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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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04/16/2015 > 37 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20150104021 - System for maintaining reversible dynamic range control information associated with parametric audio coders: On the basis of a bitstream (P), an n-channel audio signal (X) is reconstructed by deriving an m-channel core signal (Y) and multichannel coding parameters (α) from the bitstream, where 1≦m<n. Also derived from the bitstream are pre-processing dynamic range control, DRC, parameters (DRC2) quantifying an encoder-side dynamic range limiting... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150104022 - Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus: An audio processing method and apparatus are described. In one embodiment, at least one first sub-band of a first audio signal is suppressed to obtain a reduced first audio signal with reserved sub-bands; suppressing at least one second sub-band of the at least one second audio signal to obtain at... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150104023 - Generating a reference audio fingerprint for an audio signal associated with an event: An audio identification system generates a reference audio fingerprint associated with an event. The reference audio fingerprint is generated from samples of an audio signal associated with the event captured by multiple devices. To generate the reference audio fingerprint, fingerprints are generated from each sample, and the generated fingerprints are... Agent: Facebook, Inc., A Delaware Corporation

20150104025 - Method and device for acute sound detection and reproduction: Earpieces and methods for acute sound detection and reproduction are provided. A method can include measuring an external ambient sound level (xASL), monitoring a change in the xASL for detecting an acute sound, estimating a proximity of the acute sound, and upon detecting the acute sound and its proximity, reproducing... Agent: Personics Holdings, LLC.

20150104024 - System and method for monitoring noise level: Disclosed is an apparatus for monitoring and/or recording noise levels at a location under surveillance over a time period. The apparatus includes a unit for capturing visual data of the location under surveillance, a unit for capturing audio data at the location under surveillance, a noise level process for deriving... Agent:

20150104026 - Parametric emitter system with noise cancelation: An ultrasonic noise cancelation system can include a communication module configured to receive a noise signal detected by a noise detection module, the noise signal representing a noise sound in a listener environment; a noise cancelation module configured to invert the received noise signal thereby creating an inverse noise signal... Agent:

20150104027 - Acoustic collection system for handheld electronic devices: A mounting system is provided to allow the attachment of an acoustic collector to a handheld electronic device such that sound is conducted directly to the device's microphone. A fitted case or band encloses part of the device and includes a tube running from the collector to the device's microphone.... Agent:

20150104028 - Measuring device: A measuring device includes an audio collection module, an audio player module and a switch module. The audio player module electrically connects to the audio collection module, and the switch module electrically connects to the audio player module. The audio collection module collects sounds to generate an audio signal. The... Agent: Euclid Technology Co., Ltd.

20150104032 - Mic covering detection in personal audio devices: A personal audio device, such as a wireless telephone, includes noise canceling circuit that adaptively generates an anti-noise signal from a reference microphone signal and injects the anti-noise signal into the speaker or other transducer output to cause cancellation of ambient audio sounds. An error microphone may also be provided... Agent:

20150104029 - System for controlling fan noise: A system for controlling fan noise includes a fin, a fan, a sensor, a signal processing unit, and a speaker. The fin has a front side and a rear side opposite to the front side. The fan is disposed adjacent to the front side and has an airflow outlet, and... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150104030 - Active-noise-reduction device, and active-noise-reduction system, mobile device and active-noise-reduction method which use same: A reference signal generating unit of an active-noise-reduction device of the present invention outputs a referencing signal having a correlation with a vibration to an adaptive filter unit. A filter coefficient update unit receives an input of an error signal, and successively updates a filter coefficient of the adaptive filter... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd

20150104031 - Limiting active noise cancellation output: In general, techniques are described for limiting active noise cancellation output. As one example, an apparatus comprising one or more processors may perform the techniques. The one or more processors may be configured to, when an estimated noise level increases, dynamically lowering application of active noise cancellation to at least... Agent:

20150104034 - Apparatus for transferring programming data between a data upgrade/transfer unit and a communications device through a speaker microphone: An apparatus is disclosed for transferring programming data between a data upgrade/transfer unit, such as a programmer and/or a keyloader, and a communications device. The programming data and/or keys may be routed through a speaker microphone or other device. The speaker microphone includes, or connects to, a cable that connects... Agent:

20150104033 - Electronic headset accessory: A headset accessory comprises circuitry and is configured to mechanically attach to an audio headset. The circuitry of the headset may be operable to establish a link to the audio headset that supports conveyance of bias voltage, bias current, and/or information between the circuitry of the accessory and circuitry of... Agent: Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

20150104036 - Equalizer apparatus: A correcting section corrects equalizer curve stored in an equalizer curve storage section based on a correction curve that is a gain difference of a frequency characteristic between a first headphone and a second headphone when the second headphone the frequency characteristic of which is different from that of the... Agent:

20150104035 - Receiver: A receiver is provided with a connector including: an outer earbud contact composed of a tube-shaped conductor and provided on the earbud side, an inner earbud contact arranged inside the outer earbud contact via an earbud-side insulator, an outer cable contact composed of a tube-shaped conductor and provided on the... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20150104037 - Audio system, method of outputting audio, and speaker apparatus: An audio system, an audio outputting method, and a speaker apparatus are disclosed. The audio system includes a plurality of speaker modules connected to each other, a detection module configured to detect information of the plurality of speaker modules and user information, and a home control module configured to receive... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150104038 - Wearable computer: A wearable computer is provided. In particular, a communication unit transmits/receives information associated with a vehicle from/to an external control apparatus. A microphone collects sound waves generated from a sound source in the vehicle, and a posture detecting sensor detects a posture of a wearer. A controller then generates augmented... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150104039 - Apparatus and method of suppressing howling: Disclosed herein is an apparatus of suppressing howling, including: a microphone sensing a voice of a user to generate a voice signal; a memory storing a command for suppressing howling of the voice signal; and a processor suppressing the howling of the voice signal depending on the command, wherein the... Agent:

20150104040 - High frequency energy converter: A high frequency energy converter which has application as an acoustic actuator for converting incoming high frequency energy into outgoing harmonized high frequency mechanical (e.g., sound) and electromagnetic waves. The energy converter is adapted to improve the quality of sound heard by a listener by reducing random and spurious harmonics... Agent:

20150104041 - Method and system for a headset with integrated environment sensors: An electronic device receives audio from an audio source and outputs the audio via speakers of the device. While outputting the audio via the speakers, the device senses its surrounding environment, and adjusts its operation, based on the sensed environment, to alert a listener wearing the device. The adjustment may... Agent:

20150104042 - Audio control console: An audio control console includes a housing. The housing includes: an operating board provided with a plurality of rows of a plurality of channel strips each including a plurality of operating members each for controlling a value of a parameter of an audio signal processing in a signal processing channel;... Agent:

20150104043 - Recording method, recording system, recording program storage medium, acoustic processing method, and acoustic processing device: A recording method includes acquiring each piece of acoustic data representing a sound from each of a plurality of portable terminal devices. The each of the plurality of portable terminal devices includes a recording unit configured to generate the piece of acoustic data. The recording method also includes executing synchronization... Agent:

20150104044 - Throat-vibration-type microphone and communication hands-free device containing same: A throat-vibration-type sensor includes a ceramic sheet and a copper sheet received in a box body, wherein the ceramic sheet and the copper sheet are electrically connected to an amplification circuit for voice communications. The volume and thickness of the throat-vibration-type sensor is reduced, the cost thereof is reduced, the... Agent:

20150104045 - Ultrasonic emitter system with an integrated emitter and amplifier: An ultrasonic emitter is provided, where at least one of an amplifier, driver circuit, and signal processing circuitry is integrated onto or into the ultrasonic emitter. The ultrasonic emitter may include a backing plate and an amplifier and/or associated processing integrated directly onto the backing plate for amplifying and matching... Agent:

20150104046 - Parametric transducer with graphene conductive surface: An ultrasonic audio speaker includes an emitter and a driver. The emitter can include a first layer having a conductive surface; a second layer having a conductive surface; and an insulating layer disposed between the first and second conductive surfaces, wherein the first and second layers are disposed in touching... Agent:

20150104047 - Electronic apparatus, storage medium and information notification method: When a driving module is performing processing of vibrating a piezoelectric vibration module based on a sound signal in an electronic apparatus, a determination module determines whether or not an ear putting position specified by an ear putting position specifying module is close to a reference position. When the processing... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150104048 - Capacitance sensor, acoustic sensor, and microphone: A capacitance sensor has a substrate, a vibration electrode plate formed over an upper side of the substrate, a back plate formed over the upper side of the substrate to cover the vibration electrode plate, and a fixed electrode plate arranged on the back plate facing the vibration electrode plate.... Agent:

20150104049 - Acoustic device, augmented reality acoustic device, acoustic system, acoustic processing method, and recording medium: An acoustic device includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor executes a process including: first determining, based on a state of a user, an arbitrary object from among objects around the user as an object that is watched by the user; second determining the watched... Agent:

20150104050 - Determining the configuration of an audio system for audio signal processing: An audio system includes one or more speakers situated in an environment. The positions of components which are relevant to the audio system may be used to adapt how an audio signal is output from the speakers, in order to implement complex audio effects such as wave field synthesis and... Agent:

20150104051 - Audio output device and video/audio output device using the same: An audio output device including a casing, a first speaker component, a second speaker component and a sound-guiding board, and a video/audio output device using the same are disclosed. The first speaker component is a circular speaker, and is disposed at the casing. The first speaker component faces towards a... Agent:

20150104052 - Devices for enhancing transmissions of stimuli in auditory prostheses: An actuator provides vibrational stimulation to a recipient of a bone conduction device. To ensure proper operation of the actuator, a known signal is delivered to a coil associated therewith. An output signal from the coil is analyzed for distortion, the presence of which indicates that the actuator is out... Agent:

20150104053 - Direct drive micro hearing device: A device and methods are provided for a hearing device. In one embodiment, a hearing device includes a microphone to receive sound, an interactive tip and actuator. The actuator can include an actuator element and preload force element to place the interactive tip in contact with a portion of an... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150104054 - Multiple aperture speaker assembly: Methods and apparatus are provided for waveguide structures and speaker assemblies. In one embodiment, a waveguide may include an input aperture configured to receive a sound signal from a sound source, and a plurality of isolated sound paths having substantially equal path lengths. Each isolated sound path may be formed... Agent: Qsc Holdings, Inc.

