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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120300941 - Apparatus and method for removing vocal signal: A method of removing a vocal signal is provided, the method including: extracting a difference signal between an input left signal and an input right signal of a stereo signal; obtaining left panning information of the input left signal from the input left signal, and right panning information of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120300942 - Multi-channel broadcasting system using digital matrix amplifier and method of controlling the same: A multi-channel broadcasting system using a digital matrix amplifier performing the setting of respective equipment is provided to control the model equipment through a digital master controller. An 8-channel audio input unit 66 is electrically connected to a digital audio mixer. Sound source equipment connection terminals are electrically connected to... Agent: L&b Technology Co., Ltd.

20120300943 - Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing method: An audio signal processing apparatus and an audio signal processing method are provide. The audio signal processing apparatus comprises: a plurality of individual audio interfaces, an audio signal processing unit, and an audio channel splitting unit. The audio signal processing unit is utilized for determining a total number of audio... Agent:

20120300944 - Media distribution system: A system and method for distributing media data such that the output of that media by a plurality of devices is synchronised. A source device is connected to a plurality of output devices by a plurality of Bluetooth connections and transmits media data and associated indications of time to the... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20120300945 - Stereo coding method and apparatus: A stereo coding method includes transforming a stereo left channel signal and a stereo right channel signal in a time domain to a frequency domain to form a left channel signal and a right channel signal in the frequency domain; down-mixing the left channel signal and the right channel signal... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120300946 - Electronic device for converting audio file format: An electronic device for converting a multi-channel audio file to a dual channel audio file and vice versa. The multichannel audio file includes a right channel group and a left channel group of channel signals. The electronic device respectively mixes the channel signals of the right channel group and the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120300949 - Loudspeaker protection apparatus and method thereof: An apparatus comprises at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code; the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to: determine at least one parameter of a transducer on the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120300948 - Multimedia output device and audio output method thereof: A multimedia output device and an audio output method thereof are provided. The multimedia output device is electrically connected to an external speaker. The audio output method includes following steps. The multimedia output device determines whether an identification resistor exists in the external speaker. If the identification resistor exists in... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20120300947 - Signal converter with overcurrent protection mechanism: A signal converter with an overcurrent protection mechanism comprises a pulse width modulation (PWM) unit, a timing processing and multi-level conversion unit, an overcurrent detection unit, and a pulse width control unit. The PWM unit converts an analog signal into a pulse signal. The timing processing and multi-level conversion unit... Agent:

20120300950 - Management of a sound material to be stored into a database: A data processing apparatus acquires a waveform data set from a waveform DB where waveform data sets are stored in association with tag data for classifying the waveform data sets, analyzes a sound waveform signal indicated by the acquired waveform data set to thereby identify a period of the sound... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120300951 - Method and apparatus for objective assessment of in-ear device acoustical performance: A method and apparatus for objectively assessing acoustical performance of an in-ear device having a passageway extending there through use a dual microphone probe that removably engages the passageway. The acoustical performance of the in-ear device is performed with the in-ear device inserted into the ear canal of the user... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120300952 - Calibration system with clamping system: Systems and methods are described for clamping a headset in a calibration system using a clamp system that includes a clamp, platform, and one or more spindles (e.g., cushion spindles) to minimize or eliminate issues associated with positioning of headsets. The clamp system comprises a mount having a receptacle. When... Agent:

20120300953 - Integrity evaluation system in an implantable hearing prosthesis: An implantable hearing prosthesis, comprising an integrated integrity system. The integrity system is configured to measure one or more electrical characteristics of at least one component of the prosthesis, to evaluate the integrity of the prosthesis based on the measurements, and to perform at least one diagnostic operation based on... Agent:

20120300954 - Noiseless motor apparatus and denoise driver: A motor apparatus includes a motor, a speaker for generating a denoise sound wave according to a speaker driving signal to offset a noise generated by the motor, and a driving device including a memory for storing a noise characteristic information of the motor, a control circuit for determining a... Agent:

20120300955 - Active vibration noise control device: An active vibration noise control device cancels vibration noise by making plural speakers generate control sounds. The active vibration noise control device selects one or more speakers which output the control sounds, from plural speakers, based on a relationship between (1) a first phase difference which corresponds to a difference... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120300956 - Sound outputting device: According to an aspect, a sound outputting device includes a front unit, a first side unit, a second side unit, a sound transmitting portion, and a piezoelectric speaker. The first side unit is coupled to one end portion of the front unit. The second side unit is coupled to another... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120300958 - Method of identifying a wireless communication channel in a sound system: A method of identifies an appropriate wireless communication channel in an audio receiving device, that comprises 1) a wireless receiver receiving an audio signal on a particular transmission channel selected among a predefined number of possible transmission channels, and 2) a microphone for picking up a sound in the environment... Agent:

20120300957 - Mobile sound reproducing system: Proposed device relates to sound playback. Playback device is made in the shape of a polyhedron and is equipped with preferably gravity-controlled switch for operation modes and reception of input signals selection. The channel assigned is directly linked to the side the unit stands on as a base. When placed... Agent:

20120300959 - Ribbon microphone with usb output: A USB ribbon microphone includes a ribbon diaphragm assembly, an amplification circuitry connected to the ribbon diaphragm assembly, an A/D converter connected to the amplification circuitry, and a USB output port connected to the A/D converter for selective connection with a USB input.... Agent:

20120300960 - Digital signal routing circuit: An integrated circuit for digital signal routing. Signal routing is achieved by means of a multiply-accumulate block, which takes data from one or more data source and, after any required scaling, generates output data for a data destination. The multiply-accumulate block operates on a time division multiplexed basis, so that... Agent:

20120300961 - Biometric-sensor assembly, such as for acoustic reflectometry of the vocal tract: A biometric-sensor assembly, e.g., for acoustic reflectometry of the vocal tract. In one embodiment, the sensor assembly includes a dental appliance for in-mouth mounting, an acoustic sensor attached to the dental appliance, and an optional headset. The dental appliance enables secure placement of the acoustic sensor in the mouth of... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20120300962 - Solar powered wireless bluetooth stereo speaker with connectivity to mp3 player: A portable Bluetooth stereo speaker including a rechargeable battery coupled to power the Bluetooth stereo speaker, a solar panel coupled to the rechargeable battery for recharging the battery when the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, a capacitive touch panel coupled to the Bluetooth stereo speaker for controlling music, skip... Agent:

