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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110182431 - Method and apparatus for decoding an audio signal: An apparatus for decoding an audio signal and method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes receiving the audio signal and spatial information, identifying a type of modified spatial information, generating the modified spatial information using the spatial information, and decoding the audio signal using the modified spatial information, wherein... Agent: Lg Electronics, Inc.

20110182432 - Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus: A coding apparatus which suppresses an extreme increase in a bit rate, includes: a downmixing and coding unit (301) that downmixes audio signals that have been provided, to reduce the number of channels to be fewer than the number of the provided audio signals, and to code the downmix signals;... Agent:

20110182433 - Decoding apparatus, decoding method, encoding apparatus, encoding method, and editing apparatus: A decoding apparatus (10) is disclosed which includes: a storing means (11) for storing encoded audio signals including multi-channel audio signals; a transforming means (40) for transforming the encoded audio signals to generate transform block-based audio signals in a time domain; a window processing means (41) for multiplying the transform... Agent:

20110182435 - Control of a loudspeaker output: d

20110182434 - Method to maximize loudspeaker sound pressure level with a high peak to average power ratio audio source: A system is provided to protect a loudspeaker (144) by controlling a level of an applied audio signal. A control signal is generated by applying an input audio signal (115) to the collective operations of a gain control system (100). The gain control system (100) uses the input audio signal... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110182436 - Adaptive noise reduction using level cues: An array of microphones utilizes two sets of two microphones for noise suppression. A primary microphone and secondary microphone of the three microphones may be positioned closely spaced to each other to provide acoustic signals used to achieve noise cancellation. A tertiary microphone may be spaced with respect to either... Agent:

20110182438 - Masker sound generation apparatus and program: In a masker sound generation apparatus, an acquisition part acquires a sound signal, and a generation part generates a masker sound signal based on the acquired sound signal. Specifically, the generation part divides the sound signal acquired by the acquisition part into a plurality of sections each having a predetermined... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110182437 - Signal separation system and method for automatically selecting threshold to separate sound sources: A signal separation system and a method for automatically selecting a threshold to separate sound sources. The signal separation system calculates a power sequence for a target signal using a target mask, and a power sequence for an interference signal using a complementary mask, based on signals received from a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110182439 - Loop gain estimating apparatus and howling preventing apparatus: A pseudo noise superimposing unit superimposes a pseudo noise (M-sequence) to an audio signal picked up by a microphone and outputs the superimposed signal to an amplifying system. An calculating unit calculates a correlation value between the audio signal picked up by the microphone and the pseudo noise. The calculating... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110182440 - Woofer-less and enclosure-less loudspeaker system: A woofer-less and box-less loudspeaker system including a plurality of tweeter drivers is provided. The speaker system includes a plurality of drivers, each driver including a front face and a rear face with an axis of symmetry, each driver configured for propagating sound energy along the axis of each driver... Agent:

20110182441 - Interaction of sound, silent and mute modes in an electronic device: This is directed to controlling the output of audio based on the mode of an electronic device. In particular, this is directed to an electronic device having a sound mode, silent mode, and mute mode controlling the output of audio along different audio output routes. In the sound mode, all... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110182442 - Combination line or microphone input circuitry: Combination line/microphone input circuitry is provided that adapts to receive either an audio line input or a microphone input via a single dual-purpose compound plug or input. More particularly, a combination line/microphone input circuit is provided to accept two different types of audio signals, being audio line signals and microphone... Agent: Open Labs, Inc.

20110182443 - Electronic device having a contact microphone: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a contact microphone for an electronic device. According to one embodiment, the electronic device includes a display lens having a front side and a backside opposite the front side, with the display lens being formed around the perimeter of a display unit. Furthermore, a... Agent:

20110182444 - Method and system for handling the processing of bluetooth data during multi-path multi-rate audio processing: An audio codec in a baseband processor may be utilized for mixing audio signals received at a plurality of data sampling rates. The mixed audio signals may be up sampled to a very large sampling rate, and then down sampled to a specified sampling rate that is compatible with a... Agent:

20110182445 - Computer communications using acoustic signals: A method of communicating with an electronic device. The method includes providing an electronic device having an audible sound receiving and generating sub-system including a microphone, transmitting from a source at least one acoustic signal encoded with information, receiving said at least one acoustic signal by said microphone and determining... Agent: Beepcard Inc.

