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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120023265 - Automatic peripheral discovery, authorization, and sharing across an internet protocol network: A wireless mesh includes a plurality of user devices. A list is formed that includes information regarding peripheral devices associated with the user devices. One of the user devices identifies one or more of the peripheral devices that correspond to a particular type of peripheral device and selects, from the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20120023266 - Storage controller and controlling method therefor: A storage controller that performs user-friendly information display, simplifies updating of support information, has external storage controllers to provide sufficient input/output performance, and expands the range of external storage controllers to be supported; and a controlling method for that storage controller. The storage controller includes a code extract/convert unit for... Agent:

20120023267 - Repeater device and control method: A repeater device connected to source and sink devices includes: an input terminal receiving transmission data supplied from the source device; relay means for relaying the transmission data; an output terminal outputting the transmission data relayed by the relay means to the sink device; control means for setting an operating... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120023268 - Keyboards providing macro functions and macro function setting method using the same, and computer program products thereof: Macro function setting methods for a keyboard with macro functions are provided. The keyboard includes a switch key and a set of macro keys, each macro key separately corresponding to a macro definition data in a plurality of predefined macro definition data. It is first detected that the switch key... Agent:

20120023269 - Presenting alert notifications: A method for presenting alert notifications includes identifying an alert condition for one of a master device, a slave device, and a production device. Operational states of the slave device and the master device are determined. For each of the slave device and the master device, upon a determination that... Agent:

20120023270 - Computer system and method of processing computer system: A computer system has a master device having a first register for storing a first process ID associated with a software process number. The master device transmits the first process ID onto a system bus when it generates a transaction. The computer system has a slave device holding a second... Agent:

20120023271 - Fully asynchronous direct memory access controller and processor work: An apparatus generally having a processor and a direct memory access controller is disclosed. The processor may be configured to increment a task counter to indicate that a new one of a plurality of tasks is scheduled. The direct memory access controller may be configured to (i) execute the new... Agent:

20120023272 - Steering data units to a consumer: A computer system may comprise a second device operating as a producer that may steer data units to a first device operating as a consumer. A processing core of the first device may wake-up the second device after generating a first data unit. The second device may generate steering values... Agent:

20120023273 - Command management device configured to store and manage received commands and storage apparatus with the same: According to one embodiment, a command management device includes a command buffer, a free address register and a FIFO unit with entries. The command buffer stores commands received from a host. The entries include address sections configured to store addresses of the areas in the command buffer in which the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120023275 - Data transferring method: A first device (1) includes a first interface (4) which transmits and receives, to and from a rotating recording medium, data in data blocks in a size equal to the integral multiple of the sector size of the recording medium, and transmits and receives, to and from a second device... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120023274 - Increased speed of processing of data received over a communications link: A method and apparatus for processing data samples utilizes a channel map populated by device descriptor, or by an application program interface. Packet processing code loops through all of the samples contained in a packet while incrementing through a channel map and steering table without having to look up a... Agent: Apple Computer, Inc,

20120023276 - Switch-state information aggregation: One switch-state aggregation technique uses a digital-to-analog converter in combination with an analog-to-digital converter to aggregate the state of a plurality of switches. Another switch-state aggregation technique uses input/output lines of a processor to aggregate the state of a plurality of switches and to communicate data other than the state... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120023277 - Method for operating an automation device: A method for operating an automation device comprising at least one master unit and at least one slave unit that is connected by a first bus, wherein messages are transmitted over the first bus while controlling a technical process. The messages comprise a process image data area for planned field... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120023278 - Expander to control multipaths in a storage network: A device is provided including a first SAS expander coupling a SAS initiator and the first port of a SAS target and a second SAS expander coupling the SAS initiator and the second port of the SAS target. The first SAS expander notifies the SAS initiator of a virtual expander... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120023279 - Indicator control apparatus: An indicator control apparatus includes a bus connector, a signal converting unit, an address configuring unit, and an indicating unit. The signal converting unit receives bus signals from the bus connector. The address configuring unit sets an address of the signal converting unit. The signal converting unit converts the bus... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120023280 - Atomic operations with page migration in pcie: A method and data processing system enables scheduling of atomic operations within a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) architecture during page migration. In at least one embodiment, firmware detects the activation of a page migration operation. The firmware notifies the I/O host bridge, which responds by setting an atomic operation... Agent: Ibm Corporation