20120300963 - Hearing aid feedback noise alarms: Disclosed are methods and systems for informing a user about hearing aid feedback noise including, for example, receiving, through one or more microphones, an acoustic signal sample, analyzing the acoustic signal sample to determine whether feedback noise is present in the acoustic signal sample, and displaying to the user an... Agent:

20120300964 - Method and apparatus to test hearing ability and hearing aid apparatus using the same: A method and apparatus to a hearing ability and a hearing aid using the same are described. The hearing aid outputs a sound to test a hearing ability of a user, to detect an electrical signal generated in a body of the user as a result of the output sound,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120300965 - Hearing instrument controller: A hearing instrument has a plurality of electronic components within a body, and an inertial sensor mechanically coupled with the body. The inertial sensor is configured to monitor the motion of the body and generate a movement signal representative of the body motion. A controller operatively coupled with the inertial... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120300966 - Loudspeaker system: The present invention comprises a loudspeaker system that includes a loudspeaker and a detachable mount. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker and mount include electrical connectors that are engaged when the loudspeaker is attached to the mount. In one or more embodiments, the loudspeaker and mount comprise mating mounting... Agent:

20120300967 - Speaker system: A speaker system includes: a speaker cabinet; a speaker unit installed in a wall surface of said speaker cabinet; and an acoustic tube having ends, one of which is open and the other of which is closed, in which said acoustic tube is provided in said speaker cabinet such that... Agent:

20120300968 - Sound box structure for electronic apparatus: The present disclosure relates to a sound box structure for an electronic apparatus. The sound box structure is disposed in an electronic apparatus and comprises a resonating cavity, a loudspeaker, and at least an electronic device. The loudspeaker and the electronic device are disposed in the resonating cavity. The present... Agent:

20120300969 - Microphone unit and voice input device comprising same: A microphone unit (1) comprises a first vibrating part (14), a second vibrating part (15), and a housing (20) for accommodating the first vibrating part (14) and the second vibrating part (15), the housing being provided with a first sound hole (132), a second sound hole (101), and a third... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120300970 - Head set: A head set includes a cable winding device arranged in the housing for winding cables on both sides in a spring-supported manner, the cable winding device having at least one locking device, and including a microphone and at least one earphone or headphone, with the cable winding device including two... Agent:

11/22/2012 > 29 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120294446 - Blind source separation based spatial filtering: A method for blind source separation based spatial filtering on an electronic device includes obtaining a first source audio signal and a second source audio signal. The method also includes applying a blind source separation filter set to the first source audio signal and to the second source audio signal... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120294447 - Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding multichannel signal: An apparatus and method for encoding/decoding a multi-channel signal may be provided. The apparatus of encoding a multi-channel signal may insert information about whether to encode a phase parameter indicating phase information of a plurality of channels, included in the multi-channel signal, in a bitstream of the multi-channel signal. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120294449 - Method and apparatus for control of randering multiobject or multichannel audio signal using spatial cue: The present research relates to controlling rendering of multi-object or multi-channel audio signals. The present research provides a method and apparatus for controlling rendering of multi-object or multi-channel audio signals based on spatial cues in a process of decoding the multi-object or multi-channel audio signals. To achieve the purpose, the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120294448 - Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding multi-channel signal: A multi-channel signal decoding method is provided. A down-mixed signal representative of a multi-channel signal is decoded, and parameters representing characteristic relations between channels of the multi-channel signal are decoded. An additional parameter is estimated by using the decoded parameters, and the decoded down-mixed signal is up-mixed by using the... Agent:

20120294450 - Monitoring and correcting apparatus for mounted transducers and method thereof: An apparatus comprises at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to perform: monitoring at least one indicator dependent on a transducer... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120294451 - Hearing determination system, and method and program for the same: The determination system includes a presented-speech sound control section for determining a speech sound to be presented to a user; auditory/visual stimulation presentation sections for presenting the determined speech sound as an audio/a character; a group-wise summation section for taking a summation of an event-related potential of an electroencephalogram signal... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120294452 - Method and apparatus for reducing noise pumping due to noise suppression and echo control interaction: An input signal is processed through noise suppression (NS) and echo control (EC) via a multipath model that reduces noise pumping effects while maintaining EC performance. A copy of a “noisy” input signal is sent to an EC component before the noisy signal is sent to a NS component, which... Agent:

20120294453 - Method and apparatus for reducing noise pumping due to noise suppression and echo control interaction: An input signal is processed through noise suppression (NS) and echo control (EC) via a multipath model that reduces noise pumping effects while maintaining EC performance. A copy of a “noisy” input signal is sent to an EC component before the noisy signal is sent to a NS component, which... Agent:

20120294454 - Mobile terminal and earphone identifying method: A mobile phone apparatus 10 is provided with a five conductor earphone jack 26, etc. which is used to be shared between four and five conductor earphone plugs. Also, the two plugs have a left audio terminal at the same position, but a right audio terminal and a GND terminal... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20120294455 - Speaker apparatus: A speaker apparatus includes: a speaker operable to emit a sound; a receiver operable to receive an operation signal for operating an external apparatus; a relay section; a storage operable to store correspondence between operation information and operation signals that includes a first operation signal and a second operation signal;... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120294456 - Signal source localization using compressive measurements: In one aspect, a method for performing signal source localization is provided. The method comprises the steps of obtaining compressive measurements of an acoustic signal or other type of signal from respective ones of a plurality of sensors, processing the compressive measurements to determine time delays between arrivals of the... Agent:

20120294457 - Audio system and method of using adaptive intelligence to distinguish information content of audio signals and control signal processing function: An audio system has a signal processor coupled for receiving an audio signal from a musical instrument or vocals. A time domain processor receives the audio signal and generates time domain parameters of the audio signal. A frequency domain processor receives the audio signal and generates frequency domain parameters of... Agent: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

20120294459 - Audio system and method of using adaptive intelligence to distinguish information content of audio signals in consumer audio and control signal processing function: A consumer audio system has a signal processor coupled for receiving an audio signal. The audio signal is sampled into a plurality of frames. The sampled audio frames are separated into sub-frames according to the type or frequency content of the sound generating source. A time domain processor generates time... Agent: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

20120294458 - Semiconductor integrated circuit of car navigation system and multimedia processing method applied to car navigation system integrated with fm/am broadcast receiving function: A semiconductor IC includes an analog audio input circuit, a selecting unit, and an audio processing circuit, which maybe a car navigation chip. The analog audio input circuit includes an RF module and at least one analog audio input module, respectively for providing a first analog audio input signal and... Agent:

20120294460 - Sound processing apparatus and parameter setting method: A sound processing apparatus includes a processing unit that is configured to acquire an audio signal, perform a correction processing on the acquired audio signal and output the correction-processed audio signal to a sound emitting unit. The correction processing includes an indirect sound adjusting processing in which a given signal... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120294461 - Sound equipment, volume correcting apparatus, and volume correcting method: Sound equipment is configured to average an average value of a signal level at each predetermined frequency band of a sound signal at a different averaging time, to weight the average value calculated at a different averaging time by using an individual weighting value, to obtain a representative value based... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120294462 - Autonomous mixer for devices capable of storing and playing audio signals: An apparatus and method for autonomously mixing multiple devices capable of storing and playing audio signals is provided. Multiple devices can be mixed into one standard stereo signal that can then be played on any sort of powered speakers or amplifier. The apparatus is capable of receiving multiple audio inputs... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20120294463 - Control of audio output state based on wireless charging: According to the present disclosure, there is provided a wireless power receiver configured to provide a continuous phone call environment or content reproduction environment while at the same time conveniently performing wireless charging during the phone call or content reproduction by controlling to activate the operation of an audio output... Agent:

20120294464 - Mems microphone: A MEMS microphone includes a silicon substrate, a diaphragm connected to the silicon substrate, a backplate opposed from the diaphragm for forming an air gap. The backplate defines a plurality of first through holes and a plurality of second through holes surrounded by the first through holes, each of the... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120294465 - Earpiece with hollow elongated member having a nonlinear portion: An earpiece may be used to detect sounds from an ear canal of a user. The earpiece may include a microphone assembly and an acoustic pathway that is at least partially defined by a hollow elongated member having a nonlinear portion following a spiraled path. The acoustic pathway fluidly couples... Agent:

20120294466 - Temporary anchor for a hearing prosthesis: A hearing system, comprising: an adhesive element adapted to temporarily adhere to the skin of a recipient; a hearing prosthesis having a coupler and an anchor having a first surface adapted to adhere to the adhesive element, and a fixture adapted to attach to the coupler of the hearing prosthesis.... Agent:

20120294467 - Tool for insertion and removal of in-canal hearing devices: Methods, tools, and methods of manufacturing said tools are provided for inserting a hearing device deeply into the ear canal of a user and adjusting its medial-lateral position therein. The provided tools comprise a shaft. A distal end of the shaft can be coupled to the hearing device. The shaft... Agent:

20120294468 - Hearing aid magnetic sensor with counter windings: A hearing aid includes a magnetic sensor to sense a sound signal being a magnetic field. The magnetic sensor includes a telecoil to sensor the sound signal and a counter coil to cancel a noise signal resulting from electromagnetic interference. In one embodiment, a driver circuit for the counter coil... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120294469 - Cover for hand-held electronic device: A cover for a hand-held device, which has a device body and a speaker, includes a cover body configured for covering a portion the device body and for covering the speaker and a channel for positioning adjacent the device body. The channel is configured to form a sound duct when... Agent:

20120294470 - Multifunctional electronic light emitting removable grip sleeve for a paintbrush: The present invention is a multifunctional electronic light emitting removable grip sleeve for a paintbrush. A paintbrush is to be inserted into an encasement to improve handling and control over the paintbrush. The encasement is ergonomic and smoothly contours to the hand of a painter or user. Within the encasement... Agent:

20120294471 - Multi-channel sound producing structure for headphones: A sound producing structure for headphones comprises an enclosure composed of a box and a perforated cover for sealing the box, the box defining a compartment for accommodating a low-frequency ceramic speaker therein, the low-frequency ceramic speaker being suspended between two opposing interior surfaces of the box respectively via a... Agent:

20120294472 - Method and apparatus for a loudspeaker assembly: The present invention relates to a loudspeaker assembly and a method of assembling a loudspeaker assembly. In one or more embodiments, the invention comprises forming a front baffle comprising a first driver mounting portion, an intermediate portion, and an edge mounting portion. A first driver is installed in the first... Agent: Rgb Systems, Inc.

20120294473 - Low cost programmable sound recording and playback device and method for communicating with, and recharging of, the device: A low cost sound recording and playback device and a low cost method for wirelessly communicating with, and recharging of, the device. The device utilizes commonly available electronic components generally included in electronic sound producing devices thereby allowing for lowest cost of manufacture. The device includes a low cost low-power... Agent:

20120294474 - Moving-magnet electromagnetic device with planar coil: An electromagnetic device includes a housing, a planar coil disposed inside the housing, and a magnetic diaphragm disposed inside the housing, wherein the plane of the planar coil is substantially in parallel with the plane of the magnetic diaphragm, wherein the planar coil is separated from the magnetic diaphragm, and... Agent:

11/15/2012 > 37 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120288098 - Method for optimizing the stereo reception for an analog radio set and associated analog radio receiver: A method of optimizing stereo reception for an analog radio by applying the demodulated right sound signal (SD) and left sound signal (SG) as input to a decorrelation module having a variable decorrelation rate. The decorrelation rate of the decorrelation module is modified as a function of the reception quality... Agent:

20120288099 - Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding multi-channel signal: A multi-channel signal decoding method is provided. A down-mixed signal representative of a multi-channel signal is decoded, and parameters representing characteristic relations between channels of the multi-channel signal are decoded. An additional parameter is estimated by using the decoded parameters, and the decoded down-mixed signal is up-mixed by using the... Agent:

20120288100 - Method and apparatus for processing multi-channel de-correlation for cancelling multi-channel acoustic echo: Provided are a method and apparatus for multi-channel de-correlation processing for cancelling a multi-channel acoustic echo. The method includes: dividing an input multi-channel audio signal into units of frames to form multi-channel audio signals in units of frames; analyzing eigen values and eigen vectors related to the multi-channel audio signals... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120288101 - Stereo microphone: A stereo microphone has four condenser microphone units having respective directional axes in the same horizontal plane. The four units each have unidirectivity and a quadrangular shape viewed from the direction of the directional axis. The units are disposed by rotating the directional axes of adjacent units by 90°. A... Agent:

20120288102 - Highly directional glassbreak detector: A glassbreak detector first and second different audio transducers. One transducer is omnidirectional. The other is highly directional. Control circuitry processes signals from both transducers and determines if a glassbreakage profile is present.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120288104 - Method and device for audio recording: An earpiece (100) is provided. The earpiece can include an Ambient Sound Microphone (111) configured to capture ambient sound, an Ear Canal Microphone (123) configured to capture internal sound in the ear canal, a memory (208) configured to record at least a portion of the history of the ambient sound... Agent: Personics Holdings, Inc.

20120288103 - Method for detecting audio ticks in a noisy environment: A method for detecting, in an audio signal including a stream of audio samples (y(n), (y′(n)), ticks in a noisy environment, comprises the steps of applying the signal to a coarse tick detection processor arranged to decide whether it is likely that the signal includes a tick and, only then,... Agent:

20120288105 - Acoustic device and method of detecting abnormal sound: An earplug unit includes a signal processing unit. The earplug unit is inserted into an external auditory canal and then used. In the earplug unit, a speaker is arranged at an eardrum side, and a microphone is arranged at a side opposite to the eardrum side. The microphone collects a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120288106 - Noise analysis and extraction systems and methods: Systems and methods are described which facilitate quick and accurate extraction of the true noise level from a noise signal that includes additional signals, such as speech, in a cost effective implementation. Aspects of the invention allow the use of one microphone to simultaneously detect background noise as well as... Agent:

20120288107 - Test system for evaluating feedback performance of a listening device: A test system for evaluates acoustic feedback characteristics of a listening device by changing the transfer function of the signal path from an acoustic output to an acoustic input of the listening device. A variable filter comprises an acoustic input, an acoustic output, and a control unit for changing a... Agent: Bernafon Ag

20120288108 - Assessment system of speech sound listening, and method and program thereof: In an exemplary assessment system of speech sound listening, an output section presents a speech sound to a user as an auditory stimulation; a positive component determination section determines whether a positive component appears in an event-related potential of an electroencephalogram signal of the user in a range from 600-900... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120288109 - Apparatus and method for noise generation: The disclosure provides a method for noise generation, including: determining an initial value of a reconstructed parameter; determining a random value range based on the initial value of the reconstructed parameter; taking a value in the random value range randomly as a reconstructed noise parameter; and generating noise by using... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120288110 - Device, system and method of noise control: Some demonstrative embodiments include devices, systems and methods of noise control. For example, a device may include a controller to control noise within a predefined noise-control zone, the controller is to receive a plurality of noise inputs representing acoustic noise at a plurality of predefined noise sensing locations, which are... Agent:

20120288111 - Transmission path compensator: The invention relates to a system for generating anti-noise in an exhaust-gas line (9) of a vehicle, comprising a first electro acoustic transducer (11) for generating a first acoustic signal based on an electric control signal, and being in communication with the exhaust-gas line via an acoustic line (4, 7),... Agent: J. Eberspaecher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120288112 - Method and controller for controlling noise of rotating device: A method for controlling noise of a rotating device includes: obtaining a sound wave signal of noise generated by the rotating device, where the sound wave signal is fed back by a reference sensor; obtaining rotational speed information of the rotating device; and searching a predefined function mapping table according... Agent:

20120288114 - Audio camera using microphone arrays for real time capture of audio images and method for jointly processing the audio images with video images: A method comprises providing at least one processing unit comprising a decomposing section and a playback section; receiving, at the decomposing section, audio data generated via an array of microphones, the audio data representing an acoustic scene; decomposing the audio data into a plurality of signals representing components of the... Agent: University Of Maryland

20120288113 - Microphone: A microphone includes a plurality of microphone units; in which the microphone units include a first group of microphone units and a second group of microphone units, the first group of microphone units and the second group of microphone units are disposed alternately, the first group of microphone units are... Agent:

20120288115 - Method, apparatus, and computer program for suppressing noise: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program, which can suppress a low frequency range component with a small amount of calculation, and can achieve a noise suppression of high quality, are provided. The noise superposed in a desired signal of an input signal is suppressed by converting the input... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120288117 - Noise filling and audio decoding: A noise filling method is provided that includes detecting a frequency band including a part encoded to 0 from a spectrum obtained by decoding a bitstream; generating a noise component for the detected frequency band; and adjusting energy of the frequency band in which the noise component is generated and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120288116 - Wind noise suppressor, semiconductor integrated circuit, and wind noise suppression method: In a wind noise suppressor, a divider divides the frequency band an input sound into a first frequency band having a possibility that wind noise is included and a second frequency band having a frequency higher than a frequency of the first frequency band, a calculator calculates a probability that... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120288118 - Control of a loudspeaker output: The invention provides a modeling approach which is not based on a parametric model, but computes the transfer functions for a set of frequencies separately. As a consequence, it does not require prior knowledge regarding the enclosure (e.g. closed or vented box) and can cope with complex designs of the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120288119 - Portable tone generator for producing pre-calibrated tones: A portable tone generator includes a connector configurable to couple to an input/output port of a computing device, a memory configured to store data corresponding to a plurality of frequencies, and an output interface configurable to couple to a speaker system. The portable tone generator further includes tone generating circuitry... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20120288121 - Acoustic control device: A DSP performs a sound volume adjustment processing that adjusts a playback sound volume in accordance with a signal level of acoustic data in acoustic contents. Further, when the DSP detects that the acoustic data is switched, the DSP initializes the adjustment to perform a reset processing that performs adjustment... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120288122 - Method and a system for an acoustic curtain that reveals and closes a sound scene: A system and a method of operating the system which has at least two groups of sound providers, where the virtual position of the second group of sound providers is moved from the position of the first group of speakers to that of the second group of speakers. Also a... Agent: Bang & Olufsen A/s

