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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120219156 - Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure: Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure are disclosed. An example implementation includes transmitting a start signal from a mailable meter to at least one mailable meter to at least one wearable meter; receiving a first audio at the mailable meter upon transmission of the start signal; receiving a second... Agent:

20120219157 - Monitoring apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a monitoring apparatus includes an acquisition unit, an analysis unit, a calculation unit, a storage, a determination unit. The acquisition unit acquires an environmental sound. The analysis unit performs frequency analysis to extract characteristic frequency components. The calculation unit calculates first values of metrics. The storage... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120219158 - Method for checking audio interface in av system and apparatus using the same: A method for checking availability of audio interface between a display apparatus and an AV apparatus in an AV system, and an AV apparatus using the same are provided. The checking includes transmitting a command to check an audio interface to a second AV apparatus where an audio from a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120219159 - Revision control within hearing-aid fitting software: A method for revision control within hearing-aid fitting software may nclude storing session fitting data for a plurality of fitting sessions of a hearing assistance device; displaying a graphical user interface, the graphical user interface including a list of the plurality of fitting sessions of the hearing assistance device, the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120219160 - Variable noise masking during periods of substantial silence: Methods and systems for masking audio noise are disclosed. One apparatus includes a silence detector configured to detect a period of substantial silence in an audio signal; a masking noise source operably coupled to the silence detector, the masking noise source configured to generate a noise signal in response to... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120219161 - Playback apparatus, audio data correction apparatus and playback method: According to one embodiment, a playback apparatus includes a generator, a corrector, and an audio signal output module. The generator is configured to generate correction data used for correcting a frequency characteristic of sound output from a headphone based on first data and second data, the first data indicating the... Agent:

20120219162 - Apparatus and method for reproducing sound, and method for canceling a feedback signal: Provided are a method and apparatus for reproducing sound. A sound signal may be generated by receiving sound around the apparatus. An output signal may be generated by performing a process according to functions of the apparatus on a residual signal obtained by canceling a feedback signal from the sound... Agent:

20120219163 - Apparatus facilitating effective communication in noise-prone environments: Methods and arrangements for providing soundproof audio communication from a mask assembly. A mask assembly includes a soundproof mask, the soundproof mask being adapted to cover a human nose and mouth. A microphone disposed in a portion of the mask and a venting arrangement provides fluid communication from an interior... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120219164 - Producing sounds in a virtual world and related sound card: Disclosed are a method and apparatus for producing sounds in a virtual world, as well as a sound card. The method comprises the steps of determining a spring mass model of an object in the virtual world based on a 3D model of the object; analyzing force components produced on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120219165 - Headphone apparatus and sound reproduction method for the same: A headphone apparatus includes sound reproduction units which respectively reproduce sound signals and are arranged so as to be separated from ear auricles of a headphone user, wherein each of the sound reproduction unit is configured by a speaker array including a plurality of speakers.... Agent:

20120219166 - Mri safe actuator for implantable floating mass transducer: A floating mass transducer for a hearing implant includes a cylindrical transducer housing that is attachable to a middle ear hearing structure and that has an outer surface with one or more electric drive coils thereon. A cylindrical transducer magnet arrangement is positioned within an interior volume of the transducer... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20120219167 - Omniphobic perforated barrier for hearing aid transducers: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for mitigating foreign material buildup for hearing assistance device components. The present subject matter includes a hearing assistance device transducer barrier device configured to resist accumulation and passage of foreign materials, the barrier device comprising a plug adapted to fit within... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120219168 - Universal flexible in-the-ear hearing aid: The present patent application discloses a universal flexible in-the-ear hearing aid, comprising a front portion of the hearing aid, a middle portion of the hearing aid and a rear portion of the hearing aid, the front portion of the hearing aid including a speaker, the rear portion of the hearing... Agent:

20120219169 - Method and apparatus for adjusting sound quality: An electronic apparatus and a method for providing a sound system of the electronic apparatus are provided herein. The electronic apparatus has a housing, a speaker and a bracket. The housing has a space and a channel, which is coupled to the space. The speaker is placed in the space.... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120219170 - Speaker assembly: A speaker assembly includes a speaker housing having a substantially closed speaker chamber, the speaker housing including a first wall with a dimple assembly defining a heat sink formed therein. A first driver is mounted and enclosed in the speaker chamber, the first driver including a cone coupled to a... Agent:

20120219171 - Loudspeaker assembly and system: A loudspeaker assembly is disclosed for use in a loudspeaker system having infinite baffle topology. The assembly comprises a driver including a cone and a basket and at least one Helmholtz resonator including a chamber and a vent duct communicating with the chamber and adapted to pass through the infinite... Agent: Blueprint Acoustics Pty Ltd

20120219172 - Shape-adaptable surface for an audio port: A method and apparatus for providing a shape-adaptable surface for an audio port of a device includes an audio port, a shape-adaptable surface having a plurality of portions, a plurality of sensors coupled to the shape-adaptable surface, wherein the plurality of sensors are operative to sense a plurality of distances... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120219173 - Speaker retaining mechanism and television receiver comprising same: A speaker retaining mechanism for retaining a speaker at a predetermined position of a cabinet is disclosed. This speaker retaining mechanism includes: a retaining member that is fixed to the cabinet and that has a hollow space surrounded by an inner wall; and a vibration damping member attached to both... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

08/23/2012 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120213375 - Audio spatialization and environment simulation: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for processing an audio sound source to create four-dimensional spatialized sound. A virtual sound source may be moved along a path in three-dimensional space over a specified time period to achieve four-dimensional sound localization. The various embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for converting... Agent: Genaudio, Inc.

