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20150146873 - Rendering and playback of spatial audio using channel-based audio systems: Embodiments are described for a method and system of rendering and playing back spatial audio content using a channel-based format. Spatial audio content that is played back through legacy channel-based equipment is transformed into the appropriate channel-based format resulting in the loss of certain positional information within the audio objects... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150146874 - Signal processing for audio scene rendering: Apparatus has at least one processor and at least one memory having computer-readable code stored therein which when executed controls the at least one processor to perform a method. The method comprises processing first and second (5) sets of substantially live audio data originating from first and second devices respectively... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150146875 - Determining the temperature of a loudspeaker voice coil: p

20150146876 - Hearing aid fitting device, hearing aid, and hearing aid fitting method: The present invention relates to a hearing aid fitting device, and an objective thereof is to improve usability thereof. To achieve this object, the fitting device (1) of the present invention comprises a hierarchical classification database (12) and an adjustment data determination component (20). A plurality of pieces of adjustment... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

20150146877 - System and a method for determining approximate set of visible objects in beam tracing: A computer-implemented method for beam tracing, wherein a set of beams is a representation of a physical wave phenomenon, the method comprising: receiving information regarding a beam and potentially intersecting objects; executing beam-triangle intersection tests; discarding elements, for which an intersection test is negative; dividing the beam into smaller partial... Agent: Akademia Gorniczo-hutnicza Im. Stanislawa Staszica W Krakowie

20150146878 - Selective suppression of audio emitted from an audio source: Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture (e.g., physical storage media, such as storage devices and/or storage disks) to implement selective suppression of audio emitted from an audio source are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein for audio suppression include obtaining, at a first time, reference audio data corresponding to a... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150146880 - Headphones with increased security and triple function with adaptable equalization: Enhanced safety headphones for listening to audio and music, wherein the wearer decides the degree of sound isolation desired, i.e. audio via bone conduction (no isolation from the surrounding environment), in-ear earpiece (medium isolation from ambient noise), or earpieces covering the outer ear (high isolation from ambient noise). By connecting... Agent:

20150146879 - Multiuser audiovisual control: Various audiovisual presentation arrangements are described. In some embodiments, a headset is configured to output audio to a user. A television receiver may be configured to output a plurality of video feeds for simultaneous presentation by a display device. Each video feed of the plurality of video feeds may be... Agent: Echostar Technologies, L.L.C.

20150146881 - Audio output device to dynamically generate audio ports for connecting to source devices: An audio output device that operates on a network to connect with a first source device. The connection to the first source device can be made using a first wireless port, so that the first source device streams a first audio content to the first wireless port of the audio... Agent:

20150146882 - Microphone array system and a method for sound acquisition: A microphone array system for sound acquisition from multiple sound sources in a reception space surrounding a microphone array that is interfaced with a beamformer module is disclosed. The microphone array includes microphone transducers that are arranged relative to each other in N-fold rotationally symmetry, and the beamformer includes beamformer... Agent: Dev-audio Pty Ltd.

20150146883 - Response-compensated microphone: Systems and methods are disclosed for managing input to and output from a microphone, including adapting the microphone's response to changing polar response patterns among multiple microphone capsules, providing output via multi-colored lights to reflect the system state and operational characteristics, and sending various information to and from the microphone... Agent:

20150146884 - Circuit for suppressing audio output noise and audio output circuit: A circuit for suppressing audio output noise and an audio output circuit are provided. The circuit for suppressing audio output noise includes: a detecting circuit, configured to detect output voltages of output stages of an audio power amplifier; a control circuit, configured to output at least one control signal, the... Agent:

