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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/13

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02/28/2013 > 47 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20130051560 - 3-dimensional audio projection: Described are computer-based methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, for audio data processing. In some examples, a 3-dimensional audio projection method includes receiving a first set of audio transmissions, each of the audio transmissions in the first set of audio transmissions comprises audio data and location data; determining, for... Agent: Raytheon Company

20130051562 - Sound reproducing device: A sound reproducing device includes: a plug section configured to receive input of L-channel and R-channel audio signals; an L-channel housing section including at least an L-channel driver unit configured to produce sound on the basis of the L-channel audio signal, an L-channel microphone configured to collect external sound, and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051561 - Sound reproduction device: There is provided a sound reproduction device including a left channel housing unit that accommodates at least a left channel driver unit outputting a left channel sound, a left channel microphone recording an external sound, and a left channel micro-computer controlling a setting for a noise cancelling processing based on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051563 - Speaker apparatus: A speaker apparatus includes speaker units, a first inputting section to which one channel audio signal is supplied, a second inputting section to which at least L-channel and R-channel audio signals are supplied, an acoustic effect imparting section that performs a first signal processing on the audio signal supplied to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20130051564 - Method and apparatus for frequency domain watermark processing a multi-channel audio signal in real-time: Digital audio signal watermarking in real-time is difficult in an environment that has limited processing power. According to the invention, the channels in a data block-based audio multi-channel signal are prioritized with respect to watermarking importance, whereby the channel priority can change for different input signal data blocks. For a... Agent:

20130051566 - Method and a binaural listening system for maximizing a better ear effect: The present invention relates to a listening device for a hearing impaired person. The present invention furthermore relates to a corresponding operating method of operating a listening device and to a corresponding computer program. In particular, the present invention relates to a listening device that comprises a signal processing unit... Agent: Oticon A/s

20130051565 - Method, a listening device and a listening system for maximizing a better ear effect: A method of processes audio signals picked up from a sound field by a microphone system of a listening device adapted for being worn at a particular one of the left or right ear of a user, the sound field comprising sound signals from one or more sound sources, the... Agent: Oticon A/s

20130051571 - Apparatus and method for processing an audio signal using patch border alignment: Apparatus for processing an audio signal to generate a bandwidth extended signal having a high frequency part and a low frequency part using parametric data for the high frequency part, the parametric data relating to frequency bands of the high frequency part includes a patch border calculator for calculating a... Agent:

20130051568 - Communication devices that encode and transmit data, methods of controlling such communication devices, and computer-readable storage media storing instructions for controlling such communication devices: A communication device includes a processor and a memory. The memory stores computer-readable instructions therein. The computer-readable instructions instruct the processor to acquire media data comprising one or more of image data and audio data from an acquiring device. The computer-readable instructions instruct the processor to encode the acquired media... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20130051570 - Method, system and computer program product for estimating a level of noise: In response to a signal failing to exceed an estimated level of noise by more than a predetermined amount for more than a predetermined continuous duration, the estimated level of noise is adjusted according to a first time constant in response to the signal rising and a second time constant... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130051569 - System and a method for determining a position of a sound source: In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the sound source position determining system comprises a detector (101) for detecting sound data, and a computing unit (103) for computing MUSIC spectrum for each direction and time. The system includes a state transition model that describes state and transition of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20130051567 - Tap detection of sound output device: Embodiments herein relate to controlling a connection to an interface. In an embodiment, a protection circuit is to detect a voltage at an input rail of a regulator, where the regulator is to provide power to a peripheral device via an interface. Next, the protection circuit is to compare the... Agent:

20130051572 - Method for optimizing reproduction of audio signals from an apparatus for audio reproduction: There is provided a calibration method for calibrating a variable number of speakers. The method includes determining physical features around a location of each of the variable number of speakers and calibrating at least one of the variable number of speakers.... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20130051573 - Method for fitting a hearing aid, and hearing aid: This method for fitting a hearing aid involves displaying the coordinate positions of parameters produced on the basis of a plurality of fitting theories, and the evaluation results for these parameters, on a display section 5, and using those parameters with good evaluation results to set a fine adjustment recommended... Agent:

20130051574 - Method of removing microphone noise and portable terminal supporting the same: A method of removing a microphone noise and a portable terminal supporting the same are provided. The portable terminal supporting removal of a microphone noise includes a microphone for collecting an audio signal, a controller for processing the audio signal collected by the microphone, a microphone signal line for transferring... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20130051575 - Wireless headset with touch pen: A wireless headset with touch pen includes a housing, a controlling circuit unit, an ear piece, and a touch pen. The controlling circuit unit is disposed within the housing, and the ear piece is arranged on the housing and connected electrically to the controlling circuit unit. The touch pen is... Agent:

20130051576 - Touch pen with wireless voice capability: The invention provides a touch pen with wireless voice capability which comprises a body, an audio receiving unit, a wireless communication module, and a micro-processing unit. The body has a touch portion and a first signal connector. The wireless communication module is disposed in the body, and the wireless communication... Agent: Dexin Corporation

