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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 44 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110235807 - Audio output device: An audio output device is provided that can output sound with a sound field environment, sound quality, and a range suitable for a viewer. The audio output device includes: audio output units 13a and 13b for outputting sound; a control unit for controlling a sound field by controlling the audio... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110235808 - Audio reproduction device and audio reproduction method: A method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium for processing a sound signal is provided. The method includes receiving first reference data associated with a positional relationship between reference locations on a first device, receiving second reference data associated with a positional relationship between reference locations on a second device, receiving... Agent:

20110235809 - Multi-channel audio signal processing: The invention relates to multi-channel audio signal processing, in particular to a method of processing a multi-channel audio signal and to a signal processing device. A method of processing a multi-channel audio signal is disclosed, comprising the steps of: receiving an input sum signal (s) representing a sum of a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110235810 - Apparatus and method for generating a multi-channel synthesizer control signal, multi-channel synthesizer, method of generating an output signal from an input signal and machine-readable storage medium: An apparatus and a method for generating a multi-channel synthesizer control signal, a multi-channel synthesizer, a method of generating an output signal from an input signal and a machine-readable storage medium are provided. On an encoder-side, a multi-channel input signal is analyzed for obtaining smoothing control information, which is to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110235811 - Music track extraction device and music track recording device: Provided is a music track extraction device, including: an audio power calculation section which calculates an audio power from an audio signal; and a judgment section which performs a judgment between a music track portion and a non-music track portion based on a state of the audio power.... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110235812 - Sound information determining apparatus and sound information determining method: According to one embodiment, a sound information determining apparatus includes: a holding module configured hold a plurality of determining techniques, each of which determines, with respect to a noise of each type that may be present in an input audio signal, whether the noise of corresponding type is present according... Agent:

20110235813 - Adapted audio masking: Ambient sound is masked by receiving an audio signal, monitoring an acoustic signal that includes components of both the ambient sound the audio signal, determining a sound level sufficient to at least partially mask the ambient sound, and reproducing the received audio signal to produce an output acoustic signal at... Agent:

20110235814 - User control for hearing prostheses: A method of operating a hearing prosthesis. The hearing prosthesis includes memory and a clock and is configured to deliver stimuli to a user. The method includes determining the stimuli, with the hearing prosthesis, in response to a sound signal and at least in part by using one or more... Agent:

20110235815 - Method and arrangement for audio signal processing: A method of processing an audio signal with a content is disclosed. The method comprises determining, based on an analysis associated with a missing fundamental phenomenon, a frequency region suitable for adding one or more harmonic tones of a fundamental tone, determining one or more spectral properties of the content... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110235816 - Selective filtering earplugs: The selective filtering earplugs allow a user to filter most external and environmental sounds, only allowing a set of pre-approved sounds to be heard by the user. The earplugs include a sound acquisition module and at least one filtering earplug. The sound acquisition module includes a microphone for receiving environmental... Agent:

20110235818 - Attachment apparatus: A headset apparatus having a headwear member (9) e.g. an ear shell, possessing a surface formation to which a separate attachment device (1) is reciprocally shaped to attach by a push-fit (e.g. by sliding, slotting or clipping) into engagement with the surface formation. In this way the attachment means may... Agent: Racal Acoustics Limited

20110235817 - Earphone, electronic system and power-saving method: An electronic system includes an earphone and a host. The earphone comprises a temperature detector for detecting a temperature of an area around the earphone. The host connects to the earphone, and comprises an audio processing unit. The audio processing unit determines if the earphone is inserted into an ear... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110235819 - Interchangeable headphone audio system: A configurable audio system for use in a plurality of different settings includes a set of speaker assemblies that can be attached, detached and reattached to a plurality of different accessories configured for use in specific settings (e.g., ski goggles, or conventional headphones). In one implementation, each accessory comprises a... Agent: Skullcandy, Inc.

20110235820 - Sound systems for model railroad locomotives: On-board model railroad speaker enclosure designs are presented that allow maximum sized speakers, improve impedance matching of sound to the outside of the locomotive, and isolate back and front speaker waves while maintaining the standard horizontal drive-train in model train locomotives.... Agent: Qs Industries, Inc.

20110235822 - Apparatus and method for reducing rear noise: An apparatus and method for removing noise are provided. The apparatus includes an acoustic signal input unit configured to comprise three or more microphones including a first microphone as a reference microphone, a second microphone disposed at a position asymmetrical to the first microphone, and a third microphone disposed at... Agent:

20110235821 - Variable directional microphone: There is provided a variable directional microphone including dynamic microphone units that is small in size and has good directional frequency response. In a variable directional microphone 1A in which a unidirectional first dynamic microphone unit (front-side unit) 1F and a second dynamic microphone unit (rear-side unit) 1R, which has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110235823 - Method and apparatus for audio signal processing: A sampled digital audio signal is displayed on a spectrogram, in terms of frequency vs. time. An unwanted noise in the signal is visible in the spectrogram and the portion of the signal containing the unwanted noise can be selected using time and frequency constraints. An estimate for the signal... Agent: Cedar Audio Limited

20110235824 - System and method for excursion limiting: The present disclosure generally relates to a system for limiting the excursion of an audio speaker. The system may include first lowpass filter circuitry configured to receive a system input signal and to generate a first signal. The system may further include clipping circuitry configured between the first lowpass filter... Agent:

20110235825 - Mixer: In a mixer, each input channel adjustment unit includes a main system unit that generates a main system signal, and a plurality of MIX send units that generate a plurality of MIX send signals. In each MIX send unit, a signal selection unit selects an audio signal from a plurality... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110235826 - Procedure and device for linearizing the characteristic curve of a vibration signal transducer such as a microphone: A procedure and device for linearizing the characteristic curve of a vibration signal transducer such as a microphone that includes collecting signals, transmitting the signals, extracting information from the signals, dephasing such information by 180 degrees compared to the initial signals and taking the algebraic sum of the initial signals... Agent:

20110235827 - Amplifier circuit and methods of operation thereof: A signal amplifying circuit and associated methods and apparatuses, the circuit comprising: a signal path extending from an input terminal to an output terminal, a gain controller arranged to control the gain applied along the signal path in response to a control signal; an output stage within the signal path... Agent:

20110235828 - Microphone and a switch locking device thereof: A microphone includes a grip and an audio pick-up unit mounted to one end of the grip. The microphone further includes a switch disposed in the grip and having an operable part that is movable relative to the grip between on and off positions. The microphone also includes a switch... Agent:

20110235830 - Condenser microphone and output connector therefor: There is provided an output connector for a condenser microphone which has a function of shielding electromagnetic waves more reliably. In an output connector 10A for a condenser microphone which is mounted in an end portion in a microphone casing 30, and is of a 3-pin type in which a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110235829 - Diaphragm and silicon condenser microphone using same: Disclosed is a diaphragm includes a vibrating member, a plurality of supporting members extending from a periphery of the vibrating member along a direction away from a center of the diaphragm, and a plurality of separating portions each located between two adjacent supporting members. Each of the supporting members defines... Agent:

20110235831 - Drive device: There is provided a drive device capable of driving a capacitive load with efficiency and with low power consumption while keeping quality input reproducibility for output signal. A switching drive circuit 10f repeatedly performs operations in the order of VCP charging phase PH_VCP_CH, VCP discharging phase PH_VCP_dCH, VCN charging phase... Agent:

20110235832 - Ambiophonic headrest: A headrest provided with several loudspeakers which normally reproduce an ambiophonic sound experience. The headrest generally includes a central section provided with at least one loudspeaker, one side section provided with at least one loudspeaker and a second side section provided with at least one loudspeaker. The side sections are... Agent:

20110235833 - Stereo audio headphone apparatus for a user having a hearing loss and related methods: A stereo audio headphone set may include a master headphone unit including a master housing to be independently carried behind an ear of the user, master circuitry including a stereo audio source and a wireless transmitter coupled thereto, and a master audio output device coupled to the master circuitry for... Agent:

20110235834 - Hearing aid device with a volume control: A hearing aid is described. The hearing aid includes a control surface and a control element. The hearing aid further includes a plurality of components in addition to the control surface and the control element. A portion of the control surface is configured to engage a portion of the control... Agent: Sonic Innovations, Inc.

20110235835 - Method for fine tuning a hearing aid: A method for fitting a hearing aid (1) comprises the steps of recording the audiogram of the hearing aid user (6), selecting a fitting setting, using the hearing aid (1) for a period of time, and logging data representing information on the sound environment in which the hearing aid is... Agent: Widex A/s

20110235836 - Method for the transmission of data between a hearing device and an external unit, and associated configuration: A method and an associated configuration transmit data between a hearing device and an external unit. A first data packet is transmitted to the hearing device by the external unit. The first data packet is received by the hearing device and a second data packet is transmitted from the hearing... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110235837 - Hearing aid with amorphous loudspeaker shielding: It should be possible to produce hearing aids in a simpler and more compact fashion. It is for this reason that a hearing aid is proposed, the loudspeaker device of which is shielded by a shielding device, more particularly a housing (21), which can shield both high-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110235839 - Acoustic apparatus: When a listener 10 changes the reclining angle of a backrest part 101a of a seat 101 and a head 10a of the listener 10 is thereby caused to be present outside an audible area 120a of a directional loudspeaker 120 or when the reclining angle of a front seat... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110235838 - Desktop audio monitor system and method: A desktop audio loudspeaker system, for placement on a desktop used a work surface by a listener, includes an enclosure for placement on or above the desktop, the enclosure having a front surface; a first loudspeaker mounted in the enclosure, the first loudspeaker radiating sound from the enclosure, past the... Agent:

20110235840 - Method of adjusting an acoustic output from a display device: A display device arranged generates a visual and an acoustic output according to an input signal (AVS) with audio (AS) and video (VS) content. The display device includes a cabinet (C) with different mounting fittings (MS, MW) arranged for different types of mounting of the display device. A display (FPD),... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110235841 - Microphone unit: A microphone unit includes a case; a diaphragm arranged inside the case; and an electric circuit unit that processes an electric signal generated in accordance with vibration of the diaphragm. The case has a first sound introducing space that introduces a sound from outside of the case to a first... Agent: Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute Inc.

20110235842 - Microphone: A microphone includes: a housing that serves as a microphone grip; a microphone unit supported at one end of the housing; an air chamber provided behind the microphone unit in the housing. The air chamber is filled with a plurality of elastic particles. The individual particles are mechanically bonded to... Agent:

20110235843 - Method and device for acoustic sealing and occlusion effect mitigation: At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a system configured to occlude an ear canal. The system comprises a support structure, an expandable device, a housing, a resilient reservoir, and a threaded device. Resilient reservoir resides within housing and is filled with a medium. The threaded device couples to... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20110235844 - Connecting device, antenna device, and receiving device: A connecting device includes an audio signal plug to which an audio signal transmission cable including at least three lines can be connected, the audio signal plug including at least three plug terminals. The three plug terminals of the audio signal plug include first, second, and third plug terminals. The... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110235845 - Audio radiation type reflective sound box structure: The present invention is to provide an audio radiation type reflective sound box structure, which comprises a hollow cone tube having a first end received in a box, a second end extended out of an opening of the box to form an inclined side wall, and at least one vent... Agent:

20110235846 - Portable electronic device with detachable speaker: A portable electronic device includes a audio player, a speaker, a fixing member and an engaging opening. The audio player is configured for playing audio files and videos. The speaker is detachably couple to the audio player. The fixing member is connected to one of the audio player and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110235847 - Sideways extending speaker apparatus and methods: Sideways-extending speaker apparatus and methods that include a speaker box that is adjustable to fit within given information handling system or electronic device chassis form factor constraints, while also being selectably extendable and expandable to provide increased speaker box volume to achieve improved sound quality performance both in terms of... Agent:

20110235848 - Flat acoustic transducer and method for driving thesame: A flat acoustic transducer (100) includes a permanent magnet (10) and a magnetic member (20), which are arranged adjacent to each other with a predetermined interval, a flat vibrating membrane (30), provided facing the permanent magnet (10) and the magnetic member (20), and at least one coil (40), fixed to... Agent: Fps Inc.

20110235849 - Speaker and electronic device including the same: A speaker includes a diaphragm 11, edges 12, at least one voice coil bobbin 14, a voice coil 15, and a magnetic circuit 21. The diaphragm 11 is a long flat plate. The edges 12 at ends of the diaphragm 11 in a longer-side direction support the diaphragm 11 to... Agent:

20110235850 - Micro-speaker: A speaker includes a case, a dome, a diaphragm, a first voice coil, a second voice coil, a first pole plate, a second pole plate, a first magnet, a second magnet and a yoke. The case is supported on the frame to form a receiving room therebetween. The yoke includes... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110228944 - Automatic audio source switching: A method for automatically switching an audio source includes the steps of receiving an audio signal from a video display device, and receiving a digital audio signal from one of a plurality of audio/video source devices which each can supply audio and video information to the video display device. The... Agent:

20110228945 - Audio power management system: An audio power management system manages operation of audio devices in an audio system. The audio power management system includes a parameter computer, a threshold comparator and a limiter. Audio signals generated with the audio system may be provided to the audio power management system. Based on a measured actual... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110228946 - Comfort noise generation method and system: A method for Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) comprising the steps of recording information of Background Noise (BGN); generating white noise samples; and generating Comfort Noise (CN) by applying coefficients that are extracted from said information of BGN on White Noise (WN) samples.... Agent: Dsp Group Ltd.

20110228947 - Electronic earplug with transistor switching for introducing electronic control of the gain and providing audible switch indications: Electronic earplugs, methods of enhancing and/or attenuating sound using electronic earplugs, and kits including electronic earplugs are provided. Certain electronic earplugs may include a circuit operatively connected to a microphone. The circuit may be configured to receive input electrical signals from the microphone and provide output electrical signals to a... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20110228948 - Systems and methods for processing audio data: Described herein are systems and methods for processing audio data. For example, one embodiment provides a device configured to receive an audio signal, and process that audio signal based on a frequency mapping protocol, thereby to provide a modified audio signal. The resulting modified signal is audibly communicated to a... Agent:

20110228949 - Speaker device, and automobile: A speaker device prevents “squeaking” based on the difference between propagation speed of a vibration propagated through a center cap and propagation speed of a vibration propagated through a diaphragm. The speaker device includes a vibrating body (VB), a driving part (magnetic circuit) driving the VB, and a frame supporting... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110228950 - Headset loudspeaker microphone: A headset system which may be utilized for various forms of communication and multimedia. The headset system may include a number of earpieces which may be configured to change its operation state based on a position of the earpiece relative to a user's ear and a desired use. The earpiece... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110228951 - Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method, and program: A sound processing apparatus includes a target sound emphasizing unit configured to acquire a sound frequency component by emphasizing target sound in input sound in which the target sound and noise are included, a target sound suppressing unit configured to acquire a noise frequency component by suppressing the target sound... Agent:

20110228952 - Power-saving amplifying device: An power-saving amplifying device is disclosed, the power-saving amplifying device uses a micro controller unit (MCU) to receive a control signal transmitted by a volume controller and to generate a decision signal based on the control signal; the MCU transmits the decision signal to the volume controlling circuit for obtaining... Agent: Sound Cheers Limited

20110228953 - Automatic correction of loudness level in audio signals: Systems and method for adapting a gain of an audio signal containing at least two different tracks with different signal level ranges. An example system includes a loudness determination unit for determining a perceived loudness of the audio input signal based on a psychoacoustic model of a human hearing. The... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110228954 - Electret microphone circuit: There is disclosed a microphone, a circuit, and a method. A microphone capsule may include an electret microphone and a field effect transistor (FET). A floating DC voltage source may have a first end connected to a drain terminal of the electret microphone capsule and a second end. A load... Agent:

20110228956 - Digital audio mixer: Once a human operator operates a fader knob of a desired channel downwardly toward a predetermined position, resistance force against the fader knob is generated. As the human operator further lowers the fader knob beyond another predetermined position against the resistance force, the channel is set in a CUE-ON state,... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110228955 - Mixing apparatus: Once a human operator selects one output channel using a port setting key and SEL key, output port parameters of a plurality of output ports connected with the selected output channel are displayed in a given arrangement on an output channel-port setting popup screen, and the thus-displayed output port parameters... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110228957 - Omnidirectional button-style microphone: A microphone can include a capacitor capsule, an output buffer amplifier connected to the output of the capacitor capsule, and an audio limiter connected to the output of the output buffer amplifier, wherein the audio limiter limits the output level of the microphone at a threshold level. The microphone can... Agent: Cad Audio, LLC.

