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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 42 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20110320637 - Discovery by operating system of information relating to adapter functions accessible to the operating system: A tiered discovery capability is employed to obtain attributes regarding adapters of an I/O configuration. The first tier obtains a list of the adapter functions accessible to an operating system; the second tier obtains attributes regarding a selected adapter function of the list of adapter functions; and a third tier... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320638 - Enable/disable adapters of a computing environment: An adapter is enabled for use. The enabling includes assigning one or more address spaces to the adapter, based on a request. For each address space assigned to the adapter, a corresponding device table entry is assigned. When the adapter is no longer needed, it is disabled and the assigned... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320639 - Method and apparatus for enhancing universal serial bus application: A system for enhancing universal serial bus (USB) applications comprises an upstream processor, a downstream processor and a main controller. The upstream processor accepts standard USB signals from a USB host and independently provides responses required by USB specification within the required time frame. The upstream processor also contains storage... Agent:

20110320640 - Discovery and configuration of device configurations: A computer program product for processing communications between a host processor and a plurality of devices includes a tangible storage medium for performing a method comprising: receiving, by the host processor, physical configuration information including identification of a location of each physical endpoint connected to the host processor and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320641 - Control apparatus, switch, optical transmission apparatus, and control method: A control apparatus includes a first processor that is operative to perform outputting first data including control data, a first input/output interface that receives the first data, a second input/output interface that receives and outputs data, a third input/output interface that receives and outputs data using a second communication method,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110320642 - Method and apparatus for a unified storage system: A unified storage system for executing a variety of types of storage control software using a single standardized hardware platform includes multiple storage control modules connected to storage devices for storing data related to input/output (I/O) operations. A first type of storage control software is initially installed and executed on... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110320643 - Measurement facility for adapter functions: A measurement facility is provided for capturing and presenting fine-grained usage information for adapter functions in an input/output subsystem. Adapter specific input/output traffic is tracked on a per function basis and the results are dynamically presented to the user. This information is useful for performance tuning, load balancing and usage... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320645 - Method, apparatus and system for reduced channel starvation in a dma engine: Techniques for generating information identifying a next direct memory access (DMA) task to be serviced. In an embodiment, arbitration logic provides a sequence of masking logic to determine, according to a hierarchy of rules, a next task to be serviced by a DMA engine. In certain embodiments, masking logic includes... Agent:

20110320644 - Resizing address spaces concurrent to accessing the address spaces: Address spaces are resized concurrent to accessing those address spaces. The size of an address space can be increased or decreased concurrent to performing read or write operations on the address space. Further, cache entries associated with an address space being decreased in size are purged.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320646 - Skip based control logic for first in first out buffer: Skip based control logic for first in first out buffer is disclosed. In one embodiment, a host controller interface (HCI) device includes an isochronous receive first in first out (IRFIFO) buffer. The IRFIFO buffer includes a storage for storing an isochronous data packet received from a guest device. Further, the... Agent:

20110320647 - Skip based control logic for first in first out buffer: Skip based control logic for first in first out buffer is disclosed. In one embodiment, an isochronous data packet placed in an isochronous receive first in first out (IRFIFO) buffer coupled to an isochronous receive direct memory access (IRDMA) is detected. Further, a header of the isochronous data packet is... Agent:

20110320648 - Method and apparatus for real-time transport of multi-media information in a network: In one embodiment of a networking module, a first block receives a serial digital media signal, and provides a parallel digital media signal based on the serial digital media signal. A second block, operative with the first block, stores the parallel digital media signal in a corresponding slot in an... Agent:

20110320649 - Write aggregation using optional i/o requests: A computer readable storage medium comprising software instructions, which when executed by a processor, perform a method, the method including obtaining a first non-optional Input/Output (I/O) request from an I/O queue, determining that a second non-optional I/O request and an optional I/O request are adjacent to the first non-optional I/O... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110320650 - Analysis preprocessing system, analysis preprocessing method and analysis preprocessing program: An analysis preprocessing system is provided which is capable of rapidly passing data to means for analyzing data while preventing the data from overflowing, even if large amounts of data are transmitted from a large number of data generation sources. Data acquisition means 71 acquires a data group generated by... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110320651 - Buffering of a data stream: A data processing apparatus is provided comprising a buffer for buffering data contained in a data stream generated by a data stream generator and received by a data stream receptor. Buffer occupancy tracking circuitry is provided and configured to maintain a high buffer utilisation value providing an indication of a... Agent: Arm Limited

