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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110161529 - Communication apparatus and interfacing method for input/output controller interface: A communication apparatus is disclosed. The communication apparatus comprises a transmission module and an I/O controller interface. The transmission module is configured to transmit data. The I/O controller interface acts as a host controller interface between the transmission module and a host module of an alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) manager. The... Agent: Ralink Technology Corporation

20110161528 - Program use system, program use method and program: Of an existing macro for controlling one or more first devices, device designation information for designating each electronic device in the first devices in the macro is converted to category designation information for designating a category of the electronic device based on device information of the electronic device, and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110161530 - Usb 3.0 support in mobile platform with usb 2.0 interface: Memory associated with a mobile communication device, such as memory removably inserted into a memory card slot, may be accessed, in the alternative, by a mobile communication platform or by a remote USB host. A memory access module connected to the memory card slots is operative in one of two... Agent:

20110161531 - Usb device apparatus: A USB device apparatus, which is capable of performing communication with a USB host apparatus through a USB connection supporting a high-speed USB mode, includes a communication section configured to be capable of performing communication with the USB host apparatus, and a connection section configured to, while the USB device... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110161532 - Transceiver for wired serial communication: This document discusses, among other things, transceiver apparatus and methods for wired serial communication to a remote device. The transceiver can be configured to generate an output signal using received compensation information to maintain a specified signal quality at the remote device. The transceiver can include an input for receiving... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20110161533 - Broadcast by kvm system and method thereof: A system and method for override broadcast in a KVM (Keyboard, video monitor, mouse) system is provided. The KVM system includes a plurality of computers, a plurality of console devices and a KVM switch that connects those computers and console devices with or without network. With a firmware build in... Agent: Aten International Co., Ltd.

20110161535 - Adaptable datapath for a digital processing system: The present invention includes an adaptable high-performance node (RXN) with several features that enable it to provide high performance along with adaptability. A preferred embodiment of the RXN includes a run-time configurable data path and control path. The RXN supports multi-precision arithmetic including 8, 16, 24, and 32 bit codes.... Agent: Qst Holdings, LLC

20110161534 - Control architectures for rf transceivers: Described herein are devices and methods for implementing a transceiver with independently controlled components. The components may include a programmable digital portion, a dedicated digital portion, and an analog portion. Each independently controlled component includes a programmable controller that resides in the programmable digital portion of the component that controls... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110161536 - Method for high speed data transfer: A method for transferring data between a data source and a data sink which are controlled by a common clock provides a handshake-based streaming data protocol for intra-circuitry data transfer between and through functional units of a system built in an integrated circuit.... Agent: Blue Wonder Communications Gmbh

20110161537 - Method for generating electromagnetic waves using software: Provided is a method of generating electromagnetic waves using software. The method includes setting electromagnetic wave pattern data in consideration of a number of a bus (140, 150) connecting a central processing unit (CPU, 110) with a main memory (130) and transmission characteristics of the bus, storing the electromagnetic wave... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110161538 - Method and system for implementing redundant network interface modules in a distributed i/o system: A method and system is disclosed for implementing redundant master NIMs (202, 204) on a single bus (106) in an industrial distributed I/O system (200) for controlling selected I/O modules (110, 112, 114). According to aspects of the invention, two master NIMs (202, 204) interoperate on a single bus (106),... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20110161540 - Hardware supported high performance lock schema: A method and apparatus for lock allocation control. When a processor core acquires a lock, other processor cores do not need to constantly poll memory to check whether the required lock is released. Instead, other processor cores will be in sleep state and the next processor core needed will be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110161539 - Opportunistic use of lock mechanism to reduce waiting time of threads to access a shared resource: Embodiments of the invention provide a method, apparatus and computer program product for enabling a thread to acquire a lock associated with a shared resource, when a locking mechanism is used therewith, wherein each embodiment reduces waiting time and enhances efficiency in using the shared resource. One embodiment is associated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110161541 - Posting interrupts to virtual processors: Embodiments of systems, apparatuses, and methods for posting interrupts to virtual processors are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes look-up logic and posting logic. The look-up logic is to look-up an entry associated with an interrupt request to a virtual processor in a data structure. The posting logic is... Agent:

20110161542 - Emulation of an input/output advanced programmable interrupt controller: Embodiments of systems, apparatuses, and methods for emulating an input/output Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first interrupt controller having a first programming model, and emulation logic to emulate a second interrupt controller having a second programming model that is different from the... Agent:

20110161543 - Memory management: An Accelerated Storage Controller (ASC) in an electronic device allows both conventional (slower) application processor to memory interfaces to be employed transparently to existing software, while also allowing software configuration to realize an accelerated storage architecture on demand. Some use cases for the electronic device do not require accelerated storage,... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20110161545 - I2c/spi control interface circuitry, integrated circuit structure, and bus structure thereof: An I2C/SPI control interface circuitry, an integrated circuit structure, and a bus structure thereof are provided. The I2C/SPI control interface circuitry includes an I2C control module and a SPI control module. The I2C control module has an I2C clock port and an I2C data port, and the SPI control module... Agent: Alcor Micro Corp.