20150104055 - Branched acoustic device: An acoustic device configured for use with an audio source. The acoustic device includes a stem portion and multiple branches forming a cavity for passage of an audio signal when connected to an audio source. An array of multiple acoustic devices or nodes may be physically connected to form a... Agent:

20150104056 - Electret condenser microphone: The electret condenser microphone according to the present invention includes an electret condenser microphone unit including a diaphragm and a fixed pole disposed opposite to the diaphragm; and a three-pin plug including a hot terminal and a cold terminal and being capable of producing a balanced output, wherein each of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150104057 - New speaker: A speaker including one or multiple transducers, an enclosure, and a suspension mounted on the enclosure, wherein the suspension and the enclosure are configured such that the enclosure is capable of vibrating as a result of operation of the transducer so as to produce audible sound.... Agent: Harman International (china) Holdings Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 36 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20150098571 - Audio scene apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a first audio signal analyser configured to analyse a first audio signal to determine at least one audio source, wherein the at least one audio source has a virtual location; a second audio signal analyser configured to analyse a second audio signal to determine at least one... Agent:

20150098572 - Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing a higher order ambisonics signal representation: Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) represents a complete sound field in the vicinity of a sweet spot, independent of loudspeaker set-up. The high spatial resolution requires a high number of HOA coefficients. In the invention, dominant sound directions are estimated and the HOA signal representation is decomposed into dominant directional signals... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20150098573 - Enhanced spatialization system with satellite device: A system enhances spatialization in which spatial information about sound sources at an originating location is represented in an audio signal. The system applies a phase difference analysis to the signals received from an array of spaced apart input devices or microphones to derive spatial or directional information about the... Agent: 2236008 Ontario Inc.

20150098574 - Connector mating assurance system and method: A connector mating assurance system includes a microphone configured to be located in a vicinity of a mating zone for electrical connectors. The microphone is configured to detect an audible sound when the electrical connectors are mated. An output unit is connected to the microphone and receives audio signals from... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150098575 - Method and system for a game headset with audio alerts based on audio track analysis: A game headset receives a plurality of audio channels during play of a particular game, monitors one or more of the plurality of audio channels and detects an occurrence of one or more particular sounds in the plurality of audio channels during the monitoring of the one or more of... Agent:

20150098576 - Audio distribution: A method and device for distributing audio data to a number of audio playback devices that are connected to a network. One or more network-related performance criteria of a plurality of the audio playback devices are compared. Based on the comparison, at least one of the audio playback devices is... Agent:

20150098577 - Systems and methods for identifying noises: An audio controller is provided which includes an audio transducer interface that is capable of receiving audio signals from one or more audio transducers each associated with a channel. A channel selector is configured to selectively connect the audio signals to an output of the audio controller. A tone detector... Agent:

20150098578 - Cancellation of interfering audio on a mobile device: Generally, this disclosure provides devices, systems and methods for cancelling an interfering audio signal. The system may include a mobile device including a microphone configured to capture an acoustic audio signal, the acoustic audio signal a combination of the interfering audio signal and a desired audio signal, the desired audio... Agent:

20150098579 - Method and apparatus for an integrated headset switch with reduced crosstalk noise: An integrated audio signal processing circuit is described for reducing crosstalk noise in an integrated headset switch for a headset having two speakers, a microphone sharing a common ground. The audio signal processing circuit includes two audio amplifiers and also has two terminals configured to be either a microphone connection... Agent: Nuvoton Technolgoy Corporation

20150098580 - Adapter device to allow the monitoring of media exposure on consumer devices: Adapter devices are provided which are connectable to an audio connector of a media device. The audio connector of the media device is configured to receive an audio input from an external microphone and to output an audio output to an earphone. The adapter device includes a male plug adapted... Agent: Mobile Research Labs Ltd.

20150098581 - Adjustable canalphone system: An audio system may include a canalphone housing, and a plurality of low frequency drivers carried by the canalphone housing. The system may also include a plurality of high frequency drivers carried by the canalphone housing, the plurality of high frequency drivers tuned to produce an audio trace in the... Agent:

20150098582 - Portable wireless waterproof speakers: A portable speaker system is described. The portable speaker system includes: a waterproof enclosure; a wireless communication element; and a set of speakers. A device adapted to provide multimedia content includes: a communication module adapted to be able to be communicatively coupled to a mobile device via a communication link;... Agent:

20150098583 - Control of multiple playback devices: Systems, methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to control audio playback devices are disclosed. An example first playback device includes a speaker driver, a processor, and a computer readable medium including a set of instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the first playback device to implement a method.... Agent:

20150098584 - Intelligent switching of audio sources: Intelligent switching of audio sources includes determining, via a computer processor communicatively coupled to an audio system in a vehicle, alternative sources of content that are communicatively available to the vehicle. The audio system renders an instance of a content item that has been received from a content provider, as... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150098585 - Method and apparatus for transit system annunciators: An apparatus and method for spatialized communication of announcements to persons in a transit vehicle moving among a plurality of transit stations in at least two different languages simultaneously, in which at least two sound-emittive speakers are spaced-apart and disposed in opposing relation for persons to hear announcements. A storage... Agent:

20150098586 - In-car audio system: An in-car audio system includes a speaker unit. A frame of the speaker unit is fixed to a support plate serving as part of the structural member of a vehicle via a partition wall member. The support plate has an opening formed therein. A duct is connected to the opening,... Agent:

20150098587 - Processing apparatus, processing method, program, computer readable information recording medium and processing system: A processing apparatus estimates a noise amplitude spectrum of noise included in a sound signal. The processing apparatus includes an amplitude spectrum calculation part configured to calculate an amplitude spectrum of the sound signal for each one of frames obtained from dividing the sound signal into units of time; and... Agent:

20150098588 - Apparatus and method for controlling sound output: The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and a method for controlling sound output. The apparatus includes a sound processor configured to amplify a sound signal to a certain level to output an output signal to a speaker. An analyzer is configured to monitor whether an output level of the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150098589 - System and method for dynamically mixing audio signals: A system and method for dynamically mixing audio signals may calculate a signal amplitude for each of two or more audio signals. The signal amplitude may be the absolute value of the audio signal. A signal sum may be calculated using each of the two or more signal amplitudes. Each... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Limited

20150098590 - Modular audio system and method: A method, computer program product, and computer system for receiving an indication that a first module is operatively connected to a main module, wherein the first module and the main module include hardware modules. A type of speaker operatively connected to the first module is identified. The type of speaker... Agent:

20150098591 - Portable electronic device control: Electronic devices such as compact portable media players are provided. A housing for an electronic device may be relatively compact. The housing may include a door assembly with an attached spring-loaded clip. The electronic device may include a hold switch. Depending on the state of the hold switch, the electronic... Agent:

20150098592 - Electrodynamic acoustic transducer, method for manufacturing a fixed pole thereof, condenser microphone and condenser headphones: In an electrodynamic acoustic transducer which uses a surface potential of an electret dielectric film as a polarization voltage, prevention of partial suctional adhesion of a diaphragm caused by variation in surface potential across the electret dielectric film is ensured in a simple way. In an electrodynamic acoustic transducer including... Agent:

20150098593 - Sound receiver and method for manufacturing the same: A sound receiver includes a casing, a circuit portion, a conductive member, a first piezoelectric plate, a second piezoelectric plate, a first conductive transmission portion, and a second conductive transmission portion. The casing has an accommodating portion. The accommodating portion has an opening and a base. The circuit portion is... Agent:

20150098594 - Speaker: A plurality of magnetostrictive elements made of ferrite or the like are arranged in a matrix on an upper surface of a circuit board. On the periphery of each of the magnetostrictive elements, a voice coil is arranged. When current flows to the voice coils, the magnetostrictive elements themselves expand... Agent:

20150098595 - Audio speaking having an electrostatic membrane pump and methods to use same: An improved an audio speaker having an electrostatic membrane pump. The electrostatic membrane pump can be an electrostatic graphene membrane pump. The method of making and using the audio speaker having the electrostatic membrane pump.... Agent: Clean Energy Labs, LLC

20150098596 - Handheld interface for speaker location: An interface for optimizing speaker sound in a wireless speaker array installation and optimization.... Agent:

20150098598 - Method and system for headset with automatic source detection and volume control: An audio headset receives one or more audio signals carrying one or more audio channels and processes the audio channels to generate stereo signals for output to a left and a right speaker of the audio headset. The processing determines a number of the audio channels carried in the received... Agent:

20150098597 - Method and system for surround sound processing in a headset: An audio headset may receive a plurality of audio signals corresponding to plurality of surround sound channels. The headset may determine, via its audio processing circuitry, context and content of the audio signals. The audio processing circuitry may process the audio signals to generate a pair of stereo signals carrying... Agent:

20150098599 - Hearing assistance coplanar waveguide: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatuses that provide a manufacturable RF transmission line to go through the bend area of a flexible circuit to be used in a compact design, such as in a compact hearing aid design. One aspect of the present subject matter relates to... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150098600 - Hearing aid specialized as a supplement to lip reading: A hearing aid is disclosed. The hearing aid comprises a microphone adapted to receive sound signals, an amplifier configured to amplify signals received by the microphone and output means (e.g. a receiver). The hearing aid is configured to detect if speech is received by the microphone and the hearing aid... Agent:

20150098601 - Apparatus for enhancing sound from portable devices: An apparatus is disclosed for enhancing the sound level of portable devices by providing a sound reflector between the portable device and a case. The sound reflector includes a shield which functions to redirect output from rear facing speakers toward the front. The sound reflector can be extended for redirecting... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150098602 - Microphone accessory and method of using a microphone: This invention relates to microphone accessories for use with a hand-held microphone, and to a method of using a microphone. The microphone accessory in accordance with the invention has a body comprising an attachment formation for attaching the microphone accessory to the handle of the microphone, a holding portion to... Agent:

20150098603 - Method and system for in-game visualization based on audio analysis: A game headset receives a plurality of channels of game and/or chat audio during game play, monitors the plurality of channels, and detect one or more sounds on the channels during the monitoring. The game headset determines characteristics of the detected one or more sound and outputs one or more... Agent:

20150098604 - Earphone nozzle comprising tractrix-curved acoustic passage: An earphone includes a driver and a nozzle. The driver has a transducer diaphragm. The nozzle has an internal passage having an inlet opening, an outlet opening, and a wall connecting the inlet opening and the outlet opening. The wall has an inner surface within the passage. The inner surface... Agent:

20150098605 - Earpiece positioning and retaining: A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end. The outer leg lies in a plane. The positioning and retaining structure have... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150098606 - Electrostatic electroacoustic transducer and method of manufacturing the same: When a diaphragm formed in the shape of an oval is held by a holding member, an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer which allows stable tension without a diaphragm flexing is provided. In the electrostatic electroacoustic transducer, a diaphragm 11 and a diaphragm holding member 12 are formed in the shape of... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 34 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150092944 - Apparatus for controlling a sound signal: A first speaker radiates a first sound toward first and second listening points by a first sound signal. A second speaker radiates a second sound toward these points by a second sound signal. The first sound signal is generated by convolving a signal with a first filter coefficient. The second... Agent:

20150092945 - Audio data processing device and audio data processing method: An audio data processing device includes a mixing unit that mixes first audio data and second audio data to generate mixed audio data, a first output unit that outputs, to a first speaker, audio data not having undergone the mixing, a second output unit that outputs, to a second speaker,... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20150092948 - Acoustic sealing analysis system: A test signal emitted by an earpiece is compared against the acoustic signal to determine if a sealing section of the earpiece is sealed properly. The degree of acoustic sealing is used to adjust the attenuation level of a sealing section of the earpiece or alert the user that the... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20150092947 - Coordinator device for paired or consolidated players: Embodiments described herein involve selecting a coordinator device for multichannel playback by a bonded zone. The bonded zone may be configured such that playback devices in the bonded zone may each be configured to render different components, such as a right channel component or a left channel component of media... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150092946 - Supervision of i2s digiital audio bus: An approach for supervision of I2S bus audio paths employing a signal derived from a word clock signal of the I2S bus.... Agent: Siemens Schweiz Ag

