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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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05/21/2015 > 54 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150139427 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, and speaker system: Provided is a natural surround sound field balanced in volume in a multichannel surround reproduction environment, regardless of the positions of speakers actually disposed. Arrangement position information on real speakers is acquired. Based on the arrangement position information, a target position of a virtual speaker corresponding to a real speaker... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139426 - Spatial audio processing apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a directional analyser configured to determine a directional component of at least two audio signals; an estimator configured to determine at least one virtual position or direction relative to the actual position of the apparatus; and a signal generator configured to generate at least one further audio... Agent:

20150139428 - Apparatus with a speaker used as second microphone: An apparatus comprising at least a first microphone with a first acoustic sensitivity to provide a first microphone signal and a second microphone with a lower second acoustic sensitivity to provide a second microphone signal, that apparatus furthermore comprises a signal processor that is built to process the first microphone... Agent:

20150139429 - Control of a loudspeaker output: A loudspeaker control system is disclosed. The loudspeaker control system includes a loudspeaker, a sensor for measuring a voltage and current and a processor. The processor is adapted to calculate an input-voltage-to-excursion transfer function over time from an admittance function, blocked electrical impedance and force factor, use the input-voltage-to-excursion transfer... Agent:

20150139432 - Device for measuring sound level: A device for measuring sound level, comprising: an inlet opening; a MEMS microphone for measuring sound level; and an external acoustic attenuator with a pressure divider comprising: a first branch between the inlet opening and the membrane of the MEMS microphone via an inlet channel and a resonant cavity; and... Agent:

20150139430 - Speaker device: To provide a speaker apparatus that can detect miswiring to a speaker unit or trouble of a speaker unit itself. The speaker apparatus is configured to include: two or more speaker units 11 that are arranged in a speaker housing 10; a sensor microphone 12 that is arranged in the... Agent:

20150139431 - Storage medium storing information processing program, information processing device, information processing system, and sound determination method: An example information processing device determines a sound input to a microphone. The information processing device includes an obtaining section, a mean amplitude calculation section, and a determination section. The obtaining section obtains data of a sound detected by the microphone. For a sound of a predetermined determination segment, the... Agent:

20150139433 - Sound capture apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium: A noise signal is estimated based on a captured audio signal captured from a sound capture unit. It is determined whether the estimated noise signal thus estimated is in a noiseless state. If it is determined that the estimated noise signal is in the noiseless state, the captured audio signal... Agent:

20150139434 - Communication apparatus with ambient noise reduction: Noise reduction circuitry for a communication apparatus can apply different noise reduction transfer functions, depending on whether a listening device is connected to the apparatus. If no listening device is connected, the noise reduction transfer function can be adapted for use with microphones and speakers that form an integral part... Agent:

20150139435 - Accoustic masking system and method for enabling hipaa compliance in treatment setting: A method and system for masking to a listener a conversation between a care provider and a patient such that the conversation becomes unintelligible to the listener, includes interposing an acoustically absorbent curtain that substantially spans between the floor and the ceiling and is positioned between the listener and the... Agent:

20150139436 - Panel device: An audio transmission unit 8 is placed on a surface side of a panel unit 4 where a display 7 is provided, and transmits an audio signal in a direction almost perpendicular to the surface of the display 7. When a viewer sitting in a seat behind a front seat... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150139437 - Signal processing circuit and associated signal processing method applied to headset: The present invention provides a signal processing circuit and a signal processing method applied to a headset. In the present invention, the signal processing circuit adjusts gain and phase of a left channel signal and a right channel signal to generate a first adjust signal, and a recorded sound from... Agent:

20150139438 - Audio data transmission system, audio data transmission apparatus, and electronic signature token: An audio data transmission system, an audio data transmission apparatus for a mobile terminal and an electronic signature token are provided. The electronic signature token includes a modulating module configured to modulate audio data to be transmitted into an analog waveform signal using at least two modulation modes to generate... Agent:

20150139440 - Audio interface device: A wireless interface device for at least one of wireless transmission from an electric analogue audio device or wireless reception at an electric analogue audio device of an audio signal, comprises an audio connector jack plug or jack socket in communication with a system that is at least one of... Agent: Ingenious Audio Limited

20150139439 - Dynamic location determination for a directionally controllable parametric emitter: An ultrasonic audio system includes a location sensor includes a location tracking module configured to receive information from the location sensor and to determine a location of a listener in a listening environment; a time delay module configured to receive audio content and to generate a plurality of audio content... Agent: Turtle Beach Corporation

20150139441 - System and method for minimizing active speech disruptions and assuring task level continuity on a flight deck: A flight deck communication system comprises a speech engine for receiving a pilot's speech input and an aural annunciation manager. A smart pilot is coupled to the speech engine and to the aural annunciation manager and configured to (a) generate new aural message annunciation requests, (b) determine if the pilot... Agent:

20150139442 - Apparatus for providing environmental noise compensation for a synthesized vehicle sound: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for generating a simulated vehicle sound is provided. At least one parameter module receives a first driver throttle signal and to transmit a first input signal indicative of a first simulated vehicle sound. An engine sound generator block audibly generates a first simulated... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150139443 - Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method: There is provided an audio signal processing device for setting, upon outputting audio signals from a left speaker and a right speaker each having an identical amplitude-frequency characteristic and a phase characteristic, and from one center speaker arranged between the left speaker and the right speaker, listening points between the... Agent:

20150139444 - Systems and methods for detecting transient acoustic signals: A two-scale array for detecting wind noise signals and acoustic signals includes a plurality of subarrays each including a plurality of microphones. The subarrays are spaced apart from one another such that the subarrays are configured to detect acoustic signals, and the plurality of microphones in each subarray are located... Agent: University Of Mississippi

20150139445 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes: an acquisition unit adapted to acquire activities corresponding to a plurality of bases from an audio signal; a determination unit adapted to determine whether the plurality of acquired activities have a specific characteristic; and an output unit adapted to output an audio signal obtained by... Agent:

20150139446 - Audio signal processing apparatus and method: An audio separating apparatus obtains a matrix by performing time-frequency conversion on an input audio signal. The audio separating apparatus divides the obtained matrix into at least a basis matrix and an activity matrix, and classifies base spectra that configure the respective columns of the basis matrix into first base... Agent:

20150139447 - Automated construction of infinite impulse response filters: Systems and methods can support constructing an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter. A desired frequency response may be received. An initial filter model may be constructed comprising complimentary pairs of component IIR filters based upon the desired frequency response. The filter model may be converged according to stepwise refinement of... Agent:

20150139448 - Location and orientation based volume control: A computer manages methods for managing a volume of an audible transmission by, receiving an audible transmission with an associated location and orientation tag, wherein the associated location and orientation tag contains a geographical origin of the audible transmission and a direction of the audible transmission. Determining a location and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150139449 - Location and orientation based volume control: A computer manages methods for managing a volume of an audible transmission by, receiving an audible transmission with an associated location and orientation tag, wherein the associated location and orientation tag contains a geographical origin of the audible transmission and a direction of the audible transmission. Determining a location and... Agent:

20150139450 - Method and apparatus for exchanging control functions of volume control units, and terminal: The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for exchanging control functions of volume control units, and a terminal, which relate to the field of communications technologies and can make it more convenient for a user to adjust volume. The method includes: obtaining current placement status information of the... Agent:

20150139451 - Optical sensor: A device comprising measurement (7) and reference (3) interferometers is disclosed. Each interferometer is configured to receive light from the same light source (1) and to emit light to respective detectors (6) and has a respective operating point. The measurement interferometer (7) is configured to respond to variations in a... Agent: Xarion Laser Accoustics Gmbh

