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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120191879 - Method and system for a thin client and blade architecture: In a computing system, a method and system for a thin client and blade architecture are provided. A blade may generate video, audio, and peripheral control information that may be transmitted to a thin client (TC) by utilizing a video encoder, an audio bridge, and a peripheral bridge. Communication between... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120191880 - System and method for identifying accessories connected to apparatus: USB host controller and USB devices, associated methods and computer products are provide that addresses specifically the limitation of the USB standard for USB device controllers to support other devices on alternative interfaces. The implementation is applicable to most USB host controllers and USB devices, and is particularly applicable to... Agent: Bossa Nova Robotics Ip, Inc

20120191881 - Information processing apparatus and managing method of configuration information acquired from storage system: To appropriately manage configuration information acquired from a storage system for the purpose of performance management, etc., an information processing apparatus managing the configuration information, i.e., information indicative of a configuration of resources making up the storage system in a database, detects a change in setting of an I/O path... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120191882 - Dma controller: The DMA controller includes a peripheral device read unit to read states of peripheral devices, a state comparator, a transfer unit, a register, and a peripheral device write unit to write data in the peripheral devices according to the contents in the register when the DMA transfer is executed, an... Agent:

20120191883 - Interface integrated device and electronic device testing arrangement: An integrated interface device includes a conversion instruction receiving interface, an integrated input interface, an integrated output interface, and a conversion control module. The conversion instruction receiving interface is connected to a control device. The integrated input interface is connected to the control device, and integrates at least two interfaces.... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120191884 - Providing virtual functions after an input/output adapter is moved from a first location to a second location: A computer implemented method includes identifying a hardware input/output adapter in a first physical slot location. The computer implemented method includes determining that the hardware input/output adapter is capable of hosting a plurality of virtual functions in the first physical slot location. The computer implemented method also includes selecting a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120191885 - Method for configuring charging ports and controller applying the same: A method for configuring charging ports and a controller applying the same are disclosed. The method includes recording a maximum permission value and a permitted value, and comparing the maximum permission value and the permitted value to determine whether the interface port can be used as a charging port when... Agent: Asmedia Technology Inc.

20120191887 - Computer system and method for signal transmitting: In order to suppress occurrence of a random pattern signal is suppressed without the use of a sideband signal in a long distance data transmission exceeding that defined in a PCIe interface specification, provided is a computer system, including a first component having a transmitting unit which transmits a control... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120191888 - Prevention of masquerade by using identification sequences: A method transmits a message between a transmitter and a receiver on a bus using an identifier associated with the transmitter/receiver path for the purpose of authentication and a message counter. The identifier is dynamically selected from an identification sequence depending on the message counter value and is integrated into... Agent:

20120191886 - System and method for presenting devices through an sas initiator-connected device: A method, system and computer readable medium for presenting unique Serial Attached Small computer system interface (SAS) target devices through a single target device. The method includes embedding a SAS protocol chip within an initiator-connectable device, the SAS protocol chip having storage for at least two SAS addresses and configured... Agent:

20120191890 - I2c multi-slot circuit system and method for transmitting i2c signals: An I2C multi-slot circuit system includes a plurality of I2C slots for receiving a plurality of slave processors, a CPU, a logic control unit, and a I2C switch unit. The CPU determines an address of one of the I2C slots which to-be-transmitted data will be transmitted to, and generates a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)co., Ltd.

20120191889 - Method to differentiate identical devices on a two-wire interface: Systems and methods for providing a differentiation of two identical slave devices on a same I2C bus without any hardware (e.g. additional ID pins) or software overhead are disclosed. Each identical slave device is connected to the SDA/SCL lanes by interchanging its SDA/SCL ports. It is up to the slave... Agent: Digital Imaging Systems Gmbh

20120191891 - Multi-master bus arbitration and resource control: The present invention discloses an arbitration mechanism for controlling access of a plurality of nodes external to a shared resource, to which accesses by the number of nodes must he restricted, is applicable to any shared source in a computer or computer-controlled system. The present design delivers the following advantageous... Agent: Numia Medical Tecnology, LLC

