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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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10/02/2014 > 48 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140294181 - Orthogonal transform apparatus, orthogonal transform method, orthogonal transform computer program, and audio decoding apparatus: An orthogonal transform apparatus computes either one of the real and imaginary components of the quadrature mirror filter coefficient contained in a first subinterval of a plurality of subintervals among which a coefficient sequence containing a plurality of quadrature mirror filter coefficients is divided so that the values of basis... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140294183 - Portable terminal, hearing aid, and method of indicating positions of sound sources in the portable terminal: A portable terminal, a hearing aid, and a method of indicating the position of a sound source in the portable terminal are provided. The method includes receiving sound signals of a plurality of sound sources, determining respective distances between the plurality of sound sources and the portable terminal, and respective... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140294182 - Systems and methods for locating an error microphone to minimize or reduce obstruction of an acoustic transducer wave path: An apparatus may include an acoustic transducer, a housing, a microphone, and an acoustical conduit. The acoustic transducer may include a diaphragm having a front and a back, the diaphragm configured to mechanically vibrate in response to an audio signal, thereby producing sound from the front of the diaphragm. The... Agent:

20140294185 - Adaptive high fidelity reproduction system for object-based audio: Object-based audio is adaptively associated with speakers, depending on the speaker configuration that is present. Each speaker it receives an audio assignment based on its individual spectral characteristics. As more speakers are added, content is adaptively associated with that you speaker, and taken away from the previous.... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20140294184 - Detection circuit: A detection circuit is disclosed, in which the first and second pins are arranged to connect to at least one signal transduction area of the plug, such that a voltage division circuit generates first and second division voltages accordingly. A processing unit determines the signal transduction area(s) connected by the... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140294187 - Apparatus and method for determining parameter using auditory model of hearing loss patient: An apparatus and method are provided to determine a parameter using an auditory model of a hearing loss patient. The parameter determination apparatus determines a similarity between a neurogram of a normal subject and a neurogram of a hearing loss patient, and determines an optimal frequency band for the hearing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140294188 - Evaluation of sound quality and speech intelligibility from neurograms: An approach is described for evaluating a selected hearing stimulation strategy in a hearing impaired patient. A healthy neurogram represents a normal auditory neural response to a selected sound input by a healthy auditory system. An impaired neurogram represents an impaired auditory neural response to the selected sound input by... Agent:

20140294186 - Measurement apparatus for testing and calibrating bone-conduction vibrators: A skull simulator tests and calibrates bone-conduction vibrators under realistic operating conditions. In known skull simulators, the front wall of the casing—and/or exposed parts of the suspension—have one or more planar surfaces on the front, and these planar surfaces are thus oriented towards the bone-conduction vibrator when it is mounted... Agent: Oticon Medical A/s

20140294190 - Method and device for damping or amplifying a sound introduced into a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method (30) for damping and/or amplifying a sound introduced into a passenger compartment (10) of a motor vehicle, in particular an electrically driven motor vehicle, said sound being generated (32) by a sound source (22) arranged outside of the passenger compartment (10). A correction signal... Agent:

20140294189 - Motor vehicle adaptive feed-forward noise reduction: A system, device and method that is configured to operate an active noise reduction system for a motor vehicle, where there is an adaptive feed-forward noise reduction system input sine wave at a frequency to be cancelled, and where the adaptive feed-forward noise reduction system includes an adaptive filter that... Agent:

20140294191 - Hearing protection with sound exposure control and monitoring: A sound monitoring control for controlling the sound pressure level (SPL) delivered to the ears of a user of a hearing protection device. The control employs a measurement of the actual sound heard by the user, using a microphone to control the sound level and to help prevent noise induced... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20140294192 - Bendable cord for controlling an electronic device: Described is a technique for controlling an electronic device by manipulating a headphone cord. This may be accomplished by sensing various bends and/or bend patterns to the cord. The cord may include a resistive member such as a rod or hollow member for providing tactile feedback to a user. The... Agent:

20140294193 - Transducer apparatus with in-ear microphone: Apparatus comprising: a first earpiece comprising a first microphone transducer; a second earpiece comprising a first speaker transducer; and a coupling between the first microphone transducer in the first earpiece to the first speaker transducer in the second earpiece configured to enable an audio signal dependent on the first microphone... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140294194 - Terminal to control audio output path and method for controlling audio output path between terminals: According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a terminal and a method for controlling an audio output path is provided. The terminal includes: an audio output path setting unit to determine an audio output path for one or more audio data when one or more audio event occurs;... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140294195 - Speaker system such as a sound bar assembly having improved sound quality: A speaker system such as a sound bar assembly having a plurality of speaker units and improved sound quality is provided. Opposing mating portions of front and back panels of the assembly or system are fused or welded together to form outer boundary and interior joints where the front and... Agent: Jvis-usa, LLC

20140294197 - Sound discrimination method and apparatus: A method of distinguishing sound sources includes the step of transforming data, collected by at least two transducers which each react to a characteristic of an acoustic wave, into signals for each transducer location. The transducers are separated by a distance of less than about 70 mm or greater than... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140294196 - User device having plurality of microphones and operating method thereof: A user device having a plurality of microphones and an operating method thereof are provided. The user device includes a plurality of microphones for converting sounds into electrical signals, an analysis unit for analyzing acoustic characteristics of the electrical signals outputted from the plurality of microphones, a switch unit for... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140294198 - Feedback cancellation for vehicle communications system: The present disclosure relates to a system and method of cancelling feedback in a vehicle communications system. The system and method may adjust a phase and a polarity of the microphone signal to produce an inverted microphone signal having a shifted phase. A speaker signal may be summed with the... Agent: Pinnacle Peak Holding Corporation D/b/a Setcom Corporation

20140294199 - Signal analysis apparatus and signal analysis method: To provide a signal analysis apparatus and a signal analysis method which can expand a dynamic range. A spectrum analyzer 1 includes a frequency conversion unit 10 that includes an S-ATT 11 which adjusts the level of an analog input signal and converts the input signal into a predetermined intermediate... Agent: Anritsu Corporation

20140294201 - Audio calibration system and method: Described herein is an audio calibration system and method that determines optimum placement and/or operating conditions of speakers for an entertainment system. The system receives an audio signal and transmits the audio signal to a speaker. A recordation of an emanated audio signal from each speaker is made. The system... Agent:

20140294203 - Audio system including multiband audio dynamics processor: An audio system includes a level controller receiving an input audio signal from an audio medium. The level controller includes a gain adjust module producing an output audio signal based on the input audio signal. A filter arrangement is communicatively coupled to the level controller. The filter arrangement receives the... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20140294200 - Metadata for loudness and dynamic range control: An audio normalization gain value is applied to an audio signal to produce a normalized signal. The normalized signal is processed to compute dynamic range control (DRC) gain values in accordance with a selected one of several pre-defined DRC characteristics. The audio signal is encoded, and the DRC gain values... Agent:

20140294202 - Method and device for communications and for broadcasting sounds: Device for emitting acoustic signals, includes: an upstream bulb cap; a light source including at least one light-emitting diode, powered by the bulb cap; and an electroacoustic transducer, powered by the bulb cap. A reception unit for receiving radio signals representative of a sound signal emitted by the electroacoustic transducer,... Agent: Awox

20140294207 - Amplifier output cover and connector: In at least one embodiment, an audio amplifier apparatus including a connector is provided. The apparatus includes a connector having a plurality of first openings. Each first opening being arranged to receive a first fastening mechanism to couple the connector to a first side of an audio amplifier. The connector... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20140294206 - Asymmetrically-switched modulation scheme: An asymmetric modulation scheme may be used to drive two output nodes coupled to a load. The asymmetric modulation scheme may be one-sided such that the switching rate of a first output node is lower than the switching rate of a second output node. The first output node may be... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140294204 - Audio amplifier mode transition: An audio amplifier is to transition between a power-down mode and an active mode, based on assertion and deassertion of a power down signal. A power down control module is to selectively assert and deassert the power down signal to the audio amplifier. The power down control module may identify... Agent: Hawlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140294205 - Output-stage circuit and method for over current protection thereof and audio amplify system: An output-stage circuit is disclosed. The output-stage circuit includes high-side output driver, first body selector, low-side output driver, second body selector and inductance. When output current is larger than current threshold value so as to make the low-side output driver generate overcurrent, the low-side output driver controlled by second control... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20140294208 - Light-based detection for acoustic applications: A light-based skin contact detector is described, including a boot having an index of refraction less than or equal to another index of refraction associated with skin at a frequency of light, a light emitter and detector coupled to the boot and configured to measure an amount of light energy... Agent: Aliphcom

20140294209 - Embedded dielectric as a barrier in an acoustic device and method of manufacture: A microphone base includes a plurality of metal layers and a plurality of core layers. Each of the plurality of core layers is disposed between selected ones of the metal layers. A dielectric membrane is disposed between other selected ones of the plurality of metal layers. A port extends through... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20140294210 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for directing sound in a vehicle: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems, methods, and apparatus for directing sound in a vehicle. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a method is provided for steering sound within a vehicle. The method includes receiving one or more images from at least one camera attached to... Agent:

20140294211 - Apparatus and method for listening room equalization using a scalable filtering structure in the wave domain: An apparatus for listening room equalization is provided. A system identification adaptation unit is configured to adapt a first loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system identification to obtain a second loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system identification. A filter adaptation unit is configured to adapt a filter based on the second loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system identification a predetermined loudspeaker-enclosure-microphone system... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140294212 - Method for automatically setting a piece of equipment and classifier: A classification and, in particular, a time stability thereof are intended to be improved. To this end, a method automatically sets a piece of equipment, in which a classifying is performed with an aid of movable clusters and fixed clusters. This allows the classification to be trained, but also allows... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140294213 - Ear cleaning apparatus: The invention provides apparatus and methods for cleaning an ear canal. The ear cleaning apparatus includes an elongated support member having an outer surface and first and second ends, and a bristle member that is attached to one end of the support member. The bristle member includes a plurality of... Agent:

20140294214 - Digital hearing aid: A digital hearing aid is disclosed in the present disclosure. The digital hearing aid comprises a body hung behind an ear and a sound transmitting device for receiving and outputting sound that is placed within an auricle and extends into an external auditory canal. The body and the sound transmitting... Agent: Jaingsu Betterlife Medical Co., Ltd