20150092949 - Uncomfortable sound pressure estimation system, uncomfortable sound pressure estimation processor, uncomfortable sound pressure estimation method, and computer program thereof: An exemplary uncomfortable sound pressure estimation system includes an HTL section for receiving information of hearing threshold levels respectively for a plurality of frequencies; a UCL measurement determination section for determining at least two measurement points at which to measure uncomfortable sound pressures, the at least two measurement points defining... Agent:

20150092950 - Matching reverberation in teleconferencing environments: A system and method of matching reverberation in teleconferencing environments. When the two ends of a conversation are in environments with differing reverberations, the method filters the reverberation so that when both signals are output at the near end (e.g., the audio signal from the far end and the sidetone... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150092952 - Audio device and control method: According to one embodiment, an audio device includes a first driver, a first acoustic cylinder, a body temperature sensor, and a corrector. The first driver outputs a sound. The first acoustic cylinder includes a first pathway configured to be passed through by a sound. The first pathway includes an opening... Agent:

20150092953 - Ear-coupling detection and adjustment of adaptive response in noise-canceling in personal audio devices: A personal audio device, such as a wireless telephone, includes an adaptive noise canceling (ANC) circuit that adaptively generates an anti-noise signal from a reference microphone signal and injects the anti-noise signal into the speaker or other transducer output to cause cancellation of ambient audio sounds. An error microphone is... Agent:

20150092951 - Headphone with active noise cancelling and auto-calibration method thereof: A headphone with active noise cancelling and auto-calibration method thereof is disclosed. The headphone includes a first gain-amplifier, an active noise cancelling module, a speaker, a measurement circuit, a calibration control circuit and USB driving circuit. Auto-calibration of the headphone is by means of a USB interface in the instant... Agent: C-media Electronics Inc.

20150092955 - Lighting earphone: A lighting earphone, comprising an earphone plug, a playback module and an earphone control board, wherein the earphone plug and the playback module are connected with the earphone control board through an earphone cord respectively is provided. The lighting earphone further comprises a power module, a control module and a... Agent:

20150092954 - Method and apparatus for sending a control signal to an electronic device: A method and apparatus for sending a control signal to an electronic device includes an accessory (200) of the electronic device detecting activation of a first switch (204) of the accessory and, responsively, controlling a second switch (206) of the accessory to generate a first control signal that instructs the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150092956 - Devices and methods for audible indicators emanating from selected locations: Methods, systems, and devices are described for providing audio to one or more individuals in an operating room. An ultrasonic signal generator may be provided that generates two or more ultrasonic signals that combine to produce an audible signal at a desired location. The audio signal may be perceived by... Agent:

20150092957 - Vehicle sound generation apparatus, and vehicle sound generation method: A vehicle sound generation apparatus 20 is constituted by a first pressure sensor 21a, a second pressure sensor 21b, a signal processing section 24 which performs processing of changing pressure signals output from the first pressure sensor 21a and the second pressure sensor 21b in accordance with the operation state... Agent:

20150092958 - Devices and methods for audible indicators emanating from selected locations: Methods, systems, and devices are described for providing audio to one or more individuals in an operating room. An ultrasonic signal generator may be provided that generates two or more ultrasonic signals that combine to produce an audible signal at a desired location. The audio signal may be perceived by... Agent:

20150092959 - Volume enhancements in a multi-zone media playback system: Embodiments are described herein that provide numerous volume enhancements to a media playback system, especially for use by a system that contains two or more zone players that are capable of being grouped to form a synchronous audio playback group.... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150092961 - Digital mixer and patch setting method of digital mixer: In a digital mixer, when a patch of a certain channel is changed, values of parameters of one port which has been connected to the certain channel is applied as parameters of a newly connected port, thereby enabling to hand over parameters of the one port which have been set... Agent:

20150092960 - Managing input/output ports in mixer system using virtual port data: An I/O unit includes a plurality of ports, a mixer includes processing channels, and the mixer and the I/O unit are interconnected via a network. The mixer stores channel data per processing channel. The channel data includes virtual port data for indirectly controlling signal processing of a port to which... Agent:

20150092962 - Devices and methods for transferring data through a human body: An illustrative method for transferring data to a device includes identifying the data that is to be transferred to the device, modulating the data with a signal, providing the signal to a contact microphone that is in physical contact with an individual, and transmitting the signal through a body of... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150092963 - Piezoelectric loudspeaker: The present invention discloses a piezoelectric loudspeaker. The piezoelectric loudspeaker comprises a sound producing plate, a resonant sound-box, a surround and a reflective sound-box. The sound producing plate comprises a piezoelectric ceramic element. The resonant sound-box includes a first opening comprising a first carrying part. The sound producing plate is... Agent: Miezo Inc.

