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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120099733 - Audio adjustment system: A stereo widening system and associated signal processing algorithms are described herein that can, in several embodiments, widen a stereo image with fewer processing resources than existing crosstalk cancellation systems. These system and algorithms can advantageously be implemented in a handheld device or other device with speakers placed close together,... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc.

20120099731 - Estimation of synthetic audio prototypes: An approach to forming output signals both permits flexible and temporally and/or frequency local processing of input signals while limiting or mitigating artifacts in such output signals. Generally, the approach involves first synthesizing prototype signals for the output signals, or equivalently characterizing such prototypes, for example, according to their statistical... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120099732 - Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for far-field multi-source tracking and separation: An apparatus for multichannel signal processing separates signal components from different acoustic sources by initializing a separation filter bank with beams in the estimated source directions, adapting the separation filter bank under specified constraints, and normalizing an adapted solution based on a maximum response with respect to direction. Such an... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120099735 - Endoscope with function of acoustic wave detection and voiceprint comparison: The present invention provides an endoscope with function of acoustic wave detection and voiceprint comparison. The endoscope includes a flexible tube, a hand-held host and a sound receiving element. The hand-held host includes an analog-to-digital converter, a storage unit and a digital signal processor. The sound receiving element is disposed... Agent: Three-in-one Ent Co., Ltd

20120099734 - Method for qualitative evaluation of a digital audio signal: The invention relates to a method of qualitatively evaluating a digital audio signal. It calculates a quality indicator consisting of a vector associated with each time window in real time, in continuous time, and in successive time windows. For example, the generation of a quality indicator vector calculates, for a... Agent: Telediffusion De France

20120099736 - Noise cancellation system: A method of controlling a noise cancellation system, for use in an audio device, comprises: generating an ambient noise signal representative of ambient noise; filtering and applying gain to the ambient noise signal to generate a noise cancellation signal; passing the noise cancellation signal to a speaker; and generating an... Agent:

20120099737 - Apparatus and methods: An apparatus including: a body including a first surface defining an aperture; and an audio output device configured to pivot relative to the body between at least a first position in which the audio output device is at least partially positioned within the aperture, and a second position in which... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120099738 - Automatic detection of the wearing style of a convertible headset: A system for adjusting an audio setting for a headset, comprises a communications device, a detachable headband containing a detectable element that can be coupled to the communications device, a sensor coupled to the communications device configured to determine whether the headband is coupled to the communications device and a... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120099739 - Estimation of synthetic audio prototypes: An approach to forming output signals both permits flexible and temporally and/or frequency local processing of input signals while limiting or mitigating artifacts in such output signals. Generally, the approach involves first synthesizing prototype signals for the output signals, or equivalently characterizing such prototypes, for example, according to their statistical... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120099740 - All-digital speaker system device: The present invention disclosed an all-digital speaker system device based on multi-bit Σ-Δ Modulation, comprising an A/D converter, an interpolation filter, a Σ-Δ modulator, a dynamic mismatch regulator, a differential buffer and a speaker array. The present invention takes advantage of the Σ-Δ modulation technique to effectively reduce the cost... Agent: Suzhou Sonavox Eletronics Co., Ltd.

20120099741 - Acoustic signal processing apparatus: An acoustic signal's high frequency component extracted by an HPF 13 is multiplied in a multiplier 16 by the first coefficient to control the level of the high frequency component. The first coefficient is generated by a coefficient generation portion 21 in accordance with the full band level of an... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120099742 - Audio jack with esd protection: A plug-and-jack for use with an electronic device that is configured to ensure circuitry of the device is protected from electrostatic discharge. In one case, the jack is an audio jack designed to protect high gain circuitry of the device against electrostatic discharge from the leads of an audio plug.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120099743 - Class d amplification device: A controller 103 that conducts various controls corresponding to input information selects target voltage information and target dead time information corresponding to input audio signal level information from data table information, outputs the target voltage information to a variable power supply unit 104, and outputs the target dead time information... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120099744 - Condenser microphone: There is provided a condenser microphone including a microphone capsule having a diaphragm and a capsule mounting, and a sound guide unit for guiding sound. The sound guide unit is provided at at least one side of the capsule mounting.... Agent:

20120099745 - Portable electronic device having oblique sound output arrangement: An exemplary portable electronic device includes a flat shell, two speakers received in the shell, and a display panel. The shell includes a front plate at a front side thereof, a rear plate at a rear side thereof, and a sidewall between the front plate and the rear plate. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120099746 - Piezoelectric acoustic transducer: Provided is a piezoelectric type loudspeaker capable of reproducing a high sound pressure in a limited space, without increasing a voltage applied to a piezoelectric element in a bass range. A plurality of piezoelectric diaphragms are disposed in parallel, and coupled to one another in a thickness direction of the... Agent:

20120099747 - Audio signal system: An audio signal system is provided having, in one embodiment, a magnetostrictive core of varying shapes, sizes, and permeability. The core is wound with a wire, thereby forming an inductor for producing a magnetic field when current is passed through the wire. A speaker, or other audio output device, is... Agent:

20120099748 - Method of providing input parameters or information for the fitting process of hearing instruments or ear pieces for a hearing device: Input parameters or information for the fitting process of individually shaped or customized hearing devices and/or ear pieces of a hearing device are provided by storing fitting relevant data during the manufacturing process of an ear piece for the use with a hearing device into storage means, the data storage... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120099749 - Electronic device with hinge mechanism: An electronic device is described that has a base and a lid, where device can be opened so that part of the base is exposed and closed so that the same part of the base is hidden. The lid is connected to the base by two bars. The bars allow... Agent: Google Inc.

20120099750 - Speaker and mixer assembly: A transportable audio system is described. The transportable audio system may include a speaker module and speaker mating module. The speaker module may include a backside mating edge and a backside interior inset from the backside mating edge. The backside mating edge may include a first attachment mechanism. The speaker... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120099751 - Attachable external acoustic chambers for a mobile device: A wireless mobile electronic device includes a first housing and a first acoustic chamber disposed within the first housing. A sound generator, within said first housing, is acoustically coupled to the first acoustic chamber. Additionally, a first acoustic port defines an opening into the first acoustic chamber. The acoustic port... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120099753 - Backplate for microphone: A microphone has a membrane (20) mounted to vibrate in response to pressure fluctuations, a backplate (30) facing the membrane and being more rigid than the membrane, and circuitry (95) for sensing the vibrations relative to the backplate, the backplate being prestressed and having a geometry such that a response... Agent: Knowles Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd.

20120099752 - Boundary microphone: A boundary microphone is provided to effectively reduce noises caused by external electromagnetic waves by providing electrostatic shielding, including on the portion of lead wires from a microphone unit to a circuit board. The boundary microphone has a base plate, a cover, a circuit board, and a microphone unit mounted... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120099754 - Audio accessory: In an audio headphone assembly (1) having a pair of earpieces (3, 5) with associated speaker units (4, 6), being attached generally to an end region (2C, 2D) of head band (2), whereby each earpiece is associated with the headband, for adjustment of the position of the ear-pieces relative to... Agent:

20120099755 - Earphone mounting structure: An earphone mounting structure includes an earphone consisting of a flat base frame shell, a speaker, a cover frame shell capped and a detachable decorative cap shell, and a mounting device adapted for securing the earphone to a cap for the head of a person. The mounting device can be... Agent:

04/19/2012 > 34 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120093320 - System and method for high-precision 3-dimensional audio for augmented reality: Techniques are provided for providing 3D audio, which may be used in augmented reality. A 3D audio signal may be generated based on sensor data collected from the actual room in which the listener is located and the actual position of the listener in the room. The 3D audio signal... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120093321 - Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding spatial parameter: An apparatus and method for encoding and decoding a spatial parameter are provided. A spatial parameter encoding apparatus may encode a spatial parameter using a correlation between spatial parameters indicating a characteristic relationship between channels of a multi-channel audio signal, so that the multi-channel audio signal may be efficiently encoded.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120093322 - Method and apparatus for downmixing multi-channel audio signals: Downmixing multi-channel audio signals to target channels by pre-downmixing frequency coefficients that are encoded using a most frequently used block type in stereo channels in the frequency domain, thereby reducing an amount of calculations and an amount of power required to downmix the multi-channel audio signals.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120093323 - Audio system and method of down mixing audio signals using the same: An audio system that provides an optimized sense of realism and an optimized three-dimensional effect to a user, the audio system including: a horizontal plane speaker set including a center channel speaker that is disposed at a reference point, a left channel speaker and a right channel speaker that are... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120093324 - Hearing aid with an antenna: A hearing aid includes a housing, and a hearing aid assembly accommodated in a housing, the hearing aid assembly having a first antenna element configured for emission of an electromagnetic field, and a second antenna element comprising a first section and a parasitic antenna element, wherein the first antenna element,... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20120093325 - Switching circuit and electronic device using the same: An electronic device includes an audio power amplifier used to output a left and a right channel audio signal, an earphone jack assembly, and a switching circuit automatically switching between a speaker mode and an earphone mode. The audio power amplifier includes a control pin enabling the audio power amplifier... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120093327 - Anchor model adaptation device, integrated circuit, av (audio video) device, online self-adaptation method, and program therefor: The present invention provides a device that performs online self-adaption of anchor models for an acoustic space, and a method thereof, the anchor models being used for categorization of an AV stream which is performed based on an audio stream in the AV stream. The device divides an input audio... Agent:

20120093326 - Audio processing apparatus and method, and program: An audio processing apparatus includes an audio signal acquisition unit which acquires an audio signal of a musical piece, a feature value extraction unit which extracts a predetermined type of feature value from the audio signal acquired by the audio signal acquisition unit in time series, a change point detection... Agent:

20120093328 - Detection circuit for audio device: A detection circuit of an electronic device, includes a jack circuit, a first switch, a second switch, and a detection end. The jack circuit includes a type detection pin and a connection detection pin. The first switch includes a first control end. The connection detection pin is connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120093329 - Localisation in a bilateral hearing device system: Disclosed is a method and system for allowing a recipient of a hearing aid device, and in one aspect, a bilateral hearing aid system, to locate the source of a sound signal about the recipient. The method uses localisation cues in the sound signal and modifies these to provide useable... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20120093330 - Aural simulation system and method: A system and method include obtaining an aural impulse signature at a first location in a simulated space. An aural impulse signature at a second location in a simulated space is also obtained. Aural impulse signature morphing is applied via a computer to aural impulse signatures of the first and... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120093332 - Adjustable audio headphone: Provided is an adjustable audio headphone, including a headphone body, a damping object and a pressing mechanism. The headphone body includes a headphone shell, which forms a sound cavity in inside thereof and a receiving chamber on one end thereof. A bottom surface of the receiving chamber forms a through... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120093331 - Earphone: Provided is an earphone, including an earphone body and an earphone cap. The earphone body includes an earphone shell forming a sound cavity and disposing a sound-guiding pipe. The sound-guiding pipe disposes at least one through hole. The earphone cap is rotatably mounted on the earphone body and includes a... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120093333 - Spatially pre-processed target-to-jammer ratio weighted filter and method thereof: The present invention provides a spatially pre-processed target-to-jammer ratio weighted filter and a method thereof, which uses two microphones to receive audio signals. The audio signals are divided into a plurality of sinusoidal waves by a fast Fourier transform (FFT) module, and a beamformer uses the sinusoidal waves to generate... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120093334 - Integrated monophonic headset: A wireless monophonic headset device has one ear piece, a control box, and a cable in between. The ear piece comprises a speaker and a battery. The control box includes circuitry including a short-range radio transceiver and a codec. The ear piece battery is connected to supply power to the... Agent:

20120093335 - Signal conversion device employing virtual files: Provided is a simple connection path through which a peripheral device connects to a screen display or speaker of an external device. A signal converting apparatus using a faking file includes: a connection unit connected with the external device; a signal reception unit receiving a digital or analog signal from... Agent:

20120093339 - 3d soundscaping: A system and method for tracking and tracing motions of multiple incoherent sound sources and for visualizing the resultant overall sound pressure distribution in 3D space in real time are developed. This new system needs only four microphones (although more could be used) that can be mounted at any position... Agent:

20120093337 - Microphone array: Embodiments of the invention improve upon the prior art array by having more carefully defined directivity functions designed to meet two criteria, being firstly to minimise cross-talk between non-adjacent microphones in the array, and secondly to design the array response such that it approximates stereophonic panning curves that have been... Agent:

20120093338 - System and method for spatial noise suppression based on phase information: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for suppressing spatial noise based on phase information. The method transforms audio signals to frequency-domain data and identifies time-frequency points that have a parameter (e.g., signal-to-noise ratio) above a threshold. Based on these points, unwanted signals can be attenuated the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120093336 - Systems and methods for performing sound source localization: Systems and methods for performing sound source localization are provided. In one aspect, a method for locating a sound source using a computing device subdivides a space into subregions. The method then computes a sound source power for each of subregions and determines which of the sound source energies is... Agent:

20120093340 - Variable directional microphone unit and variable directional microphone: A variable directional microphone unit includes, a pair of microphone elements disposed back to back, output signal systems of the microphone elements connected to a hot-side terminal and a cold-side terminal of a balanced output respectively, an inverting amplifier connected to one output signal system of the microphone elements, an... Agent:

20120093341 - Apparatus and method for separating sound source: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for separating sound sources capable of learning distributions of corresponding sound sources based on the assumption that specific sound sources have specific distributions based on interchannel correlation parameter in audio signals providing space perception through a plurality of channels to separate an amount... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120093342 - Microphone link system: A microphone link system comprises a microphone that coverts an acoustic sound signal into an electrical sound signal, a slave unit that receives the electrical sound signal, a master unit, and a bus connecting the slave unit to the master unit. The slave unit comprises an analog-to-digital converter that converts... Agent:

20120093343 - Electronically-simulated live music: A method for producing an electronically-simulated live musical performance, the method comprising providing morph-friendly solo tracks, morphing the morph-friendly solo tracks to produce a morphed track, and post-processing the morphed track. The method may also include combining the post-processed morphed track with one or more supporting tracks to produce an... Agent: Convey Technology Incorporated

20120093344 - Optimal modal beamformer for sensor arrays: A method of forming a beampattern in a beamformer of the type in which the beamformer receives input signals from a sensor array, decomposes the input signals into the spherical harmonics domain, applies weighting coefficients to the spherical harmonics and combines them to form an output signal, wherein the weighting... Agent: Ntnu Technology Transfer As

20120093345 - Acoustic transducer including airfoil for generating sound: Systems, apparatus, devices, and methods for converting electrical signals into sound using an acoustic transducer. The inventive acoustic transducer utilizes the motion of an airfoil shaped element to generate a sound wave, with the airfoil element being driven in response to an electrical signal input to a suitable driving element.... Agent: Aliphcom

20120093346 - Mems microphone: A microphone package wherein an MEMS microphone chip (MIC) is mounted on a substrate (SUB) and is sealed with a cover (ABD) with respect to the substrate. The membrane (MMB) of the microphone chip is connected to a sound entry opening (SEO) in the substrate via an acoustic channel. As... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120093347 - Array element rigging component, system and method: Disclosed herein is a rigging component for connecting an array element in an array. The rigging component includes an elongate housing connectable to an array element; a connection link disposed within, and slideably extendible from, one end of the housing; a conduit extending into the housing from its opposite end,... Agent:

20120093348 - Generation of 3d sound with adjustable source positioning: A system for generating 3D sound with adjustable source positioning includes a first stage and a second stage, which is coupled to the first stage and to a speaker array that includes a plurality of speakers. The first stage is configured to position a plurality of virtual sound sources through... Agent: National Semiconductor Corporation

20120093349 - Hearing aid with battery door locking mechanism and method for operating the battery door locking mechanism: A hearing aid includes a housing, a battery door configured to receive a battery, and a battery door locking mechanism. The battery door locking mechanism includes a magnetic element configured to magnetically lock or unlock the battery door. In order to open the battery door, an external actuator having a... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120093350 - Speaker system: A speaker system includes a case defining a center hole and a body surrounding the center hole, an electroacoustic transducer received in the center hole of a case, and a microphone. The body of the case defines a sidewall, a bottom extending outwards from the sidewall, and a projecting element... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120093351 - Combined headphone set and portable speaker assembly: A combined headphone set including a speaker assembly. The headphone set includes a headband having a speaker headphone on opposing ends of the headband. Each of the speaker headphones includes an exterior speaker for public listening and an interior speaker for personal listening by the user. One of the speaker... Agent:

20120093352 - Detachable loudspeaker structure having both audio and supporting functions: The present invention is to provide a detachable loudspeaker structure including a loudspeaker, a circuit board, a housing and a signal connector, wherein the circuit board is electrically connected to the loudspeaker and the signal connector, the housing forms a receiving space therein for receiving the loudspeaker and circuit board... Agent: Hannspree, Inc.

