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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 28 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120079136 - System and method for dynamically configuring a target device: In accordance with the present disclosure, a method for dynamically configuring a target device comprises receiving by one or more ports of a target device one or more initiator identifiers from one or more initiators. The method further comprises determining whether a plurality of ports received initiator identifiers from a... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20120079137 - Systems configured to identify an operating mode: Systems having a host computer system, a memory device coupled to the host computer system, and identification circuitry. The identification circuitry is configured to identify an operating mode of the host computer system from comparing applied signals to sensed signals.... Agent:

20120079138 - Dynamically configurable serial data communication interface: A serial peripheral interface (SPI) controller can be configured in response to data received via the interface. The SPI controller can perform read and write operations upon registers of a register bank in response to signals received via one or more of a data signal line, a clock signal line,... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20120079139 - Computer system, apparatus, and method for checking for cable misconnections: When checking whether or not the connection-destination port of a cable that is connected between apparatuses is correct, notification is made to a user by a control apparatus. The control apparatus identifies a second port that is the correct connection destination of a target first port, which is a check-target... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120079140 - Techniques for achieving complete interoperability between different types of data and multimedia interfaces in handheld devices: A triple-mode connectivity apparatus for enabling interoperability between a multimedia display interface and a data interface. The apparatus comprises a universal connector installed in a first device and structured to enable connectivity between the multimedia display interface and the data interface of a second device, the first device is connected... Agent: Transwitch Corporation

20120079141 - Information processing apparatus and inter-processor communication control method: An information processing apparatus includes a plurality of processors configured to form a pipeline, a plurality of communication units configured to transfer communication data between a processor in an upstream stage of the pipeline and another processor in a downstream stage and to temporarily store the communication data output from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120079142 - Multiple image buffer simulation: Various embodiments related to a host computing device for rendering and sending image data to a peripheral device for display at the peripheral device. For example, one embodiment comprises a host computing device, the host computing device comprising a data storage subsystem and a logic subsystem. The host computing device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120079143 - Wireless host i/o using virtualized i/o controllers: Mechanisms provide hosts such as servers and mobile devices with access to virtualized I/O resources including virtual Host Bus Adapters (vHBAs) and virtual Network Interface Cards (vNICs) over a wireless I/O interconnect. Host applications access virtualized I/O resources using virtual device drivers that communicate with virtualized I/O resources on an... Agent: Xsigo Systems, Inc.

20120079144 - Low latency first-in-first-out (fifo) buffer: Systems and methods are provided for a first-in-first-out buffer. A buffer includes a first sub-buffer configured to store data received from a buffer input, and a second sub-buffer. The second sub-buffer is configured to store data received from either the buffer input or the first sub-buffer and to output data... Agent:

20120079146 - Method and arrangement for streaming data profiling: A circuit arrangement includes a plurality of functional units each of which comprises a plurality of data processing modules and a local controller. The plurality of data processing modules run a common system clock and are connected by a streaming data bus running a handshake-type streaming data transfer protocol. A... Agent: Intel Mobile Communications Technology Dresden Gmbh

20120079145 - Root hub virtual transaction translator: Systems and methods of operating root hub host controllers provide for determining, at a protocol engine having a dedicated port, a speed of a device in response to a coupling of the device to the dedicated port. Data transfer can occur at a second speed between software interface logic of... Agent:

20120079147 - Bus control device: A bus controller includes: a data receiving section for receiving output status information from other bus controllers on transmission routes available; a route load detecting section for calculating uniformity of distribution index indicating the degree of non-uniformity in transmission flow rate between the routes based on the output status information;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120079149 - Method for vehicle internetworks: Vehicle internetworks provide for communications among diverse electronic devices within a vehicle, and for communications among these devices and networks external to the vehicle. The vehicle internetwork comprises specific devices, software, and protocols, and provides for security for essential vehicle functions and data communications, ease of integration of new devices... Agent:

20120079148 - Reordering arrangement: An embodiment of a network-on-chip is provided. The network-on-chip includes a plurality of sources of requests and a plurality of destinations for requests. The plurality of destinations are configured to provide respective responses to respective requests. The network-on-chip further includes an interconnect for routing said requests and respective responses to... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20120079150 - Bus system and deadlock avoidance circuit thereof: Disclosed herein is a deadlock avoidance circuit including: a previous-transaction-information management section; a transaction-issuance-termination determination section; and a response-outputting control section.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120079153 - Communication method and device for a motor vehicle: A communication method is implemented in an on-board network between a master station (M) and a plurality of slave stations (S1, S2, S3, S4), of the type of those compatible with the standard Local Interconnect Network (LIN) protocol in which data frames are sent by the slave stations on a... Agent: Valeo Vision

