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Electric power conversion systems April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120099344 - Control device for a resonant converter: A control device controls a switching circuit of a resonant converter having an output direct current. The switching circuit includes at least a half-bridge of at least a first and a second transistor connected between an input voltage and a reference voltage. The half-bridge is adapted to generate a periodic... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120099345 - Soft-start control system and method for an isolated dc-dc converter with secondary controller: A DC-DC converter for supplying a gradually increasing voltage via a soft start circuit from a first powered domain to a second unpowered domain. The powered domain may be connected to a primary winding of a first transformer, and the unpowered domain may be connected to the secondary winding of... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120099346 - Converter and an electronic equipment provided with such a converter: A converter for converting AC to DC or DC to DC comprises a first transformer (10) having a secondary winding connected to a DC-load side of the converter, semiconductor switches connected to a primary winding of the transformer, a drive circuit configured to control the semiconductor switches to switch so... Agent: Seps Technologies Ab

20120099347 - Frequency converter assembly: A frequency converter assembly including an input for supplying electric power having an input frequency into the frequency converter assembly from a supply network, a direct voltage intermediate circuit having capacitor component, and at least one controllable switch. The switch being electrically positioned between the input and the direct voltage... Agent: Abb Oy

20120099348 - Power converter with high efficiency in operation: A power converter includes a main switch to which a capacitor is connected through a sub-diode. A primary coil of a transformer and a sub-switch are joined parallel to the capacitor. A main diode is coupled in series with the main switch. A sub-diode and a secondary coil of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120099349 - Three-level active rectification pulse width modulation control: An active rectification system includes a three-level active rectifier and a pulse with modulation (PWM) control portion. The three-level active rectifier includes at least three switches, the at least three switches are selectively switchable between an upper state, a center state, and a lower state. The PWM control portion is... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120099350 - Method and apparatus to select a parameter/mode based on a measurement during an initialization period: An integrated circuit includes a threshold detection circuit that is coupled to measure a signal from a first resistive external circuit coupled between a fourth external terminal of the integrated circuit and a first external terminal of the integrated circuit during a duration of an initialization period after the fourth... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120099351 - Electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus having reinforced power saving and safety functions, the electronic apparatus may include: a power supply which converts alternating current (AC) power input from an AC power source to direct current (DC) power to be outputted; an AC power switch provided on a first AC power input line... Agent: Samsung Electonics Co., Ltd

20120099352 - Power generation system: A power generation system is provided that implements an efficient, labor-saving system interconnection in which an engine generator system, an external power supply system, and a capacitor are connected in parallel to each other, without the conventional practice to change the configuration of the engine generator system or provide an... Agent: Yanmar Co., Ltd.

20120099353 - Power converting apparatus: A power converting apparatus includes a main inverter having a high-voltage DC power supply that operates at a low frequency employing SiC MOSFETs having a high withstand voltage exceeding 600 V and a sub-inverter having a low-voltage capacitor that operates through high-frequency PWM employing Si MOSFETs having a low withstand... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120099354 - Circuits and methods for alternating current-to-direct current conversion: An AC-to-DC converter for converting an AC voltage to a DC voltage includes a first converter, a second converter, a sense circuit, a controller, and an enabling circuit. The first converter converts an AC voltage to a first DC voltage. The second converter converts the first DC voltage to a... Agent:

20120099356 - Power conversion apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, power conversion apparatus includes a converter and a controller. A converter receives an AC power as an input, and outputs a DC voltage by turning on and off a first switching element which operates when the AC power is positive, and a second switching element which... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120099355 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes a voltage regulating circuit, a control circuit, and a switch circuit. The voltage regulating circuit receives an AC voltage signal from a live wire output terminal and converts the AC voltage signal to a control signal. The control circuit receives the control signal and turns... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120099357 - Power converter: A power converter includes an input terminal configured to be connected to a power supply, an output terminal, and a first switching element coupled between the input terminal and the output terminal. The first switching element includes a semiconductor multilayer structure formed on a substrate and made of a nitride... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

04/19/2012 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120092894 - System for regulating a load voltage in power distribution circuits and method for regulating a load voltage in power distribution circuits: The present invention refers to a system for regulating a load voltage (C) in power distribution circuits comprising at least: a regulation transformer (2) the secondary winding of the regulatory transformer (2) being operatively arranged in series between a power source (F) and the load (C), the power source (F)... Agent:

