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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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12/18/2014 > 47 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140369502 - Digital audio software stereo plugin: A process and system for enhancing and customizing audio recording and editing comprises receiving an input audio sound; setting a preset for the input audio sound to create a presetted audio sound; tone adjusting the presetted audio sound to create a tone adjusted presetted audio; expanding the tone adjusted presetted... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140369503 - Simultaneous broadcaster-mixed and receiver-mixed supplementary audio services: A combined signal (Z) is provided as an additive mix of a secondary audio signal (Y) and a phase-inverted reduced primary signal (Xm′) obtained from a primary audio signal. The secondary signal (Y) can be restored from the primary (X) and the combined (Z) signal by additively mixing the latter... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140369505 - Audio system and audio apparatus and channel mapping method thereof: An audio system, and an audio apparatus and a channel mapping method thereof are provided. The audio apparatus includes a interface configured to receive a plurality of test tone signals from each of a plurality of sound output apparatuses configured to output multichannel audio signals, a channel determiner configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140369506 - Method, an apparatus and a computer program for modification of a composite audio signal: The present invention provides an arrangement, e.g. a method, an apparatus and a computer program. The arrangement comprises obtaining information indicative of spatial positions of one or more sound sources within an audio image of a composite audio signal, obtaining information indicative of the types of the one or more... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140369504 - System and method for stereo field enhancement in two-channel audio systems: The present invention provides methods and systems for digitally processing audio signals in two-channel audio systems and/or applications. In particular, the present invention includes a first filter structured to split a two-channel audio input signal into a low frequency signal and a higher frequency signal. A M/S splitter is then... Agent:

20140369507 - Stereo microphone: A stereo microphone includes two unidirective mid units and a bidirective side unit, the side unit is a ribbon microphone unit including a ribbon diaphragm, the two mid units are disposed at two respective surfaces of the ribbon diaphragm of the side unit, and the mid units each have a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20140369510 - Adaptation of a classification of an audio signal in a hearing aid: A method determines the classification of an audio signal in dependence on a comparison of two difference sums of audio features over time periods of different length. Thus, an adequately exact yet quickly reacting adaptation of the classification in changing hearing situations is ensured. The method is advantageously used in... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140369508 - Audio signal bandwidth to codec bandwidth analysis and response: The bandwidth of a codec is compared with a determined bandwidth of the output signal produced by the codec. If the bandwidths match, then an audio profile of the apparatus is set to correspond to the established bandwidths and a corresponding icon is rendered on a display of the apparatus.... Agent:

20140369509 - Sound source detection apparatus: In a sound source detection apparatus that detects a sound source of a detection subject on the basis of collected sounds, sounds are collected by at least one sound collector, an autocorrelation between sounds collected in time series by the sound collector is calculated, and a determination as to whether... Agent:

20140369511 - Self calibrating multi-element dipole microphone: A self calibrating dipole microphone formed from two omni-directional acoustic sensors. The microphone includes a sound source acoustically coupled to the acoustic sensors and a processor. The sound source is excited with a test signal, exposing the acoustic sensors to acoustic calibration signals. The responses of the acoustic sensors to... Agent:

20140369512 - Obstructed port audio signal alteration: A portable electronic device has an acoustic port having an aperture in a housing having a speaker and pressure sensing transducer incorporated therein. During normal use of the portable electronic device, the aperture of the acoustic port may become obstructed during handling, holstering or surface placement, resulting in reduced sound... Agent:

20140369513 - Electro-acoustic audio reverberation device: Disclosed is an audio reverberation apparatus. The audio reverberation apparatus interacts with or may include a mechanical or acoustic reverberation element. An audio signal is pitch transposing upward and applied to the mechanical or acoustic reverberation element. The resulting audio reverberant signal retrieved from the mechanical or acoustic reverberation element... Agent:

20140369515 - Environmental noise reduction: A Noise Control Process for targeted environments is disclosed. According to one embodiment, an input audio source corresponding to sound received from a group of microphones placed at certain locations in the targeted environment, is converted to a digital signal via an analog to digital (A/D) convertor. The ND converted... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140369514 - Portable electronic device directed audio targeted multiple user system and method: A computationally implemented system and method that is designed to, but is not limited to: electronically modulating two or more acoustic ultrasonic signals according to output information to be transmitted as two or more acoustic ultrasonic signals from two or more portable electronic device emitters of a portable electronic device;... Agent:

20140369517 - Systems and methods for detection and cancellation of narrow-band noise: In accordance with methods and systems of the present disclosure, an integrated circuit for implementing at least a portion of a personal audio device may include an output including an anti-noise signal, a reference microphone input, an error microphone input, and a processing circuit. The processing circuit may implement an... Agent:

20140369516 - Method for cancelling noise and electronic device thereof: An apparatus and method for cancelling a noise of an audio signal in an electronic device is provided. The method includes recording audio signals using a plurality of microphones and changing an audio signal which is introduced into a first microphone during a noise generation interval to an audio signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140369519 - Apparatus for providing an audio signal for reproduction by a sound transducer, system, method and computer program: An apparatus for processing an audio signal for reproduction by a sound transducer includes an equalization parameter determinator for determining a set of equalization parameters and an equalizer configured to equalize an input audio signal, to obtain an equalized audio signal. Different concepts for the determination of the set of... Agent:

20140369518 - Using an audio cable as an inductive charging coil: The disclosed embodiments relate to a technique for inductively charging an electronic device. This technique involves winding an audio cable for the electronic device around a charging mechanism multiple times so that one or more conductors in the audio cable form an inductive receiving coil. Next, a magnetic field is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140369520 - Negative audio signal voltage protection circuit and method for audio ground circuits: Self-grounded circuitry (10) includes a signal channel conducting an output voltage (VOUT1). A charge pump (2) powered by a reference voltage (VDD) produces a control voltage (VCP). The control signal is at a low level if the reference voltage is low and is boosted to a high level if the... Agent:

20140369521 - System and method for narrow bandwidth digital signal processing: The present invention provides methods and systems for narrow bandwidth digital processing of an input audio signal. Particularly, the present invention includes a high pass filter configured to filter the input audio signal. A first compressor then modulates the filtered signal in order to create a partially processed signal. In... Agent:

20140369522 - Sound-output-control device, sound-output-control method, and sound-output-control program: A sound-output-control device including an acquisition unit which acquires an anaerobic threshold, a reception unit which receives an input about exercise intensity, a calculation unit which calculates a value indicating a target heart rate of a user on the basis of the acquired anaerobic threshold and the received exercise-intensity input,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140369523 - Process for improving audio (api): A computer implemented method for improving audio, comprising processing audio with a combination of wave adjustment tool WAT and a collection of preset settings for adjusting specific harmonic content to specific genres of music. The preset is selected from the group comprising different genres (styles or types) of music; auto-preset;... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140369524 - Wave adjustment tool (wat): A Wave Adjustment Tool process and system for customizing sound is provided. An input audio sound is received. A tone adjusting circuit that comprises three sections, including a first section for adjusting a low frequency tone; a second section for adjusting a mid frequency tone; and a third section for... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140369527 - Dynamic range control: A computer-implemented method of dynamic range control is disclosed. The method includes at a device with a display, displaying a volume (relative loudness level) control to control the volume level of an output audio signal of the device, the volume control including a dynamic resizable window control for controlling the... Agent:

20140369526 - Methods, systems, and media for controlling audio of an hdmi audio system: Mechanisms for controlling an audio level of an HDMI audio system are provided, the mechanisms comprising: causing audio data to be presented by an HDMI audio system at a current system volume level; receiving a requested volume level from a second screen device; and controlling a system volume level by:... Agent:

20140369525 - Volume adjusting method, volume adjusting apparatus and electronic device using the same: A method, an apparatus for adjusting volume and an electronic device using the same is provided. The method comprises: receiving a volume adjusting signal; detecting a current application scene based on a display content of the electronic device after receiving the volume adjusting signal; displaying a volume adjusting interface, the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140369528 - Mixing decision controlling decode decision: Methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for combining (e.g., mixing) audio signals received from a plurality of participants communicating with each other during a communication session (e.g., an audio conference) based on voice-activity-detection (VAD) data contained in extended headers of Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) packets. An audio mixing apparatus receives... Agent: Google Inc.

20140369529 - Switched-mode audio amplifier employing power-supply audio- modulation: A device and method are disclosed for modulating a power converter based on an audio signal to directly drive a speaker with a differential audio output signal. A first modulation signal and a second modulation signal are generated based on an input audio signal so that the first and second... Agent: Avnera Corporation

20140369530 - Pressure sensor, acoustic microphone, blood pressure sensor, and touch panel: According to one embodiment, a pressure sensor includes a film part, and a sensing unit. A circumscribing rectangle circumscribing a configuration of a film surface of the film part has a first side, a second side, a third side connected to one end of the first side and one end... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140369532 - Electro-acoustic transducer: In an electro-acoustic transducer including a needle electrode and a counter electrode facing the needle electrode and inducing electric discharge between the needle electrode and the counter electrode for electro-acoustic conversion by an RF voltage applied across the needle electrode and the counter electrode, the counter electrode has a cylindrical... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20140369531 - Self-bias emitter circuit: Self-bias emitter circuit configurations can use the amplitude of an input AC carrier signal to provide a DC bias voltage across an emitter for suitable operation. A self-bias emitter circuit can include a transductor with primary matched with an amplifier, while secondary can be matched to the emitter. Self-bias emitter... Agent:

20140369533 - Electronic device with side acoustic emission type speaker device: Disclosed is an electronic device including: a housing having a sound emission hole formed in at least one side thereof; a speaker module which is at least partially accommodated in the housing; and a sound reflection surface formed inside the housing and obliquely facing the speaker module. A sound emitted... Agent:

20140369534 - Sound pickup system and terminal device using the same: A sound pickup system is disclosed. The sound pickup system includes a screen, an accelerometer attached to the screen, and a pre-processing module electrically connecting with the accelerometer. The screen is configured to detect a vibration caused by sound waves, the accelerometer is configured to receive the vibration detected by... Agent: Aac Technologies (nanjing) Co., Ltd.

20140369536 - Hearing instrument with off-line speech messages: A hearing instrument configured for use with a device, the hearing instrument includes: an interface for reception of a message and/or a speech message from the device, wherein the speech message is a converted form of the message and is generated using a text-to-speech processor; a memory for storage of... Agent:

20140369535 - Method and apparatus for advertisement supported hearing assistance device: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for advertisement supported hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of operating a hearing assistance device for a user. An advertisement for a product or service is received using the hearing assistance device, and the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140369537 - Hearing assistance device with brain computer interface: The present disclosure relates to communication devices. Such devices may comprise input for receiving sound signal to be processed and presented to a user, and output for outputting the processed signal to a user perceivable as sound. Such processing may be performed by use of a processor for processing the... Agent:

20140369538 - Assistive listening system: The present disclosure describes methods and systems that can allow a digital signal processor (DSP) in an ultrasonic audio system to be adjusted according to a listener's preferences. In one embodiment, the listener or user can attempt to configure a DSP through a plurality of user interfaces. In another embodiment,... Agent:

20140369539 - System and method for enhancing the inductive coupling between a hearing aid operating in telecoil mode and a communication device: A method and system to optimize the relative position of an inductive field of a hearing aid compatible device and a telecoil of a hearing assistive device, are provided. A Steerable Hearing Aid Compatible Device (SHAD) has a steerable inductive field for locating an inductive field in accordance with the... Agent:

20140369540 - Audio device and portable electronic device: A portable electronic device includes a built-in speaker, an interface configured to connect to an external audio device to output sound, a switch, and a main microchip. The main microchip detects whether the external audio device is connected to the portable electronic device. When the external audio device is connected... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140369542 - Floating and waterproof sound box: The present invention provides a floating and waterproof sound box including a bottom house, the bottom house has a two-layer structure and includes an inner rear house located in an inner layer and an outer rear house located in an outer layer, the inner rear house is entirely enclosed, the... Agent: Atake Digital Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140369541 - Wearable portable speaker system for mobile electronic devices: A wearable portable speaker system for mobile electronic devices having at least one speaker capable of connecting to a mobile electronic device and a fixture for housing the at least one speaker. The fixture is formed as a collar having an opening formed therein and the at least one speaker... Agent:

20140369543 - Loudspeaker with a wave guide: The present invention relates to a loudspeaker including a first driver, which is configured to produce a first frequency band and a corresponding first acoustic axis, a second driver, which is configured to produce a second frequency band, which is different from the first frequency band but may overlap in... Agent:

20140369544 - Hat mounted music system: A hat mounted music system includes a semi-rigid hatband and a flexible crown and hat bill mounted to the hatband. A retaining pocket is mounted to the hatband and is sized and shaped to hold a portable music player. First and second headphone mounts are located to align with the... Agent:

20140369545 - Headphone device: [Problem] To provide a headphone device that is equipped with an ear pad to be inserted into an ear, is electrically connected to a player device via a cable and outputs an audio signal which is output from the player device, with which it is possible to improve in-ear wearability... Agent:

20140369546 - Loudspeaker and manufacturing method therefor: The present invention relates to a speaker box module, and particularly relates to a loudspeaker that produces sound through the mechanical vibration generated by electromagnetic force and a manufacturing method therefor. The loudspeaker comprises a speaker box module which comprises a speaker, a passive radiator and a speaker box panel,... Agent:

20140369547 - Suspension member with integrated sealing member: The present invention relates to a suspension member for suspending a moveable piston structure of a transducer, the suspension member comprising tolerance compensation means comprising an elastomeric material, said tolerance compensation means being formed as a structure extending in a direction so as to form an acoustical seal between a... Agent:

20140369548 - Formed diaphragm frame for receiver: An acoustic apparatus includes a top assembly and a bottom assembly. The bottom assembly is coupled to the top assembly to form an overall assembly. A diaphragm assembly is disposed in the overall assembly so as to separate the overall assembly into a front volume and a back volume. The... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 47 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140362995 - Method and apparatus for location based loudspeaker system configuration: In accordance with an example embodiment of the invention, a method is disclosed. Near field communication is detected between at least two devices. A location of at least one of the at least two devices is determined based on the detected near field communication. An audio channel of a multi-channel... Agent:

20140362996 - Stereo soundfield expander: An audio enhancement technique comprises a stereo audio source. The stereo audio source is split in two identical sound signals, with one of the split signals sent to a compare block and the other to an audio block. Output from the stereo audio source is fed to a stereo bus... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140362997 - System and method for playing media: A system, computer-implemented method, and tangible computer-readable media for media playback. The method includes receiving a request from a user to play a media asset, detecting capabilities of the playback device, detecting playback environment acoustic characteristics, optimizing media playback settings for the playback device and the playback environment characteristics, preparing... Agent:

20140362998 - Directional coding conversion: A directional coding conversion method and system includes receiving input audio signals that comprise directional audio coded signals into which directional audio information is encoded according to a first loudspeaker setup and extracting the directional audio coded signals from the received input audio signals. The method and system further includes... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140363000 - Real-time audience attention measurement and dashboard display: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for real-time determination of attentiveness of an audience in a room to a speaker. A computer determines amounts of wireless activity of a computing device within the room of the audience over time during the presentation. Based... Agent:

20140362999 - Sound detection and visual alert system for a workspace: An alert system for generating a signal indicating at least one aspect of sound within a workspace environment, the system comprising at least a first sensor positioned one of within and proximate a workspace, the at least a first sensor sensing at least one aspect of sound generated within the... Agent:

20140363004 - Headset apparatus registering movement in the housing: An apparatus comprising: a housing containing a speaker for delivering sound waves; and a sensing element for detecting air movement in the housing and further providing a control signal based on the detected air movement. The control signal is sent to a host apparatus. A user interface operation dependent on... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140363002 - Indication of quality for placement of bone conduction transducers: Methods and systems are provided for generating quality indications of bone conduction, in which bone conduction element(s) may be used to input and/or output signals when in contact with a user. A bone conduction sensor may be used to obtain bone conduction related measurement(s), relating to the bone conduction element(s)... Agent:

20140363003 - Indication of quality for placement of bone conduction transducers: Methods and systems are provided for generating quality indications of bone conduction, in which bone conduction element(s) may be used to input and/or output signals when in contact with a user. A bone conduction sensor may be used to obtain bone conduction related measurement(s), relating to the bone conduction element(s)... Agent:

20140363001 - Method for calibrating performance of small array microphones: A method for calibrating performance of a small array microphone is provided. The small array microphone includes at least two microphones. The method includes: measuring parameters of the microphones; recording the parameters in a storage media; and calibrating acoustic performance of the array microphone according to the parameters recorded in... Agent:

20140363005 - Receiver intelligibility enhancement system: Embodiments of the invention provide a communication device and methods for enhancing audio signals. A first audio signal buffer and a second audio signal buffer are acquired. Thereafter, the second audio signal is processed based on the linear predictive coding coefficients and gains based on mean noise power of the... Agent:

20140363006 - Hearing device with a means for receiver current estimation and a method of estimating a receiver current for a hearing device: A hearing device with a unit for estimating the current consumed by the receiver of the hearing device. The hearing device includes a signal input unit for converting an input signal picked up by the signal input unit into a digital audio signal, a signal processing unit for processing the... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140363007 - Wearable device for relieving tinnitus, hyperacusis and/or hearing loss: A wearable device and computerized system and method for configuring a wearable device for use in the treatment of tinnitus, hyperacusis, and/or hearing loss is disclosed. A software application for use by an audiologist facilitates the diagnosis and assessment of a patient's needs and programming of the wearable device with... Agent:

20140363008 - Use of vibration sensor in acoustic echo cancellation: Methods and systems are provided for acoustic echo cancellation in electronic devices. The echo cancellation may comprise applying, as a first step, echo cancellation filtering to an acoustic input obtained via an acoustic input element (e.g., microphone), and applying, as a second step, echo suppression to the acoustic input, wherein... Agent: Dsp Group

20140363009 - Active noise cancellation method for motorcycles: A Noise Cancellation Process for a motorcycle comprising an input audio source. Input audio source is combined in a mixer. Noise analyzer analyzes output from the mixer for amplitude and harmonic content. A replicate wave that is identical to the input audio source is created. The phase of the replicate... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20140363010 - Controlling stability in anr devices: Stability is provided in an active noise reduction (ANR) headphone by measuring a sound field to generate an input signal, filtering and applying a variable gain to the input signal to produce a first filtered signal using a first filter and a variable gain amplifier in an ANR signal pathway,... Agent:

20140363011 - Elimination system for diverting dental instrument noise: An elimination system for diverting dental instrument noise includes an audio player, a sound sensor, and a controller. The audio player is used for broadcasting an audio content. The sound sensor may sense noise from a dental instrument, thereby outputting a sensing signal. The controller is electrically connected with the... Agent: Yi Sheng Co., Ltd.

20140363016 - Amplified headphone system with integrated power amplifier: A music playing and listening apparatus including at least one speaker, the speaker having at least two listening modes, at least one mode switch, at least one amplifier, at least one power source, and at least one power diversion switch.... Agent:

20140363012 - Audio headset accommodating ear geometry variations: An audio headset is disclosed. In examples, the audio headset is linearly and rotationally adjustable about multiple axes to ensure optimal fit over a user's ear and optimal audio quality. The audio headset further includes a microphone for accepting audio from the user. The microphone is also rotationally adjustable about... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140363014 - Earphone wire control device, earphone, voice recording system and voice recording method: An earphone wire control device, an earphone, a voice recording system and a voice recording system and method. When a switching unit turns on a first path, a microphone path is short-circuited, a first signal generating unit generates a recording start signal and cuts off the first path after generating... Agent:

20140363013 - Headphone driver, loudspeaker, and method of manufacturing headphone driver or loudspeaker: Provided is a headphone driver including a yoke that has a bottom surface and an erected surface that is erected in a perpendicular direction with respect to the bottom surface, and that is formed using a magnetic material, and a bonded magnet unit consisting of a bonded magnet that is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140363015 - Headset signal multiplexing system and method: A system and method for supplying power to a headset, and for transmitting multiple signals generated in the headset to a terminal using frequency division multiplexing. An audio signal and a carrier signal are generated in the terminal and summed together to form a composite uplink signal. The composite uplink... Agent:

20140363017 - Signal receiving structure of wireless microphone: A signal receiving structure of a wireless microphone contains: a host controlled by a RS485 and connecting with a plurality of RS485 receivers via plural signal cables, such that signal receiving ranges of the plurality of RS485 receivers are overlapped so as to expand a total receiving range, and any... Agent: Chiayo Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140363018 - Sound processing unit, sound processing system, audio output unit and display device: Practical speaker connection is identified using a device having a sound channel of a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel, and a device is provided that can easily reproduce the optimum multiple channels. Actual speaker arrangement can be identified by, for example, measuring the impedance of a terminal at the side... Agent:

20140363019 - Sounding body and audio reproduction device using same, and mobile device: A sounding body is included in an audio reproduction device mounted on a mobile device. At least a part of the sounding body also serves as at least a part of one of an emblem, a horn section, and a mirror section of the mobile device.... Agent:

20140363021 - Collar/headset microphone cable control device: A collar/headset microphone cable control device is provided with a sound receiving part and a radio frequency emitting part. The sound receiving part includes a microphone sound receiving end for picking up the sound signal inputs, and a microphone cable control end electrically connected to the microphone sound receiving end... Agent:

20140363020 - Sound correcting apparatus and sound correcting method: A sound correcting apparatus includes an air-conduction microphone, a bone-conduction microphone, a processor, and a memory. The air-conduction microphone picks up an air conduction sound using aerial vibrations. The bone-conduction microphone picks up a bone conduction sound using bone vibrations of a user. The processor calculates a ratio of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140363022 - Satellite volume control: Embodiments are provided for satellite volume control. An example method includes receiving an input at a playback device to adjust a volume for a plurality of playback devices that are grouped for synchronous playback of audio content, wherein the plurality of playback devices includes the playback device. The method also... Agent:

20140363023 - Gain controlling system, sound playback system, and gain controlling method thereof: A gain controlling system, a sound playback system, and a gain controlling method thereof are disclosed. The gain controlling system includes a main gain control unit, a sub gain control unit, and a logic control unit. The main gain control unit has a first step-by-step adjusting magnitude; the sub gain... Agent: Princeton Technology Corporation

20140363024 - Group volume control: Embodiments are provided for controlling playback volumes of a group of one or more playback zones in a network media system via a user interface provided on a touch screen display. For instance, touch inputs may be provided to the user interface via the touch screen to move a volume... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20140363025 - Digital microphone interface supporting multiple microphones: Extending a microphone interface. One microphone interface extension includes a controller, a parent microphone, and a child microphone. The controller outputs a controller clock signal. The parent microphone receives the controller clock signal and generates a first data signal. The child microphone generates a second data signal and outputs the... Agent:

20140363027 - Audio signal mixing: A system and a method for mixing at least two audio signals are provided that comprise transferring the audio signals with respective transfer functions, the audio signals each having an amplitude and a phase; adding the audio signals to provide an output signal representative of the mixed audio signals, the... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140363026 - Complementary signal mixing: A method of performing complementary mixing may include performing an exclusive OR (XOR) function with respect to an I-channel symbol based on an oscillator signal to produce an I-channel output signal with bits that alternate between the I-channel symbol and a complement of the I-channel symbol in response to the... Agent: IntelIPCorporation

20140363028 - Method and system for controlling amplifiers: Techniques for controlling one or more audio amplifiers in or associated with a device coupled on a local area network are disclosed. An example playback device includes a processor, an amplifier, a network interface, and a memory. The memory includes a software module that, when executed by the processor, causes... Agent:

20140363029 - Programmable audio device: An apparatus allowing the recording and storage of data with a programmable timer alarm/alert. This data that can be either retrieved manually or automatically via audio playback or computer link. For certain embodiments, the audio device is configured for mounting on a consumable item. In a further embodiment the audio... Agent:

20140363030 - Locating and relocating device: A relocating device for locating and relocating a first object relative to a second object includes at least one light source, and a power source. The at least one light source is for producing at least two beams of light wherein each beam of light is capable of defining a... Agent:

20140363031 - Analog input module: An analog input module includes an activation unit, an analog/digital converter, an input circuit with a first input and a second input and a voltage divider disposed between the first input and the second input. The activation unit is connected to the first input and the second input and is... Agent:

20140363032 - Signal modulation circuit: Provided is a modulation circuit that can correct an output state in real time and reliably modulate an input signal to output the modulated signal. The signal modulation circuit includes a subtracter, an integrator, a chopper circuit, a frequency divider, and a D-type flip-flop. A delay circuit of a sigma... Agent:

20140363033 - Equalization and power control of bone conduction elements: Methods and systems are provided for controlling bone conduction, in which a bone conduction element may be used to output acoustic signals when it is in contact with a user. A bone conduction sensor may also be made in contact with the user, and used to obtain feedback relating to... Agent: Dsp Group

20140363034 - Micro speaker: Disclosed herein is a micro speaker capable of having a high-pitched sound speaker unit and a low-pitched sound speaker unit and allowing the respective speaker units to clearly reproduce an inherent sound without interference. The micro speaker for converting an electrical signal into an acoustic signal includes: a high-pitched sound... Agent: Psi Korea Inc.

20140363035 - Multi-way coaxial loudspeaker with magnetic cylinder: A coaxial loudspeaker includes a permanent magnet positioned between a generally coaxially aligned first transducer having an associated permanent magnet and second transducer having an associated permanent magnet. In one embodiment, a magnetic cylinder is positioned between a woofer and a tweeter of a coaxial multi-way loudspeaker. An optional support... Agent:

20140363036 - Feedback path evaluation implemented with limted signal processing: A method, including operating an adaptive system of a hearing prosthesis, and determining one or more feedback path parameters of the hearing prosthesis based on the operation of the adaptive system of the hearing prosthesis.... Agent:

20140363037 - Antenna device for hearing instruments and a hearing instrument: An antenna system is provided for hearing instruments to be worn in the auditory canal. A hearing instrument has a data transmission system improved in respect of transmission bandwidth with no increase or only an insignificant increase in space and energy requirement. The antenna system has an antenna with a... Agent:

20140363038 - Flexible illuminated display device: This invention relates generally to frame-less luminous displays such as electroluminescent, OLED, and LED displays that are releaseably mounted to a surface using adjustable, removable and/or replaceable adapters. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a thin, frame-less luminous display device which comprises a plurality of thin translucent or transparent... Agent:

20140363039 - Protective case with speakerphone for digital products: A digital product protective cover with speakerphone, including a protective cover main body where the main body includes a bottom board and surrounding curved walls, at least one card slot located between the bottom board and curved walls, where each card slot is inter-connected, each card slot includes at least... Agent:

20140363040 - Earphones: An earphone includes a first acoustic chamber with one or more of a reactive element and a resistive element for acoustically coupling the first acoustic chamber with an environment external to the earphone. The earphone includes an acoustic transducer and a second acoustic chamber separated from the first acoustic chamber... Agent:

20140363041 - Multi-way coaxial loudspeaker with internal magnet motor and permanent magnet cylinder: A loudspeaker includes a woofer having a first permanent magnet disposed substantially within a center pole having an associated magnetic polarity and generating a flux path through an air gap, a voice coil at least partially positioned in the air gap and having an inside diameter larger than an outside... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 53 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140355764 - Methods and systems for blending between analog and digital broadcast signals: Systems and methods are disclosed that may be implemented to process a received RF spectrum that includes both analog modulated and digitally modulated RF signals to blend between a digital demodulated signal and an analog demodulated signal obtained from the received RF spectrum prior to performing one or more signal... Agent:

20140355765 - Multi-dimensional parametric audio system and method: Systems and methods that use ultrasonic emitters for producing multi-dimensional parametric audio are provided. The systems and methods can be configured to determine HRTF filters for the left and right ears of a listener using an optical imaging system to scan a profile of a listener. Audio content may be... Agent: Turtle Beach Corporation