20120079151 - Identification, by a master circuit, of two slave circuits connected to a same bus: A method of communication between a master circuit and two slave circuits over a serial bus wherein: the two slave circuits simultaneously transmit their associated identifiers; the two slave circuits simultaneously transmit the inverse of these identifiers; and each slave circuit exploits the combinations present on the bus to determine... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20120079152 - Method for connecting slave cards to a bus system: A method for connecting slave cards to a first bus system and a system for implementing the method are described. In the method, signals are transferred from the slave cards to a CPU via the first bus system, a master being assigned to each slave card, and the signals being... Agent:

20120079154 - Transaction reordering arrangement: An embodiment of a transaction reordering arrangement is provided. The transaction reordering arrangement includes a queue into which respective responses to requests are writable and a controller configured to control a position in said queue to which said respective responses to said requests are written. The position is controlled such... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20120079155 - Interleaved memory access from multiple requesters: A shared memory system having multiple banks is coupled to a set of requesters. Separate arbitration and control logic is provided for each bank, such that each bank can be accessed individually. The separate arbitration logics individually arbitrate transaction requests targeted to each bank of the memory. Access is granted... Agent:

20120079157 - Development of functional modules using a module bus: Systems and methods are provided that facilitate development of a module for use in a control application by assembling one or more predefined aspects onto a module bus. The module bus acts as a virtual backplane that allows module functionality in the form of predefined bus-compliant aspects to be selected... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120079156 - Implementing quickpath interconnect protocol over a pcie interface: Methods and apparatus for implementing the Intel QuickPath Interconnect® (QPI) protocol over a PCIe interface. The upper layers of the QPI protocol are implemented over a physical layer of the PCIe interface via use of QPI data bit mappings onto corresponding PCIe x16, x8, and x4 lane configurations. A QPI... Agent:

20120079158 - Signal switch connector set applied to motherboard of computer system: A signal switch connector set is disposed on a motherboard of a computer system. The signal switch connector set is capable of selectively connecting a USB 3.0 signal terminal of a south bridge chip to a USB 3.0 port located at the rear panel of a casing or connecting the... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20120079159 - Throttling integrated link: Methods and apparatus for throttling an interface that is integrated on the same die as a processor are described. In one embodiment, a signal from an Integrated Input/Output hub (e.g., integrated on the same die as a processor) causes throttling of a link coupled between the IIO and an Input/Output... Agent:

20120079160 - Method and system of adapting communication links to link conditions on a platform: A method and system to adapt communication links statically and/or dynamically to their individual link conditions on a platform. The communicatively coupled devices have logic to adapt one or more settings of a respective one or more communication links with another device based at least in part on a respective... Agent:

20120079161 - Circuit for simultaneously analyzing performance and bugs and method thereof: A circuit for simultaneously analyzing performance and bugs includes a mapping unit and a USB 3.0 data flow analyzer. The mapping unit is used for mapping commands transmitted to a USB 3.0 host through a peripheral component interconnect express and internal events of the USB 3.0 host to a packet... Agent:

20120079163 - Skew management in an interconnection system: An interconnection system is described where data lanes may be exchanged between lines at intervals along a transmission path so that the differential time delay between bits on a plurality of the lines is reduced when determined at a receiving location. The data lanes may be bound to the lines... Agent: Violin Memory, Inc.

20120079162 - Transparent repeater device for handling displayport configuration data (dpcd): Consistent with an example embodiment a repeater device is provided for handling signal transmissions, in particular in a DisplayPort environment. The repeater is to be coupled with an upstream device and a downstream device, the repeater being adapted for transmitting signals received from the upstream device to the downstream device... Agent: Nxp B.v.

