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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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11/13/2014 > 38 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20140334625 - Digital audio distribution: A master transmitter distributes a plurality of audio channels to one or more expansion receivers as a multiplexed audio stream. Control information is also transmitted between the master transmitter and the expansion receivers. Both the control information and the multiplexed audio stream are transmitted on the same cable allowing for... Agent:

20140334626 - Method and apparatus for localizing multichannel sound signal: Provided are a method and apparatus for localizing a multichannel sound signal. The method includes: obtaining a multichannel sound signal to which sense of elevation is applied by applying a first filter to an input sound signal; determining at least one frequency range of a dynamic cue according to change... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334627 - Automatic volume control for combined game and chat audio: A system comprising audio processing circuitry is provided. The audio processing circuitry is operable to receive combined-game-and-chat audio signals generated from a mixing together of a chat audio signal and game audio signals. The audio processing circuitry is operable to process the combined-game-and-chat audio signals to detect strength of a... Agent:

20140334628 - Built-in audio apparatus: A built-in audio apparatus includes a speaker unit, a mode setting unit configured to selectively set the speaker unit to one of a first position and a second position, and a controller configured to control the speaker unit depending on the setting of one of the first position and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334629 - Hearing aid fitting system and a method of fitting a hearing aid system: A hearing aid fitting system (100, 200, 300) adapted for remote fitting of a hearing aid system (110), wherein a direct communication channel between a hearing aid fitting part and an external device (102, 302), adapted to communicate directly with the hearing aid system (110), is established by a control... Agent: Widex A/s

20140334630 - Adding audio sound effects to movies: A method of adding sound effects to movies, comprising: opening a file comprising audio and video tracks on a computing device comprising a display and touch panel input mode; running the video track on the display; selecting an audio sound suitable to a displayed frame from an audio sounds library;... Agent: Sound In Motion Ltd.

20140334631 - Noise reduction: A method of reducing noise in an acoustic system, the method comprising at a first user terminal: receiving an audio signal from at least one further user terminal over a network; executing a communication client on a processing unit, the client configured so as when executed to: supply the audio... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140334632 - Pop-up noise suppression in audio: Systems and methods for suppressing pop-up noise in an audio signal are disclosed. The system includes a driver circuit shared by a pin interface and a complementary pin interface. A control unit is coupled to the pin interface and the complementary pin interface. To activate the pin interface, the control... Agent:

20140334633 - Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle: A sound generator for influencing sound waves propagating in exhaust or intake systems of combustion engine driven vehicles includes: an enclosure having a port opening for communication with an exhaust and/or intake system; a loudspeaker basket supported by the enclosure; a membrane and a permanent magnet supported by the loudspeaker... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140334634 - Hunting noise masking systems and methods: Portable noise generator apparatuses and methods may be used to mask sounds in a hunting area. A noise generator apparatus may have a portable housing configured to be used by a hunter in a hunting area where game may be present, a loudspeaker positioned in the housing, and an electronic... Agent: Sound Barrier, LLC

20140334635 - 7ghz professional wireless microphone system: A wireless microphone system for the transmission and reception of high fidelity analog or digital audio information uses the 7 GHz frequency spectrum. In particular, the system has ultra-low latency and is capable of being used within existing receiver infrastructure allocated to program making and special events (PMSE). The system... Agent:

20140334636 - Electronic apparatus and a method of controlling the same: An electronic apparatus includes a storage to store an operating system, a controller to boot the electronic apparatus using the operating system stored in the storage, a speaker to output sound, a communication interface to receive sound data from an external apparatus, and a sound processor to process and output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140334638 - Modular headrest-based audio system: An automobile audio system includes a signal processor configured to receive and process audio signals from a source and provide processed audio signals to an amplifier, a first headrest including a headrest speaker and coupled to a driver's seat, a first fixed speaker positioned near a left corner of the... Agent:

20140334637 - Signal processing for a headrest-based audio system: An automobile audio system having at least two near-field speakers located close to an intended position of a listener's head is configured by determining a first binaural filter that causes sound produced by each of the near-field speakers to have characteristics at the intended position of the listener's head of... Agent:

20140334639 - Directivity control method and device: Directivity control method and device which can emphasize or suppress sound deriving from an arbitrary direction with a little computation using two microphones closely disposed are provided. An interchange circuit 2 alternately interchanges a pair of input signals InL, InR for each one sample to generate a pair of interchanged... Agent:

20140334640 - Audio signal control of electrical outlet strip: An electrical outlet strip is controlled by sound or an audio signal. The electrical outlet strip can include a plurality of outlets having a selector switch for either each outlet or one selector switch that controls all the outlets. The selector switch can control whether the outlets are powered directly... Agent:

20140334641 - Spectral shaping for audio mixing: Techniques are described herein that are capable of spectrally shaping audio signal(s) for audio mixing. Spectrally shaping an audio signal means modifying a frequency spectrum of the audio signal. A frequency spectrum of an audio signal is a representation of the audio signal in the frequency domain. For instance, a... Agent:

20140334642 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal, method for controlling volume: A method and apparatus for outputting an audio signal and a method of adjusting the volume of an audio signal are provided. An embodiment of the present invention provides a method for outputting an audio signal that includes: (a) determining an output level of a modulated signal to be outputted... Agent:

20140334643 - Digital microphone device with extended dynamic range: The present disclosure refers to a digital microphone device providing a single-bit Pulse Density Modulation PDM output signal. The digital microphone comprises a microphone, arranged to convert an acoustic input signal into an analog electrical signal, and a preamplifier, having a variable gain, arranged to receive the analog electrical signal... Agent:

20140334644 - Method for augmenting a listening experience: One variation of a method for augmenting a listening experience of a user through an audio device includes: detecting a location of the audio device; selecting a set of audio output feedbacks, each audio output feedback in the set of audio output feedback entered by an individual and associated with... Agent: Symphonic Audio Technologies Corp.

20140334645 - Method and apparatus for controlling voice activation: A method for controlling voice activation by a target keyword in a mobile device is disclosed. The method includes receiving an input sound stream. When the input sound stream indicates speech, the voice activation unit is activated to detect the target keyword and at least one sound feature is extracted... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140334646 - Apparatus for securing components in an electret condenser microphone (ecm): An Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) motor apparatus includes a diaphragm ring support structure, a charge plate, and at least one stitch. The diaphragm ring support structure defines an opening there through. The charge plate is disposed within the opening. The at least one stitch is coupled to the diaphragm ring... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20140334647 - Dual bridge amplifier configuration: An amplifier has a dual bridge design with two bridge amplifiers. A mode switch enables them to be configured in a series amplification mode. The switching of the mode switch is dynamic and enables re-use of signal current thereby improving overall system efficiency. A delay to the mode switch closure... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140334648 - Multifunction light controller: An apparatus and method allow end users to interactively create complex lighting patterns by remote control. Applications include decorative lighting, landscape lighting, signage, or advertising platforms. A lighting control system can be equipped with sensors that can receive remote control signals from a variety of different sources, and route the... Agent:

20140334649 - Dust shielding apparatus: An apparatus comprising at least one sound aperture configured to be acoustically coupled to an air displacement component, wherein the at least one sound aperture configured to produce a magnetically shielded region to form a trap for particles.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140334650 - Methods and devices for reproducing surround audio signals: Method and devices for providing surround audio signals are provided. Surround audio signals are received and are binaurally filtered by at least one filter unit. In some embodiments, the input surround audio signals are also processed by at least one equalizing unit. In those embodiments, the binaurally filtered signals and... Agent:

20140334651 - Hearing assistance device with improved microphone protection: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for improved microphone protection for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a hearing assistance device, such as a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) type hearing aid, that includes a battery door with a microphone slit and a battery contact... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140334652 - Inflatable ear mold with protected inflation air inlet: An ear piece is formed for insertion and placement in an external auditory canal. The ear piece has an inflatable balloon which, when it is inflated, expands and braces against the walls of the auditory canal. When it is deflated, it may be withdrawn from the auditory canal. The ear... Agent:

20140334653 - Combination speaker and light source responsive to state(s) of an organism based on sensor data: Techniques associated with a combination speaker and light source (“speaker-light device”) responsive to states of an organism based on sensor data are described, including generating chemical sensor data in response to one or more chemicals sensed by one or more chemical sensors in the same or different speaker-light devices. A... Agent: Aliphcom

20140334654 - Sound generation system, sound recording system, sound generation method, sound recording method, sound adjusting method, sound adjusting program, sound field adjusting system, speaker stand, furniture, speaker cabinet, and speaker device: Provided are a sound generation system and a sound recording system, which are placed in a room to adjust sound. A columnar body is disposed around a sound source to adjust how much sound of a low-tone range, as well as of a middle- and high-tone range, is absorbed and... Agent: Nittobo Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd

20140334655 - Electromagnetic transducer: An electromagnetic transducer is disclosed. The transducer includes a bracket, a magnetic circuit part receiving in the bracket and having a weight, a voice generating part actuated by the magnetic circuit part for generating sound, the magnetic circuit part sandwiched by two spring-plates for vibrating along a direction. The weight... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140334656 - Headphone with passive diaphragm: A headphone with passive diaphragm is adapted to engage to the user's ear. The headphone with passive diaphragm includes an acoustic generator and a diaphragm assembly. The diaphragm assembly includes an annular member and a passive diaphragm. The acoustic generator is configured at a proximal end of the annular member... Agent: Dexin Corporation

20140334657 - Portable loudspeakers and convertible personal audio headphone/loudspeakers: The invention provides, in some aspects, an audio headphone suitable for conversion to a loudspeaker. The device includes one or more earcups, each having a concavity that includes first and second volumetric regions and a wall that seals the regions from one another. The first volumetric region defines a space... Agent: Dr. G Licensing, LLC

