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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 38 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120243689 - Apparatus for controlling depth/distance of sound and method thereof: An apparatus for controlling depth/distance of sound and method thereof are disclosed, by which an audio signal can be outputted to correspond to a depth of an image, i.e., a disparity in displaying a stereoscopic image. The present invention includes extracting at least one object from an image, measuring a... Agent:

20120243690 - Apparatus for providing an upmix signal representation on the basis of a downmix signal representation, apparatus for providing a bitstream representing a multi-channel audio signal, methods, computer program and bitstream using a distortion control signa: An apparatus for providing an upmix signal representation on the basis of a downmix signal representation and an object-related parametric information, which are included in a bitstream representation of an audio content, and in dependence on a rendering information, has a distortion limiter configured to adjust upmix parameters using a... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120243692 - Decoding of multichannel audio encoded bit streams using adaptive hybrid transformation: The processing efficiency of a process used to decode frames of an enhanced AC-3 bit stream is improved by processing each audio block in a frame only once. Audio blocks of encoded data are decoded in block order rather than in channel order. Exemplary decoding processes for enhanced bit stream... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120243691 - Wireless headset device capable of providing balanced stereo and method thereof: A wireless earphone device capable of providing balanced stereo. The wireless headset includes a Bluetooth earphone device, an audio adaptor, and a stereo earphone device for giving balanced sounds on both left and right channels. When the Bluetooth earphone device and the stereo earphone device are connected with the audio... Agent: Sure Best Limited

20120243693 - Method of processing a signal in a hearing aid, a method of fitting a hearing aid and a hearing aid: A method comprises deriving a control signal (3) from an input signal (1). The process of deriving the control signal comprises a standard processing (6) so as to provide a standard processed control signal component (7) based on a standard compressor characteristic, and an individualized processing (10) so as to... Agent: Widex A/s

20120243695 - Method and apparatus for estimating spectrum density of diffused noise: Provided are a method for estimating a spectrum density of diffused noises. Also provided is a processor for implementing the method. The processor includes at least two sound receiving units and a spectrum density estimating unit for estimating spectrum density.... Agent:

20120243694 - Systems and methods for segmenting and/or classifying an audio signal from transformed audio information: A system and method may be provided to segment and/or classify an audio signal from transformed audio information. Transformed audio information representing a sound may be obtained. The transformed audio information may specify magnitude of a coefficient related to energy amplitude as a function of frequency for the audio signal... Agent: The Intellisis Corporation

20120243697 - Multiple superimposed audio frequency test system and sound chamber with attenuated echo properties: A composite sound dampening structure includes a first base layer of sound dampening material extending around and against an inside surface of a container and a second wedge layer of sound dampening material attached to an inside surface of the first base layer. The composite sound dampening structure provides improved... Agent: Frye Electronics, Inc.

20120243696 - Supervisory method and apparatus for audio input path: A supervisory apparatus and method are useable with personal, or micro-computers. A passive module can be coupled to a computer sound card. The module can be coupled to a speaker and a microphone. The speaker can emit a supervisory audio signal generated by the sound card. The microphone can sense... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120243698 - Dynamic beamformer processing for acoustic echo cancellation in systems with high acoustic coupling: Near-end equipment for a communication channel with far-end equipment. The near-end equipment includes at least one loudspeaker, at least two microphones, a beamformer, and an echo canceller. The communication channel may be in one of a number of communication states including Near-End Only state, Far-End Only state, and Double-Talk state.... Agent: Mh Acoustics,llc

20120243701 - Concha-fitting custom earplug with flexible skin and filler material: An earplug which conforms to the concha of the ear and extends into the ear canal. The construction consists of a flexible outer skin with at least one filler material, preferably two or more materials of varying hardness, to form an essentially solid structure except for sound channels, or electronics... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20120243699 - Ear canal transducer mounting system: An ear-canal mounted sound transducer system comprises a miniature sound transducer mounted in a soft, acoustically transparent material, and is suitable for shallow, semi-deep or deep placement inside the ear canal of a user, and for use with or without a personal hearing protective device. The sound transducer may be... Agent:

20120243700 - Earmuff enclosure: Embodiments relate to earmuffs with speakers, and attempt to improve speaker acoustic quality without negatively impacting sound attenuation of the earmuffs. Embodiments may comprise a speaker plate located behind a speaker unit, and typically the speaker plate comprises a recessed portion with a plurality of holes. When the speaker plate... Agent: Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC

20120243702 - Method and arrangement for processing of audio signals: Method and arrangement in an audio handling entity, for damping of dominant frequencies in a time segment of an audio signal. A time segment of an audio signal is obtained, and an estimate of the spectral density or “spectrum” of the time segment is derived. An approximation of the estimate... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120243703 - Headphone structure: A headphone structure includes a first earpiece, a second earpiece, a pair of conductive head strips, a signal input cable, and an electrical plug. The conductive head strips are each electrically connected between the first and the second earpieces, and are each coated externally with an insulation layer. The signal... Agent:

20120243704 - Headset with turnable ear hook with two off positions: A headset (1) comprising a switch (15; 19) and an actuating member (13), which is turnable in relation to the housing (2) about a first axis (A1). An ear hook (3; 32) is attached to the actuating member (13). The ear hook (3; 32) can be arranged in a right... Agent:

20120243705 - Systems and methods for reconstructing an audio signal from transformed audio information: A system and method may be configured to reconstruct an audio signal from transformed audio information. The audio signal may be resynthesized based on individual harmonics and corresponding pitches determined from the transformed audio information. Noise may be subtracted from the transformed audio information by interpolating across peak points and... Agent: The Intellisis Corporation

20120243706 - Method and arrangement for processing of audio signals: Method and arrangement in an audio handling entity, for damping of dominant frequencies in a time segment of an audio signal. A time segment of an audio signal is obtained, and an estimate of the spectral density or “spectrum” of the time segment is derived. An approximation of the estimate... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120243708 - Modulation of audio signals in a parametric speaker: Methods and systems for amplitude modulation in a parametric speaker system are provided that perform truncated double sideband (TDSB) frequency modulation of audio signal in which most of the processing is performed in the frequency domain, thus permitting use of fast processing techniques for amplitude modulation (AM) and filtering and... Agent:

20120243707 - System and method for processing sound signals implementing a spectral motion transform: A system and method are provided for processing sound signals. The processing may include identifying individual harmonic sounds represented in sound signals, determining sound parameters of harmonic sounds, classifying harmonic sounds according to source, and/or other processing. The processing may include transforming the sound signals (or portions thereof) into a... Agent: The Intellisis Corporation

20120243709 - Integrated audio video signal processing system using centralized processing of signals: Integrated processing of audio/video signals can eliminate unnecessary signal processors and converters without losing the functionality of typical home entertainment system components. The integrated system includes a main player that captures and processes signals digitally, a dummy display, and a dummy speaker. The dummy display may only have a display... Agent: Mondo Systems, Inc.

