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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 42 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20130028424 - Method and apparatus for processing audio signal: An audio signal processing apparatus including an index estimation unit that receives three-dimensional image information as an input and generates index information for applying a three-dimensional effect to an audio object in at least one direction of right, left, up, down, front, and back directions, based on the three-dimensional image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130028423 - Three dimensional sound positioning system: A system and method provides three dimensional audio positioning. A user interface may comprise a sound space editor, a space effects editor, an input controller, an output controller, an animation path including a plurality of nodes in three dimensional space, and a timeline for defining timing of one or more... Agent:

20130028426 - Mdct-based complex prediction stereo coding: The invention provides methods and devices for stereo encoding and decoding using complex prediction in the frequency domain. In one embodiment, a decoding method, for obtaining an output stereo signal from an input stereo signal encoded by complex prediction coding and comprising first frequency-domain representations of two input channels, comprises... Agent:

20130028427 - Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method, encoder and encoding method, decoder and decoding method, and program: An encoder sets an interval including 16 frames as interval section to be processed, outputs high band encoded data for obtaining the high band component of an input signal and low band encoded data obtained by encoding the low band signal of the input signal for each section to be... Agent:

20130028425 - Stereo decoding system: A system for decoding a stereo multiplex signal, including one or more devices operable to convert the stereo multiplex signal into a sum signal (L+R) and a difference signal (L−R). The sum signal and the difference signal may be derived from a left stereo signal (L) and right stereo signal... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20130028428 - Mobile electronic device and control method: According to an aspect, a mobile electronic device includes a sound emitting unit, an input unit, and a processing unit. The sound emitting unit emits a sound based on a sound signal. The input unit receives a response with respect to the sound emitted by the sound emitting unit. The... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20130028429 - Information processing apparatus and method of processing audio signal for information processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a measurement module and a correction filter design module. The measurement module measures frequency characteristics of an earphone connected to an output terminal using a measurement audio signal output from the output terminal and collected by a microphone. The correction filter... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20130028430 - Method and device for checking loudspeakers: The method for checking loudspeakers comprises the steps of emitting a pulse over an electrical connection with the loudspeaker; measuring the electrical resistance over the connection; determining the state of the loudspeaker according to the measured resistance; and triggering a corrective action depending on the determined state of the loudspeaker.... Agent:

20130028431 - Multifunctional electronic accessory: An electronic accessory for an electronic device includes an audio processing circuit. The audio processing circuit includes a first switch circuit, an echo cancellation circuit and an amplification circuit. The echo cancellation circuit removes echoes from a first voice signal from a user in a call and a second voice... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130028432 - Reverberation suppression device, reverberation suppression method, and computer-readable recording medium storing reverberation suppression program: A reverberation suppression device includes, a first storage unit configured to store, in advance, information representing a first impulse response obtained from a signal output from a microphone when a sound source positioned according to directivity of either a speaker or the microphone, which are mounted on a mobile terminal,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130028433 - Transducer for sensing actual or simulated body sounds: A transducer system is disclosed for detecting actual or simulated body sounds. An audio signal generation and detection system is disclosed for the purposes of simulating the medical examination of a patient or simulating the listening of sounds seeming to emanate from a live or inanimate body. A signal generator... Agent:

20130028434 - Earphone arrangements: The present invention relates to earphone arrangements configured to accommodate an acoustically-resistant couple within the compact dimensions of ear-bud type earphones, and aims to incorporate a front volume to rear volume acoustic couple into an earphone without requiring significant addition to the lateral dimensions of the earphone. The earphone has... Agent:

20130028435 - Noise reducing sound-reproduction: An active noise reduction system includes an earphone with a cup-like housing, and a transmitting transducer, which converts electrical signals into acoustical signals and is arranged at an aperture of the housing. A receiving transducer converts acoustical signals into electrical signals, and is arranged proximate the transmitting transducer. A duct... Agent:

20130028436 - Noise reducing sound reproduction system: A noise reducing sound reproduction system and method may be operable with an input signal supplied to a loudspeaker by which it is acoustically radiated. The signal radiated by the loudspeaker may be received by a microphone that is acoustically coupled to the loudspeaker via a secondary path and that... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20130028437 - Earphone device with impedance correction unit: Various aspects of this disclosure are directed to an earphone device comprising a speaker unit including at least one balanced armature transducer to convert an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. The electrical signal may define a frequency range comprising a first frequency and a second frequency. The earphone device... Agent: Imation Corp.

20130028438 - System and method to facilitate repeat broadcasts of content: A system for delivering content to users from a content provider including a transmission system for transmitting content in a series of segments and a plurality of receivers, each of the receivers comprising a memory, a processor, and an output driver. The memory may have stored therein instructions that, when... Agent:

20130028439 - Input device, signal processing method, program, and recording medium: There is provided an input device including at least two microphones placed at different positions on a chassis to face different directions on one of space axes, a low-frequency bandwidth extracting part for extracting a low-frequency bandwidth signal from a signal input from the microphones, a phase difference calculating part... Agent:

20130028440 - Noise reducing sound reproduction system: A noise reducing sound reproduction system and method is disclosed, in which an input signal is supplied to a loudspeaker by which it is acoustically radiated. The signal radiated by the loudspeaker is received by a microphone that is acoustically coupled to the loudspeaker via a secondary path and that... Agent: Akg Acoustics Gmbh

20130028441 - Pop and click noise reduction: Disclosed are advances in the arts with novel and useful electronic circuitry with pop and click noise reduction. A load circuit is connected with a full or single-ended half-H bridge circuit and another circuit mechanism in a configuration by which a signal may be used to selectably bring the load... Agent:

20130028442 - Loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker that can be bi-wired or not according to a user's preference comprises a case in which is provided a plurality of audio drivers supplied by a respective plurality of audio networks, the networks being supplied (in turn) by a respective plurality of input terminal pairs, further comprising at... Agent: Gp Acoustics (uk) Limited

