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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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09/04/2014 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 40 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140241528 - Sound field analysis system: In one embodiment, a sound field is mapped by extracting spatial angle information, diffusivity information, and optionally, sound level information. The extracted information is mapped for representation in the form of a Riemann sphere, wherein spatial angle varies longitudinally, diffusivity varies latitudinally, and level varies radially along the sphere. A... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20140241530 - Condenser stereomicrophone: A condenser stereomicrophone includes a mid condenser microphone unit that is connected to left and right side condenser microphone units such that the output from the mid condenser microphone unit is applied to the left and right side condenser microphone units. The left and right side condenser microphone units are... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20140241529 - Obtaining a spatial audio signal based on microphone distances and time delays: Examples disclose a method to receive a first audio signal at a first microphone positioned at an actual distance from a second microphone. Additionally, the examples disclose the method is further to receive a second audio signal at the second microphone, the second audio signal is associated with an actual... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140241532 - Sound source detecting system and sound source detecting method: A sound source detecting system that detects a predetermined sound source on the basis of sounds collected by sound collectors includes: a noise extracting unit that extracts a noise from signals of the collected sounds; and a noise suppressing unit that suppresses a signal component of the noise extracted by... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140241531 - Systems and methods for audio difference detection: Systems and methods for audio difference detection are described. One embodiment includes a memory component that stores logic that, when executed by a processor, causes a vehicle amplifier to receive a test input signal for a generic test sequence to determine a standard input signal for producing a desired output... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140241533 - Smart notification appliances: Smart notification appliances used in a mass notification system (MNS) have integrated software and distributed hardware for real time information to in-building, immediate vicinity and distributed recipients during emergency situations. Programmable control configurations in the smart notification appliances provide flexible installations. A distributed architecture system provides distributed intelligence in the... Agent:

20140241534 - Systems and methods for altering display output based on seat position: Systems and methods for altering display output based on seat position are described. One embodiment of a method includes receiving desired frequency response data for a plurality of different audio outputs and a nominal seat position, determining a current seat position of a seat in the vehicle, and implementing a... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140241535 - Apparatus, systems and methods for detecting insertion or removal of an audio accessory from an electronic device: According to one aspect, an electronic device for detecting an audio accessory. The electronic device includes an audio jack having at least two detection terminals. The detection terminals are spaced apart and positioned within a socket of the audio jack so when an audio plug of the accessory is inserted... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140241536 - Method and detector of loudspeaker diaphragm excursion: The present invention relates in one aspect to a method of detecting diaphragm excursion of an electrodynamic loudspeaker. The method comprises steps of generating an audio signal for application to a voice coil of the electrodynamic loudspeaker and adding a high-frequency probe signal to the audio signal to generate a... Agent:

20140241537 - Hearing device adjustment based on categorical perception: Hearing device configuration and hearing treatment using categorical perception; systems and methods for categorical perception based configuration of hearing devices and hearing treatment.... Agent:

20140241538 - Method of retrieving processing properties and audio processing system: Techniques for storing and retrieving processing properties for processing an audio signal in an audio processing system, such as, an audio mixing console are provided. The processing properties specify audio effects and/or audio mixing applied to the audio signal. Type information is established which relates to audio content properties of... Agent: Harman International Industries, Ltd.

20140241539 - Noise removal system: A system for noise removal is coupled to a signal unit that provides a digital signal. The noise removal system includes a transformation module to transform the digital signal into an f-digital signal, a threshold filter to generate a noiseless signal from the f-digital signal based on a threshold profile,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

20140241542 - Apparatus and method for outputting audio signal in portable terminal: An apparatus and a method for outputting an audio signal in a portable terminal are provided. The portable terminal for outputting an audio signal includes an ear jack, a modem, and an amplifier. The ear jack connects the portable terminal with one of an earphone and an external apparatus. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140241541 - Audio signal adapter device: An audio signal adapter device is provided, comprising: an input port, an output port, and a signal amplifier, in which the input port is a headphone interface, and comprises a first audio signal input pin configured to receive an audio signal sent by an audio signal sending equipment and to... Agent: Tendyron Corporation

