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Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110096931 - Crosstalk suppression: A crosstalk suppression arrangement for a stereo audio system, wherein the stereo audio system comprises a left stereo channel and a right stereo channel, each comprising a driving circuit, an output impedance of the driving circuit comprising at least a first output impedance part, and a load impedance, and wherein... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110096932 - Parametric stereo upmix apparatus, a parametric stereo decoder, a parametric stereo downmix apparatus, a parametric stereo encoder: A parametric stereo upmix apparatus (300, 400) generating a left signal (206) and a right signal (207) from a mono downmix signal (204) based on spatial parameters (205). Said parametric stereo upmix being characterized in that it comprises a means (310) for predicting a difference signal (311) comprising a difference... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110096933 - Audio processing: A method of generating a desired shelving filter for audio data, the desired shelving filter having a low-corner frequency U and a high-corner frequency f2, wherein the difference between the gain of the frequency response of the desired shelving filter at f2 and the gain of the frequency response of... Agent: Oxford Digital Limited

20110096934 - Audio monitoring system: An audio monitoring system for an audio performance consists of one or more terminal units and one or more base units. The base units are configured to send transmission data consisting of channel labels, frequencies, and mix identifiers to the terminal units. The terminal units are configured to receive and... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20110096935 - Sound processing unit, sound processing system, audio output unit and display device: Practical speaker connection is identified using a device having a sound channel of a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel, and a device is provided that can easily reproduce the optimum multiple channels. Actual speaker arrangement can be identified by, for example, measuring the impedance of a terminal at the side... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110096936 - Electronic stethoscope: An electronic stethoscope comprises a local unit (1-6) and an outer auxiliary processing unit (PU). The local unit (1-6) comprises:—a microphone (10),—first coupling means (11) that can receive an auscultation signal supplied by the microphone (10), and transmit it to the auxiliary processing unit (PU), on a first link,—second coupling... Agent:

20110096937 - Microphone apparatus and sound processing method: A microphone apparatus is provided, including a body, a main microphone and a reference microphone. The main microphone and a reference microphone are disposed on the body for receiving a sound from a source and a noise from other than the source, wherein the main microphone and the reference microphone... Agent: Fortemedia, Inc.

20110096938 - Aural device with white noise generator: An aural device to be worn over the ear of a user during sleeping hours which generates white noise.... Agent: Savannah Marketing Group Inc.

20110096939 - Reproducing device, headphone and reproducing method: A reproducing device includes a reproducing unit configured to reproduce a contents sound, an output unit configured to output the contents sound which has been reproduced using the reproducing unit to a headphone, a talk detection unit configured to detect that a headphone fitter who fits the headphone talks with... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110096940 - Digital communication system for loudspeakers: A communication system for communicating with at least one loudspeaker is described where the loudspeaker is connected to audio equipment over standard two-wire speaker wire operable to carry an audio signal. The communication system includes a master node in electrical communication with a signal path carrying the audio signal between... Agent:

20110096941 - Self-steering directional loudspeakers and a method of operation thereof: A directional sound system, a method of transmitting sound to a spatial location determined by the gaze of a user and a directional communication system are disclosed. In one embodiment, the directional sound system includes: (1) a direction sensor configured to produce data for determining a direction in which attention... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada, Incorporated

20110096942 - Noise suppression system and method: Systems and methods are described for applying noise suppression to one or more audio signals to generate a noise-suppressed audio signal therefrom. In a single-channel implementation, an input signal is received that comprises a desired audio signal and an additive noise signal. Noise suppression is then applied to the input... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110096943 - Audio console system: An audio console system includes an input for receiving an audio signal. The system may also include a user adjustable input amplifier which may amplify audio signals received from the input with a predefined gain. The system may additionally include a direct out output amplifier provided after the adjustable input... Agent:

20110096944 - High perceived audio quality class d amplifier: An audio amplifier and a method of operating such an amplifier are disclosed. The audio amplifier includes a switch disabling controller and/or an output set-point controller. The switch disabling controller is configured to disable switching of an output switch circuit or other switch circuit while an input signal represents at... Agent:

20110096945 - Microphone unit with internal a/d converter: The present invention relates to a microphone assembly comprising a microphone assembly casing having a sound inlet port and a transducer for receiving acoustic waves through the sound inlet port. The transducer converts the received acoustic waves to analog audio signals. The assembly according to the present invention further comprises... Agent:

20110096946 - Loudspeaker module: A loudspeaker module includes a hollow main body, two rotatable connecting portions, and two loudspeakers. The hollow main body includes two opposite sidewalls. Each of the opposite sidewall defines a first opening, an inner sidewall of the first opening defines an annular rotating slot. One end of the connecting portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110096947 - Spherically housed loudspeaker system: A loudspeaker system for the reproduction of acoustic waves of music, sound and speech in a substantially circular horizontal plane. The loudspeaker system includes multiple spherical enclosures, each enclosure housing a pair of transducers, each pair of transducers producing acoustic waves of a predetermined frequency range.... Agent:

20110096948 - Hearing instrument comprising a divided wax filter: The invention relates to a hearing instrument comprising an ITE-part adapted for being positioned in the ear canal of a user, the ITE-part comprising a housing comprising first and second openings adapted for facing towards the ear drum when said ITE-part is mounted in the ear canal, said first and... Agent: Oticon A/s

20110096949 - Sound reproduction device with enhanced low-frequency sound effect: This invention is to provide a sound reproduction device including a tube, a loudspeaker and a resonance unit, wherein the loudspeaker includes a frame body having a side adjacent to a first diaphragm thereof peripherally fixed to a first opening of the tube, and the resonance unit includes a second... Agent:

20110096950 - Acoustic traveling wave tube system and method for forming and propagating acoustic waves: The present invention is an acoustic traveling wave tube system for propagating a directional acoustic wave comprising an acoustic traveling wave tube having a cylindrical shape with a load on one end of the tube, a plurality of excitation rings positioned around a circumference of the tube and spaced at... Agent: Sensis Corporation

20110096951 - Variable directional microphone assembly and method of making the microphone assembly: A variable directional microphone assembly and method of manufacturing the variable directional microphone assembly which includes a substrate, a semiconductor integrated circuit device, two microphone devices, a microphone body, and a case.... Agent:

20110096952 - Diaphragm, method making the same and loudspeaker using the same: A diaphragm includes a carbon nanotube film structure and an amorphous carbon structure composited with the carbon nanotube structure to form a stratiform composite structure. The carbon nanotube film structure defines a plurality of micropores therein. The amorphous carbon structure comprises a plurality of amorphous carbon particles received in the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110096953 - Damper and loudspeaker using the same cross-reference to related applications: A damper has ridges and furrows thereon and a through hole therein. The damper includes a carbon nanotube film structure and an amorphous carbon structure. The carbon nanotube film structure defines a number of micropores therein. The amorphous carbon structure is composited with the carbon nanotube structure. The amorphous carbon... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110091042 - Apparatus and method for generating an acoustic radiation pattern: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for creating an acoustic radiation pattern, which may improve sound focusing performance to a target position. The acoustic radiation pattern creating apparatus may process an input signal which may be output through a speaker array in a room such that at least one vertical-directional... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110091043 - Method and apparatus for detecting audio signals: A method and an apparatus for detecting audio signals are disclosed. The input audio signal is inspected to check whether it is a foreground frame or a background frame; the detected background signal is further inspected according to the music eigenvalue and the decision rule. Therefore, background music can be... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110091044 - Virtual speaker apparatus and method for processing virtual speaker: A virtual speaker apparatus and a virtual speaker processing method is disclosed. The virtual speaker apparatus uses the closest surround speaker when a virtual speaker to be virtually generated is a back left virtual speaker or a back right virtual speaker.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110091045 - Audio encoding and decoding: An audio encoder (109) has a hierarchical encoding structure and generates a data stream comprising one or more audio channels as well as parametric audio encoding data. The encoder (109) comprises an encoding structure processor (305) which inserts decoder tree structure data into the data stream. The decoder tree structure... Agent:

20110091046 - Binaural multi-channel decoder in the context of non-energy-conserving upmix rules: A multi-channel decoder for generating a binaural signal from a downmix signal using upmix rule information on an energy-error introducing upmix rule for calculating a gain factor based on the upmix rule information and characteristics of head related transfer function based filters corresponding to upmix channels. The one or more... Agent:

20110091047 - Active noise control in mobile devices: A three dimensional area of quiet is created by an active noise cancellation system comprising a reference microphone receiving background noise and sending the noise signal to an adaptive active noise canceller. An adaptive filter system using weights updated by a least mean squares method or other method generates an... Agent:

20110091048 - Method for virtual bass synthesis: This invention relates to a method for virtual bass synthesis. The low frequency signal is attained by applying a low pass filter to the original. In order to reduce the operations, process of down sampling the low frequency signal, moving the low frequency signal to a series of harmonics whose... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110091049 - Output phase modulation entrainment containment for digital filters: Method and apparatus for entrainment containment in digital filters using output phase modulation. Phase change is gradually introduced into the acoustic feedback canceller loop to avoid entrainment of the feedback canceller filter. Various embodiments employing different output phase modulation approaches are set forth and time and frequency domain examples are... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110091050 - Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method, and sound processing program: A sound processing apparatus includes a power spectrum operation unit obtaining a power spectrum of an audio signal, an envelope component removal unit removing an envelope component of the power spectrum and generating a signal characteristic that represents a peakness of the power spectrum, a filter characteristic calculation unit calculating... Agent:

20110091051 - Portable computer electrical grounding and audio system architectures: A portable computing device having a substantially non-conducting outer housing and alternative electrical grounding and audio system architectures is disclosed. The device can be a laptop computer having a main logic board, a keyboard assembly, an audio source positioned below the keyboard assembly, and an equalizer electrically coupled to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110091052 - Sound and light control apparatus: A sound and light control apparatus includes an audio signal input terminal for receiving an audio signal, a voltage dividing circuit electrically connected to the audio signal input terminal for dividing the voltage of the audio signal into two divided voltages, a control knob electrically connected to the voltage dividing... Agent:

20110091053 - Vibratory plate, electro-acoustic converter, manufacturing method of vibratory plate and molded body: A vibratory plate includes a first layer (3) containing a fiber material and having a first surface and a second surface opposing the first surface, a second layer (2) containing a sliced natural wood in the form of a single sheet having a thickness less than 140 μm, the second... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Limited

20110091054 - Baseball-style cap with amplified stereo speakers: An embodiment of a baseball-style cap and stereo combination having a crown, a brim/bill, a sweatband, and two amplified stereo speakers concealed within the brim/bill is disclosed. The stereo components including a circuit board, an amplifier and battery are concealed within an inner surface and/or inner space defined as the... Agent:

20110091055 - Loudspeaker localization techniques: Techniques for loudspeaker localization are provided. Sound is received from a loudspeaker at a plurality of microphone locations. A plurality of audio signals is generated based on the sound received at the plurality of microphone locations. Location information is generated that indicates a loudspeaker location for the loudspeaker based on... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110091056 - Hearing aid: This hearing aid comprises a microphone (101) and an external input terminal (102), a hearing aid processor (150) to which audio signals from the microphone (101) and the external input terminal (102) are inputted, and a receiver (113) to which audio signals that have undergone hearing aid processing by this... Agent:

20110091057 - Eyeglasses with a planar array of microphones for assisting hearing: An apparatus implements directional sound detection. The apparatus includes a portable hearing aid device, a plurality of sound detectors, and electronic circuitry. The sound detectors are coupled to the portable hearing aid device. The sound detectors are arranged in a substantially planar array which is located in approximately a two-dimensional... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110091059 - Method and apparatus for behind-the-ear hearing aid with capacitive sensor: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for a behind-the-ear hearing aid with a capacitive sensor.... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110091058 - Method and apparatus for in-the-ear hearing aid with capacitive sensor: Disclosed herein, among other things, are methods and apparatus for an in-the-ear hearing aid with a capacitive sensor. The present subject matter includes various approaches to improved control of an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid with capacitive sensors. In various embodiments, the capacitive sensor serves as a capacitive switch or a... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110091060 - Hearing instrument: A hearing instrument includes a behind-the-ear component and an external component for being placed in the user's ear canal or in the user's ear and a connection link between the behind-the-ear component and the external component. The connection link is reversibly pluggable to the behind-the-ear component and/or the in-the-ear-canal component... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110091061 - Hearing instrument: A hearing instrument with at least one microphone and signal processing includes at least two receivers having a different frequency response. At least a first one of the receivers can be placed outside the ear canal, for example in a behind-the-ear component. A behind-the-ear component and an external component can... Agent: Phonak Ag

20110091062 - Sensory developmental cap: A cap having ear pieces and an eyepiece. The ear pieces are preferably connected to an audio device that can play stored audio and/or rebroadcast ambient sounds at a reduced audio level. The ear pieces preferable provide sound attenuation of at least 20 dB. The stored audio may include sounds... Agent: Neatcap, LLC

20110091063 - Method and apparatus for preventing wrong recognition of earphone insertion: A method and an apparatus for recognizing earphone insertion are provided. In the method, whether an earphone is inserted is determined. When earphone insertion is determined, a discontinuous Direct Current (DC) voltage is applied to a microphone end of an earphone jack. A magnitude of the discontinuous DC voltage of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110091064 - Ribbon transducer: A ribbon transducer (101) is disclosed, comprising: a ribbon made of conductive material (2), a damping system (4) arranged at least at one end of the conductive ribbon (2), and two rigid supports (103) where the ends of the ribbon (2) are fixed. The damping system (104) comprises a suspension... Agent: Ask Industries Societa' Per Azioni

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110085668 - 2.1 crossover equalization in pc audio applications: Challenges to the implementation of equalization in the 2.1 environment arise from the constraints imposed by HD audio requirements and Windows® Vista™. A hybrid software hardware solution overcomes many of the challenges by exploiting the software capability for equalization and using a hardware codec to perform the separation into high... Agent:

20110085669 - Method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal and apparatus thereof: Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding a multi-channel audio signal are provided. In the encoding method, spatial information is calculated based on a multi-channel audio signal and a down-mix signal, and a compensation parameter that compensates for the down-mix signal is calculated based on the multi-channel audio signal and... Agent: Lg Electronics, Inc.

20110085670 - Time slot position coding of multiple frame types: Spatial information associated with an audio signal is encoded into a bitstream, which can be transmitted to a decoder or recorded to a storage media. The bitstream can include different syntax related to time, frequency and spatial domains. In some embodiments, the bitstream includes one or more data structures (e.g.,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110085671 - Apparatus and method for encoding a multi-channel audio signal: An encoding apparatus comprises a frame processor (105) which receives a multi channel audio signal comprising at least a first audio signal from a first microphone (101) and a second audio signal from a second microphone (103). An ITD processor 107 then determines an inter time difference between the first... Agent: Motorola, Inc

20110085672 - Dynamic power management in a portable media delivery system: A consumer electronic product (e.g., a portable media player ported to a media delivery accessory) is powered by a limited capacity DC power source (such as a battery or mini-fuel cell). The consumer electronic product limits the maximum allowable sound pressure level (SPL) that can be produced by the speakers.... Agent:

20110085673 - Circuit apparatus for recognizing earphone in mobile terminal: A circuit apparatus for recognizing an earphone in a mobile terminal is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of devices, a wiring for recognizing the number of poles of the earphone, and a comparator. The plurality of devices are connected between a microphone bias power and a wiring that receives... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110085674 - Engine sound generation apparatus and method: Velocity of an actual vehicle is detected and then converted into a virtual velocity in accordance with a velocity range of a pre-assumed model vehicle. Velocity-vs.-number-of-rotation correspondence relationship storage stores therein correspondence relationship between traveling velocities and numbers of engine rotations of the model vehicle, and information indicative of the... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110085675 - Switchable two-element directional microphone system: A directional microphone system includes a first microphone that is disposed so as to receive sound energy originating from a first direction, convert the sound energy into a first voltage to be presented at a output. A second microphone is disposed to receive sound energy from a second direction different... Agent:

20110085676 - Apparatus and method for processing signal: An apparatus and method for processing a signal are provided. The signal processing apparatus includes: an audio processor which processes and outputs an audio signal; a video processor which processes and outputs an image; and a controller which controls the audio processor to perform a sound quality improvement process on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110085677 - Adaptive dynamic range enhancement of audio recordings: There are provided methods and an apparatus for conditioning an audio signal. According to one aspect of the present invention there is included a method for conditioning an audio signal having the steps of: receiving at least one audio signal, each audio signal having at least one channel, each channel... Agent:

20110085678 - System for predicting the behavior of a transducer: A system for compensating and driving a loudspeaker includes an open loop loudspeaker controller that receives and processes an audio input signal and provides an audio output signal. A dynamic model of the loudspeaker receives the audio output signal, and models the behavior of the loudspeaker and provides predictive loudspeaker... Agent:

20110085681 - Acoustic processing device: There is provided an acoustic processing device capable of maintaining volume and reproducing audio signals with good sound quality independent of the media audio encoding format, sound source type or sound source volume setting. In the acoustic processing device (1), a limiter control signal generation section (5) generates a limiter... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20110085680 - Apparatus for detecting the approach distance of a human body and performing different actions according to the detecting results: An apparatus for detecting the approach distance of a human body and performing different actions according to the detecting results comprises: an infrared sensing circuit for sensing the human body's movement; a short-distance infrared signal level detector, used for detecting the amplitude level of signals and comparing them with a... Agent:

20110085679 - Intelligent selective system mute: An approach is provided that receives a sound request from a requesting process. A selective mute setting is identified that corresponds to user enablement actions. If the selective mute setting is disabled the sound request is played at an audio output in response. However, if the selective mute setting being... Agent:

20110085682 - Apparatus and method for reproducing music in a portable terminal: A music reproducing apparatus includes: a Graphic User Interface (GUI) providing a guide for controlling an output of a music file, a display unit for displaying the GUI, a Beats Per Minute (BPM) providing unit for converting the music file into an analog form, and for separating a specific frequency... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110085683 - Fully differential low-noise capacitor microphone circuit: A microphone circuit includes a capacitor capsule and first and second impedance converters connected differentially to the capacitor capsule. The microphone circuit includes first and second output buffer amplifiers connected differentially to the first and second impedance converters.... Agent:

20110085684 - Piezoelectric micro speaker: Provided is a piezoelectric micro speaker. The piezoelectric micro speaker includes a device plate having a front cavity, a front plate having a radiation hole which communicates with the front cavity in front of the device plate, and a rear plate having a rear cavity and a vent portion. A... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110085685 - Sound amp ear device with ear phone jack: A sound amplification system which has a sound application ear device operating a programmable control board. The control board provides a low pitched signal and a high pitch signal. It also provides a mono audio signal and a stereo audio signal and a recharging current. The recharging current charges the... Agent:

20110085686 - Input signal mismatch compensation system: s

20110085687 - Method and apparatus for using text messages to distribute ring tones to adjust hearing aids: The present subject matter relates generally to methods and apparatus for using text messages to distribute ring tones to adjust and fit hearing assistance devices. In an embodiment, a text message is programmed including information regarding a hearing assistance device adjustment for a wearer. The text message identifies a ring... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20110085688 - Hearing aid microphone protective barrier: Embodiments of the invention provide microphone assemblies for hearing aids which are resistant to moisture and debris. An embodiment provides a microphone assembly for a CIC hearing aid comprising a microphone housing including a housing surface having a microphone port, a fluidic barrier structure coupled to the housing surface, a... Agent: Insound Medical, Inc.

