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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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04/10/2014 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140098962 - Angle-dependent operating device or method for generating a pseudo-stereophonic audio signal: An apparatus for stereophonizing a mono signal, comprising a convener for converting the mono signal into a principal signal and a side signal by delaying and amplifying the mono signal on the basis of an angle φ between sound source and microphone principal axis.... Agent: Stormingswiss Gmbh

20140098961 - Recording apparatus with mastering function: There is provided a recording apparatus which can effectively execute compression processing regardless of the mixdown level, and which can thereby carry out the mastering process easily. A DSP mixes down audio signals assigned to a plurality of tracks into a stereo audio signal. When performing the mastering process, the... Agent: Teac Corporation

20140098963 - Parametric encoder for encoding a multi-channel audio signal: The invention relates to a parametric audio encoder, comprising a parameter generator, the parameter generator being configured to determine a first set of encoding parameters and reference audio signal values, wherein the reference audio signal is another audio channel signal or a downmix audio signal derived from at least two... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140098964 - Method and apparatus for acoustic area monitoring by exploiting ultra large scale arrays of microphones: Systems and methods are provided to create an acoustic map of a space containing multiple acoustic sources. Source localization and separation takes place by sampling an ultra large microphone array containing over 1020 microphones. The space is divided into a plurality of masks, wherein each masks represents a pass region... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20140098966 - Method for efficient sound field control of a compact loudspeaker array: A method for optimizing the design and sound field control of a compact loud-speaker array, which includes a plurality of loudspeakers located on a closed loudspeaker surface and the control of the emitted sound field by the loudspeakers within a limited reproduction subspace, having the steps of capturing the sound... Agent:

20140098965 - Method for measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer: A method discloses measuring electroacoustic parameters of transducer. With known voice-coil displacement, voice-coil current, transducer impedance and its stimulus signal as inputs, the five calculation procedures of direct problem, adjoint problem, sensitivity problem, conjugate gradient method, and constraint equations are involved in inversely solving electroacoustic parameters. The presented method has... Agent: Feng Chia University

20140098967 - Output phase modulation entrainment containment for digital filters: Method and apparatus for entrainment containment in digital filters using output phase modulation. Phase change is gradually introduced into the acoustic feedback canceller loop to avoid entrainment of the feedback canceller filter. Various embodiments employing different output phase modulation approaches are set forth and time and frequency domain examples are... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140098968 - Noise suppression device: Disclosed is a noise suppression device including an input signal analyzer 8 that analyzes the harmonic structure and periodicity of a plurality of input signals on the basis of the power spectra of the plurality of input signals, a power spectrum synthesizer 9 that synthesizes the power spectra of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140098970 - Charging cradle for a headset device and an earphone cover for the headset device: Disclosed is a charging cradle for a headset device, which includes a housing with a surface providing a mounting depression, and a cover with a transparent surface pivotably connected to the housing so as to open and close the mounting depression. The headset device is mounted in the mounting depression... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140098969 - Multi-pin plug with expansion nub: Flexible connectors that can be mated into specially designed electronic receptacles are described. In some embodiments, additional connections on the connector can make contact with the receptacle. However, the additional connections are also provided in a manner wherein if the connector is plugged into a legacy, conventional receptacle, the additional... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140098971 - System and method for directional sound transmission with a linear array of exponentially spaced loudspeakers: A system and method for the directional transmission of sound is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises an audio source configured to generate an audio signal, a control module configured to receive the audio signal and generate a driving signal, based at least in part on the audio signal,... Agent:

20140098972 - Array microphone device and gain control method: The array microphone device has a microphone array composed of a plurality of microphone units, having a signal input section for inputting a signal from the microphone units to be corrected as a signal to be corrected; a reference signal input section; a gain variable section for making the levels... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140098973 - Limiting peak audio power in mobile devices: Systems and methods of limiting peak audio power in mobile devices may include a high pass filter and a burst module to detect a burst load condition in a mobile device. The burst module can also apply the high pass filter to an audio signal of the mobile device in... Agent:

20140098974 - Pop/click noise reduction circuitry for power-up and power-down of audio output circuitry: Pop/clock noise reduction circuitry is disclosed for audio output circuitry. After audio output circuitry is enabled, reference voltage generator circuitry is then enabled to produce a reference voltage that ramps from a first voltage level to a second voltage level at a smooth rate. The ramping reference voltage is applied... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20140098975 - Increasing perceived signal strength using persistence of hearing characteristics: One example embodiment increases perceived signal strength of a sound signal based on persistence of hearing. When the ear perceives a signal it takes a finite length of time to process it. During that time period the ear does not recognize input and is, in effect, “Turned Off”. In accordance... Agent:

20140098976 - Speaker system and method for adjusting power of speaker: An exemplary speaker system includes a speaker, an audio amplifier, a detecting resistor, and a control unit. The audio amplifier is connected to the speaker and outputs a working voltage to the speaker. The detecting resistor is electronically connected between the speaker and the audio amplifier. The control unit is... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140098977 - Reducing a disturbance on a signal path of a semiconductor switch: A method for reducing a disturbance on a signal path is provided. The disturbance is caused by a capacitance of a semiconductor switch (131-133) of an integrated circuit (130). The semiconductor switch (131-133) switches the signal path. The capacitance (203, 214) acts between the semiconductor switch (131-133) and a power... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20140098978 - Sound generator and sound-generating apparatus: There are provided a sound generator with less peaks and dips in sound-pressure frequency characteristics, and a sound-generating apparatus which employs the sound generator. A sound generator and a sound-generating apparatus using the same are provided, wherein the sound generator includes at least a vibration plate, and a plurality of... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140098979 - Battery-powered stereo speaker assembly having power connection for charging a handheld device: The present invention provides a portable and compact battery-powered stereo speaker assembly that incorporates a DC to DC converter, which enables power from the internal stereo speaker assembly battery to charge an interconnected hand-held device, such as a smartphone, through a USB connection, thereby extending the time that the device... Agent:

20140098980 - Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering an audio scene: The method of capturing an audio scene includes acquiring sounds having first and second directivities to obtain first and second acquisition signals, respectively, the first directivity being higher than the second directivity, the steps of acquiring being performed simultaneously, and both acquisition signals together representing the audio scene; separately storing... Agent:

20140098981 - Hearing device with brainwave dependent audio processing: A hearing device is adapted to be arranged on or at least partly implanted in an individual's head and comprises: an input unit providing an input audio signal; a signal processing circuit adapted to process the input audio signal; an output unit adapted to provide an audible signal to the... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140098982 - Portable apparatus: A portable apparatus including a main body and a receiver is provided. The main body has a surface, an active sound hole and a passive sound hole. The active sound hole and the passive sound hole are both disposed at the surface of the main body. The receiver is disposed... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140098983 - Wireless communication device: A wearable wireless communication device is provided, including a behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure housing wireless communication electronics, a main electronics enclosure mount engaging the behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure, an ear mount fitting the main electronics enclosure mount, and a decorative mount including a speaker. The decorative mount attaches to the... Agent:

20140098984 - Loudspeaker constructed from sheets: A loudspeaker designed with a large area having sandwich-like layer structure includes a plurality of conductive and nonconductive layers which form an active sound-radiating loudspeaker surface. The plurality of conductive and nonconductive layers include a first diaphragm sheet coated with an electrically conductive layer, a second diaphragm sheet coated with... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

04/03/2014 > 35 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140093085 - Providing a multi-channel and a multi-zone audio environment: A multi-channel and multi-zone audio environment is provided. Various inventions are disclosed that allow playback devices on one or more networks to provide an effective multi-channel and a multi-zone audio environment using timing information. According to one example, timing information is used to coordinate playback devices connected over a low-latency... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20140093086 - Audio encoding method and apparatus, audio decoding method and apparatus, and encoding/decoding system: Embodiments of the present invention disclose an audio encoding method. The method includes: obtaining audio data of N channels; and performing channel interleaving and packetization on the obtained audio data of the N channels to obtain data packets, where each data packet includes X*N segments of audio data, where X... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140093087 - Vehicular audio processing unit and communication system including same: A vehicular audio processing unit includes a receiver that receives voice data by wirelessly communicating with audio equipment, an audio processor that applies predetermined audio processing to the voice data received by the receiver, a transmitter that transmits the voice data to which the audio processor applies the predetermined audio... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140093088 - Method of checking earphone wearing state: An information processing apparatus that detects an output from a 3-axis acceleration sensor included in an earphone unit worn by a user while the user is in a still state; monitors the output of the 3-axis acceleration sensor while a nodding gesture is performed by the user; detects a time... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20140093089 - Mems speaker device with an electronic test circuit: A MEMS speaker device including a membrane that forms a first capacitor and a second capacitor, respectively, with a top plate and with a bottom plate. The device includes a driving circuit that operates, during a first operating period, to move the membrane into a first position, in which the... Agent:

20140093090 - Audio headset with automatic equalization: An accessory having an earbud for insertion into a user's ear is disclosed. The earbud may include a speaker and a microphone in which the speaker plays an audio signal for the user and the microphone receives the audio signal. The accessory includes a processor that is coupled to the... Agent:

20140093094 - Method and device for personalized voice operated control: An earpiece (100) and a method (300) personalized voice operable control can include capturing (302) an ambient sound from an Ambient Sound Microphone (111) to produce an electronic ambient signal (426), delivering (304) audio content (402) to an ear canal (131) by way of an Ear Canal Receiver (125) to... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20140093091 - System and method of detecting a user's voice activity using an accelerometer: A method of detecting a user's voice activity in a headset with a microphone array is described herein. The method starts with a voice activity detector (VAD) generating a VAD output based on acoustic signals received from microphones included in a pair of earbuds and the microphone array included on... Agent:

20140093093 - System and method of detecting a user's voice activity using an accelerometer: A method of detecting a user's voice activity in a mobile device is described herein. The method starts with a voice activity detector (VAD) generating a VAD output based on (i) acoustic signals received from microphones included in the mobile device and (ii) data output by an inertial sensor that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140093092 - Volume control device and method thereof: A volume control device and a method thereof are provided. The volume control device adapted to a mobile electronic device comprises a signal generating unit generating a plus pulse signal and a minus pulse signal according to user's rotation operation, a detection unit detecting a connecting state between the volume... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140093095 - Porous cover structures for mobile device audio: A method is provided according to an example embodiment of the present invention for providing a porous cover structure for a mobile device for use with integrated audio components. Sound inlets and/or outlets in a mobile device cover may be replaced by one or more areas of microholes which are... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140093096 - Crossover frequency adjustments for audio speakers: Methods and systems are provided for adjusting a crossover frequency between a plurality of audio speakers rendering audio content. In one example, a first subset of a plurality of audio speakers may be rendering a first sub-range of a range of audio frequencies of an audio content, and a second... Agent:

20140093097 - Amplifying loudspeaker apparatus: An amplifying loudspeaker apparatus for an existing host device comprises a sensor coil for receiving an audio signal in electromagnetic form from an internal loudspeaker of the host device; a pre-amplifier and equalizer module connected to the sensor coil for amplifying and equalizing the audio signal to a suitable level... Agent:

20140093098 - Handheld device and electronic device assembly and method for adjusting volume: A handheld device communicates with an electronic device. The handheld device includes a setting unit, an audio sampling unit, and a controlling unit. The setting unit is used for setting a standard volume. The audio sampling unit samples a volume of the electronic device. The controlling unit calculates a difference... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140093101 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling sound output: Provided is a mobile terminal and method for controlling a sound (audio) to be output, the mobile terminal including at least one application including sound (audio) data and requesting an output sound, a sound (audio) control unit to determine an output sound when a plurality of requests for the output... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20140093100 - User terminal apparatus, electronic device, and method for controlling the same: A user terminal apparatus connected to an electronic device, and a method thereof, are provided. The apparatus includes a communicator that performs communication with the electronic device, an audio processor that processes an audio source to be transmitted to the electronic device, and a controller that adjusts a sound level... Agent:

20140093099 - Wireless microphone structure: A wireless microphone structure contains: a cartridge module, an audio output switch, a gain controller, an audio amplifier, and a sound mixer, after the cartridge module receiving sounds, the sounds are outputted from the sound mixer via the gain controller and an audio amplifier so that a power source supplies... Agent:

20140093102 - Switchable attenuation circuit for mems microphone sy: A switch control circuit monitors a signal produced by a MEMS or other capacitor microphone. When a criterion is met, for example when the amplitude of the monitored signal exceeds a threshold or the monitored signal has been clipped or analysis of the monitored signal indicates clipping is imminent or... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140093104 - Class-g amplifier and audio system employing the amplifier: A Class-G amplifier including a first and second driving transistor configured to receive an input voltage; a first supplying terminal connected to the first driving transistor to supply a first supplying voltage. The amplifier also comprises: a second supplying terminal connected to the second driving transistor to supply a second... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140093103 - Increasing ground noise rejection in audio systems: An audio source device has an audio connector to which an external load can be connected. An audio signal is amplified and then driven through the connector, wherein the amplification process uses feedback from the return pin of the connector. The return pin is directly connected to a ground break... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140093105 - Technique for generating audio data for loop reproduction on the basis of performance data: A sequence of performance data to be loop-reproduced is read out repetitively for at least two cycles, and audio data repeating for at least two cycles are created on the basis of the read-out performance data. Audio data of a second or subsequent cycle of the created audio data have... Agent: Yamaha Corporaion

20140093106 - Diaphragm: A diaphragm includes a central portion and an edge portion surrounding the central portion and smoothly connecting with the central portion. The edge portion has a main curved portion which is convex forward in the vibrating direction and a first side curved portion continued to an inner periphery of the... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140093107 - Automated audio optimization system: An audio system is provided, as well as a method of using same, which utilizes a plurality of sensors integrated into the vehicle's seats to determine which of the seats are occupied. The system selects a pre-defined optimum acoustic sweet spot from a plurality of stored acoustic sweet spots based... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20140093108 - Sound processing device and method thereof, program, and recording medium: A sound processing device includes a shift detection unit that detects a shift of a listening point on which a user listens to a sound in a sound field space from a standard reference listening point, and a correction unit that corrects a sound signal based on first sound field... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140093109 - Channel crosstalk removal: Techniques for removing crosstalk from a system, e.g., an audio system, having first and second (e.g., left and right) channels. In an aspect, first and second output voltages of corresponding first and second amplifiers are sampled during a calibration mode, in which one of the amplifiers is driven with a... Agent:

20140093110 - Hearing aid with a wireless transceiver and method of fitting a hearing aid: A hearing aid comprising a wireless transceiver (100) having an inductive antenna (101) and a trimming capacitor (104, 105, 300, 404) with at least two parallel signal paths, wherein at least one of said signal paths comprises a first capacitor (309, 310, 311, 312), a second capacitor (301, 302, 303,... Agent: Widex A/s

20140093112 - Electropneumatic horn system: An electropneumatic horn system including a monolithic rigid housing member having a receiving opening for removably housing, in a sealed and secure manner, an acoustic sound generator and compressor member, thereby preventing unintended separation and providing improved reliability of the electropneumatic horn system. The acoustic sound wave generator includes an... Agent: Wolo Mfg. Corp.