20150146885 - Systems and methods for providing a wideband frequency response: Electronic circuitry is described. The electronic circuitry includes a first microelectromechanical system (MEMS) structure that exhibits a first frequency response in a voice frequency range and that captures a first signal. The electronic circuitry also includes a second MEMS structure coupled to the first MEMS structure. The second MEMS structure... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150146886 - Loudness normalization based on user feedback: A system for performing loudness normalization based on user feedback is described herein. The system includes a content delivery system and a plurality of audio playback devices. The audio playback devices may communicate volume settings used during playback of pieces of sound program content to the content delivery system. Based... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150146888 - Mems microphone package and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) microphone package including: an MEMS microphone chip having an internal space formed therein; a substrate having the MEMS microphone chip mounted thereon; an ASIC chip disposed in the internal space formed within the MEMS microphone chip; and a case bonded to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150146887 - Microphone on printed circuit board (pcb): A MEMS device includes a MEM-CMOS module having a CMOS chip and a MEMS chip. The MEMS chip includes a port exposed to the environment. The MEMS device further includes a printed circuit board (PCB) with an aperture, wherein the MEMS-CMOS module is directly mounted on the PCB.... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20150146890 - Adaptive bass processing system: An effective and simple psychoacoustic bass generation system generates a harmonic signal having inter-modulation controllable to remain below a threshold level and includes a high-pass filter configured to pass harmonics which are reproducible with fidelity by the loudspeaker or other transducer and a loudness matching block configured to compensate the... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20150146891 - Mixing console, microphone, and microphone adapter: A mixing console including a plurality of audio inputs and a plurality of audio processing channels. Control data is received from a microphone which is connected to a given audio input to provide audio data. The control data includes an indication of an audio source associated with a microphone. A... Agent:

20150146889 - System and method for enhancing comprehensibility through spatialization: A system and method for enhancing comprehensibility through spatialization may receive two or more audio signals each associated with one of two or more audio sources. A respective panning gain may be calculated for each of the two or more audio signals using a count of the total number of... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Limited

20150146893 - Body-sensitive vibration headphone: There is provided a body-sensitive vibration headphone for suppressing resonance that occurs when a vibrator that generates body-sensitive vibration vibrates. The body-sensitive vibration headphone includes electroacoustic transducer (50) that converts an input signal into an acoustic wave, housing (20) that accommodates electroacoustic transducer (50), vibrator (31) that converts the input... Agent:

20150146892 - Electronic apparatus and panel unit: An electronic apparatus that generates a vibration sound by vibrating a panel and may operate in an excellent manner is provided. An electronic apparatus 1 according to the present invention includes a housing 60, a first piezoelectric element 30, a second piezoelectric element 31, and a panel 10 that is... Agent:

20150146894 - Semiconductor device and a method for forming a semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a microphone module implemented on a first semiconductor die and a signal processing module implemented on a second semiconductor die. The microphone module includes a movable microphone element arranged at a main side of the first semiconductor die and the second semiconductor die is mounted to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150146895 - Electroactive sound transducer foil having a structured surface: An electroactive sound transducer foil includes a composite foil made up of at least one carrier foil, at least one first and one second electrode, and at least one piezoelectric layer including an electroactive polymer, the surface of the sound transducer foil including a structuring having different slopes, and the... Agent:

20150146896 - Elevator system and method for implementing a sound system for an elevator: Improvement to a sound system for an elevator system and method for implementing the sound system for an elevator. The elevator sound system is improved by replacing at least one loudspeaker to be used in the sound system with a plate-like electrostatic actuator producing a directed sound field. The patent... Agent:

20150146897 - Audio signal processing method and audio signal processing device: An audio signal processing method includes: obtaining an L signal including a sound localized closer to the left as a major component and an R signal including a sound localized closer to the right as a major component; extracting a first signal which is a component of a sound included... Agent:

20150146898 - Sound field supporting device and sound field supporting system: Listening position is disposed on or in the proximity of the plane same as that of the diaphragm of a planar loudspeaker. An audio sound emitted from a main loudspeaker being a sound source is received by a microphone of a sound field supporting device to be outputted from the... Agent:

20150146899 - Solderless hearing assistance device assembly and method: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for solderless assembly for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of manufacturing a hearing assistance device. According to various embodiments, the method includes providing a molded interconnect device (MID) housing and inserting a flexible... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150146900 - Antenna for hearing device, ear tip and hearing device provided with such an antenna: The present invention relates to an antenna module for a hearing device. The antenna module comprises a hollow core provided with an axial passageway and a winding around the core which is connectable with a hearing device. The antenna module is arranged to be at least partially contained within the... Agent: Phonak Ag