20130028444 - Audio device with volume adjusting function and volume adjusting method: An audio device and a volume adjusting method are provided. The audio device includes a speed sensor, a first FIFO buffer unit, and a second FIFO buffer unit. The audio device generates audio signals by playing multimedia files and stores audio signals to the first FIFO buffer unit. The audio... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130028443 - Devices with enhanced audio: A system for enhancing audio including a computer and an output device. The computer includes a sensor configured to determine a user location relative to the computer. The sensor is also configured to gather environment data corresponding to an environment of the computer. The computer also includes a processor in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130028445 - Method for processing audio signal and audio signal output apparatus adopting the same: An audio signal output apparatus and a method for processing an audio signal thereof are provided. the audio signal output apparatus including: an amplification unit receiving and amplifying which receives and amplifies an audio signal; a plurality of comparison units repeatedly comparing which performs comparisons of input levels of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130028447 - Musical instrument master volume amplifier: A circuit and method for decoupling the perceived tone and volume of an amplified musical signal, such as a guitar amplifier, and allowing for the operator to achieve the desired sonic tone, texture and dynamic feel while separately controlling the overall perceived volume level of the amplifier device.... Agent: 3rd Power Amplification, LLC

20130028446 - Orientation adjusting stereo audio output system and method for electrical devices: Arrangements described herein relate to systems and methods for adjusting the audio output from an electrical device based on the orientation of the device to provide proper stereo audio output for more than one orientation of the device. The audio output system includes at least two speakers. The device includes... Agent: Openpeak Inc.

20130028448 - Audio signal processing method and audio signal processing apparatus therefor: An audio signal processing apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes a stability determiner and a sigma-delta modulator. The stability determiner divides a frequency band of an input audio signal into one or more sub-frequency bands, compares a level of the input audio signal for each of the sub-frequency... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130028449 - Method and apparatus for switching audio channels of communication module: An apparatus and a method for switching audio channels of a communication module are disclosed by the disclosure, wherein the method comprises the following steps of: establishing one-to-one corresponding audio channels for signal type combinations of all audio interfaces of the communication module; receiving external audio channel switching instructions, and... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130028450 - Lid, fabricating method thereof, and mems package made thereby: A lid for a MEMS device and the relative manufacturing method. The lid includes: a first board with opposite first and second surfaces having first and second metal layers disposed thereon, respectively, wherein a through cavity extends through the first board and the first and second metal layers; a second... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20130028451 - Dual cartridge directional microphone: A microphone comprises a housing, a first and a second diaphragm, a first chamber, and a second chamber. A first and a second diaphragm, each having a first and second side, are provided in the housing. The first chamber is delimited at least partly by the first side of the... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20130028452 - Hearing aid adjustment device: This hearing aid adjustment device is connected to a hearing aid and is used to adjust the hearing aid by using reference sounds, and comprises a memory section, an output section, an input section, a controller, and a display section. The memory section stores reference sounds to which segment information... Agent:

20130028453 - Hearing aid algorithms: The invention relates to a method of operating an audio processing device. The invention further relates to an audio processing device, to a software program and to a medium having instructions stored thereon. The object of the present invention is to provide improvements in the processing of sounds in listening... Agent: Oticon A/s

20130028454 - Hearing aid adapted for suppression of wind noise: A hearing aid (100) having a microphone, a signal processing unit, an electrical-acoustical output transducer, a housing (101) and a wind shield cover (102) wherein the housing has a surface with a microphone inlet (112, 113), and the wind shield cover is adapted to be attached to the housing, to... Agent: Widex A/s

20130028455 - Hearing apparatus having a special sound channel: A hearing apparatus has a housing, a receiver in the housing, and a sound conductor through which sound from the receiver is conducted out of the housing. In order to render the device as small as possible, the hearing apparatus has a cover piece which is inserted into the housing... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20130028456 - Device for receiving signals, antenna device and mobile terminal: The disclosure discloses a device for receiving signals, which includes: equipment with lead wires configured to be reused as a receiving antenna to receive Frequency Modulation (FM) signals. The disclosure further discloses an antenna device and a mobile terminal. According to the technical solution of the disclosure, occupied space of... Agent: Zte Corporation

20130028457 - Portable speaker: A portable speaker having a base, a cover, a scissors mechanism, a positioning mechanism, a restoring element, a push-push type mechanism and a speaker module is provided. The scissors mechanism, the positioning mechanism, the restoring element, the push-push type mechanism are disposed between the base and the cover, respectively. The... Agent: Htc Corporation

20130028458 - Speaker apparatus and audio output method: The present invention allows for the further enhancement of a low pitch range with a simple structure without increasing the size. The present invention is provided with: a pipe (102) open one end side and the other end side; a speaker unit (104) that is coaxial with the pipe (102),... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130028459 - Monolithic silicon microphone: A monolithic silicon microphone including a first backplate, a second backplate and a diaphragm displaced between said first backplate and said second backplate. Said first backplate is supported by a silicon substrate with one or more perforation holes. Said second substrate is attached to a perforated plate which itself is... Agent:

20130028460 - Dual acoustic waveguide: Methods and apparatuses for acoustic waveguides are disclosed. In one example, a method for constructing an acoustic waveguide includes forming a first acoustic waveguide component having a first outer surface and a first inner surface, where the first inner surface includes a first groove and a second groove. The method... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20130028461 - System and method for securing headphone transducers: A system for securing headphone transducers is provided. In one aspect of the present invention, the system comprises a first transducer device having a first mechanical housing, which has an outer surface and an inner surface. A first coupling device is affixed to the outer surface of the first mechanical... Agent:

20130028462 - Earphone integrated with a microphone: An earphone integrated with a microphone includes a housing, a speaker, a microphone (audio-recording device), and a supporting member. The housing has an audio-output hole formed thereon a receiving space formed therein. The speaker and the microphone are arranged in the receiving space. The supporting member is arranged in the... Agent:

20130028463 - Loudspeaker assembly: A loudspeaker assembly comprising: a mounting part configured to be mounted in an opening in a wall or ceiling; an electro-acoustic driver unit for connection to the mounting part; and a grille for covering at least a part of the electro-acoustic driver unit from view when the loudspeaker assembly is... Agent: Audio Partnership PLC

20130028464 - Speaker apparatus: A speaker apparatus comprises a slit structure, wherein the slit structure including a plurality of plate-shaped parts each of which extends so that a plurality of slits are formed, a plurality of fold-back parts each of which is folded back from an end of the plate-shaped part on the side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

