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Electric power conversion systems July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110182087 - Method and apparatus for power converter for class d audio power amplifiers: A method and apparatus for power conversion in a class D amplifier is provided. The power conversion is achieved using synchronous rectifiers in a regulated half bridge power supply, taking the sum of the positive and negative rails as feedback, in order facilitate energy transfer between positive and negative output... Agent:

20110182088 - Quasi-resonant power supply controller and method therefor: In one embodiment, a quasi-resonant power supply controller is configured to select particular valley values of a switch voltage to determine a time to enable a power switch. The valleys values are selected responsively to a range of values of a feedback signal.... Agent:

20110182089 - Controller for a power converter and method of operating the same: A controller for a power converter and method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the controller includes a primary peak current circuit configured to produce a reference voltage corresponding to a primary peak current through a primary winding of a transformer of a power converter, and an offset corrector... Agent:

20110182090 - Switching controller for power converters: A switching controller for power converter comprises a current-sense circuit and a PWM circuit, The current-sense circuit receives high-voltage signal across a first switch to generate a current-sense signal. The PWM circuit generates a switching signal to control the first switch in response to the current-sense signal. The switching controller... Agent: System General Corp.

20110182091 - Synchronization detecting circuit and automatic synchronous parallelization apparatus: An automatic synchronous parallelization apparatus capable of suppressing an inrush current by automatically adjusting the magnitude, the frequency, and the phase of the voltage when a single-phase voltage-type DC-to-AC converting device performing an autonomous parallel operation is connected in parallel with an external single-phase AC voltage source. The automatic synchronous... Agent: Origin Electric Company Limited

20110182092 - An inverter with short circuit protection: An inverter has a current sensor that senses a low side current before a high side of the inverter is permitted to power up. If an over-current situation is detected on the low side, powering up is prevented in order to avoid damage to the rectifier.... Agent:

20110182093 - Current controller device and vector control method for controlling power conversion: A current controller device using a vector control algorithm for controlling conversion of DC power into AC power is provided. The controller device has an open loop control loop gain and produces a first and a second voltage demand signals based on a first and a second current demand signals,... Agent:

20110182094 - System and method to manage power usage: A system and method are provided for managing electrical power usage. During a predetermined time period, such as during blackout conditions, a digital signal processor (DSP) controls an IGBT/FET-based device to supply an allocated amount of power. When the consumed amount of power exceeds the allocated amount, the DSP shuts... Agent: The Powerwise Group, Inc.

20110182095 - Package for synchronous rectifier module: The present technology discloses a package for a synchronous rectifier module, and also discloses synchronous rectification circuits and power supply adapters. The synchronous rectification circuit co-packages the synchronous rectifier and the driver into one single package. The single package simplifies the external circuitry and reduces potential electromagnetic interferences.... Agent:

20110182096 - Semiconductor integrated circuit, pwm signal output device, and power conversion control apparatus: Provided is a control technique of a PWM conversion type power converter capable of compensating for a voltage error due to voltage drop mainly at a switching element and managing a switching time of a PWM signal at the same time, and capable of suppressing increase/decrease of software operation load... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110182097 - Pulse width modulation step wave and sine wave driving device: A PWM step wave and sine wave driving device is provided. The driving device includes an ADC unit, an input processing unit, a first pulse width calculation unit, a register unit, a first output unit, a zero point detecting unit, a second pulse width calculation unit, a second output unit,... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176333 - Power converter with isolated and regulation stages: In a power converter, the duty cycle of a primary winding circuit causes near continuous flow of power through the primary and secondary winding circuits during normal operation. By providing no regulation during normal operation, a very efficient circuit is obtained with a synchronous rectifier in the secondary operating at... Agent: Synqor, Inc.

