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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 46 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120163607 - Matrix decoder for surround sound: A decoder and decoding method for use in surround sound system wherein at least four audio input signals representing an original sound field are encoded into two channel signals and said encoded signals are decoded into at least four audio output signals corresponding to the four audio input signals and... Agent: RealityIPPty Ltd

20120163606 - Method and apparatus for processing audio signals: An apparatus (300) comprises—one or more inputs (IN1, IN2) to receive two or more different audio signals (S1, S2),—an input (IN—VDI1) to receive a direction signal (SVDI1) and—a signal processing unit (100) arranged to generate a processed audio signal (SAUDIOI) from said two or more different audio signals (S1, S2),... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120163609 - Apparatus for processing a multi-channel audio signal and method thereof: A multi-channel audio signal transmitting apparatus of the present invention includes an encoding unit configured to encode a predetermined audio signal and a controller configured to transmit the encoded audio signal to a predetermined device based on an HDAI (high definition audio interface) protocol.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120163608 - Encoder, encoding method, and computer-readable recording medium storing encoding program: An encoder includes, a degree-of-importance calculating unit that calculates a degree of importance of each of a first number of signals included in input signals; a signal converting unit that converts the first number of signals included in the input signals into a second number of signals; a degree-of-importance converting... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120163610 - Apparatus, system, and method of image processing, and recording medium storing image processing control program: An image processing apparatus receives sound signals that are respectively output by a plurality of microphones, and detects a sound arrival direction from which sounds of the sound signals are traveled. The image processing apparatus calculates a sound level of sounds output from the sound arrival direction, and causes an... Agent:

20120163611 - Noise control circuit and audio receiving system using the same: A noise control circuit includes a filter, a rectifier and a switch. The filter receives audio signals and obtains a noise signal portion of the received audio signals. The rectifier converts the noise signal portion to a current signal. The switch controls output of the audio signals according to an... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120163612 - Communication system: An echo component of a first signal received at an audio input device is removed. A second signal is output from an audio output device. The echo component in the first signal is the result of the second signal traversing an echo path. The characteristics of the first and second... Agent: Skype Limited

20120163615 - Filter bank optimization for acoustic echo cancellation: A communications device is presented for providing bi-directional audio communications between a near-end user and a far-end user via a bidirectional communications channel. The communications device includes an adaptive echo canceller receiving a near-end audio signal and a far-end audio signal and providing an echo-canceled near-end audio signal for transmission... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120163613 - Noise reduction apparatus and method, and program: A noise reduction apparatus includes a microphone that picks up a noise from surroundings of a casing, a cancellation signal generating section that generates a cancellation signal for reducing the noise from surroundings, by applying filtering to a signal picked up by the microphone, a predicted signal computing section that... Agent:

20120163614 - Sound signal output device, speaker device, sound output device, and sound signal output method: A sound signal output device includes a noise cancelling signal generation unit that generates a noise cancelling signal from a sound collecting signal using a microphone provided in a connected speaker device, and a sound signal output processing unit that synthesizes a main sound signal with the noise cancelling signal... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120163617 - Earpiece positioning and retaining: A positioning and retaining structure for an in-ear earpiece. An outer leg and an inner leg are attached to each other at an attachment end and attached to a body of the earpiece at the other end. The outer leg lies in a plane. The positioning and retaining structure have... Agent:

20120163616 - Headset with rotatable earphone housing: A headset for voice communication is provided, the headset has a first earphone housing being rotatable about a first rotational axis, and a pickup unit comprising at least one microphone arranged on the earphone housing. The earphone housing comprises an earphone housing circuit, a first speaker for receiving a speaker... Agent: Gn Netcom A/s

20120163618 - Audio transmission system: An audio transmission system includes a first communication module, a second communication module, a microphone a receiver, and an antenna. The microphone receives an analog audio signal from users. The first and second communication modules convert the analog audio signal into a first or third RF signal. The antenna sends... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120163619 - Wireless power transmission audio system and device on transmitting end and loudspeaker for use in such a system: The transmitter of a wireless power transmission audio system includes: a transmission signal generating section for generating a transmission signal comprised of an RF signal; a first resonant circuit which receives and sends out the transmission signal; a detecting section for sensing a variation in the transmission signal; and a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120163620 - Method for communicating with a portable device having audio output: A short range communication method for transmitting data from a host device to an accessory device with certain embodiments involves at the host device, an application software package associated with the accessory device generating an encoded audio signal to drive a loudspeaker of the host device; at the accessory device,... Agent:

20120163621 - Original equipment manufacturer (\"oem\") integration amplifier: Embodiments of the proposed invention preferably provide systems and methods for an improved aftermarket automobile audio amplifier that is easy to install while integrating and improving OEM functionality. Embodiments of the invention preferably directly connect to preexisting OEM wiring and hardware. Embodiments of the invention preferably preserve OEM system functionality... Agent:

20120163626 - Active sound reduction system and method: The present invention refers to an active sound reduction system and method for attenuation of sound emitted by a primary sound source, especially for attenuation of snoring sounds emitted by a human being. This system comprises a primary sound source, at least one speaker as a secondary sound source for... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120163624 - Directional sound source filtering apparatus using microphone array and control method thereof: A directional sound source filtering apparatus using a microphone array and a control method thereof are provided. The directional sound source filtering apparatus using a microphone array includes an image detector to detect images in a destination area, a sound collector located by the microphone array in which microphones are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120163625 - Method of controlling audio recording and electronic device: A method of controlling audio recording using an electronic device and an electronic device are described. The electronic device comprises a microphone arrangement having a directivity pattern. A target direction relative to the electronic device is automatically determined in response to sensor data representing at least a portion of an... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120163622 - Noise detection and reduction in audio devices: Methods and apparatuses for detection and reduction of wind noise in audio devices are disclosed. In an embodiment, a method includes acquiring and transforming the audio signals. Correlations from the transformed audio signals are computed. A cross correlation index is compared to a predetermined value to determine if a wind... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

20120163623 - Wideband noise reduction system and a method thereof: Systems and methods improve audio signals and include means and methods of reducing stochastic noise in wideband audio signals. Multiple microphones may acquire near and far end audio signals, the audio signals may undergo transformations via a general or specialized digital signal processor.... Agent:

20120163627 - Wireless audio equipment using a quadrature modulation system: A communications system, e.g., a wireless microphone, incorporates a quadrature modulator system to reduce power consumption with respect to traditional approaches and is general in nature to support any two-dimensional digital technique. The quadrature modulator system comprises different subsystems, including a digital-analog transformation circuit, a baseband filter, and a quadrature... Agent: Shure Incorporated