20120243710 - Methods and systems using a compensation signal to reduce audio decoding errors at block boundaries: Methods, systems and computer-readable medium reduce and/or eliminate errors in coding/decoding of streamed audio due to resetting of decoder state values based on playback buffer access. An inaudible compensation signal is included with the audio signal. The compensation signal is generated having a characteristic selected so that the encoded streamed... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20120243711 - Mixing apparatus: In an automatic correction process, automatic correction processing portions 60 are connected to a set reference channel and target channels, respectively, so that test signals will be input to the automatic correction processing portions 60, respectively. A rise detection portion 60a detects a rise in a test signal input to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120243712 - Switch and switch circuit using the same: A fourth n-channel MOSFET has a source terminal and a back-gate terminal connected to each other. A switch element is connected between the source terminal of the fourth n-channel MOSFET and a ground potential, and the source terminal of the fourth n-channel MOSFET is made become the ground potential when... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20120243713 - Spatially constant surround sound system: An audio processing system may modify an input surround sound signal to generate a spatially equilibrated output surround sound signal that is perceived by a user as spatially constant for different sound pressures of the surround sound signal. The audio processing system may determine based on a psychoacoustic model of... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20120243714 - Microphone placement for oral applications: Microphone placement for oral applications are disclosed herein. The assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a removable oral appliance to form a hearing aid assembly. Such an oral appliance may be a custom-made device which can enhance and/or optimize received audio signals for vibrational conduction... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20120243715 - Audio processing device, system, use and method: An audio processing device includes a) an input unit for converting a time domain input signal to a number NI of input frequency bands and b) an output unit for converting a number NO of output frequency bands to a time domain output signal. A signal processing unit processes the... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120243716 - Hearing apparatus with feedback canceler and method for operating the hearing apparatus: A hearing apparatus has artifact-free, fast feedback cancelation properties. The hearing apparatus has a first microphone coupled by way of a pre-whitening filter to a feedback canceler in a first hearing device. The hearing apparatus is configured to set a frequency response of the pre-whitening filter in dependence on a... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120243717 - Hearing aid with a replaceable insertion cap: A hearing aid has a coupling structure, a first hearing aid housing portion and a second hearing aid housing portion including a flexible material so that the second hearing aid housing portion is adaptable to different ear canal size. The second hearing aid housing portion is detachably coupled to the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120243719 - Display-based speaker structures for electronic devices: Electronic devices that contain flexible displays and one or more display-based speaker structures may be provided. The speaker structures may be positioned under the flexible display. Portions of the flexible display may be used as speaker membranes for the speaker structures. The speaker structures may be driven by transducers that... Agent:

20120243718 - Speaker base device for display: A speaker base device for display comprises: a base, which internal has at least one PCB, the base extends outwardly to form at least one set of speaker-like structure; and a support column section, which extends upwardly from the base and connects with a display, the external cables of the... Agent:

20120243720 - Auto-play audible publication: A novel auto-play audible publication, which enables to play the contents and voice simultaneously without external players; the audible publication is either of book, newspaper, magazine, booklet, leaflet, calendar, card, CD album, notebook, religious scripture/journal; in particular, the audible publication comprises: thin speaker, play panel, control circuit board, speaker driving... Agent:

20120243721 - Differential microphone unit and mobile apparatus: Disclosed is a differential microphone unit which can improve the characteristics of a microphone unit and widen the directional range thereof. The disclosed differential microphone unit (100) is provided with: a microphone housing (20) which is provided with a pair of first sound holes (22a, 22b) on the same major... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120243722 - Speaker: A speaker includes a ferrite yoke plate, an inner magnet, a first pole member, an outer magnet, a second pole member, a diaphragm, and a voice coil. Both the inner and the outer magnets are disposed on the ferrite yoke plate, and are spaced apart from each other. The first... Agent:

20120243723 - Earphone with a support element: An earphone including a mounting element for mounting the earphone to an auricle is provided. The mounting element is attachable to a body of the earphone. The earphone further includes an adjusting element for adjusting the position of the mounting element with respect to the body of the earphone. A... Agent: Savox Communications Oy Ab (ltd)

20120243724 - Ear pad and earphone having the same: An ear pad is made of a deformable material and mounted on an earphone, at least a tip of which is insertable into an ear. The ear pad comprises a cylindrical body portion and an elastically deformable portion. The cylindrical body portion has a sound guide hole formed therein, being... Agent: S'next Co., Ltd.