20110161544 - Low latency serial memory interface: A device applies synchronous clocking across a first component and a second component of the device, and designates a particular serial link, from a group of serial links, as a master serial link. The device also designates the remaining serial links as slave serial links, provides, via the master serial... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110161546 - Computer system with bridge: A computer system includes a central processing unit (CPU), a north bridge, a south bridge, a bridge and a slot. The north bridge is electrically connected to the CPU. The bridge is electrically connected to the north bridge and the south bridge, and the connector is connected to the bridge.... Agent:

20110161547 - Method and device for disabling a higher version of a computer bus and interconnection protocol for interoperability with a device compliant to a lower version of the computer bus and interconnection protocol: A method and a device for disabling a lower version of a computer bus and interconnection protocol (e.g., Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) 2.0 or higher) for interoperability with a receiver compliant to a lower version of the protocol are disclosed. The device detects a presence of a receiver, and... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110153870 - Advanced processing data storage device: The disclosure is related to systems and methods of using a data storage device's processing power to perform mathematical operations on data within a data storage device. The mathematical operation may be done independently of a host system and the data storage device may provide a calculated result to the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110153871 - Substance communicating device with activatable connector and cycle structure: A substance communicating device for use in conjunction with an appliance or a system including an appliance and a substance communicating device. The substance communicating device has a service connector component operably engageable with a service connector component of the appliance to permit the communication of a substance between the... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110153872 - Virtualizing a powered down input/output device: Embodiments of systems, apparatuses, and methods for virtualizing a powered-down input/output device are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a storage location and a decoder. The storage location is to store an indication that an input/output device is inaccessible. The decoder is to decode a configuration transaction directed to... Agent:

20110153873 - Method and device for detecting erroneous transfers for microcontroller or microprocessor with a view to guaranteeing partitioning: A method and a device for the detection of erroneous or inopportune transactions of any entity of a microprocessor or microcontroller includes programming counters internal or external to the microcontroller, which is configured to count the number of transactions in the target area of the target interface of the microcontroller;... Agent: Thales

20110153874 - Data recording apparatus and method: A data recording apparatus includes a connection unit which is capable of connecting, as a recording medium, a first recording medium having a predetermined function and a second recording medium that does not have the predetermined function. The data recording apparatus detects a connection status of the recording medium to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110153876 - High-performance digital image memory allocation and control system: Systems and methods are described that facilitate mitigating processor overload and reducing memory waste during image compression. Clients requesting memory allocation are assigned a direct memory access (DMA) channel to which DMA memory blocks are allocated for use during image compression. As each DMA block is used by its channel,... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110153875 - Opportunistic dma header insertion: In a first embodiment of the present invention, a method for operating an I/O interconnect midpoint device is presented, wherein the midpoint device has a direct memory access (DMA) controller and a plurality of ports, the method comprising: generating, using the DMA controller, a DMA read request; sending, using the... Agent: Plx Technology, Inc.

20110153878 - Memory system and integrated management method for plurality of dma channels: Provided are a memory system and an integrated management method for a plurality of direct memory access (DMA) channels. The memory system includes a memory controller exchanging data with a memory and having a plurality of channels physically separated from each other, and a DMA controller having a plurality of... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110153877 - Method and apparatus to exchange data via an intermediary translation and queue manager: Techniques for performing direct memory access (“DMA”) in an architecture wherein an interconnect separates I/O means from a DMA engine for handling DMA requests of the I/O means. In an embodiment, the I/O means sends via the interconnect a DMA request including an address-non-specific identifier of a queue which is... Agent:

20110153879 - Method for accessing usb device attached to home gateway, home gateway and terminal: A method for accessing a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device attached to the home gateway is provided to solve the problem that after the USB device is attached to the home gateway, the USB device becomes an exclusive device of the home gateway, and application software on a personal computer... Agent:

20110153880 - Mechanically energized electromagnetic service connector system: A system for communicating an electromagnetic service, such as power or data, with an electromagnetic service communicating device. An electromagnetic service switch is provided for selectively transferring the electromagnetic service from a host or other electromagnetic service source to an electromagnetic service consumer. The electromagnetic service switch is activated to... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110153881 - Portable multipurpose computer - mc: A Portable Multipurpose Computer (MC) that has a very compact size and is easy to use and transport. The MC can be wirelessly connected to external displays, keyboards, and other devices or be used in mobile mode with a built-in display and keyboard. The universal device connectivity of the MC... Agent:

20110153882 - Apparatus and method for transforming content: A content transformation apparatus includes an interface unit connected to at least one universal interface, and a process unit to control at least one content received through the interface unit from the at least one universal interface to be transformed to a content corresponding to a format of another universal... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110153883 - Dual field instrument: A dual field instrument may include a first microprocessor that includes a first address bus and a first data bus and performs a first operation process, a second microprocessor that includes a second address bus and a second data bus performs a second operation process that is the same with... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110153886 - Device that uses parameters to provide multi-channel serial data transmissions and method thereof: A device that uses parameters to provide multi-channel serial data transmissions and the method thereof are provided. A first serial device configures with the channel parameters corresponding to a procedure executed on a second serial device. The invention determines whether the data channel corresponding to the procedure requires sending/receiving data... Agent: Moxa Inc.

20110153887 - Method and system for dynamically programmable serial/parallel bus interface: Aspects of a method and system for dynamically programmable serial/parallel bus interface may include performing in a first communication device coupled to a communication bus, attaching communication protocol information to a data signal for each data transaction with one or more other communication devices communicatively coupled to the communication bus.... Agent:

20110153885 - Plug-in peripheral device for enabling smart portable device to be universal remote control: The smart portable device such as a smart phone is equipped with powerful CPU, touch screen, USB socket, etc. The software application running on the smart portable device can convert the user commands received on the graphical user interface (GUI) into remote control codes and communicate the remote control codes... Agent:

20110153884 - Storage system provided with function for detecting write completion: A controller module is provided with at least one processor module, at least one storage resource, and at least one transfer control module connected to the processor module and the storage resource. The transfer control module is provided with a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver receives a write packet... Agent: Hitachi Ltd.

20110153888 - Cascade-able serial bus device with clock and management and cascade methods using the same: A cascade-able serial bus device for coupling between a host device and another serial bus device is disclosed. The host device includes a serial bus interface. The serial bus device includes a first connection interface, a second connection interface and a bypassing module. The first connection interface is coupled to... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110153891 - Communication apparatus and communication control method: A communication apparatus including a master device (200) and a slave device (300) is provided. The slave device (300) includes: a slave control unit (302) which controls the slave device (300); a relay register (301) in which data is written according to a control signal; a data communication unit (304)... Agent:

20110153889 - Coupling devices, system comprising a coupling device and method for use in a system comprising a coupling device: In accordance with an aspect of the invention, there is provided a coupling device for serial communication comprising a first slave having daisy chain capability and being configured to be coupled to and communicate with a first master, a second slave configured to be coupled to and communicate with a... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110153890 - Methods and apparatus for providing data transfer control: A variety of advantageous mechanisms for improved data transfer control within a data processing system are described. A DMA controller is described which is implemented as a multiprocessing transfer engine supporting multiple transfer controllers which may work independently or in cooperation to carry out data transfers, with each transfer controller... Agent: Altera Corporation

20110153892 - Access arbitration apparatus, integrated circuit device, electronic apparatus, access arbitration method, and program: An access arbitration apparatus includes: a group setting information storage section; and an access control section, wherein the group setting information storage section stores group setting information that specifies which of the following groups each of a plurality of masters belongs to, a first group or a second group whose... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110153893 - Source core interrupt steering: An embodiment of the invention includes (i) receiving a core identifier that corresponds with a processor source core; (ii) receiving an input/output request, produced from the source core, that is associated with the core identifier; (iii) and directing an interrupt, which corresponds to the request, to the source core based... Agent:

20110153894 - Interrupt-handling-mode determining method of embedded operating system kernel: Provided is a method capable of providing an improved response property appropriate for the characteristics of a system by automatically choosing an interrupt handling mode used for each device. The method is a method in which the embedded operating system kernel determines a handling mode for all individual interrupts, the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110153895 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system and computer readable medium: An image processing apparatus includes an attachment unit, an image processing unit, a storage unit, a discrimination unit and a control unit. A memory unit storing at least one piece of information is detachably attached to the attachment unit. The image processing unit performs image processing. The storage unit stores... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110153896 - Semiconductor memory card, method for controlling the same, and semiconductor memory system: A semiconductor memory card which can be attached to a host apparatus and can be removed from the host apparatus includes a plurality of data transfer terminals, and an internal circuit transmitting a first signal to at least one first data transfer terminal comprising at least one of the data... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110153897 - Semiconductor device and data processing system: The present invention is to provide a semiconductor device that can correctly switch endians on the outside even if the endian of a parallel interface is not recognized on the outside. The semiconductor device includes a switching circuit and a first register. The switching circuit switches between whether a parallel... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110153898 - Vehicles including bus-coupled hub unit and powertrain electronic control unit and method: A vehicle includes a body structure, a powertrain, a plurality of sensors, a hub unit, a plurality of leads, a powertrain electronic control unit, and a bus. The powertrain is supported by the body structure and includes an engine and a transmission. Each of the sensors is operable for detecting... Agent:

20110153899 - Computer peripheral expansion apparatus: Computer peripheral expansion apparatus, methods of operation, and computer program products including blade peripheral expansion units (‘BPEUs’), each BPEU including a peripheral interconnect multiplexer coupled for peripheral interconnect data communications through an upstream peripheral interconnect bus (‘PIB’) segment to a host blade, the upstream PIB segment fanned out by the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110153903 - Method and apparatus for supporting storage modules in standard memory and/or hybrid memory bus architectures: A memory/storage module is provided that implements a solid state drive compatible with Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) signaling on a double-data-rate compatible socket. A detachable daughter card may be coupled to the memory module for converting a memory bus voltage to a second voltage... Agent: Sanmina-sci Corporation

20110153902 - Test interface card and testing method: A test interface card includes: a first specification bus adapted for coupling between a first specification interface controller of a device under test (DUT) and a signal converting interface card, and for transmitting a first test signal that is outputted by the first specification interface controller to the signal converting... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20110153900 - Variable read latency on a serial memory bus: Systems and/or methods are provided that facilitate employing a variable read latency on a serial memory bus. In an aspect, a memory can utilize an undefined amount of time to obtain data from a memory array and prepare the data for transfer on the serial memory bus. The serial memory... Agent: Spansion LLC

20110153901 - Virtual usb key for blade server: A system for sharing data contained on a peripheral device amongst a plurality of blade servers is disclosed. The system includes a memory device for storing the data contained on the peripheral device. The memory device is partitioned into memory areas. Each memory area stores one copy of the data.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110153904 - Wireless universal serial bus system and driving method thereof: Disclosed is a wireless universal serial bus system that includes a device; a first host communicating with the device according to a wireless universal serial bus protocol; and a second host communicating with the device according to a wireless universal serial bus protocol, wherein when the first host receives a... Agent:

20110153905 - Method and apparatus for i/o path switching: A system for input/output path switching comprises a host; a network switch coupled to the host; and a plurality of storage systems which include a first storage system and a second storage system. For switching an I/O path, from a path between the host and the first storage system via... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110153907 - Path maintenance mechanism: In the computer system including a host computer and a storage system, the storage system includes a physical disk and a disk controller, and provides a storage area of the physical disk as at least one logical unit. The processor obtains, at a first time point and a second time... Agent:

20110153906 - Switch and network bridge apparatus: A network system that is part of a main system includes: a first PCI express-network bridge with a first control unit and a first PCI express adapter terminating a first PCI express bus; and a second PCI express-network bridge connected to the first PCI express-network bridge through a network. The... Agent: Nec Corporation

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110145443 - Dfx software debug feature for io and other non-memory typed transactions: A system and method for monitoring a data-path between a plurality of devices which are communicably interfaced with a bus for a transaction. The transaction is copied to a replicate transaction, and the original transaction is allowed to proceed to whichever of the plurality of devices to which it is... Agent:

20110145445 - Apparatus and methods for usb connection in a multi-processor device: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for use in a USB device with multiple processors, allowing shared USB connectivity in the device. The disclosed apparatus and methods allow selective coupling of a first processor to a USB port of the device or to a USB hub operable to route a plurality... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110145444 - Electronic device and method of obtaining connection relationship between interfaces and peripheral devices: An electronic device includes interfaces adapted to electrically connect peripheral devices, a searching unit, an obtaining unit, a receiving unit, a comparing unit, and an output unit. Each interface has an exclusive first identifying code. Each peripheral device has an exclusive second identifying code. A one to one relationship exists... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110145446 - Electronic system: An electronic system includes: a portable electronic device; and an electronic device, for detecting whether the portable electronic device is available, and transferring a partial task of a first task, which is to be processed by the electronic device, to the portable electronic device via a transmission interface if the... Agent:

20110145447 - Method of transferring data, a method of processing data, an accelerator, a computer system and a computer program: The invention provides a method of transferring data from a data array within a main memory of a computer to an accelerator for processing, the embodiment of the method comprising: at the accelerator, requesting data from the main memory and generating a data stream between the main memory and the... Agent: Maxeler Technologies Ltd.