20140294215 - Integrated television mount and audio system: A television mount incorporating an integrated audio system. The mount attaches the television to a wall or a pedestal. The mount includes an electronics/subwoofer enclosure. This enclosure houses an audio amplifier and may also include a low-range speaker. One or more external speakers are attached to a speaker assembly which... Agent:

20140294217 - Mobile electronic device and method for waterproofing mobile electronic device: A mobile electronic device includes: a housing; an acoustic-component contained in the housing; a sound hole formed in the housing, the sound hole being configured to allow communication between an inside and an outside of the housing; a non-breathable waterproof film disposed inside the housing, the waterproof film being configured... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140294216 - Waterproof speaker use on ship: The present invention relates to a waterproof speaker use on ship, which also includes a screw and a nut used to combine a vibration board, a first rubber pad, a base seat, a connection board, and a top cover combining with a housing into a unit. The present invention is... Agent:

20140294218 - Transducer apparatus: An acoustic transducer comprising: a mechanical acoustic filter configured to be electrically controllable to change the acoustic properties of the transducer.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140294219 - Phi-based enclosure for speaker systems: A speaker system with an enclosure having a spiral pathway is presented. The speaker system includes an electro-acoustic transducer that generates sounds according to an audio input. The speaker system also includes an enclosure having an interior pathway defined by a wall that is curved substantially as a spiral. The... Agent: Colorado Energy Research Technologies, LLC

20140294220 - Loudspeaker unit with two loudspeakers and a wedge-shaped body between the spaces adjoining the loudspeakers: A loudspeaker unit comprising a loudspeaker housing and a first and a second loudspeaker, wherein the two loudspeakers are both placed in a flat front wall of the loudspeaker housing, the rear side of the first loudspeaker adjoins a first space in the loudspeaker box and the rear side of... Agent: Kalkmann Sound Systems B.v.

20140294221 - Microphone module with sound pipe: A microphone module has a substrate with an aperture to allow sound waves to pass through the substrate, a lid mounted to the substrate to define a first interior volume, a microphone mounted to the substrate within the first interior volume, and a housing coupled to the substrate and covering... Agent:

20140294222 - Headset porting: A headset includes at least one ear cup having front and rear cavities separated by a driver. The cup includes a pressure equalization port coupling the front cavity to space outside the cup, the pressure equalization port having a cross-sectional area greater than 2 mm2 and being significantly longer than... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140294224 - Ear defender with concha simulator: A hearing protection system with talk-through having a pair of rigid earcups enclosing a microphone, amplifier and speaker. A concha simulator, having a volume simulating that of the concha of a human ear, is acoustically coupled to the microphone, and also to the outside through an opening in the earcup.... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20140294223 - Headset porting: A headset cup having a front cavity and a rear cavity separated by a driver, with a mass port tube connected to the rear port to present a reactive acoustic impedance to the rear cavity, in parallel with a resistive port, the total acoustic response of the rear cavity remaining... Agent:

20140294225 - Enclosure speaker with side acoustic emission structure: An enclosure speaker with a side acoustic emission structure is provided, which includes: a microspeaker; a lower enclosure case, on which the microspeaker is seated, the lower enclosure case further having a resonance space on the outside of the microspeaker-seated portion; an upper enclosure case coupled to a top of... Agent: Em-tech Co., Ltd.

20140294226 - Transducer apparatus with a tension actuator: An acoustic transducer comprising: a flexible membrane; and a tension actuator, wherein the tension actuator is configured to be electrically controllable and define to the acoustic properties of the transducer dependent on the tension of the membrane.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140294227 - Dual-coil geophone accelerometer: An apparatus and a method for detecting vibration are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a housing, a magnetic structure forming a magnetic field in the housing, and a coil structure in the magnetic field, concentric of the magnetic structure. In response to external vibration, the coil structure and the magnetic structure... Agent: Sas E&p Ltd.

20140294228 - Loudspeaker magnetic circuit and loudspeaker using same: A magnetic circuit includes a magnet, a first plate, and a yoke, and has a magnetic gap. The first plate and the yoke are joined to the magnet. The magnet includes first and second magnet parts. The second magnet part has a lower magnetic property than that of the first... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140286493 - Method and apparatus for processing signals of a spherical microphone array on a rigid sphere used for generating an ambisonics representation of the sound field: Spherical microphone arrays capture a three-dimensional sound field for generating an Ambisonics representation, where the pressure distribution on the surface of the sphere is sampled by the capsules of the array. The impact of the microphones on the captured sound field is removed using the inverse microphone transfer function. The... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140286494 - Microphone detection and selection circuit and method: The present invention discloses a microphone detection circuit for detecting whether an external device includes a microphone. The microphone detection circuit comprises: an audio circuit for receiving an analog input signal which is a signal from the external device or a preset signal. The audio circuit comprises: an analog-to-digital conversion... Agent:

20140286495 - Acoustic output apparatus: The acoustic output apparatus includes an output converter that converts an input signal into a plurality of converted signals and outputs the converted signals. The acoustic output apparatus includes a plurality of amplifiers that are provided in a one-to-one relationship with the plurality of converted signals and controlled by the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140286496 - Proximity sensing device control architecture and data communication protocol: Mobile device speaker control may include: monitoring one or more devices coupled (e.g., wired or wirelessly) with a data network, receiving one or more data packets from each of the one or more devices, filtering received data packets by evaluating a received signal strength (e.g., RSSI) of the received packets.... Agent: Aliphcom

20140286498 - Echo cancelling device: An echo cancelling device splits a low-band signal through LPFs having characteristics which do not cause aliasing during downsampling of downsamplers, and splits a high-band signal through HPFs having characteristics which do not cause aliasing during downsampling of downsamplers. The echo canceling device generates a mid-band signal by subtracting the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140286497 - Multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression: Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for improved multi-microphone source tracking and noise suppression. In multi-microphone devices and systems, frequency domain acoustic echo cancellation is performed on each microphone input, and microphone levels and sensitivity are normalized. Methods, systems, and apparatuses are also described for improved acoustic scene analysis and... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140286499 - Active reduction of harmonic noise from multiple rotating devices: A system and method for reducing noise caused by two or more rotating devices by taking in input signals with frequencies that are related to the rotation rates of the rotating devices, and causing one or more loudspeakers to produce sounds that are at about the same frequencies as the... Agent:

20140286500 - Active vibration noise suppression apparatus: Provided is an active vibration noise suppression apparatus having good robustness without determining a secondary transfer function while not performing adaptive control. A first control unit generates a control signal by a first adaptive algorithm as a direct adaptive algorithm. A storing unit stores an equivalent value Gh of a... Agent:

20140286501 - Sound reproduction apparatus, a non-transitory computer readable medium, and a sound reproduction-correction method: According to one embodiment, a loudspeaker is provided in a case of an earphone. The case closes an external auditory canal extended from a tympanum of a listener. The earphone has an opening toward the external auditory canal. In an apparatus for generating a sound reproduction to the loudspeaker, a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140286502 - Audio playback system and method used in handheld electronic device: An audio playback system used in a handheld electronic device is provided. The audio playback system comprises an audio interface, a control module, an audio processing module and at least two audio playback modules. The audio interface receives a digital audio stream. The control module generates audio channel mapping information.... Agent:

20140286504 - Microphone array arrangement structure in vehicle cabin: A microphone array arrangement structure in a vehicle cabin is provided with multiple microphones arranged in a convex line. The microphones include a first microphone, and the direction of the axis of the first microphone faces the mouth of the driver. The microphone array arrangement structure is provided with covers... Agent:

20140286503 - Radio mute strategy for non-can radios used with smart starting systems: A radio module may be configured to receive a starter motor relay signal from a first control module indicative of a motor start. The module may in turn mute a sound device associated with the radio module and upon receiving a delayed accessory signal from a second control module indicative... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140286505 - Vehicular active vibrational noise control apparatus: A vehicular active vibrational noise control apparatus includes an amplitude limiter for limiting the amplitude of a canceling signal based on a signal level of an audio signal, and a vehicle speed detector for detecting the vehicle speed of a vehicle, which incorporates therein the vehicular active vibrational noise control... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140286506 - Digital audio mixing device: A mixer includes a plurality of input channels, a plurality of input groups, and a plurality of group strips that adjust values of parameters of the input groups. The mixer preliminarily prepares a plurality of group presets having data required for setup of group modules as presets, and each group... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140286507 - Multi-channel pairing in a media system: Technology for grouping, consolidating, and pairing individual playback devices with network capability (players) to stimulate a multi-channel listening environment is disclosed. Particularly, the embodiments described herein enable two or more playback devices to be paired, such that multi-channel audio is achieved. Such embodiments may be used to produce stereo and... Agent:

20140286508 - Interpolation circuit for interpolating a first and a second microphone signal: An interpolation circuit for interpolating a first and a second microphone signal and for generating an interpolated microphone signal includes a first input (100) for receiving the first microphone signal (am), a second input (101) for receiving the second microphone signal (am+1), an output (102) for outputting the interpolated microphone... Agent: Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh

20140286509 - Microelectromechanical sensing structure for a capacitive acoustic transducer including an element limiting the oscillations of a membrane, and manufacturing method thereof: A microelectromechanical sensing structure for a capacitive acoustic transducer, including: a semiconductor substrate; a rigid electrode; and a membrane set between the substrate and the rigid electrode, the membrane having a first surface and a second surface, which are in fluid communication, respectively, with a first chamber and a second... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140286510 - Loudspeaker design: Improved speakers are better able to accurately reproduce sound through the use of low-mass transducers.... Agent:

20140286511 - Acoustic signal processing apparatus, acoustic signal processing method, program, and recording medium: HRTF on a side of the sound source on the acoustic signal. A crosstalk compensation processing unit performs, with respect to the first binaural signal and the second binaural signal, a crosstalk compensation for canceling out an acoustic transfer characteristic and a crosstalk. The present technology can be applied to,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140286512 - Hearing instrument adapted to hold an exchangeable receiver into the housing and a method for making the hearing instrument: A hearing instrument includes a housing and an exchangeable receiver. The hearing instrument further includes an opening in the housing for receiving the exchangeable receiver therein, and a coupler for actuating/de-actuating a physical coupling between the housing and the exchangeable receiver and for enabling the housing to hold the receiver.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140286513 - Determining impedance-related phenomena in vibrating actuator and identifying device system characteristics based thereon: A method, including determining a change in an actuator impedance based on a change in an electrical property of a system of which the actuator is apart, and determining one or more system characteristics based on the change in the actuator impedance.... Agent:

20140286515 - Earmolds: This disclosure relates generally to an apparatus for retaining an earpiece in the ear during physical movement and exercise. In various instances, the apparatus may include a thinned region a posterior arch and ribs to allow deformation of the earmold and facilitate securing of the earmold in the concha bowl... Agent: Treefrog Developments, Inc.