20120288120 - Power supply with rectifier protection: An apparatus for driving speakers includes user-configurable amplifier cells for driving selected speakers, a synchronous rectifier circuit, and a control system. Each cell connects between power rails. The rectifier circuit provides current on the rails for consumption by the cells. The current depends on the configuration. The control system implements... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120288123 - Power saving system and method for loudspeaker: A power saving system includes a sensor, a processor, a timer, and a switch. The sensor senses movements in the diaphragm of the loudspeaker. The processor determines whether the loudspeaker is power-on and in use or power-on but not in use. The processor further determines whether a preset period of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120288124 - Room characterization and correction for multi-channel audio: Devices and methods are adapted to characterize a multi-channel loudspeaker configuration, to correct loudspeaker/room delay, gain and frequency response or to configure sub-band domain correction filters.... Agent: Dts, Inc.

20120288125 - Psycho-acoustic noise suppression: A method for perceptual enhancement of a received remote talker's voice, in the presence of local ambient noise, in an electronic voice communication system is provided. The method includes generating a pair of binaural voice signals from the remote talker's voice and manipulating the characteristics of the resulting pair of... Agent:

20120288126 - Apparatus: An apparatus comprising at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code the at least one memory and the computer program code configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to perform processing at least one control parameter dependent on at... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120288127 - Remote control of hearing assistance devices: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatus of communicating instructions to a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid. In various embodiments instructions are formed using tones sent to the hearing assistance device. The instructions can be used to control the operation of the hearing assistance device. The... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120288128 - Hearing assistance system and method: A system for providing hearing assistance to at least one user, having: at least one audio signal source; a first transmission unit with a digital transmitter for applying a digital modulation to the audio signals and to transmit the audio signals via a digital audio link; a second transmission unit... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120288129 - Open-back woofer baffle with resonance control ports: A preferred embodiment of an open-back extended frequency range woofer baffle having ports to control longitudinal acoustic resonances.... Agent:

20120288130 - Microphone arrangement: A microphone arrangement includes a housing having a sound hole, a first input audio transducer with a first sensitivity and a second input audio transducer with a second sensitivity. In this microphone arrangement, the first and the second input audio transducers are arranged in the housing, such that the first... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120288131 - Headphone with a headband: A headphone with a headband is provided where the headband is adapted to ensure contact between an earpad and the head or ear of the user, and with: a speaker unit; an outer frame comprising a proximal perimeter with two first pivotal hinge points at diametrically opposed positions with respect... Agent:

20120288132 - Multi function cable clip device: A cable includes a first portion and a second portion. An earpiece speaker is attached to the first portion of the cable. An earhook is provided and a multi-purpose clip is simultaneously attached, in a first use mode, only to the earpiece speaker and the earhook. In a second use... Agent:

20120288133 - Portable audio output device: There is provided a portable audio output device that can be stably hooked over a user's external ear. A cord 2 is curved so as to be hooked over a user's external ear A. A speaker unit 10 has a holding unit 13 that holds the cord 2. The holding... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120288134 - Articulating speaker: An articulating speaker assembly for a sound system of a vehicle includes a speaker that is mounted in a trim panel of the vehicle and is movable from a first stowed position corresponding to a typical vehicle speaker location to a deployed position wherein the speaker is configured to direct... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

