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Electric power conversion systems August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120218782 - Method and apparatus for signal conversion: To convert an electrical signal from one form to another form a chopper element is placed in a circuit for receiving any arbitrary input signal. The chopper element generates a second signal. A transformer element receives the second signal at the primary winding and generates a third signal in the... Agent:

20120218783 - Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same: There is embodied a high-reliability high-voltage resistance compound semiconductor device capable of improving the speed of device operation, being high in avalanche resistance, being resistant to surges, eliminating the need to connect any external diodes when applied to, for example, an inverter circuit, and achieving stable operation even if holes... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120218784 - Dc converter with independently controlled outputs: A controller for use in a power supply includes a clock coupled to output a clock signal. The clock signal determines a frequency. A modulator is coupled to receive the clock signal. The clock signal is divided into N cycles within the power supply. N is an integer greater than... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120218786 - Method and apparatus for implementing an unregulated dormant mode with an event counter in a power converter: An example power converter includes an energy transfer element, a switch, and a control circuit. The control circuit includes a drive signal generator and an unregulated dormant mode control circuit. The unregulated dormant mode control circuit renders dormant the drive signal generator thereby ceasing the regulation of the output by... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120218785 - Three-level active neutral point clamped zero voltage switching converter: A main circuit of a three-level active neutral point clamped voltage source converter having a pair of additional main switches provides two paths between an output node and a neutral point in which one of the paths involves only switches of an inner pair of switches that are operated at... Agent:

20120218787 - Stabilized voltage power supply: Disclosed is a stabilized voltage power supply comprising an A/D converting circuit configured to convert an alternate current voltage received from an external power supply to an initial direct current voltage; a PWM signal output unit configured to generate and output a PWM signal; a control switch configured to alternatively... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120218788 - Method and apparatus for digital control of a switching regulator: In one aspect, a power supply includes an energy transfer element, a switch, a feedback circuit, a comparator, a state machine, and a control circuit. The feedback circuit generates a feedback signal representative of an output level of the power supply. The comparator provides a feedback state signal having a... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120218789 - Electrical power conditioner: This invention presents an electrical power conditioner in the form of an electrical drive system for a machine, motor or generator. The electrical drive system has both variable frequency and fixed frequency modes. The electrical drive system includes power conditioners of less than full capacity for the variable frequency mode... Agent:

20120218790 - Power conversion system: A power conversion system includes n (n being an integer of 2 or more) power conversion devices (P1 to P4) connected in parallel to a load (4); and a communication line (2) connected to the n power conversion devices (P1 to P4). Each of power conversion devices includes a communication... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20120218791 - Methods, systems, and software for controlling a power converter during low (zero)-voltage ride-through conditions: A power converter control system having a phase tracker that is designed and configured to estimate the phase of the voltage on the power network that will be on the network when network recovers from a fault on the network. Such a power converter control system allows a power-network-connected power... Agent: Northern Power Systems Utility Scale, Inc.

20120218792 - Digital phase adjustment for multi-phase power converters: A multiphase power converter includes one or both of a phase control circuit and a valley switching locking circuit. The phase control circuit measures a phase difference between a first phase circuit and a second phase circuit and varies an on-time of a drive switch of the second phase circuit... Agent:

20120218793 - Multiple use of a current transformer: The invention relates to a power converter and a method for power conversion. A converter transformer with a primary winding and a secondary winding, an integrated current transformer and a synchronous rectifier are provided, wherein a controller is arranged in order to close respectively to open the synchronous rectifier depending... Agent: Det International Holding Limited

20120218794 - Distributed power supply system and control method thereof: A distributed power supply system is configured to execute a process for determining whether or not to permit a diagnostic process in such a manner that it is determined whether or not a difference between a set upper limit value and an actual measurement current value is not less than... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120218795 - Pulse width modulated control for hybrid inverters: A single-phase hybrid multilevel inverter is described that combines a 3-level leg and a 2-level leg to reduce the number of overall switching devices for a 5-level inverter. The 2-level inverter leg switches at a fundamental frequency and the 3-level flying capacitor leg uses PWM modulation to switch resulting in... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20120218796 - Compound semiconductor device, method for producing the same, and power supply: A compound semiconductor device includes: a substrate; a first compound semiconductor layer formed over the substrate; a second compound semiconductor layer formed over the first compound semiconductor layer; and an upper electrode formed over the first compound semiconductor layer, wherein two-dimensional hole gas is generated in a region of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120218797 - Driving circuit for bridge rectifier and a driving method thereof: The embodiments of the present circuit and method disclose a bridge rectifier and a driving circuit. The bridge rectifier having a first input, a second input, a first output, and a second output may comprise two high side diodes and two low side switches. The driving circuit may be coupled... Agent: Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.

