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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 35 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120020478 - Interface circuit and electronic device using the same: An electronic device includes a processing unit for outputting a right channel audio signal and a left channel audio signal, and an interface circuit for generating a processed right channel audio signal and a processed left channel audio signal accordingly. The interface circuit includes two output units for electrically connecting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120020479 - Multimedia acoustics system having audio frequency digital interface: A multimedia acoustics system having the audio frequency digital interface, which includes at least a USB or IEEE1394 interface, a USB or IEEE1394 outlay sound card, a set of D type or T type audio frequency power amplifier and controlling circuit or MPU chip which match it, a PCB board... Agent:

20120020481 - Sound reproduction system and method: A sound reproduction apparatus includes: a sound source localization estimating unit (1) that estimates whether or not a sound image is localized using input audio signals in an acoustic space when the input audio signals are reproduced by speakers (FL, FR, SL, SR) placed in standard positions; a sound source... Agent:

20120020480 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for enhanced acoustic imaging: Methods, systems, and apparatus for using a psychoacoustic-bass-enhanced signal to drive an array of loudspeakers are disclosed.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120020482 - Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal: Disclosed is an apparatus for encoding and decoding a multi-channel audio signal. The apparatus for encoding the multi-channel audio signal groups channels of a multi-channel audio signal, eliminates redundant information between channels using a mixing matrix including phase information, converts a frequency of the signal, and encodes the signal.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120020483 - System and method for robust audio spatialization using frequency separation: Systems and devices for, and methods of, frequency separation and spatialization of audio content, by: (a) filtering a stream content; (b) transmitting the filtered stream content via a plurality of speaker channels, wherein at least one of the speaker channels of the plurality of speaker channels comprises an amplitude gain... Agent:

20120020484 - Audio signal quality prediction: Method and apparatus for predicting the quality of an audio signal after transmission through a communication system (21), the method using a reference signal (11) corresponding to an input signal to the communication system, and a processed signal (12) corresponding to an output signal from said communication system. The signals... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20120020485 - Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for multi-microphone location-selective processing: A multi-microphone system performs location-selective processing of an acoustic signal, wherein source location is indicated by directions of arrival relative to microphone pairs at opposite sides of a midsagittal plane of a user's head.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120020487 - Audio device volume manager using measured distance between first and second audio devices to control volume generation by the second audio device: An audio system includes a first audio device and a second audio device. A communications link connects the first and second audio devices together so that each may communicate with the other. The system includes an audio volume manager that varies the audio output level of the second audio device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120020486 - Audio device volume manager using measured volume perceived at a first audio device to control volume generation by a second audio device: An audio system includes a first audio device and a second audio device. A communications link connects the first and second audio devices together so that each may communicate with the other. The system includes an audio volume manager that varies the audio output level of the second audio device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120020488 - Control of a loudspeaker output: A method of controlling a loudspeaker of an electronic device provides voice coil temperature protection. When a power supply for the electronic device is first activated, a binding step is performed in which the loudspeaker impedance is determined and a temperature (such as ambient temperature) is accurately measured. These binding... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120020489 - Noise canceller and noise cancellation program: A directivity control unit 10 calculates a main beam signal with its directivity turned toward an object sound direction and a sub-beam signal with its blind spot turned toward the object sound direction from output signals of a plurality of microphones 2 and 3 through signal processing, and a frequency... Agent:

20120020490 - Removing noise from audio: The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for removing noise from audio that includes building a sound model that represents noises which result from activations of input controls of a computer device. The method further includes receiving an audio signal produced... Agent: Google Inc.

20120020491 - Headset: An embodiment of a headset has first and second audio output devices, an audio input device, a boom for positioning the audio input device movable to first and second locations, and a switch assembly responsive to movement of the boom. When the boom is located at the first location, the... Agent:

20120020492 - Headset wearing mode based operation: Methods and apparatuses for headset wearing mode based operation are presented. A headset system includes a first earbud and a second earbud. One or both earbuds have a detector which indicates whether the earbud is donned or doffed. Operation of the headset is modified based on the donned or doffed... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20120020493 - In-ear earphone: There is provided an in-ear earphone comprising a housing having at least one electroacoustic transducer, a control unit which outputs a test signal to the electroacoustic reproduction transducer for reproduction, and a tightness measuring unit for measuring a parameter representative of the tightness of a fit of the earphone in... Agent:

20120020494 - Signal-component extraction apparatus and signal-component extraction method: In signal-component extraction, an input signal is delayed to generate a delayed input signal. The input signal is adaptively filtered with filter coefficients, to generate a filtered signal. The filtered signal is subtracted from the delayed input signal to generate an error signal. A preset reference value is divided by... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20120020495 - Audio signal processing apparatus, audio signal processing method, and program: The present disclosure provides a audio signal processing apparatus including, an amplitude detector configured to detect a noise start point of an audio signal including a noise signal by comparing an amplitude value of the audio signal with a threshold value, a frequency feature calculator configured to calculate a frequency... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120020496 - Fast acoustic cancellation: A speech enhancement system improves the perceptual quality of an aural signal. A receiver detects and receives an unvoiced signal, a fully voiced signal, or a mixed voice remote signal. A coherence processor identifies the similarities or differences between a local signal and the remote signal. A cancellation processor or... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Co.

20120020498 - Audio signal processing apparatus: An audio signal processing apparatus performs audio signal process composed of a plurality of channels each having parameters used in the audio signal process. The audio signal processing apparatus has a plurality of channel strips, each being assigned with a channel and being provided with controls for adjusting values of... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120020497 - Audio signal processing device: An output channel processing an audio signal after mixing in a mixing bus in a digital mixer is configured such that output points PreHPF and PostON are provided at locations before and after a signal processing module group composed of signal processing modules from a high-pass filter to an ON/OFF... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120020499 - Upmixer, method and computer program for upmixing a downmix audio signal: An upmixer for upmixing a downmix audio signal into an upmixed audio signal describing one or more upmixed audio channels includes a parameter applier configured to apply upmixing parameters to upmix the downmix audio signal in order to obtain the upmixed audio signal. The parameter applier is configured to apply... Agent:

20120020500 - Printed circuit board: A printed circuit board includes a first signal layer, a first ground layer, a second signal layer, a power layer, a second ground layer, and a third signal layer. The first signal layer includes an analog audio input/output (I/O) port and an audio chip. The audio chip includes a main... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120020501 - Dual earphone using both bone conduction and air conduction: Disclosed is an earphone set using both bone conduction and air conduction. The earphone set includes: a dual earphone which allows a user to selectively hear sounds from the front or rear side of the earphone set; a case cover provided at an end of the dual earphone; a cylindrical... Agent: Vonia Corporation

20120020502 - System and method for improving headphone spatial impression: A headphone system includes a headphone, a sensor, and a processor. The headphone may provide sound from virtual speakers to a listener via a plurality of sound paths that are filtered with a plurality of filters. The sensor may sense an angular velocity of a movement of the listener. The... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120020503 - Hearing aid system: Disclosed is a hearing aid system capable of increasing the clearness of sound spoken by a speaker while reproducing the incoming direction of the sound spoken by the speaker without using an inverse mapping rule. The hearing aid system includes a sound source input section which receives sounds coming from... Agent:

20120020504 - Light activated hearing device: The invention relates to a hearing aid device for humans with impaired hearing, who have an at least partially functional cochlea and a functional nervous signalling pathway from the cochlea via the auditory nerve to the brain. The hearing aid device contains a receiver, a transducer of the sound or... Agent: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

20120020505 - Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method: A signal processing apparatus and signal processing method capable of correctly detecting that a conversation is established even in a daily environment are provided. In signal processing apparatus (100), excitation separation section (130) separates a mixed sound signal in which a plurality of excitations are mixed into the respective excitations.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120020506 - Hearing aid: In a hearing aid (100), a control device (4) comprises a transmission characteristic calculator (18), a correction characteristic calculator (21), and a correction component (17). The transmission characteristic calculator (18) calculates an at-fitting transmission characteristic Gf (ω) on the basis of correction-use sound data and first sound data produced by... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120020507 - Hearing aid and in-the-ear-device: A hearing aid may include a hearing aid housing. The hearing aid housing may include a first housing wall portion and a second housing wall portion. The first housing wall portion has a first flexibility, the second housing wall portion has a second flexibility and the first flexibility is different... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120020508 - Electronic device with speaker: An electronic device includes an upper housing, a lower housing, a speaker, and a cover assembly. The lower housing includes an interior surface and a supporting portion on the interior surface. The supporting portion, the speaker and the interior surface cooperatively enclose a first sound cavity. The cover assembly, the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120020509 - Mobile terminal: An object of the present invention is to provide a mobile terminal in which a sound path can be secured around speaker sound holes when the mobile terminal is placed and which can thereby provide stable sound to a user. A mobile terminal according to the present invention is a... Agent:

20120020510 - Microphone unit: Disclosed is a microphone unit (1) including: an electroacoustic conversion section (13) that converts sound pressure to an electrical signal; a casing (11) that accommodates the electroacoustic conversion section (13); and a cover (12) that covers the casing (11) and is provided with a first acoustic opening (121) and a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120020511 - Microphone pop filter: A microphone pop filter for attenuating plosive artifacts utilizes a substantially acoustically transparent material configured to define multiple airfoil surfaces that are oriented non-orthogonally relative to an axis defined between an audio source and a microphone diaphragm, with the substantially acoustically transparent material disposed intermediate the audio source and the... Agent:

20120020512 - Articulating speaker assembly: An articulating speaker assembly includes a first member pivotally connected to a second member for selectively changing the profile of the speaker assembly. A central driver is positioned between the first member and the second member. The first member includes a first enclosure with a cavity shaped and dimensioned for... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 33 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120014524 - Distributed bass: Low frequencies in an audio source are extracted and reintroduced into the remaining audio channels and a consequence of one possible setting of the invention is that the low frequencies are shared evenly across the two or more speaker thus avoiding the use of a special low frequency speaker known... Agent:

20120014525 - Method and apparatus for simultaneously controlling near sound field and far sound field: An apparatus and method for forming a Personal Sound Zone (PSZ) at a location of a listener are provided. An apparatus for simultaneously controlling a near sound field and a far sound field may classify the near sound field and the far sound field based on a distance between an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120014526 - Method for generating a downward-compatible sound format: A method of generating an audio output signal according to a downward compatible sound format, the method including: generating a sum signal by combining a first input channel signal with a second input channel signal; and dynamically correcting the sum signal using samples of the first and second input channel... Agent: Institut Fur Rundfunktechnik Gmbh

20120014527 - Sound system: Methods and systems for processing audio data, such as spatial audio data, in which one or more sound characteristics of a given component of a spatial audio signal are modified in dependence on a relationship between a direction characteristic of the given component and a defined range of direction characteristics;... Agent:

20120014528 - Systems and methods for audio processing: Systems and methods for audio signal processing are disclosed, where a discrete number of simple digital filters are generated for particular portions of an audio frequency range. Studies have shown that certain frequency ranges are particularly important for human ears' location-discriminating capability, while other ranges are generally ignored. Head-Related Transfer... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc.

20120014529 - Electro-acoustic transducer tuning and data storage: A device into which an electro-acoustic transducer is incorporated has at least two audio signal conductors through which the device may be coupled to another device to convey analog audio signals representing sounds at a time when the other device places a relatively low DC bias voltage across the at... Agent:

20120014530 - Multi-mode audio device interfacing: A headset having a connector compliant with a specification for a first digital serial bus incorporates a separator circuit that monitors the voltage level of one conductor of that connector to distinguish between a first digital interfacing mode in which the conductors of that connector are operated in a manner... Agent:

20120014531 - Digital data transfer via audio signal conductors: An electro-acoustic transducer or a device into which an electro-acoustic transducer is incorporated has at least two audio signal conductors through which the electro-acoustic transducer or device may be coupled to another device to convey analog audio signals representing sounds at a time when the other device places a relatively... Agent:

20120014532 - Noise-canceling headphone: A noise-canceling headphone that cancels external noise with a feedforward system includes a driver unit disposed in a housing, a microphone unit that is outwardly disposed in the housing and collects the external noise, and canceling signal generator that generates a noise-canceling signal having a phase opposite to the noise... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120014533 - Portable computer having multiple embedded audio controllers: Embodiments in accordance with the present invention provide two audio controllers embedded in a portable computer. According to one embodiment, a first audio controller 220 and a second audio controller 225 are coupled to a processing engine 230 and embedded. in a portable computer 200. The first audio controller and... Agent:

20120014534 - Wireless multi-user audio system: Various methods and devices are provided for a wireless audio system for a number of users. The system includes a base unit that is adapted to removably store, recharge and communicate with various communication modules, including personal microphone modules, table-top microphones, and audio adapters. The system also includes a plurality... Agent: Revolabs ,inc.

