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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110078335 - Electronic device and data control method thereof: An electronic device and data control method are provided. The electronic device includes a connector which is connected to an external storage medium storing media data therein; an identification unit which identifies a storage identifier (ID) of the external storage medium connected to the connector; and a controller which performs... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110078334 - Methods and apparatus for managing virtual ports and logical units on storage systems: A storage system configured to associate a virtual port 810 to a plurality of physical ports 800. In response to commands from computers, the storage system 100 manages relation between physical ports and virtual ports and relation between virtual port and volumes by performing processes such as creating a virtual... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110078337 - Configuration adaptation layer for mapping i/o device resources: A configuration adaptation layer (CAL) for I/O devices such as I/O adapters is provided. This configuration adaptation layer (CAL) explicitly provides a mapping between adapter functions and adapter resources in a way such that it is senseable in-band by the computer system using the adapter, e.g., by a virtual machine... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110078336 - State change in systems having devices coupled in a chained configuration: The present disclosure includes methods, devices, and systems for state change in systems having devices coupled in a chained configuration. A number of embodiments include a host and a number of devices coupled to the host in a chained configuration. The chained configuration includes at least one device that is... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110078338 - Card type peripheral apparatus and host apparatus: A card type peripheral apparatus connected to a host apparatus for communication therewith according to a specific protocol. The card type peripheral apparatus includes a plurality of configuration registers configured to be accessible by the host apparatus and to be set with diverse set information. At least one of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110078339 - Image processing device having a plurality of control units: An image processing device includes a memory unit that stores plural sets of user information and a plurality of modes in correspondence with each other so as to specify correspondence between a plurality of users and the plurality of modes, and a plurality of control units that execute a function... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110078341 - Method of monitoring host activity: A method of using a device, including monitoring host activity in an autonomous manner, without the host reporting to the device about its activity. The method also including initiating communications from the device and using resources of the host for such communications, thereby enabling the device to function as a... Agent: Sandisk Il Ltd.

20110078340 - Virtual row buffers for use with random access memory: Methods, apparatuses and systems to decrease the energy consumption of a memory chip while increasing its effect bandwidth during the execution of any workload. Methods, apparatuses and systems may allow a memory chip utilize a plurality of virtual row buffers to respond to requests for data included in a memory... Agent:

20110078342 - System and method for direct memory access using offsets: A DMA device may include an offset determination unit configured to determine a first offset for a DMA transfer and a data transfer unit. The data transfer unit may be configured to receive a first buffer starting address identifying a starting location of a first buffer allocated in memory for... Agent:

20110078343 - Distributed storage network including memory diversity: A distributed storage processing unit can generate data slices and determine metadata for each of the data slices. The metadata includes information that can be used to determine storage diversity preferences, which can include requirements that data slices generated from a common data segment each be stored in memories of... Agent: Cleversafe, Inc.

20110078344 - Hardware assisted endpoint idleness detection for usb host controllers: In some embodiments, an electronic apparatus comprises at least one memory module, and a universal serial bus (USB) host controller coupled to the memory, wherein the USB host controller implements hardware assisted idleness endpoint detection.... Agent:

20110078345 - Mobile communications terminal using multi-functional socket and method thereof: A mobile communications terminal using a multi-functional socket and a method thereof, the mobile communications device comprising a connector capable of connecting the mobile communications device to at least one external device for establishing an electrical connection between the at least one external device and the mobile communications device; a... Agent:

20110078346 - Computer networking device and method thereof: A universal computer networking device, in particular an Ethernet switch and the like, comprising a computer networking device having more than one power connection located on the computer networking device, wherein the computer networking device connects to a power source from either a first side or a second side of... Agent:

20110078347 - Method and system for supporting portable desktop: A method is disclosed for a portable peripheral memory storage device. The peripheral memory storage device is coupled with a workstation. In a first mode of operation, a portion of the peripheral memory storage device is mounted on the workstation for operation therewith as a storage medium in a first... Agent: Memory Experts International Inc.

