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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110158413 - Apparatus and method for a complete audio signal: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for redeeming otherwise closed and concealed information contained in audio signals. An active circuit balances the ratio between in-phase and out-of-phase signals through the application of sum and difference signals and adjusts the ratio of gain in stereophonic signals as well... Agent: Bsg Laboratory, LLC

20110158414 - Passive sound pressure level limiter with balancing circuit: A passive sound pressure level (SPL) limiter is provided that can be used with audio sources of varying drive levels and headphones or earphones of varying sensitivity. The SPL limiter includes a control circuit and left and right channel limiting circuits, each of which includes a pair of FETS. The... Agent: Mwm Mobile Products, LLC

20110158415 - Audio signal decoder, audio signal encoder, encoded multi-channel audio signal representation, methods and computer program: An audio signal decoder for providing a decoded multi-channel audio signal representation on the basis of an encoded multi-channel audio signal representation has a time warp decoder configured to selectively use individual audio channel specific time warp contours or a joint multi-channel time warp contour for a reconstruction of a... Agent:

20110158416 - Sound pickup apparatus and sound pickup method: Provided is a sound pickup apparatus that increase the flexibility in installation of microphones, while enabling sound from a sound source to be picked up in stereo without using the information on the current positions of the microphones. The sound pickup apparatus includes a microphone (110) including 4 or more... Agent:

20110158417 - Communication device with warning function and communication method thereof: A communication device with an audio database comprises an audio receiving module, a locator module, an audio identification module and a notification module. The audio receiving module calculates the strength of the at least one signal, the locator module determines whether each of the strength exceeds a predefined value and... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20110158418 - Dereverberation and noise reduction method for microphone array and apparatus using the same: A dereverberation and noise reduction method adapted for a microphone array and an apparatus using the same are proposed. The microphone array receives a plurality of audio signals from an audio source. The dereverberation and noise reduction method includes the following steps. The received audio signals are processed by a... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110158419 - Adaptive digital noise canceller: Systems and methods for adaptive feed-forward noise cancellation. The system includes a plurality of reference microphones, an error microphone, a secondary path module, an adaptation controller, and a canceller filter. A finite impulse response (“FIR”) based plant model is converted to an infinite impulse response (“IIR”) based plant model using... Agent:

20110158420 - Stand-alone ear bud for active noise reduction: An ear bud and noise reduction system actively reduce noise in one ear while the user listens with the other ear to an audio sound wave produced by the speaker of an electronic device (e.g., a cell phone or a wireless headset attachable to a single ear). The ear bud... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110158421 - In-ear device with selectable frequency response: An in-ear device comprises a main body for placement in the outer ear of a wearer and has at least two derivative canals each containing a filtering medium differing from one another in terms of their frequency suppression capabilities, and a preferably rotatable knob enabling selection of the respective filtering... Agent:

20110158422 - Active snubber for improving stability of headphone amplifiers: Audio amplifiers, particularly those employed with headphones, use snubbers to suppress or snub signals within a particular frequency range. Conventional resistive and resistor-capacitor (RC) type snubbers have a number of drawbacks (i.e., require external components and high power consumption). Here, an active snubber is provided that allows for suppression in... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110158423 - Wireless headset apparatus and mehtods: A wireless headphone device has a first elongate portion having first and second opposite ends with an attachment interface at the first end, the first portion comprising an on-board power supply and a transceiver with functional circuitry, and a second elongate portion coupled pivotally to the first portion at the... Agent:

20110158424 - Self-powered audio speaker having modular components: Embodiments of the invention include a speaker system having the ability to accommodate one or more transmission protocols as well as multiple upgrade paths. One or more replaceable cards sit in a socket or bus system. The cards may include one or more components for receiving a wireless audio signal... Agent: Aperion Audio

20110158425 - Microphone directivity control apparatus: A directivity control apparatus is capable of acquiring tilt information indicating a tilt angle of the directivity control apparatus; acquiring sound source direction information; storing mapping data indicating a relationship between the tilt angle and the direction; determining whether the sound information indicates a target sound; updating the mapping data... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110158426 - Signal processing apparatus, microphone array device, and storage medium storing signal processing program: A signal processing apparatus includes: two sound input units, an orthogonal transformer to transform two sound signals input from the two sound input units into respective spectral signals in a frequency domain, a phase difference calculator to calculate a phase difference between the spectral signals in the frequency domain, a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110158427 - Audio signal compensation device and audio signal compensation method: An audio signal compensation device includes: a signal processor configured to perform filtering on an input audio signal; a filter coefficients storage module configured to store a plurality of filter coefficients; a user interface configured to provide options for a determination of filter coefficients to a user and to obtain... Agent:

20110158428 - Sound distortion suppression control method and acoustic control apparatus using the method: A sound distortion suppression control method not causing sound distortion even if the volume of an amplifier is increased to nearly its maximum value when the user adjusts bass and treble to obtain desired tone. Sound to be output is specified by a volume setting value, a bass setting value... Agent:

20110158429 - Audio apparatus: An audio apparatus receives a supply voltage from a power source and is powered on. The audio apparatus includes a control unit, an amplifier, and a mute circuit. The control unit provides an audio signal. The amplifier amplifies the audio signal and drives a speaker to reproduce sound according to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110158431 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a speaker, a terminal, an amplifier, a power supply circuit, and a first controller. The terminal is configured to input an audio signal from an external apparatus. The amplifier is configured to amplify the audio signal which is input from the terminal,... Agent:

20110158430 - Methods for voice communication through personal emergency response system: A system according to an aspect of the present invention switches between the activation/deactivation of the speaker and microphone in speakerphone mode to help ensure the quality of audio communications. The system includes a processor, a microphone, a speaker, and a data relay transceiver. The microphone, speaker, and data relay... Agent:

20110158432 - Audio volume control circuit and method thereof: An audio volume control circuit includes a signal intensity calculating circuit for generating a first signal intensity value corresponding to a signal intensity corresponding to an audio channel data; a low-pass filter for filtering the first signal intensity to generate a second signal intensity value; an averaging unit for averaging... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20110158433 - Speaker system and speaker driving circuit: A speaker system includes a first speaker, a second speaker and a driving circuit. The first speaker and the second speaker are different types of speakers. The driving circuit drives the first speaker with a first driving voltage and a first driving current and drives the second speaker with a... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110158434 - Information processing apparatus: According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a volume operation module, a first volume controller and a second volume controller. The volume operation module includes a rotary encoder module of detecting a degree of movement of a control member thereof and a potentiometer module of detecting an absolute... Agent:

20110158437 - Audio amplifier having load adjustment and method for the load adjustment of the audio amplifier: The invention relates to an audio amplifier (1) for amplifying an input signal into an output signal, comprising an output amplification stage (6), wherein the output amplification stage (6) for the amplification of an intermediate signal into the output signal is designed as an amplifier operating in switching operation, and... Agent:

20110158435 - Audio signal amplifier circuit: An inverting amplifier which drives headphones via an output capacitor includes: an operational amplifier, an input resistor having a first terminal via which an audio signal to be amplified is received, and a second terminal connected to an inverting input terminal of the operational amplifier; and a feedback resistor having... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110158436 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a speaker, a terminal, an amplifier, a power supply circuit, a setting module, a detection module, and a controller. The terminal is configured to input an audio signal from an external device. The amplifier is configured to amplify the audio signal, and... Agent:

20110158438 - Apparatus and method for audio signal processing in dual standby mobile communication terminal: An apparatus and method for processing an audio signal in a dual standby mobile communication terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a first modem for supporting a first system and for outputting an interrupt signal that requests audio signal processing when a call for the first system is generated, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110158439 - Silicon microphone transducer: A capacitive microphone transducer integrated into an integrated circuit includes a fixed plate and a membrane formed in or above an interconnect region of the integrated circuit. A process of forming an integrated circuit containing a capacitive microphone transducer includes etching access trenches through the fixed plate to a region... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110158440 - 3d stereo earphone with multiple speakers: An earphone produces a three-dimensional stereo sound effect. The earphone has an ear cup with a front portion, a back portion, a front sound effect unit disposed in the front portion, a front sound resonator disposed in the front portion, a back sound resonator disposed in the back portion, and... Agent: Cyber Group Usa Inc.

20110158441 - Wireless speaker units with improved battery life: A method is provided for managing signal distribution in a wireless speaker unit. The method includes monitoring a power level of the first wireless device; receiving, at the first wireless device, a first signal from the base unit if a power level of the first wireless device has not reached... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110158442 - Noise reduction system for hearing assistance devices: Disclosed herein is a system for binaural noise reduction for hearing assistance devices using information generated at a first hearing assistance device and information received from a second hearing assistance device. In various embodiments, the present subject matter provides a gain measurement for noise reduction using information from a second... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110158443 - Bone conduction device with a movement sensor: A bone conduction device including a coupling configurable to form a coupling with a bone, a transducer module configurable to vibrate in accordance with one or more operational characteristics of the device; and a sensor module configurable to adjust the one or more operational characteristics in response to one or... Agent:

20110158444 - Hearing instrument and method for providing hearing assistance to a user: A hearing instrument having an audio signal processing unit (16) for processing audio signals and a device (20) for vibrating at least one of the a user's eyeballs (22) in the audible frequency range according to the processed audio signals in order to stimulate the user's hearing sense.... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110158445 - Dipole loudspeaker with acoustic waveguide: A loudspeaker based on a dipole element (DE) with at least one diaphragm arranged to generate an acoustic dipole signal according to an electric signal, e.g. a dedicated dipole driver such as an Air Motion Transformer or a combination of two monopole drivers, e.g. dome tweeters, mounted back to back... Agent: Sl Audio A/s

20110158447 - Folded coaxial transmission line loudspeaker: A loudspeaker has a loudspeaker driver and a first tube having a base end coupled to the driver and extending towards the rear end of the loudspeaker. A second tube of larger cross sectional dimensions extends over the first tube and loudspeaker driver and has a rear end wall spaced... Agent:

20110158446 - Thermoacoustic device with flexible fastener and loudspeaker using the same: A thermoacoustic device includes a base, a plurality of first fasteners, at least one first electrode, at least one second electrode and a sound wave generator. Each of the first fasteners includes a body engaging with the base and a flexible element extending from the body. The at least one... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20110158448 - Speakerbox: An electro-acoustic communications unit (20) may include an acoustic driver (22) which, when operated, emits acoustic waves in two directions. A hermetically sealed container (24) attached to the acoustic driver may include a gas other than air. The gas may transport acoustic waves generated by the acoustic driver.... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110158451 - Close-talking capacitor microphone: A close-talking capacitor microphone includes: a capacitor microphone unit including a diaphragm, a diaphragm holder to which the diaphragm is attached, a fixed electrode, a printed circuit board, an insulating base on the rear side of the fixed electrode, and a unit casing; a microphone casing fixing the capacitor microphone... Agent:

20110158449 - Microphone unit: A microphone unit (2) includes: a microphone substrate (13); and a partition unit (20) having a diaphragm (22). The microphone substrate (13) has a first substrate opening (14) and a second substrate opening (15). The partition unit (20) covers the first substrate opening (14) and the diaphragm (22) covers a... Agent:

20110158450 - Microphone unit: The microphone unit has a cover portion 30 and a microphone substrate 10, in which a first substrate internal space 15 is communicated with a cover portion internal space 32 via a first substrate opening 11 and a cover portion opening 31, and is communicated with the outside via a... Agent: Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute Inc.

20110158452 - Microphone module with helmholtz resonance chamber: A microphone module includes a shell, a circuit board located in the shell, and a microphone located in the shell and electrically connecting the circuit board. The shell includes a bottom cover and a faceplate on the bottom cover. The faceplate defines a sound hole therein. A washer is provided... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110158453 - Microphone unit: The microphone unit of the present invention comprises an electro-acoustic converter for converting an acoustic signal to an electric signal, the converter having a diaphragm displaced by acoustic pressure; and a housing provided with an accommodation space for accommodating the electro-acoustic converter, and with an acoustic path for guiding outside... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110158454 - Voice input device, method for manufacturing the same, and information processing system: A voice input device, a method for manufacturing the same, and an information processing system are provided. The voice input device has a function of removing a noise component and includes a first microphone 710-1 that includes a first vibrating membrane, a second microphone 710-2 that includes a second vibrating... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20110158455 - Biodegradable plastic, environmentally friendly cable made therewith, and environmentally friendly headset: A biodegradable plastic is provided by mixing starch; a biodegradation promoter, such as humic and/or fulvic acid; oil, such as white mineral oil; polypropylene; and a hydrogenated styrene isoprene/butadiene block copolymer. An environmentally friendly cable is provided by extruding the biodegradable plastic with wiring therein. An environmentally friendly headset includes... Agent: Samsin Usa, LLC

20110158456 - Head-mounted device for settable compound delivery system for inflatable in-ear device: A head-mounted support device for carrying at least one un-inflated inflatable or expandable inner portion of an in-ear device thereon includes a main body adjustably mountable on a user's head, with at least one settable compound delivery device mounted thereon, and a at least one receptacle to receive an inflatable... Agent:

20110158457 - Ear piece and earphone: An ear piece to be detachably attached to a sound tube protruding from a housing of an earphone has a base portion with a through hole. The through hole has an inner wall with a first, a second, and a third portion continuously provided in order when viewed from the... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Ltd.

20110158458 - Electroacoustic transducer: In an electroacoustic transducer, abnormal resonance caused by end reflected waves in the bonding portion of a diaphragm and a unit frame is prevented. The electroacoustic transducer includes the diaphragm having a center dome and a sub dome, and a unit frame 30 for oscillatably supporting the diaphragm, and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110158460 - Composite acoustic transducers: A composite membrane acoustic transducer structure comprising a magnet assembly is arranged adjacent the composite membrane material. The magnet assembly is arranged to produce a flux field. A first layer of thin, elongate composite membrane material is held under tension. A second conductive layer is attached to the first layer... Agent:

20110158459 - Loudspeaker and electronic device incorporating the same: A loudspeaker includes a frame, a yoke physically associated with the frame and a sheet attached to an outer surface of the yoke. The sheet is made of an electrically conductive material. An electronic device incorporating the loudspeaker is also provided.... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110158461 - Apparatus for driving voice coil actuator of camera and method thereof: An apparatus and a method for driving a voice coil actuator of a camera are disclosed. In the apparatus for driving a voice coil actuator of a camera, when an input shaping execution unit generates a shaping signal using a resonance frequency of the voice coil actuator to output a... Agent: Dongwoon Anatech Co., Ltd.

