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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110123030 - Dynamic spatial audio zones configuration: A method for presenting audio-visual content for a display includes defining a window associated with a program having associated audio signals on the display. An audio position is defined for the audio signals based upon a position of the window on the display, and a position of at least two... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20110123031 - Multi channel audio processing: A method including: receiving at least a first input audio channel and a second input audio channel; and using an inter-channel prediction model to form at least one inter-channel parameter.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110123032 - Single sound transmission apparatus using human body communicaton: Provided is a single sound transmission apparatus using human body communication. The single sound transmission apparatus includes a sound signal generator generating a sound signal of an audio frequency band, a high frequency signal generator generating a high frequency signal having a higher frequency than the audio frequency band, a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110123033 - Surge protection circuit for audio output device: A surge protection circuit acquires a surge signal of a left channel (LC) signal line and a right channel (RC) signal line. After the surge signal transmitting on the LC signal line and the RC signal line are removed, an audio signal outputted from a signal input device are transmitted... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110123034 - Audio test device and audio test method thereof: A method for audio test of an audio test device is provided. The audio test device includes audio ports, decoders, a storage unit, and an encoder. Each of the decoders includes an identification corresponding to one of the audio ports. The storage unit stores audio files. The method includes displaying... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110123035 - Device to monitor a sound generator, in particular an alarm sound generator, and a corresponding sound generator, and a related method: A device for monitoring a sound generator includes at least one coupler module, a signal evaluation element, and an output element. The device is coupled by at least one coupler module with the sound generator for purposes of monitoring the latter.... Agent: Pfannenberg Gmbh

20110123036 - Muffled rack and methods thereof: Some demonstrative embodiments include a muffled rack configured to maintain at least one electronic device, wherein the electronic device has an inlet to receive air for cooling the electronic device and an outlet to discharge the air. The muffled rack may be configured to muffle noise emanating from within the... Agent:

20110123037 - Sound masking system and method using vibration exciter: A system and a method for generating a sound masking in a room, comprising a masking sound generator and at least one vibration exciter connected to a support in the room, and the at least one vibration exciter, driven by the masking sound generator, subjecting the support of the room... Agent: Soft Db Inc.

20110123038 - Chair-attachable wireless speaker system: A wireless speaker system comprising a speaker unit, a transmitter unit with an audio source input, in radio frequency communication with a receiver unit, where the speaker unit and receiver unit can be forcefully attached to the back of a chair so that the speaker unit is positioned next to... Agent:

20110123040 - Dynamic switchable mode dual bridge power amplifier: A dual bridge amplifier includes a first bridge amplifier receiving a first input signal and having a pair of drive outputs connecting to a first load, a second bridge amplifier receiving a second input signal and having a pair of drive outputs connecting to a second load, and a mode... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110123039 - System and method for communicating on-board diagnostic information as an audio signal: An audio communication system for an on-board diagnostic system of a vehicle is disclosed. The audio communication system includes an audio communication interface and a diagnostic audio bridge. The diagnostic audio bridge retrieves information from the on-board diagnostic system, modulates the information into an audio signal, and transmits the audio... Agent:

20110123041 - Two wire autobias vehicular microphone system having user input functionality and method of forming same: An autobias vehicular microphone system (300) includes a microphone (301) which uses an amplifier (306) for amplifying an output of the microphone. A first feedback path (308) provides an amplifier output signal to the amplifier input for providing amplifier linearity, and a second feedback path (305) is used for providing... Agent:

20110123042 - Active vibration/noise control device: An active vibration/noise control device which is provided with a plurality of cancel signal generation parts for generating output signals for respectively cancelling noises generated at a plurality of vibration/noise generation sources. The effect of the suspension of either of first and second cancel signal generation parts on the other... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110123044 - Method and apparatus for suppressing wind noise: The invention includes a method, apparatus, and computer program to selectively suppress wind noise while preserving narrow-band signals in acoustic data. Sound from one or several microphones is digitized into binary data. A time-frequency transform is applied to the data to produce a series of spectra. The spectra are analyzed... Agent: Qnx Software Systems Co.

20110123043 - Micro-electromechanical system microphone: A capacitive micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) microphone includes a semiconductor substrate having an opening that extends through the substrate. The microphone has a membrane that extends across the opening and a back-plate that extends across the opening. The membrane is configured to generate a signal in response to sound. The back-plate... Agent:

20110123045 - Noise suppressor: A noise suppressor selects, for individual frequency components, maximums by comparing a plurality of noise suppressed spectra 105 and 106 a plurality of noise suppressing units 4 and 5 output, thereby obtaining an output spectrum 107 having the frequency components selected as its components. A first noise suppressing unit 4... Agent:

20110123046 - Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program therefor: A signal processing apparatus includes: a separation processing unit that generates observed signals in the time frequency domain by performing the short-time Fourier transform on mixed signals as outputs, which are acquired from a plurality of sound sources by a plurality of sensors, and generates sound source separation results corresponding... Agent:

20110123047 - Audio processing system for an audio output device: An exemplary audio processing system includes a gain control unit, a sampling unit, and a triggering unit. The gain control unit is configured for amplifying an audio signal. The sampling unit is configured for sampling the audio signal. The triggering unit is configured for generating a gain reduction unit if... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110123048 - Class g audio amplifiers and associated methods of operation: The present technology is directed to class G audio amplifiers and the associated methods of operation. In one embodiment, a class G audio amplifier includes an input port, an audio output stage, a level detector, and a charge pump. The class G audio amplifier regulates the power supplies of the... Agent:

20110123049 - Systems and methods for offset cancellation method for dc-coupled audio drivers: Direct current (DC) offset in and audio driver can cause a constant drain on power even when there is no sound. Furthermore it can cause an audible pop when the audio driver is enabled. A scaled replica output stage can be employed to perform DC offset cancellation offline during a... Agent:

20110123050 - Adjustable accessory for a portable communication device: A user wearable accessory provides push-to-tall (PTT), microphone and adjustable electrical cord length features in a single device. First and second adjustable electrical cords couple a portable communication device to an earpiece. The accessory is formed of front and back housing portions coupled together to provide a spooling feature therebetween.... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110123051 - Distributed mode speaker for mobile devices: A mobile communication device includes first and second housing sections movably connected so as to move relative to one another between open and closed positions. The first and second housing sections each include protected surfaces that overlap when the first and second housing sections are in the open position. A... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110123052 - Microphone: A microphone and a method for manufacturing the same. The microphones includes a substrate die; and a microphone and an accelerometer formed from the substrate die. The accelerometer is adapted to provide a signal for compensating mechanical vibrations of the substrate die.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110123053 - Acoustics transducer: According to an embodiment of the disclosure, an acoustics transducer is provided, which includes a support substrate having an upper surface and a lower surface, the upper surface including a first portion and a second portion surrounding the first portion, a recess extending from the upper surface towards the lower... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110123054 - Method and system for determining relative positions of multiple loudspeakers in a space: A method for identifying and recording the relative positions of loudspeakers in an array with respect to one another using amplifiers connected on a network.... Agent: Adamson Systems Engineering Inc.

20110123055 - Multi-channel on-display spatial audio system: A method for presenting audio-visual content for a display includes defining a window associated with a program having associated audio signals on the display. At least two audio positions for the audio signals are defined based upon a position of the window on the display, and a position of at... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20110123056 - Fully learning classification system and method for hearing aids: A method for operating a hearing aid in a hearing aid system where the hearing aid is continuously learnable for the particular user. A sound environment classification system is provided for tracking and defining sound environment classes relevant to the user. In an ongoing learning process, the classes are redefined... Agent:

20110123057 - Horn speaker with hyperbolic paraboloid lens: The present invention is a new horn loudspeaker comprising multiple sound radiators mounted to the sidewalls of the horn. At least two sound radiators mounted to the sidewalls of the horn with a “Hyperbolic Paraboloid” (saddle point) shaped lens placed medially between the sound radiators creating an improved horn characteristics... Agent:

20110123058 - Composite microphone, microphone assembly and method of manufacturing those: A composite microphone comprises a flexible and stretchable substrate (22, 122, 250, 350, 450) with a grid of flexible and stretchable first and second conductors (31a, . . . , 31e, 131a, 131g; 33a, . . . , 33h, 133a, 133g). The first conductors (31a, . . . , 31e,... Agent:

20110123059 - Earphone device with bi-stable conchal wall stabilizer: An earphone device (1) comprising a main body (14) to be inserted in the outer ear (28) of a user, a conchal wall stabilizer (4) extending from the main body (14) and adapted to engage the conchal wall (24) of the ear (28), the conchal wall stabilizer (4) being able... Agent:

20110123060 - Vibrator of an electro-acoustic transducer: A vibrator is disposed in an electro-acoustic transducer and includes a central portion, an edge portion, a combining portion and a reinforcement structure. The edge portion surrounds at out periphery of the central portion, the combing part surrounds at outer periphery of the edge portion and is combined with the... Agent:

20110123061 - Electroacoustic transducing device: In an electroacoustic transducing device having: a magnetic circuit 13 having a yoke, a magnet 11, and a pole piece 12; a vibration system 16 having a diaphragm 14 and a voice coil 15; and a frame 1 which holds the magnetic circuit 13 and the vibration system 16, the... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110116638 - Apparatus of generating multi-channel sound signal: An apparatus of generating a multi-channel sound signal is provided. The apparatus may include a sound separator to determine a number (N) of sound signals based on at least one of a mixing characteristic and a spatial characteristic of a multi-channel sound signal when receiving the multi-channel sound signal, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110116639 - Audio signal processing device and audio signal processing method: An audio signal processing device is provided whereby, from two systems of audio signals in which audio signals of multiple audio sources are included, the audio signals of the multiple audio sources can be suitably separated. The audio signal processing device comprises dividing means 101 and 102 for dividing each... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110116641 - Audio system and method of operation therefor: An audio system receives a multi-channel signal which is fed to a controller (121) that generates a first drive signal for a first sound emitter (111) by combining signals of a plurality of the channels. The first drive signal has a signal component contribution from a first bandwidth of each... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110116640 - Content reproduction system and content reproduction method: The contents reproducing system includes a plurality of contents reproducing units, and the delay amount calculating unit calculates the delay amount with which each of the contents reproducing units reproduces the contents data. The delay amount is the time to delay the reproduction of the contents data, for example. The... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110116642 - Audio system with portable audio enhancement device: A portable audio enhancement device is configured for enhancing audio signals, and may be utilized in an audio system. The audio system may include a portable audio source, the audio enhancement device, an audio playback device, and a loudspeaker. The audio enhancement device receives audio signals from the audio source... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110116643 - Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities: Electronic devices and accessories for electronic devices such as headsets are provided. The electronic devices may produce audio output. The headsets may include earbuds with speakers that play the audio output for a user while the earbuds are located in the user's ears. Circuitry in an electronic device and a... Agent:

20110116644 - Simulated background noise enabled echo canceller: An apparatus may include a noise estimation unit configured to determine a noise spectrum associated with a noise signal, and generate a filter based on the determined noise spectrum. The apparatus may also include a noise synthesis unit configured to generate a colored noise using the filter generated by the... Agent:

20110116645 - Active noise control system and method: An Active Noise Control (ANC) for controlling a noise produced by a noise source may include an acoustic sensor (212) to sense a noise pattern and to produce a noise signal corresponding to the sensed noise pattern, an estimator (202) to produce a predicted noise signal by applying an estimation... Agent:

20110116646 - Electronic device and external equipment with digital noise cancellation and digital audio path: Electronic devices and accessories are provided that may communicate over wired communications paths. The electronic devices may be portable electronic devices such as cellular telephones or media players and may have audio connectors such as 3.5 mm audio jacks. The accessories may be headsets or other equipment having mating 3.5... Agent:

20110116647 - Equipment with optical paths for noise cancellation signals: Electronic devices are provided that communicate over cables and other communications paths that include optical and electrical paths. A cable may include wires for forming an electrical path and one or more optical fibers for forming an optical path. Connectors at one or both ends of the cable may include... Agent:

20110116649 - Distributed sound enhancement: Sound quality is enhanced in a sound system including handsets and headsets. Handset sound enhancing algorithms are implemented in a handset. The handset automatically determines which, if any, of a plurality of headset sound enhancing algorithms are active in a headset in communication with the handset. The handset determines how... Agent: Clarity Technologies, Inc.

20110116648 - Prevention of hearing loss from audio devices: An audio device with means for preventing hearing loss. The audio device includes an audio source for providing an audio signal to headphones, and an audio component for determining an equivalent sound level of the audio signal and attenuating the audio signal to limit acoustic energy output from the headphones... Agent:

20110116650 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a diaphragm, a frame supporting the diaphragm vibratably along a vibration direction, and a driving part disposed in proximity of the frame and vibrating the diaphragm corresponding to an audio signal. The driving part includes a magnetic circuit having a magnetic gap formed along a direction... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110116651 - Distributed sound enhancement: Sound quality is enhanced in a sound system including handsets and headsets. Handset sound enhancing algorithms are implemented in a handset. The handset automatically determines which, if any, of a plurality of headset sound enhancing algorithms are active in a headset in communication with the handset. The handset determines how... Agent: Clarity Technologies, Inc.

20110116653 - plop-free amplifier: An amplifier is disclosed, wherein the output stage is split between a primary output stage and a secondary stage. To minimise or eliminate any audible plop when the amplifier is switched on, the primary stage is connected, and the second stage is gradually connected using a switch. The gradual connection... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110116652 - Signal output device and signal output method: A signal output device includes: a control circuit for receiving at least a first input control signal and outputting an output control signal according to at least the first input control signal, wherein the first input control signal comprises a first signal segment followed by a second signal segment; and... Agent:

20110116654 - Delay techniques in active noise cancellation circuits or other circuits that perform filtering of decimated coefficients: This disclosure describes circuit configurations that may be used for active noise cancellation in the digital domain. In particular, this disclosure proposes the use a down sample unit and an up sample unit, rather than memory-based delay circuits, to achieve one or more desired delays in digital adaptive noise cancellation... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110116655 - Apparatus and method for audio conversion: An apparatus and method for audio conversion is provided to upgrade the resolution of transmission frequency of an FM (frequency modulation) transmitter and reduce the size of the FM transmitter by applying frequency coarse tune and fine tune. The apparatus comprises a digital FM modulator, a digital frequency synthesizer, a... Agent:

20110116656 - Pulse code modulation conversion circuit and method: A circuit includes an enhanced frequency range linear pulse code modulation conversion circuit. The enhanced frequency range linear pulse code modulation conversion circuit is driven by a clock signal within a frequency range. The enhanced frequency range linear pulse code modulation conversion circuit provides enhanced frequency range linear pulse code... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20110116657 - Electrostatic transducer loudspeaker: An electrostatic transducer loudspeaker includes a filterless class-D amplifier to modulate an audio input signal to generate a modulated signal containing a PWM switching carrier component, and a transformer directly connected at an output side of the filterless class-D amplifier and directly connected at an input side of an electrostatic... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20110116658 - Fine natural fiber and speaker diaphragm coated with fine natural fiber: Natural fiber is beaten with a biaxial kneading machine. The beaten natural fiber is processed finely with a bead mill so as to allow the processed natural fiber to have a BET specific surface area not smaller than 1 m2/g. This method provides fine fiber in a short time to... Agent: Panasonic Coporation

20110116659 - Methods and apparatus for processing audio signals: Various methods and apparatus for processing audio signals are disclosed herein. The assembly may be attached, adhered, or otherwise embedded into or upon a removable oral appliance to form a hearing aid assembly. Such an oral appliance may be a custom-made device which can enhance and/or optimize received audio signals... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20110116660 - Condenser microphone: There is provided a condenser microphone in which even if strong electromagnetic waves are applied from a cellular phone or the like, the balance between a filter circuit for a No. 2 pin on the hot side and a filter circuit for a No. 3 pin on the cold side... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

20110116661 - Shield case and mems microphone having it: The shield case according to the invention is a shield case for shielding an MEMS chip mounted on a board from the outside, which includes a top plate and a plurality of side plates and the thickness of each of the plurality of side plates is larger than that of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110116662 - Speaker device: A speaker device includes a vibrating body including a diaphragm and a voice coil supported by a part of the diaphragm and a magnetic circuit including a first magnetic pole part having a magnet and a second magnetic pole part different from the first magnetic pole part and arranged spaced... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110116664 - Magnetostrictive actuator and speaker and device using said magnetostrictive actuator: A magnetostrictive actuator includes a magnetostrictive element extending along a central axis, a movable section displaced in response to a change of a shape of the magnetostrictive element, a voice coil wound about the magnetostrictive element, a magnet surrounding the magnetostrictive element and the voice coil, a lower yoke having... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110116663 - Magnetostrictive microloudspeaker: An acoustic actuator comprises a support layer (3), in which a self-supporting structure (1) is defined which is connected to the support layer (3) by means of at least two suspensions (7), at least one magnetostrictive layer (4) which has been put on the support layer (3) and is provided... Agent: Siemens Audiologische Technik Gmbh

