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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/11

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02/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110047296 - Communication apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises a first communication module, a terminal, a second communication module and an address management module. The first communication module is configured to communicate with at least one device in accordance with a first communication scheme. The second communication module is configured to... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20110047297 - Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program: An information processing apparatus that can communicate with an external apparatus includes an instruction unit configured to receive an instruction to change a parameter in the external apparatus, and a sending unit configured to send a control signal for causing the external apparatus to change the parameter in the external... Agent: Canon U.s.a. Inc. Intellectual Property Division

20110047298 - Systems and methods for selecting parameters used in a portable patient monitor: A patient monitoring system includes a patient monitor and a plurality of docking stations. Each docking station is associated with a set of patient monitor configurations. Interfacing the patient monitor with a particular docking station allows a user to select one or more of the set of patient monitor configurations... Agent: Mindray Ds Usa, Inc. C/o Stoel Rives LLP

20110047299 - Method and apparatus for generating or using interaction activity information: A method of generating interaction activity information including connecting a second apparatus to a first apparatus capable of communicating with each other, receiving first information about a function that is capable of being performed in the first apparatus, from the first apparatus, and generating second information about a function that... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20110047301 - Method and apparatus for connecting to external device: A method of connecting an external device to an apparatus including calculating a time during which the external device is located within a reference range from the apparatus when a distance between the apparatus and the external device is within the reference range, and connecting the apparatus to the external... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20110047300 - Method and system for automatic configuration parameter monitoring for wind energy installations: A method for automatic configuration parameter monitoring for wind energy installations. The method includes generating a nominal configuration parameter set for a wind energy installation, storing the nominal configuration parameter set in a database, automatically detecting an actual configuration parameter set for the wind energy installation, automatically comparing the nominal... Agent: Barry E. Bretschneider Morrison & Foerster LLP

20110047302 - Programmed i/o ethernet adapter with early interrupts for accelerating data transfer: In a Local Area Network (LAN) system, an Ethernet adapter exchanges data with a host through programmed I/O (PIO) and FIFO buffers. The receive PIO employs a DMA ring buffer backup so incoming packets can be copied directly into host memory when the PIO FIFO buffer is full. The adapter... Agent: Withrow & Terranova, P.l.l.c.

20110047303 - Data transfer control device and data transfer control method: A data transfer control device in accordance with an exemplary aspect of the present invention includes a first communication unit that processes data transfer with a peripheral device, and a second communication unit that processes data transfer with a host device, wherein one of the first and second communication units... Agent: Young & Thompson

20110047304 - Method and apparatus for requesting data, and method and apparatus for obtaining data: Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses for requesting and obtaining data, in which time information is generated by use of a first device, and a data request command requesting data output by a second device is generated at a time point indicated by the time information. The generated data request... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20110047305 - Apparatus and method for securing data of usb devices: Security for a USB device is conducted in a protection mode for USB data by hooking an import table of a USB bus class driver, identifying a target IRP, into which the USB data to be protected is inputted, during the hooking routine, and intercepting a real USB data from... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20110047306 - Computer input switching device: A switching device for automatically sharing a pointing input device between a plurality of computers is described. The switching device includes an input for receiving relative pointer position data from the pointing input device and a plurality of outputs, each connectable to a respective one of a plurality of computers.... Agent: Beyer Law Group LLP

20110047307 - Data transfer method and data transfer apparatus: A data transfer method for transferring data between a source device and a sink device includes receiving a query about a channel number included in connection plug information from the sink device and notifying the sink device of information of an unused connection plug when a channel corresponding to the... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center Fujitsu Management Services Of America, Inc.