20140241540 - Wearable audio accessories for computing devices: Wearable audio accessories for computing devices are described. In one embodiment the wearable audio accessory provides a speech based interface between the user and a nearby computing device for the performance of user-initiated or computing device initiated microtasks. Information is provided to the user via a loudspeaker and the user... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140241544 - Audio system for audio streaming and associated method: A method for operating an audio system for transmitting wireless audio streams to a hearing system comprising a hearing device, the audio system comprising a communication unit and a radio system comprising a transmitter unit, the method includes: receiving request data comprising hearing device identification data and a request indicative... Agent:

20140241543 - Wireless digital audio music system: A wireless digital audio system includes a portable audio source with a digital audio transmitter operatively coupled thereto and an audio receiver operatively coupled to a headphone set. The audio receiver is configured for digital wireless communication with the audio transmitter. The digital audio receiver utilizes fuzzy logic to optimize... Agent: One-e-way Inc.

20140241545 - Audio system for audio streaming and associated method: A method for operating an audio system for transmitting wireless audio streams to a hearing system, the wireless audio streams comprising a first audio stream and a second audio stream, the audio system comprising a communication unit and a radio system comprising stationary transmitter units for transmitting at least the... Agent:

20140241546 - Microphone sensitivity difference correction device, method, and noise suppression device: A microphone sensitivity difference correction device includes a detection section that detects a frequency domain signal expressing a stationary noise, based on frequency domain signals of input sound signals respectively input from plural microphones; a first correction section that employs the stationary noise to compute a first correction coefficient for... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140241547 - Speaker system for a motor vehicle: A loudspeaker system for a motor vehicle has at least one loudspeaker and a structure to which the loudspeaker is fitted. The at least one loudspeaker is fitted to the structure in such a manner that a longitudinal axis of the at least one loudspeaker extends at an angle between... Agent: Audi Ag

20140241548 - Acoustic sensor apparatus and acoustic camera for using mems microphone array: An acoustic camera for using a MEMS microphone array comprises: an acoustic sensor apparatus (30) comprising a print circuit board (20) on which the plural of MEMS microphone (10) are mounted, to send signals for the detected sound to a data collection unit (40); a data collection unit (40) connected... Agent: Sm Instrument Co., Ltd.

20140241549 - Robust estimation of sound source localization: A method for sound source localization in a digital system having at least two audio capture devices is provided that includes receiving audio signals from the two audio capture devices, computing a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for each frequency band of a plurality of frequency bands in a processing frame of... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140241550 - Pezoelectric sound element: A piezoelectric sound generating element capable of providing flatter and less fluctuated sound pressure frequency characteristics includes a diaphragm that is formed in a circular plate shape with a circular profile. A piezoelectric element is affixed to the side of a bottom wall portion of the diaphragm. The piezoelectric element... Agent: Hokuriku Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20140241551 - Electronic device sound reproduction system: A deformable electronic device comprises a housing deformable by a user, at least one deformable speaker and a processing unit for selecting a sound reproduction method using the at least one speaker in response to deformation of the electronic device.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140241552 - Sound reproduction device: Provided is a sound reproduction device including a loudspeaker and a superdirective speaker. The loudspeaker is configured so that a sound pressure of audible sound produced therefrom decreases as the sound travels farther away from the loudspeaker. The superdirective speaker is configured so that a sound pressure of audible sound... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140241553 - Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities: Electronic devices and accessories for electronic devices such as headsets are provided. The electronic devices may produce audio output. The headsets may include earbuds with speakers that play the audio output for a user while the earbuds are located in the user's ears. Circuitry in an electronic device and a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140241554 - Systems, devices, and methods for continuous-time digital signal processing and signal representation: Systems, devices, and methods for continuous-time digital signal processing and signal representation are disclosed. This includes a continuous-time analog-to-digital converter that is configured to receive an analog signal and convert it to a continuous-time digital signal without using a clock or any type of sampling. This A/D conversion can include... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20140241555 - Wirelessly charged electronic device with shared inductor circuitry: An electronic device may contain an input-output device such as a speaker, vibrator, or near field communications antenna. The input-output device may include an inductor. The inductor in the input-output device may be shared by wireless charging circuitry in the electronic device so that wireless charging signals can be converted... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140241556 - Automatic fsk tuning circuit for a hearing aid and method: An FSK transceiver for use in a hearing aid has means for automatic tuning of the transceiver frequency. The automatic tuning means comprises a phase difference detector and a tuning manager adapted to control the frequency of a resonant circuit of the FSK transceiver according to information received from the... Agent: Widex A/s

