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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110185086 - Apparatus and method for producing device identifiers for serially interconnected devices of mixed type: A plurality of memory devices of mixed type (e.g., DRAMs, SRAMs, MRAMs and NAND-, NOR- and AND-type Flash memories) are serially interconnected. Each device has device type information on its device type. A specific device type (DT) and a device identifier (ID) contained in a serial input (SI) are fed... Agent: Mosaid Technologies Incorporated

20110185087 - Data transfer between devices maintaining state data: Transferring data between devices utilizing state data. The devices may include a writer device and a reader device, each coupled to a common bus. A host device may create a transfer session between the devices. Each of the host device, the writer device, and the reader device may maintain state... Agent:

20110185088 - Asynchronous computer communication: A computer array (10) has a plurality of computers (12). The computers (12) communicate with each other asynchronously, and the computers (12) themselves operate in a generally asynchronous manner internally. When one computer (12) attempts to communicate with another it goes to sleep until the other computer (12) is ready... Agent:

20110185089 - Method and system for supporting hardware acceleration for iscsi read and write operations and iscsi chimney: Certain aspects of a method and system for supporting hardware acceleration for iSCSI read and write operations via a TCP offload engine may comprise pre-registering at least one buffer with hardware. An iSCSI command may be received from an initiator. An initiator test tag value, a data sequence value and/or... Agent:

20110185090 - Apparatus for translating and expanding inputs for a point of sale device: An apparatus includes a PS2 input for receiving first input logic signals from a first device. A USB input receives second input logic signals from a second device. A RS232 input receives third input logic signals from a third device. A TTL input receives fourth input logic signals from a... Agent:

20110185092 - Configurable system of wireless-enabled components and applications thereof: Disclosed herein is a configurable system of wireless-enabled components (WECs) and applications thereof. The system includes a plurality of WECs and a controller. Each WEC comprises a functional resource and is adapted to wirelessly communicate with other WECs. The controller is adapted to dynamically configure the functional resource of each... Agent:

20110185091 - Wireless bus for intra-chip and inter-chip communication, including data center/server embodiments: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a wire-free data center/server. The data center/server is wire-free in the sense that communication within a data unit of the data center/server (i.e., intra-data unit), between data units of the data center/server (inter-data unit), and between the data units and the backplane... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110185093 - Communication slave and communication network system: In a communication network system in which a master and a plurality of communication slaves are coupled through a high-potential side bus and a low-potential side bus in a daisy-chain manner, each of the communication slaves includes a control circuit, a resistance element, and a potential difference detecting portion. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110185094 - Data transfer control device and data transfer control method: A data transfer control device that selects one of a plurality of DMA channels and transfers data to or from memory includes a request holding section configured to hold a certain number of data transfer requests of the plurality of DMA channels and a request rearranging section configured to select... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110185095 - Arbitration scheme for accessing a shared resource: A processing system includes a shared resource, an arbitration module, and a requesting device for issuing requests to the arbitration module to access the shared resource to perform transactions on the shared resource. The arbitration module grants access to the requesting device for a fixed time duration. The fixed time... Agent:

20110185096 - Systems and methods for embedding interrupts into a serial data stream: Systems and methods for transmitting and processing interrupts by embedding interrupt information into a serial data stream are disclosed. An event is detected and converted into an interrupt signal. The interrupt signal is converted into a special interrupt character or symbol sequence. The special interrupt character or symbol sequence is... Agent: Redwood Systems, Inc.

20110185097 - Method and system for a connector with integrated shield detection: A connector comprising one or more circuits and/or processors is operable to determine characteristics of an attached corresponding connector, an attached cable and/or a channel established via the corresponding connector and/or cable. The characteristics are stored in a register on the connector and/or communicated via a pin connection to a... Agent:

20110185098 - Memory card supplemented with wireless communication module, terminal for using same, memory card including wpan communication module, and wpan communication method using same: A memory card with a wireless communication module attached and its associated terminal for using the memory card are disclosed. A memory card that provides both of an external memory to an information communication terminal and a connectable memory card WPAN add-on to an information communication terminal lacking a built-in... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110185099 - Modular and redundant data-storage controller and a method for providing a hot-swappable and field-serviceable data-storage controller: A modular and redundant storage controller system includes management modules, controller modules and an interconnect module. The management modules provide direct-current power and signals to respective controller modules. The controller modules include respective signal interfaces, direct-current interfaces, and interconnect interfaces. The signal interfaces couple the controllers to a respective management... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110185100 - Virtual heterogeneous channel for message passing: A technique includes using a virtual channel between a first process and a second process to communicate messages between the processes. Each message contains protocol data and user data. All of the protocol data is communicated over a first channel associated with the virtual channel, and the user data is... Agent:

20110185101 - Scalable distributed memory and i/o multiprocessor system: A multiprocessor system comprises at least one processing module, at least one I/O module, and an interconnect network to connect the at least one processing module with the at least one input/output module. In an example embodiment, the interconnect network comprises at least two bridges to send and receive transactions... Agent:

20110185102 - Bus bridge and method for interfacing out-of-order bus and multiple ordered buses: A method for interfacing an out-of-order bus and multiple ordered buses and a bus bridge. The bus bridge includes multiple ordered bus interfaces, where each ordered bus interface is coupled to an ordered bus. A flow control logic circuit is coupled to the out-of-order bus and to the multiple ordered... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

20110185103 - Serial communication device configurable to operate in root mode or endpoint mode: Systems and methods according to the present invention provide serial communication devices which are pin-configurable at power on to operate as either a root (20) or endpoint (22) device. In conjunction with, for example, PCI Express specified I/O data buses (24), such devices provide for efficient transfer of serial data... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110179193 - Peripheral interface, data stream, and data transfer method: A peripheral interface for use with a control computer and a peripheral device. The peripheral interface has a controller receiving an input data stream from the control computer and delivering an output data stream to the peripheral device, the controller obtaining an instruction from the input data stream for a... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microlmaging Gmbh

20110179194 - Methods for handling removal of media storage devices: In response to an insertion of a removable storage device into a data processing system, the removable storage device is automatically mounted by an operating system (OS) in a file system of the data processing system. A daemon is configured to determine a type of media content stored in the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110179195 - Field upgradable firmware for electronic devices: An electronic device includes an input/output (I/O) interface and a plurality of memory elements comprising a non-volatile memory portion for storing a default firmware and a working memory portion having a firmware area. The device also includes a controller coupled to the I/O interface and the memory elements, where the... Agent: Spansion LLC

20110179197 - Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks: A method of transmitting compressed data from a main memory to an input/output adaptor (IOA)/input/output processor (IOP), includes sending compressed memory directory information to the IOA/IOP and copying a content of the memory to the IOA/IOP using a direct memory access (DMA) operation, without decompressing the data.... Agent: Ibm Corporation

20110179198 - Storage device of serial attached small computer system interface/serial advanced technology attachment type: Provided is a storage device of a serial attached small computer system interface/serial advanced technology attachment (SAS/SATA) type, which provides data storage/reading services through an SAS/SATA interface. The SAS/SATA type storage device includes: a memory disk unit which includes a plurality of memory disks provided with a plurality of volatile... Agent: Taejin Info Tech Co., Ltd

20110179196 - System, method and computer program product for portable multimedia content display: A system, method and computer program product for performing a method for presenting multimedia data are disclosed. The method includes but is not limited to detecting insertion of a portable storage device into a first end user device; automatically launching transfer of multimedia data and Meta data describing the multimedia... Agent:

20110179199 - Support for non-locking parallel reception of packets belonging to the same reception fifo: A method and apparatus for distributed parallel messaging in a parallel computing system. A plurality of DMA engine units are configured in a multiprocessor system to operate in parallel, one DMA engine unit for transferring a current packet received at a network reception queue to a memory location in a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110179200 - Access buffer: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for controlling accesses to one or more memory devices. This system includes one or more write queues configured to store entries for write requests, wherein a given entry for a write request includes an address and write data to be written to the... Agent: Xelerated Ab

20110179201 - Usb hub apparatus supporting multiple high speed devices and a single super speed device: Hub apparatus that supports multiple high speed devices and a super speed device. The hub apparatus may include at least one upstream port for coupling to a host device and at least one downstream port for coupling to at least one downstream device. The hub apparatus may further include an... Agent:

20110179202 - Method of storing document in document box, and host apparatus and image forming apparatus to perform the method: A document storing method of a host apparatus connectable to an image forming apparatus to store a document in at least one document box generated in the image forming apparatus, the document storing method includes receiving attribute information to indicate at least one attribute of the document, and controlling the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110179203 - Portable storage interface: A method and apparatus of a portable storage device that provides a tethering and portable storage service to a host is described. In an exemplary method, the portable storage device configures a tethering and a portable storage service interface for the host. The portable storage device provides the tethering service... Agent:

20110179204 - Usb autorun device: A portable, application-specific USB autorun device, following connection to a computer terminal, automatically initialises or presents itself as a known type of device and then automatically sends to the terminal a sequence of data complying with a standard protocol, that sequence of data automatically causing content to be accessed or... Agent: Visible Computing Limited

20110179205 - Method and apparatus for simultaneous bidirectional signaling in a bus topology: A method and apparatus for providing bidirectional signaling in a bus topology is provided. The bus topology allows more than two electrical circuits or devices to be coupled together along one or more common electrical conductors. For each device on the bus, a transmit buffer is preferably provided for every... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20110179206 - Bus controller, bus communication system, and bus control method: It is an object to prevent a command-issuing interval from being fixed and then avoid a situation where a target always returns a retry by varying a timing of a command-issuing request (i.e., a request signal) from each initiator, even if a plurality of initiators simultaneously or alternately make a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110179207 - Variable-frequency bus adapter, adapting method and system: A variable-frequency bus adapter, a variable-frequency bus adapting method and a variable-frequency bus adapting system are provided. The method includes: generating a bus blocking indication according to a dynamic frequency scaling (DFS) request signal sent by a bus side; blocking a current bus transfer according to the bus blocking indication;... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110179208 - Time division multiplexing based arbitration for shared optical links: A method for arbitration including selecting, for an arbitration interval corresponding to a timeslot, a sending node from a plurality of sending nodes in an arbitration domain, where the plurality of sending nodes include a plurality of source counters; broadcasting, by the sending node and in response to selecting the... Agent: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

20110179209 - Terminal apparatus and method for controlling processing of an interrupt event: In a terminal apparatus, the central control section 1-10 judges whether or not a function accompanied with an audio output is in operation when a change in a folding opening/closing state of the terminal apparatus is detected by the folding open/close detecting section 1-6, and changes the priority of the... Agent: Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications Co.

20110179210 - Semiconductor device and data processing system: A semiconductor device includes: first transmission wirings each transmitting a small-amplitude signal between one of a plurality of first drivers and one of a plurality of receivers; a second transmission wiring transmitting a reference signal connected to each of the plurality of receivers; and a second driver outputting the reference... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20110179211 - Bios architecture: A BIOS architecture adapted in a computer system is provided. The BIOS architecture includes at least one BIOS, a programmable chip module, a baseboard management controller (BMC), a south bridge chip and a network interface controller (NIC). The NIC is connected to the south bridge chip and the BMC and... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110179212 - Bus arbitration for sideband signals: Systems and methods of bus arbitration for sideband signals in a multichip system are disclosed. An exemplary method comprises packaging at least one sideband signal as a micropacket. The method also comprises holding the micropacket in an outgoing sideband register. The method also comprises monitoring a bus for a quiescent... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110173349 - I/o routing in a multidimensional torus network: A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for routing data packet in a computing system comprising a multidimensional torus compute node network including a multitude of compute nodes, and an I/O node network including a plurality of I/O nodes. In one embodiment, the method comprises assigning to each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173351 - Extensions for usb driver interface functions: Extensions for USB driver interface functions are described. In embodiments, input/output of computer instructions and data exchange is managed in a USB core driver stack. A set of USB driver interfaces are exposed by the USB core driver stack, and the USB driver interfaces include USB driver interface functions that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110173350 - Using a storage controller to determine the cause of degraded i/o performance: A method for identifying the cause of degraded I/O performance between a host system and a storage controller includes initially monitoring I/O performance between the host system and the storage controller. The method further detects degraded I/O performance between the host system and the storage controller using any suitable technique.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173352 - Power reduction on idle communication lanes: A method for communication includes establishing a full-duplex communication link between first and second nodes. The link includes multiple first lanes for conveying first communication traffic in a first link direction and multiple second lanes for conveying second communication traffic in a second link direction. Signals are exchanged between the... Agent: Mellanox Technologies Ltd

