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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices

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01/22/2015 > 41 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150023505 - Method for processing of sound signals: A method for processing audio signals for creating a three dimensional sound environment includes: receiving at least one input signal from at least one sound source; creating a simulated signal at least in part on the basis of the received at least one input signal, the simulated signal representing a... Agent:

20150023506 - Sound generator: A sound generator includes a diaphragm including n sub-diaphragms (n, the amount of the sub-diaphragms); n voice coils corresponding to the sub-diaphragms; a signal source for outputting signals of n channels; n high-pass filters for receiving the signals of n channels and outputting n high frequency signals; n low-pass filters... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150023507 - Speaker protection in small form factor devices: An audio engine applies a driving signal to a speaker system, which produces an audio signal. The audio signal is captured by a microphone on the same device and feeds that signal back to the audio engine. After comparing the recorded signal to an expected signal the variance is assessed... Agent:

20150023508 - Apparatus and method for automatic audio system and recovery from unexpected behaviors: An automatic audio recovery system in a mobile device is provided. The system includes one or more status generators and an audio path recovery handler. The one or more status generators are configured to monitor operation of audio path elements within the mobile device, and are configured to detect and... Agent:

20150023509 - Apparatus and method for performing an audio measurement sweep: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for performing an audio measurement is provided. The apparatus includes a controller that is programmed to generate an audio test signal based on a first frequency range that comprises a first noise spectrum, a second frequency range that comprises a second noise spectrum,... Agent:

20150023511 - Method and apparatus to evaluate audio equipment via at least one filter for dynamic distortions and or differential phase and or frequency modulation effects: A testing method or apparatus utilizes a filter or modifier to measure time varying or dynamic harmonic, intermodulation, cross modulation, and or N-Beat or triple distortion from a device. With a stairstep or arbitrary signal and another signal, Nth order harmonic, cross modulation, triple beat, N-Beat, and or intermodulation distortion... Agent:

20150023510 - Sound processing system and sound processing device: Provided is a sound processing system and a sound processing device, which are capable of detecting attachment/detachment of an earphone microphone without adding a signal wire for detection. The sound processing system includes an earphone microphone and a sound processing device. The earphone microphone includes a speaker and a microphone.... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20150023513 - Method and apparatus for monitoring wireless communication in hearing assistance systems: A system collects information on performance of short-range wireless communication in local hearing aid systems. The information is analyzed, for example, to inform local users to adjust the local hearing aid systems, to adjust operational parameters for improving wireless communication in the local hearing aid systems, and/or to improve wireless... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150023512 - Online hearing aid fitting system and methods for non-expert user: Methods and systems of interactive online fitting of a hearing aid by a non-expert consumer without requiring a clinical setup are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes an audio generator for delivering test audio signals at predetermined levels to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing aid in-situ, and... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20150023514 - Method and apparatus for acoustic echo control: Embodiments of method and apparatus for acoustic echo control are described. According to the method, an echo energy-based doubletalk detection is performed to determine whether there is a doubletalk in a microphone signal with reference to a loudspeaker signal. A spectral similarity between spectra of the microphone signal and the... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20150023515 - Earphone with noise reduction: The second diaphragm (13) attenuates acoustic signals entering the rear cavity (10) from ambient space (6) at frequencies above the resonance frequency and virtually increases the acoustic compliance of the rear cavity (10) at frequencies below the resonance frequency. The earphone (1, 201, 401, 601) thus behaves as an acoustically... Agent:

20150023517 - Apparatus for providing wireless functionality to an audio playback device: A wireless module for providing wireless transmission of audio to an audio playback apparatus, such as a set of headphones or speakers, is provided. The wireless module may include a wireless transceiver configured for receiving an audio stream, an audio output interface configured for sending an audio output stream, and... Agent:

20150023518 - Apparatus for providing wireless functionality to an audio playback device: A wireless module for providing wireless transmission of audio to an audio playback apparatus, such as a set of headphones or speakers, is provided. The wireless module may include a wireless transceiver configured for receiving an audio stream, an audio output interface configured for sending an audio output stream, and... Agent:

20150023519 - Headphone extension system: In an embodiment, a music playing and listening apparatus comprising at least one speaker, at least one audio input receiver, at least one audio output interface at least one amplifier, and at least one power source.... Agent:

20150023520 - Headset microphone type detect: Embodiments of the invention include methods, apparatus, systems and means for determining a type of microphone button of a headset plugged into a device jack are described. In some embodiments, a type of microphone button or headset is determined from a plurality of button or headset types based on whether... Agent:

20150023516 - System and method for using a headset jack to control electronic device functions: Systems and methods for automatically controlling an electronic device based on whether or not a headset is in a listening position are described. The existing wired stereo headset conductors may be used to provide power to a sensor and hardware subsystem within the headset. In some aspects, a sensor-enabled headset... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150023521 - Audio system: An audio system for reproducing audio signals comprising a signal processor, the signal processor having at least two processing channels and thereby the signal processor being configured to receive at least two separate audio signals and the signal processor configured to automatically select, in dependence upon the identity of each... Agent:

20150023522 - Method for performing announcements in a means of transport: Method for performing announcements in a means of transport that has an announcement device having at least one loudspeaker and an entertainment device, having the following steps: an announcement start signal is sent from the announcement device to the entertainment device at the beginning of an announcement; an interruption to... Agent:

20150023523 - Surface mountable microphone package, a microphone arrangement, a mobile phone and a method for recording microphone signals: A surface mountable microphone package comprises a first microphone and a second microphone. Furthermore, the surface mountable microphone package comprises a first opening for the first microphone and a second opening for the second microphone. The first opening and the second opening are arranged on opposite sides of the surface... Agent:

20150023524 - Directivity control system, directivity control method, sound collection system and sound collection control method: A directivity control system includes: a sound collection unit, configured to collect a sound; a display unit, configured to display a designation screen used to designate a directivity direction oriented from the sound collection unit to a first sound position; a directivity direction calculation unit, configured to calculate a horizontal... Agent:

20150023525 - Dual high and low frequency driver canalphone system: A canalphone system may include a canalphone housing, and a first high frequency driver carried within the canalphone housing. The system may also include a second high frequency driver carried within the canalphone housing where the second high frequency driver is tuned with the first high frequency driver to deliver... Agent:

20150023526 - Process for adjusting the sound volume of a digital sound recording: The present invention relates to a process for adjusting the sound volume of a digital sound recording characterised in that it comprises: a step consisting of determining, in absolute values, for a recording, the maximum amplitude values for sound frequencies audible for the human ear, a step consisting of calculating... Agent:

20150023527 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus that is hermetically sealable without hindering size reduction thereof is provided. An electronic apparatus 1 according to the present invention includes a housing 60 and a panel 10 supported by the housing 60, wherein the panel 10 includes a first joint region attached to the housing 60... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150023528 - Electronic device with bone conduction vibrator: An electronic device of the invention includes: a main body; a screen panel disposed on a surface of the main body and configured to display an image; a frame-shaped cover panel disposed on the surface of the main body to cover an outer periphery of the screen panel; a bone... Agent:

20150023529 - Mems devices, interface circuits, and methods of making thereof: In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device includes a first plate, a second plate disposed over the first plate, and a first moveable plate disposed between the first plate and the second plate. The MEMS device further includes a second moveable plate disposed... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150023531 - Electronic device: According to the present invention, air conduction sound and human body vibration sound (e.g. bone conduction sound) are transmitted to a user without a need for pressing a vibration body itself to an ear. An electronic device 1 of the present invention includes: a panel 10; a housing 60 configured... Agent:

20150023530 - Portable terminal: There is provided a portable terminal capable of acquiring sound information successfully simply by being brought near to or into contact with the ear without the necessity of careful handling. The portable terminal includes at least a vibration member having a first surface exposed to an exterior, a vibration element... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150023532 - Audio playback system: An audio playback system includes a handheld device and a digital stereo set. By the handheld device, a control message is converted into a pulse signal. Moreover, the on/off states of a visible light emitting element are controlled according to first pulse signal, so that a visible light signal is... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150023533 - Orientation-based audio: A method and apparatus for outputting audio based on an orientation of an electronic device, or video shown by the electronic device. The audio may be mapped to a set of speakers using either or both of the device and video orientation to determine which speakers receive certain audio channels.... Agent:

20150023535 - Hearing aid fitting systems and methods using sound segments representing relevant soundscape: Disclosed herein are systems and methods enabling hearing aid fitting by a non-expert consumer. The method in one embodiment involves delivering a sequence of test audio signals corresponding to natural sound segments to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing device in-situ, while allowing the consumer to adjust fitting parameters... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20150023534 - Interactive hearing aid fitting system and methods: Methods and systems of interactive fitting of a hearing aid by a non-expert person without resorting to a clinical setup are disclosed. The system includes an audio generator for delivering test audio signals at predetermined levels to a non-acoustic input of a programmable hearing aid in-situ. The consumer is instructed... Agent: Ihear Medical, Inc.

20150023536 - System for detection of special environments for hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for detection of special environments for hearing assistance devices. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of operating a hearing assistance device for a user. A signal is received from a mobile device, such as a cellular telephone,... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150023537 - Wireless beacon system to identify acoustic environment for hearing assistance devices: A beacon device adapted to wirelessly communicate with a hearing assistance device, the beacon device comprising a sensor to sense a signal related to determination of an acoustic environment, a memory to store information relating to the signal, a processor in communication with the memory and the sensor, the processor... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150023538 - Waterproof acoustic element enclosures and apparatus including the same: A waterproof enclosure for a cochlear implant system or other hearing assistance device includes an outer housing, an inner support in the interior of the outer housing, an acoustic element supported by the inner support, and water-impermeable polymeric protective membrane sealing the interior of the outer housing against water ingress.... Agent:

20150023539 - System and method for embedding conductive traces into hearing assistance device housings: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for embedding a conductive trace for a hearing assistance device housing. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of forming a hearing assistance device housing. The housing is constructed of plastic including a photo conductive dopant, in various... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150023540 - Optical electro-mechanical hearing devices with combined power and signal architectures: An audio signal transmission device includes a first light source and a second light source configured to emit a first wavelength of light and a second wavelength of light, respectively. The first detector and the second detector are configured to receive the first wavelength of light and the second wavelength... Agent:

20150023541 - Ear headphone: The in ear headphone includes a main body, an ear pad and a speaker. The main body includes a first wall and a second wall. The first wall defines a chamber, and the first and second walls collectively define a gap. One end of the gap and one end of... Agent:

20150023543 - Earphone: An earphone includes an earphone housing, a soft plastic piece, a speaker positioned in the earphone housing, and an earphone cable connected to the speaker. The earphone housing includes a first housing and a second housing. The soft plastic piece is positioned between the first housing and the second housing,... Agent:

20150023542 - Earphone microphone: Provided is an earphone microphone capable of outputting sound with good quality and picking up clear sound. The earphone microphone includes a speaker, a microphone, a main body case, and a seal member. The seal member seals between the main body case and user's external acoustic meatus when the earphone... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20150023544 - Vibration system and speaker using the same: A vibration system is disclosed. The vibration system includes a diaphragm and a voice coil that drives the diaphragm to vibrate. The diaphragm includes a fixing part for fixing the voice coil, and a heat sink is disposed on and fixed to the fixing part. A speaker using the vibration... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150023545 - Speaker magnetic circuit: A yoke includes a disk-like base end portion and a columnar center pole protruding from a center portion of the base end portion. An annular magnet is arranged on the base end portion. An annular top plate is arranged on the magnet so that an inner circumferential surface thereof is... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

01/15/2015 > 48 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20150016613 - Spatial angle modulation binaural sound system: A method of inducing a state of consciousness in a listener. The method includes providing first and second sound signals. The first sound signal is provided to one ear of the listener and the second sound signal is provided to the other ear of the listener. The second sound signal... Agent:

20150016614 - Pre-processing of a channelized music signal: A method for pre-processing a channelized music signal to improve perception and appreciation for a hearing prosthesis recipient. In one example, the channelized music signal is a stereo input signal. A device, such as a handheld device, hearing prosthesis, or audio cable, for example, applies a mask to a stereo... Agent:

20150016615 - Audio and location arrangements: In one arrangement, a person's position in a movie auditorium is discerned by detection of audio signals from two or more speakers, and the person is then assigned a role or task in a game based on this discerned location. In another arrangement, a person's current position in a home... Agent:

20150016616 - Method and a device for measuring the amplitude noise and/or phase noise of a signal: A method and a device for determining an amplitude noise and/or phase noise contained within a signal performs a quadrature mixing of the signal containing the amplitude noise and/or the phase noise into the baseband or intermediate-frequency band and an amplitude demodulation downstream of the quadrature mixing in order to... Agent:

20150016617 - Modified mel filter bank structure using spectral characteristics for sound analysis: A system and method for detection of sound of interest amongst plurality of other dynamically varying sounds is disclosed. In one embodiment, a spectrum detector identifies dominant spectrum energy frequency by detecting the dominant spectrum energy band present in spectrum of sound energy. A modified mel filter bank is designed... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20150016618 - Uncomfortable sound pressure evaluation system, uncomfortable sound pressure evaluation apparatus, uncomfortable sound pressure adjustment apparatus, uncomfortable sound pressure evaluation method, and computer program thereof: An exemplary uncomfortable sound pressure evaluation system consecutively presents sound stimulation groups to a user. Each sound stimulation group includes a sound stimulation, and the sound stimulation groups differ in frequency from one another. The system includes: an extraction section configured to extract, for each sound stimulation group, information concerning... Agent:

20150016619 - Apparatus for detecting type of audio interface: An apparatus for detecting a type of an audio interface is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: an audio interface, comprising a pin 3 and a pin 4, in which one of the pin 3 and the pin 4 is configured as a MIC pin of the audio interface, and the other... Agent:

20150016620 - Transducer with motion control: An audio system comprises an electroacoustic transducer (1) with transducer connections (12, 13) to receive an audio signal (AS) in the audio frequency range from a driver circuit (14) and measure means (11) to measure the excursion of a diaphragm (3) of the electro-acoustic transducer (1), wherein a sensor signal... Agent:

20150016621 - Hearing aid tuning system and method: Systems and methods are provided herein that provide for hearing aid tuning.... Agent:

20150016622 - Dereverberation parameter estimation device and method, dereverberation/echo-cancellation parameterestimationdevice,dereverberationdevice,dereverberation/echo-cancellation device, and dereverberation device online conferencing system: In a conventional dereverberation system, when there is a fluctuating reverberation component, it has been difficult to determine, with high accuracy, a linear dereverberation filter for removing a non-fluctuating reverberation component. An algorithm integrating a dereverberation system using a linear filter and a dereverberation system using a non-linear filter includes... Agent:

20150016623 - Active noise cancellation method for enclosed cabins: A Noise Cancellation Process for enclosed cabins is disclosed. According to one embodiment, an input audio source corresponding to sound received from multiple microphones situated equidistantly in both directions in a two dimensional plane, is converted to a digital signal via an analog to digital (A/D) convertor. The A/D converted... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20150016624 - Audio interface adapter device and audio signal receiving apparatus: An audio interface adapter device and an audio signal receiving apparatus are provided. The audio interface adapter device comprises an audio interface having a pin 1, a pin 2, a pin 3 and a pin 4. The pin 1 and/or the pin 2 is used as an audio pin of... Agent: Tendyron Corporation

20150016625 - Audio processing device: An audio processing device includes an earphone with a microphone, a cord, and a cord holding part, and a main unit connected to the cord. The main unit processes an audio signal sent from the microphone, and the earphone includes a housing that stores the microphone. The housing also includes... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150016626 - Switching between a directly connected and a networked audio source: Examples include a playback device with an audio information source interface, a network interface, a processor, and data storage with program code, that when executed by the processor, causes the playback device to (a) receive a first analog signal including first audio information from a first audio information source, (b)... Agent:

20150016627 - Engine sound enhancement based on vehicle selected mode: A control system is provided for a vehicle having an engine which transitions between an activated mode and a deactivated mode. The control system includes a vehicle bus transmitting a signal indicating a vehicle selected mode and if the engine is operating in one of the activated mode and the... Agent:

20150016629 - Directional microphone device, acoustic signal processing method, and program: A directional microphone includes: a microphone which generates a first acoustic signal that has sensitivity in a target direction; a microphone which generates a second acoustic signal that has a blind spot in sensitivity in the target direction; a correction unit which multiplies, in a frequency domain, the second acoustic... Agent:

20150016628 - Method and circuitry for direction of arrival estimation using microphone array with a sharp null: A device is configured for identifying a direction of a sound. The device includes a controller comprising circuitry. The circuitry is configured to receive a first output from a first input device and a second output from a second input device. The circuitry is also configured to add a delay... Agent:

20150016630 - Pop-click noise grounding switch design with deep sub-micron cmos technology: A device for grounding pop-click noise may include an output block configured to generate an output signal at an output node. A switch circuit coupled to the output node may be configured to be operable to couple the output node to a ground potential. The switch circuit may include a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150016631 - Dynamic tail shortening: Systems and methods for reducing the length of music data files having decaying sound patterns are provided. A system and method can include analyzing a music data file including an attack portion and a tail portion. A fadeout range can be associated with the music data file, and a cut... Agent:

20150016632 - Systems and methods for remapping an audio range to a human perceivable range: A system for remapping an audio range to a human perceivable range includes an audio transducer configured to output audio and a processing circuit. The processing circuit is configured to receive the audio from an audio input, analyze the audio to determine a first audio range, a second audio range,... Agent:

20150016633 - Method and apparatus for multi-stage adaptive volume control: A method and apparatus for adaptively controlling the audio output (122) of a communication device (114) according to the noise characteristics of the receiver listening environment (119). An output volume for the communication device (114) is set by a user (e.g., listener 118). The communication device (114) can intermittently sample... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20150016634 - Circuits for improved audio signal reconstruction: An impedance matched resonant circuit uses inductors coupling an audio source and a speaker array in order to reduce feedback reflection induced by an audio signal traveling from the audio source to the array of speakers. An RC circuit could also be coupled to the positive and negative terminals of... Agent:

20150016635 - Differential microphone and method for driving a differential microphone: A differential microphone with improved biasing and a well defined common mode output voltage is connected to an amplifier that includes a differential amplifier stage and a common mode feedback circuit. The amplifier is in a feedback configuration.... Agent: Epcos Ag

20150016636 - System and method for a microphone amplifier: In accordance with an embodiment, a two-wire microphone includes an integrated circuit. The integrated circuit includes an amplifier having a power supply connection coupled to a first pin of the integrated circuit and a reference connection coupled to a second pin of the integrated circuit, and an impedance element having... Agent:

20150016637 - Method and apparatus to couple an audio source to a legacy audio system: An audio system including a legacy radio system having a radio and a set of speakers, and an audio selection system electrically coupled between the radio and the set of speakers. The audio selection system is configured to detect a signal containing audio information, with the signal not coming from... Agent:

20150016638 - Isolation of audio transducer: A head-mounted wearable device assembly is provided that includes a bone conduction transducer (BCT) and an elastomeric isolation member that provides acoustic isolation between the BCT and a housing of the head-mounted wearable device assembly. The elastomeric isolation member may be a polyurethane material having a hardness (durometer) on the... Agent:

20150016639 - Miniature speaker: A miniature speaker is disclosed. The miniature speaker includes a frame, a magnetic circuit unit positioned by the frame and forming a magnetic gap, and a vibration unit. The vibration unit includes a vibration plate having a diaphragm including a central portion, a periphery suspending the diaphragm, a suspension surrounding... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150016640 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generating device, and electronic device: An acoustic generator according to an aspect of an embodiment includes an exciter, a vibrating body, and a damping member. The exciter receives input of an electric signal and vibrates. The exciter is attached to the vibrating body, and the vibrating body vibrates together with the exciter with vibration of... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150016641 - Audio processing apparatus: An apparatus comprising: a spatial audio analyser configured to determine, using at least one audio signal, at least one acoustic source; a location determiner configured to determining at least one point of interest location associated with the at least one acoustic source; a trajectory determiner configured to determine a trajectory... Agent:

20150016643 - Apparatus and method for creating proximity sound effects in audio systems: An apparatus for driving loudspeakers of a sound system is provided. The sound system has at least two loudspeakers of a basic system and at least three loudspeakers of a focus system, each of the loudspeakers having a position in an environment. The apparatus has a basic channel provider for... Agent:

20150016642 - Spatial calibration of surround sound systems including listener position estimation: A method for calibrating a surround sound system is disclosed. The method utilizes a microphone array integrated in a front center loudspeaker of the surround sound system or a soundbar facing a listener. Positions of each loudspeaker relative to the microphone array can be estimated by playing a test signal... Agent:

20150016644 - Method and apparatus for hearing assistance in multiple-talker settings: Disclosed herein, among other things, are systems and methods for hearing assistance in multiple-talker settings. One aspect of the present subject matter includes a method of operating a hearing assistance device for a user in an environment. A parameter is sensed relating to facing orientation of a talker in communication... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150016645 - Hearing aid with inductively coupled electromagnetic resonator antenna: A hearing aid includes an antenna for wireless communication with another device. The antenna includes a primary element connected to the circuit of the hearing aid and one or more secondary elements parasitically coupled to the primary element. This antenna configuration substantially increases radiation efficiency when compared to an antenna... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150016646 - Parallel antennas for standard fit hearing assistance devices: An embodiment of a hearing assistance device comprises a housing, a power source, a radio circuit, an antenna and a transmission line. The radio circuit is within the housing and electrically connected to the power source. The antenna has an aperture, and the radio circuit is at least substantially within... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150016647 - Signal processor for a hearing device and method for operating a hearing device: A signal processor for a hearing device with an implantable stimulator having two or more electrodes for emitting electric charge pulses to neural-fibres of an individual. The processor has a signal path comprising an input circuit adapted to receive an acoustic-signal from the surroundings and provide at least one corresponding... Agent:

20150016648 - Acoustically transparent barrier layer to seal audio transducers: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for mitigating foreign material buildup for hearing assistance device components. The present subject matter includes a hearing assistance device transducer barrier layer configured to resist accumulation and passage of foreign materials. In various embodiments, the barrier layer includes a membrane that... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150016649 - Vibration isolation in a bone conduction device: A bone conduction device, including a bone fixture adapted to be fixed to bone, a vibratory element adapted to be attached to the bone fixture and configured to vibrate in response to sound signals, and a vibration isolator adapted to be disposed between the vibratory element and the bone.... Agent:

20150016650 - Audio extension module: Provided is an audio extension module including: a body that is configured to include a first cover that is covered with an image display device and a second cover that is fixed to a wall; an audio output unit that is configured to be built into the body and that... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150016651 - Visual and/or acoustic privacy features: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of visual and/or acoustic privacy features. For example, exemplary embodiments are disclosed that include visual and/or acoustic privacy features for furniture (e.g., office chair, desk, table, cubicle, etc.). The visual and/or acoustic privacy features are movable relative to the user and/or furniture between at least a... Agent:

20150016652 - Sealed speaker system having a pressure vent: A sealed speaker system includes an enclosure and a transducer diaphragm mounted within the enclosure, where an increase in air pressure within the enclosure results in an outward movement of the diaphragm toward an exterior of the enclosure, and a decrease in air pressure within the enclosure results in an... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150016654 - Headset with retinal display and integrated computing system: The adjustable headset is an all in one device that includes an adjustable support band, a display system, a first and second ear cover, a computer system, a communications system, and a power source. The adjustable support band connects to each ear cover, with the ear covers being adjacent to... Agent:

20150016653 - Tunable headphone: A tuning headphone is adapted to engage to the user's ear. The tuning headphone includes a perforated frame, a tuning frame and an acoustic generator. The perforated frame comprises a frame annular portion and a frame flat surface. The frame flat surface is arranged at a distal end of the... Agent:

20150016655 - Cable organization assemblies: An electrical wire assembly is described that has a first audio electrical wire and a second audio electrical wire. These audio electrical wires can be encapsulated by a thermo-resistant material. The thermo-resistant material encapsulating the first audio electrical wire can encapsulate a ridge, and the thermo-resistant material encapsulating the second... Agent:

20150016656 - Dual-diaphragm acoustic transducer: A dual-diaphragm acoustic transducer includes a substrate defining an opening, an inner diaphragm and an outer diaphragm concentrically mounted at one same side of the substrate corresponding to the opening of the substrate, and a plurality of elastic supporting members connected between the outer perimeter of the inner diaphragm and... Agent:

20150016657 - Vibrating diaphragm and sounder using the same: A diaphragm and a sounder using the same are disclosed in the present disclosure. The diaphragm includes a suspension portion and a dome assembled with the suspension portion. The dome includes a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layer, a middle layer and an adhesive layer, with the middle layer sandwiched between the... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150016659 - Miniature electroacoustic transducer and assembling method thereof: A miniature electroacoustic transducer includes: a metal shell, having the shape of a barrel with one open end; a vibrating system, including a vibrating diaphragm and a voice coil; and a magnetic circuit system, including a concentrating flux plate, a magnet and a magnetic yoke that are sequentially combined together.... Agent: Goertek Inc. A Corporation

20150016658 - Thin speaker structure: A thin speaker structure comprises: a long support frame; a magnetic circuit member; a voice coil; a membrane; wherein the magnetic circuit member and voice coil are rounded and the membrane includes an elliptic surrounding and an elliptic body with a center portion and a peripheral portion; the peripheral portion... Agent: Fortune Grand Technology Inc.

20150016660 - Speaker device, audio visual equipment, mobile information processing apparatus, vehicle, and earphone: A speaker device includes: a magnetic circuit including a plate 1, a magnet 2 having no through-hole, and a yoke 3 forming a magnetic gap; a voice coil 6 disposed in the magnetic gap; a diaphragm 4 directly or indirectly fixed to the voice coil 6; and a magnetic fluid... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

01/08/2015 > 45 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20150010155 - Method for determining an encoding parameter for a multi-channel audio signal and multi-channel audio encoder: The invention relates to a method for determining an encoding parameter for an audio channel signal of a multi-channel audio signal, the method comprising: determining for the audio channel signal a set of functions from the audio channel signal and a reference audio signal; determining a first set of encoding... Agent:

20150010156 - Speech intelligibility detection: Methods and systems are provided for enhancing speech intelligibility in electronic devices. During outputting of acoustic signal via an electronic device, measurement of forces applied by user of the electronic device against the device (or enclosure thereof) may be obtained. The force measurements may be used to assess and/or estimate... Agent:

20150010158 - Headset with fit detection system: Headphones with acoustically resistant ear cups, an external noise sensor mounted thereto that monitors ambient noise, and internal sensors to monitor noise within each ear cup are disclosed. A processing system monitors the external and interior sound detected by the sensors and compares the level inside the ear cups with... Agent:

20150010157 - Microphone test procedure: In one embodiment, the invention is a microphone system with an internal test circuit. The system includes a microphone having a housing with an acoustic port, a first transducer, a second transducer, a controller, and a current source. The system also includes an acoustic assembly with a cover and an... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150010161 - Adapter for real ear measurements: An adapter configured to connect to a probe tube for calibrating a hearing aid device is disclosed. The adapter comprises a tubular pipe member and an opening through which the adapter is adapted to receive the probe tube. The adapter comprises an input member configured to connect to a connection... Agent: Oticon A/s

20150010160 - Determination of individual hrtfs: A method of determining a set of individual HRTFs for a specific human includes: obtaining a set of approximate HRTFs; obtaining at least one measured HRTF of the specific human; determining a deviation of one of the at least one measured HRTF with relation to a corresponding one of the... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20150010159 - Dynamic negotiation and discovery of hearing aid features and capabilities by fitting software to provide forward and backward compatibility: A method to determine if a feature of a hearing assistance device may include transmitting, from a hearing assistance device application to a hearing assistance device, a request to determine if a feature is supported by the hearing assistance device; receiving, from the hearing assistance device, a response message identifying... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150010163 - Active reduction of harmonic noise from multiple noise sources: A system and method for reducing harmonic noise caused by two or more noise sources by causing one or more loudspeakers to produce sounds that are at about the same frequencies as the noise and of substantially opposite phase. There is a noise canceller associated with each noise source. Each... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150010162 - Systems and methods for optimizing an audio communication system: Methods and systems for optimizing and audio communication system, including detecting a surrounding noise profile, determining one or more states of one or more noise-related conditions corresponding to the surrounding noise profile, and associating the one or more states of the one or more noise-related conditions to the surrounding noise... Agent:

20150010164 - Method of adjusting an active noise cancelling system: A method of adjusting an ANC system is disclosed in which a microphone is acoustically coupled to a loudspeaker via a secondary path and the loudspeaker is electrically coupled to the microphone via an ANC filter. The method includes measuring phase characteristics of the secondary path in various modes of... Agent:

20150010165 - Microphone module with and method for feedback suppression: A microphone module and method for suppressing feedback in a microphone. The module has a casing with a hollow bore therethrough and a microphone mounted in one end of the bore. The other end of the bore is completely covered by a film mounted onto the top of the casing.... Agent:

20150010166 - Sound enhancement for home theaters: A method and process and system for enhancing and customizing movie theatre sound includes receiving an input audio sound and enhancing the received sound. The enhanced audio sound is subsequently tone adjusted to create a tone adjusted enhanced sound, which is then outputted. The enhancement includes the parallel processing the... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20150010167 - System and method for controlling device location determination: A controlling device such as a remote control has programming for transmitting a signal response to a plurality of control environments, each environment including a signaling device. Each signaling device in receipt of the signal request sends a signal response having a unique ID which is chosen to be characteristically... Agent:

20150010169 - Apparatus, systems and methods for adjusting output audio volume based on user location: Systems and methods are operable to adjust an output audio volume level of presented audio content that is output as sound from one or more speakers in a media presentation environment. An exemplary embodiment detects movement of a user who is listening to the audio content; increases the output audio... Agent: Echostar Ukraine LLC

20150010168 - Sound producing system and audio amplifying method thereof: The invention provides one sound producing system including a speaker, a driving circuit and an audio controller. The speaker is used for producing an audible sound. The driving circuit is connected to the speaker. The audio controller is configured to receive an input audio signal and pre-amplify the input audio... Agent:

20150010170 - Multi-rate filter system: A multi-rate filter system is disclosed. More particularly, a computationally efficient multi-rate filter system for processing an audio stream on a consumer electronics device is disclosed. The multi-rate filter system includes a plurality of multi-rate filtering blocks, at least one block including a linear filter component. At least one multi-rate... Agent:

20150010171 - Circuit for use with a loudspeaker for portable equipments: The invention relates to a circuit (100) for use with a loudspeaker (104) having a first differential input terminal (t1) and a second differential input terminal (t2), the circuit (100) comprising: a differential power amplifier (103) having a first differential output terminal (t3) operatively connected to the first differential input... Agent:

20150010172 - Throat vibration audio wireless transmission apparatus: A throat vibration audio wireless transmission apparatus comprises a body, a throat vibration detection module and a wireless transmission module. The body includes a cap, a flexible base and a deformation holding member. The cap has multiple cover portions and at least one elastic bending portion bridging two neighboring cover... Agent:

20150010173 - Apparatus and method for providing a frequency response for audio signals: An apparatus includes a housing and a piezoelectric element coupled to the housing. The apparatus also includes an electromagnetic element coupled to the housing. The piezoelectric element is configured to convert first signals within a first frequency band into first sound waves by vibrating a first portion of the housing.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150010174 - Vibration device, sound generator, speaker system, and electronic device: A vibration device includes a first frame member, a first vibration body, a second frame member, a second vibration body, and an exciter. The first vibration body is provided in an inner region of the first frame member. The second frame member is attached to the first vibration body with... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150010175 - Handling power dissipation in a multi microspeaker module: Embodiments of the invention include a micro speaker assembly that has two drivers, each having a separate yoke, set of magnets, voice coil, and acoustic diaphragms. One driver may produce high frequency (HF) sound while the other produces low frequency (LF) sound. The two drivers may be packaged, side-by-side, within... Agent:

20150010176 - Apparatus and method for providing a frequency response for audio signals: An apparatus includes a moving mass transducer. The moving mass transducer generates sound by displacement of a surface defined by a piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element is displaced in response to an interaction of a first signal with a magnetic field. The piezoelectric element is configured to be separately driving... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150010177 - Hearing aid and method for controlling hearing aid: A hearing aid and a method of controlling a hearing aid are provided. The hearing aid includes a sensor configured to obtain sensor data corresponding to a user movement, a pattern identifying unit configured to identify a pattern in the sensor data, and a control unit configured to determine whether... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150010178 - System and method for locating a hearing aid: A smart phone including a computer readable storage medium to store a hearing aid locator application and a processor coupled to the computer readable storage medium to execute the hearing aid locator application to track a last known location of a hearing aid.... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20150010181 - Apparatus and method for outputting sound in mobile terminal: An apparatus and method for outputting a sound with Hearing Aids Compatibility (HAC) in a mobile terminal. The sound output apparatus includes a modem chip including a first amplifier amplifying and transferring an electric signal to a switch, a switch that selectively connects an output line of the first amplifier... Agent:

20150010180 - Hearing assistance devices with echo cancellation: According to various embodiment of a method of operating a hearing instrument, an acoustic signal pathway is provided from a microphone through a signal processor to a hearing instrument (HI) receiver in an acoustic mode of operation. An RF transmit signal pathway is provided from the microphone to an RF... Agent:

20150010179 - Method and apparatus for communication between hearing assistance devices in a bluetooth network: A hearing assistance system provides for wireless communication between hearing assistance devices that are in a Bluetooth connection with a host device. In various embodiments, during a Bluetooth connection interval, one or more time slots are used for communication between the host device and one or more of the hearing... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150010182 - Hearing device and method of identifying hearing situations having different signal sources: A hearing aid has an acoustoelectric transducer, a pickup device for picking up an electrical or electromagnetic signal and converting it into an electrical signal. The hearing aid further has a signal processing device, an electromechanical transducer for outputting an acoustic signal, and a signal estimation device. The signal estimation... Agent:

20150010183 - Methods, systems, and devices for selecting spectral components: Methods, systems, and devices for selecting one or more spectral components to include in a stimulation signal are disclosed. An example sound processor is configured to generate a stimulation signal based on one or more spectral components having an energy that is greater than or equal to one or more... Agent:

20150010184 - Coupling member and hearing system using it: A coupling member for joining a male member and a female member of a hearing aid device or a hearing diagnosis device is disclosed. The coupling member comprises a male member that comprises two or more annular ribs extending radially from a pipe member having a distal end. The female... Agent:

20150010185 - Devices and methods for hearing: A device to transmit an audio signal to a user comprises a transducer and a support. The support is configured for placement on the eardrum to drive the eardrum. The transducer is coupled to the support at a first location to decrease occlusion and a second location to drive the... Agent:

20150010186 - Car speakerphone with automatic adjustment of microphone directivity: A car speakerphone (10; 32; 47; 48; 49) to be attached to a sun visor (4) in the cabin of a car (5), which sun visor (4) is of the type, that can be rotated about a first axis (38) into different adjustment positions (P). The speakerphone (10; 32; 47;... Agent:

20150010188 - Bracket with sound boxes for a tablet electronic device: A bracket with sound boxes for a tablet electronic device, comprises an arch-shaped connecting piece and sound boxes respectively installed on two opposite ends of the arch-shaped connecting piece. Opposite inner sides of the two sound boxes are respectively provided with a fixing holder for erecting the tablet electronic device.... Agent:

20150010187 - Display device: A display device includes: a display panel which displays an image; a rear chassis which covers a rear surface of the display panel, where the rear chassis includes: a first protruding region which protrudes to a rear surface of the chassis; and a second protruding region which is disposed in... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150010189 - Cooler with integrated audio system: A combination cooler and audio system device is described which is configured to insulate foods and beverages while simultaneously emitting audio from at least one onboard speaker. The device is equipped with a Bluetooth radio configured to interface with an audio device such as a cell phone or Mp3 player... Agent:

20150010190 - Sound generating apparatus and electronic apparatus including the same: A sound generating apparatus is provided for expanding a mid-range of a slit-firing type speaker system. The sound generating apparatus includes a vibrator, a body part which encloses the vibrator, a path through which the generated sound is transmitted, and a slit formed in a length direction of the body... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150010191 - Gradient micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) microphone: In at least one embodiment, a micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphone assembly is provided. The assembly includes an enclosure, a MEMS transducer, and a plurality of substrate layers. The single MEMS transducer is positioned within the enclosure. The plurality of substrate layers support the single MEMS transducer. The plurality of substrate... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150010192 - Electronic device having microphone device: An electronic device having a microphone device is provided. The electronic device includes at least one case frame which forms the external appearance of the electronic device, at least one microphone device which is disposed in the at least one case frame, and at least one microphone hole which is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150010193 - Earphone: An earphone adapted to be worn in a user's ear has a body having a front face. There is a speaker in the front face of the body. A radially projecting brim surrounds the front face, the brim having an elongated shape configured fit in the concha of the user's... Agent:

20150010194 - Speaker grille and assembly: A speaker grille is provided including a front portion capable of sound transmission and side portions extending from the front portion. Each side portion includes an edge and a projection that extends beyond the edge, where each side portion has a substantially similar capability for sound transmission as the front... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20150010195 - Magnetically one-side driven planar transducer with improved electro-magnetic circuit: A single-ended planar transducer device for generating a sound signal based on an electrical signal comprising at least two primary rows of primary magnets, at least one return row of at least one return structure, a diaphragm, a conductive trace formed on the diaphragm, and a frame. The frame supports... Agent:

20150010197 - Speaker diaphragm and production method for speaker diaphragm: A diaphragm can be obtained which exhibits large internal loss and Young's modulus and which can be produced efficiently. A speaker diaphragm 1 comprises at least one layer 1A formed by molding a component member configured by a fiber and a tangled fiber body of a synthetic fiber. The synthetic... Agent:

20150010196 - Three-magnet type microspeaker: A three-magnet type microspeaker includes: a frame; a yoke coupled to the frame to form a bottom surface; a center magnet secured to a top of the yoke; a pair of side magnets secured to the top of the yoke and disposed at both sides of the center magnet; a... Agent:

20150010198 - Acoustic transducer: This invention relates to acoustic transducers with stationary and moving coils, and methods for operating the acoustic transducers. Time varying signals are applied to the moving and stationary coils to control the movement of a diaphragm, which produces sound. The time varying signal applied to the moving coil corresponds to... Agent:

20150010199 - Performance enhancing apparatus of balanced armature transducer: A balanced armature transducer is provided. The balanced armature transducer is formed with components housed within a frame and includes a pair of magnets separated by a gap to form a Direct Current (DC) magnetic field, and an armature having one end positioned between the separated magnets and having another... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 49 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150003616 - Navigation with three dimensional audio effects: Mechanisms for navigation via three dimensional audio effects are described. A current location of a device and a first point of interest are determined. The point of interest may be determined based on a web service and the current location of the device may be determined via mobile device signals.... Agent:

20150003617 - Power supplies: Techniques for providing multiple power supplies in electronic devices are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, an appropriate power supply is provided only to accommodate a volume setting. In other words, there are at least two power supplies, one with a low voltage and the other with... Agent:

20150003618 - Vehicle engine sound extraction: A method includes performing a harmonic decomposition on a target engine sound, thereby to extract each of N harmonics of the target engine sound over an RPM range; and out of the extracted harmonics, extracting phase and shape information for each of the N harmonics over the RPM range for... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150003619 - Water leak warning device: An easy-to-use, installation-free water leak warning device having a sturdy hollow body enclosing essential functioning elements including a power source, an amplifier, a speaker, and portions of two electrodes. The water leak warning device is preferably small in size and may be placed at potential water leak or flooding spots.... Agent: Widget Lab Inc