20120218798 - Power conversion device: A power conversion device (1) comprises an inductor (L) serried-connected to an alternating-current power source (20) and a load (30), a full-bridge MERS (100) parallel-connected to the load (30), a control circuit (110), a current direction switching part (200) serried-connected between the inductor (L) and load (30), and an ammeter... Agent: Merstech, Inc.

20120218799 - Power regeneration device, method of regenerating power, power storage system, method of storing power, and high frequency device: A power regeneration device includes an extraction unit and a high frequency-to-DC converter. The extraction unit is provided on a transmission path. The transmission path is provided for transmitting a high-frequency wave from a high-frequency wave source to a high-frequency load. The extraction unit extracts a reflected high-frequency wave generated... Agent: Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co., Ltd.

20120218800 - Power converter device and driving method thereof: A leg includes: two semiconductor device groups connected in series and a division current is generated in a current which flows in the semiconductor device group between elements in the semiconductor device groups, a current sensor which detects a current which flows in the semiconductor device group, a voltage command... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120218801 - Current-source power converting apparatus: A current-source power converting apparatus in an embodiment includes a current-reference generating unit, a polarity determining unit, a PWM-pulse-signal generating unit, and a drive-signal generating unit. The current-reference generating unit outputs a phase current reference and a line-to-line current reference. The polarity determining unit determines a polarity of the phase... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

08/23/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120212978 - Low power switch mode power supply: A device and a method for operating a low power switch mode power supply, where OC input power is converted to AC power by an oscillator, which AC power is transformed to an AC voltage and AC current, which output power is converted into DC power, where the DC voltage... Agent:

20120212979 - Feedback circuit for zero-voltage-switching converter: A feedback circuit for a zero-voltage-switching converter (1) for feeding a load circuit (2, 3), which converter (1) comprises a chopper (4), a driver (5) and a resonant tank (6), is provided with an arrangement (10) for receiving a first signal derived from a resonant tank signal and a second... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120212980 - Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus: A power supply apparatus supplies regulated power to an external apparatus. A power switch is turned on to receive AC power and turned off not to receive the AC power. The AC power is rectified by a rectifying section and is switched by a switching section into switched DC power... Agent: Oki Data Corporation

20120212981 - Power converter with zero voltage switching and related control method thereof: A power converter includes an output unit, a first transformer, a switch unit, and a processing unit. The first transformer includes a primary winding and a secondary winding. The primary winding is coupled between an input voltage and a first node. The switch unit is coupled between the first node... Agent:

20120212982 - Cmv reduction under bus transient condition: Power conversion systems and control techniques are presented in which a bus transient control component bypasses selected phases of a rectifier during a protective mode of operation to reduce common mode voltages or currents.... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120212983 - Method for converting power for a high-voltage direct voltage connection: A method for converting a multi-phase alternating voltage into a high-voltage direct voltage and then into a second multi-phase alternating voltage. The method utilizes first and second cascades of power converter cells, with each individual cell having respective first and second current valves. The method includes offsetting the clocking of... Agent: Semikron Gmbh & Co., Kg, German Corporation

20120212984 - Power supply device: A power supply device that is able to switch between rectifier circuits in accordance with the voltage of a multi-phase AC power supply, and able to accommodate different power supply voltages. The power supply device has rectifier circuits that include a first circuit that rectifies a line voltage of the... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120212985 - Power conversion apparatus: According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a controller which outputs a signal for controlling ON and OFF of a switch which changes over connection between a second input terminal and the output end of a coil. The controller includes an MPPT control unit which follows a maximum power point... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120212986 - Switching power supply apparatus: A switching power supply apparatus includes: an input part; an input filter provided for a power factor correction circuit, which includes at least a line capacitor; a bridgeless power factor correction circuit that is connected to the input part; and an inrush current suppression circuit to suppress inrush current, wherein... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120212987 - Power supply and power control circuitry: A power supply can include a storage component or a storage unit including a capacitive element. In an embodiment, the power supply can include an electrical energy storage unit, a transformer, switching elements, and a pulse width modulation unit. In a particular embodiment, the power supply can be configured to... Agent: Eestor, Inc.