20110320652 - Controlling access by a configuration to an adapter function: Access to an input/output adapter by a configuration is controlled. For each requested access to an adapter, checks are made to determine whether the configuration is authorized to access the adapter. If it is not authorized, then access is denied. If it is authorized, but access should be temporarily blocked,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320653 - System and method for routing i/o expansion requests and responses in a pcie architecture: A system for implementing non-standard input/output (I/O) adapters in a standardized I/O architecture, comprising an I/O hub communicatively coupled to an I/O bus and a plurality of I/O adapters at I/O adapter addresses, the I/O hub including logic for implementing a method comprising receiving requests from the plurality of I/O... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320654 - Integrated guidance and validation policy based zoning mechanism: A mechanism is provided to automatically retrieve zoning best practices from a centralized repository and to ensure that automatically generated zones do not violate these best practices. A user selects a set of hosts and storage controllers. The user also selects a guidance policy for creating the zone, and also... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320655 - Adapter for physically interfacing between an accessory and a device: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that provide compatibility among incompatible accessories and portable media players. One example provides an adapter having a connector receptacle to mate with an accessory's connector insert and a connector insert to mate with a portable media player's connector receptacle. Another example provides an adapter having a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110320656 - Techniques for obtaining a serial number for a storage device: Technique for adding a serial number to a memory or storage device (e.g., a USB device) is disclosed. In one embodiment, the technique includes: generating a serial number after a host computer identifies a storage device connected thereto; transmitting the serial number to the storage device by the host computer... Agent: Vimicro Corporation

20110320657 - Controlling data stream interruptions on a shared interface: A mechanism for controlling data stream interruptions on a shared bus is provided. A first request is received to transfer data. High priority data components and low priority data components are determined for the first request. The high priority data components are transferred without interruptions. In response to receiving requests... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320658 - Information processing system: An interrupt control circuit asserts a remap signal in response to an interrupt request from a low-speed slave to a processor, and reads information stored in an information register of the low-speed slave. The interrupt control circuit writes the read information into a buffer exclusively for interrupt processing. A switch... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110320659 - Dynamic multi-level cache including resource access fairness scheme: An apparatus for controlling access to a resource includes a shared pipeline configured to communicate with the resource, a plurality of command queues configured to form instructions for the shared pipeline and an arbiter coupled between the shared pipeline and the plurality of command queues configured to grant access to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320660 - Information processing device: There are provided a bus for data transfer and a plurality of function modules each having a processing function performing processing in units of processes and capable of issuing a data transfer request for the bus. Further, there is provided a process identification information holing unit capable of holding process... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110320661 - Diagnose instruction for serializing processing: A system serialization capability is provided to facilitate processing in those environments that allow multiple processors to update the same resources. The system serialization capability is used to facilitate processing in a multi-processing environment in which guests and hosts use locks to provide serialization. The system serialization capability includes a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320662 - Identification of types of sources of adapter interruptions: A source identification facility is provided that enables identification of the one or more types of adapters requesting an interrupt in order to facilitate processing of the interrupt. The adapter types are accessible to the operating system and are used to tailor processing by the operating system of the interrupt.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320664 - Controlling a rate at which adapter interruption requests are processed: The conditions under which adapter interruptions are made pending are controlled. Responsive to an interruption being presented to an operating system, subsequent interruptions are suppressed on all central processing units in the configuration. The operating system processes the interruption, including examining and processing indicators of reported events until the operating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320663 - Converting a message signaled interruption into an i/o adapter event notification to a guest operating system: One or more message signaled interruption requests from one or more input/output (I/O) adapters are converted to I/O adapter event notifications while retaining the message vector indication. An I/O adapter event notification may be routed and presented to a host or to a guest that the host is executing. To... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320665 - Managing concurrent serialized interrupt broadcast commands in a multi-node, symmetric multiprocessing computer: Managing concurrent serialized interrupt broadcast commands in a multi-node, symmetric multiprocessing computer including receiving, by a communications adapter in a compute node, a plurality of serialized interrupt broadcast commands; receiving, by the communications adapter, a plurality of interrupt tags for the plurality of serialized interrupt broadcast commands, each interrupt tag... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320666 - Input/output (i/o) expansion response processing in a peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) environment: A system for implementing non-standard input/output (I/O) adapters in a standardized I/O architecture, comprising an I/O hub communicatively coupled to an I/O bus and a plurality of I/O adapters, the I/O hub including logic for implementing a method comprising receiving a request from a requester to perform an operation on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320667 - Electronic device with network interface card: An electronic device includes a first motherboard and a network interface card (NIC). A cutout is defined in the first motherboard. The NIC is located in the cutout of the first motherboard and positioned substantially parallel to the motherboard. The NIC includes a network socket is capable of receiving a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110320668 - Wireless internet access device, sd control chip, and method for data communication: A wireless Internet access device, a secure digital (SD) control chip, and a data communication method are disclosed. The method includes the following steps: the wireless Internet access device receives an SD command from a terminal device, where the SD command is converted by the terminal device from a command... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20110320669 - Communication system and method: A communication system for transmitting data, for example, within a System-in-Package. The system includes a first circuit configured for: a) dividing the data into a plurality of packets having a determined size; and b) creating for each of the packets a transmission segment including a segment header and the respective... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20110320670 - Connected input/output hub management: A method for implementing connected input/output (I/O) hub configuration and management includes configuring a first I/O hub in wrap mode with a second I/O hub. The hubs are communicatively coupled via a wrap cable. The method further includes generating data traffic on a computing subsystem that includes the hubs. Generating... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320671 - Moving ownership of a device between compute elements: In an embodiment, a command is received that requests movement of ownership of a target device from an origin compute element to a destination compute element. From the origin compute element, a translation of a virtual bridge identifier to a first secondary bus identifier, a first subordinate bus identifier, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320672 - Method and apparatus for distributed direct memory access for systems on chip: A distributed direct memory access (DMA) method, apparatus, and system is provided within a system on chip (SOC). DMA controller units are distributed to various functional modules desiring direct memory access. The functional modules interface to a systems bus over which the direct memory access occurs. A global buffer memory,... Agent:

20110320673 - Providing a peripheral component interconnect (pci)-compatible transaction level protocol for a system on a chip (soc): In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus having an adapter to communicate according to a personal computer (PC) protocol and a second protocol. A first interface coupled to the adapter is to perform address translation and ordering of transactions received from upstream of the adapter. The first interface... Agent:

20110320674 - Upbound input/output expansion request and response processing in a pcie architecture: A system for implementing non-standard I/O adapters in a standardized input/output (I/O) architecture, the system comprising an I/O adapter communicatively coupled to an I/O hub via an I/O bus, the I/O adapter communicating in a first protocol, the I/O bus communicating in a second protocol different than the first protocol,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320675 - System and method for downbound i/o expansion request and response processing in a pcie architecture: A system for implementing non-standard I/O adapters in a standardized I/O architecture, the system comprising an I/O hub communicatively coupled to an I/O bus and at least one I/O adapter, the I/O hub including logic for implementing a method, the method comprising receiving a request to perform an operation on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110320677 - Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium: A data processing apparatus comprising: a determination unit to determine whether data input from input/output module is data to be processed by a plurality of processing modules in a setting order; and a switching unit to switch a first data and second data processing path, so that when the determination... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110320676 - Sharing device with multi connecting ports for computer periphry devices: The present invention relates to a sharing device with multi connecting ports for computer periphery apparatus, capable of connecting to a plurality of hosts and computer periphery apparatus, so as to facilitate any one host of the plurality of hosts be able to communicate with and control the plurality of... Agent: Action Star Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20110320678 - Crosspoint switch for use in video and other applications: A crosspoint selector switch for simultaneously supporting multiple data formats having different switch reconfiguration timing requirements, comprising; a configurable switch section for selectively connecting outputs thereof to receive data from respective inputs thereof in response to operational switch data; and a configuration section operatively connected to provide the operational switch... Agent: Gennum Corporation

12/22/2011 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110314182 - Prioritizing input/outputs at a host bus adapter: A method generates input/output (IO) commands by plural different applications that execute on a host. The method prioritizes the applications by inserting different classifiers into the IO commands at a host bus adapter (HBA) located in the host. A storage device receives the IO commands and processes the IO commands... Agent:

20110314183 - System and method for managing dataflow in a temporary memory: A method of managing a temporary memory includes: receiving a request to transfer data from a source location to a destination location, the data transfer request associated with an operation to be performed, the operation selected from an input into an intermediate temporary memory and an output; checking a two-state... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314184 - Commodity sales data processor: Connection of a USB memory (storage device) to a USB port (data transmitting and receiving unit) is detected and the date and time of detection of this connection is stored. Using this detection of connection as trigger, a camera is caused to pick up an image of an area embracing... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110314185 - Media processing method and device: A media processing system and device with improved power usage characteristics, improved audio functionality and improved media security is provided. Embodiments of the media processing system include an audio processing subsystem that operates independently of the host processor for long periods of time, allowing the host processor to enter a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110314186 - Unified dma: In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a first interface circuit, a direct memory access (DMA) controller coupled to the first interface circuit, and a host coupled to the DMA controller. The first interface circuit is configured to communicate on an interface according to a protocol. The host comprises at least... Agent:

20110314187 - Cache optimized balanced handling of initiatives in a non-uniform multiprocessor computing system: A balancing process between I/O processor groups of a non-uniform multi-processor system enables spreading of I/O workload across multiple I/O processor groups on a group base as soon as the I/O processor group with maximum group utilization reaches a certain high limit together with other processor groups being utilized significantly... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110314190 - Fifo buffer system: As a FIFO buffer system, a rewind function is realized without reducing a data transfer rate. Input data is written in a write FIFO buffer, and is packetized by a packetizing FIFO buffer to be written in a buffer memory area formed in a save memory. A multiplexer selects, in... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110314188 - Hub apparatus with otg function: A hub apparatus provided by the present invention comprises an OTG (on-the-go) control module and at least one USB port and a linking module. The OTG control module has a buffer and be coupled to the USB port and the linking module. When the host apparatus and the peripheral apparatus... Agent: I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

20110314189 - Transaction id filtering for buffered programmed input/output (pio) write acknowledgements: A PIO transaction unit includes an input buffer, a response buffer, and a control unit. The input buffer may receive and store PIO write operations sent by one or more transactions sources. Each PIO write operation may include a source identifier that identifies the transaction source. The response buffer may... Agent:

20110314191 - Protocol adapter for passing diagnostic messages between a host computer and vehicle networks operating in j1939 or j1708 protocol: A protocol adapter for transferring diagnostic messages between networks within a vehicle and a host computer. The protocol adapter operates as a voltage translator to support J1708 software. The protocol adapter also recognizes when the protocol adapter is connected to a host computer running the J1939 and/or J1708 protocols and... Agent: Dearborn Group, Inc.

20110314192 - Upnp control point for searching upnp device based on the location and searching method using the same: A UPnP control point for searching a UPnP device based on the location, includes a communication unit that performs communications with UPnP devices on a UPnP network; a memory unit that parses an extensible markup language (XML) description file of a UPnP device, received through the communication unit, and stores... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110314193 - Computer system and its renewal method: A computer system including a management computer for managing the entire system, an integral apparatus, and a high-level connecting device for connecting the management computer and the integral apparatus is designed so that the management computer retains integral apparatus internal configuration information, configuration information about an integral apparatus to be... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110314194 - Method and apparatus for using a single multi-function adapter with different operating systems: A flexible arrangement allows a single arrangement of Ethernet channel adapter (ECA) hardware functions to appear as needed to conform to various operating system deployment models. A PCI interface presents a logical model of virtual devices appropriate to the relevant operating system. Mapping parameters and values are associated with the... Agent:

20110314195 - Magnetic resonance apparatus with a data transfer unit to transfer data between a measurement system and an evaluation system, and a transfer method therefor: A magnetic resonance apparatus has at least one basic magnet that generates a basic magnetic field, a measurement system that is arranged within a region permeated by the basic magnetic field, an evaluation system that is arranged outside of the region permeated by the basic magnetic field, and a data... Agent:

20110314196 - Methods and systems for performing serial data communication: Various methods, devices, systems, and machine readable mediums are provided which may be used in accordance with a protocol, such as a protocol used to support the transfer of data and commands between a host and a device. In one embodiment, a driver on a host device may be used... Agent:

20110314197 - Data processing system: Each of a plurality of master devices outputs a speed grade signal indicating a data transfer speed with a data transfer request. An arbiter arbitrates transfer requests and speed grade signals from the plurality of master devices. A clock enable generation circuit generates a clock enable signal with a varying... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110314198 - Wireless peripheral chips, host devices and multi-interface communication apparatuses: A wireless peripheral chip operable to connect to a host device is provided. The wireless peripheral chip includes a first wireless communication module providing a first wireless communication service for the host device and a second wireless communication module providing a second wireless communication service for the host device. The... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110314199 - Apparatus and method for direct memory access in a hub-based memory system: A memory hub for a memory module having a DMA engine for performing DMA operations in system memory. The memory hub includes a link interface for receiving memory requests for access at least one of the memory devices of the system memory, and further including a memory device interface for... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110314200 - Balanced on-die termination: Termination of a high-speed signaling link is effected by simultaneously engaging on-die termination structures within multiple integrated-circuit memory devices disposed on the same memory module, and/or within the same integrated-circuit package, and coupled to the high-speed signaling link.... Agent:

20110314201 - Method and device for identifying universal serial bus (usb) insertion or charger insertion of mobile terminal: The present invention discloses a method to identify whether a USB or a charger is plugged into a mobile terminal and an identification device thereof. The identification device comprises a USB interface module connected with an external power supply device, an interface detection and control module, an electronic switch module,... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

12/15/2011 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110307632 - Method of identifying devices on a bus and apparatus: A method of identifying devices on a bus and an apparatus are provided. A method of identifying devices on a bus comprises pooling a plurality of devices connected to a bus, each of the plurality of devices not having uniquely assigned to it a respective unique device identifier (ID) of... Agent:

20110307633 - Preventing access to a device from an external interface: Prior to customer use of a device, communication with the device is allowed via multiple pins of an external interface of the device. One or more pins of the multiple pins via which communication with the device is to be prevented during customer use of the device are identified. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307634 - Programmable i/o interface: The invention provides an architecture and method for implementing a programmable I/O interface. The primary function provides a generic reconfigurable interface for serial communications between a laser printer controller and the print mechanism. The design also supports vertical page synchronization (top of page detection).... Agent:

20110307635 - A/d converter and programmable controller system: An A/D converter that is attached to a programmable controller (PLC) and sequentially converts an analog value inputted from outside into a digital value. The A/D converter includes: a shared memory that can read-access from a CPU unit that controls the entire PLC and includes a log storage area with... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110307636 - Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating queue depth by initiator: A method for maximizing I/O requests to a target port is provided. The method includes a storage controller obtaining an initiator allowed queue depth, receiving an I/O request and a current sequence identifier from an initiator logged into the target port, and determining if the initiator allowed queue depth is... Agent: Dot Hill Systems Corporation

20110307637 - Data transfer device and data transfer method: A data transfer device includes a data buffer, an odd number flag, and a control unit. The data buffer holds an even number of data blocks from a data transfer controller. The odd number flag is set when the number of data blocks to be transferred to a receiving device... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110307638 - Data transmission cable with otg function: A data transmission cable provided by the present invention is suitable for connecting a first electronic apparatus and a second electronic apparatus. The data transmission cable of the present invention has a first connection module, a second connection module, and an OTG controller. The first and second connection modules are... Agent: I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

20110307639 - Virtual serial port management system and method: A system and a method for virtual serial port management include setting a virtual universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (VUART) and a software multiplexer (MUX) and setting the VUART to perform functions corresponding to different values of the software MUX. The method further includes receiving commands sent to the server regularly and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20110307640 - Call stack sampling with lightweight thread migration prevention: A sample is generated based on an event. Further, an interrupt handler captures information for an interrupted thread on a current processor. In addition, an affinity of the interrupted thread is set such that the interrupted thread runs only on the current processor without being able to migrate to a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110307641 - Lazy handling of end of interrupt messages in a virtualized environment: Techniques enable reducing a number of intercepts performed by a hypervisor by reducing a number of End Of Interrupt (EOI) messages sent from a virtual central processing unit (CPU) to a virtual advanced programmable interrupt controller (APIC). The EOI path of the guest operating system running on the virtual CPU... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110307642 - Data processing device: When a data processing device is disconnected from a computer system after mutual authen-tication has been completed between the computer system and the data processing device, the data processing device cancels an authenticated state, and is not able to transfer data to a device other than a specific computer system.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