20120191892 - Component-specific disclaimable locks: Systems and methods of protecting a shared resource in a multi-threaded execution environment in which threads are permitted to transfer control between different software components, for any of which a disclaimable lock having a plurality of orderable locks can be identified. Back out activity can be tracked among a plurality... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120191893 - Scalable call stack sampling: An interrupt is generated based on an event. Further, a thread is selected for monitoring. In addition, an interrupt handler captures information for the monitored thread. An affinity of the monitored thread is set such that the monitored thread runs only on a current processor without being able to migrate... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120191895 - Apparatus and methods for communicating power and data with electronic devices: Embodiments of a system, topology, and methods for providing power and transceiving data to, and backing up data from electronic devices having a data interface are described generally herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20120191894 - Display with multiple video inputs and peripheral attachments: A display device that has multiple inputs for receiving video data and peripheral data from multiple computing devices, and an output for attaching a peripheral. The display is operable in one of two states, to provide both a video and peripheral signal paths between a selected one of the interconnected... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

07/19/2012 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120185615 - Querying a device for information: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for receiving in a processor complex a first write request from a peripheral device, obtaining information of the processor complex responsive to the first write request, and transmitting a second write request from the processor complex to the peripheral device including... Agent:

20120185616 - Usb version recognition device: A USB version recognition device includes an indication module, a USB connector, an information source module, and a control module. The USB connector is for connecting with a USB device and receiving a first version message of the USB device. The information source module stores a second version message therein... Agent: Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd.

20120185617 - Portable electronic device, control method, and control program: The portable electronic device includes an operation unit, a storage unit, a setting unit, and a control unit. The operation unit inputs characters. The storage unit stores a first conversion table and a second conversion table different from the first conversion table. The second conversion table is different from the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120185618 - Method for providing scalable storage virtualization: A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing scalable storage virtualization is presented. Storage virtualization management functions are provided in a first device, and storage virtualization Input/Output (I/O) functions are provided in a second device. An interface is provided between the first device and the second device, wherein the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120185619 - Identifying when a self-powered device is electrically connected to a medical device: In some aspects, a method includes determining whether a universal serial bus (USB) peripheral device is connected to a USB monitoring device that is connected to a medical device and drawing power from the medical device. The medical device is configured for use in a medical procedure with a patient.... Agent:

20120185620 - Buffering apparatus for buffering multi-partition video/image bitstream and related method thereof: An exemplary buffering apparatus for buffering a multi-partition video/image bitstream which transmits a plurality of compressed frames each having a plurality of partitions includes a first bitstream buffer and a second bitstream buffer. The first bitstream buffer is arranged to buffer data of a first partition of the partitions of... Agent:

20120185621 - Detection and processing of preselected image blocks in a kvm system: A method, operable in a keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) system in which multiple target computers connected to a KVM switch are accessible via the KVM switch by a remote computer connected to the KVM switch, each of the target computers having a video output, and in which one or more... Agent: Avocent Huntsville Corporation

20120185622 - Matching method, system and device for data exchange between a communication object and a processing unit: A matching device carries out data exchange between a processing unit and a wireless peripheral device and/or a communication object associated with the peripheral device. The matching device includes a communication interface with the processing unit; a wireless communication interface with the wireless peripheral device; information stating means for stating... Agent: Gemalto S.a.

20120185623 - Apparatus and methods for serial interfaces: Apparatus and methods for serial interfaces are provided. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit operable to communicate over a serial interface is provided. The integrated circuit includes analog circuitry, registers for controlling the operation of the analog circuitry, and a distributed slave device including a primary block and a secondary... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20120185624 - Automated cabling process for a complex environment: A method is provided for cabling a plurality of hardware components. A chassis controller establishes a wireless connection to a wireless device. The chassis controller, via a wireless interface, transmits a chassis map to the wireless device over the wireless connection. The chassis controller, via the wireless interface, transmits to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120185625 - Method for operating a fieldbus interface: A method for operating a fieldbus interface (FI) connected to a fieldbus of process automation technology. The method includes the following: tapping data traffic on the fieldbus by the fieldbus interface; and registering tapped configuration information relative to cyclic data traffic on the fieldbus by the fieldbus interface.... Agent:

20120185626 - Method and apparatus for dividing a single serial enclosure management bit stream into multiple enclosure management bit streams and for providing the respective bit streams to respective midplanes: A controller is provided that receives a single enclosure management (EM) serial bit stream from an expander or other device and divides the EM serial bit stream into multiple EM serial bit streams for delivery to multiple respective midplanes or backplanes. In this way, a separate EM serial bit stream... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120185627 - Bus host controller and method thereof: A bus host controller and a method thereof are provided. If a terminal device coupled to the bus is a non-periodic device, the bus host controller places a higher priority on data packet transferring request than start-of-frame (SOF) packet transferring request.... Agent: Asmedica Technology Inc.