20140334658 - Wireless ear-hook headset, flexible tube structure thereof, and method for manufacturing the flexible tube structure: A wireless ear-hook headset includes a flexible tube, a receiver and a transceiver. The flexible tube has a cable, a first fixing binder fixed on one end of the cable, a second fixing binder fixed on the other end of the cable, and an outer layer. The cable has at... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140334659 - Loudspeaker for eliminating a frequency response dip: In at least one embodiment, a speaker system is provided. The speaker system includes a speaker enclosure having a front end, a rear end, and a first transducer. The front end is arranged to face a listening area. The rear end is arranged for being mounted to a mounting surface.... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20140334660 - Sound apparatus: A sound apparatus is disclosed. The sound apparatus includes a body, a bracket coupled to a lower portion of a rear surface of the body, a plurality of upper links, one end of each of the upper links being hinge-coupled to the bracket, a middle frame hinge-coupled to the other... Agent:

20140334661 - Methods and apparatus for wearable personal sound speaker systems: Embodiments of the invention provide a wearable personal sound speaker system kit. The kit includes a speaker housing adapted to securely hold a speaker; an attachment mechanism adapted to secure the kit to a worn item; and a connector adapted to couple the speaker housing to the attachment mechanism. The... Agent:

20140334662 - Electro-acoustic transducer: An electro-acoustic transducer includes a frame with an accommodating space defined therein and an opening opened in a top surface thereof, at least one driving unit equipped in the accommodating space of the frame, a diaphragm movably mounted at the opening of the frame, at least one fulcrum settled in... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 25 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140328484 - Method and device for synchronizing sound sources: The device for broadcasting sounds for playing an audio content coming from at least one audio content server includes: a base (220) for supplying electrical power to the device from a bulb socket, an electroacoustic transducer, a unit for discovering a network including at least the server and at least... Agent: Awox

20140328485 - Systems and methods for stereoisation and enhancement of live event audio: Systems and methods to deliver live sound with enhanced quality conveyed by a mixing desk to a mobile computing device user contemporaneously with external live sounds. The mobile computing device is operable to receive enhanced audio signals produced by a remote audio signal processing device through a communication work. A... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140328486 - Analyzing and transmitting environmental sounds: Embodiments herein provide analysis and transmission of environmental sounds (e.g., outdoor sounds generated from an environment surrounding an enclosure) to an indoor occupant. Specifically, a sound analyzer is configured to receive a sensor output containing the environmental sounds, and analyze, in real-time, the environmental sounds to determine attributes of each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140328487 - Sound signal processing apparatus, sound signal processing method, and program: A sound signal processing apparatus includes an observed signal analysis unit that receives as an observed signal a sound signal for channels obtained by a sound signal input unit formed of microphones and estimates a sound direction and a sound segment of a target sound which is sound to be... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140328488 - Electronic device with wireless power control system: An electronic device may include wireless circuitry that is configured to transmit wireless signals during operation. A maximum transmit power level may be established that serves as a cap on how much power is transmitted from the electronic device. Adjustments may be made to the maximum transmit power level in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140328489 - Microphone test stand for acoustic testing: The present invention relates to a microphone test stand comprising a slide assembly with a microphone holder surrounded by a first acoustic sealing member. The slide assembly is movable in a first direction between a first position outside an acoustical chamber with an exposed state of the microphone holder and... Agent:

20140328490 - Multi-channel echo cancellation and noise suppression: A method for multi-channel echo cancellation and noise suppression is described. One of multiple echo estimates is selected for non-linear echo cancellation. Echo notch masking is performed on a noise-suppressed signal based on an echo direction of arrival (DOA) to produce an echo-suppressed signal. Non-linear echo cancellation is performed on... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140328492 - Bte/cic auditory device and modular connector system therefor: An earpiece auditory device is described which includes a behind-the-ear component shaped to fit behind the ear of a user. The behind-the-ear component can also have at least one microphone and processing circuitry, where the processing circuitry is used to processes audio signal from the microphone. The device also includes... Agent: Hear-wear Technologies, LLC

20140328491 - Method and apparatus for audio playback: In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes at least one earpiece, at least one hands-free speaker, and a sound reproduction system. The sound reproduction system includes the at least one earpiece and the at least one hands-free speaker. The sound... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140328494 - Road vehicle: A road vehicle (1) has a drive unit (2) for driving the vehicle (1), a drive unit control device (3) for driving the drive unit (2) and at least one sound generator (4), which has at least one electroacoustic converter (10). The sound generator (4) has an emission pipe (16),... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140328493 - Sound generator for an exhaust system: A sound generator (1) for an exhaust system (2) of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle (3) includes a housing (4), with an electroacoustic converter (5) having a membrane (6) separating a housing rear volume (9) from a housing front volume (10). A connection pipe (11) connects the... Agent: Eberspacher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140328495 - Scullcap headgear with recording and playback features: Aspects of embodiments relate to a skullcap headgear comprising a skullcap body having a form such to be wearable by a head of a user and an audio system accommodated by the skullcap body. The audio system comprises an input device operative to receive a selection input from the user,... Agent:

20140328496 - Calibrated dual omnidirectional microphone array (doma): Systems and methods are described by which microphones are calibrated. Disclosed are techniques for generating a first output signal from a first input signal at a first microphone, generating a second output signal from a second input signal at a second microphone, forming a first filter as a function of... Agent: Aliphcom

