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10/25/2012 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120269350 - Audio data processing apparatus, audio apparatus, and audio data processing method: An audio data processing apparatus and the like are provided in which waveform distortion generated when a virtual sound source moves is resolved so that noise caused by waveform distortion is reduced remarkably. The present invention includes: a step of calculating distances measured at different time points between the position... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120269351 - Audio data processing apparatus, audio apparatus, and audio data processing method: An audio data processing apparatus and the like are provided in which waveform distortion generated when a virtual sound source moves relative to a speaker is processed by linear interpolation so that the speed of correction processing is achieved. This apparatus has: calculating means calculating first and second distances measured... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120269349 - Method and apparatus for reproducing three-dimensional sound field: Provided is a method and apparatus for reproducing a three-dimensional (3D) sound field. A method of reproducing a 3D sound field may determine a control region based on a wavelength of an excitation frequency, set, based on a loudspeaker array, at least one candidate control point in the control region,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120269353 - Audio signal decoder, audio signal encoder, method for providing an upmix signal representation, method for providing a downmix signal representation, computer program and bitstream using a common inter-object-correlation parameter value: An audio signal decoder for providing an upmix signal representation on the basis of a downmix signal representation and an object-related parametric information and in dependence on a rendering information has an object parameter determinator. The object parameter determinator is configured to obtain inter-object-correlation values for a plurality of pairs... Agent:

20120269352 - Electronic device and decoding method of audio data thereof: A decoding method of audio data is applied to an electronic device. The method includes: calculating difference values of the left and right channel audio signal values; determining time slots, wherein each of the first difference values exceeds a threshold value and a time length of the time slots exceeds... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120269355 - Methods and systems for direct-to-indirect acoustic radiance transfer: Methods, systems, and computer program products for simulating propagation of sound in a static scene can be operated for pre-computing a transfer operator for simulating results of sound reflection within a modeled scene, simulating distribution of sound energy from a sound source positioned within the scene, applying the transfer operator... Agent:

20120269354 - System and method for streaming music repair and error concealment: A method is provided for analysing the self-similarity of an audio file. The method involves obtaining the audio spectrum envelope data of an audio file to be analysed; performing a clustering operation on the spectrum envelope data to produce a clustered set of data; for a first portion of the... Agent: University Of Ulster

20120269356 - Self calibrating multi-element dipole microphone: A self calibrating dipole microphone formed from two omni-directional acoustic sensors. The microphone includes a sound source acoustically coupled to the acoustic sensors and a processor. The sound source is excited with a test signal, exposing the acoustic sensors to acoustic calibration signals. The responses of the acoustic sensors to... Agent: Vocollect, Inc.

20120269357 - Audio signal processing system for live music performance: A method and system for generating and/or performing music in real time can include receiving one or more audio signals, receiving one or more virtual instrument trigger signals, and selecting one or more plug-ins and/or one or more virtual instruments. A processing scheme may be selected from a set of... Agent:

20120269358 - Active sound control: An apparatus for controlling sound within a vehicle includes an acoustical damping device operable to determine a measured sound. The acoustical damping device is operable to output a noise canceling signal to a vehicle audio system to dampen the measured sound. A sound controller is operably coupled to the acoustical... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120269360 - Large scale participatory entertainment systems for generating music or other ordered, discernible sounds and/or displays sequentially responsive to movement detected at venue seating: The seats in a seating venue, e.g. a large sports stadium, are designated into a plurality of distinct sound triggers. Sensors detect predetermined movement of participants at the sound triggers and generate signals which are sent to a broadcast device which broadcasts different, predetermined sounds in response to signals received... Agent:

20120269359 - Media distribution system: A system and method for distributing audio data from a first audio output device to a second audio output device. The first audio output device receives data from a data source, outputs the data as audio to a user, and transmits the data to the second audio output device for... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20120269361 - Network addressible loudspeaker and audio play: Methods and systems for network addressable loudspeakers and audio play are presented. One or more network addressable loudspeakers are registered at a server. An end user selects a network addressable loudspeaker to output audio, and an audio file is streamed from an audio source to the selected network addressable loudspeaker.... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120269362 - Sharing public addressing system using personal communication devices in an ad-hoc network: A method, system, and computer program product for using a personal communication device as a microphone in a seminar or conference setting. A client is electrically connected to a PA system and one of many hosts can access the PA system by associating with the client. The association can be... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120269363 - Temperature compensated microphone: A method and a device for eliminating or minimizing the sensitivity changes in a microphone due to temperature changes. The temperature-induced changes in the sensitivity can be caused by the changes in the sound-to-electrical signal transducer, in the microphone membrane, in the ASIC or other reasons. One or more temperature... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120269364 - Composite audio waveforms: A technique for aligning a plurality of media clips is provided. One or more intra-clip points of interest (POIs) are identified in at least a first media clip. When aligning a first point in the first media clip with a second point in a second media clip, the first point... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120269365 - Acoustic apparatus, acoustic system, and audio signal control method: An acoustic apparatus includes: a first amplification unit; and an audio signal control unit that controls an audio signal input to the first amplification unit, wherein if a second amplification unit is connected to an output of the first amplification unit, a level control of the audio signal by the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120269366 - Ribbon microphone: To suppress the transverse displacement of a ribbon due to an impact to a level smaller than that achieved by electromagnetic damping. The switch 150 breaks a path between the piezoelectric element 140 and the secondary winding 132 so as to be non-conductive when a power plug is connected (the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120269367 - Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone: A condenser microphone includes multiple condenser microphone units. Each unit includes an impedance converter. The condenser microphone units are connected in series such that outputs of the impedance converter in one of the condenser microphone units drive another of the condenser microphone units. A polarization voltage is accumulated to a... Agent:

20120269368 - Loudspeaker array system: The invention is a multi-channel loudspeaker system that provides a compact loudspeaker configuration and filter design methodology that operates in the digital signal processing domain. Further, the loudspeaker system can be designed as a multi-way loudspeaker system comprised of a symmetric arrangement of loudspeaker drivers in a two-dimensional plane and... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120269369 - Programmable interface for fitting hearing devices: A graphical interface is provided to select parameters for fitting a hearing device. The graphical interface provides a mechanism to visually represent and control values of these parameters.... Agent: Micro Ear Technology, Inc., D/b/a Micro-tech

20120269370 - Hearing device with reduced acoustic feedback due to vibration-related shortening of the hearing device: A hearing device has a housing, in which an earpiece and a battery are disposed. The housing has a first housing part and a second housing part. The housing parts are connected to one another by way of a connection. At least one housing part or an attenuation element provided... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120269371 - Synchronization system and method for transmission and reception in audible frequency range-based sound communication, and apparatus applied thereto: Provided is a synchronization system and method for acoustic communication in audible frequency range, and an apparatus applied thereto. The synchronization system for acoustic communication in audible frequency range is configured to prevent deterioration of a synchronization performance and to reduce an amount of calculation by calculating a correlation based... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20120269372 - Micromachined horn: An acoustic device includes a transducer formed on a first surface of a substrate and an acoustic horn formed in the substrate by a dry-etching process through an opposing second surface of the substrate. The acoustic horn is positioned to amplify sound waves from the transducer and defines a non-linear... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20120269373 - Apparatus: An apparatus comprises: a transducer configured to generate sound; and a housing defining a first cavity and a second cavity, the first cavity and the second cavity being connected to the transducer; wherein the first cavity comprises a first sound outlet at a first surface of the housing; and the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120269374 - Automatically adjusting headphones: This invention provides continuously adjustable headphones that utilize a ball and socket hinge arrangement that allows the ear cup shell portion of the headphone to rotate in any direction, allowing the speaker housing to articulate about the ball joint in any directional plane to provide comfort and superior acoustic performance.... Agent:

20120269375 - Earphone: There is provided an earphone comprising a housing having a fist and a second end. The housing has a first opening at the first end and a second opening at the second end for receiving an electroacoustic reproduction transducer. The earphone further has a second pressure reducing unit which is... Agent:

20120269376 - Earphone device: An earphone device includes a housing having a driver unit, and a sound guide tube mounted on a front surface of the housing to protrude from the front surface, in which the sound guide tube is disposed at a position deviated from a center position of the housing.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120269377 - Micro-speaker: A micro-speaker includes a case having a ring wall forming a receiving cavity, a number of restricting apertures formed in the ring wall, a magnetic plate received in the case and having a main plate, a plurality of auxiliary plates extending from the main plate, and a number of protrusions... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120269378 - Loudspeaker magnet assembly: A loudspeaker magnet assembly for a loudspeaker transducer having a voice coil is provided that has a low profile construction. The loudspeaker magnet assembly may include: a first magnet assembly; top plate position below the first magnet assembly; second magnet assembly positioned below the top plate; and bottom plate positioned... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120269379 - Diaphragm used in a loudspeaker and a loudspeaker: A diaphragm and a loudspeaker using the diaphragm are disclosed. The diaphragm has a diaphragm body with at least one projection formed thereon, to reduce peaks in the medium-high frequency section of the frequency response curve for the loudspeaker, and make the frequency response curve smooth in medium-high frequency. Thereby... Agent: Suzhou Sonavox Electronics Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 38 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120263304 - Home digital audiovisual information recording and playback system: A method for operating a home digital audiovisual information recording and playback apparatus. The method includes: displaying menus with user-selectable system operation options; enabling a selection of desired audiovisual information for reproduction; effecting payment for the desired audiovisual information; inputting a user personal identification number; and downloading, from a main... Agent: Touchtunes Music Corporation

20120263305 - Method and apparatus for multiplexing audio program channels from one or more received broadcast streams to provide a playlist style listening experience to users: A method and apparatus are provided for generating a personalized radio channel playlist by simultaneously buffering tracks from multiple received channels from one or more source streams and selectively playing back tracks from the buffered channels. Navigation tools permit users to skip buffered songs in their playlist (e.g., skip forward... Agent:

20120263306 - Acoustic spatial projector: A method and system for producing an acoustic spatial projection by creating audio channels for producing an acoustic field by mixing, on a reflective surface, sounds associated with the audio channels is provided. In one embodiment, a method includes the step of using audio information to determining a set of... Agent:

20120263307 - Translating user interface sounds into 3d audio space: Translating user interface sounds into 3D audio comprises: receiving an audio request call from a process relating to a user interface event; converting the audio request call into a position in 3D audio space representative of the process from which the call has been received; and playing a corresponding sound... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120263308 - Apparatus, method and computer program for providing one or more adjusted parameters for provision of an upmix signal representation on the basis of a downmix signal representation and a parametric side information associated with the downmix signal repre: An apparatus for providing one or more adjusted parameters for a provision of an upmix signal representation on the basis of a downmix signal representation and a parametric side information associated with the downmix signal representation has a parameter adjuster. The parameter adjuster is configured to receive one or more... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120263309 - Loudspeaker control apparatus and method for inspecting loudspeaker: A loudspeaker control apparatus of the present invention includes: an operation reception section that receives a user operation; a mode selection section that selects between two operation modes, based on the user operation, either a normal mode in which operations of a plurality of loudspeakers and lights are controlled independently... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120263310 - Audio data generation method and apparatus: An audio data generation method comprises generating a first parametric description of features of a first sound. The first parametric description comprises a first set of parameters which relates to the features of the first sound. The method comprises generating a second parametric description of features of a second sound.... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

20120263311 - Reverberator and method for reverberating an audio signal: A reverberator for reverberating an audio signal includes a feedback delay loop processor for delaying at least two different frequency subband signals representing the audio signal by different loop delays to obtain reverberated frequency subband signals.... Agent:

20120263312 - Rate controller, rate control method, and rate control program: In an audio encoding system that divides frames generated from input signals into multiple scale factor bands and that encodes each of the scale factor bands by using a scale factor, the invention provides a rate control apparatus that performs rate control based on an NMR, the rate control apparatus... Agent: Gvbb Holdings S.a.r.l.