20150139452 - Electro-acoustic transducer: An electro-acoustic transducer includes a plurality of elements that each includes a plurality of cells. The plurality of cells includes at least two membranes that have different thicknesses. The respective frequency bands of the plurality of elements are broader than respective frequency bands of the plurality of cells that configure... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139453 - Microphone and microphone device: A microphone comprises a microphone unit; and a HOT terminal and a COLD terminal that produce a balanced output of output signals of the microphone unit, and no filter circuit is disposed between the microphone unit and the HOT terminal and a low-pass filter is disposed only between the microphone... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150139454 - Loudspeaker with rotatable sound-reflecting member: A loudspeaker includes a circuit board, a base mounted on a rear side of the circuit board, a positioning apparatus slidably installed between the base and the circuit board, a sound-reflecting member positioned at a front side of the circuit board, a connecting member connected between the base and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150139455 - Passive group delay beam forming: A loudspeaker array and methods for generating sound in an arc pattern. The loudspeaker array includes a plurality of loudspeakers. A delay network is included, the delay network having a plurality of stages. Each stage has a stage input and a stage output. The stage output of each stage is... Agent:

20150139456 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device: A purpose is to obtain a frequency characteristic of a good sound pressure. To achieve the purpose, an acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a piezoelectric element (exciter), a flat vibrating body, and a resin layer. The piezoelectric element vibrates when an electric signal is input. To the vibrating... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150139457 - Speaker device and electronic device: A speaker device (100) includes a circuit board (10), a piezoelectric element (20), a spacer (30) which is disposed between the piezoelectric element (20) and the circuit board (10), and an air chamber (40). The spacer (30) fixes the piezoelectric element (20) to the circuit board (10) so that an... Agent:

20150139458 - Powered headset accessory devices: A device for coupling to a connector on an ear cup of a headset includes a mating connector corresponding to the connector of the headset. The mating connector includes a crossover conductor coupled to a first and a second terminal within the mating connector, a position sensor for determining a... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150139459 - Communication system: The present invention regards a communication system (10; 10a; 10b; 10c) comprising at least one communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) configured to connect to other communication devices (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) via an audio and data link (52). The communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) comprises at least a... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150139460 - Hearing device with adaptive feedback-path estimation: A hearing device comprises a feedback-path estimation unit, which adaptively estimates a feedback path from an output transducer to an input transducer, and sets an adaptation-step size of an adaptive feedback-path estimation algorithm in dependence on an estimate of a background-noise spectrum. The feedback-path estimation unit provides an estimation-control signal... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150139461 - Enhanced hearing aid: Hearing aids are enhanced by application of liquids thereto, said liquids being solvents for organic matter, or wax, or ear canal wax. The liquids are volatile. Application of the liquids to both the hearing dome ends and the ear canal surfaces create a coupling thereof, which maintains a desired position... Agent: Trixcel, LLP

20150139462 - Loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker system includes a housing having an upper housing unit, a lower housing unit, and a cylindrical passageway connecting the upper housing unit and the lowering housing unit such that the upper housing unit and the lower housing unit are in fluid communication. A driver mounting plate is secured... Agent:

20150139463 - Combined audio speaker and fog machine: A combination audio speaker and fog machine wherein at least one audio speaker in mounted in a housing, a fog machine mounted in the housing having an outlet for emitting fog disposed below the audio speaker.... Agent:

20150139464 - Speaker system: Devices of the invention are portable speakers that provide stereophonic, surround sound. According to certain aspects, a speaker system includes a first speaker portion, a second speaker portion and a cable handle. The first speaker portion includes a first end and a second end, and the second speaker portion includes... Agent:

20150139465 - Audio resonance device: The audio resonance device contains a base member having a box shape with an open top side, a resonance element inside the base member having stacked ceramic layers, and at least two contact pieces on a top side, a cover member sealing the open top of the base member, and... Agent: Abatech Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139466 - Loudspeaker and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides an improved loudspeaker enclosure comprising two opposing end sections arranged at a distance from each other and enclosing sections which connect the end sections over said distance, wherein the inner volume of the enclosure is defined by said sections. The enclosure also has a reflex port... Agent: Genelec Oy

20150139467 - Acoustic device and microphone package including the same: There are provided an acoustic device manufactured using a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology, and a microphone package including the acoustic device. The acoustic device includes a device substrate including a cavity formed therein, a diaphragm formed to cover the cavity on the device substrate, a back plate formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150139468 - Method for operating a hearing device as well as a hearing device: A hearing device includes at least one input transducer for generating an input signal, an output transducer for generating an output signal and a signal processing unit operationally interconnecting the input transducer and the output transducer. A method includes receiving context information describing a possible current acoustic situation and selecting... Agent: Phonak Ag

20150139469 - Secure storage device for wireless headsets: Devices and methods for ergonomically, quickly and securely carrying headsets, other wearable items, or other items that must remain handy. In an embodiment, there is a headset carrying device comprising a body for receiving a headset, supporting and protecting the majority of the headset body (boom); a capture clip for... Agent:

20150139470 - Hearing device tether with acoustic decoupling section: A hearing article having an acoustic decoupling section is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a hearing article described herein includes a tether having a first end attached to a first hearing device, a first acoustic decoupling section proximate the first end, and a substantially straight intermediate section. The acoustic decoupling... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150139471 - System and method for securing headphone transducers: A system for securing headphone transducers is provided. In one aspect of the present invention, the system comprises a first transducer device having a first mechanical housing, which has an outer surface and an inner surface. A first coupling device is affixed to the outer surface of the first mechanical... Agent: Kaddan Entertainment, Inc.

20150139472 - Headphones with removable headband pad: A mono-body set of headphones having a fixed length of headband between ear pads is provided. Although the distance between the ear pads is fixed, the fit of the headphones can be adjusted to the head of the user by coupling or decoupling a removable/insertable headphone pad. More particularly, a... Agent:

20150139473 - Headset with ball joint allowing rotation of earpieces in multiple axes: A headset comprising a ball joint that connects the an earpiece with an earpiece support is described herein. While the headset can include any suitable component, in some cases, it includes an earpiece that configured to be worn in close proximity to a user's ear, an earpiece support configured to... Agent:

20150139474 - Concha-fit electronic hearing protection device: A concha-fit electronic hearing protection device including an eartip and an earpiece body. When the device is fitted in the ear of a user, the eartip externally occludes the ear canal and the earpiece body internally occludes the eartip.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150139475 - Speaker decorative rim mounting structure: A speaker decorative rim mounting structure includes a speaker body holding a speaker driver, a face panel assembly including an outer face panel mounted at the speaker body and an inner face panel mounted within the outer face panel and providing a retaining flange, and a decorative rim holding a... Agent: Kai Shuai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150139476 - Speaker mounting structure: A speaker mounting structure includes a speaker body holding a speaker driver, a face panel assembly including an outer face panel having a retaining flange extending around the outer perimeter thereof and mounted at the speaker body and an inner face panel mounted within the outer face panel, and a... Agent: Kai Shuai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150139477 - Suspension for acoustic device: An apparatus includes a suspension element coupling a first rigid element to a second rigid element such that the first rigid element is movable in a reciprocating manner relative to the second rigid element. The suspension element includes radial features, some of which may have radial segments of opposite concavity.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150139478 - Inverted dual coil transducer: A dual coil transducer is provided that has a low profile construction. The transducer includes a voice coil disposed around a central region of the transducer, a diaphragm with flexible suspension extending generally outwardly from the central region and including an inner edge attached to the voice coil, where the... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150139479 - Magnetic circuit and coaxial speaker using the same: A magnetic circuit for coaxial speaker includes a first magnetic unit, at least one second magnetic unit arranged around the first magnetic unit and at least one third magnetic unit arranged around the at least one second magnetic unit. The magnetic pole arrangement of the second magnetic unit is reversed... Agent: Merry Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