20140241557 - Wireless charging system for hearing instruments: A facility is provided for the wireless resonant charging of rechargeable hearing instruments. The hearing instrument is freely positionable in a charging device for charging purposes. The charging device for the wireless charging has a transmit antenna arrangement, a transmit amplifier for actuating the transmit antenna arrangement and a charging... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140241558 - Multiple audio display apparatus and method: An apparatus including at least two speakers and at least one controller. Each speaker includes at least one vibrating element, and one or more display elements. The vibrating elements are configured to at least partially move the one or more display elements to generate sound waves from the one or... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140241559 - Microphone assembly: A mobile microphone assembly (10) has at least one microphone (40, 42) for generating an audio signal output (52) from sound impinging on the least one microphone, an acceleration sensor (48) for sensing the acceleration acting on the microphone assembly with regard to three orthogonal axes and for providing for... Agent:

20140241560 - Headset: A headset includes an enclosure holding a speaker and a microphone. The enclosure includes: a main body portion which holds the speaker and in which an earphone portion attached to an ear is provided; a microphone holding portion which holds the microphone; and a coupling portion which couples the main... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140241561 - Headphones: The invention pertains to headphones that can be folded into a compact size and carried around while they are out of use. To improve operability in collapsing and expanding operations, headphone units are attached to joint portions on respective ends of a headphone band that are movable via vertical movement... Agent: Kem Hongkong Limited

20140241562 - Earphones: A headphone includes an acoustic transducer having a sound-radiating surface that moves along a first axis, a housing enclosing the acoustic transducer, a first acoustic chamber defined by a first side of the acoustic transducer and a first portion of the housing, the first acoustic chamber including a first reactive... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140241563 - Earpiece passive noise attenuating: An earpiece with structure for positioning and retaining the earpiece and with structure for sealing against the entrance to the ear canal to provide passive noise attenuation. The positioning and retaining structure engages features of the lateral surface of the ear. The structure for sealing against the entrance to the... Agent: Bose Corporation

20140241564 - Securing structure of sound output mechanism and sound processing means of mobile device capable of outputting visual and sound signals: A sound output mechanism of a mobile device capable of outputting visual and sound signals, for example, a smart phone, tablet PC, MP4 (including MP3) has an image output unit and a sound processing unit. The image output unit of the mobile device is arranged on the entire surface of... Agent:

20140241565 - Manufacturing method for narrow-type diaphragm and thin-type diaphragm, speaker-use diaphragm manufactured using same manufacturing method, speaker, electronic apparatus, and movable device: After beaten, pulp is mixed with a filler to obtain a mixture of the pulp and the filler. Additives are added to the mixture, which is made into pater and then hot-pressed. The filler content of the mixture is in the range of 20 wt % to 80 wt %.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140241566 - Inner ring magnet type microspeaker: An inner magnet type microspeaker including a suspension is provided which can maximize the size of a magnet. The inner magnet type microspeaker includes: a frame; a yoke installed inside of the frame and including a bottom surface and sidewalls bent upward from the bottom surface; a magnet bonded to... Agent: Em-tech Co., Ltd.

20140241567 - Audio speaker with sandwich-structured composite diaphragm: A diaphragm for an audio speaker includes an outer shell and an inner shell. Each shell has a face portion and an edge portion that is formed to be substantially perpendicular to the face portion. The inner shell is inserted into the outer shell such that at least a part... Agent: Apple Inc.

08/21/2014 > 46 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140233741 - System and method of detecting a plug-in type based on impedance comparison: A particular method includes determining, at an electronic device having a plug-in port, a plug-in type of an accessory connected to the plug-in port based on a comparison of an alternating current (AC) impedance at the plug-in port to a direct current (DC) impedance at the plug-in port.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140233742 - Apparatus for speaker audio control in a device: The electronic device has audio control for speaker channel based at least in part on an orientation and number of speakers of the electronic device.... Agent: Barnesandnoble.com LLC

