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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110099296 - Accelerated access apparatus and reading and writing methods thereof: An accelerated access apparatus and reading and writing methods thereof are described. A processing unit is used to determine whether the continuation state of a plurality of first address parameters of first request signals. Each first request signal has a first address length. When the first address parameters are continuous... Agent: Genesys Logic, Inc.

20110099297 - Method and system for remotely configuring a device associated with a local machine: A system and method of configuring a USB device connected to a client machine includes detecting, by a local low level device insertion detection system of a client machine, a USB device connected to the client machine by a USB port, the client machine in communication with a remote machine... Agent:

20110099298 - Method of detecting accessories on an audio jack: An apparatus comprises an audio or video jack connector configured to receive an audio or video jack plug of a separate device, a detection circuit in electrical communication with the connector, and a processor communicatively coupled to the detection circuit. The connector includes an electrical contact for connection to a... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20110099299 - Mode switching: Mode switching may be provided. A selection of a non-native mode for a first input device may be received having a native mode. Then the use of the first input device may be enabled in the selected non-native mode. Next, a switch may be detected from the first input device... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110099300 - Camera shutter control through a usb port or audio/video port: An apparatus comprises a digital image sensor, a communication port, a detection circuit and a processor. The detection circuit is configured to detect a change in electrical resistance at a connector of the communication port. The processor is configured to initiate an operation of the apparatus according to the detected... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20110099301 - Using central direct memory access (cdma) controller to test integrated circuit: In an embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a direct memory access (DMA) controller configured to perform DMA operations between peripheral components of the integrated circuit and/or a memory to which the integrated circuit is configured to be coupled. Combinations of memory-to-memory, memory-to-peripheral, and peripheral-to-memory operations may be used. The DMA... Agent:

20110099302 - Content processing apparatus: A content processing apparatus includes a first transferor which transfers a predetermined content to an external device when accepting a transfer operation to any one of contents stored in a memory device. A predictor predicts a time period required for a transfer process of the content designated by the transfer... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110099303 - Multi-core data processor: To provide a multi-core LSI capable of improving the stability of operation. A multi-core LSI comprises a plurality of CPUs coupled to a first shared bus, one or more modules coupled to a second shared bus, a shared bus controller coupled between the first shared bus and the second shared... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110099304 - Controller and a method for controlling the communication between a processor and an external peripheral device: The present invention relates to a data processing system based on a multithreaded operating system. The data processing system comprises at least one processor (PROC) for processing data based on multiple threads, at least one controller unit (CU) for controlling the communication between said at least one processor (PROC) and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110099305 - Universal serial bus host control methods and universal serial bus host controllers: A USB host control method is provided for a USB host controller. The USB host controller includes a USB device and a buffer, the USB device includes one or more endpoints. The USB host control method includes the steps of: storing first output data to be sent to a first... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20110099306 - Enabling consecutive command message transmission to different devices: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for transmitting a frame information structure (FIS) message from a host controller or receiving a FIS message at the host controller, transmitting a synchronization signal from the host controller to a port multiplier coupled to the host controller via a link... Agent:

20110099307 - Electronic device and method for reading image files using the electronic device: A method for reading image files using an electronic device sends a communication command from a field programmable gate array (FPGA) of the electronic device to a host computer, receives a read command for reading an image file sent from the host computer by the FPGA. The method further reads... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110099308 - Split transaction protocol for a bus system: A method of and apparatus for communicating between a host and an agent. The method includes the step of performing a first transaction between a host controller and a hub. The hub is operable to perform a single transaction with an agent based on the first transaction. The method then... Agent: Intel Corporation

20110099309 - Power supply circuit for cpu: A power supply circuit includes a PWM controller capable of providing pulse signals to a CPU, and an I/O controller electrically coupled to the PWM controller and the CPU respectively. The I/O controller is capable of receiving voltage selection signals from the CPU and outputting a control signal to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110099311 - Communication system, communication apparatus, control method therefor, and computer program: In a communication system, one of a plurality of communication apparatuses that acts as a host controls data transmission and the other communication apparatuses that act as devices perform data transmission under control of the host over a predetermined communication interface. The communication apparatuses have both host and device roles,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110099310 - Controlling passthrough of communication between multiple buses: A demodulator can include first data and clock pads to couple the demodulator to a host device via a first bus, and second data and clock pads to couple the demodulator to a radio frequency (RF) tuner via a second bus. The device may further include passthrough logic to couple... Agent:

20110099312 - Circuit and method for pipe arbitration: Provided is an arbitration circuit included in a host controller that can be connected to a plurality of external devices via a plurality of pipe control circuits. The arbitration circuit includes an available state information storage unit that stores available state information. The available state information indicates an available state... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110099313 - System and method for controlling interruption of a process in electronic equipment based on priority of the process, and program: System, method, and program to determine whether to interrupt a process, e.g., a write function, to carry out another process, e.g., a high priority read function, in a device that uses memory devices, e.g., eMMC devices, that use a single channel to carry out two different processes, e.g., write and... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110099314 - Method for operating a trip recorder of a motor vehicle and a trip recorder for performing the method: A trip recorder, a memory card or a cleaning card being passed by a reading device by an electric motor drive. The trip recorder attempts to establish communication with the inserted card. If no communication can be established, the reader device or the memory card is dirty, or the cleaning... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110099315 - Multimedia system: A multimedia system includes a portable device, a multimedia expansion apparatus and a second display. The portable device further includes a main body and a first display coupling with the main body, in which the main body has a first multimedia module and a switch module. The multimedia further includes... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20110099316 - Dock-specific display modes: In general, the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods, systems, and program products. A mobile computing device is determined to have electrically coupled by physical contact with a docking system that is adapted to supply electrical power for charging the mobile computing device. The docking... Agent: Google Inc.

20110099317 - Input-output module for operation in memory module socket and method for extending a memory interface for input-output operations: An I/O module configured to operate in a memory module socket and method for extending a memory interface are generally described herein. The I/O module may include a serial-presence detection (SPD) device to indicate that the I/O module is an I/O device and to indicate one or more functions associated... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110093620 - Media management and routing within an electronic device: A method and apparatus for intelligently routing and managing audio signals within an electronic device is disclosed. The routing is responsive to a set of logical and physical policies which are stored in data tables which can be updated as needed.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110093621 - Information processing device that communicates with peripheral device, method, and control program: There is disclosed an information processing device that displays a link related to one peripheral device on a device screen. The information processing device includes obtaining means for obtaining device information of a peripheral device, link forming means for forming the link corresponding to setting information obtained by the obtaining... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110093622 - High-speed secure content transfer to sd card from kiosk: A system and a method are disclosed for quickly and securely transferring media files to an SD card from a kiosk. The kiosk includes a customer interface module for receiving a selection of a media file to transfer, a transaction module for accepting payment, a media file processing module for... Agent: Mod Systems Incorporated

20110093623 - Docking station with video control system: A docking station with video control system includes a housing, a USB hub, a VGA to USB video conversion unit, a USB interface controller and a button. The USB hub includes an upstream port and a downstream port. The upstream port is adapted to connect with a USB connector. The... Agent: I/o Interconnect, Ltd.

20110093624 - Type a usb receptacle with plug detection: A modified Series A universal serial bus (USB) receptacle connector is equipped with the functionality to allow the electronic system in which it resides to be configured either as a host device or a peripheral device. The modified USB Series A receptacle connector, according to one embodiment of the invention... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110093625 - Storage system, control device, and diagnosis method: A storage system continues its operation to reduce the influence on a wide link by abnormal physical wiring and so as not to lose the redundancy of the system. At least one physical wiring line is selected from among two or more physical wiring lines, the selected physical wiring line... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110093626 - Method and system for improving the efficiency and ensuring the integrity of a data transfer: The present invention provides an improved method and system of improving the efficiency, and ensuring the integrity, of a data transfer in a serverless backup, or third party copy, system having one or more physical storage devices. The present invention provides improvements to the processing of serverless copy, or EXTENDED... Agent: Atto Technology, Inc.

20110093627 - Handling legacy bios services for mass storage devices using system management interrupts: A method, system, and computer program product containing instructions for handling legacy BIOS services for mass storage devices using system management interrupts. In response to receiving a request for an input/output service, a system management interrupt is generated to enter system management mode. A system management RAM (SMRAM) is accessible... Agent:

20110093628 - Efficient low-latency buffer: An efficient low latency buffer, and method of operation, is described. The efficient low latency buffer may be used as a bi-directional buffer in an audio playback device to buffer both output and input data. The audio buffer includes two modes of operation. The first mode replaces large segments of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110093629 - Control function for memory based buffers: Instantiating a plurality of buffers in a random access memory by storing in the random access memory (RAM) a plurality of descriptors each containing a base address, at least one address pointer and a size to define a corresponding one of the plurality of buffers. Transferring data in any one... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110093630 - Method and apparatus for an automatic recovery keyboard for slate tablet computers: A method and apparatus for reimaging of a computing device are provided. The apparatus may include a recovery device which connects to a computing device via a communication network or a connector. The recovery device may have the capability to retrieve data from and to transfer data to the computing... Agent:

20110093631 - Adapters for event processing systems: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed for implementing adapters for event processing systems. A particular system includes an input adapter configured to store event objects received from a source at an input queue. The system also includes a query engine configured to remove event objects from the input queue,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110093633 - Asymmetrical serial communications: In some embodiments a Universal Serial Bus cable includes a first differential pair to transmit bus signals, and a second differential pair to transmit bus signals in a same direction as the bus signals transmitted by the first differential pair. In this manner, a bandwidth of the Universal Serial Bus... Agent:

20110093632 - Method for transmitting data from and to a control device: A method for transmitting data from and to a control device, in particular an engine control device for a motor vehicle that has a first communication interface and a second communication interface, the method having the following steps: connecting the first communication interface to a development tool, and connecting the... Agent:

20110093634 - Usb device: A USB device includes: a communication section that is capable of wirelessly communicating with a communication device that supports a predetermined communication standard; a USB communication section that is capable of communicating with a USB host device; and a connection section that, when a connection to the communication device is... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110093635 - Communication centralized control system and communication centralized control method: Disclosed herein is a communication centralized control system including one master device; a communication bus; and a plurality of slave devices configured to be connected to the master device by the communication bus, wherein the master device and the plurality of slave devices are capable of bidirectional communication via the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110093636 - Data processing apparatus and method for connection to interconnect circuitry: A data processing apparatus and method are provided for connection to interconnect circuitry, in order to enable the data processing apparatus to act as a master device to initiate transactions conforming to an interconnect protocol associated with the interconnect circuitry. The data processing apparatus has a main controller for executing... Agent:

20110093637 - Interrupt moderation: A technique for interrupt moderation allows coalescing interrupts from a device into groups to be processed as a batch by a host processor. Receive and send completions may be processed differently. When the host is interrupted for receive completions, it may check for send completions, reducing the need for interrupts... Agent: Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

20110093638 - Hardware multi-threading co-scheduling for parallel processing systems: A method, information processing system, and computer program product are provided for managing operating system interference on applications in a parallel processing system. A mapping of hardware multi-threading threads to at least one processing core is determined, and first and second sets of logical processors of the at least one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110093639 - Secure communications between and verification of authorized can devices: Encrypted encoding and decoding of identification data of CAN bus devices for communications therebetween provides deterrence of theft and unauthorized access of these secure CAN bus devices. Each one of the CAN bus devices is considered a “node” on the CAN bus for communications purposes. By using a unique encryption... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20110093640 - Universal serial bus host controller and control method thereof: A USB host controller is provided. The USB host controller is capable of communicating with multiple USB apparatuses having endpoints and sends a request to a first endpoint. The USB host controller includes a first storage and a first control unit. The first control unit stores endpoint information from the... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20110093641 - Usb sharing switch with automatic switching capabilities: A USB printer sharing switch device with automatic switching capabilities is provided for multiple computers to share a USB printer. The sharing switch device transfers USB data between the computers and the printer without changing the data format. The automatic switching function is performed by hardware and firmware of the... Agent: Aten International Co., Ltd.

20110093643 - Electronic device and method thereof for identifying electronic accessory: An electronic device includes a jack, a voltage processing unit, a measuring unit, a data transmission unit and a switching unit. The jack is adapted to receive a plug of an electronic accessory and has at least one first contact terminal and one second contact terminal. The voltage processing unit... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110093642 - Electronic device, control method thereof and recording medium: An electronic device is connectable to an external device. An interface substrate is detachably connected to a main substrate. A first interface is installed on the interface substrate, and the first interface which is connectable to the external device. A second interface is installed on the main substrate, and the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110093644 - Memory controller with ring bus for interconnecting memory clients to memory devices: Embodiments of a distributed memory controller system implemented on a single integrated circuit device are described. In one embodiment, a memory controller that provides an interconnection circuit between a first plurality of memory devices to a second plurality of memory clients includes a ring bus to route at least one... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110087804 - Peripheral device and device connection system: A peripheral device includes: an input/output block connected to a device subject to connection; a communication block configured to communicate with a device subject to communication; and a conversion block configured, if the device subject to communication is a storage device, to convert a storage access command output by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110087805 - Multi-mode dongle for peripheral devices and associated methods: Methods and systems are described for utilizing multi-mode dongles with peripheral devices. The multi-mode dongles are configured to provide standard mode signals for a standard mode of operation and alternate mode signals for an alternate mode of operation, for example, where a host information handling system is unable to provide... Agent:

20110087806 - Dual-mode data transfer of uncompressed multimedia contents or data communications: A system and corresponding method for transferring data. Data may be selectively communicated via a USB port of a device. An indication of a device type may be received at the USB port from an external interface. USB protocol data or uncompressed high definition media data may be caused to... Agent:

20110087807 - Systems and methods of media management, such as management of media to and from a media storage library, including removable media: A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process... Agent:

20110087808 - Direct access memory controller with multiple sources, corresponding method and computer program: For each buffer memory (161, . . . , 16i, . . . , 16n), the controller (10, 20) comprises means of executing a firmware (401, . . . , 40i, . . . , 40n) to read data and update the read pointer associated with this buffer memory, and... Agent: Commissar. A L'energ. Atom. Et Aux Energ. Altern.

20110087809 - Reduced latency barrier transaction requests in interconnects: Interconnect circuitry for a data processing apparatus is disclosed. The interconnect circuitry is configured to provide data routes via which at least one initiator device may access at least one recipient device, the interconnect circuitry comprising: at least one input for receiving transaction requests from the at least one initiator... Agent: Arm Limited

20110087810 - Method of programming the default cable interface software in an indicia reading device: An indicia reading apparatus includes an interconnect cable and an indicia reading device. The indicia reading device is configured so that, if the indicia reader device is not configured to any interconnect cable and detects an indicia which does not contain one of a plurality of specified sequences of data... Agent:

20110087811 - Semiconductor device, control method for the semiconductor device and information processing system including the same: The core chips each include a timing control circuit that outputs a timing signal synchronized with the outputting of parallel data to the interface chip. The interface chip includes a data input circuit that captures parallel data in synchronization with the timing signal. With this arrangement, the timing to output... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20110087812 - Multi-master bi-directional i2c bus buffer: Systems and methods are disclosed that promote communication in an I2C Bus. These systems and methods can include at least two groups, wherein each of the two groups comprise at least one I2C communication units, and wherein each of the I2C communication units within a group are coupled together. These... Agent: Enfora, Inc.

20110087813 - System and method of sending and receiving data and commands using the tck and tms of ieee 1149.1: A system and method that use the TCK and TMS to transmit address and data. IEEE 1149.1 based tools can use the system and method without modification to make IEEE 1149.1 TAPs appear and disappear, add compliance-enable circuits without pins and broadcast commands to IEEE P1687 instruments. The system and... Agent:

20110087816 - Computer system and control method thereof: A computer system and a control method thereof, the computer system including: a processor which executes a program; a communication unit which communicates with an external device; a main body which is provided with the processor. A cover which can be opened and shut with regard to the main body;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110087814 - Enhanced i/o performance in a multi-processor system via interrupt affinity schemes: Disclosed herein is a method for improving Input/Output (I/O) performance in a host system having multiple CPUs. Under this method, various interrupt affinity schemes are provided, which associate multiple processors, interrupts, and I/O channels for sending the interrupts, thereby allowing the interrupts to be almost evenly loaded among the multiple... Agent: Emulex Design & Manufacturing Corporation

20110087815 - Interrupt masking for multi-core processors: Technologies are generally described herein for handling interrupts within a multi-core processor. A core specific interrupt mask (“CIM”) can be adapted to influence the assignment of interrupts to particular processor cores in the multi-core processor. Available processor cores can be identified by evaluating the CIM. An interrupt with an interrupt... Agent:

20110087817 - Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and information processing method: According to an aspect of the invention, an information processing apparatus includes a main board, an expanded CPU board connector, an external device connector, a detection unit. A first CPU is mounted on the main board. The expanded CPU board connector is disposed on the main board. An expanded CPU... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110087818 - Single line dock status autoidentification: A single line docking station characteristic identifier is disclosed. In one embodiment, a portable computing device can include a dock detector circuit having an interface pin configured to be coupled to a docking station via a single line dock connection, where the dock detector circuit is configured to determine a... Agent:

20110087819 - Barrier transactions in interconnects: Interconnect circuitry for a data processing apparatus is disclosed. The interconnect circuitry is configured to provide data routes via which at least one initiator device may access at least one recipient device, said interconnect circuitry comprising: at least one input for receiving transaction requests from said at least one initiator... Agent: Arm Limited

20110087820 - Queue sharing and reconfiguration in pci express links: In one embodiment an electronic device comprises at least one processor, at least one PCI express link, a virtual channel/sub-link flow control module, and a memory module communicatively connected to the one or more processors and comprising logic instructions which, when executed on the one or more processors configure the... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110082949 - Presenting multi-function devices behind a switch hierarchy as a single function device: In one embodiment, a computer system, comprises at least one host node, at least one input/output node coupled to the host node, at least one multi-function device coupled to the input/output node via a switch, and a middle manager processor comprising logic to block an enumeration process in a host... Agent:

20110082950 - Computer system and computer system input/output method: Under the environment where a storage system is virtualized by Thin Provisioning technology or the like, it is difficult to statically estimate the I/O characteristics of the entire virtual volume, causing a problem that the effect of input/output control by a computer cannot be fully achieved by I/O scheduling that... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110082951 - Apparatus and method to adjust a multi-path device reservation: A method to adjust a multi-path device reservation by supplying a computing device and a storage controller interconnected with a communication link. The method further reserves a data storage device in communication with the storage controller, where that data storage device reservation is held by a first communication path group... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110082952 - Multi-reader multi-writer circular buffer memory: A system for managing a circular buffer memory includes a number of data writers, a number of data readers, a circular buffer memory; and logic configured to form a number of counters, form a number of temporary variables from the counters, and allow the data writers and the data readers... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110082953 - Data transmission method for use with wireless mouse: A data transmission method for use with a wireless mouse includes the following steps. Firstly, a mouse displacement data including a horizontal displacement and a vertical displacement is periodically transmitted from a wireless signal emitter to a wireless signal receiver in every wireless transmission time interval T1. Then, the horizontal... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20110082954 - Host apparatus, external storage apparatus and method for maintaining sharing setting thereof: A host apparatus, an external storage apparatus, and a method for maintaining a sharing setting thereof, are provided, the host apparatus including: an interface which communicates with an external storage apparatus; a storage unit; an information generator which generates sharing setting information regarding a content stored in the external storage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110082955 - I2c/smbus ladders and ladder enabled ics: I2C/SMBus ladders and ladder enabled ICs (devices) to enable daisy-chained I2C/SMBus communication. The devices are particularly useful in monitoring and/or servicing high-voltage battery stacks and other voltage stacks. The devices are powered from a respective voltage increment in the voltage stack, and include level shifting circuitry so as to be... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20110082956 - Information processing system and control method thereof: A control method of an information processing system including an address/data bus, the control method including: asserting a write enable signal indicating a write operation no later than an assertion of a latch control signal indicating an address latch timing in the write operation; asserting an output enable signal indicating... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110082957 - Slave device for an iic bus communication system capable of supressing freeze of iic bus communication: Multiple master devices and multiple slave devices are connected in parallel to two bus lines including a SCL line 1 and a SDA line 2, and a pullup resistor is connected between the bus lines and a power source. A state detector detects a frozen state on the basis of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110082958 - Micro controller unit (mcu) capable of increasing data retention time and method of driving the mcu: A method of operating a micro controller unit including maintaining a stop mode operation when a battery level detected in response to a first interrupt signal input from an external source is in a predetermined low voltage level range during the stop mode operation, and performing a normal operation corresponding... Agent:

20110082959 - Timeout preventing device, a timeout preventing method and a program thereof: Preventing time out of an IO transaction during CPU re-initialization by controlling the IO transaction so that the time when the IO transaction is continuously stopped during the CPU re-initialization process is within a predetermined time that prevents complete time out of an interrupt of an IO transaction. In a... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110082960 - Method of serial bus communication and bus interface device for the same: There are provided a serial bus communication method and a bus interface device showing excellent performance when a medium with low conductivity is used. The serial bus communication method includes: retrieving available transmission rate to a destination node to which data will be transmitted from a transmission rate table whenever... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110082961 - Sharing data crossbar for reads and writes in a data cache: The invention sets forth an L1 cache architecture that includes a crossbar unit configured to transmit data associated with both read data requests and write data requests. Data associated with read data requests is retrieved from a cache memory and transmitted to the client subsystems. Similarly, data associated with write... Agent:

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