20140286516 - External ear insert for hearing comprehension enhancement: A simple hearing enhancement device that takes the normally adequately loud sound levels and optimizes selective frequency gain of the patient's ear passage to improve speech comprehension.... Agent:

20140286514 - Systems and methods for photo-mechanical hearing transduction: Hearing systems for both hearing impaired and normal hearing subjects comprise an input transducer and a separate output transducer. The input transducer will include a light source for generating a light signal in response to either ambient sound or an external electronic sound signal. The output transducer will comprise a... Agent: Earlens Corporation

20140286517 - Network of speaker lights and wearable devices using intelligent connection managers: Techniques for managing a network of speaker lights and wearable devices using intelligent connection managers are described. Disclosed are techniques for receiving data representing a distance between a wearable device and a speaker light, the speaker light associated with an identifier, and generating an audio control signal and a light... Agent: Aliphcom

20140286518 - Ceiling loudspeaker system: The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

20140286519 - Microphone array with rear venting: Microphone arrays (MAs) are described that position and vent microphones so that performance of a noise suppression system coupled to the microphone array is enhanced. The MA includes at least two physical microphones to receive acoustic signals. The physical microphones make use of a common rear vent (actual or virtual)... Agent: Aliphcom

20140286520 - Closed-back headphone: A closed-back headphone includes a housing (111b) and an ear pad (111a). The housing (111b) includes a speaker unit. The ear pad (111a) is mounted on the housing (111b) and is a ring-shaped cushion surrounding an ear of a user (401). The ear pad (111a) includes an upper part (P1)... Agent:

20140286521 - Earphone: An earphone including a housing, a speaker, a tuning mechanism and an acoustic damper is provided. The housing has a sound-output opening. The speaker is disposed at the sound-output opening. The speaker and the housing together define a compartment. The speaker has an inner chamber and a through hole for... Agent: Cotron Corporation

20140286522 - Audio output module for use in artifical voice system: The invention disclosed is an improved audio output module for use with an artificial voice generation device, having a housing separated into a sound system chamber, an interface chamber, and a power source chamber. The interface and power source chambers may be combined. The sound chamber is isolated from external... Agent:

20140286523 - Electronic device and conductive structure: An electronic device including a conductive casing, a conductive sheet, a conductive elastic pad, a circuit board and a sound output unit is provided. The conductive casing has an inner surface and a plurality of through holes extended from the inner surface to the outside of the conductive casing to... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140286524 - Loud speakers: A magnetic assembly and a loudspeaker use a magnetic assembly are. The magnetic assembly has a pole piece that is designed to form an outer air gap and an inner air gap for coaxial voice coils of the loudspeaker. The same magnet is used for the magnetic circuits of the... Agent: Tannoy Limited

09/18/2014 > 148 patent applications in 73 patent subcategories.

20140270184 - Audio depth dynamic range enhancement: An audio depth dynamic range enhancement system and method for enhancing the dynamic range of depth in audio sound systems as perceived by a human listener. Embodiments of the system and method process an input audio signal by applying a gain function to at least one of a plurality of... Agent: Dts, Inc.

20140270181 - Dj stem systems and methods: Systems and methods selectively mix a first and second song together during a live performance. The first song has a plurality of first stems, each having stereo audio that combine to form the audio of the first song. The second song has a plurality of second stems, each having stereo... Agent: Beatport, LLC

20140270187 - Filter selection for delivering spatial audio: Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and audio and speaker systems. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals for optimizing audio, such as 3D audio, by adjusting the filtering for cross-talk cancellation based on listener... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270189 - Impulse response approximation methods and related systems: Systems and methods for achieving approximate convolution using partitioned truncated singular value decomposition filtering for each of monaural rendering and binaural rendering are disclosed herein.... Agent: Beats Electronics, LLC

20140270186 - Method and apparatus for using spatial audio rendering for a parallel playback of call audio and multimedia content: Dynamic audio rendering can be achieved by modifying the amplitude, phase, and frequency of audio signal components by varying degrees based on characteristics of the audio signal. A rendered audio signal can be produced by scaling the amplitude of an audio signal component by an amount that is dynamically selected... Agent:

20140270183 - Mono-spatial audio processing to provide spatial messaging: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing and audio devices for communication audio. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing audio signals to include spatially modulated message audio signals as a portion... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270182 - Sound for map display: A method including associating a sound with a first location in a virtual three dimensional (3D) map; and during navigation of a user from a second location to the first location with use of the virtual 3D map, playing the sound by an apparatus based, at least partially, upon information... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140270188 - Spatial audio aggregation for multiple sources of spatial audio: Various embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and audio and speaker systems. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and a method for processing signals for optimizing audio, such as 3D audio, by adjusting the filtering for cross-talk cancellation based on listener... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270185 - System and methods for processing stereo audio content: A system can include a hardware processor that can receive left and right audio signals and process the left and right audio signals to generate three or more processed audio signals. The three or more processed audio signals can include a left audio signal, a right audio signal, and a... Agent: Dts LLC

20140270191 - Binaural hearing instrument and earpiece: A binaural hearing instrument and an earpiece for the binaural hearing instrument are enabled for broadband wireless data transmission to a further binaural hearing instrument. Wireless broadband binaural data transmission with high bandwidth and low resource requirement is afforded, while the devices can be manufactured easily and inexpensively. The hearing... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140270190 - Methods, systems, and devices for determining a binaural correction factor: Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed herein. A sample method includes determining one or more binaural correction factors at one or more frequencies. Each binaural correction factor is representative of an amount of binaural summation experienced by a recipient of a binaural stimulus at one of the one or more... Agent:

20140270192 - Acoustic transducers: The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a speaker in the base of the transducer for emitting acoustic energy at a first range of frequencies. The transducer may also include a diaphragm coupled to the base that is configured to emit acoustic energy... Agent: Emo Labs, Inc.

20140270193 - Acoustic transducers having a connector between an actuator and a diaphragm: The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a diaphragm and an actuator. In further aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a connector having a planar proximal end that tapers to a distal end. The proximal end may be coupled to the diaphragm and the... Agent: Emo Labs, Inc.

20140270197 - Low power audio trigger via intermittent sampling: Systems and methods may provide for using an audio front end of a mobile device to sampled audio from an audio signal during a first portion of a periodic detection window, and reducing a power consumption of one or more components of the audio front end during a second portion... Agent:

20140270196 - Method and system for mitigating delay in receiving audio stream during production of sound from audio stream: A communication component modifies production of an audio waveform at determined modification segments to thereby mitigate the effects of a delay in processing and/or receiving a subsequent audio waveform. The audio waveform and/or data associated with the audio waveform are analyzed to identify the modification segments based on characteristics of... Agent: Vocollect, Inc.

20140270195 - Methods and systems for reducing spillover by analyzing sound pressure levels: Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture for reducing spillover in a media monitoring system are disclosed. An example method includes identifying media associated with media monitoring data. The media monitoring data is received from a first meter associated with a first media presentation device. The example method includes identifying an... Agent:

20140270199 - Notification control device, notification control method and storage medium: There is provided a notification control device including a determination unit configured to determine whether a sound collection unit configured to collect voice in a microphone is blocked, and a notification controller configured to cause, when it is determined that the sound collection unit of the microphone is blocked, a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140270198 - Portable electronic device directed audio emitter arrangement system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically determining positioning status of one or more portions of one or more humans relative to one or more locations of demodulation of one or more acoustic ultrasonic signals into one or more acoustic audio... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140270194 - Removal of audio noise: A system for removing noise from an audio signal is described. For example, noise caused by content playing in the background during a voice command or phone call may be removed from the audio signal representing the voice command or phone call. By removing noise, the signal to noise ratio... Agent: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

20140270200 - System and method to detect close voice sources and automatically enhance situation awareness: A system and method for enhancing two-way conversation between a user wearing at least one communication system or earphone and a second individual in proximity to the user is provided. The method includes detecting a spoken voice of the user from sounds captured at an ambient sound microphone, automatically activating... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC

20140270206 - Acoustic transmissivity impairment determining method and apparatus: A method of determining an extent of impairment of acoustic transmissivity of a structural arrangement exposing a microphone, the method including receiving first and second responses generated by the microphone responsive to received acoustic energy and ascertaining the extent of impairment based on the first and second responses.... Agent:

20140270202 - Apparatus with adaptive audio adjustment based on surface proximity, surface type and motion: A method includes detecting a surface in proximity to a mobile device using sensor data and determining an acoustic reflectivity or acoustic absorptivity of the surface using the sensor data. The method may further compensate for the acoustic reflectivity or acoustic absorptivity by controlling a configurable group of microphones of... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140270205 - Apparatuses, systems and methods for detecting corona: Apparatuses, systems and methods for detecting corona using audio data are disclosed. A method of processing audio data to detect corona includes determining an indicator of energy at a substantially fundamental frequency in the audio data, determining an indicator of the energy at a plurality of harmonic frequencies in the... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140270201 - Audio accessory with internal clock: An audio accessory is configured to receive and store meta data from a media player, including the media asset identification and current play position. The audio accessory is configured to independently track the current play position of the media asset. When the audio accessory is disconnected from the first media... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140270203 - Method and apparatus for determining digital media audibility: A method of determining the audio level of a network partner media player, wherein, when media playing on a terminal media player running on a terminal originates from an external media source, the method comprises obtaining activity information from the terminal, obtaining activity information from the terminal media player, obtaining... Agent: Telemetry Limited

20140270204 - Reset circuit for mems capacitive microphones: A method of initiating a reset sequence for a MEMS capacitive microphone. The method includes monitoring an output of a microphone and detecting a mute condition in the output of the microphone indicative of a fault condition. The method also includes activating a timing circuit. The timing circuit is configured... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270208 - Monitoring of speaker impedance to detect pressure applied between mobile device and ear: Coupling between a user's ear and a speaker of a mobile device may be determined by measuring an impedance of the speaker. When the user presses the mobile device against the user's ear, the speaker impedance changes as a result of loading in the speaker's acoustic radiation impedance. The speaker... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140270207 - Reducing audio distortion in an audio system: An audio system comprises an audio driver configured to receive a target audio signal and a feedback signal and to generate an adjusted audio signal responsive to the target audio signal and the feedback signal. A loudspeaker is configured to convert the adjusted audio signal into acoustical sound. A test... Agent: Quantance, Inc.

