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Electrical computers and digital data processing systems: input/output February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/10

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02/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100049877 - Peripheral equipment operating method, peripheral equipment and host: A peripheral equipment operating method, including: generating waiting data by a peripheral equipment; sending the waiting data to a host which communicates with the peripheral equipment; receiving the result returned by the host, after the host processed the waiting data by the peripheral equipment driving software. A method of assisting... Agent: Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd (for Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd)

20100049878 - Differential data transfer for flash memory card: A flash memory card includes a differential datapath that enables communications between the flash memory card and a host device to be performed using differential signals. The differential datapath can translate between the differential signals and card-specific signals that control read/write operations to the memory array of the flash memory... Agent: Bever Hoffman & Harms, LLP 901 Campisi Way

20100049879 - Method for developing and implementing efficient workflow oriented user interfaces and controls: A method for developing user interfaces to support efficient workflow implementation in an organization or in daily tasks of a typical consumer is disclosed. The method accounts for limitations in ability of a typical user of such interfaces to deal with more than about six elements of information or choices... Agent: Lanier Ford Shaver & Payne P.C.

20100049880 - Circuits and methods for reliable automatic usb speed detection: The Universal Serial Bus (“USB”) 2.0 Specification defines three speeds of communication for its bus, and each has its own signaling characteristics. Due to the uniqueness of each speed, PHYs must be placed in a separate mode for each signaling rate. Although USB devices may know its communication speed, a... Agent: Venture Pacific Law, PC

20100049882 - Hotkey processing method and computer system: A key processing method for use in a computer system having at least one BIOS (basic input output system) and one controller is disclosed. The method comprises the following steps. After a predetermined time period, it is first determined whether a specific hotkey has been pressed. If so, the BIOS... Agent: Quintero Law Office, PC

20100049881 - Universal serial bus (usb) remote wakeup: A universal serial bus (USB) device communicates with a USB host over a USB to remotely wake up the USB host over the USB when the USB host is in a low power (e.g. deep sleep) mode. The USB device performs an activity to wake up the USB host. The... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100049883 - Method and system for memory address translation and pinning: A method and system for memory address translation and pinning are provided. The method includes attaching a memory address space identifier to a direct memory access (DMA) request, the DMA request is sent by a consumer and using a virtual address in a given address space. The method further includes... Agent: Ibm Corporation, T.j. Watson Research Center

20100049884 - Method of transmitting data from a transmitting device: A method is provided for transmitting data from a transmitting device (121) to a receiving device (125). The transmitting device transmits a first data frame (200) to a receiving device a first time (3100). Then it consecutively transmits the first data frame to the receiving device second through Nth times... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20100049885 - Unified multi-transport medium connector architecture: A device, method, and system are disclosed. In one embodiment the device includes a router to transmit data packets between multiple host controllers and one or more peripheral devices. The router can receive a data packet from a host controller and transmit the data packet to a peripheral device across... Agent: Intel Corporation C/o Cpa Global

20100049887 - Device and method for transferring data between devices: A device and method for transferring data is disclosed that facilitates data transfers between devices having different clock domains. The data transfer from one device to another occurs through a First In First Out memory (FIFO). The relative number of FIFO access cycles to the FIFO is controlled to maintain... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100049886 - Storage system disposed with plural integrated circuits: To provide a transceiving technology that controls the mounting area of a circuit pertaining to transmission and/or reception and where the utilization efficiency of a buffer is improved. In a transmission side circuit, there are disposed a transmission side first circuit component that generates a first packet that follows a... Agent: Brundidge & Stanger, P.C.