20120014535 - Sound collection device: The invention provides a sound collection device having little error in a desired directivity. The sound collection device includes a unidirectional microphone 12A, a unidirectional microphone 12B, and a unidirectional microphone 12C which are arranged on one plane. Each of the unidirectional microphones has the maximum sensitivity direction directed toward... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120014536 - Mute control circuit and electronic device using same: An electronic device includes an amplifier, an output unit, a processing unit, and a mute control circuit. The amplifier is for amplifying audio signals and generating amplified audio signals accordingly. The amplifier includes an output port to output the amplified audio signals. The output unit is for emitting sounds corresponding... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120014538 - Audio equipment and a control method thereof: Method of controlling the volume level of a system that consisting of an audio equipment (1) comprising a micro-processor (2) and a loudspeaker (4), and of an external device (H) connected to the audio equipment (1). The external device (H) applies a first gain (G2) to an audio signal (S)... Agent:

20120014540 - Method and apparatus for audio normalization: A request is received to play an audio file. A determination is made regarding whether volume normalization parameters associated with the audio file are stored in a media library. If the volume normalization parameters associated with the audio file are stored in the media library, the volume normalization parameters are... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120014539 - Signal processing apparatus, semiconductor chip, signal processing system, and method of processing signal: In a signal processing apparatus, a high frequency level detecting unit detects a level of a high frequency component adjusted with a first adjusting unit, and a first control unit controls a first gain of the adjusting unit according to the level of the high frequency component thus detected. Further,... Agent:

20120014537 - System and method for automatic microphone volume setting: Optimal microphone volumes are automatically set for computer applications based on determination of peak volume levels and noise levels from one or more digital audio captures. The peak volume levels and noise levels can be advantageously determined based on distribution curves of sample volume levels in the digital audio captures.... Agent: Adacel Systems, Inc.

20120014541 - Amplifying device for condenser microphone: An amplifying device for a condenser-microphone according to the present invention includes: a differential amplifier (20) having an inverting input terminal (1) to which a sound pressure signal output from a condenser microphone (21) is input and a non-inverting input terminal (2) to which a dc bias voltage is applied;... Agent:

20120014542 - Narrow directional condenser microphone: There is provided a narrow directional condenser microphone having an acoustic tube, in which a condenser microphone unit having a large effective diaphragm area is arranged on the rear end portion side of the acoustic tube to achieve high sensitivity without an increase in the diameter of the acoustic tube.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120014543 - Electrostatic speaker and manufacturing method thereof and conductive backplate of the speaker: An electrostatic speaker and a method for manufacturing the speaker are disclosed. Said speaker comprises a vibrating film; an electrode portion disposed on a surface of the vibrating film and joined with the vibrating film; and a conductive backplate spaced from the electrode portion by a distance, the conductive backplate... Agent: Taiwan Electrets Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120014544 - Bipolar speaker with improved clarity: A forward focused bipolar loudspeaker system includes a front-facing driver array and a rear facing driver array with substantially identical front-facing and rear-facing midrange or mid-bass drivers voiced and driven so that the measured SPL curves of each of the arrays, when measured individually, are tonally balanced. The front array... Agent:

20120014545 - Hearing instrument and method for providing hearing assistance: There is provided a hearing instrument comprising an audio signal processing unit for processing audio signals and means for mechanically applying acoustic waves to the blood in a blood vessel of a user in the audible frequency range according to the processed audio signals in order to stimulate the user's... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20120014546 - Balanced armature devices and methods for hearing: A device to transmit an audio signal to a user comprises a transducer and a support. The support is configured for placement on the eardrum to drive the eardrum. The transducer is coupled to the support at a first outer location to decrease occlusion and a second inner location to... Agent: Soundbeam LLC

20120014547 - Hearing instrument: A hearing instrument may include an enclosure adapted for behind-the-ear placement that houses a microphone for converting an acoustical input signal to an electrical signal and a sound processing circuit for processing the electrical signal; an earpiece adapted for in-the-canal placement that includes a receiver for converting the processed electrical... Agent:

20120014548 - Semi-permanent hearing aid: A semi-permanent hearing device is adapted to be inserted completely into the ear canal of a user. The semi-permanent hearing device comprises a first part and a second part each of which comprises at least one of the following electrical components: a microphone, a sound processing unit, a receiver and... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20120014549 - Receiver-in-canal hearing device cable connections: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for hearing assistance devices, including, but not limited to connections for receiver-in-canal hearing devices. In various embodiments, a hearing device includes a hearing device component adapted to rest on or behind the ear and hearing assistance electronics disposed in the component.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20120014551 - Sound generation system, sound recording system, sound generation method, sound recording method, sound adjusting method, sound adjusting program, sound field adjusting system, speaker stand, furniture, speaker cabinet, and speaker device: Provided are a sound generation system and a sound recording system, which are placed in a room to adjust sound. A columnar body is disposed around a sound source to adjust how much sound of a low-tone range, as well as of a middle- and high-tone range, is absorbed and... Agent:

20120014550 - Speaker unit to be used for projector: A speaker unit for a projector includes a first speaker, a fixing portion and a second speaker. Either the first speaker or the second speaker has a central hole to hold the vertical post of a projector. Two holes that are diagonally opposing each other are provided in the inner... Agent: Jazz Hipster Corporation & Everest Display Inc.

20120014552 - Microphone housing with disassembly protection for a cap thereof: A grip of a microphone housing includes a cap coupling section formed with a first grip thread and a second grip thread that have opposite winding orientations and that are disposed respectively distal from and proximate to a distal grip end of the cap coupling section. A cap of the... Agent:

20120014553 - Gaming headset with programmable audio paths: A headset having game, chat and microphone audio signals is provided with a programmable signal processor for individually modifying the audio signals and a memory configured to store a plurality of user-selectable signal-processing parameter settings that determine the manner in which the audio signals will be altered by the signal... Agent:

20120014554 - Soft-opening hinge and headphone set including same: A foldable headphone set in which the earphones of the headphone set may rotate between a folded (or closed) position and an unfolded (or open) position due to a torsion- or spring-loaded hinge associated with each earphone. The headphone set may be held in the folded position by way of... Agent: Koss Corporation

20120014555 - Electromagnetically-countered speaker systems and methods: Electromagnetically-countered speaker systems for generating acoustic sounds according to dynamic signals supplied thereto while minimizing irradiation of harmful electromagnetic waves therefrom which do not include speaker magnets but include driver members for generating the sounds while emitting such harmful waves and counter members for generating magnetic forces for providing such... Agent:

20120014556 - Loudpeaker without extraneous cone forces due to air trapped behind the dust cover: A loudspeaker in which the cone contains holes which allows the air behind the dust cover to flow freely in and out from behind the dust cover as the cone moves. There may also be a hole or holes in the lower suspension to allow air to escape from behind... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120008789 - 3d sound reproducing method and apparatus: Provided are a three-dimensional (3D) sound reproducing method and apparatus. The method includes transmitting sound signals through a head related transfer filter (HRTF) corresponding to a first elevation, generating a plurality of sound signals by replicating the filtered sound signals, amplifying or attenuating each of the replicated sound signals based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120008788 - Systems and methods for generating phantom bass: In many audio playback systems, frequencies below a given cut off frequency are suppressed either due to speaker constraints or safety constraints. For example, some speakers are only capable of generating signals above a certain frequency. Prolonged low frequency sound can cause damage to speakers or other components. An audio... Agent: Conexant Systems, Inc.

20120008791 - Hearing device and method for operating a hearing device with two-stage transformation: A filter bank with a sufficiently high resolution for amplification and noise reduction and with the lowest possible computational complexity is provided for a hearing device and, in particular, for a hearing aid. Two-stage frequency transformation with little latency is therefore proposed for hearing aids. Some of the processing, for... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120008790 - Method for localizing an audio source, and multichannel hearing system: Sound sources are reliably localized using a multichannel hearing system, in particular a binaural hearing system. The method localizes at least one audio source by detecting a signal in a prescribed class, the signal stemming from the audio source, in an input signal in the multichannel hearing system. The audio... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120008792 - Hearing aid apparatus: There is described a hearing aid comprising input transducer means for converting input acoustic signals into electrical input signals, signal processor means and output transducer means. The signal processor means is operable to divide said electrical input signals into a plurality of frequency bands and to perform a contrast enhancement... Agent: Swat/acr Portfolio LLC

