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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 24 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110286600 - Wireless audio system: A system for wireless transmission between a device such as a game controller and a base transceiver linked with a host device. Multiple controllers can be linked with the base transceiver through radio frequency transmission, and audio signals can be selectively transmitted therebetween. Audio commands can be introduced with manual... Agent:

20110286601 - Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method: An audio signal processing device includes a processing unit for convoluting head-related transfer functions with audio signals of a plurality of channels, and the processing unit includes a storage unit for storing data of a double-normalized head-related transfer function by normalizing a normalized head-related transfer function obtained by normalizing a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110286602 - System and method for enhanced streaming audio: A system and method for enhancement and management of streaming audio is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system provides a client-side decoder that is compatible with numerous audio formats, so that a user can enjoy relatively high-quality audio from various sources, even from sources that do not provide multi-channel or... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc

20110286603 - Automatic adjustments of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels: The automatic adjustment of audio alert characteristics of an alert device using ambient noise levels is described. In one aspect of the invention, a machine-readable medium has executable instructions to cause a machine to perform a method to receive an audio sample of ambient noise and adjust a characteristic of... Agent:

20110286606 - Method and system for noise cancellation: A noise cancellation signal is generated based on detected ambient noise, such that the noise cancellation signal and a wanted sound signal can be applied to a speaker. Gain control is applied to the wanted sound signal based on a comparison between the detected ambient noise level and the wanted... Agent:

20110286604 - Microphone array device: A microphone array device includes a first sound reception unit configured to obtain a first sound signal that is input from a first microphone, a second sound reception unit configured to obtain a second sound signal that is input from a second microphone, a noise state evaluation unit configured to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110286605 - Noise suppressor: A voice/noise section decision unit 2 makes a decision from a low-frequency amplitude spectrum 102 as to whether an input signal 100 is like a voice or not. A noise spectrum estimation unit 3 estimates a low-frequency noise spectrum and high-frequency noise spectrum from the output of the voice/noise section... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110286607 - Noise canceling headphone: Noise canceling headphones designed so that external noise coming from all directions can be effectively concerned by means of a canceling sound before being heard by a user. These feed-forward noise canceling headphones use noise canceling headphones (10), each of which comprises an air chamber (8) formed from a space... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110286608 - Earpiece communication system: A communication system is provided having at least one earpiece (14, 114, 214) including a loudspeaker (26) for stimulating a user's hearing according to audio signals supplied to the earpiece; a voice microphone arrangement (28, 58, 60, 62, 258, 260) for picking up the user's voice; a configurable audio interface... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110286609 - Multiple microphone based directional sound filter: A system and method for use in filtering of an acoustic signal are provided for producing an output signal of attenuated amount of diffuse sound in accordance with predetermined parameters of desired output directional response and required attenuation of diffuse sound. The system includes a filtration module and a filter... Agent: Waves Audio Ltd.

20110286610 - Surface micromachined differential microphone: A differential microphone having a perimeter slit formed around the microphone diaphragm that replaces the backside hole previously required in conventional silicon, micromachined microphones. The differential microphone is formed using silicon fabrication techniques applied only to a single, front face of a silicon wafer. The backside holes of prior art... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20110286611 - Digital amplifier: A speaker has two ends connected to the output of the amplifier. The DC power circuit has, for example, a B+ (+power supply) terminal and the GND terminal. One low-pass filter of the digital amplifier has capacitors C1 and C3, and the other low-pass filter has capacitors C2 and C4.... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Holdings, Inc.

20110286612 - Phantom power controlled switch: A switching operation is performed in response to an externally applied DC control signal from an external load. An input connector receives an input audio signal from an external audio source, and an output connector that provides an audio output signal. A DC isolator couples the input audio signal from... Agent:

20110286613 - Speaker system: An audio speaker comprises three modules stacked on one another to form a tower. The bottom module generates a magneto-strictive output that is coupled to the structure on which the bottom module stands to cause audio signal radiation from that structure. The top module has an upwardly facing cone speaker... Agent: Franklin Electronic Publishers, Incorporated

20110286614 - Individualization of sound signals: A system and method provide a user-specific sound signal for each of multiple users in a room, such as a vehicle cabin, on a sound system including at least a pair of loudspeakers for each user. The head position of each user is tracked and a user-specific binaural sound signal... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110286615 - Wireless stereo headsets and methods: Wireless stereo headsets and methods of using the headsets are described. In one embodiment, a wireless stereo headset includes a first earpiece, having a first speaker and a first USB connector, and a second earpiece which has a second speaker and a second USB connector. The USB connectors are configured... Agent:

20110286616 - Hearing device with a passive unit seated deep in the auditory canal: Hearing devices and, more particularly hearing aids, can be inserted into the auditory canal in an improved fashion. A hearing device has a first unit, which can be completely inserted within a human auditory canal. The first unit has a first housing into which a sound-recording element, a receiver and,... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110286617 - Mobile wireless communications device including shared voice coil to provide hearing aid compatibility and related methods: A mobile wireless communications device is for use with a hearing aid including a hearing aid compatible (HAC) coil. The device may include a portable housing and a wireless receiver carried by the portable housing. The device may also include at least one image capture component and a positioning coil... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110286618 - Enhanced envelope encoded tone, sound processor and system: There is disclosed a system (20) for processing sound signals for use in a hearing prosthesis, the system comprising a transducer (1) for converting a sound signal into an electrical signal (30). A first, processor (4) for processing said electrical signal (30) into a plurality of frequency channel signals, each... Agent: Hearworks Pty Ltd University Of Melbourne

20110286619 - Ribbon transducer with improved distortion characteristics: A ribbon-type electroacoustic transducer with improved electrical, electromechanical, electromagnetic characteristics is described.... Agent: George E. Short Iii

20110286620 - Hat mounted music system: A hat mounted music system includes a semi-rigid hatband and a flexible crown and hat bill mounted to the hatband. A retaining pocket is mounted to the hatband and is sized and shaped to hold a portable music player. First and second headphone mounts are located to align with the... Agent:

20110286621 - Earphone line, earphone line take-up apparatus, earphone assembly and mobile terminal: The present invention provides an earphone line, an earphone line take-up apparatus, an earphone assembly and a mobile terminal. The earphone line comprises a bullet-proof fibre, insulated conductive wires and an earphone line skin, wherein: the earphone line further comprises conductors; the insulated conductive wires are wound around the bullet-proof... Agent: Xinjiang Tiandi Group

20110286622 - Cup-shaped portable speaker with music player adapter: A portable speaker for a music play such as an iPod® player. The housing of the speaker is shaped and sized as a cup and can be placed inside a commonly seen cup holder, such as a cup holder in a car or other vehicles, a baby stroller, a foldable... Agent: Baby Trend Inc.

20110286623 - Moving part and electrodynamic transducer provided with such a moving part: The invention relates to a moving part for an electro-dynamic transducer, including at least one mandrel supporting a winding of at least one coiled wire. The mandrel includes at least one first element rigidly connected inside at least one second element for guiding the moving part inside the transducer. The... Agent: Orkidia Audio

11/17/2011 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20110280407 - Compressor based dynamic bass enhancement with eq: A system for and method of enhancing the low frequency response of a loudspeaker for relatively low input level audio signals and protect the loudspeaker for relatively high input level audio signals is disclosed. The system comprises: a crossover network configured so separate an audio input signal into at least... Agent:

20110280408 - Device, system and method for measurement of media consumption in digital media terminals: A device, system and method for enabling the measuring of audiences to media consumed through the use of digital media terminals. An example disclosed herein includes a loop-back device that allows the production/extraction of content identification information from media items rendered by a digital media terminal that can be seamlessly... Agent:

20110280409 - Personalized hearing profile generation with real-time feedback: A personalized hearing profile is generated for an ear-level device comprising a memory, microphone, speaker and processor. Communication is established between the ear-level device and a companion device, having a user interface. A frame of reference in the user interface is provided, where positions in the frame of reference are... Agent: Sound Id

