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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110317841 - Method and device for optimizing audio quality: A computer-implemented method is disclosed for enhancing quality of an audio source. The method comprises receiving control information; receiving an initial signal from the audio source; and generating a dynamic control signal based on the control information. The control information includes attack, release, length, and gain parameters.... Agent:

20110317842 - Apparatus, method and computer program for upmixing a downmix audio signal: An apparatus for upmixing a downmix audio signal describing one or more downmix audio channels into an upmixed audio signal describing a plurality of upmixed audio channels includes an upmixer configured to apply temporally variable upmixing parameters to upmix the downmix audio signal in order to obtain the upmixed audio... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110317843 - Stereo encoding method, stereo encoding device, and encoder: A stereo encoding method, a stereo encoding device, and an encoder are provided. The stereo encoding method includes: obtaining a left channel energy relation coefficient and a right channel energy relation coefficient; obtaining a left energy sum and a right energy sum respectively; performing cross correlation between sub-bands of a... Agent:

20110317844 - Small stereo headset: A wireless headset device has left a left ear piece, a right ear piece, a control box, and first and second cables. Each of the ear pieces comprises its own speaker and battery. The control box includes circuitry including a short-range radio transceiver, a codec, and a power management unit.... Agent:

20110317845 - Aural device with white noise generator: An aural device to be worn over the ear of a user during sleeping hours which generates white noise.... Agent: Savannah Marketing Group Inc.

20110317846 - Wireless illuminative speaker system and wireless illuminative speaker thereof: A wireless illuminative speaker system, comprising a wireless transmitter comprising a transmitter body, a wireless transmit module, a main board printed board circuit assembly (PCBA), and a support, and at least one wireless illuminative receiving speaker comprising a speaker body, an illuminating part, a speaker part, and a wireless receiving... Agent:

20110317847 - Rearview vehicle mirror: This invention discloses a rearview vehicle mirror, including: a rearview mirror body; and a center speaker device for providing center channel sound and mounted on the rearview mirror body; wherein the center speaker device is provided with at least one speaker above the rearview mirror body. The rearview vehicle mirror... Agent:

20110317848 - Microphone interference detection method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for detecting microphone interference includes first and second built-in microphones producing first and second microphone signals. A first filter bank creates first high-frequency-band and first low-frequency-band signals from the first microphone signal. A second filter bank creates second high-frequency-band and second low-frequency-band signals from the second... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110317851 - Audio signal mixing device: An audio signal mixer can be applied to a DJ device and the like, for example. The audio signal mixer acquires a plurality of audio signals and acquires mixing rate information being information on a mixing rate of a plurality of the audio signals. The audio signal mixer decides an... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110317852 - Frequency characteristics control device: A frequency characteristics control device of a mixer mixes a first audio signal and a second audio signal inputted to the mixer. In the frequency characteristics control device, a characteristics detection section detects a first frequency characteristic of the first audio signal and a second frequency characteristic of the second... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110317850 - Generator and generation method of pseudo-bass: An absolute-value circuit outputs the absolute value of a signal SIN′ that corresponds to an input signal SIN. A clipping circuit clips the signal SIN′ that corresponds to the input signal, to a positive limit value and to a negative limit value. A first multiplier multiplies the signal SIN′ that... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110317849 - Signal conditioner for subwoofers: A signal conditioner for subwoofers has a band pass filter which passes a lower frequency spectrum of an input signal. The band pass filter includes a high pass filter having a predetermined corner frequency, and a low pass filter having about the same corner frequency, and produces a filtered input... Agent: Urban/staszak Corporation

20110317853 - Heyser spiral low frequency correction of fir filters: A method of operating a loudspeaker includes providing a digital audio signal and identifying a target transfer function to be applied to the signal. At least one coefficient of an FIR filter is generated. The generating includes performing Heyser spiral curve fitting, and fitting a three-dimensional curve based on a... Agent: Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

20110317854 - Speaker voume control with inidividual input and output impedance converters: A passive circuit that provides a variable means of controlling the audio speaker's volume level from a music instrument tube amplifier, without reducing the reactance of the audio speaker, allowing the audio speaker to reproduce sound in a natural way. The invention utilizes a multiple tapped input and a multiple... Agent:

20110317856 - Headphone: A headphone can be connected simultaneously to a plurality of audio source devices respectively so the sound information and musical compositions having different contents can be arbitrarily selected and combined to listen to simultaneously. A plurality or plural sets of speaker units are provided to be respectively connected with a... Agent:

20110317855 - Improvements in or relating to user interfaces and associated apparatus and methods: An apparatus for providing audio connection of a speaker arrangement, with an apparatus for providing audio to the speaker arrangement, using a connection element of the apparatus for providing audio connection, wherein the apparatus for providing audio connection comprises a connection element/connector body, and a user input interface arranged to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110317857 - Self powered audio compressor circuit: The application relates to a compressor circuit for a listening device, the compressor circuit comprising a pair of input terminals and a pair of output terminals, the compressor circuit being adapted for receiving an electric input signal representing an audio signal with an input voltage swing Vipp at the input... Agent: Sennheiser Communications A/s

20110317858 - Hearing aid apparatus: A hearing aid frontend device for frontend processing of ambient sounds. The frontend device is adapted for wearing use by a user and comprises first and second sound collectors adapted for collecting ambient sound with spatial diversity. The sounds collected by the sound collectors are processed by a sound processor.... Agent:

20110317859 - Vibrator with adjustment system: A vibrator is provided with a spring having a first end and a second end and, a frame immovably attached to the second end where the frame is carrying a movable armature and at the second end of the spring a coupling with an armature plate is immovably attached. The... Agent: Oticon Medical A/s