20150092964 - Microphone: Disclosed herein is a microphone including: a membrane; a fixed electrode part positioned at the outside of the membrane; and an elastic support part connecting the membrane and the fixed electrode part to each other so as to enable displacement of the membrane, wherein one surface of the membrane and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150092965 - Method of improving externalization of virtual surround sound: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to techniques for processing a source audio signal in order to localize sounds. In particular, aspects of the present disclosure relate to sound localization techniques which externalize sounds for headphone audio, such as a virtual surround sound headphone system. In various implementations, room reverberations... Agent:

20150092966 - Method of sound processing in a hearing aid and a hearing aid: A method of processing sound in a hearing aid (100, 300, 400) comprises separating the input transducer signal into a periodic and aperiodic signal for further processing in the hearing aid (100, 300, 400). The invention also provides a hearing aid (100, 300, 400) adapted for carrying out such a... Agent: Widex A/s

20150092967 - System and method for selective harmonic enhancement for hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for improved noise reduction for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of enhancing speech in an audio signal for a hearing assistance device. An audio signal is received from a hearing assistance device microphone... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150092968 - Earphone assembly: An earphone assembly for an in-ear listening device and method for filtering a portion of an audible sound output are disclosed. An earphone comprises a housing configured to receive a nozzle, a plurality of drivers each having an acoustical output disposed within the housing, and an elongated passageway disposed within... Agent:

20150092969 - Power and signal transmission devices for auditory prosthesis: An auditory prosthesis can be powered by an on-board battery that is placed into a receptacle in the auditory prosthesis. When longer battery life is desired, a recipient can selectively utilize a discrete power supply to power the auditory prosthesis. The discrete power supply provides power to the auditory prosthesis... Agent:

20150092970 - Hearing aid security aid: A hearing aid safety aid is provided. The hearing aid is configured to attach a hearing aid to an earring of the wearer. If the hearing aid comes loose and falls off, the hearing aid safety aid prevents it from falling off the user by its connection to the user's... Agent:

20150092971 - Method and apparatus for adjusting air pressure inside the ear of a person wearing an ear-wearable device: A method is provided including: receiving a signal for regulating a valve of an ear-wearable device; and changing a state of the valve based on the signal, the changing including at least one of opening and closing the valve.... Agent:

20150092972 - Functional headwear: An article of functional headwear is provided. The article of headwear including a material configured for surrounding at least a portion of an individual's head, an audio delivery device movably positioned within the material, and a microprocessor positioned within the material, the microprocessor being coupled to the audio delivery device.... Agent:

20150092973 - System and method for bass enhancement: A system and method for enhancing the real and/or perceived bass band of an audio signal is disclosed. A computationally simple yet effective bass band enhancement system for use in consumer electronics applications is disclosed. An audio processing system including bass enhancement functionality for use in a mobile audio system... Agent: Actiwave Ab

20150092974 - Microphone having closed cell foam body: A microphone 10 that comprises a transducer 12 and a closed cell foam body 18, 20 positioned between the transducer 12 and an opening 25 fashioned for receiving ambient sound. The microphone 10 is protected from external factors without exhibiting substantial sound transmission loss while using few parts. Good voice... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150092975 - Microphone device: There is provided a microphone device with which an operation state of the microphone device may be easily checked and that may effectively reduce noise to be played back, the noise being caused by vibration that has propagated through a table or the like. A microphone device is configured such... Agent:

20150092976 - Earpad: An earpad is provided with a base and a sheath. The base is adapted to connect to a headphone housing or an earmuff housing and is formed with a continuous perimeter about a longitudinal axis. The sheath extends from the base and forms a contact surface that is longitudinally spaced... Agent:

20150092977 - Earpiece positioning and retaining: A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end. The outer leg lies in a plane. The positioning and retaining structure have... Agent: Bose Corporation

03/26/2015 > 46 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150086021 - Techniques for personalizing audio levels: Techniques for personalizing audio levels, in accordance with embodiments of the present technology, provide different audio volumes to different locations in a room allowing for two of more users to enjoy the same audio content at different volumes. Differential level and delay compensation filtering based on a position of each... Agent:

20150086022 - Improvement of an audio signal of an fm stereo radio receiver by using parametric stereo: The invention relates to a method for improving a stereo audio signal of an FM stereo radio receiver. The method comprises determining one or more parametric stereo parameters based on the stereo audio signal in a frequency-variant or frequency-invariant manner. Preferably, these PS parameters are time- and frequency-variant. Moreover, the... Agent:

20150086024 - Apparatus and method for reproducing multi-sound channel contents using dlna in mobile terminal: An acoustic apparatus and a method thereof in a mobile terminal are provided. More particularly, an apparatus and a method for establishing a multi-sound system that provides sounds of sense of reality by connecting with players existing in the neighborhood and reproducing channels of contents using a plurality of players... Agent:

20150086023 - Audio control apparatus and method: According to an embodiment, an audio control apparatus includes a calculation unit and a determination unit. The calculation unit is configured to calculate an interaural cross-correlation function of a binaural recording signal at regular time intervals. The determination unit is configured to determine that a signal zone in which peak... Agent:

20150086026 - Intrinsically safe audio circuit for a portable two-way radio: An intrinsically safe audio circuit and intrinsically safe portable two-way radio device meet conventional audio output requirements and intrinsically safe design limitations by separating the speaker coil of the device's speaker into separate coils to limit the energy storage possible in any one of the coils. Each separate coil is... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150086025 - Systems and methods for protecting a speaker from overexcursion: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a system may include a controller configured to be coupled to an audio speaker. The controller may be configured to receive an audio input signal. The controller may also be configured to, based on a linear displacement transfer function associated with the... Agent: Cirrus Logic, Inc.

