peripheral devices on a downstream facing USB port is disclosed. The port is also capable of dynamically interfacing to any USB compliant peripheral device.... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

20120254487 - Data writing method and data writing device: A host device requests a recording device to send first information including model information or sequel information expressed as a value in a first range. The host device determines if the model information or the sequel information is contained in the first information sent from the recording device, and acquires... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120254488 - Data transferring circuit and data transferring/receiving system: A data transferring circuit includes a data transferor configured to transfer data through a plurality of parallel data transfer lines, wherein the data transferor is further configured to partially invert the transferred data in response to an inversion signal, and a pattern sensor configured to enable the inversion signal when... Agent:

20120254489 - Bus control for a domestic appliance: A domestic appliance (1) with a bus (2) is disclosed. A plurality of modules (3) are connected to the bus, each controlling an operational component (4). Initial programming of the modules may take place from a single connection point (61). The modules may be configured to control the domestic appliance... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20120254490 - Touch sensor system: A touch sensor system includes buses, a plurality of touch sensor devices disposed on the buses, and an information integrating device that is connected to all the buses and integrates information from the touch sensor device. The touch sensor device includes a sensor unit and a signal processing unit that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20120254491 - Priority arbitration control within interconnect circuitry: Interconnect circuitry 2 has a plurality of data source circuits 8 connected to respective input paths 4 and a plurality of data destination circuits 10 connected to respective output paths 6. Connection cells 12 provide selective connections between input paths 4 and output paths 6. Arbitration circuitry 26 provides adaptive... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120254492 - Traffic class based adaptive interrupt moderation: An apparatus which comprises two or more moderation timers associated with an interrupt vector is presented. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises two or more interrupt vectors and moderation timers are set with different interrupt rates. An interrupt vector logic unit sends an interrupt vector if there is an interrupt... Agent:

20120254494 - Handy terminal and computer readable medium: There is provided a handy terminal connected to a cradle in a removable manner, wherein the cradle has a communication function and is connected to a network. The handy terminal includes: a determining unit configured to determine whether or not the handy terminal is connected to the cradle; an identifying... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120254493 - Transverse insertion type notebook computer docking station: A transverse insertion type notebook computer docking station for a notebook computer to be transversely inserted is provided. The transverse insertion type notebook computer docking station includes a body having a bottom surface, an inner side surface, a first side surface and a connecting port. The bottom surface, the inner... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120254495 - X2 10gbase-t transceiver with 1 gigabit side-band support: An apparatus includes a transceiver device mounted on a printed circuit board and configured to selectively transmit and receive signals at a first data rate or signals at a second data rate. An X2 form factor pluggable connector disposed at one end of the printed circuit board includes first and... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

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