20120092895 - Circuit and method for potential-isolated energy transfer with two output dc voltages: A circuit for potential-isolated power transfer from a primary side to a secondary side with two secondary-side output DC voltages, wherein the absolute value of the first output DC voltage is higher than the absolute value of the second output DC voltage. The circuit comprises a transformer, which has first... Agent: Semikron Elektronik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120092897 - Power supply control device, power supply system and eletronic device: An electronic device (100) includes a power supply system (1) and a load circuit (2) connected to the power supply system (1). The load circuit (2) mutually switches between the first mode and the second mode. In the first mode, the load circuit (2) operates with electric power supplied from... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120092896 - Switching power supply device: A system simplification can be achieved by reducing the number of sensors required to detect currents and voltages when an output current is estimated. a switching power supply device 6 includes a current transformer 12, a switching circuit 13, a rectifying circuit 15, a smoothing circuit 16, an input voltage... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120092898 - Alternating current to direct current power conversion: An alternating current to direct current (AC to DC) power conversion system is provided. The system includes a rectifier configured to convert an input AC voltage to an initial pulsating DC voltage. The system also includes an inverter configured to convert the initial pulsating DC voltage to a converted AC... Agent: General Electric Company

20120092899 - Dynamic converter topology: Methods and apparatus of dynamic topology power converters are provided. One method includes monitoring at least one variable of the power converter and based on the at least one monitored variable, using a converter topology selected between at least a full-bridge converter topology and a half-bridge converter topology to achieve... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20120092900 - Controller with punctuated switching control circuit: An example controller for use in a power supply includes a zero crossing detection (ZCD) circuit and a punctuated switching control circuit. The ZCD circuit is coupled to generate a ZCD signal in response to a zero-crossing of an ac input voltage of the power supply. The punctuated switching control... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120092901 - Power management in an electromagnetic transponder: A method for managing the power in an electromagnetic transponder in the field of a terminal, including the steps of: evaluating the power consumption of the transponder circuits; and if this power consumption is below a threshold, evaluating the current coupling factor between the transponder and the terminal and, according... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20120092902 - Phase angle measurement of a dimming circuit for a switching power supply: An example controller for a switched mode power supply includes a zero-crossing detector and a drive signal generator. The zero-crossing detector is coupled to generate a zero-crossing signal representative of a phase angle of a dimmer output voltage for a half line cycle of the power supply. The drive signal... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120092903 - Power transfer between independent power ports utilizing a single transformer: An example power delivery network includes an energy transfer element, a main power port, and a main port interface. The energy transfer element includes multiple windings, where a first power converter transfers power between a first power port and a first winding, and a second power converter transfers power between... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120092904 - Coordinated control of multi-terminal hvdc systems: Multi-terminal HVDC systems and control methods therefore are disclosed. Methods for controlling multi-terminal HVDC systems having a plurality of converter stations may include receiving a plurality of measurements from a plurality of measurement units disposed on the HVDC system, identifying from the measurements a disruption within the HVDC system, monitoring... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20120092905 - Method and systems for converting power: A power conversion system includes a first converter coupled to a power source, wherein the first converter includes an input side, and an output side electrically isolated from the input side. The power conversion system also includes a second converter coupled to the power source, wherein the second converter includes... Agent:

20120092906 - Arrangement for exchanging power: An arrangement for exchanging power with a three-phase electric power network comprises a Voltage Source Converter having three phase legs with each a series connection of switching cells. The three phase legs are interconnected by forming a delta-connection. The arrangement also includes a control unit configured to calculate a value... Agent:

20120092907 - Power supply and system: The invention provides a power supply comprising a switch, a voltage detector and an SPS stage. The switch is coupled to an AC source. The voltage detector detects a voltage of the AC source. The SPS stage is coupled to the switch and outputs a DC voltage. When the voltage... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20120092908 - Multi-level parallel power converters: Multi-level power converters are disclosed. In one embodiment, a multi-level power converter includes an input for receiving an input voltage and a converter output for providing a variable output voltage. The multi-level power converter includes a plurality of switching circuits. Each switching circuit is connected to the input in parallel... Agent: Astec International Limited

20120092909 - Power conversion apparatus: According to one embodiment, a power conversion apparatus determines a peak value of circuit current in each pulse cycle and a lower limit value lower than the peak value, from a corrected output voltage value obtained by subtracting a predetermined reference voltage from an output voltage detected, and an input... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120092910 - Switching power supply apparatus: A switching power supply is provided to supply an AC input voltage. The supply includes a control circuit configured to detect a voltage of the AC power source in a voltage waveform, and switch elements in a synchronous rectification switching mode in synchronization with polarities of the voltage waveform when... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20120092911 - Power conversion apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a power conversion apparatus determines a peak value of circuit current in each pulse cycle, from a corrected output voltage value by subtracting a predetermined reference voltage from an output voltage detected by the output voltage detector, and an input voltage detected by the input voltage... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120092912 - Commutation method of an electronic power converter phase with reverse-conducting igbts: The invention relates to a method for commutating from a reverse-conducting IGBT (T1) operated in the diode mode to a reverse-conducting IGBT (T2) operated in the IGBT mode. According to the invention the reverse-conducting IGBT (T1) operated in the diode mode is turned off only at the instant a current... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120092913 - Pfc booster circuit: A power factor correction booster circuit for connection to an alternating current (AC) power source including a first circuit portion arranged to be active over a first AC half cycle of the power source, the first circuit portion including: a first AC input node in connection with a source node... Agent: Eaton Industries Company