03/22/2012 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120072615 - Programmable management io pads for an integrated circuit: A method for performing Iddq testing including receiving an Iddq message and executing the Iddq message to measure current leakage.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120072616 - Media processing device, control method for a media processing device, and recording medium storing a program executed by a control unit that controls a media processing device: Media processing devices, media processing device control methods, and computer-readable recording mediums storing programs that can be executed by control units that control media processing devices are provided. In one embodiment, a media processing device has a plurality of operation units that process roll paper and checks as a plurality... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120072617 - Electronic device, control method for an electronic device, and recording medium storing a program executed by a control unit that controls the electronic device: An electronic device that connects to external devices through a plurality of interfaces can operate efficiently according to the type of interface connected to the external device. An electronic device has a plurality of interfaces that can connect to a host computer; an external device interface that is connected to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120072618 - Memory system having high data transfer efficiency and host controller: According to one embodiment, the host controller includes a register set to issue command, and a direct memory access (DMA) unit and accesses a system memory and a device. First, second, third and fourth descriptors are stored in the system memory. The first descriptor includes a set of a plurality... Agent:

20120072619 - Memory overcommit by using an emulated iommu in a computer system with a host iommu: A method and system for managing direct memory access (DMA) in a computer system that hosts virtual machines and allows memory overcommit. The computer receives an indication that a bus address is to be used by a device to perform DMA to a buffer. In response to the indication, the... Agent: Red Hat Israel, Ltd.

20120072620 - Terminal and wireless communication method thereof: There are provided a terminal capable of selecting a suitable wireless module among a plurality of wireless modules depending on a situation and providing an optimal image even in a state in which a display unit is separated from a main body by performing wireless communication, and a wireless communication... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120072621 - Dynamic balancing of io resources on numa platforms: A method for binding input/output (I/O) objects to nodes. The method includes receiving, by an I/O Subsystem, a request to use an I/O device from a process, determining a first resource to service the request, and generating a first I/O object corresponding to the first resource. The method includes sending... Agent: Oracle America, Inc.

20120072622 - Using process location to bind io resources on numa architectures: In general, in one aspect, the invention relates to a method for binding input/output (I/O) objects to nodes. The method includes receiving a request to use an I/O device from a process, determining a resource to service the request, generating a first I/O object corresponding to the resource, wherein the... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120072623 - Storage control device and raid group extension method: The storage system includes a first storage subsystem having a first logical volume to be accessed by a host computer, and a second storage subsystem connected to the first storage subsystem and having a second logical volume to be mapped to the first logical volume. The first storage subsystem includes... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120072624 - Numa i/o framework: A method for binding input/output (I/O) objects to nodes includes an subsystem receiving a request to use an I/O device from a process, determining a first resource to service the request, generating a first I/O object corresponding to the first resource, wherein the first I/O object is unbound, and sending... Agent: Oracle America, Inc.

20120072625 - Data processing apparatus capable of communicating with external device via a plurality of logical line, data processing system, data processing device storing data processing program, and device driver: A data processing apparatus includes a data processing unit, a communication unit communicating with an external device via at least two logical lines including a first logical line and a second logical line having priority higher than the first logical line, a storage unit including a first buffer area storing... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120072626 - Automatic addressing protocol for a shared bus: An automatic addressing protocol for a shared bus is described. In an embodiment, devices connected in a chain by a shared bus are also connected by an independent electrical connection between each pair of neighboring devices. A protocol is used over the independent electrical connections which is independent of that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120072627 - Dynamic creation and destruction of io resources based on actual load and resource availability: A method for binding input/output (I/O) objects to nodes. The method includes binding an I/O object group to a NUMA node of a plurality of NUMA nodes on a system, obtaining an I/O object group size of the I/O object group, and determining an I/O object group target size based... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120072629 - Communication system, master device and slave device, and communication method: A communication system includes a master device and slave devices. Each slave device includes a request signal generation part configured to, when data to transmit is generated, generate a request signal indicating a transmission request to a master device; and a transmission part configured to transmit the request signal to... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120072628 - Remote multiplexing devices on a serial peripheral interface bus: A serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus and method of communicating over an SPI bus to multiple slave devices without requiring the master device to have an independent slave select pin for each slave device. The SPI bus comprises an SPI master device coupled to an SPI multiplex slave device and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120072630 - Time and event based message transmission: A system, apparatus and method for efficient utilization of available band-width on the system's bus connection. The system includes a scheduler configured to receive a virtual schedule that provides at least one slot for sending a message over the communication bus and to confirm a trigger condition. A module is... Agent: Xinshu Management L.L.C.

20120072631 - Multilayer arbitration for access to multiple destinations: An arbiter is provided for arbitrating for access to a shared resource by a plurality of requesters and by a background requester in a processing system. A priority value is assigned to each of the plurality of requestors. A multilayer arbitration contest is performed to resolve each conflict in transaction... Agent:

20120072632 - Deterministic and non-deterministic execution in one processor: An application in a data processing system may automatically select when it needs determinism and when it does not. The ability to have the system automatically select when to use each allows optimum system performance while maintaining hard real-time requirements when needed.... Agent:

20120072633 - Hot plug process in a distributed interconnect bus: A distributed PCIe adapted to support a hot-plug process triggered by any change in a status of a distributed link, comprises an upstream bus unit including a first bridge connected to a root component and adapted to maintain a first configuration space and a copy of a second configuration space,... Agent: Wilocity, Ltd.