20120243725 - Earphone: An earphone is disclosed. The earphone comprises an external auditory meatus insertion member, a casing and a driver unit. At least a part of the external auditory meatus insertion member is insertable into an external auditory meatus. The external auditory meatus insertion member is attached to the casing. The driver... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20120243726 - Earphone: An earphone is disclosed. The earphone comprises an external auditory meatus insertion member, a casing and a driver unit. The external auditory meatus insertion member has a part which is insertable into an external auditory meatus. The external auditory meatus insertion member is detachable from the casing. The driver unit... Agent: Molex Incorporated

09/20/2012 > 41 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120237038 - Audio mixer: Six input channels, to which are allocated 5.1-channel surround signals from a plurality of input sources, are grouped into a surround channel group, and these six input channels are connected to corresponding ones of six surround buses in a one-to-one relationship. Thus, merely grouping the input channels into a surround... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120237037 - N surround: Techniques are provided to use near-field speakers to add depth information that may be missing, incomplete, or imperceptible in far-field sound waves from far-field speakers, and to remove the multi-channel cross talk and reflected sound waves that otherwise may be inherent in a listening space with the far-field speakers alone.... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120237039 - Audio decoder and decoding method using efficient downmixing: A method, an apparatus, a computer readable storage medium configured with instructions for carrying out a method, and logic encoded in one or more computer-readable tangible medium to carry out actions. The method is to decode audio data that includes N.n channels to M.m decoded audio channels, including unpacking metadata... Agent:

20120237041 - Method and an apparatus for deriving information from an audio track and determining similarity between audio tracks: A method of deriving information from an audio track, or a part thereof, wherein onsets or intensity/amplitude variations are detected as well as at which frequencies (timbral frequencies) or in which frequency bands these occur. Especially interesting is the frequency of such onsets. In this manner, the frequency of beats... Agent: Johannes Kepler Universit&#xc4 T Linz

20120237042 - Signal clustering apparatus: In an example signal clustering apparatus, a feature of a signal is divided into segments. A first feature vector of each segment is calculated, the first feature vector having has a plurality of elements corresponding to each reference model. A value of an element attenuates when a feature of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120237040 - System and method for automated audio mix equalization and mix visualization: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for automatically analyzing, modifying, and mixing a plurality of audio signals. The modification of the audio signals takes place to avoid spectral collisions which occur when more than one signal simultaneously occupies one or more of the same frequency bands.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120237044 - Electronic device and audio accessory having a plurality of passive switches for controlling the audio device: According to some aspects, a system for controlling an electronic device including an audio accessory coupled to the electronic device. The audio accessory has at least one speaker adapted to provide audio output and a plurality of resistive switches. The electronic device has a bias voltage source adapted to provide... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120237043 - Surface texture recording with microphone: An apparatus including a microphone; and a profilometer system including the microphone. The profilometer system is configured to use vibrations received at the microphone to create a Surface Texture File (STF).... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120237045 - Audio power management system: An audio power management system manages operation of audio devices in an audio system. The audio power management system includes a parameter computer, a threshold comparator and a limiter. Audio signals generated with the audio system may be provided to the audio power management system. Based on a measured actual... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120237046 - Intercom headset connection and disconnection responses: A headset is able to be coupled via a cable to an intercom system, is able to be wirelessly coupled to a wireless device via a wireless transceiver of the headset, and is able to be connected to a wired device via another cable. A controller of the headset separately... Agent:

20120237047 - Nonlinear reference signal processing for echo suppression: An echo suppression system and method, and a computer-readable storage medium that is configured with instructions that when executed carry out echo suppression. Each of the system and the method includes the elements of a linear echo suppressor having a reference signal path, with a nonlinearity introduced in the reference... Agent:

20120237048 - Apparatus and method for echo suppression: An input signal from the input source is received. An attenuation of an echo canceller filter is calculated using at least the input signal. A spectral component of a frequency band of an echo suppressor is adjusted to perform enhanced suppression using the calculated attenuation. A comfort noise factor is... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120237049 - Wide area noise cancellation system and method: An open air, wide area noise cancellation system and method provides improved identification and characterization of noise sources then generating noise cancelling sound waves.... Agent:

20120237052 - Dual mode electronic headset with local and remote focused microphones: An electronic headset for a user, the headset including a housing; a first microphone to receive a first audio input provided by the user; a second microphone to receive a second audio input provided by one or more audio sources other than the user; a controller converting the first audio... Agent: Odi Security LLC

20120237051 - Earphone system for mobile devices: An earphone system for a mobile device is provided. The earphone system includes an earphone interface with a plurality of contacts for accepting an earphone jack corresponding to 3- or 4-pole earphones, a controller with a plurality of ports for communicating with the earphones that are connected to the earphone... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120237050 - Sound pickup device: A sound pickup device comprises a microphone, a connection terminal, and a controller. The microphone is configured to picks up sound and produces audio data. The connection terminal is configured to be connected a headphone. The controller is configured to receive a change of instructions regarding the input sensitivity of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120237054 - Method and apparatus for reproducing multi-channel sound using cable/wireless device: A multi-channel music reproducing apparatus and method using a wired and/or wireless communication system are provided. The method includes confirming neighboring devices capable of wired and/or wireless communication; allocating audio channel information to confirmed neighboring devices; encoding the channel information and reproduction synchronization information as index information; transmitting the index... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120237053 - Multi-protocol wireless audio client device: A wireless audio client device such as a headset worn by a user allows the user to talk with multiple other devices using different communication protocols. In one approach, the wireless audio client device is a slave device which pairs with multiple master devices such as a game console and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120237055 - Method for dubbing microphone signals of a sound recording having a plurality of microphones: In order to compensate tonal changes arising from a multi-path propagation of sound portions during the mixing of multi microphone audio recordings as far as possible it is suggested to form spectral values of respectively overlapping time frames of samples of each a first microphone signal (100) and a second... Agent: Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh

20120237056 - Automated noise reduction circuit: An automated noise reduction circuit is configured to find an audio output with the lowest voltage level associated with undesirable noise. The circuit may include a plurality of audio input ports, ground isolation devices, electronic switches and a microprocessor. The microprocessor may be configured to toggle the ground isolation devices... Agent:

20120237057 - Audio driver circuit: An audio driver circuit includes a comparison circuit, a power distributing circuit, and an audio output circuit. The comparison circuit at least includes a comparator included a non-inverting input, an inverting input, and an output. The non-inverting input is electrically connected to a drive power supply. The inverting input is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120237058 - Apparatus: An apparatus comprises a substantially horn shaped structure configured to amplify sound from a speaker of a device wherein the apparatus comprises packaging of the device.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120237059 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a terminal, an amplifier, a speaker, a power supply circuit, a first switch and a first controller. The terminal configured to input an audio signal from an external device. The amplifier configured to amplify the audio signal which is input from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120237060 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal: An apparatus for outputting audio signals. The apparatus for outputting audio signals includes a pulse density modulation (PDM) unit for PDM modulating an input audio signal to output a modulated audio signal, a driving signal generator for generating at least one driving signal to control switching amplification operations based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120237061 - Process for manufacturing a membrane microelectromechanical device, and membrane microelectromechanical device: Disclosed herein is a microelectromechanical device and a process for manufacturing same. One or more embodiments may include forming a semiconductor structural layer separated from a substrate by a dielectric layer, and opening a plurality of trenches through the structural layer exposing a portion of the dielectric layer. A sacrificial... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120237063 - Apparatus and method for calculating driving coefficients for loudspeakers of a loudspeaker arrangement and apparatus and method for providing drive signals for loudspeakers of a loudspeaker arrangement based on an audio signal associated with a virtual s: An apparatus for calculating driving coefficients for loudspeakers of a loudspeaker arrangement for an audio signal associated with a virtual source is described.... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120237062 - Apparatus and method for calculating driving coefficients for loudspeakers of a loudspeaker arrangement for an audio signal associated with a virtual source: An apparatus for calculating driving coefficients for loudspeakers of a loudspeaker arrangement for an audio signal associated with a virtual source includes a multi-channel renderer. The multi-channel renderer calculates driving coefficients for loudspeakers of the loudspeaker arrangement based on a first calculation rule, if a position of the virtual source... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120237064 - Apparatus and method for the adjustment of a hearing instrument: The patient is presented with an audio sound. The patient is also presented with a visual representation of the sound at a visual display. A response to the audio sound and the visual representation is received from the patient via a first interface and the response indicates a perception of... Agent:

20120237065 - Ball and socket connection with an acoustic seal and mounting interface for a hearing assistance device: Disclosed herein, among other things, are apparatus and methods to provide improved connections for components of hearing assistance devices. Various embodiments include an apparatus including a receiver case configured to house a hearing assistance device receiver, the receiver case including a spherical receiver spout having an opening. The apparatus also... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120237066 - Hearing aid having a behind the ear component: A hearing aid is provided having a behind the ear component comprising a casing adapted to cover, accommodate or protect electronics components of the hearing aid. Further the hearing aid has at least one through going opening in the casing element and electronic switching elements placed at the through going... Agent:

20120237067 - Bone conduction device including a balanced electromagnetic actuator having radial and axial air gaps: A bone conduction device configured to couple to an abutment of an anchor system anchored to a recipient's skull. The bone conduction device includes a vibrating electromagnetic actuator configured to vibrate in response to sound signals received by the bone conduction device, and a coupling apparatus configured to attach the... Agent:

20120237068 - Soft concha ring behind-the-ear hearing aid: A hearing aid has hearing aid electronics including the microphone, battery and amplifier in a behind-the-ear housing, with a flexible tube extending from the behind-the-ear housing to a concha-based suspension structure. The concha-based suspension portion is flexible and bears off a tragus contact area, an antitragus contact area and an... Agent: Intricon Corporation

20120237069 - Electrostatic loudspeaker capable of dispersing sound both horizontally and vertically: An electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) assembly providing curvature in two directions for improved dispersion of sound waves. The ESL comprises at least one stator panel, a flexible diaphragm and a spacer that impedes contact between the stator panel and the diaphragm. The stator is formed from a material that comprises an... Agent:

20120237070 - Passive directional acoustic radiating: An acoustic apparatus, including an acoustic driver, acoustically coupled to a pipe to radiate acoustic energy into the pipe. The pipe includes an elongated opening along at least a portion of the length of the pipe through which acoustic energy is radiated to the environment. The radiating is characterized by... Agent:

20120237071 - Shielded microphone for mobile communications device: A shielded microphone, and method for shielding a microphone, are provided for use in a communications device having a circuit board and a microphone. The microphone is provided in an electromagnetic shield and a resilient separator is provided over the shield. The device housing is stacked over the separator and... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120237072 - Unidirective condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone: A unidirective condenser microphone unit includes a diaphragm; a fixed electrode facing the diaphragm with a gap and defining a capacitor together with the diaphragm; an insulating spacer disposed adjacent to the rear surface of the fixed electrode and supporting the fixed electrode; an acoustic resistor disposed in an air... Agent:

20120237073 - Packages and methods for packaging mems microphone devices: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone devices and methods for packaging the same include a package substrate having an acoustic pathway therethrough that opens to an interior of the device. A MEMS microphone die having an integrated filter and a movable membrane is positioned within the interior of the device. The package... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120237074 - Seamless earbud structures and methods for making the same: Seamless earbud structures and methods for making the same are disclosed. Seamless earbud structures can be constructed using an insert molding construction method, which overmolds a cosmetic material over two sub-enclosures that are mated together. The two sub-enclosures form a housing that can encompass a driver assembly (e.g., woofer and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120237075 - Audio apparatus: Audio apparatus comprising a housing and a piezoelectric transducer (12) mounted in the housing (10) so that the transducer is adjacent a user's pinna whereby the transducer excites vibration in the pinna to cause it to transmit an acoustic signal from the transducer to a user's inner ear characterised by... Agent: New Transducers Limited

20120237076 - Speaker diaphragm, and speaker and handheld terminal device using said speaker diaphragm: A speaker diaphragm includes a body vibrating to generate a sound, an edge fusion-bonded to an outer circumference portion of the body, a projection provided on an upper surface of the edge, and a gasket provided on a lower surface of the edge. The edge is made of material different... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120237077 - Opposing dual-vented woofer system: Described is a vented speaker driver assembly utilizing a speaker driver having a pole piece that defines therein a vent that is not covered by a dust cap. The frame of the speaker driver is configured to be mounted to a structure's surface such that the pole piece of the... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 41 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120230495 - Silence based attenuation for enhanced idle-channel fm or other receiver co-existence with a coexisting radio and circuits, processes, and systems: An electronic circuit (100) for use in a wireless receiver (1720). The circuit (100) includes an audio demodulator (15), an audio envelope portion (35) operable to deliver an audio envelope signal, a high pass filter (38) coupled between the audio demodulator (15) and the audio envelope portion (35), a volume... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120230496 - Scaling a plurality of signals to prevent amplitude clipping: Systems and methods for amplitude compressing a digital signal. An input signal is divided into frames having a first and second sets of samples. The samples in the second set are also in a subsequent frame. Peak values are determined for the first and second sets. One or more slopes... Agent: Analog Devices Bv, Inc.