20110085689 - Inverted balloon system and inflation management system: At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a pressure management system for an earpiece comprising: a first valve, where the first valve allows air to pass from a first side of the valve to a second side more readily than from the second side to the first side an... Agent: Personics Holdings Inc.

20110085690 - Speaker: A cone speaker that outputs audio by transmitting to a truncated cone, the movements of a voice coil driven when an audio current is transmitted through a voice coil placed inside a magnetic circuit formed in a space that surrounds a pole piece. Inside a space between the back surface... Agent: Genus Audio Corp.

20110085692 - Dual compression drivers and phasing plugs for compression drivers: A phasing plug includes a base portion including an input side, an output side, a plurality of entrances on the input side, a plurality of exits on the output side arranged about a central axis, and a plurality of channels fluidly interconnecting the entrances with the respective exits. Each corresponding... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110085691 - Loudspeaker with acoustic speaker lens: For a loudspeaker with a cabinet and a driver cone, an acoustic speaker lens may be positioned on the driver cone. The acoustic speaker lens may include a center post and a plurality of ribs extending radially outward from the center post. The acoustic speaker lens may reduce turbulence in... Agent: Virtual Dynamics

20110085693 - Headset: The invention relates to a headset having a loudspeaker housing and a microphone which are interconnected by a microphone boom arm, whereby the boom arm comprises two opposed spaced apart arm parts whereby a name tag display is seatable between the arm parts and whereby retaining tongue and grove pairs... Agent:

20110085694 - Ultra-thin speaker: An ultra-thin speaker includes a metal upper casing, and a metal lower casing corresponding to the metal upper casing and capable of covering a vibrating membrane, a support frame, a magnet and a yoke between two corresponding internal surfaces of the metal upper and lower casings and forming a contact... Agent: Fortune Grand Technology Inc.

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110081022 - Audio jack with emi shielding: An audio jack for an audio plug for use in an electrical device, comprising a non-conductive enclosure having a front side and defining a cavity having an aperture within the front side for receiving the audio plug, the aperture having a first diameter, the cavity extending along a longitudinal axis;... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110081023 - Real-time sound propagation for dynamic sources: Described herein are techniques pertaining to real-time propagation of an arbitrary audio signal in a fixed virtual environment with dynamic audio sources and receivers. A wave-based numerical simulator is configured to compute response signals in the virtual environment with respect to a sample signal at various source and receiver locations.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110081024 - System for spatial extraction of audio signals: A sound processing system receives an audio input signal that includes at least two different input channels of audio content. The sound processing system dissects the audio input signal to separate sources of audible sound included in the audio input signal into sound source vectors. Separation of the sources of... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110081025 - Efficient filter for artificial ambience: A circuit, method, and system for producing artificial ambience effect for an input audio signal, mono, stereo, or surround. The ambience effect enhances artificial reverberation, replaces artificial reverberation, or synthesizes extra audio channels, such as surround channels. The circuit may include a transient reduction module and a reverberation filter. The... Agent: Waves Audio Ltd.