20140270209 - System and method for producing a narrow band signal with controllable narrowband statistics for a use in testing a loudspeaker: An apparatus may include a signal generation module for generating a signal to test a loudspeaker. The signal generating module may be configured to receive a plurality of inputs identifying parameters relating to a test signal for the loudspeaker, generate a plurality of narrowband signals based on the plurality of... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20140270212 - Audio monitoring of a hearing prosthesis: The present application discloses systems and methods for engaging in monitoring of audio signals received and processed by a hearing prosthesis. In accordance with one embodiment, a method includes a monitoring device detecting a trigger event, in response to the detecting, the monitoring device transmitting to a hearing prosthesis an... Agent:

20140270211 - Hearing aid using wireless test modes as diagnostic tool: Various system embodiments comprise a plurality of devices configured to wirelessly communicate with each other. The plurality of devices includes a battery-operated hearing aid configured to communicate with another device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication technology. A BLE tester is configured to test the hearing aid for the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140270210 - System and method for hearing prosthesis fitting: A hearing prosthesis fitting system includes a first interface configured for applying a stimulation signal to a recipient of the hearing prosthesis. Generally, the stimulation signal is associated with a prior probability that the recipient will perceive the stimulation signal as an audible sound. The fitting system also includes a... Agent:

20140270213 - Wireless environment interference diagnostic hearing assistance device system: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for wireless interference diagnostic hearing assistance device systems. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method for assessing and mitigating wireless interference for hearing assistance device programmers. The method includes measuring wireless interference over wireless communication channels using a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140270215 - Device and method for processing signals associated with sound: A method and device may color or modify the tone or sound quality of audio input signals. A processor such as a DSP, may apply two or more filters to the audio input signal, each filter comprising a set of filter coefficients. The processor may combine finite impulse response (FIR)... Agent: Fishman Transducers, Inc.

20140270214 - Method and apparatus for audio effects chain sequencing: An audio effects chain sequencing apparatus alters the sequence of effects units in an effects chain so that different sequences of effects units can be connected. In one example the audio effects chain sequencing apparatus can have an external input port and an external output port, at least two component... Agent:

20140270217 - Apparatus with adaptive microphone configuration based on surface proximity, surface type and motion: An apparatus includes a group of microphones and a surface compensator that is operatively coupled to switch logic and to a signal conditioner that provides a control channel to voice recognition logic. The surface compensator may detect surfaces in proximity to the apparatus as well as the surface's acoustic reflectivity... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140270216 - Single-channel, binaural and multi-channel dereverberation: A method is presented for estimating and suppressing reverberation from a digital reverberant signal. A method for changing a first reverberation estimation according to another reverberation estimation is further provided. A method for controlling the reverberation suppression rate is also presented.... Agent: Accusonus S.a.

20140270218 - Wireless electronic stethoscope: A wireless electronic stethoscope device is disclosed. The wireless electronic stethoscope device includes a pen-shaped main body; a sensor module for data collection; a processor module to coordinate operation of electronic stethoscope modules; a wireless communication module to transmit and receive digital and analog data; a power module including a... Agent: Medicustek Inc.

20140270219 - Method, apparatus, and manufacture for beamforming with fixed weights and adaptive selection or resynthesis: A method, apparatus, and manufacture for beamforming is provided. Parameters based on sets of pre-determined beamforming weights are stored. Each of the sets of pre-determined beamforming weights has a corresponding integral index number. Each input microphone signal is transformed to the frequency domain to provide a corresponding transformed signal. Each... Agent:

20140270226 - Adaptive modulation filtering for spectral feature enhancement: Techniques described herein are directed to the enhancement of spectral features of an audio signal via adaptive modulation filtering. The adaptive modulation filtering process is based on observed modulation envelope autocorrelation coefficients obtained from the audio signal. The modulation envelope autocorrelation coefficients are used to determine parameters of an adaptive... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140270220 - Aircraft predictive active noise cancellation: An improved user experience is provided for passengers of a transportation vessel, such as an airplane. A passenger's experience is enhanced by allowing the passenger to enjoy media provided by an entertainment device without ambient noise. When the passenger requests accesses to a media item through the entertainment device, a... Agent: Virgin America Inc.

20140270223 - Adaptive-noise canceling (anc) effectiveness estimation and correction in a personal audio device: Techniques for estimating adaptive noise canceling (ANC) performance in a personal audio device, such as a wireless telephone, provide robustness of operation by triggering corrective action when ANC performance is low, and/or by saving a state of the ANC system when ANC performance is high. An anti-noise signal is generated... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140270224 - Ambient noise-based adaptation of secondary path adaptive response in noise-canceling personal audio devices: An adaptive noise canceller adapts a secondary path modeling response using ambient noise, rather than using another noise source or source audio as a training source. Anti-noise generated from a reference microphone signal using a first adaptive filter is used as the training signal for training the secondary path response.... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140270222 - Low-latency multi-driver adaptive noise canceling (anc) system for a personal audio device: A personal audio device including multiple output transducers for reproducing different frequency bands of a source audio signal, includes an adaptive noise canceling (ANC) circuit that adaptively generates an anti-noise signal for each of the transducers from at least one microphone signal that measures the ambient audio to generate anti-noise... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140270225 - Noise-cancellation system and method for noise cancellation: A noise-cancellation system for a headphone (HP) that comprises a speaker (200, 210) for emitting a speaker signal, a microphone (300, 310, 320, 330) for receiving a microphone signal and a proximity sensor (400, 410) for a receiving a proximity signal comprising quantitative information on the distance of the an... Agent:

20140270221 - Sealing wiring holes in electronic devices: A wall separates a first volume from a second volume and has a hole allowing passage between the first volume and the second volume. A wire passes through the hole, and a gasket surrounds the wire at the hole. The gasket includes a first section including a groove between a... Agent:

20140270233 - Communicating via a body-area network: In a first example of “Body-Area Networking” (“BAN”), a user wishing to access his electronic device ingests a small pill carrying a transmitter. The transmitter's signal carries an identification code that traverses the user's BAN and is read by the device. If the device recognizes that identification code as authenticate,... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140270228 - Customizable headphone audio driver assembly, headphone including such an audio driver assembly, and related methods: Headphones include removable audio drivers electrically coupled with electrical conductors using solderless and detachable interconnections. Driver assemblies for headphones include an audio driver and a driver unit housing. An acoustical cavity is defined between the driver unit housing and the audio driver, and a port extends through the driver unit... Agent:

20140270232 - Headphones having distributed mass power source: Disclosed is a device for audibly producing an audio signal including a first speaker, a second speaker, a first housing surrounding the first speaker, a second housing surrounding the second speaker, a curved member having a first curvature and connected to the first housing and the second housing, a receiver... Agent:

20140270230 - In-ear headphones configured to receive and transmit audio signals and related systems and methods: Methods of transmitting and receiving audio using in-ear headphones may comprise receiving sound from an ear canal at an in-ear headphone comprising a flexible insert, the flexible insert forming a seal between walls defining the ear canal and the flexible insert. The sound may be converted to an audio signal... Agent: Skullcandy, Inc.

20140270234 - Integrated wireless headset system for electronic devices: An integrated wireless electronic system comprises an electronic device, a headset, a charger, and an accessory. The electronic device includes a charger port and a headset port for connecting the charger and the headset to the electronic device. The headset includes a speaker and an earpiece that are retractable into... Agent:

20140270229 - Method and system for power delivery to a headset: A power delivery method and system for powering a headset. A power signal is combined with an audio signal to form a composite signal that is communicated over a shared channel to the headset. The power signal is generated by modulating a carrier signal with a modulation signal. The modulation... Agent: Vocollect, Inc.

20140270231 - System and method of mixing accelerometer and microphone signals to improve voice quality in a mobile device: A method of improving voice quality in a mobile device starts by receiving acoustic signals from microphones included in earbuds and the microphone array included on a headset wire. The headset may include the pair of earbuds and the headset wire. An output from an accelerometer that is included in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140270227 - Wireless earpiece with local audio cache: A wireless earpiece may include a local memory for storing audio files that can be played back by the user. The wireless earpiece may fit entirely within the user's ear canal. Audio files, for example music files, may be loaded on the wireless earpiece by docking the wireless earpiece with... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140270237 - Multifunctional wireless led device and a multifunctional wireless speaker system: A multifunctional LED device and multifunctional speaker system are disclosed. A multifunctional LED device consistent with the present disclosure includes a power supply unit configured to supply power; a control unit configured to process audio signals and control commands; an audio power amplifier configured to drive a speaker, a speaker... Agent: Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

20140270236 - Portable fitness monitoring methods: Portable fitness monitoring methods are disclosed. In an embodiment, a portable fitness monitoring method includes a method for providing audible output to a user during an athletic activity using a portable fitness monitoring device. The method includes the steps of receiving an audio feedback file package that includes a first... Agent: Adidas Ag

20140270235 - Universal in-wall multi-room wireless audio and multi-room wireless communication system: Systems and methods for providing a universal distributed audio system including an integrated wireless repeater. In some embodiments, the system comprises an intelligent speaker system capable of receiving wireless audio signals (e.g., Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, etc.), decoding the audio signals, and playing the resulting audio in a room of a venue.... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20140270238 - Synchronous loudspeaking system for several beds: A synchronous loudspeaking system comprises a first Bluetooth receiver, a first processor, a first speaker, a second Bluetooth receiver, a second processor and a second speaker. The first Bluetooth receiver receives a first signal. The first processor electrically connects to the first Bluetooth receiver. The first speaker has a first... Agent: Ruoey Lung Enterprise Corp.

20140270239 - Wireless selection of effects patches: A system for wireless control of audio signal switching. The system includes a remote unit, having a physically actuated switch and a remote unit channel status indicator, and a main unit. The main unit includes a main unit transceiver and one or more relays which may switch the path of... Agent: Fxconnectx, LLC

20140270240 - Boost-on-demand amplifier: A method and an amplifier for amplifying audio signals receive and process an incoming audio sample in preparation for amplification by an electronic amplifier circuit. A boost supply circuit receives a voltage from a power supply. A processor system determines whether amplification of the incoming audio sample warrants more voltage... Agent:

20140270242 - Feedback mechanism for boost-on-demand amplifiers: A method and an amplifier for amplifying audio signals include a signal processor for processing incoming audio samples in preparation for amplification by an electronic amplifier circuit. A voltage is received from a power supply. Before the signal processor completes processing the incoming audio samples, an input level is estimated... Agent:

20140270241 - Method, apparatus, and manufacture for two-microphone array speech enhancement for an automotive environment: A method, apparatus, and manufacture for speech enhancement in an automotive environment is provided. Signals from first and second microphones of a two-microphone array are decomposed into subbands. At least one signal processing method is performed on the each subband of the decomposed signals to provide a first signal processing... Agent: Csr Technology, Inc

20140270243 - Mobile device to vehicle integration: One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for mobile device to vehicle integration are provided herein. An armrest can include a docking station for a mobile device and an integration component can be configured to communicatively couple the mobile device with an input component, multimedia component, display component, fob... Agent: Commercial Vehicle Group, Inc.

