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Electric power conversion systems June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120163034 - Switching mode power supply having multiple output: There is provided a switching mode power supply having multiple outputs, including: a DC/DC converter converting a DC voltage level according to a change in a load and including a primary coil and a secondary coil; a boost unit boosting an output voltage of the DC/DC converter in a first... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120163035 - Multi-phase interleaved bidirectional dc-dc converter: Provided is power conversion technology for charge and discharge control of an energy storage module such as battery or super capacitor. For achieving the technology, there is provided a multi-phase interleaved bidirectional DC-DC converter including: a first bidirectional DC-DC converter including a input unit which includes a first input inductor... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20120163036 - Power supply unit supplying standby power by sharing switch of main converter: There is provided a power supply unit supplying a standby power by sharing a switch of a main converter. The power supply unit includes: a main converter, and a standby converter. The main converter controls a current flowing in a primary side winding of a main transformer and supplies a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120163038 - Control circuit of llc resonant converter and llc resonant converter using the same: The present invention provides a control circuit of an LLC resonant converter including a minimum switching frequency variable circuit of varying a minimum switching frequency corresponding to an AC input voltage of the LLC resonant converter; and a first pulse signal generating unit and a second pulse signal generating unit... Agent:

20120163039 - Controller for a resonant converter: A controller for a resonant converter, wherein the controller is configured to operate the resonant converter in a high power mode of operation by adjusting a first control parameter to vary the output power and a low power mode of operation by adjusting a second control parameter to vary the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120163037 - Resonant converter: Disclosed herein is a resonant converter, including: a power conversion circuit alternately switching applied DC power to output a predetermined level of output power; and a control circuit fixing an operating frequency and controlling the level of the output power by varying the comparison voltage level that is a comparison... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120163040 - Reducing voltage stress in a flyback converter design: Disclosed is flyback converter having a controller that performs a startup switching process when the flyback converter is powered up, and then performs normal switching afterward. The controller includes a pulse generator to generate a control signal for normal switching. During startup switching, the controller may generate a control signal... Agent:

20120163041 - Method and apparatus for a power supply controller responsive to a feedforward signal: An example power supply controller includes a switch duty cycle controller coupled to receive a feedback signal and a duty cycle adjust signal. The switch duty cycle controller is coupled to generate a drive signal coupled to control switching of a switch, which is coupled to an energy transfer element,... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120163042 - Circuit and method of frequency jitter, and application thereof in switched-mode power supply (smps): The present invention is to provide a frequency jitter circuit and a method for generating frequency jitter. The frequency jitter circuit, comprising: an oscillating circuit, configured to generate an oscillating frequency output signal; a decoding circuit, configured to be controlled by said oscillating frequency output signal for generating several pulse... Agent: Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

20120163043 - Method and apparatus to regulate an output voltage of a power converter at light/no load conditions: An example controller for a primary side control power converter includes a feedback circuit, a driver circuit, and an adjustable voltage reference circuit. The feedback circuit is coupled to compare a feedback signal representative of a bias winding voltage of the power converter with a voltage reference. The driver circuit... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120163044 - Multilevel power converter or inverter arrangement using h bridges: Multilevel voltage arrangement having a transformer and a power converter or inverter comprising one or more common DC links connectable to a power source, said arrangement comprising one first set of H bridges being connected to said common DC link, wherein each of said H bridges comprises with at least... Agent: Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.

20120163046 - Phase current detection device and power conversion device using the same: A control section which repeats inverter control in units of an inverter control period having a predetermined length is provided. In the control section, a phase current detection period in which a phase current is detected is provided between predetermined two inverter control periods, each of switching states of switching... Agent:

20120163045 - Power converter and method for controlling same: A converter section (2) includes three pairs of switching elements (Srp, . . . , Stn), each pair having two switching elements connected in series between two direct current links (L1, L2), and phases of an input three-phase alternating current are connected to nodes between the series-connected switching elements one... Agent:

20120163047 - Startup circuit, switching power source ic, and switching power source apparatus: A startup circuit includes a MOSFET that is connected between a startup power source and an auxiliary power source made of a smoothing capacitor and passes a startup current from the startup power source to the smoothing capacitor, a JFET that has a drain terminal connected to a drain terminal... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20120163048 - Inverter, power generation system and method of operating a power generation system: The invention relates an inverter that may be set up as part of a power generation system for the connection of a number of substrings, which, using DC switches, can be connected to each other in series into a string and with the inverter. The inverter includes a bridge circuit... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120163049 - Apparatus for collecting wireless energy and wireless electronic label employing the apparatus: An apparatus for collecting wireless is provided. The apparatus includes an antenna and a collection circuit. The antenna generates an alternating current (AC) voltage from a radio wave. The collection circuit generates a direct current (DC) voltage corresponding to the AC voltage, determines whether the DC voltage is lower than... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20120163050 - Power supply circuit with low stand-by losses: A circuit for converting an A.C. power supply voltage into a D.C. voltage, including: a first branch capable of providing a first power level; and a second parallel branch capable of providing a second power level greater than the first one, the second branch including a bidirectional activation switch.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20120163051 - Cold swap load adaptive power supply: In some embodiments, a power supply may include a power factor correction (PFC) circuit to receive an input voltage signal and to provide an intermediate PFC output voltage signal, the PFC circuit including at least a first PFC stage and a second PFC stage, a converter circuit to convert the... Agent:

20120163053 - Circuit for controlling a switch in series with a capacitive element: A circuit including a switch controlling a capacitive element intended to receive an A.C. voltage, and a diode in parallel with the switch.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20120163052 - Power supply unit and information processor: A power supply unit includes multiple input terminals to which alternating-current power is input; a positive terminal and a negative terminal for outputting direct-current power; a rectifier circuit configured to rectify the input alternating-current power; a first inductor connected to the rectifier circuit; a first capacitor connected between the positive... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120163054 - Power supply unit having a voltage converter: The present invention concerns an electrical installation or device equipped with a power supply unit comprising a voltage converter having primary and secondary parts respectively defining a primary side and a secondary side of this electrical installation or device. This power supply unit comprises a power management unit arranged on... Agent: Em Microelectronic-marin S.a.

20120163055 - Method for regulating temperature of transistor-based component: A method of regulating temperature of a transistor-based component of a power system is disclosed. The method may include operating the power system to supply electric power to the transistor-based component and converting the electric power from direct current to alternating current, or alternating current to direct current, using the... Agent:

20120163056 - Input circuit for an electrical device, use of an input circuit and electrical device: A switched-mode power supply unit includes a mains input connecting the power supply to a primary supply voltage; an input circuit including a shared electrical path connected to the mains input and including a first mains filter, a first electrical path, connected in series with the shared electrical path, including... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20120163058 - High voltage inverter device and electrical leakage detector thereof: In a high voltage inverter device switching an input voltage to apply an exciting current to an excitation winding of a transformer and output an alternating-current high voltage from an output winding to supply the high voltage to a load from output lines, a point on the output line is... Agent: Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20120163057 - Mechanical arrangement of a multilevel power converter circuit: A mechanical arrangement of a multilevel power converter circuit includes a power converter having a first portion with a plurality of first control inputs, at least three direct current voltage inputs, and an alternating current voltage output, and a second portion with a plurality of second control inputs, the at... Agent: Converteam Technology Ltd.

06/21/2012 > 23 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120155119 - Power converter integrated with flyback converter: There is provided a power converter integrated with an auxiliary converter. The power converter includes: a flyback converter converting an input power of a power supply input terminal into a standby power through a primary side circuit connected to the power supply input terminal and a secondary side circuit magnetically... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd./ Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120155120 - Power supply unit and an information processing apparatus: A power supply unit includes input terminals to which alternating current power is supplied, a rectifier circuit configured to rectify the alternating current power supplied from the input terminals, a capacitor configured to smooth the alternating current power rectified by the rectifier circuit, a primary transformer winding and a switching... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120155121 - Switch-mode power supply and apparatus for compensating inductor current peak: A switch-mode power supply (SMPS) is provided. When the switch power of the SMPS turns on, the inductor current of the SMPS may flow through an inductor current sensing circuit which then provides a sensing voltage. An apparatus for compensating the inductor current peak receives a reference voltage and the... Agent: Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