20110081026 - Suppressing noise in an audio signal: An electronic device for suppressing noise in an audio signal is described. The electronic device includes a processor and instructions stored in memory. The electronic device receives an input audio signal and computes an overall noise estimate based on a stationary noise estimate, a non-stationary noise estimate and an excess... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110081029 - Acoustic processing device: There is provided an acoustic processing device capable of applying acoustic processing matching listener's sense to reproduce an audio signal with satisfactory sound quality in terms of auditory sense irrespective of the characteristics of a sound source. The acoustic processing device (1) includes a gain calculation section (5) that calculates... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20110081028 - Addressable amplified speaker assembly and method for addressing the same: Addressable amplified speakers assembly, and method for addressing the same, suitable for any permanent or temporary public address paging application. Amplified speakers assembly may incorporate VHF and UHF radios to provide wireless, one-way paging from a few feet to many miles away. These speakers can be added to any existing... Agent: Parent Application Assigned To Hubbell Incorporated

20110081027 - Audio repair methods and apparatus: An audio recording may be repaired by implementing a processor to process the harmonic signal content of the audio recording; calculating a difference signal from the harmonic signal content by subtracting a predicted harmonic signal from a detected harmonic signal, the predicted harmonic signal being obtainable by a predictor means... Agent: Sonnox Ltd.

20110081030 - Personal transmitter for a microphone: The personal transmitter also includes an amplifying unit disposed in the case and coupled to the limiting unit for receiving and amplifying an output of the limiting unit. The personal transmitter further includes a transmitter unit disposed in the case and coupled to the amplifying unit for receiving and wirelessly... Agent:

20110081031 - Intraoral appliance for sound transmission via bone conduction: An intra-oral appliance for transmitting sound via bone conduction and optimized for comfort, safety, speech intelligibility, eating and drinking and extended wear by the user including an actuator to provide bone conduction sound transmission; a transceiver coupled to the actuator to cause the actuator to generate sound; and a first... Agent: Sonitus Medical, Inc.

20110081032 - Multichannel audio system having audio channel compensation: A multichannel compensating audio system includes first and second compensation channels to psychoacoustically minimize deviations in a target response, to psychoacoustically move the physical position of a speaker and/or to psychoacoustically provide a substantially equal magnitude of sound from a plurality of speakers in a plurality of different listening positions.... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110081033 - Method for adjusting an audio transducing processor: An audio transducing processor can be adjusted under conditions based on the subjectivity of an actual wearer and can improve the wearer's comfort. A method for adjusting an audio transducing processor provided with a cochlear implant for augmenting audition by giving audio information as stimulus pulses to a cochlea of... Agent: Hamamatsu Foundation For Science And Technology Promotion

20110081034 - Earphone device with bass adjusting function: An earphone device with a bass adjusting function is provided. The earphone device includes an accommodating portion and an extension segment. The accommodating portion has an inner chamber for accommodating a speaker. The extension segment which is hollow-shaped and has a first space and a second space therein, and the... Agent:

20110081035 - Miniaturized receiver assembly for in-ear noise-isolating earphones: An in-ear device comprises inter alia a miniaturized receiver assembly of sandwich construction with a front plate and a back plate and an electro-dynamic receiver therebetween, the assembly providing a bass-reflex design with a front resonator.... Agent:

20110081036 - Ballistic headset: A ballistic headset comprises an ear cup that includes a shell made of a ballistic material. The shell may include one or more layers of the ballistic material, and a wire mesh sandwiched between two of the layers. The ear cup includes a cavity that houses one or more speakers... Agent:

20110081037 - Earphone device having biological information measuring apparatus: An earphone device having a biological information measuring apparatus, structured to facilitate insertion into a user's ear or to absorb vibration generated by external movement before or after the insertion. To this end, the earphone device includes a speaker portion, a sensor housing rotatably coupled with the speaker portion, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110081038 - Loudspeaker system: An aircraft seat integrating a loudspeaker system for creating an isolated sound stage designed to prevent egress from one aircraft seating area to another aircraft seating area includes a seat body having a horizontally oriented seat bottom and a seat back secured thereto. The seat back includes an upper end... Agent:

20110081039 - Magnetic speaker grill: A speaker assembly having a removable grill. The grill includes a perforated portion circumscribed by a flange. The flange has one or magnets disposed around an outer periphery of the flange. The speaker body has corresponding slugs disposed so as to align with the magnets of the grill upon assembly.... Agent: Ksc Industries, Inc.

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