20120072634 - Fully integrated, low area universal serial bus device transceiver: A transceiver apparatus includes a process, a first type of transceiver circuit for data transmission, a second type of transceiver circuit for data transmission, and a communications interface for communicating between the first type of transceiver circuit and an external device. The first type of transceiver circuit is co-located with... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120072635 - Relay device: A relay device includes: an input buffer for receiving data units, each of which includes a header, to which multiple pieces of destination information have been added, and data associated with the header; multiple virtual channels for storing data units, each of the multiple virtual channels storing a data unit... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120072636 - Power-optimized frame synchronization for multiple usb controllers with non-uniform frame rates: A method, apparatus, and system to synchronize multiple host controllers with non-uniform frame rates. The apparatus includes a first host controller, a second host controller, and logic. The first host controller is configured to access memory at a first frame rate. The second host controller is configured to access the... Agent:

20120072637 - I/o bridge device, response-reporting method, and program: An I/O bridge device includes: a command receiver that receives a command signal indicating a command to a memory controller from a peripheral component; a converter that converts the command signal into a command packet including the command and identification information for identifying the command signal; a command transmitter that... Agent: Nec Corporation

03/15/2012 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120066412 - Media card command pass through methods: Methods for transmitting application specific or extended commands between a host and a memory card are disclosed. Commands for an extended card protocol are embedded in messages, along with a marker, in the data or command portion of a base card transmission protocol that is used to communicate between the... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc,

20120066413 - Storage apparatus for controlling running of commands and method therefor: A plurality of command storage areas respectively corresponding to a plurality of priorities and storing I/O commands in a storage control apparatus are common to a plurality of ports and a plurality of processors. Here, regardless of which port receives an I/O command, the I/O command is stored in a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120066414 - Network storage system and network storage method: The present invention provides a network storage system for increasing data writing efficiency of a net storage service and a network storage method for increasing data writing efficiency of the net storage service. The network storage system comprises: a first module, a first data buffer, a second module, and a... Agent:

20120066415 - Methods and systems for direct memory access (dma) in-flight status: In accordance with at least some embodiments, a system includes a processing entity configured to run multiple threads. The system also includes a direct memory access (DMA) engine coupled to the processing entity, the DMA engine being configured to track DMA in-flight status information for each of a plurality of... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120066416 - Information processing apparatus, execution control method, and recording medium storing execution control program: An information processing apparatus, an execution control method, an execution control program, and an execution control medium storing the execution control program are described. The information processing apparatus has a processor, which concurrently performs: (1) initializing hardware resources needed for execution of the information processing apparatus; and (2) expanding an... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20120066417 - Synchronisation and trigger distribution across instrumentation networks: A system for synchronising the operation of a measurement instrument having a microcontroller, a local oscillator and function circuitry to an external timebase is provided. The system includes a USB Host Controller; an interrupt generator adapted to respond to ITPs by generating respective interrupts and passing the interrupts to the... Agent: Chronologic Pty. Ltd.

20120066418 - Synchronous network of superspeed and non-superspeed usb devices: A method of synchronising the operation of a plurality of SuperSpeed USB devices and a plurality of non-SuperSpeed USB devices is provided. The method includes establishing a SuperSpeed synchronisation channel for each of the plurality of SuperSpeed USB devices; establishing a non-SuperSpeed synchronisation channel for each of the plurality of... Agent: Chronologic Pty. Ltd.

20120066419 - Terminal having content interworking function and method thereof: A terminal having a content interworking function and a method thereof are provided, in which a specific content is executed in a first terminal, an execution information of the specific content is transmitted to a second terminal to be displayed through the second terminal, and an event generation signal corresponding... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120066420 - Disk array subsystem and control method thereof: This disk array subsystem includes a data input/output unit for inputting and outputting data in and from the network, a connecting unit for connecting the data input/output unit and a plurality of storage apparatuses, and a control unit for controlling the input and output of data in and from the... Agent:

20120066421 - Network system and node: A connector unit includes a communication line connecting a receiving port of a physical layer unit of a node to one adjacent node, and a communication line connecting a transmitting port of the physical layer unit to the one adjacent node via a capacitor, and a connector unit includes a... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20120066422 - Method and system for transferring high-speed data within a portable device: A system for high-speed data transfer within a portable device, such as, cell phone or a set-top box, which includes a memory medium and a processor. The system includes a first port for coupling to the processor, and a second port for coupling to the memory medium. Further, the system... Agent: Standard Microsystems Corporation

20120066423 - Inter-integrated circuit bus multicasting: A master node selects a plurality of slave nodes that share a common slave address to receive a data communication. The master node multicasts the data communication to the plurality of selected slave nodes via an inter-integrated circuit bus having a serial data line and a serial clock line.... Agent:

20120066425 - Multi-device docking with a displayport compatible cable: A docking system utilizing a single DisplayPort cable connection to a computer system is provided. In one embodiment, the docking system includes a single DisplayPort (“DP”) input, a management layer module coupled to receive video inputs from the single DP input and to provide video data to at least one... Agent:

20120066424 - Portable computer featuring interchangeable screens with different sizes: A laptop or notebook computer which features a detachable bottom keyboard part, that hosts the computation system, and features small connecting tips its the top end. Can be docked into this bottom keyboard part any screen with any size, as long as it features tip holes able to fit the... Agent: Always Innovating, Inc.

20120066426 - Method and apparatus for data movement in a system on a chip: There is provided a system for comprising a plurality of blocks, each block comprising any hardware element and a plurality of segments for providing interconnection of the plurality of blocks. A segment comprises a connector between multiple blocks and other segments and segments are connected via the ports of blocks... Agent:

20120066427 - Information backup system with storing mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of an information backup system includes: supplying a power to a first communication port and a second communication port; electrically connecting a host microcontroller to the first communication port for connecting a handheld device; electrically connecting the host microcontroller to the second communication port for connecting... Agent:

20120066428 - Switch apparatus: A switch apparatus capable of being coupled to a computer and a plurality of devices, the switch apparatus includes: a first bridge coupled to the computer; a second-bridge group coupled to the devices; and a controller for controlling the connection relationship between the first bridge and the second-bridge group, wherein... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120066429 - Peripheral device, program and methods for responding to a warm reboot condition: A computing system peripheral device compatible with the peripheral component interconnect express (PCI-E) protocol responds to a DL_DOWN command primitive by configuring a general-purpose input/output (GPIO) port into a known state without invoking a GPIO module reset. In addition, select resources are excluded from resources on the peripheral device that... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120066430 - Use of pci express for cpu-to-cpu communication: CPUs that generate PCIe auxiliary signals and changing clock signals nevertheless communicate with each other using PCIe owing to PCIe switch assemblies that are disposed in the communication paths to isolate and terminate the auxiliary signals from reaching other CPUs and to isolate changing clock signals, communicating with each other... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120059955 - Transition an input/output device: Managing an input/output device including receiving a request to remotely connect a computing machine with a device, detecting an signal to power down the input/output device of the computing machine in response to establishing a remote connection with the device, and transitioning the input/output device from a first power state... Agent:

20120059956 - Direct memory access (dma) transfer of network interface statistics: In general, in one aspect, the disclosure describes a method that includes maintaining statistics, at a network interface, metering operation of the network interface. The statistics are transferred by direct memory access from the network interface to a memory accessed by at least one processor.... Agent:

20120059957 - Automatic port accumulation: In a first embodiment of the present invention, a method for configuring a plurality of input/output (I/O) interconnect switch ports is provided, the method comprising: starting a link training and status state machine (LTSSM) for each of the plurality of ports; placing each of the LTSSMs in a receiver detect... Agent: Plx Technology, Inc.

20120059958 - System and method for a hierarchical buffer system for a shared data bus: The present invention provides a system and method for controlling data entries in a hierarchical buffer system. The system includes an integrated circuit device comprising: a memory core, a shared data bus, and a plurality of 1st tier buffers that receive data from the memory. The system further includes a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120059959 - Method for assigning addresses to nodes of a bus system, and installation: e

20120059960 - Method for controlling a data transfer on a serial transmission data transfer bus: Method for controlling a data transfer on a serial transmission data transfer bus by means of a central processing unit and associated system. The method includes various steps, including determining an available bandwidth for a data bus, determining an available computing capacity percentage of the central processing unit, and determining... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120059961 - System and method for sharing memory: A system and method for interfacing multiple SoCs (System on a Chip) to a single, shared memory device are provided. The system and method of the present disclosure provides for controlling the downloading of operating code to two or more SoC controller circuits sharing a memory containing the operating code... Agent: Thomson Licensing A Corporation

20120059962 - Providing a fine-grained arbitration system: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for selecting a requester to service during an arbitration round, and updating counters associated with the selected requester including a command unit counter and a data unit counter, determining if the counters are in compliance with corresponding threshold values, and if... Agent:

20120059963 - Adaptive locking of retained resources in a distributed database processing environment: System, method, computer program product embodiments and combinations and sub-combinations thereof for adaptive locking of retained resources in a distributed database processing environment are provided. An embodiment includes identifying a locking priority for at least a portion of a buffer pool, determining lock requests based upon the identified locking priority,... Agent: Sybase, Inc.