20110116665 - System and method of providing three-dimensional sound at a portable computing device: A method of providing three-dimensional (3D) sound at a wireless device is disclosed and may include detecting movement of a 3D virtual object within a display, determining a direction of the movement of the 3D virtual object, and transmitting sound from a 3D sound system that tracks the direction of... Agent:

20110116666 - Hearing aid with beamforming capability: A hearing aid includes a first microphone for providing a first audio input signal, a second microphone for providing a second audio input signal, a signal processor configured for generating a hearing loss compensated audio output signal based at least in part on the audio input signals, and a receiver... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20110116667 - Method and apparatus to reduce entrainment-related artifacts for hearing assistance systems: A system providing method and apparatus to detect occurrence of an entrainment artifact and address it. The system analyzing a feedback canceller filter for certain characteristics that are associated with an entrained filter. When an entrained filter is detected, the feedback canceller filter is reset to a good filter that... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110116668 - Universal-fit hearing device: An in-the-ear hearing instrument comprises a deformable holding element (3) outside the ear canal and a sealing element (7) comprising venting elements. The sealing element is an exchangeable resilient eartip, which by means of venting elements, such as holes, channels, openings, etc. defines the amount of acoustic leakage.... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110116669 - Accessory adapter for cochlear implant system providing simultaneous t-mic and external audio input: A special accessory adapter for use with a BTE device of a cochlear implant (CI) system provides two inputs: a T-Mic input and an auxiliary audio input. Both inputs (the T-Mic input and the auxiliary audio input) are connected to a special mixer circuit integrated into a body of the... Agent: Advanced Bionics, LLC

20110116670 - Speaker system with at least two codirectional channels: A speaker system (10) with codirectional multichannels comprises a first diaphragm (11) associated with a first frequency range and a. second diaphragm (12) associated with a second frequency range, higher than the first frequency range. The first diaphragm (11) is disposed in an enclosure (13) and the second diaphragm (12)... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110116671 - Audio device comprising a microphone: An audio device includes a microphone, a sound canal allowing sound to pass from the surroundings to the microphone, a signal path from the microphone to a receiver, and a current source, such that sounds received at the microphone may be enhanced and presented at the ear level of the... Agent:

20110116672 - Headset terminal with speech functionality: A headset terminal for speech applications includes a headband assembly, an earcup assembly and a power source assembly. Processing circuitry is positioned in at least one of the earcup assembly and the power source assembly and includes speech processing circuitry for recognizing and synthesizing speech. A radio communicates with a... Agent:

20110116673 - Wireless personal audio equipment: A wireless personal audio equipment arrangement comprising: a hat, a control circuit including a microwave link receiver carried by the hat, the control circuit outputting signals to speakers, and acoustic chambers conducting sound signals produced by the speakers to earpieces carried by the hat.... Agent:

20110116674 - Headphone: A headphone capable of preventing inadvertent damage is disclosed. The headphone includes a C-shaped headband, a strip-shaped arm portion, a sound emitting portion supported by the arm portion, a first connecting section, and a torsion-coil spring 16. The first connecting section connects the arm portion 3 to the headband 2... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110116675 - Audio connectors with wavelength-division-multiplexing capabilities: Electronic devices are provided that communicate over cables and other communications paths that include optical and electrical paths. A cable may include wires for forming an electrical path and one or more optical fibers for forming an optical path. Connectors at one or both ends of the cable may include... Agent:

20110116676 - Apparatus pertaining to a cover-attachment assembly for use with an audio-annunciating housing: A cover-attachment assembly works in conjunction with an audio-annunciator housing that is configured to operationally mount to a wall. This audio-annunciator housing can have one or more arcuately-shaped tracks and one or more snap interfaces. The cover-attachment assembly comprises at least one arcuately-shaped guide surface that is shaped, sized, and... Agent: Heathco, LLC

20110116677 - Diaphragm and loudspeaker using the same: A diaphragm includes a central portion and an edge portion around the central portion. The central portion includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes therein. The central portion is a carbon nanotube structure or a carbon nanotube composite structure. A loudspeaker using the diaphragm is also disclosed. The loudspeaker includes the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110116678 - Speaker having a long voice coil bobbin and dampers: The present invention is to provide a speaker having a long voice coil bobbin and a plurality of dampers, wherein each of the dampers is formed with a central hole for connecting to the long voice coil bobbin at a position adjacent to a lower or upper end of a... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110110526 - Acoustic echo canceller and acoustic echo cancellation method: An adaptive filter generates a pseudo echo sound signal based on a sound emission sound signal. An adder subtracts the pseudo echo sound signal from a low band component of a collected sound signal, thereby generating a sound signal with a first-adjusted low band component. An echo spectrum estimation section... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110110527 - Active muffler: In an active muffler having improved response characteristics, a speaker section includes a diaphragm adapted to generate sound, a voice coil for driving the diaphragm, and a distance sensor to detect the movement of the diaphragm. A light generated by the LED is reflected by the diaphragm, the reflected light... Agent: Kyushu Institute Of Technology