20110078348 - Remote control apparatus for consumer electronic appliances: An apparatus for the remote wireless control of a consumer electronic audio visual appliance such as a TV set, and/or for internet uploading, includes a remote control handset and a wireless receiver for connection to the appliance. The remote control unit is adapted to transmit audio and/or visual data (A/V... Agent: Tessera Technologies Ireland Limited

20110078349 - Bus-protocol converting device and bus-protocol converting method: A bus-protocol converting device includes: a command detecting unit that detects a command sent from an external-memory control device, connected to a primary bus, to a primary bus interface controller; a command converting unit that converts the detected command into a command to be sent from a secondary bus interface... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110078351 - Information processor system: In an information processor system including a memory device (MEMO), a memory control device (SL0) capable of controlling an operation of the memory device, and a plurality of bus masters (MS0 to MS3) capable of giving access to the memory device through the memory control device, the memory control device... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110078350 - Method for generating multiple serial bus chip selects using single chip select signal and modulation of clock signal frequency: A system includes a serial bus having an electrical net for conveying a clock signal, and a master device and a plurality of slave devices coupled to the serial bus. The master device modulates a clock signal on its output on an electrical net according to first and second manners... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20110078352 - Administering the polling of a number of devices for device status: Administering the polling of a number of devices for device status including determining whether a task identification for polling the device is in the delayed polling queue; if the task identification for polling the device is not in the delayed polling queue, determining whether the task identification for polling the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110078353 - Communication processing apparatus, communication processing method, control method and communication device of communication processing apparatus: A communication processing apparatus (101) includes: a MAC unit (106) receiving a packet; a classification unit (107) classifying the received packet; a transfer control unit (104) transferring data of the classified packet to a main memory (102); a first memory (112m) storing an interrupt management table (112); an interrupt control... Agent:

20110078354 - Smart dock for chaining accessories: A system for communicating between an accessory and an electronic device includes a first interface, a second interface, and a docking station. The first interface is configured to communicate with the electronic device. The second interface is configured to communicate with the accessory. The docking station is coupled to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110078355 - Radio-control board for software-defined radio platform: A radio control board exchanges data with a radio frequency (RF) front end using a messaging protocol over an interface that includes separate data and control channels. Training data can also be passed over the interface for tuning the clock phase.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110078356 - Providing a peripheral component interconnect (pci)-compatible transaction level protocol for a system on a chip (soc): In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus having an adapter to communicate according to a personal computer (PC) protocol and a second protocol. A first interface coupled to the adapter is to perform address translation and ordering of transactions received from upstream of the adapter. The first interface... Agent:

20110078357 - Medium voltage switch unit: A medium voltage switch unit comprising an interruption unit and a disconnection unit, wherein the interruption unit comprises a first and a second interruption contact and a first drive unit which moves one of said interruption contacts between a first position in which they are in electrical connection and a... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110072162 - Serial line protocol for embedded devices: Described embodiments provide a transceiver for transferring data between a media controller and a host device through a communication link. The transceiver includes a first interrupt generator configured to i) generate a first interrupt when a command is received from the host device and ii) provide the received command to... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110072163 - Usb device communication apparatus, systems, and methods: Some embodiments include methods and apparatus to decode a functional request embedded in a portion of a standard device request, and execute the functional request by a universal serial bus (USB) device. The standard device request can include a Get_Descriptor request. Other embodiments are described.... Agent:

20110072164 - Pci express enhancements and extensions: A method and apparatus for enhancing/extending a serial point-to-point interconnect architecture, such as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is herein described. Temporal and locality caching hints and prefetching hints are provided to improve system wide caching and prefetching. Message codes for atomic operations to arbitrate ownership between system devices/resources are... Agent:

20110072165 - Device-configuration-information optimum arrangement method and device-configuration-information optimum arrangement system: A device-configuration-information integrated management system includes a device-configuration-information managing unit that manages device configuration information containing configuration items of a target device for management and contains relationships between the configuration items; and a device-configuration-information integrated managing unit for integratedly managing the device configuration information obtained from a plurality of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110072167 - Portable memory drive with portable applications and cross-computer system management application: A system and method for transporting the look, feel, and function of one's personalized computer preferences across multiple host computers, including the appearance, settings, programs, and user data. This system and method uses a portable memory device and a data management system that maintains a consistent interface and data file... Agent:

20110072166 - Storage device and driving method thereof: A storage device and a driving method thereof which enables a stored media file to be played in any media player are described. The storage device includes a storage unit which stores a media file of a media player. The storage device includes a connector which is connected to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110072168 - Data transfer system with different operating modes: An electronic system includes an input/output (I/O) interface and a controller coupled to the I/O interface and a storage medium. The controller can select an operating mode from multiple operating modes based on a type of the storage medium. At least two of the operating modes have different data transfer... Agent:

20110072169 - Printer interface detection device: A printer interface detection device includes a printer interface connected to a printer interface of a computer to be detected, a microcontroller, and an indicator. The printer interface includes a number of input/output (I/O) pins and a data signal pin connected to the corresponding pins of the microcontroller. The microcontroller... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110072171 - Dma and graphics intervace emulation: An emulator schedules emulation threads for DMA emulation and other emulation functions in a time-multiplexed manner. Emulation threads are selected for execution according to a load balancing scheme. Non-DMA emulation threads are executed until their execution time period expires or they stall. DMA emulation thread execution is allowed to execute... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110072170 - Systems and methods for transferring data to maintain preferred slot positions in a bi-endian processor: A bi-endian multiprocessor system having multiple processing elements, each of which includes a processor core, a local memory and a memory flow controller. The memory flow controller transfers data between the local memory and data sources external to the processing element. If the processing element and the data source implement... Agent:

20110072174 - Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in one-to-one communication: An apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in one-to-one communication are provided. A first buffer for temporarily storing file data and a second buffer for temporarily storing message data are connected to a data transmitter for transmitting data and a data receiver for receiving data, respectively or vice... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110072172 - Input/output device including a mechanism for transaction layer packet processing in multiple processor systems: An I/O device includes a host interface coupled to a plurality of hardware resources. The host interface includes a transaction layer packet (TLP) processing unit that may receive and process a plurality of transaction layer packets sent by a plurality of processing units. Each processing unit may correspond to a... Agent:

20110072173 - Processing host transfer requests for direct block access storage devices: Described embodiments provide a host subsystem that generates a host context corresponding to a received host data transfer request. A programmable sequencer generates one or more sequencer contexts based on the host context. Each of the sequencer contexts corresponds to at least part of the host data transfer request. The... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110072175 - Multimedia-capable computer management system for selectively operating a plurality of computers: The present invention provides an intelligent, modular multimedia computer management system for coupling a series of remote computers to one or more user workstations to allow each user workstation to selectively access and control one or more remote computers. The computer management system incorporates a centralized switching system that receives... Agent:

20110072176 - Meter system with master/slave meters: A meter system includes a CAN-Bus, a master meter, a slave bus, and a slave meter. The master meter includes a first CAN module, a master display, a master communication interface, and a master processor. The master meter is for receiving a signal transmitted from the CAN-Bus and for transforming... Agent:

20110072178 - Data processing apparatus and a method for setting priority levels for transactions: A data processing apparatus and method for setting priority levels for transactions is provided. The data processing apparatus has a shared resource for processing transactions, and at least one master device for issuing the transactions to the shared resource. The at least one master device provides a plurality of sources... Agent: Arm Limited

20110072179 - Packet prioritization systems and methods using address aliases: A switch fabric includes input links, output links, and at least one switching element. The input links are configured to receive data items that include destination addresses. At least some of the data items have different priority levels. The output links are configured to output the data items. Each of... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110072177 - Virtual channels for effective packet transfer: The invention sets forth a crossbar unit that includes multiple virtual channels, each virtual channel being a logical flow of data within the crossbar unit. Arbitration logic coupled to source client subsystems is configured to select a virtual channel for transmitting a data request or a data packet to a... Agent:

20110072180 - Interrupt on/off management apparatus and method for multi-core processor: Provided are an interrupt on/off management apparatus and method for a multi-core processor having a plurality of central processing unit (CPU) cores. The interrupt on/off management apparatus manages the multi-core processor such that at least one of two or more CPU cores included in a target CPU set can execute... Agent:

20110072181 - Abnormal status detecting method of interrupt pins: An abnormal status detecting method of interrupt pins is provided. In the invention, an advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) table is looked up for obtaining an interrupt status bit of each interrupt pin in a computer system. Afterwards, the interrupt status bit is continuously checked whether it is maintained... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110072182 - I/o connection system, method and program: In execution of hot-plug processing consisting of a plurality of processing steps for connecting an I/O to a host, the hot-plug processing is temporarily stopped upon completion of predetermined processing steps in the hot-plug processing, and the hot-plug processing is resumed once it is detected that connection between the host... Agent:

20110072183 - Initiator and target firewalls: A system comprising a first logic adapted to use qualifiers received from a component to determine which of a plurality of storages matches the qualifiers, the first logic generates a first signal indicative of a storage matching the qualifiers. The system also comprises a second logic coupled to the first... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110072184 - Data processing device and data processing system: To provide a data processing device in which a plurality of CPUs can individually and independently communicate with different functions of a USB device using a single communication path. The data processing device is configured so that a USB host module to be coupled to a plurality of central processing... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110072185 - Multi-protocol storage device bridge: A bridge includes a host interface via which data/commands are received from and transferred to a host, and a storage device interface via which data/commands are received from and transferred to a storage device. The bridge also includes one SDPC, a controller and a switching system that is configurable by... Agent: Sandisk Il Ltd.

20110072186 - Portable computer capable of converting internal storage device into external storage device: A portable computer capable of converting an internal storage device into an external storage device and, without being booted up, functioning as the external storage device is disclosed. The portable computer includes: an external interface connector; a switcher connected to an internal storage device, a south bridge chip, and an... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110066759 - Device control apparatus and device control method in video image display system including a plurality of connected devices: A device control apparatus in a video image display system including a plurality of connected devices. The apparatus includes an obtaining unit which obtains a logical address of a first device connected to the device control apparatus as a control object, a specifying unit which specifies the device type of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110066761 - Portable electronic apparatus, ic card and method of controlling portable electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a portable electronic apparatus includes a communicating unit, an executing unit, a generating unit, a storing unit, a first processing unit, and a second processing unit. The generating unit generates additional information associated with a result of the command processing executed by the executing unit. A... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110066760 - Recording device and control method for a recording device: The commands that can be used in a recording device can be changed without changing the firmware. A printer 2 that operates and records according to commands received from a host computer 4 has a plurality of built in commands, including a command related to a specific language, and stores... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110066762 - Electronic device for shortening input response time and method thereof: An electronic device for shortening input response time comprises an input unit, which comprises a plurality of sub-input units, each of which is assigned a sign. A storage unit is configured for storing a dynamic table, which stores relationships between the sign of the sub-input units and use frequency of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110066763 - Method for generating interface configuration files for computers of an avionic platform: The invention relates to a method for configuring interfaces of computers belonging to an avionic platform. The platform implements a plurality of avionic functions which may exchange functional messages, each functional message comprising one or more parameters. Each avionic function is implemented by means of software modules hosted by computers.... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110066765 - Memory controller and data saving control method of the same: A memory controller that controls data transfer between a volatile memory and a non-volatile memory, wherein data being held in a plurality of volatile memories each having a refresh operation mode and a self-refresh operation mode is transferred to the non-volatile memory. When readout of data from at least one... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110066764 - System and method for selecting high speed serial signals: A system for selecting high speed serial signals includes a loading module, a layout selecting module, a data processing module, and an output module. The loading module reads a chip package length file; a layout selecting module reads a layout file and selects high speed serial signals preset by a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110066766 - Control apparatus and data processing system: A control apparatus connectable to a plurality of electronic units via a bus, the control apparatus controlling operations of the plurality of electronic units, the control apparatus includes a first storage section for storing an operating information used for operating each of the plurality of electronic units, a second storage... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110066767 - Data migration to high speed storage in accordance with i/o activity over time: Methods, controllers for data storage, data storage systems, and computer program products are directed to migrating data after the initial placement of the data in data storage entities having higher speed and in other data storage. Steps of a method to migrate data to the higher speed data storage are... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110066768 - Quality of service and streaming attributes for a data storage device: A host/device interface coupled between a host and a storage device, and including a data interface and a Quality of Service (QoS) and configured to communicate a QoS signal with the host. The QoS interface cooperates with the data interface to selectively manage a storage QoS on the storage device.... Agent:

20110066769 - Multithreaded programmable direct memory access engine: A mechanism programming a direct memory access engine operating as a multithreaded processor is provided. A plurality of programs is received from a host processor in a local memory associated with the direct memory access engine. A request is received in the direct memory access engine from the host processor... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110066770 - Managing i/o request in a storage system: The present invention relates to managing I/O requests in a storage system. By dynamically changing the scheduling parameters to achieve optimal turn around time for I/O requests pending for processing at a component in the storage system. The scheduling parameters are changed based on a feedback mechanism. The turn around... Agent:

20110066771 - Lane to lane deskewing via non-data symbol processing for a serial point to point link: Multiple symbol sequences that have been transmitted in parallel using the same transmit clock over a serial point to point link are received. Each symbol sequence includes an instance of a first, non-data symbol. The multiple symbol sequences are buffered and the number of times an instance of a second,... Agent:

20110066772 - Controlling access to digital content: Method for utilizing digital content is provided. The method includes controlling a throughput rate for utilizing the digital content by an accessing system, where the throughput rate is associated with information related to the digital content and is stored as a file. The throughput rate is controlled by a storage... Agent: Sandisk Corporation

20110066773 - Redirecting input and output for multiple computers: Apparatus, methods, and systems provide for remote management of a set of local computers by transferring screen frames produced by the local computer for viewing at a remote computer. A redirection module captures and transmits video signals from a local computer through over a network, such as the Internet, to... Agent: American Megatrends, Inc.

20110066775 - Communication between a media player and an accessory with an extended interface mode: An interface and protocol allow a media player to communicate with external accessories over a transport link. The protocol includes a core protocol functionality and a number of accessory lingoes. Examples of accessory lingoes include a microphone lingo, a simple remote lingo, a display remote lingo, an RF transmitter lingo,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110066776 - Communication between a media player and an accessory with an extended interface mode: An interface and protocol allow a media player to communicate with external accessories over a transport link. The protocol includes a core protocol functionality and a number of accessory lingoes. Examples of accessory lingoes include a microphone lingo, a simple remote lingo, a display remote lingo, an RF transmitter lingo,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110066774 - Processing system with rf data bus and method for use therewith: A processing system includes a plurality of first circuit modules. A plurality of second circuit modules are coupled to an RF data bus via a 60 GHz communications. The RF data bus receives first data from at least one of the plurality of first circuit modules, and transmits the first... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110066778 - Method and apparatus for transporting and interoperating transition minimized differential signaling over differential serial communication transmitters: A differential serial communication transmitter (i.e. PCI Express or other suitable type of transmitter) can be used to transport and interoperate transition minimized differential signaling. The differential serial communication transmitter control logic receives display configuration control data and in response configures at least one differential serial communication transmitter of a... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20110066777 - Wireless memory card and method thereof: A wireless memory card device includes a casing having a width, a length, and a thickness for supporting an integrated power supply. The device has one or more solar cell modules spatially disposed on a first portion of the casing. The device further includes a power supply control circuitry coupled... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20110066779 - Data processing system, data processing method, and apparatus: A data processing system may include a first data path and a second data path. A set of components may include a system component and a partner component, each having a communication interface for communicating data. The components are operable in a synchronized mode and a non-synchronized mode with respect... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

20110066780 - Data processing apparatus and method for measuring a value of a predetermined property of transactions: A data processing apparatus and method for measuring a value of a predetermined property of transactions are provided. The data processing apparatus has initiator circuitry for initiating transactions, recipient circuitry for handling each transaction initiator by the initiator circuitry, and a communication path interconnecting the initiator circuitry and the recipient... Agent:

20110066781 - Method for assigning adresses to injectors: A method for assigning addresses to injectors of an internal combustion machine, wherein, prior to the starting procedure, an electronic motor control device selects a first injector by activating the first injector by a first control line from the electronic motor control device. The electronic motor control device is arranged... Agent: Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh

20110066782 - Partition bus: A method and system are provided for integrating partitions in a virtual machine environment. Specifically, a partition bus is provided, where the partition bus operatively connects partitions in such a way that it functions as a data transport mechanism allowing for data transfer and device sharing between partitions. The partition... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110066783 - Secure handling and routing of message-signaled interrupts: Encryption of interrupt vectors and authentication of device drivers prevents unauthorized modules from interfering with an interrupt handler. An operating system may encrypt an interrupt vector for a PCI device, initializing a Local Interrupt Controller of a CPU with the key to enable decryption of the interrupt vector, initializing a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110066784 - Adaptive usb extender: An adaptive USB extender is installed in a computer and includes a USB host controller mounted on a computer motherboard, a USB receptacle mounted on an I/O board, a USB cable interconnecting the I/O board and the USB host controller for transmitting USB-compliant signals, and an active signal driver mounted... Agent: I/o Interconnect Limited

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110060847 - Method and apparatus for transporting and interoperating transition minimized differential signaling over differential serial communication transmitters: A differential serial communication transmitter (i.e. PCI Express or other suitable type of transmitter) can be used to transport and interoperate transition minimized differential signaling. The differential serial communication transmitter control logic receives display configuration control data and in response configures at least one differential serial communication transmitter of a... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20110060848 - System and program products for facilitating input/output processing by using transport control words to reduce input/output communications: A computer program product, apparatus, and method for facilitating input/output processing of a processing environment are provided. The computer program product is provided for performing a method including: obtaining by an input/output communications adapter of the processing environment a transport control word including an address of a channel command word... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110060850 - Mobile device of supporting uart and usb communication using same connector and operating method there-of: A mobile device for supporting universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) communication and universal serial bus (USB) communication using a single connector and a method thereof are provided. The mobile device includes a USB connector, a USB module selectively connected with the connector to communicate with an external USB device, at least... Agent: Bluebird Soft Co., Ltd.

20110060849 - Monitoring method and keyboard video mouse switch: A monitoring method for monitoring operations performed via a first console device, which comprises the following steps. Firstly, a keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switch is provided, wherein the KVM switch comprises a plurality of video processing units for implementing multiple video processing channels KVM switching. Next, in response to... Agent: Aten International Co., Ltd.

20110060852 - Computer system and data transfer method therein: A DMA transfer technique which can be adapted to “hardware in the loop simulation” (HILS) and which requires less overhead. In a computer system having a data transfer device, a continuous DMA mechanism successively and repeatedly outputs a data transfer request in response to an enable process. A simulation system... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110060851 - Deep packet inspection (dpi) using a dpi core: Illustrated is a system for performing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) that includes a core to prepare a data packet for transmission. Further, the system includes a memory controller to direct the data packet to a DPI core. Additionally, the system includes a Network Interface Card to receive the data packet... Agent:

20110060853 - System, method, and device for routing calls using a distributed mobile architecture: Methods and devices for routing communications between distributed mobile architecture (DMA) servers using DMA gateways are disclosed. Communications information is received at a first DMA gateway of a DMA gateway communications network. The communications information is associated with a communications network that is accessible by a second DMA gateway of... Agent: Lemko Corporation

20110060854 - Functional configuration wizard: Described herein are methods and systems for configuration of complex applications. The configuration is performed by invoking from a repository of an executable checklist. The repository includes executable checklists to be used for different configuration scenarios. An executable checklist consists of all the necessary activities for a particular configuration setting.... Agent:

20110060855 - Method, system, and bus coupler for exchanging data between a higher-level network and a lower-level network: The invention relates to a bus coupler which converts a network-specific telegram arriving from an external network to an internal data telegram which transmits only the payload data from the network-specific telegram. The internal data telegram also contains at least one state information field for internal control information. The internal... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110060856 - Spi control device and method for accessing spi slave devices using the same: A method for accessing serial peripheral interface (SPI) slave devices using an SPI control device determines an SPI slave device to be operated, sets an operation type of the determined SPI slave device, and further sets a clock rate, a clock phase, and a clock polarity of the determined SPI... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110060857 - Skew management in an interconnection system: An interconnection system is described where data lanes may be exchanged between lines at intervals along a transmission path so that the differential time delay between bits on a plurality of the lines is reduced when determined at a receiving location. The data lanes may be bound to the lines... Agent: Violin Memory, Inc.