20140233743 - Medical device diagnostics using a portable device: Systems, methods, and apparatuses may be used to test devices using a portable device. A portable device is a tablet computer, a smart phone, or other type of device. In embodiments, the different components of the portable device are utilized to perform tests on a medical device such as a... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20140233745 - Acceleration sound generation device for vehicle: An acceleration sound generation device for a vehicle using at least one of an acceleration operation of the vehicle, an acceleration force generated by the acceleration operation, and an acceleration state obtained by the acceleration force as a control parameter. The acceleration sound generation device includes a sound generation unit... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140233744 - Audio processing and enhancement system: A system and method for enhancing the audio experience on a consumer electronic device is disclosed. A system for enhancing the audio experience on a consumer electronic device including a parametrically configurable processing block is disclosed. An all-digital audio enhancement system suitable for embedding into a low cost, low power... Agent:

20140233746 - Earphone microphone: An acoustic space including a sound output path, first and second sound input paths is formed in a main body casing of an earphone microphone. Output sound from a speaker propagates in the sound output path. Sound input to a first microphone propagates in the first sound input path communicating... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140233747 - Immersive sound system: Sound control and audio output systems and methods for an entertainment venue are described. The venue includes immersive display and sound elements. Prevention of acoustic reflections and level of audio immersion are enhanced with the described systems and techniques.... Agent: Dreamlight Holdings Inc. Formerly Known As A Thousand Miles, LLC

20140233750 - Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for adaptive active noise cancellation: An adaptive active noise cancellation apparatus performs a filtering operation in a first digital domain and performs adaptation of the filtering operation in a second digital domain.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140233748 - Forward speaker noise cancellation in a vehicle: Systems and methods to cancel noise in a vehicle are disclosed. A first speaker is positioned forward of a steering wheel of a vehicle. The first speaker generates a first signal configured to acoustically cancel noise produced by operation of the vehicle. A second speaker is positioned forward of the... Agent:

20140233749 - Earphone microphone: An earphone microphone includes a single speaker, a microphone having first and second sound input holes, and a main body casing in which an acoustic space is formed. The acoustic space includes a sound output path in which output sound propagates, a first sound input path communicating with outside, in... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140233752 - Bluetooth headset: A wireless headset including a body having an earphone coupling portion; a wireless module provided in the body and configured to wirelessly receive an audio signal from a mobile terminal; a speaker provided in the body; an earphone connected to the body via a cable and configured to be coupled... Agent:

20140233754 - Headphone system with retractable microphone: A retractable gaming headphone communication system without a retractable microphone boom retracted in a simple one touch fashion. The headphone communication system is automatically disengaged and put in an off or mute mode when boom is in a deployed position and an operational communication mode when in a deployed position.... Agent: Polk Audio, Inc.

20140233753 - Headphones with cloud integration: Described herein is a portable acoustic device including a headband adapted to go over or around a user's head, and a pair of earpieces each being slidably attached to the headband. One of the pair of earpieces or the headband includes, a control interface, a battery, at least one transceiver... Agent:

20140233751 - Speaker mechanism having a conforming circuit board: A device removeably attachable to a case for an electronic device for delivering sound includes a housing having a speaker means and a printed circuit board assembly mounted in the housing. The printed circuit board assembly is in electronic communication with the speaker means. The printed circuit board assembly includes... Agent: Headlogic LLC