20120155122 - Controller and controlling method for power converter: A controller for a power converter is provided. The controller includes a sense current integrating circuit, a reference current integrating circuit and a drive signal generation circuit. The sense current integrating circuit performs an integrating operation to a sense current representative of a conduction current flowing through a power switch... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20120155123 - Reverse shunt regulator: A reverse shunt regulator includes a MOSFET connected between a cathode and an anode, a switch and a current source serially connected between the cathode and the anode, and an error amplifier having a positive input node to receive an internal reference voltage, a negative input node connected to the... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp.

20120155124 - Three-phase power supply with three-phase three-level dc/dc converter: A three-phase power supply with a three-phase three-level DC/DC converter includes a full-bridge thyristor converter with three-set four in-series power switch elements, a three-phase isolated transformer, a full-bridge rectifier, a rectifying circuit, and a low-pass filtering circuit. The three-phase power supply is used to deliver power energy from the AC... Agent: Allis Electric Co., Ltd.

20120155125 - Wind turbine generator: A wind turbine generator comprising: an electrical generator configured to generate AC signals, a plurality of power converters operated by a gating signal, each power converter configured to convert the AC signals from electrical generator into fixed frequency AC signals, a transducer configured to measure the combined output from the... Agent:

20120155126 - Power converting apparatus, grid interconnection apparatus and grid interconnection system: A power converting apparatus is provided with a step-up chopper circuit (2) that steps-up an input voltage (Vi) from a distributed power supply, an inverter circuit (3) that converts the output voltage (Vd) of the step-up chopper circuit (2) into alternating current, a first control circuit for controlling the output... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120155127 - Methods and apparatuses for combined frequency compensation and soft start processes: Soft start circuits for a switching power converter include an amplifier configured to operate from a common bias node and amplify a difference between a positive input and a negative input to generate an amplifier output. A soft start bias circuit supplies a soft start bias current during a soft... Agent:

20120155129 - Method and apparatus to limit output power in a switching power supply: An example power supply includes an energy transfer element, a switch, and a controller. The controller includes a modulator, a drive signal generator, a comparator, and a variable current limit generator. The modulator generates an enable signal having logic states responsive to a feedback signal. The drive signal generator either... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120155128 - Power converter with reverse recovery avoidance: Reverse recovery avoidance when converting power is provided. A first switch and second switch may be operated to supply an AC load with positive current, respective to the AC load, from a DC power source. A third and fourth switch may be operated to supply the AC load with negative... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120155130 - Converter cell module, voltage source converter system comprising such a module and a method for controlling such a system: A converter cell module and a voltage source converter system. The converter cell module includes at least two switching elements, means for energy storage and an autotransformer. The autotransformer is arranged to bypass the converter cell module in the case of failure occurring in the converter cell module.... Agent:

20120155131 - Control methods for the synchronisation of parallel-connected power converters operating in accordance with a pulse width modulation (pwm) strategy: A method is described for controlling a plurality of parallel-connected power converters 20a, 20b, each of which operates in accordance with a pulse width modulation (PWM) strategy defined by an independent voltage carrier signal and an independently controllable modulating sinusoidal voltage signal which are used to generate a PWM command... Agent: Converteam Technology Ltd.

