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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 40 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120076304 - Apparatus, method, and program product for presenting moving image with sound: According to one embodiment, an apparatus for presenting a moving image with sound includes an input unit, a setting unit, a main beam former unit, and an output control unit. The input unit inputs data on a moving image with sound including a moving image and a plurality of channels... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120076307 - Processing of audio channels: An audio apparatus comprises a processor (101) for providing a set of audio channels. A prediction circuit (103) generates a predicted signal for a first channel by adaptive filtering of a second channel by an adaptive filter. An adaptation processor (105) adapts the adaptive filter to minimize a cost function... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120076305 - Spatial audio mixing arrangement: A method comprising: receiving a plurality of audio input signals in a mixer apparatus; selecting a predetermined number of active audio input signals to be used as the basis for room effect signal generation; applying the predetermined number of dedicated room effect processing units based at least partly on the... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120076306 - Surround sound system and method therefor: A surround sound system comprises a receiver (301) for receiving a multichannel spatial signal that comprises at least one surround channel. A directional ultrasound transducer (305) is used for emitting ultrasound towards a surface to reach a listening position (111) via a reflection of the surface. The ultrasound signal may... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120076308 - Acoustic echo suppression unit and conferencing front-end: An acoustic echo suppression unit according to an embodiment of the present invention includes and input interface for extracting a downmix signal from an input signal, the input signal including the downmix signal and parametric side information, wherein the downmix and the parametric side information together represent a multichannel signal,... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120076309 - Multi-channel decoding systems capable of reducing noise and methods thereof: A multi-channel decoding method includes: receiving an input signal to generate a channel output signal; providing a first test signal serving as the input signal in a first calibration mode; and adjusting a DC voltage level of the channel output signal with a first calibration signal by reducing a difference... Agent:

20120076310 - Automatic identification of repeated material in audio signals: A system and method are described for recognizing repeated audio material within at least one media stream without prior knowledge of the nature of the repeated material. The system and method are able to create a screening database from the media stream or streams. An unknown sample audio fragment is... Agent: Shazam Entertainment Limited

20120076311 - Dynamic gain adjustment based on signal to ambient noise level: Methods and apparatuses for deriving a signal-to-noise ratio based at least in part on a measured level of a signal carrying far-end speech, and a measured level of a signal carrying ambient acoustic noise; determining a target gain adjustment based at least in part on the derived signal-to-noise ratio; applying... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120076312 - Noise level estimator: Methods and apparatuses for comparing a level of a signal carrying ambient acoustic noise with a threshold level; and based on results of the comparison, ignoring time intervals identified as noise burst in estimating ambient noise levels.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120076313 - Method for adjusting a hearing device with in-situ audiometry and hearing device: The adjustment of a hearing device is to be improved and configured in a more user-friendly fashion. To this end, a method is proposed whereby the hearing device is set individually to the user and is inserted at least partially into the auditory canal of the user. Finally an in-situ... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120076316 - Microphone array system: A method and system for enhancing a target sound signal from multiple sound signals is provided. An array of an arbitrary number of sound sensors positioned in an arbitrary configuration receives the sound signals from multiple disparate sources. The sound signals comprise the target sound signal from a target sound... Agent:

20120076314 - Aural smoothing of a vehicle: A method of controlling sounds associated with a vehicle is provided. The method includes: performing on a processor, monitoring engine torque; and selectively controlling the generation of one or more tones associated with the vehicle based on the engine torque.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120076315 - Repetitive transient noise removal: A system improves the perceptual quality of a speech signal by dampening undesired repetitive transient noises. The system includes a repetitive transient noise detector adapted to detect repetitive transient noise in a received signal. The received signal may include a harmonic and a noise spectrum. The system further includes a... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Co.

20120076318 - Cables with intertwined jackets: Fibers may be intertwined to form cables for headsets and other structures. The cables may include wires. The wires may be surrounded by a jacket formed from intertwined fibers. The intertwined fibers may include fibers with different melting temperatures. The jacket may be heated to a temperature that is sufficient... Agent:

20120076317 - Media player system with anti-voice operated switch: A media player system and method includes a microphone, a hearing appliance, a converter, a flash memory, a comparing unit, a timer, and a switching unit (e.g., anti-voice operated switch). The microphone associated with a squelch control unit receives and samples an external sound as a user listens to a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120076319 - System for accomplishing bi-directional audio data and control communications: A system for accomplishing bi-directional digital audio data and control communications. There is a host end that includes a host transceiver, a host digital signal processor that outputs a master clock signal and audio data, and a source of low-voltage power for the host components. There are a number of... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120076320 - Fine/coarse gain adjustment: Methods and apparatuses for deriving a signal-to-noise ratio based at least in part on a measured level of a signal carrying far-end speech, and a measured level of a signal carrying ambient acoustic noise, determining a target gain adjustment based at least in part on the derived signal-to-noise ratio, including... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120076321 - Single microphone for noise rejection and noise measurement: A microphone includes a sensing element having two opposing sides; and a housing including a first acoustic port having an external-facing portion defined in part by a first aperture located on a first housing side and an internal-facing portion defined in part by a first cavity within the housing, the... Agent: Bose Corporation

20120076322 - Microphone: There is provided a microphone comprising a first capacitance section M1 having a first movable electrode 101 and a second electrode 102 disposed opposite the first electrode 101 and a second capacitance section M2 that has a first movable electrode 111 and a second electrode 112 disposed opposite the first... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120076323 - Device and method for manipulating an audio signal: A device and method for manipulating an audio signal includes a windower for generating a plurality of consecutive blocks of audio samples, the plurality of consecutive blocks including at least one padded block of audio samples, the padded block having padded values and audio signal values, a first converter for... Agent:

20120076324 - System and methods for applying bass compensation in an automobile: Systems and methods for providing bass compensation to correct for uneven bass response are disclosed. An example bass compensation system includes a low pass filter configured to receive an audio signal from an audio source and provide a filtered audio signal, the low pass filter having a roll off of... Agent: Audiocontrol, Inc.