20140233755 - Wireless network audio system having auto-pairing function and auto-pairing method using the same: A system and method of auto-pairing in a wireless network audio system is provided. The auto-pairing method including: entering, by an audio source device, an auto-pairing mode in response to power being supplied; retrieving, by the audio source device, a peripheral wireless speaker; and providing, by the audio source device,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140233756 - Sound input device: A sound input device includes a housing, a microphone housing, a vibrator, and first and second sound guide components. The housing has first and second sound collection holes. The microphone housing has first and second microphone sound holes. The first and second sound guide components communicate with the first and... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140233757 - Noisy environment communication enhancement system: A communication system enhances communications in a noisy environment. Multiple input arrays convert a voiced or unvoiced signal into an analog signal. A converter receives the analog signal and generates digital signals. A digital signal processor determines temporal and spatial information from the digital signals. The processed signals are then... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20140233758 - Frequency domain noise cancellation with a desired null based acoustic devices, systems, and methods: Frequency domain signal extraction methods and apparatuses include receiving a reference signal, which contains mostly undesired audio and is substantially void of desired audio. The reference signal is decomposed into at least two reference frequency components. Filtering the at least two reference frequency components with at least two adaptive filters... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20140233761 - Electronic device and gain controlling method: An electronic device and a corresponding gain controlling method are provided. The gain controlling method includes the steps of receiving a sound signal, calculating a sound level according to each value of the sound signal in a past period, determining a gain value according to the sound level, using the... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140233759 - Situation responsive audio system: A method of controlling an audio system includes generating a situation response model for a situation parameter, determining a situation parameter value, and at least one of (1) providing an audio system output as a function of the situation response model and the situation parameter value and (2) receiving an... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20140233760 - Ultrasonic speaker system: An ultrasonic speaker system has a first variable gain block, a modulation block, a second variable gain block, an ultrasonic actuator, and a controller, wherein the controller controls gain of the first variable gain block so that a modulation degree of a modulated signal becomes a predetermined value, and when... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140233762 - Optimal mixing matrices and usage of decorrelators in spatial audio processing: An apparatus for generating an audio output signal having two or more audio output channels from an audio input signal having two or more audio input channels includes a provider and a signal processor. The provider is adapted to provide first covariance properties of the audio input signal. The signal... Agent:

20140233763 - Amplifier for electrostatic transducers: A class D audio amplifier which provides both an alternating signal and a DC bias voltage to an electrostatic transducer (9). The amplifier comprises an input module (1) for generating a modulated sequence of pulses in response to an input audio signal, and an output module (3) for amplifying the... Agent: Warwick Audio Technologies Limited

20140233764 - Microphone positioning system: A microphone positioning system includes a microphone, a selectively operable turntable device to which the microphone is mounted, and a remote control device for selectively imparting rotation to the turntable device to selectively vary the angle of the microphone. The elevation of the microphone can also be varied, such as... Agent:

20140233765 - Conformable pad bone conduction device: Pads for positioning between external hearing prosthesis components and a recipient's skin or scalp that conform to the recipient's anatomy but transmit vibrations from the external components to implanted components. Usable pad materials may include non-Newtonian materials including dilatant materials, rheological materials, memory foams, viscoelastic material, thermoplastics, electro-rheological fluids and... Agent:

20140233766 - Flat-type speaker having a plurality of consecutively connected magnetic circuits: The present invention relates to a flat-type speaker, and more particularly, to a flat-type speaker in which a plurality of magnetic circuits are consecutively connected in series or in parallel so as to constitute one speaker. In the flat-type speaker in which the plurality of magnetic circuits are consecutively connected,... Agent: Exelway Inc.

20140233767 - Condenser microphone and manufacturing method thereof: A condenser microphone comprises a substrate, a vibratile diaphragm and a back plate. The substrate has an opening. The diaphragm is disposed corresponding to the substrate and covers the opening, and has a plurality of protrusions. The back plate is coupled to the diaphragm and has a plurality of through... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140233768 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device: The problem is to reduce variations of sound pressure in the sound pressure frequency characteristics. To solve the problem, an acoustic generator includes a film that is a supporting plate; a frame member that is provided on the outer circumference of the film; a piezoelectric element that is provided on... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140233769 - Diaphragm arrangement for generating sound: The invention relates to a diaphragm arrangement which is intended to be fitted to a structural component or fixing ring for the purpose of generating sound, having two piezo crystals which are fitted opposite one another on either side of an electrically conductive diaphragm which can oscillate, wherein the piezo... Agent:

20140233771 - Apparatus for front and rear speaker audio control in a device: Techniques for audio control for an electronic device are discussed. The audio control for front and rear speaker channel configuration facilitates supporting proper audio stereo sound based at least in part on an orientation of the electronic device.... Agent:

20140233770 - Techniques for speaker audio control in a device: Techniques for audio control for an electronic device are discussed. The audio control for speaker channel configuration facilitates supporting proper audio stereo sound based at least in part on an orientation of the electronic device.... Agent:

20140233772 - Techniques for front and rear speaker audio control in a device: Techniques for audio control for an electronic device are discussed. The audio control for speaker channel configuration facilitates supporting proper audio stereo sound based at least in part on an orientation of the electronic device.... Agent: Barnesandnoble.com LLC