20110317860 - Assembly structure for speaker system: An assembly structure for a speaker system is disclosed. The assembly structure includes an iron grille, a speaker frame, a plurality of magnets and a plurality of pads. The speaker frame is covered with the iron grille and includes a plurality of through-holes on one face thereof. Each of the... Agent:

20110317861 - Combination low voltage light / speaker fixture: A combination low voltage light and sound producing fixture is disclosed for installation in a yard wall or ceiling or on a wall or ceiling. Outdoor lighting and sound is produced with low voltage lighting that is wired or solar powered for operation. The fixture may further include digital signal... Agent: Western Venture Group LLC

20110317862 - Sound pickup apparatus: A sound pickup apparatus, which can control directionality and has a simple structure, and in which a plurality of microphones can be provided so as to be floated by using the small number of parts, is provided. Three support columns 13A to 13C having the same length are provided upright... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110317863 - Microphone unit: Disclosed is a microphone unit comprising a film substrate (1), electrically conductive layers (15, 16) which are formed on both substrate surfaces of the film substrate (11), and an electrical acoustic transducer unit (12) which is provided on the film substrate (11) and comprises a diaphragm capable of converting a... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110317864 - Earphone: Solution Means: Earphone 10 possesses an outer ear canal insertion member for which at least a portion can be inserted into the outer ear canal, housing 11 onto which the outer ear canal insertion member can be installed and removed, and driver unit 41 which is disposed within housing 11... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20110317865 - Ergonomic system for compact winding and storage of earphone set/headphones used with digital media devices: A case stores an earphone set proximate to a digital media device (DMD). The case includes a top component that forms a storage compartment for storing the earphone set, and a coupling mechanism for attaching the top component to the DMD such that the storage compartment is proximate a rear... Agent:

20110317866 - Loudspeaker incorporating carbon nanotubes: A diaphragm includes a diaphragm and a voice coil bobbin. The diaphragm includes a membrane and a first reinforcing structure reinforcing the membrane. The voice coil bobbin includes a base and a second reinforcing structure reinforcing the base. The first reinforcing structure and the second reinforcing structure are a carbon... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110317867 - Speaker unit and portable information terminal: To provide a speaker unit and a portable information terminal suppressing a decrease in a vibration area and a reduction in a diaphragm edge portion path length caused along with miniaturization and slimming-down. A speaker unit includes a diaphragm member which has a first convex portion at an outer peripheral... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110317868 - Electroacoustic transducer: A diaphragm has a back plane which has a voice coil attached thereto, and a front plane which is located on the side opposite to the back plane. The diaphragm also includes a center portion, a boundary portion which surrounds the center portion and has the voice coil attached thereto,... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110317869 - Loudspeaker diaphragm and loudspeaker including the loudspeaker diaphragm: A loudspeaker diaphragm according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a diaphragm portion; and an edge portion, which is molded integrally with the diaphragm portion and made of a material different from a material for the diaphragm portion, wherein: the diaphragm portion includes, at an outer peripheral end... Agent: Onkyo Corporation

12/22/2011 > 37 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20110311057 - Audio stream transmission apparatus, audio stream reception apparatus, and transmitting and receiving method thereof: A single audio service includes a plurality of audio sources, which may be classified by type. The classified audio sources having a same type may be multiplexed together to form audio streams, which may be amplified to obtain a desired audio environment.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110311058 - Broadcasting receiver and broadcast signal processing method: A digital broadcasting system which is robust against an error when mobile service data is transmitted and a method of processing data are disclosed. The mobile service data is subjected to an additional coding process and the coded mobile service data is transmitted. Accordingly, it is possible to cope with... Agent:

20110311061 - Channel signal generation device, acoustic signal encoding device, acoustic signal decoding device, acoustic signal encoding method, and acoustic signal decoding method: Provided is a channel signal generation device capable of avoiding a decrease in the prediction performance for predicting an L channel signal and an R channel signal from a monaural signal and achieving encoding with high sound quality. In the device, a monaural MDCT coefficient corrector (301) generates a left... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110311062 - Loudness modification of multichannel audio signals: Scaling, by a desired amount sm, the overall perceived loudness Lm of a multichannel audio signal, wherein perceived loudness is a nonlinear function of signal power P, by scaling the perceived loudness of each individual channel Lc by an amount substantially equal to the desired amount of scaling of the... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20110311060 - Method and system for separating unified sound source: Disclosed are a method and a system of separating and extracting unified major sound sources from a mixed musical signal. A unified sound source separation system includes a first sound source separation unit to separate a first sound source having unique time-domain and frequency-domain characteristics from a mixed musical signal... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110311059 - Method of navigating in a sound content: s

20110311063 - Embedding and extracting ancillary data: The invention proposes a method for embedding an ancillary data into a compressed audio signal. This is achieved by replacing Least Significant Bits (LSBs) in at least one frequency subband of the compressed audio signal by the ancillary data. When replacing LSB bits of compressed subband signals with the ancillary... Agent:

20110311064 - System and method for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation. The method includes collecting, at a same time, a first audio sample of an audio source from a first omnidirectional microphone and a second audio sample of the audio source from a second omnidirectional microphone.... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20110311065 - Extraction of channels from multichannel signals utilizing stimulus: An approach and device for optimizing a sound system by extracting a two-channel stereo source out of a set of multiple channels with unknown frequency responses, crosstalk, time delays and sample rate by employing a digital test sequence that utilizes maximum-length-sequences (MLS) that is fed into the sound system and... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110311066 - Echo cancellers and echo cancelling methods: Methods and systems for updating the adaptive filter of an echo canceller. A method of updating the adaptive filter of an echo canceller in which an estimated echo is resolved from a received signal and then subtracted from an incoming echo-contaminated signal so as to produce a filtered output signal,... Agent:

20110311067 - Digital sound leveling device and method to reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss: Devices and methods for digital sound leveling are disclosed. The subject devices and methods can be used to reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss. According to an embodiment, an audio file can be parsed into frames that are filtered using an A-weighted digital filter and scaled to a... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110311068 - System for suppressing passing tire hiss: A voice enhancement logic improves the perceptual quality of a processed voice. The voice enhancement system includes a passing tire hiss noise detector and a passing tire hiss noise attenuator. The passing tire hiss noise detector detects a passing tire hiss noise by modeling the passing tire hiss. The passing... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Co.