20120076325 - Phantom power circuit: A phantom power circuit has a detection circuit and a limiting circuit, the detection circuit detecting a pulse current generated in association with connection or disconnection of a condenser microphone, the limiting circuit limiting the output of the condenser microphone. The detection circuit detects a pulse current generated between input... Agent:

20120076326 - All-in-one computer audio system: An all-in-one audio system includes an audio chip, an audio interface, first and second audio signal amplifiers, a speaker, a woofer, a multi-function controller, a high definition multimedia interface (HDMI), and a switch. The multi-function controller is connected to the audio chip, the switch, the audio interface, the first and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120076327 - Microphone windscreen covers: These microphone covers may be used by anyone who is concerned about the smells (such as bad breath), and germs (such as colds, HIV, pneumonia, flu) of any sort being transferred, or the feel of another individual's saliva. These covers may be washed with your favorite soap, sprayed with your... Agent:

20120076328 - Acoustic reflector: A speaker assembly is provided with a speaker and a reflector spaced apart from the speaker. The reflector faces the speaker. The reflector has a central region and a plurality of circumferentially spaced lobes. Each lobe extends radially outward from the central region for reflecting acoustic vibrations from the speaker... Agent:

20120076329 - Comb sense microphone: A miniature microphone, comprising a diaphragm, supported for displacement in response to acoustic waves, from which a plurality of projections extend; a plurality of projections extending from a surface; a body, supporting the surface to maintain the plurality of projections from the diaphragm and the plurality of projections from the... Agent: The Research Foundation Of States University Of New York

20120076330 - Apparatus and methods for generating pressure waves: Actuator apparatus for generating a physical effect, at least one attribute of which corresponds to at least one characteristic of a digital input signal sampled periodically in accordance with a clock, the apparatus comprising at least one array of moving elements each constrained to travel alternately back and forth along... Agent: Audio Pixels Ltd.

20120076331 - Method for reconstructing a speech signal and hearing device: Speech intelligibility is to be improved in hearing devices and in particular in hearing aids. A method for reconstructing a speech signal is therefore proposed, wherein a predefined amplitude spectrum of a speech component is stored. The amplitude spectrum of an input signal containing the speech signal is acquired. At... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120076332 - Method and device for frequency compression with harmonic correction: Artifacts occurring during frequency compression, in particular in the case of hearing aids, are avoided or reduced. The method compresses the frequency of an audio signal having a fundamental frequency and at least one harmonic. The audio signal is provided in a plurality of frequency channels. The harmonic of the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120076333 - Method and device for frequency compression with selective frequency shifting: A method and device for frequency compression of audio signals to reduce the occurrence of artifacts. A component of the audio signal having a plurality of frequency channels is shifted from a first frequency channel into a second frequency channel. A dominant instantaneous frequency is determined in the first frequency... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120076334 - Hearing aid with occlusion suppression and subsonic energy control: A hearing aid includes an ambient microphone configured to receive and convert environmental sound into an electronic input signal, a hearing loss processor configured to compensate the electronic input signal in accordance with a hearing loss of a user of the hearing aid, and to generate an electronic output signal,... Agent:

20120076335 - Method and device for frequency compression in a hearing aid: A hearing aid device suitable for executing a frequency compression is optimized to achieve a better assignment between channels of a source frequency range and channels of a target frequency range. A frequency range that can be transmitted by the hearing aid device is split into a number of frequency... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120076336 - Hearing aid positioning system and structure: A hearing aid includes a relatively rigid shell which holds hearing aid electronics and one or more flexible, shape-retaining filaments attached to the hearing aid shell. The filament(s) extend(s) out a proximal side of the hearing aid shell having a shape which interacts with the user's ear anatomy such as... Agent: Intricon Corporation

20120076337 - Portable audio amplifier with interchangeable housing and storage compartment: A portable audio amplifier for a portable audio device or musical instrument that includes an internal housing and an exchangeable external housing and exchangeable cover, as well as a storage compartment is described. The storage compartment, which is contained in the internal housing, may contain a cord and other audio... Agent:

20120076338 - Microphone screen with common mode interference reduction: A microphone assembly includes a microphone composed of a case having an open end and a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board is disposed in the open case end. The microphone assembly further includes a metal screen coupled to the case over the printed circuit board for shielding the... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120076339 - Microphone component and method for operating same: A system and method are described for reducing the current consumption of a microphone component without adversely affecting performance. The system includes a micromechanical microphone capacitor, an acoustically inactive compensation capacitor, an arrangement for applying a high-frequency sampling signal to the microphone capacitor and for applying the inverted sampling signal... Agent:

20120076340 - Headphone: A headphone 1 is comprised of a driver unit 4, a cord 3a, a housing 5, and a bushing 13. The driver unit 4 generates sound waves depends on supplied sound signals. The cord 3 is connected to the driver unit 4 to supply audio signals to the driver unit... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan Limited

20120076341 - Earphone: The earphone includes a driver unit; a housing accommodating the driver unit, the housing having a front face serving as a sound emitting surface and a bowl shaped rear face; a hollow casing provided separately from the housing, the casing being configured to increase an internal volume adjacent to the... Agent:

20120076342 - Cables with intertwined strain relief and bifurcation structures: An electrical device such as a headset may have a cable. Wires in the cable may be used to connect speakers in the headset to a connector such as an audio jack. The cable may have a tubular intertwined cable cover that covers the wires. Computer-controlled servo motors in fiber... Agent:

20120076343 - Motor drive circuit: A motor-drive circuit includes: a filter circuit to attenuate a frequency band including a resonance frequency of an actuator in a target-current signal, which is a digital signal indicating a target value of a driving current to be supplied to a voice-coil motor that drives the actuator; a digital-analog converter... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.

03/22/2012 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120070004 - Digital audio distribution: A master transmitter distributes a plurality of audio channels to one or more expansion receivers as a multiplexed audio stream. Control information is also transmitted between the master transmitter and the expansion receivers. Both the control information and the multiplexed audio stream are transmitted on the same cable allowing for... Agent: Crestron Electronics, Inc.