20140233773 - Charge sharing analog computation circuitry and applications: In one aspect, reduced power consumption and/or circuit area of a discrete time analog signal processing module is achieved in an approach that makes use of entirely, or largely, passive charge sharing circuitry, which may include configurable (e.g., after fabrication, at runtime) multiplicative scaling stages that do not require active... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20140233774 - Portable terminal for controlling hearing aid and method therefor: A method for controlling a hearing aid using a portable terminal is provided. The method includes taking a photo, generating a control signal to control a hearing mode of the hearing aid according to an analysis of a surrounding condition based on the photo, and transmitting the control signal to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140233775 - Modular adapter assembly for telecoil and auxiliary audio input device mixing: An exemplary apparatus for use with an auditory prosthesis system includes a housing, a connector port disposed at least partially within the housing and configured to be communicatively coupled to an auxiliary audio input device, a telecoil disposed at least partially within the housing, and a multi-position switch disposed at... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20140233776 - Portable electronic device for wearing at the ear and a method of operating a portable electronic device: A portable electronic device (100) comprises a fuel cell (101) and a boost converter (102), wherein said boost converter (102) is adapted for boosting the fuel cell voltage to a level suitable to power the portable electronic device (100) and wherein said boost converter (102) is powered by said fuel... Agent: Teknologisk Institut

20140233777 - Speaker assembly and electronic device using same: A speaker assembly is configured for assembly to a housing. The housing defines a through hole and a receiving groove communicating with each other. The speaker assembly includes a speaker and a speaker cover. The speaker is received in the through hole. The speaker cover has an extending edge beyond... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140233778 - In-wall multiple-bay loudspeaker system: A modular sound component system can be configured to be located at least partially behind a wall surface, wherein the wall surface is supported by multiple vertical studs. The modular system can include a rail system that is in contact with the wall surface and at least one sound reproduction... Agent: Core Brands, LLC

20140233779 - Electrostatic loudspeaker capable of dispersing sound both horizontally and vertically: An electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) assembly providing curvature in two directions for improved dispersion of sound waves. The ESL comprises at least one stator panel, a flexible diaphragm and a spacer that impedes contact between the stator panel and the diaphragm. The stator is formed from a material that comprises an... Agent:

20140233780 - Modified diaphragm shapes for improved air horn performance: The invention discloses diaphragms for use in air horns or similar noise-producing devices. The diaphragms may have concave or convex non-linear shapes, wherein protrusions are included in the body of the rigid or semi-rigid diaphragm. The diaphragms made be made of any relevant materials and keep their non-flat shapes during... Agent:

20140233781 - Sound transmission material, sound control plane structure including building use using the sound transmission material, windscreen for microphone, protective grille, sound transmission projection screen, and speaker: A sound transmission, material is made of fibers entangled with each other and has a self-standing property and a high performance sound transmission property, namely the Taber stiffness is not less than 5 mN·m, the bending resistance is not less than 100 mN, the porosity is not less than 50%,... Agent: Tomoegawa Co., Ltd.

20140233782 - Packaged microphone with frame having die mounting concavity: A packaged microphone has a lid structure with an inner surface having a concavity, and a microphone die secured within the concavity. The packaged microphone also has a substrate coupled with the lid structure to form a package having an interior volume containing the microphone die. The substrate is electrically... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140233783 - Mobile communications device case: A case for a mobile communications device is provided that is configurable to take on at least two audio/audible configurations. The first audio/audible configuration is a handset configuration and the second audio configuration is a headphone/earphone/earbud configuration. The case has a housing and a headphone male connector. The headphone male... Agent: Logitech Europe Sa

20140233784 - Parametric transducer and related methods: An ultrasonic audio speaker includes a backing plate comprising a first major surface and a conductive region, the backing plate further comprising a plurality of textural elements disposed on the first major surface. A flexible layer disposed adjacent the first major surface of the backing plate includes a conductive region... Agent: Parametric Sound Corporation

20140233785 - Slim protector and slim microspeaker module having the same: The present invention relates to a slim protector with a small thickness and a slim microspeaker having the same. The present invention provides a slim protector, which can reduce the thickness of a slim microspeaker by removing part of an injection product portion and exposing a steel portion to form... Agent: Em-tech Co., Ltd.