20140328497 - Calibrated dual omnidirectional microphone array (doma): Systems and methods are described by which microphones are calibrated. Disclosed are techniques for generating a first output signal from a first input signal at a first microphone, generating a second output signal from a second input signal at a second microphone, forming a first filter as a function of... Agent: Aliphcom

20140328498 - Generating sound for a rotating machine of a device: The invention relates to a method for generating sound for a rotating machine, including a step (E1) of determining the frequencies and amplitudes of n partials and/or harmonics (i) pertaining to the sound of a rotating machine, characterized in that the method includes a step (E2) of determining values (a1)... Agent: Genesis

20140328500 - Method and an apparatus for automatic volume leveling of audio signals: There is provided a method for audio signal adjustment comprising: determining a loudness estimate for at least one frame of an audio signal; determining a level value for the at least one frame based on the loudness estimate; and adjusting the audio signal based on the level value. An apparatus... Agent:

20140328499 - Methods and systems for controlling volume: A system includes a plurality of sources configured to provide a plurality of audio channels, and a control system including a processor, and a computer-readable storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon. When executed by the processor, the computer-executable instructions cause the processor to adjust a master volume, identify a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140328501 - High dynamic microphone system: The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products associated with a microphone system for receiving a sound and producing an output signal representing the sound. The microphone system has a first microphone having a first dynamic range, the first microphone to receive the sound and produce a... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140328503 - Analog mixer apparatus: To a first analog signal that has been inputted, a first channel effect is added by an analog process that can be controlled with controls provided in a first channel strip. To a second analog signal that has been inputted, a second channel effect is added by a digital process,... Agent:

20140328502 - Audio apparatus: An apparatus including an input configured to receive at least one first audio signal from a first apparatus; an input configured to receive at least one second audio signal from a second apparatus; a distance detector configured to determine a distance between the first and the second apparatus; and a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140328504 - Transducer with piezoelectric, conductive and dielectric membrane: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for microspeaker devices. In one aspect, a microspeaker element may include a deformable dielectric membrane that spans a speaker cavity. The deformable dielectric membrane can include a piezoactuator and a dielectric layer. Upon application of a driving signal to the piezoactuator, the dielectric... Agent:

20140328506 - Methods and systems to provide automatic configuration of wireless speakers: Methods and systems for automatic configuration of wireless speakers are disclosed. A system is described whereby a wireless speaker is configured to use an audio tone to generate a sound wave. The sound wave is received by an audio input/output device, which uses the received sound wave to generate audio... Agent: Aliphcom

20140328505 - Sound field adaptation based upon user tracking: Embodiments are disclosed that relate to adapting sound fields in an environment. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes receiving information regarding a user in the environment, and outputting one or more audio signals to one or more speakers based on the information. The method further includes detecting a change in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140328507 - Increasing antenna performance for wireless hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for increasing antenna performance for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing assistance device for a wearer including an antenna within a device housing, an audio receiver configured to be worn in an... Agent:

20140328508 - Hat with sound playing device: A hat of the present invention includes at least opening to define a pocket extending along the peripheral edge of the hat. A speaker device includes a plurality of components removably connected with one another to form a uniformed piece thereby allowing the user to insert the speaker device into... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 41 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140321652 - Parametric stereo upmix apparatus, a parametric stereo decoder, a parametric stereo downmix apparatus, a parametric stereo encoder: A parametric stereo upmix method for generating a left signal and a right signal from a mono downmix signal based on spatial parameters includes predicting a difference signal comprising a difference between the left signal and the right signal based on the mono downmix signal scaled with a prediction coefficient.... Agent:

20140321653 - Sound processing apparatus, method, and program: Disclosed is a sound processing apparatus including a factorization unit and an extraction unit. The factorization unit is configured to factorize frequency information obtained by performing time-frequency transformation on sound signals of a plurality of channels into a channel matrix expressing properties in a channel direction, a frequency matrix expressing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321654 - Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving voice signal through headset: An apparatus and method are disclosed, which separates ambient noise from a voice signal in a Bluetooth headset with dual microphones, switches the connection path between the dual microphones and automatically controls output audio gain, based on the ambient noise. The method for outputting the voice signal includes receiving/comparing the... Agent:

20140321656 - Apparatus and method for outputting audio: An audio output apparatus and a method are provided, which includes calculating a temperature value of a voice coil of the audio output apparatus using a heat transfer model algorithm, in response to power being supplied to the voice coil; adjusting an output level of an audio signal by determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321655 - Sensitivity calibration method and audio device: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a sensitivity calibration method and an audio device. The method of the present invention includes determining whether a first signal captured in a current frame by a primary capture module is a circuit noise. When the first signal is not a circuit noise, if... Agent:

20140321657 - Method of processing a signal in a hearing instrument, and hearing instrument: A method of estimating an acoustic transfer quantity representative of a sound pressure transfer to the eardrum includes the steps of measuring, by an ear canal microphone of the hearing instrument, an acoustic signal in the ear canal when a sound signal is emitted into the ear canal by a... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140321658 - Wireless audio system: A wireless audio system is provided which incorporates a main device and a holder, for use with a listening device and an audio output device. The main device is capable of connecting wirelessly to an audio output device and generally includes a chip for sound transmission, a series of controls... Agent:

20140321659 - System for influencing exhaust noise, engine noise and/or intake noise: A system (7), for influencing noises of a vehicle, includes a controller (9) and at least one connected loudspeaker (2) that generates noise inside a sound generator (3) in response to a control signal. The controller includes a microprocessor (91; 91′), a digital-to-analog converter (92), an amplifier (93), and a... Agent: Ebersp&#xe4 Cher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140321660 - Hearing protection earpiece: A hearing protection earpiece having a shell shaped according to conform to the user's concha and ear canal and having an open hollow lateral portion to be inserted into the user's concha and a medial portion to be inserted into at least an outer portion of the user's ear canal,... Agent: Phonak Ag

20140321662 - User-programmable, head-supportable listening device with wifi media player: A user-programmable, head-supportable listening device with built-in WiFi media player is configured to provide user custom application programmability with higher fidelity sound provided by resident audio electronics and conduction speakers, in stereo and HD audio surround sound, the listening device having a user programmable electronics system assembly providing the ability... Agent:

20140321661 - Wireless headband audio player: Example embodiments provide a headgear including an audio player. The headgear includes a slap-on-band configured to coil around a head of a user, having an elongated state and a coiled state, and the slap-on-band being covered by a fabric cover. The headgear further includes an audio player disposed on the... Agent:

20140321663 - Method and apparatus for transmitting multi-channel audio signal: Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus for transmitting a multi-channel audio signal. The method includes determining whether an audio signal is a multi-channel audio signal; changing a format of a subframe if the received audio signal is a multi-channel audio signal as a result of the confirmation; inserting a... Agent: Core Logic Inc.

20140321664 - Methods for dynamically programming a microphone: Methods for dynamically programming a microphone are provided. The method, adopted by a microphone system including a first microphone device and a host device connected thereto, includes: transmitting, by the host device, a command message to the first microphone device; receiving, by the first microphone device, a command message from... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20140321665 - Sound processing device, and sound processing method: A sound processing apparatus (400) is provided with: a directivity synthesis processing unit (410) for generating a first directivity sound pick-up signal by synthesizing a first sound pick-up signal and a relatively delayed second sound pick-up signal and a second directivity sound pick-up signal by synthesizing a relatively delayed first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140321666 - Reducing resonance: Techniques are described for processing an audio signal to reduce the total harmonic distortion caused when it is reproduced by a loudspeaker, which is located within an audio reproduction device having an enclosure with an associated resonant frequency. After receiving the input audio signal, which includes the resonant frequency of... Agent: Sontia Logic Ltd

20140321667 - Methods and apparatus for processing audio signals: Various methods and apparatus for processing audio signals are disclosed herein. The assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a removable oral appliance to form a hearing aid assembly. Such an oral appliance may be a custom-made device which can enhance and/or optimize received audio signals... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20140321668 - Signal processing device: A signal processing device includes an excessive input estimating unit 102 that estimates excessive input of a target signal, a controller 105 that calculates frequency characteristics which will lessen the excessive input of the target signal from the excessive input information estimated by the excessive input estimating unit 102, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140321669 - Systems, methods, and apparatus to filter audio: Systems, methods, and apparatus to filter audio are disclosed. An example method includes determining that an orientation of a playback device is one of (a) a first orientation and (b) a second orientation, the playback device including a first speaker and a second speaker and configuring the first speaker and... Agent:

20140321670 - Devices, methods and computer program products for controlling loudness: A method by an electronic device for controlling a frequency response of audio output includes: receiving an audio signal at the device; estimating a sound pressure level of the audio signal based on one or more attributes or settings of the electronic device and/or the audio signal; generating values of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321671 - Method and apparatus for playing content: A method for operating a user device includes playing a media content on a screen, detecting a user input for lowering a volume of the media content, and decreasing the volume of the media content in response to the user input, determining whether a user input enters a play control... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321672 - Electronic device with speakerphone and microphone: An electronic device with speakerphone and microphone is provided. The electronic device comprises a housing, a sound input unit, a sound output unit, an audio signal receiving terminal, an acoustic processing unit, a signal line and a sealing member. The housing has a microphone shell, a speaker shell and a... Agent: Wintek Corporation

20140321673 - Method and apparatus for controlling a sound input path: A method and apparatus for controlling a sound input path in an electronic device. The method includes detecting a connection of an earphone device to an earphone interface; detecting a sound input through an earphone microphone, when detecting the connection of the earphone device. The earphone microphone is selected as... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140321674 - Headset systems and methods: A wireless headset is adapted to communicate with a sound source such as a music player or a cell phone or a suitable audio or sound communicated through a one-way or two-way communication device. The headset includes a mouth wearable communicator, and a linking unit coupled to the mouth wearable... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20140321675 - Speaker: A speaker includes: a pair of front-side and back-side vibration portions each having a dielectric layer having insulating properties and made of an elastomer or resin, a front-side electrode layer placed on a front side of the dielectric layer and having conductive properties, and a back-side electrode layer placed on... Agent:

20140321676 - Electrostatic speaker: An electrostatic speaker includes: a first electrode formed of a sheet-like member, having a first face including a protrusion and a second face opposite the first face, and having conductivity and flexibility; a second electrode formed of a sheet-like member, disposed so as to be opposed to the second face,... Agent:

20140321677 - Vibration device, sound generator, speaker system, and electronic device: The vibration device includes a vibration body, an exciter, and a load member. The exciter causes the vibration body to vibrate. The load member is attached to a part of the vibration body. The load member is not contacted to the exciter. The load member is configured to reduce an... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140321678 - Electronic device and method for reproducing surround audio signal: A method for reproducing a surround audio signal using an electronic device. The electronic device first establishes connections between the electronic device and other N−1 electronic devices, once the electronic device sets each of the N electronic devices to output one of the N channel signals according to one-to-one relationships,... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140321679 - Method for practical implementation of sound field reproduction based on surface integrals in three dimensions: A method for 3D sound field reproduction from a first audio input signal using a plurality of loudspeakers distributed over a loudspeaker surface aiming at synthesizing a 3D sound field within a listening area in which none of the loudspeakers are located with the sound field radiating from a virtual... Agent: Sonicemotion Ag

20140321680 - Sound field control device, sound field control method, program, sound control system and server: A sound field control device according to the present disclosure includes a display target object position information acquisition unit for acquiring position information of a viewer from information obtained by imaging, and a virtual sound source position control unit for controlling a virtual sound source position on the basis of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321681 - Lower q point floating mass transducer: An implantable floating mass transducer is described for a hearing implant system in an implant patient. A cylindrical transducer housing contains a cylindrical inner mass magnet having an inner magnetic field with a first field direction. One or more signal drive coils are on the outer housing surface for conducting... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20140321682 - Hearing assistance device with a low-power mode: A portable hearing assistance device comprises an input unit, an output unit, a forward path between the input unit and the output unit, and an energy source for energizing components of the hearing assistance device. The hearing assistance device further comprises a control unit to control activation (or deactivation) of... Agent: Oticon A/s

20140321683 - Method for controlling an adaptation increment and hearing apparatus: Feedback whistling and external tonal signals are distinguished during feedback suppression. For that purpose an adaptation increment of an adaptive filter of a hearing apparatus for feedback reduction is controlled. A sound signal is picked up by a microphone and a microphone signal is output, from which an earpiece signal... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140321684 - Hearing assistance apparatus having single multipurpose control device and method of operation: A hearing assistance device has one multipurpose control device that operates in an algorithm selection mode and a daily use mode. In the algorithm selection mode, the multipurpose control device is used to switch between amplification algorithms and select one of the algorithms to be implemented in an audio processing... Agent:

20140321685 - Small loop antenna with shorting conductors for hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for mitigating antenna interference for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a hearing aid for a wearer including hearing aid electronics and an antenna including a loop segment. According to various embodiments, one or more conductors... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20140321686 - Sound system using repurposed materials: The present invention is a sound system made from a repurposed vessel. The repurposed vessel is separated into two or more pieces for installation of a speaker assembly and then the pieces are put back in their original form. A hole is created in the vessel wall through which sound... Agent:

20140321687 - Mems microphone with out-gassing openings and method of manufacturing the same: An acoustic apparatus includes a substrate, micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) die, and an integrated circuit. The substrate includes a permanent opening that extends there through. The micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) die is disposed over the permanent opening and the MEMS die includes a pierce-less diaphragm that is moved... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20140321688 - Earhole-wearable sound collection device, signal processing device, and sound collection method: In the earhole-wearable sound collection device, a microphone that collects emitted speech voice is provided in a space that is substantially sealed off from outside and connects to an ear canal of the wearer (the speaker). With the microphone being located in the space sealed off from outside, emitted speech... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140321689 - Electronic device having multi-directional adjustable speaker: An electronic device includes a main unit having a first housing with a groove and a speaker having a second housing and an adjusting rod. The groove has a limiting section and a stop portion receiving section, a minimum width of which is greater than that of the limiting section.... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140321690 - Double coil speaker: An audio system that comprises an electro-acoustic transducer connected to a first driver circuit and a second driver circuit, which electro-acoustic transducer comprises a first coil stacked on a second coil mechanically linked to a membrane, with the coils oscillatingly suspended in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet focused... Agent:

20140321692 - Loudspeaker: The invention relates to a loudspeaker, which contains bearing structure, a magnetic arrangement (12) fixed to the bearing structure, determining air-gaps (13), and a diaphragm connected to the bearing structure, made of a sheet material. The diaphragm has the shape of a cylindrical jacket consisting of segments (10), the segments... Agent:

20140321691 - Suspension for sound transducer: The present invention relates to a suspension for a sound transducer. The present invention discloses a suspension for a sound transducer, to which a diaphragm and voice coil of the sound transducer are attached and which guides the vibrations of the diaphragm and voice coil, comprising: a central portion to... Agent: Em-tech. Co., Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 32 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140314237 - Asynchronously streaming high quality audio of a live event from a handheld device: An audio streaming system includes a handheld computing device that asynchronously streams audio to a storage subsystem. The handheld computing device receives and buffers audio data of contiguous audio samples and, after a predefined amount of contiguous audio samples has been buffered, assigns an index for that predefined amount of... Agent:

20140314238 - Multiplexing audio system and method: A method and system for multiplexing audio signals into a single channel uses frequency division multiplexing. The frequency division multiplexing method herein is based on a frequency transform algorithm using FFT shifting that does not require a carrier signal for the modulation. In one embodiment, two input microphone audio signals... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC.