20120023281 - Single-chip microcomputer: A single-chip microcomputer comprising: a first bus having a central processing unit and a cache memory connected therewith; a second bus having a dynamic memory access control circuit and an external bus interface connected therewith; a break controller for connecting the first bus and the second bus selectively; a third... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120017011 - Out-of-band access to storage devices through port-sharing hardware: A method, apparatus, system, and computer program product for enabling out-of-band access to storage devices through port-sharing hardware. Providing out-of-band access to storage devices enables system management functions to be performed when an operating system is non-functional as well as when the operating system is active. Storage commands originating with... Agent:

20120017012 - Devices, systems, and methods for multiplexing one or more services at a customer premises: Systems, devices, and methods for multiplexing one or more services are disclosed. Such systems and devices may have an architecture that includes communication interfaces, processors, storage devices, and software applications that generate virtual machines. Each of the virtual machines may receive a first set of service data for a service... Agent: Domanicom Corporation

20120017013 - System and methods for avoiding data collisions over a data bus: The disclosed system and methods involve controlling the timing and order in which numerous motors and sensors exchange data over a data bus. The method can be used with, for example, motion control, automotive, industrial automation, and medical equipment applications using data buses. As an example of one possible medical... Agent:

20120017014 - Audio/video router: A composite input signal having an audio component and a video component is routed from an input to an output by separating a stream of audio data words at an average frequency F1 from the video component and supplying the separated stream of audio data words sequentially to a FIFO... Agent: Miranda Technologies Inc.

20120017015 - Wireless peripheral interconnect bus: A wireless peripheral interconnect bus capable of providing a high rate data transfer between peripheral devices and a host bridge of a computing device over a wireless medium comprises a first wireless pair for transferring data between a first peripheral component and a second peripheral component, wherein the first wireless... Agent: Wilocity Ltd.

20120017016 - Method and system for utilizing low power superspeed inter-chip (lp-ssic) communications: Inter-chip connectivity may be provided in a computing device, which may comprise a USB host and at and at least one USB device embedded within the computing device, based on Universal Serial Bus version 3.0 (USB3.0) interface. In this regard, internal communication of data between the USB host and embedded... Agent:

20120017017 - Data transfer circuit and data transfer method: A port A request queue is configured with a port AQ0 to a port AQn for each of request types Q0 to Qn connected with a requester resource busy flag controller Q0 to a requester resource busy flag controller Qn, respectively. A port A resource checking unit of a port... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120017018 - Method, system, and apparatus for communicating using multiple controllers: Operating a control system includes repeatedly transmitting a first interrupt to at least one interface unit by a first controller of a plurality of controllers, wherein the first interrupt is transmitted at a first frequency. A first response is received at the first controller from the at least one interface... Agent:

20120017019 - In-vehicle display device, extension device, and individual functional device: The in-vehicle display device includes a central information display device 10, an extension device 20, and an individual functional device 30 formed separately from the central information display device 10. The individual functional device 30 includes a storage device for storing application software to execute the function of the central... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120017020 - Customization of a bus adapter card: The present disclosure includes systems and techniques relating to customization of a bus adapter card. In some implementations, an apparatus includes a processor and a program memory, a bus adapter card coupled with the computing apparatus and configured to connect with a storage device, the bus adapter card comprising a... Agent: Marvell International Ltd.