20120155132 - Pfc converter: A PFC converter that prevents and reduces switching losses by controlling ripple of inductor current and enables application for high power usage, includes a switching device that is turned off when an inductor current flowing through an inductor reaches a first threshold value, and turned on when the inductor current... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120155133 - Direct current/ direct current converter for reducing switching loss, wireless power receiver including direct current/ direct current converter: Provided are a direct current/direct current (DC/DC) converter and a wireless power receiver including the DC/DC converter. In one embodiment, a direct current-direct current (DC/DC) converter for use in a wireless power receiver, the DC/DC converter may include: a voltage converting unit configured to convert, DC voltage, to a predetermined... Agent:

20120155134 - High efficiency rectifier, wireless power receiver including the rectifier: A high efficiency rectifier and a wireless power receiver including the rectifier are provided. In one embodiment, a rectifier may be formed of a full bridge diode circuit and may include: a first dual diode, a second dual diode, a third dual diode and a fourth dual diode forming the... Agent:

20120155135 - Three level inverter device: Aspects of the invention can include capacitors which series-divide the voltage of a DC power source, an inverter circuit formed by bridge-connecting semiconductor switching elements to which diodes are antiparallel-connected, and bidirectional switches connected between a connection point of the capacitors and the AC output terminals of the inverter circuit.... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120155138 - Capacitive power supply with surge current limitation: A capacitive power supply including: a first capacitive element and a first resistive element in series between a first terminal of a power switch and at least one rectifying element having a second terminal connected to a first electrode of at least one second capacitive element for providing a D.C.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20120155137 - Power stealing circuitry for a control device: A power stealing circuit for stealing power to operate a control device is disclosed. In one illustrative embodiment, power may be periodically or intermittently diverted from a power source to a power stealing block. When power is diverted to the power stealing block, the power stealing block may steal power... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120155136 - Wireless power receiver circuitry: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power receivers. A device may include a power converter configured to receive an input voltage. The device may further include circuitry configured to limit a pulse width modulation duty cycle of the power converter to prevent the input voltage from dropping below a threshold... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120155139 - Electrical energy conversion circuit device: The present invention is related to an electrical energy conversion circuit device (190), a method (600) of operating an electrical energy conversion circuit device, an electrical apparatus (500) and a computer program. The circuit device (190) allows earth connection and comprises two parallel connected buck-boost converters for converting a direct... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120155140 - Asynchronous sigma-delta modulation controller: A constant-frequency asynchronous modulation apparatus includes a current feedback control unit connected to a constant-frequency asynchronous modulation unit. The current feedback control unit includes a reference signal generator and an error amplifier. The reference signal generator provides an error. The error amplifier is connected to a reference signal generator, and... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology, Armaments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120155141 - Power converting apparatus, grid interconnection apparatus and grid interconnection system: A power converting apparatus is provided with an inverter circuit, an output short-circuiting circuit, and a control circuit. The inverter circuit comprises a first inverter switch and a second inverter switch. The output short-circuiting circuit comprises a first short-circuiting switch configured so as to short-circuit a power supply line that... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

06/14/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120147628 - Resonant circuit with constant current characteristics: An electronic resonant circuit of very high efficiency which is suitable for driving loads with a known and controlled current. The resonant circuit has input terminals and output terminals with a first reactance Xs, in series with an input terminal, a second reactance XL, in series with an output terminal,... Agent:

20120147629 - Soft switching dc/dc converters and methods: A soft switching apparatus comprises an energy recovery channel formed by two diodes in series connection and a resonant tank formed by an inductor and a capacitor. The soft switching apparatus is coupled to the primary side of a bridge converter. An energy transfer process during L-C resonance helps to... Agent: Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

20120147631 - Dc/dc converter, and power supply and electronic device using the same: A DC/DC converter includes a transformer including primary and secondary coils and an auxiliary coil disposed in a primary coil side; a first output capacitor including a first end having a fixed electric potential and a second end; a first diode disposed in a direction where a cathode of the... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120147630 - System and method providing over current protection based on duty cycle information for power converter: System and method for protecting a power converter. The system includes a duty-cycle detection component configured to receive a modulation signal, determine a first duty cycle corresponding to a first period of the modulation signal, compare the first duty cycle with a threshold duty cycle, and generate a duty-cycle comparison... Agent: On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