20100049888 - Method for synchronization of peripherals with a central processing unit in an embedded system:

20100049889 - Information processing apparatus, kvm switch, remote system, and computer readable medium: An information processing apparatus includes a selection portion that selects any one of a first setting that enables data on a hot key from a keyboard for a server, a second setting that enables the data on the hot key from the keyboard for a KVM switch, and a third... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100049890 - Listing windows of active applications of computing devices sharing a keyboard based upon requests for attention: Methods and arrangements of monitoring applications active on a plurality of computers are discussed. Embodiments include transformations, code, state machines or other logic to connect a plurality of computing devices via a keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch and to detect applications active on the computing devices. In some embodiments, each... Agent: Ibm Corporation (jss) C/o Schubert Osterrieder & Nickelson PLLC

20100049891 - Method and device for synchronizing two bus systems and arrangement composed to two bus systems: A device for synchronizing at least two bus systems, having a first communications module for a first bus system and a second communications module for a second bus system, wherein in the first communications module first trigger information is present by which a trigger signal is triggered in the first... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100049892 - Method of routing an interrupt signal directly to a virtual processing unit in a system with one or more physical processing units: The present disclosure relates to a method of processing an interrupt comprising a peripheral unit sending an interrupt, the interrupt being intended for a virtual unit executed by a processing unit, transmitting the interrupt to an interrupt control unit coupled to a processing unit, and the interrupt control unit storing... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100049893 - Link balancer apparatus with low profile plural port input / output card: A space-conscious system utilizes a low profile expansion card for providing a physical and electrical interface between a larger scale board, such as a motherboard, and a plurality of external components. The expansion card is mounted in a perpendicular orientation relative to the larger scale board, despite dimensional limitations with... Agent: Patentry

20100049894 - Data backup transmitter: A data backup transmitter includes a body, a first connecting port and a second connecting port. The first and the second connecting ports are connected to the body. A data backup assembly is electrically connected between the first and the second connecting ports. The data backup assembly has a backup... Agent: Kile Goekjian Reed & Mcmanus PLLC

20100049896 - Peer-to-peer network communications using sata/sas technology: A conventional serial communications protocol that is limited to supporting only host-to-slave communications, such as SATA or SAS, is extended to support peer-to-peer communications, e.g., by adding a memory-map layer into the conventional protocol stack between the link layer and the protocol layer. The addition of the memory-map layer enables... Agent: Mendelsohn, Drucker, & Associates, P.C.

20100049895 - Providing a connection between a memory medium of a mobile device and an external device: System and method for providing a high speed connection to a memory medium of a mobile device. The mobile device may be a mobile phone or other type of portable electronic device. The memory medium may be removable and/or may be flash memory, as desired. The mobile device may include... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100049897 - Computer and method for sharing input device thereof: According to the present invention, a computer is provided, which comprises a host system, an embedded subsystem, a power source, an input device control module, a first transmission interface and a second transmission interface, the input device control module being connected to the embedded subsystem through the first transmission interface,... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

02/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100042749 - Content distribution system using transportable memory devices: A portable device includes solid-state memory, an Ethernet and/or wireless network connection, and an HDMI. The portable device receives content guide data from a first server and displays a content guide on a display. In response to a user's selection of a content item, the portable device requests the content... Agent: Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker, LLP

20100042750 - Chained bus method and device: Memory devices and methods are described and shown that are capable of being configured in a chain. In one configuration, a single data input port and a single data output port are utilized at a host to communicate with the chain of memory devices. Methods for assigning identifiers to memory... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/micron

20100042751 - Data transfer control device, data transfer device, data transfer control method, and semiconductor integrated circuit using reconfigured circuit: A semiconductor integrated circuit ensures to reserve a required memory bandwidth at low cost. A memory bandwidth monitoring unit 1210 calculates a required memory bandwidth, monitors the usage condition of the memory, and outputs the following information to a reconfiguration control unit 1120. The information is necessary to reconfigure a... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20100042752 - Remote management of storage controllers: A method for data storage includes accepting a management command by a first storage controller, which exchanges data for storage with at least a second storage controller over a dedicated communication connection using a dedicated storage protocol. The management command is addressed to a destination storage controller and contains an... Agent: Griffiths & Seaton PLLC (ibm2)

20100042753 - Interception and management of i/o operations on portable storage devices: One embodiment provides a system that processes an input/output (I/O) operation associated with a portable storage device. During operation, the system loads a virtual computing environment stored on the portable storage device into a host computer system coupled to the portable storage device. Next, the system intercepts the I/O operation... Agent: Park, Vaughan & Fleming LLP