20150146901 - Hearing aid removal handle: A removal handle design for a hearing aid is described in which the removal handle is attached to the battery door of the hearing aid. By locating the removal handle in the battery door, the removal handle may be added as the last step in the manufacturing process, thus ensuring... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150146902 - Hearing aid interconnection system: A hearing aid interconnection system is disclosed. The hearing aid interconnection system comprises an abutment provided with means for being attached to a fixture for anchoring the hearing aid interconnection system to a skull bone. The hearing aid interconnection system comprises means for attaching a hearing aid device to the... Agent: Oticon Medical A/s

20150146904 - Audio output device and video/audio output device using the same: An audio output device including a casing, a first speaker component, a second speaker component and a sound-guiding board, and a video/audio output device using the same are disclosed. The first speaker component is a circular speaker, and is disposed at the casing. The first speaker component faces towards a... Agent:

20150146903 - Novelty article of attire or accessory: A novelty article of attire including a novelty device. The novelty device includes a visual output/illumination feature; a processor controlling the novelty device; an actuator associated with the processor and actuating the visual output/illumination feature; a sound receiver operably connected to the actuator and the processor; and a power source.... Agent:

20150146905 - Protective member for acoustic component and waterproof case: A protective member (1) of the present invention for an acoustic component includes a sound-transmissive sheet (11) composed of an elastomer. The protective member (1) for an acoustic component may further include an adhesive layer (12) disposed on an edge region of the sound-transmissive sheet (11).... Agent:

20150146906 - Microphone: Provided is a microphone. The microphone includes a substrate including an acoustic chamber, a lower backplate disposed on the substrate, a diaphragm spaced apart from the lower backplate on the lower backplate, the diaphragm having a diaphragm hole passing therethrough, a connection unit disposed on the lower backplate to extend... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150146907 - Eyewear accommodating headset: A headset may comprise at least one ear cup and an ear cup shaper configurable into at least two configurations. When the ear cup shaper is configured in a first of the configurations, the ear cup is shaped to contact the temple of a wearer of the headset. When the... Agent:

20150146908 - Ambient and audio earphone system: An ambient and audio earphone system having a right-side earbud and a left-side earbud operatively connected to a detachable electronic clasp that is in communication with an electronic pendant for controlling the operation of the ambient and audio earphone system.... Agent:

20150146909 - Double seal moldable earpiece system: An earpiece including an external surface having a first fixed configuration disposable within the outer ear and having a passage adapted for retention of an in ear device a portion of which extends outwardly to releasably couple to an earplug adjacent the earpiece, the earpiece heatable to achieve a moldable... Agent: Decibullz LLC

20150146910 - Electroacoustic driver: An electroacoustic driver includes a diaphragm, a diaphragm drive system and a diaphragm suspension. The diaphragm system is configured to subject the diaphragm to a motion, wherein the diaphragm suspension is configured to guide the diaphragm. The diaphragm drive system includes an active element configured to actively influence the motion... Agent:

20150146911 - Suspension system for micro-speakers: A speaker driver including a frame and a magnet assembly positioned within the frame. A sound radiating surface may be suspended over the magnet assembly. The sound radiating surface may include a top face and a bottom face, and the bottom face may face the magnet assembly. A suspension member... Agent:

20150146912 - Moving-coil electroacoustic transducer: The present invention discloses a moving-coil electroacoustic transducer, which is bar-shaped, and comprises a vibration system. The vibration system comprises a vibration diaphragm, a bar-shaped acoustic coil, an acoustic coil support, and two plucked members. The acoustic coil sleeves the acoustic coil support and is combined with the vibration diaphragm... Agent: Goertek ,inc. A Corporation

20150146913 - Diaphragm for speaker, method of manufacturing same, and speaker: Provided is a diaphragm for use in a speaker that is configured to include a nanoweb that is formed by electrospinning a polymer material and accumulating nanofibers, so as to have a plurality of pores through which air can pass. The diaphragm can be made thin, have excellent flexibility, have... Agent:

20150146914 - Audio transducer with electrostatic discharge protection: An apparatus including a diaphragm, where the diaphragm includes a membrane having electrically conductive material; a drive configured to move the diaphragm; and a connector configured to connect the membrane to a ground.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

05/21/2015 > 54 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150139427 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, and speaker system: Provided is a natural surround sound field balanced in volume in a multichannel surround reproduction environment, regardless of the positions of speakers actually disposed. Arrangement position information on real speakers is acquired. Based on the arrangement position information, a target position of a virtual speaker corresponding to a real speaker... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150139426 - Spatial audio processing apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a directional analyser configured to determine a directional component of at least two audio signals; an estimator configured to determine at least one virtual position or direction relative to the actual position of the apparatus; and a signal generator configured to generate at least one further audio... Agent:

20150139428 - Apparatus with a speaker used as second microphone: An apparatus comprising at least a first microphone with a first acoustic sensitivity to provide a first microphone signal and a second microphone with a lower second acoustic sensitivity to provide a second microphone signal, that apparatus furthermore comprises a signal processor that is built to process the first microphone... Agent:

20150139429 - Control of a loudspeaker output: A loudspeaker control system is disclosed. The loudspeaker control system includes a loudspeaker, a sensor for measuring a voltage and current and a processor. The processor is adapted to calculate an input-voltage-to-excursion transfer function over time from an admittance function, blocked electrical impedance and force factor, use the input-voltage-to-excursion transfer... Agent:

20150139432 - Device for measuring sound level: A device for measuring sound level, comprising: an inlet opening; a MEMS microphone for measuring sound level; and an external acoustic attenuator with a pressure divider comprising: a first branch between the inlet opening and the membrane of the MEMS microphone via an inlet channel and a resonant cavity; and... Agent:

20150139430 - Speaker device: To provide a speaker apparatus that can detect miswiring to a speaker unit or trouble of a speaker unit itself. The speaker apparatus is configured to include: two or more speaker units 11 that are arranged in a speaker housing 10; a sensor microphone 12 that is arranged in the... Agent:

20150139431 - Storage medium storing information processing program, information processing device, information processing system, and sound determination method: An example information processing device determines a sound input to a microphone. The information processing device includes an obtaining section, a mean amplitude calculation section, and a determination section. The obtaining section obtains data of a sound detected by the microphone. For a sound of a predetermined determination segment, the... Agent:

20150139433 - Sound capture apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium: A noise signal is estimated based on a captured audio signal captured from a sound capture unit. It is determined whether the estimated noise signal thus estimated is in a noiseless state. If it is determined that the estimated noise signal is in the noiseless state, the captured audio signal... Agent:

20150139434 - Communication apparatus with ambient noise reduction: Noise reduction circuitry for a communication apparatus can apply different noise reduction transfer functions, depending on whether a listening device is connected to the apparatus. If no listening device is connected, the noise reduction transfer function can be adapted for use with microphones and speakers that form an integral part... Agent:

20150139435 - Accoustic masking system and method for enabling hipaa compliance in treatment setting: A method and system for masking to a listener a conversation between a care provider and a patient such that the conversation becomes unintelligible to the listener, includes interposing an acoustically absorbent curtain that substantially spans between the floor and the ceiling and is positioned between the listener and the... Agent:

20150139436 - Panel device: An audio transmission unit 8 is placed on a surface side of a panel unit 4 where a display 7 is provided, and transmits an audio signal in a direction almost perpendicular to the surface of the display 7. When a viewer sitting in a seat behind a front seat... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150139437 - Signal processing circuit and associated signal processing method applied to headset: The present invention provides a signal processing circuit and a signal processing method applied to a headset. In the present invention, the signal processing circuit adjusts gain and phase of a left channel signal and a right channel signal to generate a first adjust signal, and a recorded sound from... Agent:

20150139438 - Audio data transmission system, audio data transmission apparatus, and electronic signature token: An audio data transmission system, an audio data transmission apparatus for a mobile terminal and an electronic signature token are provided. The electronic signature token includes a modulating module configured to modulate audio data to be transmitted into an analog waveform signal using at least two modulation modes to generate... Agent:

20150139440 - Audio interface device: A wireless interface device for at least one of wireless transmission from an electric analogue audio device or wireless reception at an electric analogue audio device of an audio signal, comprises an audio connector jack plug or jack socket in communication with a system that is at least one of... Agent: Ingenious Audio Limited

20150139439 - Dynamic location determination for a directionally controllable parametric emitter: An ultrasonic audio system includes a location sensor includes a location tracking module configured to receive information from the location sensor and to determine a location of a listener in a listening environment; a time delay module configured to receive audio content and to generate a plurality of audio content... Agent: Turtle Beach Corporation

20150139441 - System and method for minimizing active speech disruptions and assuring task level continuity on a flight deck: A flight deck communication system comprises a speech engine for receiving a pilot's speech input and an aural annunciation manager. A smart pilot is coupled to the speech engine and to the aural annunciation manager and configured to (a) generate new aural message annunciation requests, (b) determine if the pilot... Agent:

20150139442 - Apparatus for providing environmental noise compensation for a synthesized vehicle sound: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for generating a simulated vehicle sound is provided. At least one parameter module receives a first driver throttle signal and to transmit a first input signal indicative of a first simulated vehicle sound. An engine sound generator block audibly generates a first simulated... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150139443 - Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method: There is provided an audio signal processing device for setting, upon outputting audio signals from a left speaker and a right speaker each having an identical amplitude-frequency characteristic and a phase characteristic, and from one center speaker arranged between the left speaker and the right speaker, listening points between the... Agent:

20150139444 - Systems and methods for detecting transient acoustic signals: A two-scale array for detecting wind noise signals and acoustic signals includes a plurality of subarrays each including a plurality of microphones. The subarrays are spaced apart from one another such that the subarrays are configured to detect acoustic signals, and the plurality of microphones in each subarray are located... Agent: University Of Mississippi

20150139445 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes: an acquisition unit adapted to acquire activities corresponding to a plurality of bases from an audio signal; a determination unit adapted to determine whether the plurality of acquired activities have a specific characteristic; and an output unit adapted to output an audio signal obtained by... Agent:

20150139446 - Audio signal processing apparatus and method: An audio separating apparatus obtains a matrix by performing time-frequency conversion on an input audio signal. The audio separating apparatus divides the obtained matrix into at least a basis matrix and an activity matrix, and classifies base spectra that configure the respective columns of the basis matrix into first base... Agent:

20150139447 - Automated construction of infinite impulse response filters: Systems and methods can support constructing an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter. A desired frequency response may be received. An initial filter model may be constructed comprising complimentary pairs of component IIR filters based upon the desired frequency response. The filter model may be converged according to stepwise refinement of... Agent:

20150139448 - Location and orientation based volume control: A computer manages methods for managing a volume of an audible transmission by, receiving an audible transmission with an associated location and orientation tag, wherein the associated location and orientation tag contains a geographical origin of the audible transmission and a direction of the audible transmission. Determining a location and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150139449 - Location and orientation based volume control: A computer manages methods for managing a volume of an audible transmission by, receiving an audible transmission with an associated location and orientation tag, wherein the associated location and orientation tag contains a geographical origin of the audible transmission and a direction of the audible transmission. Determining a location and... Agent:

20150139450 - Method and apparatus for exchanging control functions of volume control units, and terminal: The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for exchanging control functions of volume control units, and a terminal, which relate to the field of communications technologies and can make it more convenient for a user to adjust volume. The method includes: obtaining current placement status information of the... Agent:

20150139451 - Optical sensor: A device comprising measurement (7) and reference (3) interferometers is disclosed. Each interferometer is configured to receive light from the same light source (1) and to emit light to respective detectors (6) and has a respective operating point. The measurement interferometer (7) is configured to respond to variations in a... Agent: Xarion Laser Accoustics Gmbh