20120230497 - System for dynamically creating and rendering audio objects: Embodiments of systems and methods are described for providing backwards compatibility for legacy devices that are unable to natively render non-channel based audio objects. These systems and methods can also be beneficially used to produce a reduced set of audio objects for compatible object-based decoders with low computing resources.... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc.

20120230498 - Stereo ribbon microphone: A stereo ribbon microphone includes four ribbon microphone units disposed in a circle on a single horizontal plane. The ribbon microphone units are alternately assigned to a right channel and a left channel along the circumferential of the circle.... Agent:

20120230500 - Ecm digital microphone temperature compensation: This document discusses, among other things, systems and methods to at least partially compensate for temperature sensitivity in a digital microphone system including, for example, a temperature sensitive membrane, such as an electrets condenser microphone (ECM).... Agent:

20120230499 - Speaker apparatus: A speaker apparatus includes: a diaphragm vibrating to output sounds and being formed in an annular shape having a center hole in the middle thereof; a driving section causing the diaphragm to vibrate; a light emitting member emitting light; and a heat controlling member radiating heat generated when the light... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120230501 - auditory test and compensation method: The present invention provides an auditory test and compensation method for an audio system comprising an audio device coupled to an audio output means and a listener of the audio device. The method comprises the steps of: delivering a series of audio stimuli through the audio output means; capturing a... Agent: Cleartone Technologies Limited

20120230503 - Entrainment avoidance with pole stabilization: A system of signal processing an input signal in a hearing assistance device to avoid entrainment wherein the hearing assistance device including a receiver and a microphone, the method comprising using an adaptive filter to estimate an acoustic feedback path from the receiver to the microphone, generating one or more... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120230502 - Hearing aid fitting device: A hearing aid fitting device has a display section and a monitoring section. The display section is able to display information for fitting a hearing aid. The monitoring section displays operating mode information, which indicates whether or not an operating mode in which hearing aid processing in the standard mode... Agent:

20120230506 - Active noise reduction adaptive filter adaptation rate adjusting: A method for determining leakage factors or adaptation rates, or both, for adaptive filters in an active noise reduction system. The leakage factor or adaptation rate, or both, may vary depending on a parameter of an input reference signal. The parameter may include one or more of reference signal input... Agent:

20120230504 - Noise-reduction device: When cancelling noise by acoustically outputting, to a room interior, sound having a phase opposite to that of noise leaked into the room interior of a movable body, if detected movable body exterior sound is predetermined specific sound, a cancelling amount of a noise cancelling operation is automatically reduced.... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120230505 - Managing the effect of tdma noise on audio circuits: Broadly speaking, the embodiments disclosed herein describe an apparatus, system, and method for managing the effects of TDMA noise emitted by a communication device on an audible circuit.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120230509 - Arrangements in a device for use with a service involving play out of media and related methods: Arrangements in a device for use with a service involving play out of audio from a headset are provided. The arrangements include an application for providing the play out of audio to a user of the device. The application has at least two modes of operation including first and second... Agent:

20120230508 - Earphone, switching system and switching method: A earphone which can communicate with an electronic device includes a sensing unit, a determining unit and a communication unit. The sensing unit detects a rotation of the earphone to generate a direction signal and to obtain a rotating angle. The determining unit determines whether the rotating angle is at... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120230507 - Synthetic stereo on a mono headset with motion sensing: A system, processor implemented method, and non-transitory computer readable medium for playing a synthetic stereo on a mono headset with motion sensing. The method comprises a processor receiving movement data from an accelerometer detecting movement of the mono headset. In response to receiving movement data, the processor mixing an output... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120230510 - Synchronizing wireless earphones: Electroacoustical speaker devices that synchronously play audio received from a source. In one embodiment, one speaker acts as the master and the other speaker acts as the slave. The master speaker receives digital audio data from a source and, in addition to playing the digital audio received from the source,... Agent:

20120230512 - Audio zooming process within an audio scene: A method comprising: obtaining a plurality of audio signals originating from a plurality of audio sources in order to create an audio scene; analyzing the audio scene in order to determine zoomable audio points within the audio scene; and providing information regarding the zoomable audio points to a client device... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120230511 - Microphone array with rear venting: Techniques for noise suppression systems coupled to one or more microphone arrays are described, including a housing, a first microphone, a second microphone, and a third microphone, where the third microphone functions as a common rear vent for the first and the second microphones.... Agent: Aliphcom

20120230513 - Signal processing device and signal processing method: A signal processing device includes: a combining section combining a digital feedback signal associated with a movement of a diaphragm of a speaker unit and a digital audio signal; and a control section controlling the level of the digital feedback signal according to a difference between the level of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120230514 - Signal processing device and signal processing method: A signal processing device includes: a detection unit generating a digital detection signal corresponding to motion of a diaphragm of a speaker to output the digital detection signal; a gain adjustment unit generating a digital feedback signal by multiplying the outputted digital detection signal by again coefficient to output the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120230515 - Bandwidth extension of a low band audio signal: Estimation of a high band extension of a low band audio signal includes the following steps: extracting (S1) a set of features of the low band audio signal; mapping (S2) extracted features to at least one high band parameter with generalized additive modeling; frequency shifting (S3) a copy of the... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120230516 - User profile based audio adjustment techniques: Embodiments are directed toward user profile based audio adjustment techniques. The techniques are used to render various audio and/or audio/video content having different audio output parameter values in accordance with a user profile that characterizes a user's desired value and/or range of one or more of the output parameter levels.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120230518 - Apparatus and method for amplification of audio content: There is provided an apparatus and method for amplification of audio content. The apparatus includes a first power line connectable to a first connector of the plurality of data output connectors; a second power line connectable to a second connector of the plurality of data output connectors; an amplifier connected... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120230517 - Electronic device: An electronic device is provided, including a conductive substrate, an electret diaphragm, a plurality of spacers, a first electrode, and two second electrodes. The conductive substrate has a plurality of openings. The spacers are disposed between the conductive substrate and the electret diaphragm to define an acoustic projecting portion and... Agent:

20120230519 - Versatile audio power amplifier: An audio power amplifier with a four-quadrant power supply having a synchronous output rectifier that includes a planar transformer. The amplifier includes a first amplification unit including a switching voltage amplifier with a command signal input and an amplified signal output. Control electronics provide a signal input to the first... Agent:

20120230520 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal: An audio signal outputting apparatus and method for adjusting an output gain of an audio signal are provided. The audio signal outputting apparatus includes: a pulse width modulation (PWM) unit which generates a carrier signal, compares a signal level of the carrier signal with a signal level of an audio... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Lt.d.