20110311069 - Receiver assembly for an inflatable ear device: A diaphonic valve utilizing the principle of the Synthetic Jet is disclosed herein. A diaphonic valve pump is provided for the inflation of an in-ear balloon. More complex embodiments of the present invention include stacks of multiple synthetic jets generating orifices as well as an oscillating, thin polymer membrane. In... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20110311070 - Earpiece: There is provided an earpiece having a first side towards the ear, an acoustic transducer for outputting a sound signal and a sound guide element having a first end and a second end. In that case the first end faces the acoustic transducer and the second end faces the first... Agent:

20110311071 - Electronic interfacing with a head-mounted device: Power is delivered from a power source in a head-mounted device to a separate accessory that is coupled to the head-mounted device. Power and signals are delivered on a common conductor that couples the head-mounted device to an accessory. One or both of the head-mounted device and the accessory are... Agent:

20110311073 - Communication system, apparatus and method: A system and method for generating, transmitting and distributing audio signals. The system and method may include an array having a plurality of microphones and a plurality of speakers as well as a first processor disposed proximate the array. The system and method can also have a second processor disposed... Agent: Ideaworkx LLC

20110311072 - High definition distributed sound system: A high definition distributed sound system has a master control hub with multiple serially linkable zones each capable of handling multiple serial arrays of powered speakers and a Cat5 cable. Each zone has an audio input, an internal master level controller and multiple powered-speaker outputs. Each of the serial arrays... Agent:

20110311074 - Car audio: Provided is a car audio, in which a holding unit where a portable media device is held is inserted in an insertion space formed through the font of a car audio body and the holding unit is drawn out by opening and closing the insertion space with a front panel... Agent: Namsung Co., Ltd.

20110311075 - Spectral band substitution to avoid howls and sub-oscillation: A listening device for processing an input sound to an output sound, includes an input transducer for converting an input sound to an electric input signal, an output transducer for converting a processed electric output signal to an output sound, a forward path being defined between the input transducer and... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110311076 - Method for adjusting the maximum output power of a valve power amplifier stage for an audio amplifier, and corresponding valve power amplifier stage: A valve power amplifier stage for an audio amplifier, which amplifier stage has at least one thermionic valve and a polarization circuit for polarizing the anode, the cathode and the control grid of the thermionic valve so as to determine the maximum output power. The polarization circuit comprises an adjusting... Agent: Parsek S.r.l.

20110311078 - Microscale implementation of a bio-inspired acoustic localization device: An apparatus and method for creating a MEMS directional sensor system capable of determining direction from at least two microphones to a sound source over a wide range of frequencies is disclosed. By utilizing a stiff beam stand-off architecture that relies on a unique manufacturing technique in a MEMS device,... Agent:

20110311077 - Personalizable alarm siren: This device enables the user to personalize the sound that comes out of his/her siren, since this invention is an improvement over conventional sirens in that it has a 3.5 mm female jack for an audio input, a male connector for a pushbutton, a female connector joined to the pushbutton... Agent:

20110311079 - Method and structure for inducing acoustic signals and attenuating acoustic signals: At least embodiment is directed to an earpiece comprising a housing; and a field responsive fluid, where the field responsive fluid is in the housing, where the housing is part of the earpiece, and where the earpiece is configured to vary a field to vary an acoustical property of the... Agent:

20110311081 - Mems microphone and manufacturing method thereof: A micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) microphone capable of preventing a membrane and a back plate from being contacting each other by an overvoltage, an external shock, and the like, and a method of manufacturing the MEMS microphone. The MEMS microphone includes a silicon substrate in which a back chamber... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20110311080 - Very low power mems microphone: A MEMS microphone is capable of operating with less-than-one-volt bias voltage. An exemplary MEMS microphone can operate directly from a power rail (i.e., directly from VDD), i.e., without a DC-to-DC step-up voltage converter or other high bias voltage generator. The MEMS microphone has high mechanical and electrical sensitivity due, at... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110311082 - Capacitive electro-acoustic transduction system and capacitive electro-acoustic transducer thereof: A capacitive electro-acoustic transducer includes a pair of input terminals, a pair of output terminals, an electrode plate, and a diaphragm. The pair of input terminals receives an audio signal, and the pair of output terminals outputs the audio signal, wherein at least one terminal of these terminals is a... Agent:

20110311083 - Portable audio device with microphone and controller: A portable audio device with microphone and controller includes a generally portable housing; an aperture in the housing having sides sloped between 15 and 45 degrees relative to a central axis of the aperture with a large end that opens out of the housing and a small end that opens... Agent: Apogee Electronics Corporation