20110047308 - Control equipment with communication apparatus: A control equipment with a built-in communication apparatus is provided which realizes a delay required for communication without a software intervention while at the same time reducing a load of the communication processing. The control equipment with a communication apparatus includes: a communication device to communicate with a plurality of... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20110047309 - Virtual-interrupt-mode interface and method for virtualizing an interrupt mode: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods for virtualizing interrupt modes on behalf of interrupt-generating devices, including I/O-device controllers, so that newer interrupt-generating devices that lack older interrupt modes can be used in systems that continue to rely on older interrupt modes. In one embodiment of the present... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20110047310 - Method and system for generating and delivering inter-processor interrupts in a multi-core processor and in ceterain shared memory multi-processor systems: Certain embodiments of the present invention arc directed to providing efficient and easily-applied mechanisms for inter-core and inter-processor communications and inter-core and inter-processor signaling within multi-core microprocessors and certain multi-processor systems. In one embodiment of the present invention, local advanced programmable interrupt controllers within, or associated with, cores of a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20110047311 - Multi-port memory and operation: Multi-port memory having an additional control bus for passing commands between ports have individual ports that can be configured to respond to a command received from an external control bus or to a command received from the additional control bus. This facilitates various combinations of ports to vary the bandwidth... Agent: Leffert Jay & Polglaze, P.A.

20110047312 - Capturing read data: Various techniques are disclosed for providing data retrieved from a memory device and furnished to a memory bus in response to a read operation to a local bus interface. For instance, a set of conductive traces may be provided that forms a communication path between the memory bus and the... Agent: Fletcher Yoder (micron Technology, Inc.)

20110047313 - Memory area network for extended computer systems: A solution enabling the practical use of very large amounts of memory, external to a host computer system. With physical locality and confinement removed as an impediment, large quantities of memory, here before impractical to physically implement, now become practical. Memory chips and circuit cards no longer must be installed... Agent: Law Office Of Robert C. Klinger

02/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110040899 - Host/peripheral local interconnect that is compatible with self-configurable peripheral device: A host/peripheral local interconnect that is compatible with a self-configurable peripheral device is described. According to processes discussed herein, the peripheral device is self-configured. The host device may be kept aware of the self-configured state of the peripheral device, and/or self-configured changes made at the peripheral device. The host device... Agent: Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP

20110040900 - Host/peripheral local interconnect that is compatible with self-configurable peripheral device: A host/peripheral local interconnect that is compatible with a self-configurable peripheral device is described. According to processes discussed herein, the peripheral device is self-configured. The host device may be kept aware of the self-configured state of the peripheral device, and/or self-configured changes made at the peripheral device. The host device... Agent: Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman LLP

20110040901 - Multi-functional usb apparatus with auto-configuration and usb battery cap: The present invention describes a multi-module USB system consisting of a multi-function USB apparatus and associated USB cap. The multi-function USB apparatus operates as a USB host as well as a USB client. The USB cap houses a rechargeable battery pack and when docked with the multi-function USB apparatus provides... Agent: Mohammad Ayub Khan Streaming Networks

20110040902 - Compensation engine for training double data rate delays: A memory subsystem configured to perform event-driven training. The memory subsystem includes a memory, a memory controller coupled to the memory, and a monitoring unit coupled to the memory controller. The monitoring unit is configured to monitor at least one parameter of the memory subsystem, determine whether at least one... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel (amd)

20110040903 - Methods and apparatus for automated performance limiting of an i/o control device: Methods and apparatus for configurably limiting performance of an I/O controller device in processing of I/O requests. A performance monitor and control module in the I/O controller device monitors performance of the I/O request processing module and limits its processing to assure that maximum performance threshold values are not exceeded.... Agent: Duft Bornsen & Fishman LLP

20110040904 - Remotely controllable switch and testing methods using same: Apparatus, methods, systems, and computer-readable media are provided for remotely controlling the connection between a host computer and a multitude of connected devices. One apparatus described herein includes a multiplexer that has a host port for connection to a host computer, device ports for connection to the devices, and control... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20110040905 - Efficient buffered reading with a plug-in for input buffer size determination: A method of buffered reading of data is provided. A read request for data is received by a buffered reader, and in response to the read request, a main memory input buffer is partially filled with the data by the buffered reader to a predetermined amount that is less than... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti PC

20110040906 - Multi-level buffering of transactional data: An apparatus, method, and system for implementing a hardware transactional memory (HTM) system with multiple levels of transactional buffers. The apparatus comprises a data cache configured to buffer data in a shared (by a plurality of processing cores) memory accessed by speculative memory access operations and to retain the data... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel (amd)

20110040907 - Serial communication device and serial communication method: A serial communication device has: a MAC (Media Access Control), a mask circuit and a buffer. The MAC conforms to Serial Media Independent Interface specification and outputs an identical segment data for plural times within a unit period. The mask circuit is configured to mask a predetermined segment data out... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20110040908 - Mobile terminal, character conversion apparatus, character conversion process, computer program, and computer usable medium: A character conversion apparatus makes a predictive search of a conversion database for conversion candidates on the basis of one or more characters inputted by use of a character input key. The apparatus obtains, in reference to a table, the total number of times the character input key is to... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center Fujitsu Management Services Of America, Inc.

