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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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08/07/2014 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140219454 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus (100) comprising a noise detector (102) configured to: receive a stream of information representative of a stream of audio signal samples (112); and detect samples in the received stream of information (112) that are distorted by impulse noise in order to generate a noise detection signal... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140219458 - Audio signal reproduction device and audio signal reproduction method: An audio signal reproduction device includes: a signal obtainment unit which obtains channel signals including a channel signal representing a direct sound; a reflected sound signal generation unit which, when a first area includes a sound image of the direct sound and a second area is an area other than... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140219456 - Determining renderers for spherical harmonic coefficients: In general, techniques are described for determining renderers used for rendering spherical harmonic coefficients to generate one or more loudspeaker signals. A device comprising one or more processors may perform the techniques. The one or more processors may be configured to determine a local speaker geometry of one or more... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140219455 - Mapping virtual speakers to physical speakers: In general, techniques are described for mapping virtual speakers to physical speakers, having first adjusted the position of one of the virtual speakers based on a relative position of the one of the virtual speakers to one of the physical speakers. A device comprising one or more processors may perform... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140219457 - Method for processing an audio signal, audio playback system, and processing unit for processing audio signals: Method of processing an audio signal, audio reproduction system, and processing unit for conditioning audio signals. The audio signal includes at least first and second channels, the first channel being time-delayed by a predetermined delay factor, and a volume level of the first channel being attenuated by a predetermined attenuation... Agent:

20140219459 - Allocation, by sub-bands, of bits for quantifying spatial information parameters for parametric encoding: A method is provided for allocating bits for quantifying spatial information parameters by frequency sub-band for parametric encoding/decoding of a multichannel audio stream representative of a soundstage consisting of a plurality of sound sources. The method includes a step of quantifying or inversely quantifying, by frequency sub-band, spatial information parameters... Agent: Orange

20140219460 - Method and system for generating a matrix-encoded two-channel audio signal: In some embodiments, a method for generating a matrix-encoded two-channel audio signal in response to a horizontal B-format signal by performing a mixing operation. In other embodiments, a method for generating a matrix-encoded two-channel audio signal, including steps of generating microphone output signals (by capturing sound with a microphone array),... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140219461 - Method and device for audio recognition: A method and device for performing audio recognition, including: collecting a first audio document to be recognized; initiating calculation of first characteristic information of the first audio document, including: conducting time-frequency analysis for the first audio document to generate a first preset number of phase channels; and extracting at least... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140219462 - Method and device for background mitigation: An earpiece includes an Ambient Sound Microphone (ASM) configured to measure a background noise signal, an Ear Canal Receiver (ECR) configured to deliver audio to an ear canal, and an optional Ear Canal Microphone (ECM) configured to convert an internal sound within an ear canal of a user to an... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC

20140219464 - Always on headwear recording system: An analysis system has at least one monitoring assembly that includes at least one microphone to monitor an acoustic field proximate the monitoring assembly. The at least one microphone produces at least one microphone signal responsive to the acoustic field. The analysis system further includes a data storage device configured... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC

20140219463 - Apparatus, systems and methods for inaudibly identifying an audio accessory using spectral shaping: A method for identifying an accessory coupled to an electronic device. The method includes applying at least one detection pulse to the audio accessory, each detection pulse being spectrally shaped to be generally inaudible to a human user, receiving at least one response signal corresponding to each detection pulse that... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140219468 - Headset having remote control for multimedia playback device: An apparatus and method are provided for providing voltage to be used to control a call and multimedia via an electronic device. The apparatus includes a connector to be biased at a first voltage supplied from an electronic device external to the apparatus; and at least one voltage divider to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140219467 - Media playback system having wireless earbuds: A media playback system and methods of constructing and operating thereof are disclosed. The media playback system may include a first wireless earbud. The first wireless earbud may include a first speaker configured to be positioned substantially adjacent to a user's ear and transmit sound waves, a first control device... Agent: Earmonics, LLC

20140219465 - Power transferring headphones: The invention relates to headphones which can facilitate the transfer of electrical power from the headphones' internal power source to other devices. A pair of headphones can connect to a device through a modified cable. The modified cable triggers the transfer of electrical power to the device. A pair headphones... Agent: Zeikos Inc.