20110228958 - Method and system for equal acoustics porting: A device (300) and method (600) for equal audio porting is provided. The device can include a first side with at least one first audio port (182) providing a data communication aspect, a second side with at least one second audio port (184) providing an audio communication aspect, and a... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

20110228959 - Personal miniaturized loudspeaker placement platform: An improved method and materials for retaining small loudspeakers to a platform composed of adjustable connecting miniaturized members utilizing international standards for surround sound in meters, but reduced to inches. One example would be a scale of one inch equaling one foot, but not limited to that particular miniature scale.... Agent:

20110228961 - Hearing device and method for producing an omnidirectional directional characteristic: A hearing device is provided with a microphone array having a plurality of microphones. The signals from the microphones can then be processed by an appropriate apparatus of the hearing device such that this results in a directivity of the microphone array. The apparatus must also be able to allow... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110228960 - Hearing device and method for setting the hearing device for feedback-reduced operation: Sound from the receiver of a hearing device may be fed back to its microphones via acoustic feedback paths, which may cause undesirable whistling. It is particularly difficult to predict the creation of feedback in a microphone array with adjustable directional characteristic. This is because the stability of the system... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110228962 - Haptic chair sound enhancing system with audiovisual display: A sound enhancing system includes a haptic chair formed of a chair and plural speakers mounted to the chair. The speakers receive audio input from a subject audio source and generate corresponding sound vibrations. The chair is configured to deliver the generated sound vibrations to various body parts of a... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20110228963 - Earpiece and method for forming an earpiece: An earpiece is provided containing a thermal activator layer comprised of a first polymer, the thermal activator layer being separated from the tympanic membrane of the user's ear by an air gap, and an acoustical reflector layer, containing a second polymer and pigment particles, adjacent to the thermal activator layer.... Agent: Personics Holdings, Inc.

20110228964 - Inflatable bubble: An ear device having a bubble for placement approximate a user's ear canal and capable of inflation and deflation is disclosed. An inflation tube for delivering inflating air to the bubble during inflation of the bubble and an inflation source, such as a diaphonic valve, cause the bubble to extend... Agent: Asius Technologies, LLC

20110228965 - Wearable audio cable management system: A pocket on the garment is configured to store an audio playback device. A device dock is associated with the pocket. The device dock includes an audio connector connectable to the audio playback device. A jack dock is on the garment. The jack dock includes a headphone jack configured to... Agent:

20110228966 - Nested compound loudspeaker drive unit: A nested compound loudspeaker comprising a speaker assembly chassis (11), an outer driver (18) connected to the speaker assembly chassis (11) and having an inner edge, which defines an opening in the outer driver (18) and forms a functional edge (20), and an inner driver (8) connected to the speaker... Agent: Genelec Oy

20110228967 - Loudspeaker ceiling mount bracket: A ceiling mount bracket for a loudspeaker. The ceiling mount bracket includes a mounting plate; an assembly to orient the loudspeaker; an assembly to receive audio signals and to provide the audio signals to the speaker; and a wiring block to connect to signal transmission wires. The wiring block includes... Agent:

20110228968 - Loudspeaker device with sound enhancing structure: A loudspeaker device comprising: a loudspeaker and a reflecting member positioned opposite to the loudspeaker, the loudspeaker comprising an electromagnet actuator, a dish-like frame and a vibrating drum, the electromagnetic actuator being attached on one side of the frame, the vibrating drum adhered to an inner side of the dish-like... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/15/2011 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20110222692 - Adaptive high fidelity reproduction system: Audio is adaptively associated with speakers, depending on the speaker configuration that is present. Each speaker it receives an audio assignment based on its individual spectral characteristics. As more speakers are added, content is adaptively associated with that you speaker, and taken away from the previous.... Agent: Virginia Innovative Technology, LLC

20110222694 - Apparatus for determining a converted spatial audio signal: An apparatus for determining a converted spatial audio signal, the converted spatial audio signal having an omnidirectional audio component and at least one directional audio component, from an input spatial audio signal, the input spatial audio signal having an input audio representation and an input direction of arrival. The apparatus... Agent:

20110222693 - Apparatus, method and computer-readable medium producing vertical direction virtual channel: Provided is an apparatus, method and computer-readable medium generating a vertical direction virtual channel that may apply a vertical direction spectrum shape to a source signal, and generate a vertical direction virtual speaker signal by adjusting a gain with respect to a signal in which the vertical direction spectrum shape... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110222695 - Automatic correction of loudness level in audio signals: Systems and method for adapting a gain of an audio signal containing at least two different tracks with different signal level ranges. An example system includes a loudness determination unit for determining a perceived loudness of the audio input signal based on a psychoacoustic model of a human hearing. The... Agent: Harman Becker Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110222696 - Configurable electronic device reprogrammable to modify the device frequency response: A test signal generator provides a test signal to an acoustic device under test and a data acquisition device acquires data from the acoustic device. The initial frequency response of the signal path through the acoustic device is determined based on the test signal and the acquired data. A target... Agent:

20110222697 - Method and system for locating a sound source: The invention relates to a method and system for locating a sound source. The system comprises:—a receiving unit (311) for receiving navigating sound signals from at least two navigating sound sensors (21, 22, 23), and receiving a selection instruction comprising a signal segment type corresponding to the sound source, wherein... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110222698 - Noise reduction device: A noise reduction device of the present invention comprises a control filter unit for generating a control sound signal to cancel out a noise, a control speaker for outputting a control sound according to the control sound signal from the control filter unit, an error microphone for detecting a residual... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110222699 - Noise reduction device and noise reduction system: A noise reduction device is disclosed, in which noise reduction device, a controlling sound generator outputs a white noise generated by a white-noise generator, and this white noise is sensed by an error sensor for identifying an acoustic transmission function covering a path from the controlling sound generator to the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110222700 - Adaptive active noise cancellation system: A system includes a noise detector configured to identify undesirable noise components in an acoustic signal and a noise energy profiler configured to analyze the identified undesirable noise components and generate a noise energy profile. In the system, a cancelation profile generator is configured to generate a noise cancelation profile... Agent:

20110222701 - Multi-modal audio system with automatic usage mode detection and configuration capability: An audio system that may be used in multiple modes or use scenarios, while still providing a user with a desirable level of audio quality and comfort. The inventive system may include multiple components or elements, with the components or elements capable of being used in different configurations depending upon... Agent: Aliphcom

20110222702 - Power supply circuit including voltage regulator and headphone driving circuit employing the same: A power supply circuit including a voltage regulator and a headphone driving circuit employing the same are disclosed. In accordance with the present invention, the power supply circuit may provide stable power supply to the amplifier since the power supply circuit generates the constant voltage +Vreg and the constant voltage... Agent: Neofidelity, Inc.

20110222703 - Switching power amplifier for quantized signals: An apparatus and method for communications are disclosed. The apparatus may include an a quantizer having three levels, and a switching power amplifier configured to drive a load having first and second terminals, wherein the switching power amplifier is further configured to switch the first and second terminals between first... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110222704 - Audio broadcast processing method: An audio broadcast processing method includes a plurality of steps. One step involves processing an audio broadcast having at least one occurrence of signal degradation that adversely affects audio quality of a corresponding segment of the audio performance. Another step involves modifying the segment of the audio performance with a... Agent: Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.

20110222705 - Audio broadcast collecting method: An audio broadcast collecting method includes a plurality of steps. In one step, an audio broadcast collecting system simultaneously receives a single audio broadcast in a plurality of audio systems. In another step, the audio broadcast collecting system outputs from each of the plurality of audio systems separate audio performances... Agent: Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.

20110222706 - Vehicular microphone system and method for post processing optimization of a microphone signal: A vehicular microphone system (200) for post processing optimization of a microphone signal includes a first transducer (201) and second transducer (203) separated by a predetermined distance within an automotive mirror. A first high pass filter network (205) is connected to the first transducer (201) while a second high pass... Agent:

20110222708 - Biology-inspired miniature system and method for sensing and localizing acoustic signals: A system and method for sensing acoustic sounds is provided having at least one directional sensor, each directional sensor including at least two compliant membranes for moving in reaction to an excitation acoustic signal and at least one compliant bridge. Each bridge is coupled to at least a respective first... Agent: University Of Maryland

20110222707 - Sound source localization system and method: A sound source localization system includes a plurality of microphones for receiving a signal as an input from a sound source; a time-difference extraction unit for decomposing the signal inputted through the plurality of microphones into time, frequency and amplitude using a sparse coding and then extracting a sparse interaural... Agent:

20110222709 - System and method for reducing radio frequency interference between a wireless communication device and a speaker: A device and method are provided that reduce interference between a wireless communication device and a speaker. Generally speaking, a microphone input is monitored for detecting noise created by the interference. If noise is detected, a power transmission level of the wireless device is reduced from a standard power transmission... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110222710 - Method and apparatus for automatically reducing a volume level of an audio signal provided to a user: The present invention provides a method of automatically reducing a volume level of an audio signal provided to a user. An audio signal is received, the audio signal is provided to the and a current hearing threshold for the user based on one or more psychophysical or electrophysiological responses of... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110222711 - Controlling gain during multipath multi-rate audio processing: Methods and systems for processing audio signals are disclosed herein. Aspects of the method may comprise controlling gain during multipath, multi-rate audio processing by generating a digital signal that is a product of an input digital signal and a gain coefficient derived from a lookup table, and coarse tuning the... Agent:

20110222712 - Audio output driver for reducing electromagnetic interference and improving audio channel performance: An audio output circuit includes an on-chip left channel amplifier module, an on-chip center channel amplifier module, and an on-chip right channel amplifier module. A left channel IC pin is operably coupled to an output of the on-chip left channel amplifier module. A right channel IC pin is operably coupled... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110222713 - Condenser microphone: A condenser microphone has an output circuit comprising an emitter-follower circuit; an impedance converter comprising an FET and at least one transistor of the emitter-follower circuit provided next to the FET; and the transistor having an emitter terminal provided with a constant-voltage circuit. The FET included in the impedance converter... Agent:

20110222714 - Touch-sensitive sensor: A touch-sensitive sensor and a method for detecting a position where a user touches a wire or cable are described.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110222715 - Transmission device and transmission method: A transmission device includes: a communication unit performing communication with one or more receiving devices; a distance measurement unit measuring direct distances to the receiving devices; a transmission data setting unit setting transmission data including content data including audio and time information indicating the time when reproduction of content data... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110222716 - Hearing aid housing: In an embodiment, a hearing aid housing is provided. The hearing aid housing may include a first behind-the-ear hearing aid housing portion, a second behind-the-ear hearing aid housing portion, and a moisture protector at least partially arranged between the first behind-the-ear hearing aid housing portion and the second behind-the-ear hearing... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110222717 - Semiconductor device and microphone: The semiconductor device has a simplified structure which includes a package structure in which a member for mounting a semiconductor element is separate from a member including a signal input/output unit. A microphone package is configured with a cover and a substrate. A microphone chip and a circuit element are... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110222718 - Narrow directional microphone: There is provided a narrow directional microphone in which the acoustic resistance of an acoustic tube scarcely varies, and a larger-diameter condenser microphone unit can be used without increasing the external dimensions. In the narrow directional microphone in which a unidirectional condenser microphone unit 30 is housed in an acoustic... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110222719 - wired headset adaptable for left and right ear use: A wired headset (1) comprising an earphone (2) with an earphone housing (12) a speaker and a wearing device (33) for attaching the earphone housing (12) to the head of the user. The earphone (2) further comprising a wire (3) for connecting the earphone (2) to external equipment, the wire... Agent: Gn Netcom A/s