20110040909 - High-speed wireless serial communication link for a stacked device configuration using near field coupling: A memory module houses stacked memory devices and a memory controller each having a near-field interface coupled to loop antennas to communicate over-the-air data. A coil is formed on a memory device substrate or molded into a plastic mold to create near-field magnetic coupling with the stacked memory devices and... Agent: Gerbera/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20110040910 - Recording/reproducing apparatus: A device, including a first storage unit configured to store a first plurality of files and a first management data corresponding to the first files; a connector configured to connect to an external storage device, the external storage being configured to store a second plurality of files and second management... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20110040911 - Dual interface coherent and non-coherent network interface controller architecture: A dual interface coherent and non-coherent network interface controller architecture is generally presented. In this regard, a network interface controller is introduced including a non-coherent bus interface to communicatively couple with devices of a system through a non-coherent protocol, the non-coherent bus interface to facilitate discovery of the network interface... Agent: Intel Corporation C/o Cpa Global

20110040912 - Apparatus and method for multiple endian mode bus matching: Apparatus and method for bus matching. The method includes: receiving data transfer characteristics at a first endian mode and at a second endian mode; determining a connectivity of multiple devices to an interfacing bus in response to the data transfer characteristics and in response to a relationship between a width... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20110040913 - User-level interrupt mechanism for multi-core architectures: A method includes accepting for a first processor core of a plurality of processor cores in a multi-core system, a user-level interrupt indicated by a user-level interrupt message when an interrupt domain of an application thread executing on the first processor core and a recipient identifier of the application thread... Agent: Zagorin O'brien Graham LLP (1001)

20110040915 - Flexible notification mechanism for user-level interrupts: A method includes delivering a user-level interrupt message indicative of a user-level interrupt to one or more recipients according to a user-level interrupt delivery configuration selected from a plurality of user-level interrupt delivery configurations. The one or more recipients correspond to one or more application threads executing on one or... Agent: Zagorin O'brien Graham LLP (1001)

20110040914 - Mechanism for recording undeliverable user-level interrupts: A method includes recording a user-level interrupt as undeliverable in a mailbox at least partially based on an interrupt domain identifier and an interrupt recipient identifier included in a user-level interrupt message associated with the user-level interrupt. The recording is at least partially based on an indication that the user-level... Agent: Zagorin O'brien Graham LLP (1001)

20110040916 - System reconfiguration of expansion cards: A method and computer program product for improving or optimizing the configuration of expansion cards and expansion card slots in a computer system. The slot width of each slot is serially set to two or more link widths supported by the expansion card that is connect in each slot and... Agent: Streets & Steele - IBM Corporation

20110040918 - Host for use with dual interface card with backward and forward compatibility: Techniques are presented that allow a memory card operable according to two protocols (such as a legacy protocol and newer protocol), and having a corresponding dual interface, to be used with hosts that support the new protocol as well as having backward compatibility with legacy hosts, while preventing the use... Agent: Toler Law Group

20110040917 - System and method for enabling interchangeable dedicated management network interface card access via fabric controller: Systems and methods for reducing problems and disadvantages associated with traditional approaches to providing dedicated network interface card access are provided. An information handling system may include a processor, a memory communicatively coupled to the processor, a non-dedicated network interface communicatively coupled to the processor, a dedicated network interface, and... Agent: Baker Botts L.l.p

20110040919 - Image forming apparatus, image processing device, control device, and connection device: A disclosed image forming apparatus includes an image processing device including plural image processing units; a control device configured to control the plural image processing units; and a connection unit configured to connect the image processing device to the control device. Each of the plural image processing units is connected... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20110040922 - Interposing apparatus for hot-plugging device testing: An apparatus adapted to interpose a first device and a second device for selective connection between the first device and the second device, each of the first device and the second device including a connector having a plurality of contacts, the apparatus comprising: a first plurality of contacts for connecting... Agent: Butzel LongIPDocketing Dept