08/16/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120206943 - Very high frequency switching resonant synchronous rectification: A VHF switching power converter comprising one or more VHF switching frequency resonant synchronous rectifiers receives an output from an inverter and delivers a DC output to a load. The power converter includes a controller for controlling at least one of the one or more VHF switching frequency resonant synchronous... Agent: Onchip Power

20120206944 - Control circuit for burst switching of power converter and method thereof: This invention provides a control circuit for burst switching of a power converter comprising: an adaptive circuit generating an adaptive threshold in response to a feedback signal correlated to an output load of the power converter; and a switching circuit generating a switching signal to switch a transformer of the... Agent: System General Corporation

20120206945 - Controller for a power converter and method of operating the same: There is provided a controller for a converter and a respective method of operating such a controller. The converter receives an input power and provides an output power by a switching operation wherein in an embodiment the output power has at least two phases. The controller includes an input for... Agent:

20120206946 - On/off modulation of a very high frequency switching cellbased power converter: A method of on/off modulation of a very high frequency switching cell-based power converter includes receiving an input voltage signal to be applied to a plurality of series stacked very high frequency power converter cells for producing an output voltage and/or current, and controlling a portion of the plurality of... Agent: Onchip Power

20120206947 - Load detection for a low power mode in an ac-dc adapter: Various embodiments of the present invention relate to AC-DC adapters, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of employing a load detector to detect a load condition of the AC-DC adapters based on transient variation of a DC output voltage; and therefore, enable the AC-DC adapters to switch from... Agent:

20120206948 - Device and method for converting direct current into alternate current: The device for converting direct current into alternate current comprises a multilevel converter associated with at least a source of direct current and a modulation unit having piloting means for piloting the converter for the conversion of the direct current into an alternate output current, in which the modulation unit... Agent:

20120206949 - System and method for converting ac power to dc power using sensorless field oriented control: High voltage DC power, which is produced by rectifying AC power generated by an AC generator, is controlled and regulated without the need for measuring the position of the rotor with hardware. A Field oriented controller uses a sliding mode observer to estimate the position of the rotor without the... Agent: Drs Test & Energy Management, LLC

20120206950 - Power electronics inverter with capacitor cooling: A power electronics inverter includes a housing which forms a cold plate with coolant passages. The housing encloses an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), and a DC Link capacitor. The capacitor comprises a bus-bar which exits from a bottom side of the capacitor, and the bus-bar is positioned adjacent to... Agent:

08/09/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120201051 - Power-supply circuit for dc applicance: A power-supply circuit for a DC appliance includes an input unit including a first terminal and a second terminal so as to receive a DC current, an output unit including a third terminal to output the DC current entered by the input unit and a fourth terminal, a connection unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120201052 - Measurement transducer: A measurement transmitter connectable galvanically isolated relative to one another and the other components of the measurement transmitter, which is optimized as regards installation space and number of components required for galvanic isolations. A power supply, which has a direct voltage generator, which serves to produce a stable direct voltage;... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20120201053 - Magnetic integration double-ended converter: A magnetic integration double-ended converter with an integrated function of a transformer and an inductor includes an integrated magnetic member having a magnetic core with three magnetic columns having at least three windings (NP, NS1, NS2) and at least one energy storage air gap, where a primary winding (NP) and... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120201054 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus: A non-contact power transmission device includes a resonant circuit, which includes a switching element and a primary coil electrically connected to the switching elements. The resonant circuit induces an alternating power with the primary coil in accordance with the resistance value of the resonant circuit by switching the switching element.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120201055 - Power supply and apparatus and method for controlling link voltage control switch: A power supply includes a rectifier for rectifying an AC line voltage to generate a link voltage, a link capacitor for charging the link voltage, a control switch for controlling charge of the link capacitor, a converter for converting the link voltage to a DC voltage, and a switch controller.... Agent:

20120201056 - Power converter with common mode voltage reduction: Power conversion systems are presented with common mode reduction by space vector pulse width modulation zero vector selection to counteract common mode contribution of active vectors.... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120201057 - Method for operating a converter circuit and apparatus for implementing the method: A method and apparatus are provided for operating a converter circuit, which includes at least two phase modules each having first and second subconverter systems, which include power semiconductor switches. The switches of the first and second subconverter systems are driven by first and second drive signals, respectively. To enable... Agent: Abb Schweiz Ag

20120201059 - Fault current limitation in dc power transmission systems: A method, voltage source converter and computer program product for limiting the current in a DC power transmission system are disclosed. The voltage source converter has an AC side and a DC side and a fault current path between these sides. It furthermore includes a control unit and at least... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20120201058 - Mobile device adapter and charger: Systems and methods are presented for an improved high power density power adapter. On one potential embodiment, an improved power adapter includes an AC input; a rectifier coupled to the AC input; a power factor correction circuit coupled to the rectifier; and a burst switch circuit coupled to the power... Agent:

20120201060 - Dynamic electrical converter system: A dynamic electrical converter system configured to receive a variable voltage input which is then converted to a proper electrical configuration for a load. The converter assembly utilized multiple converters, each of which is configured to accept a unique range of voltages and from these voltages creating the desired electrical... Agent:

20120201061 - Efficiency optimized power converter with dual voltage power factor correction: A dual voltage power conversion system with power factor correction (PFC) having a capabilities to adjust a PFC setpoint according to operating conditions. The input signaling levels, for example, may be monitored and used to control adjustments to the PFC setpoint in order to allow the PFC setpoint to dynamically... Agent: Lear Corporation

20120201062 - Standby power cut-off device and control method thereof and power supply: The standby power cut-off device includes: a voltage converter for converting commercial power into DC power; a charging/discharging unit for charging the DC power supplied from the voltage converter and supplying the same as operating power; a voltage detector for detecting a charging level of the charging/discharging unit; a receiver... Agent: Seoby Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120201063 - Switching power supply circuit and power factor controller: The switching power supply circuit includes a full-wave rectifier (1) which full-wave rectifies alternating power-supply voltage to output a pulsating current, and an inductor (3) connected to the full-wave rectifier (1). A level conversion circuit (20) includes a plurality of resistors connected in series, and converts inductor current detection voltage... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120201064 - Power converter: A power converter includes a booster circuit, an inverter circuit, a hysteresis control circuit, and a proportional-integral control circuit. The booster circuit boosts DC power of a DC power source. The inverter circuit converts the DC power outputted from the booster circuit into AC power and outputs the AC power... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20120201065 - Power factor correction circuit: A first error amplification circuit amplifies a difference between a predetermined reference voltage and a first detection voltage that corresponds to the output voltage of a DC/DC converter, so as to generate a second voltage. A voltage level judgment circuit generates a third voltage having a discrete level that corresponds... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120201066 - Dual switching frequency hybrid power converter: A dual switching frequency hybrid power converter comprising two different types of power switching element switching at two different frequencies is presented for DC-to-AC and AC-to-DC voltage conversion and for monophase or multi-phase devices with the aim of reducing considerably the conduction and switching losses of those power switching elements.... Agent:

20120201067 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes, an input part, which has a first input terminal and a second input terminal, and which is configured to connect to an alternating current power supply; a line capacitor that is connected to the first input terminal and the second input terminal; a rectification circuit,... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

08/02/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120195073 - Control device, control method, and power supply device: There is provided a control device including a control unit, the control unit being configured to, when a first time, during which a level of a voltage output from a rectifier circuit for rectifying an alternating current supplied from an alternating-current power supply is lower than a level of a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120195074 - Dc-dc converter circuit for high input-to-output voltage conversion: The present invention provides a series of DC-DC converter circuit designs, and DC-DC converters based on such circuit design, that provide high input-to-output voltage conversion. The converters include a resonant tank and a means for interrupting the tank current to produce a near zero-loss “hold” state wherein zero current and/or... Agent: University Of Toronto Governing Council