20120230521 - Inductively chargeable audio devices: An inductively enabled audio speaker is disclosed configured to receive power inductively from an inductive power outlet. The audio speaker device has a voice coil which, as well as being able to produce an audible output, is further configured to function as a secondary inductor to inductively couple with a... Agent: Powermat Technologies, Ltd.

20120230523 - Electro acoustic transducer: The invention relates to a condenser microphone element (10) with an electrically conducting transducer membrane (15) having an acoustically active area (20) that is arranged to receive sound waves and to vibrate in response to said sound waves, wherein the membrane (15) is arranged in parallel with and at a... Agent:

20120230522 - Electroacoustic sound transducer: The electroacoustic transducer according to the invention has at least one diaphragm and at least one counterelectrode. In that case the diaphragm and/or the counterelectrode each have at least two electrically mutually insulated segments. In that arrangement the segments are so adapted that different electric signals are supplied or that... Agent:

20120230524 - Piezoelectric panel speaker: A piezoelectric panel speaker has a frame, piezoelectric actuators and a vibrating diaphragm set into the hollow assembly space of the frame. Two corresponding sides of the diaphragm are fixed onto the actuator, and the other two corresponding sides are spaced with said frame. The actuator is fixed onto both... Agent: Ho Hsin Progressive Technology Co., Ltd.

20120230525 - Audio device and audio system: An audio device includes: a reproduction unit that reproduces an audio signal of a plurality of channels; an input unit that receives a detection signal indicating the positions of the reproduction unit and a listener; and a control unit that changes the audio signal to be reproduced by the reproduction... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120230526 - Method and apparatus for microphone matching for wearable directional hearing device using wearer's own voice: Method and apparatus for microphone matching for wearable directional hearing assistance devices are provided. An embodiment includes a method for matching at least a first microphone to a second microphone, using a user's voice from the user's mouth. The user's voice is processed as received by at least one microphone... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120230528 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid includes a microphone on a proximal side of a device housing and a loudspeaker which via a transmission channel is in open communication with a sound-emitting opening of the device. A sound processing device serves to generate sound received by the microphone to the loudspeaker in amplified... Agent: Exsilent Research B.v.

20120230527 - Precision micro-hole for extended life batteries: Various embodiments of the invention provide an enclosure for a metal-air battery assembly for an extended wear hearing aid. The enclosure includes a diffusion control element having a dimensional property configured for controlling oxygen and moisture diffusion into the metal-air battery assembly to maintain a minimum battery voltage when the... Agent: Insound Medical, Inc.

20120230529 - Hearing aid apparatus: A bone conduction hearing aid includes an in-the-ear (ITE) component including a transducer that is carried by the ITE component and positioned in the concha of the ear when in use. A vibrationally conductive structural member of the ITE component conducts vibration produced the transducer into the ear canal and... Agent:

20120230530 - Passenger service unit, passenger service channel and means of transport: The invention relates in particular to a passenger service unit 1 for aircraft cabins. The passenger service unit 1 comprises a plurality of service functions implemented on the basis of functional electronic units. The functional electronic units are accommodated without cabling on a common circuit board 3.... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20120230531 - Headphones holder with indicia of stored value: The present invention is a headset holder coupled with indicia of stored value. The indicia of stored value may be printed or painted on, or otherwise permanently coupled to, the holder itself, or may be included in a stored value or gift card that is attached to the holder. The... Agent:

20120230532 - Apparatus for supporting an earphone: An apparatus and/or device for holding an earphone bud in or proximate to an ear is described. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes an ear bud support portion that supports and/or maintains an ear bud in a desired position, and an ear attachment portion that attaches the apparatus to the... Agent:

20120230533 - Apparatus and method for preventing tangling for wired earphones: An earphone wire cover with three separate arms resembling drinking straws joined together in a Y-configuration into which the ear phone speakers and plug are inserted and passed through. These covers enclose most of the wire from the electronic device to the earphones. The three sections are joined together with... Agent:

20120230534 - Manipulating spatial processing in an audio system: A vehicle audio system that includes a source of audio signals, which may include both entertainment audio signals and announcement audio signals, speakers for radiating audio signals, and spatial enhancement circuitry comprising circuitry to avoid applying spatial enhancement processing to the announcement audio signals.... Agent:

20120230535 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a jack electrically connecting an outer speaker, a power controller, an audio generator electrically connecting the jack and the power controller, and an inner speaker. The inner speaker includes a housing, a magnet, a vibrating element, and a first electromagnetic inducting coil. The magnet and the... Agent: Cotron Corporation

09/06/2012 > 43 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120224698 - Wireless audio frequency playing apparatus and wireless playing system using the same: The wireless audio frequency playing apparatus includes a digital broadcasting chip, an amplifier, and a speaker. Two-way communication is processed between the digital broadcasting chip and the wireless remote controller. A content of the digital radio broadcasting program includes audio, text, images, binary data or video. The wireless audio frequency... Agent: Keystone Semiconductor Corp.