20140219466 - Power transferring headphones: The invention relates to headphones which can facilitate the transfer of electrical power from the headphones' internal power source to other devices. A pair of headphones can connect to a device through a modified cable. The modified cable triggers the transfer of electrical power to the device. A pair headphones... Agent: Zeikos Inc.

20140219469 - On-request wireless audio data streaming: An on-request wireless audio data streaming system is configured for providing on-request wireless audio data streaming to one or more wireless device apps on one or more wireless devices. The system comprises a directory server, audio capture interfaces and a wireless interface. The directory server coordinates the various components of... Agent: Wavlynx, LLC

20140219470 - Increasing the number of cylinders in an internal combustion engine in a virtual fashion: A device to generate an engine noise and a method to generate the engine noise at a time period between two directly successive ignition events of an internal combustion engine wherein the engine noise increases the number of cylinders of the internal combustion engine in a virtual fashion.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140219472 - Sound collecting system and associated method: A sound collecting system includes a plurality of microphones, a distance estimation module and an adjustment module. The distance estimation module estimates a distance to a user to accordingly provide a user distance. The adjustment module adjusts a part or all of the positions of the microphones according to the... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140219471 - User voice location estimation for adjusting portable device beamforming settings: An audio device may use the audio detected at two opposite facing, front and rear omnidirectional microphones to determine the angular directional location of a user's voice while the device in speaker mode or audio command input mode. The angular directional location may be determined to be at front, side... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140219474 - Method of reducing un-correlated noise in an audio processing device: An audio processing device comprises a multitude of electric input signals, each electric input signal being provided in a digitized form, and a control unit receiving said digitized electric input signals and providing a resulting enhanced signal. The control unit is configured to determine the resulting enhanced signal from said... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140219473 - Signal filtering apparatus and signal filtering method: The present invention provides a signal filtering apparatus, which comprises a control circuit and a filter for receiving a transmitted input signal and generating an output signal. The filter comprises multiple filter taps for processing the transmitted input signal corresponding to different timings with different filter coefficients, respectively, to generate... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20140219475 - Apparatus and method of multi-sensor sound recording: An apparatus and a method for sound recording are provided. The apparatus stores an equalizer and includes a housing, a microphone, and a processor. The microphone includes a plurality of sensors and receives a sound signal through an acoustical resonator in the housing. The microphone generates a plurality of electronic... Agent:

20140219476 - System and method of filtering an audio signal prior to conversion to an mu-law format: Disclosed is a method of processing a signal such as an audio signal. The method includes normalizing a received signal to a level of between −2 dB and −10 dB to yield a normalized signal, compressing the normalized signal exceeding a threshold (such as 70% of the maximum volume and... Agent: Alpine Audio Now, LLC

20140219477 - Guitar amplifier: A system and method for a guitar amplifier that overcomes the disadvantages of known amplified speaker enclosures and circuits while providing more effective volume control. A venue switch selects different output ranges for the guitar amplifier. Volume control still adjusts output regardless of venue switch position. In the low-output setting... Agent: 3rd Power Amplification Systems

20140219478 - Mixing device, mixing signal processing device, mixing program and mixing method: A mixing device includes a signal data generation unit that generates signal data on a time-frequency plane composed of a time-axis and a frequency-axis from each of two or more input signals derived from a time domain, a signal processing unit that receives the signal data for the two or... Agent: The University Of Electro-communications

