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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110238866 - Variable read latency on a serial memory bus: One or more embodiments provide a method and system of reading data from a variable-latency memory, via a serial input/output memory data interface. The system includes a memory having a variable-latency access time, a memory controller, and a serial data bus coupling the memory controller to the memory. The memory... Agent: Spansion LLC

20110238867 - Computer device output setting indicator: A computer device comprises an output monitor configured to determine an output configuration setting for the computer device and automatically actuate an output setting indicator corresponding to the output configuration setting.... Agent:

20110238868 - method and apparatus for minimizing within-die variations in performance parameters of a processor: Described herein are a method and an apparatus for minimizing within-die variations in performance parameters of a processor. The apparatus comprising: a reference generator to generate an adjustable compensated reference signal; a bias generator to generate a bias signal based on the adjustable compensated reference signal; a transmitter coupled with... Agent:

20110238869 - Autonomous multi-packet transfer for universal serial bus: A USB device can be configured for multi-packet data transfer to and from endpoints with minimal software intervention. Minimal software intervention allows a Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the USB device to handle other tasks, maximizing USB bus utilization.... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110238870 - Memory system with command filtering: A memory system includes a memory controller coupled to at least one memory device via high-speed data and request links. The timing and voltage margins of the links are periodically calibrated to reduce bit error. The high-speed request links complicate calibration because commands issued over the uncalibrated request links can... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20110238871 - Performance of a storage system: A method for operating a storage system, including storing data redundantly in the system and measuring respective queue lengths of input/output requests to operational elements of the system. The queue lengths are compared to an average queue length to determine respective performances of the operational elements of the storage system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110238872 - Disk drive system on chip with integrated buffer memory and support for host memory access: A circuit for a storage device that communicates with a host device comprises a first high speed interface. A storage controller communicates with the high speed interface. A buffer communicates with the storage controller. The storage device generates storage buffer data during operation. The storage controller is adapted to selectively... Agent:

20110238873 - Document finishing device, and method for configuring such a device: A method for configuring a document finishing device, such as a folding, binding or stapling machine, includes the steps of storing data referring to the selected command on a portable data storage device, connecting the portable data storage device to the document finishing device and reading the data from the... Agent: Oce Technologies B.v.

20110238874 - Performance of a storage system: A method for operating a storage system, including storing data redundantly in the system and measuring respective queue lengths of input/output requests to operational elements of the system. The queue lengths are compared to an average queue length to determine respective performances of the operational elements of the storage system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110238876 - Apparatus and method for configuring a bus system: The present invention relates to an apparatus for configuring a bus system which includes a plurality of participants as well as a bus master and a safety monitor having an input unit by means of which suitable configuration information can be entered and/or selected for the configuration of the bus... Agent: Sick Ag

20110238875 - Master/slave device system: A master/slave device system includes a baseboard, a master device connected to the baseboard, and at least one slave device communicatively connected to the master device. The baseboard provides a power source. A switch connects the power source and the at least one slave device. The switch is capable of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110238877 - Arbitration in multiprocessor device: An integrated circuit device (100) comprising a first plurality of components (102-112), a second plurality of buses (114-124, 140, 142) for transmitting transaction requests from said components (102-112) to a resource (138) shared by said components (102-112) and a third plurality of arbiters (132-136) arranged in at least two levels... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110238878 - Method and apparatus for handling an interrupt during testing of a data processing system: A method for handling an interrupt during testing of at least one logic block of a processor includes performing a test on at least one logic block of a processor; during the performing, receiving an interrupt; determining a progress status of the test in response to receiving the interrupt; and... Agent:

20110238880 - Interface card system: There is provided an interface card system for SD bus control. The interface card system for SD bus control includes a CPU bus interface 11a and/or an SD bus interface 11b, a host interface module 16 connected to the interfaces which interprets an SD command and controls operation of the... Agent: D-broad, Inc.