20140093111 - Narrow mouth horn loudspeaker: An acoustic horn. In one implementation, the horn includes at least four wall sections, defining a passageway. The cross-sectional area of the mouth is at least ten times the cross sectional area of the throat. The wall sections are dimensioned so that at least one wall section has a dimension... Agent:

20140093113 - Speaker assembly: Examples of speaker assemblies are described. A speaker assembly according to some embodiments may include a speaker enclosure with a first opening (e.g., a speaker opening) and a second opening (e.g. a bass reflex port), a speaker unit mounted to the enclosure at the first opening, and an acoustic damping... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140093114 - Acoustic waveguide and computing devices using same: Computing devices and microphone assemblies including acoustic waveguides are described. According to some examples, a computing device may include an enclosure, a microphone which may be spaced apart and angled relative to the interior surface of the enclosure to which the microphone may be coupled. The computing device may further... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140093115 - Ambient vent canalphone system and method: A canalphone system may include a canalphone housing, and an ambient vent opening in the canalphone housing larger than 0.04 square inches. The system may also include an acoustic damper adjacent the ambient vent opening. The system may further include a liquid diverter carried by the canalphone housing that limits... Agent:

20140093116 - Waterproof ear-jack connector: A waterproof ear-jack connector includes: an ear-jack connector housing, a contact terminal, and a baffle. The ear-jack connector housing is disposed with a space running through the ear-jack connector housing, the space is used for accommodating an earphone plug; the baffle is located at a tail opening of the ear-jack... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140093117 - Communication and speech enhancement system: A communication and speech enhancement system featuring a first transducer designed to be temporarily affixed to a human such as a hospital patient to convert the audible vibrations of human speech into an electrical signal. The transducer provides this electrical signal to one or more electronic modules which modify and... Agent:

20140093118 - Recordable led fridge magnet: This invention pertains to a recordable LED fridge magnet which can not only emit light and sound but also have the recording function. Designed with a casing cover for the recordable LED fridge magnet, there is a permanent magnet pad at the bottom. The electronic components, set between the casing... Agent:

20140093119 - Loudspeaker, and electronic apparatus and mobile device using the loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes a diaphragm, a magnetic circuit, and a frame. The frame includes an outer peripheral part supporting the diaphragm, a center part supporting the magnetic circuit, and a connection part connecting the center part to the outer peripheral part. The outer peripheral part molded with resin includes an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

03/27/2014 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140086414 - Efficient audio coding having reduced bit rate for ambient signals and decoding using same: An apparatus creates first data stream(s) by processing first audio signal(s) and creates second data stream(s) by processing second audio signal(s). The processing includes detecting phase information from at least one of the second audio signal(s) so as to eliminate the phase information. The second data stream(s) are created without... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140086415 - Electronic device: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device can include a processing portion and one or more audio output portions. Based on any of, or any combination of, the image signals, optical signals, voice input signals, movement of the electronic device and change in orientation of the electronic device, the... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20140086416 - Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for three-dimensional audio coding using basis function coefficients: Systems, methods, and apparatus for a unified approach to encoding different types of audio inputs are described.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140086417 - Hearing aid for providing phone signals: A hearing system includes a first hearing aid, the first hearing aid comprising: a first microphone for converting sound into electrical signals; a processor communicatively coupled to the first microphone, wherein the processor is configured to provide an output based on the electrical signals from the first microphone; a first... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20140086418 - Method and apparatus for computing metric values for loudspeaker protection: Systems and methods thereof for obtaining metrics and an accurate threshold to prevent loudspeaker overheating, based on autocorrelation and cross-correlation of band-pass filtered current and voltage measurements are disclosed. The methods invented are based on instantaneous voltage and current measurements. The invention does not require a DC or pilot signal... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor B.v.

20140086419 - Method for capturing and using audio or sound signatures to analyse vehicle accidents and driver behaviours: The use of sound pattern matching methods and techniques to analyse driver behavior and accidents and provide alerts to drivers, passengers, insurers or accident management companies. While a driver is operating a vehicle on the road, sound signatures are captured from a smartphone, in car microphone, retrofitted telematics unit or... Agent:

20140086420 - System and method for tracking sound pitch across an audio signal using harmonic envelope: A system and method may be configured to analyze audio information derived from an audio signal. The system and method may track sound pitch across the audio signal. The tracking of pitch across the audio signal may take into account change in pitch by determining at individual time sample windows... Agent: The Intellisis Corporation

20140086422 - Electronic device, system and method for managing sound effect: A sound effect managing method is executed by an electronic device. In the method audio signals are generated and ambient noises are collected. Then audio data are obtained from the collected ambient noise. The audio data of the ambient noise are set as reference audio data and the reference audio... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140086421 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus and control method thereof: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus and control method for comparing a sound generated from the bore of the MRI apparatus to a pulse sequence sound to adjust the output level of a sound output unit located in an operating room and thus permit a patient to be heard by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140086423 - Multiple device noise reduction microphone array: Various embodiments are directed to cooperation among communications devices having microphones to employ their microphones in unison to provide voice detection with noise reduction for voice communications. A first communications device comprises a processor circuit; a first microphone; an interface operative to communicatively couple the processor circuit to a network;... Agent:

20140086424 - System and method for in-situ evaluation of an implantable hearing instrument actuator: A system for in-situ evaluation of the performance of an actuator of a hearing instrument to be implanted in a middle ear cavity of a patient and to be mechanically coupled to an ossicle or to the cochlea includes: a reference output transducer assembly for generating sound waves in the... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140086425 - Active noise cancellation using multiple reference microphone signals: In one aspect, multiple adaptive W filters and associated adaptive filter controllers are provided that use multiple reference microphone signals to produce multiple, “component” anti-noise signals. These are gain weighted and summed to produce a single anti-noise signal, which drives an earpiece speaker. The weighting changes based on computed measures... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140086426 - Masking sound generation device, masking sound output device, and masking sound generation program: There is provided a masking sound output device which prevents interference and an echo even in the case where plural apparatus output the same masking sounds. A masking sound generating unit 11 reproduces each of a disturbing sound, a background sound, and a dramatic sound repeatedly for a prescribed time... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140086427 - Audio signal level control system: An audio source level control system in which the level of the audio source signal that is to be played over headphones is automatically set to an appropriate level. The system can include circuitry that can be controlled so as to increase or decrease the level of the audio signal... Agent:

20140086428 - Portable terminal having bluetooth module and bluetooth communication method thereof: A portable terminal having a Bluetooth module and a Bluetooth communication method between the portable terminal and a device having a Bluetooth module are provided. The method includes determining whether the portable terminal receives a signal from the device in a call history viewing mode, during Bluetooth communication between the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140086429 - Single chamber headphone apparatus: A single chamber headphone apparatus and earcup design is provided which enhances wearer comfort, reduces headphone weight, facilitates ease of use, maintenance and operation by providing an improved internal chamber and battery cap configuration. Sound quality is improved by eliminating acoustic problems associated with two-chamber headset designs. A volume balance... Agent: Able Planet Inc.

20140086430 - Removing network delay in a live broadcast: A first stream of audio data is received a into a data store. Excess pauses are identified in the audio data. A second stream of audio data is transmitted from the data store comprising the first stream of audio data with the excess pause removed, the second stream of audio... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140086431 - Wireless peripheral hub device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a wireless-enabled peripheral hub device. According to one embodiment, the hub device includes a communication module for wirelessly communicating with one of a plurality of mobile devices and a loudspeaker system configured to stream audio received from one of the mobile devices. Furthermore, the... Agent: Hewlett-packard Devlopment Compnay, L.p.

20140086432 - Pop noise suppression circuit and system: A POP noise suppression circuit includes a power source terminal, a clock signal input terminal, a charge unit, a discharge unit, a common-mode voltage judging and switching control unit, a charge and discharge capacitor, and a ground terminal. The charge unit includes a first clock generation circuit for generating a... Agent: Ipgoal Microelectronics (sichuan) Co., Ltd.

20140086434 - Method and apparatus for customizing audio signal processing for a user: A method and apparatus for customizing audio signal processing for a user by a mobile device is provided. The method includes identifying hearing characteristics of the user by testing hearing abilities of the user, by the mobile device, at a plurality of frequencies; adjusting a dynamic range of each of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140086433 - Microphone with programmable frequency response: Methods and apparatus automatically cancel or attenuate an unwanted signal (such as low frequencies from wind buffets) from, and/or control frequency response of, a condenser microphone, or control the effective condenser microphone sensitivity before the signal reaches an ASIC or other processing circuit. As a result, the maximum amplitude signal... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140086435 - Dynamic range control apparatus: Filters 106-1-106-N divide an input signal 100 into N band-limited signals 107-1-107-N, and multipliers 108-1-108-N carry out dynamic range control of the N band-limited signals 107-1-107-N, respectively. After that, filters 111-1-111-N eliminate odd harmonics caused by the dynamic range control, and a signal synthesis unit 113 combines the signals passing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140086436 - Piezoelectric sounder: A piezoelectric sounder for transmitting a signal by using a sound comprises a piezoelectric diaphragm constructed by attaching a piezoelectric element to a metal sheet, a ease containing the piezoelectric diaphragm and having a resonance space defined therewithin and adapted to resonate as the piezoelectric diaphragm vibrates, a pair of... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140086437 - Speaker for reproducing surround sound: The present invention relates to a speaker, and a method and surround sound system for processing multi-channel audio signals in each of a plurality of audio output sources for generation of surround sound in a listening area. In particular, the system comprises a transmitter for transmitting a left channel (L)... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20140086438 - Control method of mobile terminal apparatus: A mobile device system that includes left and right earphones, and a mobile device connectable to the left and right earphones. Each of the left and right earphones includes at least one of an acceleration sensor and a geomagnetic sensor. The mobile device includes a controller that monitors a wearing... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

20140086439 - Systems and methods for facilitating time-based fitting by a sound processor: An exemplary sound processor (104) included in an auditory prosthesis system includes 1) a clock facility (406) configured to detect an elapsing of a predetermined amount of time and 2) a fitting facility (408) communicatively coupled to the clock facility and configured to automatically perform, in response to the elapsing... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140086440 - Electronic devices with protective capacity: Electronic devices are designed having a housing and are configured to provide an improved degree of protection to electrical and/or mechanical components disposed therein that may be susceptible to damage from environmental elements external from the housing. The electrical device can be one carried or worn by a user, e.g.,... Agent:

20140086441 - Distributed loop speaker enclosure antenna: An electronic device may be provided with antenna structures. The antenna structures may be formed using a dielectric carrier structure such as a speaker enclosure, so that interior space within the electronic device that is occupied by a speaker can be used in forming an antenna. A speaker driver may... Agent: Apple, Inc.

20140086442 - Furniture: A furniture including at least one leg, said at least one leg includes a cavity, a speaker, and at least one hole connecting the cavity with outside of the leg. The cavity is provided inside the leg while the speaker is provided inside the cavity or toward the cavity.... Agent: Goto Denshi Co., Ltd.