20140219479 - Speaker magnet assembly with included spider: A magnet assembly for a audio speaker provides a gap through which a voice coil assembly passes. A magnetic member, a yoke, and a pole piece form a magnetic circuit that focuses magnetic energy in the gap. A spider movably supports the voice coil assembly. The spider is coupled to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140219482 - Flat panel electronic device and audio playing apparatus thereof: A flat panel electronic device and an audio playing apparatus thereof are provided. The audio playing apparatus comprises an audio generator, a plurality of speakers, a sensor and a controller. The audio generator is operable to generate a left channel audio and a right channel audio. The plurality of speakers... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140219481 - Multiple sound channels speaker: A multiple sound channels speaker is disclosed herein and includes a first speaker, at least one second speaker, a sensing switch and an audio decoder. The second speaker is adjacent to the first speaker, and the sensing switch is disposed between the first speaker and the second speaker. The audio... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20140219480 - Phase-unified loudspeakers: parallel crossovers: Complimentary crossovers that reduce phase distortion in loudspeaker systems, typically pairs, are described. In the fundamental embodiment, each loudspeaker possesses two drivers, a woofer and a tweeter. The “effective third-order” crossover on the right-hand loudspeaker remains “symmetric,” but the “effective third-order” crossover on the left-hand loudspeaker is rendered “asymmetric,” as... Agent:

20140219483 - System and method for setting audio output channels of speakers: A location detecting apparatus for detecting a location of a speaker includes a communication unit which communicates with a plurality of speakers, a plurality of sensors which sense optical signals respectively output from the plurality of speakers; and a controller which determines locations of the plurality of speakers according to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140219484 - Systems and methods employing multiple individual wireless earbuds for a common audio source: Multiple individual wireless earbuds provide audio from a common audio source. A user may thereby enjoy audio in both ears while also benefiting from an entirely wireless configuration. The individual wireless earbuds may each receive the audio signal from the common audio source and then produce audio accordingly. Each earbud... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140219485 - Personal communications unit for observing from a point of view and team communications system comprising multiple personal communications units for observing from a point of view: An embodiments described herein relates to a personal communications unit for observing from a point of view and team communications system comprising multiple personal communications units for observing from a point of view; especially to a personal communications system for use in a geographical environment configured with a computational unit... Agent: Gn Store Nord A/s

20140219486 - System and method for enhancing the binaural representation for hearing-impaired subjects: A method of enhancing binaural representation for a subject includes receiving a first signal and a second signal in response to a plurality of sound sources, generating a number of estimated interaural time differences using the first signal and the second signal, converting each of the number of estimated interaural... Agent:

20140219487 - Listening support device, in particular a hearing aid, and a compressible case for application therewith: A listening support device, such as in particular a hearing aid, includes a part (6) worn in the ear, wherein the part worn in the ear includes an electro-acoustic converter (61) and optionally also includes a microphone (62). The part worn in the ear includes a device housing (6) which... Agent: Exsilent Research B.v.

20140219488 - Adjustable securing mechanism for a space access device: A securing mechanism comprising a plurality of outwardly projecting members having a plurality of contact points that are configured to contact a surface of an opening when disposed on a space access device that is inserted in the opening, the securing mechanism being configured to apply a pressure to a... Agent:

20140219489 - Wireless speaker with parabolic reflectors: Described herein is an acoustic device including a speaker device adapted to wirelessly connect to, and relay audio signals from, an audio source. An external acoustic reflector is adapted to receive the speaker device inside or on the external acoustic reflector. The external acoustic reflector amplifies a sound generated by... Agent:

20140219490 - Acoustic layer in media device providing enhanced audio performance: An acoustic layer is added to a laptop-type personal computing device, comprising: enclosing walls, optionally—one or more microphones, a signal processing device, at least one audio transducer, and an acoustic waveguide. The acoustic layer adjoins one or more internal areas of a laptop-type device. The signal processing device receives an... Agent: Avnera Corporation

20140219491 - Pillar speaker: A loudspeaker system including a top firing, 360 degree, time aligned, powered loudspeaker system that comprises a cylindrical body, having a top end and a bottom end, and an upper interior compartment and a lower interior compartment; a first speaker driver and a second speaker driver, each being positioned within... Agent: Stelle LLC