20120163628 - Method for reducing digital audio output noise: An apparatus for reducing digital audio output noise includes: a signal processing unit configured to process digital audio data to output to a speaker; a switching unit configured to mute the speaker; and a control unit configured to monitor the signal processing unit to determine whether a current state is... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120163629 - Calculating and adjusting the perceived loudness and/or the perceived spectral balance of an audio signal: The invention relates to the measurement and control of the perceived sound loudness and/or the perceived spectral balance of an audio signal. An audio signal is modified in response to calculations performed at least in part in the perceptual (psychoacoustic) loudness domain. The invention is useful, for example, in one... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120163630 - Audio processing apparatus, audio processing system, audio processing method: An audio processing apparatus includes a first capture module, a limitation module, a second capture module, and a release module. The first capture module is configured to capture an external input. The limitation module is configured to transmit a sound volume limitation command to at least one external device including... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120163631 - Automatic audio signal level adjustment circuit: An automatic audio signal level adjustment circuit is capable of automatically adjusting a level of an input audio signal within a specific range. The automatic audio signal level adjustment circuit includes an amplitude adjustment determining unit and an amplitude adjusting unit. The amplitude adjustment determining unit is configured to generate... Agent:

20120163632 - Charge pump circuit: A bipolar output charge pump circuit 100 having a network of switching paths 110 for selectively connecting an input node (VV) and a reference node (VG) for connection to an input voltage, a first pair of output nodes (VP, VN) and a second pair of output nodes (VQ, VM), and... Agent:

20120163634 - Audio interface device and method: The invention provides an audio interface device and method utilizing a single audio jack connector for plugging into a three-wire analog microphone or a three-wire digital microphone, thereby reducing dimensions and production costs thereof and an electronic system using the same. The audio interface comprises an audio jack connector, having... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20120163633 - Remote control earphone and electronic device using the same: The present disclosure provides an electronic device with a remote control earphone electrically connected to the main body of the device. The remote control earphone includes seven sensing units, which are substantially arranged in a “8” shape. Sensing signal generated by each sensing unit in response to a touch from... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120163635 - Helical antenna apparatus and method of forming helical antenna: An antenna assembly and method of forming an antenna is disclosed. The antenna comprises a dielectric core wrapped with an antenna tape having a conductive portion. A printed circuit board extends from a chassis, and a ground element secures the printed circuit board to the chassis at a point located... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20120163636 - Method and apparatus for creating personal sound zone: An apparatus and method for creating a personal sound zone are provided. The personal sound zone creating apparatus increases directivity in a horizontal direction by including a broadside array adapted to generate a sound beam perpendicularly to an arrangement of an array constituted by at least three transducers in a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120163637 - Speaker assembly: An exemplary speaker assembly includes a woofer, a supporting member, a fixing member and a tweeter. The woofer includes a magnetic circuit unit defining an air gap, a frame mounted on the magnetic circuit unit, a diaphragm received in and connected to the frame, and a voice coil extending through... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120163638 - Piezoelectric sound component: A piezoelectric sound component that includes a resin sheet, a piezoelectric diaphragm, and a casing. The piezoelectric diaphragm vibrates by bending, and is attached to at least part of a central portion of the resin sheet excluding a peripheral portion of the resin sheet. The casing holds the peripheral portion... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120163639 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid that prevents the user from missing new speech when listening again to recorded speech. This hearing aid comprises a speech input section, a speech buffer, first and second direction adjustment sections, a hearing aid processor, and a speech output section. The speech input section inputs a speech... Agent:

20120163640 - Wireless communication system using custom earmold: An apparatus for an ear of a user comprising a custom-fitted, in-the-ear earmold, receiver electronics detachably connected to the earmold and amplifier electronics detachably and electrically connected to the receiver electronics. In some embodiments, the amplifier electronics include a wireless communications module with wireless communications electronics disposed in the wireless... Agent: Micro Ear Technology, Inc. D/b/a Micro-tech

20120163641 - Method for processing the signals from two or more microphones in a listening device and listening device with plural microphones: A method for processing the signals from two or more microphones in a listening device, and a listening device for conducting the method which has a casing holding the microphones, a signal processing unit which provides an output signal corresponding to the microphone signals and suited to the user's hearing,... Agent:

20120163642 - Advanced microphone protection: A hearing aid housing comprises a microphone opening protection cover, wherein the protection cover (3) is integrated within the housing and is made out of a woven or non-woven fabric. Within the protection cover a switch or push button knob (9) is arranged.... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120163643 - Filter for a hearing aid and a hearing aid: A hearing aid (1) comprises a receiver (19), an output port (6), a conduit (13) for conveying sound to the port and a barrier element (39) adapted for baffling entry of ear wax and moisture and for being acoustically transparent. The invention further provides a barrier element (39) for a... Agent: Widex A/s

20120163644 - Speaker and method for fabricating same: A method for fabricating a speaker is disclosed. The speaker is equipped with a case having a through cavity, an inner surface forming the cavity and an outer surface, a magnetic bowl coupled to the case, a magnet positioned in the magnetic bowl, a pole plate covering the magnet, a... Agent:

20120163645 - Display apparatus: A display apparatus is provided which includes a display panel, a front cover which accommodates a front of the display panel, the front cover being provided with a front cover extension formed at one side, a rear cover coupled to the front cover, the rear cover being provided with a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120163646 - Wireless microphone: A wireless microphone includes a barrel that includes a grip having top and bottom ends. The barrel further includes a battery accommodating section connected to the bottom end of the grip. The battery accommodating section has at least one battery seat formed with an outward opening and configured for receiving... Agent: Mipro Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120163647 - Microphone-and-earphone set with functions of wire arrangement and winding: A microphone and earphone set with functions of wire arrangement and winding has at least one earphone which is connected with an audio wire and a wire arranging box which is a hollow casing. The audio wire movably passes through the box. When the audio wire of the earphone is... Agent:

20120163648 - Earphone system: An earphone system comprising an ear canal portion with an interior surface having a logarithmic spiral taper shape, a base portion, and a speaker, wherein the ear canal portion and the base portion detachably engage to hold the speaker between and within the ear canal portion and the base portion.... Agent:

20120163649 - Insert earphone using a moving coil driver: Certain embodiments provide an insert earphone assembly. The insert earphone assembly may include a transducer adapted to convert electrical signals into sound energy. The insert earphone assembly may also include a main sound channel adapted for communicating the sound energy to a user. The insert earphone assembly may also include... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20120163650 - Method and apparatus for a loudspeaker assembly: A method and apparatus for providing a loudspeaker assembly is provided. In accordance with at least one embodiment, apparatus is provided comprising a ground plane, a loudspeaker driver mounted in a loudspeaker driver aperture of the ground plane, and a grille positioned relative to the ground plane such that a... Agent:

20120163651 - Inner magnetic transducer with multiple magnetic gaps and multiple coils and preparation method thereof: An inner magnetic transducer with multiple magnetic gaps and multiple coils, and a preparation method thereof. The inner magnetic transducer with multiple magnetic gaps and multiple coils includes a non-magnetic material frame and a non-magnetic material bearer frame. The inner magnetic transducer with multiple magnetic gaps and multiple coils includes... Agent:

06/21/2012 > 51 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120155649 - Wireless personal listening system and method: A personal listening system uses the FM broadcast band for transmission and reception. The system includes a base unit and physically separate right- and left-ear listening units. The base unit includes an FM stereo transmitter. Each listening unit demodulates and amplifies the received signal, but the right-ear unit only amplifies... Agent:

20120155652 - Diffusing acoustical crosstalk: When two loudspeakers play the same signal, a “phantom center” image is produced between the speakers. However, this image differs from one produced by a real center speaker. In particular, acoustical crosstalk produces a comb-filtering effect, with cancellations that may be in the frequency range needed for the intelligibility of... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20120155651 - Sound field adjustment device: A sound field adjusting device reproduces signals from plural speaker pairs arranged in an acoustic space. The device supplies signals to the plural speakers, gives different delays for the respective frequency bands to the signals supplied to at least to a proximity speaker pair which is a speaker pair closest... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120155650 - Speaker array for virtual surround rendering: A device and method for generation of virtual surround sound with a two-way approach is provided. The device and method employs a first order head-related model designed to resemble interaural time difference localization and inter-aural level difference localization cues in the respective frequency bands while avoiding phantom imaging and excessive... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120155653 - Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding successive frames of an ambisonics representation of a 2- or 3-dimensional sound field: Representations of spatial audio scenes using higher-order Ambisonics HOA technology typically require a large number of coefficients per time instant. This data rate is too high for most practical applications that require real-time transmission of audio signals. According to the invention, the compression is carried out in spatial domain instead... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20120155654 - Circuit device for providing a three-dimensional sound system: A circuit device for a three-dimensional sound system is disclosed. The device circuit contains a plurality of resistors, capacitors and transistors. The circuit is an analog circuit creating an actual three-dimensional sound system where the listener can perceive sound coming from different spatial directions. The circuit device accomplishes this by... Agent:

20120155656 - Audio-signal processing apparatus and method, and program: An audio-signal processing apparatus includes: a center-localization-degree detection section detecting a center-localization degree indicating a degree of concentration on a center of localization distribution of an audio signal; an expansion-section detection section detecting an expansion section expanding a dynamic range of the audio signal on the basis of the center-localization... Agent:

20120155655 - Music detection based on pause analysis: In one embodiment, a pause-based music detection (MD) module detects music by analyzing pauses in a received audio signal. The energy of each frame of the signal is compared to an energy threshold to determine whether the frame corresponds to background noise only (i.e., a pause) or sound such as... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120155659 - Audio gain control using specific-loudness-based auditory event detection: In one disclosed aspect, dynamic gain modification s are applied to an audio signal at least partly in response to auditory events and/or the degree of change in signal characteristics associated with said auditory event boundaries. In another aspect, an audio signal is divided into auditory events by comparing the... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120155657 - Communication device and communication methods: Audio data transmitted from another communication device is received by a receiver, and the received audio data is output to a speaker of a television. Audio is generated based on the output audio data, and the audio is input to a microphone of a camera/microphone device. Audio data corresponding to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120155658 - Content reproduction device and method, and program: A content reproduction device including: a microphone that collects noise in the surroundings of a casing; a feature amount extractor that extracts a plurality of feature amounts; a distance calculator that calculates an intervector distance between the extracted feature amount vector and a feature amount vector with the same dimensions... Agent:

20120155662 - Audio apparatus, control method for the audio apparatus, and storage medium: An audio apparatus includes a sound generation unit configured to generate a measuring signal, a sound collection unit configured to obtain a sound collection signal, a detection unit configured to detect a level difference between the sound collection signal and background noise, a characteristic calculation unit configured to extract each... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120155660 - Audio testing system and method: An audio testing system includes an acquisition unit, an input unit, a first analysis unit, a second analysis unit, and an output unit. The acquisition unit obtains an audio signal played back by the audio player. The input unit generates a first input signal and a second input signal. The... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155661 - Electronic device and method for testing an audio module: An electronic device and method for testing an audio module of a network device including establishing a first connection between an audio output interface of the electronic device and a microphone interface of the network device. First audio data of a test file is transmitted from the audio output interface... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155663 - Fast speaker hunting in lawful interception systems: A method for spotting an interaction in which a target speaker associated with a current index or current interaction speaks, the method comprising: receiving an interaction and an index associated with the interaction, the index associated with additional data; receiving the current interaction or current index associated with the target... Agent: Nice Systems Ltd.

20120155664 - System for evaluating hearing assistance device settings using detected sound environment: The present subject matter provides method and apparatus for hearing assistance devices, and more particularly to a system for evaluating hearing assistance device settings using detected sound environment. Various examples of a hearing assistance device and method using actual use and hypothetical use logs are provided. Such logs provide a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120155665 - Echo canceller with adaptive non-linearity: An echo canceller (1399) with adaptive non-linearity is disclosed. In an embodiment, an incoming signal (1301) coming in from the far end is passed to a probe signal adder, which may add a probe signal to the incoming signal and may perform other signal conditioning before passing the signal to... Agent:

20120155669 - Open-worked acoustic barrier for hybrid active/passive noise treatment: The invention relates to a method and a device for passive and active acoustic reduction, including m electro-acoustic bars (41) side by side and separated by gaps (D), thus constituting an open-work acoustic barrier combining passive and active noise-reduction. Each electro-acoustic bar (41) includes a plurality of acoustic reduction elements... Agent: Technofirst

20120155666 - Adaptive noise cancellation: In some embodiments a noise cancellation system includes a first digital microphone to detect ambient noise, a first sigma delta modulator coupled to an output of the first digital microphone, a second digital microphone located near an earpiece speaker to detect an output of the earpiece speaker, a second sigma... Agent:

20120155667 - Adaptive noise cancellation: In some embodiments a noise cancellation system includes a first digital microphone to detect ambient noise, a first sigma delta modulator coupled to an output of the first digital microphone, a second digital microphone located near an earpiece speaker to detect an output of the earpiece speaker, a second sigma... Agent:

20120155668 - Noise canceling earphone and a driving circuit: The present invention is related to a noise canceling earphone and driving circuit. The driving circuit integrates onto a single chip through system-on-a-chip (SOC) technology, an analog active noise cancellation (ANC) device (203), an audio preamplifier (204), a mixer and a bridge-tied load (BTL) audio amplifier (206). When implementing the... Agent: Anpac Semiconductor Limited