20120263313 - Method and device of implementing compatibility with wired earphones: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and device of implementing compatibility with wired earphones. The method includes: judging the type of an earphone plug; and controlling, according to the type of the earphone plug, a circuit switch to conduct a circuit path corresponding to the type of the... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20120263314 - Microphone module and microphone system having the microphone module: Microphone systems having wireless microphones are often used in events such as discussions, concerts, plays, etc. and normally have a plurality of wireless microphones which are worn by users, such as actors, musicians, singers, etc, and one or more receiving stations which receive the audio signals of the wireless microphones... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120263315 - Sound signal processing device, method, and program: There is provided a sound signal processing device, in which an observation signal analysis unit receives multi-channels of sound-signals acquired by a sound-signal input unit and estimates a sound direction and a sound segment of a target sound to be extracted and a sound source extraction unit receives the sound... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120263316 - Electronic device with increased immunity to audio noise from system ground currents: According to some aspects, an electronic device adapted to provide audio output via an audio system. The electronic device includes an audio jack adapted to be coupled to the audio system. The audio jack includes a line-out for sending audio signals to the audio system and a ground return line.... Agent:

20120263317 - Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer readable media for equalization: Enhancement of audio quality (e.g., speech intelligibility) in a noisy environment, based on subband gain control using information from a noise reference, is described.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120263319 - Audio control of multimedia objects: In some examples, aspects of the present disclosure may include techniques for audio control of one or more multimedia objects. In one example, a method includes receiving an electronic document that includes a group of one or more multimedia objects capable of generating audio data. The method also includes registering... Agent: Google Inc.

20120263320 - Gain control device for an amplifier and related methods, and an audio processing device: A gain control device for an amplifier and related methods, and an audio processing device are described herein. In one aspect, a gain control device for an amplifier includes: a receiver module configured to receive a control signal; a gain control module configured to control the gain of said amplifier... Agent: Beijing Kt Micro, Ltd.

20120263321 - Method and system for audio level detection and control: In a method and system for audio level detection and control, an amplitude of an audio signal may be compared to a threshold and an attenuation applied to the audio signal may be adjusted based on the comparison. In instances that the amplitude of the audio signal is greater than... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120263318 - Smart line-in processing: Technology for smart line-in processing in an audio environment is disclosed. Particularly, the embodiments described herein provide automated source switching in an audio environment where a number of audio sources may exist and volume control.... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20120263322 - Spectral shaping for audio mixing: Techniques are described herein that are capable of spectrally shaping audio signal(s) for audio mixing. Spectrally shaping an audio signal means modifying a frequency spectrum of the audio signal. A frequency spectrum of an audio signal is a representation of the audio signal in the frequency domain. For instance, a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120263323 - Audio signal driver for flat sound generator: An audio driver for a flat sound generator is coupled to the sound generator. The audio driver includes a power amplifier and an audio-amplifying transformer, the power amplifier receiving an input audio signal and the audio-amplifying transformer transforms the input audio signal into an output audio signal to drive a... Agent: Abc Taiwan Electronics Corp.

20120263325 - Orientation-responsive acoustic array control: An audio device incorporates a plurality of acoustic drivers and employs them to form either a first acoustic interference array generating destructive interference in a first direction from the plurality of acoustic drivers or a second acoustic interference array generating destructive interference in a second direction from the plurality of... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120263324 - Orientation-responsive acoustic driver selection: An audio device incorporates a first acoustic driver having a first direction of maximum acoustic radiation and a second acoustic driver having a second direction of maximum acoustic radiation, where the first and second directions of maximum acoustic radiation are not in parallel, and where the audio device employs the... Agent:

20120263326 - Speaker unit: There is provided a loudspeaker unit having at least one loudspeaker and a bass reflex tube, which has a wall, a first open end, a central portion and a second open end (32). The first open end ends in the internal volume of the loudspeaker unit and the second open... Agent:

20120263327 - Method of generating left and right surround signals from a stereo sound signal: A method of generating left (Ls) and right (Rs) sound signals known as “surround” signals from a stereo sound signal composed of a left sound signal and of a right sound signal. One of the stereo signals is subtracted from the other signal with the aid of a subtraction module... Agent:

20120263328 - Compact programming block connector for hearing assistance devices: The present subject matter relates to a method and apparatus for a compact programming block for a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid. In one embodiment, the compact programming block is formed in a programming block module with another component and the programming block module includes a flexible... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120263329 - Hearing device with automatic clipping prevention and corresponding method: In digital hearing devices, it is common to reduce the preamplifier gain when very loud signals are received in order to avoid clipping. It is known to temporarily reduce the preamplifier gain with fast attack and release times when a clipping of the input signal in the digitiser is expected.... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120263330 - Hearing device with two or more microphones: The invention regards a hearing device with two or more microphone units each having a conduit leading from a respective sound inlet in the hearing-device housing to a respective transducer, wherein the lengths of the conduits may differ without causing a difference in the frequency characteristics of the microphone units... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120263331 - Auditory animal abode: An auditory animal abode capable of playing the pet owner's voice or other suitable familiar and soothing auditory sound relaxes a pet when the pet owner is not available. An audio device imbeds into a pet's bed. The audio device is positioned so that the pet may easily listen to... Agent:

20120263332 - Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone: A diaphragm 8 whose circumferential edge is attached to a diaphragm holder 4 and a fixed electrode 6 made of a metal material and arranged to face the diaphragm at a predetermined interval through an electrically insulating spacer 5 are provided, and the rear space of the above-mentioned diaphragm is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120263333 - Narrow-angle directional microphone: Provided is a narrow-angle directional microphone in which a microphone unit is attached to an acoustic tube, the acoustic tube is accommodated a microphone case and which prevents the rattling of components provided in the microphone case and has high mechanical strength. A narrow-angle directional microphone 1 includes a microphone... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120263334 - Gooseneck condenser microphone: Provided is an integrated gooseneck condenser microphone including a microphone unit and an output module which are connected to each other. The gooseneck condenser microphone can improve the connection strength of a microphone housing and prevent the generation of noise due to disturbance electromagnetic waves. The gooseneck condenser microphone includes... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120263335 - Orientation-responsive use of acoustic reflection: An audio device incorporates first acoustic driver at least partially overlain by a first acoustic reflector to define a first effective direction of maximum acoustic radiation and a second acoustic driver at least partially overlain by a second acoustic reflector to define a second effective direction of maximum acoustic radiation,... Agent:

20120263336 - Loudspeaker magnet having a channel: A transducer magnet for a low profile loudspeaker transducer is provided having a voice coil, surround suspension, diaphragm, and top plate. The transducer magnet may include a first magnet assembly, including an annular outer magnet having an outer perimeter, an outer diameter and an inner diameter. The inner diameter defines... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120263338 - Composite speaker: A composite speaker is provided capable of obtaining larger sound output than that of a conventional flat panel speaker and flat speaker when input with an audio signal of the same strength. The composite speaker includes: one magnet or a plurality of magnets disposed at predetermined intervals to each other;... Agent: C/o Fps Inc.

20120263337 - Speaker diaphragm and speaker device: A speaker diaphragm (2), and plural dimples (16) which are disposed radially from a center side toward the outside of the speaker diaphragm (2) and which have arch structures formed to have a concave-like shapes so as to disperse a stress are provided, whereby while the weight saving is realized... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120263340 - Low profile loudspeaker suspension system: A surround suspension system for a low profile loudspeaker transducer having a former, diaphragm, and loudspeaker magnet assembly, wherein the former is connected to a voice coil and a upper end of the former that is opposite the voice coil is shown. The loudspeaker magnet assembly includes an annular outer... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120263339 - Speaker: A damper, which is an element of a speaker and suppresses the rolling of a voice coil unit, includes a corrugated structure portion at its inner periphery and a leaf spring at its outer periphery. By coupling the corrugated structure portion to the voice coil unit and coupling the leaf... Agent: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120263341 - Reinforced diaphragm for a low profile loudspeaker transducer: A diaphragm for use in a loudspeaker transducer is disclosed. The loudspeaker transducer may include a voice coil, a former, a first magnet assembly having a circular inner magnet, a top plate having a annular outer top plate and a circular inner top plate, a second magnet assembly having an... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

10/11/2012 > 25 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120257760 - Systems and methods for adjusting audio levels in a plurality of audio signals: Systems and methods for adjusting audio levels in a plurality of audio signals are disclosed. One or more input signals containing one or more audio signals are depacketized. The audio signals are analyzed to determine if audio levels of the signals correspond to a desired audio level for at least... Agent:

20120257761 - Apparatus and method for auto adjustment of volume in a portable terminal: An apparatus and a method for automatically adjusting the volume in an electronic device are provided. The apparatus includes a loud-speaker for controlling a volume of the speaker and a volume of the listener, a microphone for controlling the volume of the speaker, and a noise sensor for determining an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120257762 - Communication system, receiving apparatus and communication method: The present invention provides a communication system. When the audio signal in the wide band is input to a wireless microphone, the wireless microphone performs a balanced modulation processing to invert the frequency spectrum of the audio signal and transmits the audio signal with the inverted frequency. When a speaker... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120257763 - Sound modification system and method: A sound modification system and a method of managing sound in a vehicle. The system includes an active noise reduction (ANR) controller, an engine sound enhancement (ESE) controller and a sound modification controller. When the vehicle is in a steady state driving condition, the sound modification controller activates the ANR... Agent: Visteon Global Technologies, Inc.

20120257764 - Headset assembly with recording function for communication: A headset assembly with a recording function for communication includes a left earphone, a right earphone, a call module, and a recording module. The left and the right earphones respectively have a speaker and a microphone. The call module is electrically connected to the left or the right earphone. The... Agent:

20120257765 - System and method for listening to teams in a race event: A computer-implemented method and system allows a remote computer user to listen to teams in a race event. The method includes receiving audio signals from a plurality of audio sources at the race event; transmitting at least some of the audio signals to a remote computer; and filtering the audio... Agent:

20120257766 - Apparatus and method for media presentation: A user who desires to use a media application at a vehicle is identified. A stop mark associated with the user is created and the stop mark is configured to uniquely identify the user compared to other users. The media application is presented to the user at the vehicle. The... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120257767 - Method for outputting music information in a vehicle: In a method for outputting music information in a vehicle by way of an audio system having loudspeakers in the front area and rear area of the vehicle, the behavior of the vehicle is determined by use of an acceleration sensor responding to longitudinal accelerations. The loudspeakers arranged in the... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120257768 - Noise removal method and system: A method and system for removing noise due to bias electric power (MIC_Bias) or Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) noise are provided. The system includes an interface with a microphone contact, for connecting to an accessory, an Analog-to-Digital (AD) converter for converting an analog voltage level, input via the microphone... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120257769 - Method, system and apparatus for improving the sonic quality of an audio signal: A device, system and method of playing back a digital audio stream wherein large amounts of pre-emphasis of the high frequencies is applied before the digital to analog conversion and before an interpolation or digital filter, followed by de-emphasis in the analog domain in order to yield better audio fidelity.... Agent:

20120257770 - Method and apparatus to supply power voltage to a mobile device in a variable manner: A method and apparatus to supply a power voltage to a mobile device in a variable manner in order to provide high output power and a high quality sound environment and a mobile device using the same. The apparatus includes a volume control unit to detect installation of an external... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120257771 - High-efficiency low-voltage-power-supply high-power-output audio driver architecture: The present invention discloses a high-efficiency low-voltage-power-supply high-power-output audio driver architecture, including: a multi-coil loudspeaker; and a single-input N-output audio power amplifier configured to amplify a received digital audio signal and to output N switch signals for driving the multi-coil loudspeaker, wherein N represents the number of output channels and... Agent: Chiphomer Technology (shanghai) Limited

20120257772 - Electro-acoustic transducer, electronic apparatus, electro-acoustic conversion method, and sound wave output method of electronic apparatus: There are provided a vibration film (21) having a piezoelectric element, a magnetic circuit (20) which generates magnetic force on the basis of a first electric signal and vibrates the vibration film (21) by the magnetic force; and an adjustment unit (31) which generates a second electric signal on the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120257773 - Ear-loop earphone: According to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, the ear-loop earphone comprises a main body, an ear-loop base and an ear-loop. The main body has a surrounding side, a front side, and a back side, wherein the front side is opposing to the back side, the front side has... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corp.

20120257774 - Ear plug for a hearing aid and a hearing aid: An earplug (100) for a hearing aid includes an ear canal body part (103) with a bore (106) and a sound output passage (107) in communication with the bore and leading to a sound output opening (105) and flanges (104a-d) surrounding said ear canal body part and adapted to engage... Agent: Widex A/s

20120257775 - Ear warming article including electronic device and easily interchangeable advertising areas: An ear warming article that can be comprised of a C-shaped resilient band, an outer sleeve and a speaker or other electronic device is described. The outer sleeve is dimensioned to contain the resilient band, and includes two insulating, ear-receiving portions as well as a first opening through which the... Agent:

20120257776 - Apparatus for use in portable devices: An apparatus configured to acoustically process an acoustic signal for a transducer, and to provide a physical interface for a further apparatus within which the apparatus is located.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120257777 - Microphone unit and voice input device comprising same: A microphone unit (1) comprises a first vibrating part (14), a second vibrating part (15), and a case (10) for accommodating the first vibrating part (14) and the second vibrating part (15), the case being provided with a first sound hole (132) and a second sound hole (133). The case... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120257778 - Differential microphone with sealed backside cavities and diaphragms coupled to a rocking structure thereby providing resistance to deflection under atmospheric pressure and providing a directional response to sound pressure: A vacuum sealed directional microphone and methods for fabricating said vacuum sealed directional microphone. A vacuum sealed directional microphone includes a rocking structure coupled to two vacuum sealed diaphragms which are responsible for collecting incoming sound and deforming under sound pressure. The rocking structure's resistance to bending aids in reducing... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20120257779 - Audio processing device: An audio processing device including a first audio collecting unit configured to convert an audio vibration into an electric signal and acquire an audio signal includes a shielding unit having a predetermined resonant frequency that shields the first audio collecting unit from an influence of airflow outside the device; and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120257780 - Earphone structure with no-section-difference design and manufacturing method thereof: An earphone structure with no-section-difference design is provided, including an earphone casing, a transmission wire and a strain relief thereof. The earphone casing has a joining end to join with a joining section of the transmission wire The strain relief is formed at where the earphone casing and the transmission... Agent: Merry Electronics (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120257781 - Speaker diaphragm, speaker dust cap, speaker frame, speaker using said parts, and electronic equipment and device using said speaker: Each of a speaker diaphragm, a dust cap, and a frame includes a resin and a plant opal that is extracted from a bamboo leaf, and is formed by injection molding or sheet molding. The configuration can enhance stiffness of each of the diaphragm, the dust cap, and the frame... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120257782 - Acoustic transducer: This invention relates to acoustic drivers with stationary and moving coils. Time varying signals are applied to the moving and stationary coils to control the movement of a diaphragm, which produces audible sound. The time varying signals correspond to an input audio signal such that the sound corresponds to the... Agent: Sentient Magnetics, Inc.

20120257783 - Single magnet coaxial loudspeaker: A coaxial loudspeaker for reproducing an electrical sound signal is provided. The loudspeaker has a magnetic driver assembly with a first annular slot and an opposed, coaxial second annular slot, each establishing a permanent magnetic field therein from a single magnet. Independently driven first and second voice coils are positioned... Agent:

20120257784 - Speaker voice coil structure: An improved speaker voice coil structure, the structure including: a bobbin; a first voice coil, wound around the bobbin and having a first terminal and a second terminal; a second voice coil, wound around the first voice coil and having a third terminal and a fourth terminal; and a third... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 63 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120250869 - Sound image localization control apparatus: A sound image localization control apparatus includes: a distributing unit configured to produce first and second audio signals which have a time difference, from an input audio signal, and configured to supply the first audio signal to one of a plurality of speakers; and a virtual-sound source processing unit configured... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120250870 - Calibrating a public address installation: A method for calibrating a public address installation comprising simulation of a public address system based on simulation parameters is provided. The public address system may comprise the public address installation and an auditorium. A simulation may deliver configuration parameters for the public address installation. The public address installation may... Agent: D&b Audiotechnik Gmbh

20120250871 - Nonlinear echo suppression: Presented is a method and associated system for suppression of linear and nonlinear echo. The method includes dividing an input signal into several frequency bands in each of a several of time frames. The input signal may include an echo signal. The method further includes multiplying the input signal in... Agent: Conexant Systems, Inc.