20110238879 - Sorting movable memory hierarchies in a computer system: Method and apparatus for optimally placing memory devices within a computer system. A memory controller may include circuitry configured to retrieve or one or more performance metrics a plurality of memory devices connected thereto. Based on the performance metrics and one or more predefined rules for placing memory devices, the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110238881 - Dockable handheld computing device with graphical user interface and methods for use therewith: A physical docking interface facilitates co-processing with an extended processing module of an extended computer unit in a physical docked mode, when the handheld computing unit is coupled to the extended computer unit via the physical docking interface. A quasi docking interface facilitates co-processing with the extended processing module in... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110238882 - Pci express enhancements and extensions: A method and apparatus for enhancing/extending a serial point-to-point interconnect architecture, such as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is herein described. Temporal and locality caching hints and prefetching hints are provided to improve system wide caching and prefetching. Message codes for atomic operations to arbitrate ownership between system devices/resources are... Agent:

20110238883 - Information processing device: An information processing device is provided, in which a bit operation is performed without degradation in performance of a bus. An information processing device includes a CPU which fetches and executes an instruction, and a peripheral module which includes internally a register rewritable by the CPU, and is coupled to... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

09/22/2011 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110231579 - Self-configuring media devices and methods: Systems and methods for self-configuring portable electronic devices are provided. In one embodiment, the portable device includes carrier circuitry that receives compressed data streams of information and application circuitry that decompresses the received data stream in accordance with a specific CODEC. The device includes the capability for the carrier circuitry... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110231580 - Information system, information apparatus and method of controlling information apparatus: In an information system 1, a first storage device 100 stores data of a first host computer 200 in a first virtual volume provided by thin provisioning using a first volume as a resource, and a second storage device 100 stores data of a second host computer 200 in a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110231581 - Device management apparatus, device management method, and recording medium: A device management apparatus is connected to a plurality of devices via a network and includes a processing unit. The processing unit includes a trap setting part that defines a trap setting of each device, a storing part that stores device information of each device, transmitted by a trap processing... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110231582 - Trend determination and identification: A system comprises a processor and an alert module coupled to the processor. The processor the processor monitors performance data; determines a subset of the performance data, the subset correlated with a measure of underperformance; determines a trend of the subset, the trend correlated with the measure; and identifies an... Agent:

20110231583 - Computer system and method of simulating keyboard input: A computer system includes a storage device and a computer. The storage device stores at least one key code. The computer executes at least one command corresponding to the at least one key code, and the storage device sends the at least one key code to the computer. The computer... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110231584 - Device management apparatus, device management system, information management method, information management program and recording medium storing the program therein: A device management apparatus connected to one or more devices via a data transmission channel includes an input information holding unit for holding an input information group including one or more pieces of input information, each of which is to be connected to device information of a device; a device... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110231585 - Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected: A peripheral device is connectable to a computer having one of a first interface and a second interface. The first interface communicates with the peripheral device over a differential data connection having a first data conductor and a second data conductor. The second interface communicates with the peripheral device over... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110231586 - Information processing device and consumable item management method: An information processing device, to which a peripheral device 3 using a consumable item is connected, includes: an information acquisition section 101 that acquires peripheral device information including a use amount of the consumable item used on the peripheral device 3, acquires a cumulative use amount of the consumable item... Agent: Pfu Limited

20110231587 - Masked register write method and apparatus: A hardware device register is written without transferring the register content from the hardware device to a host device over an interface bus for modification. The hardware device receives an address identifying the target register included in the hardware device and bit information associated with a write operation involving the... Agent:

20110231589 - Arbitrator and arbitrating method applied to system management bus system: A system management bus (SM Bus) system includes an arbitrator; a slave device connected to the arbitrator via an SM Bus; a first master device connected to the arbitrator capable of sending a first start command for communicating with the slave device; and a second master device connected to the... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20110231588 - Requests and data handling in a bus architecture: The present invention relates to improved methods for processing requests and sending data in a bus architecture. The present invention further relates to an improved bus architecture for processing requests and data. There is provided a method for processing read requests in a bus architecture comprising at least one master... Agent:

20110231590 - System and method for dynamic, local retriggered interrupt routing discovery: In some embodiments, the invention involves a dynamic interrupt route discovery method with local APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) retriggering to accommodate architectures that are not PC/AT compatible. In a low power mobile device, General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins are dynamically allocated and IRQs are retriggered by a GPIO driver... Agent:

20110231591 - Retaining device of information browsing device and display control method: A retaining device, having: a structure to retain one or a plurality of information browsing devices having a display section and a control section, wherein the structure is fixed onto a main body or an accessory of a processing apparatus to process a document to be displayed on the information... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110231592 - Mashup infrastructure with learning mechanism: The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for providing a mashup infrastructure with a learning mechanism. One process includes operations for receiving a request for connecting a first port of an application with a different port and identifying tagged parameters associated with the first port. A set... Agent: Sap Ag

09/15/2011 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110225323 - Self-tuning input output device: A method, system, and computer usable program product for a self-tuning I/O device are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A change is detected in an adapter communicating with the I/O device, the I/O device being a consolidator configured to communicate with the adapter in a data network. A type of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110225324 - Apparatus and method for storing context information on an electronic device: An electronic device includes a storage slot for storing context information for a storage device. The electronic device is configured to apply settings related to the context information to the storage device upon detecting connection of the storage device to the electronic device. A method of operating the electronic device... Agent: Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Ltd.

20110225325 - Data transfer circuit and method: In one cycle for transferring data, a controller forming a data transfer circuit stores pointer information P_A for periodic transfer and pointer information P_B for non-periodic transfer read from a memory respectively in first and second storage areas. The controller sequentially transfers, to a communication bus, data D_A for periodic... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110225326 - Multi-mode processing module and method of use: A method of enabling access to resources includes detecting an input to access a resource of a multi-mode processing module coupled to a host processor and a control module. The method can further include detecting an operating mode of the host processor and the control module and an availability of... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20110225328 - Method and apparatus for enhancing universal serial bus applications: A system for enhancing universal serial bus (USB) applications comprises an upstream processor, a downstream processor and a main controller. The upstream processor accepts standard USB signals from a USB host and independently provides responses required by USB specification within the required time frame. The upstream processor also contains storage... Agent:

20110225327 - Systems and methods for controlling an electronic device: Systems and methods (600) for controlling an electronic device (100) with an active processing module (308) having a first and second input/output interface (502, 504). The methods involve interfacing the active processing module and a computing device using the first input/output interface of the active processing module. Thereafter, the active... Agent: Spansion LLC

20110225329 - Method for simultaneously switching energy-saving modes of plural computer devices via kvm switc: The present invention is to provide a method for simultaneously switching energy-saving modes of plural computer devices via a KVM switch including a CPU, a plurality of connection ports, a real-time clock (RTC) and a memory unit, wherein the memory unit stores a timetable containing at least one scheduled time... Agent: At Box Technology Inc.

20110225330 - Portable universal communication device: Embodiments of the invention provide a portable device comprising at least one processor. The portable device also comprises a memory coupled to the processor comprising data. Further, the portable device comprises a detector configured to detect at least one external device. The at least one external device is configured to... Agent:

20110225331 - Generic interface: A system and process for ensuring the smooth flow of electronic ink is described. Dynamic rendering is given priority over other event handlers. Priority may be the use of one or more queues to order when events occur and may be performing dynamic rendering prior to other steps.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110225332 - Data transmission device and control method: The present invention provides a data transmission device with high speed serial transmission interfaces and control method thereof, and includes a control unit, at least one first storage device connected to the control unit and at least one second storage device, at least one switching device, which is used to... Agent: Acard Technology Corp.