20110280410 - Active noise control apparatus: An active noise control apparatus includes a control frequency detector for determining a control frequency which is a frequency of a noise to be controlled, a sine-wave generator for generating a reference sine-wave signal having the determined control frequency, a cosine-wave generator for generating a reference cosine-wave signal having the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110280411 - Noise reduction circuit with monitoring functionality: A noise reduction circuit 200 for a headphone 100 is disclosed herein. In a described embodiment, the headphone 100 includes a speaker driver 110 and the circuit 200 comprises a microphone 112 configured to convert ambient sound into a corresponding electrical ambient signal and which is disposed adjacent to the... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20110280412 - Earphone: An earphone includes an audio input terminal, an audio output terminal, a spring, and a rheostat. The rheostat includes a first terminal, a second terminal, and a slide terminal. The audio input terminal is electrically connected to the slide terminal of the rheostat. The audio output terminal is electrically connected... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20110280414 - Fuzzy woofies: one-way communication between two wireless audio headphone communication systems receiving audio from an audio source: Two wireless audio headphone communication systems each have an audio input for receiving audio signals from an audio source. The wireless transceivers receive and transmit radio frequency communications including audio signals that conform to wireless audio protocols of wireless communication protocols. A wireless audio headphone communication system sends sound over... Agent:

20110280413 - System and method for protecting transmissions of wireless microphones operating in television band white space: A wireless microphone system broadcasts a pilot tone at the designated ATSC pilot position in the TV Band channel being used by the wireless microphone system. The pilot tone is a readily detectable waveform transmitted in the ATSC pilot position. The pilot tone can be generated by any one of:... Agent: Wi-lan, Inc.

20110280415 - Sound reproduction and detection: Apparatus for generating a first acoustic signal and simultaneously sensing a second acoustic signal. The apparatus comprises: an input (15) for receiving a first electrical signal from a signal source; a loudspeaker terminal, directly or indirectly connected to the input (15), for connection to a loudspeaker (30) for generating the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110280416 - Dental bone conduction hearing appliance: An intra-oral hearing appliance includes an actuator to provide bone conduction sound transmission; a transceiver coupled to the actuator to cause the actuator to generate sound; and a first chamber containing the actuator and the transceiver, said first chamber adapted to be coupled to one or more teeth.... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20110280417 - Device for actuating a membrane and a vehicle comprising a device for actuating a membrane: The invention refers to a device (3) for actuating a membrane arranged in an opening to a space, and a vehicle having such a device. The membrane (1) has a first surface (1′) and a second opposite surface (1″), and is limited by an edge area. The device includes a... Agent:

20110280418 - Electret condenser microphone: An electret condenser microphone includes a microphone capsule having a diaphragm, a fixed electrode and an extraction electrode. The extraction electrode includes a closed-bottomed cylinder composed of a conductive material. The fixed electrode has holes extending from an air chamber between the diaphragm and the fixed electrode to an air... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110280419 - Acoustic sensor and microphone: An acoustic sensor includes a semiconductor substrate with a back chamber, a conductive diaphragm arranged on an upper side of the semiconductor substrate, an insulating fixed film fixed on an upper surface of the semiconductor substrate covering the conductive diaphragm with a gap, a conductive fixed electrode film arranged on... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110280420 - Acoustic transducer: There is provided an acoustic transducer which is reduced in size and which can generate an acoustic emission having a low frequency. The acoustic transducer of the present invention includes: a plurality of bending vibration modules 7 each of which is constructed of at least one bending vibrator made of... Agent:

20110280421 - Device for and a method of processing audio signals: A device for processing an audio signal is provided, wherein the processing device comprises a processing unit, and a determination unit, wherein the processing unit is adapted to receive first data associated with a first subsignal of the audio signal and second data associated with a second subsignal of the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110280422 - Devices and methods for collecting acoustic data: A device includes a network interface to communicate with a communication network and a microphone to convert sounds into an electrical signal. The device further includes a processor coupled to the microphone and the network interface. The processor is configured to process the electrical signal to generate acoustic data based... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110280423 - Hearing instrument with a wall formed by a printed circuit board: A hearing instrument includes a housing, a printed circuit board, a signal processor on the printed circuit board, wherein the signal processor is configured for generating an audio signal, and a receiver that is connected to an output of the signal processor for converting the audio signal into a sound... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20110280424 - System, method, program, and integrated circuit for hearing aid: To provide a hearing aid system (1000) performing dichotic-listening binaural hearing aid processing which improves the clarity of speech and maintains the spatial perception ability. Each of first and second hearing aid devices (1100, 1200) includes a sound pickup unit (1110, 1210) and an output unit (1120, 1220) outputting a... Agent:

20110280427 - Music pre-processing for hearing prostheses: A method of pre-processing a sound signal including music for an auditory prosthesis is provided. An input sound signal is received. The sound signal is processed using music pre-processing software to produce a music pre-processed signal. The music pre-processed signal is presented for further processing, so as to produce a... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110280425 - Open ear fitting: An improved open ear hearing aid fitting for insertion into an ear canal is provided. The fitting offers enhanced acoustic performance while maintaining user comfort. The fitting comprises a polymeric body having at least one acoustic source and at least one aperture extending there through and a peripheral portion shaped... Agent:

20110280426 - Partially implantable hearing aid: A partially implantable hearing aid is provided, comprising an external audio signal unit to be worn at least in part in a user's ear canal, an implantable unit and external means for transmitting power transcutaneously to the implantable unit via an inductive link, the external audio signal unit comprising audio... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110280428 - Electronic device: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a first body, a second body, a speaker cabinet and a link mechanism. The second body rotates relative to the first body by a hinge. The speaker cabinet, disposed in the first body, is selectively lengthened or shortened. The link mechanism... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110280429 - Waterproof pillow with audio unit: A waterproof pillow with audio unit is described. The waterproof pillow with audio unit includes a waterproof pillow, a sound unit and a remote control unit. Either the sound unit scans a plurality of audio devices for identifying the audio devices or the audio devices respectively scan the sound unit... Agent: Dartpoint Technology Co., Ltd.

20110280430 - Resonance device for speaker: A resonance device for a speaker is provided. The device includes a speaker unit and a resonance unit. The speaker unit outputs a sound corresponding to a signal. The resonance unit is fixed to the speaker unit to provide a space for allowing a sound to resonate. The resonance unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110280431 - Keychain speaker: A speaker has a speaker body of a generally cubical shape of a small keychain size of under eight cubic inches in volume. An upper rim is formed on the speaker body which has an upper rim inside surface sized to receive a standard sized plastic bottle. Internal speaker components... Agent:

20110280432 - Loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker module includes a housing having a plurality of side walls and a cover plate positioned over a top surface of the plurality of side walls, a bottom of the housing remaining open. A driver mounting plate is secured to the plurality of side walls and divides the housing... Agent:

20110280433 - Linear vibration device: Disclosed is a linear vibration device, the linear vibration device including: a case formed with a storage space; a vibrator including a cylindrical back yoke accommodated in the storage space, a magnet mounted on the back yoke, a leaf spring coupled to the back yoke and a weight coupled to... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

11/10/2011 > 32 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110274278 - Method and apparatus for reproducing stereophonic sound: Method and apparatus reproduce a stereophonic sound. The method includes obtaining sound depth information which denotes a distance between at least one object within a sound signal and a reference position, and providing sound perspective to the sound object output from a speaker, based on the sound depth information.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110274279 - System and method for enhanced streaming audio: A system and method for enhancement and management of streaming audio is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system provides a client-side decoder that is compatible with numerous audio formats, so that a user can enjoy relatively high-quality audio from various sources, even from sources that do not provide multi-channel or... Agent: Srs Labs, Inc

20110274280 - Method and system for frequency domain active matrix decoding without feedback: A perceptually motivated, frequency domain active matrix decoder and decoding method which decodes N audio input signals to generate M audio output signals, where M is greater than N, including by generating M streams of output frequency components which determine the audio output signals, in response to N streams of... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20110274281 - Method for determining inverse filter from critically banded impulse response data: A method for determining an inverse filter for altering the frequency response of a loudspeaker so that with the inverse filter applied in the loudspeaker's signal path the inverse-filtered loudspeaker output has a target frequency response, and optionally also applying the inverse filter in the signal path, and a system... Agent: Dolby International Ab

20110274282 - Multi microphone sampling method and circuit with single adc front end: The invention relates generally to means and methods of improving the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) in communication devices. In particular, means and methods of alternating microphone inputs are disclosed. Multiple microphones are used to increase the SNR in a communication device that is capable of storing the input from... Agent:

20110274283 - Open air noise cancellation: An active noise cancellation device is described that is capable of cancelling an ambient sound wave in an open air environment via destructive interference. The active noise cancellation device comprises a directional microphone, a directional loudspeaker, and a signal processing module. The directional loudspeaker can comprise either one or two... Agent:

20110274284 - System and method for providing active hearing protection to a user: Hearing protection system having first and second hearing protection devices worn at/in a respective one of a user's outer ear, each hearing protection device having an active unit with at least one microphone for converting ambient sound into input audio signals and a loudspeaker for transforming filtered audio signals into... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110274285 - Earphone antenna of a portable terminal: An earphone antenna of a portable terminal having enhanced reception sensitivity even when a wearing state of the earphone of the mobile terminal is changed is provided. The earphone antenna includes a plurality of voice signal lines, an insulating sheath configured to cover an outer surface of the plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110274286 - Wireless and wired speaker hub for a home theater system: A method and system for communicating audio, video, and/or control signals within a home entertainment system. A plurality of audio channels is communicated between a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver. The wireless transmitter is located proximate to a speaker housing. In some embodiments the speaker housing also encloses a... Agent: Ksc Industries Incorporated

20110274287 - Audio amplifier assembly having grounding bracket: An audio amplifier assembly connected to an automotive vehicle media system by a wiring harness is provided. The audio amplifier assembly includes an amplifier having a chassis, an electronic module attached to the chassis, and a cover attached to the chassis to cover the electronic module. A bracket having a... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110274288 - Electromagnetic transducer: An electromagnetic transducer is disclosed. The electromagnetic transducer includes a holder forming a hollow space, a suspension mounted on the holder, a vibrating member suspended in the hollow space by the suspension, a diaphragm arranged facing the vibrating member. The outlines of the diaphragm, the vibrating member and the suspension... Agent:

20110274289 - Sensor array beamformer post-processor: A novel beamforming post-processor technique with enhanced noise suppression capability. The present beamforming post-processor technique is a non-linear post-processing technique for sensor arrays (e.g., microphone arrays) which improves the directivity and signal separation capabilities. The technique works in so-called instantaneous direction of arrival space, estimates the probability for sound coming... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110274290 - Fast start-up circuit for audio driver: A driver device for suppression audible transients of an audio amplifier includes an amplifier for receiving an audio signal and a bias circuit configured to quickly generate a voltage level for biasing the amplifier, wherein the voltage level is maintained even if the driver device is powered off. The bias... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20110274291 - Robust adaptive beamforming with enhanced noise suppression: A novel adaptive beamforming technique with enhanced noise suppression capability. The technique incorporates the sound-source presence probability into an adaptive blocking matrix. In one embodiment the sound-source presence probability is estimated based on the instantaneous direction of arrival of the input signals and voice activity detection. The technique guarantees robustness... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110274292 - Acoustic characteristic correction coefficient calculation apparatus, acoustic characteristic correction coefficient calculation method and acoustic characteristic correction apparatus: According to one embodiment, an acoustic characteristic correction coefficient calculation apparatus includes a frequency converter, a smoother, a frequency inverter, a cutter, and a calculator. The frequency converter is configured to convert a first impulse response corresponding to an input acoustic signal to a frequency domain. The smoother is configured... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110274293 - Method, device and communication terminal for adjusting volume adaptively: The present invention relates to the field of communications technology, and more particularly, to a method, a device and a communication terminal for adjusting volume adaptively. The present invention discloses a method for adjusting volume adaptively, including: receiving an audio signal from a sound source; obtaining information about the sound... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20110274294 - Audio signal processing apparatus: An audio signal processing apparatus performs audio signal process composed of a plurality of channels each having parameters used in the audio signal process. The audio signal processing apparatus has a plurality of channel strips, each channel strip being assigned with a channel and being provided with manipulators for adjusting... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110274295 - Negative-voltage charge pump circuit: A control unit alternately repeats a first state in which a first switch and a third switch are on and a second state in which a second switch and a fourth switch are on. A voltage detection unit compares the output voltage that occurs at one terminal (OUT terminal) of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110274296 - Ear tip method and apparatus: The ear tip is arranged along an ear tip central axis. The ear tip has a sound tube connection and a sound channel which extends through the ear tip base and ear tip shaft. The first group of low-profile flanges are spaced along an ear tip shaft axis, and extend... Agent:

20110274297 - Thermoacoustic device: A thermoacoustic device includes a sound wave generator, a signal element and a support element. The sound wave generator includes a carbon nanotube structure. The signal element is configured to transmit a signal. The carbon nanotube structure is configured to receive the signal and generate a sound wave. The support... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20110274299 - Encapsulated micro-electro-mechanical device, in particular a mems acoustic transducer: An encapsulated micro-electro-mechanical device, wherein a MEMS chip is encapsulated by a package formed by a first, a second, and a third substrates that are bonded together. The first substrate has a main surface bearing the MEMS chip, the second substrate is bonded to the first substrate and defines a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110274298 - Mems microphone: A MEMS microphone includes a silicon substrate defining an opening, a diaphragm being supported above the substrate and a backplate opposite from the diaphragm for forming a capacitor together with the diaphragm. The diaphragm includes a central vibrating portion and a plurality of serpentine segments extending from an edge of... Agent:

20110274300 - Spacer for a capacitive microphone and capacitive microphone with the same: The present invention relates to a spacer for a capacitive microphone and a capacitive microphone with such spacer, in which the spacer is mounted between polar plates and vibrating diaphragm of the microphone and the spacer comprises at least one insulating layer and at least one conductive layer bonded with... Agent:

20110274301 - Underwater transducer apparatus using polarized stacked piezoelectric elements and a method of operating the same: The current device is a transducer for underwater communication using a plurality of stacked polarized piezoelectric elements. The piezoelectric elements are stacked within a communication device such as a loudspeaker or a set of headphones or earphones so that the polarity of each element is orientated in the same direction.... Agent: Undersea Systems International, Inc.

20110274302 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid includes: first and second microphones; first and second A/D converters; a microphone sensitivity correction unit; a hearing assistance processing unit; a microphone sensitivity correction value calculation unit; a storage unit; a failure detection unit; a sound output unit; a D/A converter; and a receiver. The outputs of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110274303 - Speaker clip: Certain embodiments may take the form of an electronic device having a main housing encapsulating operative circuitry for the device. The electronic device includes an attachment member moveably coupled to the metal housing. The attachment member has an acoustical device located therein that is communicatively coupled to the operative circuitry... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110274304 - Speaker size adapting method: A method for adapting a small stereo speaker for mounting in a hole designed for a larger speaker (the hole being in a mounting wall). A pair of adapters are provided. These are plates which include an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter. When the two plates are placed together... Agent:

20110274305 - Constant coverage waveguide: This invention provides an acoustic waveguide with a continuous least-energy-surface formed from an upper vertical control curve, a lower vertical control curve, right horizontal control curve and a left horizontal control curve. In addition, a circular throat end and a non-elliptical closed control curve form a mouth such that the... Agent:

20110274306 - Multiple aperture speaker assembly: Methods and apparatus are provided for waveguide structures and speaker assemblies. In one embodiment, a waveguide may include an input aperture configured to receive a sound signal from a sound source, and a plurality of isolated sound paths having substantially equal path lengths. Each isolated sound path may be formed... Agent: Duckworth Holding, Inc. C/o Qsc Audio Products, Inc.

20110274307 - Portable amplified audio system for motorized vehicles: A portable amplified audio system for a motorcycle removably mounts on motorcycles, interfaces with a wide range of audio output devices, is easy to remove and install, includes a cover for protecting components from the elements, is oriented toward a rider on the motorcycle to facilitate superior acoustics and safe... Agent:

20110274309 - Micro speaker: A micro speaker including a frame; a yoke fixed to the frame and including a receiving groove; a permanent magnet spaced apart from an inner lateral wall of the receiving groove of the yoke, and fixed to a bottom surface of the yoke; a plate fixed to an upper surface... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20110274308 - Multifunctional micro speaker: A multifunctional micro speaker including a frame; a diaphragm having an outer circumference portion fixed to the frame; a voice coil fixed to a lower surface of the diaphragm; a suspension fixed to the frame and having a predetermined elasticity; a yoke fixed to the suspension and including a receiving... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

11/03/2011 > 32 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20110268279 - Audio encoding device, decoding device, method, circuit, and program: Provided is an encoding device (1) including: a pitch contour analysis unit (101) which detects information, a dynamic time-warping unit (102) which generates, based on the information, pitch change ratios (Tw_ratio in FIG. 18) within a range (86) including a range (86a) of the pitch change ratios corresponding to absolute... Agent:

20110268280 - Audio signal decoding device and method of balance adjustment: Disclosed is an audio signal decoding device and a method of balance adjustment that reduces a fluctuation of a decoded signal orientation and maintains a stereo perception. An interchannel correlation computation unit (224) computes a correlation between a left channel decoded stereo signal and a right channel decoded stereo signal,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110268281 - Audio spatialization using reflective room model: Described are systems and methods performed by computer to reduce crosstalk produced by loudspeakers when rendering binaural sound that is emitted from the loudspeakers into a room. The room may have sound-reflecting surfaces that reflect some of the sound produced by the loudspeakers. To reduce crosstalk, a room model stored... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110268284 - Audio analysis apparatus: In an audio analysis apparatus, a component acquirer acquires a component matrix composed of an array of component values, columns of the component matrix corresponding to the sequence of unit periods of an audio signal and rows of the component matrix corresponding to a series of unit bands of the... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110268283 - Reverberation suppressing apparatus and reverberation suppressing method: A reverberation suppressing apparatus, includes: a sound acquiring unit which acquires a sound signal; a reverberation data computing unit which computes reverberation data from the acquired sound signal; a reverberation characteristics estimating unit which estimates reverberation characteristics based on the computed reverberation data; a filter length estimating unit which estimates... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110268282 - System and method for monitoring compliance of sound levels when playing content in theater auditoriums: The present invention relates to systems and methods for monitoring compliance with sound volumes in auditoriums. The method includes setting a baseline sound measurement for an audio receiver located in an auditorium. The baseline sound measurement is based on a baseline sample signal broadcast over a baseline period from a... Agent:

20110268285 - Sound image localization estimating device, sound image localization control system, sound image localization estimation method, and sound image localization control method: Sound pressure acquisition element integrate by time and convert into logarithms a plurality of inputted sound signals to acquire each sound pressure corresponding to the plurality of sound signals. Normalizing element normalizes each sound pressure acquired by the sound pressure acquisition element. Linear sum calculating element calculates a linear sum... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110268286 - Method, apparatus, and system for mass audio notification field: A mass audio notification system is provided, comprising a network, a plurality of speakers connected to the network, and at least one server connected to the network. The server can send audio data to at least one of the plurality of speakers via a transport link, and the server can... Agent: Benbria Corporation

20110268287 - Loudspeaker system and sound emission and collection method: A loudspeaker system with a high degree of versatility, which, even when a microphone or a person speaking moves, can adequately response to the movement is provided. A plurality of linkage terminals 2 are connected to a central control device 1. A lecturer operates the central control device 1 to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110268288 - Noise gate, sound collection device, and noise removing method: The sound collection device 1 transforms a collected audio signal NET into a frequency spectrum NE′N by using the FFT processing unit 11. The noise gate 12 estimates a noise spectrum N′N of a stationary noise based on the frequency spectrum NE′N of the audio signal. The noise gate 12... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110268291 - Earphone system for mobile device and method for operating the same: An earphone system and method of operating an earphone system are provided. The earphone system includes a mobile device and an earphone. When a 4-pole earphone header of the earphone is inserted into an ear jack interface of the mobile device, the ear jack interface receives at least one input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110268290 - Fan cooled headset: A fan cooled headset includes at least one fan drawing air into or out of the headset and through ear chambers surrounding the wearer's ears, providing a flow of cool air. A single fan may be located at the top of a head piece, or two fans may be located... Agent:

20110268289 - Ground loop noise rejection for a headset subsystem: For headphone subsystems that employ common ground switches for speaker outputs (for example), there can be a significant issue with cross-talk and ground noise. Here, configurations for an amplifier and switch network are provided, which generally cancel noise from the “ground switch,” so as to provide an improvement over conventional... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110268292 - Apparatus: Apparatus including: an acoustic transducer, and a sound channel coupled to the acoustic transducer, the sound channel including an element having a shape that is electrically controllable, wherein the shape of the element is electrically controllable to change the acoustic properties of the sound channel.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110268293 - System and method for processing signals to enhance audibility in an mri environment: A system for processing signals to enhance patient audibility of a plurality of signals in an MRI environment is provided. The system includes an acoustic measuring device for measuring sound power levels generated by the MRI and a principal frequency component identifier for identifying principal frequencies measured by the acoustic... Agent:

20110268294 - Providing athletic training information: An audible playback device that allows an athlete, such as a runner, to conveniently listen to audible content and receive athletic performance information. A device may be employed to both playback audible content and provide monitored performance information to a user. The performance information may be provided to a user... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110268295 - Connection-responsive audio mixing: Apparatus and method to mix audio provided by a radio with audio provided by an ICS in which the audio of the radio being mixed with audio provided by the ICS and presented to one ear of a user, and in which audio provided by the ICS is presented to... Agent:

20110268296 - Condenser microphone assembly with floating configuration: A condenser microphone assembly without electrets formed on a rear pole plate, and having an electrically floating diaphragm and improved capacitance. The condenser microphone assembly includes a sounding body in which a floating bias voltage is applied between a diaphragm and a rear pole plate facing one another and electrically... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20110268297 - Electrostatic speaker: An electrostatic speaker including a frame; a first electrode installed at a first end of the frame; a second electrode installed at a second end of the frame to be at a predetermined distance apart from the first electrode; a suspension which is arranged between the second electrode and the... Agent: Bse Co., Ltd.