20140086443 - Microphone systems for base drums and other instruments: A microphone system and microphone mount system integrate upon and into a drum head to efficiently capture various drum sounds. An attachment ring 170 is attached to the perimeter of a void within a drum head. A slide bracket slides 160 into the attachment ring 170. The slide bracket 160... Agent:

20140086444 - Vehicle door with a loudspeaker: A vehicle door, comprising an inner door panel and an outer door panel with an inner surface facing the inner door panel, is provided. A loudspeaker which is arranged on the inner door panel, is spaced apart from the outer door panel and is intended for generating acoustic sound waves.... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 56 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140079222 - Restoration of high frequencies by frequency translation: A method, circuit and article of manufacture for restoring high-frequency content in a first signal includes down-sampling the first signal by a factor to give a second signal; up-sampling the second signal by the same factor to give a third signal; low-pass filtering the third signal to give a fourth... Agent: Quickfilter Technologies, LLC

20140079223 - Localization of a wireless user equipment (ue) device based on audio masking: A scheme for localizing a wireless user equipment (UE) device's relative position with respect to a spatial configuration based on audio signatures received via a multi-channel audio system, e.g., an audio system of a vehicle or home entertainment system. The wireless UE device is configured to capture the audio signatures... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140079224 - Localization of a wireless user equipment (ue) device based on out-of-hearing band audio signatures for ranging: A scheme for localizing a wireless user equipment (UE) device's relative position with respect to a spatial configuration based on audio signatures received via a multi-channel audio system, e.g., an audio system of a vehicle or home entertainment system. The wireless UE device is configured to capture the audio signatures... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140079225 - Method and apparatus for associating audio objects with content and geo-location: An approach is provided for efficiently capturing, processing, presenting, and/or associating audio objects with content items and geo-locations. A processing platform may determine a viewpoint of a viewer of at least one content item associated with a geo-location. Further, the processing platform and/or a content provider may determine at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140079227 - Method for adjusting volume and electronic device thereof: An apparatus and method for selectively provide an automatic volume adjustment service considering an audio output signal in an electronic device. A method for adjusting a volume includes identifying a second signal which is output through a speaker while a first signal is input through a microphone, and determining whether... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140079226 - Sound processing using a masking model: Methods, systems, and devices for determining a stimulus based on a masking model of human hearing are disclosed. An example method includes receiving a signal that includes information indicative of one or more spectral components of a sound. The example method also includes determining a masking curve that includes information... Agent:

20140079229 - Device testing using acoustic port obstruction: Methods and systems are taught for testing microphone packages—including measuring non-acoustic noise for the package. A package positioner holds a microphone package such that an acoustic input port of the microphone package is aligned with a plug. An actuator moves the plug relative to the microphone package between a first... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140079228 - Microphone test fixture: A microphone test fixture. The test fixture includes a test chamber, an acoustic source, a reference microphone, and an acoustic resistor. The acoustic source is configured to produce sound waves in the test chamber. The reference microphone is positioned to receive the sound waves in the test chamber. The acoustic... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140079231 - Mobile communication terminal: A mobile communication terminal including: a window glass provided on a front side of a terminal main body; a speaker hole formed on an edge of the terminal main body corresponding to an edge of an outer portion of the window glass, exposed to the outside, and formed to correspond... Agent:

20140079230 - Sound output system, information processing apparatus, computer-readable non-transitory storage medium having information processing program stored therein, and sound output control method: In a sound output system including: an information processing apparatus; a first output device; and a second output device, the information processing apparatus generates, based on predetermined information processing, a first sound signal to be outputted to the first output device, and a second sound signal that is a sound... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20140079232 - Audio processing device, audio processing method, and recording medium recording audio processing program: The present invention provides an audio processing device that appropriately suppresses echo generated in a stereophonic audio output. The audio processing device includes: means for generating a first artificial linear echo signal and a second artificial linear echo signal that are estimated to be generated by first audio and second... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140079233 - Electrolarynx: An electrolarynx includes a motor having a locating diaphragm, a bobbin, and a magnetic assembly. The bobbin includes a striker and coil wires wound about a coil cylinder of an electromagnet. The locating diaphragm maintains the position of the bobbin along the longitudinal axis of the housing. The magnetic assembly... Agent: Engineered Medical Systems, Inc.

20140079235 - Configurable noise cancelling system: Systems, devices, and methods for customizable reduction of perceived ambient sounds are disclosed. Customizable reduction can be achieved via an application operable in conjunction with an audio player or a headset having a microphone.... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20140079236 - Headset power source managing: A power management system and method for a noise reducing headset. The power management system adjusts the operations of the noise reducing headset based on the characteristics of the power sources available to the noise reducing headset.... Agent:

20140079234 - Noise suppression device, system, and method: A noise-suppression assembly of a mechanical drive system having a rotational frequency includes an audio filter unit configured to receive a first audio signal and a timing signal of the mechanical drive system. The audio filter unit generates a noise-cancellation signal based on a frequency of the timing signal to... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140079238 - Automated left-right headphone earpiece identifier: Methods and systems of automatically identifying left-right earpieces may provide for determining an orientation of a device, and determining an earpiece orientation of a headset relative to the orientation of the device. Additionally, an audio output of the device may be configured based on the earpiece orientation. In one example,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140079240 - Bluetooth headset: A Bluetooth headset includes an earpiece and a body portion on which the earpiece portion is mounted. The earpiece portion is formed to a side surface of the body portion so that a surface of the earpiece portion substantially greater than the side surface of the body portion.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140079237 - Retractable ear bud assembly having a wireless receiver: A retractable ear bud module. The ear bud module is has a housing for holding an ear bud cable, an ear bud cable moveably mounted in the housing, the ear bud cable having a free end with at least one ear bud and a fixed end. A circuit board including... Agent: Headlogic LLC

20140079239 - System and apparatus for controlling a user interface with a bone conduction transducer: An input device to a headpiece includes a bone conduction microphone and an instruction generator. The bone conduction microphone detects vibrations. The instruction generator detects a pattern in the vibrations caused by a user's patterned contact with either the headpiece or the user's head and translates the pattern into a... Agent: Bonetone Communications Ltd.