20110311084 - Shared coil for inductive charging and hearing-aid-compliance requirements in mobile phones: A mobile communication device that is compliant with the Hearing Aid Compliance Act. The device includes a coil and circuitry that can couple, through electromagnetic induction, the output of an audio codec of the device to a hearing aid. The coil and circuitry can also be used to charge the... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110311085 - Ceiling loudspeaker system: The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for installing a tile-mounted ceiling speaker that combines the ease of installation of a lay-in speaker system with the visual appearance of a tile-mounted speaker system. In one or more embodiments, the apparatus of the present invention includes a support frame and... Agent:

20110311086 - Television apparatus and electronic device: According to one embodiment, a television apparatus includes a housing, a skeletal member, a speaker, a speaker holder, and a sound guiding mechanism. The housing is provided with an emission opening. The skeletal member is housed in the housing and fixed to the housing. The speaker is arranged inside the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110311087 - Compression driver and horn structure: A loudspeaker driver 100 with new horn throat configuration 120 has a phase plug summation plane radius that is also the effective throat of the driver. The selected plane “D” where the elements of the horn that provide directional information to the wave front are implemented is made part of... Agent:

20110311088 - Acoustic conversion device and acoustic conversion device assembly method: An acoustic conversion device includes: a driving unit including magnets, a yoke, a coil, a vibrating portion, and an armature fixed to the yoke; a diaphragm unit including a holding frame fixed to the driving unit, with one face as a first-joint face jointed to the driving unit, and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110311089 - Acoustic conversion device and acoustic conversion device assembly method: An acoustic conversion device includes: a driving unit including a pair of magnets disposed so as to face each other, a yoke to which the pair of magnets are attached, a coil to which driving current is supplied, a vibrating portion which vibrates when driving current is supplied to the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110311090 - Acoustic conversion device: An acoustic conversion device includes: a driving unit including a pair of magnets disposed so as to face each other, a yoke to which the pair of magnets are attached, a coil to which driving current is supplied, a vibrating portion which vibrates when driving current is supplied to the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110311091 - Acoustic conversion device: An acoustic conversion device includes: a driving unit including a pair of magnets, a yoke, a coil, a vibrating portion which vibrates when driving current is supplied to the coil, and an armature disposed between the pair of magnets with the vibrating portion being passed through the coil; and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110311092 - Speaker unit and portable information terminal: A speaker unit adaptable to limited mounting space, allowing reduction in the lowest resonance frequency, and realizing higher sound pressure and smaller distortion is provided. A diaphragm includes a trunk portion 43 to which a coil 5 is attached, and an edge portion 42 surrounding an outer circumference 43a of... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110311093 - Micro-speaker: A micro-speaker includes a frame, a yoke received in the frame, a connecting plate received in the yoke, a magnet received in the yoke, a pole plate attached onto the magnet, a diaphragm attached to the frame, a voice coil positioned on the connecting plate and surrounding the magnet, and... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110305344 - Method and apparatus for three-dimensional acoustic field encoding and optimal reconstruction: A method and apparatus to encode audio with spatial information in a manner that does not depend on the exhibition setup, and to decode and play out optimally for any given exhibition setup, maximizing the sweet-spot area, and including setups with loudspeakers at different heights, and headphones. The part of... Agent: Fundacio Barcelona Media Universitat Pompeu Fabra

20110305343 - Method and system decoding audio data with selective power control: Provided is an audio data decoding system and method that may selectively transfer compressed audio data from a top system to at least one audio input buffer of a separately provided and/or separately power management controlled subsystem, restore the compressed audio data to digital pulse code modulation (PCM) data using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110305345 - Method and system for a multi-microphone noise reduction: A method for a multi microphone noise reduction in a complex noisy environment is proposed. A left and a right noise power spectral density for a left and a right noise input frame is estimated for computing a diffuse noise gain. A target speech power spectral density is extracted from... Agent: University Of Ottawa

20110305346 - Adaptive audio output: Devices, apparatus, methods, circuits and processors are implemented for control of audio signals. Consistent with one such apparatus, a processor circuit is configured and arranged to determine, for a perceived loudness algorithm that outputs audio signal levels, a common point corresponding to a particular background noise level at which the... Agent:

20110305347 - Adaptive noise control: Adaptive noise control for reducing power of an acoustic noise signal radiated from a noise source to a listening position comprises providing an electrical reference signal correlated with the acoustic noise signal; filtering the electrical reference signal with an adaptive filter to provide an electrical output signal; multiplying the electrical... Agent:

20110305348 - Zoom motor noise reduction for camera audio recording: Zoom motor noise in a camera audio recording is reduced by detecting activity of the zoom motor, transforming a audio signal into the frequency domain during zoom motor activity, and scaling the frequency domain signal during zoom motor activity in each of a series of frequency bins by a scaling... Agent: Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.

20110305349 - Reproduction device and reproduction method: A reproduction device includes an information reading unit that reads sensitivity information from a storage unit of a headphone device which has a speaker reproducing an electric signal of an audible signal as a sound and the storage unit storing the sensitivity information for the speaker, an adjustment unit that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305350 - Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method: A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical... Agent:

20110305351 - Audio signal processing apparatus and method of controlling the same: When a first noise and second noise to be generated after the first noise are generated within a predetermined period, a noise reduction unit is controlled so as to execute a first noise reduction process for an audio signal in a period including the first noise and not to execute... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110305352 - Cross product enhanced harmonic transposition: The present invention relates to audio coding systems which make use of a harmonic transposition method for high frequency reconstruction (HFR). A system and a method for generating a high frequency component of a signal from a low frequency component of the signal is described. The system comprises an analysis... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20110305353 - Audio amplifier with closed-loop power: The present technology relates generally to a closed-loop power stage and audio amplifier circuits comprising the same. The present technology further provides a method for controlling an amplifier circuit. The closed-loop power stage is configured to receive a PWM input signal having a first frequency and a first duty cycle,... Agent:

20110305354 - Systems and methods for controlling hda system capabilities: Systems and methods for controlling the capabilities of an High Definition Audio (HDA) system, wherein the system determines whether an optional component such as a plug-in card is connected to the system and then configures itself in a baseline configuration if the optional component is not connected or configures itself... Agent: D2audio Corporation

20110305355 - Vibration direction converter part for speaker device and speaker device: A vibration direction converter part for speaker device direction converting a vibration of a voice coil supporting part supporting a voice coil, and vibrating a diaphragm in the direction different from the direction of the vibration of the voice coil supporting part, has a rigid link part angle-variably and obliquely... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110305356 - Audio output drivers for piezo speakers: A driver circuit for a piezoelectric speaker is described, wherein charge is transferred from a charge reservoir to the speaker. In a first embodiment a delta sigma circuit uses a pulse width modulated digital audio signal to control a push-pull circuit to drive the piezoelectric speaker. High frequency harmonics are... Agent: Silverplus, Inc.

20110305357 - Speakz+198 +0 shoes: A music playing system employing the combination of mini-speaker footwear wirelessly receiving music from a music source (20) external to the footwear using an audio adapter transmitter (13) connected to the music source (20) to wirelessly transmit music to an audio adapter receiver (9) mounted in the footwear is disclosed.... Agent:

20110305358 - Head related transfer function generation apparatus, head related transfer function generation method, and sound signal processing apparatus: A head related transfer function generation apparatus includes a first input unit that inputs a first head related transfer function generated in a first measurement environment, a second input unit that inputs a second head related transfer function generated in a second measurement environment, and a transform normalization processing unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305359 - Highly directional microphone: A highly directional microphone includes an acoustic tube and a microphone unit that is disposed inside the base end of the acoustic tube. The acoustic tube is composed of an elastic material. An adjustable member elongates and contracts the distance between the microphone unit and the front end of the... Agent:

20110305360 - Earphone device with a funcion of sound quality regulation and regulating method thereof: An earphone device with a function of sound quality regulation is provided. The earphone includes a housing, a cover, a speaker and a regulating device. The housing has an accommodating space for receiving the speaker and a plurality of regulating holes for connecting the accommodating space to the outside. One... Agent: Merry Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110305361 - Enclosure and acoustic device using the same: The present disclosure relates to an acoustic device. The acoustic device includes an enclosure and a speaker enclosed by the enclosure. The enclosure includes a magnesium based composite material. The magnesium based composite material includes a magnesium based metal matrix and nanoparticles dispersed therein. The present disclosure also relates to... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110305362 - Integrated rigging system for loudspeakers and loudspeaker containing same: An Integrated rigging system for loudspeakers comprises top and base front and top and base rear rigging structures for mounting to the internal framework of the loudspeaker and for forming the top front, base front, top rear and base rear portions of the loudspeaker's enclosure, and a plurality of links,... Agent:

20110305363 - Electronic apparatus and speaker thereof: A speaker case is disclosed. The speaker case comprises a main member and a sound guiding member. The sound guiding member is connected to the main member via at least one connecting part to form an integrated structure. The at least one connecting part is capable of being a fulcrum... Agent: Wistron Corporation

12/08/2011 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20110299689 - Flameless candle with multimedia capabilities: A flameless candle having speaker and lighting capability is provided. Multiple of such flameless candles can be used in a system to generate stereo or surround sound, as well as various lighting modes. The flameless candle or flameless candle system can have AM/FM radio functions, clock functions, alarm functions, etc.,... Agent:

20110299690 - Method and apparatus for transmitting audio data: A method and apparatus for transmitting audio data is disclosed. In the method of sending audio data, audio data to be sent are divided into basic channel audio data and supplementary audio data for services of a high channel. When a left channel or a right channel is selected in... Agent: Core Logic Inc.

20110299691 - Speaker polarity determination device: A speaker determination device determines a polarity of a speaker connected to output terminals. Test sound is outputted to an acoustic space via the connected speaker and is collected by a microphone. A reference signal is generated based on the test signal. A polarity determining unit compares predetermined frequency range... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110299693 - Method for testing a wireless communication system in connection with a fitting device and a hearing device as well as a communication system: s

20110299692 - System, method and hearing aids for in situ occlusion effect measurement: A hearing aid (1) adapted for operation in a sound amplification mode and for operation in an occlusion measurement mode, has a microphone (10) adapted for transforming an acoustic sound level external to a hearing aid users ear canal (4) into a first electrical signal which is guided to an... Agent: Widex A/s

20110299694 - Audio extension system: The present invention discloses an audio extension system. The audio extension system comprises a permanent magnet; a holder having a concave portion for holding the permanent magnet; a tube disposed at a gap between a side of the permanent and a side of the concave portion of the holder for... Agent:

20110299695 - Active noise cancellation decisions in a portable audio device: Active noise cancellation (ANC) circuitry is coupled to the input of an earpiece speaker in a portable audio device, to control the ambient acoustic noise outside of the device and that may be heard by a user of the device. A microphone is to pickup sound emitted from the earpiece... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110299696 - Method and system for controlling amplifiers: Techniques for controlling one or more audio amplifiers in or associated with a device coupled on a local area network are disclosed. The device receives at least one selected source from other devices also coupled on the network According to one aspect of the techniques, an automatic shutdown control module... Agent:

20110299697 - Audio playback apparatus, control and usage method for audio playback apparatus, and mobile phone terminal with storage device: An audio playback apparatus includes an integrated circuit in which an FM reception circuit and a near field wireless communication circuit are integrated and packaged into one chip, a switch unit configured to switch between output of an audio signal supplied from the FM reception circuit and output of an... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20110299698 - Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method: A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical... Agent:

20110299699 - Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method: A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical... Agent:

20110299700 - Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method: A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical... Agent:

20110299702 - Apparatus, method and computer program for providing a set of spatial cues on the basis of a microphone signal and apparatus for providing a two-channel audio signal and a set of spatial cues: An apparatus for providing a set of spatial cues associated with an upmix audio signal having more than two channels on the basis of a two-channel microphone signal has a signal analyzer and a spatial side information generator. The signal analyzer is configured to obtain a component energy information and... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110299701 - Miniature micro-electromechanical system (mems) based directional sound sensor: A micro-electromechanical (MEMS) based directional sound sensor includes a two sensor wings attached to a surrounding support structure by two legs. The support structure is hollow beneath the sensor wings allowing the sensor wings to vibrate in response to sound excitation. In one embodiment, interdigitated comb finger capacitors attached on... Agent:

20110299703 - Miniature transducer assembly with integrated de-coupling coils: The present invention relates to a miniature transducer assembly for a wireless portable terminal. The miniature transducer assembly of the present invention comprises a transducer unit comprising a number of voice coils for displacing a diaphragm of said transducer unit. Moreover, the transducer assembly comprises at least one de-coupling coil... Agent: Gettop Europe R&d Aps

20110299704 - Frequency-tracked synthesizer employing selective harmonic amplification and/or frequency scaling: This invention relates to effects processing of a monophonic analog signal, meaning a signal whose frequency components are all integer multiples of a first fundamental frequency. For example, the signal could come from almost any musical instrument, voice included. However, for generality, the invention is not restricted to cases where... Agent:

20110299705 - Audio signal adjusting system and method: An audio signal adjusting method is disclosed, which comprises steps of: determining an environment noise level; calculating a ratio between an environment noise level and an output audio signal level to form a measuring value; comparing the measuring value with a predetermined threshold as an audio comfort value; and determining... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation

20110299706 - Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing method: An audio signal processing apparatus includes: a test signal supply unit to supply a test signal to each speaker of a multi-channel speaker including a center speaker and others; a speaker angle calculation unit to calculate an installation angle of each speaker with an orientation of a microphone as a... Agent:

20110299707 - Virtual spatial sound scape: An apparatus, method and computer program product relating to spatialized audio. There is a set of headphones having an accelerometer and a tilt sensor for tracking the location and orientation of the set of headphones and a computer apparatus which includes a headphone position processor to receive headphone location and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110299708 - Method of forming a connector for a hearing aid: A method of forming a connector for a hearing aid, by providing a plug, a receiver housing and an interconnecting tube; providing or arranging one or more accommodated elements in the interconnecting tube, and elongating the interconnecting tube by forcing the first and the second ends of the interconnecting elements... Agent: Sonion A/s

20110299710 - Hearing aid: The invention is a hearing aid that is mounted on both the left and right ears and generates a notification sound to notify the user to a state change. This hearing aid comprises a first hearing aid and a second hearing aid mounted on the left and right ears, respectively.... Agent:

20110299709 - Hearing system and method as well as ear-level device and control device applied therein: An ear-level hearing device and a handheld computer (e.g., smartphone) with a graphical user interface determines a subject's own hearing threshold. Hardware includes the smartphone, viewing screen of the smartphone, smartphone software, ear level hearing device, transmitter on the smartphone and receiver on the ear level device (ELD) communicating with... Agent: Exsilent Research B.v.

20110299711 - Sound message recording system for a hearing aid: A system for recording and playing sound messages to be applied for the indication of a status in a hearing aid (25), said system comprising a fitted hearing aid and recording means (1, 2, 3) adapted for being operated by the hearing aid user to record and save sound messages.... Agent: Widex A/s

20110299712 - Cerumen filter for a hearing aid: A cerumen filter at least a part of which is adapted to be inserted into an opening of a hearing aid. The cerumen filter comprises a body defining an audio passage extending through the cerumen filter and a cerumen filter arrangement comprising an outer cerumen filter and an inner cerumen... Agent: Sonion A/s

20110299713 - Portable electronic device comprising a folded substrate: A portable electronic device having a) a folded substrate carrying components of the device, and b) another, separate component having a fixed outer contour, and c) a housing for enclosing said folded substrate and said separate component, said housing having an inner contour, wherein said folded substrate is folded from... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110299714 - Earphone for replaceable cables: An earphone to fit with a plurality of audio cables with difference application lengths includes an earphone body and a first buckle structure. The earphone body further includes an audio jack to couple with an audio terminal of a relevant audio cable with an appropriate application length. The first buckle... Agent:

20110299715 - Novelty garment and related method of use: The invention is directed to a novelty garment, formed as a clothing article, which can broadcast a sound recording. The clothing article may be a t-shirt, tank top, or related garment having an outside and an inside. An annular sleeve is attached to the inside of the clothing article and... Agent:

20110299716 - Flat diaphragm loudspeaker: The invention relates to a loudspeaker system in which the diaphragm of the speaker has a defined material thickness particularly in the edge region thereof and comprises a suspension which is axially symmetrical about the mechanical rest position of said diaphragm and is formed by one, preferably two identical mirrored... Agent: Lautsprecher Teufel Gmbh

20110299717 - Loudspeaker with replaceable motor assembly: A loudspeaker is provided in which precise alignment is obtained between the frame and motor assembly before they are connected to one another so that a voice coil coupled to the frame may be properly radially and vertically positioned with respect to a magnetic gap in the motor assembly while... Agent: Jl Audio, Inc.