12/08/2011 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110302328 - Command interface systems and methods: Apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed that operate within a memory to execute internal commands, to suspend the execution of commands during a transfer period, and to execute external commands following the transfer period. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.... Agent:

20110302331 - Dual mode dp and hdmi transmitter: A system and method for dual mode DP and HDMI transmission are provided. Briefly described, one embodiment of a dual mode DP and HDMI transmitter, among others, can be implemented as follows. The dual mode DP and HDMI transmitter comprises a driver circuit controlled by a data signal. The dual... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20110302329 - Embedded programmable module for host controller configurability: An apparatus comprises a programmable logic device coupled to an interconnect is presented. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a non-volatile memory to store code for programming the programmable logic device. A controller will program the programmable logic device such that the interconnect is operable in a number of modes... Agent:

20110302330 - Safely sharing usb devices: Described herein are systems and methods for preventing a user mode USB driver from performing IOCTL operations other than read-safe IOCTLs on a USB device that has been claimed by a kernel mode driver or is in use by another user mode USB driver. In one method, it is determined... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20110302332 - Method of monitoring device forming information processing system, information apparatus and information processing system: A monitoring apparatus communicatively coupled to one or more devices forming an information processing system manages each of the devices by setting the device to be in any one of monitoring states including a monitoring target to be always monitored, a semi-monitoring target to be determined if there is a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110302333 - Methods and apparatus for providing bit-reversal and multicast functions utilizing dma controller: Techniques for providing improved data distribution to and collection from multiple memories are described. Such memories are often associated with and local to processing elements (PEs) within an array processor. Improved data transfer control within a data processing system provides support for radix 2, 4 and 8 fast Fourier transform... Agent: Altera Corporation

20110302334 - Flow control in real-time transmission of non-uniform data rate encoded video over a universal serial bus: A method is provided that includes coding pictures by a video encoder in a digital camera to form a compressed video bit stream for real-time transmission to a host digital system coupled to the digital camera by a universal serial bus (USB), wherein an output data rate of the video... Agent:

20110302335 - On-vehicle device: An on-vehicle device with a storage unit that includes a transfer unit that transfers data stored in the storage unit to another on-vehicle device of equal capability that is also equipped with a storage unit. In the on-vehicle device, the transfer unit is configured by a data transfer jack provided... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110302336 - Resolving contention between data bursts: In an embedded system, there are a plurality of data requesting devices, a plurality of data sources and a bus fabric interconnecting the data requesting devices and the data sources, wherein the bus fabric comprises a plurality of bus components. Some or all of the data sources and arbitration devices... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20110302337 - Path selection for application commands: Systems and methods for path selection for application commands are described. To this end, information associated with at least one application command that were processed at least one port of a target device is received. For a subsequent application command, a set of ports of the target device is determined.... Agent:

20110302338 - Microcontroller: A microcontroller is disclosed, which includes a memory, a first storage unit, a plurality of second storage units, a multiplexer and a micro-controller unit (MCU). The first storage unit is for being written into with a first code. The second storage units are for being written into with a plurality... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20110302339 - Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method: A data transfer apparatus includes a plurality of input ports, a plurality of output ports and a switch unit between the plurality of input ports and the plurality of output ports. Each input port includes an input buffer configured to store input data including destination information indicating destinations of respective... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110302340 - System and method detecting cable plug status in display device: A timing controller provides a cable plug status detection function by receiving a reference lock signal from a graphics system connected via a constituent cable and comparing the reference lock signal to one or more reference time periods to determine the cable plug status.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110302341 - Data flow control and bridging architecture enhancing performance of removable data storage systems: A data flow control and bridging architecture that enhances the performance of removable data storage systems. In one implementation, the present invention provides a bypass bus implementation where the data transfer phase associated with select commands occurs directly between the host computing system and the target removable data storage unit.... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20110302342 - Smart card set protocol optimization: A method of facilitating communications between a computer device and a smart card reader having an associated smart card, the computer device including a smart card resource manager and a smart card reader service, the smart card reader service acting as a relay for commands between the smart card resource... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110302343 - Systems and methods for providing instant-on functionality on an embedded controller: Systems and methods for providing instant-on functionality on an embedded controller are disclosed. A method of providing instant-on functionality on a controller comprises an initial state, an intermediate state and a final state. The initial state comprises installing a first responder code, enabling the first responder code and enabling a... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110302344 - I2c address translation: Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, devices and methods for translating I2C addresses. In accordance with an embodiment, a method for translating an I2C address includes receiving an original I2C address from a first I2C compatible device via an I2C-bus to which the first I2C compatible device is... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110302345 - Network on chip (noc) with qos features: Quality-of-Service (QoS) is an important system-level requirement in the design and implementation of on-chip networks. QoS requirements can be implemented in an on-chip-interconnect by providing for at least two signals indicating priority at a transaction-level interface where one signal transfers information in-band with the transaction and the other signal transfers... Agent:

20110302346 - Reducing cabling complexity in large-scale networks: High speed switching networks can be created with a minimum of cabling complexity using pod switches that are connected to a core switch array. Each pod switch can include line cards arranged in parallel connecting on one side of a midplane circuit board that is orthogonal to the line cards... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110302347 - Class-based compatibility testing and notification: A mobile computing device (MCD) can determine, based on model-specific test result information, whether an accessory may be incompatible with specific MCD functions. In some embodiments, the accessory provides test result information separately indicating a test result for each of a number of MCD models. Multiple MCD models can be... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110302348 - Cloud computer: A cloud computer includes a base, a host, and a battery, in which the host includes a motherboard, a memory connected to the motherboard, and a base connector connected to the motherboard, and the base includes a host connector corresponding to the base connector of the host, and a plurality... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110302349 - Method and system to improve the operations of an integrated non-transparent bridge device: A method and system to improve the operations of an integrated non-transparent bridge device (NTB) that is coupled to another NTB device or Root Port device. The integrated NTB device has logic to maintain ordering of interrupts to be sent to the remote Root Port or NTB device. The integrated... Agent:

20110302350 - Switching interface method for a multi-interface storage device: The present invention discloses a switching interface method for multi-interface storage device having a transmission interfaces and a predetermining list that stores different priority weights for the transmission interfaces. When the storage device connects to a computer, the switching interface method is executed and one of the transmission interfaces is... Agent: Innostor Technology Corporation

12/01/2011 > 22 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20110296055 - Id setting system, id setting method and display unit using the same: An ID setting method and system capable of easily setting IDs of a plurality of display units. The ID setting system includes a plurality of display units connected through an input port and an output port to each other, and a control unit that controls assignment of an ID to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110296056 - High-speed interface for daisy-chained devices: A plurality of devices are operated by storing at a device a first ID number received at a first port of the device and a second ID number received at a second port of the device. The device receives a data command through at least one of the first and... Agent: Mosaid Technologies Incorporated

20110296057 - Event handling in an integrated execution environment: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, are described for handling input received from a common interface of a program and a runtime environment when both the program and the runtime environment are configured to consume the received input. Given that both a browser... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20110296058 - Media player device and method for wake-up thereof: A media player device and a method for wake-up thereof are provided. The method includes: when the media player device is in a standby mode, checking whether an external device is connected to the plurality of contact locations; and if the external device is connected to the media player device,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110296059 - System and method for seamless management of multi-personality mobile devices: A system and method for managing multi-mode mobile devices from a personal computer (PC) in which the two devices are communicating over a point to point connection such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or TCP/IP and provides a mechanism to remotely control the personality of the device over the... Agent: Smith Micro Software, Inc.

20110296060 - Apparatus for monitoring at least one gage device using usb virtual com and keyboard emulator: Embodiments of an intelligent cable and flexible multiplexer to monitor at least one gage device are taught herein. The cables and multiplexers can receive any brand or electronic gages using a variety of asynchronous or synchronous communication protocols and provide outputs according to a desired communication protocol, including USB and... Agent:

20110296061 - Apparatus, methods, and computer-code for handling an impending decoupling between a peripheral device and a host device: Apparatus, methods and computer-code are disclosed where an impending decoupling between a peripheral device and a host is detected. In some embodiments, in response to the detected impending disconnection, a user alert signal is generated. In some embodiments, an ‘onboard detector’ that is associated with housing of the peripheral device... Agent:

20110296062 - Storage apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus: An object is to efficiently and securely process a data I/O request received from an external apparatus by a storage apparatus. A storage apparatus 10 includes a channel board 11, a drive board 13, a cache memory 14, a plurality of processor boards 12 that perform data transfer, and a... Agent:

20110296063 - Buffer manager and methods for managing memory: Some of the embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method comprising managing a plurality of buffer addresses in a system-on-chip (SOC); and if a number of available buffer addresses in the SOC falls below a low threshold value, obtaining one or more buffer addresses from a memory, which is... Agent:

20110296064 - Uplink data throttling by buffer status report (bsr) scaling: A technique for uplink data throttling includes buffer status report (BSR) scaling. A target data flow rate may be determined based on at least on condition of a wireless device. The buffer status report may be adjusted to cause the target flow rate and transmitted by the wireless device. The... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110296065 - Control unit for the exchange of data with a peripheral unit, peripheral unit, and method for data exchange: A control unit is described that has at least one communications interface for the exchange of data with at least one peripheral unit, the communications interface being configured for transmitting synchronization signals to the peripheral unit in a first, synchronous operating mode. The communications interface is configured to change a... Agent:

20110296067 - Automatic addressing scheme for 2 wire serial bus interface: An automatic addressing bus system and method of communication comprising a main and an end device, wherein the respective bus controllers used in the main and end devices comprise multi-master capability. The main controlling device has an address known to the end device to be connected, the end device is... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110296066 - System on chip and transmission method under axi bus: A system on chip (soc) and A transmission method under Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) bus are disclosed. The system includes a master device, a first extending module, a first interconnection structure, a first subtracting module, a second interconnection structure, and a slave device. The first extending module is configured to... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110296068 - Optimized arbiter using multi-level arbitration: An apparatus comprising a first sub-arbiter circuit and a second sub-arbiter circuit. The first sub-arbiter circuit may be configured to determine a winning channel from a plurality of channel requests based on a first criteria. The second sub-arbiter circuit may be configured to determine a winning channel received from the... Agent:

20110296069 - Fabric based lock manager service: A replicated finite state machine lock service facilitates resource sharing in a distributed system. A lock request from a client identifies a resource and a lock-mode, and requests a leaseless lock on the resource. The service uses client instance identifiers to categorize requests as duplicate, stale, abandoned, or actionable. A... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110296071 - Blade server and method for address assignment in blade server system: A blade server and a method for auto-assigning a unique communication address for a blade server system. The blade server system includes a plurality of blade servers and a mainboard with a plurality of slots. The plurality of blade servers is received in the mainboard operating in the blade server... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110296070 - Motherboard and computer using same: A motherboard includes a main board, a CPU seat, and at least one CPU expansion interface. The first CPU seat is seated on the main board. The at least one CPU expansion interface is formed on the main board abutting the first CPU seat for providing an expansion accessing terminal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110296072 - System and method for controlling pci-e slots of computer: A method for controlling peripheral component interconnect express (PCI-E) slots of a computer reads processor configuration information of a PCI-E slot unit from a CMOS chip when the computer boots up, and controls a GPIO interface to output a first control signal to a PCI-E multiplexer according to the processor... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110296073 - Time aligning circuit and time aligning method for aligning data transmission timing of a plurality of lanes: A time aligning circuit includes a plurality of buffers, a plurality of delay selectors, a plurality of adjustment symbol generators, and a controller. Each buffer receives an ordered set on a corresponding lane. Each delay selector delays an output of the ordered set of the corresponding buffer. Each adjustment symbol... Agent:

20110296074 - Memory mapped input/output bus address range translation for virtual bridges: In an embodiment, a south chip comprises a first virtual bridge connected to a shared egress port and a second virtual bridge also connected to the shared egress port. The first virtual bridge receives a first secondary bus identifier, a first subordinate bus identifier, and a first MMIO bus address... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110296076 - Hybrid data transmission exchanger and hybrid data transmission method: The present invention discloses a hybrid data transmission exchanger and a hybrid data transmission method, whereby hosts can access storage units and share data. The hybrid data transmission exchanger comprises an embedded central processing unit, a virtual bridge/switch unit, an optical fiber network connection unit and an Ethernet connection unit.... Agent:

20110296075 - Motherboard used in server computer: An exemplary motherboard includes a substrate, a first CPU socket provided on the substrate for receiving a first CPU, a second CPU socket provided on the substrate for receiving a second CPU, a switching circuit connected to the first CPU and the second CPU, at least one quick path interconnect... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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