20150003621 - Personal noise reduction method for enclosed cabins: A Personal Noise Reduction for enclosed cabins is disclosed. According to one embodiment, an input audio source corresponding to sound received from multiple microphones situated equidistantly in both directions in a two dimensional plane, is converted to a digital signal via an analog to digital (A/D) convertor. The AID converted... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20150003620 - Reducing ambient noise distraction with an electronic personal display: A method and system for reducing ambient noise distraction with an electronic personal display is disclosed. One example determines when the electronic personal display is in reader mode. In addition, ambient noise around the electronic personal display is also detected. Noise cancelling sound waves are generated at the electronic personal... Agent:

20150003628 - Near-end listening intelligibility enhancement: Methods and systems are provided for enhancing listening intelligibility in electronic devices. A vibration sensor may be used to generate feedback corresponding to vibrations caused by the outputting of the acoustic signals, and the feedback may be used in adjusting the listening intelligibility stage. In some instances, a microphone may... Agent:

20150003625 - Apparatus and method for improving the perceived quality of sound reproduction by combining active noise cancellation and a perceptual noise compensation: An apparatus for improving a perceived quality of sound reproduction of an audio output signal is provided. The apparatus has an active noise cancellation unit for generating a noise cancellation signal based on an environmental audio signal, wherein the environmental audio signal has noise signal portions, the noise signal portions... Agent:

20150003622 - Headphone cable and plug thereof: A headphone cable and a plug thereof are provided. The headphone cable includes a first plug, a first microphone module, a first transmission line, a noise-cancellation module, and a second transmission line. The first plug has a first isolation portion with a first connector protruded thereon. The first connector is... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150003623 - Headset having a microphone: Noise cancelling headsets and a method of improving audio sensitivity for a headset are disclosed. The headset comprises a speaker, a microphone unit comprising at least a first and a second microphone for picking up incoming sound and generating a first audio signal generated at least partly from the at... Agent:

20150003624 - Muting device: In order to enable noises entering the ear from random directions to be muted without wearing headphones, this muting device is provided with: a super-directional microphone that detects noises in spot areas around the ear at pinpoints; and an ultrasonic speaker that modulates and outputs a carrier signal supplied by... Agent: Kyushu Institute Of Technology

20150003626 - Active noise cancellation method for automobiles: A Noise Cancellation Process for enclosed cabins is disclosed. According to one embodiment, an input audio source corresponding to sound received from multiple microphones situated equidistantly in both directions in a two dimensional plane, is converted to a digital signal via an analog to digital (A/D) convertor. The A/D converted... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20150003627 - Steerable sensor array system with video input: Disclosed is a video controlled beam steering mechanism for an adaptive filter in a sensor array system that receives input from a target and applies an averaging filter and appropriately steers the beam. An adaptive filter is then used if the SNR of the output of the averaging filter reaches... Agent:

20150003629 - Portable wireless speaker system: A portable wireless speaker system including a flexible spring band and a wireless speaker portion. The audio communication module is operably connected to the speaker module. The enclosure at least partially covers the speaker module and the audio communication module. The flexible spring band is capable of being positioned in... Agent:

20150003630 - Dual wireless mode speaker and control method thereof: A dual-wireless mode speaker is disclosed, which includes a controller and a wireless receiver module connected to the controller. The wireless receiver module includes a Bluetooth receiver module and a WiFi receiver module. The speaker further includes an audio processing module with an input terminal coupled to the controller and... Agent:

20150003631 - Device for estimating placement of physical objects: An object position estimating apparatus which estimates positions of M objects in real space (M being an integer not less than 2), including: a characteristic vector generating unit operable to generate, for each of M objects, a characteristic vector, the characteristic vector including as its components measurements of the object... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20150003632 - Methods and systems for efficient recovery of high frequency audio content: The present document relates to the technical field of audio coding, decoding and processing. It specifically relates to methods of recovering high frequency content of an audio signal from low frequency content of the same audio signal in an efficient manner. A method for determining a first banded tonality value... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20150003633 - Max sound audio program: A process and system for enhancing and customizing sound comprises receiving an input audio sound and processing the input by one or more filter blocks to dynamically reshape the dynamic, phase and frequency content of the input audio sound. The parallel processed audio is combined in a sound mixer and... Agent: Max Sound Corporation

20150003634 - Audio tuning based upon device location: An apparatus including at least one sensor configured to sense location of at least one portion of a head of a user relative to the apparatus; at least one processor; and at least one memory having software. The processor and the software are configured to process audio signals based, at... Agent:

20150003635 - Systems and methods for tracking and presenting tinnitus therapy data: The treatment of tinnitus may include a tinnitus therapy including generating a tinnitus therapy sound that is similar to a patient's perceived tinnitus sound. In one example, a method for tinnitus therapy may include tracking a tinnitus therapy over a duration, the tinnitus therapy including a tinnitus therapy sound matching... Agent:

20150003636 - Scalable and automatic distance-based audio adjustment: A computer program product, method, apparatus, and system determine location data of a performance. Further, the computer program product, method, and system provide the location data to an audio adjustment device that calculates a distance-based audio adjustment based upon a difference between a position of the performance indicated by the... Agent:

20150003637 - Method for utilizing multi-tone identification and audio apparatus utilizing the same: A method for utilizing multi-tone identification and an audio apparatus utilizing the same are provided. The audio apparatus includes a microphone, a tone generator, a modulator and an amplifier. The microphone is configured to generate an audio signal. The tone generator is configured to generate a set of tones which... Agent:

20150003638 - Sensor device: A microphone has a package, a support base fixed to an inner surface of the package, and a plurality of acoustic sensors disposed on a surface of the support base. The package has a sound hole opened in a region in which the support base is disposed. The support base... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150003641 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generating device, and electronic device: An acoustic generator according to an embodiment is provided with a vibration body, an exciter (piezoelectric vibration element), and a coating portion. The exciter is joined onto the vibration body through a joining portion. The coating portion is provided from the exciter to the vibration body. Furthermore, at least a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150003642 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generating device, and electronic device: An acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a vibrating body and an exciter. The exciter is provided on the vibrating body, and vibrates by an input of an electrical signal. The exciter includes a protrusion or a recess on/in a surface of a side of the vibrating body.... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150003643 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generating device, and electronic device: An acoustic generator includes a vibrating body. The acoustic generator includes a frame member attached by a bonding material to an external peripheral portion of the vibrating body. The acoustic generator has an exciter provided on the vibrating body inside of the frame member. In this case, the acoustic generator... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150003640 - Dynamic microphone unit and dynamic microphone: A dynamic microphone unit includes a diaphragm vibrating upon receiving acoustic waves, a voice coil fixed to the diaphragm, vibrating together with the diaphragm, a magnetic circuit generating a magnetic field in a magnetic gap in which the voice coil is disposed, a rear air chamber formed behind the magnetic... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150003639 - Flat panel loudspeaker system: A flat panel loudspeaker system may include a panel having a core, an inner sheet coupled to an inner surface of the core and an outer sheet coupled to an outer surface of the core, the panel having a weakened area defined by at least one slot formed through the... Agent:

20150003644 - External ear canal pressure regulation system: An external ear canal pressure regulation device including a fluid flow generator and an earpiece having a first axial earpiece conduit fluidicly coupled to the fluid flow generator, whereby the earpiece has a compliant earpiece external surface configured to sealably engage an external ear canal as a barrier between an... Agent: Gbs Ventures LLC

20150003645 - Condenser microphone: A handheld condenser microphone is provided with a condenser microphone unit having two unidirectional condenser elements. A conductive fabric 221 is put between a lock ring 213 and the second condenser element 10b, when an acoustic-electric transducer 220 is fixed inside a unit case 210 by fastening force of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20150003646 - Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device: An object is to provide a preferable frequency characteristic of a sound pressure. For achieving the object, an acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a piezoelectric element (exciter), a flat vibration plate, and a frame body. The piezoelectric element receives input of an electric signal and vibrates. The piezoelectric... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150003647 - Audio playback method and apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention provide an audio playback method and apparatus. The embodiments of the present invention provide an audio playback method, applied to a mobile terminal that has a spatial attitude sensor, where the mobile terminal includes at least three speakers, and the at least three speakers are... Agent:

20150003648 - Display apparatus and method for providing stereophonic sound service: Embodiments disclose a display apparatus including a controller configured to detect a vocalized position in the video frame; and an audio processor configured to process an audio signal corresponding to the video frame differently according to a distance between the vocalized position and each of the plurality of speakers, create... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003649 - Headphone response measurement and equalization: An apparatus for evaluating performance of a headphone assembly comprising is provided with a base and a support having a proximal end extending from the base. The support includes a distal end that is adapted for supporting a headphone assembly, and the support includes a pair of opposing sides that... Agent:

20150003651 - Method and apparatus using head movement for user interface: A hearing device, a hearing device controller and a method of controlling a hearing device are provided. A hearing device includes a movement estimation unit configured to estimate a head movement using audio signals, and a hearing device control unit configured to control an operation of the hearing device based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150003650 - Systems and methods for a tinnitus therapy: The treatment of tinnitus may include a tinnitus therapy including generating a tinnitus therapy sound that is similar to a patient's perceived tinnitus sound. In one example, a method for generating a tinnitus adjusted sound may include presenting a plurality of different sound templates to a user from a series... Agent:

20150003652 - Hearing aid operating in dependence of position: A new hearing aid system is provided, comprising a location detector, e.g. a GPS receiver, for determination of the geographical position of the user of the hearing aid system, and an environment detector configured for determination of the type of sound environment surrounding the user of the hearing aid system... Agent:

20150003654 - Hearing aid compatible mobile electronic device: A hearing aid compatible mobile electronic device is provided. The hearing aid compatible mobile electronic device includes a wireless communication unit including a power amplification module, a power source configured to transfer a first current to the power amplification module through a sending end thereof and to receive a second... Agent:

20150003653 - Method and apparatus for localization of streaming sources in hearing assistance system: A hearing assistance system streams audio signals from one or more streaming sources to a hearing aid set and enhances the audio signals such that the output sounds transmitted to the hearing aid wearer include a spatialization effect allowing for localization of each of the one more streaming sources. The... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150003655 - Vented dome: A hearing device includes a BTE unit and a thin acoustic tube. The BTE unit includes a microphone, an amplifier, a power source, and a receiver and is configured to mount behind or on a user's ear. The tube includes a proximal end and a distal end with the proximal... Agent: Bernafon Ag

20150003656 - Garment with waterproof receptacle: An article of swimming apparel includes a swimsuit adapted for wear in a wet environment and a waterproof receptacle coupled with the swimsuit for receiving a personal electronic device and protecting the personal electronic device against exposure to water or other liquids. The receptacle includes a waterproof speaker that facilitates... Agent:

20150003657 - Inverse horn loudspeakers: In a low frequency transducer system a multi-compression chamber, an inverse horn structure is employed in combination with a resonance-distortion filter chamber. The filter chamber effectively expands the effective enclosure volume at low frequencies and connected to one of the compression chambers filter parasitic resonances and distortion and allowing the... Agent:

20150003658 - Speaker device: A cabinet to which a speaker unit is attached is configured to have an enclosed space where sound waves outputted from the rear surface of the speaker unit are transmitted, a sound guide space separated from the enclosed space, and an outlet for the sound waves transmitted in the sound... Agent:

20150003659 - Electronic device with large back volume for electromechanical transducer: An electronic device comprising a substrate, a cover delimiting at least a part of a main surface of the substrate to thereby form a cover-substrate arrangement enclosing a hollow space and having a through hole, an electroacoustic transducer configured for converting between an electric signal and an acoustic signal and... Agent:

20150003660 - Systems and methods for using a speaker as a microphone in a mobile device: In accordance with methods and systems of the present disclosure, a mobile device may include an enclosure adapted such that the enclosure is readily transported by a user of the mobile device, a speaker associated with the enclosure for generating sound, and a controller within the enclosure, communicatively coupled to... Agent:

20150003661 - Energy conversion apparatus: Provided is an energy conversion apparatus including a diaphragm on which a coil of a lead pattern is formed, a magnet substrate configured to generate a magnetic field towards the coil on the diaphragm, and a magnetic film configured to generate magnetic force between the magnetic film and the magnet... Agent:

20150003662 - Acoustic transducer: An acoustic transducer (104) is shown, which may be configured as either a loudspeaker or a microphone. The acoustic transducer includes a magnet system (401), and a diaphragm (303) having a conductive element (402) disposed on it. The conductive element has a first outer conductive portion (405) and a second... Agent:

20150003663 - Moving coil miniature loudspeaker module: A miniature loudspeaker may include a driver module with a flexible carrier having a proximal portion arranged within the perimeter of the frame and a distal portion arranged outside the perimeter of the frame, the flexible carrier carrying an output amplifier. The flexible carrier may be provided with electrically conductive... Agent: Analog Devices A/s

20150003664 - Multi-stranded voice coil wire: A multi-stranded voice coil wire includes an elastic body and at least a metal wire. The metal wire is twisted around the elastic body, the metal wire being surrounded by an insulating layer, and the insulating layer being surrounded by an adhesive layer. In the present invention, the elastic body... Agent:

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