20140270244 - Eye glasses with microphone array: An eyewear device includes a noise cancelling microphone array, and corresponding method for the same. The eyewear device and its method of use facilitates human-machine interaction using speech recognition by reducing unwanted noise that corrupts the desired speech and thereby reduces errors in speech. The eyewear device includes an eyeglasses... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140270247 - Beamforming a digital microphone array on a common platform: An interface for an array of digital microphones in an electronic device may include a head-end chip coupled to the digital microphones through a bus. The bus may be shared by each microphone of the array of microphones and be multiplexed to allow transmission of data from the microphones to... Agent:

20140270246 - Interface for a digital microphone array: An interface for an array of digital microphones in an electronic device may include a head-end chip coupled to the digital microphones through a bus. The bus may be shared by each microphone of the array of microphones and be multiplexed to allow transmission of data from the microphones to... Agent:

20140270248 - Method and apparatus for detecting and controlling the orientation of a virtual microphone: A method for controlling the orientation of a virtual microphone, which is carried out on an electronic device, includes combining and processing signals from a microphone array to create a virtual microphone; receiving data from a sensor of the electronic device; determining, based on the received data, a mode in... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140270245 - Polyhedral audio system based on at least second-order eigenbeams: A microphone array-based audio system that supports representations of auditory scenes using second-order (or higher) harmonic expansions based on the audio signals generated by the microphone array. In one embodiment, a plurality of audio sensors are mounted on the surface of an acoustically rigid polyhedron that approximates a sphere. The... Agent: Mh Acoustics, LLC

20140270250 - Differential microphone with dual polarity bias: Methods and system are described for cancelling interference in a microphone system. A positive bias voltage is applied to a first microphone diaphragm and a negative bias voltage is applied to a second microphone diaphragm. The diaphragms are configured to exhibit substantially the same mechanical deflection in response to acoustic... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270249 - Method and apparatus for estimating variability of background noise for noise suppression: An electronic device measures noise variability of background noise present in a sampled audio signal, and determines whether the measured noise variability is higher than a high threshold value or lower than a low threshold value. If the noise variability is determined to be higher than the high threshold value,... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140270251 - Sharing a designated audio signal: A system and method for sharing a designated audio signal may reproduce the designated audio signal via transducer into an acoustic space. The designated audio signal may be a recorded audio signal, an encoded audio signal, a streamed audio signal and an audio signal component of a multi-media content item.... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Limited

20140270252 - Signal artifact detection and elimination for audio output: A method and apparatus are provided for processing a received digital radio broadcast signal to efficiently remove signal interference artifacts from digital and/or analog signals by using signal quality information extracted from audio samples in one or more buffered audio frames to detect audio frames containing clipped noise artifacts and... Agent: Ibiquity Digital Corporation

20140270254 - Customizing audio reproduction devices: The disclosure includes a system and method for sonically customizing an audio reproduction device. The system includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that when executed cause the system to: determine an application environment associated with an audio reproduction device associated with a user; determine one or more sound... Agent: Skullcandy, Inc.

20140270253 - Flexible clocking for audio sample rate converter in a usb system: A processor according to embodiments comprises an on-board sample rate converter for converting a source audio signal that is sampled at a first sampling rate to an output audio signal that is sampled at a second sampling rate. The sample rate converter utilizes a master clock signal in converting the... Agent:

20140270255 - Digital gain control device and method for controlling an analog amplifier with a digital processor to prevent clipping: An amplifier including a first gain level is provided. An analog input is provided to the amplifier. An analog output from the amplifier is converted to a digital output. The digital output is analyzed to detect a level of the analog output exceeding a threshold. A second gain level of... Agent:

20140270256 - Modifying control resolution: Embodiments generally relate to controlling music variables. In one embodiment, a method includes determining an initial control position of at least one control member of a hardware control device. The method also includes determining an initial dial position of at least one dial. The method also includes modifying a value... Agent: Miselu, Inc.

20140270257 - Variable sound attenuator: A sound attenuator that allows a user to adjust the amount of attenuation in a variable, continuous fashion or in a discrete controlled fashion from zero attenuation to maximum attenuation without removing the device from the ear. The ear attenuator includes a housing having a passageway, the passageway allowing for... Agent:

20140270258 - Apparatus and method for executing object using voice command: A terminal and a method are disclosed. The method utilizes a processor for executing an object using a voice command, and the method includes: searching for an executable object in an application; and associating a text command information with the executable object. The method can further include: receiving a voice;... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140270259 - Speech detection using low power microelectrical mechanical systems sensor: Devices and techniques for speech detection using low power microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor are described, including a power source, a voice activity detection device connected to the power source and having a microelectrical mechanical system sensor formed on die with a digital signal processor and a voice activity detection... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270260 - Speech detection using low power microelectrical mechanical systems sensor: Devices and techniques for speech detection using low power microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor are described, including monitoring acoustic energy using a microelectrical mechanical system sensor, detecting a presence of speech using a voice activity detection device comprising a voice activity detection logic and the microelectrical mechanical system sensor formed... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270261 - System and method for an oversampled data converter: In accordance with an embodiment, a circuit includes an oscillator having an oscillation frequency dependent on an input signal, a digital accumulator having a first input coupled to an output of the oscillator, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) coupled to an output of the digital accumulator, an analog loop filter coupled... Agent:

20140270262 - Adjustable biasing circuits for mems capacitive microphones: An adjustable charge pump system. The system includes a voltage regulator, a clock circuit, a voltage adjustment circuit, and a charge pump. The voltage regulator is configured to receive an input voltage and output a regulated voltage. The clock circuit is coupled to the voltage regulator and receives the regulated... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270263 - Automatic multi-channel music mix from multiple audio stems: There are disclosed automatic mixers and methods for creating a surround audio mix. A set of rules may be stored in a rule base. A rule engine may select a subset of the set of rules based, at least in part, on metadata associated with a plurality of stems. A... Agent: Dts, Inc.

20140270264 - Multifuctional led device and a multifunctional speaker system: Embodiments consistent with the present disclosure provide a multifunctional LED device and a multifunctional speaker system. The multifunctional LED device includes a power supply unit configured to supply power; a control unit configured to process audio signals and control signals; a speaker configured to play audio signals, an audio power... Agent: Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

20140270265 - In-line microphone display and method: An in-line microphone display device comprises a platform, a first electric connector connected to the platform, a second electric connector connected to the platform, an electric display connected to the platform and configured to display an image, and a microphone having a third electric connector configured to mate with one... Agent:

20140270267 - System, method and apparatus for silent true bypass switching: A system, method and apparatus in the field of signal processing with particular applications to the specialized field of audio signal processing as it is used in the production or performance of music that is adapted and/or configured to mitigate or attenuate unwanted signals during a switching process between an... Agent:

20140270266 - Wireless switching of effects pedals with status updates: A system for wireless control of audio signal switching. The system includes a remote unit, having a physically actuated switch and a remote unit status indicator, and a main unit. The main unit includes a main unit transceiver and one or more relays which may switch the path of the... Agent: Fxconnectx, LLC

20140270268 - Headset systems and methods: A digital audio player device can be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a removable oral appliance or other oral device to form an intraoral MP3 player. In another embodiment, the device provides an electronic and transducer device that can be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20140270269 - Loudspeaker device: A loudspeaker device includes a rear frame member defining a receiving space, a magnetic assembly, and a sound producing assembly. The magnetic assembly includes a yoke, a magnet, a magnetically permeable plate that cooperates with the yoke to form an air gap, and a connecting tube that passes through and... Agent:

20140270270 - Loudspeaker unit: A loudspeaker unit includes a voice coil, a diaphragm, a damper, a frame supporting an outer edge of the diaphragm and an outer edge of the damper, and a duct projecting from an outer surface of the frame, with air moved by vibration of the diaphragm flowing into and out... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20140270273 - Digital acoustic low frequency response control for mems microphones: A system and method for controlling and adjusting a low-frequency response of a MEMS microphone. The system comprising the MEMS microphone, a controller, and a memory. The MEMS microphone includes a membrane and a plurality of air vents. The membrane configured such that acoustic pressures acting on the membrane cause... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270271 - Mems acoustic transducer, mems microphone, mems microspeaker, array of speakers and method for manufacturing an acoustic transducer: A MEMS acoustic transducer includes a substrate having a cavity therethrough, and a conductive back plate unit including a plurality of conductive perforated back plate portions which extend over the substrate cavity. A dielectric spacer arranged on the back plate unit between adjacent conductive perforated back plate portions, and one... Agent:

20140270272 - Structure and method for integrated microphone: The present disclosure provides one embodiment of an integrated microphone structure. The integrated microphone structure includes a first silicon substrate patterned as a first plate; a silicon oxide layer formed on one side of the first silicon substrate; a second silicon substrate bonded to the first substrate through the silicon... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140270274 - Speaker apparatus and methods useful in conjunction therewith: An actuation system for generating a physical effect, the system comprising at least one array of translating elements each constrained to travel alternately back and forth along a respective axis, toward first and second extreme positions respectively, in response to activation of first and second forces respectively; and a controller... Agent: Audio Pixels Ltd.

20140270278 - Acoustic transducers with bend limiting member: The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a diaphragm and a piezoelectric actuator coupled to the diaphragm to cause movement of the diaphragm. In certain aspects, the transducer also includes a member that limits bending of the actuator.... Agent: Emo Labs, Inc.

20140270279 - Acoustic transducers with releasable diaphram: The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a diaphragm and an actuator releasably coupled to the diaphragm to cause movement of the diaphragm.... Agent: Emo Labs, Inc.

20140270276 - Electromechanical transducer and electrocoustic transducer: An electromechanical transducer of the invention comprises a structural unit, an armature, and first and second elastic members. The structural unit includes at least one pair of magnets, a yoke conducting a magnetic flux generated by the magnets, and a coil supplied with an electric signal. The armature has an... Agent: Rion Co., Ltd.