20120017021 - Bus to bus power interconnect: A bus interconnect in accordance with present embodiments includes a via block having first and second interfaces separated by a conductive body, wherein the via block is configured to communicatively couple with a first bus through the first interface and wherein the conductive body is configured to extend through an... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120017022 - Register access in distributed virtual bridge environment: Systems and methods to perform a register access are described. A particular method includes receiving a data frame at a bridge element of a plurality of bridge elements in communication with a plurality of server computers. The data frame may include a register access request and may be forwarded from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120017023 - Computing module with serial data connectivity: A computing module includes an interface to asynchronously, serially exchange parallel system bus data with one or more other modules of a computer system that includes the computing module. The computing module can asynchronously, serially transfer first parallel bus data to another module of the computer system, and can asynchronously,... Agent:

20120017024 - Component of another computing machine: A method including initializing at least one component of another computing machine in response to the other computing machine coupling to a computing machine, loading a component driver onto the computing machine for at least one of the initialized components, and configuring the computing machine to use the component driver... Agent:

20120017025 - System and method for accessing resources of a pci express compliant device: A system and method using messages to access registers and memory in a PCI Express communications link environment. Vendor defined PCI Express messages can be used to read and write to the memory-mapped or register space of a device. Four types of accesses are defined using this messaging approach, namely... Agent:

20120017026 - System and method for increased efficiency pci express transaction: A system and method using new PCI Express transaction layer packet headers so that unchanged header information within a burst of transactions does not need to be re-transmitted. After the first full packet header of a burst is sent, subsequent packet headers in the burst are smaller. Thus, more reduced... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120011283 - Transmitting retry request associated with non-posted command via response credit channel: In a particular embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes, at a first computing device coupled to a second computing device via a bus, receiving a request from the second computing device to complete a non-posted command, where the request is received via a request credit channel of the bus,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120011284 - Direct provisioning of storage devices to virtual os partitions: An OS instance can maintain management responsibility for SAN adapters to ensure separation and isolation of WPARs, while WPARs are given the capability of configuring an adapter (e.g., adding endpoint storage devices to the adapter). An operating system instance allocates an adapter to a first of a plurality of virtual... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120011285 - Method and apparatus for enabling enhanced usb interaction: Systems and methods for configuring a universal serial bus (USB) including for connection by a peripheral device by detecting an attach event at a USB port on the peripheral device; receiving, at the USB port, a first request for device identification; sending, at the USB port, a first identification data;... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120011286 - Optical communication module, universal serial bus cable with the same and processing method of data transfer thereof: The present invention discloses an optical communication module comprising a second mode supporting a data transfer of USB 3.0 standard and a third mode supporting a data transfer of USB 2.0 standard, and the second mode comprises A mode and B mode with a different power consumption and supported data... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20120011287 - Port expander with connection identification: The port expander such as a USB hub or dock has a control unit and a plurality of input/output (I/O) ports and is used to connect a computer. An application program corresponding to the hub is installed to the computer. The control unit detects whether one of the ports is... Agent: I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

20120011288 - Specific identification information management device, information processing device, and specific identification information setting method: A specific identification information management device coupled to a feature expansion device includes: a storage unit configured to store the specific identification information of the feature expansion device; a detection unit configured to detect access to the feature expansion device; and a control unit configured to transmit the specific identification... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120011289 - Fifo system and operating method thereof: FIFO systems and operating method thereof are provided to transfer data between a first device and a second device. In the FIFO system, a memory controller serves as an interface to access a memory device for storage of the data, and a CPU processes instructions to control the data transfer.... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120011290 - Dvi link with parallel test data: An embodiment includes encoding parallel digital data into encoded and parallel digital data in an encoder and generating parallel test data in a pseudo-random binary sequence generator circuit. The encoded and parallel digital data is coupled through a multiplexer to be serialized in a serializer in a normal mode of... Agent:

20120011291 - Apparatus and method for controlling issuing of transaction requests: Transaction requests requesting a service from the slave device are received from a master device at a transaction interface. The transaction requests are selectively issued to the bus system under control of an issue control circuit. A target outstanding transaction value N.x is received at a control interface. The target... Agent: Arm Limited