20140314239 - Orientation based dynamic audio control: Control of audio output characteristics of the device is contemplated. The control may correspond with modifying the audio output characteristics according to an orientation of the device or other positional relationships defined between the device, the output from the device and/or speaker positioning that may vary as a result of... Agent: Cable Television Laboratiories, Inc.

20140314240 - Device and method for simulating spatial sound: The invention relates to a system for simulating stereophonic sound (1), comprising the following: a core module (10) having a space simulation module (11), an echo module and an interface module (15), a control module (20), a digital audio delay matrix module (21), and a digital audio/network system (30). The... Agent:

20140314241 - Frequency domain active noise cancellation system and method: A frequency domain active noise cancellation system and method are provided that achieves superior active reduction of offending noise sources. The frequency-domain active noise cancellation identifies and cancels one or more of the strongest relatively narrow frequency bands in the power spectra of the offending sound sources.... Agent: Vor Data Systems, Inc.

20140314246 - Systems and methods for hybrid adaptive noise cancellation: In accordance with systems and methods of this disclosure, a method may include generating a feedforward anti-noise signal component from a result of measuring with the reference microphone countering the effects of ambient audio sounds at an acoustic output of a transducer by filtering an output of the reference microphone,... Agent:

20140314242 - Ambient sound enablement for headsets: Methods and apparatuses for ambient sound enablement in headsets are disclosed. In one example, an ambient sound signal from a microphone is received. A pre-determined interrupt condition is identified from the ambient sound signal. The ambient sound signal is output at a headset speaker responsive to identifying the pre-determined interrupt... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20140314243 - Click and pop noise reduction in headphones: A method and an apparatus are provided. The apparatus reduces noise in headphones due to a change in a current or a voltage in headphones while determining an impedance of the headphones. The apparatus generates a digital waveform that reduces noise in the headphones when applied for an impedance determination.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140314245 - Headphone device, terminal device, information transmitting method, program, and headphone system: In the terminal device capable of communicating with the headphone device, a parameter appropriate for the noise canceling process is determined based on analysis of noise from outside and position information and indication information to indicate a processing parameter related to the noise canceling process in the headphone device is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140314244 - Systems and methods for adaptive noise cancellation by biasing anti-noise level: A processing circuit may comprise an adaptive filter having a response generating an anti-noise signal from a reference microphone signal, a secondary path estimate filter modeling an electro-acoustic path of a source audio signal, a biasing portion that generates a scaled anti-noise signal by applying a scaling factor and the... Agent:

20140314247 - Method for controlling terminal device and the smart terminal device thereof: The embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method for controlling a smart terminal device and the smart terminal device thereof. The method comprises: monitoring a wearing state of receivers of an earphone connected to the smart terminal device, wherein the wearing state comprises a putting-on state and a taking-off... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140314248 - Wireless headphones for working out: A wireless headphone system is disclosed that provides a hands-free and cord-free way to listen to a personal electronic device. The wireless headphone system comprises an earpiece component with an embedded wireless receiver and a headphone jack component with an embedded transmitter, wherein the transmitter and the wireless receiver are... Agent:

20140314249 - Slim profile loudspeaker: A narrow-profile balanced subwoofer or similar speaker includes a number of drivers placed side by side in the same lateral plane, with a first set of drivers facing one direction and second set of drivers facing the opposite direction. Their orientation is such that the sum of the forces from... Agent:

20140314251 - Broadband sensor location selection using convex optimization in very large scale arrays: Systems and methods are provided to determine a subset of D microphones in a set of N microphones on a perimeter of a space to monitor a target location. The space is divided into L interference locations. An equation is solved to determine microphone weights for the N microphones by... Agent:

20140314250 - Position estimation system using an audio-embedded time-synchronization signal and position estimation method using the system: Disclosed is a method of estimating a position by a position estimation system. The method includes generating a time-synchronization signal for position determination using a genetic algorithm, embedding the generated time-synchronization signal in an audio signal, and replaying the audio signal embedded with the time-synchronization signal through a speaker, receiving... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140314252 - Method and device for reducing acoustic feedback: Acoustic feedback in an audio device is reduced or eliminated via a feedback compensator. The feedback compensator disposes of at least one adaptive filter whose adaptation is governed by a step-size parameter p. A step-size parameter p of the adaptive filter is set at a high level to eliminate acoustic... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140314253 - Vibration conduction and frequency-selective amplification device for a moving-iron microphone/transducer: A vibration conduction and frequency-selective amplification device for a moving-iron microphone/transducer, including connecting portions at both ends and a middle portion for vibration conduction and frequency-selective amplification. The device is mechanically connected to a microphone armature and a vibration diaphragm of the moving-iron microphone/transducer, and performs frequency-selective amplification on a... Agent: Suzhou Hearonic Electronics