01/24/2013 > 26 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20130022205 - Binaural decoder to output spatial stereo sound and a decoding method thereof: A binaural decoder for an MPEG surround stream, which decodes an MPEG surround stream into a stereo 3D signal, and a decoding method thereof. The method includes dividing a compressed audio stream and head related transfer function (HRTF) data into subbands, selecting predetermined subbands of the HRTF data divided into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20130022204 - Location detection using surround sound setup: Methods and device are provided for calibrating one or more components of a home theater system. In one embodiment a method includes detecting a command to calibrate a home theater system, providing a prompt based on the command to request a voiced response, and receiving a sound signal associated with... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130022206 - Spatial audio processor and a method for providing spatial parameters based on an acoustic input signal: A spatial audio processor for providing spatial parameters based on an acoustic input signal has a signal characteristics determiner and a controllable parameter estimator. The signal characteristics determiner is configured to determine a signal characteristic of the acoustic input signal. The controllable parameter estimator for calculating the spatial parameters for... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20130022208 - Active audio transducer protection: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for providing audio transducer protection. In an example, an audio protection circuit can include a first comparator configured to compare peak power information of a drive signal of an amplifier of an audio system with a first threshold, a limiter circuit... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20130022207 - Method and system for temperature protection of a speaker: For protecting a speaker, an input signal is received and filtered into component signals. A sum of the component signals is approximately equal to the input signal. The component signals include at least first and second component signals. A perceived loudness to a human from the speaker is more sensitive... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20130022209 - Noise processing apparatus: A noise processing apparatus measures a first potential difference signal, between a first electrode and a second electrode that is used as a reference electrode, and measures a second potential difference signal, between the second electrode and a third electrode that is arranged on the steering unit in the apparatus.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20130022210 - Method and apparatus for impulse response measurement and simulation: (d) receiving at a digital signal processing arrangement (DSP, 210) at least the drive signal (Samp) and the acoustic output (S2) corresponding to the test signal (Ssw) and performing on these signals a signal processing operation for determining an impulse response for at least one of: the amplifier, the loudspeaker... Agent:

20130022211 - Wirelessly triggered voice altering amplification system: A system and method for wirelessly triggering an amplification system are disclosed. In one example, the system for wirelessly triggering the amplification comprises at least one wireless tag, the at least one wireless tag having unique identification (ID) information and an amplification system configured to receive audio signals. Further, the... Agent: First Act, Inc.

20130022212 - Methods and systems for active sound attenuation in a fan unit: A system and method for controlling noise produced by an air handling system, for example, is provided. The system includes a source microphone to collect sound measurements from the air handling system and a processor to define a cancellation signal that at least partially cancels out the sound measurements. The... Agent: Huntair, Inc.

20130022213 - Digital noise-cancellation: This invention relates to a device for and method of implementing an ambient noise-cancellation (ANC) circuit that uses digital processing whereby a signal indicative of the ambient noise is converted to digital form, filtered, using a fixed or adaptive digital filter, and then converted back to analogue before sending it... Agent: Incus Laboratories Limited

20130022214 - Method and system for touch gesture detection in response to microphone output: In some embodiments, a method for processing output of at least one microphone of a device (e.g., a headset) to identify at least one touch gesture exerted by a user on the device, including by distinguishing the gesture from input to the microphone other than a touch gesture intended by... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20130022215 - Method for operating a hybrid vehicle: The invention relates to a method for operating a hybrid vehicle, in particular a series-produced hybrid vehicle, comprising at least one electric motor and at least one internal combustion engine, wherein the internal combustion engine is operated in at least one first operating range (B, D) of the vehicle, in... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20130022217 - Sound zoom method, medium, and apparatus: A sound zoom method, medium, and apparatus generating a signal in which a target sound is removed from sound signals input to a microphone array by adjusting a null width that restricts a directivity sensitivity of the microphone array, and extracting a signal corresponding to the target sound from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130022216 - Systems and methods for processing audio signals captured using microphones of multiple devices: Systems, methods and apparatus for capturing at least one audio signal using a plurality of microphones that generate a plurality of representations of the at least one audio signal. In some embodiments, the plurality of microphones are disposed in a multiple-microphone setting so that the at least one audio signal... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20130022218 - Sound control apparatus, program, and control method: A sound control apparatus includes a display unit and a controller. The display unit is configured to display an object on a screen. The controller is configured to control a volume of information on the object based on one of a position and area of the object on the screen.... Agent:

20130022219 - Voice coil speaker: There is provided a voice coil speaker containing a bobbin having multilayer voice coils formed thereon in which the bobbin and a circuit board are properly arranged. In a voice coil speaker equipped with a bobbin having multilayer voice coils formed thereon and a diaphragm connected to the bobbin, the... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20130022220 - Wearable computing device with indirect bone-conduction speaker: Exemplary wearable computing systems may include a head-mounted display that is configured to provide indirect bone-conduction audio. For example, an exemplary head-mounted display may include at least one vibration transducer that is configured to vibrate at least a portion of the head-mounted display based on the audio signal. The vibration... Agent: Google Inc.

20130022221 - Shaping sound responsive to speaker orientation: Techniques for shaping sound based on a speaker orientation are disclosed. In an embodiment, an audio data stream is obtained by a zone player having one or more speaker drivers, an orientation of the zone player is determined, and sound is reproduced by the zone player based on the orientation.... Agent:

20130022222 - Method and device for encoding three-dimensional scenes which include transparent objects in a holographic system: Method for computing the code for the reconstruction of three-dimensional scenes which include objects which partly absorb light or sound. The method can be implemented in a computing unit. In order to reconstruct a three-dimensional scene as realistic as possible, the diffraction patterns are computed separately at their point of... Agent: Seereal Technologies S.a.

20130022223 - Automated method of classifying and suppressing noise in hearing devices: The claimed invention is directed to a real-time noise classification and tuning system for cochlear implant and other hearing device applications. The system is capable of automatically selecting the optimized parameters of a noise suppression algorithm in response to different noisy environments. The feature vector and the classifier deployed in... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20130022224 - Hearing aid and method for controlling the same: When hearing-aid processing and predetermined-sound suppression processing are performed, in order to reduce an increase in delay of an output sound in response to an input sound greater than a case where only the hearing-aid processing is performed, a hearing aid includes: a hearing-aid processing unit configured to amplify a... Agent:

20130022225 - Headphone sound-generating structure and method of assembling same: A headphone sound-generating structure includes a sound-generating module and a plurality fastening elements. The sound-generating module includes a first perforated plate, a first ring-shaped spacer, a diaphragm assembly, a second ring-shaped spacer, a second perforated plate, and a second ring-shaped mounting frame, which are sequentially superposed in a receiving space... Agent: Fortune Grand Technology Inc.