20120011292 - Power supply circuit for ieee 1394 interface: A power supply circuit for IEEE 1394 interface includes an IEEE 1394 interface control chip, an interface circuit, and a power circuit. The IEEE 1394 interface control chip outputs transmission protocol signals. The interface circuit is electrically connected to the IEEE 1394 interface control chip by a number of differential... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120011293 - Intelligent platform: An intelligent platform integrates with an intelligent portable device or intelligent core to provide a dynamic computer that may serve as any of: a pad, a tablet computing device, a netbook computer, and a notebook computer. The operations of the integrated device are determined by the connected intelligent core's CPU... Agent:

20120011294 - System and method for secure authentication of a \"smart\" battery by a host: Systems and methods for providing a battery module 110 with secure identity information and authentication of the identity of the battery 110 by a host 120. In one embodiment, the system for providing a battery module with secure identity information includes: (1) a tamper resistant processing environment 200 located within... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120011295 - Method and apparatus for wireless broadband systems direct data transfer: Apparatus and method for direct data transfer in a wireless broadband system having an operating system, the apparatus including a central processing unit (CPU), at least one dedicated Direct Memory Access unit (DMA) local to the CPU, coupled directly to the CPU, and a commands FIFO (First In First Out)... Agent: Designart Networks Ltd

20120011297 - Isolation switch for fibre channel fabrics in storage area networks: An isolation switch blade Fibre Channel switch presents F_ports to form a first Fibre Channel fabric and N_ports to a second Fibre Channel fabric to appear as node devices. The isolation switch blade may be used to connect a plurality of blade servers to a Fibre Channel fabric. Fabric events... Agent: Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

20120011296 - Multi-hardware-system data processing device and information input method thereof: Provided are a multi-hardware-system data processing device and information input method thereof, the multi-hardware-system data processing device comprising a first hardware system, a second hardware system, a switcher and a shared device; wherein the second hardware system comprises a second control module for generating a message when the second hardware... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

01/05/2012 > 24 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120005376 - Method and system for connection management and resource sharing: There is provided a method and system for sharing a pre-determined plurality of resources of a limited resource computing device with a plurality of resource dependent devices. The method comprises: determining a plurality of groups based on said pre-determined plurality of resources; classifying each said resource dependent device as a... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20120005377 - Detection of cable connections for electronic devices: Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to detection of cable connections for electronic devices. An embodiment of an apparatus includes a port for the connection of a cable, the port being compatible with a first protocol and a second protocol, the port including multiple pins including a first pin... Agent:

20120005378 - Information processing apparatus, control method, and program: A peripheral device control system with high operability, which can provide a device management screen that provides appropriate display contents and functions according to a user's use environment, is implemented. The system is configured by an information processing apparatus, a peripheral device, a peripheral device management function required to manage... Agent: Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120005379 - Data access during data recovery: A method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for accessing data during data recovery. In some embodiments, this includes sending an I/O request from an application to an object, wherein the object is being recovered, establishing an I/O intercept, intercepting the application's I/O request with the I/O intercept, and redirecting the... Agent: Emc Corporation

20120005380 - Data-driven media management within an electronic device: A method and apparatus for intelligently routing and managing audio signals within an electronic device is disclosed. The routing is responsive to a set of logical and physical policies which are stored in data tables which can be updated as needed.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120005381 - Universal serial bus (usb) interface device having functions of high definition conversion and audio supporting: Provided is a USB interface device includes a USB unit, a USB to digital video and digital audio module, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) module, a memory control unit (MCU), and a power control module. The USB to digital video and digital audio module receives and converts video and audio... Agent:

20120005382 - Register access protocol: A system and a method are disclosed for allowing a host device to communicate with an accessory device using a lightweight communications protocol. A communications link is first established between the connected accessory and host device. The host device sends a request for a register map file (RMF) to the... Agent: Palm, Inc.

