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Electric power conversion systems February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/09

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02/26/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090052208 - Apparatus to extend hdmi connections over a single ethernet cat cable: This invention is to use a single standard unshielded or shielded Ethernet CAT cable, such as CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and similar cable, to extend original digital video signals over long distances. The Ethernet CAT cable can be installed with the required length easily and terminated in the field with simple... Agent: Changrong Li

20090052209 - Inverter device: An inverter device includes a converter circuit that rectifies a first alternating current output from a power supply to generate a rectified current, a capacitor that stores therein the rectified current and outputs a direct current based on the rectified current, and an inverter circuit that converts the direct current... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090052210 - Temperature sensing arrangements for power electronic devices: A cooling system is provided for controlling temperature in a power electronic device. The power electronic device includes a semiconductor having a major surface. The cooling system includes a temperature sensor coupled to the major surface of the semiconductor; and a control circuit coupled the temperature sensor. The control circuit... Agent: General Motors Corporation Legal Staff

20090052211 - Power converter: In a bridge type power converter including series connectors of power semiconductor switches having first and second main terminals and a control terminal; plural steps of the series connectors connected in parallel, a gate drive circuit for limiting voltage between the first and second main terminals of the power semiconductor... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090052212 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus includes: a transformer which converts input power supplied to a primary winding to be induced to a secondary winding; a current detector which detects an output current of the secondary winding of the transformer; a voltage detector which detects an output voltage of the secondary winding... Agent: Stein, Mcewen & Bui, LLP

20090052213 - Power converter system for an automotive vehicle and method for configuring same: A DC/DC power converter includes an electrically configurable transformer/inductor. The electrically configurable transformer/inductor receives a power plug. The power plug, depending on its configuration, configures the operation of the transformer/inductor and therefore the DC/DC power converter. The power plug may permit access to power received from the power converter. The... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C./fgtl

20090052214 - Insulating transformer and power conversion device: An insulating transformer includes a semiconductor substrate, an insulating substrate, a primary winding provided on one of the semiconductor substrate and the insulating substrate, a secondary winding provided on other of the semiconductor substrate and the insulating substrate, and an insulating spacer layer provided in between the semiconductor substrate and... Agent: Kanesaka Berner And Partners LLP

20090052215 - Current controller and current offset correction method of the same: A carrier wave peak-trough judging part 10 is provided to discriminating the peak and the trough of a carrier wave. An A/D converted value detected in falling from the peak of the carrier wave is used as a current detection value. An A/D converted value detected in rising from the... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20090052216 - Level shift circuit and power supply device: In a level shift circuit including: an inverter circuit having a series circuit of a Pch-type transistor and an Nch-type transistor, which re connected between electrodes of a floating power supply; and a transistor Q1 in which a drain terminal and a source terminal are connected between an input terminal... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090052217 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing voltage of intermediate circut of frequency converter: A method and an apparatus for damping voltage oscillation of a voltage intermediate circuit of a frequency converter, the frequency converter comprising a half controlled rectifier bridge coupled to a supply network. The method comprises determining magnitude (Uc) of voltage of the voltage intermediate circuit, determining magnitude (Uin) of rectified... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

02/19/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090046482 - Phase shifted h-bridge resonant converter with symmetrical currents: P

20090046483 - Switched-mode power supply and power supplying method thereof: A switched-mode power supply includes a converter to convert input power into output power having a predetermined voltage level by performing a switching operation; a switching controller to control the switching operation of the converter based on an indication of a voltage of the output power; and an output power... Agent: Stein, Mcewen & Bui, LLP

20090046485 - Auxiliary turn-on mechanisms for reducing conduction loss in body-diode of low side mosfet of coupled-inductor dc-dc converter: Conduction loss in the body-diode of a low side MOSFET of a power switching stage of one phase of a coupled-inductor, multi-phase DC-DC converter circuit, associated with current flow in the output inductor of that one phase that is induced by current flow in a mutually coupled output inductor of... Agent: Graybeal Jackson LLP

20090046484 - Power supply for an electronic system: According to prior art, a clock frequency increase for clocked high-frequency integrated circuits, in particular microprocessors, reaches a current physical limit of approximately 3 GHz, as dynamic current modifications cannot be sufficiently compensated. The aim of the invention is to provide a power supply for electronic systems with a double-figure... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090046486 - Magnetic integrated circuit for multiphase interleaved flyback converter and controlling method thereof: The configurations of an interleaved flyback converter and a controlling method thereof are provided. The proposed two-phase interleaved flyback converter includes a transformer including a first primary winding having a first terminal, a first secondary winding having a first terminal, a second primary winding having a second terminal, a second... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20090046487 - High efficiency dc-dc converter using pulse skipping modulation with programmable burst duration: A DC-DC converter and method of improving the efficiency of a DC-DC converter at low load current levels using pulse skipping modulation (PSM) with controllable burst duration NTclk, where Tclk is the clock cycle interval. As the average load current increases, the time between bursts decreases so that average inductor... Agent: Rahman LLC

20090046488 - Inverter circuit: An inverter circuit (20) includes a transformer (T2) including a primary winding and a secondary winding including a high voltage terminal, a first copper foil (P21), a power stage circuit (21) electrically connected to the primary winding, a detection circuit (22) including a second copper foil (P22) and an impedance... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Cheng-ju Chiang

