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Electric power conversion systems September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories. class, title,number

20110235367 - Dc to dc converter: A DC to DC converter includes an input terminal, an output terminal, first and second switches, an inductor, a smoothing unit, a first impedance element, a first resistor element, an operational amplifier and a control unit. The first switch is connected to the input terminal. The second switch is connected... Agent:

20110235369 - Synchronous rectifier post regulator: Methods and apparatus for regulating a synchronous rectifier DC-to-DC converter by adjusting one or more existing synchronous rectifiers in the converter are provided. By regulating an existing synchronous rectifier, the rectifier may function as a modulator for post regulation over a limited range of output voltages suitable for load regulation,... Agent:

20110235368 - System and method for conversion of high voltage ac to low voltage dc using input voltage gating: A method and apparatus for conversion of high voltage AC to low voltage high current DC without using high voltage capacitors or transformers. A single switch is used to perform both the functions of pre-regulation and switching conversion. An input voltage detector determines when the input power AC is below... Agent: Smartsynch, Inc.

20110235370 - High efficiency power converter: A power converter nearly losslessly delivers energy and recovers energy from capacitors associated with controlled rectifiers in a secondary winding circuit, each controlled rectifier having a parallel uncontrolled rectifier. First and second primary switches in series with first and second primary windings, respectively, are turned on for a fixed duty... Agent: Synqor, Inc.

20110235371 - Constant-current circuit capable of voltage compensation and zero-voltage switching: The present invention is to provide a constant-current circuit capable of voltage compensation and zero-voltage switching, wherein the constant-current circuit is a single-switch isolated flyback converter and includes a control circuit, a sensing resistor, a transformer, a voltage divider, and a primary-side power switch. The control circuit obtains information related... Agent: Skynet Electronic Co., Ltd.

20110235372 - Systems and methods for scaling a signal in a power factor correction circuit: Systems and methods for scaling a current signal in a power factor correction circuit are disclosed. An exemplary method may include providing a power factor correction circuit for a power supply, the power factor correction circuit having a first current sensing resistor connected on a return path to a rectified... Agent:

20110235373 - Active switching ripple filter: An active switching ripple filter system removes ripple currents from a power signal and has a main inverter and an active switching ripple filter inverter whose outputs are combined to form an output power signal.... Agent:

20110235374 - Stored energy dissipating circuits and methods for switched mode power supplies: A circuit includes a detector configured to detect a state of a power supply including an energy storage component and to generate a control signal responsive to the state of the power supply, a dissipating component, and a switch configured to controllably couple the dissipating component to the energy storage... Agent:

20110235375 - Apparatus having a converter: A device has a converter which is connected to a direct voltage circuit through a short-circuit protection unit. The short-circuit protection unit is arranged at least partially in the direct voltage circuit and is provided in the direct voltage circuit to suppress short-circuit current flowing through the converter. The device... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110235376 - Multi-level parallel phase converter: A multi-level parallel phase power converter has a power source, a converter, and an electrical node. The converter includes multiple converter modules. Each of the converter modules has multiple multi-level power converters, a poly-phase interphase inductor, and a set of poly-phase power summing connections. The summed power of each of... Agent:

20110235377 - Circuit and method for generating an ac voltage from a plurality of voltage sources having a temporally variable dc output voltage: A circuit comprising at least one parallel-connected partial circuit for feeding at least one inverter circuit. A partial circuit consists of an unregulated voltage source having a temporally varying DC output voltage, a voltage doubling circuit and a voltage regulating circuit with an associated regulating device. In the inventive method,... Agent: Semikron Elektronik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110235378 - Power supply system for electronic device: A power supply system includes an AC power source, a converter, a relay switch, and a waveform monitoring circuit. The AC power source provides an AC voltage. The converter is capable of converting the AC voltage into a DC voltage. The relay switch is connected between the AC power source... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110235379 - Current sharing power system: A power system controller includes multiple channels and each channel has a current sharing controller that is coupled to a shared current signal bus and a shared voltage signal bus.... Agent:

20110235381 - Activation of a synchronous rectifier: A rectifier bridge circuit is described for rectifying the phase voltage generated by a generator, including a positive half-bridge having multiple rectifier elements and a negative half-bridge having multiple rectifier elements. The rectifier elements each have a controllable switch having a diode connected in parallel. A control circuit is provided... Agent:

20110235380 - Power conversion: Exemplary embodiments are directed to power conversion. A device may include a controllable switch coupled between an AC network and a DC network. The device may further include control circuitry configured to modify a configuration of the switch based on a detected difference between a reference signal and an output... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110235383 - Frequency synchronizing method for discharge tube lighting apparatus, discharge tube lighting apparatus, and semiconductor integrated circuit: An oscillator generates a triangular wave signal whose inclination for charging a capacitor and inclination for discharging the same are the same and which is used to turn on/off FETs Qp1 and Qn1. A signal generation part generates first drive signal in a period shorter than a half period of... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20110235382 - High voltage inverter device: The high voltage inverter device receives, as an input voltage, a DC voltage or a voltage within Safety Extra Low Voltage composed of a DC component with a pulsating flow superposed thereon. The input voltage is switched by a switching element to pass an exciting current to excitation windings on... Agent: Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20110235384 - Power converter and power conditioner: A power converter enhances conversion efficiency from DC power to AC power. A first chopper circuit chops DC voltage from a photovoltaic panel at a system frequency producing a first square-wave whose voltage level changes positively. A second chopper circuit chops the first square-wave at a frequency double the system... Agent: Omron Corporation

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