20110176334 - Carrier wave amplitude control in power source for stabilizing dc voltage by utilizing frequency dependence of resonance: In the power supply composed of a driver circuit generating the carrier, a resonance circuit driven by the carrier and a rectification circuit generating the dc. voltage by rectifying the amplitude-modulated carrier supplied by the resonance circuit and stabilizing the output voltage by the feeding back the voltage error between... Agent:

20110176335 - Resonant converters and burst mode control method thereof: A burst mode control method for a resonant converter is provided, in which at least one first regulation pulse is provided to pre-adjust a magnetizing inductor current and a resonant capacitor voltage in a resonant circuit during a burst mode working period. After the first regulation pulse is completed, at... Agent:

20110176336 - Isolated current regulated dc-dc converter: The isolated current regulated DC-DC converter is composed of the step down switch SA, free wheel diode DA, step down inductor L, switches S1 and S2, capacitor Cc to absorb the leakage energy of the switching transformer, output diodes D3 and D4, output filter capacitor C and the switching transformer... Agent:

20110176337 - Single-cycle charge regulator for digital control: A single-cycle charge regulator (SCCR) may be used in operating a power converter at a constant frequency without requiring compensation. The SCCR may include a first control loop to generate an error value based on the output voltage of the power converter and a reference voltage, and to generate a... Agent:

20110176338 - Electrical power adaptor with self-adjusting output voltage regulation: The present invention relates to an electrical power adaptor with self-adjusting output voltage regulation which comprises a switching power supply circuit for converting an alternate current into a direct current, and a power supply return circuit connecting with the switching power supply circuit. The switching power supply circuit comprises an... Agent:

20110176339 - Signal transmission arrangement: A signal transmission arrangement is disclosed. A voltage converter includes a signal transmission arrangement.... Agent:

20110176340 - Power converter, control method thereof, and direct matrix converter: A voltage control rate of an inverter has a DC component and an AC component. This AC component has a frequency which is six times a fundamental frequency of an AC voltage outputted by the inverter. Even when there are not only a fifth-order harmonic component but also a seventh-order... Agent:

20110176341 - Start-up circuit to discharge emi filter of power supplies: A start-up circuit to discharge EMI filter is developed for power saving. It includes a detection circuit detecting a power source for generating a sample signal. A sample circuit is coupled to the detection circuit for generating a reset signal in response to the sample signal. The reset signal is... Agent: System General Corp.

20110176342 - Converter device and method for converting electrical power: A converter device (for power conversion in e.g. a power plant such as a wind turbine is disclosed. An individual controller is provided for each phase of an electrical output power of the converter. If a voltage of one phase is indicated as being out of a predetermined voltage band,... Agent:

20110176343 - Power converting apparatus: A power converter stabilizes a voltage by controlling leading of an AC current and performs maximum charging within contracted power reception amount when connected to a weak power system. The power converter comprises Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch comprising a bridge circuit including at least two reverse conductive type semiconductor switches... Agent: Merstech, Inc.

20110176344 - Power supply with an interface for ac and dc signals: A power supply includes an AC-to-DC circuit, a DC-to-DC circuit, an interface used by both of the AC-to-DC circuit and the DC-to-DC circuit, and a control circuit for controlling the interface. The interface includes an ACL/DC+ input terminal, an ACN/DC− input terminal and a ground. The control circuit includes an... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110170318 - Variable voltage converter (vvc) with integrated battery charger: A variable voltage converter (VVC) is configured to provide bidirectional voltage boost and buck from an input side to an output side. A VVC can include a voltage control portion and a battery charging portion. When incorporated into an inverter system controller (ISC) for a hybrid electric vehicle, the VVC... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110170319 - Method for controlling a switching regulator and related switching regulator: An embodiment of a power-supply controller comprises a switching-control circuit, an error amplifier, and a signal generator. The switching-control circuit is operable to control a switch coupled to a primary winding of a transformer, and the error amplifier has a first input node operable to receive a feedback signal, a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110170320 - Transmitting electric power into a bore hole: A system for transmitting electric power into a bore hole, the system having an electric transmission line extending through the bore hole between an electric power source and a receiving station, wherein the receiving station includes frequency increasing means for increasing the frequency of the electric current supplied through the... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20110170321 - Hf surgical generator: A high-frequency surgical generator including a power supply for supplying rectified electrical energy, a power oscillator for supplying a potential-free, DC current-free and DC voltage-free high frequency voltage and a control device for controlling the high frequency voltage wherein the power supply is configured as a current source for supplying... Agent:

20110170322 - Power conversion device: A power conversion device includes an inverter for converting DC power to AC power to supply the AC power to a load, a converter for converting AC power from an AC power supply to DC power to supply the DC power to the inverter, a DC voltage converter for converting... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial System Corp

20110170323 - Method and control system for controlling power conversion in a power converter: A control system for controlling conversion of an input power into an output power in a converter module is provided. The control system includes an input power terminal, an output power terminal, and an active switching device. The control system further includes a master controller and a communication link interconnecting... Agent:

20110170324 - Power factor correction device: A power factor correction device includes a rectifier for converting an AC input voltage into a DC input voltage, an output module for generating and outputting a DC output voltage, an intermediate inductor coupled between the rectifier and the output module, a power switch for controlling an inductor current of... Agent:

20110170325 - Line switcher for power converters: A regulated power supply apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes a converter circuit for generating a regulated voltage signal. The converter circuit includes a first switching circuit and a second switching circuit both coupled with an output circuit. A first and a second transformer include a first and... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20110170326 - Method for controlling a conversion structure for converting direct current to alternating current: The invention relates to a control method applicable to structures for converting direct current/alternating current, dc/ac, especially for photovoltaic systems. The control method according to the invention enables the switching losses of the semiconductors to be reduced, thereby improving the efficiency of the conversion structure. The invention can also be... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164437 - Llc soft start by operation mode switching: An embodiment of the invention provides a method of reducing surge current in an LLC converter. The LLC converter comprises a switching circuit having a first switch and a second switch, a resonant circuit, and a rectification circuit. During start up of the LLC converter, first and second signals having... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110164439 - High voltage controller with improved monitoring and diagnostics: A high voltage controller configured to drive a high voltage generator. The high voltage controller includes a voltage select input and a current select input, an actual voltage input and an actual current input. First circuitry is configured to generate an alternating current (AC) drive signal. Second circuitry configured to... Agent: Vishay Electronic Gmbh

20110164438 - Switch mode converter and a method of starting a switch mode converter: For a more stable start-up procedure, a switch mode power converter has at least one inductive component including an output inductor L1 and a synchronous rectification element, said power converter comprising a control device and being characterized in that the control device is arranged, at startup of the power converter,... Agent:

20110164440 - Voltage-sensed system and method for anti-islanding protection of grid-connected inverters: A method is provided for preventing islanding of a power source connected to an electric AC grid via an interface. The method senses an output voltage waveform of the interface, controls an output current waveform of the interface to track a reference current waveform having a mathematical relationship with the... Agent:

20110164441 - Multi-torroid transformer: A transformer comprises a secondary winding including a plurality of coaxially arranged toroidal closed magnetic circuits connected in series within an enclosure and a primary winding comprising a plurality of turns including electrically conducting members passing axially through the toroidal closed magnetic circuits, respective ones of the plurality of electrically... Agent: E2v Technologies (uk) Limited

20110164442 - Voltage regulator: Provided are improvements for systems and methods of alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) power regulation. The system improvements include a regulation circuit having a microprocessor that controls a silicon controlled rectifier circuit. Method improvements include one or more of SCR load sharing, adaptive voltage droop compensation, and/or voltage... Agent: Trumpet Holdings, Inc.

20110164443 - Method and system for controlling a power converter system connected to a dc-bus capacitor: A method and system for controlling a power converter system with first, second, and third phase legs with respective first, second, and third associated phase currents determine direction of current flow in at least two phase legs and switch states of the power converter system in response to the current... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

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