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Electric power conversion systems October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 14 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110261588 - Inverter module and integrated-inverter electric compressor using the same: An inverter module and an integrated-inverter electric compressor using the same, which can eliminate noise interference, noise leakage, and the like attributable to a smoothing capacitor accommodated therein and which can be reduced in size and weight is provided. An inverter module (11) includes a resin module case (17); a... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110261589 - Power converter with electrical switching element: A power converter is preferably mounted in a vehicle. The converter has a power converting unit including an electrical switching element electrically switched on and off selectively in response to a duty ratio of PWM (pulse-width modulation) signal given to the switching element. The converter further has a controller including... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110261591 - Converter for single-phase and three-phase operation, d.c. voltage supply and battery charger: A Converter (1a.1c) for single-phase and three-phase Operation which comprises a three-phase rectifier to which three coils (La, Lb, Lc) are connected on the mains side is described. A first coil (La) is provided on the mains side with a switch (S) which connects the first coil (La) to the... Agent: Brusa Elektronik Ag

20110261590 - Two stage resonant converter: A resonant converter comprising: a controllable current source; a resonant tank circuit coupled to the current source; and an isolated buck-type converter coupled to the resonant tank circuit, the isolated buck-type converter having an output, wherein the resonant tank circuit enables switches in the isolated buck-type converter to switch under... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20110261592 - Current resonance power supply: A current resonance power supply includes a current detecting unit detecting a current flowing through a primary side of a transformer and a current compensating unit compensating the current detected by the current detecting unit in accordance with a variation in voltage input into the primary side of the transformer.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110261593 - Power converter for a power generator: Provided are methods, circuits, and systems for obtaining power from a power generator such as a photovoltaic cell or a fuel cell. The methods, circuits, and systems comprise converting substantially DC output power from the power generator into a high frequency AC voltage while rejecting or minimizing oscillations in the... Agent:

20110261595 - Method and system for delivering a controlled voltage: In general, in one aspect, the invention relates to a method for delivering a controlled voltage. The method involves, during a first electric pulse delivered to a primary transformer, holding a first switching section open to isolate the controlled voltage, where the first electric pulse creates a first magnetic flux... Agent: Varentec LLC

20110261594 - Power supply with input filter-controlled switch clamp circuit: An example power supply in accordance with the teachings of the present disclosure includes a switch, an energy transfer element, a controller, an input filter, and a switch clamp circuit. The energy transfer element is coupled to the switch and the controller is coupled to control the switch to regulate... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110261596 - Control circuit for primary side control of switching power supply: A switched mode power supply (SMPS) includes a transformer with a primary winding, a secondary winding, an auxiliary winding, and a power switch coupled to the primary winding. During one switching cycle, the auxiliary winding provides a feedback signal which includes a first voltage pulse that is induced after the... Agent: Bcd Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited

20110261597 - Inverter type engine generator: Generator output specifications according to destination are satisfied by an alternator with a single output band and a generator output voltage is made automatically adjustable in accordance with a load. An engine generator 1 includes an alternator 3, a rectifier 51, a DC-DC converter 52, and an inverter 53. A... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110261598 - Power converter with multi-level voltage output and harmonics filter: A device for converting a DC voltage into an AC voltage and vice versa comprises at least one phase leg with a first voltage source and a first inductor connected in series between a first DC terminal and a first AC terminal and with a second inductor and a second... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110261599 - Controller for a power conversion circuit: A power conversion controller for controlling the operation of a switch in a power conversion circuit, wherein the power conversion controller is configured to operate the switch according to: a variable frequency mode of operation for switching frequencies greater than a minimum threshold value; and a fixed frequency mode of... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110261601 - Method and system for controlling a multi-stage power inverter: A method for controlling an multi-stage inverter comprises controlling an input converter of the multi-stage inverter with an input controller and controlling an output converter of the multi-stage inverter with an output controller separate from the input controller. The input controller and output controller may be galvanically isolated. Additionally, the... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20110261600 - Power conversion apparatus: A power conversion apparatus includes a plurality of semiconductor modules and a plurality of bus bars. The plurality of bus bars include a positive electrode bus bar connected to a positive electrode power terminal, a negative electrode bus bar connected to a negative electrode power terminal, and a plurality of... Agent: Denso Corporation