20120092914 - Switching branch for three-level rectifier and method for controlling switching branch for three-level rectifier: A switching branch for a three-level rectifier and a method for controlling a switching branch for a three-level rectifier are provided. The switching branch includes a first diode and a second diode connected in series, a third diode and a fourth diode connected in series, a first controllable switch connected... Agent: Abb Oy

20120092915 - Power conversion apparatus: A power conversion apparatus including: a three-level inverter including bridge circuits each including a first semiconductor switching device and a second semiconductor switching device connected in series, the bridge circuits being connected to a positive terminal and a negative terminal of a DC power supply, and switch circuits having bidirectional... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

04/12/2012 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120087153 - Indirect d. c. converter with a switching frequency being dependent on the load and the input voltage and a dead time depending on the switching frequency (also known as control circuitry, voltage converter, method, and computer program): A control circuitry for controlling operation of switches of a non-regulated DC-to-DC converter is disclosed. The converter comprises a transformer having a primary winding, which is arranged to be excited by means of electricity provided through the switches, and an output connected to at least one secondary winding of the... Agent:

20120087154 - Voltage supply device for a load: A voltage supply device for a load, in particular for a network, has an energy store that can be connected to connection terminals and a voltage transformer with at least one electronic switch. A reverse polarity protection is in contact with the connection terminals and is designed to convert voltage... Agent:

20120087155 - Ac-dc converter: An AC-DC converter is disclosed. The AC-DC converter includes an OFF-time clamping circuit. The OFF time clamping circuit outputs a triggering signal when a main switch circuit of the AC-DC converter is switched from ON state to OFF state. When an input AC voltage is too small, and a terminal... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20120087156 - Method and apparatus for limiting maximum output power of a power converter: An example power converter includes an energy transfer element, a switch, a controller, and a current offset circuit. The controller switches the switch between an ON state and an OFF state to regulate the output of the power converter and is adapted to terminate the ON state of the switch... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120087157 - Dc-to-ac power inverting apparatus for photovoltaic modules: The disclosure provides a DC-to-AC power inverting apparatus for photovoltaic modules, which comprises two stages: a first stage including a resonant circuit in series, an isolating transformer with three windings, a full-bridge DC-to-AC converting unit operating in a high-frequency switch mode so as to reduce the transformer volume, and a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120087158 - Method and apparatus for controlling an inverter using pulse mode control: A method and apparatus for controlling an inverter includes operating the inverter in a one of a normal run mode or a pulse mode depending on one or more criteria. When operating in the pulse mode, the inverter generates a sinusoidal output pulse waveform including a plurality of pulses having... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120087159 - Quadrature-corrected feedforward control apparatus and method for dc-ac power conversion: An apparatus and method for controlling the delivery of a pre-determined amount of power from a DC source to an AC grid includes an inverter and an inverter controller. The inverter includes an input converter, an energy storage capacitor, and an output converter. The inverter controller includes an input converter... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120087160 - Power factor correction circuit: There is provided a power factor correction circuit capable of correcting a power factor of a power converting module through increasing an input current by switching a main switching element of a power converting module on the basis of a first reference wave having a slope based on a first... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120087161 - Power supply connected in parallel with a power switch for the control circuit thereof: A power converter circuit for generating a supply voltage for a power semiconductor switch. A series circuit formed of a diode unit having diodes connected in reverse and a protection circuit is connected in parallel with the power semiconductor switch. The diode voltage generates a feed voltage that is transformed,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120087162 - High voltage power supply: A high voltage power supply includes a frequency signal generation unit, a voltage generation unit, and a voltage amplifying unit. The frequency signal generation unit generates a frequency signal. The voltage generation unit generates an input voltage according to the frequency signal generated by the frequency signal generation unit. The... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120087163 - Power supply apparatus: A relay contact is connected between positive power supply input terminals of first and second inverters, and a relay contact is connected between negative power supply input terminals of the inverters. A positive DC power supply terminal is connected to the positive power supply input terminal of the first inverter,... Agent: Sansha Electric Manufacturing Company, Limited

20120087164 - Contactless interface: Power extracted from an antenna inductively coupled to an alternating magnetic field is regulated to provide voltage supplies. In some implementations, a first voltage supply (e.g., 3.8 volts) provides regulated voltage to analog circuits and a second, lower, voltage supply (e.g., 1.4 volts) provides regulated voltage to digital circuits. The... Agent: Inside Contactless S.a.