20120059964 - High density, low jitter, synchronous usb expansion: A method of providing high density expansion of a USB network, the method comprising: attaching a plurality of USB hubs to adjacent slots in a PXI instrumentation chassis; configuring one of the USB hubs as a primary USB Hub; connecting an upstream port of the primary USB Hub to a... Agent: Chronologic Pty. Ltd.

20120059965 - Precision synchronisation architecture for superspeed universal serial bus devices: A method of providing a synchronisation channel to a SuperSpeed USB device is provided. The method including a SuperSpeed communication channel connection to the SuperSpeed USB device with a USB cable that has USB 2.0 D+ and D− data signalling lines disabled or disconnected at an upstream connection point; multiplexing... Agent: Chronologic Pty. Ltd.

20120059967 - Memory bus architecture for concurrently supporting volatile and non-volatile memory modules: A memory/storage module is provided that implements a solid state drive compatible with Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) signaling on a double-data-rate compatible socket. A detachable daughter card may be coupled to the memory module for converting a memory bus voltage to a second voltage... Agent: Sanmina-sci Corporation

20120059968 - Processing system with rf data bus for intra-device communication: A processing system includes a plurality of first circuit modules. A plurality of second circuit modules are coupled to an RF data bus via intra-device RF communications. The RF data bus receives first data from at least one of the plurality of first circuit modules, and transmits the first data... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120059966 - Storage device and method for managing size of storage device: The invention relates to a storage device in which MR-IOV is applied to the internal network of a storage controller, whereby the size of the storage device can be easily expanded. The storage device is expanded on the basis of a network having processor-connected RPs, FE I/F, BE I/F, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120059970 - Memory controller supporting concurrent volatile and nonvolatile memory modules in a memory bus architecture: A memory/storage module is provided that implements a solid state drive compatible with Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) signaling on a double-data-rate compatible socket. A detachable daughter card may be coupled to the memory module for converting a memory bus voltage to a second voltage... Agent: Sanmina-sci Corporation

20120059969 - Non-invasive direct-mapping usb switching device: A non-invasive direct-mapping USB switching device includes a main-controlled microprocessing module connected to a high-impedance module, and the high-impedance module is provided for detecting and monitoring a functional instruction code of a USB device transmitted from a data transmission module, such that a USB connecting module can be used for... Agent: June-on Technology Co., Ltd.

03/01/2012 > 36 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120054371 - Emitter apparatus, 3d image display apparatus, and command sending method: An emitter apparatus includes a plurality of generating sections and a command sending section. The plurality of generating sections are capable of generating command signals of a plurality of protocols, respectively, the plurality of protocols corresponding to a plurality of pairs of active shutter glasses having different protocols for controlling... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120054372 - Method of usb device enumeration including detecting the operating system type of the usb host: A USB device enumeration process implemented in a USB device is described. The USB device first detects a type of the operating system (OS) of the USB host connected to the device, and performs device enumeration using a process selected from multiple stored processes based on the detected host OS... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120054373 - Connection apparatus, and method used in connection apparatus: The present invention provides a connection apparatus for connecting with at least one peripheral device and at least one host machine, the connection apparatus comprising: a first connection section connectable by a first communications standard to a host machine; at least one second connection section connectable by the first communications... Agent: Buffalo Inc.

20120054377 - Method, apparatus and system for managing line between access device and terminal: The present invention provides a method, an apparatus and a system for managing a line between an access device and a terminal, where the provided method includes: receiving, by an access device, a port number, an event set and a collection period delivered by RDC; judging, according to the collection... Agent:

20120054376 - Real-time usb class level decoding: Real-time USB class level decoding is disclosed. In some embodiments, a first packet associated with a USB class level operation and a second packet generated by a USB analyzer are received. It is determined based at least in part on a first time associated with the first packet and a... Agent: Total Phase, Inc.