20110299718 - System for vibration confinement: Systems and apparatuses are provided for vibration confinement and stress management in a loudspeaker. In one embodiment, the loudspeaker comprises a diaphragm that extends from an inner diaphragm region (e.g., dome or cone-shaped) to an outer diaphragm region, wherein the outer diaphragm region bends at a defined angle (e.g., between... Agent:

12/01/2011 > 36 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110293099 - System, medium and method of encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signals: An system, method, and method of encoding/decoding a multi-channel audio signal, including a decoding level generation unit producing decoding-level information that helps a bitstream including a number of audio channel signals and space information to be decoded into a number of audio channel signals, wherein the space information includes information... Agent: Samsung Electroncs Co. Ltd.

20110293100 - Audio amplifier performance while maintaining usb compliance and power down protection: An apparatus comprises a first audio amplifier circuit configured to provide an analog audio signal and an analog switch circuit including a first input configured to receive the analog audio signal, a second input configured to receive a first digital data signal, and a first output configured to provide one... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20110293101 - M-bridge class-d audio amplifier: A M-bridge class-D audio amplifier for portable applications and a method of driving a three-wire audio output device comprises a stereo signal source producing first and second input stereo digital signals; circuitry adapted to receive the first and second input stereo digital signals and produce three stereo signals comprising a... Agent:

20110293102 - Sound signal processing apparatus, microphone apparatus, sound signal processing method, and program: A sound signal processing apparatus includes a sliding operation detecting section to which a sound signal collected by a microphone is inputted, and which determines start and end of a sliding operation by a determination process using a sliding sound signal component in the inputted sound signal, the sliding sound... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110293103 - Systems, methods, devices, apparatus, and computer program products for audio equalization: Methods and apparatus for generating an anti-noise signal and equalizing a reproduced audio signal (e.g., a far-end telephone signal) are described, wherein the generating and the equalizing are both based on information from an acoustic error signal.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110293104 - Audio communication device and method using fixed echo cancellation filter coefficients: Methods, apparatuses, systems, and software are disclosed for providing a phone or other audio communication device with a fixed-path acoustic echo cancellation feature that compensates for a fixed-path acoustic coupling caused by transmission of sound from one or more speakers to one or more microphones through, for instance, the phone... Agent: Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

20110293105 - Earpiece and a method for playing a stereo and a mono signal: An earpiece for providing an audio signal to two ears of a user, includes an audio interface for providing the audio signal, a bone conduction speaker coupled to the audio interface for outputting an output signal, an adaptive filter with an adjustable impulse response to provide a filtered signal that... Agent:

20110293106 - Signal processing circuit for the generation of a loudspeaker signal and signal-processing method: A signal-processing circuit for the generation of a loudspeaker signal comprises an input for the feeding of a digital input signal and a digital equalizer filter that is coupled with the input and has at least one first recursive filter that is defined by a first adjustable set of coefficients.... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110293108 - system and method for producing a directional output signal: A system and method of producing a directional output signal is described including the steps of: detecting sounds at the left and rights sides of a person's head to produce left and right signals; determining the similarity of the signals; modifying the signals based on their similarity; and combining the... Agent: HearIPPty Ltd.

20110293107 - Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method: A sound signal processing apparatus includes a sound source direction determination unit and a filter processing unit. The sound source direction determination unit determines sound source directions with respect to sound signals of a plurality of channels for respective first to n-th bands. The filter processing unit includes first to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110293109 - Hands-free unit with noise tolerant audio sensor: A hands-free unit comprises a noise tolerant audio sensor to generate a first audio signal based on detection of audible sounds and an external audio sensor to generate a second audio signal based on detection of the audible sounds. A tunable distortion reduction filter adds high frequency information to the... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110293110 - De-pop circuit and an associated audio system: A de-pop circuit adaptable to an audio circuit is disclosed. A high-pass filter generates a high-pass output signal according to an output signal of the audio circuit. A blockage circuit receives the high-pass output signal and a control signal, and generates an enable signal to activate the audio circuit according... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20110293111 - Audio processing apparatus and related method: An audio processing apparatus including an audio phase detecting device and an adjusting device is provided. After detecting a phase relationship between a first channel signal and a second channel signal, the audio phase detecting device generates a phase control signal. The adjusting device is coupled to the audio phase... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20110293112 - Dual high frequency driver canalphone system: A canalphone system may include a canalphone housing, and a first high frequency driver carried within the canalphone housing. The system may also include a second high frequency driver carried within the canalphone housing where the second high frequency driver is tuned with the first high frequency driver to deliver... Agent:

20110293113 - Apparatus, systems and methods for limiting output volume of a media presentation device: Volume limiting systems and methods are operable to limit volume output from media presentation devices. An exemplary embodiment detects a sound using a microphone, wherein the sound corresponds to an audio output of at least one controlled media presentation device, and wherein the microphone is remotely located from the at... Agent: Echostar Techonogies L.L.C.