20110182446 - Controlled overlap driver circuit: The present invention relates to a driver circuit wherein upper and lower legs of a first driver comprise first and second sets of parellelly coupled semiconductor switches, respectively. A control circuit is configured to generate respective control signals for the first and second sets of parellelly coupled semiconductor switches to... Agent: Audioasics A/s

20110182447 - Human body sound transmission apparatus: A provided a human body sound transmission apparatus includes: a processing unit processing an audio signal of an audio frequency band including data desired to be transmitted, an audio high frequency signal obtained by combining the audio signal and a first high frequency signal, and a second high frequency signal;... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110182448 - Spacer-integrated diaphragm for condenser microphone: The present invention relates to a spacer-integrated diaphragm, in which spacers are integrated with the diaphragm, in order to reduce the number of components and manufacturing processes needed and remove parasitic capacitance. A characterizing feature of the spacer-integrated diaphragm of the present invention is that it has an integrated structure... Agent:

20110182449 - Enclosure-less loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker system is provided for uniformly emanating sound waves to a listening area. The loudspeaker system includes a plurality of drivers, where each driver includes a front face, a rear face, and an axis of symmetry extending substantially perpendicularly through both the front and rear face. Each driver is... Agent:

20110182450 - Piezoelectric micro-acoustic transducer and method of fabricating the same: Provided are a piezoelectric micro-acoustic transducer and a method of fabricating the same. In the piezoelectric micro-acoustic transducer, a diaphragm is divided into a first region and a second region. The first region may be formed of a material capable of maximizing the exciting force, and the second region may... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110182451 - Method for manufacturing a hearing aid having a custom fitted resilient component: A method for manufacturing a hearing aid component (15, 50) adapted for fitting in the auditory canal of a hearing aid user, the hearing aid component having a covering of resilient material on at least part of its outside surface and the hearing aid component having an inner sound conveying... Agent: Widex A/s

20110182452 - Foreign material mitigation for hearing assistance device components: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for mitigating foreign material buildup for hearing assistance device components. The present subject matter includes coating of at least one surface of a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid, with an omniphobic coating, a hydrophilic coating, or a combination... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110182453 - Receiver module for inflating a membrane in an ear device: A receiver module configured to be seated within an ear canal and optimized for simultaneously inflating an inflatable membrane while generating acoustic waves transmitted to a user. The inflatable membrane can be used to secure the receiver module within the bony portion of the ear canal of the user. A... Agent: Sonion Nederland Bv

20110182454 - Retaining module for the earpiece of a hearing aid: A retaining module (5) for retaining an earpiece in an ear comprises an annular sleeve (6) having a central aperture (7) adapted for receiving and holding at least a part of the earpiece. The retaining module (5) further comprises a first retaining member (8) adapted for engaging at least a... Agent: Widex A/s

20110182455 - Earphone assembly with moisture resistance: An acoustic system includes a receiver or microphone, a tube, a barrier, and an equalization device. The receiver is capable of outputting an audio signal. The tube is in connection with the receiver and the audio signal travels along a length of the tube. The barrier is fitted along the... Agent:

20110182456 - Boundary microphone: A boundary microphone includes a base, a microphone unit that is mounted on the base and converts sound into electrical signals, and a pressure-sensitive switch that switches on/off the output signals from the microphone unit. The pressure-sensitive switch includes a membrane covering a circuit board having an electrode pattern on... Agent:

20110182457 - In-ear earphone with capacitive sensing function: An in-ear earphone with a capacitive sensing function is provided. The earphone includes a case, a speaker, a circuit board, and a capacitive sensing unit. The case has an extension tube and an accommodating portion. An ear tip is sleeved on the extension tube. The accommodating portion accommodates the speaker,... Agent:

20110182461 - Earbud cord stabilizer: A device comprising a weight adapted to counterbalance weight of a cord; an outer cover adapted to be snapped on the weight; and two pass-through openings provided in each of the weight and the outer cover, the pass-through openings positioned at diametrically opposite ends of each of the weight and... Agent:

20110182458 - Floating plate capacitive sensor: Methods and apparatuses for capacitive sensing are disclosed. In one example, a capacitive sensor includes a floating sense electrode disposed within proximity of an outward facing surface adapted to be brought in proximity to or touch a user skin surface. An interior electrode is disposed in proximity to the floating... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20110182459 - Molded splitter structures and methods for making the same: Molded splitter structures and systems and methods for manufacturing molded splitter structures are disclosed.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110182460 - Multi-segment cable structures: A headset can include a cable structure connecting non-cable components such as jacks and headphones. The cable structure can include several legs connected at a bifurcation. An extrusion process can be used to manufacture legs of a multi-segment cable structure. As material is processed by an extruder, one or more... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110182462 - Electromagnetically-shielded speaker systems and methods: An electromagnetically-shielded speaker (or microphone) system for generating acoustic sounds (or electric signals) based upon electric signals (or acoustic sounds) supplied thereto while minimizing irradiation of undesirable electromagnetic waves. While Various speaker systems can be used, each system has at least one source for emitting the undesirable waves and at... Agent:

20110182463 - Ultra-thin loudspeaker: An ultra-thin loudspeaker including: a) an iron basin having a first receiving portion and a second receiving portion at the top surface thereof; b) a magnet unit positioned within the first receiving portion of the iron basin; c) a voice coil positioned around the magnet unit; and d) a vibrating... Agent: Fortune Grand Technology Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176683 - Information communication apparatus, transmission apparatus and receiving apparatus: The acoustic signal transmission method is based on generating a synthesized sound electrical signal by electrically synthesizing an audible sound signal and another signal different than the audible sound signal at the sending side, and transmitting the synthesized sound electrical signal, and extracting the another signal different than the audible... Agent: Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation

20110176684 - Sound image localization apparatus: A sound image localization apparatus comprises an L direct output section that produces an output signal by inputting an audio signal of a rear left audio input channel to a filter having a characteristic obtained by dividing RLD by LD, an L cross output section that produces an output signal... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110176685 - Audio system with feedback detection means: The invention concerns in a first aspect an audio system comprising a microphone, audio signal processing means, an output transducer and means for detecting a possible feedback tone and the corresponding frequency of the feedback tone in the audio system between the output transducer and the microphone. According to the... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110176686 - Remote programming system for programmable hearing aids: Bluetooth-enabled programmable digital hearing aids can be adjusted remotely and in real time. The hearing aid patient at home or a location convenient to the patient logs on to a hearing clinic web site to connect with a clinician, e.g. audiologist or hearing aid technician, at a central clinic location.... Agent:

20110176687 - Apparatus and associated methodology for suppressing an acoustic echo: A new acoustic echo suppressor and method for acoustic echo suppression is described herein. Exemplary embodiments of the acoustic echo suppressor use one linear regression model for each subband. The linear regression model for each subband may operate on the squared magnitude of the input samples as well as corresponding... Agent: Tandberg Telecom As

20110176688 - Signal processing method, signal processing device, and signal processing program: Provided is a signal processing method which receives a plurality of reception signals and subtracts pseudo-echoes generated by a plurality of adaptive filters which input the reception signals, from a plurality of echoes generated by the reception signals, thereby reducing the echoes. The method delays two or more of the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110176689 - Interior structural assembly for a vehicle: Disclosed herein is an interior structural assembly for a vehicle. The assembly includes a defrost panel forming at least a portion of a defrost duct, the defrost panel has first and second panel extensions laterally extending at opposite ends of a defrost base and an instrument panel overlaying the defrost... Agent: Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc.

20110176690 - Integrated circuit device, voice input device and information processing system: There is provided an integrated circuit device having a wiring board 1200′, the wiring board 1200′ including: a first vibrating membrane 714-1 which forms a first microphone; a second vibrating membrane 714-2 which forms a second microphone; and a differential signal generating circuit 720 which receives a first voltage signal... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110176691 - Sound control apparatus, sound control method, and sound control program: A sound control apparatus includes a direction accepting portion to accept designation of any one of a plurality of predetermined directions, a display control portion to allow a display portion to output a plurality of direction marks respectively indicating the plurality of directions, a plurality of microphones arranged at a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110176692 - Capacitor microphone: There is provided a capacitor microphone comprising a capacitor transducer (KW), a high frequency bridge (HFB) coupled to the capacitor transducer (KW), a high frequency coil (HFS) coupled to the high frequency bridge (HFB), an HF transformer (HFT), a synchronous demodulator (SD), a low frequency output (NFA) and a high... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110176693 - Electronic device and integrated circuit comprising a gain control module and method therefor: A method for controlling a gain applied to an audio signal. The method comprises applying a gain step to a gain setting at defined time intervals, and upon detection of at least one zero crossing point within the audio signal, applying the gain setting to a gain control signal for... Agent:

20110176694 - Multi-port combiner for an audio amplifier: A multi-port combiner for an audio amplifier is configured with a plurality of series-parallel coupled connection ports to enable one or more speaker monitors coupled thereto to receive audio signals from a single output port of the amplifier. The multi-port combiner also includes a phantom load having an impedance that... Agent:

20110176695 - Piezoelectric panel speaker and optimal method of designing the same: A piezoelectric panel speaker and an optimal method of designing the same is disclosed. In the structure of the speaker, at least one piezoelectric plate attached at a surrounding frame supports a diaphragm inside the surrounding frame. A spacer is inserted between the piezoelectric plate and the diaphragm. The structure... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110176696 - Method and system for enhancing bass effect in audio signals: The quality of music output from audio systems is improved by simulating the effect of low frequency signals in the human ear. This thus allows listeners to perceive the lower frequency signals, even though the speakers may be incapable of providing such low frequency outputs. Method and systems provided for... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20110176697 - Hearing aids, computing devices, and methods for hearing aid profile update: A method includes receiving a data at a hearing aid during operation of the hearing aid and selectively updating a hearing aid profile in response to receiving the data to produce a modified hearing aid profile. The method further includes applying the modified hearing aid profile using a processor of... Agent: Audiotoniq, Inc.

20110176698 - Differential microphone: A differential microphone includes a housing having a first space and a second space formed therein, and a first diaphragm arranged within the housing. A first opening connecting the first space to outside and a second opening connecting the second space to the outside are formed in the housing. A... Agent:

20110176699 - Earphone with a fixed function and earplug with a fixed function: An earphone with a fixed function includes an earphone housing having a holding portion and an earplug sleeved around the holding portion. The earplug has a sleeved portion, a fixed portion and an abutting portion. The fixed portion extended from a periphery of the sleeved portion has a bent portion... Agent:

20110176700 - Earphone device and earphone device main body: An earphone device includes a case main body, a sound conduit, and an ear tip. The sound conduit is formed in a substantially tubular shape and protrudes from the case main body. The sound conduit has a flange disposed at the end on the opposite side from the case main... Agent:

20110176701 - Autoaugmented speaker port: A compact high acoustic power loudspeaker system includes an enclosure in which at least one low frequency speaker device and a bass-reflex port are provided. The bass-reflex port is mounted on the enclosure in a semiflexible manner such that the port can vibrate to provide additional bass reinforcement as compared... Agent:

20110176702 - Holding device for loudspeakers in a motor vehicle: To hold loudspeakers of different sizes in an instrument panel of a motor vehicle, a holding plate with a cutout for inserting a first variant of a circular loudspeaker is arranged in the wall part of a defroster duct, and the holding plate can, by means of predetermined breaking points... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20110176703 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a speaker unit and a cabinet on or in which the speaker unit is mounted. The speaker unit includes a diaphragm, a static part supporting the diaphragm vibratably in a vibration direction, and a driving part provided at the static part to vibrate the diaphragm in... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110170698 - Frequency modulator and fm transmission circuit using the same: An input signal is input via a first resistor to an inverting input terminal of an operational amplifier. A second resistor is provided on a feedback path between an output terminal and the inverting input terminal of the operational amplifier. A control voltage Vcnt output from the operational amplifier is... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110170699 - Loudspeaker and system for active noise cancellation: A loudspeaker for active noise cancellation is disclosed in which a measurement microphone (12) is arranged at the acoustic center. In addition, a system for active noise cancellation is described.... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110170700 - Acoustic signal compensator and acoustic signal compensation method: According to one embodiment, an acoustic signal compensator includes an acoustic signal receiving module, a compensator, and an output module. The acoustic signal receiving module receives an acoustic signal. The compensator performs compensation on the acoustic signal, as compensation of acoustic characteristics of an ear including an ear canal having... Agent:

20110170701 - Active noise control device: An active noise control device detects composite vibration of a vibration transmitting route to which both vibration of a rotating body caused by generation or transmission of drive force of a vehicle and vibration of a wheel generated by contact between the wheel and a road surface are transmitted. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20110170702 - Audio headset and audio player: The present invention provides an audio headset (1) comprising a resilient headband (2) adapted to extend partially around and grip a wearer s head, the resilient headband (2) having first and second end portions (4),and first and second earphones (6) attached by pliable members (8) to the first and second... Agent: Bays.i.c.s Gmbh

20110170703 - Audio player headset earhook apparatus and system thereof: A standalone, earhook style headset interface and control apparatus that plugs into and engages a micro audio player, particularly, a micro MP3 player, used as an integral part of an ear supported, recorded audio device player or headphone. The earhook headphone system combines player controls, speaker and speaker controls, and... Agent:

20110170704 - Audio speaker and lighting track power supply system: A line voltage track lighting system comprises a track, a power feed, and a wireless speaker fixture. The track has first and second conductors. The power feed supplies line voltage to the first and second conductors. The wireless speaker fixture is attached to said first and second conductors of said... Agent:

20110170705 - Directional microphone device: The directional microphone device according to the present invention solves a problem of increase in thermal noise (problem of decrease in sensitivity) that occurs at the time of directivity synthesis. The directional microphone device includes: a plurality of microphones which have directional and non-directional characteristics; a control unit which generates... Agent:

20110170706 - Feedback-killing speaker system: A speaker system includes an interface, a powered mixer, a first amplifier, a switch, a feedback killer and a second amplifier. The interface can receives an audio signal from a sound source. The powered mixer adjusts the audio signal by amplifying some of the frequencies of the audio signal. The... Agent: Phonic Corporation

20110170707 - Noise suppressing device: A noise suppressing device is provided for suppressing noise of a first audio signal to generate a second audio signal. In the noise suppressing device, a noise acquisition unit acquires a plurality of noise components which are different from each other. A noise suppression unit generates each suppression component by... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110170708 - Portable audio device having reduced sensitivity to rf interference and related methods: A portable audio device having reduced sensitivity to RF interference over a predetermined frequency range from an adjacent mobile wireless communications device may include a portable housing, a battery carried thereby, a recharging power input connected to the battery, a digital signal input, and an audio analog signal output. A... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110170709 - Systems and methods to reduce idle channel current and noise floor in a pwm amplifier: Systems and methods provided herein decrease an idle channel noise floor and reduce power during an idle channel input for low power audio devices that include a digital pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifier having a noise shaper. An audio data signal is monitored for an idle channel condition. The noise... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110170711 - Audio encoder, audio decoder, methods for encoding and decoding an audio signal, and a computer program: A decoder for providing a decoded representation of an audio signal on the basis of an encoded audio stream representing spectral components of frequency bands of the audio signal includes a noise filler for introducing noise into spectral components of a plurality of frequency bands to which separate frequency band... Agent:

20110170710 - Method and apparatus for adjusting volume: A method of adjusting volume removes an audio signal of a first frequency band from audio signals, and increases the volume of the audio signal from which the signal of the first frequency band is removed.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170712 - Sound reproducing apparatus: In a sound reproducing apparatus, part of a frequency band where mode-coupled vibration can be excited is regarded as a carrier frequency. A frequency of mode coupling, with a low rate of change in vibration displacement with respect to the frequency, is regarded as a carrier signal so that a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110170713 - Amplification apparatus: An amplification apparatus comprises: an amplifier circuit that amplifies an input audio signal and outputs an output audio signal; a first signal level determining unit that determines whether or not a signal level of the output audio signal outputted from the amplifier circuit is lower than a silence determination reference... Agent:

20110170714 - Fast precision charge pump: The present invention relates to a condenser microphone assembly comprising a capacitive electro-acoustic transducer element comprising a diaphragm and a back-plate operatively connected to a DC bias voltage, a fast charge pump adapted to generate the DC bias voltage, and a controllable or programmable current source operatively connected to the... Agent: Epcos Pte Ltd

20110170715 - Multi channel bass management: A multi-channel audio system including first combining circuitry, for combining a first spectral band of a first plurality channels to provide a first bass audio signal stream; second combining circuitry, for combining the first spectral band of a second plurality channels to provide a second bass audio signal stream; and... Agent:

20110170717 - Method and apparatus for amplifying audio signal: An audio signal amplifying device and method for reducing a size and corresponding power consumption of demodulation filters in the signal amplifying device. In the device and method, carrier waves having phase shifts are generated from a received audio signal. The shifted carrier waves are compared to the audio signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170716 - Methods and apparatus for variable solid state-to-tube rectification in an amplifier: Methods and apparatus provide for: a rectification circuit operating to convert a source of AC power into a final DC power source; a rectification filtering capacitance operating to at least partially smooth a voltage of the final DC power source, which exhibits a voltage sag and recovery characteristic in response... Agent: Peavey Electronics Corporation

20110170718 - Ear-muff type headset for two-way communication: It is an object of the invention to provide a headset for performing simultaneous two-way communication or alternate two-way communication, which has excellent sound insulating properties such that external noise is not possibly mixed even when used under high noise conditions. A pair of bowl-shaped housings 1 each having an... Agent: Temco Japan Co., Ltd.