20110145448 - I/o mapping-path tracking in a storage configuration: A system, method and program product for tracking an I/O mapping-path among a plurality of nodes in a storage configuration. A system is disclosed that includes: a path tracking manager implemented at a host system that enables I/O mapping-path tracking for an I/O request being serviced within the storage configuration;... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110145449 - Differentiated storage qos: A system includes disk storage to provide differentiated storage QoS for a plurality of IO classes. Each IO class has a plurality of applications to it. A QoS controller collects IO statistics for each application and each class. The QoS controller adaptively determines an IO class assignment for each application... Agent:

20110145450 - Transaction id filtering for buffered programmed input/output (pio) write acknowledgements: A PIO transaction unit includes an input buffer, a response buffer, and a control unit. The input buffer may receive and store PIO write operations sent by one or more transactions sources. Each PIO write operation may include a source identifier that identifies the transaction source. The response buffer may... Agent:

20110145451 - Isolated multi-network computer system and apparatus: The present invention presents apparatuses and systems for operating multiple computers from a single console using a secured KVM device, while preventing information leakage between the computers. The system comprises several hosts connected through a secured KVM device to keyboard and mouse and one or more user displays. Secured KVM... Agent: High Sec Labs

20110145452 - Methods and apparatus for distribution of raid storage management over a sas domain: Methods and apparatus for distributing Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) storage management to one or more Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expanders in a SAS domain. A RAID set comprises a set of one or more SAS expanders coupled to communicate with one another to process I/O requests directed to... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110145453 - Capacitive multidrop bus compensation: The signal integrity of a high speed heavily loaded multidrop memory bus is often degraded due the numerous impedance mismatches. The impedance mismatches causes the bus to exhibit a nonlinear frequency response, which diminishes signal integrity and limits the bandwidth of the bus. A compensating element, such as a capacitor... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110145454 - Communication system and interface device for a communication system: A communication system is provided that includes at least two peripheral devices, wherein each peripheral device has at least one I/O interface and the peripheral devices are connected to each other by at least one data bus and exchange data by means of a communication relationship via the data bus.... Agent:

20110145455 - Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus: According to an aspect of the embodiment, a system control apparatus includes a control signal transmitting unit which transmits a control signal to control circuits via first signal line. The control signal includes a command for performing a control setting on other control circuits other than own control circuit or... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110145456 - Arbitration device, arbitration method, image processing device, and image forming system: An arbitration device includes an arbitration section, a counter, and a changing section. While write request signals and read request signals for a transfer path, are inputted from request sources, the arbitration section arbitrates an order that the write and read request signals use the transfer path, and when arbitration... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110145457 - Apparatus and method for measuring the performance of embedded devices: The apparatus for measuring the performance of embedded devices includes: a transceiver that transmits and receives data to and from the embedded devices; an interrupt generator that generates interrupt signal; a controller that controls the interrupt generator and the transceiver to generate the interrupt signal and transmits them to the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110145458 - Methods and systems for servicing interrupts generated responsive to actuation of hardware, via virtual firmware: The methods and systems described herein describe methods and systems for forwarding an interrupt that is generated by hardware to virtual firmware executing on a virtual machine. A control program receives an interrupt generated by hardware connected to the computing device. The control program forwards the interrupt to virtual firmware... Agent:

20110145459 - Electronic power management system: An electronic power management system comprising plural processors operable in different security and context-related modes and having respective supply voltage inputs and clock inputs, said processors having at least one interrupt input and at least one wait for interrupt output. The system further comprises a power control circuit operable to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incoporated

20110145461 - Method and device for balancing interrupt load of multicore processor: A method and a device for balancing an interrupt load of a multicore processor are provided, the multicore processor includes multiple cores and an interrupt controller for controlling interrupt handling of the cores, characterized in that the method includes: pre-configuring a default processing core and a scheduling core group corresponding... Agent: Zte Corporation

20110145460 - Processing system operable in various execution environments: A processing system operable in various execution environments. The system comprises plural processor cores having respective interrupt inputs, respective wait for interrupt outputs, and respective security outputs. The system also comprises a register coupled to at least one of the processor cores for identifying active execution environments. The system also... Agent: Texas Instruments Incoporated