20110110528 - Hearing device with simulation of a hearing loss and method for simulating a hearing loss: A hearing device has a first earpiece for emitting a first sound signal. The hearing device also includes a device for simulating the hearing loss of a hearing-impaired person. The device changes the first sound signal emitted by the first earpiece in accordance with the hearing loss. An associated method... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110110529 - Wireless audio system: A wireless audio system is provided which includes an audio source and an audio output device such as a headphone set electronically coupled to a wireless lanyard. The lanyard is wirelessly electronically coupled to the audio source, thereby permitting use of the audio system by a remote user without encumbering... Agent:

20110110530 - In-vehicle audio device and in-vehicle audio system: An in-vehicle audio device and an in-vehicle audio system are disclosed. The in-vehicle audio device acquires and registers metadata of music data from multiple music possession devices, at least one of which is a portable music carrier device capable of performing wireless communication. Regarding the metadata acquired from the portable... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110110531 - Apparatus, method and computer program for localizing a sound source: An apparatus for localizing a sound source includes at least two rotatably arranged microphones, a drive formed to set the microphones into rotation, and an evaluator. The evaluator is formed to receive microphone signals of the at least two microphones, while the at least two microphones are moving, and to... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110110532 - Howling suppression using echo cancellation: A method for reducing howling in a communication system containing collocated mobile devices is presented. In a transmitter, an audio signal is received at a microphone. Acoustic feedback is removed from the audio signal and the resulting signal is encoded and transmitted either using direct or trunked mode operation to... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110110533 - Multiband drc system and method for controlling the same: A multiband DRC system and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. In accordance with the present invention, the system and the method are capable of increasing an overall loudness of an output signal by controlling thresholds and gains of plurality of DRCs included in the multiband DRC system... Agent: Neofidelity, Inc.

20110110534 - Adjustable voice output based on device status: This is directed to providing voice audio output to a user of an electronic device. To allow a user to immediately recognize the status of one or more processes or components of the electronic device from voice audio output, independent of the content of the voice audio output, the electronic... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110110535 - Carbon nanotube speaker: A speaker includes an sound wave generator, at least one first electrode, at least one second electrode, an amplifier circuit, and a connector. The at least one first electrode and the at least one second electrode are electrically connected to the sound wave generator. The amplifier is electrically connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110110536 - Microphone assembly with integrated self-test circuitry: The present invention relates to a condenser microphone assembly comprising an electro-acoustic transducer element comprising a diaphragm and a back plate, signal processing circuitry operatively connected to the transducer element so as to process signals generated by the transducer element, and a mode-setting circuitry for selectively setting the condenser microphone... Agent: Epcos Pte Ltd

20110110537 - Light-powered loudspeaker system: A light-powered loudspeaker system including a solar power generator, a power storage device, a wireless signal receiver, a power amplifier and a speaker module is disclosed. The solar power generator is configured to receive a solar energy and convert the received solar energy into electricity energy. The power storage device... Agent:

20110110538 - Power amplifier and method for restraining power of improved power amplifier: The present invention is related to an improved power amplifier and a method for restraining power of the improved power amplifier. The improved power amplifier has an output power restraint unit, and the output power restraint unit is capable of restraining output power of the improved power amplifier when the... Agent: Amazing Microelectronic Corp.

20110110539 - Self-oscillating audio amplifier and method for restraining the improved self-oscillating audio amplifier: An improved self-oscillating audio amplifier and a method for restraining audio distortion of the self-oscillating audio amplifier are disclosed. The improved self-oscillating audio amplifier comprises a distortion restraint unit configured to detect whether modulated audio signals outputted from the self-oscillating audio amplifier is distorted and, if so, to restrain the... Agent: Amazing Microelectronic Corp.

20110110540 - Shelf: A shelf is equipped with an audio amplifier and at least one loudspeaker. The shelf can be integrated into the interior design as a shelf while providing multimedia use for audio playback, video output, and connection to a computer, as well as serve for the high-quality enjoyment of music and... Agent: Finite Elemente Gmbh

20110110541 - Electromagnetic transduction acoustic bridge and related methods: An electromagnetic transduction acoustic bridge appliance may include an electro-acoustic transducer including a housing, and a coil carried by the housing, and a piezoelectric paste adjacent the electro-acoustic transducer and including metallic powder embedded therein for picking up audio information of a magnetic field lost from the coil. The electromagnetic... Agent:

20110110542 - Piezoelectric exciter and piezoelectric exciter unit: A piezoelectric exciter includes: a beam including a substrate and a piezoelectric element affixed to the substrate; a supporting portion that supports the beam; a terminal fixed to the supporting portion, the terminal feeding electricity to the piezoelectric element; and a conductive member that electrically connects the terminal to an... Agent: Star Micronics Co., Ltd.

20110110543 - Headphone and stereo headphone: A headphone housing has a first and a second summit in cross section. A sound emitter protrudes from the housing in side section. In the cross section, the first summit protrudes as being away from a point of intersection of an axis line of the sound emitter, that is horizontal... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Ltd.

20110110544 - Method of coating a hearing aid component and a hearing aid comprising a coated component: A method for coating of a hearing aid said method comprising the deposition of an adhesion layer that does not develop corrosive reaction products. The method comprises applying an organometallic compound to the surface of the hearing aid component using vapour phase deposition, inducing a reaction to convert it to... Agent: Widex A/s

20110110545 - Method, hearing device and configuration for calibrating an acoustic tuning system: A method for setting a device for presenting sound specimens for the individual tuning of a hearing device to be worn on the body of a hearing device wearer. The method includes providing and presenting a noise signal by the device, receiving the presented noise signal by at least one... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110110546 - Speaker: A speaker includes a case defining a central hole therein, a bowl-shaped yoke received in the central hole of the case, a magnet fixed in the yoke, a vibrating coil suspended a magnetic gap formed between the magnet and the yoke, a diaphragm coupled to the vibrating coil, and an... Agent:

20110110547 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a speaker element having a diaphragm and a driving unit that vibrates the diaphragm; a mounting unit, in a housing, to which the speaker element is mounted; and an enclosure formed next to the mounting unit. The speaker element is mounted to the mounting unit in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110110548 - Handheld electronic device: A handheld electronic device including a first body, a second body, a stand and a gear set is provided. The first body has a first rack. The second body is slidably coupled with the first body. The stand having a second rack is slidably coupled with the first body and... Agent: Htc Corporation

20110110549 - Ironless and leakage free coil transducer motor assembly: The present disclosure relates to a coil transducer motor structure (20) including at least one coil (22), at least one magnetic element (23) arranged in use to provide a path for magnetic flux between the ends of said coil (22), wherein the magnetic element (23) has a structure providing a... Agent:

20110110550 - Microphone with variable low frequency cutoff: A microphone system has a package with an interior, a MEMS microphone within the package interior and forming a backvolume between it and the package interior, and a MEMS valve coupled with at least one input aperture in the package. The package defines at least one input aperture (e.g., the... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110110551 - Apparatus for releasably securing wireless communication device to head gear: An apparatus for releasably securing at least one wireless communication device to at least one head gear is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an elongated L-shaped member defined by a proximal, generally a straight portion terminating at a sleeved clip having a left arm and a right arm and a distal,... Agent:

20110110552 - Headphones with reduced tangling and methods: A headphone having reduced tendency to tangle comprises an input portion for receiving electrical signals from an output device, an output portion for providing audio signals to a user in response to the electrical signals, a plurality of wires coupled to the input portion and the output portion for providing... Agent:

20110110553 - Headset: A headset including first and second ear assemblies, each ear assembly including a rear limb, a front limb, a transducer carried on the front limb, and an earpiece extending from the front limb. The rear limb is configured to locate behind a user's ear and the front limb is configured... Agent: Ty-techtronics Pty Ltd

20110110554 - Low profile greeting card speaker: A low profile miniature speaker configured for use in greeting cards such as sound generating greeting cards and other novelties. The thickness of the speaker is minimized while maintaining the sound quality and increasing strength. The speaker magnet is counter-sunk into the housing of the speaker, thereby decreasing overall thickness.... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110103591 - Apparatus and method for adjusting spatial cue information of a multichannel audio signal: An apparatus for enhancing a multichannel audio signal comprising at least two channels configured to: estimate a value representing a direction of arrival associated with a first audio signal from at least a first channel and a second audio signal from at least a second channel of at least two... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110103590 - Audio system phase equalization: A method is provided for optimizing acoustic localization at one or more listening positions in a listening environment such as, but not limited to, a vehicle passenger compartment. The method includes generating a sound field with a group of loudspeakers assigned to at least one of the listening positions, the... Agent:

20110103592 - Apparatus and method encoding/decoding with phase information and residual information: Provided is an apparatus and method of encoding and decoding multiple channel signals based upon phase information and one or more residual signals.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110103593 - Method and system for a pipelined dual audio path processing audio codec: Methods and systems for a pipelined dual audio path processing audio CODEC are disclosed and may comprise centrally generating multiplexer (MUX) select signals for clock domains in an audio CODEC including a plurality of audio inputs and audio processing paths. The MUX select signals may be generated in a single... Agent:

20110103594 - Stereo microphone unit and stereo microphone: A stereo capacitor microphone unit includes: two unidirectional microphone units integrally formed with respective fixed electrodes of the unidirectional microphone units facing each other; and an insulating spacer that is interposed between the fixed electrodes and provided with a gap formed at a portion of an outer periphery towards radial... Agent:

20110103597 - Medic voice data system: A medical voice data system includes a hand-held recording device, an electronic information carrier (EIC), and a host station. The hand-held device records medical information from a user that is examining a person in an extreme environment such as battlefield or disaster area. EICs are stored within a housing interior... Agent: Magiq Technologies, Inc.

20110103595 - Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure in vehicles: Methods and apparatus to monitor media exposure in vehicles are disclosed. An example implementation includes collecting audience measurement data with a media monitoring device fixed in a vehicle and transmitting the audience measurement data from the media monitoring device to a shuttle located within the vehicle, the shuttle being incapable... Agent:

20110103596 - Storage medium having breath detection program stored therein and breath detection apparatus: Sound data acquisition means acquires, from a sound input device, sound data representing a sound signal. First evaluation means evaluates the sound signal represented by the sound data, by using a first criterion for detecting whether or not the sound inputted into the sound input device is a breath. Second... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20110103598 - Radio communication apparatus, method, and computer program for notification of event occurrence: A radio communication apparatus including: a sound notification unit that to provide sound-based notification of an occurrence of an event related to the at least one application; a non-sound notification unit to provide non-sound-based notification of an occurrence of an event related to the at least one application; a memory... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110103601 - Acoustic measurement device: Provided is an acoustic measurement device capable of reducing the number of microphones while solving a problem of the dependency of interval between microphones on the frequency. The acoustic measurement device comprises a sound reception section (10) and a calculation section (20). The sound reception section includes a plurality of... Agent:

20110103599 - Audio output apparatus and compensation method thereof: An audio output apparatus including a digital operation unit, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a left channel unit, a right channel unit and a common unit is provided. During an initial setting, the digital operation unit detects a cross talk voltage on a left channel earphone unit in the left channel... Agent: Ali Corporation

20110103600 - Tuner device: A pitch detection device in which a frequency can be lowered after having maintained both a pitch error accuracy and a response time at practical values to reduce current consumption. Because a number of times of cumulative addition is changed in response to a pitch of a measured signal, a... Agent: Roland Corporation