10/20/2011 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110255307 - Apparatus and method for controling power quality of power generation system: There are provided an apparatus and a method for controlling the power quality of a power generation system. According to the present invention, there is provided an apparatus for controlling the power quality of a power generation system including a DC/AC inverter converting DC voltage into AC voltage and supplying... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110255309 - High-speed reflected signal detection for primary-side controlled power converters: A controller for a power converter includes a clamping circuit, a switching circuit and a pulse generator. The clamping circuit is coupled to an input terminal of the controller for detecting a detection signal from a transformer. The switching circuit generates a switching signal to switch the transformer in response... Agent: System General Corporation

20110255310 - Method and apparatus for implementing an unregulated dormant mode with an event counter in a power converter: A method for controlling an output of a power converter includes generating a drive signal with a control circuit, entering a dormant mode of operation that includes powering down the control circuit if a flow of energy to an output of the power converter is less than a threshold value... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110255308 - System, module, and method for constant current controlling of power converter: A system, a module, and a method for constant current controlling of a power converter are disclosed. The constant current controlling system includes a power converter and a constant current controlling module. The power converter has a transformer and a switching unit. The switch unit is coupled with the primary... Agent: Lien Chang Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20110255311 - Flyback converter system and feedback controlling apparatus and method for the same: A flyback converter system and feedback controlling apparatus and method of operating the same are disclosed. The feedback controlling apparatus for the flyback converter system includes a primary feedback loop unit for generating a primary feedback signal, and a secondary feedback loop unit for generating a secondary feedback signal, a... Agent:

20110255312 - Power converter with primary-side feedback control: A power converter with primary-side feedback control includes a transformer comprising a primary winding, an auxiliary winding, and a secondary winding, for transforming an input voltage into an output voltage; a transistor coupled to the primary winding for controlling electric energy transforming of the transformer according to a first control... Agent:

20110255313 - Method and apparatus for regulating a diode conduction duty cycle: A power converter control method and apparatus is disclosed. An example control circuit includes a clock signal generator coupled to generate a clock signal to control switching of a power switch to be coupled to the control circuit. A feedback circuit is coupled to receive a feedback signal which is... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110255314 - Switched power converter with extended hold-up time: A power supply module having a PFC stage has a hold-up capacitor (34) for continuing output power for a time after an ac power supply (2) stops. The hold-up capacitor is charged by a winding (40) driven magnetically from a first winding (24); the first winding (24) may be the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110255315 - Switching power supply device: A switching power supply device ensuring no voltage dip is caused by a sink current even if started with output voltage accumulated. When input voltage Vi is reapplied with output voltage Vo accumulated, supplying PWM signals to main switching element 9 and rectifying switching elements is stopped by output detection... Agent: Tdk-lambda Corporation

20110255316 - Isolating circuit for dc/ac converter: An isolating circuit for a DC/AC converter includes an input, an output, an energy storage element and a switch element. The DC/AC converter includes an energy storage isolated from mains during a freewheeling phase. The output of the isolating circuit is configured to be connected to the DC/AC converter, and... Agent:

20110255317 - Intelligent multi-stage variable-power switch power supply device: An intelligent multi-stage variable-power switch power supply device has an output of a bridge rectifier connected with the input of an EMI filter and the output of the EMI filter connected with a single chip through a standby topology and is connected with two or more different power topologies through... Agent:

20110255318 - Insulator integrated power supply: A power scavenging device attaches to an overhead power cable and a support pole. The power scavenging device includes a non-conducting outer body and a first capacitor and a second capacitor that are connected in series forming a voltage divider. A voltage source converter is electrically connected to the output... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110255319 - Power supply device and semiconductor device: Switching loss is reduced by decreasing the switching frequency of a PFC power supply in light load condition, whereas the switching frequency is maintained high in heavy load operation. Efficiency in light load operation is thus improved without enlarging a boosting inductor and an output smoothing capacitor. A capacitor is... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110255320 - Electric power converter for vehicle: In an electric power converter for a vehicle which is connected to an alternating-current generator for a vehicle and performs synchronous rectification, switching mistakes are reduced and efficiency is improved by setting an optimal control allowance time in generating a switching timing signal from a diode ON signal. A control... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110255321 - Resonant capacitor clamping circuit in resonant converter: A resonant converter comprises a first and a second input terminal (1, 2) in order to connect a voltage source (VBulk). The first end of a first switch (S1) is connected to the first input terminal (1). The second end of the first switch (S1) is connected to the first... Agent: Det International Holding Limited

10/13/2011 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110249471 - Method and apparatus for achieving zero ac-draw mode for a device: The disclosure describes a processing system with a soft power switch assembly configured to include a zero-power off mode that would allow an off state with no power drain by the device while maintaining all other soft power off mode capabilities, including low power modes, (e.g., sleep, hibernation modes). The... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110249472 - Pwm control of dual active bridge converters: A Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter and a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) scheme for controlling the DAB converter are disclosed. In general, the DAB converter includes a transformer, a first H-bridge that is connected to a primary winding of the transformer and controlled via first control signals, and a second... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110249473 - Resonant converting device, and control module and method for controlling a resonant converter: A method for controlling operation of a resonant converter is to be implemented by a control module that generates a drive signal for controlling a power switch of the resonant converter to thereby control an output voltage and an output current provided by the resonant converter to a load. The... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20110249474 - Method and apparatus for power conversion using an interleaved flyback converter with alternating master and slave branches: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to power conversion and, more particularly, to a method and apparatus for performing power conversion using an interleaved flyback converter with alternating master and slave branches. The apparatus comprises a plurality of parallel connected flyback circuits; a controller is coupled to the switches... Agent:

20110249475 - Grid-connected inverter: A grid-connected inverter includes first and second power conversion circuits, a contactor and a control circuit. The first conversion circuit converts a first DC voltage to a second DC voltage. The second conversion circuit converts the second DC voltage to an AC voltage. The contactor connects an output side of... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20110249476 - Voltage detector and protection apparatus using the same: A voltage detector includes a zener diode having a cathode connected to a detect terminal of the voltage detector, a junction field effect transistor having an input terminal connected to an anode of the zener diode, and a resistor connected between an output terminal and a control terminal of the... Agent: Richpower Microelectronics Corporation

20110249477 - Bridge circuits and their components: A half bridge is described with at least one transistor having a channel that is capable in a first mode of operation of blocking a substantial voltage in at least one direction, in a second mode of operation of conducting substantial current in one direction through the channel and in... Agent: Transphorm Inc.

20110249478 - Power output stage for a pulse-controlled inverter: A power output stage for a pulse-controlled inverter includes a half-bridge. The half-bridge has a control terminal and power terminals. The power terminals include a terminal for a positive supply voltage, a terminal for a negative supply voltage and a phase voltage terminal. In particular, the power output stage has... Agent:

20110249479 - Method of controlling an inverter of npc type: The invention relates to a method of controlling a multilevel inverter of NPC (Neutral Point Clamped) type. The method consists in particular in regulating the electrical potential of the mid-point when the inverter operates at full voltage, that is to say in overmodulation. In this case, the method firstly consists... Agent: Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe Sas

10/06/2011 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110242853 - High voltage power supply: A high voltage power supply is provided. The high voltage power supply includes an inverter which converts a DC voltage input to the high voltage power supply into a first AC voltage, a transformer including an input winding unit and a plurality of output winding units, wherein the input winding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110242855 - Power converter: A DC-DC power converter (130) for transferring power between low voltage terminals (26) and high voltage terminals (28). The converter comprises a low voltage circuit (132) connectable to the low voltage terminals (26), a high voltage circuit (134) connectable to the high voltage terminals (28); and at least one capacitor... Agent: University Court Of The University Of Aberdeen

