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Electric power conversion systems March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110075446 - Circuit for converting a pulsed input voltage to a dc voltage: The present disclosure presents a circuit for converting a pulsed input voltage to a DC output voltage. The circuit comprises input nodes for receiving the pulsed input voltage and output nodes for outputting the DC output voltage. The circuit further comprises a first transistor and a second transistor connected between... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20110075445 - Wide range dc power supply with bypassed multiplier circuits: A power supply provides dc power over a wide range of output voltages at full operating power by utilizing multiplying circuits (200) supplied by a source of high-frequency alternating current (90). The multiplier circuits include a plurality of multiplier cells containing at least two diodes (207, 209) and a driving... Agent: Colorado Power Electronics, Inc.

20110075447 - Single stage power conversion unit with circuit to smooth and holdup dc output voltage: The Power Conversion Unit includes a single stage rectifier circuit that generates a DC voltage which is stored on a first capacitor. A circuit arrangement connected to the first capacitor monitors the DC voltage at the capacitor and other predefined signals to generate signals for smoothing ripples associated with the... Agent: International Business Machines

20110075448 - Switching power converter controller with direct current transformer sensing: A power control system includes a current transformer to step down a switch current of a switching power converter. In at least one embodiment, the stepped down current is received by a switching power converter controller. Since the current is received by the controller, the current is not converted into... Agent:

20110075449 - Compact power transformer components, devices, systems and methods: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of compact coil power transformers configured to provide high voltage isolation and high voltage breakdown performance characteristics in small packages. Compact coil transformers are provided across which power may be transmitted and received by primary and secondary coils disposed on opposing sides of a substrate... Agent: Avago Technologies EcbuIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110075450 - Switching power supply device: During a soft start period at the time of startup, a PWM control is carried out. After the soft start period ends, the PWM control is converted into a frequency control, so that stress of a switching element is suppressed and the audible oscillation frequency is removed. As a result,... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20110075451 - Power semiconductor module and method for operating a power semiconductor module: A power semiconductor module is provided in which power semiconductor chips with an aluminum-based chip metallization and power semiconductor chips with a copper-based chip metallization are included in the same module, and operated at different barrier-layer temperatures during use.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110075452 - Detecting device for the midpoint voltage of a transistor half bridge circuit: A detecting device detects the midpoint voltage of a half bridge circuit of transistors. The circuit comprises a bootstrap capacitor having one terminal connected to the midpoint node of the half bridge circuit and another terminal connected to a supply circuit. The device comprises a further capacitor connected between a... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110075453 - Dynamic conversion of variable voltage dc to ac: An apparatus for power conversion includes an inverter; a converter configurable to function as a DC voltage booster; and a controller for selectively causing the converter to provide a boosted DC voltage to the inverter.... Agent: American Superconductor Corporation

20110075454 - Power supply: A power supply includes two or more input waveforms being shaped or selected so that after being separately level-shifted and rectified, their additive combination results in a DC output waveform with substantially no ripple. The power supply may comprise a waveform generator, a level conversion stage for step up or... Agent:

20110075455 - Dc-ac inverters: A method of operating a DC-AC inverter to produce AC power having alternating positive and negative half cycles is disclosed. The inverter includes an input connected to a DC power source, an output, a first buck converter coupled between the input and the output and a second buck converter coupled... Agent:

20110075457 - Capacitor startup apparatus and method with failsafe short circuit protection: Electronic circuits couple energy storage devices, such as double layer capacitors or rechargeable battery cells, to a power supply output, thereby improving noise suppression and extending ride-through capability of the power supply. In a typical circuit, an energy storage device is coupled in series with a switch that controls the... Agent: Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

20110075456 - Power conversion control system: A power distribution system comprises a power conversion module for performing power conversion between a DC voltage at a DC side and an AC power at an AC side, and a conversion control system. The AC side of the power conversion module is electrically coupled to a grid. The conversion... Agent: General Electric Company

20110075458 - Ac-dc switching power converters with frequency variation in response to load changes: A method of operating a switching power converter having at least one power switch controlled by a drive signal having a switching frequency is disclosed. The method includes monitoring an output power of the switching power converter, determining whether the output power has decreased below a threshold level and, in... Agent: Astec International Limited