20110103602 - Acoustical measuring/estimation device: A device to measure or to estimate the acoustical output of the loudspeaker of a earphone, earplug, headphone or ear muff, and to measure the ambient environmental sounds where appropriate. The loudspeaker is connected to an electronic audio device. The acoustical output of the loudspeaker may be measured by means... Agent: Advanced Electroacoustics Private Limited

20110103604 - Generic electromagnetically-countering processes: The present invention relates to an electromagnetically-countered system including at least one wave source irradiating harmful electromagnetic waves and at least one counter unit emitting counter electromagnetic waves for countering the harmful waves by such counter waves. More particularly, the present invention relates to generic counter units of electromagnetically-countered systems... Agent:

20110103603 - Noise reduction system and noise reduction method: A noise reduction system and a noise reduction method are provided. The noise reduction system comprises a uni-directional microphone, an omni-directional microphone and a signal processing module. The signal processing module comprises an adaptive noise control (ANC) unit, a main noise reduction unit and an optimizing unit. The uni-directional microphone... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110103605 - Electronic earplug: Electronic earplugs, methods of enhancing and/or attenuating sound using electronic earplugs, and kits including electronic earplugs are provided. Certain electronic earplugs provided can deliver sound to a user's ear canal at levels below, equal to, and/or above ambient sound levels for specified ambient sound level ranges. Certain electronic earplugs provided... Agent: Etymotic Research, Inc.

20110103610 - Earphone system and use of an earphone system: There is provided an earphone system comprising an earphone and at least two acoustic dampers (24), the earphone comprising a speaker unit (10) and an earpiece (12, 12A, 12B), the speaker unit comprising a sound driver (18), a wiring connector (14) for providing audio signals to the sound driver and... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110103608 - Electronic device, electronic system, and method for processing signals from an audio accessory thereof: An electronic device includes an audio jack, a power supply unit, a determining circuit, and an executing circuit. The audio jack may be arranged for transmitting an audio input signal, and the electronic device may be configured to connect with an audio accessory via the audio jack. When the audio... Agent:

20110103607 - Luminescent headphones without battery packs: Audio apparatus, including an audio player, housed within a casing, for producing audio output, a port on a surface of the casing for inserting a headphone connector therein, a light emitting source, a power source, housed within the casing, for supplying power to the audio player and to the light... Agent: Modu Ltd.

20110103606 - Modular headphone system: A modular headphone system includes an ear-mountable speaker, an audio signal-carrying line coupled to the ear-mountable speaker, and an electrical connector coupled to the audio signal-carrying line. The electrical connector is configured for electrically coupling to a plurality of different types of audio signal-carrying devices. The electrical connector may include... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110103609 - Wireless earphone that transitions between wireless networks: A wireless earphone that comprises a transceiver circuit for receiving streaming audio from a data source over a local ad hoc wireless network. When the data source and the earphone are out of range, they transition automatically to an infrastructure wireless network. If there is no common infrastructure wireless network... Agent: Koss Corporation

20110103611 - Hearing device and method for suppressing feedback with a directional microphone: A hearing device and an associated method use an adaptive directional microphone for suppressing feedback. The hearing device includes an adaptation unit which sets the directional microphone so that a sound signal fed back from an earpiece of the hearing device to the directional microphone is attenuated. Acoustic feedback is... Agent: Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

20110103612 - Indoor sound receiving system and indoor sound receiving method: An indoor sound receiving system and an indoor sound receiving method are provided. The indoor sound receiving system comprises a microphone array, a path function database, a sound tracking unit, a path function selecting unit and a signal processing unit. The microphone array senses at least one primary sound source... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110103613 - Audio system with feedback cancellation: An audio system includes a signal processor for processing an audio signal, and a feedback suppressor circuit configured for modelling a feedback signal path of the audio system by provision of a feedback compensation signal based on sets of feedback model parameters for the feedback signal path that are stored... Agent:

20110103614 - Hybrid audio delivery system and method therefor: Methods and systems to produce audio output signals from audio input signals. In one embodiment, a first portion of the audio input signals can be pre-processed, with the output used to modulate ultrasonic carrier signals, thereby producing modulated ultrasonic signals. The modulated ultrasonic signals can be transformed into a first... Agent: Ipventure, Inc.

20110103615 - Wind noise suppression: A method of suppressing wind noise in a voice signal determines an upper frequency limit that lies within the frequency spectrum of the voice signal, and for each of a plurality of frequency bands below the upper frequency limit, compares the average power of signal components in a first portion... Agent: Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

20110103616 - Tuning sound feed-back device: Disclosed is a tuning sound (TS) feedback apparatus. The tuning sound (TS) feedback apparatus includes: a TS pick-up casing which is disposed and fixed inside or near the hearing organ of a sound engineer who manages tuning operations for sound output from a sound output terminal of a sound device... Agent:

20110103617 - Sound source recording apparatus and method adaptable to operating environment: Disclosed herein is a sound source recording apparatus and method adaptable to an operating environment, which can record a target sound source at a predetermined level without being affected by characteristics of the sound source or ambient noise. A target sound source is separated from a sound source signal received... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110103618 - Audio switch for performing audio signal switching: An audio switch for audio signal switching includes input ports for obtaining digitized audio input signals, output ports for outputting a number of analog audio output signals, and a digital matrix first stage for switching a digitized audio input signal derived from one or more of the input ports, to... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20110103619 - Amplifier circuit and methods of operation thereof: A signal amplifying circuit and associated methods and apparatuses, the circuit comprising: a signal path extending from an input terminal to an output terminal, a gain controller arranged to control the gain applied along the signal path in response to a control signal; an output stage within the signal path... Agent:

20110103620 - Apparatus and method for generating filter characteristics: An apparatus for generating filter characteristics for filters connectible to at least three loudspeakers at defined locations with respect to a sound reproduction zone includes an impulse response reverser for time-reversing impulse responses associated to the loudspeakers to obtain time-reversed impulse responses. The apparatus furthermore includes an impulse response modifier... Agent:

20110103621 - Thermo-acoustic loudspeaker: A thermo-acoustic loudspeaker has a heating sheet and a plurality of support bars supporting the heating sheet away from a substrate. The heating sheet has at least one opening adjacent to each cavity. During manufacture, the opening or openings are used to etch away the material of the layer under... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110103622 - Support apparatus for microphone diaphragm: A microphone includes a diaphragm assembly supported by a substrate. The diaphragm assembly includes at least one carrier, a diaphragm, and at least one spring coupling the diaphragm to the at least one carrier such that the diaphragm is spaced from the at least one carrier. An insulator (or separate... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110103623 - Generic electromagnetically-countered methods: The present invention relates to an electromagnetically-countered system including at least one wave source irradiating harmful electromagnetic waves and at least one counter unit emitting counter electromagnetic waves for countering the harmful waves by such counter waves. More particularly, the present invention relates to generic counter units of electromagnetically-countered systems... Agent:

20110103624 - Systems and methods for providing directional audio in a video teleconference meeting: Systems and methods are provided for providing directional audio in a video teleconference meeting. In one embodiment, a system is provided for providing directional audio in a video teleconference meeting. The system comprises a display formed of an acoustically transparent imaging surface and a plurality of speakers positioned about the... Agent:

20110103625 - Audio processing: An audio processing arrangement (200) comprises a plurality of audio sources (101, 102) generating input audio signals, a processing circuit (110) for deriving processed audio signals from the input audio signals, a combining circuit (120) for deriving a combined audio signal from the processed audio signals, and a control circuit... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110103626 - Hearing instrument with adaptive directional signal processing: A hearing instrument includes a signal processor, and at least two microphones for reception of sound and conversion of the received sound into corresponding electrical sound signals that are input to the signal processor, wherein the signal processor is configured to process the electrical sound signals into a combined signal... Agent: Gn Resound A/s

20110103627 - Sound processors and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same: Sound processors and systems including sound processors are disclosed.... Agent:

20110103628 - Hearing device and method for operating the same: The invention refers to hearing devices (1) and methods of operating hearing devices (1). In one aspect, the hearing device (1) comprises a power supply unit (2) comprising a primary energy storing unit (3) and, in addition, a secondary energy storing unit (4). The power supply unit (2) is configured... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110103629 - Wax resistant earpiece tip: A wax-resistant earpiece tip has one or more sound openings and a torturous path to inhibit wax from reaching a receiver mountable therein. The tip may further include a folded acoustical horn. A chamber may be formed in the tip to collect debris. The tip may include a stop bar... Agent:

20110103630 - Methods for inlet and outlet modelling of vent as large as possible for hearing aid devices: A method of modeling an opening of a hearing aid vent includes defining a trimming surface through a tip of the vent as one of a planar surface or a non-planar surface, and trimming the shell along the trimming surface to the expose the interior of the shell to create... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20110103631 - shape-adaptable surface for an audio port: A method and apparatus for providing a shape-adaptable surface for an audio port of a device includes an audio port, a shape-adaptable surface having a plurality of portions, a plurality of sensors coupled to the shape-adaptable surface, wherein the plurality of sensors are operative to sense a plurality of distances... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110103632 - Integrated acoustic horn and lead frame: A device for manipulating acoustic signals includes a transducer die and a horn. The transducer die is attached to a lead frame and configured to convert between electrical energy and the acoustic signals, the transducer die having a transducer membrane. The horn is integrally connected with the lead frame, the... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110103633 - Capacitor microphone unit and capacitor microphone: Electro-acoustic converters each include a diaphragm, and a fixed electrode apart from the diaphragm for a certain distance and facing the diaphragm. The electro-acoustic converters are anteroposteriorly disposed on the same axis in a single casing, and are electrically connected in series. The front and rear converters each include impedance... Agent:

20110103634 - System and method for mechanically reducing unwanted wind noise in an electronics device: A system and method for mechanically reducing unwanted wind, audio, and other noise in a telecommunications or other electronic device. In accordance with an embodiment, a telecommunications or other electronic device, such as a mobile telephone, computer, personal digital assistant, geographical positioning system (gps) device, camera, video camera and the... Agent: Blueant Wireless Pty Limited

20110103635 - Headphone: There are provided headphone which can provide a relatively small storage space when being carried around and which can prevent an unexpected breakage of the headphone. A headphone 1 includes a C-shaped headband 2, a band-plate-like arm part 3, a sound emission part 4 supported by the arm part 3,... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110103636 - Adjustable, dual speaker element in-ear phone: An adjustable, dual speaker element earphone. One of the speaker elements is sized to fit into the cavum concha of the listener's ear and the other element (is not. A hinged joint may allow the larger speaker element may be rotated about a vertical axis of the hinged joint so... Agent: Koss Corporation

20110103637 - Earphone with a movable push rod structure: This invention relates to an earphone with a movable push rod structure, which comprising a housing, a sound-emitting unit assembled inside of the housing, and a sound duct connected to the sound-emitting unit for sound transmission, and an earplug connected to the sound duct, with an air duct assembled on... Agent: Innovation Sound Technology Co., Ltd.

20110103638 - Voice coil support for a coil transducer motor structure: The invention relates to a voice coil support (21) for a coil transducer motor structure (10) having a first surface (26) towards one end and a second surface (22) towards the other end along an axis of displacement Z, the voice coil support being adapted to receive at least one... Agent:

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