20120087165 - Apparatus and method for controlling a power inverter: An apparatus and method for controlling a DC-to-AC inverter is disclosed. The DC-to-AC inverter may be configured to convert DC power received from an alternative energy source to AC power for supplying an AC grid or load. The inverter may determine whether the power presently supplied by the alternative energy... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120087166 - Cam-controlled electromechanical rotary power inverter: The cam-controlled electromechanical rotary power inverter converts a plurality of DC source voltages to an AC power output by an electromechanical mechanism that includes a rotating assembly of cams intermittently contacting a series of brushes connected to the DC source voltages to sequentially add the DC voltages and then sequentially... Agent:

20120087167 - Power conversion device: Disclosed is a power conversion device which achieves reductions in switching loss due to a reverse recovery current and heat generation loss. Specifically disclosed is a power conversion device provided with a cascode element configured by electrically connecting a normally-on switching element and a normally-off switching element in series and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

04/05/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120081927 - Isolated switching power supply apparatus: An isolated switching power supply apparatus includes a direct-current input power supply, a power transmission transformer including a primary winding and a secondary winding, at least one main switching element configured to perform switching control on a direct-current voltage applied to the primary winding of the power transmission transformer, a... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120081928 - Flyback converter with an adaptively controlled rectifier arrangement: A flyback converter includes input terminals and output terminals. A transformer with a first winding and a second winding are inductively coupled. A first switching element is connected in series with the first winding and a first series circuit with the first switching element, the first winding being coupled between... Agent:

20120081929 - High efficiency and low cost high voltage power converter: A low cost, high efficiency, high voltage DC to DC power converter that operates from batteries to provide support to products using Electric Field Effect Technology to generate aerosols.... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120081930 - Method and apparatus to limit maximum switch current in a switching power supply: An integrated circuit for use in a power supply includes a drive signal generator, a short on time detector, and an oscillator. The drive signal generator generates a drive signal in response to a clock signal. The short on time detector provides an output indicating that consecutive on times of... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120081931 - Method and apparatus to control a power converter having a low loop bandwidth: An example controller includes a feedback sensor circuit that receives a feedback signal representative of an output of a power converter. A feedback sampling signal generator is coupled to generate a feedback sampling signal. The feedback sensor circuit samples the feedback signal in response to the feedback sampling signal. A... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120081932 - Control method and system for reducing the common-mode current in a power converter: The invention relates to a control method and system intended to reduce the common-mode current in a power converter which comprises a rectifier stage (1, 1′) connected to a number of input phases (R, S, T) and an inverter stage (2, 2′) connected to a number of output phases (U,... Agent: Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe Sas

20120081933 - Photovoltaic power conditioning units: We describe a photovoltaic (PV) panel power conditioning circuits, in particular for a PV panel with multiple sub-strings of connected solar cells. The power conditioning unit comprises a set of input power converters, one connected to each sub-string, a shared dc link to provide a common dc bus for the... Agent:

20120081934 - Photovoltaic power conditioning units: We describe a photovoltaic (PV) panel system comprising a PV panel with multiple sub-strings of connected solar cells in combination with a power conditioning unit (microinverter). The power conditioning unit comprises a set of input power converters, one connected to each sub-string, and a common output power conversion stage, to... Agent:

20120081935 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes rectifying elements which are connected in series and has a rectifying function from a first input terminal portion to an output terminal portion; a first wiring and a second wiring, which are connected to a second input terminal portion; and a boosting circuit including a plurality... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120081936 - System and method for converting an ac input voltage to a regulated dc output voltage using a z-type converter with rectified switches: An AC to DC converter for converting an AC input voltage to a regulated DC output voltage using a Z-type converter and rectified switches. The Z-type converter includes first and second inductors, a capacitor, two rectified switches and a load device coupled in a cross-coupled configuration. The Z-type converter may... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20120081937 - Converters and inverters for photovoltaic power systems: A power system includes a plurality of DC/DC converters and a DC/AC inverter. The plurality of DC/DC converters having outputs electrically connected in parallel for supplying a DC voltage bus to an input of the DC/AC inverter. The plurality of DC/DC converters each include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT).... Agent: Astec International Limited

20120081938 - Discharging a capacitance provided at the output of an inverter: A method and device to discharge a filter capacitance at the output of an inverter for feeding electrical power from a generation unit into a grid via a grid connect switch is disclosed. The grid connect switch has a generation unit side and a grid side, and via AC grid... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120081939 - Arrangement for exchanging power: An arrangement for exchanging power, in shunt connection, with a three-phase electric power network includes a Voltage Source Converter having at least three phase legs with each a series connection of switching cells. Each switching cell has at least two semiconductor assemblies connected in series and having each a semiconductor... Agent:

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