20110075459 - Power factor correction circuits, systems and power supplies operable with different input voltages: A cost effective solution for power factor correction in power devices operating at two widely separated input voltages comprises two unequal power rails. One power rail is optimized for operation at high line voltage only, while the other power rail is designed only for low line voltage. When operating at... Agent: Astec International Limited

20110075462 - Bridgeless boost pfc circuits and systems: Bridgeless boost PFC circuits and systems providing an improved method of current sensing using two current sensing resistors is envisaged. Analog switches are provided to select one of the two current sensing resistors based on the polarity of the AC line. An amplifier is provided to eliminate use of resistors... Agent: Astec International Limited

20110075463 - Power conversion apparatus and controller thereof: A power conversion apparatus includes a converter having an input power source Vin, a reactor L1, a switching element Q1, and a rectifying element D1, a smoothing capacitor C1 connected to an output terminal of the converter, and a controller 10b to turn on/off the switching element and thereby control... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20110075464 - Synchronous rectification control device, method for synchronous rectification control, and insulated type switching power supply: A synchronous rectification control device achieves high power conversion efficiency without supplying additional signal to a secondary side from a primary side. An insulated type switching power supply provides such a synchronous rectification control device. An output power is regulated based on a phase difference between two half bridges in... Agent: Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

20110075460 - Three-phase low-loss rectifier: A three-phase bridge rectifier circuit (TPBRC) connectable to an AC voltage source (102, 104, 106) via input lines (151, 153, 155) and to a load (199) via output lines (159, 157). The AC voltage source supplies the TPBRC (100) with AC voltage waveforms (302, 304, 306) that differ in phase... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110075461 - Three-phase low-loss rectifier with active gate drive: A three-phase bridge rectifier circuit (BRC) connectable to an AC voltage source (ACVS) via input lines (151, 153, 155) and a load (109) via output lines (157, 159). ACVS (102, 104, 106) supplies BRC (100) with AC voltage waveforms that differ in phase. The BRC includes a three-phase bridge rectifier... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110075465 - Direct converter and system including a direct converter: A direct converter includes n input phase connections and p output phase connections, where n≧2 and p≧2. The direct converter also includes (n·p) two-pole switching cells for switching at least one positive voltage and at least one negative voltage between the poles. Each output phase connection is connected in series... Agent: Abb Schweiz Ag

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110069513 - Current-sharing power supply apparatus with bridge rectifier circuit: A current-sharing power supply apparatus with a bridge rectifier circuit includes a conversion circuit, a square-wave generating circuit, a resonant circuit, a rectifier circuit, and a filter circuit. The conversion circuit has two transformers, and each of the transformers has a primary winding and at least one secondary winding. The... Agent:

20110069514 - Dc conversion apparatus: A DC conversion apparatus includes a plurality of current resonant converters. Each of the current resonant converters has two switching elements connected in series, a transformer having primary and secondary windings, a series resonant circuit including a resonant reactor, the primary winding of the transformer, and a resonant capacitor, and... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20110069515 - Active boost power converter for single-phase srm: Disclosed is an active boost power converter for driving a single-phase SRM, capable of rapidly establishing excitation current in the excitation mode and reducing tail current and negative torque in the demagnetization mode under the high-speed operation of the SRM. The active boost power converter includes a boost module and... Agent: Kyungsung University Industry Cooperation Foundation

20110069516 - Method and apparatus for high efficiency rectification for various loads: An apparatus for converting power includes at least one impedance matching network which receives an electrical signal. The apparatus includes at least one AC to DC converter in communication with the impedance matching network. Also disclosed is a method for powering a load and an apparatus for converting power and... Agent: Powercast Corporation

20110069517 - Arrangement for voltage conversion: An arrangement for converting direct voltage into alternating voltage and conversely has a Voltage Source Converter with at least one phase leg connected to opposite poles (5, 6) of a direct voltage side of the converter and a series connection of switching cells arranged between said poles. Each half (8,... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110069518 - Resonant inverter of radio frequency generator for radiofrequency ablation: Disclosed herein is the resonant inverter of a radio frequency (RF) generator for radiofrequency ablation (RFA). The resonant inverter of RF generator for RFA amplifies to high power an oscillation frequency output from an oscillator and provides the amplified oscillation frequency to an electrode. The resonant inverter processes the oscillation... Agent: Kyong Min Shin