20110222720 - Speaker module applied for a portable computer: A speaker module includes a casing whereon an opening is formed. The casing includes a blocking structure disposed on a side of the opening. The speaker module further includes a first speaker device, which includes a first housing, a first speaker unit disposed inside the first housing, and an engaging... Agent:

20110222721 - Connecting member for speaker and speaker: A connecting member for speaker purpose, which is prevented from peeling easily from both a voice coil support and a vibrating body, and a speaker having the connecting member are provided. The speaker 1 includes a frame 4 and a vibrating unit 3. The vibrating unit 3 includes a drive... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110222722 - Loudspeaker with distributed driving of the membrane: The membrane of a loudspeaker, which is driven on a limited part of the membrane, does not move completely like the tone current. For example, a cone, which is driven in the top, provides more accurate driving by also being driven in the periphery from the drive system back where... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 30 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20110216905 - Channel compression: Techniques implemented as systems, methods, and apparatuses, including computer program products, for logging multi-channel audio signals. The techniques include receiving a first audio input signal over a first audio channel and a second audio input signal over a second audio channel, the first audio channel and the second audio channel... Agent: Nexidia Inc.

20110216908 - Apparatus for merging spatial audio streams: An apparatus for merging a first spatial audio stream with a second spatial audio stream to obtain a merged audio stream comprising an estimator for estimating a first wave representation comprising a first wave direction measure and a first wave field measure for the first spatial audio stream, the first... Agent:

20110216906 - Enabling 3d sound reproduction using a 2d speaker arrangement: The perception of 3D sound positioning can be achieved using a 2D arrangement of speakers positioned around the listener. The disclosed techniques can enable listeners to perceive sounds as coming from above and/or below them, without the need for positioning speakers above and/or below the listener. In some embodiments, elevation... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20110216907 - Multi-element directional acoustic arrays: An audio system including a left input channel signal, a right input channel signal, and a discrete center input channel. Circuitry removes correlated content from the left input channel signal and the right input channel signal and inserts the correlated content into the center input channel signal to provide a... Agent:

20110216910 - Adaptive notch filter with variable bandwidth, and method and apparatus for canceling howling by using the adaptive notch filter with variable bandwidth: A variable-bandwidth adaptive notch filter which cancels howling from an input signal with a bandwidth varying according to a howling frequency to generate an output signal.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110216909 - High transmission loss cushion: A headset including an earcup having a front opening adapted to be adjacent to the ear of a user, the earcup extending in a radial direction and an axial direction and defining an earcup volume; and a bellows cushion extending around the periphery of the front opening of the earcup... Agent:

20110216912 - Circuit apparatus and method for detecting earphone in portable terminal: A circuit apparatus and a method for detecting an earphone in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes an earjack, a first switch, a second switch, a comparator, and a main chip. The earjack outputs a signal informing whether an earphone is inserted, provides a signal input from a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110216911 - Ear-microphone having esd enhancing function: An ear-microphone for connection to a portable apparatus and use as a Frequency Modulation (FM) radio broadcast receiving antenna is provided. The ear-microphone includes an ear plug, a cable, a microphone, and a filtering unit. The ear plug is for connection to an earjack. The cable has a predefined length,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110216913 - Communication improvement in vehicles: A device for improving the communication in a motor vehicle with front and back seats includes, but is not limited to at least one first loudspeaker directed and the front seats, at least one second loudspeaker directed at the back seats, at least one first microphone directed at the front... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110216914 - Wired, wireless, infrared, and powerline audio entertainment systems: A method and system for communicating audio, video, and/or control signals within a home entertainment system. One or more signals are communicated between an input device and one or more output devices via one or more networks. The output device can include loudspeakers, display devices, and headphones. In some embodiments... Agent: Ksc Industries, Inc.

20110216915 - Providing audible information to a speaker system via a mobile communication device: A mobile communication device connects with a computing device via short range wireless signaling provided between the mobile communication device and the computing device, and receives audible information from a user of the mobile communication device. The mobile communication device also encodes the audible information at a particular audio bandwidth,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20110216917 - Correcting engine noise cancellation microphone disturbances: A system for correcting erroneous microphone readings in a vehicle engine harmonic cancellation (EHC) system. A method for operating an engine harmonic cancelling system, includes receiving, from a first microphone at a first location in a vehicle cabin, a signal representative of noise in the vehicle cabin; receiving, from a... Agent:

20110216916 - Vehicle engine sound enhancement: A vehicle engine harmonic enhancement system. A method for operating the system includes providing a first engine harmonic enhancement audio signal and equalizing the first engine harmonic enhancement audio signal separately for each of the plurality of loudspeakers to provide individually equalized loudspeaker engine harmonic enhancement audio signals. A vehicle... Agent:

20110216918 - Apparatus and method for generating a bandwidth extended signal: An apparatus for generating a bandwidth extended signal from an input signal includes a patch generator and a combiner. The input signal is represented for first and second bands by first and second resolution data, respectively, the second resolution being lower than the first. The patch generator generates first and... Agent:

20110216919 - Assistive-listening system and method for television, radio & music systems: An assistive-listening system is used with sound-producing equipment that includes a signal source, and first and second sound sources operatively associated with the signal source and configured to produce sound corresponding to signals received from the signal source. The assistive-listening system includes a volume control operatively associated with the signal... Agent:

20110216920 - Speaker drive integrated circuit: A speaker drive integrated circuit of the present invention includes: a load connection status detecting circuit configured to cause a current to flow from an external power supply to one of output terminals when an output side of an amplifying circuit is set to a high impedance state and detect... Agent:

20110216921 - Flat speaker apparatus with heat dissipating structure and method for heat dissipation of flat speaker: A flat speaker apparatus including a driving circuit module, a flat speaker and a thermally conductive connector, and with a heat dissipating structure is introduced. The flat speaker includes a porous electrode and a vibrating film. The porous electrode causes the vibrating film to vibrate according to an audio signal... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110216922 - Silicon condenser microphone: Disclosed is a silicon condenser microphone including a backplate having a plurality of perforations therethrough, a diaphragm opposed from the backplate for forming a capacitor. The diaphragm includes a first part and a second part received in the first part, the second part being capable of vibrating relative to the... Agent:

20110216923 - Structure of flexible speaker: A flexible speaker structure, includes, a first electret film having a first surface, a second electret film having a second surface, a conductive film positioned between the first electret and the second electret, a first spacer disposed on the first surface for supporting a first electrode, and a second spacer... Agent:

20110216924 - Multi-element directional acoustic arrays: An audio system that may be implemented in a television, that includes a plurality of directional arrays. The arrays may include a common acoustic driver and may be spaces non-uniformly.... Agent:

20110216925 - Virtual surround for loudspeakers with increased consant directivity: Various embodiments use combinations of different methods for creating virtual surround. Some of the methods used in various embodiments include: dipole beamforming, multi-stage arrays, transducer directionality, and enclosure shading. In general, each of these methods may operate over a specific frequency band in various embodiments. The use of multiple methods... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a

20110216926 - Virtual surround for loudspeakers with increased constant directivity: A speaker system includes a first array of transducers in a speaker enclosure and, and at least a second array of transducers in the speaker enclosure. The second array is a low-frequency array and the first array is a high-frequency array. The transducers in the first array are configured to... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20110216927 - Hearing system: A hearing system for use by a user is presented. The hearing system includes an external portion for placement external the user. The external portion includes a sound processing unit for providing amplified acoustic sound to an ear of the user. The hearing system further includes an implantable portion for... Agent: Vibrant Med-el Hearing Technology Gmbh

20110216928 - Media player and adapter for providing audio data to a hearing aid: A media player includes a processor configured to receive media content from a content source and to process the media content produce an audio signal. The media player further includes a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit the audio signal to a hearing aid through a communication... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110216929 - Apparatus and method for outputting sound in mobile terminal: An apparatus and method for outputting a sound with Hearing Aids Compatibility (HAC) in a mobile terminal. The sound output apparatus includes a modem chip including a first amplifier amplifying and transferring an electric signal to a switch, a switch that selectively connects an output line of the first amplifier... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110216930 - Electronic apparatus and audio control method: An electronic apparatus including: a speaker configured to output sound; an equalizer configured to modify a characteristic of an audio signal input to the speaker; and a storage configured to store information indicating intensities for each signal component of a plurality of frequency bands of the audio signal, wherein the... Agent:

20110216931 - Modular wireless electronic communication system: Electronic communication devices are disclosed that are configured in the form of a personal accessory. The devices preferably include a communication module and at least one ear speaker operably connected to the communication module through at least one wire. The invention provides that the communication module enables wireless communication with... Agent:

20110216932 - Headphone of convenient assembly and package: A headphone of convenient assembly and package includes a first earpiece and a second earpiece. The first earpiece has a tubular first casing and the first casing includes a first ear plug. The second earpiece has a tubular second casing and the second casing includes a second ear plug. The... Agent:

20110216933 - Elastomer loudspeaker box system: An elastomer loudspeaker box system includes a loudspeaker box, a loudspeaker unit, a baffle and a bottom board. The loudspeaker box is made of elastomer material, and the tube wall of the loudspeaker box is bended to form a box body of corrugated tube shape, whereby the box body of... Agent:

20110216934 - Audio/video device: An audio/video device including a plurality of walls together forming a case, wherein one wall of the plurality of walls includes an inner peripheral edge. A surface extends from the inner peripheral edge inwardly of the case and defines an open-sided outwardly facing cavity. At least one item of connection... Agent: Sony Corporation

09/01/2011 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20110211702 - Signal generation for binaural signals: A device for generating a binaural signal based on a multi-channel signal representing a plurality of channels and intended for reproduction by a speaker configuration having a virtual sound source position associated to each channel, is described. It includes a correlation reducer for differently processing, and thereby reducing a correlation... Agent:

20110211703 - Stereo compatible multi-channel audio coding: A parametric representation of a multi-channel audio signal having parameters suited to be used together with a monophonic downmix signal to calculate a reconstruction of the multi-channel audio signal can efficiently be derived in a stereo-backwards compatible way when a parameter combiner is used to generate the parametric representation by... Agent:

20110211704 - Method and system for measuring cross-polarization isolation value and 1 db gain compression point: Exemplary embodiments include methods and systems for receiving a signal at a monitoring station, determining a transmit cross-polarization isolation value and/or 1 dB gain compression point based at least in part on the signal having one or more polarities; and outputting at about real-time the determination of the transmit cross-polarization... Agent: Mci Communications Services, Inc.