20110145462 - Implementing gang interrupts: A method includes receiving a first interrupt request from a first device instance of a plurality of device instances. The first interrupt request is requesting an interrupt of a processor. The method also includes updating a bit vector based on the first interrupt request. The bit vector comprises a plurality... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20110145463 - System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus: A system memory includes a memory hub controller, a memory module accessible by the memory hub controller, and an expansion module having a processor circuit coupled to the memory module and also having access to the memory module. The memory hub controller is coupled to the memory hub through a... Agent: Round Rock Research, LLC

20110145464 - Method and apparatus for wireless digital content management: A memory card to be used in an apparatus having an inbuilt processor incapable of independently exporting digital data externally of the apparatus, the digital data being captured by the apparatus, the memory card comprising a central processor configured to control the export of data from the apparatus, a storage... Agent: T-data Systems (s) Pte Ltd

20110145465 - Semiconductor memory card: According to one embodiment, a semiconductor memory card includes a first and a second pin group used for reading/writing data in a first and a second modes and an interference portion that prevents the semiconductor memory card from being inserted up to a normal position of a card insertion hole... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110145466 - Mobile device dock with programmable buttons: A docking station for a handheld computer is provided. The docking station is installed in a wall and has multiple buttons that can send command signals to the handheld computer. The buttons could be programmed to provide a variety of different signals to the handheld computer, but generally allow a... Agent:

20110145467 - Interconnecting computing modules to form an integrated system: Systems, methods and portable devices are provided for interconnecting one or more computing modules within an enclosure together to form an integrated system. A portable device may include a communication interface configured to be removably coupled to each computing module for interconnecting them together to form the integrated system. A... Agent:

20110145468 - Aggregating unoccupied pci-e links to provide greater bandwidth: Embodiments of the claimed subject matter are directed to systems and a method that allows the aggregation of multiple interfaces of a single data communication bus to provide greater bandwidth for communication between a peripheral device and system memory within a computing system. In one embodiment, a system is provided... Agent: Nvidia Corproation

20110145469 - Apparatus for processing peripheral component interconnect express protocol: An apparatus for processing a PCI Express protocol, includes: a PCI Express transaction layer reception unit for transmitting status information, and performing a data writing operation; a PCI Express data link layer transmission unit for creating a flow control packet, transmitting the flow control packet to a PCI Express physical... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110145470 - Data input/output device for adjusting characteristic of interface: To adjusts protocol and analog characteristics of an interface automatically, there is provided a data input/output device coupled to a host computer for inputting and outputting data to and from the host computer, including: an interface coupled to an interface of the host computer; and a controller for controlling the... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110138083 - Configuring of an intelligent electronic device: An intelligent electronic device and a method for activating a function in an intelligent electronic device; the device includes an inter-module bus, a first interface and a number of hardware modules connected to each other via the inter-module bus. The modules include a process control module including a control unit... Agent:

20110138082 - Host-based messaging framework for pcie device management: A method of routing data in an information handling system can include receiving a notification from a management controller at a basic input/output system (BIOS) that includes a system management interrupt (SMI) handler. The a notification can indicate that the management controller has a data packet bound for a peripheral... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20110138084 - Electronic device: An electronic device comprises a plurality of memory components, a connector, a receiver, and a communication component. The connector is configured to operatively connect the electronic device to an external device. The external device is capable of individually recognizing the memory components one at a time or simultaneously recognizing only... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110138085 - Storage system: A host I/F unit has a management table for managing an MPPK which is in-charge of the control of input/output processing for a storage area of an LDEV, and if a host computer transmits an input/output request for the LDEV, the host I/F unit transfers the input/output request to the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110138086 - Direct memory access controller and method of operating the same: Provided is a Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller which provides a function of searching for a specific pattern from data being transmitted during DMA transmission. The DMA controller stores at least one pattern value. The DMA controller compares data being transmitted to a pattern value while transmitting the data using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110138087 - Stacked semiconductor memory device with compound read buffer: A stacked memory apparatus operating with a compound read buffer is disclosed. The stacked memory apparatus includes an interface device having a main buffer and a plurality of memory devices each having a device read buffer. Systems incorporating one or more stacked memory apparatuses and related method of performing a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110138088 - Integrated circuit card and corresponding programming process: An integrated circuit (IC) card may include non-volatile memory portions, where external data files are storable, and including volatile memory portions and a microprocessor. The IC card further may include a serial interface that stores the external data file as received into the volatile memory portions, and at least an... Agent: Incard S.a.