20110040921 - Kvm switch having universal input and programmable usb hub: A KVM switch of universal input and programmable USB hub includes a main control unit (MCU) chip, having a MCU circuit for controlling functions of the KVM switch, complete reports of console input devices, reading and corresponding transmissions of descriptors; a console device interface chip connected to the MCU; a... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

20110040920 - System and method for providing multi-process protection using direct memory mapped control registers: A method and system for providing multi-process protection using direct memory mapped control registers is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method provides a set of control registers for each execution unit of a plurality of execution units in a controller switch. The controller switch facilitates communication between a... Agent: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLPIPProsecution Department

02/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110035512 - Device configuration integration information managing device and device configuration information managing device: MW of an FCMDB sequentially registers device configuration information of MDRs 1 and 2 in the FCMDB. The MW registers the device configuration information of the MDR 2 in the FCMDB, including a process policy indicating that “at a class lower than or equal to a Server class, an unknown... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20110035513 - Peripheral device data integrity: A system and method for protecting against corruption of data stored in a peripheral storage device. The peripheral storage device is communicatively coupled with a host computer. The peripheral storage device includes at least memory and a controller. Data from the host computer is stored to a first portion of... Agent: Carr & Ferrell LLP

20110035514 - Information transmission apparatus: According to one embodiment, an information transmission apparatus includes a connection module, a detector, an output module, and a transmitter. The connection module is configured to connect at least one external device. The detector is configured to detect a status of at least one content compatible with the at least... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20110035515 - System and method of providing a user-friendly device path: A method can include, during a boot flow at an information handling system, receiving an initial device path related to a device that is integrated with or coupled to the information handling system. The method can also include identifying a system-specific device location table based on a node included in... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20110035516 - Computer system with dual hosts: A computer system with dual hosts is provided. The computer system includes a body, a first host, a second host and multiple peripheral devices. The first host and the second host are configured in the body, and the peripheral devices are coupled to the first host and the second host.... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20110035518 - Digital phase relationship lock loop: In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a first clocked storage device operable in a first clock domain corresponding to a first clock signal. The first clocked storage device has an input coupled to receive one or more bits transmitted on the input from a second clock domain corresponding to a... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20110035517 - Method and apparatus for receiving, storing, and presenting multimedia programming without indexing prior to storage: A method and apparatus for improved digital recording and presentation of broadcast information is disclosed. Received broadcast data, which may include video, audio, private, or other data, relating to one or more particular content programs, is presented from an input section to a buffer and recorded directly onto a storage... Agent: Setter Roche LLP

20110035519 - Computer storage device adapter: An adapter for mounting a device in a computer enclosure is disclosed herein. A computer storage device adapter includes an adapter chassis configured to be installed in at least one drive bay of a computer, and to house a storage device. The adapter further includes a bezel attached to the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20110035520 - Motherboard for selecting one of sub-systems immediately: A motherboard for selecting one of sub-systems immediately includes a plurality of sub-systems, a shared/control unit, and an input/output unit. The plurality of sub-systems individually has a corresponding kernel unit, a corresponding interface control unit and a corresponding power circuit. According to an external selecting signal, the shared/control unit selects... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20110035521 - Vehicle communication system: A vehicle communication system comprising a relay connection unit for relaying one or more buses connected to a message transmitter and a bus connected to a message receiver, wherein the relay connection unit generates new messages on the basis of a plurality of messages received from the message transmitter and... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20110035522 - Software-defined radio using multi-core processor: A radio control board passes a plurality of digital samples between a memory of a computing device and a radio frequency (RF) transceiver coupled to a system bus of the computing device. Processing of the digital samples is carried out one or more cores of a multi-core processor to implement... Agent: Lee & Hayes, PLLC