20140233786 - Grille attachment for loudspeaker: A grille attachment for a loudspeaker is disclosed. A grille retainer is defined by a retention lip portion, a radial rim interface portion, and a hinge portion. The radial rim interface portion is in an abutting relationship with a flange radial mounting surface of the loudspeaker basket. The hinge portion... Agent: Sound Sources Technology, Inc.

08/14/2014 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140226822 - High quality detection in fm stereo radio signal: The present document relates to audio signal processing, in particular to an apparatus and a corresponding method for improving an audio signal of an FM stereo radio receiver. In particular, the present document relates to a method and system for reliably detecting the quality of a received FM stereo radio... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20140226824 - Method for spatially processing multichannel signals, processing module, and virtual surround-sound systems: Embodiments of a virtual surround-sound system and methods for simulating surround-sound are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed. In some embodiments, a processing module may include spatial processor spatially processes surround-left and surround-right channel signals and front-left and front-right channel signals and combines the spatially-processed signals... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd.

20140226823 - Signaling audio rendering information in a bitstream: In general, techniques are described for specifying audio rendering information in a bitstream. A device configured to generate the bitstream may perform various aspects of the techniques. The bitstream generation device may comprise one or more processors configured to specify audio rendering information that includes a signal value identifying an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140226825 - Compression and mixing for hearing assistance devices: This application relates to a system for compression and mixing for hearing assistance devices by application of compression to individual sound sources before mixing, according to one example. Variations of the present system using surround sound provide separate signals from a surround sound synthesizer which are compressed prior to mixing... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140226826 - Microphone seal: A microphone includes elements to protect against overpressure, such as from sudden physical shock. A cavity between ambient atmosphere and the microphone diaphragm includes a movable seal, which blocks overpressure from reaching the diaphragm when closed, and allows ordinary pressure to reach the diaphragm when open. The cavity can also... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140226827 - Ambient noise root mean square (rms) detector: An RMS detector uses the concept of the k-NN (classifying using nearest neighbors)-algorithm in order to obtain RMS values. A rms detector using first-order regressor with a variable smoothing factor is modified to penalize samples from center of data in order to obtain RMS values. Samples which vary greatly from... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20140226829 - Audio clipping detection: Methods and systems for detecting the presence and frequency of clipping in an audio signal are provided. A clipping detection algorithm detects the presence of hard and soft clipping using histograms with intervals of samples, rather than attempting to identify the clipping value. Therefore, it is not essential to the... Agent: Google Inc.

20140226828 - Method and arrangement for auralizing and assessing signal distortion: An arrangement and method for assessing the audibility and annoyance of at least one distortion component dn(t) with n=1, . . . , N in the output signal p(t) of a device under test, by generating a virtual auralization output signal pA(t) at the output of an auralization system. The... Agent:

20140226830 - Method for operating a hearing device and hearing device: A hearing device comprises a receiver, an input buffer and a sample processor, the receiver being adapted to receive samples of a digital audio signal and feed received samples as a digital input signal to the input buffer, the sample processor being adapted to process the buffered samples to provide... Agent: Sennheiser Communications A/s

20140226831 - Active noise control system and method: Methods and systems are provided for active noise control in a vehicle. The system includes a position sensor for sensing an occupant position. A microphone receives audible noise and generates an error signal corresponding to the audible noise. A first controller is configured to receive the error signal from the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140226832 - Earphone microphone: An earphone microphone includes a main body housing, a differential microphone, and a speaker. The main body housing defines first and second acoustic spaces therewithin. The main body housing has a first opening that communicates the first acoustic space with an outside of the main body housing and a second... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140226833 - Headphone device: [Problem] To provide a headphone device that outputs an audio signal output from a playback device, such that the headphone device has a more compact housing while being capable of highly sensitive acoustic output of an audio signal having high sound quality, and is capable of consuming less power during... Agent: C/o D&m Holdings, Inc.