11/08/2012 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120281841 - Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding a multi-channel audio signal: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for encoding and decoding a multichannel audio signal. The encoding apparatus may compute a weight matrix from a multichannel audio signal to be encoded, and may extract a base signal from the multichannel audio signal using the computed weight matrix.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120281842 - Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding extension data for surround: A method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding an audio signal to surround data. While encoding spatial information, which can up-mix an audio signal to a surround signal, to extension data, a length of a payload corresponding to the spatial information is encoded and a payload of the spatial information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120281843 - Receiver and method for retrieving an information signal from a magnetic induction signal: A receiving antenna circuit is arranged in a reactive near-field of a modulated magnetic induction signal and forms a narrow band-pass filter. The output of the antenna circuit is not subjected to any frequency translation prior to digitising, and the signal may nevertheless be digitised with low resolution, which radically... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120281844 - Method and system for excursion protection of a speaker: For protecting a speaker, an input signal is received, and an excursion of the speaker that would be caused by the input signal is predicted. In response to the predicted excursion exceeding a threshold, a targeted excursion of the speaker is determined by compressing the predicted excursion. The targeted excursion... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120281846 - Audio testing system and method: An audio testing system is configured for receiving an audio signal from the an audio emitting device. The system samples the audio signal and obtains sampling points from the audio signal for determining if the audio signal has been distorted. A related method is also disclosed.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120281847 - Audio testing system and method: An audio testing system is configured for receiving an audio signal from an audio emitting device. The system samples the audio signal and obtains sampling points from the audio signal for determining if the audio signal has been distorted. A related method is also disclosed.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120281845 - Method for determining an impedance of an electroacoustic transducer and for operating an audio playback device: A method for determining an impedance of an electroacoustic transducer (13) is provided. The electroacoustic transducer (13) is to be arranged in an ear channel of an ear (19) of a user. According to the method, an output signal is supplied to the electroacoustic transducer (13) and an input signal... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120281848 - Microphone system and method for selecting an operating frequency for a or said microphone system and computer program: Wireless microphones are used in a plurality of applications, such as concerts, discussions, theater performances, operas, etc. The wireless microphones are normally connected to a transmitter which transmits the audio signals captured by the microphone to a base station via a transmitting frequency. The invention relates to a microphone system... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120281849 - Information processor and controller device: A controller device is provided whereby players can experience realistic sounds. The controller device is connected to the main body of an information processing apparatus, wherein the controller device comprises a first speaker for emitting a sound signal in a low frequency range, and a second speaker for emitting a... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120281850 - Dual mode headphones and methods for constructing the same: Dual mode headphones, and methods for constructing the same are provided. Headphones can be connected to an electronic device to provide an audio output. The headphones can include a transducer or other component for providing sound waves at appropriate levels near a user's ear. To provide audio as a speaker,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120281851 - Microphone system: The invention relates to a microphone system (1) having a microphone module (2) and having a base station (3), wherein the microphone system (1) is designed to wirelessly transfer audio information (5) and additional information (6) from the microphone module (2) to the base station (3), wherein the microphone system... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120281852 - Interactive sound reproducing: An audio system attachable to a computer includes a sound reproduction device for producing audible sound from audio signals. The sound reproduction device includes a radio tuner and a powered speaker. The audio system further includes a connector for connecting the sound reproduction device with a computer. The computer provides... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120281854 - Sound emission and collection device: A sound emission and collection device has a plurality of speakers (11) and a plurality of microphones. The speakers each have a sound emission surface arranged on the side surface of a case (1) so that sound can be emitted in all circumferential directions. The microphones (12) each are arranged... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120281853 - System and method for enhancing speech intelligibility using companion microphones with position sensors: Systems and methods for enhancing speech intelligibility using a companion microphone system can include microphones, a position sensor and a microcontroller. In certain embodiments, the position sensor is configured to generate position data corresponding to a position of the companion microphone system. In various embodiments, the microphones and the position... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20120281855 - Acoustic feedback suppression apparatus, microphone apparatus, amplifier apparatus, sound amplification system, and acoustic feedback suppression method: An acoustic feedback suppression apparatus includes an amplitude measurement section for measuring the amplitude of a sound signal input from a microphone, an amplitude attenuation section for attenuating the amplitude of a sound signal output to a speaker, and an acoustic feedback determination section for determining whether or not acoustic... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120281856 - Method, system and item: A method of enabling a hearer to hear desired sound while also being able to be aware of ambient sound, comprises providing a first non-audio signal representative of said desired sound, deriving a second non-audio signal from said ambient sound, combining the first and second non-audio signals in providing a... Agent:

20120281857 - Audio amplifier: An audio amplifier includes a timing control circuit, an amplifying circuit, and a bias control circuit. The timing control circuit generates a first power down signal and a second power down signal, in which the first power down signal is asserted before the second power down signal is asserted. The... Agent:

20120281858 - Method and apparatus for transmission of sound waves with high localization of sound production: A system for the production of localized audible sound, including a source of voltage oscillations in the ultrasonic frequency range, at a reference frequency. The voltage source is connected to a first ultrasonic transducer, emitting a first beam of ultrasonic waves (the reference beam) in a relatively narrow beam, in... Agent:

20120281859 - Apparatus and method for generating a high frequency audio signal using adaptive oversampling: An apparatus for generating a high frequency audio signal that includes an analyzer for analyzing an input signal to determine a transient information adaptively. Additionally a spectral converter is provided for converting the input signal into an input spectral representation. A spectral processor processes the input spectral representation to generate... Agent:

20120281860 - All in one computer: An all in one (AIO) computer implemented as a personal computer (PC) or a display includes a high definition multimedia interface, a speaker, and a speaker control circuit. The speaker control circuit includes an earphone interface circuit, a main controller, a signal processing unit, and a signal control circuit. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120281861 - Vibration diaphragm and speaker with a vibration diaphragm: A vibration diaphragm for a speaker has a spherical bowl section, an annular intervening section and an annular outer section. The spherical bowl section has a top and a spherical cavity defined in the top. The annular intervening section is formed on and protrudes radially outward from the spherical bowl... Agent:

20120281862 - Electret transducer with solar power: The present invention provides an electret transducer with solar power. The provided electrets transducer includes a solar power supply device, an amplifier circuit having a first input terminal coupled to the solar power supply device and a second input terminal coupled to an audio signal input terminal, and an electret... Agent: Taiwan Electrets Electronics Co., Inc.

20120281863 - Hearing aid: The hearing aid of the present invention comprises a gain calculation section for calculating the gain for amplifying or compressing an input sound signal, a sound pressure calculation section for calculating an output sound pressure level from the input signal and the gain, a clock section for calculating exposure time... Agent:

20120281864 - Behind the ear hearing aid with receiver in the ear: A behind the ear hearing aid is provided with a casing part comprising electronics adapted for signal processing where the casing is adapted for placing behind the ear of a user and a speaker is provided in or near the ear canal and leads are arranged between the speaker and... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120281865 - Open fit canal hearing device: An improved hearing aid device adapted for use within the ear canal of the CIC (Completely In the ear) and of the partially exposed ITC (In The Canal) type. This aid consists of a system of integrated parts allowing an air gap to substantially surround the hearing aid shell and... Agent: Anova Hearing Labs, Inc.