20100042754 - Data transmitting device and data transmitting method: A data transfer device includes: a plurality of storage devices (10) including a plurality of transfer sources (TS) of which storage regions are different from each other and setting registers (40) of which number is equal to the number of the transfer sources (TS). The setting registers (40) stores for... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100042755 - Methods and systems for deadlock-free allocation of memory: Methods and systems for memory management. A method for memory management includes: maintaining a reference count for at least one first process associated with a portion of memory; maintaining a shared reference count for at least one second process associated with the portion of memory; and freeing the portion of... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20100042756 - Data transfer device: A data transfer device for performing direct memory access (DMA) transfer of data stored in a storage unit to a plurality of other devices includes: a plurality of channel units arranged to correspond to the other devices, the channel units retaining DMA transfer instructions, and outputting number of the DMA... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center C/o Cpa Global

20100042757 - Data transfer control device and computer system: A data transfer control device includes a control component (DMA controller 5) which acquires a data transfer instruction including, as its parameters, start memory addresses or start input/output addresses and data transfer size of the peripheral devices to be used as the transfer source and transfer destination when carrying out... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100042758 - System and method for information handling system battery with integrated communication ports: Space along the perimeter of a portable information handling system is made available for I/O connections with external devices by integrating I/O ports into a battery housing having some length extending along the perimeter. The I/O ports interface with the information handling system with wires running through the battery housing... Agent: Hamilton & Terrile, LLP

20100042759 - Various methods and apparatus for address tiling and channel interleaving throughout the integrated system: Various methods and apparatus are described for a target with multiple channels. Address decoding logic is configured to implement a distribution of requests from individual burst requests to two or more memory channels making up an aggregate target. The address decoding logic implements a channel-selection hash function to allow requests... Agent: Rutan & Tucker, LLP.

20100042760 - Method for executing an application with the aid of a portable data storage medium: The invention relates to a method for carrying out an application with the help of a portable data carrier (1). With the method according to the invention via a first data channel (5) of the portable data carrier (1) a data connection with a first external device (2) is formed.... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100042761 - Observing an internal link via a second link: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for selecting first data received in a first die of a multi-chip package (MCP) from a second die of the MCP via an intra-package link for output from a selector during a first clock period of a first clock signal, selecting... Agent: Trop, Pruner & Hu, P.C.

20100042762 - Efficient load/store buffer memory management in a computer communications network data transmission switch: A technique is disclosed for observing the data movement pattern in a peripheral device attached to a computer communications network data transmission switch, in order to arrive at a (statistical) determination of whether the peripheral device is being used as a “load intensive” device or as a “store intensive” device... Agent: Ibm Corporation RochesterIPLaw Dept. 917

20100042763 - Switch with enhanced human interface device support: The present invention relates to a system and method for switching keyboard human interface devices (HIDs) and video displays. Provided is a switch with emulation support for advanced HID features. The switch uses information contained in HID report descriptors to extract information contained in HID reports and insert the extracted... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100042764 - Programmable multi-function adapter for wireless networks: The present invention provides a programmable multi-function adapter for a wireless network that includes a wireless communications module, a control module, a data communications interface and a programmable non-volatile memory. The data communications interface is coupled to the control module, while the programmable non-volatile memory is coupled to the control... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20100042765 - Dynamically migrating channels: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method of determining a relative priority between a first agent and a second agent, and assigning the first agent to a first channel and the second agent to a second channel according to the relative priority. Depending on the currently programmed status... Agent: Trop, Pruner & Hu, P.C.

20100042766 - Pci-express data link transmitter employing a plurality of dynamically selectable data transmission priority rules: A PCI-Express data link transmitter includes a plurality of arbiters, each employing a distinct priority rule to select one of multiple scheduled TLPs and DLLPs based on their distinct types. A selector selects one of the arbiters to select the one of the multiple scheduled TLPs and DLLPs for transmission.... Agent: Huffman Law Group, P.C.

