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Electric power conversion systems December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120327687 - Power adaptor with power-saving mechanism: A power adaptor includes an inverter, a feedback circuit, a detecting unit, and an adjusting unit. The inverter is configured to convert an input voltage into an output voltage according to a power conversion ratio and adjust the power conversion ratio according to a feedback voltage. The feedback circuit is... Agent:

20120327688 - Paralleled power converters with auto-stagger start-up: A power conversion system includes a shared output bus and a plurality of power conversion units coupled to the shared output bus. Each power conversion unit includes a power converter having a converter output coupled to the shared output bus and a delay generator that generates a start-up delay for... Agent: General Electric Company

20120327689 - Power supply, image forming device, and piezoelectric transducer control method: A power supply with a digital control circuit generates an output voltage by driving a piezoelectric transducer with an alternating current voltage at a digitally controlled driving frequency. To skip over a spurious frequency, the driving frequency is switched between a first range above the spurious frequency and a second... Agent: Oki Data Corporation

20120327690 - Primary-side based control of econdary-side current for a transformer: A power control system includes a transformer and a controller regulates a current on a secondary-side of the transformer based on a primary-side signal value. In at least one embodiment, the secondary-side current is a current out of a filter coupled to a rectifier and the secondary-side of the transformer... Agent:

20120327691 - Switched mode power supply: A power supply has over power protection based on the same signal as used by the feedback path for controlling the switching of the power supply. This means that no additional signal needs to be supplied to the control circuit to implement mains over protection.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120327692 - Control device for a resonant converter: A control device for a resonant converter is described. The converter comprises a switching circuit adapted to drive a resonant circuit that includes at least one capacitor. The converter is adapted to convert an input signal into an output signal and the switching circuit includes at least a half bridge... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120327693 - High voltage direct current generation and transmission by a wind turbine: A wind turbine including a synchronous generator that converts rotary motion of a hub or rotor of the wind turbine to a variable frequency alternating current (AC) power. The wind turbine further includes a primary power system located within the wind turbine that transforms the variable frequency AC power to... Agent: Clipper Windpower, Inc.

20120327694 - Power converter: A switching element connects/disconnects an input end to/from at least either of power supply lines. A switching element is provided between the power supply lines. One end on the low potential side of a power supply unit is connected to the switching element on the side of either of the... Agent:

20120327695 - Linear transformer power supply: A linear transformer power supply is disclosed that extracts a high level of energy from a linear transformer during the full cycle of AC input voltage.... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

12/20/2012 > 19 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120320632 - Power switch controllers and methods used therein for improving conversion effeciency of power converters: Power switch controllers and methods used therein are disclosed. An exemplifying power switch controller includes a window provider, a sensor and a logic controller. The window provider provides minimum and maximum time signals to indicate the elapses of a minimum time and a maximum time, respectively. The sensor detects a... Agent: Shamrock Micro Devices Corp.

20120320634 - Method and apparatus for a control circuit with multiple operating modes: An example controller for use in a power converter includes an oscillator that is to be coupled to a switch of the power converter to determine a switching cycle period of the switch. The controller also includes means for controlling a duty cycle of the switch to regulate an output... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120320633 - Variable frequency pwm synchronous rectifier power supply: The present invention discloses a variable frequency PWM synchronous rectifier power supply comprising: a transformer, a PWM control circuit and a synchronous rectification switch circuit. The transformer has a primary side and a secondary side, and an isolation circuit is provided for separating the primary side and the secondary side,... Agent:

20120320635 - Maximize efficiency method for resonant converter with self-adjusting switching points: A maximize efficiency method for resonant converter with self-adjusting switching points is disclosed. The method is operated by a resonant converter, which comprises a transformer and a field effect transistor (FET). When the transistor is turned on, energy is stored in the transformer. When the transistor is turned off, a... Agent: Sync Power Corp.