20120155670 - speaker having a wireless link to communicate with another speaker: A wireless system including a first speaker and a second speaker, where the first and second speakers communicate with each other over a wireless link. In some configurations, the first speaker includes both a primary wireless interface for receiving audio from an audio source and a secondary wireless interface transmitting... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120155671 - Information processing apparatus, method, and program and information processing system: An information processing apparatus includes a reproduction control unit controlling reproduction of a content item; a reception unit receiving reaction sound data stored in UDP packets and transmitted from a server via a communication network when reproducing the content item, the server generating the reaction sound data of reaction sounds... Agent:

20120155672 - Method and a device for generating engine acoustic emissions, a computer program and a computer program product: A method for generating engine acoustic emissions including the steps of providing a loudspeaker configuration (100) based upon the configuration of said engine, and feeding the said loudspeaker configuration (100) with signals for providing desired engine acoustic emission. Also a device, a computer program and a computer program product for... Agent:

20120155673 - Compensation filtering device and method thereof: According to one embodiment, a compensation filtering device includes an impulse response calculator, a group delay compensator, and an extractor. The impulse response calculator calculates an impulse response of a reproduction system comprising a sound field. The group delay compensator compensates for group delay characteristics in a low frequency range... Agent:

20120155674 - Sound processing apparatus and recording medium storing a sound processing program: A sound processing apparatus includes a first calculator that calculates first power based on a first signal received by a first microphone that is among the first microphone and a second microphone; a second calculator that calculates second power based on a second signal received by the second microphone; a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120155676 - Impedance matching speaker wire system: An impedance matched connection is provided between a load and a power source that outputs signals within a predetermined frequency range. A coaxial line has a predetermined characteristic impedance, an inner conductor, an outer conductor, and an insulator between the conductors. Each conductor has a first end electrically connectable to... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120155675 - Microphone amplifier: A microphone amplifier comprises an input terminal (E100) for applying an input signal (IN), an output terminal (A100a) for outputting an output signal (OUT), and an additional output terminal (A100b) for outputting an additional output signal (VBIAS). The microphone amplifier also contains an amplifying circuit (10) for generating the output... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20120155677 - Sound signal processing apparatus: A sound signal processing apparatus includes: a sound collector configured to collect a sound from an environment and configured to generate a sound collection signal; a signal controller configured to generate a sound signal based on the sound collection signal; a housing; a detector configured to detect a posture of... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120155678 - Piezoelectric speaker: A piezoelectric speaker includes a cover with a receiving space and a vibrating speaker unit accommodated in the receiving space. The vibrating speaker unit includes a piezoelectric oscillator including an upper surface and an lower surface, a diaphragm disposed on the upper surface of the piezoelectric oscillator, and a vibrating... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155679 - Loudspeaker system for reproducing multi-channel sound with an improved sound image: A loudspeaker system for reproducing multichannel sound with an improved sound image in a listening zone is disclosed. The loudspeaker system includes a first speaker array for location in a first position relative to the listening zone and a second speaker array for location in a second position relative to... Agent: RealityIPPty Ltd

20120155680 - Virtual audio environment for multidimensional conferencing: The disclosed architecture employs signal processing techniques to provide audio perception only, or audio perception that matches the visual perception. This also provides spatial audio reproduction for multiparty teleconferencing such that the teleconferencing participants perceive themselves as if they were sitting in the same room. The solution is based on... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120155681 - Audio system, audio signal processing device and method, and program: An audio system including a first speaker and a second speaker that are arranged in front of a predetermined listening position to be substantially bilaterally symmetrical with respect to the listening position; a third speaker and a fourth speaker that are arranged in front of the predetermined listening position to... Agent:

20120155682 - Portable electronic device which provides hearing aid compatibility: A portable electronic device which provides hearing aid compatibility and a printed circuit board (PCB) for use in a portable electronic device are provided. The PCB comprises a body having at least one signal trace, a hearing aid compatibility (HAC) coil located in the body and electrically coupled to the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120155683 - Power supply voltage from class d amplifier: The present invention relates to a hearing aid comprising a receiver and signal processor circuitry operatively connected hereto. The signal processor circuitry comprises amplifying means (e.g., a Class D amplifier) adapted to generate a switched output voltage for driving the receiver of the hearing aid. Moreover, a power supply unit... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20120155684 - Hearing aid device and method of producing a hearing aid device: The invention relates to a hearing aid device and a method for manufacturing the hearing aid device. The hearing aid device comprises a housing having an inner surface. The housing has an electrical component therein. A conductive layer is attached on at least a portion of the inner surface of... Agent:

20120155685 - Speaker box: A speaker box includes an upper case defining at least a first hole, a lower case connected with the upper case for forming an inner cavity and defining at least a second hole, at least an electroacoustic transducer received in the inner cavity, and at least a screw passing through... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155686 - Loudspeaker assembly: A loudspeaker assembly includes a first shell, a second shell, and a loudspeaker embedded in the first shell. Together the first shell and the second shell enclose a sound chamber. At least one of the first shell and the second shell can be folded to adjust the size of the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120155687 - Electronic device with cover having internal protruding portions for dispersing of sound: An exemplary electronic device includes a box, a speaker, and a micro structure. The box includes a shell and a cover disposed on the shell. The speaker is sandwiched between the shell and the cover. The micro structure includes a plurality of flat-bottomed protruding portions, a plurality of first pyramidal... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155688 - Acoustic absorber, acoustic transducer, and method for producing an acoustic absorber or an acoustic transducer: The invention relates to an acoustic absorber comprising an absorption layer (1a, 1b) composed of an open-pored porous material. According to the invention, the open-pored porous material is flexurally stiff in such a way that the absorption layer (1a, 1b) is stimulated to flexurally oscillate when sound waves impinge on... Agent:

20120155689 - Adjustable shape earphone: This disclosure relates to an adjustable ear insert, such as an earbud style earphone, that may be inserted in a user's ear canal in a compact configuration and adjusted by a user to expand and fit snugly against the ear canal.... Agent:

20120155690 - Earphone: An earphone includes a basket defining a through hole. A leading wire board fixed underneath the basket has a pair of solder foils on a bottom surface thereof. A magnet unit is located in the basket with the through hole adjacent to a side edge of the magnet unit. A... Agent:

20120155691 - Wired earphone: An exemplary earphone includes a shell, a speaker received in the shell and a wire electrically connecting with the speaker. The shell defines a sound cavity and a wire passage therein. The sound cavity and the wire passage communicate with each other. The speaker is received in the sound cavity.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120155692 - Wired earphone: An exemplary earphone includes a shell, a speaker received in the shell and a wire electrically connecting with the speaker. The shell defines a sound cavity therein. The speaker is received in the sound cavity. The shell further defines a wire passage therein. The wire passage communicates with the sound... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120155693 - Electroacoustic transducer: An electroacoustic transducer is disclosed. The electroacoustic transducer includes a frame forming a hollow space, an elastic plate mounted on the frame, a vibrating member suspended in the hollow space by the elastic plate, a diaphragm arranged facing the vibrating member, a voice coil positioned on the diaphragm. The vibrating... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155694 - Multi-layer armature for moving armature receiver: A multi-layer armature for a moving armature receiver. The armature includes a first armature layer and a displacement region. The first armature layer includes a first surface and a second armature layer having a second surface positioned adjacent to the first surface. The displacement region provides relative displacement between the... Agent: Sonion Nederland B.v.