20140355766 - Binauralization of rotated higher order ambisonics: A device comprising one or more processors is configured to obtain transformation information, the transformation information describing how a sound field was transformed to reduce a number of a plurality of hierarchical elements to a reduced plurality of hierarchical elements; and perform binaural audio rendering with respect to the reduced... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355767 - Method and apparatus for performing an adaptive down- and up-mixing of a multi-channel audio signal: A method and apparatus for performing an adaptive down-mixing of a multichannel audio signal comprising a number of input channels, wherein a signal adaptive transformation of said input channels is performed by multiplying the input channels with a downmix block matrix comprising a fixed block for providing a set of... Agent:

20140355771 - Compression of decomposed representations of a sound field: In general, techniques are described for obtaining decomposed versions of spherical harmonic coefficients. In accordance with these techniques, a device comprising one or more processors may be configured to determine a first non-zero set of coefficients of a vector that represent a distinct component of a sound field, the vector... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355769 - Energy preservation for decomposed representations of a sound field: In general, techniques are described for performing a vector-based synthesis with respect to higher order ambisonic coefficients (or, in other words, spherical harmonic coefficients). A device comprising a processor may be configured to perform the techniques. The processor may perform the vector-based synthesis with respect to spherical harmonic coefficients to... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355768 - Performing spatial masking with respect to spherical harmonic coefficients: In general, techniques are described by which to perform spatial masking with respect to spherical harmonic coefficients. As one example, an audio encoding device comprising a processor may perform various aspects of the techniques. The processor may be configured to perform spatial analysis based on the spherical harmonic coefficients describing... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355770 - Transformed higher order ambisonics audio data: In general, techniques are described for obtaining one or more first vectors describing distinct components of a soundfield and one or more second vectors describing background components of the soundfield, both the one or more first vectors and the one or more second vectors generated at least by performing a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355772 - Electronic device and method for switching recording modes: A method for switching recording modes using an electronic device requires a three-axis acceleration senor and at two microphones. The three-axis accelerometer is activated to detect three-axis acceleration values of the electronic device. A handheld direction of the electronic device is determined according to the detected three-axis acceleration values. The... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140355773 - Broad sound loudspeaker system: A sound system processor for converting left and right channel signals from an audio source into composite left and right signals and employing a mid-side processor, at least one low and high pass filters, and one or more sum processors, together which create at least two or more composite signals... Agent: Audio Design Experts, Inc.

20140355774 - Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via filter banks: A testing method or apparatus utilizes filter banks to measure time varying or dynamic harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion. With a stairstep signal and filter banks, Nth order harmonic and or intermodulation distortion is measured via the filter banks at different offsets provided by an arbitrary low frequency signal. An... Agent:

20140355775 - Wired and wireless microphone arrays: An acoustic noise canceling microphone arrangement and processor that uses a principal microphone and other microphones that may be incidentally or deliberately located in the vicinity of the principal microphone in order to derive an audio signal of enhanced signal-to-background noise ratio. In one implementation, the principal and incidental microphones... Agent:

20140355777 - Electronic device: Provided is an electronic device that is capable of reducing sound leakage from a vibration plate vibrated by a piezoelectric element. An electronic device 1 of the present invention includes: a piezoelectric element 30; and a vibration plate 10 configured to be vibrated by the piezoelectric element 30. Vibration sound... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140355776 - Interested audio source cancellation method and voice recognition method and voice recognition apparatus thereof: Provided are an interested audio source cancellation method, a voice recognition method using the interested audio source cancellation method, computer-readable recording media recording programs for implementing the methods, and a voice recognition apparatus for performing voice recognition by using the interested audio source cancellation method. The interested audio source cancellation... Agent:

20140355781 - Battery-powered wireless audio device and a method of operating such a wireless audio device: A wireless audio device includes an audio streaming unit to wirelessly transmit an audio signal to a remote hearing device such as a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. A remote control unit to wirelessly controls the remote hearing device, a battery monitor determines a power level of a battery... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140355778 - Headphone device and control method thereof: A headphone device comprises a first audio input interface, a second audio input interface, a speaker unit and a control unit. The control unit is coupled to the first audio input interface, the second audio input interface and the speaker unit. The control unit determines whether an audio signal is... Agent:

20140355780 - Headphones and headphone driver: [Problem] To provide headphones that can be inexpensively manufactured without requiring any high-level manufacturing technology in terms of manufacturing of a diaphragm, and is capable of reproducing an audio signal without sound deterioration in a wide range of frequency band by minimizing resonant frequencies at high frequencies. [Solution] For headphones... Agent:

20140355779 - Multi-user portable audio output device: Provided is a multi-user audio output device having multiple pairs of earphones. Several listeners may wear the earphones in order to listen to the same audio playback device. The device has a common audio cable connected to an audio jack at one end, and splits into four separate cables having... Agent:

20140355782 - Wired headset with integrated switch: Headsets are provided with integrated switch assemblies. An integrated switch assembly can include a switch hidden from view by a housing. The switch can be activated when a user applies pressure to the housing. The housing may include a flexible housing cover that, when depressed, may engage the switch contained... Agent:

20140355783 - Automobile headrest: An automobile headrest includes a main body portion having a front surface arranged to support a back of a head of a user. The main body portion includes first and second speakers which are disposed within the main body portion, and a core that is configured to support the speakers.... Agent:

20140355784 - Directional microphone and operating method thereof: A directional microphone and an operating method thereof include a first signal generator generating a first sound signal corresponding to a front sound coming through a front sound hole of the directional microphone. A second signal generator generates a second sound signal corresponding to a rear sound coming through a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140355785 - Mobile device localization using audio signals: Mobile device localization using audio signals is described. In an example, a mobile device is localized by receiving a first audio signal captured by a microphone located at the mobile device and a second audio signal captured from a further microphone. A correlation value between the first audio signal and... Agent:

20140355787 - Acoustic receiver with internal screen: An acoustic apparatus includes a high frequency driver that has a first front volume and a low frequency driver that has a second front volume. The first front volume and the second front volume communicate with each other to form a common front volume. At least one acoustic resistance is... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20140355786 - Sound synthesis with fixed partition size convolution of audio signals: A method for convolving an input signal with an impulse response function, the impulse response function being partitioned into a plurality of time segments of equal size, the method including transforming a segment of an input signal into the frequency domain to generate a frequency spectrum of the segment of... Agent:

20140355788 - Digital signal processor with search function: A control section of a digital signal processing device extracts a one-bit digital signal of a predetermined period from a memory section at a position designated by a jog dial and iteratively outputs the signal to a multi-bit converter. The multi-bit converter converts the one-bit digital signal into a multi-bit... Agent: Teac Corporation

20140355789 - Systems and methods for automatic mixing of media: Systems and methods for mixing music are disclosed. Audio mix information is received from a plurality of users. Mix rules are determined from the audio mix information from the plurality of users, wherein the mix rules include a first mix rule associated with a first audio item. The first mix... Agent: Spotify Ab

20140355790 - Amplifier and method of amplifying a differential signal: An amplifier includes a differential input with a positive and a negative input and an analog integrator with a differential integrator input and a differential integrator output. The analog integrator further includes an operational amplifier with a positive operational amplifier input, a negative operational amplifier input, a positive operational amplifier... Agent:

20140355791 - Multifunctional earphone: A multifunctional earphone is disclosed. The multifunctional earphone includes a main body having an electroacoustic element incorporated therein for serving as an earphone, an ear-insertion body having a sound tube portion bonded with the main body, a wing portion extending around from the sound tube portion, and an acceleration sensor... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte, Ltd.,

20140355792 - Electronic device: Provided is an electronic device including a housing and an acoustic device configured to generate vibration sound that is transmitted through vibration of a part of a human body. The acoustic device includes a panel configured to be joined to the housing; a piezoelectric element configured to be joined to... Agent:

20140355793 - Sound stage controller for a near-field speaker-based audio system: Signals in an automobile audio system having at least two near-field speakers located close to an intended position of a listener's head are adjusted such that in a first mode, audio signals are distributed to the near-field speakers according to a first filter that causes the listener to perceive a... Agent:

20140355794 - Binaural rendering of spherical harmonic coefficients: A device comprises one or more processors configured to apply a binaural room impulse response filter to spherical harmonic coefficients representative of a sound field in three dimensions so as to render the sound field.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355796 - Filtering with binaural room impulse responses: A device comprising one or more processors is configured to determine a plurality of segments for each of a plurality of binaural room impulse response filters, wherein each of the plurality of binaural room impulse response filters comprises a residual room response segment and at least one direction-dependent segment for... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355795 - Filtering with binaural room impulse responses with content analysis and weighting: A device comprising one or more processors is configured to apply adaptively determined weights to a plurality of channels of the audio signal to generate a plurality of adaptively weighted channels of the audio signal. The processors are further configured to combine at least two of the plurality of adaptively... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140355797 - Broad sound field loudspeaker system: A three channel speaker system is provided that includes a three-channel processor to receive a signal from an audio source, where the speaker system includes a center-channel speaker on a first face, a left-channel speaker on a second face, and a right-channel speaker on a third face, where the first... Agent: Audio Design Experts, Inc.

20140355798 - Hearing assistance device control: A hearing assistance device may be a hearing aid worn on a person or a mobile device. The hearing assistance device may perform a hearing assistance algorithm based on signal processing parameters. A set of audiological values for a population may be identified. The set of audiological values has a... Agent: Northwestern University

20140355801 - Automated sound processor: A method includes determining a first feature of a first audio signal at a first location in a signal processing path and determining, using the first feature, a first environmental classification of the first signal. Further, the method includes, based on the first environmental classification, enabling, modifying or disabling one... Agent:

20140355799 - External input device for a hearing aid: A system includes: an external input device having a housing accommodating at least two telecoils having different orientations with respect to the housing, and an orientation sensor configured for sensing an orientation of the housing; and a selector configured for controlling connection of one of the at least two telecoils... Agent:

20140355800 - Hearing-aid apparatus and method using ultrasonic waves: A hearing-aid apparatus using ultrasonic waves is inserted and mounted within an external auditory meatus of an ear, generates an ultrasonic wave band signal by single side band amplitude modulation of a sound signal that is received through a microphone, and outputs the ultrasonic wave band signal and a carrier... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140355802 - Listening system with an improved feedback cancellation system, a method and use: A listening device includes an input transducer, an output transducer, a signal processor, and a feedback cancellation system for estimating acoustic feedback. The feedback cancellation system includes an adaptive FBC filter arranged in parallel to the forward path, an adaptive whitening filter, and a howl detection unit that performs howl... Agent:

20140355803 - Modular connection assembly for a hearing assistance device: The present subject matter relates to an improved connection assembly for hearing assistance devices. The improved connection assembly provides a connection system that is reliable, straightforward to manufacture, and easy to use. The present connection assembly provides a rapid replacement option for the cable and/or the receiver or other electronics... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140355804 - Increasing antenna performance for wireless hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for increasing antenna performance for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing assistance device for a wearer including an antenna within a device housing, an audio receiver configured to be worn in an... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140355805 - Curved display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a display which is curved such that opposite lateral ends thereof protrude forward relative to a central portion thereof. A support frame having a lower end supported on a horizontal surface and allowing the display to be disposed inside thereof is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140355806 - Portable loudspeaker: A portable loudspeaker including a first electro-acoustic driver which creates sound waves when operated; a housing having a first side to which the driver is secured, and a second side opposite the first side; a first passive radiator secured to the first side of the housing and a second passive... Agent:

20140355807 - Protective head covering audio system: A head covering having integral, internal microphones is provided. The present invention is adapted to removably hold a portable audio device within its interior and is further adapted to play music therefrom. The portable audio device is removably held within a sleeve that has an internal audio connector, which is... Agent:

20140355808 - Condenser microphone: A condenser microphone includes a unit case that supports a condenser microphone unit, has an internal space in communication with a rear acoustic terminal of the microphone unit, and has an opening in a peripheral wall in communication with the internal space; a volume restrictor that reduces the volume of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20140355809 - Flexible eartip with retention base: Certain embodiments provide an eartip. The eartip includes a flexible body, a sound channel, and a retention base. The flexible body is bendable at curves of an ear canal of a wearer. The sound channel is disposed within the flexible body. The sound channel includes a first end inlet and... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20140355810 - Plug earphone or a concha earphone: The invention relates to a plug earphone with a front portion and a rear portion, wherein a flexible plug can be placed on the front portion which includes an outer portion and an inner portion. An electroacoustic transducer is arranged in the rear portion, wherein the front portion is positioned... Agent: Akg Acoustics Gmbh

20140355811 - Sound playback device and electronic device using same: A protective portion is provided on a lower surface of a sound reproducing device, and has a protective wall that restrains a deformation of a terminal in a direction different from an elastic deformation direction of the terminal. The terminal includes a restrained portion in which the deformation is restrained... Agent:

20140355812 - Shielded audio apparatus: An apparatus including a transducer membrane for generating sound waves; and a plate, through which sound waves can pass, at least partially overlaying the transducer membrane configured to produce a magnetically shielded region so to impede particles reaching the transducer membrane.... Agent:

20140355813 - Speaker with diaphragm arrangement: A diaphragm arrangement includes a middle foaming layer defining a first flat surface and an opposed flat surface, a first layer overlapped on the first flat surface of the middle foaming layer, and a second layer overlapped on the second flat surface of the middle foaming layer to form a... Agent: Tang Band Industries Co., Ltd.