20110170719 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal: A method of outputting an audio signal includes receiving an audio signal; generating a carrier waves having phases differing from each other; generating modulation signals by comparing the respective carrier waves with the audio signal; amplifying the modulation signals; and outputting the amplified modulation signals.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170720 - Acoustic energy control system for a room: A mechanical acoustic energy control system to be located in a room in which one or more audio speakers are also located so that the audio output of the speakers can be distributed throughout the room to enable a listener in the room to be surrounded by sound. A master... Agent:

20110170721 - Binaural filters for monophonic compatibility and loudspeaker compatibility: A method of processing at least one input signal by a set of binaural filters such that the outputs are playable over headphones to provide a sense of listening to sound in a listening room via one or more virtual speakers, with the further property that a monophonic mix down... Agent:

20110170723 - Earpiece headset assembly: A headset assembly with a casing for ergonomic displacement to a location between a user's ear and a neckline of the user. The assembly may include an ear support for positioning a speaker at a user's ear with a user defined separation therebetween. Additionally, the casing may be displaced by... Agent:

20110170722 - Hearing aid device with interchangeable covers: A hearing aid device is described. The device including a housing having a plurality of sides, the housing also having a first color. At least one electrical component is held within the housing. A clip removably attachable to the housing is provided. The clip has a second color. The clip... Agent: Sonic Innovations, Inc.

20110170724 - Speaker box assembly: A speaker box assembly includes two speaker boxes, two line-winding means, a switch, and a power supply unit. Each of the two speaker boxes is provided on its surface with an outlet hole. One of the two speaker boxes is provided on its surface with a connector jack. The two... Agent:

20110170725 - Electronic device disposing structure: An electronic device disposing structure includes a stand having a position limiting area, a sound receiving channel on the stand and including a sound inlet hole at a distal surface of the stand, a sound outlet hole at a bottom surface of the position limiting area, and a passage portion... Agent:

20110170726 - Microphone unit, close-talking type speech input device, information processing system, and method for manufacturing microphone unit: A microphone unit 1 of the present invention includes a case 10 having an internal space 100, a partition member 20 which is provided in the case, and at least partially composed of a vibrating membrane 30, that splits the internal space into a first space 102 and a second... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110170727 - Boundary microphone: A boundary microphone includes a base, a microphone unit that is mounted onto the base and converts voice into electrical signals, and a pressure-sensitive switch of membrane type for an on/off operation of output signals from the microphone unit. The pressure-sensitive switch is physically isolated from the base, and is... Agent:

20110170728 - Microphone boot for a portable electronic device: A microphone boot for a portable electronic device and a portable electronic device having such a microphone boot are provided. In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a portable electronic device, comprising: a printed circuit board (PCB); a microphone attached to the PCB and defining an aperture therein; a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110170729 - Microphone: A microphone is disclosed. The microphone in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a diaphragm, which is formed with first indentations on the surface thereof, and a back plate, which is installed near a back side of the diaphragm, electrically connected with the diaphragm and formed with... Agent:

20110170730 - Safe in-ear earphones: A safe in-ear earphone for radiation protection, comprises earplug heads (1A, 1B), sound cavities (2A, 2B), acoustic wave transmission channels (3A, 3B), a main body (4), a conductor (8) and a plug (9), the channels (3A, 3B) are set between the sound cavities (2A, 2B) and loudspeakers (5A, 5B), the... Agent:

20110170731 - Earbud stabilization system: A system for earbud headphones holds the earbud headphone on during movement. The system has a “C” shaped ear frame with a first end and a second end. The first end has an opening. The ear frame is formed from a soft plastic. A clip has a concave side that... Agent:

20110170733 - Cable structure for preventing tangling: This is directed to a cable structure for use with an electronic device. The cable structure can include one or more conductors around which a sheath is provided. To prevent the cable structure from tangling, the cable structure can include a core placed between the conductors and the sheath, where... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110170734 - Ear jack for detecting earphone plug: An ear jack for detecting an earphone plug is provided. The ear jack includes a housing, a plurality of pins, a first detection part, a second detection part, and a controller. The housing includes a cavity for inserting terminals of the earphone plug. The plurality of pins are installed on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110170732 - Low-profile, retractable earbud storage system: A low-profile, retractable ear-bud system is adapted for attachment to a portable electronic device such as an MP3 music player. The system comprises a housing within which there is disposed wiring having a proximal end in electrical communication with the portable electronic device and a distal end terminating in a... Agent:

20110170735 - Sound transducer structure and method for manufacturing a sound transducer structure: A sound transducer structure includes a membrane, a counter electrode, and a plurality of elevations. The membrane includes a first main surface, made of a membrane material, in a sound transducing region and an edge region of the membrane. The counter electrode is made of counter electrode material, and includes... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110170736 - Speaker with dual magnetic circuits: A speaker includes a case, a dome, a diaphragm, a first voice coil, a second voice coil, a first pole plate, a second pole plate, a first magnet, a second magnet and a yoke. The case is supported on the frame to form a receiving room therebetween. The yoke includes... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164755 - Enhancing the reproduction of multiple audio channels: This invention relates to the field of multichannel audio. More particularly, the invention relates to a method for the provision of audio channels suitable for application to loudspeakers located above conventional front loudspeakers.... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20110164754 - Loudspeaker device: There is provided a loudspeaker device comprising at least one loudspeaker (L1, L2) for the playback of audio signals and at least one microphone (M1, M2) for recording ambient noises. The loudspeaker unit further has an audio input (D1) for receiving audio signals to be played back and a signal... Agent:

20110164756 - Cue-based audio coding/decoding: Generic and specific C-to-E binaural cue coding (BCC) schemes are described, including those in which one or more of the input channels are transmitted as unmodified channels that are not downmixed at the BCC encoder and not upmixed at the BCC decoder. The specific BCC schemes described include 5-to-2, 6-to-5,... Agent: Agere Systems Inc.

20110164757 - Pinna simulator: An ear simulator has an inlet port (62), for receiving sounds from a speaker (18) of a communications device such a mobile phone handset (12), and has an outlet port (38) in an opposite surface. The ear simulator has at least one additional aperture (60) in the same surface as... Agent:

20110164758 - Headset with more buttons for activating the same switch pad: A communication device (1), such as a headset, comprising a housing (2) with a housing wall (3) encapsulating a housing interior (13). An electronic circuit (11) is arranged in the housing interior (13), the electronic circuit (11) comprising a first momentary switch (8) and a first actuation member (6), which... Agent:

20110164759 - Arrangement and method for mounting a microphone to an interior surface of a vehicle: An arrangement for mounting a microphone to a surface in a passenger compartment of a vehicle includes, but is not limited to, a housing having an opening. The housing is configured to be mounted to the surface. A directional wideband microphone is mounted within the housing and positioned to partition... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110164761 - Microphone array system and method for sound acquisition: A microphone array system (16) for sound acquisition from multiple sound sources in a reception space surrounding a microphone array (18) that is interfaced with a beamformer module (28) is disclosed. The microphone array (18) includes microphone transducers (22) that are arranged relative to each other in N-fold rotationally symmetry,... Agent:

20110164760 - Sound source tracking device: The sound source tracking device of the present invention comprises a plurality of differential microphones having bidirectionality, and a support member adapted to support the plurality of differential microphones such that the plurality of differential microphones are disposed in an array within a given plane. The plurality of differential microphones... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd. (a Corporation Of Japan)

20110164762 - Audio feedback suppression device and method for suppressing audio feedback: An audio feedback suppression device is provided that outputs a sound while changing a phase so as not to generate audio feedback without performing a relatively complicated process. A phase control section 2 generates a phase adjustment value θ gradually varying with the lapse of time and gives the value... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110164763 - Audio and video recording and reproduction apparatus for reproducing audio signals having different volume levels: An audio and video recording and reproduction apparatus includes an audio signal switch section for outputting one of a first audio signal having a first volume level and a second audio signal having a second volume level by a switching operation; and a mute section for muting the first audio... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110164764 - Diaphragm for speaker, speaker using the diaphragm, electronic device using the speaker, and speaker-mounted device: A speaker diaphragm containing resin and carbonized bamboo material with a large degree of flexibility in setting physical properties, moisture-proof reliability and strength secured, superior appearance, and productivity and dimensional stability increased, which allows making characteristics and sound highly accurately, and designing with great originality.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110164765 - Product or packaging system with integrated electronics: The present invention is directed to products, product packaging, or product displays containing an electrical component (30) integrated therein. The electrical component could be a lighting component (34), a sound component (36) or a combination of the two.... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20110164766 - Ribbon loudspeaker module and amplifier therefore: A ribbon loudspeaker module includes a ribbon element of electrically conductive material and having a resistance of less than 1Ω and a magnetic system arranged to create a magnetic field about the ribbon element. A buffer amplifier having an input is arranged to receive a loudspeaker drive signal from an... Agent:

20110164767 - Low-profile speaker arrangements for compact electronic devices: A portable electronic device that provides audio sound output from multiple internal speakers to a common output audio opening in a housing of the portable electronic device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the multiple internal speakers are provided in close proximity to one another, such as adjacent to one another,... Agent:

20110164768 - Acoustic user interface system and method for providing spatial location data: An acoustic user interface system and method for tracking spatial location data. A location tracking unit provides location information with respect to an object in an environment. The location information may be further employed to synthesize a perception of three-dimensional spatial location data with respect to multiple objects in the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110164769 - Method and apparatus for generating and playing audio signals, and system for processing audio signals: A method for generating and playing audio signals and a system for processing audio signals are disclosed. The method for generating audio signals includes: generating distance information about an audio signal corresponding to a view point position, according to obtained auxiliary video and direction information about the audio signal, where... Agent:

20110164770 - Processing a multi-channel signal for output to a mono speaker: Systems, methods, and devices for processing an audio signal with two or more channels into a monaural signal are provided. For example, an electronic device configured to perform such techniques may include audio signal processing circuitry, which may receive a first audio channel signal and a second audio channel signal.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110164771 - Method for controlling the directionality of the sound receiving characteristic of a hearing aid and a signal processing apparatus: A signal processing apparatus (100) for a hearing aid with a controllable directional characteristic is provided which comprises a directional controller (10) receiving first and second microphone signals (20, 30) and output an output signal (40), a signal analyzer (70) which detects whether at least one of said first and... Agent: Widex A/s

20110164772 - Hearing aid fitting apparatus: There is provided a hearing aid fitting apparatus with which the needs of a hearing aid user can be satisfied. The present invention is constituted such that this apparatus comprises an adjustment value input part 2 and a display part 3 on which is displayed hearing aid data set by... Agent:

20110164773 - Hearing aid faceplate arrangement: In an embodiment, a hearing aid faceplate arrangement (102) is provided. The hearing aid faceplate arrangement (102) may include a hearing aid housing and a faceplate arrangement (110) positioned on the hearing aid housing. The faceplate arrangement (110) may include a faceplate (108), the faceplate (108) including a receiving portion... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110164774 - Low-profile loudspeaker driver and enclosure assembly: A high fidelity, low-profile loudspeaker assembly includes an enclosure having a rear panel which is highly thermally conductive. At least one speaker driver is mounted in the enclosure, the driver including a forwardly facing diaphragm driven by a voice coil former carrying a voice coil, and a rearwardly extending motor... Agent:

20110164775 - Headphones and headset: Headphones comprising a headband (10) having a first and second end. A first and second earpiece (20) is attached to the first and second end of the headband (10), respectively. The headband comprises a first and second spring layer (11, 12) and an intermediate dampening layer (13) arranged between the... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110164776 - Audio ear bud headphone with extended curvature: Ear bud headphones configured for use with a portable media player include a main body portion with an extended curvature configuration. In one example implementation, the ear bud headphones include a speaker housing and an extension that form a gap between the speaker housing and the extension. A user can... Agent: Skullcandy, Inc.

20110164777 - Earphone: An earphone 1, which adopts the drum air power system the invention, includes at least a drum 5 composed of a drum-shaped casing 2, a front head 3 located on the front part of the casing 2, a rear head 4 located on the rear part of the casing 2,... Agent: Final Audio Design Office K.k.

20110164778 - Headphone with earlobe securing arm: An earbud comprising a speaker, a housing for containing the speaker, and a securing arm for contact with an earlobe of a user's ear.... Agent:

20110164779 - Electronic media players and speakers for use with infant carriers: An infant carrier such as a pushchair, pram or buggy comprises an electronic media player (e.g. an MP3 player or a video player) and one or more speakers that are spaced from, but operably connected to said media player. The one or more speakers are not integrated into the infant... Agent:

20110164781 - Magnetic circuit for speaker device and speaker device: A speaker device includes a diaphragm (2), frame (3) vibratably supporting the diaphragm (2) in the vibration direction, and a driving part (4) provided at the frame (3), applying vibration to the diaphragm (2) in response to an audio signal. The driving part (4) includes a magnetic circuit (40) forming... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110164780 - Sensory signal output apparatus: The present invention provides a sensory signal output apparatus wherein a coil is disposed in the gap between a magnet/top plate and a yoke, and a portion elastically supported in the free space vibrates in reaction to the magnetic flux generated in the gap in accordance with the direction of... Agent: Yea Il Electronics Cp., Ltd

20110164782 - Loudspeaker driver suspension: A loudspeaker driver has a diaphragm connected to a surrounding frame by a roll suspension which extends around the diaphragm and within the frame. The roll suspension connects the outer edge of the diaphragm to the inner edge of the frame and flexes as the diaphragm is displaced to and... Agent:

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