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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206209 - Apparatus: An apparatus configured to determine at least one current phase difference between a first channel audio signal and a second channel audio signal for a current audio frame, calculate at least one phase difference estimate dependent on the at least one phase difference, determine a reliability value for each phase... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110206208 - Vehicle entertainment system having ground noise reduction and method of operating the same: A vehicle entertainment system and method that alternately configures an input of the entertainment system as a differential input that is decoupled from a ground point, or as ground referenced input that is coupled to a ground point. A noise detector determines a noise signal value for a ground switch... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110206210 - Stereo signal processing circuit: A noise level of an output signal is maintained low. An adjacent interference detecting unit compares a signal level of a wide band signal which is a desired station signal of a relatively wide band and a signal level of a narrow band signal which is a desired station signal... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.

20110206211 - Audio management system: A system and method for combining multiple media types for demanding mobile communications environments, such as airborne and ship borne communications. The system facilitates integration of multiple media types into a common system, enabling use of the optimal communication system for each media type when possible, and transfer of media... Agent: Orbit Communication System Ltd.

20110206212 - Microphone system and method of operating the same: A microphone system is provided, wherein the microphone system comprises a microphone array comprising a plurality of microphone units each adapted to generate a primary signal indicative of an acoustic wave received from the respective microphone unit, a first echo cancellation unit, an integrator unit, and a combination unit, wherein... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110206213 - Active type acoustic control system: In an acoustic control system an operation range of an active type noise control device (an ANC device) and an operation range of an active type effect sound control device (an ASC device) are exchanged in accordance with the number of working cylinders of an engine.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20110206214 - Active noise reduction system: A system for actively reducing noise at a listening point, includes an earphone housing, a transmitting transducer, a receiving transducer and a controller. The transmitting transducer converts a first electric signal into a first acoustic signal, and radiates the first acoustic signal along a first acoustic path having a first... Agent:

20110206216 - Headphone: A headphone includes a pair of right and left headphone units, a resilient band formed substantially into a U shape to be mounted on a human head, and a pair of arm members. Each of the arm members is rotatably coupled via a pivot joint to an end part of... Agent: Beats Electronics, LLC

20110206217 - Headset system with microphone for ambient sounds: A communication headset system (1) for connecting to a two-way communication device (10). The communication headset system (1) comprising an earphone (15) with a speaker (2) for receiving a speaker signal (3) and converting it into speaker sound, a voice microphone (4) for receiving a user's voice and converting it... Agent: Gn Netcom A/s

20110206218 - Headset with a 360 degrees rotatable microphone boom: A headset (1) for voice communication comprising a housing (2) and a pickup unit (8) rotatably connected to the housing via a joint (7). The pickup unit (8) comprises at least a first microphone (5), which is electrically connected via at least a first electrical connection to an electronic circuit... Agent: Gn Netcom A/s

20110206215 - Personal listening device having input applied to the housing to provide a desired function and method: A personal listening device, such as an earbud or earphone, includes a housing, a speaker in the housing to provide sound output and a sensor to detect mechanical input applied to the housing, such as tapping or squeezing, to provide a desired signal and/or function response and method. The speaker... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110206219 - Electronic device for receiving and transmitting audio signals: The present invention relates to an electronic device (10) for receiving and transmitting audio signals. In order to provide an electronic device which sufficiently allows filtering out background noise from audio signals and which further allows creating and/or using context information with regard to such background noise, said electronic device... Agent:

20110206220 - Acoustic signal corrector and acoustic signal correcting method: According to one embodiment, an acoustic signal corrector includes: an output module; a selection receiver; and a holder. The output module is configured to output a plurality of acoustic signals. Amplitude values of frequencies within a frequency band of each of the acoustic signals are emphasized as emphasized amplitude values.... Agent:

20110206221 - Condenser microphone having a flexible neck: In an integral type condenser microphone having a flexible pipe, noise is prevented from being generated even if a cellular phone that radiates strong electromagnetic waves is used at close range. In the gooseneck condenser microphone configured so that a microphone body M in which a microphone unit 10 and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110206222 - Membrane for an acoustic transducer: A membrane for an acoustic transducer is provided which comprises a first portion having a first stiffness, and a second portion comprising a first subsection having a second stiffness and a second subsection having a third stiffness, wherein the second stiffness and the third stiffness are different.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110206223 - Apparatus for binaural audio coding: An apparatus configured to: determine at least one first channel audio signal phase value for a current audio frame; determine at least one second channel audio signal phase value for the current audio frame; calculate at least one current phase difference between the at least one first channel audio signal... Agent:

20110206224 - Audio system configured to fade audio outputs and method thereof: An audio system configured to fade audio outputs and method thereof are provided, wherein the audio system includes a first speaker, a second speaker, a low-frequency output speaker, wherein the low-frequency output speaker is proximate the at least one second speaker, and a receiver configured to alter a signal communicated... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110206225 - Hearing aid and handling tool: A hearing aid and handling tool is provided, where the hearing aid has all parts thereof inside the ear canal and comprise a casing part with a retention element extending radially between the casing part and the circumference of an ear canal of a user. A sound exit is provided... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110206226 - Offending frequency suppression in hearing aids: Adaptive notch filters can be used to estimate offending frequencies caused by feedback within a hearing aid system. The offending frequencies can be suppressed by filtering. Offending frequencies can be identified based on variability of the adaptive notch filter parameters.... Agent: University Of Utah

20110206227 - Device for inserting a pin into a hearing aid: A device for inserting a pin into a hearing aid has a gripper embodied in the shape of a cylinder. In an end face the gripper has an aperture by way of which a pin that is to be placed in the hearing aid is picked up. For this purpose... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110206228 - Acoustic structure including helmholtz resonator: In a bass reflex type speaker, a Helmholtz resonator is formed by a bass reflex port and a space within a speaker enclosure excluding the bass reflex port and a speaker unit. The bass reflex port of the bass reflex type speaker is movable toward and away from a side... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110206229 - Earphone microphone: An earphone microphone is constituted of a main unit and an insert portion which are united in an L-shape. Two receivers are attached to the external surface of the main unit and exposed externally of a user's ear, whilst one receiver is attached to a distal end of the insert... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110206230 - Inertial vibration exciter: An inertial vibration exciter having a magnet assembly defining an annular gap, a coil assembly disposed in the annular gap, suspension means mounting the coil assembly for reciprocating movement in the gap, means coupling the coil assembly to a member to be vibrated, and a hermetically sealed housing in which... Agent: New Transducers Limited

20110206231 - Electromagnetic converter: An electromagnetic converter includes a magnetic circuit having permanent magnets, a lower frame for fixing magnetic pole faces of these permanent magnets thereto, an upper frame having an opening formed therein on a side of the other magnetic pole faces of the permanent magnets and plates fixed to the other... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200195 - Systems and methods for speaker bar sound enhancement: A sound reproduction apparatus comprising a loudspeaker bar having a plurality of loudspeakers. A loudspeaker bar controller coupled to the loudspeaker bar for processing audio data for the plurality of loudspeakers, the loudspeaker bar controller comprising a spatial enhancement/virtualization system for receiving a surround channel of audio data and processing... Agent:

20110200196 - Apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal: An apparatus for determining a spatial output multi-channel audio signal based on an input audio signal and an input parameter. The apparatus includes a decomposer for decomposing the input audio signal based on the input parameter to obtain a first decomposed signal and a second decomposed signal different from each... Agent:

20110200197 - Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding object-based audio signals: An audio decoding method and apparatus and an audio encoding method and apparatus which can efficiently process object-based audio signals are provided. The audio decoding method includes receiving a downmix signal and object-based side information, the downmix signal comprising at least two downmix channel signals; extracting gain information from the... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110200198 - Low bitrate audio encoding/decoding scheme with common preprocessing: An audio encoder has a common preprocessing stage, an information sink based encoding branch such as spectral domain encoding branch, a information source based encoding branch such as an LPC-domain encoding branch and a switch for switching between these branches at inputs into these branches or outputs of these branches... Agent:

20110200199 - Method for estimating road surface state: The method calculates a wave profile of frequency dispersion by executing a 1/N octave analysis of a detected sound signal from a sound detection unit 20 for estimating a road surface state. The state of the road surface on which the vehicle is running is determined whether the calculated wave... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110200201 - Measurement signal generating device, measurement signal generating method, measurement signal generating program and storage medium: A measurement signal generating device is suitably applied to an AV system capable of generating measurement signals used for a sound field correction. Concretely, based on an average value and a standard deviation of a correlation value between two channels in plural channels, a measurement signal generating unit determines an... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110200200 - Telecommunications terminal and method of operation of the terminal: A telecommunications terminal (100) includes an input audio transducer (111), a receiver (101) for receiving an electrical signal representing a transmitted audio signal, a noise energy estimator (117) for estimating an audio noise energy input received by the input audio transducer and an audio enhancement means (108) for applying to... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110200202 - Special novelty effects apparatus for bicycles: Special novelty effects apparatus are provided for inclusion on bicycles providing a synthesizer circuit device having a microprocessor circuit element and a memory chip element or flash drive element for receiving instructions for novelty sound and lighting effects that simulate atypical sounds and lighting as would be expected to emanate... Agent:

20110200203 - Headphones with distortion-free loudness limiting and dynamic equalization device: A headphone assembly for generating an audio output with distortion-free loudness limiting and dynamic equalization feature includes a voltage divider comprising a positive temperature coefficient resistor and a headphone driver, and two audio signal input terminals in each audio channel connected to the voltage divider arranged for connecting to an... Agent:

20110200204 - Speaker device: To provide a thin speaker device capable of emitting a loud reproduced sound with a comparatively simple structure, and to input the audio signal to the voice coil not to have an adverse effect on the vibration of the voice coil is executed. A speaker device includes a vibration direction... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110200207 - Audio apparatus: The invention provides an audio apparatus which hardly causes a directivity to be lowered even in a case where a plurality of unidirectional microphones, each having a directivity toward a center of a housing of the apparatus, are embedded in a recessed part provided on an upper surface of the... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110200206 - Method and device for phase-sensitive processing of sound signals: A method and device for phase-sensitive processing of sound signals of at least one sound source may include arranging two microphones at a distance d from each other, capturing sound signals with both microphones, generating associated microphone signals, and processing the sound signals of the microphones. During a calibration mode,... Agent:

20110200205 - Sound pickup apparatus, portable communication apparatus, and image pickup apparatus: A sound pickup apparatus includes: a microphone array including at least three microphones, wherein a first pair of microphones in which two of the at least three microphones are aligned on a first axis, and a second pair of microphones in which two of the at least three microphones are... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110200208 - Apparatus and method for transmitting sound through nonlinear media: Provided are an apparatus and method for transmitting sound through a nonlinear medium. The apparatus includes a pre-distorter for previously distorting a sound signal to compensate for distortion to be caused by a frequency characteristic of the nonlinear medium in a transmission process of the sound signal, a sigma-delta modulator... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110200209 - Level adjusting circuit: A circuit configured to adjust the level of an audio signal includes filters each of which is configured to receive an audio signal, and to pass a band set for the filter. Variable gain amplifiers are severally provided to the respective filters, and each variable gain amplifier amplifies the output... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110200210 - Information processing device and method and program: An information processing device includes: an output device configured to perform notification to a user by outputting ringing sound; a sound pickup device configured to pick up surrounding sound as ambient sound; an adaptive filtering process device configured to perform an adaptive filtering process using the picked-up ambient sound and... Agent:

20110200211 - Acoustics transmission fidelity augmentation interface for inertial type audio transducers: An acoustical transmission interface comprising a plate comprising a first portion having a first thickness and a second portion having a second thickness wherein the first thickness is thinner than the second thickness; an inertial type audio transducer; and means to affix the audio transducer and the first portion of... Agent:

20110200212 - Temperature compensated voltage pump: The present invention relates to an integrated circuit voltage pump with temperature compensation circuitry providing improved DC output voltage accuracy over an operational temperature range. The compensation circuitry is operative to eliminate or reduce temperature induced changes of voltage drops across semiconductor diodes of the integrated circuit voltage pump.... Agent: Audioasics A/s

20110200216 - Fitting system of digital hearing aid to be capable of changing frequency band and channel: Disclosed is a digital hearing aid fitting system capable of changing a frequency band and channel. The digital hearing aid fitting system capable of changing the frequency band and channel may include a digital signal processing (DSP) chip to adjust a fitting parameter including at least one parameter from among... Agent:

20110200214 - Hearing aid and computing device for providing audio labels: A hearing aid includes a microphone to convert audible sounds into sound-related electrical signals and a memory configured to store a plurality of hearing aid profiles. Each hearing aid profile has an associated audio label. The hearing aid further includes a processor coupled to the microphone and to the memory... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110200213 - Hearing aid with an accelerometer-based user input: A hearing aid includes a memory configured to store current configuration data and an accelerometer to convert mechanical motion into a signal representing mechanical motion. The hearing aid further includes a logic circuit coupled to the accelerometer to receive the signal and to selectively update the configuration data based on... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110200215 - Hearing aid, computing device, and method for selecting a hearing aid profile: A hearing aid includes a microphone to convert sounds into electrical signals, a transceiver configured to communicate with a computing device through a wireless communication channel, and a processor coupled to the microphone and the transceiver. The hearing aid further includes a memory accessible to the processor and configured to... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110200217 - System and method for audiometric assessment and user-specific audio enhancement: According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, a system for audiometric assessment and user-specific acoustic enhancement, comprising an audiometry management module, a tone generator coupled to the audiometry management module and adapted to generate streams of acoustical output, and a hearing profile data file, is disclosed. According to the... Agent:

20110200218 - Hearing aid with a casing element: The hearing aid comprises a casing element enclosing electronic components and a battery drawer hingedly connected to the casing element for pivotal movement with respect to the casing element. Bushings in the casing element corresponding to seats in the battery drawer are provided co-axially with the desired pivotal axle and... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110200219 - Laptop cooling platform: Platforms for laptop computers can include one or more cooling features. In some arrangements, a platform includes a support body that has upper and lower panels that at least partially define an interior cavity. A ventilation plate can be disposed in the upper surface of the support body, and can... Agent: Targus Group International, Inc.

20110200220 - Sound recordable/playable device, packaging, and method of use: a

20110200221 - Narrow directional microphone: There is provided a narrow directional microphone in which a microphone unit can surely be positioned coaxially in an acoustic tube, and satisfactory electrostatic shielding can be attained. In the narrow directional microphone including an acoustic tube 10 consisting of a metallic cylindrical body, and a unidirectional microphone unit 20... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110200222 - Implantable microphone with shaped chamber: An implantable microphone is disclosed having an external diaphragm and housing that forming chamber capable of being pressurized by deformational movement of the diaphragm induced by pressure waves (e.g., acoustic signals) propagating through overlying tissue. The chamber is shaped such that the volume of the chamber upon deflection of the... Agent: Otologics, LLC

20110200223 - Speaker unit including diaphragm having a voice coil attached thereto: A speaker unit that can prevent a lead from being broken is provided. The speaker unit includes: a diaphragm; a voice coil which is secured to the diaphragm; and a lead which is connected to the voice coil to energize the voice coil. The diaphragm includes an annular securing portion... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110194699 - Method and system for enhanced sound quality for stereo audio: Aspects of a method and system for enhanced sound quality for stereo audio are provided. In this regard, levels of audio signals received via an FM radio channel may be controlled based on a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the RF channel. The SNR of the FM radio channel may be... Agent:

20110194700 - Enhanced spatialization system: A system enhances spatialization in an audio signal at a receiving location. The system applies a phase difference analysis to signals received from an array of spaced apart input devices that convert sound into electrical signals. The system derives spatial or directional information about the relative locations of the sound... Agent:

20110194702 - Method and apparatus for detecting audio signals: A method and an apparatus for detecting audio signals are disclosed. The input audio signal is detected to determine whether it is a background frame. The detected background signal is further detected according to a music characterization value and a decision rule. Therefore, background music can be detected, and the... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110194701 - Signal processing method, system, and apparatus for 3-dimensional audio conferencing: The present invention discloses a signal processing method, system and apparatus for 3-dimensional (3D) audio conferencing. The implementation is: a server obtains at least one audio stream relative to one terminal; the server allocates identifiers for the obtained at least one audio stream relative to the terminal; and the server... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20110194704 - Enhanced spatialization system with satellite device: A system enhances spatialization in which spatial information about sound sources at an originating location is represented in an audio signal. The system applies a phase difference analysis to the signals received from an array of spaced apart input devices or microphones to derive spatial or directional information about the... Agent:

20110194703 - Stereo microphone: An output circuit of a bidirectional side microphone element includes an inverting amplifier inverting a phase and outputting an inverted signal, adds a non-inverted output signal of the side microphone element to an output signal of a middle microphone element having unidirectivity to produce a signal for one channel of... Agent:

20110194705 - System and method for adapting a loudspeaker signal: A sound system 100 for producing sound on a loudspeaker 130 is provided wherein the temperature of a voice coil of the loudspeaker may be monitored continuously. The sound system comprises a signal generator 150 for generating an evaluation signal which is combined with an input sound signal 120 to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110194706 - Method of automatically fitting hearing aid: Provided is a method of automatically fitting a hearing aid. The method includes entering the audiogram of a test subject, defining criterion gains and SSPLs based on installed criterion gains and SSPLs according to the test subject's audiogram, generating sounds from automatic fitting device, measuring the sounds using probe microphone... Agent:

20110194707 - Rear view sound: The present invention provides an Mp3 player and AM and FM radio receiver built into a rear view mirror. Manufactured and sold as an aftermarket accessory, The Rear View Sound is produced with embodiments ideal for use in automobiles, while other embodiments are made available for use on motorcycles and... Agent:

20110194708 - Active noise reduction system: An active noise reduction system is provided for receiving an audio input signal and a noise interference signal and calculating an audio broadcasting signal according to a Feedback Filtered-X Least-Mean-Square (FFXLMS) algorithm, wherein the FFXLMS algorithm optimizes a (convergence factor) μ so as to decrease the numbers of divisions operated... Agent: Chung Yuan Christian University

20110194709 - Automatic source separation via joint use of segmental information and spatial diversity: A source separation system is provided. The system includes a plurality of sources being subjected to an automatic source separation via a joint use of segmental information and spatial diversity. The system further includes a set of spectral shapes representing spectral diversity derived from the automatic source separation being automatically... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110194710 - Accessory controller for electronic devices: Accessories such as headsets for electronic devices are provided. A headset may be provided with a button controller assembly that has user-actuated buttons and a microphone. The microphone may be formed by mounting a microphone transducer on a printed circuit board. A housing may be mounted over the transducer to... Agent:

20110194711 - Optical microphone packaging: An optical microphone that may include a first substrate with one or more acoustic entry ports and a die over the one or more acoustic entry ports. The die may include a sensing structure for detecting acoustic vibrations received via the acoustic entry port(s) and may form a first cavity... Agent:

20110194712 - Stereophonic widening: Widening stereophonic response is achieved in sound reproduction systems with at least two loudspeakers. A stereo signal input is accessed, which includes multiple frequency components. The loudspeakers are close to each other. A frequency range of the frequency components is decorrelated, e.g., upon pre-processing the stereo signal. The sound reproduction... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20110194713 - Hearing aid having multiple sound inputs and methods therefor: A multi-mode hearing aid includes a processor that is configured to selectively apply different hearing aid profiles to different input signals, such as a first sound signal received from a microphone and a second sound signal received from a transceiver, to produce first and second shaped output signals. The processor... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110194714 - Hearing device with frequency shifting and associated method: A hearing device has a feedback suppression unit. The hearing device further has a low-pass filter characterized by a first cut-off frequency, which couples out a low-frequency signal component from an output signal of the hearing device, and a high-pass filter characterized by a second cut-off frequency, which couples out... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110194715 - Method for compensating for a feedback signal, and hearing device: Feedback in a hearing device and, more particularly, in a hearing aid should be compensated for before it becomes audible. To this end, a method is proposed for compensating for a feedback signal in a hearing device with an input-transducer apparatus, a signal-processing apparatus and an output-transducer apparatus, in which... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110194717 - Hearing aid with exchangeable shell parts and wireless communication: Hearing aid or audio device having a behind the ear part adapted to rest behind an earlobe of a user and a speaker unit comprising a speaker, whereby the speaker unit is adapted for insertion into the ear of a user, and whereby electric leads are provided between the speaker... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110194716 - Hearing device with a detachably coupled earpiece: In a hearing device or hearing aid, provision can be made for a sound tube or an in-the-ear loudspeaker to be held in an auditory canal of a user by an earpiece. To couple a sound tube to an earpiece, a connection element can be provided on the sound tube,... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110194718 - Receiver tube with strain relief and hearing aid: A receiver tube for a hearing aid has an integrated strain relief. A receiver mounted at the end of the receiver tube is normally worn in the auditory canal of a hearing aid wearer. It is pulled out of the auditory canal by pulling at the receiver tube or also... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110194720 - Audio speaker arrangement: A speaker arrangement comprises a first sound transducer (101) for reproducing sound in a lower frequency range and having a first on-axis direction and a first centre point. The arrangement further comprises a second sound transducer (103) for reproducing sound in a higher frequency range, the second sound transducer (103)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110194719 - Speakerphone and/or microphone arrays and methods and systems of using the same: The present disclosure is directed to devices, methods and systems for microphone arrays wherein enhancing performance of directional microphone arrays is provided. Enhanced performance of speaker phones is also provided. In certain embodiments, the housing of the device is configured to support the at least three microphones and the loudspeaker... Agent:

20110194721 - Headset and headphone: There is provided a headset having a head band, at least one fork for receiving an earpiece and a receiving portion between an end of the head band and one of the forks. The fork is arranged pivotably about a pivot axis. The fork has a first end having a... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co., Kg

20110194722 - Method and apparatus for a loudspeaker assembly: The present invention relates to a loudspeaker assembly and a method of assembling a loudspeaker assembly. In one or more embodiments, the invention comprises forming a front baffle from a first material, the front baffle comprising a first driver mounting portion, an intermediate portion, and an edge mounting portion. A... Agent:

20110194723 - Magnetic diaphragm and manufacturing method thereof: An exemplary magnetic diaphragm is applied to an electro-acoustic transducer. The magnetic diaphragm has a base formed with a magnetic layer thereon by a film deposition method. The base with the magnetic layer thus has magnetism to interference with a magnetic circuit of the electro-acoustic transducer. A manufacture method of... Agent: Merry Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110194724 - Vibrating body for acoustic transducer and speaker device: A vibrating body for an acoustic transducer is provided, in which the high resonance frequency associated with inverse resonance can be outside the audible range and which can improve the acoustic characteristic of a speaker device. The vibrating body 1 for an acoustic transducer includes: a diaphragm 2 including a... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110188660 - Method for enlarging a location with optimal three dimensional audio perception: There is provided a method for enlarging a location with optimal three-dimensional audio perception. Optimal three-dimensional audio perception may relate to a fully spatial sound effect. The method includes deriving three-dimensional encoded localization cues from an audio input signal having a first channel signal and a second channel signal; decoding... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20110188661 - Flat panel loudspeakers: A flat panel loudspeaker with such an emission characteristic is obtained which, in the event of the flat panel loudspeaker being set up inversely, provides an improved listening result in that a loudspeaker is provided within the housing, and a sound conduction is configured such that sound from the loudspeaker... Agent:

20110188662 - Method of rendering binaural stereo in a hearing aid system and a hearing aid system: A hearing aid system comprising means (304) for receiving a multi-channel digitally encoded audio signal (301) and means (306) for rendering said received multi-channel signal into a binaural stereo signal. The invention further provides a method for replaying audio streams in hearing aids.... Agent: Widex A/s

20110188663 - Artificial engine sound generator: An artificial engine sound generator for producing an artificial engine sound includes: a main body device that defines a predetermined frequency selected in a range between 1 Hz and 10 Hz, and simultaneously generates a plurality of signals having frequencies, which are arranged at intervals of the predetermined frequency, so... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110188664 - Device, method, and program for adjustment of hearing aid: An adjustment device for a hearing aid includes: an audio extraction section for, through an acoustic process of a collected audio signal, utilizing information of a phoneme or syllable contained in the audio signal to output time information, the time information identifying a point of uttering the phoneme or syllable;... Agent:

20110188665 - Convertible filter: Apparatus and method for implementing a convertible filter in differing ones of its delay and weighting elements are powered through different power conductors, thereby enabling the convertible filter to be dynamically configured to be operable as different types of digital filter through selective provision of power to differing ones of... Agent:

20110188666 - Method and system for preventing overhearing of private conversations in public places: A method for preventing overhearing of private conversations in public spaces is disclosed. The method comprises detecting the social activity of the people in the public space and assessing the social situation and adapting the degree of sound masking and/or sound absorption at the desired locations to suit the assessed... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110188667 - Hybrid/electric car sound symphony system: Hybrid/Electric cars of the future will generate sound to alleviate safety concerns and as a convenience to the owners. The Hybrid/Electric Sound Symphony System (H/ESSS) will generate sound from hybrid/electric vehicles and coordinate the sound from other H/ESSS equipped nearby vehicles into a coordinated, harmonious effect.... Agent:

20110188668 - Media delivery system: A media delivery system which allows the user to control a media delivery device, such as an audio headset or earphone, from another device which may be remote from the media delivery device.... Agent:

20110188669 - Electronic device and method thereof for switching audio input channel of the electronic device: The present disclosure provides an electronic device and a method for switching an audio input channel of the electronic device. The electronic device includes a headphone interface, a detection circuit, a signal processing unit, and a multiplexer. The headphone interface is operable to connect with an audio connector of a... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20110188670 - System and method for reducing rub and buzz distortion: An audio driver with reduced rub and buzz distortion that includes a digital processing module. A digital to audio converter (DAC) operable to receive a digital audio signal supplied by the digital processing module. One or more analog driver stages operable to receive an analog audio signal supplied by the... Agent:

20110188671 - Adaptive gain control based on signal-to-noise ratio for noise suppression: Systems and methods for suppressing noise in a signal are disclosed herein. In exemplary embodiments of the present invention, noise is suppressed using perceptual adaptive gain control based on signal-to-noise ratios. In other embodiment of the present invention, the gain of a signal is mapped as a function of an... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110188672 - Acoustic reproduction device: A sound reproduction apparatus reproduces a sound wave at a listening position. The sound reproduction apparatus includes a compensation processing unit for compensating an audible band signal having an audible band frequency, a carrier signal oscillator for generating a carrier signal, a modulator for outputting a modulated signal obtained by... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110188673 - Apparatus for enabling karaoke: There is provided an apparatus for enabling karaoke. The apparatus includes a casing for the apparatus; a microphone array incorporated within the casing, the microphone array being concealed from a user by the casing; a controller coupled to the microphone array to at least process audio signals from the user... Agent:

20110188674 - Television system and channel selecting method and volume control method: A television system includes a remote control and a television. The remote control includes a sensor and a transmitting unit. The sensor generates a detecting signal according to a user's operation. When the user' operations are different, the detecting signals are different. The transmitting unit transmits the detecting signal. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110188675 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a speaker, a terminal, an amplifier, a battery, a power supply circuit, and a controller. The terminal is configured to input an audio signal from an external device. The amplifier is configured to amplify the audio signal which is input from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110188676 - Electronic device: An electronic device capable of improving the ease of assembling a speaker and a microphone and ensuring the sound insulation for the speaker and microphone with a less number of parts. When the electronic device is assembled, a protrusion portion of the holding member and an elastic member disposed on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110188677 - Using an audio cable as an inductive charging coil: The disclosed embodiments relate to a technique for inductively charging an electronic device. This technique involves winding an audio cable for the electronic device around a charging mechanism multiple times so that one or more conductors in the audio cable form an inductive receiving coil. Next, a magnetic field is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110188679 - Electronic device employing sound plate switchable between stand type and hang type: An electronic device includes a sound plate switchable between a stand type and a hang type. In the electronic device, the sound plate has a coupled structure movable between a first arrangement, in which the sound plate functions as a stand and a second arrangement wherein the sound plate is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110188678 - Sound plate and electronic device employing the same: Provided are a sound plate and an electronic device employing the same. The sound plate includes at least one speaker unit disposed within a plate that is configured as a stand of the electronic device. Sound output by the at least one speaker is emitted through at least slit provided... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110188680 - Ribbon microphone: A ribbon microphone includes two magnets spaced in parallel and generating a magnetic field therebetween, two ribbon diaphragms arranged in parallel at a predetermined distance in the magnetic field, and a step-up transformer raising the voltages of electric signals generated in response to vibrations of the ribbon diaphragms in the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110188681 - Method for adaptively matching microphones of a hearing system as well as a hearing system: A method and a hearing system for adaptively matching microphones (3, 4) of a hearing system are disclosed. The method comprising the steps of determining a true direction towards a sound source, determining an estimated direction towards the sound source using microphones (3, 4) of the hearing system, comparing the... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110188682 - Method for deploying hearing instrument fitting software, and hearing instrument adapted therefor: m

20110188683 - Method for monitoring a hearing device and hearing device with self-monitoring function: A method for monitoring a hearing device having an electroacoustic output transducer worn at a user's ear or in a user's ear canal, the method including: measuring the electrical impedance of the output transducer; analyzing the measured electrical impedance of the output transducer in order to determine at least one... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110188684 - Wireless updating of hearing devices: m

20110188686 - Method for suppressing acoustic feedback in a hearing device and corresponding hearing device: A hearing device (HD) incorporates a method for adaptive cancellation of acoustic feedback (AF). The method comprises generating an estimated feedback signal (EF) and subtracting the estimated feedback signal (EF) from the microphone signal (MS) before feeding it to a signal processor (SP) providing the primary hearing device function. The... Agent:

20110188685 - Method for the detection of whistling in an audio system: A method for detecting whistling in an audio system includes determining an average frequency of an input signal of the audio system, sampling the input signal in consecutive blocks of at least one sample, wherein the average frequency is determined blockwise, and determining whether feedback related whistling is present in... Agent:

20110188687 - Small hearing aid: A hearing aid comprises a microelectromechanical systems microphone which receives inputs of external sound signals, converting the sound signals to analog signals, and outputting the analog signals; a hearing aid processor chip which converts the analog signals to digital signals, performs gain correction and digital signal processing to the digital... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110188688 - Hearing aid: The hearing aid of the present invention comprises a main body case (1), a battery case (7), a control device (14), a microphone (4), a speaker (3), switching part (12, 16), and a lid portion (11a). The battery case (7) is provided so that it can be pulled from inside... Agent:

20110188689 - Conduction device for a hearing apparatus and method for producing a conduction device: A hearing apparatus, more particularly a hearing aid, generally requires sound or electrical signals to be conducted from a housing, worn outside of an auditory canal of a user, to an earpiece which has been inserted into the auditory canal. An appropriate conduction device often has a soft tube. The... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110188690 - Receiver in concha: An elastic sleeve member (1) for a receiver module of a hearing aid of the receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) type comprises an elongated housing adapted for receiving an electrical input signal from said hearing aid, a sound output port and at least one receiver for converting said input signal to an acoustic... Agent: Widex A/s

20110188692 - Hearing system with positioning device and corresponding positioning method: A hearing aid can be inserted deep inside an auditory canal without the risk of injury. The hearing system has a hearing device that can be completely inserted into a human auditory canal, and a positioning device, which is attached to the hearing device in a self-retaining manner. The positioning... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110188691 - Tool for fitting and removing a receiver of a hearing aid: A tool is provided with which a receiver of a hearing aid can be easily fitted into an earpiece or an ear mold and removed therefrom. The tool has an elongate main body, a first tool part for removing the receiver from a first earpiece, a second tool part for... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110188693 - Receiving set for individual: The receiving set for individual comprises a first unit placed on the user's head portion; and second units supported by the first unit and disposing the speakers to be distanced from the user's auditory organ. According to the receiving set for individual having such composition, since there is no line... Agent: Byoung Wha Kim

20110188694 - variable directional microphone assembly and method of making the microphone assembly: A variable directional microphone assembly and method of manufacturing the same, which includes a printed circuit board including a connection terminal provided to a surface thereof, and a semiconductor integrated circuit device mounted to another surface thereof, a microphone body including a first mounting space for mounting the semiconductor integrated... Agent:

20110188695 - Microphone-unit supporting structure and electronic device: A microphone-unit supporting structure comprises a microphone unit and a holder. The microphone unit includes a substantially-cylindrical microphone element, a printed circuit board fixed to a back of the microphone element, and at least two projections extending radially outward from the printed circuit board and being circumferentially spaced at such... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110188696 - Headphone: A headphone including a headband, an ear cup attached to the headband, a baffle plate fixed to the ear cup and having a rib wall at its periphery, an ear pad engaged with the baffle plate, and a gas permeable buffer between the ear cup and the baffle plate, wherein... Agent:

20110188697 - Flat thin dynamic speaker: A flat thin dynamic speaker which includes a motor unit, a suspension unit, a radiating unit and a frame arranged in such a manner that the motor unit and the suspension unit are at the same plane while the radiating unit is on top of the motor unit such that... Agent:

20110188698 - Electrodynamic transducer, in particular of the loudspeaker type with ferrofluid suspension and related devices: An electrodynamic transducer with a membrane includes an electrodynamic motor in a carcass in which a coil held by a mandrel connected to the membrane is capable of movement. The mandrel has a shape generated by an essentially linear generatrix, the coil being arranged in an air gap of a... Agent:

20110188699 - Woven or knitted fabric, diaphragm for speaker, and speaker: A speaker having a diaphragm made of a woven/knitted fabric containing a conductive fiber and a non-conductive fiber, where the fabric has a woven structure or a knitted structure of the non-conductive fiber, and a continuous wiring forming a coil of the conductive fiber.... Agent: Kb Seiren, Ltd.

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