20110158462 - Speaker device: A speaker device including a diaphragm, a static part vibratably supporting the diaphragm, and a driving part provided at the static part and vibrating the diaphragm upon an audio signal. The driving part includes a voice coil vibrating in a direction different from the diaphragm upon the audio signal inputted,... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110158463 - Cone tweeter membrane: Membrane construction for a loudspeaker, in particular a cone tweeter membrane construction, where said membrane comprises two concentrically arranged sections, a first inner dome shaped annular membrane section connected or integral with a second outer cone shaped membrane section, where the outer section comprises means for attaching a surround.... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110150227 - Signal processing method and apparatus: Provided is a signal processing method which calculates a correlation coefficient indicating the degree of relation in a stereo signal and extracts a speech signal from the stereo signal by using the correlation coefficient and the stereo signal.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110150228 - Audio apparatus, audio signal transmission method, and audio system: An audio apparatus, an audio signal transmission method, and an audio system are provided. The audio signal transmission method includes: wirelessly receiving an audio signal from a first external device; converting the received audio signal into audio signals of multi-channels; and wirelessly transmitting an audio signal of at least one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110150229 - Method and system for determining an auditory pattern of an audio segment: A method and apparatus for determining an auditory pattern associated with an audio segment. An average intensity at each of a first plurality of detector locations on an auditory scale based at least in part on a first plurality of frequency components that describe a signal is determined. A plurality... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110150230 - Sound processing apparatus and method: A sound processing apparatus according to the present invention acquires a test signal for measuring a standing wave state emitted in a listening room, and determines a peak position or a dip position due to a standing wave based on frequency characteristics of the test signal. Next, the sound processing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110150231 - Acoustic feedback event monitoring system for hearing assistance devices: The present disclosure relates to tracking of acoustic feedback events of a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid. Information about the acoustic feedback events is stored for analysis. Such information is useful for programming acoustic feedback cancellers and other parameters of a hearing assistance device.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150232 - Method and apparatus for testing binaural hearing aid function: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for identifying one or more defective hearing aids. The present system provides a dichotic sound to the wearer that can be used to sense whether the aids are properly operating. Different types of dichotic sounds can be presented within the scope... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150233 - Device for and a method of processing a signal: A device (100) for processing a signal, wherein the device (100) comprises a processing unit (101) comprising an input terminal and two output terminals, wherein the processing unit is adapted for receiving a signal (104) at the input terminal, and wherein the processing unit is adapted for generating a reduction... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110150234 - Audio i o headset plug and plug detection circuitry: A single prong, multiple signal conducting plug and plug detection circuitry is provided. The plug may be electrically coupled to a stereo headset including a microphone. The plug may include four signal conducting regions arranged in a predetermined order along the length of the prong. Detection circuitry may be operative... Agent:

20110150235 - Audio control using a wireless home entertainment hub: A method of controlling presentation of audio data in a home entertainment system using a wireless home entertainment hub comprises obtaining a registration of at least one audio sink device, where the at least one audio sink device is capable of receiving a first number of audio channels used for... Agent: Porto Vinci, Ltd., Limited Liability Company

20110150236 - Tray moving mechanism and in-vehicle audio apparatus: A tray moving mechanism includes: a unit base having an internal space formed as a containing space; and a tray movable between a retracted position in which the unit base is contained in the containing space and a projected position in which a music player formed in a substantially rectangular... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110150238 - Receiving apparatus: A receiving apparatus includes: a local oscillator to output first- and second-local-oscillator signals whose phases are orthogonal to each other; a mixer to output first- and second-intermediate-frequency signals; a first filter to allow a component from a desired signal to pass therethrough, and eliminate a component from an image signal... Agent: Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110150239 - Signal processing circuit: A signal processing circuit includes: an AD converter configured to quantize an input signal, whose amplitude changes in accordance with temperature, within a set voltage range and convert the quantized input signal into a digital signal; and a setting circuit configured to set the voltage range so as to be... Agent: Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110150237 - Signal processing device and signal processing method: A signal processing device includes a non-inverting amplifier, an inverting amplifier, a converter, and a controller. The non-inverting amplifier amplifies a level of an analog sound signal input from outside with a first gain whose value is variable. The inverting amplifier amplifies a level of the analog sound signal amplified... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110150240 - Modulation device and demodulation device: A modulation device includes: a spread code generation unit which generates a spread code having a predetermined cycle; an audio signal input unit to which an audio signal is input; a first modulation unit which phase-modulates the spread code in each cycle on the basis of a data code; and... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110150241 - Group-delay based bass management: The listening room comprises at least one loudspeaker and at least one listening position. The method comprises providing for each loudspeaker, a group delay response to be equalized associated with one pre-defined position within the listening room; calculating filter coefficients for all-pass filter(s) each arranged upstream to one corresponding loudspeaker,... Agent:

20110150242 - Adaptive loudness levelling for digital audio signals: A time-domain method of adaptively levelling the loudness of a digital audio signal is proposed. It selects a proper frequency weighting curve to relate the volume level to the human auditory system. The audio signal is segmented into frames of a suitable duration for content analysis. Each frame is classified... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

20110150243 - Charging circuit and amplifier: a clock signal output circuit configured to output a second clock signal higher in frequency than a first clock signal to the charge-pump circuit as the clock signal, and thereafter output the first clock signal to the charge-pump circuit as the clock signal, in order that a charge voltage of... Agent: Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110150244 - Audio signal amplifier for karaoke player: A configurable amplifier circuit for a karaoke player is described. In one embodiment, a karaoke player includes: a DVD/CD reader port for coupling to a DVD/CD reader, a microphone input to receive audio signals from an external microphone, an MPEG decoder coupled to the DVD/CD reader port and the microphone... Agent:

20110150245 - Capacitive load driving amplifier: An electronic amplifier for driving a capacitive load may include first and second differential input terminals to receive an input signal, and first and second differential output terminals to provide a differential output signal. The amplifier may further include a first operational device having first and second differential inputs connected... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Design And Application S.r.o.