20120185628 - Locking/unlocking cpus to operate in safety mode or performance mode without rebooting: An embodiment of the invention provides a method for changing a multi-processor system from a performance mode to a safety mode while the system continues to run software. When an external event or exception occurs, context is switched from the performance mode to the safety mode. After context is switched,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120185630 - Communication network for a low voltage electric switchboard:

20120185629 - Mobile phone: A mobile phone includes an earphone and a main body. The earphone includes a first universal serial bus (USB) interface, a first USB audio module connected to the first USB interface, a battery module connected to the first USB interface, a speaker module connected to the first USB audio module,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120185631 - Operation method for a computer system: A device receives a standard command. The device judges whether an address field and/or a data length field and/or a data field of the standard command includes at least one of a vendor command, a vendor data and a checkword. The device judges whether the address field and/or a data... Agent: Prolific Technology Inc.

20120185632 - Implementing pci-express memory domains for single root virtualized devices: A method, system and computer program product are provided for implementing PCI-Express memory domains for single root virtualized devices. A PCI host bridge (PHB) includes a memory mapped IO (MMIO) domain descriptor (MDD) and an MMIO Domain Table (MDT) are used to associate MMIO domains with PCI memory VF BAR... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120185634 - Computer system and method for inheriting hba identifier of pci card: A PCI card's HBA identifier table held in an IODC in an IO slot expansion unit is read and recorded on a PCIe switch register of a PCIe switch. After a server blade is powered on so that an EFI is activated, the EFI reads the HBA identifier table recorded... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120185633 - On-chip router and multi-core system using the same: A table for changing destination has a destination address in a shared memory and an identifier of a router directly connected to a destination core, in association with each other, and is set by a source core. A search unit performs a first search for searching whether the table has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120185635 - Redundant data bus system: There are configured a first transmission path, along which data is transmitted/received between a controller and a first microcomputer through a first driver, and a second transmission path, along which data is transmitted/received between the controller and the first microcomputer through a second driver. The controller transmits an operation check... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

07/12/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120179842 - Querying a device for information: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for receiving in a processor complex a first write request from a peripheral device, obtaining information of the processor complex responsive to the first write request, and transmitting a second write request from the processor complex to the peripheral device including... Agent:

20120179843 - Management of a configuration of a usb device: The present invention generally relates to the management of a configuration of a first device. The first device includes a control unit and an interface unit managing a communication interface. The communication interface comprises at least one resistive line having a resistance value. The resistance value allows the interface unit... Agent: St- Ericsson Sa

20120179844 - Dynamically assigning virtual functions to client applications: A computer-implemented method may include determining a number of virtual functions that each port of a hardware input/output adapter is capable of supporting. The computer-implemented method may include assigning a first portion of internal resources of the hardware input/output adapter to each port of the hardware input/output adapter. The computer-implemented... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120179845 - Method for switching working mode, usb device, and host device: The embodiments of the present invention provide a method for switching a working mode, a USB device, and a host device. The method for switching a working mode includes: determining, according to the osvc key value in the registry of a host device, that a driver for a second working... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20120179846 - Input/output (i/o) path selection based on workload types: Various embodiments for an Input/Output (I/O) path selection based on workload types are provided. A port workload controller is adapted to control the workload types of ports for accessing a storage device. A storage access command is received by the port workload controller from an application being executed on a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120179847 - Method and system for implementing bus operations with precise timing: The present disclosure describes a system and method for implementing bus operations with precise timing. The system includes a trigger descriptor register for a bus operation. The trigger descriptor register includes a bus definition field, which further includes data and address fields for providing data and address information for the... Agent: Standard Microsystems Corporation