05/14/2015 > 46 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150131799 - Apparatus and method for processing multi-channel audio signal using space information: An apparatus for and a method of processing a multi-channel audio signal using space information. The apparatus includes: a main coding unit down mixing a multi-channel audio signal by applying space information to surround components included in the multi-channel audio signal, generating side information using the multi-channel audio signal or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150131800 - Efficient encoding and decoding of multi-channel audio signal with multiple substreams: The present document relates to audio encoding/decoding. In particular, the present document relates to a method and system for improving the quality of encoded multi-channel audio signals. An audio encoder configured to encode a multi-channel audio signal according to a total available data-rate is described. The multi-channel audio signal is... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20150131801 - Apparatus, method and computer program for upmixing a downmix audio signal using a phase value smoothing: An apparatus for upmixing a downmix audio signal describing one or more downmix audio channels into an upmixed audio signal describing a plurality of upmixed audio channels includes an upmixer and a parameter determinator. The upmixer is configured to apply temporally variable upmix parameters to upmix the downmix audio signal... Agent:

20150131802 - Stereo microphone: A stereo microphone includes a nondirectional microphone unit and two bidirectional microphone units, the bidirectional microphone units having directional axes disposed on a single plane at predetermined angles to the center axis of the directionality of the stereo microphone, an acoustic terminal of the nondirectional microphone unit being disposed in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150131805 - Audio signal processing device, storage medium and audio signal processing method: Respective signal processing modules are executed in a DSP of an audio signal processing device, and also a signal abnormality detecting module is executed. The signal abnormality detecting module executes processing to detect a clip at metering points set at input and output ends of respective signal processing modules, and... Agent:

20150131804 - Computer system, audio matching method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium thereof: A computer system is configured for performing audio matching. The computer system includes a client terminal and a server. The client terminal includes a classifier, a first landmark extraction module, a first encoder module and an integration module. The classifier is configured for estimating an identification difficulty. The first landmark... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150131803 - Meeting muting: A system can include a processor; memory operatively coupled to the processor; a microphone operatively coupled to the processor; a speaker operatively coupled to the processor; and circuitry that mutes the speaker based on detection of voices via the microphone. A method can include detecting two different voices via a... Agent:

20150131806 - Loudspeaker polarity detector: s

20150131807 - Systems and methods for split echo cancellation: Systems and methods for performing videoconferencing using split endpoints are disclosed herein. These endpoints can include a Main Unit and a Satellite Unit that are associated with each other, and where the tasks of video and audio encoding and decoding are separated between the two. In some embodiments the Main... Agent:

20150131808 - Method and system for masking noise: A method is disclosed for masking noise originating from rotary equipment in a vehicle engine. The method may include checking if engine input conditions fulfill engine input condition threshold values. If the engine input conditions fulfill the engine input conditions threshold values, the method may include outputting a first masking... Agent:

20150131809 - Headphones with multiple equalization present for different genres of music: A headphone comprises a plurality of actuatable equalization selectors. Each of the selectors corresponds to an equalization setting that includes a preset distribution of relative amplitudes of sounds in predetermined frequency ranges. In one embodiment, each of the plurality of actuatable equalization selectors is a button-type switch. A knob-type switch... Agent:

20150131810 - Home appliance and operating method thereof: A home appliance and an operating method thereof are disclosed. The appliance includes an audio output unit, a communication unit to perform pairing with a mobile terminal and to receive audio data and information data from the mobile terminal after the pairing is completed, and a controller to perform control... Agent:

20150131811 - Signal output device and signal output method: A signal output device includes: a control circuit for receiving at least a first input control signal and outputting an output control signal according to at least the first input control signal, wherein the first input control signal has a first signal segment followed by a second signal segment, and... Agent:

20150131812 - Mems microphone assembly and method of operating the mems microphone assembly: A MEMS microphone assembly includes a MEMS transducer element having a back plate and a diaphragm displaceable relative to the back plate. A bias voltage generator is adapted to provide a DC bias voltage applicable between the diaphragm and the back plate. An amplifier receives an electrical signal from the... Agent:

20150131813 - Capacitor-type sensor read-out circuit: Provided is a capacitor-type sensor read-out circuit. The capacitor-type sensor read-out circuit includes: a signal conversion unit outputting a sensor signal inputted from a sensor; a voltage booster generating a bias voltage; and a capacitor-type signal coupling circuit receiving the sensor signal as a feedback, mixing the received sensor signal... Agent:

20150131815 - Method and apparatus for processing a switched audio signal from a crosspoint router: Apparatus is provided for processing a switched audio signal output received from a crosspoint router having a plurality of inputs and a plurality of outputs, there being a control signal that defines which of the plurality of inputs is to be routed by the crosspoint router to which of the... Agent:

20150131814 - Method and system for contact sensing using coherence analysis: Herein provided is a method for acoustical switching suitable for use with a microphone enabled electronic device. The method includes capturing a first microphone signal from a first microphone on a device, analyzing the first microphone signal for a contact event versus a non-contact event, and directing the electronic device... Agent: Personics Holdings, Inc.

20150131816 - Electronic device: There is provided an electronic device 1 that allows a user to listen to vibration sound that is transmitted when a vibrator 10 held in a housing 60 is pressed against the user's body and a part of the use's body is vibrated. The electronic device 1 has a microphone... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150131817 - Loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes a base, a sound-reflecting member located at a side of the base, a sound generator mounted to the sound-reflecting member, an adjusting member including a number of magnetic pieces and located at an opposite side of the base, a connecting member connected between the sound-reflecting member and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150131818 - Loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes a circuit board defining a receiving hole, a supporting bracket received in the receiving hole and mounted to the circuit board, a sound-reflecting member, a connecting plate, a sound generator mounted to the sound-reflecting member, and a controller. The supporting bracket includes a hemispherical receiving portion. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150131819 - Microphone package and method for generating a microphone signal: A microphone package for providing a modified microphone signal includes a microphone and an equalizer device coupled to the microphone.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150131820 - Micro-electro-mechanical acoustic transducer device with improved detection features and corresponding electronic apparatus: Described herein is a MEMS acoustic transducer device provided with a micromechanical detection structure that detects acoustic-pressure waves and supplies a transduced electrical quantity, and with an integrated circuit operatively coupled to the micromechanical detection structure and having a reading module that generates at output an audio signal as a... Agent:

20150131821 - Piezoelectric vibration element, and piezoelectric vibration device and portable terminal using piezoelectric vibration element: A piezoelectric vibration element which includes at least a plurality of electrodes and a plurality of piezoelectric layers alternately disposed in a first direction, and performs bending vibration in the first direction so as to change amplitude in a second direction vertical to the first direction by inputting an electric... Agent:

20150131822 - Plane-type speaker and av apparatus: A plane-type speaker where, on one of the main surfaces of an exciter film, there are placed piezoelectric films which are expanded and contracted by sound-releasing driving signals applied thereto. An oscillation plate is secured to the excited film through frame members. The oscillation plate has a flat-plate shape and... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150131823 - Plane-type speaker and av apparatus: A plane-type speaker where, on one of the main surfaces of an exciter film, there are placed piezoelectric films which are expanded and contracted by sound-releasing driving signals applied thereto. An oscillation plate is secured to the excited film through frame members. The oscillation plate has a flat-plate shape and... Agent:

20150131825 - Audio output control method and apparatus: An audio output control method and apparatus using a wired/wireless communication system is provided. An audio output control method of an audio output device connected to at least one other audio output device according to the present disclosure includes converting specific audio data to at least one modified audio signal... Agent:

20150131824 - Method for high quality efficient 3d sound reproduction: A method for spatial sound reproduction from a first audio input signal includes using a plurality of loudspeakers using a plurality of virtual loudspeakers over which the first audio input signal is panned for forming second audio input signals using source positioning data and virtual loudspeakers positioning data. The virtual... Agent: Sonicemotion Ag

20150131826 - Audio precompensation controller design with pairwise loudspeaker channel similarity: A method for determining an audio precompensation controller for an associated sound generating system comprising a total of N≧2 loudspeakers, each having a loudspeaker input. The audio precompensation controller has a number L≧2 inputs for L input signal(s) and N outputs for N controller output signals, one to each loudspeaker.... Agent: Dirac Research Ab

20150131827 - Electronic device having hearing aid compatibility: An electronic device having hearing aid capability is disclosed. The electronic device includes a linear resonance actuator (LRA). The LRA is configured to produce both vibrations and a hearing aid compatible magnetic field. A processor coupled to the LRA is operable to control the LRA to generate a magnetic field... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150131832 - Hearing aid with adaptive antenna system: A hearing aid includes: a signal processor; a wireless communications unit connected to the signal processor; and an antenna system with a data terminal and at least one control terminal, wherein the data terminal is connected to the wireless communications unit, the antenna system comprising a first antenna and one... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131828 - Hearing aid with an antenna: A hearing aid with an assembly, the assembly includes: a first side; a second side; a signal processor; a wireless communications unit, the wireless communications unit being connected to the signal processor; and an antenna for electromagnetic field emission and electromagnetic field reception, the antenna being connected to the wireless... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131829 - Hearing aid with an antenna: A hearing aid includes: a signal processor; a wireless communications unit, the wireless communications unit being connected to the signal processor; and an antenna for electromagnetic field emission and electromagnetic field reception, the antenna being connected to the wireless communications unit, the antenna having an excitation point; wherein a first... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131830 - Hearing aid with an antenna: A hearing aid with an assembly, the assembly includes: a microphone; a signal processor for processing a first audio signal into a second audio signal compensating a hearing loss of a user; a wireless communication unit configured for wireless data communication; and an antenna for emission of an electromagnetic field,... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131831 - Hearing aid with an antenna: A hearing aid with an assembly, the assembly includes: a first side; a second side; a signal processor; a wireless communications unit, the wireless communications unit being connected to the signal processor; and a monopole antenna for electromagnetic field emission and electromagnetic field reception, the antenna being connected to the... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131833 - Battery assembly for a hearing device and associated method: A battery assembly for powering a hearing device includes: a main part having at least a first surface and a second surface, the main part comprising a first electrode formed as an inductive coil; a first attachment member on at least a primary part of the first surface for attaching... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150131834 - Ear warmer with a speaker system: A frame has an interior side and an exterior side. The frame is configured to extend around the back of a user's head. A first membrane is coupled to at least a portion of the interior side of the frame. In one embodiment, a second membrane is coupled to the... Agent: 180s, Inc.

20150131835 - Easy assembled and detached touch pen with sound emission paths: An easy assembled and detached touch includes a pen body having a hollow portion, a touch end, a first opening, a second opening; the hollow portion having an oblong shape and penetrating through a front and a rear side thereof; the first opening and second opening is opened at an... Agent:

20150131836 - Sound guiding device and sound guiding member in mobile terminal device: It is possible to enable sound, such as music or words, to be caught clearly without raising the sound volume in particular in the use of a mobile terminal device. In a mobile terminal device provided with a speaker on a rear surface side, a sound guiding device that guides... Agent: Trinity, Inc.

20150131837 - Earbud covers: An earbud cover is configured to be removably attached to, and at least partially cover, an audio earbud. The removable earbud cover includes at least one light guide configured to guide light from at least one optical emitter associated with the audio earbud to a region of a body of... Agent:

20150131838 - Sound outputting device: According to an aspect, a sound outputting device includes a front unit, a first side unit, a second side unit, a sound transmitting portion, and a piezoelectric speaker. The first side unit is coupled to one end portion of the front unit. The second side unit is coupled to another... Agent:

20150131839 - Headphone apparatus with cord storage: A headset apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprises: a headband; two speakers and a cord; the apparatus comprises grooves and/or channels for allowing the cord to be wrapped around the apparatus during a stowage position.... Agent:

20150131840 - Speaker apparatus and methods useful in conjunction therewith: An actuation system for generating a physical effect, the system comprising at least one array of translating elements each constrained to travel alternately back and forth along a respective axis, toward first and second extreme positions respectively, in response to activation of first and second forces respectively; and a controller... Agent:

20150131841 - Receptacle for low-voltage electronic devices: A low-voltage electronic device receptacle may include a back wall, one or more side walls extending from the back wall, and a flange extending outward from the one or more side walls, wherein the back wall includes a forwardly-extending generally convex protrusion making up greater than 10% of the back... Agent:

20150131842 - Electronic machine, and automobile and accommodation unit provided with the same: Provided is an electronic machine that is provided with a speaker and that enables a direction of the speaker to be appropriately and arbitrarily changed. The electronic machine includes a speaker unit, housings, and a rotating device. The speaker unit is supported by the housing. The rotating device includes a... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150131843 - Support base and charger of hand-held electronic apparatus: A support base of a hand-held electronic apparatus configured for placing a hand-held electronic apparatus having a speaker is provided. The support base comprises an accommodating body which is formed with a hollow casing, and the shape of the accommodating body corresponds to a portion of the hand-held electronic apparatus... Agent: Linktel Inc.

20150131844 - Method and apparatus for minimizing or preventing interference of two-way radio speaker microphones caused by fine metal particles: A speaker microphone design that prevents, eliminates, and/or minimizes speaker mechanical failure caused by fine metal particles in the ambient environment. The contemplated invention includes embodiments that utilize one or more barrier cover installed at a location between the speaker diaphragm and the grille. The barrier cover can be a... Agent: Anray International Corp.