20110035523 - Communication infrastructure for a data processing apparatus and a method of operation of such a communication infrastructure: A communication infrastructure for a data processing apparatus, and a method of operation of such a communication infrastructure are provided. The communication infrastructure provides first and second switching circuits interconnected via a bidirectional link. Both of the switching circuits employ a multi-channel communication protocol, such that for each transaction a... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110035524 - Apparatus for plugging into a computation system, and computation system: An apparatus for upgrading a standard PC system to a fail-safe computation system, comprising a plug device for plugging into the computation system, a memory module, a microcontroller, and a first device for generating a first time signal, wherein the microcontroller and the first device interact such that the computation... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

20110035525 - System for maintaining large numbers of handheld electronic devices: A system for maintaining a large number of Handheld Electronic Devices (HEDs) includes a drawer having a divider structure configured to define compartments that are sized to hold the HEDs while the HEDs are stored in the drawer. A 20 port USB hub is provided in the drawer so that... Agent: Anderson Gorecki & Manaras, LLP Attn: John C. Gorecki

20110035526 - Methods and apparatuses for serial bus sideband communications: Methods and apparatuses that utilize a serial bus, such as a universal serial bus (USB), for communications between a communications network, a computing device, and an auxiliary device are disclosed. Some embodiments comprise methods handling sideband communications using serial buses. One or more of the embodiments comprise differentiating in-band data... Agent: Schubert Law Group PLLC C/o Cpa Global

20110035527 - Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage: A data storage gateway and method for providing virtual local storage on remote storage devices to devices. A plurality of devices, such as workstations, are connected to a first transport medium, and a plurality of storage devices are connected to a second transport medium. The storage router maps the virtual... Agent: SprinkleIPLaw Group

20110035528 - Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage: A storage router and method for providing virtual local storage on remote storage devices to devices are provided. Devices are connected to a first transport medium, and a plurality of storage devices are connected to a second transport medium. In one embodiment, the storage router maintains a map to allocate... Agent: SprinkleIPLaw Group

20110035530 - Network system, information processing apparatus, and control method for network system: A network system includes a crossbar switch, and a plurality of crossbar interfaces having ports connected to the crossbar switch. A bypass route directly connects crossbar interfaces forming a group in which a frequency of use of the ports is greater than or equal to a predetermined value amongst the... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20110035529 - Partitioning a crossbar interconnect in a multi-channel memory system: A method includes identifying a first set of masters and a second set of masters from a plurality of masters. The plurality of masters have access to a multi-channel memory via a crossbar interconnect. The method includes partitioning the crossbar interconnect into a plurality of partitions comprising at least a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

02/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110029691 - Processing system and method: Provided in some embodiment is a computer system, including a first peripheral device, having a first external data input, a first peripheral storage device to store the measurement data, a first peripheral device output to couple to a system interconnect of the computer system. The first peripheral device capable of... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20110029692 - Receiver configured to pair to multiple wireless devices: A computer system includes a receiver configured to pair with a set of peripheral devices and have active connections with a first subset of the peripheral devices and inactive connections with a second subset of the peripheral devices. The first and the second subsets of peripheral devices are subsets of... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20110029693 - Reserving pci memory space for pci devices: Embodiments include methods, apparatus, and systems for reserving memory space for Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices. One embodiment includes a method that determines peripheral devices that are connected to a host computer through a PCI switch or PCI bridge and then presents virtual devices as being connected to the PCI... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20110029696 - Information processing device: An information processing device includes: an address converter including a base address register in which address conversion information is stored and a conversion circuit that converts a PCI Express standard bus address of an inputted packet to a non-PCI Express standard bus address; and a packet generator. When first configuration... Agent: Studebaker & Brackett PC

20110029695 - Input/output (i/o) virtualization system: An Input/Output (IO) Virtualization (IOV) system couples or connects multiple host computers and IO devices to a managed transport fabric to provide IO virtualization. The host computers may run any operating system to provide a virtualized environment for guest operating systems. The host interface to the IOV system is PCI-Express... Agent: Gregory & Martensen LLP

20110029694 - Software controlled redirection of configuration address spaces: A peripheral device can be powered off when not in use by redirecting accesses to the peripheral device's configuration space from the peripheral device to a memory located separate from the peripheral device. A method for redirecting accesses includes copying the current contents of the configuration space to the memory.... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C. Dept. Amd