20140219492 - Providing speakers in a vehicle seat: A speaker system for use in a seat includes a speaker enclosure including a speaker having a sound-radiating element with a first side and a second side, and an at least partially enclosed volume of space larger than a volume of space occupied by the speaker and acoustically coupled to... Agent:

20140219493 - Speaker frame and speaker having the same: A speaker frame, including: a vibration support portion supporting a vibrating body of a speaker; a magnet support portion arranged inside of said vibration support portion and supporting magnetic circuit portion of said speaker; and a plurality of connection beams connecting said vibration support portion and said magnet support portion,... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20140219494 - Flat type speaker combining n magnet and n+1 voice coil plate: The present invention relates to a flat-type speaker, and more particularly, to a flat-type speaker having one magnet for transferring vibration into a diaphragm and two voice coil plates in one magnetic circuit, wherein the voice coil plates are coupled to both sides of the magnet. The flat-type speaker in... Agent: Exelway Inc.

07/31/2014 > 41 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 36 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140205100 - Method and an apparatus for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect: An apparatus and a method for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect, said apparatus comprising a signal filter bank adapted to filter a difference audio signal with a filter characteristic to limit a bandwidth of said difference audio signal, wherein said bandwidth limited difference audio signal is... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140205101 - Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, and program: The encoding device multiplexes low frequency encoding data obtained by encoding a low frequency component of an input signal and high frequency encoding data obtained by encoding data including an estimation coefficient to acquire a high frequency component of the input signal by estimation and outputs multiplexed data. When the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140205102 - Audio processing device, audio processing method, audio processing program and audio processing integrated circuit: Provided is an audio processing device comprising: a feature data generation unit which generates, for each unit section of an audio signal, section feature data expressing features of the audio signal in the unit section; a feature variation calculation unit which calculates, for each unit section, a feature variation value... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140205103 - Measuring content coherence and measuring similarity: Embodiments for measuring content coherence and embodiments for measuring content similarity are described. Content coherence between a first audio section and a second audio section is measured. For each audio segment in the first audio section, a predetermined number of audio segments in the second audio section are determined. Content... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140205104 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a detection unit configured to detect a usage state of a sound output unit, and a signal processing unit configured to tune sound signals to be outputted to the sound output unit, based on the usage state of the sound output unit.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140205105 - Audio system signal processing control using microphone movement information: An audio conferencing system has a base station, a speaker and one or more mobile microphones, and it operates to receive audio information from both a far-end audio source and a near-end audio source and to process the audio information for transmission to a far-end audio conferencing system. At least... Agent: Revolabs, Inc.

20140205106 - Instrument amplification systems incorporating reflection cancelling boundary microphones and multiband compression: Instrument amplification systems incorporating reflection cancelling boundary microphones and multiband compression in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. In one embodiment, an amplification system includes a microphone configured to generate an audio signal based upon acoustic waves within the instrument including audio content within a low frequency band... Agent:

20140205107 - Adaptive noise reduction using level cues: A system utilizing two pairs of microphones for noise suppression. Primary and secondary microphones may be positioned closely spaced to each other to provide acoustic signals used to achieve noise cancellation/suppression. An additional, tertiary microphone may be spaced with respect to either the primary microphone or the secondary microphone in... Agent:

20140205109 - Headphones, audio device, audio system and method for transmitting signals: A set of headphones (1) comprises a connector (15) with a first connection contact (16, 17) and a second connection contact (18) as well as a loudspeaker (3, 5), which is connected to the first connection contact (16, 17) in order to supply a loudspeaker signal. The set of headphones... Agent: Ams Ag

20140205108 - Necklace-style wireless audio headset: A wireless audio headset configured to be worn as a pendant necklace, with wireless receiver, audio amplifier, controls, display and power source built into the pendant, the pendant suspended about the user's neck by wires that carry audio signals from the pendant to in-ear drivers; the pendant further containing storage... Agent:

20140205110 - Vehicle engine sound extraction and reproduction: A method includes performing a harmonic decomposition on a target engine sound, thereby to extract each of N harmonics of the target engine sound over an RPM range; and out of the extracted harmonics, extracting phase and shape information for each of the N harmonics over the RPM range for... Agent:

20140205111 - Sound processing apparatus, method, and program: When equalizer processing for adjusting the gain of each frequency band of an input signal on the basis of a gain setting value is performed, an input signal is attenuated by an input attenuation amount derived from the gain setting value, and the equalizer processing is performed on the input... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140205112 - Method and system of extending battery life of a wireless microphone unit: A method of extending battery life of a wireless microphone unit includes muting the wireless microphone unit responsive to a mute signal from a base station unit, transmitting, by the wireless microphone unit, compressed muted audio data, wherein the compressed muted audio data is compressed via a first compression scheme,... Agent: Enforcement Video, LLC

20140205115 - Audio mixing method, apparatus and system: An audio mixing method, apparatus and system, which can ensure sound quality after audio mixing and reduce consumption of computing resources. The method includes: receiving an audio stream of each site, and analyzing the audio stream of each site to obtain a sound characteristic value of a sound source object;... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140205113 - Expression-enabled audio signal processing platform: Our device relates to an audio signal processing device, a means for sharing expression control signals between physically separate sound processing devices, a method of deriving related expression control signals from a common expression control signal, and a means for mapping control signals from an expression device to one or... Agent: Stomp Labs Inc.

20140205114 - Visually-assisted mixing of audio using a spectral analyzer: Processor-implemented methods and systems for visually-assisted mixing of audio using a spectral analyzer are disclosed. The system calculates and displays a spectral view for each track in an arrangement in a multi-track view. A user can then request modification of the spectral view. In response to this request for modification,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140205116 - System, device, and method for establishing a microphone array using computing devices: A system, device, and method for generating an audio output includes a master computing device and a plurality of client computing devices. Each client computing device includes a microphone to record audio signals. The client computing devices generate audio data based on the audio signals and transmit the audio data... Agent:

20140205117 - System and method for fitting hearing devices: An improved method and apparatus for automatic haring device fitting have been disclosed. The disclosed apparatus includes a search engine for searching the optimal settings of a hearing device, a first selector for patient to alternate the hearing device between two presets, and a second selector for patient to register... Agent: Ototronix LLC

20140205118 - Method of determining operation mode of hearing device and hearing device: A method of determining an operation mode of a hearing device and the hearing device may include detecting an input signal of the hearing device, determining the operation mode of the hearing device by determining whether the input signal is a designated signal related to a programming mode of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140205119 - Modulation of speech signals: Methods, systems, and devices for processing an audio signal are provided. An example method includes mapping a fundamental frequency of an audio signal to a modulation frequency. An output of the mapping is less than the fundamental frequency when the fundamental frequency is greater than an intersection frequency. The intersection... Agent:

20140205121 - Hearing device with two or more microphones and two or more resonators having different lengths and the same resonant frequency: The invention regards a hearing device with two or more microphone units each having a conduit leading from a respective sound inlet in the hearing-device housing to a respective transducer, wherein the lengths of the conduits may differ without causing a difference in the frequency characteristics of the microphone units... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140205120 - Hearing instrument housing having a plug-in connection, plug and hearing instrument: A hearing instrument has housing with a plug-in connection. The plug-in connection connects hearing tubes, sound tubes or electrical signal lines. The hearing instrument ensures against an unintentional detachment of the tubes and lines from the housing. The housing has a locking apparatus. The plug-in connection is arranged in the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140205122 - Electronics in a receiver-in-canal module: A hearing aid assembly comprising a Receiver-in-canal part provided with electronics.... Agent: Sonion Nederland B.v.