20120281866 - E-book: Disclosed herein is an e-book, the e-book including a first cover provided with a display panel outputting a screen, a second cover mounted on the first cover to furnish a receiving space between the first cover and the second cover, a support frame supporting the display panel and making a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120281867 - Loudspeaker system: An aircraft seat integrating a loudspeaker system for creating an isolated sound stage designed to prevent egress from one aircraft seating area to another aircraft seating area includes a seat body having a horizontally oriented seat bottom and a seat back secured thereto. The seat back includes an upper end... Agent:

20120281868 - Display device: A display device includes an image display component, first and second speakers, and a stand. The first and second speakers are mounted to the image display component. The first and second speakers are spaced apart from each other in a first direction of the image display component. The stand includes... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120281869 - Speaker and acoustic equipment including the speaker: A speaker (100, 200) including: a magnetic circuit (120, 220); a frame (103, 203); a coil (109, 210); a diaphragm (101, 201) including a connection portion (102, 202) which connects the diaphragm (101, 201) and the frame (103, 203) to allow the diaphragm (101, 201) to vibrate in a direction... Agent:

20120281870 - Non-directional transducer: A transducer for the creation of acoustic energy omni directionally in a horizontal plane. The transducer includes a base plate, the base plate supporting a centrally located voice coil motor assembly and a hemi-toroidal diaphragm having a proximal edge and a distal edge. The proximal edge is appended to the... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 37 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120275603 - Multi-channel audio panel: A method and apparatus for providing improved intelligibility of contemporaneously perceived audio signals. Differentiation cues are added to monaural audio signals to allow a listener to more effectively comprehend information contained in one or more of the signals. In a specific embodiment, a listener wearing stereo headphones listens to simultaneous... Agent:

20120275602 - Reducing power consumption in sink devices by having sinks receive only left audio channel or right audio channel: A wireless audio device may realize power savings when processing multi-channel data, e.g. 2-channel stereo audio data, by splitting the multi-channel block data into separate data blocks for each channel, e.g. Left-channel data block and Right-channel data block, and processing each separate data block independently in the source device to... Agent:

20120275605 - Audio playback: A multifunctional device is disclosed capable of audio playback. The device includes a receiver (1301) for receiving audio data files and a storage device (1305) for storing received data files. A manually accessible physical play button (1303) is responsive to a request to sequentially play the audio data files contiguously... Agent: Sound Affinity Limited

20120275606 - Method of and device for generating and processing parameters representing hrtfs: A method of generating parameters representing Head-Related Transfer Functions, the method comprising the steps of a) sampling with a sample length (n) a first time-domain HRTF impulse response signal using a sampling rate (fs) yielding a first time-discrete signal, b) transforming the first time-discrete signal to the frequency domain yielding... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120275604 - Processing stereophonic audio signals: Method, apparatus and computer program product for processing an input stereophonic audio signal to thereby generate a converted stereophonic audio signal representing the input stereophonic audio signal, the input stereophonic audio signal comprising a left input audio signal and a right input audio signal, and the converted stereophonic audio signal... Agent:

20120275608 - Method for encoding/decoding an improved stereo digital stream and associated encoding/decoding device: A method for encoding and decoding a digital audio signal composed of an original right-hand signal (SDO) and an original left-hand signal (SGO). The method combines the original right-hand signal (SDO) and the original left-hand signal (SGO) to obtain a single combined signal (SC), encodes the combined signal (SC) using... Agent:

20120275609 - Multi-object audio encoding and decoding method and apparatus thereof: Provided are a multi-object audio encoding and decoding method and an apparatus thereof. The multi-object encoding method includes generating a down-mix signal and a residual signal by down-mixing a foreground audio object and a background audio object, and generating a bitstream including the down-mix signal and the residual signal.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120275607 - Sbr bitstream parameter downmix: The present document relates to audio decoding and/or audio transcoding. In particular, the present document relates to a scheme for efficiently decoding a number M of audio channels from a bitstream comprising a higher number N of audio channels. In this context a method and system for merging a first... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120275610 - Systems and methods for local and remote recording, monitoring, control and/or analysis of sounds generated in information handling system environments: Systems and methods are disclosed that may be implemented to locally and remotely record, control, monitor and analyze sounds generated in an information handling system environment, e.g., such as in a server environment. Among other things, remote monitoring and observation of sound in a data center environment may be implemented... Agent:

20120275611 - Movement control device and method of use thereof: A movement control device is provided including audio means for emitting sound audible to a human. At least part of the audible sound includes a repetitive intermittent audible sound provided at such a frequency and/or rate sufficient to allow a person hearing the sound to fall into step with the... Agent:

20120275612 - Method for synthesizing an engine noise and device for carrying out the method: The invention relates to a method for synthesizing an engine noise, in particular of an internal combustion engine, wherein the engine noise is generated by at least one electromechanical transducer, in particular an actuator or a loudspeaker, by means of a signal value corresponding to an electrical transducer excitation signal.... Agent: Audi Ag

20120275613 - System for modifying an acoustic space with audio source content: An audio signal processing system is configured to separate an audio signal into a dry signal component and one or more reverberant signal components. The dry signal component and the reverberant signal components can be separately modified and then recombined to form a processed audio signal. Alternatively, the dry signal... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120275614 - Noise cancellation unit: A noise cancellation unit includes: a duct connected to an outlet of an electronic apparatus and configured to pass an exhaust flow discharged from the outlet therethrough; a first microphone provided to the duct; a speaker provided to the duct downstream of the first microphone; a second microphone provided to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120275615 - Dj mixing headphones: A set of headphones designed to be used by DJ's for the purpose of mixing two or more music tracks being played from two or more audio playing devices. The headphones are configured such that a DJ can easily mute one headphone speaker so that the DJ can listen to... Agent: Skullcandy, Inc.

20120275616 - Sound signal processor and sound signal processing methods: According to one embodiment, a sound signal processor includes: a connector; an input module; and a generator. The connector is connectable with an earphone. The input module receives and processes a plurality of sound signals corresponding to sound of a plurality of times output from the earphone, respectively. The generator... Agent:

20120275617 - Ornamental device: The present invention relates to an ornamental device comprising a housing including an opening for emitting sound, a sound emitting device mounted in the housing, a memory device in the housing for storing sound to be emitted, a processor configured to access the memory device and configured to operate the... Agent: Serve Produktion

20120275618 - Wireless sharing of audio files and related information: A system and method are disclosed for wireless sharing of audio sounds among a plurality of users. A user of the present invention can communicate his or her audio sounds to other users, who can receive the audio sounds wirelessly and choose to rebroadcast them. Along with the audio sound... Agent: Jook, Inc.