20120224699 - Fm receiver noise reduction: Apparatus to reduce noise in a stereo FM broadcast received via an antenna, the apparatus comprising: a frequency translator configured to translate the received stereo FM broadcast to an intermediate carrier frequency, a demodulation unit configured to demodulate the translated FM signal so as to form left-plus-right and left-minus-right AM... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20120224701 - Acoustic apparatus, acoustic adjustment method and program: An acoustic apparatus which outputs test signals from a plurality of speakers configuring a multichannel reproduction system and adjusts acoustic characteristics by picking up response signals from the speakers using a microphone, includes a test signal storage unit storing test signals output from the speakers; a response signal storage unit... Agent:

20120224700 - Sound image control device and sound image control method: A sound-image control device includes a sound-image controller that processes a left sound signal and a right sound signal to localize a sound image at a predetermined position. The sound-image controller performs control for enhancing a sense of depth to a sound image originally included in an input sound signal.... Agent:

20120224702 - Parametric encoding and decoding: An encoder for a multi-channel audio signal which comprises a down-mixer (201, 203, 205) for generating a down-mix as a combination of at least a first and second channel signal weighted by respectively a first and second weight with different amplitudes for at least some time-frequency intervals. Furthermore, a circuit... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120224703 - Audio coding device, audio coding method, and computer-readable recording medium storing audio coding computer program: An audio coding device includes a time frequency transform unit that, with respect to each of a plurality of channels included in an audio signal, generates a time frequency signal indicating frequency components at each time by performing a time frequency transform on a signal of the channel; a transient... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120224704 - Method and apparatus for selecting right and left circuit configurations of hearing assistance devices: This disclosure relates to method and apparatus for selecting right and left configurations of hearing assistance device circuits, such as battery polarity. In various applications the present subject matter is applicable to a flexible circuit in hearing assistance devices, including but not limited to hearing aids. In one example, a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120224705 - Synchronization in a bilateral auditory prosthesis system: Aspect of the present invention are generally directed to synchronization between a first auditory prosthesis and a second auditory prosthesis of a bilateral auditory prosthesis system. In this system, a primary wireless communications channel, usable for synchronizing the first and second prostheses, may be disabled to, for example, conserve power.... Agent:

20120224707 - Method and apparatus for identifying mobile devices in similar sound environment: A method for identifying mobile devices in a similar sound environment is disclosed. Each of at least two mobile devices captures an input sound and extracts a sound signature from the input sound. Further, the mobile device extracts a sound feature from the input sound and determines a reliability value... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120224706 - System and method for recognizing environmental sound: A method for recognizing an environmental sound in a client device in cooperation with a server is disclosed. The client device includes a client database having a plurality of sound models of environmental sounds and a plurality of labels, each of which identifies at least one sound model. The client... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120224708 - Information processing apparatus, auxiliary device therefor, information processing system, control method therefor, and control program: Specifically disclosed is an auxiliary device connectable to an information processing apparatus. The information processing apparatus is provided with: means for suppressing noise in a noisy signal, generating the noise information, and suppressing the noise in the noisy signal by using the generated noise information; and noise information generation means... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120224710 - Headset electronics: A wireless headset device that includes an earbud assembly and a primary housing assembly, fixed to the earbud assembly, is provided. The earbud assembly can include an earbud flexible circuit board having mounted thereon a receiver and processing circuitry. The primary housing assembly can include a microphone and a primary... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120224709 - Voice activation system and method and communication system and method using the same: A communication system and a voice activation system and method for the communication system include a headset and a microphone. The voice activation system includes an adjustable first input voltage and a second input voltage. A controller compares the adjustable first input voltage and the second input voltage and generates... Agent: David Clark Company Incorporated

20120224711 - Method and apparatus for grouping client devices based on context similarity: A method for grouping a plurality of client devices is disclosed. The method includes receiving sound descriptors from the plurality of client devices. The sound descriptors are extracted from the environmental sound. Each of the sound descriptors is transmitted to a server, which determines a similarity of the sound descriptors... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120224712 - Receiving device, transmitting device, receiving method, transmitting method, and communication system: A receiving device includes a receiving unit receiving a transmission signal of audio data sampled by a first clock from a transmitting device, a received data processing unit selectively executing an asynchronous mode process for executing demodulation of the audio data with respect to the transmission signal received in the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120224713 - Wireless audio transmission system, particularly a wireless microphone system: There is provided a wireless audio transmission system, in particular a wireless microphone system, for wireless audio transmission. The system has at least one wireless microphone unit for detecting audio signals and for wirelessly transmitting the detected audio signals, and a central unit. The central unit has a wireless receiving... Agent:

20120224714 - Host mode for an audio conference phone: A system and method for receiving sound from a teleconference host at a teleconference phone is disclosed. The method comprises identifying a person to act as the teleconference host. A location of the identified teleconference host relative to the teleconference phone is determined. A plurality of microphones on the conference... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20120224715 - Noise adaptive beamforming for microphone arrays: The subject disclosure is directed towards a noise adaptive beamformer that dynamically selects between microphone array channels, based upon noise energy floor levels that are measured when no actual signal (e.g., no speech) is present. When speech (or a similar desired signal) is detected, the beamformer selects which microphone signal... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120224716 - Sound pickup device: A sound pickup device is provided that includes a first housing, a second housing, a first microphone, and a second microphone. The second housing is coupled to the first housing and is configured to change positions with respect to the first housing. The first microphone is mounted on the first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120224717 - Audio cable capable of increasing gain and filtering noise: An audio cable capable of increasing gain and filtering noise includes a signal amplifier arranged between an input end and an output end of the audio cable. The signal amplifier includes at least a primary coil and a secondary coil. The number of turns of the secondary coil is greater... Agent:

20120224718 - Signal processing method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium for storing a signal processing program: To sufficiently suppress an impact sound in a noisy signal. The impact sound in the noisy signal is suppressed. For this, the impact sound is detected in the noisy signal. It is characterized in that phase information of the detected impact sound is processed by using the phase information of... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120224719 - Vibration control: A device may include a speaker, a vibration device and logic. The speaker may be configured to output audio signals. The logic may be configured to perform audio spectrum analysis associated with the audio signals, and synchronize output of the vibration device with the audio signals output by the speaker... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20120224721 - Multiband audio dynamics processor: An audio system includes a level controller receiving an input audio signal from an audio medium. The level controller includes a gain adjust module producing an output audio signal based on the input audio signal. A filter arrangement is communicatively coupled to the level controller. The filter arrangement receives the... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20120224720 - Sound volume control device, sound volume control method, and sound volume control program: A sound volume control device includes a sound input section, a band dividing section, an excessive output notification section, a correction band decision section and a sound output control section. The sound input section converts input sound into a sound signal. The band dividing section carries out band-division with respect... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20120224722 - Method for driving a condenser microphone: A method for driving a condenser microphone is provided. The condenser microphone comprises a membrane and an electrode constituting a capacity. A polarization voltage is applied between the membrane and the electrode. According to the method, an electrical signal generated by the condenser microphone based on a received acoustic signal... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120224723 - Condenser microphone: A condenser microphone includes a condenser microphone unit and a piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric element is disposed so as to generate piezoelectric signals in response to vibration causing the unit to generate vibratory noise signals. The piezoelectric signals are inputted through a low-pass filter and a level adjuster circuit to... Agent:

20120224725 - Dual wireless/optical audio switch: A dual wireless/optical audio switch system comprised of a set of optical input ports for home gaming systems, television, video streaming devices, a user selection panel, a signal routing circuit, two radio frequency transceiver units, a touch controller unit, a USB power control unit, a wireless remote, a wireless USB... Agent:

20120224724 - Systems and methods for high pass filtering with smart saturation: An audio processing system that includes an audio filter having one or more elements capable of having state, such as a capacitor, an inductor or a delay. A saturation detector is configured to detect saturation of the audio filter and to generate an output when saturation of the filter is... Agent:

20120224726 - Mems-microphone: A MEMS microphone having an improved noise performance due to reduced DC leakage current is provided. For that, a minimum distance between a signal line of the MEMS microphone and other conducting structures is maintained. Further, a DC guard structure fencing at least a section of the signal line is... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120224727 - Ribbon transducer provided with dyanmic tensioning system: A ribbon transducer comprising a ribbon made of conductive material, two rigid supports where the ends of the ribbon are fixed, and a tensioning and damping system provided at least at one end of the conductive ribbon to tension the ribbon and damp its movements. The tensioning and damping system... Agent: Ask Industries Societa' Per Azioni

20120224728 - Speaker assembly incorporating woofer and tweeter: An exemplary speaker assembly includes a woofer, a tweeter, and a bracket supporting the tweeter within the woofer. The woofer includes a magnetic circuit unit defining a magnetic gap, a frame attached on the magnetic circuit unit, a diaphragm attached to the frame, and a voice coil attached to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120224729 - Directional electroacoustical transducing: A multichannel audio system for radiating sound to a listening area that includes a plurality of listening spaces. The audio system includes directional audio devices, positioned in a first of the listening spaces, close to a head of a listener, for radiating first sound waves corresponding to components of one... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120224730 - Headphones with touch input unit, and mobile device allowing for the connection to the headphones: A headphones apparatus with a touch input unit, and a mobile device for connecting to the headphones are provided. The apparatus includes a microphone for receiving audio signals, a left loudspeaker for outputting a left audio signal, a right loudspeaker for outputting a right audio signal, a touch input unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120224731 - Systems and methods employing multiple individual wireless earbuds for a common audio source: Multiple individual wireless earbuds provide audio from a common audio source. A user may thereby enjoy audio in both ears while also benefiting from an entirely wireless configuration. The individual wireless earbuds may each receive the audio signal from the common audio source and then produce audio accordingly. Each earbud... Agent:

20120224732 - Hearing assistance sytem and method: A system for providing hearing assistance to at least one user, having: at least one audio signal source (16, 20) for providing audio signals; a transmission unit (10) for wireless transmission of audio signals; at least one receiver unit (12, 14) for wireless reception of audio signals from the transmission... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120224733 - Fitting of sound processors using improved sounds: In one embodiment, a method for customising a sound processing device for an individual listener including presentation of one or more sounds to the listener directly from the sound processing device, each sound comprising a collection of two or more harmonically related tones, spectrally positioned about a frequency of interest,... Agent:

20120224734 - Hearing aid and method of fabricating the same: A casing device for a hearing aid is disclosed. The casing device comprises an elongated extension fabricated by solid freeform fabrication and being adapted to fit within the auditory canal of a wearer. The casing device has at least two regions each being characterized by a different hardness. The casing... Agent: Objet Ltd.

20120224735 - System and method for reducing baffle vibration: Adjustments to an electro-acoustic transducer may be made to match the performance of a second electro-acoustic transducer such that a net inertial force generated by movement of the electro-acoustic transducers' diaphragms are substantially zero. Adjustments may include adjusting a moving mass of one of the elector-acoustic transducers. Adjustments may include... Agent:

20120224736 - Unidirectional dynamic microphone: A unidirectional dynamic microphone includes a grip housing, a microphone unit supported at a first end of the grip housing, a plug assembly attached to a second end of the grip housing and connected to the microphone unit through a lead line, and an air room serving as a part... Agent:

20120224737 - Cartridge for managing ear bud cables: A cartridge for managing ear bud cables includes a housing, a hub, a spool and an ear bud cable. The housing has an input jack that is electronically connectable to an audio-source. The hub is fixed in the housing defines a stationary contact surface electrically connected with the input jack.... Agent:

20120224739 - Cartridge for managing ear bud cables having annular audio contacts: A cartridge usable with a portable electronic device for managing an ear bud cable comprises a housing having a hub, a spool and stationary audio contacts fixed with respect to a hub axis. The stationary audio contacts are annular in shape and insulated from each other and from the housing.... Agent: Headlogic LLC

20120224738 - Cartridge for managing ear buds: A cartridge for managing ear bud cables includes a housing, a hub, a spool with a moveable audio contact and an ear bud cable. The housing has an input jack that is electronically connectable to an audio-source. The hub defines a stationary contact surface electrically connected with the input jack.... Agent: Headlogic LLC

20120224740 - Speaker with magnetic field enhancing washer and disk: An exemplary speaker includes a yoke having a bottom wall and a sidewall extending upwardly from a periphery of the bottom wall. The speaker further includes a supporting post, a first magnet, a disk and a second magnet sequentially stacked on the bottom wall, and a washer attached on the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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