20110268298 - Sound field correcting device: At least two speakers are arranged in the left-right direction, and the measurement signal generating unit generates the measurement signal from the two speakers. The measurement signal outputting unit outputs the measurement signal. The measurement signal collecting unit collects the measurement signal for the left-right direction from at least two... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110268299 - Sound field control apparatus and sound field control method: The sound field control apparatus includes: adders (4, 5, 10, 12), a delay unit (9), and an inverting unit (11) for achieving the clear sound quality of speech and voice of a center channel signal; a VCA (3), a maximum value detection unit (6), a level comparison unit (7), and... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110268300 - Tactile-based guidance system: A tactile-based guidance system incorporating tactors in headgear, such as a hat, helmet, or hood. Tactors may provide tactile sensations at different places about the head to convey information to a person such as direction, bearing, movement, orientation, and the like, of the person wearing the tactors. The system may... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110268301 - Hearing aid and a method of detecting and attenuating transients: A hearing aid has means (15) for detecting fast transients in the input signal and means (16, 12, 13) for attenuating the detected transients prior to presenting the signal with the attenuated transients to a user. Detection is performed by measuring the peak difference of the signal upstream of a... Agent: Widex A/s

20110268302 - Hearing aid: A hearing aid contains a hearing aid housing having a receiving portion and a support structure positioned within the hearing aid housing. The support structure contains a substrate having an electronic circuit and a support member coupled to the substrate. The support member is configured to be adhered to the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110268303 - Bone conduction device having limited range of travel: A bone conduction device configured to couple to an abutment of an anchor system anchored to a recipient's skull. The bone conduction device includes a housing and a vibrating actuator movably suspended in the housing and configured to vibrate in response to sound signals received by the bone conduction device... Agent: Cochlear Limited

20110268304 - Hearing aid with ear-hook safety mechanism: Children should be prevented from easily being able to remove the ear hook of a hearing aid. It is for this reason that a hearing aid that is to be worn behind an ear has a housing, which houses signal-processing components, and an ear hook, which is detachably attached to... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110268306 - Horn device: An electro-mechanical horn is configured with a body, a sound-generating unit mounted in the body, and a plurality of power source receiving regions for storing at least one removably mounted power source in a storage manner while containing a second power source in an operative manner thereby limiting discontinuity of... Agent:

20110268305 - Multi-throat acoustic horn for acoustic filtering: A horn coupled to multiple acoustic transducers includes first and second throat portions and a mixing area integrally formed with the first and second throat portions. The first throat portion has a first throat opening adjacent to a first transducer, and the second throat portion has a second throat opening... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110268307 - Microphone coupler system for a communication device: The disclosure provides a microphone coupler system for a microphone mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) for a communication device. The system comprises a boot assembly to enclose the microphone and to direct acoustic signals to the microphone within the communication device, the boot assembly having a coupling section... Agent:

20110268308 - Partially occluding ergonomic earbud adapter: A partially occluding ergonomic earbud adapter is formed from low durometer materials. The exterior of the adapter is frustoconical and tear-drop shaped and formed with several fluted recesses which set apart finger-like flanges extending from an open base toward the tip of the adapter. The ergonomic flanges grip the inside... Agent:

20110268309 - Handset leak-tolerant receiver: To provide leak tolerance an acoustic system for an acoustic receiver comprises a loudspeaker, a front cavity, a rear cavity and an acoustic connection. The loudspeaker has a front area and a rear area opposite the front area the front area having an opening through which sound is output. The... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110268310 - Loudspeaker with an inverted motor: A loudspeaker includes a chassis, a diaphragm, a motor system, a first suspension and a second suspension. The chassis has an inner periphery and an outer periphery. The diaphragm has an inner periphery and an outer periphery. The motor system has a magnet assembly connected to the inner periphery of... Agent:

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