20150139452 - Electro-acoustic transducer: An electro-acoustic transducer includes a plurality of elements that each includes a plurality of cells. The plurality of cells includes at least two membranes that have different thicknesses. The respective frequency bands of the plurality of elements are broader than respective frequency bands of the plurality of cells that configure... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139453 - Microphone and microphone device: A microphone comprises a microphone unit; and a HOT terminal and a COLD terminal that produce a balanced output of output signals of the microphone unit, and no filter circuit is disposed between the microphone unit and the HOT terminal and a low-pass filter is disposed only between the microphone... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150139454 - Loudspeaker with rotatable sound-reflecting member: A loudspeaker includes a circuit board, a base mounted on a rear side of the circuit board, a positioning apparatus slidably installed between the base and the circuit board, a sound-reflecting member positioned at a front side of the circuit board, a connecting member connected between the base and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150139455 - Passive group delay beam forming: A loudspeaker array and methods for generating sound in an arc pattern. The loudspeaker array includes a plurality of loudspeakers. A delay network is included, the delay network having a plurality of stages. Each stage has a stage input and a stage output. The stage output of each stage is... Agent:

20150139456 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device: A purpose is to obtain a frequency characteristic of a good sound pressure. To achieve the purpose, an acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a piezoelectric element (exciter), a flat vibrating body, and a resin layer. The piezoelectric element vibrates when an electric signal is input. To the vibrating... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150139457 - Speaker device and electronic device: A speaker device (100) includes a circuit board (10), a piezoelectric element (20), a spacer (30) which is disposed between the piezoelectric element (20) and the circuit board (10), and an air chamber (40). The spacer (30) fixes the piezoelectric element (20) to the circuit board (10) so that an... Agent:

20150139458 - Powered headset accessory devices: A device for coupling to a connector on an ear cup of a headset includes a mating connector corresponding to the connector of the headset. The mating connector includes a crossover conductor coupled to a first and a second terminal within the mating connector, a position sensor for determining a... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150139459 - Communication system: The present invention regards a communication system (10; 10a; 10b; 10c) comprising at least one communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) configured to connect to other communication devices (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) via an audio and data link (52). The communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) comprises at least a... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150139460 - Hearing device with adaptive feedback-path estimation: A hearing device comprises a feedback-path estimation unit, which adaptively estimates a feedback path from an output transducer to an input transducer, and sets an adaptation-step size of an adaptive feedback-path estimation algorithm in dependence on an estimate of a background-noise spectrum. The feedback-path estimation unit provides an estimation-control signal... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150139461 - Enhanced hearing aid: Hearing aids are enhanced by application of liquids thereto, said liquids being solvents for organic matter, or wax, or ear canal wax. The liquids are volatile. Application of the liquids to both the hearing dome ends and the ear canal surfaces create a coupling thereof, which maintains a desired position... Agent: Trixcel, LLP

20150139462 - Loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker system includes a housing having an upper housing unit, a lower housing unit, and a cylindrical passageway connecting the upper housing unit and the lowering housing unit such that the upper housing unit and the lower housing unit are in fluid communication. A driver mounting plate is secured... Agent:

20150139463 - Combined audio speaker and fog machine: A combination audio speaker and fog machine wherein at least one audio speaker in mounted in a housing, a fog machine mounted in the housing having an outlet for emitting fog disposed below the audio speaker.... Agent:

20150139464 - Speaker system: Devices of the invention are portable speakers that provide stereophonic, surround sound. According to certain aspects, a speaker system includes a first speaker portion, a second speaker portion and a cable handle. The first speaker portion includes a first end and a second end, and the second speaker portion includes... Agent:

20150139465 - Audio resonance device: The audio resonance device contains a base member having a box shape with an open top side, a resonance element inside the base member having stacked ceramic layers, and at least two contact pieces on a top side, a cover member sealing the open top of the base member, and... Agent: Abatech Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150139466 - Loudspeaker and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides an improved loudspeaker enclosure comprising two opposing end sections arranged at a distance from each other and enclosing sections which connect the end sections over said distance, wherein the inner volume of the enclosure is defined by said sections. The enclosure also has a reflex port... Agent: Genelec Oy