20120147632 - Apparatus and method for sensing of isolated output: A controller for use in a power converter includes a control circuit to be coupled to a current controller coupled to an energy transfer element. A first, second or third current is enabled in the current controller in response to the control circuit. The first current is substantially zero, the... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120147633 - Ac-to-ac converter and method for converting a first frequency ac-voltage to a second frequency ac-voltage: An AC-to-AC-converter for converting a first frequency AC-voltage to a second frequency AC-voltage is disclosed. The converter includes: a first converter section which includes a first input terminal, a second input terminal, a first DC-output node, and a second DC-output node; a second converter section which includes a first DC-input... Agent:

20120147634 - Circuit and method for regulating a dc voltage and power converter: A circuit for regulating a DC voltage is provided. The circuit includes: a controllable switch system, a resistor, a first control circuit and a second control circuit. The controllable switch system includes a first terminal, a second terminal, a first control terminal, and a second control terminal. The controllable switch... Agent:

20120147635 - Synchronous rectified pwm regulator with auto fault clearing: A fault tolerant synchronous rectifier PWM regulator system and method are disclosed. In the system and method, a force commutated synchronous rectifier is operable to be coupled to an electrical bus, and a low side switch is operable to be coupled to a common ground. In addition, a first fuse... Agent:

20120147636 - Method for inhibiting a converter with distributed energy stores: A method for inhibiting a converter having at least two phase modules is disclosed. Each phase module has an upper and a lower valve branch, with each upper and lower valve branch having a plurality of two-pole submodules which are electrically connected in series and each have a unipolar energy... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120147637 - Methods, systems, and software for controlling a power converter during low (zero)-voltage ride-through conditions: A power converter control system having a phase tracker that is designed and configured to estimate the phase of the voltage on the power network that will be on the network when network recovers from a fault on the network. Such a power converter control system allows a power-network-connected power... Agent: Northern Power Systems, Inc.

20120147638 - Electric power conversion device: An electric power conversion device includes a power conversion circuit for receiving electric power from an overhead wire through an LC filter circuit composed of a reactor and a capacitor and converting the electric power to output and a control unit for controlling the power conversion circuit, wherein the control... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120147639 - Hybrid space vector pwm schemes for interleaved three-phase converters: Systems and methods for controlling a modular three-phase converter including two or more interleaved, parallel connected Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) utilizing a hybrid Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVM) control scheme are provided. For the hybrid SVM control scheme, six active vectors utilized for SVM define six sectors in a... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20120147640 - Power circuit and direct current to direct current converter thereof: A power circuit is applicable to a Direct Current (DC) to DC converter. The power circuit includes a gate driver circuit and a High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT). The gate driver circuit functions as a Sigmoid (S) function and controls a gate and a source of the HEMT with a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120147641 - Switching device: A switching device includes a flowing restriction element, a conductor and a snubber resistor. The flowing restriction element has an opening and closing function to open and close a flowing path of an electric current. The conductor is connected to the flowing restriction element. The snubber resistor is connected to... Agent: Denso Corporation

06/07/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120140523 - Dc-dc converter and manufacturing method thereof: A DC-DC converter is driven by single high input voltage, and includes a voltage converter circuit and a control circuit. The increase of the occupied area of the DC-DC converter is suppressed. The DC-DC converter includes an input terminal to which input voltage is applied; a voltage converter circuit connected... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120140524 - Power supply and arc processing power supply: A power supply that performs output PWM control and PSM control. The PWM control is performed when the required output is such that a control signal is set with a larger ON pulse width than a predetermined narrow pulse width allowing for sufficient activation of switching elements in an inverter... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20120140525 - Energy transfer assembly with tuned leakage inductance and common mode noise compensation: An energy transfer assembly with tuned leakage inductance and common mode noise compensation is disclosed. An example energy transfer assembly for use in a resonant power converter includes a first winding wound around a bobbin mounted on a magnetic core. The first winding has a first number of layers proximate... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120140526 - Synchronous rectifier bi-directional converter: A system and method for bi-directional voltage conversion are disclosed. A charge current is received at a first voltage on a first force commutated synchronous rectifier, and the charge current is controlled by the first force commutated synchronous rectifier. An inductor is charged by the charge current, and a discharge... Agent:

20120140527 - Converting leakage current to dc output: A power source capable of supplying power to operate electronics of a system is disclosed. In one example, the power source takes advantage of an electrical potential difference between primary and secondary grounds. The power source can reduce system cost and power consumption.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120140528 - Forward converter transformer saturation prevention: A power converter in one aspect limits the magnetic flux in a transformer. A control circuit included in the power converter includes a pulse width modulator, a logic circuit and a saturation prevention circuit. The saturation prevention circuit asserts a first signal when a first integral value of the input... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120140529 - Energy recirculation and active clamping to improve efficiency of flyback or push pull dc to dc converters: The present invention is a new circuit topology to improve the efficiency of a flyback or push-pull converter or any other DC/DC converter that incorporates a transformer and whose switching device's active node (drain for MOSFETs and collector for IGBTs) has no direct energy releasing path to the power supply.... Agent:

20120140531 - Flyback primary side output voltage sensing system and method: A method and apparatus of primary side output voltage sensing for a flyback power converter preserves secondary-side tranformer isolation without the use of opto-isolators and does not require multiple high-speed sample and hold circuits. A timing circuit measures the duration of the diode conduction interval during a first PWM control... Agent:

20120140530 - Switching power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus: A switching power supply apparatus includes a voltage holding unit which holds voltage generated in an auxiliary winding of a transformer, and a voltage detecting unit which detects voltage applied to the first switching unit. When the first switching unit operates such that voltage generated in a secondary winding of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120140532 - Pulse width modulation control method and system for mitigating reflected wave effects in over-modulation region: Power conversion systems and methods are provided for operating a multi-phase inverter to drive a load while mitigating reflected waves, in which one or more PWM modulating signals are selectively adjusted if at least one of the phase signals or values is transitioning into or out of an over-modulation range... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120140533 - Solar photovoltaic system with capacitance-convertibng function: A solar photovoltaic system with a capacitance-converting function provides a DC power source through a solar cell, and the DC power source is converted into an AC power source, thus performing a grid-connected operation with a utility power. The solar photovoltaic system further includes a capacitance conversion apparatus, a DC-to-DC... Agent:

20120140534 - Power conversion system and communication address setting method: There is provided a power conversion system, and a photovoltaic inverter includes a communication unit that broadcast-transmits a setting request signal of a predetermined communication address. The photovoltaic inverter includes a display unit that displays the predetermined communication address indicated by the setting request signal, and an address setting unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120140535 - Method for operating a converter circuit: A method for operating a converter circuit is provided. The converter circuit includes a converter unit and a transformer. The transformer includes at least one winding set with a primary winding and a secondary winding. The converter unit is connected, on the AC voltage side, to the primary winding of... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120140536 - Method for functionally checking a vacuum switch of a traction converter: A method for functionally checking a vacuum switch of a traction inverter having a grid-side four-quadrant chopper and a load-side pulse inverter electrically connected in parallel on the DC side by a DC intermediate circuit. The AC side of the chopper is connected to a secondary winding of a traction... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120140537 - Active rectification control: An active rectification system includes an active rectifier, a pulse width modulation (PWM) control, and a closed loop vector control. The PWM control portion is configured to control switching of the active rectifier and the closed loop vector control is configured to generate the required duty cycles for the PWM... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120140538 - Synchronous rectifier bi-directional current sensor: A method and apparatus for bi-directional current sensing for a synchronous rectifier bi-directional converter system is disclosed. A first current is measured through a first synchronous rectifier via a first transformer to provide a first signal. A second current is measured through a second force synchronous rectifier via a second... Agent:

20120140539 - Gas cooled traction drive inverter: The present invention provides a modular circuit card configuration for distributing heat among a plurality of circuit cards. Each circuit card includes a housing adapted to dissipate heat in response to gas flow over the housing. In one aspect, a gas-cooled inverter includes a plurality of inverter circuit cards, and... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

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