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Electric power conversion systems

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04/16/2015 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150103561 - Apparatus and method for multiple primary bridge resonant converters: A converter comprises an input stage coupled to a power source, wherein the input stage comprises a plurality of power switches, a first resonant tank coupled to the input stage, wherein the first resonant tank is of a first Q value, a second resonant tank coupled to the input stage,... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20150103563 - Automatic timing adjustment for synchronous rectifier circuit: A circuit includes a conduction detector configured to monitor conduction of a body diode of a synchronous rectifier switch relative to a predetermined threshold and to generate a detector output that indicates conduction or non-conduction of the body diode. A window analyzer is configured to generate a timing signal to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150103562 - Switching power supply with a resonant converter and method controlling the same: A switching power supply with a resonant converter has an AC to DC converter and a DC to DC converter. The AC to DC converter converts an inputted AC power into a DC power. The DC to DC converter has a resonant converter determining a current operating state according to... Agent: Acbel Polytech Inc.

20150103564 - Parallel resonant converter and control method thereof: A parallel resonant converter including a control circuit and at least two resonant conversion circuits connected in parallel between an input bus and an output bus is provided by the invention. The control circuit is configured to provide a switching frequency signal to the at least two resonant conversion circuits.... Agent:

20150103565 - Dc-to-dc converter: A direct current to direct current converter includes: a transformer configured to vary a direct-current voltage applied to a first side and output the varied direct-current voltage to a second side; a switch configured to periodically switch the voltage applied to the first side of the transformer; a load-current detecting... Agent:

20150103566 - Systems and methods of ccm primary-side regulation: Example embodiments of the systems and methods of CCM primary-side regulation disclosed herein subtract an estimate of the secondary IR drop from each output voltage sample. This allows a fixed sample instant to be set (with regard to the beginning of the off or flyback interval), and removes the need... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150103567 - Isolated switching converter with secondary side modulation and control method: A controller of an isolated switching converter includes an error amplifying circuit, a modulation signal generator, a first comparison circuit, a primary off detection circuit, a secondary logic circuit, an isolation circuit and a primary logic circuit. The error amplifying circuit generates a compensation signal based on the difference between... Agent:

20150103568 - Generating a control signal based on leading edge dimming detection for maintaining input current of a power converter: A power converter includes an energy transfer element, a power switch, a controller and a leading edge dimming detection circuit. The controller is coupled to control switching of the power switch to regulate the output of the power converter by controlling a transfer of energy through the energy transfer element.... Agent:

20150103569 - High efficient isolated switching converter and control method thereof: An isolated switching converter includes a transformer having a primary winding, a secondary winding and an auxiliary winding, a primary switch coupled to the primary winding, a secondary switch coupled to the secondary winding, and a feedback circuit coupled to the auxiliary winding to generate a feedback signal indicative of... Agent:

20150103570 - Circuit configuration and system of capacitors: A circuit configuration and system of capacitors for a converter having a filter system, the circuit configuration including a converter, which has an alternating voltage connection, especially for a multiphase input- or output-side alternating voltage source, and a unipolar connection on the input or output side, especially a direct voltage... Agent:

20150103571 - Voltage conversion device and method for adjusting common mode noise impedance: The present invention provides a voltage conversion device and a method for adjusting common mode noise impedance, which relates to the circuit field, and enables a common mode impedance value of a noise source and an impedance value of an EMI filter to enter a mismatch state, so as to... Agent:

20150103572 - Inverting apparatus and control method thereof: An inverting apparatus and a control method thereof are disclosed herein. The inverting apparatus includes an inverter. The inverter is configured to convert electrical energy to an output current so as to generate an output terminal voltage. When the output current increases, the output terminal voltage increases correspondingly. The inverter... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20150103573 - Power converter system, damping system, and method of operating a power converter system: A power converter system includes a converter configured to be coupled to a power generation unit for receiving current from the power generation unit. A bus is coupled to the converter, and energy is stored within the bus when the current is conducted through the power converter system. A damping... Agent: General Electric Company