20140270275 - Kinetic event detection in microphones: In one implementation, the output of a microphone is modified based on movement. A circuit or other controller is in communication with a microphone that generates an electrical signal based on sounds waves and a motion sensor. The motion sensor may be coupled to the microphone, coupled to a device... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140270277 - Sounder assembly for explosive environment: An insulated sounder assembly may include: a) a sounder cup having a bottom and a sidewall; b) a piezoelectric element positioned in the bottom of the cup; c) a potting layer within the sounder cup and spaced apart from the piezoelectric element so that the potting layer contacts the cup... Agent:

20140270280 - Audio localization techniques for visual effects: Techniques for improved audio localization for visual effects are described. In one embodiment, for example, an apparatus may comprise a processor circuit and an audio management module, and the audio management module may be operable by the processor circuit to determine a position of a user interface element in a... Agent:

20140270282 - Multichannel audio calibration method and apparatus: A method comprising: generating at least one audio signal to be output by at least one speaker for a multi-speaker system; receiving at least two output signals, the at least two output signals provided by at least two microphones and based on the at least one acoustic wave output by... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140270281 - Spatial audio enhancement processing method and apparatus: An audio processing system for processing a single channel audio signal includes a a processor configured to derive a synthetic difference component from the single channel audio input signal a filtering module configured to apply a first filter to the sum signal represented by the single channel signal and to... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20140270283 - Stereophonic device for a bed: A stereophonic device for a bed disposed adjacent to at least a wave reflecting object is provided. The bed has an upper side and a lower side. The stereophonic device includes a loudspeaker disposed on the lower side of the bed. The loudspeaker is adapted to generate direct sound waves... Agent: Ruoey Lung Enterprise Corp.

20140270284 - Characteristic-based communications: Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and portable and wearable media devices. Media devices may include a plurality of RF transceivers and an audio system. The RF transceivers and/or audio system may be used to wirelessly communicate between media devices and... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270286 - Reduced power usage for a hearing prosthesis having transcutaneous power and data transfer: Disclosed herein are methods and apparatuses designed to reduce the power usage of a hearing prosthesis. To reduce the power usage of the prosthesis, an external portion may transmit a signal having a plurality of transmission parameters to an internal component. The external portion receives an indication of an implant... Agent:

20140270285 - Transitioning operating modes in a medical prosthesis: The present disclosure describes systems and methods to transition a hearing prosthesis between different stimulation strategies. In accordance with one embodiment, a method is provided and includes operating a hearing prosthesis in accordance with a first parameter, receiving an instruction to operate the hearing prosthesis in accordance with a second... Agent:

20140270287 - Bluetooth hearing aids enabled during voice activity on a mobile phone: A hearing aid device and methods implemented in hearing aid devices activate a radio frequency (RF) transceiver for communicating sounds signals for remote processing on a mobile computing device in response to the device detecting reception of meaningful sound, such as speech. Selectively activating the RF transceiver when sound is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140270288 - Method and apparatus to display interference for a wireless hearing assistance device programmer: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for displaying wireless interference for a wireless hearing assistance device programmer. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method including measuring levels of wireless interference over wireless communication channels using fitting software configured for a wireless hearing assistance device... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140270289 - Hearing aid and method of enhancing speech output in real time: A method for enhancing speech output in real time is used in a hearing aid device. The input speech is divided into multiple audio segments first. Then each audio segment is analyzed for its attribute: high frequency, low frequency, or soundless. Low frequency segments are outputted without undergoing frequency processing.... Agent:

20140270290 - Hearing aid apparatus: The present application is directed to a hearing aid apparatus for wearing use by a user, including a frontend sound collector configured to collect a frontend signal; a backend sound collector configured to collect a backend signal; and a sound processor configured to process the frontend signal and the backend... Agent:

20140270291 - Fitting a bilateral hearing prosthesis system: A hearing prosthesis system includes a processor arranged to communicate a stimulation signal to a vibration stimulator of a first hearing prosthesis. The processor receives an indication of a measured input signal from a first transducer of a second hearing prosthesis. A processor calculates a feedback associated with the stimulation.... Agent:

20140270292 - Methods, systems, and devices for detecting feedback: Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed. An example sound processor is disclosed. The example sound processor includes a module configured to identify a feedback artifact in a current sample of an input spectral component by determining that a change in a signal level of an input spectral component is approximately... Agent:

20140270293 - Systems, devices, components and methods for providing acoustic isolation between microphones and transducers in bone conduction magnetic hearing aids: Disclosed are various embodiments of systems, devices, components and methods for reducing feedback between a transducer and a microphone in a magnetic bone conduction hearing aid. Such systems, devices, components and methods include providing encapsulation compartments for the transducer and/or the microphone, and providing an acoustically-isolating housing for the microphone... Agent: Sophono,inc.

20140270294 - Method of operating a hearing aid and a hearing aid: A method of processing a signal in a hearing aid (50), the method comprising the steps of determining a gain vector applied in a number of individual frequency bands, determining a gradient of a speech intelligibility measure as a function of the gain vector, modifying the value of the gradient... Agent: Widex A/s

20140270296 - Controlling a link for different load conditions: The present disclosure relates generally to devices, systems, and methods for supporting different load conditions in a data/power link. In one example, a device includes a transformer that has a first tap with a first turns ratio and a second tap with a second turns ratio. The device further includes... Agent:

20140270295 - Hearing aid with safety feature for opening a battery door: A hearing aid includes: a housing having an exterior surface and an opening at the exterior surface; a battery door moveably coupled to the housing; and a spring element located in the housing, wherein the spring element is aligned with the opening of the housing to allow actuation of the... Agent:

20140270297 - Electromagnetic transducer with air gap substitute: A balanced electromagnetic transducer, including first and second components connected together by a flexible component, at least a part of which flexes upon exposure of the transducer to energy, wherein the transducer is configured to generate a static magnetic flux that passes from the first component to the second component... Agent:

20140270298 - Hearing aid adapter for easy conversion of open ear to closed ear fitting: An open fitted hearing aid adapter allows a user to quickly transition between an open fitted style hearing aid and a closed fitted style hearing aid. This allows the user to conveniently benefit from the different advantages offered by both styles of hearing aids, according to the user's current needs.... Agent: Johnson Hearing Technology And Communication, PLLC

20140270299 - Sound processors and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same: Sound processors and systems including sound processors are disclosed.... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140270300 - Hearing aid delivery and retrieval platform: An apparatus for insertion, positioning and removal of an in-ear-canal hearing aid, comprising a resilient handle, an elongated support member configured to fit into an ear canal, the support member having a first end that is configured to engage the handle and a second end that includes magnetic engagement means... Agent:

20140270303 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes the following elements. A housing has at least an opening and an accommodating space. A first circuit board is disposed in the accommodating space. A battery module disposed in the accommodating space is stacked over the first circuit board. A display module disposed in the accommodating... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140270301 - Electronic device including sound output module and housing for the electronic device: An electronic device including a sound output module and a housing for the electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a front case including a display unit, a rear case coupled to the front case and including a mounting space of a battery, a speaker module configured to form... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270302 - Loudspeaker arrangement with on-screen voice positioning for telepresence system: A videoconferencing system has a plurality of displays arranged side-by-side. Top loudspeakers are arranged adjacent the tops of the displays, and bottom loudspeakers are arranged adjacent the bottoms of the displays. A control unit operatively coupled to the displays and the loudspeakers routes video to each of the displays and... Agent: Polycom, Inc.

20140270305 - Portable electronic device directed audio system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically providing audio output information to one or more portions of a portable electronic device to be outputted from said portable electronic device via one or more acoustic ultrasonic signals; and electronically outputting, said one... Agent:

20140270306 - Proximity sensing device control architecture and data communication protocol: Mobile device speaker control may include: monitoring one or more devices wirelessly coupled with a data network, receiving one or more data packets from each of the one or more devices, filtering received data packets by evaluating a received signal strength (e.g., RSSI) of the received packets, comparing the received... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270304 - Speaker assembly: A speaker assembly includes a support member and a frame member. The support member is configured to be attached to a support surface and includes a body portion and a flange. The body portion is configured to pass through an opening in the support surface. The frame member supports at... Agent:

20140270307 - Ultra-slim speaker structure: A ultra-slim includes bass, alto membranes and acoustical element, where a surrounding embossed pattern is configured on a location adjacent to the rim of the bass membrane to form a dangling edge, and a frame stopping portion formed by a step is disposed on the center thereof. Whereby, a groove... Agent: Abatech Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270308 - Equal expansion rate symmetric acoustic transformer: An acoustic transformer includes at least one outer boundary wall. A plurality of inner walls are disposed within the outer boundary wall. The outer boundary wall and the inner walls define a substantially annular input opening divided by at least some of the inner walls into a plurality of circumferentially-spaced... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140270309 - Speaker: The horn structure (22) is composed of a vertical array of horn pairs (26A-26G) arranged in stacked relationship to each other. The horns (27L and 27R) of each pair have entrance openings (40L and 40R) at the same elevation and disposed side-by-side to each other. The mouths (50L and 50R)... Agent: Loud Technologies Inc

20140270310 - Acoustic waveguide for conference phone realtime communications: In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a network interface, an acoustic waveguide, and an arrangement. The network interface is arranged to communicate on a network, and is further configured to obtain a signal from the network. The arrangement is configured to transform the signal into an acoustic wave and to... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140270311 - Microphone mounting method and apparatus: A microphone support and enclosing windscreen has microphone supports curving about 270 degrees about an axis with upper and lower fingers to grip the microphone above and below the longitudinal axis of the microphone. The microphone supports move along an upper rail of a connector. First and second cage portions... Agent: M. Klemme Technology, Corp.

20140270312 - Systems and methods for using a speaker as a microphone in a mobile device: In accordance with methods and systems of the present disclosure, a mobile device may include an enclosure adapted such that the enclosure is readily transported by a user of the mobile device, a speaker associated with the enclosure for generating sound, and a controller within the enclosure, communicatively coupled to... Agent:

20140270313 - Earphone folding device and assembly thereof: An earphone folding device and assembly thereof is provided, and includes a first head strap, a second head strap, a connecting base, a pivoting shaft, an elastic member and a button. When the elastic member is in a status of release, the elastic member is abutted against the button, so... Agent: Jetvox Acoustic Corp.