20150086029 - Apparatus and method for inhibiting portable electronic devices: This accessory is apparatus capable of implementing a method that can affect one or more features of a portable electronic device when brought into a vehicle having a radio with a right and left speaker. The accessory has a sender for initiating transmission of an RF test signal at the... Agent:

20150086030 - Electronic device and method for controlling the same: An electronic device and methods are disclosed. A cover panel is located on a front surface of the electronic device. A piezoelectric vibration module configured to vibrate the cover panel. A drive module configured to vibrate the piezoelectric vibration module based on a sound signal. A pressure intensity acquiring module... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150086028 - Method and system for checking an acoustic transducer: The present invention relates to a method and system for checking an acoustic transducer and the audio system, wherein an inaudible silo test signal is added on top of a normal audio signal of an electronic device. A signal mix consisting of the test signal and the normal audio signal... Agent:

20150086027 - Method for operating a loudspeaker device, loudspeaker device, and device for noise compensation: In a method for operating a loudspeaker device having at least one loudspeaker, at least one actual membrane state parameter of a membrane of the loudspeaker is detected by a detecting device. An actual membrane state of the membrane based on the following actual membrane state parameters: actual membrane position... Agent: Audi Ag

20150086031 - Active noise-reduction apparatus and method: According to an embodiment, an active noise-reduction apparatus includes following elements. The microphone converts a sound including a target sound into an error signal. The control filter generates a control signal in accordance with a control characteristic. The first control effect estimation filter converts the control signal into a first... Agent:

20150086032 - Integrated earbud antenna for receiving television broadcasts: A method and apparatus for adapting an electronic device to receive digital television broadcast signals is disclosed. The device comprises a switch commandable to interpose one or more matching networks as in the RF signal path according to a channel command to match an integrated headset antenna to the tuner... Agent: Fox Digital Enterprises, Inc.

20150086033 - Reduced latency electronic content system: An architecture for selecting and providing content items to a device includes cloud-based resources of a device management service and one or more content sources. The device is configured to receive instructions and a portion of the content item from the device management service. The instructions direct the device to... Agent: Rawles LLC

20150086034 - Audio routing system for routing audio data to and from a mobile device: A method includes receiving sound by a first audio unit installed in an electrical outlet, routing audio data corresponding to the received sound from the first audio unit to a second audio unit installed in a second electrical outlet, and sending the audio data to a mobile device using a... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150086035 - Sound control system and method for vehicle: A sound control system and method for a vehicle are provided and a sound output of a speaker is automatically adjusted based on a position in which a passenger enters in a seat within the vehicle to provide an optimum sound state. The system includes a passenger detecting unit that... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150086036 - Packaging component and packaging method for microphone and electronic device: The embodiments of the present invention provide a packaging component for a microphone, a packaging method for a microphone and an electronic device. The packaging component for the microphone includes: a microphone holder configured to fix the microphone; a housing configured to package the microphone holder; and a fixing member... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150086037 - Sound receiving device: in the microphone array, an output terminal of each microphone is connected with a time delay circuit, and an output terminal of the time delay circuit is connected to an input terminal of the sound-mixing output device; and an i-th time delay circuit has a delay time Ti defined by... Agent: Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Corporation Ltd

20150086038 - Time-frequency directional processing of audio signals: An approach to processing of acoustic signals acquired at a user's device include one or both of acquisition of parallel signals from a set of closely spaced microphones, and use of a multi-tier computing approach in which some processing is performed at the user's device and further processing is performed... Agent:

20150086039 - Wearable directional microphone array apparatus and system: A wearable microphone array apparatus and system used as a directional audio system and as an assisted listening device. The present invention advances hearing aids and assisted listening devices to allow construction of a highly directional audio array that is wearable, natural sounding, and convenient to direct, as well as... Agent: Wave Sciences LLC

20150086040 - Tunable inductive device for parametric audio systems and related methods: An apparatus and method for optimizing a parametric emitter system having a pot core inductive device coupled between an amplifier and emitter. The pot core inductive device allows for adjustments of the air gap formed between the two halves of the pot core structure to adjust its inductive value. This... Agent: Parametric Sound Corporation

20150086041 - Acoustic signatures: Embodiments described herein provide for acoustic signatures in a playback system. In some embodiments, a playback device includes an audio processing component configured to receive an audio input signal, receive an acoustic signature signal, generate an audio output signal based on the audio input signal and the acoustic signature signal,... Agent: Sonos, Inc

20150086042 - Quantity adjusting apparatus: To realize a change in a volume that does not give a user a feeling of strangeness even when a great processing load is put on a volume determining unit. A volume controller performs a process for determining a new volume of an audio signal based on an alternate pulse... Agent:

20150086043 - System and method for adjusting microphone functionality: An adjustable microphone. The microphone includes a MEMS microphone, a charge pump, a preamplifier, a first analog-to-digital converter, a root mean square (RMS) power detector, and a logic circuit. The MEMS microphone is configured to provide a signal indicative of sound detected by the MEMS microphone. The charge pump provides... Agent:

20150086044 - Audio demonstration kit: An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular embodiment, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions. The paper speaker includes a backplate, a suspension, and a diaphragm cut from a single sheet of paper.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150086045 - Smart line-in processing in a group: Technology for smart line-in processing in an audio environment is disclosed. An example playback device includes a line-in connector for receiving a first audio signal, a network interface, and a processor. A computer readable storage medium has stored instructions executable by the processor to determine that the first audio signal... Agent:

20150086047 - Electronic apparatus, panel unit, and unit for electronic apparatus: Excessive deformation of a piezoelectric element is reduced. An electronic apparatus 1 according to the present invention includes a panel 10, a piezoelectric element 30, a housing 60 for mounting the panel 10, and an intermediate member 80 attached to the piezoelectric element 30, wherein the intermediate member 80 and... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150086046 - Feedback providing module, feedback providing appratus, and feedback providing method: Disclosed herein are a feedback providing module, a feedback providing apparatus, and a feedback providing method. The feedback providing module includes: an upper plate part generating a vibration; a lower plate part inducing the vibration of the upper plate part; and a feedback controlling unit applying first to fourth voltages... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150086048 - Acoustic panels and planar structures: A glass panel is provided having a glass structure with an exterior surface and an interior surface, the glass structure having at least one glass sheet with a thickness ranging from about 0.5 mm to about 2.0 mm and a backing frame positioned adjacent the glass structure and situated along... Agent:

20150086049 - Increased compliance flat reed transducer: A receiver, the receiver includes a coil, a top assembly, a bottom assembly, and a flat planar armature. The flat planar armature includes an outer ring-like portion that forms a first opening. The flat planar armature further includes a central portion that extends from the outer ring-like portion into the... Agent:

20150086050 - Chip with a micro-electromechanical structure and covering element, and a method for the production of same: A micro-electromechanical chip includes a substrate, a micro-electromechanical structure formed in the substrate, and a covering element that is positioned on a surface of the substrate and that is configured to protect the micro-electromechanical structure from at least one of outside contaminants and mechanical influences.... Agent:

20150086052 - Gain control for an electro-acoustic device with a facial movement detector: Methods, systems and devices are provided for controlling a wearable device. Embodiments include receiving a facial movement indication from a facial movement detector measured contemporaneously with an input audio signal. Additionally, whether a first movement pattern associated with the wearer speaking is a movement match to the facial movement indication... Agent:

20150086051 - Hearing aid adapted for embedded electronics: A hearing aid comprising a microphone, a receiver, hearing aid electronics coupled to the microphone and the receiver, and conductive traces overlaying an insulator, the conductive traces configured to interconnect the hearing aid electronics and to follow non-planar contours of the insulator. Examples are provided wherein the insulator includes a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150086053 - Hearing instrument with battery compartment switch: A hearing instrument has a battery compartment switch which causes the hearing instrument to switch on/off. An electrical contact to the battery is established and interrupted by the battery compartment switch when the battery compartment is closed and opened. An on/off contour in the area of the battery compartment and... Agent:

20150086054 - Open ear canal hearing aid: The invention provides systems and methods for providing hearing aid. An open ear canal hearing aid may be provided in accordance with an embodiment of the invention. The hearing aid may include a part that contains electronic components, a passive amplifier, and a securing mechanism. The securing mechanism may include... Agent:

20150086055 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device includes a receiver, a sound output module, and a controller configured to control the receiver and the sound output module. Upon occurrence of at least one of an ear of a user of the portable electronic device approaching the portable electronic device and the ear of... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150086056 - Speaker device: A speaker device is provided with: a housing having a box body and a lid for closing the box body, a partition wall configured to separate the inside of the housing to form a plurality of spaces, a plurality of speaker units accommodated in the spaces, respectively, a wiring board... Agent:

20150086057 - Bass reflex loudspeaker system with phase correction element: A loudspeaker system has a loudspeaker housing that comprises at least a first and a second housing chamber. The loudspeaker system has a bass loudspeaker that is mounted on a partition between the first housing chamber and the second housing chamber, wherein the back of the bass loudspeaker has the... Agent:

20150086058 - Microphone having a microphone capsule, dynamic sound transducer for headphones, earphones or headsets and method for producing a microphone capsule or a sound transducer: A microphone having a microphone capsule (10) is provided. The microphone capsule (10) has a diaphragm carrier (40), a diaphragm (20) and an adhesive tape ring (30) which is used to fasten the diaphragm (20) to or in the diaphragm carrier (40). The microphone capsule (10) is in the form... Agent:

20150086059 - Interchangeable wearing modes for a headset: A headset system for interchangeable wearing styles is disclosed. A retention element is detachably coupled to an earpiece, allowing the headset to interchange between a headband, ear loop and neckband wearing style. The retention element comprises a security element that prevents rotation of the earpiece when coupled, providing a stable... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20150086062 - Case with headset retraction device: A headset retraction device for a portable media player generally includes a base and an arbor, wherein the arbor is configured to rotate within a cavity defined by the base, and the arbor and base are cooperatively configured to wind a cord of the headset in a single plane.... Agent:

20150086061 - Connection member for connecting headset plug, headset jack and electronic device: The present disclosure relates to a connection member for connecting a headset plug with an electronic device, a headset jack of the electronic device and the electronic device. The connection member comprises a pin, wherein the pin communicates with a terminal positioned near an end portion of the headset plug... Agent:

20150086060 - Earphones with built-in splitter: By combining an earphone with an extra audio splitter and jack, it becomes possible to share the audio being played over one set of earphones with another set of earphones in a sanitary manner using ordinary, unmodified earphones.... Agent:

20150086063 - Speaker and display having same: A speaker includes a hollow glass substrate and a plurality of vibration exciters. The glass substrate defines a hermetical receiving cavity. The vibration exciters are received in the receiving cavity, and are attached to the glass substrate to drive the glass substrate to vibrate, thus generating sound waves. The disclosure... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150086064 - Sound processing: Embodiments of the present invention provide a socket that comprises a socket body. The socket body forms a socket cavity for receiving a plug. The socket further comprises an acoustic device and a sound port. The sound port is disposed in the socket body for acoustically coupling the acoustic device... Agent:

20150086066 - Electro-acoustic transducer: An electro-acoustic transducer includes a frame, a magnet circuit unit accommodated in the frame, and a vibration unit engaging with the frame. The magnetic circuit unit includes a lower plate, a main magnet positioned centrally on the lower plate, a pair of auxiliary magnets positioned spaced from the main magnet... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150086065 - Loudspeakers with double dampers: A loudspeaker with double dampers include a magnetic circuit forming a magnetic field, a voice coil passing through the magnetic field of the magnetic circuit, a vibration module connected with the voice coil, a frame connected with the vibration module, and a supporting module having a pillar and first and... Agent:

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