20130051577 - Array microphone apparatus for generating a beam forming signal and beam forming method thereof: Embodiments described in the present disclosure relate to an array microphone apparatus for generating a beam forming signal. The apparatus includes first, second, and third omni-directional microphones, each converting an audible signal into a corresponding electrical signal. The second omni-directional microphone is disposed between the other two omni-directional microphones. The... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20130051578 - Network signal receiving system and network signal receiving method: The disclosure provides a network signal receiving system and a network signal receiving method. The network signal receiving system comprises: a high pass filter, a canceller, and an adder. The high pass filter is utilized for performing a high pass filtering operation for an audio data signal to output at... Agent:

20130051581 - Audio signal processing circuit: An audio signal processing circuit includes: a first low-pass filter configured to pass a component whose frequency is in a band lower than a lowest reproducible frequency of a speaker out of an audio signal inputted for reproduction by the speaker; a first high-pass filter substantially similar in phase characteristics... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20130051579 - Prediction of signals: In lossy data compression of a signal using ADPCM, an adaptive decorrelation or “prediction” filter is used to reduce the amplitude of the signal, the spectral dynamic range of the signal also being reduced. This latter reduction is effected in a nonuniform manner, if known techniques are used, with regions... Agent:

20130051580 - Receiver acoustic low pass filter: A receiver apparatus includes a first receiver portion and an acoustic filter network. The first receiver portion has a housing and is configured to convert at least one electrical signal into first sound energy having a first frequency range. The acoustic filter network communicates with the first receiver portion and... Agent:

20130051583 - High voltage multiplier for a microphone and method of manufacture: A microphone circuit includes a condenser microphone and a charge pump. The condenser microphone is configured to receive sound energy and responsively convert the sound energy into a microphone output voltage. The charge pump is implemented in a low voltage CMOS process. It is coupled to the microphone and is... Agent:

20130051582 - System and method for low distortion capacitive signal source amplifier: According to an embodiment, a method includes amplifying a signal provided by a capacitive signal source to form an amplified signal, detecting a peak voltage of the amplified signal, and adjusting a controllable impedance coupled to an output of the capacitive signal source in response to detecting the peak voltage.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20130051584 - Device control apparatus, device control method, and program: There is provided a device control apparatus including a wearing information detection section which detects wearing information of a sound output apparatus, and an output control section which switches an output destination of an input sound between the sound output apparatus and another sound output apparatus in accordance with a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051585 - Apparatus and method for audio delivery with different sound conduction transducers: An apparatus including an air-conduction transducer and a bone conduction transducer. The air-conduction transducer is configured to convert a first frequency band component of an electrical audio signal into acoustic energy to be delivered to an ear canal of a user. The bone conduction transducer is configured to convert a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20130051586 - Piezoelectric microphone fabricated on glass: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for glass-encapsulated microphones. In one aspect, a glass-encapsulated microphone may include a glass substrate, an electromechanical microphone device, an integrated circuit device, and a cover glass. The cover glass may be bonded to the glass substrate with an adhesive, such as epoxy, or... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20130051588 - Electroacoustic transducer having reduced losses due to transverse emission and improved performance due to suppression of transverse modes: An electroacoustic transducer has reduced loss due to acoustic waves emitted in the transverse direction. For this purpose, a transducer comprises a central excitation area, inner edge areas flanking the central excitation area, outer edge areas flanking the inner edge areas, and areas of the busbar flanking the outer edge... Agent: Epcos Ag

20130051587 - Piezoelectric microphone fabricated on glass: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for sense elements in an electromechanical microphone device. In one aspect, a piezoelectric sense element may include a glass substrate, electrode layers, piezoelectric layers, and elastic layers. The elastic layers may serve to modify the neutral plane of the piezoelectric sense element. Including... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20130051589 - Earphone device: There is provided an earphone device of an ear-hole insertion type having a noise cancelling function, the earphone device including a left channel housing unit that accommodates a left channel driver unit outputting a left channel sound; and a right channel housing unit that accommodates a right channel driver unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051590 - Hearing enhancement and protective device: A hearing aid is provided which includes (a) a receiver section equipped with a receiver; (b) a lateral section equipped with a microphone and a battery; (c) a sealing retainer concentrically positioned over said receiver section which conforms to the walls at the bony region of the ear canal, thereby... Agent:

20130051591 - Wind noise reduction filter: A noise reduction filter for a microphone reducing unwanted wind noise includes a first filter element made of a first material configured to filter out wind noise, wherein the first filter element comprises a first surface configured to face towards a first microphone inlet of a first sound tube, the... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20130051592 - Ear tip piece for hearing instruments: An ear tip piece device made of resilient material dimensioned for fitting the ear canal of a user, having a solid portion, a reversibly compressible portion and a first channel. In one embodiment, the ear tip piece is asymmetrical due to a bend. In another alternative embodiment, the ear tip... Agent: Magnatone Hearing Aid Corporation

20130051593 - Technology delivery, positioning and sound management system and method for use in the ear canal: An in-the-ear technology delivery, positioning and sound management system comprises a body portion that provides support for a conformable fitting element adapted to be positioned in the user's ear canal and which is structured and arranged to anchor sound management technologies and medical instrumentalities at selected positions in the canal... Agent:

20130051594 - Technology delivery, positioning and sound management system and method for use in the ear canal: An in-the-ear technology delivery, positioning and sound management system includes a body portion that provides support for a conformable fitting element to be positioned in the user's ear canal and is structured and arranged to anchor sound management technologies and medical instrumentalities at selected positions in the canal for the... Agent:

20130051595 - Electronic device with sound chamber: An electronic device includes an enclosure, a speaker fixed in the enclosure, and a rubber element. The enclosure defines an exposed slot, and a speaker receiving chamber communicating with the slot. The speaker includes a first surface and a opposite second surface. The speaker is configured for radiating sound at... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130051596 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus includes a base; a stand which extends from the base; and a display body which comprises a cover frame detachably mounted on one end portion of the stand, a display unit accommodated in the cover frame and configured to display images, and a plurality of speakers installed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130051597 - Ultra-slim speaker unit capable of improving low-pitched sound characteristic and sound pressure and board equipped with the same: A speaker used as a household appliance is provided. The speaker has an ultra-slim structure suitable for an ultra-slim TV and is applied to a woofer speaker representing a superior low-pitched sound characteristic. The speaker has the ultra-slim structure and improves the low-pitched sound characteristic and sound pressure by increasing... Agent:

20130051598 - Microphone: A microphone is disclosed in which a housing is formed by a cap (13) sealed to a substrate (11). A MEMS die (10) is mounted on the substrate (11), the MEMS die (10) incorporating a membrane (12). The membrane (12) has a first surface facing the substrate and in fluid... Agent: Knowles Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd.

20130051599 - Microphone assembly for removable attachment to surface: A microphone assembly is operable to be removably attached to a surface. The microphone assembly includes a microphone and a microphone support that operably supports the microphone. The microphone assembly further includes a coupling assembly that is operable to removably connect the microphone support to the surface. The coupling assembly... Agent:

20130051600 - Unidirectional microphone: A unidirectional microphone is provided that has an excellent directional frequency response and a high sensitivity. Sound waves are guided to a rear acoustic terminal 10b of an acoustic resistance tube 30 through an acoustic resistance member 31. A rear end opening 30b of the acoustic resistance tube 30 is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20130051601 - Acoustic systems in electronic devices: A mobile electronic device including a processor, a first electrical component including at least one contact area, and a second electrical component including at least one contact arm extending over a top surface of the second electrical component and secured in at least two locations, the at least one contact... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130051602 - Audio output device: An audio output device includes: a housing; a speaker provided in the housing; and a support part which is provided in a floating state in the housing and supports an electronic apparatus.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051603 - Speaker and electronic device using the speaker: A speaker (200) includes a cylindrical diaphragm (201) which has closed ends, an edge (202) which supports the diaphragm (201) in a manner which allows the diaphragm to vibrate, a voice coil bobbin (203) around which a voice coil (204) is wound and which is connected to the diaphragm (201),... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130051604 - Speaker: A speaker includes: a plurality of voice coil bobbins, each of which includes a voice coil; a diaphragm, which provided with the plurality of voice coil bobbins; and a wiring material fixed to the diaphragm, wherein each of the plurality of the voice coil bobbins is disposed next to an... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20130051605 - Speaker device: A speaker includes a ring-shaped magnet, a yoke having a center pole portion inserted in the center of the magnet, and a ring-shaped plate and arranged on the outer circumferential surface of the center pole portion of the yoke and attached to the magnet. The speaker includes a cylindrically-shaped coil... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130051606 - Spider and speaker using the same: A spider, in which a dimension in a major axis direction is larger than a dimension in a minor axis direction, includes: an inner circumferential portion that is connected to a voice coil bobbin; an outer circumferential portion that is connected to a main speaker body; and a corrugation portion... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

02/21/2013 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20130044883 - Techniques for presenting sound effects on a portable media player: Improved techniques for presenting sound effects at a portable media device are disclosed. The sound effects can be output as audio sounds to an internal speaker, an external speaker, or both. In addition, the audio sounds for the sound effects can be output together with other audio sounds pertaining to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130044884 - Apparatus and method for multi-channel signal playback: Techniques are presented for creating multichannel output signals from input audio signals. A first signal is determined based on a number of subbands into which the input audio signals are divided and based at least in part on a directional estimation wherein the subbands having dominant sound source directions are... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20130044886 - Audio signal distortion detection device: An audio signal distortion detection device for simplifying the detection of harmonic distortion to aid in setting an amplifier's gain control to match an audio source unit's output voltage. The audio signal distortion detection device generally includes a housing having a plurality of status indicators thereon for indicating the status... Agent: D'amore Engineering LLC

20130044885 - System and method for identifying original music: We disclose useful components of a method and system that allow identification of music from the song or sound using only the sound of the audio being played. A system built using the method and device components disclosed processes inputs sent from a mobile phone over a telephone or data... Agent: Soundhound, Inc.