20140270315 - Earphones: An earphone is provided that includes a generally conical housing having generally circular front face adapted to be seated in the concha of the user's ear. The housing tapers away from the front face toward the rear of the housing. A wire guide extends from the rear of the housing,... Agent: Verto Medical Solutions, LLC

20140270314 - Earphones in a magnetic resonance imaging system: Disclosed is an earphone including: an earplug that is a rigid pipe; a soft cap that is an elastic sheath, wherein the soft cap includes a body and a top end, the body being in the form of a hole, the top end covering one end of the body, an... Agent:

20140270317 - Behind the ear earphone: A behind-the-ear mountable earphone includes a generally C-shaped ear support. The support has a first section extending between a first end and the top of the “C”, adapted to fit behind the user's ear, and a second section extending from the top of the “C” to a second end. The... Agent: Verto Medical Solutions, LLC

20140270316 - Sound induction ear speaker for eye glasses: An eyewear sound induction ear speaker device includes an eyewear frame, at least one speaker including an audio channel integrated with the eyewear frame and an acoustic duct coupled to the speaker and arranged to channel sound emitted by the speaker to an ear of the user wearing the eyewear... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140270318 - Necklace-type audio output apparatus that can be adjusted in length: The present invention relates to a necklace-type audio output apparatus that can be adjusted in length, wherein the device comprises: an audio output device for externally outputting audio; a body on which the audio output device is installed; and an adjusting member connected to both ends of the body to... Agent:

20140270320 - Portable sound system: A system for enhancing sound provided by a pair of speakers relative to a listener includes a support structure, a first panel, and a second panel. The first panel is a material having a sound reflective surface and is disposed upright relative to the ground and the listener by the... Agent:

20140270319 - Slim speaker structure having vibration effect: A slim speaker structure having a vibration effect includes a frame, ceramic elements configured on a surface of the frame, and a sound membrane disposed on the bottom of frame, where two or more than two first accepting portion respectively configured on the frame adjacent to the sides thereof, allowing... Agent: Abatech Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140270321 - Non-occluded personal audio and communication system: Embodiments relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and wearable computing devices, audio devices, and communication devices for facilitating the presentation of personal audio. More specifically, disclosed are an apparatus and method to form directional audio personal to a user in a non-occluded... Agent: Aliphcom

20140270322 - Grille for electroacoustic transducer: To allow a manufacturer to minimize the distance between the electroacoustic transducers, arrangements of the innovation relate to a substantially flexible grille for an electroacoustic transducer. In one arrangement, the grille is manufactured from a material that substantially simulates the foam headrest material and provides a degree of rigidity to... Agent:

20140270323 - Speaker driver: A speaker driver with a high degree of symmetry for use in a loudspeaker is disclosed. The disclosed motor assembly may be symmetrical about its long and radial axes. A voice coil disclosed may be supported by opposing upper and lower suspensions on the voice coil upper and lower ends.... Agent:

20140270324 - Modular speaker system: A speaker unit including a housing, a connector adapted to form a physical connection with a cooperating connector of a second speaker unit in order to physically join the speaker unit to the second speaker unit, and an input port adapted to form an electrical connection to an input source.... Agent: Redsonic Sound, Inc.

20140270325 - Method for forming synthetic jet actuator and components thereof through insert molding: A method for making a diaphragm is provided. The method includes providing a first ring (305) having a first diameter and a second ring (307) having a second diameter which is greater than said first diameter, wherein at least one of said first and second rings comprises a first elastomeric... Agent: Nuventix, Inc.

20140270327 - Acoustic transducers: The invention generally relates to acoustic transducers. In certain aspects, the acoustic transducer includes a curved diaphragm and an actuator coupled to the curved diaphragm to cause movement of the curved diaphragm. In certain embodiments, the curved diaphragm has at least one free edge. In other embodiments, the left and... Agent: Emo Labs, Inc.

20140270326 - Planar-magnetic transducer with improved electro-magnetic circuit: The invention provides a planar-magnetic transducer with a frame and a primary magnet row structure of elongated magnets adjacent and air gapped from a first surface side of a mobile portion of a thin film or thin structure diaphragm with conductive traces incorporated with the diaphragm. An additional pair of... Agent:

20140270328 - Driving plural armatures with a common stator: An apparatus includes at least one load and a plurality of armatures, each including a permanent magnet, which are coupled to the at least one load to cause the at least one load to move. The apparatus also includes a common stator that defines an air gap within which the... Agent:

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20140254801 - Down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking: Example methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to implement down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein to compensate for audio channel down-mixing when embedding watermarks in a multichannel audio signal include obtaining a watermark to be embedded in respective ones of a plurality of audio... Agent:

20140254802 - Information terminal device, sound control method and program: An information terminal device, a sound control method and a program, which enable a good stereo surround effect suitable for a screen display to be obtained even with a miniature speaker. A controller (8) controls a selector (16) so as to switch the orientation of an image in a display... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140254803 - Rfid transceiver for remote control: A transceiver for remote control, the transceiver includes an amplifier configured to receive an audio signal from a first electronic device and amplify the audio signal; a transmission module electrically connected to the amplifier to receive the amplified audio signal and generating a first carrier signal; a power supply connected... Agent: Favepc Inc.

20140254804 - Systems and methods for protecting a speaker: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods may include a controller configured to be coupled to an audio speaker, wherein the controller receives one or more signals indicative of one or more operating characteristics of the audio speaker and compares the one or more operating characteristics... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140254805 - Systems and methods for protecting a speaker: In accordance with these and other embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods may include a controller configured to be coupled to an audio speaker, wherein the controller receives an audio input signal, and based on a displacement transfer function associated with the audio speaker, processes the audio input... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140254808 - Medical feedback system based on sound analysis in a medical environment: The present invention relates to a medical feedback system (100) based on sound analysis in a medical environment. With a sound scene analyzer (SSA, 10) being capable of analyzing and classifying an audio signal so as to obtain a list of one or more sound sources in the medical environment... Agent:

20140254807 - Signature matching of corrupted audio signal: Devices and methods that match audio signatures to programming content stored in a remote database.... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140254806 - Systems and methods for interactive broadcast content: Devices and methods for scoring viewer's interactions with content broadcast on a presentation device by processing at least one audio signal received by a microphone proximate the viewer and the presentation device, to generate at least one audio signature, which is compared to at least two different reference audio signatures.... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140254809 - Audio accessory circuitry and method compatible with both msft mode and digital communication mode: An audio accessory key detection system (40) includes a host circuit (2-3) coupled to communicate via a microphone line (7) with an accessory circuit (3-3) in either a MSFT mode or a digital communication mode. Depletion mode transistors (44-1,2,3) in the accessory circuit are coupled between keys (15-1,2,3) of the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140254812 - Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via filter banks for dynamic distortions and or differential phase and frequency modulation effects: A testing method or apparatus utilizes filter banks to measure time varying or dynamic harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion from a device. With a stairstep or arbitrary signal and filter banks, Nth order harmonic and or intermodulation distortion is measured via the filter banks at different offsets provided by an... Agent:

20140254810 - Microphone system to control intermodulation products: In a particular embodiment, a system includes a controller configured to receive proximity data associated with a first device of a plurality of devices. The proximity data indicates a relative location of each of one or more devices of the plurality of devices with respect to the first device. The... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140254811 - Sound reproduction device: Provided is a sound reproduction device including: a first loudspeaker having directionality utilizing a parametric effect; a second loudspeaker having directionality broader than that of the first loudspeaker; an orientation adjustment unit configured to change an orientation of the first loudspeaker; an information obtaining device configured to obtain positional information... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140254813 - Audio processor circuits for acoustic echo cancellation and method therefor: In one form, an audio processor circuit includes a first digital signal processing circuit, a second digital signal processing circuit, and an interleaver. The first digital signal processing circuit has an input for receiving a far-end audio signal, and an output. The second digital signal processing circuit has an input... Agent:

20140254814 - Electronic stethoscope: A portable ergonomic compact handheld stethoscope to aid in the listening of internal body sounds.... Agent:

20140254816 - Content based noise suppression: Apparatus and methods for audio noise attenuation are disclosed. An audio signal analyzer can determine whether an input audio signal received from a microphone device includes a noise signal having identifiable content. If there is a noise signal having identifiable content, a content source is accessed to obtain a copy... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140254815 - Pedestrian alert system for a motor vehicle: A pedestrian alert system includes, a noise producing member having a primary acoustic output surface configured and disposed to direct noise from the noise producing member along a first axis, and at least one secondary acoustic output surface that allows noise to pass from the noise producing member along a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140254819 - Deformable controller for electronic device: A deformable controller for an electronic device, such as a portable electronic device, is disclosed. A user can interact with the controller to cause it to “deform” and thereby provide user input to control the electronic device. The controller can be malleable and symmetrical, and user interaction with the controller... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140254817 - Orientation free handsfree device: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided to indicate or automatically configure headphone channel orientation based on a physical orientation determination. An apparatus is provided that is configured to at least determine an orientation of the headphone device; analyze the determined orientation; and provide an indication of the determined... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140254818 - System and method for automatically switching operational modes in a bluetooth earphone: Disclosed is a system and method for automatically switching operational modes in a Bluetooth earphone. The system includes a first sensor, and a second sensor disposed within left speaker and right speaker of the earphone to detect an earphone in-use situation, and an earphone unused situation, a built-in Bluetooth chip... Agent: Plastoform Industries Limited

20140254820 - Methods and devices to generate multiple-channel audio recordings: Methods and devices to generate a multiple-channel audio recording are disclosed. An example method includes initiating a registration of a first device in response to determining that the first device is in a physical location of an event, sending first registration information to register the first device for the event,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140254822 - Device for controlling and cleaning wired audio headsets: t

20140254821 - Wheel cover: The present disclosure describes and teaches a wheel cover that is used to cover the disc portion of a vehicle wheel. The wheel cover has at least an inner plate and an outer shield, both of which are attached to the wheel disc by screwing bolts and bolt heads, ensuring... Agent:

20140254823 - Distributed automatic level control for a microphone array: A distributed automatic level control function is provided, in which information relating to a common automatic level control parameter is transmitted to each of a plurality of microphone devices, wherein the information transmitted to at least one microphone device is derived from an audio sample of at least one different... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140254824 - Microphone apparatus: A microphone array disposed on a two-piece computer is provided. The two-piece computer has a first piece with a keyboard disposed thereon and a second piece with a display screen disposed thereon. The microphone array has two microphones, which are both disposed on the first piece, wherein a connecting line... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20140254825 - Feedback canceling system and method: Reducing feedback in an input signal that contains a signal component based on an output signal from a proximate output. The input signal is separated into a plurality of frequency bands by band pass filters. The power of signal in each band is determined, and the band signal with the... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois University

20140254827 - Method and circuitry for processing audio signals: An audio signal processing method and circuitry that processes an input audio signal by filtering the input audio signal with a high pass filter to produce a filtered audio signal, which is input to a compressor. A first intermediate audio signal is produced based on the compressor output signal. The... Agent: Aphex, LLC

20140254826 - Virtual pre-amplifier and effects system and methods for customizing and using the same in live performances: The technology in one embodiment includes an audio-processing unit, for processing an input audio signal using a pre-established audio feature. The unit includes a processor, an audio-device input in operative communication with the processor, and a system-user interface being in operative communication with the processor. The unit also includes a... Agent:

20140254828 - System and method for personalization of an audio equalizer: The invention is directed to synthesizing a personalized audio equalization filter based on an individual's hearing profile when listening to audio signals using a preferred electronic means of transduction and production of the audio signals through headphones, earphones, or loudspeakers and is presented in two steps. In the first step,... Agent: Sound Innovations Inc.