20120213379 - Apparatus for encoding/decoding multichannel signal and method thereof: Provided is an encoding/decoding apparatus and method of multi-channel signals. The encoding apparatus and method of multi-channel signals may encode phase information of the multi-channel signals using a quantization scheme and a lossless encoding scheme, and the decoding apparatus and method of multi-channel signals may decode the phase information using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120213376 - Audio decoder, audio object encoder, method for decoding a multi-audio-object signal, multi-audio-object encoding method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium therefor: An audio decoder for decoding a multi-audio-object signal having an audio signal of a first type and an audio signal of a second type encoded therein is described, the multi-audio-object signal having a downmix signal and side information, the side information having level information of the audio signals of the... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewanten Forschung E.v

20120213377 - Efficient and scalable parametric stereo coding for low bitrate audio coding applications: The present invention provides improvements to prior art audio codecs that generate a stereo-illusion through post-processing of a received mono signal. These improvements are accomplished by extraction of stereo-image describing parameters at the encoder side, which are transmitted and subsequently used for control of a stereo generator at the decoder... Agent:

20120213378 - Spectral translation/folding in the subband domain: The present invention relates to a new method and apparatus for improvement of High Frequency Reconstruction (HFR) techniques using frequency translation or folding or a combination thereof. The proposed invention is applicable to audio source coding systems. This is accomplished by means of frequency translation in the frequency domain with... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120213380 - Method and device for cancelling acoustic echo by audio watermarking: A method of cancelling acoustic echo in a first signal comprising an echo signal of a second signal, comprising: inserting, in an inaudible manner, into the second signal a pseudo-random sequence whose circular autocorrelation comprises a unit impulse and a continuous component; characterizing, in the first signal, by means of... Agent: Universite Paris Descartes

20120213381 - System with wireless earphones: A system comprising a wireless network adapter and a pair of earphone. The wireless network adapter is external to a digital audio player and configured to connect to the digital audio player via an audio jack of the digital audio player. The wireless network adapter is for encoding analog audio... Agent: Koss Corporation

20120213382 - Loudspeaker amplifier integration system: A loudspeaker assembly linked to a amplifier includes a loudspeaker assembly having a housing having a top wall, a bottom wall, and four side walls in which a high frequency driver and a midrange driver are mounted. The loudspeaker assembly further includes a transceiver and associated microprocessor. The amplifier is... Agent:

20120213383 - Automatic resource retrieval and use: At a commercial location, broadcasting a content acquisition cue via an audio signal. The audio signal has a frequency that renders the signal inaudible to a human; corresponds to the commercial location; and bears information that causes the device to obtain content relevant to the commercial location.... Agent:

20120213384 - Vehicle-mounted audio device and automobile: The present invention provides a vehicle-mounted audio device including a casing, a tuner, an audio output unit, a housing chamber, an opening of the housing chamber, a housing, a lock mechanism, and a casing connector. The tuner is disposed in the casing. The audio output unit is for amplifying and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120213385 - Enhancing perceptual performance of sbr and related hfr coding methods by adaptive noise-floor addition and noise substitution limiting: The present proposes new methods and an apparatus for enhancement of source coding systems utilising high frequency reconstruction (HFR). It addresses the problem of insufficient noise contents in a reconstructed highband, by Adaptive Noise-floor Addition. It also introduces new methods for enhanced performance by means of limiting unwanted noise, interpolation... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120213386 - Audio crossover system and method: An audio crossover system and method is disclosed. An audio system includes two driver circuits, one for each of two audio frequency ranges, e.g., high and low frequency ranges. The driver circuits are designed to provide a combined frequency response curve that has a pronounced midrange attenuation dip, in contrast... Agent:

20120213387 - Acoustic horn gain managing: A horn loudspeaker with gain shading. The horn loudspeaker includes an acoustic horn. The acoustic horn includes side walls, for determining the horizontal dispersion angle of the acoustic horn, top and bottom walls, for determining the vertical dispersion angle of the acoustic horn, and a plurality of acoustic drivers coupled... Agent:

20120213388 - Unidirectional mechanical amplification in a microphone: A unidirectional active microphone that includes a diaphragm, coil, and piezoelectric component. An electrical circuit provides amplification to the coil. The piezoelectric component produces unidirectional coupling between coil and diaphragm. The microphone is unidirectional in that the amplification is provided solely to the coil and is not transferred to the... Agent: Rockefeller University

20120213389 - Audio mixing device, method thereof, and electronic device: An audio mixing device includes: an adder that adds a plurality of PDM signals each converted from a plurality of digital audio signals; a D/A converter that performs D/A conversion on a digital audio signal outputted from the adder and outputs an analog audio signal; and a synchronization device that... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120213390 - Condenser microphone: To provide a condenser microphone having a removable head unit on the microphone body, wherein the head unit can be attached and detached to and from the microphone body through one connection at a low impedance. A second pin 22h and a third pin 22c of a microphone body 20,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120213391 - Audio reproduction apparatus and audio reproduction method: An audio reproduction apparatus is provided which is capable of maintaining the sense of dimensions in an acoustic space even when multi-channel input audio signals are reproduced using speakers having different frequency characteristics. The audio reproduction apparatus includes: a sound source position parameter calculating unit (3) that calculates a localization... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120213392 - System for automatic reception enhancement of hearing assistance devices: Method and apparatus for automatic reception enhancement of hearing assistance devices. The present subject matter relates to methods and apparatus for automatic reception enhancement in hearing assistance devices. It provides a power estimation scheme that is reliable against both steady and transient input. It provides a TSM estimation scheme that... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120213393 - Providing notification sounds in a customizable manner: Broadly speaking, the embodiments disclosed herein describe an apparatus, system, and method that allow a user to perceive notifications (audible or otherwise) corresponding to an external event in any manner deemed appropriate.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120213394 - Wireless data transmission with predictive transmission adjustment: The present disclosure provides a method wherein preceding and succeeding data elements of a data element to be sent next are analyzed in order to set a signal pattern which can be correctly recovered on the receiving side in spite of intersymbol interference. More particularly, depending on the transmission characteristics... Agent:

20120213395 - Method and device for estimating interference noise, hearing device and hearing aid: In order to enable better estimation of dynamic interference noise, a device and a method for estimating interference noise provide a value for the power density of a total signal, containing a wanted signal and the interference noise to be estimated, in a current time window. The value of the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120213396 - One-size-fits-most hearing aid: A hearing-aid device comprising a housing and circuitry module, wherein the circuitry module comprises a battery, a microphone, and a receiver, and the circuit module is inserted in the hearing aid housing. The hearing aid device further comprises a retractable battery sleeve, wherein a battery slot is exposed when the... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20120213397 - Portable speaker apparatus: A portable speaker apparatus includes a casing defining an interior area. A processor and memory are situated in the casing, the memory having program instructions, prerecorded sound data records, and auxiliary sound data records. A sound data input is connected to the processor and memory for transferring auxiliary sound data... Agent:

20120213398 - Speaker, and electronic apparatus and cellular phone using the speaker: p

20120213399 - Vehicle microphone assembly in trim panel: A vehicle trim and microphone assembly includes a headliner having a substrate, a foam layer, and a surface cover covering the substrate and foam layer. The substrate has a hole that is covered by the surface cover. A bracket is secured to the substrate and a microphone installed in the... Agent:

20120213400 - Acoustic sensor and microphone: Provided is an acoustic sensor capable of improving an S/N ratio of a sensor without preventing reduction in size of the sensor. A back chamber 45 is vertically opened in a silicon substrate 42. A thin film-like diaphragm 43 to serve as a movable electrode plate is formed on the... Agent: Omron Corporation

08/16/2012 > 33 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120207307 - Audio signal of an fm stereo radio receiver by using parametric stereo: The invention relates to an apparatus for improving a stereo audio signal of an FM stereo radio receiver. The apparatus comprises a parametric stereo (PS) parameter estimation stage. The parameter estimation stage is configured to determine one or more parametric stereo parameters based on the stereo audio signal in a... Agent:

20120207308 - Interactive sound playback device: An interactive sound playback device includes two speakers, two microphones, a motion sensor, and an audio processing unit. The speakers and the microphones are disposed at two sides of the interactive sound playback device respectively. The audio processing unit is electrically connected to the speakers, the microphones, and the motion... Agent:

20120207310 - Multi-way analysis for audio processing: It is disclosed to determine, for a direction being at least associated with a value of a first direction component and with a value of a second direction component, at least one weighting factor for each basis function of a set of basis functions, each of the basis functions being... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120207309 - Panning presets: For media clips having audio content, a novel method for applying panning behaviors to the audio content is presented. The method receives a selection of a media clip having audio content and a selection of a panning preset for modifying a set of audio parameters of the audio content to... Agent:

20120207311 - Optimized low-bit rate parametric coding/decoding: A parametric coding method and apparatus are provided for coding a multichannel digital audio signal. The method includes a coding step for coding a signal from a channel reduction matrixing of the multichannel signal. The coding method also includes: obtaining, for each frame of predetermined length, spatial information parameters of... Agent: France Telecom