20110029697 - Memory devices implementing clock mirroring scheme and related memory systems and clock mirroring methods: A memory device is configured to operate in first and second data input/output modes. The memory device includes a first electrode pad, a second electrode pad, a clock signal line, a first switching unit, and a second switching unit. The clock signal line is configured to transmit a clock to... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20110029698 - Storage system and its multiple extent exclusive control method: Proposed is technology for shortening the time required for analyzing and processing commands issued from multiple hosts and speeding up the processing. When a controller receives a command including random IO processing and the reception of commands is complete, it determines whether the valid extents prescribed in seek parameters attached... Agent: Juan Carlos A. Marquez C/o Stites & Harbison PLLC

20110029699 - Method and system for routing keystrokes in a client server network: Methods and systems are provided that handle certain keystrokes or keystroke combinations on a remote station so that a user may select whether those keystrokes are sent to a target device, or whether they affect a remote station controlling the target device. Such systems allow the user to select which... Agent: Davidson Berquist Jackson & Gowdey LLP

20110029700 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes a clock input buffer, an asynchronous data input buffer, and a synchronous data input buffer. The clock input buffer is configured to buffer an external clocks in order to generate an internal clock. The asynchronous data input buffer is configured to buffer data input through a... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20110029701 - Physical layer interface for computing devices: A physical layer device for interfacing with multiple computing devices includes a digital core and first and second analog front ends. The digital core is operative to perform one or more functions of the physical layer device. Each of the first and second analog front ends is operative to perform... Agent: Ryan, Mason & Lewis, LLP

20110029702 - Method and apparatus pertaining to portable transaction-enablement platform-based secure transactions: A portable transaction-enablement platform carries out certain actions to improve the protection of sensitive information. This can comprise detecting when a user of the portable transaction-enablement platform prepares to use the portable transaction-enablement platform to facilitate a sensitive transaction and then responding in a corresponding manner. This can comprise, for... Agent: Motorola, Inc. Penny Tomko

20110029704 - Communication system having a plurality of communication nodes: A certain ECU transmits a reference message for requiring the other ECUs to transmit data. After transmission of the reference message, each of all the ECUs transmits priority information of its transmit message onto a communication bus, and then detects whether some priority information transmitted from the other ECUs has... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110029706 - Electronic device and method for controlling an electronic device: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device comprises at least one master network interface (MNI) with in a credit count unit (CC) for counting received credits and a first buffer unit (FIFO). The electronic device furthermore comprises at least one slave network interface (SNI) which comprises a threshold unit... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20110029703 - Electronic device capable of automatically switching between a master mode and a slave mode: An electronic device, includes a USB interface, a processing unit, a master-slave select triggering circuit, a controlling unit, a selection circuit and a switching circuit. The master-slave selection triggering circuit including an input port, a first output port and a second output port. The master-slave select triggering circuit is used... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20110029705 - Multi-drop serial bus with location detection and method: A multi-drop serial bus to connect a master device to a plurality of slave devices on a data line includes a voltage divider network, comprising divider resistors in series on the data line between slave devices, and a voltage sensing device, connected to the data line, configured to detect a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20110029707 - Apparatus and method for playing multimedia data: A multimedia data reproducing device is provided which includes: a codec converting digital data into an analog signal by a predetermined method and reproducing the analog signal; and a control unit including a core generating a reproduction block by decoding multimedia data and outputting the generated reproduction block to a... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20110029708 - Serial advanced technology attachment interface storage device: A serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) interface storage device. The SATA interface storage device can be used in cooperation with an electrical apparatus and comprises a substrate, a chip set, a SATA interface and a shell. The substrate has a first surface, a second surface corresponding to the first surface... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20110029709 - Data movement system and method: Provided is a method of streaming transfer of data between a plurality of devices of a computer system. The method includes providing data to be sent from a source device to a target device and includes receiving, at the source device, one or more transfer credits from the target device.... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20110029710 - Converting resets in shared i/o system: Embodiments include methods, apparatus, and systems for converting resets in a shared I/O system. One embodiment includes a method that propagates a first type of reset from a host computer to a multi-function device that shares I/O operations with other hosts. The first type of reset is converted to a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

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