20120179848 - Electrical circuit for transmitting signals between two masters and one or more slaves: An electrical circuit for transmitting signals between two masters and one or more slaves is described. The two masters and the slave or slaves are connected to one another via a bus system. At least one master data signal can be generated by each of the two masters, which signal... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120179849 - Programmable controller: A programmable controller includes a master unit and a plurality of slave units connected to a system bus in a daisy chain. The master unit transmits a batch of transmission frames addressed to different slave units consecutively a predetermined plurality of times, without waiting to receive the response from the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120179850 - Method and apparatus for arbitration on a data bus: A method and apparatus for arbitrating on a high performance serial bus is disclosed. The invention provides for a plurality of arbitration phases and an arbitration advancing means.... Agent:

20120179851 - Computer system interrupt handling: A system, method and article of manufacture for an accelerated processing device (APD) to request a central processing unit (CPU) to process a task, comprising enqueuing a plurality of tasks on a queue using the APD, generating a user-level interrupt and transmitting to the CPU the plurality of tasks in... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20120179852 - One-way bus bridge: A one-way bus bridge pair that transfers secure data in one direction, the bus bridge pair including a transmitting bus bridge, a receiving bus bridge, and a link. The link can connect the transmitting bus bridge and receiving bus bridge. The transmitting bus bridge may be arranged not to receive... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 27 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120173762 - Method for input output expansion in an embedded system utilizing controlled transitions of first and second signals: A method for expanding input/output in an embedded system is described in which no additional strobes or enable lines are necessary from the host controller. By controlling the transitions of the signal levels in a specific way when controlling two existing data or select lines, an expansion input and/or output... Agent: Schuman Assets Bros. LLC

20120173763 - Method for providing service executed in various service modules and home gateway using the same: A method for providing a service executed in various service modules, and a home gateway using the same are provided. The service providing method displays a function result of a service module mounted to a module port to which a variety of service modules are selectively mountable, in a display... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20120173766 - Inverter system and inverter: A copy source inverter includes a parameter-information transmission controller that reads parameters stored in a storage area and causes a USB host controller to transmit the parameters to a copy destination inverter when the inverter is connected to the copy destination inverter. The copy destination inverter includes a parameter-information reception... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120173765 - Peripheral device detection with short-range communication: In general, embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to techniques for configuring a mobile device according to detection of one or more peripheral devices in an environment using short-range wireless communication. In one example, a method includes, receiving, by a computing device that communicates with a peripheral device using... Agent: Google Inc.

20120173764 - State sharing between base and detachable device: An apparatus and method are disclosed for state sharing. A change module detects a change of a configuration state for at least one of a base and a detachable device. A connection module detects a connection between the base and the detachable device. The detachable device provides a display and... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20120173767 - Apparatus and method for remotely controlling peripheral devices in mobile communication terminal: According to one embodiment, a method for remotely controlling peripheral devices in a mobile communication terminal includes acquiring a profile for a controlled peripheral device, configuring a control application for the controlled peripheral device based on the acquired profile, and controlling the controlled peripheral device using the configured control application.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120173769 - Method and system for communicating display port and single-link dvi/hdmi information for dual-mode devices: A system and method for communicating DVI (digital visual interface) and HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) information is provided. The system includes a local unit operable to produce a downstream request packet in reaction to received DVI or HDMI information from a video source device and to transmit the request packet... Agent: Icron Technologies Corp.

20120173768 - Switching device and method for input unit: A input device and switching method thereof is provided. After a first input unit produces the input signals, a control unit turns off the a switch interface to disconnect signal path between a second input unit and the computer system. When a counting time is greater than a predefined time,... Agent: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd

20120173770 - System and method for detecting accidental peripheral device disconnection: A detection device for detecting the manner in which a peripheral device is removed from an electronic device is proposed. The detection device can be on the peripheral device or the electronic device and detects whether the peripheral device was removed in a manner that indicates the removal was intentional... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120173771 - Data migration to high speed storage in accordance with i/o activity over time: Methods, controllers for data storage, data storage systems, and computer program products are directed to migrating data after the initial placement of the data in data storage entities having higher speed and in other data storage. Steps of a method to migrate data to the higher speed data storage are... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120173772 - Direct memory access controller, corresponding method and computer program: The predetermined update logic comprises forward or backward movements of the work pointer (PT) inside the circular buffer (16), and the controller includes means for blocking the read or write work pointer if the read work pointer (PT) points outside a memory space reserved for reading or, respectively, if the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20120173773 - Dynamic compression of an i/o data block: In one aspect, a method of compressing data includes splitting an I/O into smaller I/Os based on a throughput of I/Os in a queue, a smaller I/O is equal or smaller than a block size. The method also includes storing the smaller I/Os in the queue. The method further includes... Agent: Emc Corporation