20140079241 - Systems and methods for providing personalized audio content: A method for providing audio content to a user device in a movie theater includes the steps of personalizing the audio content for the user device based on an identifier and providing the personalized audio content to the user device. In some embodiments, the identifier is based on demographic information... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140079242 - Localization of a wireless user equipment (ue) device based on single beep per channel signatures: A scheme for localizing a wireless user equipment (UE) device's relative position with respect to a spatial configuration based on audio signatures received via a multi-channel audio system, e.g., an audio system of a vehicle or home entertainment system. The wireless UE device is configured to capture the audio signatures... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140079243 - Sound reproduction device including auditory scenario simulation: A sound reproduction device includes a signal processing chain configured to render an acoustic useful signal for reproduction to a listener, a simulation scenario processor configured to provide auditory scenario information for a simulated auditory scenario, the simulated auditory scenario influencing perception, by the listener, of the reproduction of the... Agent:

20140079244 - Noise removal device: A noise removal device which removes noise included in a signal, includes: a statistical parameter calculation portion configured to calculate a parameter which expresses distribution of the noise based on the signal; and a noise removal portion configured to remove the noise from the signal by changing an element which... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140079245 - Wind noise reducing circuit: A high-pass filter is configured to remove a low-pass filter component of a first channel audio signal and a low-pass filter component of a second channel audio signal. A control unit is configured to detect a wind noise magnitude based on at least one from among the first channel audio... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140079246 - Distortion limiter and automatic power control for drivers: Systems and methods are disclosed to provide automatic power control for a driver circuit. Embodiments disclosed herein enable a driver circuit to automatically decrease the gain of amplified input signals when output power exceeds a threshold. Further, embodiments disclosed herein enable a driver circuit to automatically increase the gain of... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140079247 - Dynamic adjustment of master and individual volume controls: Techniques for controlling the volumes of multiple audio output devices using a collective (master) volume control and an individual volume control for each audio output device. In one set of embodiments, each individual volume control can be configured to indicate the current absolute volume level of its corresponding audio output... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140079248 - Systems and methods for source signal separation: A method of processing a signal, including taking a signal formed from a plurality of source signal emitters and expressed in an original domain, decomposing the signal into a mathematical representation of a plurality of constituent elements in an alternate domain, analyzing the plurality of constituent elements to associate at... Agent: Kaonyx Labs LLC

20140079249 - Speaker control system: A speaker control system includes a speaker; an audio amplifier electrically connected to the speaker and used for driving the speaker, the audio amplifier having a shutdown pin and a reference voltage input pin; a switch circuit, a first end of the switch circuit being electrically connected to the shutdown... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140079250 - Information device for moving object: An information device for a moving object includes a display panel that is openable and closable via a rotating shaft of hinges, storing holes passing through the display panel, and a holding mechanism provided in the storing holes and holding stored devices fitted and stored in the storing holes.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140079251 - Method and apparatus for sensory substitution: An apparatus and method for use in treating tinnitus, employs a sound processing unit, a tactile unit, and an interface therebetween. The tactile unit comprises an array of stimulators each of which can be independently actuated to apply a tactile stimulus to a subject, and an input for receiving a... Agent:

20140079252 - Loudspeaker with port comprising a particle filter: A loudspeaker in which a magnetic particle filter is provided in the vicinity of a sound outlet port.... Agent: Knowles Electronics Asia Pte.ltd

20140079253 - Suspension and speaker using same: Disclosed is a speaker having a suspension. The suspension includes a vibrating arm having at least a pair of layer structures and an insulating layer sandwiched between the two layer structures. Each layer structure has a foil signal transmission layer, a hardness reinforcement layer and a glue layer for connecting... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140079254 - Mems microphone using noise filter: An MEMS microphone is provided which includes a reference voltage/current generator configured to generate a DC reference voltage and a reference current; a first noise filter configured to remove a noise of the DC reference voltage; a voltage booster configured to generate a sensor bias voltage using the DC reference... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140079255 - Plane-type speaker and av apparatus: A plane-type speaker where, on one of the main surfaces of an exciter film, there are placed piezoelectric films which are expanded and contracted by sound-releasing driving signals applied thereto. An oscillation plate is secured to the excited film through frame members. The oscillation plate has a flat-plate shape and... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140079256 - One-piece active acoustic loudspeaker enclosure configurable to be used alone or as a pair, with reinforcement of the stero image: The loudspeaker enclosure (10) comprises a central channel (16) turned toward the listener, and left and right side channels (18L, 18R) oriented perpendicular to each other. The signal to be reproduced is separated into: i) a mono component correlated between the left and right signals; ii) left and right surround... Agent: Parrot

20140079257 - Powered headset accessory devices: A device for coupling to a connector on an ear cup of a headset includes a mating connector corresponding to the connector of the headset. The mating connector includes a crossover conductor coupled to a first and a second terminal within the mating connector. One or more accessory circuits is... Agent:

20140079258 - Loudspeaker, inner-ear headphone including loudspeaker, and hearing aid including loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes: a frame; a yoke fixed to the frame; a magnet fixed to the yoke; a plate fixed to an upper surface of the magnet which is opposite to a surface of the magnet which is fixed to the yoke; a vibratable voice coil arranged in a first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140079259 - Hearing aid and method for automatically controlling directivity: A hearing aid for automatically controlling directivity is provided. The automatic directivity controlling hearing aid controls an amplification factor and delay time for each of a plurality of acoustic signals that are generated from a plurality of microphones, to thus automatically enhance directivity so that a speech sound can be... Agent: Algor Korea Co., Ltd.