20130022227 - Detachable earphone: A detachable earphone is disclosed. The detachable earphone comprises an audio plug; an earplug; and an earphone cable connecting the audio plug to the earplug, wherein at least one of the audio plug and the earplug forms a joining portion, at least one end of the earphone cable forms an... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130022226 - Earbud set having integrated earphones and protective decorative covering: The invention relates to earphones, also known as earbuds, which are used to listen to music or other types of information produced by audio equipment such as MP3 players, CD players, laptops, cell phones and so on. According to the invention, an earphone set is integrated with a protective and... Agent:

20130022228 - Earphone and headset: Thus there is provided an earphone or headset comprising at least one electroacoustic reproduction transducer for the reproduction of audio signals, an electric connecting cable, and a damping unit for damping solids-borne sound transmitted by the connecting cable. The damping unit is in the form of a separate component.... Agent:

20130022229 - Loudspeaker mounting assembly: A loudspeaker mounting assembly includes a frame, a sleeve, and a tilt-angle adjustment mechanism. The frame may include an outer frame, an inner frame rotatable about a frame axis relative to the outer frame, and a frame wall extending away from a rear side. The sleeve is coupled to the... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

01/17/2013 > 33 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20130016842 - Apparatus and a method for converting a first parametric spatial audio signal into a second parametric spatial audio signal: An apparatus for converting a first parametric spatial audio signal representing a first listening position or a first listening orientation in a spatial audio scene to a second parametric spatial audio signal representing a second listening position or a second listening orientation is described, the apparatus including: a spatial audio... Agent:

20130016843 - Compatible multi-channel coding/decoding: In processing a multi-channel audio signal having at least three original channels, a first downmix channel and a second downmix channel are provided, which are derived from the original channels. For a selected original channel, channel side information are calculated such that a downmix channel or a combined downmix channel... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20130016844 - Subsonic test signal generation technique: An apparatus includes a capacitor, a current generating circuit communicatively coupled to the capacitor, and a current pulse timing circuit communicatively coupled to the current source circuit. The current timing pulse circuit is configured to time durations of a first plurality of current pulses from the current generating circuit for... Agent:

20130016845 - Electro-acoustic audio reverberation device and method: Disclosed is an audio reverberation apparatus. The audio reverberation apparatus interacts with or may include a mechanical or acoustic reverberation element. An audio signal is pitch transposing upward and applied to the mechanical or acoustic reverberation element. The resulting audio reverberant signal retrieved from the mechanical or acoustic reverberation element... Agent: Ecolivegreen Corp.

20130016846 - Systems and methods for area efficient noise predictive filter calibration: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for data processing. As an example, a data processing circuit is discussed that includes: a noise predictive filter circuit, a mean calculation circuit, a summation circuit, and a filter tap adaptation circuit. The noise predictive filter circuit is operable to... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20130016847 - Method and apparatus for active sound masking: A method for influencing noise in a space, such as an open-space office, whereby active sound suppression and/or sound masking is/are undertaken. In order to advantageously undertake active sound suppression or sound masking in a larger space, for example an open-space office, a plurality of sound actuators are provided distributed... Agent: Pinta Acoustic Gmbh

20130016849 - Accessory device for mfxing audio streams from two portable audio units, and broadcasting device comprising said accessory device: An accessory device for a first portable audio unit, for sharing audio data between the first audio unit and a second portable audio unit, the accessory device including communication means linked to the audio input and arranged in such a way as to send the inherent audio stream originating from... Agent:

20130016848 - Managing audio output through an intermediary: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for managing audio output through an intermediary. In some embodiments, an audio controller emulates a direct connection between an audio source device and an audio output device. In other embodiments, audio content local to an audio controller is combined... Agent:

20130016851 - Pseudonoise generation device and pseudonoise generation method: A determination part specifies the road width upon which the vehicle CR is traveling based on the current position of a vehicle CR detected by a position detection part, referring to road width information in a storage part. The part determines an arrival ranges for pseudonoise being outputted outside the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20130016850 - Stationary apparatus for portable electronic device: A withdrawable portable device mounting apparatus is provided in a vehicle audio system, in which a mount capable of mounting a portable electronic device is drawn out using an electromotive force with a very simple manipulation by pressing a drive button or the like. The apparatus may include a case,... Agent:

20130016852 - Sound source localization using phase spectrum: An array of microphones placed on a mobile robot provides multiple channels of audio signals. A received set of audio signals is called an audio segment, which is divided into multiple frames. A phase analysis is performed on a frame of the signals from each pair of microphones. If both... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20130016853 - Audio apparatus capable of noise suppression and noise-suppressed mobile phone: The present invention provides an audio apparatus capable of noise suppression, including a first signal processing circuit which is set with two input ends and one output end, where one input end is configured to receive noise and the other input end is configured to receive a digital music signal;... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20130016854 - Microphone array processing system: An audio system is provided that employs time-frequency analysis and/or synthesis techniques for processing audio obtained from a microphone array. These time-frequency analysis/synthesis techniques can be more robust, provide better spatial resolution, and have less computational complexity than existing adaptive filter implementations. The time-frequency techniques can be implemented for dual... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc.

20130016855 - Control device for driving multi-function speaker by using digital mixing scheme and related control method thereof: A control device and an associated method for driving a multi-function speaker supporting a plurality of predetermined functions including at least an audio function and a non-audio function includes a digital signal mixing block and a digital-to-analog block. The digital signal mixing block is arranged for receiving a plurality of... Agent:

20130016856 - Audio device: Disclosed is an audio device that plays back compressed audio signals that can be sufficiently comfortable to be audible even in a play back environment with improved acoustic quality. In order to correct a weak signal component near a frequency with a high output level of a compressed audio, weak-signal... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130016857 - Low frequency equalization for loudspeaker system: A method of optimizing the low frequency audio response emanating from a pair of low frequency transducers housed within a cabinet. The low frequency transducers are electrically connected to a power amplifier and source of audio content. The resonant frequency (Fs) and amplitude (Q) are characterized as to the high-pass... Agent:

20130016858 - Portable information processing device: Disclosed is a portable information processing device which can simplify volume control operation when media data is played back using an external playback apparatus. A control portion (21) of the portable information processing device (1) switches an object of volume control to a playback volume of the external playback apparatus... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20130016859 - Mems microphone overtravel stop structure: A MEMS microphone. The MEMS microphone includes a membrane, a spring, and a first layer having a backplate, and a first OTS structure. The spring has a first end coupled to the membrane, and a second end mounted to a support. The first OTS structure is released from the backplate... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130016860 - Thin-film speaker system and methods for making and using the same: A speaker system comprising a power source, an audio processor, a speaker comprising at least one conductive component comprising conductive ink, an enabling device, wherein the enabling device provides power to the audio processor, memory and speaker, and a memory, wherein the memory contains audio data, wherein the speaker has... Agent:

20130016861 - Hearing aid with optical signal transmission and charge system with optical signal transmission: A hearing aid including a hearing aid housing in which is arranged a transmitter unit for transmitting signals containing information to a receiver unit which is outside of the hearing aid. The transmitter unit generates an optical signal in the visible or outside of the visible spectral range and includes... Agent: Hansaton Akustik Gmbh

20130016862 - Hearing aid with magnetostrictive electroactive sensor: A hearing aid includes a magnetostrictive electroactive (ME) sensor that generates an electrical signal in response to a magnetic field or a mechanical pressure. In various embodiments, the ME sensor is used for cordless charging of a rechargeable battery in the hearing aid by generating an electrical signal in response... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20130016863 - Loudspeaker structure for flat display: A loudspeaker structure for a flat display comprises a shield structure and a speaker driver. The shield structure is formed by integratedly extending a front frame and a rear case which are used to assemble the flat display. The shield structure and the speaker driver surround or confine a space... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation

20130016864 - Lighting and audio communication system: A lighting and communication system with a horn enclosure for recessed ceiling panel or wall mounting, including a speaker with a horn expansion area to direct sound waves from the speaker to a horn enclosure front, at least one light enclosure located within the horn enclosure, the light enclosure defining... Agent: Mitek Corp., Inc.

20130016865 - Speaker with vibration absorbing function and related electronic device: A speaker with vibration absorbing function is disclosed in the present invention. The speaker is disposed on a boss of a casing. The speaker includes a sound box, and a supporting arm disposed on a lateral surface of the sound box. The supporting arm includes a bending portion. An end... Agent:

20130016866 - Treble-bass coaxial loudspeaker: A treble-bass coaxial loudspeaker has an inverted conical frame, a bass resonance assembly mounted to the bottom of the frame, a bracket, and a treble resonance assembly. The bracket is mounted on the bass resonance drumhead and contains the treble resonance assembly inside to separate the treble resonance chip from... Agent: Greness Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20130016867 - Earpiece having multiple audio chambers: An earpiece is disclosed. The earpiece includes a housing forming a volume, a number of sound holes arranged in the front end and rear end of the housing, a sound generator accommodated in the chamber for dividing the volume into several parts isolated with each other, and a wire electrically... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130016868 - Earphone: A housing contains a speaker. The housing has a first housing to which the speaker is attached and which covers a sound emitting part side of the speaker, and a second housing combined with the first housing to cover an opposite side of the sound emitting part side of the... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20130016869 - Type of headphone device: The present invention relates to headphones for multimedia devices, and more specifically the present invention is adapted to allow more than one user to use the same headphone jack. The purpose of the present invention is to provide a headphone which enables more than one person to use the same... Agent: Nordic Enterprises

20130016870 - Antenna configurations for wireless speakers: Antenna configurations for wireless speakers are disclosed. An example playback device includes a housing having a metallic face and a non-metallic face, the metallic face including an opening; a first antenna of a first type positioned within the housing adjacent an inner surface of the non-metallic face; and a second... Agent:

20130016871 - Low profile greeting card speaker: A low profile miniature speaker configured for use in greeting cards such as sound generating greeting cards and other novelties. The thickness of the speaker is minimized while maintaining the sound quality and increasing strength. The speaker magnet is counter-sunk into the housing of the speaker, thereby decreasing overall thickness.... Agent: American Greetings Corporation

20130016872 - Voice coil former stiffener: A support member for a voice coil former in an audio transducer is described. The support member comprises a bridge between the inner surface of the voice coil former and a radiating surface, such as a diaphragm or cone, which is disposed in the center of the voice coil former.... Agent: Strata Audio LLC

20130016873 - W dome speakers: A W-shaped radiating surface for a transducer assembly is described. The radiating surface has a center portion and an outer portion. The center portion is disposed in the center of a voice coil former and has a first sloping region and a second sloping region that meet at a first... Agent: Strata Audio LLC

20130016874 - Micro-speaker: A micro-speaker includes a frame, a diaphragm mounted on the frame, a magnetic system received in the frame and defining a magnetic gap, a voice coil driving the diaphragm and suspended in the magnetic gap, and a suspension having a body portion and at least a pair of connecting portion... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

01/10/2013 > 35 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20130010967 - Spatial angle modulation binaural sound system: A method of inducing a state of consciousness in a listener. The method includes providing first and second sound signals. The first sound signal is provided to one ear of the listener and the second sound signal is provided to the other ear of the listener. The second sound signal... Agent: The Monroe Institute

20130010969 - Method and apparatus for reproducing three-dimensional sound: Stereophonic sound is reproduced by acquiring image depth information indicating a distance between at least one object in an image signal and a reference location, acquiring sound depth information indicating a distance between at least one sound object in a sound signal and a reference location based on the image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130010968 - Sound processing apparatus: In a sound processing apparatus, a matrix factorization unit acquires a non-negative first basis matrix including a plurality of basis vectors that represent spectra of sound components of a first sound source, and acquires an observation matrix that represents time series of a spectrum of a sound signal corresponding to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20130010970 - Multichannel sound reproduction method and device: The present invention relates to a method for selecting auditory signal components for reproduction by means of one or more supplementary sound reproducing transducers, such as loudspeakers, placed between a pair of primary sound reproducing transducers, such as left and right loudspeakers in a stereophonic loudspeaker setup or adjacent loudspeakers... Agent: Bang & Olufsen A/s

20130010971 - Method and device for decoding an audio soundfield representation for audio playback: Soundfield signals such as e.g. Ambisonics carry a representation of a desired sound field. The Ambisonics format is based on spherical harmonic decomposition of the soundfield, and Higher Order Ambisonics uses spherical harmonics of at least 2nd order. However, commonly used loudspeaker setups are irregular and lead to problems in... Agent:

20130010972 - Binaural compressor preserving directional cues: A hearing aid system includes a first hearing aid configured to communicate with a second hearing aid, wherein the first hearing aid comprises a microphone and an ND converter for provision of a digital input signal in response to sound signals received at the microphone, a processor that is configured... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20130010973 - Wireless binaural compressor: A binaural hearing aid system includes a first hearing aid and a second hearing aid, each of which comprising a processor that is configured to process the digital input signal in accordance with a signal processing algorithm into a processed digital output signal, the processor including a compressor for compensation... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20130010974 - Sound processing device, sound processing method, and sound processing program: A sound processing device includes a storage unit configured to store first operation data corresponding to a motion of a mechanical apparatus and a first sound feature value corresponding to the motion in correlation with each other, a noise estimating unit configured to estimate a third sound feature value corresponding... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20130010975 - Method and system for split client-server reverberation processing: In some embodiments, a method applying reverberation to audio from at least one client of a set of clients which share a virtual environment, including by asserting position data and at least one input audio stream to a server, selecting (in the server) a reverberation filter for each input audio... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20130010976 - Efficient audio signal processing in the sub-band regime: A signal processing system enhances an audio signal. The audio signal is divided into audio sub-band signals. Some audio sub-band signals are excised. Other audio sub-band signals are processed to obtain enhanced audio sub-band signals. At least a portion of the excised audio sub-band signals are reconstructed. The reconstructed audio... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20130010977 - Radio reception device for vehicle and noise cancellation method: A radio reception device for vehicle 100 (200) includes a variable phase shifter 22, an amplitude regulator 23, and an adder 24, and has an arrangement in which a signal of an RF, IF, or baseband stage of a radio receiver mixed with a noise is added to a phase-inverted... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130010978 - Gaming headset vibrator: A vibrating headset capable of generating a vibration of variable operational characteristics in the earpiece of the vibrating headset is disclosed. The vibrating headset may include one or more earpieces, each of which includes a speaker and a vibrator mechanism, wherein the vibrator mechanism receives a vibration input signal which... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20130010979 - Transmitter: Where information is to be conveyed as acoustic waves, embodiments of the present invention provide a transmitter capable of causing acoustic waves that convey information to be not easily perceived by the human ear. A transmitter, being an apparatus that converts various types of encoded information into acoustic wave(s) in... Agent: Field System, Inc.

20130010980 - Vehicle direction identification device, vehicle direction identification method and program therefor: A vehicle direction identification device includes: a frequency analysis unit which analyzes phase of the surrounding sound in each analysis section specified by predetermined frequency regions and time intervals; a sound source direction identification unit which identifies a sound source direction indicating a direction of a sound included in the... Agent:

20130010981 - Microphone: A microphone capable of canceling vibration noise caused by mechanical vibration is provided with, in capsules, a pair of diaphragms and a pair of back plates opposite to the respective diaphragms. A printed circuit board is disposed at the middle of capsules. A pair of diaphragms is disposed close and... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20130010982 - Noise-reducing directional microphone array: In one embodiment, a directional microphone array having (at least) two microphones generates forward and backward cardioid signals from two (e.g., omnidirectional) microphone signals. An adaptation factor is applied to the backward cardioid signal, and the resulting adjusted backward cardioid signal is subtracted from the forward cardioid signal to generate... Agent: Mh Acoustics,llc

20130010983 - Device and method for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event: A signal manipulator for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event may have a transient remover, a signal processor and a signal inserter for inserting a time portion in a processed audio signal at a signal location where the transient event was removed before processing by the transient remover,... Agent:

20130010984 - Method for controlling entertainment equipment based on performer position: A method and system for automatically and reliably controlling equipment for outputting sound and, potentially, lighting, pyrotechnics and other effects in live entertainment productions based upon the real-time physical location of one or more specific performers within a performance area in either an absolute sense or relative to a controlled... Agent:

20130010985 - Device and method for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event: A signal manipulator for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event may have a transient remover, a signal processor and a signal inserter for inserting a time portion in a processed audio signal at a signal location where the transient event was removed before processing by the transient remover,... Agent:

20130010986 - Audio jack system: An audio jack system includes a special audio jack adaptor that is particularly useful for digital players (e.g., cell phone, smartphone, MP3 player, computer, etc.) housed within watertight enclosures. When a headset is plugged directly into the digital player, the player's audio signal automatically goes to the headset, and the... Agent:

20130010988 - Implantable electret microphone: An implantable microphone comprises a hermetically-sealed, enclosed volume and an electret member and back plate disposed with a space therebetween and capacitively coupleable to provide an output signal indicative of acoustic signals incident upon at least one of the electret member and back plate. The back plate may be disposed... Agent: Otologics, LLC

20130010987 - Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations: Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations via an electronic and/or transducer assembly through a tooth or teeth are disclosed herein. The assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a removable oral appliance to form a hearing aid assembly. Such an oral appliance may be a custom-made... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20130010989 - Component having a micromechanical microphone structure, and method for manufacturing same: Measures for improving the acoustic properties of a microphone component produced in sacrificial layer technology. The micromechanical microphone structure of such a component is implemented in a layered structure, and includes at least one diaphragm, which is deflectable by sound pressure and which is implemented in a diaphragm layer, and... Agent:

20130010990 - Apparatus and method for driving parasitic capacitances using diffusion regions under a mems structure: A semiconductor microphone including a silicon substrate having a perimeter; an N-well diffused into the substrate at the perimeter; a deformable diaphragm disposed over at least a portion of the silicon substrate and in contact with at least a portion of the perimeter; and a signal channel in electrical communication... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20130010991 - Handheld electronic device with hearing aid function: A handheld electronic device with a hearing aid function includes a sound collecting unit, a first amplifying unit, an A/D converter, a noise reducing unit, a D/A converter, a second amplifying unit, and a sound output unit. The sound collecting unit collects ambient sound signals. The first amplifying unit amplifies... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130010992 - Waterproof acoustic element enclosures and apparatus including the same: A waterproof enclosure for a cochlear implant system or other hearing assistance device includes an outer housing, an inner support in the interior of the outer housing, an acoustic element supported by the inner support, and water-impermeable polymeric protective membrane sealing the interior of the outer housing against water ingress.... Agent:

20130010993 - Molding structure for a hearing apparatus, hearing apparatus and method of producing the molding apparatus: Hearing apparatuses should be manufactured as simply as possible and with the closest possible fit. Accordingly, a molding structure, is provided, which represents a model for the direct shaping of an otoplastic of a hearing apparatus. The molding structure having a sealing element, which can be positioned in the auditory... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20130010994 - Fixing mechanism for fixing a sound box and related electronic device: A fixing mechanism for fixing a sound box on a casing is disclosed in the present invention. The fixing mechanism includes a first bridging structure disposed on the sound box and surrounding a speaker of the sound box, a second bridging structure disposed on the casing and surrounding a sound... Agent:

20130010996 - Welding type condenser microphone using curling and method of assemblying the same: A condenser microphone that is manufactured by attaching components installed in a case by using curling to prevent movement of the components when the case and a printed circuit board (PCB) are welded to each other and to stably transfer electrical signals, and a method of manufacturing the condenser microphone.... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20130010995 - Welding type condenser microphone using spring base: A welding type condenser microphone using a spring base to prevent interferences due to deviations of thicknesses of components, wherein a second base is an elastic spring. The welding type condenser microphone includes a case sub-assembly, in which a diaphragm and a back plate face each other across a spacer... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20130010997 - Auricle-installed apparatus: An auricle-installed apparatus, including: a device configured to be installable to a user's ear and have an electric conversion function; and a main body including a supporting portion configured to support the device, and a first curved portion and a second curved portion that are configured to be installable to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130010998 - Coaxial sound generating unit cartridge and a two-way earphone using the same: Provided is a two-way earphone. The present invention comprises: a main earphone body on the inside of which are respectively disposed a first sound generating unit and a second sound generating unit for generating sounds of mutually different playback audio bandwidths upon input of an electrical signal; a housing which... Agent:

20130010999 - Electromechanical conversion system with moving magnets; acoustic diffuser comprising said system and a moving member that generates sound waves: The invention relates to an electromechanical conversion system comprising: a fixed supporting structure, a movable element with respect to the fixed structure; at least one excitation coil; and at least one permanent magnet for generating an excitation magnetic field. The permanent magnet is integral with the movable element and the... Agent:

20130011000 - Speaker: A speaker of the present invention is used for converting audio electrical signals to audible sounds. The multi-magnetic circuit speaker includes a box with a sound hole, at least one magnetic circuit having at least two magnetic gaps, at least two vibrating units corresponding to the magnetic gaps, respectively, at... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130011001 - Speaker system and manufacturing method thereof: A speaker system includes: a baffle board having a first attachment portion, a second attachment portion, and a third attachment portion; a diaphragm, which is exposed to a front face side of the baffle board; an edge, which is disposed on an outer circumference of the diaphragm and is fixed... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

01/03/2013 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20130003980 - Audio encoder, audio encoding method and program: There is provided an audio encoder comprising a determination part determining, based on frequency spectra of audio signals of a plurality of channels, a mixing ratio as a ratio, relative to a frequency spectrum after mixing for each channel of the plurality of channels, of the frequency spectrum for another... Agent:

20130003981 - Calibration of headphones to improve accuracy of recorded audio content: User headphones are calibrated in real time to improve the reproduction accuracy of recorded audio content. Microphones of a type used to record the audio content (including their orientation and recording characteristics) are characterized to indicate a first audio coloration. Audio playback devices of a type used to process the... Agent:

20130003982 - Electronic apparatus and operation method thereof: The invention provides an electronic apparatus. In one embodiment, the electronic apparatus comprises a hard disk, a speaker, and a processor. The hard disk comprises a vibration protection mechanism which lowers the performance of the hard disk when the vibration protection mechanism is activated. The speaker broadcasts a sound. The... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20130003983 - Headphone: A headphone includes: a pair of earphone units each of which includes a speaker and a plurality of microphones which are arranged at a back side of the speaker in a given pattern and through which external sounds are picked up; a sound pickup signal generator configured to generate a... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20130003985 - Audio output controller and control method: An output controller and an method for outputting a signal flow to one or more earphone jacks according to a connection status of each earphone jack. The output controller includes an interface unit having more than one earphone jacks and an output control unit. The output control unit includes a... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130003984 - Headphones with expandable speaker enclosures: A headphone set includes a head band and a pair of speaker assemblies supplied on opposite ends of the headband. Each of the speaker assemblies comprises an earphone speaker for reproducing sound to be directed toward one of the wearer's ears, a relatively larger and more powerful broadcast speaker for... Agent: Ms Electronics LLC

20130003986 - System for controlling audio reproduction: A system for controlling audio reproduction may include an interface operable to receive a data stream of an audio signal. The system may also include a processor. The processor may be operable to: analyze the data stream; divide the data stream into segments; associate audio classes with respective segments in... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20130003987 - Noise suppression device: A band separating unit 5 carries out a band division of a plurality of power spectra into which an input signal is converted by a time-to-frequency converting unit 2 to combine power spectra into each subband, and a band representative component generating unit 6 defines a power spectrum having a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20130003988 - Pop noise suppressing circuit and its method: A POP noise suppressing circuit includes a blocking capacitor, an outputting element connected to the blocking capacitor, a current generating unit, a charging unit connected to the current generating unit, a discharging unit connected to the current generating unit, a switching unit connected to the charging unit and the discharging... Agent: Ip Goal Microelectronics (sichuan) Co., Ltd.