20120207313 - Coding of multi-channel signals: A system comprises: first and second base stations; and a plurality of relay nodes, each of said relay nodes connected to the first base station, each of said relay nodes being connected to at least one other relay node, whereby at least one relay node is configured to at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120207312 - Preserving matrix surround information in encoded audio/video system and method: A method and apparatus for preserving matrix-surround information in encoded audio/video includes a receiver operative to receive matrix-surround encoded audio signals via a modem, separate the audio signals into a frequency spectrum having discrete audio frequencies, and determine a cutoff threshold used to encode the matrix-surround encoded audio signals. The... Agent:

20120207314 - Control of a loudspeaker output: A loudspeaker drive circuit comprises an input for receiving an audio signal and a signal processor for processing the audio signal before application to the loudspeaker. The signal processor processes the audio signal to derive a loudspeaker drive signal which results in the loudspeaker membrane reaching its maximum displacement in... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120207315 - Audio processing apparatus and method of controlling the audio processing apparatus: An audio processing apparatus includes first and second audio pickup units. The second audio pickup unit includes an audio resistor provided to cover a sound receiving portion to suppress external wind introduction while passing an external audio. A first filter attenuates a signal having a frequency lower than a first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120207316 - Operation of a noise cancellation device: A method for improving the performance of a noise cancellation device, the method includes determining whether one or more noise making objects (NMO) are near an audible range of the noise cancellation device and receiving a signal from the one or more NMOs indicative of a kind of noise the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120207317 - Ear-coupling detection and adjustment of adaptive response in noise-canceling in personal audio devices: A personal audio device, such as a wireless telephone, includes an adaptive noise canceling (ANC) circuit that adaptively generates an anti-noise signal from a reference microphone signal and injects the anti-noise signal into the speaker or other transducer output to cause cancellation of ambient audio sounds. An error microphone is... Agent:

20120207318 - Sound signal output apparatus, speaker apparatus, and sound signal output method: A sound signal output apparatus includes: a wearing state determination unit which determines whether or not a connected speaker apparatus is fitted to an ear of a user; a volume adjustment unit which adjusts volume of a sound signal to be supplied to the speaker apparatus; and an accumulative computation... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120207320 - earphone with toggle mechanism: An earphone comprising a moving part, adapted to close an auditory port thereby toggling the earphone from an open mode allowing environmental sounds to reach an ear of the user to a closed mode blocking the ear of the user. The closing is accomplished while the earphone is in operation.... Agent:

20120207319 - Sound signal output apparatus and sound signal output method: A sound signal output apparatus includes: a wearing state determination unit which analyzes an electric output of a connected speaker apparatus and determines whether the speaker apparatus is in a wearing state or in a non-wearing state in a user's ear; a sound signal output processing unit which outputs a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120207321 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a static part, a driving part and a vibrating body. The vibrating body includes a plurality of diaphragms supported by the static part. A vibration direction converter part is provided between a first diaphragm and a second diaphragm facing each other in a plurality of the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120207323 - Method and apparatus for sound source localization using microphones: A method and apparatus for sound source localization using microphones are disclosed. The method includes: receiving signals coming from a sound source through microphones covering all directions; distinguishing the received signals into those signals directly input to the microphones from the sound source (direct signals) and those signals indirectly input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120207322 - Microphone array with rear venting: Microphone arrays (MAs) are described that position and vent microphones so that performance of a noise suppression system coupled to the microphone array is enhanced. The MA includes at least two physical microphones to receive acoustic signals. The physical microphones make use of a common rear vent (actual or virtual)... Agent: Aliphcom

20120207324 - Multiple microphone system: A microphone system has a primary microphone for producing a primary signal, a secondary microphone for producing a secondary signal, and a selector operatively coupled with both the primary microphone and the secondary microphone. The system also has an output for delivering an output audible signal principally produced by one... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120207325 - Multi-channel wind noise suppression system and method: A system and method for suppressing noise in one or more of at least first and second channels include obtaining a magnitude difference of signals in the first and second channels, obtaining a magnitude sum of signals in the first and second channels, obtaining a ratio of the magnitude difference... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120207326 - Signal processing method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium for storing a signal processing program: Provided is a noise suppressing technology capable of suppressing various noises including unknown noises without storing information relating to a large number of noises in advance. Noises in a degraded signal are suppressed and noise information is generated on the basis of a noise suppression result. The noises in the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20120207327 - Processing audio signals: According to an embodiment, a method of reducing noise in a signal received at a processing stage of an acoustic system includes, at the processing stage identifying at least one frequency which causes a system gain of the acoustic system to be above an average system gain of the acoustic... Agent:

20120207328 - Dynamic bass equalization with modified sallen-key high pass filter: A dynamic bass equalization circuit has an amplitude dependent gain that is dependent upon the audio electrical signal amplitude and a dynamically adjusted frequency response that varies with the amplitude dependent gain. In one implementation, the dynamic bass equalization circuit includes a Sallen-Key high pass filter that includes an amplifier... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20120207329 - Audio device volume manager using measured volume perceived at a first audio device to control volume generation by a second audio device: An audio volume control method employs an audio system that includes a first audio device and a second audio device. A communications link connects the first and second audio devices together so that each may communicate with the other. The audio system includes an audio volume manager that varies the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120207330 - Audio signal amplifying circuit: The present disclosure provides an audio signal amplifying circuit for an electronic device including a processing chip and a speaker. The audio signal amplifying circuit includes an amplifying circuit and an inverting circuit connected to the processing chip to get a first control signal and invert the first control signal... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120207331 - Preamplifier circuit and microphone having the same: A preamplifier has first and second PMOS transistors each functioning as a source follower. Furthermore, the preamplifier circuit has third and fourth PMOS transistors functioning in pairs as a differential amplifier. A gate of the first transistor and a gate of the fourth transistor are coupled together through a second... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120207332 - Housed loudspeaker array: A housed loudspeaker array includes a first substrate having a plurality of loudspeaker elements formed therein, a second substrate fixed at a first surface of the first substrate in a flip-chip manner and comprising a plurality of orifices that are aligned with the loudspeaker elements of the plurality of loudspeaker... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120207333 - Sound box: A sound box includes a tweeter, a mid-range speaker, a woofer, an infrared receiver, a LED displayer and an integral module. The infrared receiver receives a control signal. The LED displayer is connected to the infrared receiver. The integral module includes a processor, an audio input port, a stereo audio... Agent:

20120207334 - Microphone having multiple transducer elements: A microphone is provided. The microphone has a housing; an acoustic port located in the housing; a substrate coupled with the housing; an integrated circuit positioned onto the substrate; and two or more MEMS transducers mounted on the substrate wherein the transducers are connected in parallel.... Agent:

20120207336 - Microphone cap and microphone: A cap body 3 is provided for covering a housing of a microphone body 2. The cap body 3 has an insertion hole 32 into which the housing is inserted, sound collecting holes 31a and 31b through which the exterior of the cap body 3 is in communication with the... Agent:

20120207335 - Ported mems microphone: A microphone has first and second supports, a MEMS cartridge attached to the first support, at least part of the MEMS cartridge facing an opening in the first support, adhesive attaching the MEMS cartridge to the first support, an AMP/AD device attached to one of the supports, and a first... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120207337 - Vented in-the-ear headphone: A vented tip for in-the-ear headphones has a core portion to be mounted to a sound output tube of an in-the-ear earphone and a flange portion extending outward from and surrounding the core portion. The vented tip has a) an outer portion formed in the flange portion that is to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120207339 - Multiple magnetic air gap motor: A low frequency transducer arrangement includes a substantially cylindrical structure surrounding a pole piece. The pole piece and the substantially cylindrical structure define a substantially cylindrical air gap therebetween. Two opposite ends of the air gap are both open and separated from each other in an axial direction. A first... Agent: Bosch Security Systems Inc.

20120207338 - Vortex cooling of voice coils: A low frequency transducer arrangement includes at least one substantially annular magnet. A voice coil is disposed within and concentric with the magnet. A pole is disposed within and concentric with the voice coil. An air gap is defined between the magnet and the pole. The pole includes a bottom... Agent: Bosch Security Systems Inc.

08/09/2012 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120201385 - Graphical audio signal control: Signal processing section of a terminal converts acquired audio signals of a plurality of channels into frequency spectra set, calculates sound image positions corresponding to individual frequency components, and displays, on a display screen, the calculated sound image positions results by use of a coordinate system having coordinate axes of... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120201386 - Automatic generation of metadata for audio dominance effects: Metadata comprising a set of gain values for creating a dominance effect is automatically generated. Automatically generating the metadata includes receiving multiple audio streams and a dominance criterion for at least one of the audio streams. A set of gains is computed for one or more audio streams based on... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120201387 - Fm radio receiving apparatus: An FM radio receiving apparatus includes a stereo decoder unit 301 for separating a stereo signal of a received FM stereo broadcasting wave into voice signals of individual channels, a binarization processing unit 302 for binarizing the individual voice signals of the channels separated by the stereo decoder unit, and... Agent:

20120201388 - Apparatus and method for restoring multi-channel audio signal using he-aac decoder and mpeg surround decoder: Provided is a method for controlling synchronizing downmix signals and MPEG surround side information signals by controlling a delay according to the kind of downmix audio signals in an MPEG surround decoder. When multi-channel audio signals are restored using an HE-AAC decoder and a low-power MPEG surround decoder and complex... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120201389 - Processing of sound data encoded in a sub-band domain: Processing of sound data encoded in a sub-band domain, for dual-channel playback of binaural or transaural® type is provided, in which a matrix filtering is applied so as to pass from a sound representation with N channels with N>0, to a dual-channel representation. This sound representation with N channels comprises... Agent: France Telecom