20140355814 - Stabilizer for microphone diaphragm: A stabilizer for use in stabilizing a diaphragm of an audio device, such as a microphone transducer or a speaker driver. The stabilizer is configured to be attached to the diaphragm to provide stability to the diaphragm, which may be in the form of one or more of counteraction to... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20140355815 - Innovative magnetic design for speakers: An innovative magnetic design for speakers is disclosed. The innovative magnetic design of the present invention comprises an upper magnetic portion, a lower magnetic portion, at least one magnetic piece and two or more magnets. Either the upper magnetic portion or the lower magnetic portion has the form of a... Agent:

20140355816 - Microspeaker with improved soldering structure: A microspeaker is provided with a soldering structure which can overcome a process defect or a progressive defect during the soldering of a terminal pad and a suspension. A sound transducer has a frame, a magnetic circuit, a voice coil and a diaphragm, the microspeaker with an improved soldering structure,... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 48 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140348327 - Synchronization of multi-channel audio communicated over bluetooth low energy: This document describes techniques for synchronizing rendering of multi-channel audio output. First audio data corresponding to a first audio channel and second audio data corresponding to a second audio channel may be received. The first and second audio data may be configured for simultaneous rendering. A transmission schedule for wirelessly... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140348328 - Signal quality estimation and control: Several circuits and methods implemented to perform signal quality estimation and control are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method of signal quality estimation includes generating a demodulated signal associated with a radio signal. Information associated with a quality of the demodulated signal is accessed. Further, a value of radio frequency... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140348330 - Multi lobe stereo loudspeaker in one cabinet: A one-cabinet stereo loudspeaker, wherein at least first and second loudspeaker units (LL, LR) are arranged in a cabinet structure (CB) so as to radiate sound with at least three lobes of the first acoustic signal (L) alternating with respect to horizontal angle with at least three lobes of the... Agent: Libratone A/s

20140348329 - Sound system for establishing a sound zone: A system and method for acoustically reproducing k electrical audio signals (where k=2, 3, 4, . . . ) and establishing k sound zones are provided, in each of which one of k reception sound signals occurs that is an individual pattern of the reproduced and transmitted k electrical audio... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140348331 - Hearing aid with spatial signal enhancement: A new binaural hearing aid system is provided with a hearing aid in which signals that are received from external devices, such as a spouse microphone, a media player, a hearing loop system, a teleconference system, a radio, a TV, a telephone, a device with an alarm, etc., are filtered... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20140348333 - Off-axis audio suppressions in an automobile cabin: The suppression of off-axis audio in an audio environment is provided. Off-axis audio may be considered audio that does not originate from a region of interest. The off-axis audio is suppressed by comparing a phase difference between signals from two microphones to a target slope of the phase difference between... Agent:

20140348332 - Trip reset button for a vehicle instrument cluster: An instrument panel for a vehicle that includes a housing, a microphone and an actuator. The microphone is configured to detect a characteristic sound in the housing. The actuator is coupled to the housing, and the actuator is configured to emit the characteristic sound into the housing when actuated.... Agent:

20140348334 - Portable terminal and method for detecting earphone connection: A portable terminal and a method for detecting an earphone connection are provided. The method includes detecting a connection of earphones; detecting and analyzing a sound input through the connected earphones; and determining whether a microphone is installed in the earphones by comparing an analysis result with a first predetermined... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140348335 - Audio measurement amplifier: A circuit for conditioning an acoustic transducer driving signal includes an inner feedback circuit having a test signal input for receiving a test signal, a feedback input for receiving a feedback signal, circuitry for forming an output signal including circuitry for amplifying the input signal according to the feedback signal,... Agent: Listen, Inc.

20140348337 - Device and method for calculating loudspeaker signals for a plurality of loudspeakers while using a delay in the frequency domain: A device for calculating loudspeaker signals using a plurality of audio sources, an audio source including an audio signal, includes a forward transform stage for transforming each audio signal to a spectral domain to obtain a plurality of temporally consecutive short-term spectra, a memory for storing a plurality of temporally... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140348336 - Electronic apparatus and method for activating specified function thereof: An electronic apparatus and a method for activating a specified function are provided. The electronic apparatus includes a speaker, an audio signal processor and an application processor. The audio signal processor senses a variation of an acoustic condition of the speaker. The application processor is used for: generating a logic... Agent:

20140348338 - Active noise cancellation: Provided is an active noise cancellation apparatus capable of reliably reducing road noise by reducing vibration of a vehicle component part which generates road noise by using a vibration generator. A plurality of reference signal detectors are placed respectively on right and left knuckles for respectively supporting right and left... Agent:

20140348340 - Audio accessory including a headphone with separate sockets: An audio accessory (1) having headphones (2) with at least one ear-cup (7) and a connection cable (3) for connecting the headphones to an audio device (10) includes a separate connection cable with connection plugs (4B, 5B) at each of its two ends, whereby connections plugs of different types are... Agent: Zound Industries International Ab

20140348339 - Earphone system and related method of temporarily increasing volume: An earphone system with temporary volume shifting function includes a speaker receiving audio signals and converting the received audio signals into sound, the speaker having a first end and a second end therein, a first resistor electrically connected to the first end of the speaker, and a switch configured between... Agent: Transcend Information, Inc.

20140348341 - Input device: An input device of an electronic apparatus including an input detection unit which is provided on the electronic apparatus at a position that is difficult to be seen by a user who uses the input device, and which detects an input operation of the user; a movement distance detection unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140348342 - Audio lens: An apparatus configured to: determine a viewing angle associated with at least one apparatus camera; determine from at least two audio signals at least one audio source orientation relative to an apparatus; and generate at least one spatial filter including at least a first orientation range associated with the viewing... Agent:

20140348343 - Audio device for suppressing noise: An audio device is capable of switching between a first state and a second state. The audio device comprises a power supply, a delay module, a control module, a processor, and an audio-playing module. The power supply provides a working voltage when the audio device is in the second state.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20140348344 - Communication system and transfer method thereof: A communication system is provided. A receiver receives a plurality of audio signals, wherein a frequency of each of the audio signals is selected from a frequency group formed by at least three frequencies. A signal detector coupled to the receiver is configured to obtain the frequency of each of... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20140348345 - Vad detection microphone and method of operating the same: A microphone includes a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) circuit and an integrated circuit. The MEMS circuit is configured to convert a voice signal into an electrical signal, and the integrated circuit is coupled to the MEMS circuit and is configured to receive the electrical signal. The integrated circuit and the MEMS... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20140348346 - Bone transmission earphone: A basal end cover having a cable entry portion, and an earphone case which accommodates a bone conduction microphone and a bone conduction speaker, being assembled to the basal end cover, with the earphone case including a rigid resin ear plug having a microphone accommodating space in which the bone... Agent: Temco Japan Co., Ltd.

20140348347 - Multiple-way loudspeaker: The invention relates to a loudspeaker (1) for filling a room with sound, having a tweeter (2) with a high-frequency diaphragm (12), which generates a high-frequency sound cone (22) with a high-frequency main radiation direction (13) during operation, and having at least one further tweeter (3) with a further diaphragm... Agent:

20140348348 - Personal media playing system: An apparatus for personal media playing, the apparatus comprising: a signal receiver, configured to receive a media signal, a signal generator, in communication with the signal receiver, configured to derive a plurality of signals from the received media signal, and tailor each of the derived signals for a respective one... Agent: Woojer Ltd

20140348349 - Speaker device: The object of the present invention is that the surplus vibration involved therewith simultaneously generating a sound wave by the vibration of the vibrating cone of the loudspeaker unit is generated in the loudspeaker system, which has impaired the sound quality of the loudspeaker system. The purpose of the present... Agent:

20140348350 - Structures for dynamically tuned audio in a media device: Techniques associated with structures for dynamically tuned audio in a media device are described, including a housing, a driver mounted to the housing and configured to produce acoustic energy, a hybrid radiator mounted to the housing and formed at least in part using a material configured to change one or... Agent: Aliphcom