20120008793 - Hearing damage limiting headphones: A device includes an input for receiving an audio signal, a speaker to convert the audio signal into an audible sound, and a memory for storing remediation instructions and detection instructions. The device further includes a processor coupled to the input, the speaker, and the memory. The processor is configured... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20120008794 - Microphone assembly for use with an aftermarket telematics unit: A microphone assembly for use with an aftermarket telematics unit mounted in a passenger compartment of a vehicle is disclosed herein. The aftermarket telematics unit has a chamber having an opening that generally faces towards a rear of the vehicle and the microphone assembly includes, but is not limited to,... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120008795 - Bracket: The present disclosure relates to a bracket, particularly to a universal style bracket for mounting a speaker to a television or monitor panel.... Agent: Soundbar Brackets

20120008796 - Distortion compensation: A distortion compensation system minimizes distortion in an audio system by monitoring a supply voltage and adjusting a clipping threshold and/or compression knee. An adjustable gain circuit controls the gain of the audio signal according whether the audio signal exceeds a variable threshold. The variable threshold is adjusted within a... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20120008797 - Sound processing device and sound processing method: A sound processing apparatus (100), which can improve precision of analyses on ambient sounds, carries out analysis on the ambient sounds based upon collected sound signals acquired by two sound collectors (first sound collector 110-1 and second sound collector 110-2), and the sound processing apparatus (100) is provided with a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120008799 - Apparatus and method for determining a plurality of local center of gravity frequencies of a spectrum of an audio signal: An apparatus for determining a plurality of local center of gravity frequencies of a spectrum of an audio signal includes an offset determiner, a frequency determiner and an iteration controller. The offset determiner determines an offset frequency for each iteration start frequency of a plurality of iteration start frequencies based... Agent:

20120008798 - Method and apparatus for stereo enhancement of an audio system: A processing apparatus which is suitable for signal communication with a system having at least one of an input module and an output module. The processing apparatus can be configured to receive input signals from the input module of the system. The processing apparatus includes a first channel processing portion... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120008800 - Telephone enhancements: A telephone user's speech volume is monitored in relation to a minimum volume sufficient for a remote conversant, with whom the user communicates, to audibly perceive the user's speech. Upon detecting that the user's volume exceeds the level sufficient to communication, it is determined whether the user moderates the volume,... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20120008801 - \"posse\" -- an acronym for \"personal onstage sound enhancer\": A stage monitoring system is described and claimed that provides musical performers the ability to carefully control the local sounds they are hearing during a performance independently of the house sound system and independently of the other musicians on stage. A complete and unique system constituting an improved method of... Agent: Posse Audio LLC

20120008802 - Voice detection for automatic volume controls and voice sensors: A voice detection system and method for automatic volume controls and voice sensors is disclosed. More specifically, the invention addresses a situation where the user's own voice undesirably affects the functionality of an automatic volume control for a two-way communication device, such as a cellular telephone. In addition, the invention... Agent:

20120008803 - Audio processing with time advanced inserted payload signal: An audio processing apparatus for modifying a primary audio signal includes a modulator that increases or decreases a level of a noise signal generated by a noise generator, in response to an increase or a decrease of a detected signal level of the primary audio signal, to generate a modulated... Agent: Sony Europe Limited

20120008804 - Drive pin forming method and assembly for a transducer: A transducer and method of forming a transducer is disclosed. The method comprises locating a feed wire for forming a drive pin on a reed surface, welding a first end of the feed wire to the reed, cutting the feed wire to form a drive pin, and securing the drive... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20120008805 - Acoustic transducer unit: An acoustic transducer unit that includes (a) an acoustic transducer having an acoustic transducer portion that converts sound into an electrical signal or converts an electrical signal into sound, and (b) packages that accommodate the acoustic transducer. The packages include a cylindrical conductive portion formed of a conductive material and... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120008806 - Vehicle audio system with headrest incorporated loudspeakers: A vehicle audio system includes at least two loudspeakers incorporated into a headrest of a vehicle. Protective caps are provided for the loudspeakers at the headrest above each of the two loudspeakers and extend at least partially in a direction in which sound is emitted from the loudspeakers. An audio... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20120008807 - Beamforming in hearing aids: A hearing aid system includes a first microphone and a second microphone for provision of electrical input signals, a beamformer for provision of a first audio signal based at least in part on the electrical input signals, the first audio signal having a directional spatial characteristic, wherein the beamformer is... Agent:

20120008808 - Hearing aid with occlusion reduction: A hearing aid having hearing loss-compensating components, active occlusion reduction components, a vent, a tuned piston, and a flexible surround. The piston and the surround combination are assembled on the faceplate and cover the outside end of the vent that is situated on the faceplate. The piston and the surround... Agent: Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

20120008809 - Pitch perception in an auditory prosthesis: A sound processing process is disclosed, with particular application to auditory prostheses. After input sound signals are processed into channels, an algorithm is applied to selectively increase the modulation depth of the envelope signals.... Agent:

20120008811 - Medicament delivery device configured to produce an audible output: Medicament delivery devices are described herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a medicament delivery device and an electronic circuit system. The medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container, and a medicament delivery member. The electronic circuit system is coupled to the housing and includes an audible output... Agent: Intelliject, Inc.