20110293114 - Condenser microphone unit and method of manufacturing diaphragm assembly of condenser microphone: This invention provides a condenser microphone unit having a diaphragm assembly in which a diaphragm does not attach to a fixed electrode even if a polarization voltage is increased. A condenser microphone unit is provided having a diaphragm assembly 1 in which a diaphragm 12 is stretched over a diaphragm... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110293115 - Dynamically biased amplifier: An amplifier including an input stage, an output stage, an adjustable bias current generator and a level detector. The input stage may receive and amplify or buffer an input signal. The input stage may be biased by a first bias current. The output stage may supply an output signal to... Agent: Audioasics A/s

20110293116 - Battery compartment for condenser microphone: A battery compartment for a condenser microphone includes a battery space configured to hold a battery; a battery outlet open to a portion of a peripheral wall of the battery space and allowing removal of the battery in the battery space; a lid covering the battery outlet; and a ribbon... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110293117 - Boundary microphone: A membrane pressure-sensitive switch includes a circuit board provided with an electrode pattern detecting electrical conductivity, a membrane having a conductive surface, and a spacer interposed between the membrane and the circuit board. The electrode pattern is surrounded by a ground pattern on the front surface of the circuit board.... Agent:

20110293118 - Thermal acoustic speaker: A thermal acoustic speaker comprises a body and a thermoelectric converter. The body comprises a shell with at least one hole and a side with a sound hole. The shell defines a sound cavity in the body. The thermoelectric converter, disposed around at least a part of the shell, comprises... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110293119 - Microelectromechanical microphone carrier module: An MEM microphone carrier module is composed of a substrate and a cover plate. The substrate includes a space layer, a bottom layer, a recession recessed from a top side of the space layer, and a groove formed in the recession. The bottom layer has a metallic plate defining a... Agent: Lingsen Precision Industries Ltd.

20110293120 - Earphone transducer: An improved earphone transducer made of a first ring-shaped diaphragm covering the area of the earphone transducer perimeter to the transducer voice coil, and a second dome-shaped transducer covering the center space above the voice coil. The ring-shaped diaphragm and dome-shaped diaphragm have overlapping areas to facilitate integration into the... Agent:

20110293121 - Vibrating member and electroacoustic transducer having same: An electroacoustic transducer includes a frame defining a hollow space, and an elastic member mounted on the frame. The elastic member includes a circular plane lamina and a plurality of elastic arms extending outwardly from a circumference of the circular plane lamina. A diaphragm includes a vibrating film mounted with... Agent:

20110293122 - Display system, display control method and computer program: A control apparatus 2 is connected to a two dimensional array display apparatus unit made with display apparatuses 1, 1, . . . configuring a multivision system. A controlling unit 20 of the control apparatus 2 obtains position information for the display apparatus unit in the two dimensional array. Based... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaishi

20110293123 - Data storage system, hearing aid, and method of selectively applying sound filters: A data storage system includes a network interface configurable to couple to a network for receiving data related to an acoustic environment from a device and a memory for storing a plurality of environmental filters. The data storage system further includes a processor coupled to the memory and the network... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110293124 - Fitting device and a method of fitting a hearing device to compensate for the hearing loss of a user; and a hearing device and a method of reducing feedback in a hearing device: A fitting device for fitting a hearing device to compensate for a hearing loss of a user is disclosed, the hearing device comprising a receiver and a microphone, wherein a feedback path exists between the receiver and the microphone, wherein the hearing device further comprises an adaptive feedback canceller configured... Agent:

20110293125 - Deep-ear-canal hearing device: A deep-ear-canal hearing device is worn deep in the ear canal of a user. The hearing device is easy to produce and use, has a small overall size, and can be comfortably worn deep within the auditory canal, in particular in the bony part of the auditory canal as well.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110293126 - Microphone: A miniaturized microphone maintaining the properties of a microphone chip and achieving a smaller mounting area. The microphone includes a package which includes a first and second member. At least one of the first second members includes a recess. The microphone also includes a circuit element installed on an inner... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110293127 - Unidirectional condenser microphone unit: There is provided a unidirectional condenser microphone unit in which reliable electromagnetic shieldability is provided for a rear acoustic terminal of a unit casing, an acousto-electric converter can be fixed in the unit casing by applying a proper stress, and the eccentricity among the constituent elements of the acousto-electric converter... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110293128 - Semiconductor device and microphone: A semiconductor device including a package formed by overlapping a cover and a substrate one over the other. A microphone chip is mounted on a top surface of a recess of the cover, and a circuit element is mounted on an upper surface of a recess of the substrate, where... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110293129 - Head tracking: A head tracking system (400) is proposed in the present invention that determines a rotation angle (300) of a head (100b) of a user (100) with respect to a reference direction (310), which is dependent on a movement of a user (100). Here the movement of a user should be... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110293130 - Earphone: An earphone comprises a trumpet unit, a hollow shield, and a guide sound tube: the shield is hollow to receive the trumpet, has a sound chamber and an opening, and the opening inclines an acute angle from the trumpet unit; the guide sound tube is disposed at the opening with... Agent: Comaxtech International Limited

20110293131 - Electroacoustic transducer: A frame has a diaphragm's edge attached thereto. An attachment member has a frame portion and a hook. The frame portion has a first plane to be bonded to a casing, and a second plane opposite to the first plane. The hook is supported by the frame portion and also... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110293132 - Electroacoustic transducer: A frame has a notch having an opening at a side plane of the frame. A diaphragm is vibratably attached to one plane of the frame. A voice coil is attached to the diaphragm. A terminal is attached to the other plane of the frame. A lead is connected to... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110293133 - Speaker: A speaker includes a yoke defining a receiving cavity therein, a first magnet received in the receiving cavity of the yoke, a second magnet received in the receiving cavity of the yoke and opposite to the first magnet, a first coil surrounding the first magnet, a second coil surrounding the... Agent:

20110293134 - Speaker: A speaker having a voice coil is disclosed. The voice coil includes two parallel main members and two linking members connecting the two main members for forming a closed loop, one of the linking member having at least a first part from a first circle having a first diameter, and... Agent:

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