20130044887 - Audio apparatus and audio controller thereof: An audio apparatus is provided. The audio apparatus includes at most one electroacoustic transducer; and an audio controller, coupled to the electroacoustic transducer, for actively controlling the electroacoustic transducer to function as a loudspeaker or a microphone, wherein the loudspeaker converts output electrical signals to output sounds, and the microphone... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20130044888 - Audio device and audio producing method: a speaker identification module arranged to determine the identity of said at least one speaker using said impedance and identification data relating to one or more reference speakers. Once the identity of a speaker is known, it can be used for audio compensation or marketing information.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20130044889 - Control of output modulation in a hearing instrument: The present invention relates to a listening device for a hearing impaired person. The present invention furthermore relates to a corresponding operating method of operating a listening device and to a corresponding computer program. In particular, the present invention relates to a listening device that comprises a signal processing unit... Agent: Oticon A/s

20130044890 - Information processing device, information processing method and program: n information processing device includes: an estimating section which estimates an amplitude frequency function from a first signal output to a speaker and a second signal input from a microphone; a generating section which generates an estimated echo signal from the first signal and the amplitude frequency function; and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130044891 - Active vibration noise control device: The disclosed active vibration noise control device is suitable for use in cancelling out vibration noise by outputting control noise from a plurality of speakers. When a vibration noise frequency is in a dip bandwidth, the active vibration noise control device alters the step size parameters used to update the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20130044892 - Headset plug universal auto switcher: One embodiment of the invention is directed to a switchable plug comprising a first incoming line configured to carry a signal from a source device, a second incoming line configured to carry a signal from the source device, a Mic Bias output line, a Ground output line, and a switch... Agent:

20130044894 - System and method for efficient sound production using directional enhancement: A system and method for generating virtual microphone signals having a particular number and configuration for channel playback from an intermediate set of signals that were recorded in an initial format that is different from the channel playback format. In one embodiment, an initial set of intermediate are Bark-banded such... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

20130044893 - System and method for muting audio associated with a source: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving audio at a plurality of microphones, identifying a sound source to be muted, processing the audio to remove sound received from the sound source at each of the microphones, and transmitting the processed audio. An apparatus is also disclosed.... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130044895 - Multi-channel class-d audio amplifier with planar inductors: An apparatus for providing an audio signal to drive a speaker system includes first and second audio channels. The first audio channel has a first class-D amplifier for receiving an input signal, and a first reconstruction filter for receiving an output from the first class-D amplifier and reconstructing therefrom an... Agent: Bose Corporation

20130044896 - Virtual bass synthesis using harmonic transposition: In some embodiments, a virtual bass generation method including steps of: performing harmonic transposition on low frequency components of an input audio signal (typically, bass frequency components expected to be inaudible during playback of the input audio signal using an expected speaker or speaker set) to generate transposed data indicative... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20130044897 - Electronic device and audio adjustment method: An electronic device with a touch sensitive display comprises an identifying module, a detecting module, an adjusting module, and an outputting module. The identifying module identifies the touch operation on the touch sensitive display and generates corresponding touch information. The detecting module detects the status of the electronic device and... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130044898 - Sensitivity adjustment apparatus and method for mems devices: A microelectromechanical (MEMS) microphone includes a MEMS motor and a gain adjustment apparatus. The MEMS motor includes at least a diaphragm and a charge plate and is configured to receive sound energy and transform the sound energy into an electrical signal. The gain adjustment apparatus has an input and an... Agent:

20130044899 - Dual backplate microphone: A dual backplate microphone is provided that utilizes either an electret condenser or a MEMS condenser configuration and in which an op-amp IC is electrically connected to both backplates and the conductive layer of the diaphragm.... Agent: Harman International Industries, Inc.

20130044900 - Audio playing device for electronic devices: An audio playing device for an electronic device includes an amplifier circuit, a voltage divider circuit, and a speaker. A south bridge of the electronic device is electrically connected to the amplifier circuit via the voltage divider circuit, and a sound card of the electronic device is electrically connected to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20130044901 - Microphone arrays and microphone array establishing methods: A microphone array is provided. The microphone array is disposed on an electrical device, and includes: at least one built-in microphone, being built in the electrical device, having a first frequency spectrum; and an audio processor, coupled to the built-in microphone, for coupling to an external transducer, including: a spectrum... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20130044902 - Transducers employing bowed lamina: A new type of sound transducer, with high output capability and compact size employs a motor in combination with a displacement amplification system using curved lamina. The motor may be electrostatic, such as piezoelectric, or electrodynamic, such as magnetostrictive, or balanced armature. Newer forms of driver materials such as PMN-PT... Agent:

20130044903 - Systems and methods to provide communication, positioning and monitoring of user status: A communication apparatus includes a bone conduction communication apparatus with a housing having a shape which is conformable to at least a portion of at least one tooth of a user; a transceiver mounted in the housing; and a transducer disposed within or upon the housing and in vibratory communication... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20130044904 - Techniques for generating audio signals: Techniques described herein generally relate to generating an audio signal with a speaker. In some examples, a speaker device is described that includes a membrane and a shutter. The membrane can be configured to oscillate along a first directional path and at a first frequency effective to generate an ultrasonic... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20130044905 - Electret loudspeaker device: An electret loudspeaker device including a diaphragm, a first perforated electrode and a first spacer is provided. The diaphragm has an electret layer and an electrode layer. The first perforated electrode is stacked on a side of the diaphragm near the electret layer, and has multiple holes. The first spacer... Agent: National Taiwan University