20140205123 - Balloon connector for a hearing aid assembly: A hearing aid assembly comprising an inflatable ear dome, and in particular, a connector for connecting an inflatable ear-dome to a hearing aid.... Agent: Sonion Nederland B.v.

20140205124 - Method of manufacturing a soft custom ear mold and a soft custom ear mold: A soft custom ear mold (300) comprising: an inner ear mold part (100) consisting of a first bushing (101), a sound tube (102) and an ear wax guard bushing (103), and an outer ear mold part (200) that is adapted to fit an individual ear canal and comprises a sound... Agent: Widex A/s

20140205125 - Adjustable mechanism for securing in-ear audio device: Adjustable single-ear headsets or earpieces have an earplug portion to be inserted in the user's ear canal, a body portion to rest in the user's outer ear, and an adjustable securing loop to encircle the user's pinna, the loop adjusted by a rotary mechanism to change the size or shape... Agent:

20140205126 - Adjustable speaker rigging system: Opposing strings of pivotally coupled rigid members attach to opposing sides of tapered speaker cabinets in an array of speaker cabinets. Attachment is made near the front cabinet edges and a rear adjustable coupling string of brackets and adjustable couplings connect to the rear of the tapered speaker cabinets. Actuation... Agent:

20140205127 - Microphone system with non-orthogonally mounted microphone die: A microphone system has a lid coupled with a base to form a package with an interior chamber. The package has a top, a bottom, and a plurality of sides, and at least one of those sides has a portion with a substantially planar surface forming an opening for receiving... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140205128 - Chip arrangement and a method for manufacturing the same: In various embodiments, a method for manufacturing a chip arrangement, the method including bonding a microphone chip to a first carrier, the microphone chip including a microphone structure, depositing adhesive material laterally disposed from the microphone structure, and arranging the microphone structure into a cavity of a second carrier such... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140205129 - Headband for personal speakers: An assembly for holding a personal speaker relative to a user's ear. A headband assembly can include a band, a sleeve attached to an end of the band, and an arm moveably secured to the sleeve. The sleeve can include a pair of laterally opposed detent channels, and the arm... Agent: Koss Corporation

20140205130 - Headband for personal speakers: An assembly for holding a personal speaker relative to a user's ear. A headband assembly can include a band, a sleeve attached to an end of the band, and an arm moveably secured to the sleeve. The sleeve can include a pair of laterally opposed detent channels, and the arm... Agent: Koss Corporation

20140205131 - Multi-driver earbud: A first driver housing and a second driver housing are positioned inside an earbud cup. The first driver housing has a rear side, a front side, a top face a bottom face, and a sound output tube extending from the front side. The second driver housing has a top side,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140205134 - Electronic device: Provided is an electronic device including a plurality of oscillators (12) each of which outputs a modulated wave of a parametric speaker, a display (40) that displays image data, a recognition unit (30) that recognizes positions of a plurality of users, and a control unit (20) that controls the oscillator... Agent: Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

20140205133 - Orientation-responsive acoustic array control: An audio device includes a casing configured for operation in a first orientation and a second orientation different from the first orientation, an orientation input device disposed on the casing to detect an orientation of the casing relative to the direction of the force of gravity, and a plurality of... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140205132 - Rigging system for speakers: A speaker assembly rigging system is provided with a first frame and a second frame that is adapted to couple to the first frame. The system includes a cam and a link. The cam is pivotally connected to the first frame about a pivot point. The cam includes at least... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20140205135 - Loudspeaker and equipment including the same: A loudspeaker is provided which includes: a magnetic circuit including a magnet having at least one hole, a plate fixed to one of a pair of polar surfaces of the magnet, and a box-shaped yoke having an inner bottom surface fixed to the other polar surface of the magnet; a... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 27 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140198917 - Menu navigation method for user of audio headphones: A method of operating an audio system having first and second sources includes outputting a first audio signal from the first source on first and second speakers. In response to a listener input, the first audio signal and a second audio signal from the second source are output simultaneously on... Agent:

20140198918 - Configurable three-dimensional sound system: A method and a system for simultaneously generating configurable three-dimensional (3D) sounds are provided. A 3D sound processing application (3DSPA) in operative communication with a microphone array system (MAS) is provided on a computing device. The MAS forms acoustic beam patterns and records sound tracks from the acoustic beam patterns.... Agent:

20140198919 - Noise control of thermal components in a hybrid electric vehicle: Noise control for a vehicle is implemented by identifying sources of noise that are indicative of vehicle noise producing components. The sources of noise include a thermal management device of a hybrid-electric component of the vehicle and non-hybrid-electric components of the vehicle. The noise control is further implemented by determining... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140198921 - Arrangement and method for measuring the direct sound radiated by acoustical sources: The invention provides an arrangement and a method for measuring the direct sound wrad radiated by an acoustical source under test (e.g. loudspeakers) under the influence of acoustic ambient noise sources Q1 and reflections at acoustical boundaries (e.g. room walls). An acquisition device measures a state variable pt(rm) of the... Agent: Klippel Gmbh

20140198920 - System and method for high reliability sound production: A system and method are provided for creating a loudspeaker system with low failure rate of sound production. The system uses a loudspeaker with more than one voice coil, a circuit to detect breakage of a voice coil and a switching circuit to steer the system input signal to a... Agent:

20140198922 - Systems and methods for altering the input dynamic range of an auditory device: An auditory device according to one embodiment includes a processing unit configurable to determine a noise estimate and a measure for one of a plurality of samples of an audio signal. The measure relates to an upper volume bounds. The processing unit is configured to apply at least one rule... Agent:

20140198923 - Real time audio echo and background noise reduction for a mobile device: An audio enhancement system includes a display unit configured to exhibit a waveform corresponding to a microphone signal that is subject to an audio interference. The audio enhancement system also includes an interference reduction unit coupled to the microphone signal and configured to provide a reduction in the audio interference,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140198925 - Anc for bt headphones: An active noise cancellation controller for performing noise attenuation in a system over a predetermined frequency rang. The controller comprises several components: a first input for a reference signal indicative of a noise level; a second input for receiving an error signal indicative of a remnant noise level; an output... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20140198924 - Headset with auxiliary input(s) for cell phone and/or other devices: An active-noise-reduction (ANR) headset includes at least one auxiliary connection to an output of at least one device, such as a personal communications, computing, and/or entertainment device. An exemplary headset also includes a primary connection to a two-way radio or public-address system and circuitry for automatically suppressing or muting the... Agent: Lightspeed Aviation, Inc.

20140198926 - Electronic earplug for providing communication and protection: Systems and methods for providing communication and protection by an electronic earplug are provided. A communication and protection system includes an electronic earplug operable in a transmit mode and a receive mode. The electronic earplug includes an external microphone, an ear canal microphone, processing circuitry, and a receiver. In the... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20140198928 - Audio signal receiving device, audio signal adapter device and system for transmitting audio signal: An audio signal receiving device, an audio signal adapter device and a system for transmitting an audio signal are provided. The audio signal adapter device is connected with an audio signal sending device and the audio signal receiving device and is configured to transmit a signal between the audio signal... Agent: Tendyron Corporation

20140198929 - Magnetic earphones holder: A set of headphones and audio system comprises a first set of buttons for controlling a volume level of transmitted audio to the headphones and a second set of buttons for controlling a volume level of external audio played by the headphones. The transmitted audio comprises audio received from an... Agent: Snik LLC

20140198927 - Wireless earphone: A wireless earphone comprises a fixing module including a lower cover and a fixing element disposed at the center thereof; a rotating case having a rotating base and an upper cover fixed to the rotating base, the rotating base includes a cup portion and an annular plate extending therefrom, the... Agent: Dexin Corporation