20120008810 - Speaker box: A speaker box includes a frame defining an upper side and a lower side opposite to the upper side, an electroacoustic transducer received in the frame and including a diaphragm with an edge thereof being fixed to the upper side of the frame, a case defining a plate facing the... Agent:

20120008812 - Loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes a two-dimensional array of non-housed individual speakers having flat shapes. The non-housed individual speakers are accommodated within a flat housing, the depth of the housing being smaller than 5 cm, for example. Non-housed individual speakers used are advantageously headphone capsules and/or miniature loudspeakers having diaphragm diameters of... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120008813 - Baffle vibration reducing: A first electro-acoustic transducer and a second electro-acoustic transducer are supported by a housing attached to a baffle to form an asymmetric acoustical system. An equalizer receives an input signal and generates an equalized signal which is transmitted to the second electro-acoustic transducer. The equalizer is configured to generate the... Agent:

20120008814 - Earphone assembly: An earphone assembly for an in-ear listening device is disclosed. The earphone assembly has an inner housing comprising a nozzle, configured to receive a sleeve for placement into a user's ear, and a balanced armature motor assembly. The balanced armature motor assembly is mounted in the inner housing so as... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20120008815 - Loudspeaker that is axially stabilized out of the diaphragm suspension plane: An improved mid to high-frequency loudspeaker of the type having a central dome diaphragm having an outer periphery, and in one embodiment an outer ring-radiator diaphragm portion defining an inner periphery and an outer periphery, the ring-radiator diaphragm being attached at its inner periphery to an armature voice coil assembly... Agent: Aperion Audio, Inc.

20120008816 - Electroacoustic vibrating transducer: An electroacoustic vibrating transducer is disclosed. The electroacoustic vibrating transducer includes a frame defines a hollow space, a yoke positioned in the hollow space, and a elastic member mounted on the frame. The elastic member includes a circular plane lamina and a plurality of elastic arms extending outwardly from the... Agent:

20120008817 - Earphone driver and method of manufacture: A balanced armature motor assembly has a circuit board mounted to a bobbin. A first end of a wire coil is secured to a first terminal on the circuit board and passes through a first cutout of the bobbin. A second end of the wire coil is secured to a... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20120008818 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes: an acoustic diaphragm having a given shape and made of a material having physical anisotropy; and an excitation means attached to the acoustic diaphragm for exciting vibration components in consideration of a direction corresponding to the physical anisotropy.... Agent: Sony Corporation

01/05/2012 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120002818 - Advanced stereo coding based on a combination of adaptively selectable left/right or mid/side stereo coding and of parametric stereo coding: The application relates to audio encoder and decoder systems. An embodiment of the encoder system comprises a downmix stage for generating a downmix signal and a residual signal based on a stereo signal. In addition, the encoder system comprises a parameter determining stage for determining parametric stereo parameters such as... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20120002819 - Audio driver system and method: A grounding switch is described which operates properly even in the presence of negative voltages on a signal line. The grounding switch uses isolated field effect transistors that have their substrates tied to different voltages. The isolated field effect transistor has gate voltage and substrate voltage which can be pulled... Agent:

20120002821 - Grounding switch method and apparatus: A grounding switch is described which operates properly even in the presence of negative voltages on a signal line. The grounding switch uses isolated field effect transistors that have their substrates tied to different voltages. The isolated field effect transistor has a gate voltage and substrate voltage which can be... Agent: Conexant Systems, Inc.