20100042768 - Data transmission base and portable electronic apparatus: A data transmission base is used to transmit data for a data transmission device. The data transmission device has a data transmission body and a cover. The data transmission body has a first transmission interface. The data transmission base includes a transmission connection body and a cover connection body. The... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100042767 - Method and apparatus for connecting usb devices to a remote computer: A method and apparatus are provided to enable a plurality of standard USB peripheral devices, utilizing the USB specification, to be distributed at various nodes across a network, wherein communications across the network may take advantage of any pre-existing network connectivity of a standard, non-modified USB host computer. In particular,... Agent: Gowan Intellectual Property

20100042769 - Motherboard and interface control method of memory slot thereof: The invention provides a motherboard and an interface control method of a memory slot thereof. The motherboard includes a plurality of slot groups, a bus, and an interface controller. Each of the slot groups includes a first memory slot and a second memory slot connected with the bus. The first... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20100042770 - Expansion interface module having protection circuit: An expansion interface module having protection circuit disposed on a front-side case panel and electrically connected to a main board. The expansion interface module includes a circuit board, a plurality of connectors, a protective element, and a connecting port. The connectors, protective element and the connecting port are electrically connected... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

02/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100036971 - Processing unit and portable electrical device and auto-run method thereof: A processing unit, a portable electrical device and an auto-run method thereof are described. The processing unit of the portable electrical device has a kernel program memory area where a virtual memory device is established. Then, a virtual auto-run file is stored in the virtual memory device. When the portable... Agent: Austin Rapp & Hardman

20100036972 - Reconfigurable computing device and method for inspecting configuration data: A reconfigurable computing device includes a reconfigurable logical device of which a circuit logic can be changed based on configuration data, a storage part to store beforehand input-output attributes of input-output parts of the reconfigurable logical device, and a verification part to verify the configuration data by making a comparison... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100036973 - Storage device for mounting to a host: A storage device comprising a non-volatile memory for storing data, and an input device that is operative to select an operating mode of the storage device prior to mounting the storage device, such that each operating mode represents a different type of storage device. A controller interfaces with the input... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/sandisk

20100036974 - Recognizing telegram boundaries: A measuring apparatus comprises a receiving device, a processing device and a sending device. The receiving device is adapted to receive at least one telegram fragment, and the receiving device is adapted to determine a destination of the at least one telegram fragment, and depending on the destination of the... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20100036975 - Repeat ccw count argument for device command word processing: A method of packaging a plurality of repeating commands for device command word (DCW) processing in a computer environment having an I/O link handling complex instruction chains for a processing operation is provided. Locate record information is packaged into DCW prefix parameter data. The locate record information includes an intent... Agent: Griffiths & Seaton PLLC (ibm)

20100036976 - Device and method for testing a direct memory access controller: A device and a method for testing a DMA controller. The device includes: (i) a DMA controller that includes a first data transfer path and a second data transfer path, wherein the first data transfer path and the second data transfer path are mutually independent; (ii) a test unit, connected... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20100036977 - Ckd partial record handling: A method for combining partial records into a single direct memory access (DMA) operation for a count key data (CKD) protocol in a computer environment is provided. In an initiator processor of the computer environment, a number of the partial records to be prefetched is determined by gathering a plurality... Agent: Griffiths & Seaton PLLC (ibm)

20100036978 - Embedded locate records for device command word processing: A method of packaging locate record commands for device command word (DCW) processing is provided. A first locate record command is packaged into DCW prefix parameter data. The first locate record command includes first search and first seek arguments, a first intent count argument, a first transfer length factor argument,... Agent: Griffiths & Seaton PLLC (ibm)