20110150246 - Capacitor microphone: A capacitor microphone includes: a capacitor microphone unit including a diaphragm that vibrates upon receiving sound waves and a fixed electrode arranged opposite to the diaphragm with a space therebetween; and a polarization voltage generating circuit that generates polarization voltage to be applied across the diaphragm and the fixed electrode.... Agent:

20110150247 - System and method for applying a plurality of input signals to a loudspeaker array: According to one embodiment of the present invention, an electronic device comprises: A housing, the housing further comprising a first surface; A sound producing transducer array further comprising a plurality of sound producing transducers; the sound producing transducer array being located on the first surface of the housing; a first... Agent:

20110150248 - Automatic environmental acoustics identification: A headphone system includes sound processor which calculates properties of the environment from signals from an internal microphone and an external microphone. The impulse response of the environment may be calculated from the signals received from the internal and external microphones as the user speaks.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110150249 - Assistive listening system adapted for using dect: The invention relates to an assistive listening system comprising an audio transmitting device adapted for transmitting an audio signal and/or a control signal to a multitude of receiving listening devices and at least one receiving listening device adapted for receiving said audio signal and said control signal from said audio... Agent:

20110150250 - Method and hearing device for feedback recognition and suppression with a directional microphone: A method operates a hearing device having at least two omnidirectional microphones emitting microphone signals and a detection unit for defining acoustic feedback. The method includes connecting a first electrical connection of the microphones to one another in order to form a first signal with directional effect, an adjustment of... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110150251 - Low power intermittent messaging for hearing assistance devices: The present subject matter includes a system for communications between a transmitter and a receiver. In various embodiments, the system uses a sleep interval to allow the receiver to go to sleep between wake up times to “sniff” for transmissions from the transmitter. The system adjusts the length of the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150252 - Low power intermittent messaging for hearing assistance devices: The present subject matter includes a system for communications between a transmitter and a receiver. In various embodiments, the system uses a sleep interval to allow the receiver to go to sleep between wake up times to “sniff” for transmissions from the transmitter. The system adjusts the length of the... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150254 - Low power intermittent messaging for hearing assistance devices: The present subject matter includes a system for communications between a transmitter and a receiver. In various embodiments, the system uses a sleep interval to allow the receiver to go to sleep between wake up times to “sniff” for transmissions from the transmitter. In one variation, the system repeats a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150253 - Method and device for setting a hearing device by detecting listening effort: A method and device are provided for automatic, recursive adjustment of at least one hearing device worn by a person. The device includes a stimulus generator unit, which emits at least one acoustic stimulus to the hearing device, a signal detection unit with at least one sensor, which detects the... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110150255 - Fm radio system for digital and analog communications for hearing assistance devices: The present disclosure relates to the wireless communication of analog and digital information using a modulator adapted to communicate analog information in an analog mode and to communicate digital information in a digital mode using frequency modulated transmissions. A demodulator adapted to receive the modulated information is provided. The present... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110150256 - Method for adapting sound in a hearing aid device by frequency modification and such a device: In a digital hearing aid device (1) frequency modification is employed above a lower spectral bound and in accordance with a compression factor. The frequency modification is dynamically adjusted in dependence on a sound environment analysis (10) or an end-user input (30), by modifying the frequency modification parameters such as... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110150257 - Adaptive feedback cancellation based on inserted and/or intrinsic characteristics and matched retrieval: The invention relates to an audio processing system for processing an input sound to an output sound. The invention further relates to a method of estimating a feedback transfer function in an audio processing system. The object of the present invention is to provide an alternative scheme for minimizing feedback... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110150258 - External ear insert for hearing comprehension enhancement: A simple hearing enhancement device that takes the normally adequately loud sound levels and optimizes selective frequency gain of the patient's ear passage to improve speech comprehension.... Agent:

20110150259 - Portable audio system having waveguide structure: An apparatus includes a housing. A waveguide is located within the housing. The waveguide includes a first subsection that bends around a first axis and has a first cross-sectional area with an aspect ratio that is substantially different from unity. A second subsection bends around a second axis that is... Agent:

20110150260 - Miniature non-directional microphone: A miniature microphone comprising a diaphragm compliantly suspended over an enclosed air volume having a vent port is provided, wherein an effective stiffness of the diaphragm with respect to displacement by acoustic vibrations is controlled principally by the enclosed air volume and the port. The microphone may be formed using... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20110150261 - Capacitive transducer and fabrication method: A capacitive transducer and fabrication method are disclosed. The capacitive transducer includes a substrate, a first electrode mounted on the substrate, a cap having a through-hole and a cavity beside the through-hole, a second electrode mounted on the cap across the through-hole. The second electrode is deformable in response to... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110150262 - Headset: A headset of the invention can achieve high-quality sound reproduction over a wide band while allowing sound from the outside to be sufficiently heard. The headset includes at least one vibrator configured to vibrate in accordance with an electric signal. The headset also includes at least one diaphragm each being... Agent: Haalee Inc.

20110150263 - Speaker assembly: A speaker assembly includes a base including two receiving holes, a cover mounted on a first surface the base, a speaker, a flexible printed circuit (FPC) attached to a second surface the base opposite to the first surface, and two springs received in the receiving holes. The cover includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110150264 - Speaker magnetic circuit, speaker device, and method of manufacturing speaker magnetic circuit: The present invention is to provide a speaker magnetic circuit which, even if small in its thickness, can reduce an occurrence of magnetic flux leakage so as to obtain a sufficient magnetic flux density in a magnetic gap, particularly in a position where a voice coil is supported. The speaker... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110150265 - Speaker: A speaker includes a magnetic circuit defining a magnetic gap, a diaphragm defining a central part and peripheral part surrounded the central part of the diaphragm, a coil defining an end suspended in the magnetic gap, an elastic plate defining a central flat coupled to the central part of the... Agent:

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110142243 - Speaker synchronization technique for wireless multichannel sound data transmission system: The present invention relates to sound data transmission between a wireless sound transmitter that transmits sound data received from a multimedia source, and a wireless sound speaker that outputs sound signal by receiving the sound data, and more particularly, to a method for compensation of a replay time delay between... Agent:

20110142244 - Delay amount determination device, sound image localization device, delay amount determination method and delay amount determination processing program: A delay amount determination device, sound image localization device, delay amount determination method, and delay amount determination processing program capable of efficiently determining a parameter using fewer test sounds are provided. If the localization direction of the sound image when the test sound is outputted from left and right speakers... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110142245 - Output control apparatus, output controlling method, program, and output control system: Provided is an output control apparatus connected to an audio output apparatus controlling output of audio data, including: a receiving unit configured to receive encoded data obtained by encoding multi-channel audio data; a decoding unit configured to decode the encoded data; an output control unit configured to control output of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110142246 - Multifunction device including sound generator that increases sound volume during call: A multifunction device includes a communication unit that establishes a communication with a remote device through a circuit, and a sound generator that generates a sound during the communication. An image forming unit performs an operation for forming an image, and a control unit controls the sound generator to increase... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110142247 - Mmethod for adaptive control and equalization of electroacoustic channels: An electroacoustic channel soundfield is altered. An audio signal is applied by an electromechanical transducer to an acoustic space, causing air pressure changes therein. Another audio signal is obtained by a second electromechanical transducer, responsive to air pressure changes in the acoustic space. A transfer function estimate of the electroacoustic... Agent: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