20120002820 - Removing noise from audio: The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for removing noise from audio that includes building a sound model that represents noises which result from activations of input controls of a computer device. The method further includes receiving an audio signal produced... Agent: Google

20120002822 - Control system, earphone and control method: There is provided a control system (1) comprising an earphone (2) and a processing device (3). The control system (1) has a processing device (3) for the evaluation of head movement information and/or head position information. In that case the processing device is adapted to output at least one control... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120002823 - Acoustic correction apparatus, audio output apparatus, and acoustic correction method: According to one embodiment, an acoustic correction apparatus includes an input module, a calculator, a divider, a converter, an extractor, a synthesizer, and a generator. The input module receives an audio signal propagated through a sound field. The calculator calculates an impulse response from the audio signal. The divider divides... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120002824 - Audio equipment and a signal processing method thereof: The present invention relates to an audio equipment (1) and a signal processing method thereof, wherein the mismatches that can occur at the packet boundaries in an audio signal, which is processed in packets by utilizing the missing fundamental phenomenon and which is formed again by the concatenating of these... Agent:

20120002825 - Limiting peak audio power in mobile devices: Systems and methods of limiting peak audio power in mobile devices may include a high pass filter and a burst module to detect a burst load condition in a mobile device. The burst module can also apply the high pass filter to an audio signal of the mobile device in... Agent:

20120002826 - Electret electroacoustic transducer: An electret electroacoustic transducer comprises first porous complex electrode, support member, electret vibrating film and first adjustment member. Support member is configured on the first porous complex electrode. The fixed portion of the electret vibrating film is fixed on the support member. Adjustment member is set between the first porous... Agent:

20120002827 - Signal processing system and signal processing method: A signal processing system includes a transmitter, a sensor, a plurality of processing apparatuses, a placement determiner and a signal distributor. The transmitter transmits a wireless signal. The sensor detects the wireless signal transmitted by the transmitter. The plurality of processing apparatuses receives corresponding signals and executes processing on the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120002828 - Audio processing device, audio processing method, and program: There is provided an audio processing device including an estimation unit configured to estimate a user's representative perceived position of a stereoscopic image from a difference between a left-eye image and a right-eye image of the stereoscopic image displayed on a display device, and an audio controller configured to control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120002829 - Hearing aid and hearing aid system: A hearing aid includes: a first microphone configured to generate a first input signal from an input sound; a second microphone configured to generate a second input signal from the input sound; a signal processing unit configured to generate an output signal from the first input signal and the second... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120002831 - Electrical hearing aid adapter: An electrical hearing aid adapter is provided. The electrical hearing aid adapter may be configured to transfer programming data to a hearing aid having a first end portion formed in such a manner that it corresponds to the shape of a battery compartment receiving chamber being configured to receive a... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20120002830 - Multi-mode radio for hearing assistance devices: The present disclosure relates to the wireless communication of information for a hearing assistance device including a multi-mode radio adapted to provide communications at different frequencies using frequency control. In applications of hearing aids, the processor is adapted to perform correction of sound for a hearing impaired user. In certain... Agent: Starkey Laborator+e,acu I+ee Es, Inc.

20120002832 - Dynamic microphone: There is provided a dynamic microphone in which vibration noise generated by the rolling of a microphone unit caused by a vibration component perpendicular to the principal axis direction of the microphone is reduced effectively. In the dynamic microphone including a microphone unit 110, an inner cylinder 120 having a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20120002833 - Films and membranes for acoustic signal converter: e

20120002834 - Earbud headset positioning device: A device which enables optimal positioning of both an earbud and microphone of an earbud headset. Two devices are used if the headset has two earbuds. The device can also be used with earbud headphone(s) (i.e. no microphone). The device comprises an anchor for positioning onto an ear of a... Agent:

20120002835 - Ceiling loudspeaker system: The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and... Agent:

20120002836 - Loudspeaker: A loudspeaker includes a movable diaphragm, a resilient centering device for centering and guiding the movement of the diaphragm, and a magnet system for controlling the movement of the diaphragm, where the diaphragm is positioned between the magnet system and the resilient centering device.... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20120002837 - Speaker and method of assembling same: There is provided a speaker which has a frame structure divided into a first frame and a second frame, wherein tinsel wires are arranged so as not to overlap, with respect to the plane direction, the second frame to which a magnetic circuit is attached, whereby the second frame can... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120002838 - Flat subwoofer: Flat subwoofer (1) comprising a driver (10) in which a coil (2) is arranged in an air gap (3) in said driver, which coil is connected to a membrane (4,5), where said driver (10) is arranged on a chassis (11), characterised in that the membrane comprises two interconnected parts, a... Agent:

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