20140079260 - Hearing instrument: A hearing instrument microphone device includes at least two microphone sound ports (or sound inlets), a pressure difference microphone in communication with at least two of the sound ports and a pressure microphone in communication with at least one of the sound ports, wherein the acoustic centers of the pressure... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140079261 - Hearing assistance apparatus: A hearing assistance device includes two transducers which react to a characteristic of an acoustic wave to capture data representative of the characteristic. The device is arranged so that each transducers is located adjacent a respective ear of a person wearing the device. A signal processor processes the data to... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140079262 - Hearing device comprising a locking mechanism for an external connector and method thereof: A hearing device comprising a locking mechanism for connecting an external component to the hearing device, the locking mechanism comprising a part (2) arranged at or in the housing wall (1) of the hearing device, moveable from or out of the housing wall such that by moving the part back... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140079265 - Electronic device with loudspeaker: An electronic device includes an upper shell, a bottom shell matched with the upper shell, a printed circuit board (PCB) and a loudspeaker module connected to the PCB. The loudspeaker module includes a loudspeaker and a flexible circuit board including two exposed metal pads electrically connected with the loudspeaker. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140079263 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device including a circuit board, a speaker, an electronic component and an inner casing is provided. The speaker is disposed on the circuit board. The electronic component is disposed on the circuit board and right next to the speaker. The circuit board is disposed in the inner... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140079264 - Ruggedizied sound system: A sound system configured to play audio files in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments is disclosed. The system includes a housing, a speaker, a power supply, and a mounting attachment that provides protection for sensitive system components and allow the system to be securely attached to a variety... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20140079266 - Mating portable speaker with protected connector: A speaker comprises a housing that defines an internal cavity within which a sound generating member is disposed. The housing includes a front panel and a rear panel and defines a base. The rear panel includes a kickstand configured to extend from the rear panel in a deployed position and,... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140079267 - Sound system for portable devices: A speaker assembly comprises a portable device receiver and leg, allowing users to enjoy hands free viewing or listening experience. The sound system can be configured to provide an enhanced listening experience via at least one of a virtual surround system, a speaker driver, one or more speakers, adjustable control... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20140079268 - Water-proof sound transmitting member: Provided is a water-proof sound transmitting member that is less likely to be bonded to a housing at a position other than a normal attachment position. The present invention provides a waterproof sound transmitting member (2) having a multilayer structure. This water-proof sound transmitting member (2) includes: a water-proof sound... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140079269 - Mobile terminal: Provided is a mobile terminal including a terminal body, a printed circuit board provided in the terminal body, and a microphone provided on the printed circuit board a prescribed distance from the terminal body. The printed circuit board may be provided between an opening in the terminal body and the... Agent:

20140079270 - Ear appliance: An ear appliance is provided which comprises a headphone having a cup which is coupled to soft padding, and a protector which is adapted to cover the soft padding and at least a part of the cup. The protector comprise at least one material layer with a compound in said... Agent: Sennheiser Communications A/s

20140079271 - Earphone with chassis enclosure: The invention generally relates to audio headphones. In certain embodiments, an earbud headphone assembly is provided. The assembly includes a sound chamber and chassis configured to enclose the sound chamber.... Agent: Puma North America, Inc.

20140079274 - Earphones: An earphone includes a first acoustic chamber having a reactive element and a resistive element in a parallel configuration, a second acoustic chamber separated from the first acoustic chamber by an acoustic transducer and including a unitary port to provide both pressure equalization of the second chamber and equalization of... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140079273 - Earpiece positioning and retaining: A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end. The outer leg lies in a plane. The positioning and retaining structure have... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140079272 - Scallop grip earphones: The invention generally relates to audio headphones. In certain embodiments, an earbud headphone assembly is provided. The assembly includes a sound chamber and a region on the sound chamber adapted to grip an ear.... Agent: Puma North America, Inc.

20140079275 - Headphone having integrated cord storage: The present inventive subject matter provides a headphone with a cord support that permits storage of a cord. The headphone can be moved between a closed configuration and an open configuration through extension or eversion of a headphone element or elements. In the open configuration, a structure or a surface... Agent: Dei Headquarters, Inc.

20140079276 - Multiple-orientation, free-standing, portable speaker: A speaker comprises a housing that defines an internal cavity and includes a front panel, a first side, a second side, and a third side. The speaker also includes a controller, an actuator, and a sound generating member that are disposed within the internal cavity. The controller is in communication... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140079277 - Sound transducer structure and method for manufacturing a sound transducer structure: A sound transducer structure includes a membrane, a counter electrode, and a plurality of elevations. The membrane includes a first main surface, made of a membrane material, in a sound transducing region and an edge region of the membrane. The counter electrode is made of counter electrode material, and includes... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

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