20120070006 - Extraction of a multiple channel time-domain output signal from a multichannel signal: A digital signal processing system and method transforms pairs of channels selected from a multichannel signal into the frequency domain. Vector operations are performed upon the frequency-domain data by which signal components unique to one of the input channels are routed to one of the output channels, signal components unique... Agent: Akita Blue, Inc.

20120070005 - Stereophonic sound reproduction system: A stereophonic sound production system is provided which outputs audio signals in the form of sound through, for example, speakers to create virtual sound sources at desired locations in a three-dimensional space around a listener to develop a three-dimensional sound field. The virtual sound sources includes a direct sound source... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120070007 - Apparatus and method for bandwidth extension for multi-channel audio: A method and apparatus of effectively encoding and decoding a high-frequency signal of a multi-channel audio are provided. A multi-channel audio decoding apparatus may down-mix a multi-channel audio input signal, expand a number of channels of the down-mixed signal, select at least one of the expanded channel signal, extract a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120070008 - Sound output apparatus and method of controlling the same: A method of controlling a sound output apparatus is provided. The method includes determining frequency bands respectively corresponding to an audible band and an inaudible band in relation to a sound that is received via the sound output apparatus by referring to hearing characteristics of a user using the sound... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120070009 - Microphone array and method of use: A system for capturing high quality sound information from an impact includes a microphone stand and microphone array. The microphone stand is configured so that the microphone array arranged thereupon is focused on a single point so that ambient noise may be reduced.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120070010 - Electronic device for detecting white noise disruptions and a method for its use: The present device is an audio detection system for detecting irregularities in white noise levels. This system works by first amplifying an audio input signal and determining a baseline. A detecting unit within the system then detects audio levels at, above or below the baseline level and signals a visual... Agent:

20120070011 - Converter and method for converting an audio signal: e

20120070013 - Method and device for narrow-band noise suppression in a vehicle passenger compartment: A method and a device for suppressing noise in the passenger compartment of a vehicle, which include at least one transducer, a programmable computer, at least one acoustic sensor, the computer being configured such as to apply an electro-acoustic model of the passenger compartment to a correcting system model including... Agent: Ixmotion

20120070012 - Noise reduction system for an electrically poered automotive vehicle: A noise reduction system for an automotive vehicle powered at least in part by an electric motor located separately from the passenger compartment. The system includes at least one sensor which produces an output signal having a frequency, amplitude and phase representative of noise generated by the electric motor. At... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20120070014 - Safe earphone system and method of driving the same: Provided are a safety earphone system and a method of driving the same. The safe earphone system includes a microphone block that includes: a sound input terminal for receiving sound information from a sound system; a sound output terminal for receiving the sound information and transmitting the sound information to... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yeungnam University

20120070015 - Apparatus and method for enhancing audio quality using non-uniform configuration of microphones: An audio quality enhancing apparatus and method is provided in which a microphone array has a non-uniform configuration and thus a beam pattern of a desired direction is obtained in a wide range of frequencies including higher frequency bands and lower frequency bands even when the microphone array is relatively... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120070016 - Sound quality correcting apparatus and sound quality correcting method: A sound quality correcting apparatus includes: an input module; a feature quantity calculator; a score calculator; a modulation spectrum power calculator; a score corrector; and a signal corrector. The input module receives an input audio signal. The feature quantity calculator calculates feature quantities of the input audio signal for each... Agent:

20120070017 - Media delivery system with improved interaction: Methods and systems for improved interaction between media devices and accessory devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, the improved interaction can operate to configure a user interface of a media device dependent on the type or condition of an accessory device. In the same or another embodiment, the improved interaction... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120070019 - Methods for addressing equipment in tree networks: Electronic equipment such as hosts, hubs, and devices may be connected to form a network. The electronic equipment may include audio connectors such as four-contact plugs and jacks. Cables may be used to interconnect the audio connectors and thereby form communications paths between pieces of equipment in the network. The... Agent:

20120070018 - Reduced microphone handling noise: Methods and apparatuses for reduced microphone handling noise are disclosed. In one example, a microphone system includes a microphone to output a microphone output signal and a sensor adapted to output a sensor signal indicating whether the sensor is in proximity to or touching a user finger. A processor is... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120070020 - Speaker device, audio control device, wall attached with speaker device: A speaker (10) includes: a speaker unit (20); a passive radiator (50x) in front of the speaker unit (20); and a cabinet (30) storing the speaker unit (20) to cover a rear space behind the speaker unit (20) to seal a space (30x) between the speaker unit (20) and the... Agent:

20120070021 - Apparatus for reproducting wave field using loudspeaker array and the method thereof: Provided is an apparatus and method for reproducing a wave field using a loudspeaker array. A loudspeaker array may be configured in front of and behind a listener, and a wave field synthesis rendering and a three-dimensional sound image localization rendering may be performed based on a position of a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120070022 - Speaker, hearing aid, earphone, and portable terminal device: A speaker capable of suppressing deterioration of acoustic efficiency while allowing miniaturization of the speaker includes a first unit (20) and a second unit (21) each of which outputs sound. The first unit (20) includes: a diaphragm (25) which vibrates back and forth to radiate sound; and plural suspensions (26a,... Agent:

20120070023 - Hearing aid fitting device: This hearing aid fitting device (1) comprises a client data storage section (10) that stores a plurality of hearing ability data and hearing adjustment result data for each of hearing ability data, a close user determination section (11) to which the client data storage section (10) and a hearing ability... Agent:

20120070024 - Hearing aid with occlusion suppression: A hearing aid includes an ambient microphone configured to receive and convert environmental sound into an electronic input signal, a hearing loss processor configured to process the electronic input signal in accordance with a hearing loss of a user, and generate an electronic output signal, a receiver, an ear canal... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20120070025 - In-wall loudspeaker mounting method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for mounting a loudspeaker within a cavity in the wall of a room to lessen the transmission of vibration to the wall comprises a weight support member coupled to the speaker cabinet and at least one flexible member extending from the speaker cabinet into engagement with... Agent:

20120070026 - Speaker system: A speaker system includes a case having a receiving chamber; a variable mechanism received in the receiving chamber for dividing the receiving chamber into a first chamber and a second chamber and being capable of varying a volume of the first chamber; and a speaker unit is received in the... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120070027 - Headset with magnetically attached ear pad: A headset (1) comprising at least one earphone (2, 3) with at a first earphone side (39) and earphone attachment means (14) for detachably attaching an ear pad (8) with co-operating ear pad attachment means (16) to the first earphone side (39). The headset (1) further comprises a wearing device... Agent:

20120070028 - Earphone system, apparatus, and method for enhancing personal safety: An earphone system, apparatus, and method enables a user to simultaneously receive auditory stimuli from an earphone-based source and at least one secondary source thereby enhancing a user's personal safety while listening to earphone-based auditory stimuli. At least one primary earphone device having a loudspeaker is positioned adjacent the user's... Agent:

03/15/2012 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120063603 - Home theater component for a virtualized home theater system: The present disclosure relates to a Wide Area Network (WAN) based home theater system. In one embodiment, a home theater at a subscriber premises includes multiple home theater components, which include multiple audio playback components and a video playback component. Each home theater component is enabled to receive data from... Agent: Novara Technology, LLC

20120063604 - Scalable multi-channel audio coding: An audio encoder adapted to encode a multi-channel audio signal. The encoder comprises an encoder combination module (ECM) for generating a dominant signal part and a residual signal part being a combined representation of first and second audio signals, the dominant and residual signal parts being obtained by applying a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120063605 - Acoustic apparatus: Measurement signals for calculating acoustic characteristics of the acoustic space are reproduced in a plurality of periods at sound reproduction intervals. A picked-up signal is acquired by picking up a reproduced signal. The picked-up signal is divided for each period, and the acoustic characteristics of the acoustic space are calculated... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120063606 - Sound pressure prediction apparatus, sound pressure prediction method, and information storage medium: A sound pressure level prediction apparatus includes a storage unit for storing measured sound pressure levels. The sound pressure level prediction apparatus also includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire sound pressure levels measured at a plurality of locations for a first fan and at least one sound pressure level... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120063607 - Mobile electronic device and sound playback method thereof: A mobile electronic device and a sound playback method thereof are provided. The mobile electronic device includes a sensor, a speaker, and a controller coupled to the sensor and the speaker. The sensor detects whether the speaker is blocked or not. When the speaker is blocked, the controller multiplies a... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120063609 - Acoustic multi-channel cancellation: A multi-channel acoustic echo canceller arrangement comprises a microphone (111) providing a microphone signal having contributions from at least two audio sources (107, 109) to be cancelled. An echo canceling circuit (113, 115) performs echo cancellation of the two audio sources (107, 109) based on channel estimates for channels from... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120063608 - System for extraction of reverberant content of an audio signal: A reverberant characteristic of an acoustic space is superimposed on an audio signal that is received by an apparatus. The apparatus decomposes the audio signal into an estimated original dry signal component and an estimated reverberant characteristic of the acoustic space. Estimation of the original dry signal component and the... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120063610 - Signal enhancement using wireless streaming: A method, device and system enhance an audio signal in a receiving device. The method comprises acoustically propagating a target signal from an acoustic source along an acoustic propagation path, providing a propagated acoustic signal at the receiving device; converting the received propagated acoustic signal to a propagated electric signal,... Agent:

20120063611 - Noise canceling headphone and noise canceling earmuff: A noise canceling headphone includes a microphone provided in a headphone housing, collecting external sound, a canceling signal generating circuit generating a canceling signal in response to a signal output from the microphone which cancels external sound passing through the housing without being attenuated by a sound insulating characteristic of... Agent:

20120063612 - Acoustic signal corrector and acoustic signal correcting method: According to one embodiment, an acoustic signal corrector includes: an output module; a selection receiver; and a holder. The output module is configured to output a plurality of acoustic signals. Amplitude values of frequencies within a frequency band of each of the acoustic signals are emphasized as emphasized amplitude values.... Agent:

20120063613 - Recording apparatus, recording condition setting method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with recording condition setting program: A recording apparatus includes: a plurality of microphones having directivity to output collected sound; a switch portion to switch a direction of directivity of each of the plurality of microphones to one of a plurality of predetermined direction patterns; a detection portion to detect a direction pattern switched by the... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120063614 - Audio signal dynamic equalization processing control: Apparatuses for and methods of carrying out dynamic equalization processing of an audio signal, and apparatuses for and methods of controlling such equalization processing of the audio signal to dynamically adjust the time-varying spectrum of an audio signal to more closely match a user specified target time-invariant perceived audio signal... Agent:

20120063615 - Equalization profiles for dynamic equalization of audio data: Apparatuses for and methods of carrying out dynamic equalization processing of an audio signal, and apparatuses for and methods of controlling such equalization processing of the audio signal to dynamically adjust the time-varying spectrum of an audio signal to more closely match a user specified target time-invariant perceived audio signal... Agent:

20120063616 - Dynamic compensation of audio signals for improved perceived spectral imbalances: An input audio signal is equalized to form an output audio signal on the basis of an intended listening sound pressure level, the output capabilities of a particular playback device, and unique hearing characteristics of a listener. An intended listening level is first determined based on the properties of the... Agent:

20120063617 - Preventing subtractive track separation: Disclosed are techniques for preventing extraction of original audio tracks from a song. The techniques are executed on a game platform and involve providing a first and second audio track representing parts of a musical composition, mixing the first audio track and the second audio track to provide a mixed... Agent: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

20120063618 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a signal processing section and a speaker array that includes a first speaker units group and a second speaker units group. The signal processing section performs a first signal process in which sound based on an audio signal of a first channel is set to output... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120063619 - Headphone improvements: A method of providing an audio signal to a headphone apparatus for a user is disclosed. The method comprises providing a headphone apparatus comprising at least one left speaker for a left ear of a user having a sound path from the left speaker to the left ear canal and... Agent:

20120063620 - Hearing aid apparatus: A call other than a conversion partner call and various sounds are detected by input audio signals from plural microphones without deteriorating a voice recognition precision. A hearing aid apparatus according to the present invention corrects a frequency characteristic of the call voice other than the conversation partner voice based... Agent:

20120063621 - Connector for hearing instrument, hearing instrument and hearing instrument system: A connector for a hearing instrument has an electrical or acoustic connection component and a mechanical connection component. The electrical or acoustic connection component is brought into mutual engagement with an electrical or acoustic connection element inside a housing of the hearing instrument. The mechanical connection component is brought into... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120063622 - Hearing system comprising an earpiece: A hearing system includes at least one earpiece having a shell, an elongate retention element attached to the shell, and an insert unit. The shell has a sound tube portion carrying a soft tip for insertion into the user's ear canal, an outwardly oriented interface portion for detachably receiving the... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120063623 - Tensioned adjustment mechanism for mounted loudspeaker system: A compensation assembly for a mounted loudspeaker system includes a mounting frame having a spherical front socket; a retaining ring; a compensating back socket having a spherical back socket; and a woofer frame having a spherical ball structure that fits between the front and back sockets. The compensating back socket... Agent: Niles Audio Corporation

20120063625 - Apparatus having one or more removable tools: An apparatus includes a frame having an opening, a gate mechanism partially bounding the opening, at least one tool receiving section, and a power source. The apparatus includes at least one electronic device configured to be received in the at least one tool receiving section. The frame is configured to... Agent:

20120063624 - Audio base of a tablet personal computer: The present invention discloses an audio base of a tablet personal computer. A front rim of an audio base body is provided with a tablet personal computer upright emplacing slot and a rear rim is provided with a semi-circular slot to emplace a barrel-shaped speaker. A circumference of the barrel-shaped... Agent:

20120063626 - Speaker with acoustic chamber: A speaker with acoustic chamber is provided. The speaker includes a main body and an acoustic chamber fixed to the main body. The acoustic chamber can be converted between a collapsed state and an expanded state. The acoustic chamber is drawn to the expanded state to increase the volume of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120063627 - Loudspeaker device: An object of the present invention is to provide a loudspeaker device which has a high moisture resistance and can further widens an audio range of low-frequency range sounds. To achieve the above object, a closed box loudspeaker device of the present invention includes a loudspeaker unit which is attached... Agent: Visionarist Co., Ltd.

20120063629 - Microphone having flexible pipe: There is provided a microphone having a flexible pipe, which has a configuration capable of preventing both of the occurrence of noise caused by extraneous electromagnetic waves and the occurrence of noise caused by electric discharge when touched. In a unit holder 20 to which a microphone unit 10 is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120063628 - Sound reproduction systems and method for arranging transducers therein: Loudspeaker system including a housing and at least four transducers arranged therein. Each transducer includes a substantially circular diaphragm and the diaphragms are constructed with specific sizes such that the ratio of a diameter of each diaphragm to the diameter of an immediately larger diaphragm is between 1:1 and 1:Phi2... Agent:

20120063630 - Cradle apparatus: A cradle apparatus includes a casing, a mounting unit provided to the casing so that an electronic device is mounted thereto, and a speaker provided only to a bottom portion of the casing and having a downward vibration plate which emits a sound supplied from the electronic device mounted to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120063631 - Method for manufacturing spiral coil, the spiral coil, and electro-magnetic acoustic transducer including the same: A method for manufacturing a spiral coil, the method including: forming a solenoid having a diameter larger than a length by spirally winding an insulated electric wire; forming a spiral coil having folded corners by folding four corners in a circumference direction with respect to the solenoid; fixing the folded... Agent:

20120063632 - Drive control circuit for vibration speaker: A drive signal generating unit generates a drive signal having a cyclic waveform containing a zero period in a vibration mode. A driver unit generates the drive current in response to the drive signal generated by the drive signal generating unit so as to supply the drive current to a... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.

20120063633 - Speaker: A speaker has an acoustic diaphragm, and an actuator that is driven based on a first acoustic signal. The actuator has a transmission portion that is directly or indirectly attached to the acoustic diaphragm and transmits a displacement output of the actuator to the acoustic diaphragm. The speaker also has... Agent: Sony Corporation

03/08/2012 > 32 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120057709 - Multiple channel audio system supporting data channel replacement: An audio processing system is disclosed. The audio processing system may include a processor and a transmitter and may allow a surround sound system to utilize the transmission bandwidth efficiently by adaptively transmitting a supplementary data from a secondary source in addition to the audio signals of a primary source.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120057710 - Apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal: An apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal based on an input audio signal and an input parameter. The apparatus includes a decomposer for decomposing the input audio signal based on the input parameter to obtain a first decomposed signal and a second decomposed signal different from each... Agent:

20120057711 - Noise suppression device, noise suppression method, and program: A noise suppression device includes a framing unit, a band dividing unit, a band power computing unit, a noise determining unit that determines whether or not each band is noise, a noise band power estimating unit, a noise suppression gain determining unit, a noise suppression unit that applies the noise... Agent:

20120057713 - Automatic audio system equalizing: An automated process for equalizing an audio system and an apparatus for implementing the process. An audio system includes a microphone unit, for receiving the sound waves radiated from a plurality of speakers, acoustic measuring circuitry, for calculating frequency response measurements; a memory, for storing characteristic data of the loudspeaker... Agent:

20120057712 - Multi-channel audio display: An audio display system can include an audio input configured to receive a plurality of inputs corresponding different audio channels of a multi-channel audio signal. A phase calculator is configured to determine a relative phase between at least a given pair of the audio channels. An amplitude calculator is configured... Agent:

20120057714 - Automatic tunable earphone and method for tuning the same: An automatic tunable earphone connected with an external audio device has an audio signal output unit, a loudspeaker, a microphone, a data memorizer and an arithmetic unit. The audio signal output unit outputs a testing audio signal into the loudspeaker for generating a testing sound which is transmitted into an... Agent:

20120057715 - Spatial audio encoding and reproduction: A method and apparatus processes multi-channel audio by encoding, transmitting or recording “dry” audio tracks or “stems” in synchronous relationship with time-variable metadata controlled by a content producer and representing a desired degree and quality of diffusion. Audio tracks are compressed and transmitted in connection with synchronized metadata representing diffusion... Agent:

20120057716 - Generating acoustic quiet zone by noise injection techniques: A quiet zone generation technique for acoustic/audio signals is proposed for mitigation of selected noise or interferences over limited areas in free space by injecting the very acoustic noise, interference, or audio feedback signals via iterative processing, generating quiet zones dynamically. This creates undesired noise-free quiet zones. Optimization loops operating... Agent:

20120057719 - Adaptive filter in a sensor array system: Disclosed is a steerable sensor array that receives input from a target and applies an averaging filter. An adaptive filter is then used if the SNR of the output of the averaging filter reaches a threshold.... Agent:

20120057720 - Audio noise cancelling: A noise canceling system comprises a microphone (103) for generating a captured signal representing sound in an audio environment and a sound transducer (101) for radiating a sound canceling audio signal in the audio environment. A feed-back path (105, 107, 109, 111, 113) exists from the microphone (103) to the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120057718 - Noise reduction circuit and method therefor: Noise cancellation is effected for audio devices. In connection with various embodiments, a forward leakage transfer function is determined using a signal corresponding to detected portions of the generated sound that has leaked out of the user's ear canal with the proximate end of the earphone inserted in (or otherwise... Agent:

20120057717 - Noise suppression for sending voice with binaural microphones: Noise-suppressing techniques using a dual-microphone headset include methods in which first and second audio input signals are generated from first and second microphones placed in or near a user's ears, or on each side of the user's throat. These audio input signals are correlated, to produce a correlation signal, and... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20120057721 - Component having a micromechanical microphone structure, and method for operating such a microphone component: A concept is proposed for a MEMS microphone which may be operated at a relatively low voltage level and still have comparatively high sensitivity. The component according to the present invention includes a micromechanical microphone structure having an acoustically active diaphragm which functions as a deflectable electrode of a microphone... Agent:

20120057722 - Noise removing apparatus and noise removing method: Disclosed herein is a noise removing apparatus, including: an object sound emphasis section adapted to carry out an object sound emphasis process for observation signals of first and second microphones to produce an object sound estimation signal; a noise estimation section adapted to carry out a noise estimation process for... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120057723 - Signal processing apparatus and method: A signal processing apparatus includes a first audio output unit configured to output audio of a first audio signal input from a first signal input line, a first pickup unit connected to the first signal input line, a second audio output unit configured to output audio of a second audio... Agent:

20120057724 - Automatic audio system equalizing: An automated process for equalizing an audio system and an apparatus for implementing the process. An audio system includes a microphone unit, for receiving the sound waves radiated from a plurality of speakers, acoustic measuring circuitry, for calculating frequency response measurements; a memory, for storing characteristic data of the loudspeaker... Agent:

20120057725 - Control terminal apparatus and control method: A control terminal apparatus includes a transmission unit transmitting a control signal to audio output apparatuses, a display unit, an operation detector detecting an operation associated with display content, and a controller displaying individual volume setting sections which correspond to the audio output apparatuses and which include operation members performing... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120057726 - Sound volume limiter using continuous evaluation of the incurred sound exposure dose to prevent hearing damage without degrading the user experience: A system and method is described for automatically limiting the sound exposure incurred by users of sound reproducing devices, by continuously tracking and evaluating the cumulative sound exposure dose. Instead of limiting the average sound level to a fixed maximum, the user retains freedom to adjust the sound volume to... Agent:

20120057727 - Selection device: A selection device includes an acquisition part to acquire digital selection signals, and an output part to output selection signals to respective unit cells, each unit cell capable of being commanded to output the value zero. In the selection device, each selection signal is to command the unit cell to... Agent: Trigence Semiconductor, Inc.

20120057728 - Piezoelectric acoustic transducer: A piezoelectric speaker (100) includes: a chassis (110) having a wall surface including an opening; a plurality of diaphragms including at least a first piezoelectric diaphragm and second piezoelectric diaphragms (120, 130a, 130b) which vibrate in phases opposite to each other when a voltage is applied; and a joint member... Agent:

20120057729 - Mems microphone package: A microelectromechanical system microphone package has at least one sensitive diaphragm provided in the front side of a microphone component. The microphone component and a cap wafer are connected to one another with their front sides facing one another. The cap wafer functions as an intermediate wafer for installing the... Agent:

20120057730 - Piezoelectric acoustic transducer: A piezoelectric acoustic transducer (1) of the present invention includes a lower frame (78), a lower speaker circuit (20), an upper frame (77), an upper speaker circuit (10), and a surround (76). The upper speaker circuit (10) has a piezoelectric diaphragm (14) in which piezoelectric elements (16, 17), each having... Agent:

20120057731 - Method and device for activating a media player: A method and device for activating a media player enables efficient and convenient access to media files. The method includes determining that a wireless communication device is not operatively coupled to a network. An operative coupling of a speaker system to the wireless communication device is detected. The media player... Agent: Motorola Mobility, Inc.