20130044906 - Electret loudspeaker device: An electret loudspeaker device including a diaphragm, a first perforated electrode and a first spacer is provided. The diaphragm includes a first electret, a second electret, a polymer layer and an electrode layer. At least one layer of the first electret or the second electret is formed by expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20130044907 - Using a mobile device as a hearing aid: The invention is directed to systems, methods and computer program products for receiving and processing a plurality of electromagnetic signals at a mobile device. The plurality of electromagnetic signals includes electromagnetic signals broadcast from a broadcast multi-loop coil that encircles a space in which a mobile device is located. In... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20130044908 - Apparel with built-in headphone extension wire device: The present invention provides for the embodiments for a combined apparel and conductive extension wire assembly to bridge connectivity between a portable audio listening devices and transducers that emit audio sounds. The combined garment and extension wire assembly comprises of a garment (such as a shirt, jacket, cap, etc.) having... Agent:

20130044909 - Wiper seal for passive radiator: A method and apparatus for pneumatically sealing an acoustic radiator to an acoustic enclosure. A band of conformable material engages a beveled surface so than an edge of the band deflects outwardly and a surface of the band conforms to the beveled surface.... Agent:

02/14/2013 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20130039496 - System and method for distributed audio recording and collaborative mixing: Two or more wireless devices can be independently controlled by their respective users, a mixer component, or a leader wireless device to perform audio recording, convert the recorded audio into a standard or proprietary audio stream format, and transmit the audio stream to a server. The real-time clocks of two... Agent: Syracuse University

20130039498 - Annoyance judgment system, apparatus, method, and program: An annoyance judgment system includes: a biological signal measurement section configured to measure an electroencephalogram signal of a user; a database retaining a plurality of monosyllabic speech sounds such that, for each speech sound, the speech sound and a reference latency of an electroencephalogram negative component corresponding to the speech... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130039499 - Emergency notification device and system: An audio warning monitoring device, system and method including an audio detector, one or more audio screens to determine if monitored sound is an alarm, a processor or logic device to potentially analyze sound data and then instruct a transmitter to send a message with the monitoring device identification and... Agent:

20130039497 - System and method for using endpoints to provide sound monitoring: A method is provided in one example embodiment that includes monitoring a sound pressure level with an endpoint (e.g., an Internet Protocol (IP) phone), which is configured for communications involving end users; analyzing the sound pressure level to detect a sound anomaly; and communicating the sound anomaly to a sound... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20130039502 - Method for testing echo cancellers: The performance of an echo canceller is assessed using a) a test signal launched from originating test equipment and b) a simulated echo of the test signal launched from terminating test equipment. The launch of the simulated echo signal is timed in such a way that it arrives at the... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20130039501 - System, method, and computer program product for voice decibel monitoring on electronic computing devices: The present invention in general relates to a voice decibel application and a method for a phone and in particularly relates to the application and the method for a phone to measure the voice decibel during a phone call. The application incorporated into the user's phone is configured to measure... Agent:

20130039500 - Trim method for cmos-mems microphones: Systems and methods for adjusting a bias voltage and gain of the microphone to account for variations in a thickness of a gap between a movable membrane and a stationary backplate in a MEMS microphone due to the manufacturing process. The microphone is exposed to acoustic pressures of a first... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130039503 - Beamforming apparatus and method based on long-term properties of sources of undesired noise affecting voice quality: A beamforming technique for a microphone array is described to attenuate a source of undesired noise that is deemed the most limiting to audio quality in an acoustic environment. Possible sources of undesired noise include echo, background noise (stationary) and other interference signals (non-stationary). The beamforming technique is updated based... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20130039505 - Audio signal processing circuit: An audio-signal-processing circuit includes: a noise-detecting unit to detect presence or absence of noise in an audio signal generated based on an output from a tuner configured to receive a broadcast signal; a low-pass filter, having predetermined phase characteristics, to pass the audio signal having a band of frequencies lower... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20130039504 - Methods and apparatuses for echo cancelation with beamforming microphone arrays: Embodiments include methods and apparatuses for sensing acoustic waves for a conferencing application. A conferencing apparatus includes a plurality of microphones oriented to cover a corresponding plurality of direction vectors and to develop a corresponding plurality of microphone signals. A processor is operably coupled to the plurality of microphones. The... Agent: Clearone Communications, Inc.

20130039507 - Electronic devices for controlling noise: An electronic device for controlling noise is described. The electronic device includes a force sensor for detecting a force on the electronic device. The electronic device also includes noise control circuitry for generating a noise control signal based on a noise signal and the force. Another electronic device for controlling... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20130039506 - Headphone device: There is provided a headphone device including a first housing and a second housing; a headband connected to the first and second housings; a first headphone unit and a second headphone unit disposed in the first and second housings, respectively; a first microphone and a second microphone arranged in the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130039508 - Audio jack with included microphone: A connector for receiving a cylindrical plug includes a body defining a plug aperture and a cavity for receiving the cylindrical plug. A plurality of electrical contacts in communication with the cavity make electrical connections with the cylindrical plug and retain the cylindrical plug. A microphone is coupled to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130039509 - Audio headset with bio-signal sensors: An audio headset with bio-signal sensors is provided. In some embodiments, an audio headset that includes one or more electroencephalography (EEG) sensors is provided.... Agent: Neurosky, Inc.