20110211705 - Loudspeaker rectification method: Loudspeaker drivers used in audio systems are subject to performance variance caused by production deviation of components and assembly processes and consequently audio system performance is influenced by the mechanical attributes of individual loudspeaker drivers of which the audio systems are comprised. This invention provides a solution to minimize the... Agent:

20110211706 - Sound emission and collection device and sound emission and collection method: Provided is a sound emission and collection device capable of estimating the azimuth of a sound source (such as a main utterer) precisely without any processing load. The sound emission and collection device (1) is connected with another sound emission and collection device via a network or the like. The... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110211707 - Realisation of controller transfer function for active noise cancellation: An apparatus for realizing an active noise cancellation control law transfer function between a sensing microphone and a speaker. The apparatus includes a multiplicity of filters. Each filter is operable over a different frequency range. At least one filter has an adjustable parameter whereby the filter can be adjusted such... Agent:

20110211708 - Simultaneous enhancement of transmission loss and absorption coefficient using activated cavities: A method and apparatus for providing simultaneous enhancement of transmission loss and absorption coefficient using activated cavities is presented. A layer of material is provided, and a backing plate having a plurality of cavities on the top surface of said backing plate, is disposed adjacent a top surface of said... Agent: Raytheon Company

20110211709 - Headphones apparatus: The headphones apparatus has at least one ear cup, and at least one operating element coupled to the ear cup for the regulation of one or more audio functions. To facilitate the regulation for the user, the operating element can include an annular dial that is accessible from outside of... Agent: Akg Acoustics Gmbh

20110211710 - Voice output device: A sound output device is configured to be installed in a vehicle. The sound output device includes a driving-status detector for detecting a driving status of the vehicle, a sound signal generator for generating a reference signal in response to the detected driving status, first and second units for processing... Agent:

20110211711 - Factor setting device and noise suppression apparatus: In a noise suppression apparatus, an index setter sets an exponent K that is a positive value. A factor setter variably sets a suppression factor according to the exponent K. A noise suppressor generates an audio signal from which a noise component is suppressed through noise suppression process of suppressing... Agent: Nara Institute Of Science And Technology

20110211712 - Volume control system, controller, and amplifying apparatus: A volume control system comprises: an amplifying apparatus; and a controller connectable to the amplifying apparatus. The amplifying apparatus includes; a first receiving section for receiving a volume value from the controller, a first input section into which an instruction for changing the volume value is input by a user's... Agent:

20110211713 - Attachable guitar amplifier and effects apparatus: A combination pickup, multi-effects processor and amplifying apparatus that is attachable, and detachable to an acoustical guitar and does enable a player of an acoustic guitar to produce, modify and amplify a myriad of sounds, and tones that are normally associated with that of an electrical guitar. The apparatus performs... Agent:

20110211714 - Antenna unit and wireless transmission and/or receiving unit: There is provided an antenna unit comprising an antenna element and at least one high-dielectric supplemental element disposed in the proximity of the antenna element.... Agent:

20110211715 - Hearing device with feedback-reduction filters operated in parallel, and method: A hearing device has a signal-processing apparatus for processing an input signal into an output signal, and a feedback-canceller apparatus for reducing feedback artifacts on the basis of the input signal and the output signal. The feedback-canceller apparatus has an adaptive, first filter, for establishing a set of filter coefficients... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110211716 - Hearing device with a conducting element, in particular a sound tube: In a hearing aid provision can be made for a housing that is worn outside of an auditory canal of a user. Then, sound or electrical signals are conducted into the auditory canal from the housing. To this end, provision can be made for a conducting element such as a... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110211718 - Hearing aid: In an embodiment, a hearing aid (102) is provided. The hearing aid (102) may include a hearing aid housing (104), the hearing aid housing (104) including a receiving portion; a battery chamber housing (106) coupled to the hearing aid housing; and a lock (112) positioned on the battery chamber housing... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110211717 - Hearing aid with adaptive bulk biasing power management: A power management system (1) for a digital processing core (12) of a battery-powered hearing aid is adapted for providing power to the hearing aid circuit in a particularly efficient manner. The power management system (1) comprises a first linear voltage regulator (25, 26, 28), and a second linear voltage... Agent: Widex A/s

20110211719 - Display device: In a display device according to the present invention, an image display panel is mounted in a casing including a front cabinet and a back cabinet, and a speaker is mounted in a bottom portion of the back cabinet. A support piece is provided projecting on an inner surface of... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110211720 - Multiple aperture diffraction device: A horn assembly for high frequency acoustic speakers. In an array of speakers, a spacing between adjacent speakers needs to be less than the wavelength of sound being emitted in order to combine effectively. For high frequency sound, a relatively small wavelength imposes a limitation on such a spacing. Such... Agent: Duckworth Holding, Inc. C/o Qsc Audio Products, Inc.

20110211721 - Adaptive noise generating device: An acoustic adaptive noise generating device in the form of a flat panel loudspeaker is suitable for increasing people's powers of concentration in acoustically difficult surroundings. The adaptive noise generating device includes a carrier panel, an actuator arranged on the carrier panel. A control device is connected to the actuator... Agent: Preform Gmbh

20110211722 - Acoustic device & method of making acoustic device: A method of making an acoustic device having a diaphragm having an area and having an operating frequency range which includes the piston-to-modal transition, comprising choosing the diaphragm parameters such that it has resonant modes in the operating frequency range, coupling a drive part of an electro-mechanical transducer to the... Agent:

20110211723 - Earphone cushions: A cushion includes a first material and a second material and is formed into a first region and a second region. The first region defines an exterior surface shaped to fit the concha of a human ear. The second region defines an exterior surface shaped to fit the ear canal... Agent:

20110211724 - Earphone: An earphone that can be used with its using mode selected, to be excellent in the handiness, by optionally changing the cord from its normal hang down state easily to an ear hanging state, or oppositely from the ear hanging state to the hang down state, to meet the user's... Agent:

20110211725 - Loudspeaker and electronic device including loudspeaker: There is provided an elongated loudspeaker having high sound quality that is unlikely to cause break-up resonances and is capable of obtaining flat frequency characteristics. The loudspeaker includes: an elongated flat-plate-shaped diaphragm; a frame having an opening portion larger than the diaphragm; an edge placed between an inner periphery of... Agent:

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