20120195075 - Direct current/direct current converter, and power supply apparatus and electronic device using the same: A direct current (DC)/DC converter capable of lowering power consumption and capable of being started in a short time is provided. A voltage generated at a second output capacitor is input to a power supply terminal. An input voltage is input to a high voltage terminal. A charging transistor is... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120195076 - Systems and methods for dynamic threshold adjustment with primary-side sensing and regulation for flyback power converters: System and method for adjusting a threshold of a power conversion system. The system includes a threshold generator configured to receive a first signal and generate a threshold signal based on at least information associated with the first signal, a comparator configured to receive the threshold signal and a second... Agent: On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20120195077 - Novel architecture of a compensator for power factors and harmonics for a power distribution system: A rectifier system for a primary AC electrical power distribution system comprising a PFC circuit connected onto the primary distribution system which delivers a DC power supply and means for storing electrical energy connected to the outputs of the PFC via a switching circuit. This circuit is controlled in such... Agent: Thales

20120195078 - Prevention of safety hazards due to leakage current: Medical apparatus includes an electrical power supply, which is configured for connection to an electrical medical device that is coupled to a body of a patient. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes alternating current (AC) lines that include a ground line. A switch is coupled to connect and disconnect the... Agent:

20120195079 - Fast switching for power inverter: An apparatus includes an inverter including a high-side switch coupled to a low-side switch, the inverter generating a time-varying drive current from a plurality of drive control signals, a positive rail voltage, and a negative rail voltage wherein controlling the switches to generate the time-varying drive current produces a potential... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120195080 - High-voltage regulated power supply: The disclosed embodiments relate to a power-supply circuit, an electronic device that includes the power-supply circuit, and a method for generating high-voltage DC power from AC line power using the power-supply circuit. This power-supply circuit includes a voltage multiplier and a low dropout (LDO) regulator, and does not include a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120195081 - System and method for increasing dc power system efficiency without requiring a large battery reserve: A system for increasing parallel rectifier DC power system efficiency. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a controller configured to sense and classify a load magnitude change into groups including large load transients and moderate load transients and (2) at least one rectifier coupled to the controller and configured... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation

20120195082 - Systems and methods for high speed power factor correction: Systems and methods described herein provide for high speed power factor correction which can overcome or substantially alleviate the problems associated with changes in the operating conditions of a load or other transient events. The present technology senses the present state conditions of a signal to quickly and accurately determine... Agent:

20120195083 - Current direction detection module: The invention discloses a current direction detection module including a conversion unit, a bridge unit and an operation unit. The conversion unit has primary and secondary sides, wherein the secondary side has first and second ends. The bridge unit has first, second, third and fourth rectifying elements and first, second,... Agent:

20120195084 - Modified voltage source converter structure: The invention concerns a voltage source converter (26) comprising a group of phase legs, at least three connection terminals (AC1, AC2, AC3, DC+, DC−) for connecting the phase legs to power transmission elements, a first group of cells (C1p1, C2p1, C1n1, C2n1, C1p2, C2p2, C1n2, C2n2, C1p3, C2p3, C1n3, C2n3)... Agent:

20120195085 - Fast switching for power inverter: An apparatus includes an inverter including a high-side switch coupled to a low-side switch, the inverter generating a time-varying drive current from a plurality of drive control signals, a positive rail voltage, and a negative rail voltage wherein controlling the switches to generate the time-varying drive current produces a potential... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120195086 - Inverter with commutation circuit: An inverter provides alternating current (iout) to a load (130) containing a welding circuit. The inverter includes at least one commutation circuit (110) and a bridge circuit (120) connected to a bus forwarding power from a DC power source (100). The bus is also galvanically connected to the load (130)... Agent: Esab Ab

20120195087 - Fast switching for power inverter: An apparatus includes an inverter including a high-side switch coupled to a low-side switch, the inverter generating a time-varying drive current from a plurality of drive control signals, a positive rail voltage, and a negative rail voltage wherein controlling the switches to generate the time-varying drive current produces a potential... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120195088 - Portable hand held multi-source power inverter with pass through device: A portable hand held power inverter/converter having a pass through device for simultaneously sourcing A.C. and multiple voltage D.C. power consuming devices through a single D.C. power source connection. Inverter and converter circuitry is provided to invert and convert D.C. voltage to an A.C. voltage source and a lower DC... Agent: Intec, Inc.

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