20130039510 - System with wireless earphones: A system comprising a wireless earphone set and a client computing device, both of which are communicable with a host server via the Internet. The host server stores configuration parameters for the wireless earphone set that are transmittable to the wireless earphone set via the Internet, and that are configurable... Agent: Koss Corporation

20130039511 - Vehicle remote control interface for controlling multiple electronic devices: Systems and methods for controlling both an existing entertainment device and an aftermarket entertainment device in a vehicle with a user interface are provided. A method comprises adapting the user interface to selectively send control signals to the aftermarket entertainment device, sending control signals from the user interface to the... Agent:

20130039512 - Speaker device and filter coefficient generating device therefor: To provide a speaker device that can form a substantially uniform sound field over a range from a long distance to a short distance without significantly increasing a calculation load. A plurality of FIR filters 21 to 2n perform delay control of respective speakers so as to increase a delay... Agent: Toa Corporation

20130039513 - Electronic device and method for adjusting volume: The disclosure provides an electronic device and a method for adjusting volume adapted for the device. The electronic device defines at least two work modes. The method includes steps: determining whether one of the at least two work modes is selected; detecting a pulse frequency of a user in real... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130039514 - Method and apparatus for supplementing low frequency sound in a distributed loudspeaker arrangement: An audio communication system is provided for generating an audio output for users in a region, the system comprising a plurality of portable communications devices for use by a respective plurality of users, each communications device comprising a microphone for inputting an audio signal by a user, a loudspeaker for... Agent: Iml Limited

20130039515 - Speaker component, speaker using same, electronic apparatus, and moving means: Provided is a speaker diaphragm or a speaker voice coil bobbin manufactured by a papermaking method and including metal hydroxide by at least an amount of 30 wt % or greater. With this, it is possible to improve rigidity and achieve favorable acoustic quality by an effect of mixing metal... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130039516 - Sound production component: A sound production component that includes a vibration element, a support member, and a connection part. The vibration element includes a polygonal vibration plate and an electromechanical conversion element attached to the vibration plate. The connection part connects an entire periphery of the vibration plate to the support member. At... Agent:

20130039517 - Hearing aid and a method for alleviating tinnitus: A hearing aid (62, 72, 82, 92, 102, 112) adapted for alleviating tinnitus of a user (75), comprises an audio input means (83), a signal processing unit (88, 98, 108, 118) and an output transducer (80). The hearing aid further comprises a band stop filter (87) arranged to match a... Agent: Widex A/s

20130039518 - Method and device for acoustic management contorl of multiple microphones: An earpiece (100) and a method (640) for acoustic management of multiple microphones is provided. The method can include capturing an ambient acoustic signal from an Ambient Sound Microphone (ASM) to produce an electronic ambient signal, capturing in an ear canal an internal sound from an Ear Canal Microphone (ECM)... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20130039519 - Two part hearing aid with databus and method of communicating between the parts: A hearing aid comprises a power supply, a microphone and a base part to be arranged outside the ear canal of a hearing aid user, and an ear plug part to be arranged in the ear canal of a hearing aid user. The ear plug part comprises a receiver for... Agent: Widex A/s

20130039520 - Calibration of audiometric bone conduction vibrators: Embodiments provide improved bone conduction calibration. In one embodiment a bone conduction vibrator coupling member is provided with opposing surfaces configured to contact the housing of an earphone coupler about the opening of the housing and support the housing of a bone conduction vibrator above the opening of the earphone... Agent: Audiology Incorporated

20130039521 - Docking station for electronic device: A docking station includes a main body, a supporting arm projecting from the main body, and a rotating member rotatably coupled to the supporting arm and retaining the electronic device. The rotating member is capable of rotating from a first position to a second position different from the first position,... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130039522 - Flat speaker device and method of fabricating the same: A flat speaker device includes a first housing assembly and a speaker assembly. The method of fabricating the flat speaker device has steps of combining a first upper layer with a first frame; combining a first flat speaker with the first upper layer; combining a first lower layer with the... Agent: Versonix Corporation

20130039523 - High directivity boundary microphone: A high directivity boundary microphone (10) is disclosed, build up of a normal unidirectional microphone element (12) with cardioid-directivity behavior. The microphone element (12) is placed on a holder plate (14), with a membrane(16) of the microphone element (12) facing a plane (18) where a holder (20), comprising the holder... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130039524 - Headband with ear buds: The present invention is a headband that includes a base headband with two sides that is worn around a user's head, a pair of ear buds that provide music and sound to the user that are inserted into the user's ears while the headband is in use and a pair... Agent:

20130039525 - Headphones with reduced tangling and methods: A restraint device for a pair of headphones having a pair of earphones, an audio plug, and a pair of wires coupling the pair of earphones to the audio plug, wherein the restraint device includes a body of a material, wherein the material includes an interior channel, wherein the interior... Agent:

20130039526 - Electrodynamic sound-emitting device: A casing for covering an outer yoke is provided; an acoustic cavity is formed by this casing; a diaphragm and the outer surface of a side wall of the outer yoke; a second elastic member is provided to join the outer circumferential edge of the casing to the outer circumferential... Agent:

20130039527 - Modular, configurable speaker and a method of operating it: An adaptable system for configuring an audio reproduction system comprising a main element and one or more speaker elements which may move and output moving information. A processor receives the moving information and an audio signal and generates an adapted loudspeaker signal, taking into account the movement, to the speaker... Agent: Bang & Olufsen A/s

20130039528 - Loudspeaker structure with inner frame: A loudspeaker includes an outer frame with an annular magnet partially exposed from a bottom thereof; a voice coil located inside the annular magnet; a diaphragm glued to between an expanded front opening of the outer frame and the voice coil; a flexible suspension ring having an outer edge fixed... Agent:

20130039529 - Speaker: In configuring a magnetic circuit, by forming polarities of a magnet to be aligned along a vertical direction, and by optimizing a yoke providing a flow path of a magnetic flux, a vibration system is formed inside a magnetic circuit, so that a height of a speaker can be remarkably... Agent: Asen Lab Co., Ltd.

02/07/2013 > 30 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20130034231 - Spatial audio processing: A spatial audio processing uses a matrix of channels and conditioning amplifiers. Four channels are created from two by using a left, right, mono and a differential amp. A timing gate is added and set to the bass frequency to switch the matrix. The matrix starts with channel one receiving... Agent:

20130034232 - Method and apparatus for down-mixing multi-channel audio signal: A method of down-mixing a multi-channel audio signal is provided. The method including restoring sub-band Pulse Coded Modulation (PCM) samples for each channel of the multi-channel audio signal by decoding the multi-channel audio-signal and then dequantizing a sub-band coded multi-channel audio signal, scaling the restored sub-band PCM samples for each... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20130034233 - Audio signal encoding method and device: An audio signal encoding device includes: a window determination unit for determining the type of window of each channel; a correction unit for correcting the number of available bits; and a quantization unit for quantizing the audio signal of each channel sequentially so that the number of bits is equal... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20130034234 - Hearing aid detection: A hearing aid compatible portable electronic audio device is configured to automatically determine whether or not the device is being used by a hearing impaired user who is wearing a hearing aid, and select a mode of operation based on this determination. The device includes a proximity sensor and a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130034235 - Signal processing apparatus and method for providing spatial impression: A signal processing apparatus and method for providing a spatial impression. The signal processing apparatus applies a reverberation effect to a summed signal formed by summing original signals corresponding to locations of a plurality of sound sources, and removes a correlation from the summed signal, thereby generating reverberation signals corresponding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130034236 - Signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus for generating a noise cancellation signal in accordance with a noise signal includes an inverting circuit and a selecting circuit. The inverting circuit is employed for inverting a first signal to generate an inverted first signal. The selecting circuit is coupled to the inverting circuit, and... Agent:

20130034239 - Ear microphone: The present invention relates to an ear microphone for providing clear sound by preventing echo and howling phenomena by blocking external noise, and for providing an effective telephone call in a noisy environment by improving the recognition ability of a voice-recognizing device. For the ear microphone, a connector for connection... Agent:

20130034238 - Headset systems and methods: A wireless headset is adapted to communicate with a sound source such as a music player or a cell phone or a suitable audio or sound communicated through a one-way or two-way communication device. The headset includes a mouth wearable communicator; and a linking unit coupled to the mouth wearable... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20130034237 - Multiple microphone support for earbud headsets: A system for improved audio in a headset comprising a first headset microphone generating a first signal. A second headset microphone generating a second signal. A multiplexer coupled to the first headset microphone and the second headset microphone for multiplexing the first signal and the second signal. A power extractor... Agent:

20130034240 - Audio interface device: A wireless interface device for at least one of wireless transmission from an electric analogue audio device and wireless reception at an electric analogue audio device of an audio signal, comprises an audio connector jack plug or jack socket in communication with a system that is at least one of... Agent: Ingenious Audio Limited

20130034241 - Methods and apparatuses for multiple configurations of beamforming microphone arrays: Embodiments include methods and apparatuses for sensing acoustic waves for a conferencing application. A conferencing apparatus includes a plurality of directional microphones oriented to cover a corresponding plurality of direction vectors and disposed in a housing. An orientation sensor is configured to generate an orientation signal indicative of an orientation... Agent: Clearone Communications, Inc.

20130034243 - Method and arrangement for noise cancellation in a speech encoder: The present invention relates to a method and arrangement for an improved noise canceller in a speech encoder. Sound signals are captured at a primary microphone in conjunction with a reference microphone. An adaptive shadow filter is adapted to the correlation between the signals captured at the primary and reference... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson

20130034242 - Mic audio noise filtering: This document discusses, among other things, a MIC audio noise filtering system configured to detect MIC audio noise at a pole of a four-pole audio jack using first and second comparators. The MIC audio noise detection system can include first and second comparators configured to compare a value of the... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20130034244 - Audio system, method for generating an audio signal, computer program and audio signal: The invention relates to an audio system for generating an audio signal. More specifically the invention relates to an audio system, especially an audio alarm system, for generating an audio signal comprising means for generating a component of the audio signal at a base frequency and means for generating further... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130034245 - Speakerphone using adaptive phase rotation: An improved speakerphone for a cellular telephone, portable telephone handset, or the like. In one embodiment, a receiver provides an audio signal, and a first phase-shifter phase-shifts the audio signal by a first phase-shift amount. A second phase-shifter phase-shifts the audio signal by a second phase-shift amount and drives a... Agent: Agere Systems Inc.