20100036979 - External direct memory access of embedded controller memory: An embedded controller capable of providing direct memory access (DMA) to memory for a host. The controller may include a processor, a memory medium, and an interface coupled to the memory medium. The interface may be configured to couple to a host and receive a DMA request. The DMA request... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100036980 - Multi-mode processing module and method of use: A multi-mode processing module and method of use are disclosed. In a particular form, a multi-mode processing module can include a peripheral interface configured to be enabled in response to a peripheral application access request. The multi-mode processing module can further include a plurality of independent peripheral resources individually accessible... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100036981 - Finding hot call paths: Included are embodiments for finding hot call paths. More specifically, at least one embodiment of a method includes creating a structure for at least one function node and creating a directed acyclic graph (DAG) by adding a first root node, the first root node being a virtual root node. Some... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20100036982 - Interrogate processing for complex i/o link: A method for facilitating input/output (I/O) communication for a processing operation is provided. An interrogate command is obtained by an I/O communications adapter. The interrogate command queries for status information of the processing operation to be provided in an interrogate response. A fixed number of resources and a time allocated... Agent: Griffiths & Seaton PLLC (ibm)

20100036983 - Processing module, interface, and information handling system: A processing module, interface, and information handling system are disclosed. According to an aspect, a processing module can include a plurality of components coupled to a circuit card operable to be coupled to a host processing system. The processing module can also include a processing module interface configured to be... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100036984 - Method and apparatus for preventing bus livelock due to excessive mmio: The disclosure relates to a method and apparatus to efficiently address livelock in a multi-processor system. In one embodiment, the disclosure is directed to a method for preventing a system bus livelock in a system having a plurality of processors communicating respectively through a plurality of bus masters to a... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (ibm Corp)

20100036985 - System architecture for motor vehicles with enable interfaces for the start-up thereof: A system architecture for a motor vehicle has a control unit for identifying an authorized user and a gateway control unit for enabling at least one further data bus, and control units arranged on the at least one further data bus, following the identification of an authorized user. An external... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100036986 - System for debugging throughput deficiency in an architecture using on-chip throughput computations: A method, system, and apparatus for debugging throughput deficiency in an architecture using on-chip throughput computations are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a subsystem module of the integrated circuit (e.g., may be a field-programmable gate array), a other subsystem module associated with the subsystem module to execute a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100036987 - Apparatus and methods for speculative interrupt vector prefetching: Techniques for interrupt processing are described. An exceptional condition is detected in one or more stages of an instruction pipeline in a processor. In response to the detected exceptional condition and prior to the processor accepting an interrupt in response to the detected exceptional condition, an instruction cache is checked... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100036988 - Multimedia playing device: A multimedia playing device includes a central processing unit, a plurality of sensors electrically coupled to the central processing unit, and an output unit electrically coupled to the central processing unit. The plurality of sensors are operated together with the central processing unit, such that after the sensors detect different... Agent: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

20100036989 - System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus: A system memory includes a memory hub controller, a memory module accessible by the memory hub controller, and an expansion module having a processor circuit coupled to the memory module and also having access to the memory module. The memory hub controller is coupled to the memory hub through a... Agent: Kimton N. Eng, Esq. Dorsey & Whitney LLP

20100036990 - Network device: A network device includes a bus, at least one line card with a chip select pin and an address, and a control card module. The control card module includes at least one active control card connected to each line card. The control card module indentifies the line cards by the... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100036991 - Apparatus and method for docking of mobile device supporting docking station: An apparatus and method for docking of a mobile device supporting a docking station are provided. The apparatus includes a connection detector, an undock execution unit, and a hotdock execution unit. The connection detector performs a function for transitioning to a hotdock mode. The undock execution unit performs a function... Agent: JeffersonIPLaw, LLP

20100036992 - Usb and ethernet controller combination device: A USB-to-Ethernet controller with a USB hub may be integrated into a single integrated circuit (IC) USB-Ethernet Combination (UEC) device. The UEC may provide the end user with an Ethernet port, multiple downstream USB ports, and an upstream USB port for connecting to a USB host controller. One or more... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100036993 - Combination power memory device: A portable power and/or memory device is disclosed, which device includes integrated management circuitry enabling on-board management of energy storage, power management, and memory management. In a preferred embodiment, the device of the present invention can store and make available both memory and power, and provides an on-board means for... Agent: Fox Rothschild LLP Princeton Pike Corporate Center

20100036995 - Computer system and bus assignment method: To make it possible to take over an IO configuration that is assigned to logical partitions in reallocation of the logical partitions, and to make an IO access work normally. A computer system has a server having an IO bridge, a switch that has a first IO bridge for connecting... Agent: Mattingly & Malur, P.C.

