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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150146455 - Current control for dc-dc converters: A DC-DC converter having a primary side comprising at least three actively switched primary voltage bridges with several active switches for converting a DC input voltage into primary alternating voltages for each of the primary voltage bridges, and having a secondary side comprising at least three actively switched secondary voltage... Agent: Rheinisch-westf&#xc4 Lisch-technische-hochschule Aachan

20150146456 - Power conversion apparatus and power conversion method: A power conversion apparatus includes a primary side circuit having a primary side port; a secondary side circuit having a secondary side port; and a control unit that derives a control constant suitable for a feedback value according to a relationship rule between the feedback value and the control constant,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150146457 - Synchronous rectifier controller: Consistent with an example embodiment, a synchronous rectifier controller for a switched mode power supply comprises a transformer with a secondary side winding and a synchronous rectifier transistor with a gate, a source and a drain; the source and drain provide a conduction channel coupled to the secondary side winding.... Agent:

20150146458 - System and method for switched mode power supply: In accordance with an embodiment, a power supply controller includes a current controller configured to control an input current of a power supply. The current controller includes a first feed forward controller having an input configured to be coupled to a first power supply signal, and an output coupled to... Agent:

20150146459 - High-voltage protection circuit, high-voltage protection method and power supply: Disclosed are a high-voltage protection circuit, a high-voltage protection method and a power supply. The high voltage protection circuit comprises a main relay, an auxiliary relay, a first resistor, a second resistor, a first capacitor and a second capacitor, wherein one end of the main relay is connected to the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150146460 - Power factor correction apparatus with variable capacitance: A power factor correction apparatus (10) is applied to a power application system (20). The power application system (20) outputs a rectified power (202) to the power factor correction apparatus (10). The power factor correction apparatus (10) includes a detection unit (102), a control unit (104), a variable capacitance unit... Agent: Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20150146461 - Scr dimming circuit and dimming control method: A silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) dimming circuit and a dimming control method are disclosed. The SCR dimming circuit includes a SCR element, a rectifier circuit, a filter circuit, a power converter, and a dimming control circuit. The dimmer control circuit includes a phase angle detection circuit, an output current feedback control... Agent:

20150146462 - Current source power conversion apparatus and current source power conversion method: When first drive signals are driving signals for applying a short-circuit mode for turning on a plurality of switching elements of the same output phase, the current source power conversion apparatus according to one embodiment generates second drive signals for applying the short-circuit mode to an output phase having the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150146463 - Power supply for an inverter: To be able to maintain the power supply of an inverter which is supplied with power from a supply network even in the event of a power failure, it is proposed according to the invention that in the event of a power failure, the electric power for the power supply... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20150146464 - Ac/dc voltage transformer and method of operation therefor: A method for actuating an AC/DC voltage transformer is specified, which has a DC voltage output between which at least one series circuit of at least two capacitors and at least one series circuit of n switching elements is arranged, where n≧4. A connecting point of the switching elements is... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20150146465 - Load control device for high-efficiency loads: A two-wire load control device (such as, a dimmer switch) for controlling the amount of power delivered from an AC power source to an electrical load (such as, a high-efficiency lighting load) includes a thyristor coupled between the source and the load, a gate coupling circuit coupled between a first... Agent:

20150146466 - Active rectifier and circuit for compensating for reverse current leakage using time delay scheme for zero reverse leakage current: A method of compensating for reverse current leakage in an active rectifier may include advancing an output of a comparator by a predetermined period of time by applying a predetermined offset voltage to a reference voltage input to the comparator, and activating a switch based on the output of the... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

20150146467 - Two-phase interleaved converter and method of controlling the same: A two-phase interleaved converter includes two sub-circuits, a voltage controller, a current controller, a balancing controller and a phase shifter. The voltage controller receives the output voltage of the two sub-circuits and outputs a signal in proportion to the level of the output voltage. The current controller receives the output... Agent:

20150146468 - Gate driving device and inverter having the same: A gate driving device may include a plurality of inverter arms, respective inverter arms including a high-side switch and a low-side switch, a gate driving unit including a multi-channel gate driver that outputs control signals to control switching of the plurality of inverter arms, and a plurality of gate drivers,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

05/21/2015 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150138837 - Magnetic balanced converter with isolation barrier: A converter with at least one primary side having a first set of coils magnetically coupled to at least one secondary side having at least a second set of coils, wherein the primary side is electrically isolated from the secondary side by an isolation barrier, wherein one of the secondary... Agent: Pr Electronics A/s

20150138838 - Method and apparatus for offline switch mode power supply with dithered switching frequency: A circuit for use in a switched mode power supply comprising includes an integrated circuit, a transformer, a capacitor, a low voltage circuit and a current limiting resistor. The IC jitters the switching frequency of the switch based on a bias voltage of the integrated circuit. The IC also includes... Agent:

20150138839 - Forward converter with self-driven bjt synchronous rectifier: An AC-to-DC converter circuit includes DC-to-DC converter that in turn includes a secondary side circuit. The secondary side circuit includes a secondary winding, a pair of bipolar transistor-based self-driven synchronous rectifiers, a pair of current splitting inductors, and an output capacitor. Each of the synchronous rectifiers includes a bipolar transistor... Agent: Ixys Corporation

20150138841 - High efficiency dc/dc converter and controller: Systems, methods, and devices for use in a DC/DC converter. A circuit uses a full-bridge power semiconductor subcircuit along with a high power transformer subcircuit, a diode bridge subcircuit, and a parallel capacitor to provide galvanic isolation and boost the voltage from a power source such as a photovoltaic panel.... Agent:

20150138840 - Power conversion apparatus and power correction method: The power correction method corrects transmitted power, which is transmitted between a primary side circuit and a secondary side circuit which is connected to the primary side circuit via a reactor and magnetically coupled with the primary side circuit via a transformer and is adjusted according to a phase difference... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150138843 - Electric-power conversion device: A DC/DC conversion circuit is configured with a first power converter and a second power converter that are connected through an insulation transformer, and performs power transition bidirectionally between two DC-voltage sources. In the case of charging the DC-voltage source in the side where the second power converter is placed,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150138842 - Method for controlling a power source, and power source and process controller therefor: A method for controlling a power source is specified. The power source comprises a first converter (1) for converting an input voltage (UE) to an intermediate circuit voltage (UZK, UZK1), an intermediate circuit capacitor (2) and a second converter (3) for converting the intermediate circuit voltage (UZK, UZK1) to an... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20150138846 - Constant current control circuit for power converter and constant current control method thereof: A constant current control circuit includes a sample and hold unit coupled to a current sensing resistor of a power converter, for storing a current sensing voltage of the current sensing resistor; a first capacitor for storing a comparison voltage; a discharge unit coupled between the sample and hold unit... Agent:

20150138847 - Converter: A converter may include a transformer; a first circuit arrangement coupled to a first transformer side; a second circuit arrangement coupled to a second transformer side, wherein the second circuit arrangement is configured to provide an output voltage; a first coupler configured to provide information about the output voltage to... Agent:

20150138845 - Dc/dc converter, operation method thereof and electronic apparatus: A DC/DC converter includes: a transformer; a main MOS transistor connected in series between a primary side inductance of the transformer and a ground potential; a synchronous rectification MOS transistor connected in series between a secondary side inductance of the transformer and the ground potential; a refluxing MOS transistor connected... Agent:

20150138844 - Switched mode power supply with improved light load efficiency: A control circuit operable to control the switching of switching elements in a switched mode power supply. The control circuit comprises a switching control signal generator operable to generate control signals for switching the switching elements such that the switched mode power supply converts an input voltage (Vin) to an... Agent:

20150138848 - System and method to reduce the energy storage requirements of a cascaded converter system: A method and system for controlling a cascaded converter has an upstream converter and a downstream converter coupled in series. An energy storage element is provided between the two converters for providing constant energy and to respond to a load step in the load of the system. An upstream controller... Agent:

20150138850 - Power conversion circuit and method for controlling direct current-alternating current circuit: A power conversion circuit includes: an AC-DC circuit, a direct current-alternating current DC-AC circuit, and a first filter capacitor. The DC-AC circuit includes: a third bridge arm, a fourth bridge arm, a first inductor, a second inductor, a first switch transistor, and a second switch transistor, a second end of... Agent:

20150138849 - Pre-charging circuit of inverter: A pre-charging circuit of inverter is disclosed, the pre-charging circuit of inverter including a relay arranged between an output node of the rectifier and an input node of the DC-link capacitor, and a pre-charging resistor arranged between an output node of the rectifier and an input node of the inverter... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150138851 - Power supply apparatus: A PFC circuit generates substantially sinusoidal current that is in-phase with AC input voltage to compensate for a power factor. A DC-DC converter converts the voltage of a signal outputted from the PFC circuit to determined voltage. A current change detection section detects an amount of change in current outputted... Agent:

20150138852 - Overload limitation in peak power operation: An exemplary method for operating a converter to supply electrical power to a load includes controlling the converter for a provided overload time so that overload power is applied to the load, and controlling the converter for a provided resting time, so that resting power is applied to the load.... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150138853 - Under-voltage protection circuit for programmable power supplies: A control circuit of a power supply is provided. The power supply includes a current-sense circuit, a voltage-sense circuit, an output voltage regulation circuit, and a current regulation circuit. The current-sense circuit generates a current-sense signal in response to an output current of the power supply. The voltage-sense circuit generates... Agent:

20150138854 - Apparatus and method for detecting output phase deficiency in inverter: An apparatus and a method for detecting phase deficiency in an inverter is provided, the method including deciding whether a sector of the output current is a sector where current detection is possible based on switching operation status of the switching element in the inverter, maintaining a phase deficiency variable... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150138855 - Apparatus for controlling paralleled inverter: An apparatus for controlling paralleled inverter is disclosed. In the apparatus for controlling paralleled inverter, one synchronization signal is shaped by at least two inverters to respectively transmit a voltage command and an operation command.... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150138856 - Power factor correction autodetect: A power supply system includes an Offline Total Power Management Integrated Circuit (OTPMIC). The OTPMIC controls a Power Factor Correction (PFC) converter, a main AC/DC converter, and a standby AC/DC converter. A PFC Autodetect circuit in the OTPMIC monitors current flow in the PFC converter. If a high power condition... Agent: Active-semi, Inc.

20150138857 - Method for estimating power of a power converter: A controller for estimating a power of a power converter and method of estimating the same has been introduced herein. In one embodiment, the controller includes an analog/digital converter configured to provide samples of a rectified voltage waveform corresponding to a rectified sensed voltage of the power converter. The controller... Agent: Power Systems Technologies, Ltd.

20150138858 - Driving apparatus and electric power converter: A driving apparatus of the present disclosure includes a coil including a second terminal connected to a control terminal of a switching element, a charging switch connected between a first potential line and a first terminal of the coil, a clamp switch connected between the first potential line and the... Agent:

20150138859 - System and method for power conversion: A power conversion system is presented. The power conversion system includes a power converter. The power converter includes at least two circuits, where each of the at least two circuits includes two or more phase legs, where each of the two or more phase legs includes at least two semiconductor... Agent: General Electric Company

20150138860 - Electrical device for use with a multiway switch system: Electrical devices, methods of operating an electrical device for use with a multiway switch system, and methods for connecting an electrical device with a load device and a multiway switch system for controlling the load device are described. In one embodiment, an electrical device for use with a multiway switch... Agent:

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