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Electric power conversion systems

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01/22/2015 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150023062 - Switching power supply device: In a switching power supply device having low loss in synchronous rectifying switches, exhibiting high power efficiency, and not causing troubles by reverse current in the switches. A secondary control circuit includes a reference voltage circuit to generate a reference voltage having a predetermined potential, and an ON-timing detector circuit... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20150023063 - Resonant power converters using impedance control networks and related techniques: An impedance control resonant power converter (converter) operated at a fixed switching frequency includes an impedance control network (ICN) coupled between two or more inverters operated at a fixed duty ratio with a phase shift between them and one or more rectifiers. The phase shift is used to control output... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20150023064 - Method of forming a power supply controller and structure therefor: In one embodiment, a method of forming a power supply controller includes forming the power supply controller to receive an input signal that is representative of an ac signal, and forming the power supply controller to form an average value of an output current over a period of a drive... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20150023065 - Voltage generating apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same: Until an output voltage of a converter reaches a threshold value, a control part performs switching control, and after the output voltage reaches the threshold value, the control part performs supply voltage control while the state of a switching control signal at the time when the output voltage reaches the... Agent:

20150023066 - Control device of a switching power supply: A control section for a current resonant converter section controls a DC output voltage of a current resonant converter section to settle to a target voltage by varying a resonant period between predetermined two resonant periods based on an error signal between the DC output voltage and the target voltage.... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150023067 - Power-factor correction circuit: The present invention includes: a series circuit including a reactor and a switching element connected between the rectified-current output terminals of a rectifier; a series circuit including a diode and a smoothing capacitor for obtaining an output voltage, connected in parallel to the switching element; an error amplifier configured to... Agent:

20150023068 - Switching power supply apparatus: A switching power supply apparatus includes a voltage step-up converter that increases input voltage in response to turning on and off of a switching element, a transformer including a primary winding and a secondary winding and the primary winding of which is connected to the output of the voltage step-up... Agent:

20150023069 - Systems and methods for high precision and/or low loss regulation of output currents of power conversion systems: Systems and methods are provided for signal processing. An example error amplifier for processing a reference signal and an input signal associated with a current of a power conversion system includes a first operational amplifier, a second operational amplifier, a first transistor, a second transistor, a current mirror component, a... Agent: On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20150023070 - Ac/dc converter: A first rectified voltage obtained by rectifying an AC voltage is input to an input detection terminal of a control circuit. A first NMOS transistor configured as a depletion-type high-voltage element, and its drain is connected to the input detection terminal, and its gate is connected to its source. An... Agent:

20150023071 - Voltage converter circuit and voltage converter controller and parameter setting method therefor: A voltage converter circuit includes a voltage converter controller which generates a PWM signal to operate a power switch for voltage conversion. The voltage converter controller includes a sensing pin for sensing a current and the voltage converter controller receives a power supply. A parameter setting method for the voltage... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20150023072 - Start-up circuit and method for ac-dc converters: For starting-up a power converter, an AC rectified voltage is generated upon power-up of the power converter. A depletion mode transistor generates a first voltage from the rectified voltage. The first voltage is inputted to a controller of the power converter to provide power for operation of the controller before... Agent:

20150023073 - Power control device and image forming apparatus including the same: A power control device and an image forming apparatus including the same are disclosed. A power control device meets the need for low power consumption by minimizing standby power consumption in a plug-on state of an electronic apparatus, and meets the safety requirements by increasing a discharging rate of an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150023074 - Ac/dc electrical conversion device permitting energy recovery and management of dc-side short-circuits: An AC/DC electrical converter device having a source mode and a recovery mode, and for connection, on the AC side, to an AC voltage source and, on the DC side, to a DC power distribution network. It includes an AC/DC converter, a switching cell with two switches (K1, K2) that... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20150023075 - Inverter control apparatus and control method thereof: An apparatus and method for controlling an operation of an inverter are provided. In the inverter control apparatus, an operation signal input unit detects a current of each phase output from an inverter. An error detecting unit detects whether there is a fault of the inverter on the basis of... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150023076 - Power converter control device: A power converter control device includes an alarm signal generation circuit which detects information necessary for a protection operation of a semiconductor element configuring a power converter, and generates and externally outputs an alarm signal with a pulse width responding to a protection factor; a temperature signal generation circuit which... Agent:

20150023077 - Interleaved two-stage power factor correction system: Methods and systems are described for providing power factor correction for high-power loads using two interleaved power factor correction stages. Each power factor correction stage includes a controllable switch that is operated to control the phasing of each power factor correction stage. The phasing of output current from the second... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150023078 - Power dimmer: A control circuit varies the power of a load powered by an alternating voltage, comprising: a first thyristor and a first diode connected in antiparallel between first and second nodes, the cathode of the first diode being on the side of the first node; a second thyristor and a second... Agent:

20150023079 - Power supply device: In a power supply device, the bridge circuit including a plurality of switching arms which is an inverse-parallel circuit of a semiconductor switch and a diode. The power supply device includes a control unit. The control unit switches the semiconductor switch such that a voltage v between AC terminals becomes... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150023080 - Methods and apparatus for controlling power switches via a digital communication bus: Methods and apparatus are provided that can be used to control a set of power switches operating as a power converter. The method comprises providing a set of power switches and at least one switch driver, each power switch being operable to connect and disconnect one of a set of... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20150023081 - Power semiconductor module and power conversion device: A power semiconductor module capable of reducing variation of inductance between upper/lower arms and reducing variation of current caused by the variation of inductance. The power semiconductor module includes circuit blocks (upper/lower arms) each of which is configured by connecting self-arc-extinguishing type semiconductor elements in series; a positive electrode terminal,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150023082 - Semiconductor device and power conversion device using the same: In a semiconductor device such as a three-phase one-chip gate driver IC, HVNMOSs configuring two set and reset level shift circuits are disposed on non-opposed surfaces, and it is thereby possible to reduce the amount of electrons flowing into drains of HVNMOSs of another phase due to a negative voltage... Agent:

20150023083 - Power converter: In a filter capacitor including three capacitor elements including a first capacitor element at an end on one side in an electrical connection form and a second capacitor element at an end on the other side, a pair of direct-current terminals including a positive-electrode-side main terminal and a negative-electrode-side main... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150023084 - Semiconductor module: A semiconductor module includes a plurality of power semiconductor elements forming upper arms and lower arms of a plurality of sets of half bridge circuits; a plurality of control circuits on/off driving each power semiconductor element having a control terminal of the plurality of power semiconductor elements; and a power... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150016150 - Multi-phase converter: Disclosed is a multi-phase converter comprising a plurality of electric phases, each of which can be triggered by a switching means. At least one coupling means (100 to 106) is provided for coupling a phase to another phase, each phase having two windings.... Agent:

20150016151 - Bjt drive scheme: The invention generally relates to switch mode power converters (SMPCs). and methods for providing supplementary base drive to a bipolar transistor of an SMPC, and more particularly to a switching control circuit for a SMPC, a said SMPC having an inductive component coupled to receive power from an input to... Agent:

20150016152 - Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus: The power supply apparatus includes a transformer; a switching unit that causes two switching elements connected in series to drive the primary winding of the transformer; a detection unit that detects current flowing on the primary side of the transformer; a correction unit that corrects a detection result of the... Agent:

20150016153 - Pulse mode active clamping: An active clamp circuit includes a clamp capacitance and a clamp switch coupled in a circuit path, and a diode coupled across the clamp switch.... Agent:

20150016154 - Peak sample circuit for ac voltage and method thereof: A peak sample circuit for AC voltage, including: a rectifier coupled to receive an AC voltage and to rectify the AC voltage to generate a rectified signal; a delay circuit coupled to receive the rectified signal and to delay the rectified signal to generate a delayed rectified signal; a comparison... Agent:

20150016155 - Power supply apparatus: A power conversion circuit connected to a three phase alternating current line is controlled in a PWM system. To control an arm corresponding to each phase, first to third carrier wave signals are generated. The first to third carrier wave signals include two signals having phases, respectively, offset by 180... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150016156 - Composite ac-to-dc power converter with boosting capabilities: A boosting AC-to-DC converter may include a main rectifier, first and second auxiliary rectifiers, and an autotransformer. The autotransformer may include a plurality of winding assemblies each having a primary terminal connected to an AC power source, a main secondary terminal connected to the main rectifier, a first auxiliary secondary... Agent:

20150016157 - Constant switching frequency discontinuous current mode average output current control scheme: The constant switching frequency discontinuous current mode average output current control scheme is composed of a reference block, reference calculation block, state detecting block, error detector block, zero state detector, power driver block and internal clock. The reference block generates preset reference; The reference calculation block, based on the power... Agent:

20150016158 - Method for providing low voltage dc power from ac mains power: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a power supply system comprising an input line configured to receive input AC power, a first capacitor coupled to the input line, a second capacitor, a controller, a rectifier having an input coupled to the first capacitor and an output coupled... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150016159 - Multiphase power converter circuit and method: A multiphase power converter circuit includes at least two single phase power converter circuits. Each single phase power converter circuit includes at least one converter series circuit with a number of converter units. The converter series circuit is configured to output a series circuit output current. A synchronization circuit is... Agent:

20150016160 - Power converter: A power converter includes inverters, AC sides of the inverters being connected in parallel, and a controller configured to control total output power of the inverters by controlling output power of at least one of the inverters in a control cycle shorter than a shortest communication cycle which allows communication... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150016161 - Power converter: A power converter includes inverters, AC sides of the inverters being connected in parallel, a power command value determiner configured to determine a first power command value and a second power command value, the first power command value being lower than a proportional division power value obtained by proportionally dividing... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150016162 - Photovoltaic inverter with swinging line filter inductors: The invention is a high efficiency single-phase or poly-phase DC-to-AC power converter apparatus and power conversion method which includes a line filter inductor or line filter inductors to integrate or filter pulse modulated waveforms into substantially sinusoidal waveforms wherein (i) the line filter inductor or inductors have inductance values that... Agent: Renewable Power Conversion, Inc.

20150016163 - Detector and a voltage converter: A detector for detecting an occurrence of a current strength of interest of a current of a signal to be sensed includes a magnetoresistive structure and a detection unit. The magnetoresistive structure varies a resistance depending on a magnetic field caused by the current of the signal to be sensed.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20150016164 - High-voltage power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus: The high-voltage power supply apparatus includes an inductor to be applied with a voltage when a driving unit is driven by a drive signal at a predetermined frequency, a rectification unit connected to both ends of the inductor, the rectification unit including multiple capacitors and multiple diodes, a current detection... Agent:

20150016165 - Gated thyristor power device: An improved gated thyristor that utilizes less silicon area than IGBT, BIPOLARs or MOSFETs sized for the same application is provided. Embodiments of the inventive thyristor have a lower gate charge, and a lower forward drop for a given current density. Embodiments of the thyristor once triggered have a latch... Agent:

20150016166 - Line current reference generator: The invention generally relates to the field of power factor correction and specifically to generation of a reference waveform which is proportional to line voltage and is controllable in amplitude.... Agent:

20150016167 - Multilevel converter: A multilevel converter for performing a DC to AC or an AC to DC voltage conversion as provided. The multilevel converter has a first DC terminal and a second DC terminal, a first converter arm and a second converter arm, wherein each converter arm comprises at least one converter cell,... Agent:

20150016168 - Highly stable maximum power point tracking for bipolar photovoltaic inverters: The invention is a method of tracking the overall maximum power point of a grounded bipolar photovoltaic array by tracking and regulating the voltage of the weaker of the two monopolar subarrays at any instant in time. The transfer between subarrays being tracked for the maximum power point is seamless... Agent: Renewable Power Conversion, Inc.

20150016170 - Method for controlling a multiphase converter: A method for controlling a polyphase inverter that includes a number of half bridges connected into an intermediate voltage circuit and center taps between switching elements. By cyclically switching the switching elements, the respective center taps of the half bridges are connected to an upper intermediate circuit rail or to... Agent: Diehl Ako Stiftung & Co. Kg

20150016169 - Multilevel inverters and their components: A multilevel inverter includes a first half bridge in series with a second half bridge, each comprising a switch having a channel. The switch is configured to block a substantial voltage in a first direction during a first mode of operation, to conduct substantial current through the channel in the... Agent:

20150016171 - Traction converter and railway vehicle: The present invention equalizes the temperatures of semiconductor elements and efficiently cools the semiconductor elements in a lightweight device configuration, by optimally combining the configurations of heat radiation fins in accordance with the configuration of the semiconductor elements. A traction converter includes plural semiconductor elements included in a traction converting... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150009716 - Power conversion device and method for driving same: An electric power conversion device includes a primary circuit having a resonance inductor, a switch unit, and a primary winding of a transformer. A secondary circuit supplies an electric power to primary winding of transformer to supply an energy generated on secondary winding to a load. Switch unit includes first... Agent:

20150009717 - Switching power supply: A switching power supply of certain aspects of the invention includes a minimum dead time generating circuit that generates a minimum dead time from an OFF timing of an ON pulse detected from the voltage across an auxiliary winding of the transformer by a differentiating circuit. An ON width-determining means... Agent:

20150009718 - Method and apparatus for extending zero-voltage switching range in a dc to dc converter: Method and apparatus for extending a zero voltage switching (ZVS) range during power conversion. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a DC/DC converter, operated in a quasi-resonant mode, comprising a transformer; a primary switch, coupled to a primary winding of the transformer, for controlling current flow through the primary winding;... Agent:

20150009715 - Power saving current measuring apparatus and power converter using same: Disclosed is a power saving current measuring apparatus which includes a sensing resistor; a switch that is connected to the sensing resistor in parallel; a controller that controls on and off operations of the switch; and a current measuring unit that measures current flowing in the sensing resistor, wherein when... Agent:

20150009719 - Soft-start switching power converting apparatus: A switching power converting apparatus includes a voltage conversion module, a detecting unit, and a switching signal generating unit. The voltage conversion module converts an input voltage into an output voltage associated with a secondary side current, which flows through a secondary winding of a transformer and is generated based... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20150009720 - Method and apparatus for controlling the maximum output power of a power converter: An example control circuit for use in a power converter includes an input voltage sensor, a current sensor, and a drive signal generator. The input voltage sensor generates a first signal representative of an input voltage (Vin) of the power converter. The current sensor generates a second signal representative of... Agent:

20150009722 - Power supply: Provided is regulation of a line current. The regulation of the line current includes comparing a reference voltage with a line sensing voltage to generate a feedback voltage, and controlling a switching operation of a power switch using the feedback voltage. The reference voltage may be a voltage having a... Agent:

20150009721 - Voltage converter controller and voltage converter circuit: A voltage converter controller and a voltage converter circuit, either of which includes a voltage-drop compensating circuit for compensating a voltage drop between an output voltage and a load. The voltage-drop compensating circuit includes a trans-conductance stage and a squarer. The trans-conductance stage outputs a compensating sink current to a... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150009723 - Power conversion circuit: A diode bridge has a pair of input ends to which an alternating current is inputted from an AC power supply, and a pair of output ends which output a direct current. A boost chopper circuit is connected to the pair of output ends, and sets up a DC voltage... Agent:

20150009725 - Power conversion circuit: A converter to which an alternating current is inputted from an AC power supply rectifies the alternating current to output it to a DC link. An inverter is connected through the DC link to the converter and converts a direct current into an alternating current to output it to a... Agent:

20150009724 - Solar power conditioning unit: The present invention relates to a power conditioning unit for delivering power from a dc power source to an ac output, particularly ac voltages greater than 50 volts, either for connecting directly to a grid utility supply, or for powering mains devices independent from the mains utility supply. We describe... Agent:

20150009726 - Ground scheme identification method: The present techniques include methods and systems for detecting the grounding condition of an electrical system to automatically determine a suitable electrical drive configuration. The drive includes a test resistor which may be connected or disconnected from the drive to measure different drive voltages. The measured drive voltages are analyzed... Agent:

20150009727 - Power converter with low common mode noise: The present invention relates to a power converter with low common mode noise, at least comprising: a ground terminal, a power converting unit, a capacitor unit of common DC bus, a filtering capacitor unit, a filtering inductor unit, and a compensation unit. In the present invention, a filtering inductor unit... Agent:

20150009728 - Dc power supply circuit: In a DC power supply circuit, a first period and a second period are alternately repeated a plurality of times during each half cycle of AC supplied to the DC power supply circuit. The first period is a period during which current flows along a first current path extending from... Agent:

20150009729 - Circuit having a fault protecting function: A circuit includes a switching module, a control module, and a driving module. The driving module is electrically coupled between the control module and the switching module for generating a driving signal. The driving module includes a normal driving unit and a fault protection unit. The normal driving unit is... Agent:

20150009730 - Control of an inductive load with temperature-sensitive current reduction mechanism: The control of an inductive load is implemented by a control strategy to generate a control signal for a switching element on the basis of a setpoint datum, with a mechanism defining a maximum permitted value (Imax) of the current in the load as a function of the temperature at... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150009731 - Multilevel inverter: The present disclosure proposes an input power of each unit power cell of a cascaded H-bridge inverter that is mutually insulated. To this end, the present disclosure includes a phase shift transformer configured to output a voltage of predetermined phase by receiving an AC input power having a fixed frequency,... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150009732 - Control unit for an inverter loaded by a resonant load network: An inverter may include at least two switching means for feeding a series oscillator circuit from a source, wherein a control device of the inverter controls the switching means in such a way that: in a first mode A, the inverter feeds the oscillator circuit via the switching means from... Agent:

20150009733 - Power supply system and power source apparatus: A power supply system that comprises an electrical storage device; a power conversion circuit configured to convert a power from the electrical storage device into converted DC power; and a power control unit configured to receive the converted DC power and output AC power. The converted DC power is controlled... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150009734 - Electrical circuit and method for operation thereof: A method for the operation of an electrical circuit taking the form of a multi-level half-bridge (MLHB), and a multi-level half-bridge designed for implementation of the method, comprising two connections to which a bridge voltage is applied and which are connected via two symmetrical branches meeting at a central connection,... Agent:

20150009735 - Transferring electrical power for subsea applications: A method for transferring electrical power in the sea includes generating AC power, guiding, at least partially underwater, the AC power through a cable from a first end of the cable to a second end of the cable, and changing a frequency of the AC power guided through the cable... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 23 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150003114 - Boost type direct current output control circuit device controlled by subpower: The present invention is to utilize the partial electric energy of a direct current power source for being converted through an electric control unit (ECU101) into alternating polarity electric energy or ripple electric energy, and through a full wave rectifier for generating a direct current auxiliary power source, so as... Agent:

20150003116 - Control of transformer flux density in an isolated switched mode power supply: A control circuit generates a control signal to control a duty cycle of a switched mode power supply such that the magnetic flux density in the transformer is balanced, thereby preventing saturation of the transformer core. This permits the use of unsymmetrical duty cycles within the switch cycle. The control... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150003115 - Power-packet-switching converter with sequenced connection to link inductor: Methods and systems for managing link voltages in a power converter, where single phase, three phase or universal systems can be used. Common mode management refers to shifting of voltages in a particular direction to perform transition between input and output ports, in addition to maintaining soft switching property. Voltages... Agent: Ideal Power, Inc.

20150003117 - Method of controlling a switching converter in burst mode and related controller for a switching converter: A method of controlling a switching converter and a related controller suitable for the switching converter allow to implement a burst-mode functioning without generating acoustic noise and with a relevantly reduced ripple of the regulated DC voltage or current provided in output to a supplied load. The method includes sensing... Agent:

20150003118 - Start-up circuit, switch control circuit having the start-up circuit and power supply device having the switch control circuit: A start-up circuit includes a first zener diode and a second zener diode coupled to each other, a first switch configured to perform a switching operation according to at least one of a first zener voltage of the first zener diode and a second zener voltage of the second zener... Agent:

20150003119 - Current limit module and control module for power converters and associated method: A power converter having a current limit module and a method for controlling the power converter. The power converter converts an input voltage to an output voltage based at least on driving a main switch to switch on and off and regulates the output voltage through regulating a duty cycle... Agent:

20150003120 - Systems and methods for zero voltage switching in power conversion systems: System and method for regulating a power converter. A system for regulating a power converter includes a controller, a first switch, and a second switch. The controller is configured to generate a first switching signal and a second switching signal. The first switch is configured to receive the first switching... Agent:

20150003121 - Control circuit for active-clamp flyback power converter with programmable switching period: A method for controlling an active-clamp flyback power converter is provided. The method includes comprises: generating a switching signal in response to a feedback signal for switching a low-side transistor and regulating an output of the active-clamp flyback power converter; generating an active-clamp signal after the switching signal is disabled;... Agent:

20150003122 - Power converter for reducing standby power consumption: There is provided a power converter for reducing standby power consumption. The power converter includes a rectifier configured to rectify AC power into DC power, a transformer configured to output power by converting a voltage of DC power rectified by the rectifier, a PWM control module configured to control an... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150003123 - Power supply device sensing ac-off state: There is provided a power supply device sensing an AC-off state. The power supply device includes a rectifier configured to rectify AC power into DC power, a transformer configured to supply output voltage by converting voltage of the DC power rectified by the rectifier, and a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150003124 - High-frequency current reduction device: In a system line for supplying power from an AC power source to a load through a converter and an inverter, a noise reduction unit is connected to a single connection line between the AC power source and the converter. In the noise reduction unit, a current transformer detects a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150003125 - Power supply having surge protection circuit: There is provided a power supply having a surge protection circuit for protecting a product from a power surge by way of efficiently discharging a surge voltage or a surge current introduced through AC input power terminals to be applied to the product during the use of the product. The... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150003127 - Multilevel power conversion circuit: A multilevel power conversion circuit using a flying capacitor(s) can include two bidirectional switches connected in series between a middle potential terminal of DC power supplies and a conversion circuit using semiconductor switches. Gate driving circuits for the bidirectional switches are provided with a short-circuit fault detecting circuit for detecting... Agent:

20150003126 - Power supply device: There is provided a power supply device having a primary side on which a primary winding of a transformer is located and a secondary side on which a secondary winding of the transformer is located, and supplying power to a load, the device including: a photo coupler transmitting load short-circuit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150003128 - Rectifying apparatus: A rectifying apparatus (power receiving apparatus) 100 is configured to receive electric power output from the power transmitting apparatus 101. The rectifying apparatus 100 is mobile equipment, such as a battery, a smartphone incorporating a battery and a tablet PC, or equipment for a battery charger connected to the equipment.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150003129 - Control device for a power converter circuit: In DC/DC converter circuit, the peak value of the reactor current is found based on output voltage and an input voltage, thereby, the operation with the predetermined electric current mode is thereby enabled. The AC/DC converter circuit is run with a predetermined current mode, the power factor improvement is accomplished.... Agent:

20150003130 - Offline power supply: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a power supply system comprising an input line configured to receive input AC power, a rectifier having an input coupled to the input line and an output, a switch having a first end coupled to the output of the rectifier and... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150003131 - Absorptive rf rectifier circuit: A radio frequency rectifier circuit may include a resistive termination to circuit ground, a plurality of inductors, and at least a first pair of rectifier components. The plurality of inductors may be connected electrically in series between an input node for receiving an input RF signal and the resistive termination.... Agent:

20150003133 - Drive circuit of semiconductor switching element and power conversion circuit using the same: Ringing is securely reduced in a case where a Schottky barrier diode of a wide-gap semiconductor is applied to a power conversion circuit. A gate voltage increasing circuit 11a is included. In a period since a gate voltage of a semiconductor switching element in one of upper and lower arms... Agent: Hitach, Ltd.

20150003132 - Inverter with less snubber capacitors: An electrical inverter 18 for transforming an DC current into an AC current comprises at least one half-bridge 54. The half bridge 54 comprises at least two series connected semiconductor switches 58a, 58b, 58c, 58d inter-connecting an input terminal 54, 56 with an output terminal 50 of the inverter 18.... Agent:

20150003134 - Modular multilevel converter using asymmetry: A power electronic converter assembly is provided having a multi-level converter, a plurality of phase elements and a controller to switch the multi-level converter. The multi-level converter includes a plurality of AC terminals and is operable to generate an AC phase voltage (VA, VB, VC) at each AC terminal. The... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150003135 - Direct current to alternating current converter circuit: A direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) converter circuit without magnetic components includes a controller, a first DC power supply, a second DC power supply, a first electronic switch, a second electronic switch, a first output terminal, and a second output terminal. The controller controls the first electronic switch... Agent:

20150003136 - Matrix converter: A matrix converter according to an embodiment includes a voltage command corrector and a drive signal generator. The voltage command corrector corrects the magnitude of an output voltage command on the basis of amplitude variations of an input current from an AC power supply to a power converter, the amplitude... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

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