20120155695 - Speaker device for a portable terminal: A speaker device for a portable terminal includes: an electromagnetic wave noise shield member mounted on a circuit board; a speaker unit mounted on the electromagnetic wave noise shield member, the speaker unit producing sound; and a resonance space formed by the electromagnetic wave noise shield member and the circuit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120155697 - Electromagnetic transducer: An electromagnetic transducer includes a frame, a diaphragm including a top plate and a periphery portion surrounding the top portion and attached to the frame, a magnetic circuit part receiving in the frame with a magnetic gap, a voice coil partially inserted into the magnetic gap for driving the diaphragm,... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155696 - Micro-speaker: A micro-speaker includes a frame, a yoke, a magnet, a diaphragm, and a voice coil. The yoke includes a base wall and a plurality of sidewalls defining a number of flat walls and a number of curved walls disposed at corners of the yoke. The flat walls define a number... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120155698 - Cone loudspeaker: A loudspeaker comprising an acoustically radiating diaphragm comprising a generally frustoconical membrane having a narrow neck end and a wide mouth end, stiffening formations for stiffening the radiating membrane and an interface region by which the diaphragm is adapted to be driven; and a transducer comprising a voice coil mounted... Agent: Gp Acoustics (uk) Limited

20120155699 - Speaker and yoke thereof: A speaker includes a frame, a yoke located at a bottom side of the frame, a magnet disposed in the yoke, a washer disposed in the yoke and arranged on the magnet, a voice coil and a diaphragm. The yoke includes a bottom wall and an annular sidewall extending upward... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

06/14/2012 > 35 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120148053 - Directional sound system: A directional sound system is disclosed. The directional sound system (400) comprises a plurality of equalization stages (404, 406) configured to equalize an input signal; and a transducer stage (412) configured to transmit the equalized input signal; wherein the plurality of equalization stages (404, 406) comprises a first equalization stage... Agent:

20120148052 - System, method, and apparatus for conveying a signal to one or more devices: A wire system comprising a splitter integrated between two wire portions. The wire system can be used to transmit a signal between a signal source and a first output device connected to the wire portions. At any time, a user can choose to couple one or more additional output devices... Agent:

20120148054 - Method of initializing a binaural lhearing aid system and a hearing aid: In a method of initializing a binaural hearing aid system (1) both ipse- and contra-lateral individualized adjustment data are stored in both hearing aids of the binaural hearing aid system for transmission between the hearing aids. This provides an easy backup of the data. The invention further provides a hearing... Agent: Widex A/s

20120148055 - Audio processing apparatus, audio receiver and method for providing audio thereof: Provided are an audio processing apparatus and a method for providing audio thereof, and an audio receiver and a method of providing audio thereof. The audio processing apparatus includes: a location detecting unit which detects a location of an audio receiver; a sound adjusting unit which adjusts a sound of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120148057 - Method and system for determining a perceived quality of an audio system: The invention relates to a method for determining a quality indicator representing a perceived quality of an output signal of an audio device with respect to a reference signal. Such audio device may for example be a speech processing system. In the method the reference signal and the output signal... Agent: Koninklijke Kpn N.v.

20120148056 - Method to reduce artifacts in algorithms with fast-varying gain: A method and device reduce artifacts in an audio processing algorithm for applying a time and frequency dependent gain to an input audio signal. The method provides a time frequency representation of an input audio signal comprising a number of frequency bands; applies an audio processing algorithm providing an estimated... Agent:

20120148058 - Methods and apparatus to determine locations of audience members: A disclosed example method to determine a location of an audience member involves generating a correlation analysis result based on correlating first audio samples from a stationary audio detector with second audio samples from a portable audio detector carried by the audience member and determining via a neural network the... Agent:

20120148059 - Controlling audio signals: Method, user terminal and computer program product for controlling audio signals at the user device during a communication session between the user device and a remote node, in which a primary audio signal is received at audio input means of the user device for transmission to the remote node in... Agent:

20120148060 - Automatic polarity adaptation for ambient noise cancellation: A sound reproducing device has a loudspeaker arranged to produce sound from an audio signal provided by an audio signal source. A microphone is positioned to pick up ambient noise and generate a microphone signal which comprises the noise. An ambient noise cancellation (ANC) system receives the microphone signal from... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120148062 - Audio device: Existing ANC headsets have active noise reduction circuitry and a power supply in the headset. Alternate ANC headsets rely on ANC circuitry in the player and have non-standard connectors meaning that they cannot be used with any other players. An audio headset (90) having an encoder (54) and active noise... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120148061 - Earphone: An earphone has a casing, containing a speaker, the casing being adapted to fit within the outer ear of a user at the entrance to the ear canal of the user. The earphone can be used in a noise cancelling earphone system, with signal processing circuitry connected to the microphone... Agent:

20120148063 - Audio processing apparatus, audio processing method, and image capturing apparatus: An audio processing apparatus includes a first microphone, a second microphone, and a masking unit configured to mask movement of air from outside of the apparatus to the second microphone. A filter coefficient is estimated and learned so as to minimize the difference between the output signal of the first... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120148065 - Active load isolator and wireless speaker for mixed signal environments: An isolation circuit includes a low dropout operational current control loop and a shunt regulator. The current control loop is configured to drive the shunt regulator to result in a high dynamic impedance ratio between a voltage source and a load. The current control loop may include a series-pass transistor,... Agent:

20120148064 - Audio on-demand communication system: An audio-on-demand communication system provides real-time playback of audio data transferred via telephone lines or other communication links. One or more audio servers include memory banks which store compressed audio data. At the request of a user at a subscriber PC, an audio server transmits the compressed audio data over... Agent: Realnetworks, Inc.