20150103574 - Poly-phase inverter with independent phase control: A converter system and inverter system are disclosed with individual real and reactive power control for each phase of a poly-phase system. The converter system includes a controller, bidirectional single-phase inverters with AC sides coupled to an AC line filter and DC sides connected in parallel to a link capacitor... Agent:

20150103575 - Solar photovoltaic power conversion system and method of operating the same: A solar photovoltaic power conversion system is provided to convert a DC input voltage into an AC output voltage, which mainly includes an input capacitor bank, a first switching circuit, a second switching circuit, a first filtering circuit, a second filtering circuit, and a control circuit. The first switching circuit... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

04/09/2015 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150098251 - Arc fault protection for power conversion: An apparatus and system for arc fault protection during power conversion. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a power converter comprising a first and a second pair of DC input terminals, coupled in series, for coupling to a first and a second DC source, respectively; an input bridge; an inductor;... Agent:

20150098250 - Method of controlling phase-shift full-bridge converter in light load operation: A method of controlling a phase-shift full-bridge (PSFB) converter in a light load operation is provided to switch control modes of the PSFB converter by detecting magnetizing current of a transformer thereof. The method includes following steps: First, the PSFB converter is operated in an extended PSFB control mode when... Agent: Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20150098252 - Method and apparatus for transferring electrical power by means of capacitive coupling: A method and an apparatus for transferring electric power to an electrical load (105); the method comprising steps of: converting a direct electric current into an electric tension wave, applying the electric tension wave in inlet to at least a couple of electric capacitors (125, 130); supplying the electrical load... Agent:

20150098253 - Power supply apparatus: A second control circuit is configured to switch a pulse signal to a level which turns off a second switching transistor when a coil current that flows through a primary winding reaches a predetermined threshold current. The second control circuit is configured to start a switching operation when a power... Agent:

20150098254 - Controller for use with a power converter and method of operating the same: A controller for use with a power converter and method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the controller includes a gate drive terminal configured to provide a gate drive signal to enable conductivity of a power switch during a first portion of a switching interval and to disable conductivity... Agent: Power Systems Technologies Ltd.

20150098255 - Insulation type switching power source apparatus: A power source apparatus comprises: a transformer that insulates a primary system and a secondary system and uses primary/secondary windings to transform an input voltage into an output voltage; a switching control device that is disposed in the primary system to drive the primary winding, and an output monitor device... Agent:

20150098256 - Controller for adjusting an output voltage of a power converter and related method thereof: A controller for adjusting an output voltage of a power converter includes a gate control signal generation circuit, a feedback signal detection module, and a reference voltage generation module. The gate control signal generation circuit generates a gate control signal to a power switch of a primary side of the... Agent:

20150098258 - Converter circuit: A converter circuit with short-circuit protection can include a plurality of phase legs having a series connection of normally-on switches, between voltage rails of a DC voltage link, a DC link capacitor, and AC voltage connection points between the normally-on switches. A phase-to-phase short-circuit protection circuit includes a parallel connection... Agent: Abb Oy

20150098257 - Multifunction power converter with option for integrated magnetics: Power converter modules and parallel conversion systems are presented in which the modules are provided in a rollable enclosure having AC and DC electrical connections, and an interior including a switching circuit with switching devices individually connected between a corresponding AC node and a corresponding DC node for operation as... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150098259 - Power converter, method of power conversion, and switching device: A power converter including at least one switching device is presented. The power converter is configured to convert an input parameter to an output parameter by periodically activating and deactivating the switching device. The switching device includes: (i) a chamber including an ionizable gas; (ii) a cathode and an anode... Agent: General Electric Company

04/02/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150092450 - Commutation current steering method in a zero volt switching power converter using a synchronous rectifier: A commutation current steering method is provided for a power converter having an isolation transformer, a plurality of primary ZVS switches, a plurality of secondary switches for synchronous rectification, and a boosting resonant circuit. A commutation current is shared between all of the switches, and a resonance is induced in... Agent:

20150092452 - Dc-dc converter: Provided is a vehicle which enables a highly-efficient DC-DC converter and a highly-efficient power supply to a load, regardless of a power supply amount of to the load. When the power supply amount to a load R1 is a predetermined value or more, a control means 5 implements a first... Agent:

20150092451 - Power converters: A power converter for converting input power to output power includes a first transformer circuit, a second transformer circuit, and balance circuitry. The first transformer circuit includes a first primary winding for receiving a first part of the input power and a first secondary winding for generating a first part... Agent:

20150092453 - Current resonance type power supply device: The present invention includes: a series circuit formed of a reactor Lr, a primary winding P of a transformer T, and a capacitor C2; a full-wave rectifier/smoothing circuit D1, D2, C3 configured to perform full-wave rectification and smoothing on a voltage generated in a secondary winding S of the transformer... Agent:

20150092454 - Interleaved forward converter with wide input and output dynamic range: An interleaved forward voltage converter having a first inverter stage has a first transformer having a first secondary winding coupled to a filter inductor. A second converter stage has a second transformer having a second secondary winding coupled to the filter inductor. A diode is coupled between the first and... Agent:

20150092455 - Integrated magnetic circuit and method of reducing magnetic density by shifting phase: Disclosed herein are an AC-DC converter in which an inductor of boost PFC and a flyback transformer are integrated in one and a method of preventing a magnetic density from being saturated by shifting a phase. The integrated magnetic circuit according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes:... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150092456 - Method for sensing output current of fly-back converter: wherein k is a predictable constant. By the method, a user just need to sense the voltage US of the switching node of the fly-back converter, and then the output current Iout of the fly-back converter is obtained by the formula without using a sensing resistor to sense any current... Agent: Leader Electronics Inc.

20150092458 - Two-stage ac-dc power converter with buck pfc and improved thd: A two-stage AC-DC power converter for powering a load at a substantially constant current, and related methods and systems. The first or front end stage of the AC-DC power converter includes a buck topology power factor correction (PFC) circuit and a PFC controller. The second stage of the AC-DC power... Agent: General Electric Company

20150092457 - Voltage converter: Embodiments of the present invention describe a voltage converter and a method for operating the voltage converter. In one embodiment the voltage converter includes a primary path configured to generate a pulse modulated voltage or current from an input direct current (DC) voltage, a transformer arrangement with m≧1 primary windings... Agent:

20150092459 - Filter apparatus, a method for filtering harmonics in an electrical power transmission or distribution system, and such a system: A filter apparatus includes at least one filter, each filter being tunable and including at least one capacitor arrangement. The capacitor arrangement includes a plurality of first capacitors, a plurality of second capacitors, and a plurality of switches. Each switch is switchable between a non-conducting mode and a conducting mode.... Agent: Abb Technology Ltd

20150092460 - Method and apparatus for detecting afe filter capacitor degradation: Methods and systems are disclosed for detecting capacitor degradation in an input filter of an active front end power conversion system in which voltage and current sensing is performed to determine sequence component impedance asymmetry to detect filter capacitor degradation according to the value of an off-axis admittance matrix component... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150092461 - Control of a dc-ac inverter with unbalanced loading: A three phase inverter consisting of three single phase legs using either switch mode or linear control is fed by a DC-DC converter to provide input output isolation. This requires that the DC-DC converter delivers equal positive and negative voltages to the single phase legs to allow each output to... Agent:

20150092462 - Control circuit and control method for inverter circuit, and control circuit and control method for power conversion circuit: A control circuit controls the inverter circuit in one of the non-master-slave inverters connected in parallel in a power system. The control circuit includes: a target parameter controller for generating a compensation value for adjusting a target parameter to the target value; a cooperative correction value generator for generating a... Agent:

20150092463 - Power supply apparatus: Embodiments of the invention provide a power supply apparatus, including an AC/DC rectifying unit converting an AC voltage into a DC voltage, a power factor correction unit correcting a power factor of the DC voltage, and a DC/DC conversion unit converting the DC voltage having the corrected power factor into... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150092464 - Power control device: In a case where an instruction to change the power control device into the self-sustaining operation state is accepted, the inverter is connected with the loads by the disconnection relay and the self-sustaining operation is started when voltage to be applied to a wiring portion between the disconnection relay and... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20150092465 - Josephson ac/dc converter systems and method: One embodiment describes an AC/DC converter system. The system includes a flux-shuttle loop that is inductively coupled with an AC input signal. The system also includes a plurality of Josephson junctions spaced about the flux shuttle loop that are configured to sequentially trigger in response to the AC input signal... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150092466 - System and method for converting a signal while maintaining electrical isolation: A detection circuit for converting a control signal while maintaining electrical isolation between a first ground and a second ground. The detection circuit includes a first input configured to receive the control signal; a gate signal input configured to receive a gate signal; a transformer; an isolator; a rectifier; and... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20150092467 - Driver circuit for a pair of semiconductor switches in a leg of a three-level inverter half-bridge: A three-level driver circuit for an inverter half-bridge includes an output inverter half-bridge, which has four switches in series. The switches are controlled by signals from a switch controller applied via gate drivers. Switch delay times are taken into consideration to prevent short-circuiting when dimensioning the switching constellations of the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150085531 - Nonlinear control device for a dc/dc converter used for conveying hvdc current: The invention relates to a bidirectional multi-level DC/DC converter and its non-linear control, adapted to transfer power between at least one energy source and an electricity distribution network.... Agent:

20150085532 - Reactor and power conversion device: A reactor device includes: a magnetic core defining a predetermined axis; a first coil wound around the predetermined axis; and a second coil wound around the predetermined axis and placed opposed to the first coil, wherein: a first lead part and a second lead part formed in both ends of... Agent:

20150085533 - Reactor and power converter: A reactor includes a magnetic core; a first coil wound around the magnetic core; a second coil wound around the magnetic core; and a magnetic body that is provided between the first coil and the second coil separate from the magnetic core, and that reduces a coupling coefficient between the... Agent:

20150085534 - Regenerative and ramping acceleration (rara) snubbers for isolated and tapped-inductor converters: A voltage converter circuit comprising a primary inductor; a secondary inductor, at least a portion of the second inductor being mutually coupled to the primary inductor; a rectifier diode connected to the secondary inductor such that the rectifier diode turns off when current flows in the secondary inductor in a... Agent:

20150085535 - Llc single stage power factor correction converter: A single stage PFC LLC power converter is consist of two transformer, one forward transformer, one main transformer. The first winding of the forward transformer is connected with a capacitor in series then paralleled with another capacitor and this circuit is connected with the primary winding of the main transformer... Agent:

20150085536 - Insulated power supply apparatus: Upper arm connection sections and lower arm connection sections are provided in parallel. An upper arm transformer and a power supply are provided in an area opposed to the lower arm connection sections with respect to the upper arm connection sections. A power supply control section is provided in at... Agent:

20150085537 - Control method, power converting circuit and ac-dc power converter using the same: In one embodiment, a method of controlling an AC-DC power converter, can include: (i) receiving, by a filter capacitor, a first branch current from an input current of the AC-DC power converter; (ii) receiving, by a power converting circuit, a second branch current from the input current; (iii) receiving, by... Agent:

20150085538 - Insulated power supply apparatus: An insulated power supply apparatus includes an upper arm transformer which has a primary side coil and a secondary side coil, a lower arm transformer which has a primary side coil and a secondary side coil, and a power supply control section which has a voltage control switching element and... Agent:

20150085539 - Electric power converter: A processor unit in an electric power converter executes detection of an overheating predicted state that is a stage prior to overheating of the IGBTs, a short circuit predicted state that is a stage prior to a short circuit in the arms, and a voltage drop predicted state that is... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150085540 - Systems and methods for over-temperature protection and over-voltage protection for power conversion systems: Systems and methods are provided for protecting a power conversion system. A system controller includes a first controller terminal and a second controller terminal. The first controller terminal is configured to provide a drive signal to close and open a switch to affect a first current flowing through a primary... Agent: On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20150085541 - Multi-level inverter and power supply system: A multi-level inverter includes two N-level inverter units with pulse width modulation waves staggered by a phase of 180 degrees, and N is an integer greater than or equal to 3; a direct current power source module, where an output end thereof is connected to input ends of the two... Agent:

20150085542 - Micro inverter of solar power system and method of operating the same: A method of operating a micro inverter of a solar power system includes following steps: First, an output power value of a solar photovoltaic module is acquired. Afterward, it is to judge whether the micro inverter executes a power boosting mode. If the power boosting mode is executed, a maximum... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20150085543 - Inverter with dual-range load sensing: An inverter assembly includes an inverter and a load sensor. The inverter is configured to provide electrical power to a load. The load sensor has a first amplifier for sensing current of the load when the load is a low power load connected to the inverter and a second amplifier... Agent: Lear Corporation

20150085545 - Current generator and method for generating current pulses: A method for generating current pulses and a current generator having a plurality of secondary stages. Each secondary stage has a DC voltage source and a switching circuit having four switches, connected together so as to form a line. One secondary stage being designated as a regulator stage has a... Agent:

20150085544 - Rectifying circuit, electronic circuit, and electronic apparatus: A rectifying circuit according to an embodiment includes a first rectifying portion and a second rectifying portion. The first rectifying portion has a positive temperature coefficient. The second rectifying portion has a negative temperature coefficient, is connected in parallel to the first rectifying portion, and has a forward voltage-forward current... Agent: Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

20150085546 - Multi-level converter apparatus and methods using clamped node bias: A multi-level converter includes first and second DC buses, a plurality of transistors coupled in series between the first and second DC buses and a clamp circuit configured to clamp a node joining a first transistor and a second transistor of the plurality of transistors. The converter further includes a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150085547 - Self-driven ac-dc synchronous rectifier for power applications: Systems, methods, and devices that employ self-driven gate-drive circuitry to facilitate controlling power switches to emulate a diode bridge to synchronously rectify a power signal are presented. A single-phase or multi-phase synchronous rectifier can comprise at least a first pair of switches of a first conducting path and a second... Agent:

20150085548 - Electric power conversion device: An electric power conversion device of an embodiment includes the electric power conversion device expressed as an equivalent circuit including, a power supply, a first parasitic inductance, a first diode; a second parasitic inductance connected to the first diode in series, a second diode connected to the first diode in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150085549 - Power conversion apparatus: A power conversion apparatus includes a first power conversion circuit including a first switching element, a second power conversion circuit including a second switching element, a DC conductor which is provided in the first power conversion circuit and supplies a DC power to the first power conversion circuit, and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150085550 - Bidirectional converter with preferential direction and reactive power-capable inverter having said converter: A half-bridge of a bidirectional converter is divided into a first and a second conduction path connected in parallel. In each of the conduction paths a switching element and a freewheeling diode are connected in series, and the center points of the conduction paths are connected via a second inductor.... Agent:

20150085551 - Matrix converter: A matrix converter includes a power converter and a controller. The power converter includes bidirectional switches each having a controllable conducting direction. The bidirectional switches are disposed between input terminals and output terminals. The input terminals are respectively coupled to phases of an AC power source. The output terminals are... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150085552 - Matrix converter: A matrix converter includes a power converter and a controller. The power converter includes bidirectional switches each having a conducting direction controllable by switching elements. The bidirectional switches are disposed between input terminals coupled to phases of an AC power source and output terminals coupled to phases of a load.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150085553 - Matrix converter: A matrix converter includes: a power convertor that includes a plurality of bidirectional switches; and a controller configured to control the plurality of bidirectional switches. The controller includes: a first commutation controller configured to perform a commutation control with a first commutation method; a second commutation controller configured to perform... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

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