20110142248 - Active noise control apparatus: An active noise control apparatus includes a road surface input detector, a reference signal generator, an adaptive filter, a noise-cancellation sound generator, an error detector, a reference signal corrector, a filter coefficient updating unit, a transfer characteristic variation detector, and an update amount controller. The transfer characteristic variation detector is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110142249 - Battery receiving mechanism for noise cancellation headphone: Housings on the right/left of the noise cancellation headphone, where a speaker unit is incorporated, are connected to each other with a headband, and a battery receiving portion is provided on a side surface of at least one of the right and left housings, the battery receiving mechanism comprising: a... Agent:

20110142250 - Gradient coil noise masking for mpi device: When subjecting a patient to an MRI scan, noise generated by gradient coils in an MRI device is beautified by playing a complementary musical piece that matches the gradient coil noise in one or both of tempo and musical key. Complementary musical pieces (e.g., songs, tunes, melodies, etc.) are pre-generated... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110142251 - Low freqency electroacoustical transducing in a vehicle: An instrument panel is structured to separate a main cabin of a vehicle from a volume behind the instrument panel. The instrument panel has multiple leak paths through which air can travel between the main cabin and the volume behind the instrument panel. An electroacoustical transducer is mounted in the... Agent:

20110142253 - Recording/reproducing apparatus: A recording/reproducing apparatus includes a plurality of unidirectional microphones and a plurality of direction indicator switches. The unidirectional microphones are each disposed in the periphery with a predetermined angle interval therebetween, whereas the direction indicator switches are able to indicate other directions other than a plurality of directions corresponding to... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110142252 - Source sound separator with spectrum analysis through linear combination and method therefor: In a source sound separator, first and second target sound predominant spectra are generated respectively by first and second processing operations for linear combination for emphasizing the target sound, using received sound signals of two microphones arrayed at a distance from each other. A target sound suppressed spectrum is generated... Agent: Waseda University

20110142254 - Noise removal system: A system for noise removal is coupled to a signal unit that provides a digital signal. The noise removal system includes a transformation module to transform the digital signal into an f-digital signal, a threshold filter to generate a noiseless signal from the f-digital signal based on a threshold profile,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pvt., Ltd.

20110142255 - Sound processing apparatus and method: A sound processing apparatus according to the present invention sets a volume value to a default value, outputs a pure tone signal of a predetermined frequency as a test signal from a loudspeaker, and acquires the output test signal using a microphone. When a signal level of a harmonic tone... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110142256 - Method and apparatus for removing noise from input signal in noisy environment: A method of removing a noise signal from an input signal, the method including receiving a pure noise signal and an input signal including the noise signal; determining whether the pure noise signal is a static noise signal or a non-static noise signal; and removing the noise signal from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110142257 - Reparation of corrupted audio signals: Corrupted portions of an audio signal are detected and repaired. An audio signal may be received from an audio input device. The audio signal may include numerous sequential frames. One or more corrupted frames included in the audio signal may be identified. A frame approximating an uncorrupted frame and corresponding... Agent:

20110142258 - Apparatus for processing an audio signal: An apparatus for processing an audio signal to focus an acoustic signal by an arrangement of a plurality of loudspeakers comprises a frequency analyzer, a signal processor and a signal output interface. The acoustic signal is based on the audio signal. The frequency analyzer is configured to determine a fundamental... Agent:

20110142260 - Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal in portable terminal: A method and an apparatus for outputting an audio signal in a portable terminal are provided. In the method, a touched coordinate of a screen is recognized. An output volume of each of a plurality of speakers is controlled according to the touched coordinate. An audio signal is output via... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110142259 - Volume control apparatus and program of volume control apparatus: A volume control apparatus that is connectable to a controller and controls a volume value of a sound signal based on an instruction from the controller, comprises: a receiving section for, when a controller-side volume setting value settable in the controller is changed by a user's operation, receiving the changed... Agent:

20110142261 - Mems microphone with programmable sensitivity: A control circuit monitors a signal produced by a MEMS or other capacitor microphone. When a criterion is met, for example when the amplitude of the monitored signal exceeds a threshold or the monitored signal has been clipped or analysis of the monitored signal indicates clipping is imminent or likely,... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110142262 - Audio processing apparatus: A switching section causes the first amplification section to amplify the expansion left audio signal and supply the amplified expansion left audio signal to the first speaker terminal and causing the second amplification section to amplify the expansion right audio signal and supply the amplified expansion right audio signal to... Agent:

20110142263 - System and method for biasing active devices: An apparatus for generating a bias voltage for an active device is disclosed, comprising a first voltage source, a capacitive element adapted to generate a charge in response to the first voltage source, and a first switching element adapted to deliver the charge to generate the bias voltage for the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110142265 - Capacitor microphone unit and capacitor microphone: The present invention relates to a capacitor microphone unit including a diaphragm, a fixed electrode that is arranged opposite to the diaphragm with a space provided between the diaphragm and the fixed electrode so that a capacitor is formed between the diaphragm and the fixed electrode, an insulating base that... Agent:

20110142264 - Condenser microphone and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a gooseneck condenser microphone that is further strengthened the shield structure of a support pipe and is less prone to causing a trouble. This condenser microphone has a support pipe 30 for supporting a condenser microphone unit 10 and an output module part 20, a microphone cable... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110142266 - Folding-type directional speaker array module: In a folding-type directional speaker array module, when sound is output, the directionality of a high frequency band can be obtained through a center speaker module and the directionality of a low frequency band can be obtained through side speaker modules unfolded from both sides of the center speaker module.... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110142267 - Wired, wireless, infrared, and powerline audio entertainment systems: A method and system for communicating audio, video, and/or control signals within a home entertainment system. One or more signals are communicated between an input device and one or more output devices via one or more networks. The output device can include loudspeakers, display devices, and headphones. In some embodiments... Agent: Ksc Industries, Inc.

20110142268 - Hearing aid, relay device, hearing-aid system, hearing-aid method, program, and integrated circuit: A hearing aid (51) includes: a sound collecting unit (500) configured to collect one of propagation sounds respectively output from external apparatuses; a radio wave receiving unit (560) that is an exemplary receiving unit configured to receive transmission audio signals transmitted from the respective external apparatuses; a comparing unit (550)... Agent:

20110142269 - Ear contact pressure wave hearing aid switch: A hearing aid switch utilizes pressure/sound clues from a filtered input signal to enable actuation initiated by a user by a signature hand movement relative to a wearer's ear. The preferred signature hand movement involves patting on the ear meatus at least one time to generate a compression wave commonly... Agent: Intricon Corporation

20110142270 - Method for designing and manufacturing a hearing aid device with an antenna: The production of a hearing aid device suitable for wireless signal transmission is simplified by providing fastening elements connected as one piece with the housing shell. The fastening elements serve for placement and fastening of an antenna or coil in the housing shell of the appertaining hearing aid device. The... Agent:

20110142271 - Method for frequency transposition in a hearing aid and hearing aid: In a hearing aid offering the option of frequency transposition, sounds should still be perceivable as sounds, even after the frequency transposition. To this end, it is proposed first of all to establish sounds present in the input signal and, more particularly, the fundamental frequencies thereof and to carry out... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110142273 - Hearing aid and hearing aid system: A hearing aid of the invention includes a microphone 101 configured to generate an input signal from an input sound, a signal processing unit 120 configured to process the input signal and generating an output signal, and a receiver 103 configured to play an output sound from the output signal.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110142272 - Hearing assistance suitability determining device, hearing assistance adjustment system, and hearing assistance suitability determining method: A hearing assistance suitability determining device (120) according to the present invention is a hearing assistance suitability determining device (120) which determines a suitability (153) of a subject for dichotic hearing assistance, and includes: a hearing ability information obtaining unit (130) which obtains left-ear hearing ability information (150) and right-ear... Agent:

20110142274 - Eardrum implantable devices for hearing systems and methods: An implantable device is configured for placement in the eardrum to transmit an audio signal to a user. The device may be configured to improve transmission of an electromagnetic signal comprising light energy from an input assembly on a lateral side of eardrum to an output assembly positioned on a... Agent: Soundbeam LLC

20110142275 - Sound generator: The sound generator includes a housing having a front cover, a back layer, and a peripheral wall defining a casing. An actuator, a control circuit, a sound emitter and a power source are mounted in the housing. The actuator is accessible by the user to selectively activate playback of pre-recorded... Agent:

20110142276 - Headphone: A headphone has a speaker unit with a diaphragm and a driving source that vibrates the diaphragm along a driving axis that passes through the speaker unit. The speaker unit has a first face and an opposing second face along the driving axis. The diaphragm and the driving source are... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Ltd., A Corporation Of Japan

20110142277 - Accoustic device: An acoustic device intended to operate pistonically and in bending comprising a panel-form acoustic radiator, a magnetic drive system including a voice coil on a tubular bobbin, the bobbin being directly coupled to the radiator to drive the radiator directly; and a coupling device connected to the bobbin, and to... Agent: New Transducers Limited

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110135099 - Adaptive prefilter-premixer for sound reproduction: Adaptive learning of a multichannel prefilter response processes multiple audio signals prior to emitting them from a set of loudspeakers. The signals are filtered and mixed in such a way that the emitted signals will be reconstructed at pre-specified points in a room. This is done in a user selective... Agent: Utah State University

20110135100 - Loudspeaker array device and method for driving the device: A loudspeaker array device and a method for driving the device are disclosed. The device includes: a delay module, a gain module, and a parameter calculating module. The parameter calculating module includes: a controlling module, configured to determine, according to received user control information, types of delay parameters and gain... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd

20110135098 - Methods and devices for reproducing surround audio signals: Method and devices for providing surround audio signals are provided. Surround audio signals are received and are binaurally filtered by at least one filter unit. In some embodiments, the input surround audio signals are also processed by at least one equalizing unit. In those embodiments, the binau-rally filtered signals and... Agent: Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

20110135101 - Audio reproduction apparatus and control method for the same: There is provided an audio reproduction apparatus. The audio reproduction apparatus comprises a first acquisition unit, a determination unit, a calculation unit, a second acquisition unit, and a generation unit. The configuration of the audio reproduction apparatus enables changing a head-related transfer function for signal processing in audio signal reproduction... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110135102 - Method, computer readable storage medium and system for localizing acoustic source: A system for localizing an acoustic source is provided. This system includes a microphone apparatus, an audio processing apparatus, a photographing apparatus, and a decision apparatus. The microphone apparatus receives an acoustic signal and generates at least one received audio signal. The audio processing apparatus generates first location information based... Agent:

20110135104 - Modular wireless auditory test instrument with intelligent transducers: A method and apparatus for performing various auditory tests utilizing a hand-held, portable, wireless testing device is provided. Within the device is a diagnostic subsystem used to implement and analyze selected tests. Attached to the device, either directly or via a flexible cable, are one or more probes. A processor,... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20110135103 - System and method for audio adjustment: A system and a method for audio adjustment are provided. The method includes following steps. A first output audio signal generated from the under-test audio playback device according to a frequency response test signal is received. The first output audio signal is analyzed to generate a set of suggested equalization... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20110135105 - Echo canceller: An adaptive filter unit 103 outputs a send-mid signal obtained by eliminating echo from a send-in signal, and a power comparing unit 107 calculates a power ratio between received signal power and send-mid signal power. When a receiver ST detecting unit 104 detects a single talk state at a receiving... Agent:

20110135107 - Dual adaptive structure for speech enhancement: A clear, high quality voice signal with a high signal-to-noise ratio is achieved by use of an adaptive noise reduction scheme with two microphones in close proximity. The method includes the use of two omini directional microphones in a highly directional mode, and then applying an adaptive noise cancellation algorithm... Agent:

20110135106 - Method and a system for processing signals: A system for processing sound, the system including: (a) a processor, configured to process a first input signal that is detected by a first microphone at a detection moment, a second input signal that is detected by a second microphone at the detection moment, and a third input signal that... Agent:

20110135109 - Apparatus and method for recognizing earphone mounting in portable terminal: An apparatus and method for improving the performance of a determination of whether an earphone is mounted to a portable terminal, such as a portable terminal supporting a 3.5 mm earphone plug, are provided. An apparatus for recognizing whether the earphone is mounted to the portable terminal includes a common... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110135108 - Dual-functional earphone: A dual-functional earphone is disclosed, comprising a main casing, an earpiece, a microphone, a switch portion and a circuit device. The earpiece is disposed on a upper portion of the main casing and the microphone is disposed on a lower portion of the main casing, in which the microphone is... Agent:

20110135110 - Audio device with sound source cassette: An audio device includes a portable casing, an audio module, and a sound source cassette including a terminal head and a flip cover. The terminal head is supported within a receiving cavity of the portable casing to operatively link with the audio module for communicatively connecting to a portable audio... Agent:

20110135111 - Speaker device and automobile: A speaker device is provided, in which the rolling of a voice coil and the contact of the voice coil with a magnetic circuit are reduced. The speaker device includes a vibrating body 4, a magnetic circuit 3, and a frame 2 that supports the vibrating body 4 and the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110135112 - Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method: As shown in FIG. 1, as signal in is input to audio signal processing apparatus 10, signal branching section 11 divides the signal Sin for first through N-th routes R1 through Rn. On the first through N-th routes 91 through Rn, first through N-th front BPFs 111 through 11n respectively... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110135113 - Apparatus and method for increasing volumn in portable terminal: An apparatus and method for increasing an audio volume in a portable terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a sound booster for increasing a volume of a final audio signal comprising at least one sound source data to be output through an audio hardware, and a speaker for converting audio... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110135114 - Image display device, control method and computer program: Provided is an image display device provided with an image display unit for displaying a still image or a moving image, an image capturing unit for capturing the image in a direction in which the image display unit displays the image on the image display unit, and a face detection... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110135115 - Sound enhancement apparatus and method: A sound enhancement apparatus and method which produce low IMD over a broadband frequency region and performs BSE to offer a sound which is natural to the human ears, are provided. The sound enhancement apparatus includes a preprocessor, a BSE signal generator, and a gain controller. The preprocessor divides a... Agent:

20110135116 - Method and apparaus for biasing an amplifier: An apparatus and method for biasing each amplifier of an amplification stage provides that the voltage across each current sensing element of each amplifier of the amplification stage is measured. For each pair of voltage measurements taken, a sum and difference is calculated, where the sum is processed to determine... Agent: Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