20130003989 - Perception enhancement for low-frequency sound components: This invention discloses a method and a plurality of compressive amplitude distortion units for enhancing the perceptibility of the low-frequency portion of a sound by introducing residue harmonics of low-frequency signal components into the sound, where the residue harmonics are generated by a nonlinear function emulating the middle-ear response of... Agent: Natural Bass Technology Limited

20130003990 - Electronic device and audio output control method thereof: An audio output port, an impedance value detecting unit, a DAC, an audio gain module, and a processing unit are included within an electronic device. The impedance value detecting unit detects the impedance value of an audio output apparatus. The storage unit stores an audio output mode table. The processing... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20130003991 - System and method for adjusting an audio signal: Disclosed is a system and method of adjusting a volume level for an audio signal for a communication device to comply with a quality threshold. The method comprises: monitoring for an increase in the volume level; and upon determining that implementing the increase in the volume level would produce an... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20130003992 - Device and method for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event: A signal manipulator for manipulating an audio signal having a transient event may have a transient remover, a signal processor and a signal inserter for inserting a time portion in a processed audio signal at a signal location where the transient event was removed before processing by the transient remover,... Agent:

20130003993 - Method and apparatus for using selected content tracks from two or more program channels to automatically generate a blended mix channel for playback to a user upon selection of a corresponding preset button on a user interface: A method and apparatus are provided for generating a personalized radio channel playlist by simultaneously buffering multiple received channels from one or more source streams, and then selecting songs or tracks to playback from the buffered channels. Users can specify favorite channels for building their personal playlists, or multiple default... Agent:

20130003994 - Digital amplifier: The disclosed digital amplifier (200) is provided with a voltage value conversion block (220) for converting a digital value of a digital pulse width of a digital modulation block (210) to a voltage value; and an integration circuit block (230) for generating a triangular wave by way of a master... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20130003995 - Low-noise microphone pre-amplifier with active load element: A low-noise pre-amplifier with an active load element is integrated into a microphone. The microphone has an acoustic sensor coupled to the intrinsic pre-amplifier. A controllable current source is coupled to the intrinsic pre-amplifier and supplies a pre-amplifier bias current. A current source controller is coupled to the current source... Agent:

20130003996 - Actuator systems for oral-based appliances: Actuator systems for oral-based appliances utilizing transducers which are attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a dental or oral appliance to form a hearing aid assembly. Such oral appliances may be a custom-made device which receives incoming sounds and transmits the processed sounds via a vibrating transducer element.... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20130003997 - Systems and methods for intra-oral based communications: Systems and methods are disclosed for capturing sound for communication by mounting one or more intra-oral microphones to capture sound; and mounting a mouth wearable communicator in the oral cavity to communicate sound with a remote unit.... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20130003998 - Modifying spatial image of a plurality of audio signals: A method comprising: modifying a sound stage produced by an input audio signal comprising two or more audio channels such that spatial room is relieved for one or more additional sound sources; and inserting said one or more additional sound sources in the relieved spatial room of the modified sound... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20130003999 - Method for creating an audio environment having n speakers: Gi and i are a positioning gain and delay, respectively, which enable the speakers HPi, i=1 . . . N to be virtually repositioned in terms of distance so that all sounds intended to simultaneously arrive at the listening point according to the encoding format actually arrive therein simultaneously, irrespective... Agent: Goldmund Monaco Sam

20130004001 - Hearing aid with mechanical sound generating means for function selection: A hearing aid (1) comprises a housing, two microphones (3, 4), signal processing means provided with user selectable settings, and a receiver. The housing is provided with mechanical sound generating means (5, 11). The sound generating means is capable of providing a specific sound when manipulated by a hearing aid... Agent: Widex A/s

20130004000 - Systems, methods, and article of manufacture for configuring a hearing prosthesis: The present application discloses systems and methods for determining one or more configuration settings for a first hearing prosthesis based on configuration data associated with a second hearing prosthesis. In some embodiments, determining the one or more configuration settings for the first hearing prosthesis may include determining an acoustic operating... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20130004002 - Communication system for wireless audio devices: The present subject matter provides a system for wireless communications between one or more wireless audio devices and other electronics for providing a rich set of streaming audio, control, programming and enhanced hearing functions.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20130004003 - Hearing aid: This hearing aid comprises a main body case (1), a battery case (7) provided so that it can be pulled from inside the main body case (1) to outside of the main body case (1), a control device (14) that is actuated by electromotive force of an air battery (8)... Agent:

20130004004 - Ear mould and hearing aid with open in-ear receiving device: The present patent application discloses an ear mould, working by cooperation with a receiving device which put in ear canal. The ear mould includes a head of the ear mould and a sound transmission device which connected with the head. The sound transmission device is used for connection with the... Agent:

20130004005 - Connector for a hearing instrument and hearing instrument: A connector for a hearing instrument, in particular a receiver-in-canal behind-the-ear hearing aid, is small and visually inconspicuous. The connector should be as invisible as possible on the hearing instrument as it is worn, and the connector allows a microphone arrangement favorable for directionality and sound pick-up. The connector is... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20130004006 - Display unit: A display unit includes: a main body section including a first front surface, a first rear surface, and a first side surface; one or a plurality of speaker boxes each including one or a plurality of speaker units and a housing containing the one or a plurality of speaker units,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20130004007 - Open-baffle loudspeaker: The invention relates to a loudspeaker which includes one or more drivers, a front panel and a further panel extending rearwardly therefrom. The rearwardly extending panel is typically offset towards one side of the front panel and includes an outer edge with at least portion which is curved. The provision... Agent:

20130004008 - Reflex enclosure: A reflex enclosure, includes an enclosure body, a loudspeaker, a waveguide portion and a vibration unit; a rearward sound wave generated from the loudspeaker is guided 360 degree (in all directions) from the outside of the waveguide portion to the inside of the waveguide portion, and then push the vibration... Agent:

20130004009 - Microphone adapter and microphone: A microphone adapter is attachable to a microphone including a microphone unit and a casing having a front sound terminal and a back sound terminal. The microphone adapter has a bottom having a hole through which the casing of the microphone extends and a cylindrical peripheral wall integrated with the... Agent:

20130004010 - Devices and methods for dampening vibrations: A device for isolating a microphone from vibrations, the device comprising a frame comprising a plurality of surfaces, the plurality of surfaces laying on a plane that is different from each other and defining at least one mounting point; at least one non-resonant cord attached to the mounting point of... Agent:

20130004011 - Non-occluding earbuds and methods for making the same: Non-occluding earbuds and methods for making the same are disclosed. The earbud has a non-occluding housing having a directional port positioned offset with respect to a center axis of the housing. The directional port may be constructed to project acoustic signals into the user's ear canal. In addition, the directional... Agent: Apple Inc.

20130004012 - Electronic tablet device's sound guide cover: An electronic tablet device's sound guide cover comprises a shield and a sound guide member: the shield is a tabular member with some fastener devices at the shield's corners and relies on the fastener devices to clasp the electronic tablet device and adhere to the electronic tablet device's external cover;... Agent:

20130004013 - Ceiling loudspeaker system: The present invention comprises a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and back box assembly configured for installation... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

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