20100036994 - Flexible and expandable memory architectures: Memory system architectures, memory modules, processing systems and methods are disclosed. In various embodiments, a memory system architecture includes a source configured to communicate signals to a memory device. At least one memory cube may coupled to the source by a communications link having more than one communications path. The... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/micron

02/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100030917 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program: A signal processing apparatus includes: a connecting means for use in connecting to a different device; a signal control means for changing a control signal to be outputted to the different device through the connecting means for a predetermined period; a changing means for changing the predetermined period; a determining... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100030918 - Transport control channel program chain linked branching: A computer program product, apparatus, and method for processing a transport control channel program with chain linked branching in an I/O processing system are provided. The method includes receiving a command message at a control unit from an I/O subsystem to perform an I/O operation. The method further includes reading... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP-ibm Poughkeepsie

20100030920 - Transport control channel program chain linking: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing a chain linked transport control channel program in an I/O processing system is provided. The method includes receiving a first command message at a control unit specifying a first predetermined sequence number for performing a first set of one or more... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP-ibm Poughkeepsie

20100030919 - Transport control channel program message pairing: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing a chained-pair linked transport control channel program in an I/O processing system is provided. The method includes receiving a first command message at a control unit specifying that a device command word (DCW) list is encoded in a data message associated... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP-ibm Poughkeepsie

20100030922 - Computer peripheral device implemented as optic storage device or/and removable disk by software emulation and implementing method thereof: The present invention relates to a method of implementing an internal memory of a computer peripheral device as an optical storage device or/and a removable disk by software emulation. The computer peripheral device does not include additional hardware for driving the computer peripheral device as an optical storage device or/and... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti PC

20100030921 - Storage device with display unit and method of displaying information: A portable storage device includes a display unit that allows a user to easily determine the content stored in the storage device independent of any connection to another device. The storage device extracts information that represents data stored in the data storage unit based on user settings or a search... Agent: North Star Intellectual Property Law, PC

20100030923 - I/o device n_port id virtualization: An I/O device obtains multiple unique N_Port IDs (identifiers) for a NPIV N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) capable physical adapter. Fabric management routines are able to assign the multiple unique N_Port IDs to distinct fabric zones. LUNs (logical unit numbers) are able to be associated with the multiple unique N_Port IDs... Agent: Ibm Corporation (swp)

20100030924 - High signal level compliant input/output circuits: A signal interface circuit has a signal path for communicatively coupling host circuitry to peripheral circuitry of multiple peripherals. Communication signals in the signal path are of a peripheral signal level. The signal path has electronic components adapted for use in communicating signals between the host circuitry and the peripheral... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20100030925 - Printer and control method thereof: A printer includes: a USB connector that is detachably connected to a USB interface forming a data communication channel through which data can be exchanged between the printer and an external device; a second connector that is constantly connected to a second interface that is provided independently of the USB... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100030926 - Signaling device for detecting the presence of an object: A sheet switch (142) has a bottom layer (144) and a top layer (160). First and second conductors (148, 162) located on the bottom layer (144) form two separate conductive paths, with a voltage potential applied to the conductors (148, 162). The top layer (160) includes a ground conductor (172).... Agent: Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett LLP

20100030927 - General purpose hardware acceleration via deirect memory access: A method and system in which one or more hardware accelerators are directly accessible via a direct memory access controller (DMAC) including an internal mechanism. In some embodiments, the internal mechanism may include a local interconnect in the DMAC. In other embodiments, a DMAC structure includes a mechanism that provides... Agent: Potomac Patent Group PLLC

20100030928 - Media processing method and device: A media processing system and device with improved power usage characteristics, improved audio functionality and improved media security is provided. Embodiments of the media processing system include an audio processing subsystem that operates independently of the host processor for long periods of time, allowing the host processor to enter a... Agent: Apple Inc. C/o Fletcher Yoder, PC