20110225333 - Interconnect coupled to master device via at least two different connections: An interconnect coupled to a master device via at least two different connections is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a system is disclosed that includes a first interconnect and a second interconnect coupled to the first interconnect. The first interconnect is coupled to a first master device via a single... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110225334 - Processor bus bridge for network processors or the like: Described embodiments provide a system having a bridge for connecting two different processor buses. The bridge receives a command from a first bus, the command having an identification field having a value. The command is then entered into a buffer in the bridge unless another command having the same identification... Agent:

20110225335 - Using a dual mode reader writer lock: A method, system, and computer usable program product for using a dual mode reader writer lock. A contention condition is detected in the use of a lock in a data processing system, the lock being used for managing read and write access to a resource in the data processing system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110225336 - Image forming apparatus and control method thereof: An image forming apparatus and a control method thereof. The image forming apparatus includes a plurality of image processors which process an image to be formed on a printing medium corresponding to a plurality of colors, a processor which executes an interrupt routine with respect to the plurality of image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110225337 - Transaction performance monitoring in a processor bus bridge: Described embodiments provide a system having a bridge for connecting two different processor buses. A process monitor within the bridge allows for measuring latency of commands issued on a first bus, passing through the bridge, and executed by clients coupled to the second bus. By using identification fields associated with... Agent:

20110225339 - Data transmission system and a programmable spi controller: A data transmission system is provided. The data transmission system includes a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and a programmable controller. The SPI is coupled between a first device and at least one second device. The programmable controller controls the SPI to switch between a single port data transmission mode and... Agent:

20110225340 - Emulator interface device and method thereof: An interface device for an emulator is disclosed. The interface device includes a connection unit, a transmission unit, and an interface unit. The connection unit receives data, to be used to emulate a logic, from a host computer, and transmits result data, output from the logic, to the host computer.... Agent: Korea Polytechnic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

20110225338 - Interface device for coordinating control of an output device by multiple control consoles: A system and method for interfacing multiple inputs and outputs in a control system is provided. A digital input/output system provides a localized interface between multiple operator consoles and at least one output device to coordinate and monitor the operation of the at least one output device. The digital input/output... Agent:

20110225341 - Communication apparatus, communication system and adapter: A communication apparatus for carrying out communications to and from an external apparatus that includes a first interconnecting unit and a first non-transparent port and effects an interconnection for communications via the first non-transparent port is provided. The communication apparatus includes a second interconnecting unit that includes a second non-transparent... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110219147 - Method and system for determining characteristics of an attached ethernet connector and/or cable: A connector comprising a storage device that stores configuration information, may be coupled to a twisted pair cable and may communicate the configuration information to a host device via a corresponding connector. The configuration information may comprise characteristics, features and/or configurations of the connector and/or the cable, for example, wire... Agent:

20110219146 - Virtual software application deployment configurations: Configuration items for a software application can be automatically and/or manually discovered, and the application can be packaged to form a virtual application package. A deployment configuration can include settings for the configuration items. The deployment configuration can be set after packaging the software application. For example, a selected configuration... Agent:

20110219148 - Method for implementing and application of a secure processor stick (sps): Systems and methods for implementing a secure processor stick are described. In one aspect, the system for implementing a secure processor stick with a computer, the system comprising: a secure processor stick, including: a processor; a memory coupled to said processor; a smart chip coupled to said processor, said smart... Agent:

20110219149 - Systems and methods for managing i/o throughput for large scale computing systems: System and methods for managing I/O throughput for large scale computing systems are provided. In one embodiment, an operating system for a computer system having a processor, a memory and at least one data storage device is provided. The operating system comprises: an operating system kernel; at least one filesystem... Agent: I/o Doctors LLC

20110219150 - Dma engine capable of concurrent data manipulation: Disclosed is a method and device for concurrently performing a plurality of data manipulation operations on data being transferred via a Direct Memory Access (DMA) channel managed by a DMA controller/engine. A Control Data Block (CDB) that controls where the data is retrieved from, delivered to, and how the plurality... Agent:

20110219151 - Generation of a formatted unique device identifier from an at attachment serial number: A Network Address Authority (“NAA”) identifier associated with a storage device is generated from an Advanced Technology Attachment (“ATA”) serial number, or other identifier, associated with the storage device. The ATA serial number is received from the storage device and used to generate a unique string having a predefined length.... Agent: Coraid, Inc.