20120250872 - Method and system for modeling external volume changes within an acoustic echo canceller: A method and system are provided in which a device, such as an acoustic echo canceller, may reduce the residual echo that may be heard at the far end of a conversation when an external speaker volume is changed. The device may compute a gain based on an echo estimate... Agent:

20120250873 - Adaptive feed-forward noise reduction: In an aspect, the invention features an active noise reduction device including an electronic signal processing circuit. The electronic signal processing circuit includes a first input for accepting a first signal, a second input for accepting a second signal, an output for providing a third signal, a feed-forward path from... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120250874 - Audio device and method for audio outputting: An audio device includes a headphone jack to receive a headphone plug, an audio output unit connected to the headphone jack, a detecting unit, and a control unit. The detecting unit detects insertion of a headphone plug into the headphone jack when playing an audio file. The control unit directly... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120250875 - Portable loudspeaker: A portable loudspeaker includes an electro-acoustic driver which creates sound waves when operated and a housing having a front side to which the driver is secured. The loudspeaker also includes a battery supported by the housing for providing electrical power to the driver and a cover secured to the housing... Agent:

20120250876 - Set of interactive coasters: The present disclosure is directed to a set of interactive coasters. Specifically, it is an object of the present disclosure to provide a set of musically interacting coasters which harmonize when placed in proximity to one another.... Agent:

20120250877 - Method and system for processing audio signals in a central audio hub: A central audio hub, comprising an audio switch, a bus matrix, and an audio buffer, is triggered to read audio samples of an audio stream from the audio buffer. The central audio hub routes the audio samples via the bus matrix to one or more surrounding audio modules such as... Agent:

20120250878 - In-vehicle audio apparatus: An in-vehicle audio apparatus includes: a base body that is arranged in a fixed state; a storage tray that is moved between a drawing-out position and a storing position with respect to the base body and inserts and takes out a music reproducing device at the drawing-out position; a pressing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120250880 - Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method: A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material molded to provide details to accept audio devices and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure,... Agent:

20120250879 - Media and communication system: A media and video communication system is described that may be used, for example, in an aircraft. The disclosed system includes a camera for capturing an image of a user, and a video display unit (VDU) for displaying an image on a screen. A microphone or array of microphones may... Agent: Phitek Systems Limited

20120250881 - Microphone biasing: A plurality of microphones are coupled in series to receive a bias current. A plurality of configurable switches may be used to select which ones of the microphones receive the bias current. The current source may be adjustable and the switches may be reconfigurable to dynamically change both the number... Agent:

20120250882 - Integrated echo cancellation and noise suppression: A method for echo cancellation and noise suppression is disclosed. Linear echo cancellation (LEC) is performed for a primary microphone channel on an entire frequency band or in a range of frequencies where echo is audible. LEC is performed on one or more secondary microphone channels only on a lower... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120250884 - Multi-membrane microphone for high-amplitude audio capture: Disclosed herein are apparatus, method, and computer program product whereby a device receives an acoustic signal. In response to the received acoustic signal, the device outputs electrical signals from a first input audio transducer and a second input audio transducer. The second input audio transducer is less sensitive than the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120250883 - Noise removal device and noise removal program: A noise removal unit 102 executes noise removal and flooring processing of an input signal, and a density calculating unit 104 calculates, as to a point of interest on a time-frequency plane of the input signal passing through the noise removal, a density of non-flooring processing points from the presence... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120250885 - Signal-processing device, imaging apparatus, and signal-processing program: A signal-processing device includes a determination section that compares a frequency spectrum and a floor spectrum of an input audio signal to each other for each frequency bin and determines whether the input audio signal should be subjected to noise reduction processing or not for each of the frequency bins;... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120250886 - Characteristic correcting device and characteristic correcting method: According to one embodiment, a characteristic correcting device includes: a correction filter configured to correct sound quality characteristics of a plurality of bands in a frequency range of an input signal based on a frequency characteristic which is set in advance to generate an output signal; an input module configured... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120250888 - Audio signal processing apparatus: An audio signal processing apparatus has a plurality of channels for controlling a plurality of audio signals. In the apparatus, a volume setting unit sets volume parameters of the plurality of channels. A group generation unit determines a plurality of groups each including one or more channels among the plurality... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120250887 - Volume scale selection: Embodiments herein relate to volume scale selection by a computing device. In an embodiment, the computing device includes a rotational device to assert a volume signal when the rotational device is rotated. Further, the computing device is to select one of a plurality of volume scales based on whether a... Agent:

20120250894 - Apparatus including means for connecting to one or more outer speakers as well as means for detecting such a connection: An audio appliance includes two external connections for connection to external loudspeakers, and includes means for establishing an electrical signal between the external terminals that is representative of an audio source in order to inject an excitation electric current into each external loudspeaker. Means are provided for incorporating a component... Agent:

20120250890 - Audio device and method for audio outputting: An audio device includes a headphone jack to receive a headphone plug, an audio output unit connected to the headphone jack, a detecting unit, and a control unit. The detecting unit detects insertion or removal of a headphone plug from the headphone jack. The control unit decreases an output power... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120250889 - Automatic volume reduction: Systems and methods of controlling output volume in mobile devices may include an apparatus having logic to detect a limited power delivery condition of a battery of a mobile platform. The logic may also transmit a hardware alert to an audio controller of the mobile platform in response to the... Agent:

20120250893 - Hybrid permanent/reversible dynamic range control system: A system for controlling dynamic range of an audio signal comprises an automatic gain control element that receives an input signal having a varying level and outputs a control signal that varies based on the varying level of the input signal and a modified input signal having a dynamic range... Agent: Audyne, Inc.