20120320638 - Resonant circuit and resonant dc/dc converter: The present disclosure relates to a resonant circuit (20). The resonant circuit comprises three resonant circuit input nodes (11, 12, 13) and three resonant circuit output nodes (21, 22, 23), a transformer device and resonant tank devices. The transformer device (TR) comprises three primary windings (LP1, LP2, LP3) and three... Agent: Eltek As

20120320637 - Switching power source apparatus: A switching power source apparatus has a pulse generator of a first pulse. A first resonant series circuit receives the first pulse signal and passes a current having a 90-degree phase delay with respect to the first pulse signal. The current of the first resonant series circuit turns on/off a... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20120320636 - Switching power supply apparatus: A control circuit performs at least one of detecting whether the resonance current detected by the current detection unit is beyond a first detection level over a predetermined time period, and detecting, when detecting that the resonance current is beyond the first detection level over the predetermined time period, that... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120320639 - Method and apparatus to select a parameter/mode based on a measurement during an initialization period: A power supply includes an energy transfer element coupled between an input and an output. A switch is coupled to an input of the energy transfer element. A threshold detection circuit includes in an integrated circuit coupled to measure a signal from a resistive external circuit coupled between fourth and... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120320640 - Method and apparatus for programming a power converter controller with an external programming terminal having multiple functions: A power converter controller is disclosed. An example controller includes a control circuit coupled to receive a feedback signal representative of an output of the power converter. The control circuit coupled to control a switching of a power switch of the power converter in response to the feedback signal to... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120320642 - Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same: A compound semiconductor device includes a substrate; and a compound semiconductor multilayer structure which is formed above the substrate and which contains compound semiconductors containing Group III elements, wherein the compound semiconductor multilayer structure has a thickness of 10 μm or less and a percentage of aluminum atoms is 50%... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120320641 - Power converter bus control: Processes, machines, and articles of manufacture that may management power conversion as provided. This may include circuit topology or management that serves to improve power conversion efficiency from a DC waveform to an AC waveform. This circuit topology or management may include considering and managing the voltage across a DC-link... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120320643 - Snubber circuit and inverter with the same: An inverter may include an inversion unit for converting a direct current bus voltage into an alternating current voltage, a first snubber unit, and a second snubber unit. The inversion unit may include a first external switch, a first internal switch, a second internal switch, and a second external switch... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20120320644 - Device and method for dc to ac conversion: The present invention provides a DC to AC converter including a device enabling separation of electric current into a positive portion of the circuit and a negative portion of the circuit, each portion of the circuit including an electronic switch, wherein one portion of the circuit is adapted to produce... Agent:

20120320645 - Power converter: A power converter which has a power module allowing supply and cutoff of main current, and a driver module controlling supply and cutoff of the main current allowed by the power module includes: a high potential side semiconductor device which allows supply and cutoff of the main current on the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120320648 - Cyclo-converter and methods of operation: A three phase full resonant cyclo-converter suitable for converting a three phase AC supply to a DC output. In one embodiment the cyclo-converter consists of two half bridge cyclo-converters driving a resonant circuit. The main switching sequence of the cyclo-converter may consist of a switching sequence in which the phases... Agent: Eaton Industries Company

20120320646 - Dimmer system and control system and method thereof: A control system includes a detection circuit, a control circuit, and a dummy load system. The detection circuit is operable to detect a voltage level change of a direct-current voltage and output an activating signal when detecting the voltage level change of the DC voltage. The control circuit is operable... Agent: Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20120320647 - Switching branch for three-level rectifier, and three-phase three-level rectifier: An exemplary switching branch for a three-level rectifier includes a first diode and a first semiconductor switch connected in series between a positive direct voltage pole and a neutral direct voltage pole, a second diode and a second semiconductor switch connected in series between a negative direct voltage pole and... Agent: Abb Oy

20120320649 - Discharge control apparatus for power converting system with capacitor: A discharge controller carries out discharge control by determining a voltage to be applied to a conduction control terminal of each of switching elements such that a current in a non-saturation region of one of the switching elements is lower than a current in a non-saturation region of the other... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120320650 - Method for controlling a converter: A method controls a three-phase converter with a voltage intermediate circuit by pulse-width modulation for supplying a polyphase system, in particular a three-phase machine. The converter is operated with at least two different modulation methods which are selected from among the group of modulation methods which includes single-phase switching, two-phase... Agent: Diehl Ako Stiftung & Co. Kg

12/13/2012 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120314452 - Method for dc-dc conversion using a dc electric power source: The converter comprises an inverter powered by a DC current source. The inverter powers a conversion unit operating on the basis of controlled magnetic switching obtained by means of power diodes and saturable inductors. A regulator can be used to produce a control voltage that is a function of the... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales

20120314453 - Electronic circuit control element with tap element: An example control element for use in a power supply includes a high-voltage transistor and a control circuit to control switching of the high-voltage transistor. The high-voltage transistor includes a drain region, source region, tap region, drift region, and tap drift region, all of a first conductivity type. The transistor... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120314454 - Switching power supply apparatus: In a switching power supply apparatus, a first switching element is controlled by a driving voltage output from a switching control IC. A second switching control circuit controls the on-time of a second switching element so that the time ratio of the on-time of the second switching element to the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314457 - Control arrangement for a resonant mode power converter: A resonant mode converter includes a PFC power converter having an input coupled to receive an input voltage. An LLC power converter is cascaded with the PFC power converter. The LLC power converter includes a transformer coupled to generate an output of the resonant mode converter. A feedback circuit is... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120314455 - Isolated sepic power converter for light emitting diodes and other applications: A system includes a load and a single-ended primary-inductance converter (SEPIC) power converter configured to provide power to the load. The SEPIC power converter includes a primary side and a secondary side that are electrically isolated by a transformer. The transformer includes a primary coil and a secondary coil. The... Agent: National Semiconductor Corporation

20120314456 - Synchronous ac rectified flyback converter utilizing boost inductor: A flyback converter utilizes a boost inductor coupled between a source of AC power and a synchronous rectifier to provide power factor correction. The synchronous rectifier includes four field-effect transistors configured in a bridge arrangement. Control circuitry controls the on/off states of opposite pairs of the FETs to provide synchronous... Agent: Comarco Wireless Technologies, Inc.

20120314458 - Switching power supply apparatus: A switching control IC conducts on-off control on a first switching element. A second switching control circuit is provided between a high-side driving winding of a transformer T and a second switching element. The second switching control circuit discharges a capacitor in a negative direction with a constant current during... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120314459 - Feedback circuit and power supply device including the same: Disclosed are a feedback circuit and a power supply device including the same. The power supply device converts input voltage into output voltage suitable for load condition according to a switching operation of a power switch. The feedback circuit includes a first diode connected to a first sensing voltage corresponding... Agent:

20120314460 - High yield ac-ac power converter and method therefor: An AC to AC power converter has a rectifier configured to receive an AC signal. An H-Bridge is coupled to the rectifier and the DC Filter. A processor is coupled to the rectifier and to the H-Bridge, wherein the processor is configured to produce a pulse to modulate a rectified... Agent:

20120314461 - Power converter: A power converter that is able to lower the level of switching noise in a wide frequency range is disclosed. In detail, the power converter converts an input power by controlling a switching element on the basis of a switching frequency discrete pattern. The switching frequency discrete pattern is composed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120314462 - Offline power supply and apparatus for charging a plug-in vehicle: An offline power supply includes a power supply circuit including a primary-side circuit for connecting to a first power source, a secondary-side circuit for connecting to a load, and a transformer connecting the primary-side circuit and the secondary-side circuit. A switch operates to selectively connect the primary-side circuit to the... Agent: Lear Corporation

20120314463 - Power supply with restart circuit: A power supply protected against open circuit conditions at its output terminals, and methods for so protecting, are disclosed. A front end circuit receives an input voltage and provides a regulated front end DC voltage to a voltage converter circuit, which in turn provides a DC output voltage to the... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20120314464 - Solar module and method for its operation: A solar module has a solar cell which generates a DC voltage. The module has a converter for converting a DC voltage fed into its input. The module contains a semiconductor switch and a controller which drives a switching input of the semiconductor switch. The controller drives the semiconductor switch... Agent: Semikron Elecktronik Gmbh & Ko. Kg

20120314465 - Contactless electricity-supplying device: A contactless electricity-supplying device includes a plurality of electricity-supplying coils; a DC/AC converter that converts an output voltage from a DC supplying unit into an AC voltage to be applied to each electricity-supplying coils; a plurality of electricity-receiving coils selectively and detachably mounted on positions where the electricity-receiving coils are... Agent:

20120314466 - Control of a modular converter having distributed energy stores with the aid of an observer for the currents and an estimating unit for the intermediate circuit energy: Methods and configurations controlling a converter having controllable power semiconductors, compare actual and target state values to obtain control difference values for a control unit producing setting voltage values. Control electronics provide control signals according to setting voltage values and transmit them to power semiconductors. The control unit generates voltage... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120314467 - Power conversion system and method: Embodiments of the invention relate to a power system for converting direct current (“DC”) power on a DC bus into alternating current (“AC”) power with a regulated voltage output and for feeding the AC power to an electrical system which may include a power utility or an electric grid, for... Agent:

12/06/2012 > 17 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120307525 - Arrangement for current conversion with an inverter: An arrangement for converting current is provided, wherein the terminals of the primary side are led out from the high-current transformer on a first side of the high-current transformer, and the terminals of the secondary side are led out from the high-current transformer on a second side of the high-current... Agent:

20120307526 - Dc-dc converter device: A DC-DC converter circuit steps down a power source voltage and supplies a stepped-down DC power. The DC-DC converter circuit includes a voltage divider circuit formed of plural capacitive elements for dividing the power source voltage. The DC-DC converter circuit includes plural current supply circuits provided between the voltage divider... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120307527 - Dc-dc converter for electric power using a dc electric power source: The converter comprises an inverter and a conversion unit in which a transformer powers a controlled rectifier formed by saturable inductors and power diodes. According to the invention, a series reactive circuit associated with the transformer co-operates with the controlled rectifier for the phase displacement of the voltage applied at... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales A Corporation

20120307528 - Impedance control for a power converter: A power supply system and method are disclosed. The system includes a power converter comprising a switching stage to conduct an output current in response to switching signals having a defined duty-cycle. The output current can be provided at an output of the power converter system. The system also includes... Agent:

20120307529 - Switching power source apparatus: A switching power source apparatus includes a first arm including first and second switching elements, a second arm including third and fourth switching elements, a series circuit connected between a connection point of the first and second switching elements and a connection point of the third and fourth switching elements... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20120307530 - Power supply device and method for controlling same: In a normal operation, a switch control circuit in a control IC for switching power supply operates to control an opening and closing operation of a switching element. When a remote control receiving circuit issues an instruction to perform a standby operation, an energy saving switch is opened in a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120307531 - Dc capacitor-less power converters: Three resonance-based universal power converter topologies are disclosed. One includes a partially resonant parallel L-C link and incorporates intermediate cross-over switching circuits between the link stage and each of the input and output stages (which are constructed using unidirectional switches), thereby permitting the partially resonant circuit to be operated bi-directionally.... Agent: Texas A&m University System

20120307532 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes: a parallel connection structure 1 between a first node and a second node; a first snubber device and a second snubber device having a clamp level that is the same as or higher than the output voltage of a power source section. One terminal of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120307533 - 3-level pulse width modulation inverter with snubber circuit: s

20120307534 - Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same: An AlGaN/GaN-HEMT has a structure including: compound semiconductor layers formed on a substrate; a gate electrode, a gate pad that has a current path formed between the gate electrode and itself, and a semiconductor layer that is spontaneously polarized and piezoelectrically polarized, which are formed on the compound semiconductor layer;... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120307535 - Power supply apparatus: There is provided a power supply apparatus supplying driving power. The power supply apparatus includes: a first power converter bypassing input power when a voltage level of the input power having a predetermined voltage level is within a reference voltage level range, and converting the input power to DC power... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd./korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120307537 - Rectifier circuit, method for operating the rectifier circuit, and energy harvesting system comprising the rectifier circuit: The input terminals of an energy-scavenging interface are connectable to a transducer including a storage element, and output terminals of the interface are connectable to an electrical load. The interface includes a first switch that is closed to pass current and store electrical energy in the storage element for a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120307536 - Synchronous rectifier driver circuit rectifier: A synchronous rectifier includes a primary rectifier circuit and a secondary rectifier circuit. The primary rectifier circuit is configured to produce first and second half-rectified signals from respective first and second primary voltage outputs of a first transformer winding. The secondary rectifier circuit is configured to rectify a voltage output... Agent:

20120307539 - Data and power system based on cmos bridge: A signal processing circuit is provided that includes a CMOS bridge rectifier circuit having a first input terminal and a second input terminal for receiving a rectangular wave form that includes a data sequence. A first output terminal and a second output terminal provides a rectified dc output voltage. A... Agent: Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

20120307538 - Energy scavenging interface, method for operating the energy scavenging interface, and energy harvesting system comprising the energy scavenging interface: An energy scavenging interface has an input port receiving an electrical signal from a storage element of a transducer, and an output port supplying an output signal to an electrical load. The interface includes a first switch receiving the input signal; a second switch that supplying the output signal; and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120307540 - Power conversion device: The present invention aims to provide a power converter with an arm including switching devices connected in parallel, realizing long lifespans of switching devices. An inverter includes an upper and a lower arm, and gate drive circuits each driving the corresponding arm according to a gate control signal Gup_s indicating... Agent:

20120307541 - Power converter, semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing power converter: This power converter includes a first substrate, a second substrate, a power conversion element, and a case portion, and the case portion includes a first connection terminal connected to a first conductor pattern arranged on a side of the first substrate closer to the power conversion element and a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

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