20140198930 - Process and device for synthesis of an audio signal according to the playing of an instrumentalist that is carried out on a vibrating body: Process for synthesis of a synthesized audio signal, in which at least one audio signal of contact is produced for each excitation contact of a sequence of contacts carried out on a vibrating body (2). A partial attenuation signal of remanence is generated from at least one vibration signal representative... Agent:

20140198931 - Digital electronic device and method for adjusting signal level of digital signal: This digital electronic device includes an arithmetic portion calculating an adjustment coefficient employed to adjust a signal level calculated on the basis of a digital value detected by a detecting portion to not more than a possible output level that an output portion can output and an adjusting portion adjusting... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140198932 - Microphone environmental protection device: A device for protecting a microphone sensing surface, such as a diaphragm, from the detrimental effects of the ambient environment. The device incorporates a perforated surface to protect the microphone and in conjunction with a chamber volume creates an acoustic resonance in the 1 kHz to 20 kHz spectrum, which... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20140198933 - In-vehicle audio device: In a structure of an in-vehicle audio device, the audio system has an audio signal supplying section, an audio signal processing section, a balance adjustment section and an audio signal output section. A right audio signal processing section and a left audio signal processing section in the audio signal processing... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140198934 - Customization of adaptive directionality for hearing aids using a portable device: A hearing assistance system provides a hearing-aid wearer with one or more hearing aids and a portable device allowing for a wearer-driven directionality customization of the one or more hearing aids. The wearer indicates the locations of sound(s) of interest and/or noise source(s) using the portable device. The one or... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140198935 - Auditory and sensory augmentation and protection system, device and method: This invention relates generally to an auditory and sensory augmentation and protection system, device and method to monitor and identify sound and sensory situations, generate data related audio information upon sensing of the sound and sensory situation to provide additional data streams through transmission systems and applications, wristbands, mobile applications... Agent:

20140198936 - Electrooculogram as a control in a hearing assistance device: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for controlling operation of a hearing assistance device. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of operating a hearing assistance device worn by a wearer. The method includes tracking eye movements of the wearer using a sensor on... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140198937 - Method and apparatus for detecting cellular telephones for hearing assistance devices: The present subject matter relates generally to methods and apparatus for detecting cellular telephones using hearing assistance devices. In an embodiment, a hearing assistance device includes a processor and a radio frequency transceiver connected to the processor. A detection circuit is connected to the processor, the detection circuit including a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140198938 - Audio device with a voice coil channel and a separately amplified telecoil channel: A portable audio device has a voice coil audio signal processor in which a desired audio content signal is combined with an anti-noise signal produced by an active noise cancellation block. A voice coil amplifier receives a volume setting and is coupled to an output of the voice coil audio... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140198939 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid comprises a microphone on a proximal side of a device housing and a loudspeaker which via a transmission channel is in open communication with a sound-emitting opening of the device. A sound processing device serves to generate sound received by the microphone to the loudspeaker in amplified... Agent: Exsilent Research B.v.

20140198940 - Tunable earphone: A tunable earphone includes a speaker for making sound, a shell receiving the speaker and defining a resonance cavity therein, and a tunable element rotatably and removably mounted on the shell. The shell has a top thereof recessed downward to form a receiving cavity. A supporting plate is formed at... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140198941 - Acoustical signal generator using two transducers and a reflector with a non-flat contour: The present invention relates to an audio generator comprising, a first and a second transducer element, and the first transducer element has a first membrane having a surface which is non-flat, and a reflector, wherein the reflector has a surface with a non-flat contour and the reflector co-operating with directive... Agent: Kpo Innovation Ab

20140198942 - Microphone: A back air room of a microphone unit can be enlarged and a model with a sound signal output switch can easily be diverted to a switchless model. A reed switch 16 is used as the sound signal output switch which turns on or off the sound signal from a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20140198943 - Headphone device: A headphone device including a driver unit, and an ear-hook hanger of a loop shape that is integrated with the driver unit and supports an entire circumference of an ear capsule is provided.... Agent: Sony Corporation

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