20120250891 - Personal listening device with self-adjusting sound volume: An exemplary personal listening device includes thermo-sensitive elements in its transducers. Each thermo-sensitive element senses temperature change of a corresponding transducer and changes a current flowing through the transducer according to temperature change of the transducer, to reflect the amount of time for which the personal listening device has been... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120250892 - Signal processor and signal processing method: According to one embodiment, a signal processor includes a band divider, a first correction module, a determiner, an adjuster, and a second correction module. The band divider calculates an amplitude indicating sound pressure from an acoustic signal for each frequency range. The first correction module corrects the amplitude to change... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120250895 - System for adjusting perceived loudness of audio signals: A method of adjusting a loudness of an audio signal may include receiving an electronic audio signal and using one or more processors to process at least one channel of the audio signal to determine a loudness of a portion of the audio signal. This processing may include processing the... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc.

20120250896 - Audio signal controller: It is determined whether user's operation performed on a control is normal or special operation. A function of increasing or decreasing a value of a parameter assigned to the control is performed if the user's operation is the normal operation. Another function, different from the function of increasing or decreasing... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120250897 - Dual cell mems assembly: A transducer assembly utilizing at least two MEMS transducers is provided, the transducer assembly preferably defining either an omnidirectional or directional microphone. In addition to at least first and second MEMS transducers, the assembly includes a signal processing circuit electrically connected to the MEMS transducers, a plurality of terminal pads... Agent: Mwm Acoustics, LLC

20120250898 - Processing chip for a digital microphone and related input circuit and a digital microphone: A processing chip for a digital microphone and related input circuit and a digital microphone are described herein. In one aspect, the input circuit for a processing chip of a digital microphone includes: a PMOS transistor, a resistor, a current source, and a low-pass filter. The described processing chip possesses... Agent: Beijing Kt Micro, Ltd.

20120250899 - System and method of adjusting the sound of multiple audio objects directed toward an audio output device: Embodiments of the present invention include methods and apparatuses for adjusting audio content when more multiple audio objects are directed toward a single audio output device. The amplitude, white noise content, and frequencies can be adjusted to enhance overall sound quality or make content of certain audio objects more intelligible.... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120250900 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program: A signal processing apparatus includes a filter that performs filtering of a correction filter characteristic including a reverse characteristic of an output characteristic of a microphone on a signal acquired by the microphone.... Agent:

20120250901 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a substrate, at least two sound wave generators and at least two signal input devices. The substrate has at least two surfaces. Each of the at least two sound wave generators is located on each of the at least two surfaces. At least one of the... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250902 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a substrate, a sound wave generator and a signal device. The substrate has a net structure and includes a number of first wires and a number of second wires. The first wires and the second wires are crossed with each other. Each of the first wires... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250903 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a carbon nanotube composite structure, a sound wave generator and a signal input device. The carbon nanotube composite structure includes a carbon nanotube structure and a matrix. The matrix is located on a surface of the carbon nanotube structure. The sound wave generator is located on... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250904 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a substrate, at least two sound wave generators and at least two signal input devices. The substrate has at least two surfaces. Each of the at least two sound wave generators is located on each of the at least two surfaces. At least one of the... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250905 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a substrate, a sound wave generator and a signal device. The substrate has a net structure and includes a number of first wires and a number of second wires. The first wires and the second wires are crossed with each other. Each of the first wires... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250906 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a carbon nanotube composite structure, a sound wave generator and a signal input device. The carbon nanotube composite structure includes a carbon nanotube structure and a matrix. The matrix is located a surface of the carbon nanotube structure. The sound wave generator is located on a... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250907 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a sound wave generator and a signal input device. The sound wave generator includes a graphene layer. The graphene layer includes at least one graphene. The signal input device inputs signals to the sound wave generator.... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250908 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a sound wave generator and a signal input device. The sound wave generator includes a composite structure. The composite structure includes a carbon nanotube film structure and a graphene film. The carbon nanotube film structure includes a number of carbon nanotubes and micropores. The graphene film... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120250909 - Acoustic transducer with gap-controlling geometry and method of manufacturing an acoustic transducer: A transducer of the preferred embodiment including a transducer and a plurality of adjacent, tapered cantilevered beams. Each of the beams define a beam base, a beam tip, and a beam body disposed between the beam base and the beam tip. The beams are arranged such that each of the... Agent:

20120250910 - Programmable microphone: A semiconductor die with an integrated electronic circuit, configured so as to be mounted in a housing with a capacitive transducer e.g. a microphone. A first circuit is configured to receive an input signal from the transducer at an input node and to provide an output signal at a pad... Agent: Audioasics A/s

20120250911 - Audio jack with emi shielding: An audio jack for an audio plug for use in an electrical device, comprising a non-conductive enclosure having a front side and defining a cavity having an aperture within the front side for receiving the audio plug, the aperture having a first diameter, the cavity extending along a longitudinal axis;... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120250912 - Line speaker system and layout: A layout of line speakers reduces feedback and provides more uniform sound amplification throughout a listening area. The length of one or more line speakers is selected so that the line speakers behave as line acoustic sources throughout a listening area. The line speakers are further positioned so that a... Agent:

20120250913 - Electronic device and external equipment with digital noise cancellation and digital audio path: Electronic devices and accessories are provided that may communicate over wired communications paths. The electronic devices may be portable electronic devices such as cellular telephones or media players and may have audio connectors such as 3.5 mm audio jacks. The accessories may be headsets or other equipment having mating 3.5... Agent:

20120250914 - Detachable wireless listening device: Broadly speaking, the embodiments described herein relate to a media apparatus that can be used in conjunction with a host device to provide an end user a pleasurable listening experience especially during periods of physical activity. In the described embodiments, the host device can take the form of a portable... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120250915 - Hearing aid device: A hearing aid is used for a low tone frequency band, a hearing aid is used for a high tone frequency band, and a controller that compares sound pressure of the high tone frequency band split by a frequency band analyzer of the hearing aid used for the high tone... Agent:

20120250916 - Hearing aid device with a directional microphone system and method for operating a hearing aid device having a directional microphone system: A hearing aid device has a directional microphone system with a first microphone outputting a first microphone signal and a second microphone outputting a second microphone signal. A delay unit generates a directivity by delaying the second microphone signal or a fourth microphone signal derived therefrom by an internal time... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd

20120250917 - Method for improving the comprehensibility of speech with a hearing aid, together with a hearing aid: The understanding of speech is to be improved in cases of hearing loss in which certain frequency ranges can no longer be perceived even at high volume or amplification, as applicable. A frequency transposition is performed on an input signal coming into a hearing aid and specific features of an... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120250918 - Method for improving the comprehensibility of speech with a hearing aid, together with a hearing aid: The understanding of speech is to be improved in cases of hearing loss in which certain frequency ranges can no longer be perceived. A hearing aid has an input transducer for receiving an input signal and converting it into an electrical input signal, a signal processing unit for processing the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120250919 - Hearing aid device and method for operating a hearing aid device: A hearing aid device has an input converter for receiving an input signal and converting the signal into an electrical input signal, a signal processing unit for processing and frequency-dependent amplification of the electrical input signal and generating an electrical output signal, an output converter for converting the electrical output... Agent: Siemens Medical Instuments Pte. Ltd.

20120250920 - Hearing aid device and a method of manufacturing a hearing aid device: A hearing aid device and a method of manufacturing the hearing aid device provide a housing and a first conductive layer. The housing has a first non-conductive layer and a second non-conductive layer. The first conductive layer is disposed between the first non-conductive layer and the second non-conductive layer.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120250921 - Hearing device with reduced acoustic wind sensitivity: A hearing device has reduced acoustic wind sensitivity. For that purpose, the hearing device has a surface formed with a shark skin structure.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120250922 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid includes a device housing (2) in which a programmable sound processing device is received on a carrier. The carrier is provided on a main surface with a conductor track which lies exposed in an opening (8) in an outer casing of the device housing (2). A coupling... Agent: Exsilent Research B.v.

20120250923 - Auditory canal insert with a filter element and method of manufacturing the auditory canal insert: An auditory canal insert is to be produced which can be manufactured simply and cost-effectively and which is less susceptible to dirt, especially cerumen. To this end an auditory canal insert is proposed which has an at least essentially tubular inner section, an outer section lying at least in some... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120250924 - Portable loudspeaker: A portable loudspeaker includes an electro-acoustic driver which creates sound waves when operated and a housing having a front side to which the driver is secured. An internal part of the housing defines a first portion of an acoustic volume in which at least a portion of the driver is... Agent:

20120250926 - Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone: A condenser microphone unit includes a diaphragm, a diaphragm ring, a fixed electrode, a casing unit accommodating the diaphragm ring, the diaphragm, and the fixed electrode. A condenser microphone includes the condenser microphone unit. The diaphragm ring is indirectly fixed to the interior of the unit casing through a fixing... Agent:

20120250925 - Packages and methods for packaging microphone devices: Packages for electronic amplification include a packaged microphone device that includes a housing and an acoustic transducer disposed therein. The housing includes an exterior top surface and an exterior bottom surface that includes electrical terminals disposed thereon. The package microphone device can include a flexible substrate having a top portion,... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120250927 - Paired microphones for rejecting noise: A device includes a windscreen in a first surface, a gradient microphone housed in a capsule having first and second outlets coupled to openings in a second surface displaced from the first surface, a pressure microphone mounted between the first and second surfaces, and circuitry coupled to the gradient microphone... Agent:

20120250928 - Audio transducer: An electronic device having an enclosure including an upper panel and a bottom panel operably connected to the upper panel. A transducer is operably connected to the enclosure and the transducer is configured to mechanically vibrate the enclosure. The transducer includes a magnet, an electromagnetic coil and a retention element... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120250929 - Electro-acoustic transducer enclosure: An apparatus that has an electro-acoustic transducer, a frame supporting the transducer, and an enclosure made from two enclosure members that are each coupled to the frame. At least one of the enclosure members is made partially or entirely of foam.... Agent:

20120250930 - Speaker diaphragm and speaker using same, and electronic equipment and device using said speaker, and speaker diaphragm manufacturing method: A diaphragm is formed of paper manufactured from a first fiber material and a second fiber material. The first fiber material is beaten to have a given freeness, and the second fiber material is made by carbonizing bamboo fiber that has been fibrillated into a microfibril state. This structure allows... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120250931 - Shallow speaker: An improved shallow speaker is disclosed having a molded diaphragm with an outer, depending, annular cylindrical subcone that connects to a channel formed in the outer perimeter of the spider. Embodiments for round and cornered (polygonal, etc.) speakers are provided. The top plate has a raised outer annular portion for... Agent: Mitek Corp., Inc.

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