05/07/2015 > 55 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150124971 - Audio broacast sources switching by geographic location: The automated switching of broadcast sources of an audio content stream based on the geographic location of the physical unit that is receiving the audio content stream. For instance, while rendering a particular audio content stream from a first broadcasting source, a system may have an identity of one or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150124972 - Audio processing for mono signals: It is inter alia disclosed to generate a signal representation at least based on a noise reduced component from a signal and on a noise component from the signal, said signal representation comprising at least two channel representations.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150124974 - Apparatus and method encoding/decoding with phase information and residual information: Provided is an apparatus and method of encoding and decoding multiple channel signals based upon phase information and one or more residual signals.... Agent:

20150124973 - Method and apparatus for layout and format independent 3d audio reproduction: A method for encoding audio signals, for later reproduction in arbitrary three-dimensional loudspeaker layouts, based on the generation of an intermediate channel-independent representation, which enables the creation, manipulation and reproduction of sounds with complex apparent size and shape, including multiple disconnected shapes.... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20150124975 - Binaural hearing assistance system comprising a database of head related transfer functions: The application relates to a binaural hearing assistance system comprising left and right hearing assistance devices adapted for being located at or in a left and right ear, respectively, of a user, each of the left and right hearing assistance devices comprising a) an input unit for providing one or... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150124976 - Binaural hearing assistance system comprising two wireless interfaces: The application relates to a binaural hearing assistance system comprising first and second hearing assistance devices adapted for being located at or in left and right ears of a user. The application further relates to a method of operating a binaural hearing assistance system. The object of the present application... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150124980 - Detection of a microphone: An apparatus comprising: an input configured to receive at least two microphone signals associated with at least one acoustic source; an audio source determiner configured to determine from at least part of the at least two microphone signals at least one audio source based on the at least one acoustic... Agent:

20150124977 - Headset in-use detector: A headset in-use detector is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a detector configured to receive a sound signal and an echo signal and generate a detection signal, and a controller configured to determine whether or not a headset is in-use based on the detection signal.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150124978 - Human like ear simulator: The present invention relates to an ear simulator representing an average acoustic ear drum impedance of ears of a population of humans. Another aspect of the invention relates to an ear simulator assembly comprising an ear simulator representing average acoustic ear drum impedance and a detachable ear canal simulator to... Agent:

20150124979 - Impedance detecting device and method: The present invention discloses an impedance detecting device capable of detecting the impedance value of a load, comprising: an AC signal generating circuit for generating an AC signal; an output buffer for generating an output voltage and an output current according to the AC signal and the impedance value of... Agent:

20150124981 - Interface for expanding the dynamic interval of an input signal of an acoustic transducer: An interface for expanding a signal starting from a first sensing signal and a second sensing signal, wherein a receiving intensity measuring element generates an intensity signal; and a selector is controlled to select each time the first sensing signal, the second sensing signal, or a combined signal deriving from... Agent:

20150124983 - Circuit and method for driving a loudspeaker: A circuit for driving a loudspeaker is disclosed. The circuit includes: a signal generator connected to the loudspeaker, generating a first signal comprising a first pulse with positive value and a second pulse with negative value; a detection unit connected to the loudspeaker, detecting a second signal produced by the... Agent:

20150124982 - Method of estimating diaphragm excursion of a loudspeaker: A method of estimating diaphragm excursion of an electrodynamic loudspeaker may be performed using audio signals. An audio output signal may be applied to a voice coil of the electrodynamic loudspeaker through an output amplifier to produce sound. A detected voice coil current and a determined voice coil voltage may... Agent: Analog Devices A/s

20150124985 - Device and method for detecting change in characteristics of hearing aid: The present invention relates to a device and a method for detecting a change in characteristics of a hearing aid and informing a user of the change. In one embodiment, a first input audio signal and an second amplified audio signal transmitted from the a hearing aid are received via... Agent:

20150124984 - Hearing device and external device based on life pattern: Disclosed is a hearing device that may classify sound environment based on a life pattern, and categorize sound information using a sound environment category set based on the life pattern, and control an output of the sound information based on the classified sound environment.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150124987 - Enhancement of reverberant speech by binary mask estimation: The invention is directed to a single channel mask estimation method capable of improving reverberant speech identification for CI users. The method is based on the energy of the reverberant signal and the residual signal computed from linear prediction (LP) analysis. The mask is estimated by comparing the energy ratio... Agent:

20150124986 - Method and device for elininating echoes: Provided are a method and device for eliminating echo. The method comprises: an echo path characteristic parameter of an echo signal is estimated; a source signal of the echo signal is taken as a reference signal, and an echo estimation signal is generated according to the echo path characteristic parameter;... Agent:

20150124988 - Cotalker nulling based on multi super directional beamformer: Speech from a driver and speech from a passenger in a vehicle is selected directionally using a plurality of directional microphones. Sounds detected as coming from a passenger from a plurality of directional microphones are suppressed from sounds detected as coming from a driver by a second plurality of directional... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems,inc.

20150124989 - System for controlling vehicle interior sound using smart phone and method thereof: A system for controlling vehicle interior sound using a smart phone and a method thereof include a driving information provider to provide driving information while a vehicle is being driven. A smart phone includes a microphone which senses interior noise or sound of the vehicle and generates a sound control... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150124990 - Actuator arrangement on a vehicle structure: An arrangement (1) of an electroacoustic actuator (2) on a vehicle structure (3) of a motor vehicle, has a housing (4), in which at least one loudspeaker (7) is arranged, which separates a front volume (8) from a rear volume (9) in the housing (4). The actuator (2) has a... Agent:

20150124992 - Dynamic headphone unit and method of producing dynamic headphone unit: A dynamic headphone unit includes a diaphragm to which a voice coil is fixed, a permanent magnet, a pole piece disposed adjacent one of the magnetic poles of the permanent magnet, and a yoke disposed adjacent the other magnetic pole of the permanent magnet. The pole piece and the yoke... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150124991 - Light emitting earphone structure: A light emitting earphone structure comprising a controller, a broadcasting line set and a sound source line set, the controller is provided inside of it with at least an LED lamp, the broadcasting line set includes two broadcasting units, and at least two light guiding fibers respectively provided along the... Agent: Great Performance Industries Co., Ltd.

20150124993 - Power transferring headphones: The invention relates to headphones which can facilitate the transfer of electrical power from the headphones' internal power source to other devices. A pair of headphones can connect to a device through a modified cable. The modified cable triggers the transfer of electrical power to the device. A pair headphones... Agent:

20150124994 - Wireless speaker apparatus for multimedia device: A wireless speaker apparatus includes a signal transmission module and a wireless speaker unit. The signal transmission module electrically connects to an audio output of the multimedia device, and is arranged to send out wireless signal corresponding to the audio output. The wireless speaker unit includes a speaker housing configured... Agent:

20150124995 - Public address system with wireless audio transmission: A public address (PA) system that includes wireless audio transmission is disclosed. The system receives an analog audio input from a sound board or other output device. The audio input is converted to an encoded audio stream and broadcast using a wireless communication protocol. A mobile device can connect to... Agent:

20150124996 - Microphone accessory, microphone accessory assembly and method of using a microphone: This invention relates to microphone accessories, particularly microphone flags, for use with a hand-held microphone having a bulbous head and elongate stalk extending therefrom. The accessory has at least one body having at least one display face for displaying at least a first communication; at least one attachment formation for... Agent:

20150124997 - Sound processing device, and sound processing method: A sound processing apparatus (400) is provided with: a directivity synthesis processing unit (410) for generating a first directivity sound pick-up signal by synthesizing a first sound pick-up signal and a relatively delayed second sound pick-up signal and a second directivity sound pick-up signal by synthesizing a relatively delayed first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150124998 - Multi-band harmonic discrimination for feedback supression: A method and audio signal processor for detecting feedback in an electrical amplification system divides a frequency spectrum into a plurality of frequency bands, classifies a tone present in an incoming audio signal into one of the plurality of frequency bands based on a frequency of the tone, selects a... Agent:

20150124999 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for synthesizing sounds using estimated material parameters: The subject matter described herein includes methods, systems, and computer readable media for synthesizing sounds using estimated material parameters. According to one aspect, a method for sound synthesis using estimated material parameters is provided. The method includes at a computing platform including a memory and a processor, estimating, by the... Agent:

20150125000 - Method and device for storing equalization settings in active loudspeaker: The invention relates to a method and a loudspeaker for storing equalization settings in an active loudspeaker including a loudspeaker cabinet, at least one driver connected to the cabinet and an amplifier electronics including an equalizer, in which method the loudspeaker is calibrated in controlled conditions for forming factory calibration... Agent:

20150125001 - Audio device and method having bypass function for effect change: When an effect parameter of an effector is changed, if only a switching operation is provided to bypass the original audio signals, which are input signals of the effector, during the period required for making that change, the output sound level may drastically change before and after the switching causing... Agent:

20150125002 - Output level adjustment device: A speaker assembly is provided and may include an outer portion having a plurality of slots. An inner portion may cooperate with the outer portion and may have a positioning lever and an adjustment mechanism slot. The positioning lever may cooperate with one of the plurality of slots. An adjustment... Agent:

20150125004 - Multi-function pins for a programmable acoustic sensor: A programmable acoustic sensor is disclosed. The programmable acoustic sensor includes a MEMS transducer and a programmable circuitry coupled to the MEMS transducer. The programmable circuitry includes a power pin and a ground pin. The programmable acoustic sensor also includes a communication channel enabling data exchange between the programmable circuitry... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20150125003 - System and method for a mems transducer: An embodiment as described herein includes a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) with a first MEMS transducer element, a second MEMS transducer element, and a semiconductor substrate. The first and second MEMS transducer elements are disposed at a top surface of the semiconductor substrate and the semiconductor substrate includes a shared cavity... Agent:

20150125006 - Audio control circuit: An audio control circuit receives analog audio signals and digital audio signals via an audio signal input interface. The audio control circuit includes an audio codec chip, a first control circuit, a first switch circuit, a second control circuit, and a second switch circuit. The first control circuit obtains the... Agent:

20150125005 - Audio interface self-adaptation device: An audio interface self-adaption device includes an audio interface, a first level comparison module, a second level comparison module, a PNP triode Tc, a power output terminal VBAT, a switching module, a resistor R2a, and a resistor R2b. The audio interface includes a pin 1, a pin 2, a pin... Agent:

20150125007 - Packaged microphone with frame having die mounting concavity: A packaged microphone has a lid structure with an inner surface having a concavity, and a microphone die secured within the concavity. The packaged microphone also has a substrate coupled with the lid structure to form a package having an interior volume containing the microphone die. The substrate is electrically... Agent:

20150125009 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic apparatus: To provide an acoustic generator, an acoustic generation device, and an electronic apparatus including an exciter which vibrates by an electric signal being input, and being capable of suppressing a peak dip and flattening frequency characteristics. To solve the problem, an acoustic generator disclosed herein includes: an exciter which vibrates... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150125008 - Frequency dependent switch: Generally disclosed herein are transducers that can convert sound energy into electrical signals, such as to detect if a pressure wave includes a specific frequency. Methods of using the transducers and systems that include the transducers are disclosed herein as well. A transducer can include a first probe plate, a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150125010 - Stereo widening over arbitrarily-configured loudspeakers: A system and method are disclosed for effective and simple stereo widening over arbitrarily-configured speakers and its real-time implementation. According to one embodiment, the system includes five processing units: (1) elevation processing unit; (2) side signal or difference signal processing unit; (3) center signal processing unit; (4) binaural signal processing... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20150125011 - Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, program, and recording medium: Provided is an audio signal processing device including frequency conversion units configured to generate a plurality of input audio spectra by performing frequency conversions on input audio signals input from a plurality of microphones provided in a housing, a first input selection unit configured to select input audio spectra corresponding... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150125012 - Transferring acoustic performance between two devices: The technology described in this document can be embodied in a computer-implemented method that includes receiving information indicative of an acoustic transfer function of a first acoustic device, and obtaining a set of calibration parameters that represent a calibration of a second acoustic device with respect to the first acoustic... Agent:

20150125014 - Automatic hearing aid adaptation over time via mobile application: A hearing assistance system for delivering sounds to a listener provides for programming of a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid, using a communication link with a secondary device such as a smartphone. An example hearing assistance system may compensate for a patient's hearing deficit in a gradually... Agent:

20150125013 - Wireless sound transmission and method: A system for providing sound to at least one user has at least one audio signal source, a transmission unit with a digital transmitter audio data packets from the audio signal source via a wireless digital audio link; at least one receiver unit having at least one digital receiver; and... Agent:

20150125015 - Adaptive residual feedback suppression: A hearing aid includes: an input transducer for generating an audio signal; a feedback suppression circuit configured for modelling a feedback path of the hearing aid; a subtractor for subtracting an output signal of the feedback suppression circuit from the audio signal to form a feedback compensated audio signal; a... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150125016 - Hearing aid with probabilistic hearing loss compensation: A hearing aid includes: an input transducer for provision of an audio signal in response to sound; a hearing loss model for calculation of a hearing loss as a function of a signal level of the audio signal; and a probabilistic hearing loss compensator that is configured to process the... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150125017 - Hearing device using multiple batteries and method of managing power of hearing device: A hearing device using multiple batteries and a method of managing power of the hearing device are disclosed, and the method of managing power of a hearing device may include determining, at a processor, to charge an auxiliary battery based on comparing power information of a main battery to power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150125018 - Configurable speaker: A deployable speaker includes a driver and an acoustic enclosure made up of a multiplicity of panels. The driver is secured to one of the panels. The acoustic enclosure is deployable from a closed state to a deployed state. When one of the panels is moved by a user from... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150125019 - Speaker assembly for a rectangular display: A speaker assembly that is configured to be placed over a rectangular display screen and provide speakers along the sides thereof. The assembly comprises a left and right set of speakers disposed within the arms of an expandable frame, wherein the upper portion of the frame includes a telescoping structure... Agent:

20150125020 - Wearable portable electronic device: A wearable portable electronic device including a body and a speaker is provided. The body includes a base and a sidewall surrounding the base, wherein the sidewall has at least one opening. The speaker is disposed in the body, wherein a sound wave produced by the speaker is transmitted outward... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150125021 - Mounting structure in which electroacoustic transducer is mounted and electronic device on which electroacoustic transducer is mounted: To provide an electronic device and a mounting structure in which an electroacoustic transducer is mounted capable of sufficiently suppressing vibration of the electroacoustic transducer itself. A mounting structure (200) in which a speaker (4) is mounted includes a speaker (4), and a damping member (5) held between the speaker... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20150125022 - Microphone system for notebook computer: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a display includes a housing comprising a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The second surface comprises a transparent material covering the second surface and the housing includes two or more microphone ports disposed along a parting... Agent:

20150125023 - Headset with variable acoustic impedance: A headset apparatus including a speaker housing having an acoustic impedance and configured for conversion between a first listening mode and a second listening mode by rotation of the at least one speaker housing about an axle. The headset apparatus includes at least one vent configured to alter the acoustic... Agent:

20150125024 - Speaker surround structure for maximizing cone diameter: A surround that is generally arched in shape and that includes a radial exterior flange that extends downward from exterior side of the arched portion of the surround and that adhesively attaches to the inner wall or edge of the mounting ring of the frame or the loudspeaker.... Agent:

20150125025 - Dual coil moving magnet transducer: Embodiments are disclosed for driving an electromagnetic transducer via a drive unit comprising stationary coils and a moving magnet. In some embodiments, an electromagnetic transducer comprises a diaphragm configured to generate acoustic vibrations, a moving magnet affixed to the diaphragm, and a pair of fixed coils surrounding the moving magnet,... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

04/30/2015 > 52 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20150117648 - Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, and computer program: Provided is an audio signal processing device including a signal processing section that changes, at a time of generating and outputting 2-channel audio signals to be subjected to sound reproduction by two electroacoustic transducing means located at positions in the vicinities of both ears of a listener, from audio signals... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150117650 - Method of generating multi-channel audio signal and apparatus for carrying out same: A method of generating a multi-channel audio signal includes: representing locations of a plurality of speakers as a plurality of polygons whose vertices are located at locations of corresponding speakers; acquiring a location of an object sound; calculating distances between the plurality of polygons and the location of the object... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117649 - Selective audio source enhancement: A selective audio source enhancement system includes a processor and a memory, and a pre-processing unit configured to receive audio data including a target audio signal, and to perform sub-band domain decomposition of the audio data to generate buffered outputs. In addition, the system includes a target source detection unit... Agent: Conexant Systems, Inc.