20120201390 - Device and method for audible transient noise detection: The present invention relates to a device and a corresponding method for audible transient noise detection in an audio signal. To avoid the detection of false positives or at least reduce the number of detected false positives a device is proposed comprising a detector configured to detect a set of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120201391 - Device for localizing acoustic sources and/or measuring their intensities: Device for localizing acoustic sources and/or measuring their intensities, intended in particular to be used in confined spaces, the device including at least one acoustic antenna having a first series of microphones delimiting a first volume, and a second series of microphones delimiting a volume containing at least substantially the... Agent: Microdb

20120201392 - System for monitoring audible tones in a multiple planar chassis: Aspects for monitoring audible tones indicative of operational status of each planar in a multiple planar chassis are described. Included in the aspects is the monitoring of a speaker channel of each planar of a plurality of planars in a common chassis for state changes of beep tones. An operational... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120201393 - System and method for adjusting audio input and output settings: Compensating for varying degrees of ambient noise in a mobile device. One possible noise compensation application has a plurality of selectable settings associated with a range of speeds of motion. This noise compensation application, when executed by the processor, configures the control circuit to: receive an input from the detector,... Agent: Cardo Systems, Inc.

20120201394 - Audio device volume manager using measured distance between first and second audio devices to control volume generation by the second audio device: An audio volume control method employs an audio system that includes a first audio device and a second audio device. A communications link connects the first and second audio devices together so that each may communicate with the other. The system includes an audio volume manager that varies the audio... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120201395 - Method and system for controlling a maximum signal level output to headphones coupled to a wireless device: A method for controlling a maximum signal level output to headphones of a wireless device is provided. The method includes: determining an impedance of the headphones; determining a carrier specific maximum signal level for headphones having the impedance; and, adjusting an audio amplifier of the wireless device coupled to the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120201396 - Audio signal component compensation system: A system and method for compensating audio signal components is disclosed. The method includes detecting, by a microphone, a sound signal. The sound signal comprises audio signal components resulting from reproducing an audio signal of an audio source and speech signal components corresponding to a speech signal from a person.... Agent: Nuance Communications, Inc.

20120201397 - Active noise reduction adaptive filter leakage adjusting: An active noise reduction system using adaptive filters. A method of operation the active noise reduction system includes smoothing a stream of leakage factors. The frequency of a noise reduction signal may be related to the engine speed of an engine associated with the system within which the active noise... Agent:

20120201398 - Ethernet isolator for microphonics security and method thereof: A system and method for providing microphonic isolation on a transmission line. The transmission line has a first part and a second part. The first part of transmission line carries a data signal and a microphonic signal. The microphonic signal has frequencies that include those in a range of substantially... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120201399 - Sound signal processing apparatus, sound signal processing method, and program: A sound signal processing apparatus includes a frequency analysis unit which executes frequency analysis of an input sound signal; a low-frequency envelope calculating unit which calculates low-frequency envelope information as envelope information of a low-frequency band based on a result of the frequency analysis; a high-frequency envelope information estimating unit... Agent:

20120201400 - Audio mixing console: An audio mixing console comprises a first amplifier, an analogue to digital converter, a second amplifier and a gain range control unit. The first amplifier may receive an analogue audio input signal and amplify the received audio input signal with a first adjustable gain. The analogue to digital converter may... Agent: Harman International Industries Ltd.

20120201401 - Method and apparatus for reducing current consumption of mobile terminal: A method and an apparatus for reducing current consumption in a mobile terminal are provided. The mobile terminal includes a power supply unit for outputting a paging power signal that repeats power on and off states and a microphone bias according to a paging period previously set by a network,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120201402 - Control device, sound switching method of control device, and program: A control device may include a control unit to switch an output information to a predetermined output information, when a transition of contents of a controlled device is detected.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120201403 - Omnidirectional speaker: An omnidirectional speaker comprises a high frequency driver which generates sound over a high frequency range and has a first diameter, and a high frequency waveguide having a second diameter which is larger than the first diameter. A first midrange driver has a third diameter and a second midrange driver... Agent: Dream Infotainment Resources Pte Ltd

20120201404 - Image information processing apparatus and control method therefor: In a normal mode, an image information processing apparatus controls volume of each channel for audio corresponding to audio data associated with a currently displayed audio-accompanying image, according to a position represented by coordinate data associated with the audio-accompanying image. On the other hand, in a search mode in which... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120201405 - Virtual surround for headphones and earbuds headphone externalization system: A combination of techniques for modifying sound provided to headphones to simulate a surround-sound speaker environment with listener adjustments. In one embodiment, Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) are grouped into multiple groups, with four types of HRTF filters or other perceptual models being used and selectable by a user. Alternately,... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20120201406 - Earphone: an earphone has a driver unit that generates a sound according to an electrical signal inputted therein, a first sound channel from which the sound generated in the driver unit is outputted, and a second sound channel through which a sound generated in the driver unit is transmitted by way... Agent:

20120201407 - Hearing system with analogue control element: A hearing system is described comprising a hearing device with a signal processing unit and at least one analogue control element (5) with a selector (6) with a delimited selecting range for selecting at least one particular setting of the hearing system. Each setting controls one or multiple parameters of... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120201408 - Insertion device for deep-in-the-canal hearing devices: Apparatus and methods for inserting a deep-in-the-ear-canal (DIC) hearing aid into the ear canal, activating the inserted DIC hearing aid, and removing the DIC hearing aid. Exemplary apparatus may include a base a platform configured to fit into the conchal cavity of an ear, a chimney configured to fit into... Agent:

20120201409 - Hidden microphones for a mobile computing device: A mobile computing device is disclosed. The mobile computing device comprises a first housing segment and a second housing segment that are slideably coupled to each other so that the mobile computing device can be in an extended position or a contracted position. The second housing segment includes a section... Agent:

20120201410 - Microphone unit, close-talking voice input device, information processing system, and method of manufacturing microphone unit: A microphone unit includes: a housing which has an inner space; a partition member which is provided in the housing and divides the inner space into a first space and a second space, the partition member being at least partially formed of a diaphragm; and an electrical signal output circuit... Agent: Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute Inc.

20120201411 - Audio pick-up device of a condenser microphone: An audio pick-up device of a condenser microphone includes a base, a resilient anti-shock mount disposed fixedly on the base, and an audio pick-up unit disposed securely on the anti-shock mount for sensing and processing sound waves to output corresponding electric signals. The audio pick-up device further includes a circuit... Agent:

20120201412 - Garment with integrated earphones: The invention is a garment with an integrated earphone, headset, and wire. The wire allows an audio signal to travel from an electronic device at one end of the wire to the earphone or earphones, and/or a microphone at the other end of the wire. The wire, or wires, is... Agent:

20120201413 - Module for containing an earpiece for an audio device: A module for containing an earpiece for an audio device, the earpiece having at least one protruding electrical contact. The module comprises a first portion and a second portion, the first portion and the second portion being opposable and forming a cavity sized to accommodate an earpiece. The module further... Agent:

20120201414 - Slim-type portable device: A slim portable device is provided in which a main body includes a main Printed Circuit Board (PCB), an information Input/Output (I/O) device disposed on the main PCB in parallel relation with the main PCB, an antenna disposed along a partial frontal periphery of the information I/O device, and at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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20120195433 - Detection of audio channel configuration: For an audio file that includes multiple channels of audio data, a novel device for detecting the configuration of the audio channels in the multi-channel audio file is presented. The device performs one or more algorithms to determine whether two or more channels are related. Such algorithms are used to... Agent:

20120195434 - Device and method for generating an ambience signal: A transient detector is provided for generating an ambience signal suitable for being emitted via loudspeakers for which there is no special loudspeaker signal to detect a transient period. A synthesis signal generator produces a synthesis signal which fulfils the transient condition on the one hand and the continuity condition... Agent:

20120195435 - Method, apparatus and computer program for processing multi-channel signals: The invention relates to a method and an apparatus in which samples of at least a part of an audio signal of a first channel and a part of an audio signal of a second channel are used to produce a sparse representation of the audio signals to increase the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120195436 - Sound source position estimation apparatus, sound source position estimation method, and sound source position estimation program: A sound source position estimation apparatus includes a signal input unit that receives sound signals of a plurality of channels; a time difference calculating unit that calculates a time difference between the sound signals of the channels, a state predicting unit that predicts present sound source state information from previous... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120195437 - Stand-alone microphone test housing for a hearing device: A stand-alone microphone test housing includes a housing adapted to receive a hearing device and a sound source, wherein the housing includes a sound channel to operatively direct sound from the sound source to at least one microphone such that the sound passes directly from the sound source to the... Agent:

20120195438 - Echo suppression for wireless handsets and headsets: The enhancements provided herein are designed to allow an acoustic echo suppressor algorithm to operate with significant echo path delay between an audio block Rin and audio block Sin. In one illustration, a single reference sample or envelope value can be taken from the received audio block Rin. Through an... Agent: Mitel Networks Corporation

20120195439 - Active vibration noise control device: An active vibration noise control device is preferably used for cancelling a vibration noise by making a speaker generate a control sound. The active vibration noise control device includes a step-size parameter changing unit which changes a step-size parameter used for updating a filter coefficient. The step-size parameter changing unit... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120195440 - Earphone: A technology which improves frequency characteristics by an acoustic method so that, when a sound-isolating earphone is attached to a human ear, the sound is heard with natural frequency characteristics is provided. In a sound path from a diaphragm of an electro-acoustic transducer inside a sound-isolating earphone to the eardrum... Agent:

20120195441 - Method of outputting audio signal and audio signal output apparatus using the method: An audio signal output apparatus includes a modulation signal generator for generating a first modulation signal by pulse-modulating an input audio signal of one channel using a first carrier signal or a first sampling clock, which has a first frequency; a vacuum tube filter unit comprising a vacuum tube and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120195442 - Oversampling in a combined transposer filter bank: The present invention relates to coding of audio signals, and in particular to high frequency reconstruction methods including a frequency domain harmonic transposer. A system and method for generating a high frequency component of a signal from a low frequency component of the signal is described. The system comprises an... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120195444 - Electronic device and method of dynamically correcting audio output of audio devices: An electronic device and method of dynamically correcting audio output of audio devices creates a coordinate system in relation to cameras and audio devices, and obtains coordinates of each camera and each audio device. The cameras detects a user. A distance between the user and each audio devices is computed.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120195443 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal: An audio signal output apparatus including an audio signal input unit which receives an audio signal; a digital signal processor (DSP) which estimates an output power corresponding to the received audio signal, and adjusts at least one of a gain value to be applied to the received audio signal and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120195445 - System for remotely controlling an audio mixer: A system for wirelessly controlling an audio mixer is disclosed. The system includes a controller disposed between audio input lines and a conventional audio mixer. The controller is wirelessly controlled via a remote computing device. The computing device may be a tablet, smartphone, laptop, personal computing device, or other computing... Agent:

20120195446 - Systems and methods to provide communication, positioning and monitoring of user status: A communication apparatus includes a bone conduction communication apparatus with a housing having a shape which is conformable to at least a portion of at least one tooth of a user; a transceiver mounted in the housing; and a transducer disposed within or upon the housing and in vibratory communication... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20120195447 - Sound field control apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a sound field control apparatus is provided with a control filter and a calculation unit. The filter executes an FIR computation for an acoustic signal using coefficients to output a main signal and control signals. The unit calculates the main coefficient and the coefficients based on... Agent:

20120195449 - Hearing aid system with lost partner functionality: A hearing aid system includes a first (1) and a second (11) hearing aid, each having link means for establishing a short-range wireless connection (20) between the first and the second hearing aid. At least the first hearing aid has means to monitor whether the link to the second hearing... Agent: Widex A/s

20120195448 - Tinnitus masking systems: Tinnitus masking systems for treating tinnitus are described where a device is coupled to a surface of a bone or to a tooth or several teeth. Such a device may comprise an oral appliance having an electronic and/or transducer assembly for generating sounds via a vibrating transducer element. Generally, the... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20120195450 - Method for control of adaptation of feedback suppression in a hearing aid, and a hearing aid: A method for controlling adaptation of a feedback suppression filter in a hearing aid comprises the step of suspending the adaptation of the feedback suppression filter when the level of a hearing aid reference signal is below a predetermined threshold. The invention further provides a hearing aid with a feedback... Agent: Widex A/s

20120195451 - Waterproof structure for electronic device: A waterproof structure for an electronic device according to the present invention includes: a housing in which a sound-transmitting hole is formed; a sound producing member and/or sound collecting member stored at a position facing the sound-transmitting hole in the housing; a sheet of nonwoven fabric arranged from the outside... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120195452 - Enclosure for acoustic insulation of an apparatus contained within said enclosure: The acoustic vibrations most disturbing the processes in the apparatus within the enclosure are caused by standing acoustic waves within the enclosure with frequencies in the range between 50 Hz and 1000 Hz. These acoustic waves are efficiently damped by the provision of a block of acoustic absorbing material adjacent... Agent: Fei Company

20120195453 - Unidirectional microphone: A unidirectional microphone includes a cylindrical capsule, a front plate blocking one end of the cylindrical capsule, a front plate sound hole formed in the front plate, a vibrating membrane and a first rear pole plate that are housed in the cylindrical capsule and form capacitance, a substrate blocking another... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20120195454 - Ear pad: An ear pad includes an exterior body which is mounted on a headphone and is formed in a ring shape having a hollow internal space, at least a contact surface of the exterior body with a user's temporal region having air permeability when the headphone is worn; and air permeable... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120195455 - Headphone: With an object to provide easy-to-assemble headphones with a stable waterproof performance, a headphone is formed of a mechanical attaching mechanism mechanically putting a front housing 5 and a rear housing 3 together, a waterproof mesh portion 11 having a first waterproof mesh 9 of a shape larger than a... Agent:

20120195456 - Speaker terminal mount structure and speaker unit: A speaker terminal mount structure has a frame having a slit, and a terminal supported by the frame when inserted into the slit. The slit has a shape including two first side support sections, and at least one second side support section abutting on a second surface and positioned on... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120195457 - Slimline speaker: A slimline speaker comprises: a magnetic circuit having a magnet and yoke disposed to form a separating space in the horizontal direction; a bobbin on which a voice coil is mounted and of which the lower side is inserted in the separating space between the magnet and yoke; a base... Agent:

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