20100030930 - Bandwidth conserving protocol for command-response bus system: A command-response bus protocol reduces the number of response transactions generated on a bus. According to an embodiment, an array of data is divided into a number of packets and transmitted over the bus in respective transactions. The transactions each include a writeback flag, which is enabled for the last... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100030929 - Device for connection with a storage device and a host: A dual-interface connector for providing an interface to a storage device and an interface to a host and for connecting between a storage device and a host includes a storage device interface, for connecting with a storage device, and a host interface, for connecting with a host. A controller is... Agent: Toler Law Group

20100030931 - Scheduling proportional storage share for storage systems: A system for scheduling proportional sharing of storage shares includes one or more hosts which are IO attached to storage system including a storage coordinator, a buffer, and one or more storage devices which are provided as one or more storage shares. A storage share scheduler of the storage coordinator... Agent: Lsi Corporation C/o Suiter Swantz PC Llo

20100030932 - System and method of processing data on a peripheral device: A system and method for processing data on a peripheral device that is operatively coupled to a host computing system via a peripheral bus. The compression of input data transmitted to the peripheral device and/or the size of the storage provided on the peripheral device may enhance the efficiency of... Agent: Chevron Corporation

20100030933 - Non-volatile memory storage device and operation method thereof: A non-volatile memory storage device has a non-volatile memory, e.g., a flash memory, and a controller coupled to the non-volatile memory. The controller comprises a plurality of control circuits and an arbitration circuit. Each control circuit is configured to generate a request to update the chip-enable (CE) signals for non-volatile... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100030934 - Bus termination system and method: A memory system includes a number of integrated circuit chips coupled to a bus. Each of the integrated circuit chips has an input/output node coupled to the bus, the input/output node having a programmable on-die termination resistor. The input/output node of one of the integrated circuit chips is accessed via... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100030935 - Modbus register data reformatting: A Modbus data protocol register formatting system and method are disclosed. The system and method provide for the Modbus communications protocol request and recall of data stored in a register in the data base native format, and the conversion of the data into a different requested format. The system and... Agent: Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

20100030936 - Integrated circuit and electronic device: An IC (100) for communicating over a data communication bus (220) comprising a first pair of conductors including a data signal conductor (SDA) and a synchronization signal conductor (SCL), e.g. an I2C bus, is disclosed. The IC comprises a group of address pins (106a-c) for defining the bus address of... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100030937 - Method and system for redundantly controlling a slave device: The disclosure provides a control and data transmission installation for redundantly controlling a slave device, which may be a field transmitter. The effect achieved by the control and data transmission installation is that essentially seamless control of a field transmitter can be assured even when a control device fails. The... Agent: Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, LLP

20100030938 - Controller and method for direct memory access: A DMA controlling method comprises the steps of: building a linking table, wherein the linking table records the status of each memory block and of a pointer pointing to a next memory block; activating a first memory block; receiving an interrupt signal and linking to a next associated memory block... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100030939 - Request controller, processing unit, arrangement, method for controlling requests and computer program product: An request controller for controlling requests of a processing unit. The request controller may include an request controller input for receiving an request and an request processing unit connected to the request controller input. The request may request to switch a context of said processing unit or to switch the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20100030940 - Device and method for scheduling transactions over a deep pipelined component: A device and a method, the device has transaction scheduling capabilities, and includes: (i) a memory unit adapted to output data at a first data rate, (ii) a data transaction initiator adapted to receive data at a second data rate that is lower than the first data rate; (iii) a... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20100030941 - Method and system for connecting multiple ide devices to a usb apparatus using a single usb-to-ide adapter: A single USB-to-IDE adapter (204) connects two or more IDE devices (208, 210, 212) to a USB apparatus (202). The USB apparatus (202) communicates with each IDE device using a connection identifier associated with the USB connection (206) and a unique identifier associated with each IDE connection (214, 216, 218).... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

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