20120005383 - System and a method for constructing and deconstructing data packets: A packet processing data path is attached to the processor bus as a slave via a bus interface. The packet processing data path comprises a number of blocks. Respective blocks comprise configuration registers operable to provide information on what operation the blocks should perform for the current packet field being... Agent:

20120005384 - Access control apparatus, access control method and storage system: An access control apparatus which establishes a connection based on connection establishment requests from connected devices and controls accesses to a connection target device. The access control apparatus includes a connection information managing unit which manages connect wait conditions to the connection target device of the connected devices based on... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120005385 - Communication circuit of inter-integrated circuit device: A communication circuit of an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) includes a master device, a switch circuit, first and second groups of slave devices. Each slave device includes a data signal pin and a clock signal pin, which are connected to the switch circuit. The master device includes a data signal pin,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120005386 - Method, apparatus and system for maintaining transaction coherecy in a multiple data bus platform: Techniques for maintaining an order of transactions in a multi-bus computer architecture. In an embodiment, an arbitrator receives access requests from a plurality of requestors, each access request requesting a respective access to a bus. Based on an arbitration between the access requests—e.g. between those requestors providing the access requests—the... Agent:

20120005387 - Interrupt blocker: A method comprises maintaining, in a first electronic device, a list of one or more electronic devices associated with a user, receiving, in the first electronic device, a first command, in response to the first command, forwarding a command to block interrupts on one or more electronic devices on the... Agent:

20120005388 - High speed data storage system: An exemplary high speed data storage system includes hard disks, a first control panel, a second control panel and a midplane interconnected between each of the first and second control panels and the hard disks. Each of the first and second control panels includes a control chip and a connector.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120005389 - System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus: A system memory includes a memory hub controller, a memory module accessible by the memory hub controller, and an expansion module having a processor circuit coupled to the memory module and also having access to the memory module. The memory hub controller is coupled to the memory hub through a... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20120005390 - Supporting system for remote control: A remote control support system provides a simple way to allow remote users to access a computer in a variety of circumstances, even when no software installed on the computer. In some cases, the system includes a hardware device to simulate most USB mice, keyboards, storage devices, camera sensors (to... Agent:

20120005393 - Electrical and electronic system having an electrical center for a vehicle: An electrical and electronic system having a control unit connected to a remotely located electrical center by way of a data bus. The electrical center includes a bus interface unit and a main printed circuit board having a plurality of control devices such as relays, which selectively activate vehicle electrical... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120005392 - Information processing system: It is desirable to flexibly provide a single information processing device with a system capable of connecting a large number of input-output devices, and an inexpensive system capable of sharing an input-output device by a plurality of servers. To achieve this, there is provided an information system including a server... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120005391 - Processor bus bridge security feature for network processors or the like: Described embodiments provide a system having a bridge for communicating information between two processor buses. The bridge receives a command from a first bus, the command having an identification field and an address field. As the command is entered into a buffer in the bridge, the address field is checked... Agent:

20120005394 - System and method for providing pcie over displayport: An apparatus and method is disclosed for providing an extensible information handling system (IHS) bus implemented on predetermined channels of a digital video interface. IHS video signal information is multiplexed with IHS bus information by a host multiplexer for transmission across a digital video connector. The multiplexed IHS video signal... Agent:

20120005395 - Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device: A host device and an accessory exchange information (e.g., commands and data) via an intermediate device. The host device and accessory can each connect to the intermediate device through a direct wired path and can exchange commands and data with the intermediate device. The host device and the accessory can... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120005396 - Data access and multi-chip controller: A single data bus to a memory device can be split up into a number of data bus portions, each of which is managed by a different respective controller chip of multiple controller chips. During a memory access to a respective memory device, each of the multiple controller chips controls... Agent:

20120005399 - Data transmission system and method of reading data: In a request issuing device, a specific read request unit generates a read requesting write packet including a predetermined address of a memory of a request receiving device as a write address and including, as a read address, the address of the memory in a payload. In the request receiving... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120005398 - Electronic device and control method thereof: According to one embodiment, an electronic device forming a first communication path which couples a first interface of a high-rank unit and a second interface of a mid-rank unit and a second communication path which couples a third interface of the mid-rank unit and a fourth interface of a low-rank... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120005397 - Sense amplifier and semiconductor apparatus including the same: A sense amplifier is configured to transfer data on a first data I/O line to a second data I/O line or to transfer data on the second data I/O line to the first data I/O line. The first data I/O line is substantially continuously coupled to the second data I/O... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

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