20110069519 - Electrical circuit, in particular used for generating electrical power: An electrical circuit, in particular a circuit used for generating electric power, wherein this circuit comprises a generator with n phases, a converter and a transformer to which a p-phase load can be connected. The converter comprises m partial converters, each of the partial converters is composed of p units... Agent:

20110069520 - Frequency converter: A frequency converter includes a housing, a frequency conversion component installed in the housing, a controller that controls the frequency conversion component, and a user interface that transmits control commands from a user to the controller. The controller of the frequency converter are provided with a load examination function that... Agent: Abb Oy

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110063876 - Overvoltage limitation in a switch-mode converter: A switch-mode converter including an inductive transformer having a secondary winding associated with at least one first switch, including, in parallel with the first switch, at least one first diode in series with a capacitive element; and in parallel with the capacitive element, an active circuit for limiting the voltage... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20110063877 - Synchronous rectifying circuit with primary-side swithching current detection for offline power converters: A synchronous rectifying circuit is provided for offline power converter. A pulse signal generator is utilized to generate a pulse signal in response to a switching current of the power transformer. An isolation device is coupled to the pulse signal generator for transferring the pulse signal through an isolation barrier... Agent:

20110063878 - Power-supply controller: An embodiment of a controller for a power supply includes circuitry that is operable to allow the power supply to operate as follows. During a first portion of a supply period, a first current flows through a first winding of the power supply, through a second winding of the power... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110063879 - Switching power supply device and semiconductor device: The switching power supply device includes: an input unit which receives an input voltage; a transformer which includes a primary winding and a secondary winding; an output unit which provides an output voltage; a switching element; and a control circuit. The control circuit includes: a T2on measuring unit which measures... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110063880 - Forward converter transformer saturation prevention: A control circuit for use in a power converter in one aspect limits the magnetic flux in a transformer. Controlled current sources produce a first current that is proportional to an input voltage of the power converter and a second current that is proportional to a reset voltage of the... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110063881 - System and method for automatically tuning a voltage converter: A power converter system is provided, comprising a plant having a plant input and a plant output; and a plant identification filter that receives the plant input and the plant output, and estimates the values of poles and zeros of the plant, wherein the plant identification filter updates the estimates... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110063882 - Accuracy of a volt-second clamp in an isolated dc/dc converter: A novel system and methodology for providing a volt-second clamp. A DC/DC conversion system configured for producing an output voltage in response to an input voltage has a transformer with a primary winding responsive to the input voltage and a secondary winding for producing the output voltage. The conversion system... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20110063883 - Inverter control circuit and interconnection inverter system having that inverter control circuit: An inverter control circuit (6) controls the operation of a plurality of switching elements in a three-phase inverter circuit (2) by a PWM signal. A phase voltage output from the three-phase inverter circuit (2) is outputted through a low-pass filter (3). A waveform of the phase voltage output from the... Agent: Daihen Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110058391 - Inverter device: An inverter device includes a power module, which converts DC power into AC power, and a bus bar, which is fastened to a terminal of the power module by a bolt. In a state in which a current sensor is arranged between the terminal of the power module and the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20110058392 - Current-sharing power supply apparatus: A current-sharing power supply apparatus includes a conversion circuit, a square-wave generating circuit, a resonant circuit, a rectifier circuit, and a filter circuit. The conversion circuit has two transformers, and each of the transformers has a primary winding and at least one secondary winding. More particularly, two secondary windings of... Agent:

20110058393 - Switching power supply device: The switching power supply device of the present invention, which is switched by a switching element that is a MOSFET having a super junction structure, includes an oscillation reduction diode connected in anti-parallel to the switching element, wherein when a characteristic curve of output capacitance Coss of the switching element... Agent:

20110058395 - Inverter circuit: This current balanced push-pull type inverter circuit includes first and second switching elements, and an output transformer which includes a first primary winding and a second primary winding connected in series between said first and second switching elements, and also includes a secondary winding for obtaining an output voltage. This... Agent:

20110058394 - Single-ended forward converter: A single-ended forward converter of the present invention, has first and second switching element comprises a pair Lus N-Channel FET, a first driving circuit comprises the series-connected circuit of the first voltage drop resistor and first zener diode for driving first Lus N-Channel FET, a second driving circuit comprises the... Agent:

20110058396 - Flyback-type inverter circuit for network supply or for network-independent operation: An inverter circuit for supplying solar power or wind power to a network or for network-independent operation. The inverter circuit includes a minimum number of components and can therefore be kept very compact.... Agent: Conergy Ag

20110058397 - Systems and methods for polyphase alternating current transformer inrush current limiting: An inrush current protection circuit for a polyphase alternating current power system may include a plurality of current limiting resistors, each of which is electrically coupled in series between a respective one of a plurality of phases of the polyphase alternating current power source and a respective input of a... Agent: B/e Aerospace, Inc.

20110058398 - Power converter system and method: An electrical power conversion system and method for connecting an electrical power source to an electrical grid, the system comprises an input module for generating a high voltage DC power signal from a variable low DC power signal of the electrical power source based on a voltage command. The system... Agent: Universite Du Quebec A Trois-rivieres

20110058399 - Signal converter for generating switch drive signals for a multi-level converter, drive circuit, pulse-width-modulation signal generator, multi-level converter, methods and computer program: A signal converter for generating switch drive signals for a multi-level converter comprises an input for a first pulse-width-modulation signal and a second pulse-width-modulation signal and an input for a polarity signal indicating a first polarity or a second polarity. The signal converter comprises four outputs for four switch drive... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.v. Niederlassung Deutschland

20110058400 - Power conversion apparatus: The power conversion apparatus includes a power conversion circuit including parallel-connected pairs of a high-side switching element and a low-side switching element connected in series, high-side driver circuits to drive the high-side switching elements, low-side driver circuits to drive the low-side switching elements, and a transformer to supply voltages to... Agent: Denso Corporation

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110051461 - Power supply with a piezoelectric transformer and method for power conversion: A power supply with a piezoelectric transformer is provided. A method for power conversion is also provided. The power supply includes a piezoelectric transformer and an oscillator circuit connected to the piezoelectric transformer. The oscillator circuit controls a sinusoidal voltage waveform at an input of the piezoelectric transformer to drive... Agent:

20110051462 - Power factor improvement circuit: An over-voltage protection circuit of the invention is connected with a DC-DC converter having a structure in which a plurality of switching elements is serially connected to a direct current output voltage terminal of a power factor improvement circuit. An output over-voltage detection resistance of a latch-type output over-voltage detection... Agent:

20110051463 - Apparatus and method for standby power reduction of a flyback power converter: An apparatus and method for a flyback power converter reduce the standby output voltage of the flyback power converter by switching the reference voltage provided by a shunt regulator of the flyback power converter or the ratio of voltage divider resistors of the shunt regulator, to reduce the standby power... Agent:

20110051464 - Compensation device for synchronous rectifier control and method thereof: The configurations of a compensation device configured in a circuit having a synchronous rectifier (SR), a controller and a load, and a compensation method thereof are provided in the present invention. In the proposed circuit, the SR includes a first terminal, a first inductor electrically connected to the first terminal... Agent:

20110051466 - Power unit and image forming apparatus: A power unit includes: a frequency divider to divide a clock signal in a second frequency-division ratio based on a first frequency-division ratio and to output a driving pulse; a switching device driven by the driving pulse; a piezoelectric transformer to output an alternating-current high voltage when receiving an intermittent... Agent:

20110051465 - Resonant switching power supply device: The resonant switching power supply device is equipped with switching elements QH and QL connected in series to an input direct-current power source Vin, a transformer T1 having secondary windings S1 and S2 and a primary winding P1, a resonant circuit where the primary winding P1 and a current resonant... Agent:

20110051467 - Resonant switching power supply device: A resonant switching power supply device 1 equipped with a PFM control circuit 10 to control a switching frequency in such a way that an output voltage is brought to a desired value includes: a resonant circuit where a primary winding N1 of a transformer T2, a current resonant capacitor... Agent:

20110051468 - Switching power-supply apparatus: A switching power-supply apparatus includes a first converter 3, a second converter 4, an output smoothing capacitor Co1, a series resonance circuit 1 and a control circuit 11. The first converter 3, in which switching elements Q11 and Q12 are connected to both ends of a direct-current power-supply Vin in... Agent:

20110051469 - Power supply control method and structure therefor: In embodiment, a power supply system is configured to use a linear regulator to form a regulated voltage during a standby mode and to use the regulated voltage to form another regulated voltage.... Agent:

20110051470 - Switching mode power supplies and associated methods of control: Switching mode power supplies and associated methods of control are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method for controlling a switching mode power supply includes determining whether the switching mode power supply is in a burst mode. If the switching mode power supply is in the burst mode, the method... Agent:

20110051471 - Compact inverter plug for led light strings: Disclosed is a compact inverter plug that can be used with LED lighting strings. The inverter plug has a size and shape that is comparable to a standard wall plug and is capable of plugging into a standard wall socket. The inverter plug is waterproof and can be easily assembled.... Agent:

20110051472 - Method and system for efficient power control with multiple modes: Method and system for efficient power control with multiple modes. According to an embodiment, the present invention provides a power system with selectable power modes. The power system includes a first terminal for outputting energy, and the first terminal is electrically coupled to a load. The system also includes a... Agent:

20110051473 - Switching inverters and converters for power conversion: A switching inverter having two single-ended EF2 inverter sections coupled together with a shared ground and partially shared tunable resonant network that is coupled to at least one load, wherein each inverter section comprises a switching section, and wherein the shared tunable network section allows independent tuning of an impedance... Agent:

20110051474 - Resonant power conversion apparatus: A resonant power conversion apparatus includes a transformer T1 having a primary winding n1, a secondary winding n2, a tertiary winding n3, and a reset winding nR, a series circuit of switches S1 and S2, a capacitor Cr1 and diode D1 to the switch S1, a capacitor Cr2 and diode... Agent:

20110051475 - Regulator circuitry for reducing ripple resulted from line voltage transmitting to secondary side of power transformer: The present invention discloses a regular circuitry for reducing ripple resulting from a line voltage transmitting to a secondary side of a power transformer. The regular circuitry electrically connected in parallel with the power transformer includes a ripple sampling circuit, a proportional amplifier circuit, and a reversing amplifier circuit. The... Agent:

20110051476 - Environmentally friendly power supply: A power supply for converting AC to a regulated DC output current, utilizing two serial switched mode power supplies, the first providing an intermediate DC output voltage with only moderate ripple properties, this output being input to the second, which operates as a DC/DC converter to provide the desired output... Agent:

20110051477 - Front-end circuit of power converter: A front-end circuit of a power converter has a power connection wiring detecting circuit, a power switch and a control unit. The power connection wiring detecting circuit is connected to an AC power. The control unit is connected to the power connection wiring detecting circuit. The power switch is connected... Agent:

20110051478 - Power conversion device: A three-level PWM converter (3) includes first to third fuses (F1R to F3R) having one terminals connected to a DC positive bus (13), a DC negative bus (14) and a DC neutral point bus (15), respectively, first and second IGBT elements (Q1R, Q2R) connected between respective ones of the other... Agent:

20110051479 - Systems and methods for controlling phases of multiphase voltage regulators: A multi-phase voltage regulator is disclosed. The multi-phase voltage regulator includes a voltage regulator controller. Phase output stages are coupled to the voltage regulator controller. The voltage regulator controller and the phase output stages are configured to provide regulated voltages at one or more output nodes. The voltage regulator controller... Agent:

20110051480 - 20º phase-shifting autotransformer: The invention relates to autotransformers used notably for converting alternating (AC) electric power into direct (DC) power. And more precisely, to autotransformers designed to be connected to a three-phase voltage supply of given amplitude supplying three first output voltages (C1, C2, C3) of identical amplitudes, and six other output voltages... Agent:

20110051481 - Frequency converter: The present invention provides a frequency converter including a frequency conversion device capable of accommodating a Si-series MMIC and also a GaAs-series MMIC by using a magneto-resistance element. A frequency converter according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a frequency conversion device having a magneto-resistance element with a... Agent:

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