20110138089 - Data processing system having a channel adapter shared by multiple operating systems: A data processing system comprising a processing unit on which a control program runs, a plurality of operating systems (OS's) configured to run under control of said control program, a Peripheral Component Interchange (PCI) bus coupled to the processing unit, and a channel adaptor for data transmission/reception, wherein: the channel... Agent:

20110138090 - Communicating on an electrical bus: Method and apparatus for communicating on an electrical bus by generating a master logical signal on the electrical bus in the form of a pulse-width modulation signal. Generating a slave logical signal on the electrical bus in the form of a current signal. Reading the slave logical signal by sampling... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110138091 - Pre-memory resource contention resolution: Techniques are disclosed relating to resource contention resolution in a pre-memory environment. Prior to system memory being accessible, a resource control processing element controls access to a hardware resource by a plurality of processing elements by granting received requests from the processing elements for access to the resource. The resource... Agent:

20110138092 - Arbitration device, arbitration system, arbitration method, semiconductor integrated circuit, and image processing device: Provided is a hierarchical arbitration device wherein an arbitration device at each level of the hierarchy selects a resource use request having the highest priority and a resource use request having the second highest priority, outputting these two resource use requests to the arbitration device that is one level higher.... Agent:

20110138093 - Integrated circuit package with multiple dies and interrupt processing: A package includes a first die and a second die. The dies are connected to each other through an interface. The package includes interrupt processing for detecting interrupt information and providing a packet in response to the interrupt information detection. The packet includes an address to which data in the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (r&d) Ltd

20110138094 - Information processing apparatus and clock signal controlling method: An information processing apparatus includes an interrupting signal control device including a mask controller, the mask controller controlling whether or not to mask at least one interrupting signal serving as a trigger signal triggering a predetermined process; and a clock control device including an interrupting clock signal controller, the interrupting... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110138095 - Providing expansion card settings: Settings are provided by a chassis management controller to an expansion card in a multi-slot server chassis. The chassis management controller in a multi-slot server chassis provides an operating parameter to a server management controller in a server, and the server management controller writes the operating parameter to a port... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110138096 - Methods and systems for reliable link startup: Link startup systems, methods and devices associated with interconnects are described. Asymmetric lane connections are supported by, for example, independent renumbering of the connected lanes after an initial discovery process. Low-power, hibernating states of devices are supported by, for example, initialing alternating between transmission of startup and wakeup sequences over... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20110138097 - Computer system for controlling allocation of physical links and method thereof: The computer system of the present invention has a plurality of SAS target devices, an SAS initiator device, and a service delivery subsystem that is connected to each SAS target device by means of a physical link that is physical wiring and connected to the SAS initiator device by means... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110138098 - Crossbar circuitry for applying an adaptive priority scheme and method of operation of such crossbar circuitry: Crossbar circuitry has an array of data input and output paths where the data output paths are transverse to the data input paths. At each intersection between a data input path and a data output path, a crossbar cell is provided which includes a configuration storage circuit programmable to store... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110138099 - Method for communicating between nodes and server apparatus: According to an aspect of the embodiment, an input/output device transmits a message to a first node controller of a parent node which is set in advance via a cross bar. At this point, the cross bar generates information based on node information of the input/output device, and adds the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

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20110131343 - Providing indirect data addressing in an input/output processing system where the indirect data address list is non-contiguous: Systems, methods and computer program products for providing indirect data addressing at an I/O subsystem of an I/O processing system. The computer program product includes a tangible storage medium readable by a processing circuit and storing instructions for execution by the processing circuit for performing a method. The method includes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110131344 - Terminal apparatus and method for controlling usb apparatus thereof: A terminal apparatus connected to an external apparatus controls a universal serial bus (USB) apparatus that is connected to the external apparatus through the external apparatus. The terminal apparatus is connected to the external apparatus through a communication interface including a data channel. The terminal apparatus requests the external apparatus... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110131345 - Apparatus for detecting a usb host: A multi-interface integrated circuit (IC) comprises a plurality of transistors, and a level detection block. At least one transistor of the plurality of transistors is in communication with a first terminal and either a first or a second lead of the multi-interface IC, and at least one of the plurality... Agent: Atmel Rousset S.a.s.

20110131346 - Context processing for multiple active write commands in a media controller architecture: Described embodiments provide a method of transferring data from host devices to a media controller. The media controller generates a transfer context for each write request received from a host device. Receive-data threads corresponding to data transfer contexts for each transfer context are generated, each receive-data thread corresponding to a... Agent:

20110131347 - Direct memory access controller with multiple transaction functionality: A direct memory access controller is set forth. The direct memory access controller includes first and second registers storing various values that are used to set the parameters of DMA transfers that take place during a single data transaction. The first register stores a start address location value used to... Agent: Marvell International Ltd.