20130034246 - Diffracted sound reduction device, diffracted sound reduction method, and filter coefficient determination method: A diffracted sound reduction device includes: a reproduction speaker that outputs reproduced sound having properties indicated by an input signal; control speakers each of which reproduces corresponding one of control signals, the diffracted sound being a part of the reproduced sound and arriving at corresponding one of the control points... Agent:

20130034247 - Method, device, and system for mixing processing of audio signal: A method, a device and a system for mixing processing of an audio signal are provided in the embodiments of the present invention. The method includes: judging a channel type of a receiving terminal; for a single-channel receiving terminal, sending a mixed audio signal and meanwhile sending location information of... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20130034250 - Amplifier: Disclosed is an amplifier with which output signal distortion can be reduced, and deterioration in power efficiency can be reduced. The amplifier is provided with a power supply voltage control unit (11) that generates a voltage control signal from a simple envelope of an input signal in order to control... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130034248 - Audio recording and playback device, and power feed method for audio recording and playback device: An audio recording and playback device, of the present invention, capable of recording and playing back audio, comprises an audio input section for converting audio input during an audio recording operation into an electrical audio signal, a power feed section for carrying out power feeds to the audio input section... Agent:

20130034249 - Solid state audio power amplifier: A solid-state audio power amplifier providing an instantaneous maximum output voltage capability in excess of its long term power output capability, in which the input signal is supplied from analogue or digital signal processor. The signal processor is arranged to limit the long term power output of the solid-state amplifier... Agent:

20130034251 - Loudspeaker line array configurations and related sound processing: A sound reproduction system includes one or more arrays of drive units, coupled with sound processing allowing improved steerability, directional control, width control, and/or beam overlay. A speaker column may comprise two arrays facing one another, the drive units being perpendicular to the speaker unit front, with the acoustic output... Agent: Thx, Ltd

20130034252 - Transducer module: The present invention is directed to a transducer module including a first transducer and a second transducer. The first transducer is directly or indirectly disposed on a first plate with a first point, and the second transducer is disposed at a second point of the first transducer. In an embodiment,... Agent: Chief Land Electronic Co., Ltd.

20130034253 - Stereophonic sound apparatus for vehicle: A stereophonic sound apparatus for a vehicle includes ultrasonic speakers and a dual channel reproduction unit. The dual channel reproduction unit modulates a sound signal into an ultrasonic modulated sound having ultrasonic wave frequency, and provides the ultrasonic modulated sound toward a passenger through the reproduction ultrasonic speakers for generating... Agent: Denso Corporation

20130034254 - System and method for enhancing the inductive coupling between a hearing aid operating in telecoil mode and a communications device: A method and system to optimize the relative position of an inductive field of a hearing aid compatible device and a telecoil of a hearing assistive device, are provided. A Steerable Hearing Aid Compatible Device (SHAD) has a steerable inductive field for locating an inductive field in accordance with the... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20130034255 - Waveguide electroacoustical transducing: A loudspeaker assembly, including an acoustic waveguide; an acoustic driver mounted in the waveguide so that a first surface radiates sound waves into the waveguide so that the sound waves are radiated from the waveguide; and an acoustic volume acoustically coupled to the acoustic waveguide for increasing the amplitude of... Agent:

20130034256 - Narrow directional microphone: In a narrow directional microphone in which a front end opening of an acoustic tube is covered with a film mainly for reducing wind noise, degradation in directional frequency response is reduced. In a narrow directional microphone where a rear end 20b of the cylindrical acoustic tube 20 is coupled... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20130034257 - Mems microphone: A MEMS microphone. The MEMS microphone includes a substrate, a transducer support that includes or supports a transducer, a housing, and an acoustic channel. The transducer support resides on the substrate. The housing surrounds the transducer support and includes an acoustic aperture. The acoustic channel couples the acoustic aperture to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130034260 - Earphone: There is provided an earphone having a click unit for clicking on or to a housing of the earphone. The click unit has an ear pad and a fitment. The fitment has a first end and a second end, wherein the ear pad can be fitted on to the second... Agent:

20130034259 - Earphone and method of manufacturing the same: An earphone includes an earphone housing, a speaker positioned in the earphone, and an earphone cable connected to the speaker. The earphone housing has a first housing and a second housing. The first housing forms a first connecting surface, and the second housing forms a second connecting surface. The first... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130034258 - Surface treatment for ear tips: An ear tip includes a body shaped to fit at least partially into the outer ear of a wearer and having a coefficient of friction greater than 2.0. The body has an outer surface having a permanent coating on at least the part shaped to fit into the outer ear... Agent:

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