20110173353 - Virtualizing a host usb adapter: Virtualizing a host USB adapter in a virtualized environment maintained by a hypervisor, the hypervisor administering one or more logical partitions, where virtualizing includes receiving, by the hypervisor from a logical partition via a logical USB adapter, a USB Input/Output (‘I/O’) request, the logical USB adapter associated with a USB... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173354 - Hardware based connection state machine with built in timers: The present invention provides a hardware implemented connection monitoring system. A timer array establishes an input timer and an output timer for each connection between the processor and each I/O connection. A state machine periodically steps through the timer array to update the accumulated values of the timers and to... Agent:

20110173355 - Method for setting and controlling hot key area of keyboard via kvm switch: The present invention is to provide a method for setting and controlling a hot key area of a keyboard via a keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch electrically connected to the keyboard, a mouse, a monitor and a plurality of servers and provided therein with a flag and a hot key lookup table.... Agent: At Box Technology Inc.

20110173356 - Exclusive access during a critical sub-operation to enable simultaneous operations: A method, apparatus, and system of exclusive access during a critical sub-operation to enable simultaneous operations are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a host device includes identifying a critical sub-operation of an operation associated with a storage system, applying a lock associated with the critical sub-operation based on... Agent:

20110173357 - Arbitration in crossbar interconnect for low latency: A system and method and computer program product for reducing the latency of signals communicated through a crossbar switch, the method including using at slave arbitration logic devices associated with Slave devices for which access is requested from one or more Master devices, two or more priority vector signals cycled... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173358 - Eager protocol on a cache pipeline dataflow: A master device sends a request to communicate with a slave device to a switch. The master device waits for a period of cycles the switch takes to decide whether the master device can communicate with the slave device, and the master device sends data associated with the request to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173359 - Computer-implemented method and system for security event transport using a message bus: A computer-implemented device provides security events from publishers to subscribers. There is provided a message bus, configured to contain a plurality of security events. Also provided is a receiver unit, responsive to a plurality of publishers, to receive the plurality of security events from the publishers. There is also a... Agent: Novell, Inc.

20110173361 - Information processing apparatus and exception control circuit: An information processing apparatus performs switching between an exception handler and normal processing. The information processing apparatus includes a processor; a data processing unit that performs particular processing upon receiving a processing request from the processor; an interrupt controller that issues an interrupt request to the processor; and an exception... Agent:

20110173360 - System and method of monitoring a central processing unit in real time: A method of monitoring one or more central processing units in real time is disclosed. The method may include monitoring state data associated with the one or more CPUs in real-time, filtering the state data, and at least partially based on filtered state data, selectively altering one or more system... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110173362 - Hardware virtualization for media processing: Methods and systems for implementing virtual processors are disclosed. For example, in an embodiment a processing apparatus configured to act as a plurality of virtual processors includes a first virtual program space that includes a first program execution memory, the first program execution memory including code to run a non-real-time... Agent:

20110173363 - Processor system with an application and a maintenance function: A processor system with an application and a maintenance function that would interfere with the application if concurrently executed. The processor system comprises a set of processor cores operable in different security and context-related modes, said processors having at least one interrupt input and at least one wait for interrupt... Agent: Texas Instruments Incoporated

20110173364 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a first opening disposed in a casing; a power source connector disposed opposing the first opening and to which a detachable power supply plug that supplies power from a power supply unit is attached; a second opening disposed in the casing; and a support member by... Agent: Citizen Systems Japan Co., Ltd.

20110173365 - Rotary display stage: A rotary display stage includes a display ground, an integrated circuit device, and a data transmission port. The display ground includes a base, and a rotary table arranged on the base. The base has a sound-effect switch structure and a track switch structure. The integrated circuit device is disposed inside... Agent: Jenn Yaw J.y. Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20110173366 - Distributed trace using central performance counter memory: A plurality of processing cores, are central storage unit having at least memory connected in a daisy chain manner, forming a daisy chain ring layout on an integrated chip. At least one of the plurality of processing cores places trace data on the daisy chain connection for transmitting the trace... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110173367 - Pci express enhancements and extensions: A method and apparatus for enhancing/extending a serial point-to-point interconnect architecture, such as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is herein described. Temporal and locality caching hints and prefetching hints are provided to improve system wide caching and prefetching. Message codes for atomic operations to arbitrate ownership between system devices/resources are... Agent:

20110173368 - Bus translator: Disclosed are methods and devices, among which is a device including a bus translator. In some embodiments, the device also includes a core module and a core bus coupled to the core module. The bus translator may be coupled to the core module via the core bus, and the bus... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110167176 - Connecting multiple accessories to a portable computing device: A portable computing device (PCD) can be connected to multiple accessories concurrently in a daisy chain topology. with the PCD at a “front” end of the chain. At least one intermediary accessory (or relay) provides one port for connection to the PCD and another port for connection to another accessory,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110167177 - Main body device, external device, and communication system: A storage device main body 100 comprising: a main body side connector 130 to which a cartridge type HDD 200 is connected and having a structure compliant with a SATA standard; a SATA controller 140 for communicating with the cartridge type HDD 200 in compliance with the SATA standard by... Agent: Buffalo Inc.

20110167178 - Method and apparatus for sata hot unplug: A method and apparatus are provided for serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) hot unplug. In one embodiment, a method includes detecting a connection of a SATA storage device to a SATA host interface by monitoring physical (PHY) layer signals derived from SATA communication terminals, by a controller of the host... Agent: Zoran Corporation

20110167180 - Antenna docking station: A mechanical and electrical attachment apparatus for coupling a wireless communication device to a computing device such that higher levels of radiated power may be applied while maintaining adherence to FCC regulations. The attachment device includes apparatus for coupling the wireless device to the attachment device by establishing a plurality... Agent: Clear Wireless LLC

20110167179 - Providing signals to electronic connectors: A connector can be activated or deactivated by providing power and data signals to the connector at different times. In some embodiments, the power signals are provided to a connector, and then the data signals are provided to the connector after a delay. Providing power and data signals at different... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110167181 - Accessory for a portable computing device: An accessory for use with a portable computing device is provided. The accessory includes a keypad and a pedestal to house the control circuitry and provide mechanical stability for the accessory. The accessory includes a metal mass that performs dual functions of providing the mass for stability as well as... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110167182 - Transport prioritization based on message type: A system for controlling message transmission in an apparatus. Messages pending for transmission in an apparatus may be analyzed in order to determine a type for each message. The type determined for each message may then be utilized to select a transport set comprising one or more transports. The apparatus... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110167184 - Access control apparatus, data processing apparatus, access control method, and program: An access control apparatus includes: a determination section; and an update section.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110167185 - Method and apparatus for transmitting data: A semiconductor device comprising an interface logic module for transmitting data frames across an interface, and controller logic module arranged to control a rate at which the interface logic transmits data across the interface. Upon receipt of data frames to transmit across the interface, the controller logic module is arranged... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110167183 - Minimizing interconnections in a multi-shelf switching system: In certain embodiments, minimizing interconnections in a multi-shelf switching system includes receiving a map describing the switching system, where the switching system comprises shelves and input/output (I/O) points. The map is transformed to yield a graph comprising nodes and edges. A node represents an I/O point, and a node weight... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110167186 - Optimized non-volatile storage systems: A memory card that adapts its operation according to the application to which it applied or the conditions under which it is operated. This allows the card to dynamical self optimize. In a first set of embodiments, the card uses host profiling where it will learn about the host during... Agent:

20110167187 - Connectors in a portable device: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that allow a portable electronic device to be placed in a second electronic device in more than one orientation. One example allows a portable computing device to be placed in a docking station in both landscape and portrait orientations. In this example, this is achieved by... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110167188 - Subscriber node of a communication system having a functionally separate transmission event memory: A subscriber node of a communication system, a communication system and a method for transmitting a message in the communication system. The message is transmitted from a first subscriber node of the communication system via a data bus of the communication system to a second subscriber node of the communication... Agent:

20110167189 - Storage apparatus and its data transfer method: By writing a command for transferring data from a first cluster to a second cluster and the second cluster writing data that was requested from the first cluster based on the command into the first cluster, data can be transferred in real time from the second cluster to the first... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110167190 - Apparatus and method for distant bus extended system: The invention discloses a distant PCIe extended system. The distant PCIe extended system includes a local PCIe virtualization device (PVD), at least a transmission medium and at least a remote PVD. The PVD includes a PCIe PHY layer, a signal converting circuit, at least a PVD PHY layer and a... Agent:

20110167191 - Architecture for an output buffered switch with input groups: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system that transfers data between the components in the computer system through a switch. In these embodiments, the switch includes multiple switch chips which are coupled together and are configured to collectively function as a switch. During operation, each switch chip, receives cells... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

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