20110131348 - Control system and cpu unit: In the disclosed control system, loops of 1st path and 2nd path are formed connecting an active CPU unit and each of RIO units, the direction of data frame transfer through the loop of 1st path being opposite to that of the data frame transfer through the loop 2nd path.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110131349 - Data processing system and data processor: One data processor is provided with an interface for realizing connection with the other data processor. This interface is provided with a function for connecting the other data processor as a bus master to an internal bus of the one data processor, and the relevant other data processor is capable... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110131350 - Asynchronous upsizing circuit in data processing system: An asynchronous upsizing circuit in a data processing system. The asynchronous upsizing circuit includes an asynchronous packer and an asynchronous unpacker. The asynchronous packer includes a write buffer commonly used for an asynchronous bridge and for upsizing and for buffering a write channel data; and first and second asynchronous packing... Agent:

20110131351 - Coalescing multiple contexts into a single data transfer in a media controller architecture: Described embodiments provide for transferring data between a host device and a storage media. A host data transfer request is received and a total size of the data transfer is determined. One or more contexts corresponding to the total size of the requested transfer are generated and are associated with... Agent:

20110131352 - Ring buffer: A computer implemented method for writing to a software bound ring buffer. A network adapter may determine that data is available to write to the software bound ring buffer. The network adapter determines that a read index is not equal to a write index, responsive to a determination that data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110131353 - Analog data generating and processing device for use with a personal computer: An interface device (10) provides fast data communication between a host device with input/output interfaces and a data transmit/receive device, wherein the interface device (10) comprises a processor means (13), a memory means (14), a first connecting device (12) for interfacing the host device with the interface device, and a... Agent: Papst Licensing Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110131354 - Apparatus and method of generating universal memory i/o: A universal memory I/O generating apparatus includes a defining module, a retrieving module, a generating module, and a layout module. The defining module defines a mapping table according to a pin configuration of a plurality of I/Os. The mapping table includes corresponding relationships between the plurality of IOs and a... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20110131355 - Method for reading and writing non-standard register of serial advanced technology attachment (sata) device: A method for reading non-standard register of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) devices discloses an unused input parameter of standard command setting up as an executive parameter. While receiving the standard command, a SATA host controller converts the executive parameter and the standard command into input frame information structure (FIS)... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20110131356 - Method and system for high-speed detection handshake in universal serial bus based data communication system: A USB system includes a USB hub, a USB device, and a USB bus interconnecting the USB hub and the USB device. The USB hub asserts a reset signaling on the USB bus to initiate a high-speed detection handshake. The USB hub and the USB device activate corresponding dual-mode squelch... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110131357 - Interrupt queuing in a media controller architecture: Described embodiments provide a media controller for servicing contexts corresponding to data transfer requests from host devices. The media controller includes a context generator for generating contexts corresponding to the data transfer requests and a buffer for storing one or more context pointers, each pointer corresponding to a context and... Agent:

20110131358 - Wireless communication with a dock: In general, the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods, system and program products. A mobile computing device determines that the mobile computing device has physically paired with a docking system. Wireless communication between the mobile computing device and the docking system is automatically established in... Agent: Google Inc.

20110131359 - Programmable bridge header structures: A computer system includes compute nodes coupled through a switch to shared or non-shared I/O devices. The switch includes a pool of bridge headers and virtual bridges coupling a root port of a compute node to each of one or more shared or non-shared I/O devices. The switch is configured... Agent: Emulex Design And Manufacturing Corporation

20110131360 - Context execution in a media controller architecture: Described embodiments provide a media controller for processing one or more data transfer requests received from at least one host device. The media controller includes a buffer to receive data of a data transfer request from a communication link and a command parser to generate one or more contexts corresponding... Agent:

20110131361 - Computer apparatus, computer system and adapter carry-over method: To obtain a computer that can change over from the active system to the standby system without reconnecting the I/O adapters. The computer according to the present invention carries over the identifiers logically identifying connection paths between computer modules and I/O adapters from active computers to standby computers.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110131362 - Flexibly integrating endpoint logic into varied platforms: In one embodiment, the present invention is directed to an integrated endpoint having a virtual port coupled between an upstream fabric and an integrated device fabric that includes a multi-function logic to handle various functions for one or more intellectual property (IP) blocks coupled to the integrated device fabric. The... Agent:

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