20120054374 - System, method and computer program product for monitoring memory access: According to one aspect of the present disclosure a method and technique for monitoring memory access is disclosed. The method includes monitoring access to a memory unit, updating an activity cache associated with an incrementor with access data corresponding to accesses to the memory unit, monitoring a rate of access... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120054375 - System, method and computer program product for monitoring memory access: According to one aspect of the present disclosure a method and technique for monitoring memory access is disclosed. The method includes monitoring, by a plurality of memory controllers, access to a memory unit, wherein each memory controller is associated with a different range of memory addresses of the memory unit,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120054378 - Virtual usb compound device for discharged battery recovery: A system for implementing a virtual Universal Serial Bus (USB) compound device with a simulated hub enables a single physical USB device, such as a USB peripheral device, to expose multiple stand-alone functions on the USB bus. Logical functions on the single physical USB device can be added and removed... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120054379 - Low power multi-touch scan control system: An integrated control circuit is disclosed including a central processing unit operating in a normal full system power mode and in a reduced system low power mode, and a memory. A plurality of peripheral units are provided, at least one of which includes an input/output for interfacing with at least... Agent:

20120054380 - Opportunistic improvement of mmio request handling based on target reporting of space requirements: Methods and apparatus for opportunistic improvement of Memory Mapped Input/Output (MMIO) request handling (e.g., based on target reporting of space requirements) are described. In one embodiment, logic in a processor may detect one or more bits in a message that is to be transmitted from an input/output (I/O) device. The... Agent:

20120054381 - Delaying acknowledgment of an operation until operation completion confirmed by local adapter read operation: A request to perform an operation, such as a remote direct memory access (RDMA) write operation or a send operation that writes to memory, is sent from a sending input/output (I/O) adapter (e.g., an RDMA-capable adapter) to a receiving I/O adapter. The receiving I/O adapter receives the request and initiates... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120054382 - Method of hand-held smart device for accessing data: A method for accessing data provided by the present invention is suitable for a hand-held smart device which has an internal storage unit. The method would establish a data access path between the hand-held smart device and an external storage device, when the external storage device connects to the hand-held... Agent: I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

20120054383 - Media playback power management devices and methods: Devices and methods for power management during media playback are provided. For example, an electronic device according to an embodiment may include storage, a decoder, an output buffer, and data processing circuitry. The storage may store compressed media data that may be decoded by the decoder. The output buffer may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120054384 - Methods, devices and communication systems for data card identification operating system: A method for a data card to identify an OS, an apparatus and a communication system thereof are provided according to the embodiments of the present invention. The method includes: receiving, by a USB device through a disc port, an SCSI command sent by the OS to be identified; and... Agent:

20120054385 - Method and apparatus for establishing communication: A method and apparatus for establishing communication between a first device and a second device. In the method, the second device recognizes a mark representing the first device to establish communication with the first device, and establishes communication with the first device, based on information included in the mark.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120054386 - Communicating between electronic devices using a portable storage device: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to communicating between electronic devices using a portable storage device. In one embodiment, a portable storage device communicates with a first electronic device, and the portable storage device communicates with a second electronic device via a network. The portable storage device sends a request from the... Agent:

20120054387 - Interconnect bandwidth throttler: An interconnect bandwidth throttler is disclosed. The interconnect bandwidth throttler turns off the interconnect, based on whether a maximum number of transactions has taken place within a predetermined throttle window. Both the maximum number of transactions and the throttle window are adjustable. Characteristics such as performance, thermal considerations, and average... Agent:

20120054390 - Control method for extender: A control method for extender is proposed. A transmitting unit stops outputting image signal, voice signal or serial data to a receiving unit. A request signal is sent from the transmitting unit to the receiving unit by using the circuit through which the transmitting unit stops outputting image signal, voice... Agent: June-on Co., Ltd.

20120054388 - Method for finding starting bit of reference frames for an alternating-parity reference channel: The present invention discloses a method for locating the reference frames of the reference lane on the transmitting data bus. The present invention addresses this object by disclosing a method whereby the relationship between the size of the reference frame transmitted over the reference lane and the width of the... Agent: Avalon Microelectronics, Inc.