20120173774 - Storage-side storage request management: Techniques are provided for managing, within a storage system, the sequence in which I/O requests are processed by the storage system based, at least in part, on one or more logical characteristics of the I/O requests. The logical characteristics may include, for example, the identity of the user for whom... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120173775 - Port control apparatus and associated methods: A method of controlling a port in an apparatus includes receiving an instruction for execution by a processor. The method further includes executing the instruction, by writing a value to a storage location corresponding to the port, and by initializing a count operation. The method further includes proceeding with the... Agent:

20120173776 - Adaptive interconnection scheme for multimedia devices: Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to adaptive interconnection for multimedia devices. An embodiment of an apparatus includes an apparatus that includes one or more ports, the one or more ports including one or more adaptable ports, where each adaptable port includes a receptacle to accept a plug of... Agent: Silicon Image, Inc.

20120173777 - Digital i/o signal scheduler: An apparatus and method of scheduling signals. In one embodiment, the method includes a first circuit receiving a first plurality of reference values. The first circuit selects a reference value from the first plurality according to a first reference identifier (ID) that is stored in memory. The first circuit compares... Agent:

20120173778 - Dynamic compression of an i/o data block:

20120173779 - Local port browser interface: The present invention relates to KVM switches that contain both remote and local ports and provide a user of the local port with a similar WEB based interface experience as that experienced by the remote user.... Agent: Raritan Americas, Inc.

20120173780 - Multi-core data processor: A multi-core LSI with improved stability of operation. The multi-core LSI includes a plurality of CPUs coupled to a first shared bus, one or more modules coupled to a second shared bus, a shared bus controller coupled between the first shared bus and the second shared bus for arbitrating access... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120173781 - Round robin arbiter with mask and reset mask: In order to provide a solution for performing priority arbitration, a mask and reset-mask are generated in concert with a priority arbitration scheme. A plurality of requestors may issue requests for a shared resource. The priority arbitration scheme may grant access to a single requestor for a single priority assignment... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120173782 - Method and system for managing sleep states of interrupt controllers in a portable computing device: A method and system for managing sleep states of one or more interrupt controllers of processors contained within a portable computing device are described. The method includes a processor defining wake-up interrupt settings in a storage device contained within the portable computing device. This storage device may comprise message random... Agent:

20120173784 - Information processing system and functionality expansion apparatus: An information processing system is disclosed which includes: an information processing apparatus proper configured to include an optical communication connection portion establishing optical communication connection; a first functionality expansion apparatus configured to have an optical communication connection portion optically communicating with the information processing apparatus proper, and a first processing... Agent:

20120173785 - Network interface card, network system, and method for building network connections with a remote network apparatus via hdmi: A network interface card includes a receiving unit and a capturing unit. The receiving unit is used for receiving a first hot-plug signal transmitted from a remote network apparatus via an HDMI. The capturing unit is coupled to the receiving unit, for capturing a physical address of the remote network... Agent:

20120173783 - Serial input output (sio) port expansion apparatus and method: An expander device and method for transmitting serial input/output (SIO) data between an initiator device and a plurality of target devices. The expander device includes a processor/controller configured to receive a master data stream from an initiator device and to transmit a returning master data stream to the initiator device.... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120173786 - Method and system for performing dma in a multi-core system-on-chip using deadline-based scheduling: A direct memory access (DMA) engine schedules data transfer requests of a data processing system according to both an assigned transfer priority and the deadline for completing a transfer.... Agent: Cradle Ip, LLC

20120173787 - Analog interface for a microprocessor-based device: An apparatus includes an integrated circuit, which includes a processor and a driver. The integrated circuit is fabricated by a process that establishes a nominal maximum voltage for components of the integrated circuit. The driver is adapted to selectively electrically couple a voltage that is higher than the nominal maximum... Agent:

20120173788 - Computing element virtualization: System and method for virtualization of computing elements. A hypervisor provides virtualization of one or more peripherals for one or more computing elements. The hypervisor may further allow separate instances of an operating system to be suspended on one computing element to allow another application to be processed by replacing... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

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