20110135117 - Enhanced surround sound experience: A method and a device configured to be connected to a portable sound recording device for capturing the surrounding sounds are provided. The device includes a right ear arrangement to attach to the right ear of a user and a left ear arrangement to attach to the left ear of... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110135118 - Microphone suitable for professional live performance: A personal microphone that includes a structure having a live-performance form factor, a capsule that converts acoustic energy into an input signal, a signal processor that converts the input signal into a processed output signal, and a microphone output connector. The signal processor has input terminals that receive the input... Agent:

20110135119 - Automated customization of loudspeakers: In general, in some aspects, a loudspeaker includes a horn including a first end panel, a second end panel, a first side panel, and a second side panel. Edges of at least the first and second side panels define a diffraction slot opening. A plurality of manifold components each has... Agent:

20110135120 - Custom in-ear headset: A custom in-ear headset. The headset includes a housing having a proximate housing portion and a distant housing portion. The distant housing portion is shaped and sized to fit inside an ear canal of a user. The headset includes a miniature speaker that is acoustically coupled to a sound outlet... Agent: Invisio Communications A/s

20110135121 - Acoustic reflector and energy storage for media assemblies: A speaker assembly is provided with a housing, a speaker mounted to the housing, and a reflector spaced apart from and facing the speaker. The reflector is symmetrical and has an arcuate central convex region for reflecting pressure back to the speaker for amplifying back pressure to the speaker. The... Agent:

20110135122 - Microphone: A microphone has a housing (9) defining an acoustic hole (99) and having inner faces. The microphone includes a MEMS capacitor (1) secured to and electrically connected with a first face (6) of the inner faces of the housing (9), the first face defining the acoustic hole (99), a detecting... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20110135123 - Piezoelectric speaker and method of manufacturing the same: In a piezoelectric speaker, an acoustic diaphragm is thicker than a piezoelectric thin film and is formed of a more flexible and higher elasticity material than the piezoelectric thin film, thereby greatly improving output sound pressure in a low frequency band and reducing sound distortion. Further, the piezoelectric thin film... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110135124 - Apparatus and method for calculating filter coefficients for a predefined loudspeaker arrangement: An apparatus for calculating filter coefficients for a predefined loudspeaker arrangement has a multi-channel renderer. The multi-channel renderer calculates a filter coefficient for each loudspeaker of a virtual loudspeaker arrangement, being different from the predefined loudspeaker arrangement, based on a property (e.g. position or type) of a virtual source of... Agent:

20110135125 - Method, communication device and communication system for controlling sound focusing: A method for controlling sound focusing includes: obtaining position information of a target sound source relative to a speaker in a speaker array; and controlling sound from the speaker in the speaker array to be focused to the target sound source according to the obtained position information. A communication device... Agent:

20110135126 - Hearing aid, hearing aid system, walking detection method, and hearing aid method: A hearing aid that analyzes a surrounding acoustic environment and automatically switches between a plurality of hearing aid processing reduces noise by limiting directionality, when the user is in a noisy outdoor location. However, in the case where directionality is limited to the front when the user is walking or... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110135127 - Hearing device with a space-saving arrangement of microphones and sound openings: A behind-the-ear hearing device has a hearing device housing and a user-operable switch. At least two microphones are disposed below the switch in the hearing device housing, and the housing is formed with first sound openings that are arranged directly below the switch. The switch is preferably a rocker switch.... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110135128 - Hearing aid: There is provided a hearing aid that reduces a possibility of loss. The hearing aid of the present invention includes a microphone 101 configured to collect sound; a hearing aid processing unit 102 configured to perform hearing aid processing to an input signal from the microphone 101; a speaker 103... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110135129 - Acoustic processing method and apparatus: A processing method and apparatus for reducing noise in an auditory prosthesis, for example a hearing aid or cochlear implant, are disclosed. The noise floor of the input sound signal is estimated, and the base output level of the output signal is moved in response, in a preferred form to... Agent:

20110135130 - Method for designing audio signal processing system for hearing aid, audio signal processing system for hearing aid, and hearing aid: A hearing aid tailored to a hard-of-hearing person is designed using sampled-data control theory. The method is for designing an audio signal processing system for a hearing aid, wherein the system comprises an AD converter for converting an analog audio input signal (yc) inputted to the hearing aid into a... Agent: Kyoto University

20110135131 - Flexible connector for hearing device: This invention relates to a connector to be mounted between the receiver and the ear side unit of a hearing device, wherein said connector is flexible and comprises at least one stiff section shaped for maintaining the positioning of at least a part of said hearing device at or near... Agent: Estron A/s

20110135132 - Hearing device with mechanical adjustment of sound properties: A hearing device that is worn in the ear has a hearing aid and a support device with a runner. The support device remains stationarily inserted in the auditory canal, while the hearing aid is moveably connected to the runner and moveably arranged along the runner. This provides for a... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110135133 - Liquid crystal display device: Disclosed is a LCD device having a slim and simplified configuration. The disclosed LCD device includes: a liquid crystal display module; an upper cover configured to cover edges of the liquid crystal display module and to function as an upper system case and a top case; a lower cover configured... Agent:

20110135134 - Headset with side support: A headset with side support is provided, where a speaker module is coupled to a side support by means of an elongate resilient spring such that the speaker module and the side support are placeable at each their side of a users head and where the spring provides a holding... Agent: Sennheiser Communications A/s

20110135135 - Wireless headsets having an intuitive man machine interface and related systems and methods: Wireless devices are provided that are configured to communicate with portable electronic devices. The wireless devices include a housing and a speaker attached to the housing. The wireless device is configured to be received by an ear of a user of the wireless device. Movement of the housing and/or speaker... Agent:

20110135136 - Customized earphone: An earphone and method for forming the same are provided. The earphone includes an earphone housing, a speaker, and an earcap. The earphone housing includes a speaker mounting portion. The speaker is fixed to the earphone housing, and has a cable that passes through the body and is drawn from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110135137 - Earphone: An earphone including an ear hanger, a connecting element, a pivot and a speaker is provided. The connecting element is fixed to the ear hanger. The pivot is hinged to the connecting element. The speaker is fixed to the pivot, in which the pivot rotates relative to the connecting element... Agent: Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited

20110135138 - Loud speaker, loud speaker manufacturing method, and loud speaker manufacturing jig: In a loud speaker, the diaphragm has a protruded part protruding on a yoke side on the inside and in the vicinity of an inner coupling part as a coupled portion to a voice coil. The loud speaker can be manufactured with the voice coil accurately positioned with respect to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110135140 - Speaker apparatus: A light weight and low profile speaker apparatus is provided. In one embodiment, the speaker apparatus includes: a frame member; a magnetic circuit; a supporting member disposed on a bottom portion of the frame member for securing and supporting the magnetic circuit at an opposite circumferential end portion of a... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20110135139 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a voice coil unit and a diaphragm linked to the voice coil unit. A first supporting unit and a second supporting unit elastically support the end portions of the voice coil unit so that the voice coil portion of the voice coil unit can vibrate within... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20110135141 - Speaker device: A speaker device has a magnet, outer yokes, and inner yokes which are assembled so that a magnetic gap is formed between the outer yoke and inner yokes over which a magnetic flux which is generated from the magnet cuts across. A voice coil unit which is linked to a... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20110135142 - Magnetic circuit and speaker using same: Disclosed is a magnetic circuit for a speaker. The magnetic circuit includes a yoke defining a bottom and a sidewall extending perpendicularly from the bottom, a magnet mounted on the bottom of the yoke, a pole plate mounted on a top of the magnet. The magnet includes a wider portion... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110129091 - Method for multi-channel processing in a multi-channel sound system: The invention relates to a method for multi-channel processing in a multi-channel sound system. For this purpose, a channel or a channel mixture is first split into individual channels. Then the individual channels are limited by means of setting the values of the parameters channel fader, threshold, release, and output... Agent:

20110129092 - Reconstruction of multi-channel audio data: A method for processing sound data is provided for the reconstruction of multi-channel audio data on the basis at least of data on a reduced number of channels and of spatialization data. A test is carried out to determine whether the spatialization data received are valid. If the test is... Agent: France Telecom

20110129093 - System and method for displaying sound as vibrations: There is provided a method and a system for presenting audio signals as vibrotactile stimuli to the body in accordance with a Model Human Cochlea (MHC). Audio signals are obtained for presentation. The audio signals are separated into multiple bands of discrete frequency ranges that encompass the complete audio signal.... Agent:

20110129094 - Control of operating parameters in a binaural listening system: The application relates to a binaural listening system comprising first and second listening devices adapted for being located at or in left and right ears, respectively, of a person during use of the listening system, each listening device comprising antenna and transceiver circuitry for establishing a bidirectional wireless link to... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110129095 - Audio zoom: An audio equivalent of a video zoom feature for video recording and communication applications, as well as video post production processes. The audio zoom may operate in conjunction with a video zoom feature or independently. The audio zoom may be achieved by controlling reverberation effects of a signal, controlling a... Agent:

20110129096 - Method and system for reducing acoustical reverberations in an at least partially enclosed space: A method of increasing the intelligibility of an audio broadcast in an at least partially enclosed space from at least one amplified audio source. An input microphone receives an incident audio wavefront at a first position in the at least partially enclosed space. An active noise control system is employed... Agent:

20110129098 - Active noise cancellation: This document discusses, among other things, systems and methods for active noise cancellation. One example system includes a digital ANC circuit configured to receive first audio information from a first microphone and to produce an a digital anti-noise signal configured to attenuate noise sensed by the first microphone; an analog... Agent:

20110129097 - System, device, and method utilizing an integrated stereo array microphone: The invention relates to an audio device for use proximate a user's ears. The audio device includes first and second audio transmitting/receiving devices that are capable of operating in stereo. The audio device may be used within a system for manipulating audio signals received by the device. The manipulation may... Agent:

20110129099 - Apparatus and method for modulating an amplitude, phase or both of a periodic signal on a per cycle basis: An apparatus for wireless communications is disclosed including a signal generator adapted to generate a substantially periodic signal including a plurality of cycles, and a modulator adapted to modulate an amplitude, a phase or both the amplitude and the phase of the periodic signal on a per cycle basis. In... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110129100 - Audio/video appliance of improved ergonomics and extractability for incorporating in a motor vehicle, in particular a car radio: The assembly comprises: a car radio with a housing and a removable half front plate; a mounting sheath; means for securing the housing in the sheath; and means for unlocking the housing, said means comprising a tool suitable for being inserted in at least two orifices formed in the front... Agent: Parrot

20110129101 - Directional microphone: A directional microphone system includes an ultrasonic emitter and receiver. The emitter directs a beam of ultrasound at the audio source with sufficient intensity that non-linear air effects cause non-linear interactions between the ultrasonic sound and the source's sonic sound. Ultrasonic frequency-mired sounds are thereby generated and these are received... Agent: 1...limited

20110129102 - Method and apparatus for controlling sound volume in mobile communication terminal: A method and an apparatus for controlling a sound volume in a mobile communication terminal are provided. The method of controlling the sound volume in the mobile communication terminal includes connecting a call to a counterpart mobile communication terminal, determining an output volume according to an identifier of the counterpart... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110129103 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a terminal, an amplifier, a speaker, a power supply circuit and a first controller. The terminal configured to input an audio signal from an external device. The amplifier configured to amplify the audio signal. The speaker configured to output sound corresponding to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110129104 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a terminal, an amplifier, a speaker, a power supply circuit, a first switch and a first controller. The terminal configured to input an audio signal from an external device. The amplifier configured to amplify the audio signal which is input from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110129105 - Artificial ear and method for detecting the direction of a sound source using the same: Disclosed herein are an artificial ear and a method for detecting the direction of a sound source using the same. The artificial ear includes a plurality of microphones; and one or more structures disposed between the plurality of microphones. In the artificial ear, the amplitudes of output signals respectively inputted... Agent:

20110129106 - Hearing system and method for operating the same: s

20110129107 - Communication headset with a circumferential microphone slot: A communication headset (1, 15, 25, 35) comprising a housing (2) and a peripheral slot (5) extending along the periphery (30) of the housing (2) in an intersecting plane (6) that intersects the housing (2). A space (7) extends in the intersecting plane (6) and communicates with the slot (5).... Agent:

20110129108 - Acoustic valve mechanisms: A valve for a personal auditory system is described. The auditory system is capable of converting between an acoustic signal and an electrical signal. The auditory system has an acoustic pathway through which an acoustic signal may travel between a first point exterior to the auditory system and a second... Agent: Knowles Electronics, LLC

20110129109 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a main body and a speaker unit. The main body includes a housing and an electronic component. The speaker unit includes a speaker main body and a speaker cabinet to which the speaker main body is attached. The speaker cabinet can be... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110129110 - Garment with built-in audio source wiring: An audio source system may be built into a garment such as a hooded garment in such a way that safety concerns such as with a hooded garment for children are taken into account so that the audio system wiring cannot be made loose causing a danger of strangulation nor... Agent:

20110129111 - Soft-opening hinge and headphone including same: A foldable headphone set in which the earphones of the headphone set may rotate between a folded (or closed) position and an unfolded (or open) position due to a torsion- or spring-loaded hinge associated with each earphone. The headphone set may be held in the folded position by way of... Agent:

20110129112 - Exciter apparatus: An exciter apparatus outputs a sound by vibrating an interior material of a vehicle. The exciter apparatus includes a base part attachable to the interior material, a magnetic circuit generating a magnetic field in a space between a permanent magnet and a magnetic body member, a voice coil fixed to... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110129113 - Speaker diaphragm and speaker: A speaker diaphragm with a circular opening in a center zone thereof has a pattern of concave and convex sections formed on a front surface or a rear surface thereof. A plurality of concave and convex sections are formed in each of regions provided at a regular interval with a... Agent: J&k Car Electronics Corporation A Corporation Of Japan

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