20140314254 - Micromechanical detection structure for a mems acoustic transducer and corresponding manufacturing process: A micromechanical structure for a MEMS capacitive acoustic transducer, has: a substrate made of semiconductor material, having a front surface lying in a horizontal plane; a membrane, coupled to the substrate and designed to undergo deformation in the presence of incident acoustic-pressure waves; a fixed electrode, which is rigid with... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20140314255 - Acoustic generator: Provided is an acoustic generator which has a high sound pressure at ultrahigh frequencies and which can suppress occurrence of large peak dips. An acoustic generator includes a film, a frame member disposed on an outer peripheral edge of the film, a piezoelectric element disposed on the film and inside... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140314256 - Method and system for modifying a sound field at specified positions within a given listening space: An audio system provides modified audio signals for acoustic output sources (speakers) disposed around a listening area. A sound allocation processor receives an audio source signal. A plurality of audio modifying elements, each of which may comprise one or more custom filters, operate separately on the audio source signal and... Agent:

20140314257 - Two-in-one ear buds with a light-up cable: Improvements in ear buds includes a two-in-one ear buds with a light-up cable provides two sets of stereo ear buds that can be joined for a single person to use or separated so the stereo sound can be enjoyed by two people at the same time. The connecting cord is... Agent:

20140314258 - Binaural hearing aid system and method of hearing aid microphone adjustment: A hearing aid system is enabled for binaural microphone adjustment by way of the wearer's own voice. The hearing aid system has a first and a second hearing aid having a first and a second acousto-electric converter. The converters have a signal link with a signal processing unit which determines... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140314259 - Method for adjusting the useful signal in binaural hearing aid systems and hearing aid system: A method operates a hearing aid system and the hearing aid system has at least two hearing aid devices, between which a signal path is provided, and with at least one signal processing unit, which is provided to process audio signals. In the method the signal processing apparatus filters first... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140314260 - Method of controlling an effect strength of a binaural directional microphone, and hearing aid system: A hearing aid system has at least two hearing aid devices to be worn on both sides of a wearer's head. The hearing aid devices have a transducer for picking up an acoustic signal and converting same into a first audio signal in each case. A signal processing unit processes... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20140314261 - Method for augmenting hearing: One variation of a method for augmenting sound includes: at a mobile computing device and a connected audio output device, outputting a tone in a hearing test; based on a response to the tone entered by a user, generating a hearing profile for the user and corresponding to the mobile... Agent: Symphonic Audio Technologies Corp.

20140314262 - Easily installable microphone for implantable hearing aid: A microphone for an implantable hearing aid includes a body part having a cylindrical housing installed to pass through a tympanum and a microphone controller installed within the cylindrical housing to convert an acoustic signal into an electrical signal, an acoustic collection part that provides a passage for transmitting external... Agent:

20140314263 - Replaceable receiver for in-the-ear hearing instrument: A hearing instrument has a shell, a bottom faceplate attached to the shell, and a replaceable receiver. The receiver is replaceable through the bottom plate without removing the bottom plate from the shell. The receiver is locked in its mounting position by a mechanism that can be unlocked.... Agent:

20140314264 - Behind-the-ear (bte) prosthetic device with antenna: A BTE prosthetic device for use in a medical system or prosthesis comprises a connector configured to mechanically attach an auxiliary device of the system to the BTE prosthetic device. The connector is electrically connected to an transceiver of the BTE prosthetic device. The connector operates as an electromagnetic antenna... Agent:

20140314265 - Headphones with rotatable speaker arranged within housing of earpiece assembly: A set of headphones comprises first and second earpiece assemblies connected by a headband. At least one of the first and second earpiece assemblies comprises a housing, with a rotatable speaker arranged within the housing and configured to rotate independently of the housing about a designated axis of the earpiece... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140314266 - Attachable extendable and retractable earpiece and protective casing assembly for mobile communication and sound devices: An extendable and retractable earpiece cable assembly for mobile communication or sound devices including a reel housing integrally formed with or detachably connected to a casing for protecting a mobile electronic device. The reel housing includes a reel mechanism around which the earpiece cables are removably wound. The reel housing... Agent:

20140314267 - Speaker device with a magnetic gap filled with magnetic fluid and changing magnetic flux density in axial and circumferential directions: A speaker device including a magnet formed in a ring shape; a yoke having a center pole portion inserted in the center of the magnet; a plate formed in a ring shape and arranged on the outer circumferential surface of the center pole portion of the yoke while being attached... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140314268 - Planar speaker: The present invention provides a low-frequency sound reproduction apparatus that includes a membrane assembly, a piston configured to drive the membrane and an adhesive layer positioned between the membrane and piston. The adhesive layer bonds the membrane to the piston, the membrane has a modulus of elasticity less than 3... Agent:

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