20110060858 - Method for enhancing performance of data access between a personal computer and a usb mass storage, associated personal computer, and storage medium storing an associated usb mass storage driver: A method for enhancing performance of data access between a personal computer and a USB Mass Storage is provided. The personal computer is equipped with a plurality of layers of drivers regarding USB data access, and a lower layer of the layers of the drivers includes a USB Bus Driver.... Agent:

20110060859 - Host-to-host software-based virtual system: A means for extending the Input/Output System of a host computer via software-centric virtualization. Physical hardware I/O resources are virtualized via a software-centric solution utilizing two or more host systems. The invention advantageously eliminates the host bus adapter, remote bus adapter, and expansion chassis and replaces them with a software... Agent:

20110060860 - Backplane network distribution: A backplane arrangement 200; 500 and method for distributing network connections in said backplane arrangement 200; 500 comprising a number of board positions Ac-Fc; Gc-Kc each arranged to operatively receive a board Ab-Fb; Gb-Kb, and a backplane-network arrangement 250, 300; 550, 600, 600′ arranged to operatively make a plurality of... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110055429 - Storage system that is connected to external storage: A first storage system is connected to a second storage system, and an external device within the first storage system is provided to a host as a device of the second storage system. The second storage system includes a cache control section having cache adaptors, each controlling a disk and... Agent:

20110055430 - Method for establishing a communication channel between a host device and a memory device, associated memory device and controller thereof, and associated host device and host device application: A method for establishing a communication channel between a host device and a memory device including a Flash memory includes: detecting at least one content that is transmitted from the host device to the memory device; and when it is detected that any content that the host device writes into... Agent:

20110055431 - Maintenance operations using configurable parameters: The present disclosure relates to performing maintenance operations in a data system using configurable parameters. In one embodiment, a method in a data system is provided. The method includes receiving an indication of a data latency threshold and performing at least one maintenance operation in the data system based on... Agent:

20110055433 - Communicating between host computers and peripheral resources in an input/output (i/o) virtualization system: An Input/Output (IO) Virtualization (IOV) system provides for sharing of computer peripheral devices between multiple host computers by presenting a single device multiple times to numerous host systems. The IOV system, in coupling or connecting multiple host computers and multiple IO devices, provides IO virtualization and host-to-host communication services to... Agent:

20110055432 - Electronic systems with peripheral devices: A computer-implemented method for interconnecting a peripheral device and an electronic system includes analyzing an information (INF) file associated with the peripheral device, recognizing a resource conflict between the peripheral device and the electronic system based on the analyzing of the INF file, and resolving the resource conflict by modifying... Agent:

20110055434 - Methods and systems for operating a computer via a low power adjunct processor: A computing device includes a low power auxiliary processor, such as a processor on a wireless card or sub-system, which is able to takeover processing in place of the computing device's central processing unit (CPU). Operating the computing device on the auxiliary processor draws less power from the computing device... Agent:

20110055435 - Data processor: The data processor provides an access protection with higher reliability during data transfer control according to a transfer condition set by CPU. The data processor has: CPU; a memory management section operable to control data transfer by CPU; and a transfer controller operable to control data transfer. The transfer controller... Agent:

20110055436 - Device to device flow control: The present disclosure includes methods, devices, and systems for device to device flow control. In one or more embodiments, a system configured for device to device flow control includes a host and a chain of devices, including one or more memory device, coupled to each other and configured to communicate... Agent:

20110055437 - Mobile communication device which can serve as input device for computer: The present invention discloses a mobile communication device which can serve as an input device for a computer, the mobile communication device including a control circuit; a command input device coupled to the control circuit to input information; and a transcoder coupled to the control circuit to transform a first... Agent:

20110055438 - Substrate processing apparatus and display method of substrate processing apparatus: A substrate processing apparatus is capable of giving notice to a user to prevent an improper removal of a removable storage medium and providing a manipulation screen through which it can be determined whether the removable storage medium can be removed. The substrate processing apparatus comprising: a controller configured to... Agent:

20110055439 - Bus bridge from processor local bus to advanced extensible interface: Disclosed is a method of processing a read/write request conforming to the PLB bus protocol and a bus bridge from PLB bus to AXI bus, the method comprising: receiving the read/write request conforming to the PLB bus protocol without waiting for an acknowledgement of successful execution of a previous read/write... Agent:

20110055440 - Method for expressing emotion in a text message: In one embodiment of the present invention, while composing a textual message, a portion of the textual message is dynamically indicated as having heightened emotional value. In one embodiment, this is indicated by depressing a key on a keyboard for a period longer than a typical debounce interval. While the... Agent:

20110055441 - Data compression and decompression apparatus and data compression and decompression method: A data compression and decompression apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a plurality of compression modules that implements compression algorithms with the same compression rate and different throughputs, respectively, a plurality of decompression modules that implements decompression algorithms corresponding to the compression algorithms of the compression... Agent:

20110055442 - Linear or rotational motor driver identification: A mechanism for assigning unique addresses to identical devices attached to a serial bus is presented. Each device has at least one output and is provided with a storage device to provide a configurable portion of a bus address having a fixed portion and a configurable portion. The device is... Agent:

20110055443 - Memory control apparatus and information processing apparatus including the same: Provided is a memory control apparatus including: a monitoring unit that monitors, for each of the masters, a usable bandwidth indicating an amount of memory access data to be accessed per unit time in response to a corresponding one of the access requests from the master; a holding unit that... Agent:

20110055444 - Resource controlling: The present application relates to a method for resource controlling comprising controlling the processing of requests of a first category having a first priority. The method comprises controlling the processing of requests of a second category having a second priority, wherein the first priority is set such that processing the... Agent:

20110055445 - Digital signal processing systems: A signal processing system may include a multiply-accumulate (MAC) unit to generate output data by performing multiply-accumulate operations on first and second input data in response to a stream of MAC instruction words, where the MAC unit is pipelined to enable it to perform a multiply-accumulate operation in response to... Agent:

20110055446 - Semiconductor integrated circuit device: When an interrupt event occurs, an interrupt request signal and interrupt data are output from an arbitrary peripheral module to an interrupt control circuit. The interrupt control circuit stores the received interrupt data in a register and performs a priority determination of the interrupt request signal. Subsequently, the interrupt control... Agent:

20110055447 - Docking system for medical diagnostic scanning using a handheld device: A docking system Including a clocking assembly which is able to surround and at least partially protect a handheld device such as a PDA or a smartphone, on In particular an IPhoπe, as made by Apple Inq, whilst providing means for connection of a probe unit to the handheld device.... Agent:

20110055448 - Method for data communication between a programmable controller and a data processing device and interface driver program and interface hereto: allocating the at least one selected communication interface to the hardware connection in such a manner that the data communication takes place both via the at least one communication interface selected in dependence on the availability and via the at least one communication interface selected in dependence on the identification.... Agent:

20110055449 - Logic chip, method and computer program for providing a configuration information for a configurable logic chip: A logic chip has a plurality of individually-addressable resource blocks, each comprising logic circuitry. The logic chip also has a bus comprising a plurality of bus information lines. A first of the resource blocks has a coupling between a first strict sub-set of the bus information lines and the logic... Agent:

20110055450 - Multifunctional storage device with built-in software controlled i/o bus: A multifunctional storage device with a built-in software controlled I/O bus includes a transmission interface plug, a transmission interface hub, at least one I/O device, at least one bridge and a built-in storage device. The built-in storage device includes a memory controller and a memory module, and the memory module... Agent:

20110055451 - Cross-threaded memory system: In a data processing system, a buffer integrated-circuit (IC) device includes multiple control interfaces, multiple memory interfaces and switching circuitry to couple each of the control interfaces concurrently to a respective one of the memory interfaces in accordance with a path selection value. A plurality of requestor IC devices are... Agent:

20110055452 - Method and program for memory relocation control of computer, and computer system: A computer system comprises a computer that includes a plurality of CPU sockets including one or more CPU cores, a crossbar switch, and a memory controller each, and memories connected under the respective plurality of CPU sockets, the plurality of CPU sockets being connected to each other. When all the... Agent:

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