20110219152 - Data transfer control apparatus: In a data transfer control apparatus, a transfer start address and a transfer size are acquired from a peripheral circuit. A command is issued in response to an activation signal from the peripheral circuit. When data transfer is performed between the main memory unit and the peripheral circuit, completion of... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110219153 - Systems and methods for compression of data for block mode access storage: Systems and methods for creating, reading, and writing compressed data for use with a block mode access storage. The compressed data are packed into plurality of compressed units and stored in a storage logical unit (LU). One or more corresponding compressed units may be read and/or updated with no need... Agent:

20110219154 - Abstract protocol independent data bus: An abstraction layer (e.g., transport) between consumer logic (e.g., presentation) and provider logic (e.g., business) that makes composition of, for example, many presentation technologies to many business logic data providers possible without imposing strict interface boundaries to each. The abstraction layer can be an abstract transport data model bus that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110219155 - Processing system and method for transmitting data: A method for exchanging data between first and second functional units includes the following steps. In a first handshake procedure, data is exchanged corresponding to a communication thread selected by the first functional unit, while independently in a second handshake procedure, information relating to a status of at least one... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110219156 - Bus arbitration apparatus and method: A bus arbitration apparatus according to this invention appropriately arbitrates bus rights of use between a plurality of masters and a plurality of slaves so as to efficiently perform requested data transfer. An arbiter A 5 receives data transfer requests with respect to a slave A 3 generated by masters... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110219157 - Data processing device, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and abnormality detection method: A data processing device for detecting the abnormal operation of a CPU is provided. The data processing device comprises a CPU, an interrupt counter, and a counter-abnormal-value detection circuit. The interrupt counter increments a count value based on an interrupt start signal which is outputted in response to an interrupt... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110219158 - Storage assembly, a physical expander and a method: A storage assembly includes a physical expander for connection in use to two or more SCSI initiators, and two or more storage devices, wherein the expander is controlled such that it presents plural virtual expanders. A method for connecting two or more storage devices to two or more SCSI initiators... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20110219159 - Usb dongle device and operation method thereof, dongle expanded device connected to usb dongle device: A universal serial bus (USB) dongle device and method support a connection to a dongle expanded device to perform high speed and multiple communications while observing a USB standard form. The USB dongle device includes a body and a plug formed in an edge of one side of the body.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110219162 - Adaptive-allocation of i/o bandwidth using a configurable interconnect topology: Apparatus and methods allocate I/O bandwidth of an electrical component, such as an IC, by configuring an I/O interface into various types of interfaces. In an embodiment of the present invention, an I/O interface is configured into either a bi-directional contact, unidirectional contact (including either a dedicated transmit or dedicated... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20110219160 - Fast two wire interface and protocol for transferring data: An apparatus and method for exchanging data between devices. An interface between at least two devices features a serial clock line coupled to each device and a bidirectional serial data line coupled to each device. A delay relative to the clock signal is added to an edge of an output... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110219161 - System and method for providing address decode and virtual function (vf) migration support in a peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) multi-root input/output virtualization (iov) environment: The present invention is a method for providing address decode and Virtual Function (VF) migration support in a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIE) multi-root Input/Output Virtualization (IOV) environment. The method may include receiving a Transaction Layer Packet (TLP) from the PCIE multi-root IOV environment. The method may further include comparing... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110219163 - Usb 3 bridge with embedded hub: A bridge device for connecting a USB 3 host device with a plurality of downstream, non-USB 3 mass storage devices, such as SATA or PATA devices. The bridge device comprises an embedded hub having a plurality of internal USB 3 devices. The internal USB 3 devices do not have a... Agent:

20110219164 - I/o system and i/o control method: Virtual Functions (VFs) 602-1 to 602-N of an I/O device are separately allocated to a plurality of computers 1-1 to 1-N. In an address swap table 506, a root domain that is an address space of the computer 1 and mapping information of an I/O domain that is an address... Agent:

20110219165 - Portable computer: The portable computer includes a PCIe controller, a DisplayPort connector, and a combination switch. The DisplayPort connector includes a hot plug pin. The combination switch is connected between the PCIe controller and the DisplayPort connector. The combination switch includes a selecting pin electronically connected to the hot plug pin. When... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/01/2011 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110213899 - Information processing apparatus for conducting security processing and security processing method: An information processing apparatus that executes security processing for a storage device connected thereto, the apparatus includes a processing command storage unit that stores a plurality of processing commands related to security processing according to a type of the storage device, a determining unit that determines the type of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110213900 - Field communication management apparatus: There is provided a field communication management apparatus capable of setting configuration information segments with certainty without causing a burden, and an inexpedience at the time of an operation for setting. A reception unit receives download information. A setting unit sets individual information segments contained in download information received by... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110213901 - Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device: A centralized resource manager manages the routing of audio or visual information within a device, including a handheld device such as a smartphone. The resource manager evaluates data-driven policies to determine how to route audio or visual information to or from various input or output components connected to the device,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110213902 - Information processing system: An information processing system includes a plurality of processors for executing processing according to a predetermined processing request sent from a different device; a switching device for performing data transfer between the individual processors and the different device; and a storage device which is connected to the switching device and... Agent:

20110213903 - Pin multiplexing: A semiconductor device coupled to input/output pins includes a first core to operate a first function and a second core to operate a second function. A multiplexer is arranged to set the input/output pins to the first function or to the second function, and an arbiter is configured to receive... Agent:

20110213904 - Storage apparatus and method of updating control information in storage apparatus: A storage apparatus 10 includes channel devices (each being CHA_PK 11) and microprocessors (each being MP_PK 12). CHA_PK 11 and MP_PK 12 respectively store therein control information being information designating logical volumes (LDEVs) 171 accessible by respective MP_PKs 12. Upon receipt of an I/O request from a management apparatus 20,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110213905 - Communication protocol for controlling transfer of temporal data over a bus between devices in synchronization with a periodic reference signal: A communication protocol over the serial bus allows a peripheral device to control the flow of data between a host computer and the peripheral device so as to maintain synchronization to a periodic reference signal. The protocol involves transferring flow control messages between the peripheral device and the host computer,... Agent:

20110213906 - Interrupt controller and methods of operation: Methods of operation and interrupt controllers for generating interrupt signals to a unit, which could enter an active mode and a non-active mode, are disclosed. The interrupt controllers have interrupt logic (204) adapted for receiving requests for interrupt, activity mode logic (202) adapted for receiving information whether the unit is... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110213908 - Configurable interconnection system: An interconnection system, apparatus and method is described where the motherboard may be populated with less than all of the modules that it has been designed to accept while maintaining a configuration such that in the event of a module failure, a memory controller failure, or a combination thereof, the... Agent:

20110213907 - Semiconductor resistance element, semiconductor module including the same, and processor-based system including the semiconductor module: Provided may be a semiconductor resistance element including resistance patterns disposed on an insulating substrate. The substrate may have first and second planer surfaces disposed in a first direction, third and fourth planar surfaces at least between the first and second planar surfaces in a second direction and fifth and... Agent:

20110213909 - Programmable controlled computer switch: A programmable controlled computer switch is disclosed. Console devices and universal serial bus devices of the computer switch can be switched as having a controlling function or a hub function. The computer switch includes a console port interface having console ports for connecting console devices, which initially have a controlling... Agent: June-on Co., Ltd

20110213910 - Stackable form-factor peripheral component interconnect device and assembly: A stackable form-factor Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) device can be configured as a host controller or a master/target for use on a PCI assembly. PCI device may comprise a multiple-input switch coupled to a PCI bus, a multiplexor coupled to the switch, and a reconfigurable device coupled to one of... Agent: Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Adm.

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