20140254829 - Multifunctional led device and multifunctional led wireless conference system: Multifunctional LED devices and multifunctional LED wireless conference systems are provided. A multifunctional LED device includes LED light source assembly, LED drive and power supply unit, controller unit, audio power amplifier unit, microphone module, wireless transceiver module, speaker unit, and/or audio codec unit. The wireless transceiver module is configured to... Agent: Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

20140254831 - Adaptive music playback system: An adaptive music playback system is disclosed. The system includes a composition system that receives information corresponding to user activity levels. The composition system modifies the composition of a song in response to changes in user activity. The modifications are made according to a set of composition rules to facilitate... Agent:

20140254830 - Altering audio signals: A system of altering an audio signal presented to a user may include an input configured to receive data indicating a status of an environment outside of an audio device, where the audio device is configured to present an audio signal to a user. The system may also include a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140254832 - Volume adjusting system and method: A volume adjusting system, a volume adjusting method adapted for a mobile phone, and a computer-readable storage medium encoded with a computer program are disclosed. The mobile phone comprises a speaker and stores an optimal hearing volume and a volume range. The method includes steps: detecting a volume of a... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140254833 - Portable isolation cabinet: A portable isolation cabinet includes a body with a sidewall, a floor, and a positioning device. The sidewall is located on an edge of the floor. The positioning device is disposed on an interior face of the sidewall for removably securing a combination amplifier. The lid is pivotally connected to... Agent:

20140254834 - Audio signal processing device and parameter adjusting method: An audio signal processing device and a parameter adjusting method, configured such that: a two-channel screen displaying a plurality of parameters for each of two channels allocated to any two channel strips, in accordance with operation of edit buttons of the two channel strips, is displayed on a display; each... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140254837 - Integrated audio amplification circuit with multi-functional external terminals: An audio amplification circuit may include an input terminal for receipt of an input signal from a transducer. A signal processor may be coupled to the input terminal for receipt and processing of the input signal to generate a processed digital audio signal in accordance with a programmable configuration setting... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140254835 - Packaged microphone system with a permanent magnet: A microphone structure has a lid forming an interior chamber. The lid includes a permanent magnet for forming a permanent magnetic field. The microphone structure includes an aperture for permitting acoustic access to the interior of the chamber and thus, the MEMS microphone. The MEMS microphone structure includes a substrate... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140254836 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device having a speaker module is provided. The speaker module includes: a speaker unit; a back chamber; a channel coupled between the speaker unit and the back chamber; and a porous material filled inside at least a portion of the front chamber, the back chamber, and/or the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140254838 - Method and apparatus for controlling audio output of communication terminal: An apparatus for controlling an audio output in a terminal includes: a speaker; an audio processor which demodulates an audio signal via a first path and a second path having different impedances from each other, the audio processor selectively transmits the demodulated audio signal to the speaker via one of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140254839 - Acoustic apparatus: An acoustic apparatus includes a vibration part configured to generate an acoustic vibration, a tube having a cavity that faces the vibration part, and at least one open tube connected to the tube via a first open end and a second open end. A length of the at least one... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140254840 - Hearing enhancement systems and methods: Systems and methods for providing audio content and hearing-enhancement devices are provided. Systems and methods can be tailored to providing audio content to the hearing impaired, and can include evaluating a response profile of a listener; determining preferred ultrasonic signal parameters based on the listener's response profile; configuring an ultrasonic... Agent: Parametric Sound Corporation

20140254841 - Hearing aids and methods and apparatus for audio fitting thereof: A field ready, unsupervised-use ready, method and apparatus for audio fitting a hearing aid is described in a hand held configuration having paired comparisons (hearing selections) stored in and derivable from a memory therein. The paired comparisons are presented one at a time to a user and a preferred selection... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140254842 - Situational hearing enhancement and protection: System and methods can provide both hearing enhancement and hearing protection. An audiogram can be determined for either an individual person or a group of people. A frequency spectrum of an environment can be determined for an environment within which hearing enhancement and/or hearing protection is needed. The audiogram and... Agent: Surefire, LLC

20140254846 - Canal hearing devices and batteries for use with same: Hearing devices configured to fit within the bony portion of the ear canal and batteries that may be used with same.... Agent: Insound Medical, Inc.

20140254843 - Disengagement tool for a modular canal hearing device and systems including same: Examples of modular hearing devices and tools for disengaging a battery module from a main module of the canal hearing device are described. The disengagement tool may be used to switch the modular hearing device to the power OFF condition, or to completely remove the battery module therefrom. According to... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20140254845 - Listening device with a rechargeable energy source adapted for being charged through an ite-unit, or a connector connectable to, or a connector of, a bte-unit: A listening device including an ITE part adapted for being located in an ear canal of a user and a BTE part adapted for being located behind an ear of the user, the ITE and BTE parts being at least mechanically connected by a connecting element, the listening device including... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140254844 - Rechargeable canal hearing device and systems: Examples of a rechargeable canal hearing device and charging systems are described. An exemplary rechargeable hearing device includes a battery module and a main module adapted to be removably couple together to form a modular canal hearing device assembly configured to be inserted inconspicuously in the ear canal. The modular... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20140254847 - Tool for insertion and removal of in-canal hearing devices: Methods, tools, and methods of manufacturing said tools are provided for inserting a hearing device deeply into the ear canal of a user and adjusting its medial-lateral position therein. The provided tools comprise a shaft. A distal end of the shaft can be coupled to the hearing device. The shaft... Agent: Insound Medical, Inc.

20140254848 - Waterproof controller for audio headsets: Disclosed herein are inline waterproof controllers for electronic devices. The waterproof inline controllers can house and protect a remote controller from damage. The waterproof inline controllers can allow for a user to remotely operate an audio device while the user is exercising or engaged in watersports. The waterproof inline controllers... Agent:

20140254849 - Waterproof sound transmitting member: A waterproof sound transmitting member according to the present invention includes: a waterproof sound transmitting membrane having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface; and a first adhesive sheet and a second adhesive sheet that are disposed on the first surface. When viewed in a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140254850 - Acoustic sensor package: Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide an improved signal receive time to a sensor component. The sensor component is enclosed within a package arranged to allow the sensor to potentially receive a signal in less time. The package may have a cavity, and the cavity may be at least... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140254851 - Mems microphone packaging structure: The invention provides a MEMS microphone packaging structure for reducing the packaging structure volume, lowering manufacturing cost and improving impact resistance. The packaging structure has a large back cavity formed by a recess of a controlling chip and a deep hole of a MEMS microphone chip. The controlling chip is... Agent: Merry Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140254852 - Electronic earplug windscreen: Certain embodiments provide an in-the-ear device. The in-the-ear device includes a housing including a microphone inlet. The in-the-ear device also includes a microphone and a windscreen. The microphone is disposed within the housing adjacent to the microphone inlet. The windscreen includes a porous screen and an attachment mechanism coupled to... Agent: Etymotic Research Inc.

20140254854 - Multi-mode listening apparatus: A headset apparatus including a headband having two end portions, each of the end portions comprising an angled hinge having two opposing ends. The apparatus further includes at least two speakers, each of the speakers rotatably attached to the two ends of the angled hinged to form two rotary joints,... Agent: Idea Village Products Corp.

20140254853 - Music listening and playing apparatus: A headset apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprises: a headband; at least two connectors, each of the connectors has at least two arms, a first arm being shorter than a second arm; and at least two speakers, each speaker comprising an audio output element on a first side, each of... Agent:

20140254855 - Ear speaker device: The ear speaker device includes a mount section that is provided with ear-hook sections, and rotation sections that rotate speaker movable sections with respect to the mount section. Tubular ducts are positioned more inside than the ear-hook sections in a natural state. When the ear speaker device is mounted, the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140254856 - Eardrum supported nanomembrane transducer: A flexible membrane of piezoelectric material sized to be supported by and to conform to the eardrum. Electrodes on the membrane allow the membrane to function as an audio transducer stimulating the eardrum with an audio signal or detecting audio signals at the eardrum. Applications may include detecting a variety... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140254857 - Audio equipped fan: An audio equipped fan is disclosed having a housing defining an inner cavity, a motor disposed at least partially in the inner cavity of the housing and having an output shaft extending therefrom that is rotatable by the motor, a fan connected to the output shaft of the motor and... Agent: Homewerks Worldwide, LLC

20140254858 - Electro-acoustic transducer: An electro-acoustic transducer includes a frame having sidewalls, a magnetic circuit system received in the frame and a vibration system fixed to the frame. The vibration system includes a vibrating diaphragm and a driving voice coil for driving the vibrating diaphragm to move. The electro-acoustic transducer further includes a communication... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.,

20140254859 - Acoustic transducer assembly: Driver for an acoustic transducer having a moving coil of substantially equal length to the air gap. The air gap may itself be extended in length using an upper or lower lip, or both. A stationary coil is also provided. The moving and stationary coils can be controlled by suitable... Agent: Sentient Magnetics, Inc.

20140254860 - Acoustic transducer assembly: Driver for an acoustic transducer having a moving coil of substantially equal length to the air gap. The air gap may itself be extended in length using an upper or lower lip, or both. A stationary coil is also provided. The moving and stationary coils can be controlled by suitable... Agent: Sentient Magnetics, Inc.

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