20120275619 - Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method and imaging apparatus: An audio signal processing apparatus generates an audio signal having an omni-directivity in the whole circumferential direction, generates an audio signal having a directivity in the right-left direction, generates an audio signal having a directivity in the front-back direction, adds the audio signal resulting from the multiplication of the audio... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120275620 - Microphone array apparatus and storage medium storing sound signal processing program: A microphone array apparatus includes: an acquisition unit configured to acquire samples from a sound signal inputted from each of a plurality of microphones, at predetermined time intervals; an operation unit configured to calculate a value based on volumes of the sound signal possessed by a plurality of the samples... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120275621 - Surface-mounted microphone arrays on flexible printed circuit boards: A microphone array, having a three-dimensional (3D) shape, has a plurality of microphone devices mounted onto (at least one) flexible printed circuit board (PCB), which is bent to achieve the 3D dimensional shape. Output signals from the microphone devices can be combined (e.g., by weighted or unweighted summation or differencing)... Agent: Mh Acoustics,llc

20120275622 - Electronically compensated micro-speakers: Electronics for altering the audio frequency response of a micro-speaker without modifying the micro-speaker itself are used to provide a selected frequency response of the micro-speaker. The micro-speaker has a resonant peak region, from which the response declines for both higher and lower frequencies. In one embodiment the electronics includes... Agent:

20120275623 - Mobile wireless communications device having improved rf immunity of audio transducers to electromagnetic interference (emi): A mobile wireless communications device includes a housing and circuit board carried by the housing and having radio frequency (RF) circuitry and a processor operative with each other. Audio circuitry is carried by the circuit board and an audio transducer assembly, such as a speaker, has electrical contacts that electrically... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120275624 - Energy-saving audio-amplifier control device: An energy-saving audio-amplifier control device is electrically connected to an amplifier for sensing an audio signal input state at a sound-source input end of the amplifier and controlling the on/off of the amplifier accordingly. The control device includes a signal detection module, a control module and a power control module.... Agent:

20120275625 - Signal processing device, method thereof, program, and data recording medium: Provided is a signal processing device including an analysis unit for analyzing a characteristic of an input signal, and generating an analysis feature, a mapping control information determination unit for determining, based on the analysis feature and information that is generated by learning and that is for obtaining mapping control... Agent:

20120275626 - Digital audio mixer and method thereof: In a digital audio mixer and a method thereof, three effecter group lists corresponding to effecter group switches can be stored in a current memory. The first effecter group list can include member data identifying a plurality of effecters that constitute an effecter group. Each of the member data can... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120275627 - Sandwich-type woofer with two sound wave propagation directions: A sandwich-type woofer with two sound wave propagation directions includes a first magnetic-conducting plate unit, a second magnetic-conducting plate unit, a magnet unit, a coil frame, a first vibrating unit, a second vibrating unit, a first coil and a second coil. The magnet unit is sandwiched between the first and... Agent:

20120275628 - System comprising a portable electronic device with a time function: A portable electronic device and an auxiliary device each having an interface allowing the establishment of a communication link between them, at least to be able to transmit data representative of a status information from the auxiliary device to the portable electronic device, and-a method of of establishing a measure... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120275629 - Wireless communication between devices of a hearing prosthesis: A method of wireless communication between hearing aid devices of a hearing prosthesis. A first device selects a frequency channel for bidirectional wireless communication from a predefined series of frequency channels. A second device transmits a command signal repeatedly over the series of frequency channels until it transmits the command... Agent:

20120275630 - Method for operating a hearing device having reduced comb filter perception and hearing device having reduced comb filter perception: A method of operating a hearing device monitors for a head movement of a hearing device wearer. When a head movement is detected, an acoustic signal acquired by a microphone is output in an amplified and phase-modulated manner with a receiver. Furthermore, a hearing device includes a motion sensor and... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120275631 - Integrated television mount and audio system: A television mount incorporating an integrated audio system. The mount attaches the television to a wall or a pedestal. The mount includes an electronics/subwoofer enclosure. This enclosure houses an audio amplifier and may also include a low-range speaker. One or more external speakers are attached to a speaker assembly which... Agent:

20120275632 - Earphone: An improved earphone comprises a shield member consisting of a front shield part and a rear shield part, and a speaker unit. The front shield part is provided with a cover section with an egg-shaped profile, and has a front side which has a little concave outward shape. The rear... Agent: Comaxtech International Limited

20120275633 - Hang up magnet for radio microphone: A system is disclosed for safely and efficiently removing or returning a radio microphone from a mounting surface. The system includes a first magnet attached to the rear side of a radio microphone and a second magnet located at a desired mounting position on the mounting surface. The second magnet... Agent: Innovative Products Inc.

20120275634 - Mems microphone: A microphone comprising a substrate, a transducer element that is mounted on a top side of the substrate, a covering layer that covers the transducer element and forms a seal with the top side of the substrate, a shaped covering material that covers the substrate, the transducer element and the... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120275635 - Earphone with mutually obliquely oriented sound holes: An exemplary earphone includes a shell and a speaker mounted in the shell. The speaker divides a sound cavity of the shell into a front chamber at a front side of the speaker and a rear chamber at a rear side of the speaker. The shell includes a front wall... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120275636 - Combined device audio panel: Aspects of the present invention may provide audio devices, which may be included in protective covers, suited for use with tablet computers and the like. Embodiments may include audio devices including a substantially tablet-shaped rigid housing. The housing may include a top surface, a bottom surface, and a recess in... Agent:

20120275637 - Fastener structure and reversed sounding structure using the same: A fastener structure is for retaining a speaker unit on a sound tank housing. The fastener structure includes a spring piece and an elastic protrusion rib. The spring piece includes a board, a first bending portion and a second bending portion. The board located within a through hole of the... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120275638 - Sandwich-type woofer with two sound wave propagation directions and a magnetic-looped device thereof: A sandwich-type woofer with two sound wave propagation directions includes a first magnetic-conducting plate unit, a second magnetic-conducting plate unit, a magnet unit, a coil frame, a first vibrating unit, a second vibrating unit, a first coil and a second coil. The magnet unit is sandwiched between the first and... Agent:

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