20110242856 - Resonant converter: A resonant converter (10) comprising a voltage compensation circuit (72, 73) configured to generate a periodic compensation voltage signal (Vslopecompens) at a switching frequency of the converter such that conduction intervals (31, 32) are ended according to first and second voltage levels in combination with the periodic compensation signal.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110242854 - Switching power unit: There is provided switching power unit comprising: a PFC voltage detector that detects PFC voltages of the power-factor improvement unit; an output voltage detector that is provided in a current resonance converter unit; a switching controller into which output signals from the PFC voltage detector and output signals from the... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20110242857 - Maximum power point tracker, power conversion controller, power conversion device having insulating structure, and method for tracking maximum power point thereof: Disclosed are a maximum power point tracker, a power conversion controller, a power conversion device having an insulating structure, and a method for tracking maximum power point. The power conversion device includes: a DC/AC converter including a primary DC chopper unit having a primary switch, a transformer, and an AC/AC... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20110242858 - Switching converter systems with isolating digital feedback loops: Switching converter systems are provided to control output voltage across a load by means of a converter forward path and a converter feedback path. The forward path preferably includes a transistor, an inductive element, a diode and a capacitor arranged to switchably exchange energy with the capacitor to thereby generate... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110242859 - Isolated primary circuit regulator: An isolated primary circuit regulator is applied to a primary side of a transformer of a power supply. The isolated primary circuit regulator outputs a switching signal, and switches the transformer by using the switching signal, thereby stabilizing an output current. The isolated primary circuit regulator includes a discharge time... Agent: Macroblock, Inc.

20110242860 - Power semiconductor device and power conversion system using the device: In some aspects of the invention, a power semiconductor module is applied to a multi-level converter circuit with three or more levels of voltage waveform. A first IGBT, a diode whose cathode is connected to the emitter of the first IGBT, and a second IGBT having reverse blocking voltage whose... Agent: Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

20110242861 - Electronic device and semiconductor device: The present invention provides a method of improving efficiency in a full load region in a PFC power source of an active filter method by controlling a switch circuit of the PFC power source in association with an output power of the PFC power source. A pair of two switches... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110242862 - Soft start circuit for power factor correction network: A soft start circuit for a power factor correction circuit. In one embodiment, the soft start circuit controls an input to a power factor correction pre-regulator chip to allow the output voltage to be set initially to a value lower than the desired nominal output voltage of the power factor... Agent: Connecticut Electric, Inc.

20110242863 - Patch antenna and rectenna using the same: A patch antenna for receiving high frequency wireless signal and a rectenna using the same, more particularly, an impedance-matched patch antenna adopting a slot capacitive coupling structure and a rectenna capable of generating electrical energy from the wireless signals having different frequency band. A rectenna for receiving an A.C. wireless... Agent: Kookmin University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation

20110242864 - Current source power conversion circuit: An example of the current source power conversion circuit is provided with a plurality of half-bridge rectifier circuits which are connected in parallel, each including a serial connection of a first switch circuit having a first self-turn-off element and a first diode which are connected in series to each other,... Agent:

20110242865 - Self-powered active rectifier circuit and related method of operation for photovoltaic solar power arrays: The active rectifier circuit and related method of operation disclosed herein is self-powered and improves the efficiency and reliability of photovoltaic solar power systems by replacing the conventional bypass and blocking rectifiers used in such systems. The circuit includes a power MOSFET used as a switch between the anode and... Agent:

20110242868 - Circuit and method for coupling electrical energy to a resonated inductive load: A switching circuit (Q11, Q12, D11, D12, D13, L11, L12) is repetitively configured to charge an energy transfer capacitance (C11) from an electrical supply (V11) and then inject a discrete pulse of energy into a resonated load circuit by dis charging the capacitance. The load circuit is formed by a... Agent:

20110242867 - Power inverters and related methods: Some embodiments include power inverters and related methods. Other embodiments of related systems and methods are also disclosed.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, For An On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110242866 - Power semiconductor device and power conversion system using the device: Aspects of the invention are related to a power semiconductor module applied to a multi-level converter circuit with three or more levels of voltage waveform. Aspects of the invention can include a first IGBT to which a diode is reverse parallel connected and a second IGBT having reverse blocking voltage... Agent: Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

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