20120148066 - Engine sound processing system: Microphones are provided at an air inlet of the engine and a vehicle-cabin-side wall surface of an engine room, and engine sounds are picked up. The engine sound is processed by a signal processing section, and the processed engine sound is output from a speaker provided in a vehicle cabin.... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120148067 - Wind noise detection method and system: The present invention relates to a multi-microphone system and method adapted to determine phase angle differences between a first microphone and a second microphone signal to detect presence of wind noise.... Agent: Audioasics A/s

20120148068 - Coexistence of white space devices and wireless narrowband devices: Architecture that enables wireless narrowband devices (e.g., wireless microphones) and white space devices to efficiently coexist on the same telecommunications channels, while not interfering with the usability of the wireless narrowband device. The architecture provides interference detection, strobe generation and detection and, power ramping and suppression (interference-free coexistence with spectrum... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120148069 - Microphone array structure able to reduce noise and improve speech quality and method thereof: The present invention discloses a microphone array structure able to reduce noise and improve speech quality and a method thereof. The method of the present invention comprises steps: using at least two microphone to receive at least two microphone signals each containing a noise signal and a speech signal; using... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120148070 - Parametric signal processing systems and methods: A signal processing system for generating a parametric signal comprises an audio compressor, operable to compress a dynamic range of an audio input signal, and an equalization network, operable to equalize the audio signal. A low pass filter is operable to remove high portions of the audio signal and a... Agent:

20120148071 - Micromechanical digital loudspeaker: A digital loudspeaker includes a substrate, a first stator fixed with respect to the substrate, a second stator fixed with respect to the substrate and spaced at a distance from the first stator, and a membrane between the first stator and the second stator. The membrane is displaceable between a... Agent:

20120148072 - Apparatus and method for widening audio signal band: An audio signal band expanding apparatus (100a) includes a harmonic generator (3) that receives an input audio signal having a predetermined band and generates, based on the input audio signal, harmonic signals, and an adder (2) that adds the harmonic signals generated by the harmonic generator (3) to the input... Agent:

20120148073 - Piezoelectric speaker: Disclosed is a piezoelectric speaker including: a piezoelectric layer that converts electrical signals into oscillation and outputs sound; an electrode that is formed on a top or a bottom of the piezoelectric layer to apply the electrical signals to the piezoelectric layer; an acoustic diaphragm that is made of a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120148074 - Electrostatic loudspeaker system: An electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) system includes a damping screen adjacent an outside surface of at least one of its stators to reduce distortion of acoustic output rendered by the loudspeaker's diaphragm, including effects of resonance of the diaphragm. A resilient excursion limiter placed adjacent an inside surface of at least... Agent:

20120148075 - Method for optimizing reproduction of audio signals from an apparatus for audio reproduction: There is provided a method for optimizing reproduction of audio signals from an apparatus for audio reproduction with the apparatus for audio reproduction having a variable number of speakers. The method includes determining performance characteristics of each of the variable number of speakers; comparing performance characteristics of each of the... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120148076 - Wireless communication device and hac module thereof: An exemplary hearing aid compatibility (HAC) module includes an insulative substrate and a ground member. The substrate includes a first mounting surface, and a second mounting surface at opposite sides thereof, and a third mounting surface between the first mounting surface and the second mounting surface. The ground member includes... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120148077 - Method for operating a hearing system, hearing system and audio gateway devices: A body-worn audio gateway device transmitting audio signals comprised in close-range electromagnetic signals may be used outside a car, where it may provide for hands-free mobile telephony and listening to music streamed directly to hearing devices worn by a user. When the user enters the car, he or she may... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120148078 - Method and hearing device for setting feedback suppression: A method and an associated hearing device are enabled for setting feedback suppression. The method includes determining feedback events, determining the frequency of the feedback events within a prescribed first period of time, and setting feedback suppression in accordance with the frequency of the feedback events. The hearing device is... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120148079 - Attachment of a hook to a hearing device: A hearing device with a connecting portion (15) for the connection of a hook or acoustic tube comprises an inside thread (21) or internal thread portion at the connecting portion intended for the attachment of a hook or acoustic tube.... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120148080 - Wide action clamping mount for communication headset to half-helmets, sports helmets, and the like: Device for mounting a communication headset to helmets of the type having a first strap extending in front of an ear of a user, a second strap extending behind the ear, and a chin strap connectable to the first and second straps, for instance, sports helmets. The device includes a... Agent: Cardo Systems, Inc.

20120148081 - Electromagnetic interference shields with piezos: Methods and apparatus for improving the acoustical performance associated with a speaker, such as a piezoelectric speaker, are disclosed. According to one aspect, an apparatus includes a substrate, a can mounted on the substrate, and a piezoelectric speaker arrangement. The piezoelectric speaker arrangement is at least partially mounted on the... Agent:

20120148082 - Parametric transducers and related methods: An audio emitter comprises a support member operable to support a sound emittive material and a sound emittive material carried by the support member. A protective screen has a plurality of apertures formed therein, the protective screen being spaced a predetermined distance from the sound emittive material, said predetermined distance... Agent:

20120148083 - Microphone package and method for manufacturing same: A System and method to provide a cost-effective implementation of a microphone package, very good microphone performance being achieved even with a high degree of miniaturization. A microphone package includes a MEMS microphone component having a microphone diaphragm, and a housing having a housing base and a housing cover, the... Agent:

20120148084 - Audio speaker assembly: An audio speaker assembly including a housing defining an internal compartment, and a glass membrane having a first portion supported in the housing and a second portion extending externally from the housing. The second portion having a length greater than its width, the length of the second portion extending orthogonal... Agent:

20120148085 - Diaphragm and speaker device provided with the same: A diaphragm is provided with a plurality of thick portions radially from an inner circumferential side to an outer circumferential side. The thick portions are composed of at least two kinds having different lengths in a radiation direction and formed to be gradually thinner in the radiation direction from the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120148086 - Composite speaker: A composite speaker is disclosed that can more easily be made thin and small, and is configured so that the assembly process of the speaker is easy. A first space that opens to the rear is formed in a main yoke that forms a magnetic field emitter, and a magnetic... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

06/07/2012 > 48 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120140930 - Method for driving loudspeakers: A circuit for operating loudspeakers includes a first, second, third and fourth loudspeaker circuit, having one input each for injecting a signal and one output each for connecting a loudspeaker input. The loudspeaker circuits are designed to amplify the injected signal and to provide the amplified signal at the outputs... Agent: Infeneon Technologies Ag

20120140931 - Methods to mix a multi-channel into a 3-channel surround: This invention is related to audio field, providing a method to downmix multi-channel sounds into a 3-channel surround sound. This invention concerns reprocessing of encoded traditional multi-channel signals and downmixing it into a 3.1-channel signal by using the principles of signal distribution and virtualization. Its hardware can be established by... Agent: Guangzhou Aivin Audio Co., Ltd. Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd.

20120140932 - Protection circuit and electronic device using the same: A protection circuit includes a processing unit and a sensor. The processing unit drive a speaker to output sound. The sensor is used for detecting the temperature of the speaker, and generating an over-temperature signal when the detected temperature is higher than a predetermined temperature. The processing unit disables the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120140933 - Aircraft audio panel: An aircraft audio panel includes a plurality of audio inputs each configured for receiving audio communications from an audio source; a plurality of audio outputs each configured for outputting the audio communications to audio equipment in the aircraft; selecting circuitry for selecting the audio communications between the audio inputs and... Agent: Garmin International, Inc.