20150139467 - Acoustic device and microphone package including the same: There are provided an acoustic device manufactured using a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology, and a microphone package including the acoustic device. The acoustic device includes a device substrate including a cavity formed therein, a diaphragm formed to cover the cavity on the device substrate, a back plate formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150139468 - Method for operating a hearing device as well as a hearing device: A hearing device includes at least one input transducer for generating an input signal, an output transducer for generating an output signal and a signal processing unit operationally interconnecting the input transducer and the output transducer. A method includes receiving context information describing a possible current acoustic situation and selecting... Agent: Phonak Ag

20150139469 - Secure storage device for wireless headsets: Devices and methods for ergonomically, quickly and securely carrying headsets, other wearable items, or other items that must remain handy. In an embodiment, there is a headset carrying device comprising a body for receiving a headset, supporting and protecting the majority of the headset body (boom); a capture clip for... Agent:

20150139470 - Hearing device tether with acoustic decoupling section: A hearing article having an acoustic decoupling section is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a hearing article described herein includes a tether having a first end attached to a first hearing device, a first acoustic decoupling section proximate the first end, and a substantially straight intermediate section. The acoustic decoupling... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150139471 - System and method for securing headphone transducers: A system for securing headphone transducers is provided. In one aspect of the present invention, the system comprises a first transducer device having a first mechanical housing, which has an outer surface and an inner surface. A first coupling device is affixed to the outer surface of the first mechanical... Agent: Kaddan Entertainment, Inc.

20150139472 - Headphones with removable headband pad: A mono-body set of headphones having a fixed length of headband between ear pads is provided. Although the distance between the ear pads is fixed, the fit of the headphones can be adjusted to the head of the user by coupling or decoupling a removable/insertable headphone pad. More particularly, a... Agent:

20150139473 - Headset with ball joint allowing rotation of earpieces in multiple axes: A headset comprising a ball joint that connects the an earpiece with an earpiece support is described herein. While the headset can include any suitable component, in some cases, it includes an earpiece that configured to be worn in close proximity to a user's ear, an earpiece support configured to... Agent:

20150139474 - Concha-fit electronic hearing protection device: A concha-fit electronic hearing protection device including an eartip and an earpiece body. When the device is fitted in the ear of a user, the eartip externally occludes the ear canal and the earpiece body internally occludes the eartip.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150139475 - Speaker decorative rim mounting structure: A speaker decorative rim mounting structure includes a speaker body holding a speaker driver, a face panel assembly including an outer face panel mounted at the speaker body and an inner face panel mounted within the outer face panel and providing a retaining flange, and a decorative rim holding a... Agent: Kai Shuai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150139476 - Speaker mounting structure: A speaker mounting structure includes a speaker body holding a speaker driver, a face panel assembly including an outer face panel having a retaining flange extending around the outer perimeter thereof and mounted at the speaker body and an inner face panel mounted within the outer face panel, and a... Agent: Kai Shuai Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150139477 - Suspension for acoustic device: An apparatus includes a suspension element coupling a first rigid element to a second rigid element such that the first rigid element is movable in a reciprocating manner relative to the second rigid element. The suspension element includes radial features, some of which may have radial segments of opposite concavity.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150139478 - Inverted dual coil transducer: A dual coil transducer is provided that has a low profile construction. The transducer includes a voice coil disposed around a central region of the transducer, a diaphragm with flexible suspension extending generally outwardly from the central region and including an inner edge attached to the voice coil, where the... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150139479 - Magnetic circuit and coaxial speaker using the same: A magnetic circuit for coaxial speaker includes a first magnetic unit, at least one second magnetic unit arranged around the first magnetic unit and at least one third magnetic unit arranged around the at least one second magnetic unit. The magnetic pole arrangement of the second magnetic unit is reversed... Agent: Merry Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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