20150117651 - Audio output apparatus and method for audio correction: An audio output apparatus and a method for audio correction is provided. An audio correction method of an audio output apparatus may include receiving a test signal from a terminal device, generating correction filter information of the terminal device based on the received test signal and a standard signal of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117653 - Method and apparatus for evaluating audio stream quality: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for evaluating audio stream quality, where the method for evaluating audio stream quality includes: determining at least one non-silence audio data packet in a to-be-evaluated audio stream, where the to-be-evaluated audio stream includes at least one non-silence audio data... Agent:

20150117652 - Sound source detection device, noise model generation device, noise reduction device, sound source direction estimation device, approaching vehicle detection device and noise reduction method: Disclosed is a noise model generation device that generates a noise model suitable for each environment by determining whether an sound source of a detection target is included in sound information collected by an sound collector with high accuracy. The noise model generation device generates a noise model relating to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150117654 - Apparatus and method for testing sound transducers: In one embodiment, an apparatus for testing sound transducers includes a test socket having at least one acoustic generator and at least one sound monitoring device integrated therein. In one embodiment, the test socket includes a well for holding the sound transducer during test, the well being in communication with... Agent: Amkor Technology, Inc.

20150117655 - Kennelly circle interpolation of impedance measurements: Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for interpolating impedance data associated with an electronic device. The present invention enables faster electronic device impedance analysis which in turn will have an impact on memory allocation associated with a computing system that controls the electronic... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150117656 - Sampling point adjustment apparatus and method and program: There is provided a sampling point adjustment apparatus including: a frequency conversion unit that converts a first signal and a second signal into a first narrow band signal and a second narrow band signal through frequency conversion; a central position determination unit that determines a central position of a window... Agent:

20150117657 - Audio speaker with spatially selective sound cancelling: A system and method for reproducing audio sound. Audio sound, based on an audio signal, is emitted within a space comprising an audio beamwidth. Modulated ultrasonic sound energy based on a modulated ultrasonic sound signal is emitted in an ultrasonic sound direction within an ultrasonic beamwidth that is less than... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150117658 - Particular signal cancel method, particular signal cancel device, adaptive filter coefficient update method, adaptive filter coefficient update device, and computer program: By using the adaptive filter, the reference input signal is processed so as to identify a pseudo-signal of a particular signal to be deleted. The pseudo-signal is subtracted from the mixture containing a target signal inputted from a microphone, the particular signal to be deleted, and a noise so as... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150117660 - Adaptive frequency response, adaptive automatic level control and handling radio communications for a hearing protector: An hearing protection device is provided. The hearing protection device can include a speaker to relay sounds, such as conversations, to the user of the hearing protection. The hearing protection device can include an electronics package that can filter out undesirable sounds, such as to improve the user's ability to... Agent:

20150117659 - Electronic hearing protector with quadrant sound localization: An electronic hearing protector includes an ear cup assembly comprising a front exterior microphone that provides a front microphone signal and a rear exterior microphone that provides a rear microphone signal. A processor receives and digitizes the front microphone signal and the rear microphone signal, and provides a front channel... Agent:

20150117663 - Audio codec with audio jack detection function and audio jack detection method: The present invention discloses an audio codec with a jack detection function and an audio jack detection method. An embodiment of the audio codec comprises: a first-contact signal input end operable to electrically connect with a sleeve contact of a plug and receive a first-contact signal indicating the presence or... Agent:

20150117664 - Audio information system based on zones and contexts: An audio information system includes: a audio unit configured to be head worn, wherein the audio unit is configured to sound an acoustic scene to a user; and a portable terminal, wherein the audio unit is configured to communicate with the portable terminal, and wherein the portable terminal is configured... Agent: Gn Store Nord A/s

20150117662 - Method and system for a headset with profanity filter: A gaming headset receives a plurality of audio channels comprising game audio channels and a chat audio channel during play of a particular game. The gaming headset monitors the received audio channels for predefined words that are associated with particular sounds in a data structure, and in response to detecting... Agent:

20150117661 - Method and system for electronic packaging for a headset: A product packaging comprises circuitry and a speaker that are operable to detect when the product packaging is opened and/or removed from the packaging, and in response to detecting the removal and/or opening, play one or more pre-loaded audio messages via the speaker. The pre-loaded audio message includes a welcome... Agent:

20150117665 - Personal audio device: A personal audio device includes a body which internally includes at least two speakers, a control mechanism, a wireless electrical connecting device, a battery to power the personal audio device, a charging mechanism for the battery, and a magnet integrated into the body. The control mechanism includes at least a... Agent:

20150117666 - Providing multichannel audio data rendering capability in a data processing device: A method includes distinctly assigning, through a driver component, each audio channel of multichannel audio data in a memory of a data processing device to one or more audio endpoint device(s) of a number of audio endpoint devices communicatively coupled to the data processing device. Each audio endpoint device of... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150117668 - Airplane seat, audio system, and airplane: The invention relates to an airplane seat having an audio system for playing back audio data, wherein the audio system comprises a volume controller and/or a noise compensation controller, a head rest element having a loudspeaker element that can be swiveled at a swivel angle α, and wherein the volume... Agent:

20150117669 - Apparatus and method for controlling beamforming microphone considering location of driver seat: An apparatus for controlling a beamforming microphone considering the location of a driver seat may include: a driver seat sensor configured to sense the location of the driver seat and output the sensed location as a driver seat signal; a directivity control unit configured to calculate a beamforming angle based... Agent:

20150117670 - Apparatus and method for controlling virtual engine sound in response to auto-cruise speed settings: An apparatus for controlling a virtual engine sound in response to auto-cruise speed settings may include: a controller area network (CAN) communication unit configured to receive information on one or more of auto-cruise speed settings and whether an auto-cruise function is activated, and generate a CAN signal; a control unit... Agent:

20150117667 - Infotainment system: An infotainment system for a vehicle may include a controllable audio reproduction arrangement that is configured to be fixed in the vehicle and to acoustically reproduce an audio signal under the control of a control signal. It may further include a portable device that is freely movable in the vehicle... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20150117673 - Digital signal processing with acoustic arrays: Methods, systems, and techniques of digital signal processing using acoustic arrays are provided. Example embodiments described herein provide enhanced acoustic arrays that utilize MEMS digital microphones to offer greater control and measurement capabilities to users and systems that desire to measure sound typically to derive other data. Large numbers of... Agent:

20150117671 - Method and apparatus for calibrating multiple microphones: In one embodiment, a method includes capturing sound using a plurality of microphones, wherein the plurality of microphones is associated with a computing system. The method also includes determining energy levels for the plurality of microphones, and determining signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) for the plurality of microphones. Finally, the method includes... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150117672 - Microphone array: A spherical microphone array that includes a sound-diffracting structure having a closed three-dimensional shape of at least one non-regular, regular or semi-regular convex polyhedron with congruent faces of regular or non-regular polygons and at least two omnidirectional microphones disposed in or on the sound-diffracting structure on an oval line whose... Agent:

20150117674 - Dynamic audio input filtering for multi-device systems: A method for audio coordination. The method includes connecting electronic devices to a communication session. Distinct signals are assigned to each of the electronic devices. Input streams are established from one or more of the electronic devices. Signals are detected within the input streams. One or more electronic devices are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

20150117675 - Push-pull microphone buffer: A buffer is coupled to an acoustic motor. The buffer has an input and an output. The input has an input voltage and the output has an output voltage. The buffer is coupled to a load. The buffer includes an input transistor and push-pull transistor circuitry. The input transistor has... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20150117676 - Devices and methods for audio volume adjustment: Systems, devices and methods are provided for audio volume adjustment. For example, a noise volume level of current ambient noise and a first volume level of a first current audio signal of a first application are acquired using a sound collecting device. The first volume level and the noise volume... Agent:

20150117677 - Adaptive method and device of audio interface and electronic signature token: An adaptive method and device of an audio interface and an electronic signature token are provided. The audio interface comprises a first pin and a second pin, and the method comprises: not implementing an identification operation on the first pin and the second pin of the audio interface when an... Agent:

20150117678 - Electronic device: Provided is an electronic device that generates, by vibrating a vibration body, vibration sound by the vibration. The electronic device executes a side tone function by using sound collected by a microphone 7 during the vibration of the vibration body. When an open/close detector 100 detects a closed state, the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150117679 - Panel-form loudspeaker: A panel-form loudspeaker is disclosed. The panel-form loudspeaker includes a cover having a bottom forming an opening in a middle portion thereof; a vibration plate at least partially accommodated in the opening; an actuator fixed with the cover and engaging with the vibration plate for driving the vibration plate to... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150117680 - Acoustic sensor: Provided are an acoustic sensor and a method of manufacturing the same. The acoustic sensor includes a substrate including an acoustic chamber, a first hole, and a second hole, penetrating the substrate, a lower electrode pad extended onto a top surface of the substrate while covering a sidewall of the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150117681 - Acoustic assembly and method of manufacturing the same: A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microphone includes a base having a port extending there through. A MEMS die is coupled to the base, and the MEMS die includes a diaphragm and a back plate. An application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is coupled to the base and the MEMS die. A cover... Agent:

20150117683 - Sound generator: A sound generator includes a housing (20), a stand (90) supporting the housing (20), a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), and an anchor applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60). While the load from the anchor is being applied to the piezoelectric vibrator (60), the piezoelectric... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150117684 - Sound generator: A sound generator includes a housing (20), a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), at least a portion of the piezoelectric vibrator (60) protruding from the housing (20), and an anchor (10) applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60). A portion or all of the piezoelectric vibrator... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150117682 - Sound generator and sound generation system: A sound generator includes a piezoelectric vibrator (60) including a piezoelectric element (61), an anchor applying a load to the piezoelectric vibrator (60), and a control unit (130) configured to control an input voltage based on a frequency characteristic, the input voltage being applied to the piezoelectric element (61) as... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150117685 - System and method for autonomous multi-track audio processing: A method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for mixing a plurality of audio signals within an audio mixing system are disclosed. The method comprises receiving a plurality of audio signals, extracting at least one audio feature from each of the plurality of audio signals, determining, for each of the audio... Agent:

20150117686 - Method and apparatus for outputting sound through speaker: An apparatus including a first speaker configured to output higher-frequency sound from among sound of a channel via at least one slit, and a second speaker configured to output lower-frequency sound from among the sound of the channel via at least one other slit. The at least one slit may... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117687 - Leaky-wave antenna for hearing device: A leaky-wave antenna for a hearing device, the leaky-wave antenna including a coaxial radiator configured to receive audio signals from an external device and to indicate conductivity, and a grounding area provided in the coaxial radiator, wherein the leaky-wave antenna is connected to a housing of the hearing device.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117688 - Hybrid hearing device: A hearing device is disclosed, wherein the hearing device may include an audio signal detector configured to detect an audio signal, an output signal generator configured to generate an output signal by adjusting an amplifying gain of the audio signal, a controller configured to determine an output method for the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150117690 - Auditory signal processing: Methods, systems, and devices for processing an auditory signal to generate auditory prosthesis electrode stimuli in response to an incoming acoustic signal are disclosed. An example method includes dividing the incoming acoustic signal into one or more frequency envelopes. The example method also includes determining which auditory prosthesis electrodes to... Agent:

20150117689 - Electromagnetic transducer with specific interface geometries: A device including a transducer and a connection assembly in fixed relationship with the transducer, configured to transfer vibrational energy directly or indirectly, at least one of to or from, the transducer, wherein a first component of the connection assembly is actively held by positive retention to the device by... Agent:

20150117691 - Wrist accessory: A wrist accessory apparatus (10) comprises a flexible band (15) and a control unit (20, 21). The band (15) is lightweight, flexible and elastic and is dimensioned for wrapping around the wrist of a user and maintaining the control unit in a flat comfortable position on the top of the... Agent:

20150117692 - Microphone: A microphone includes an output controller 14 to control output from a microphone unit 10, a metal portion 20 of an outer casing of the microphone, a neon tube 24 to discharge static electricity from an external object through the metal portion 20, and an acoustic coupler 30 to control... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150117693 - Dynamic headphones: Provided is a dynamic headphone that has a small size but makes a larger-diameter headphone unit mountable thereon, the dynamic headphone including a highly reliable acoustic channel that acoustically connects a front air chamber and a back air chamber to each other. A headphone case 20 houses a headphone unit... Agent:

20150117694 - Custom fit in-ear monitors utilizing a single piece driver module: A custom-fit in-ear-monitor (IEM) is provided that utilizes a plurality of drivers and a single piece driver module that significantly simplifies fabrication while insuring that the completed IEM achieves the desired acoustic performance. The driver module, which is fit within a custom-fit ear mold shell, includes a plurality of driver... Agent:

20150117695 - Orienting earbuds and earbud systems: Embodiments relate generally to wearable electrical and electronic hardware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, and to wearable/mobile computing devices configured to process audio, in view of noise, and communicate audio. More specifically, disclosed are wearable devices, platforms and methods directed to, for example, provide wearable communication devices, such... Agent: Aliphcom

20150117696 - Buffer member, buffer frame and electrical device: A buffer member includes a first buffer portion, a pin, a bending portion and a second buffer portion. The pin is located on the first buffer portion. The bending portion is connected with the first buffer portion. The second buffer portion is connected with the bending portion, and the first... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150117697 - Audio playback device: An audio playback device is provided. The audio playback device includes a magnetic module, an annular armature, a coil module and a diaphragm. The magnetic module includes a magnetic source and two yokes each connected to one of two magnetic poles generated by the magnetic source and extends to form... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150117698 - Low profile loudspeaker transducer: A low profile loudspeaker transducer is presented with an arrangement of placing the motor up near or into the inside concave portion of a convex dome or inverted convex cone diaphragm. In some preferred embodiments the low profile structure is facilitated by an inverted placement of the spider suspension above... Agent:

20150117699 - Magnetic assembly for speaker: A magnetic assembly for a speaker is disclosed. The magnetic assembly includes a yoke, a magnet module installed on the yoke, and a pole module mounted on the magnet module. The magnet module includes a main magnet, a first secondary magnet and a second secondary magnet, the pole module includes... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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