20120140934 - Aircraft audio panel routing: An aircraft audio panel includes a plurality of audio inputs each configured for receiving audio communications from an audio source; a plurality of audio outputs each configured for outputting the audio communications to audio equipment in the aircraft; selecting circuitry for selecting the audio communications between the audio inputs and... Agent: Garmin International, Inc.

20120140935 - Audio fingerprint differences for end-to-end quality of experience measurement: Implementations and techniques for audio fingerprint differences for end-to-end quality of experience measurement are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120140936 - Systems and methods for monitoring cinema loudspeakers and compensating for quality problems: Systems and processes for compensating for changes in a theatre sound system positioned in a theatre are described. A subsequent response of a loudspeaker to a test signal is captured and compared to a previously obtained signature response of the loudspeaker to the test signal. An audio signal can be... Agent: Imax Corporation

20120140937 - Automated real speech hearing instrument adjustment system: A method for adjusting a hearing instrument to reduce feedback by placing a hearing instrument having an adjustable frequency response in a wearer's ear, providing a probe microphone for measuring the sound pressure level inside the ear and a reference microphone for measuring the sound pressure level outside the ear,... Agent: Magnatone Hearing Aid Corporation

20120140938 - Apparatus and method for generating audio signal having sound enhancement effect: An audio apparatus includes a decay pattern generator configured to generate a decay pattern to be applied in an early reflection region, and generate an audio signal to which a decay pattern is applied by convoluting the generated decay pattern with PCM raw data of a sound source, a reverberation... Agent:

20120140939 - Method and device for cancelling acoustic echo: An acoustic echo cancellation device for generating a pseudo echo signal by filtering an input remote speaker signal based on a plurality of adaptive filters and controlling the adaptive filters to filter the same based on a filter coefficient. The acoustic echo cancellation device generates an error signal by subtracting... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120140940 - Method and device for cancelling acoustic echo: An acoustic control device for generating a pseudo echo signal by filtering an input remote speaker signal by using a plurality of adaptive filters and controlling the adaptive filters to perform filtering based on filter coefficients generates an error signal by subtracting a pseudo echo signal from an input nearby... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120140943 - Oversight control of an adaptive noise canceler in a personal audio device: A personal audio device, such as a wireless telephone, includes an adaptive noise canceling (ANC) circuit that adaptively generates an anti-noise signal from a reference microphone signal and injects the anti-noise signal into the speaker or other transducer output to cause cancellation of ambient audio sounds. An error microphone is... Agent:

20120140942 - Reduced delay digital active noise cancellation: A digital active noise cancellation circuit device (330) includes an oversampled, sigma-delta, A/D converter (204), a digital decimation filter (208), a digital intermediate filter (308), a digital interpolation filter (232), and a sigma-delta, D/A converter (252). The device (330) is operative to perform the steps of: receiving (904) the analog... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20120140941 - Headset and headphone: There is provided a headset having at least one microphone for detecting ambient noises, at least one electroacoustic reproduction transducer and a control unit for controlling the headset. The headset also has a digital active noise reduction unit for performing digital active noise reduction based on the ambient noises recorded... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120140944 - Audio signal processing unit and audio transmission system, in particular a microphone system: The invention concerns an audio signal processing unit including a receiving unit adapted to receive at least a first audio signal and a pilot tone signal, a first audio signal amplifier adapted to obtain at least a second audio signal from an audio signal source by way of an audio... Agent:

20120140945 - Audio apparatus: Apparatus for providing different audio signals in a plurality of zones of a single enclosed space, comprising loudspeakers associated with, and positioned in, each zone to radiate an audio output, means capable of supplying a different audio signal to the loudspeakers in each zone, signal processing means comprising means for... Agent: New Transducers Limited

20120140947 - Apparatus and method to localize multiple sound sources: An apparatus and method to localize multiple sound sources is provided. Virtual microphone signals are generated based on actual microphone signals from a microphone array including a plurality of microphones, which are arranged at intervals that may minimize space aliasing at a given sampling frequency, and sound source directions are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120140948 - Directional microphone device and directivity control method: A directional microphone apparatus and directivity control method that corrects a level difference and a phase difference generated in a low band in a plurality of non-directional microphone units, improve the directivity, and reduce the size are provided. Level difference calculation section (105) calculates the level difference between first signal... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120140946 - Wind noise mitigation: A method of compensating for noise in a receiver having a first receiver unit and a second receiver unit, the method includes receiving a first transmission at the first receiver unit, the first transmission having a first signal component and a first noise component; receiving a second transmission at the... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20120140949 - Conference system for independently adjusting audio parameters: A conference system for independently adjusting audio parameters is provided, including a microphone module, a storage module, a digital signal processing module and an amplifier. When any microphone of the microphone module generates an audio signal transmitted to the digital signal processing module, the priority controller determines the priority order... Agent:

20120140950 - Differential microphone circuit: An apparatus for a portable electronic device for receiving a jack of a headset, the jack including a set of lines, the set of lines including at least one audio line, a ground signal and a microphone signal line, the apparatus comprising a set of switches for receiving the ground... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120140951 - System and method for processing an audio signal: Systems and methods for audio signal processing are provided. In exemplary embodiments, a filter cascade of complex-valued filters are used to decompose an input audio signal into a plurality of frequency components or sub-band signals. These sub-band signals may be processed for phase alignment, amplitude compensation, and time delay prior... Agent:

20120140952 - Audio reproducing apparatus: An audio signal processing apparatus and method for extracting components from an input signal, generating additional components, combining components, and level-controlling components. An audio signal processing apparatus may include a harmonic overtone adder and an equalizer. A harmonic overtone adder may include a high-pass filter, a low-pass filter, an harmonic... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120140953 - Multi-amplifier audio module for a multichannel speaker, and multi-amplifier audio module housing assembly for same: The present invention relates to a multi-amplifier audio module for a multichannel speaker. The multi-amplifier audio module comprises a plurality of amplifier units connected to a power source and connected to each other to amplify an input audio signal. A plurality of speakers for outputting the amplified audio signal, an... Agent:

20120140954 - Adjusting acoustic speaker output based on an estimated degree of seal of an ear about a speaker port: A degree of seal of an ear about a speaker port may be estimated by detecting touch contact between the ear and at least one touch sensor in fixed relation to the speaker port. The degree of seal is estimated based on the detected touch contact. Based upon the estimated... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120140955 - Touch input based adjustment of audio device settings: A computing device comprising a touch input device and a processor. The touch input device is configured to detect multiple touch point contacts. The processor is coupled to the touch device and configured to execute software instructions that process the multiple touch point contacts and, based on the multiple touch... Agent:

20120140956 - Differential microphone circuit: There is provided an electret microphone comprising a junction gate-field-effect transistor (JFET) and a bias resistor connected to the JFET and supplying current to the JFET, whereby an electrical output is determined by measuring a differential voltage across the bias resistor.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120140957 - Apparatus, systems and methods for controlling an electronic device using an accesssory: A system for controlling an electronic device, including an accessory coupled to the device having a control interface for receiving at least one input and a tone generator, the accessory configured to, in response to an input, generate a corresponding control tone using the tone generator, and send the control... Agent:

20120140958 - Driving circuit for a sound outputting apparatus: A driving circuit for a sound outputting apparatus includes a H-bridge and a charge pump established by six switches for driving two types of loudspeakers, respectively. The six switches include two common switches to be configured in the H-bridge and the charge pump, thereby reducing the costs and circuit area... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20120140960 - Integrated speaker and home theater sound system having the same: An integrated speaker and a home theater sound system having the same are provided. The integrated speaker includes: a first speaker that is configured to stand on a floor; and a second speaker mounted to an upper end of the first speaker, wherein the second speaker is a height speaker.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120140959 - Sound system and method of sound reproduction: A sound reproduction system comprises a left and right speakers located in close proximity, and a sound processor which provides audio signals to the pair of speakers. The sound processor preferably derives a cancellation signal from the difference between the left and right channels. The resulting difference signal is scaled,... Agent:

20120140961 - Headset with noise plates: A headset comprises two earphones joined together by a band which can be worn over the head of a wearer. Each earphone includes a noise plate, which functions to attenuate or eliminate noise from the environment such as a tournament gaming environment. The noise plate includes an aperture through which... Agent:

20120140962 - Deactivatable hearing device, corresponding hearing system and method for operating a hearing system: The hearing system (1) comprises at least one hearing device which comprises an operability control unit (3) and, operationally connectable thereto, a storage unit (4) in which operability data (5) are stored. The operability control unit (3) is structured and configured to either disable or not disable the hearing device... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120140963 - Storage system for a hearing aid: A storage system for storing a hearing aid comprises means for providing power (101), a storage space (102) for containing a hearing aid, output means, communication means through which data from the hearing aid is received wirelessly and a processing unit for processing data received from the hearing aid. The... Agent: Widex A/s

20120140964 - Method and hearing aid for enhancing the accuracy of sounds heard by a hearing-impaired listener: A method for enhancing the accuracy of sounds heard by a hearing-impaired listener is disclosed. The method for enhancing the accuracy of sounds heard by a hearing-impaired listener includes receiving an input sound, determining if it is necessary to modify the frequency of the input sound, and modifying the input... Agent: Kuo-ping Yang

20120140965 - Adaptive feedback cancellation based on inserted and/or intrinsic characteristics and matched retrieval: The invention relates to an audio processing system for processing an input sound to an output sound. The invention further relates to a method of estimating a feedback transfer function in an audio processing system. The object of the present invention is to provide an alternative scheme for minimizing feedback... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120140966 - Motor assembly: A transducer assembly with a U-shaped element at least a part of which forms a part of a magnet housing is disclosed. One or more magnets are attached to the magnet housing which is adapted to conduct magnetic flux from one or more magnets.... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20120140967 - Hearing device with a vent extension and method for manufacturing such a hearing device: The hearing device comprises an ear-piece (1) which is designed to be worn at least partially in an ear canal of a user of the hearing device. The ear-piece (1) comprises a vent passage (3) connecting the ear canal with the atmosphere. The vent passage (3) has an inner opening... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120140968 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid, wherein a front sound opening and a front microphone are acoustically connected via a front sound guide path, and the front sound guide path includes a first space formed between the front microphone and the electrical connection part inside the main body case, and a second space... Agent:

20120140969 - Piezoelectric speaker and piezoelectric speaker array: A piezoelectric speaker is a piezoelectric speaker which radiates acoustic waves by vibrating according to an applied voltage, including (i) a substrate which includes a first region having first bending stiffness against bending of a plane perpendicular to a vibration direction and a second region having second bending stiffness against... Agent:

20120140970 - Docking station having structure for sound amplification and sound quality enhancement: A docking station for sound amplification and sound quality enhancement is provided. The docking station includes a support structure for holding a mobile terminal having an internal speaker to sustain the posture of the mobile terminal, and a body for supporting the support structure, and for physically contacting the speaker... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120140971 - Inverse horn loudspeakers: In a low frequency transducer system a multi-compression chamber, an inverse horn structure is employed in combination with a resonance-distortion filter chamber. The filter chamber effectively expands the effective enclosure volume at low frequencies and connected to one of the compression chambers filter parasitic resonances and distortion and allowing the... Agent:

20120140972 - Dynamic microphone: A dynamic microphone includes a vibration pickup that detects vibration of a dynamic microphone unit, and outputs a signal for cancelling vibration noise; and a microphone case that supports the microphone unit and the vibration pickup, wherein the vibration pickup includes a laminated ceramic piezoelectric element that detects vibration of... Agent:

20120140973 - Collapsible headphone: A headphone that is, in one embodiment, collapsible into a fully collapsed, self-protecting form factor, and includes a headband that mechanically interconnects the two earpieces and fits around the head when worn. The headband can optionally include one or more telescoping linkages to allow it to collapse in length. The... Agent:

20120140974 - Personal audio set with adjustable force mechanisms: A personal audio device including a flexible headband is disclosed. The flexible headband includes a left and right headband portion. The headband has a longitudinal centerline which occupies a substantially single plane. The personal audio device also includes a left earphone, which is secured to a first end of the... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20120140975 - Method for optimizing performance of a multi-transducer earpiece and a multi-transducer earpiece: There is provided a method for optimizing performance of a multi-transducer earpiece, where the multi-transducer earpiece includes a perpendicular flange that partitions the cross sectional area of the acoustic delivery channel in a manner where mixing of signals from both the high frequency transducer and the mid/low frequency transducer is... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120140976 - Earphone system comprising an earphone and a portable holding device: An earphone system (1; 23) comprising a wireless earphone (2; 20, 21) and a portable holding device (3; 22). The earphone (2; 20, 21) comprises an ear hook (8) for attaching the earphone (2; 20, 21) to the ear (14) of a user. The holding device (3; 22) comprises an... Agent:

20120140977 - Speaker unit: A speaker unit includes a frame that secures a diaphragm of a speaker at an outer circumference of the diaphragm, a magnetic circuit, a first leg that extends from a portion of an inner wall of the frame in a vicinity of a front of the speaker to the magnetic... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

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