20120057732 - Method and apparatus of adjusting distribution of spatial sound energy: Provided is a method of adjusting a distribution of spatial sound energy, including storing information associated with a sound transfer function from each of speakers of a speaker array to a position of at least one listener, and information associated with the sound transfer function from each of the speakers... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120057733 - Hearing aid device and hearing aid method: Disclosed are a hearing aid device and a hearing aid method capable of controlling a directivity process or an amplification process in a hearing aid with a user's hand placement so as to match a users intuition. A hearing aid device includes a plurality of microphones which converts picked sound... Agent:

20120057734 - Hearing device system and method: A system for linking together audio signal producing, signal processing, and ear coupling devices comprising, in an embodiment: (1) an in-ear audio coupling device; (2) hearing aid electronics; (3) an external audio signal generating device; and (4) a module for audio mixing and enhancement.... Agent: Asius Technologies, LLC

20120057735 - Bendable hearing device: Within a casing of a hearing device to be worn in the area of the auricle such as behind the ear, comprises bendable portions (5) such that the hearing device (1) can be at least partially deformed.... Agent: Phonak Ag

20120057736 - Audio device, and methods for designing and making the audio devices: An audio device is provided with a plurality of Helmholtz resonators. Whereas a cross-sectional area of a neck and a volume of a cavity communicating with the neck are same between at least two of the Helmholtz resonators, a ratio of minimum and maximum values of distances between a center... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120057737 - Hybrid acoustic/electric signal converting device: This disclosure is directed to implementing a measure of additionally including and installing a load register connected to a circuit chip in a printed circuit board so that the corresponding circuit chip may normally obtain and receive a series of operation powers by using the load register included in the... Agent: Pilkor Cst. Co., Ltd.

20120057738 - Headphone: A headphone has a shell, a speaker received in the shell for making sound, a covering element fixed on the shell. A top of the shell is recessed to form a receiving cavity. A damping plate is received in the receiving cavity for separating the receiving cavity and the resonance... Agent:

20120057739 - Ergonomic earpiece and attachments: An earpiece that substantially lacks a lower lobe is disclosed. In one example, the earpiece can have a generally arcuate rib having upper and lower ends. A lobe can be formed at the upper end of the arcuate rib. No lobe is formed at the lower end of the arcuate... Agent:

20120057740 - Security and protection device for an ear-mounted audio amplifier or telecommunication instrument: A security and protection device for an ear-mounted audio amplifier or telecommunication instrument. The device includes a resilient water-pervious hollow sleeve sized and shaped to snugly conform to the shape of an audio amplifier or telecommunication instrument having an earpiece insertable in to the ear of a user when the... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 35 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120051547 - Apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal: An apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal based on an input audio signal and an input parameter. The apparatus includes a decomposer for decomposing the input audio signal based on the input parameter to obtain a first decomposed signal and a second decomposed signal different from each... Agent:

20120051549 - Apparatus, method and computer program for manipulating an audio signal comprising a transient event: An apparatus for manipulating an audio signal comprising a transient event has a transient signal replacer configured to replace a transient signal portion, comprising the transient event of the audio signal, with a replacement signal portion adapted to signal energy characteristics of one or more transient signal portions of the... Agent:

20120051548 - Microphone array subset selection for robust noise reduction: A disclosed method selects a plurality of fewer than all of the channels of a multichannel signal, based on information relating to the direction of arrival of at least one frequency component of the multichannel signal.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120051550 - Sound recording device, sound playback device, and sound recording/playback device: Provided is a sound recording/playback device (1) that records onto a recording medium (5) sound data captured by a microphone (6), pulls the sound data from the recording medium (5), and plays said sound data. The sound recording/playback device is provided with a discrimination means (21, 22, 23, 24) which... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120051551 - Electronic device and method for controlling audio output: An electronic device includes a storing module, an accelerometer, a first audio output module, and a control module. The storing module is configured to store a reference angle. The accelerometer is configured to sense acceleration of the electronic device along three axes X, Y, Z, wherein the X, Y, Z... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120051552 - System, method, and apparatus for adjusting an output of a transducer: A system and method for modulating the sound pressure that is output from an audio transducer is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving an audio signal and placing the audio signal across a voice coil of the transducer. In addition, a voltage is applied across a field coil... Agent: Fluxtone, Inc.

20120051553 - Sound outputting apparatus and method of controlling the same: A sound outputting apparatus and a method of controlling the same are provided. A method of controlling a sound outputting apparatus includes extracting a noise signal and a desired signal, estimating a direction of arrival (DoA) of the extracted desired signal, and outputting sound.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120051555 - Automatic volume control based on acoustic energy exposure: A method for adjusting volume in a headset based on accumulated acoustic energy density exposure is disclosed. A sound pressure value of a microphone positioned in a user's ear canal is measured. A current accumulated acoustic energy density exposure is determined based on sound pressure values measured during the rolling... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120051554 - Electronic devices with adjustable bias impedances and adjustable bias voltages for accessories: Electronic devices may provide microphone bias voltages to accessories. The accessories may include circuitry powered from the microphone bias voltages. The output impedances and the voltages of the microphone bias voltages may be adjusted during operation of the electronic devices. An electronic device may provide a bias voltage to an... Agent:

20120051556 - Parametric audio system: Ultrasonic signals are used to transmit sounds from a modulated ultrasonic generator to other locations from which the sounds appear to emanate. In particular, an ultrasonic carrier is modulated with an audio signal and demodulated on passage through the atmosphere. The carrier frequencies are substantially higher than those of prior... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120051557 - Voice coil for speaker device, and speaker device: To provide a thin speaker device a voice coil itself is made thin and vibration of the voice coil is efficiently transmitted to a diaphragm. The voice coil is used for a speaker device in which the vibration in one axial direction of the voice coil is transmitted to the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120051558 - Method and apparatus for reproducing audio signal by adaptively controlling filter coefficient: A method and an apparatus for reproducing a sound signal are provided. The method includes generating an output sound signal to be transmitted to speakers by transmitting a first input sound signal through a filter; acquiring magnitude information of the output sound signal; determining frequency response parameters related to frequency... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120051559 - Audio equalizer and methods for use therewith: An audio equalizer includes an equalization processor that operates in conjunction with a transformed-based audio decoder that generates a decoded audio signal from an encoded audio signal. The equalization processor receives an equalization input signal, generates a plurality of response coefficients in response to the equalization input and applies the... Agent: Vixs Systems, Inc.