20140348351 - Structures for dynamically tuned audio in a media device: Techniques associated with structures for dynamically tuned audio in a media device are described, including receiving data associated with an acoustic output, determining a target frequency response associated with an audio device, the audio device implemented with a hybrid radiator formed using a smart fluid or artificial muscle material, determining... Agent: Aliphcom

20140348352 - Line array speaker: A line array speaker in which interference between back pressures of adjacent speakers is reduced is provided. The line array speaker includes three or more cone-shaped speaker units including diaphragms vibrated by magnetic circuit portions. The speaker units are attached to a rectangular baffle plate 2 such that the speaker... Agent:

20140348353 - Sound system for establishing a sound zone: A system and method for acoustically reproducing at least two electrical audio signals and establishing at least two sound zones that are represented by individual patterns of reception sound signals includes processing the at least two electrical audio signals to provide processed electrical audio signals; converting the processed electrical audio... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140348354 - Generation of individual sound zones within a listening room: A sound reproduction system that is capable of providing at least two separate sound zones in one coherent listening room. In each sound zone, resulting acoustic signals substantially corresponds to a respective audio source signal associated with the same sound zone, and the contribution of audio source signals associated with... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20140348356 - Method and a device for reproducing low frequency sound in a rectangular room: For reproducing sound in a rectangular room in association with a video playback screen (10), from audio signals of the kind comprising at least three main channels (2, 3, 4) and a bass effects channel (1), at least five loudspeakers (11, 12, 13, 14, 15) are used that are specialized... Agent:

20140348357 - Sound effect adjustment method, apparatus and device: A sound effect adjustment method, apparatus and system are provided that are applicable to the sound box field. The method includes: detecting the number of connected sound boxes, a sound box orientation angle, and a distance between a sound box and a listener; selecting a corresponding sound field model; loading... Agent:

20140348355 - Speaker configuration: A method of configuring an array of speaker elements is disclosed. The method computes a sound pressure level at various points in the venue and that is evaluated by various objective functions. The configuration of the array is changed, for example by the orientation or position of the speakers and... Agent: Martin Audio Limited

20140348358 - Headphone audio enhancement system: An audio enhancement system can provide spatial enhancement, low frequency enhancement, and/or high frequency enhancement for headphone audio. The spatial enhancement can increase the sense of spaciousness or stereo separation between left and right headphone channels. The low frequency enhancement can enhance bass frequencies that are unreproducible or attenuated in... Agent:

20140348359 - Noise reduction system for hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein is a system for binaural noise reduction for hearing assistance devices using information generated at a first hearing assistance device and information received from a second hearing assistance device. In various embodiments, the present subject matter provides a gain measurement for noise reduction using information from a second... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348361 - Entrainment avoidance with an auto regressive filter: A method of signal processing an input signal in a hearing aid to avoid entrainment, the hearing aid including a receiver and a microphone, the method comprising using an adaptive filter to measure an acoustic feedback path from the receiver to the microphone and adjusting an adaptation rate of the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348360 - Hearing aid with improved localization: A hearing aid includes: a BTE hearing aid housing configured to be worn behind a pinna of a user and accommodating at least one BTE sound input transducer configured for conversion of acoustic sound into a BTE audio sound signal; an ITE microphone housing configured to be positioned in an... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20140348362 - Three dimensional substrate for hearing assistance devices: A hearing assistance device for a user comprising a housing, a three dimensional electronic substrate disposed in the housing, the substrate adapted to conform to a battery of the hearing assistance device and hearing assistance electronics mounted to the substrate.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348363 - Augmented reality multisensory display device incorporated with hearing assistance device features: The present subject matter includes a reality multisensory display device (MSD) in the form of eyeglasses, where the device is configured to augment information to the wearer of the device, for example to compensate for hearing loss of a wearer of the device by augmenting auditory information.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348364 - Augmented reality multisensory display device incorporated with hearing assistance device features: The present subject matter includes reality multisensory display device (MSD) to be used by a wearer having an ear. The device includes a head-mounted display, display circuitry configured to provide signals to the head-mounted display, audio circuitry configured to augment audio delivered to the wearer, and a receiver configured to... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348365 - Augmented reality multisensory display device incorporated with hearing assistance device features: The present subject matter includes a reality multisensory display device (MSD) to be used by a wearer having an ear. The device includes a head-mounted display, display circuitry configured to provide signals to the head-mounted display, audio circuitry configured to augment audio delivered to the wearer, and radio circuitry to... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140348367 - Activity monitoring & directing system: A system for monitoring and directing athletic or other physical activities is disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a headset worn by an athlete includes one or more sensors, a microprocessor, a non-volatile memory and a communication link. The athlete's headset receives and transmits signals to a coach while... Agent:

20140348366 - Handheld electronic devices and methods involving distributed mode loudspeakers: Devices and methods involving distributed mode loudspeakers are provided. A representative device includes: a housing defining an interior; a display supported by the housing; a distributed mode loudspeaker supported by the housing, the distributed mode loudspeaker having a driver and a panel, the driver being mounted within the interior and... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140348368 - Housing assembly and electronic device using the same: A housing assembly of an electronic device includes an outer housing, an inner housing mounted to the outer housing, a first waterproof film positioned between the outer housing and the inner housing, and a second waterproof film spaced from the first waterproof film. The first waterproof film, the outer housing,... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140348369 - Decoupled drive unit for a loudspeaker enclosure: A loudspeaker enclosure defined by one or more panels housing a drive unit. The drive unit includes a coil, a diaphragm, and a magnet. The magnet is decoupled from the one or more panels of the loudspeaker enclosure. Sound is generated by the movement of the diaphragm and complementary movement... Agent:

20140348370 - Microphone array housing with acoustic extending structure and electronic device utilizing the sam: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a case, a microphone array housing consists of a first acoustic extending structure, a second acoustic extending structure, an interface IC, a first membrane and a second membrane. The case includes a first acoustic opening and a second acoustic opening. The... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20140348371 - Headphone: A headphone includes a pair of acoustic reproduction units, a supporting member connecting the pair of acoustic reproduction units, and a soft member configured to be rotatable relative to the supporting member and arranged on the side opposite to the head of a person wearing the headphone.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140348372 - Canal type earphone with pressure equilibrium means: Disclosed herein is a canal type earphone with a pressure equilibrium means, capable of eliminating a pressure difference between a user's external auditory meatus and an outside during wearing of the canal type earphone. A pressure equilibrium means includes a side air passage through which air within a tube or... Agent: Bujeon Co., Ltd.

20140348373 - Heat dissipation device for moving-coil loudspeaker: A heat dissipation device for a moving-coil loudspeaker, comprising: a thermally conductive pad, a thermally conductive bar, and a heat sink, the thermally conductive pad, the thermally conductive bar and the heat sink being integrally mounted at an axially central portion of the loudspeaker; the thermally conductive bar is axially... Agent:

20140348374 - Magnetic circuit for loudspeaker, and loudspeaker using same: The loudspeaker magnetic circuit is an external-magnet type, and has a magnet, an upper plate, and a lower plate. The magnet is sandwiched between the upper plate and the lower plate. At least one of the lower plate and the upper plate is formed of magnetic powder or a mixture... Agent:

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