20140226834 - Multi-channel pairing in a media system: Technology for grouping, consolidating, and pairing individual playback devices with network capability (players) to stimulate a multi-channel listening environment is disclosed. Particularly, the embodiments described herein enable two or more playback devices to be paired, such that multi-channel audio is achieved. Such embodiments may be used to produce stereo and... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20140226835 - Vehicle approach informing device: A vehicle approach informing device includes: an informing sound output unit to output informing sound for informing to a pedestrian outside a vehicle that the vehicle is approaching when a predetermined condition is satisfied; a sound volume control unit to control the volume of the informing sound outputted by the... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140226836 - Voice input device and noise suppression method: A voice input device includes a first microphone, a second microphone, and a processor. The second microphone has a lower distance decay rate than the first microphone. The processor is configured to acquire noise information of noise by comparing a first signal obtained from the first microphone with a second... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140226837 - Speaker equalization for mobile devices: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for speaker equalization in a mobile device. In one embodiment, placement of a mobile device including a speaker is determined and speaker equalization is performed in accordance with the determined placement.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140226838 - Signal source separation: In one aspect, a microphone with closely spaced elements is used to acquire multiple signals from which a signal from a desired source is separated. The signal separation approach uses a combination of direction-of-arrival information or other information determined from variation such as phase, delay, and amplitude among the acquired... Agent:

20140226839 - Audio signal receiving device and audio signal adapter device: An audio signal adapter device and an audio signal receiving device are provided herein. The audio signal adapter device comprises: an input interface, a USB output interface, and a signal amplifying unit, in which the input interface is a headphone interface, and has a first audio signal input pin, configured... Agent: Tendyron Corporation

20140226840 - Sound reflector and electronic device with speaker, including sound reflector: A reflector for use with an electronic device having a loudspeaker for enhancing the sound emitted from the loudspeaker, said reflector comprising components for attaching said reflector to an edge of the electronic device, at the location of the loudspeaker, a flat portion located to be adjacent a surface of... Agent: Simply Amazinc LLC

20140226841 - Robust diaphragm for an acoustic device: A rigid, flat plate diaphragm for an acoustic device is illustrated. The internal supporting structure of the diaphragm provides a combination of torsional and translational stiffeners, which resemble a number of crossbars. These stiffeners brace and support the diaphragm motion, thus causing its response to not be adversely affected by... Agent: The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

20140226842 - Spatial audio processing apparatus: An apparatus comprising: an input configured to receive at least one audio signal, wherein each audio signal is associated with a source; a signal definer configured to define a characteristic associated with each audio signal; and a filter configured to filter each audio signal dependent on the characteristic associated with... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140226843 - Multi-channel headphone: A multi-channel headphone has a housing, multiple independent sound channels formed in the housing, and at least one speaker unit mounted inside the housing. The at least one speaker unit produces sound directly passing through one of the sound channels and refracted through the rest of sound channels. As the... Agent: Obo Pro.2 Inc.

20140226844 - Hearing aid antenna: An antenna, in particular a dipole antenna, for radio communication in a hearing aid, is disclosed. The antenna includes a solid three-dimensional dielectric support body, an electrically conductive first plate on a first surface of the support body and an electrically conductive second plate on a second surface of the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140226845 - Ported speaker and circuit board: The inventive subject matter provides a reflex tube or port that includes a circuit board and a speaker enclosure that incorporates such a reflex tube. The circuit board is mounted about the reflex tube and can be configured so as to form a resonance chamber with an interior wall of... Agent: Pellisari, LLC

20140226846 - Capacitive microphone with integrated cavity: A capacitive microphone and method of fabricating the same are provided. One or more holes can be formed in a first printed circuit board (PCB). A diaphragm can be surface micro-machined onto an interior surface of the first PCB at a region having the one or more holes. Interface electronics... Agent:

20140226847 - Earphone: An earphone including a housing, a speaker, a plurality of porous materials and a tuning mechanism is provided. The housing has a containing space, a sound-output opening and a plurality of tuning holes, wherein the containing space communicates with outside of the housing through the tuning holes. Areas of the... Agent: Cotron Corporation

20140226848 - Removable speaker structure for electronic device: The present invention provides a removable speaker structure for electronic device, which uses the space for the optical disk drives in electronic devices such as notebook computers or in docking stations. After removing the optical disk drive, the removable speaker can be placed. The removable speaker comprises a main module... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140226849 - Long-throw acoustic transducer: An acoustic transducer includes a housing, which may be a circular cylinder or may have a rectangular cross-section. Two permanent magnets that closely fit the inside of the housing are joined by a linkage having a high magnetic permeability to form a piston that is inserted into the housing. Two... Agent: Apple Inc.

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