20120093353 - Micro speaker: A speaker comprises a permanent magnet (2) and a coil (8) positioned around the permanent magnet (2) and attached to a membrane (10), wherein the membrane comprises an elastomer of thickness less than 0.3 mm and with a Young's modulus below 100 MPa.... Agent: Knowles Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 35 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120087502 - Btsc encoder: The disclosed BTSC encoder includes a left high pass filter means; a matrix means for receiving the digital left and digital right filtered signals, and including means for summing the digital left and digital right filtered signals and thereby generating a digital sum signal, and including means for subtracting one... Agent: That Corporation

20120087504 - Multi-channel audio encoding and decoding: An audio encoder and decoder use architectures and techniques that improve the efficiency of multi-channel audio coding and decoding. The described strategies include various techniques and tools, which can be used in combination or independently. For example, an audio encoder performs a pre-processing multi-channel transform on multi-channel audio data, varying... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120087503 - Multi-channel audio over standard wireless protocol: A wireless multi-channel audio system including an audio source with a wireless transceiver configured to communicate according to a standard wireless protocol and an audio controller, which are collectively configured to establish wireless communications with multiple audio sinks via a corresponding wireless link, to assign each audio sink a corresponding... Agent: Passif Semiconductor Corp.

20120087506 - Antenna system for a hearing aid: A hearing aid includes a hearing aid assembly having an antenna for emission of an electromagnetic field, a transceiver for wireless data communication, the transceiver interconnected with the antenna, and a housing for accommodation of the antenna, wherein the antenna comprises a first section having a length between at least... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20120087505 - Wireless binaural hearing system: A wireless binaural hearing system comprises a left-ear hearing device, a right-ear hearing device and auxiliary devices. The devices communicate via radio signals. Each device comprises a radio transmitter transmitting messages, each hearing device comprises a radio receiver receiving messages, the auxiliary device is adapted to transmit application messages, and... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120087507 - Method and system for enhancing sound: A method of enhancing audio sound. The method includes sensing an acoustic signal using a microphone in an electronic device. The acoustic signal is emitted in response to a primary sound signal and transmitted as a sound wave through a space. The method further includes receiving, using an antenna in... Agent: Clair Brothers Audio Enterprises, Inc.

20120087508 - Computer enabled karaoke machine: A karaoke machine with an integrated computer interface device is disclosed. The karaoke machine includes at least one microphone input having an audio output. A computer interface device configured and arranged to receive digital audio and convert it to analog audio. At least one speaker is also included. A summing... Agent: Ion Audio, LLC

20120087509 - Method of determining parameters in an adaptive audio processing algorithm and an audio processing system: A method and an audio processing system determine a system parameter, e.g. step size, in an adaptive algorithm, e.g. an adaptive feedback cancellation algorithm so as to provide an alternative scheme for feedback estimation in a multi-microphone audio processing system. A feedback part of the system's open loop transfer function... Agent:

20120087511 - Canal phones with structure and method for selectively passing or blocking environmental ambient sound and switchable electrical connections: A canal phone incorporates a transducer within an isolation sound chamber for reproducing sound from an audio source, and a sound-transmission passageway, or ambient sound port, for allowing ambient sounds to enter the isolation sound chamber. The passageway has inner and outer apertures, one oriented towards the ambient noise environment... Agent:

20120087510 - Noise cancelling stereo headset: A noise-cancellation wired headset device has a left ear piece, a right ear piece, a control box, first and second cables, and a connector for connecting the control box to a third cable. Each of the ear pieces comprises its own speaker, microphone and battery. The control box includes circuitry... Agent:

20120087512 - Distributed signal processing systems and methods: Systems and methods for parallel and distributed processing of audio signals produced by a microphone array are described. In one aspect, a distributed signal processing system includes an array of microphones and an array of processors. Each processor is connected to one of the microphones and is connected to at... Agent:

20120087513 - Microphone unit and sound collecting device: To provide a microphone unit capable of acquiring a target sound with high accuracy. A microphone unit in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a plurality of microphones, a microphone substrate on which the plurality of microphones are mounted, and a vibration observation device disposed at... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120087514 - Method and apparatus for remotely switching noise reduction modes in a radio system: A radio configured to dynamically control cancellation of undesired signals in an audio stream. The radio includes a noise cancellation processor configured to receive an audio stream from a user and to alter information in the audio stream by filtering out undesired signals in the audio stream. The radio also... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20120087515 - Circuit, system and method for isolating a transducer from an amplifier in an electronic device: A circuit, device and method for controlling an output signal of an amplifier are provided. The output signal may be controlled through a first stage located before a digital to analog converter and/or a second stage located after it. The first stage boosts the digital signal to match with the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120087516 - System and methods for dynamically controlling atleast a media content with changes in ambient noise: Disclosed are methods and system method for dynamically maintaining at least an output volume of a media system at a predefined volume level in response to at least a change in an instantaneous ambient noise level. The method comprises the steps of: establishing the predefined volume level of the media... Agent:

20120087517 - Speaker unit and active speaker device: A speaker unit performing sound output in proportion to electric current by current driving includes: a frame having an opening; a magnet arranged inside the frame and formed in an annular shape; a yoke including a shaft-shaped insertion arrangement portion which is inserted into a center of the magnet; a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120087518 - Full range planar magnetic microphone and arrays thereof: Contemplated planar magnetic microphones have a magnet and diaphragm arrangement such that substantially homogenous vertical and high horizontal magnetic flux density is realized in the inter-magnet space. Most preferably, the diaphragm is disposed in the inter-magnet space and includes a voice coil covering a significant fraction of the active portion... Agent: Hpv Technologies, Inc.

20120087519 - Communication headset: A communication headset is disclosed. The headset comprises two earpieces: a first earpiece, having a first arm, positionable in front of a wearer's ear and a second arm, positionable behind a wearer's ear, with a first bone conduction speaker carried on the second arm; and a second earpiece, having a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120087520 - Acoustic reflector and energy storage for media assemblies: A speaker assembly is provided with a housing, a speaker mounted to the housing, and a reflector spaced apart from and facing the speaker. The reflector is symmetrical and has an arcuate central convex region for reflecting pressure back to the speaker for amplifying back pressure to the speaker. The... Agent:

20120087521 - Microphone package with embedded asic: A packaged microphone has a base, a lid coupled to the base forming an interior, a MEMS microphone secured to the base within the interior, and an integrated circuit embedded in the base. Apertures in the base and integrated circuit are aligned to form an aperture from the exterior of... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120087522 - Piezoelectric microspeaker and method of fabricating the same: A piezoelectric microspeaker and a method of fabricating the same are provided. The piezoelectric microspeaker includes a substrate having a through hole therein; a diaphragm disposed on the substrate and covering the through hole; and a plurality of piezoelectric actuators including a piezoelectric member, a first electrode, and a second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120087523 - Speaker having center pleat: p

20120087524 - System for using multiple hearing assistance device programmers: This disclosure relates to fitting and adjusting hearing assistance devices, including but not limited to hearing aids, using multiple programmers. A method is provided for using multiple programmers for hearing assistance devices. The method includes automatically detecting the programmers using fitting software on a personal computer. The method also includes... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120087525 - Speaker, hearing aid, inner-ear headphone, portable information processing device, and av device: A speaker including: a chassis internally including a magnet; a plate attached to a top face of the magnet; a voice coil disposed in a magnetic air gap formed in an outer perimeter of the plate so as to be vibratable in a vertical direction; a diaphragm having a periphery... Agent:

20120087526 - Housing for a standard fit hearing assistance device: A hearing aid kit includes a standard fit, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and a hearing aid tool set. The CIC hearing aid is for extended use and includes a core module inserted into a sleeve. The core module and the sleeve each include various features providing for a minimum overall... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120087528 - Adjustment and cleaning tool for a hearing assistance device: A hearing aid kit includes a standard fit, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and a hearing aid tool set. The CIC hearing aid is for extended use and includes a core module inserted into a sleeve. The core module and the sleeve each include various features providing for a minimum overall... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120087527 - Standard fit hearing assistance device with removable sleeve: A hearing aid kit includes a standard fit, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid and a hearing aid tool set. The CIC hearing aid is for extended use and includes a core module inserted into a sleeve. The core module and the sleeve each include various features providing for a minimum overall... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120087529 - Underground subwoofer: An underground subwoofer system in which abrupt disruptions in airflow have been corrected through modifications of the subwoofer system output airway path, thereby substantially reducing sound wave turbulence, while simultaneously undergoing an above ground substantially 180-degree directional change in the sound wave air or airway path. These modifications provide smoothly... Agent:

20120087530 - Microphone coupler for a communication device: The disclosure relates to a microphone coupler and coupler system for a communication device. The microphone coupler comprises a conduit having an internal channel therein, a distal end, a proximal end, a first opening in the distal end connecting to the internal channel and a second opening in the proximal... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120087531 - Ultrasonically welded structures and methods for making the same: Ultrasonically welded structures and methods for manufacturing welded structures are disclosed. The welded structures can be earbuds or headphones.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120087534 - Adjustable, dual speaker element in-ear phone: An adjustable, dual speaker element earphone. One of the speaker elements is sized to fit into the cavum concha of the listeners ear and the other element (is not. A hinged joint may allow the larger speaker element may be rotated about a vertical axis of the hinged joint so... Agent: Koss Corporation

20120087532 - Earphone: An earphone including a housing, a bracket, a first speaker unit and a second speaker unit is provided. The bracket disposed inside the housing includes a front plate, a first tube portion, a second tube portion and at least one connecting portion. The first tube portion is connected to the... Agent: Cotron Corporation

20120087533 - Earphone and acoustic transducer: An earphone includes an earphone casing inside which a sound path that guides sound to a sound discharging hole is formed, and an acoustic transducer disposed inside the earphone casing. The acoustic transducer includes an accommodation casing having accommodated therein a yoke on which paired magnets disposed so as to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120087535 - Electronic device: An electronic device of the present invention has a configuration in which an enclosed space is formed continuously from an opening face of a cone portion of a speaker on a reverse side of a main face of a flat housing, and an opening portion of the enclosed space is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120087536 - Speaker unit and active speaker device: A speaker unit performing sound output in proportion to electric current by current driving includes: a frame having an opening; a magnet arranged inside the frame and formed in an annular shape; a yoke including a shaft-shaped insertion arrangement portion which is inserted into a center of the magnet; a... Agent: Sony Corporation

04/05/2012 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120082316 - Multi-channel audio encoding and decoding: An audio encoder and decoder use architectures and techniques that improve the efficiency of multi-channel audio coding and decoding. The described strategies include various techniques and tools, which can be used in combination or independently. For example, an audio encoder performs a pre-processing multi-channel transform on multi-channel audio data, varying... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120082318 - Audio direction-distance detection: A laser device, finder of range(s), and an inclinometer are used to figure a sound producing device's position adjustment(s). Laser beam(s) of the laser device and the inclinometer characterize direction(s) of sound produced by the sound producing device. The laser beam(s) can be one or more colors or patterns each... Agent:

20120082317 - Electronic devices with improved audio: An electronic device having an enclosure including an upper panel and a bottom panel operably connected to the upper panel. A transducer is operably connected to the enclosure and the transducer is configured to mechanically vibrate the enclosure. The transducer includes an electromagnet, a magnet in communication with the electromagnet... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120082319 - Spatial audio encoding and reproduction of diffuse sound: A method and apparatus processes multi-channel audio by encoding, transmitting or recording “dry” audio tracks or “stems” in synchronous relationship with time-variable metadata controlled by a content producer and representing a desired degree and quality of diffusion. Audio tracks are compressed and transmitted in connection with synchronized metadata representing diffusion... Agent:

20120082320 - wireless headset: There is provided a wireless headset for enabling communications via a communications apparatus. The headset includes a casing for containing components of the wireless headset; a controller located within the casing, the controller being for controlling operations of the wireless headset; a wireless transceiver located within the casing, coupled to... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120082321 - Input device: An input device of an electronic apparatus including an input detection unit which is provided on the electronic apparatus at a position that is difficult to be seen by a user who uses the input device, and which detects an input operation of the user; a movement distance detection unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120082322 - Sound scene manipulation: An audio-processing device having an audio input, for receiving audio signals, each audio signal having a mixture of components, each corresponding to a sound source, and a control input, for receiving, for each sound source, a desired gain factor associated with the source, by which it is desired to amplify... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120082323 - Sound signal processing device: A sound signal processing device that is capable of suitably extracting main sound from mixed sound in which unnecessary sound (for example, leakage sound and reverberant sound) is mixed with the main sound. More specifically, a mixed sound signal in the time domain including first sound and second sound, and... Agent:

20120082324 - Vibration earphone: The present invention relates to a vibration earphone that improves the efficiency of sound output from the earphone by outputting vibrations for the high sound frequency range through a mastoid and by simultaneously outputting vibrations for the low frequency range through a cylindrical low sound transmitting member. The vibration earphone... Agent:

20120082325 - Condenser microphone array chip: A plurality of structures of condenser microphones is fabricated in a single condenser microphone array chip. The condenser microphone array chip includes a substrate having a plurality of openings serving as air cavities, a first insulating layer formed in the outer periphery of the openings, a first electrode layer stretched... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120082326 - Piezoelectric speaker: The piezoelectric speaker (100) according to the present invention includes: a diaphragm (10) which includes a substrate (13) and a plurality of piezoelectric elements (11a to 11d) placed on the substrate (13); and a frame (15) for supporting the substrate (13) at the outer peripheral portion thereof, wherein the plural... Agent:

20120082327 - Vibration plate, speaker unit and portable information terminal: An edge portion includes a center portion, one end and an other end. As seen in a cross section of a vibration plate in the radial direction, the center portion, the one end and the other end each are formed in a circular arc such that the edge portion forms... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120082328 - Audio reproduction device and a method for using the aforementioned device: There is provided an audio reproduction device capable of providing audio output through at least one output member and a corresponding method for using the audio reproduction device. The audio reproduction device includes a left output member for transmission of audio, the left output member being able to fit into... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120082329 - Hearing aid with automatic mode change capabilities: A hearing aid includes a casing configured to fit behind an ear of a user's head and against a side of the user's head. The hearing aid further includes a first proximity sensor associated with the casing and configured to generate a first signal that is proportional to a proximity... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20120082330 - Method for signal processing in a hearing aid and hearing aid: A hearing aid is enabled for dynamic compression in a way to further improve the perception of acoustic signals in the provision of hearing assistance to a hearing-impaired person. Here, an input signal is divided into a plurality of frequency bands. Input-level-controlled dynamic compression is performed in at least one... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120082331 - Behind-the-ear hearing aid with interchangeable ear hook and ear tube: A hearing aid includes a casing, an ear hook, and an ear tube. The casing includes a first connector on an upper portion of the casing and a second connector on a lower portion of the casing, wherein the first and second connectors are substantially identical. The ear hook includes... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20120082332 - Sound-transmitting display device for outputting a sound corresponding to the coordinates of an object in a scene: A sound penetrating display apparatus for outputting sound having an object-based position coordinate effect is disclosed, which apparatus comprises a plurality of pixels, a plurality of holes which are distributed in an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panel in a certain dense in order for sound from a speaker... Agent:

20120082335 - Earphone arrangement and method of operation therefor: An earphone arrangement comprises a microphone (109) which generates a microphone signal and a sound transducer (101) which radiates a first sound component to a user's ear (103) in response to a drive signal. An acoustic channel (111) is further provided for channeling external sound so as to provide a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120082334 - Headset: Communication unit comprising a housing (1) in which at least one transducer is placed, and on which a microphone arm (2) is suspended. The housing also has an ear hook (6) for fastening the communication unit to the head of a user. The microphone arm (2) is pivotally connected to... Agent: Gn Netcom A/s

20120082333 - Reversible behind-the-head mounted personal audio set with pivoting earphone: A behind-the-head mounted personal audio set that allows a mono-aural personal audio device to be worn in either a wearer's left or right ear without the need to remove or detach individual components of the personal audio sent and mount is disclosed. In a disclosed embodiment, the personal audio device... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20120082336 - Earphone sleeve assembly having integral barrier: An apparatus for blocking materials from entering the sound port of an earphone, while simultaneously allowing sound to pass through unaffected is disclosed. In an earphone having an elongated nozzle with a central opening adapted to transmit sound, a removable or replaceable a sleeve assembly having a wax guard or... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

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