20120054389 - Usb to i2c and spi bridge: A bridge is provided. The bridge includes a first component configured to connect to a universal serial bus (USB) port, receive a serial-based message through the USB port, and transfer the serial-based message to an output port on the first component. The bridge further includes a second component configured to... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120054391 - Apparatus and method for testing smnp cards: An apparatus and method tests simple network management protocol (SNMP) cards. Each of the SNMP cards includes an I2C port and a GIPO port. The method predefines an I2C address for each of the slots of a circuit board, sets an interval time for sending communication data by each of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120054393 - Computer system, i/o device control method, and i/o drawer: To make it possible for multiple blades to share an SR-IOV device in the form that enables a hypervisor to acquire necessary information and to make a setting between itself and a PF. A computer system has multiple servers, an I/O device, an I/O switch for connecting these servers and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120054392 - Data read and write device and method for usb ports of 1-wire devices: A data read and write device for a USB port of a 1-Wire device includes a USB interface and a 1-wire host. The USB interface includes a USB buffer and a USB connector, and converts a USB command sent by a host computer to a 1-Wire command. The USB buffer... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120054394 - Fast biased locks: Access by multiple threads to a common resource can be controlled using a bias-lock having a single owner thread selected from among the plurality of threads. The bias-lock includes an n-process lock for which non-owner processes compete and a 2-process lock for which the owner and non-owner holder of the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120054395 - Information processing device: An arbitration unit, when a blocking error disabling data from being output to a destination node from an output buffer occurs in any one of the destination nodes, determines an input buffer connected to the output buffer from within the input buffers including the input buffer retaining the data addressed... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120054397 - Interface bus for utility-grade network communication devices: In one embodiment, a network device having a plurality of hardware interfaces is disclosed. The network device includes a central processing unit and a main circuit board. The main circuit board has expansion slots that receivably connect corresponding secondary circuit boards to the main circuit board. The main circuit board... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20120054396 - Method for selective replication of physical devices on a virtual self-configuring zoning expander: Disclosed is a method and a SAS controller device that abstract access from one or more virtual machines operating on a host system to SAS physical devices connected to the SAS controller without a routing table for port-to-port messaging on the SAS controller. An embodiment may create a virtual expander... Agent:

20120054398 - Device having board slot concatenation for accommodating multiple sizes of communication device elements: In one embodiment, a main circuit board includes a plurality of expansion slots that are operative to receive a corresponding plurality of expansion cards. The plurality of expansion slots include at least one first expansion slot configured at a first position on the main circuit board, that is operative to... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20120054399 - Docking station with network based personality profile: A network system and method are disclosed. The network system includes at least one docking station to which a portable electronic device is individually couplable. Each of the at least one docking station is configured to allow the portable electronic device to access a network to receive information corresponding to... Agent:

20120054400 - System for communicating between two electrical devices and method therefore: In some embodiments, a system can be configured to communicate to and from a media device. The media device can include a first controller. The system can include: (a) a software module configured to run on the first controller; (b) a physical device module configured to run on the first... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20120054401 - Method and system for a mobile device docking station: Various aspects of a method and system for a mobile device docking station are provided. A docking device may comprise a screen, controls, and a receptacle for holding a mobile device. A mobile device may generate and display information for on its screen while concurrently generating and outputting information to... Agent:

20120054402 - Communicatively coupling, at least in part, serial bus controller to at least one serial bus device: An embodiment may include circuitry to communicatively couple, at least in part, a serial bus controller to at least one serial bus device. The circuitry may have at least one port to be communicatively coupled to the at least one device. The circuitry may route, at least in part, at... Agent:

20120054404 - Methods and apparatus for improved host/initiator utilization in serial advanced technology attachment communication: Methods and apparatus for improved performance in communications between a SAS/STP initiator device and a plurality of SATA storage devices coupled with the initiator through an enhanced switching device. The switching device is enhanced in accordance with features and aspects hereof to receive a DMA SETUP FIS from a SATA... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120054403 - Methods and apparatus for improved serial advanced technology attachment performance: Methods and apparatus for improved performance in communications with a SATA target device. Features and aspects hereof provide for continuing DMA transfers from a storage controller (e.g., a SATA host or a SAS/STP initiator) to a SATA target device without regard to receipt of DMA ACTIVATE Frame Information Structures (FIS).... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120054406 - Method for operating a bus system: A method for the switching of participants of a bus system from a first state with reduced energy consumption to a second state with increased energy consumption relative to the first state, wherein, for communication between the participants of the bus system, data frames are transmitted which comprise, inter alia,... Agent:

20120054405 - Virtual ethernet switch via pci-e card: The preferred methodology for manufacture of a PCIe card of the preferred embodiment involves placing a switch such as a switching ASIC on a PCIe card and operatively connecting the switching ASIC to the PCIe card. The preferred methodology also includes operatively connecting a power management module to the PCIe... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

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