20120051560 - Dynamic adjustment of master and individual volume controls: Techniques for controlling the volumes of multiple audio output devices using a collective (master) volume control and an individual volume control for each audio output device. In one set of embodiments, each individual volume control can be configured to indicate the current absolute volume level of its corresponding audio output... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120051561 - Audio/sound information system and method: Certain aspects relate to providing an at least one audio source to at least one user. Certain aspects relate to selectively modifying an at least one first sound source to be provided to the at least one user, wherein the at least one first sound source is combined with an... Agent:

20120051562 - Method and apparatus for recognizing accessory of portable terminal: A method and an apparatus for recognizing an accessory of a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes an interface unit in which the accessory is mounted, a power supply for supplying microphone bias power for recognizing the accessory in the interface unit, a current detector for determining an output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120051563 - System for operating a device for producing an audible alarm: A backup alarm for producing an audible warning signal which warbles or beeps, at selected audible output power (Db) levels includes a computer which drives a speaker by switching drive voltage to the speaker with above audible, high frequency pulses in packets repetitive at audible frequency. The high frequency pulses... Agent:

20120051564 - Flat speaker structure and manufacturing method thereof: A reliable flat speaker structure and a manufacturing method thereof are introduced herein. The flat speaker structure includes a first and a second vapor-resistant structure and a flat speaker unit structure. The first and second vapor-resistant structures are respectively disposed on an outer side of the flat speaker structure or... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120051565 - Audio reproduction apparatus: An audio reproduction apparatus includes: a delay equalizer (301), a delay equalizer (303), a level adjuster (314), and a level adjuster (317). The delay equalizer (301) equalizes an FL signal using an equalizer characteristic EQ9 that converts a characteristic of an audio signal perceived as being reproduced at a position... Agent:

20120051566 - Rear surround sound system and method for vehicle: A vehicle rear surround sound audio system for a vehicle includes a plurality of speaker nodes, each of the speaker nodes including at least one speaker. A subset of the speaker nodes are located in a video viewing region of a vehicle. A head unit includes a DVD or other... Agent:

20120051567 - Adapting audio signals to a change in device orientation: Left and right stereo channels L and R are provided to a first set of two or more speakers of a speaker array. A bass signal B is applied to a second set of one or more speakers of the speaker array. The level of L and R applied to... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120051568 - Method and apparatus for reproducing front surround sound: A method and apparatus for reproducing a front surround sound, whereby a coefficient of at least one beamforming filter set is determined based on a sound pressure ratio of an emphasis area to a suppression area for each of the at least one channel signal included in a sound signal,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120051569 - Automated fitting of hearing devices: Fitting a sound processing device for an individual is automated using a computer. Fitting and customisation is carried out using natural sounds without specialised audiometric equipment or audiological expertise. Software for this purpose is downloaded from an internet portal. The computer plays back acoustic signals, and obtains user input reflecting... Agent:

20120051570 - Hearing aid-compatible apparatus for wireless communication devices: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for wireless communications using a hearing aid, or other suitable receiver. According to one embodiment, a mobile phone device comprises an LCD display having a substantially planar top viewing surface, a transmitter for outputting an electromagnetic signal to an inductively-coupled hearing aid telecoil receiver, and... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120051571 - Audio communication system: An audio communication system is disclosed to enable a person addressing a group of people to be heard regardless of whether the people to whom the person is addressing or regardless of whether the person is being addressed is faced by the person giving the speech, from the rear of... Agent:

20120051572 - Shield with integrated loudspeaker: A shield having a front major surface and a rear major surface supports a loudspeaker array mounted to the shield to project sound outwardly from the front major surface. A signal source for driving the loudspeaker array is mounted to the rear major surface and supplies signals for recorded auditory... Agent:

20120051573 - Passive acoustical radiating: An audio device has passive radiators that are driven by acoustic drivers. The passive radiators are arranged so that the net mechanical vibration is minimized.... Agent:

20120051574 - In-ear headphone: An in-ear headphone has a shell, a loudspeaker accommodated in a space of the shell for making sound, an ear cushion fixed on a supporting portion of the shell. A through channel passes the whole supporting portion for connecting the space with outside to transmit the sound produced by the... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120051575 - Condenser microphone unit and condenser microphone: A condenser microphone unit includes a diaphragm; a fixed electrode defining a capacitor together with the diagram; a cylindrical electrode having a first end and a second end, the first end being fitted to the periphery of the fixed electrode; a circuit board in contact with a second end of... Agent:

20120051576 - Ear pad: An ear pad for use with a headphone apparatus. The ear pad comprises a pad portion comprising an outer circumference and an inner circumference defining an opening. The pad portion comprises an upper width between the outer and inner circumferences along a vertical mid-line of the pad portion, a lower... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120051578 - Eartip with tether: An eartip made of a resilient body with an eartip core inside the open center of the body, and a tether attached to the eartip core at an attachment region along the length of the core. A free end of the tether extends outward from the eartip, allowing a wearer... Agent: Red Tail Hawk Corporation

20120051577 - Listening device adapted for establishing an electric connection to an external device using electrically conductive parts of one or more components of the listening device: The application relates to a miniature listening device (20) comprising a housing (200) for enclosing an energy source (23) and a number of functional (21, 22, 24, 60, 70) and/or electronic (251) components of the listening device. The application further relates to the use of such listening device, to a... Agent: Oticon A/s

20120051579 - Sound and vibration transmission pad and system: The present invention is a chair or similar body-supporting apparatus for sitting on, reclining on or lying upon. The chair or similar apparatus is capable of transmitting sound and vibrations generated by a sound source and/or a vibration source to a user's body. The sound and vibrations are transmitted through... Agent:

20120051580 - Magnetic circurt and speaker using same: The present invention provides a magnet assembly and speaker including such a magnet assembly. The magnet assembly includes an outer magnet defining a pair of first plat magnets, an inner magnet surrounded by the outer magnet and defining a pair of second plat magnets, a first magnetic gap formed between... Agent: Aac Acoustic Technologies (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120051581 - Split magnet loudspeaker: A loudspeaker can provide magnetic flux from polarity-aligned split magnets to drive voice coils and generate sound. The loudspeaker may have reduced stray magnetic fields and a BL curve with symmetric and linear characteristics. The loudspeaker can include a core, split magnets, a magnet housing, a core cap, and a... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

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