20090046489 - Insulated transformers, and power converting device: An insulated transformer, which can suppress aging deterioration and can reduce the influence of noise caused by external magnetic flux, while improving reliability and environmental resistance, and can send and receive signals while electrically insulating a low-voltage side and a high-voltage side. A secondary coil is formed on a semiconductor... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20090046490 - Igbt/fet-based energy savings device, system and method: An IGBT/FET-based energy savings device, system and method (1) wherein a predetermined amount of voltage below a nominal line voltage and/or below a nominal appliance voltage is saved, thereby conserving energy. Phase input connections (2) are provided for inputting analog signals into the device and system (1). A magnetic flux... Agent: Edward M. Livingston, Pa

20090046491 - Inverter: An inverter (1) for feeding electric power into a utility grid (7) or into a load is described. The inverter (1) contains direct voltage inputs (2, 3), one first intermediate circuit (8) connected thereto and comprising two series connected capacitors (C1, C2) that are connected together at a ground terminal... Agent: Pyle & Piontek Attn: Thomas R. Vigil

20090046492 - Inverter: An inverter (1) for feeding electric power into a utility grid (7) or into a load is described. The inverter (1) contains two direct voltage inputs (2, 3), one first intermediate circuit (8) connected thereto and comprising two series connected capacitors (C1, C2) that are connected together at a ground... Agent: Pyle & Piontek Attn: Thomas R. Vigil

02/12/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090040791 - Enhancement of power conversion efficiency using dynamic load detecting and tracking: A switching mode power converter may include a modulation circuit to dynamically control a variable switching frequency of the power converter based on an error voltage of the power converter. The power converter may also include a control circuit connected to the modulation circuit and arranged to dynamically limit an... Agent: Alan Pedersen-giles C/o Intellevate, LLC

20090040792 - Synchronous rectifying circuit for resonant power converters: A synchronous rectifying circuit is provided for resonant power converter. An integrated synchronous rectifier comprises a rectifying terminal, a ground terminal a first input terminal and a second input terminal. The rectifying terminal is coupled to the secondary side of a power transformer. The ground terminal is coupled to the... Agent: J C Patents, Inc.

20090040793 - Start-up time reduction in switching regulators: A start-up time accelerator is described for a switch controller that controls turning on or off a switch in a switching regulator. The start-up time accelerator uses the switch as a current amplifier and provides the amplified current to a capacitor using a current amplification path. In one example, the... Agent: Imperium Patent Works

20090040794 - Time-multiplexed multi-output dc/dc converters and voltage regulators: A boost switching converter with multiple outputs includes an inductor is connected between an input supply (typically a battery) and a node Vx. A low-side switch connects the node Vx and ground. Two or more output stages are included. Each output stage includes a high-side switch and an output capacitor.... Agent: Advanced Analogic Technologies

20090040795 - Method and apparatus for increasing the power capability of a power supply: Techniques are disclosed to extend an on time period of switch to regulate a transfer of energy from an input of a power supply to an output of a power supply. One example integrated circuit includes an energy transfer element coupled between an input and an output of the power... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20090040796 - Bipolar transistor drivers: We describe a switching power converter comprising a bipolar switching device (BJT or IGBT) switching an inductive load, and including a closed-loop control system. The control system comprises a voltage sensing system to sense a voltage on a collector terminal of the switching device and provide a voltage sense signal;... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20090040797 - Pulse width modulation method for a power converter: A pulse width modulation method has the steps of operating a second instruction signal so that each of the differences between two or three arbitrary instruction signals in three first instruction signals may become more than the predetermined value, and modulating in pulse width based on the second instruction signal.... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20090040798 - Switching mode power supply apparatus and power supply method thereof: A switching mode power supply apparatus includes a conversion unit to convert input power into output power having a predetermined voltage by performing a switching operation; a light emitting unit to emit light if the voltage of the output power exceeds a predetermined threshold voltage; a light receiving unit to... Agent: Stein, Mcewen & Bui, LLP

20090040799 - Universal energy supply system: A universal energy supply system for at least one electrical consumer comprises at least one AC voltage source and a cable connection connecting the source with the electrical consumer, wherein an AC/DC converting means is assigned to the AC voltage source for converting the AC voltage into DC voltage which... Agent: Conley Rose, P.C.

20090040800 - Three phase rectifier and rectification method: A method for converting a three-phase AC voltage to a regulated DC voltage using a three-phase rectifier is disclosed. Both the positive and negative DC currents are controlled, but the inner phase is not controlled. In one embodiment, the AC to DC converter utilizes a three-phase rectifier with low-speed diodes,... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

02/05/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090034299 - Apparatus and method for high efficiency isolated power converter: A DC-DC converter apparatus comprising half or full bridge, two-stage resonant converter, which may include series resonant (inductor, capacitor) devices. An isolated transformer having primary and secondary winding supplies current to full-wave secondary stage-bridge through the use of primary winding resonant devices employing primary stage-bridge. The magnetizing of said devices... Agent: Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, LLP

20090034300 - Bidirectional dc/ac inverter: A bidirectional DC-AC inverter is disclosed. The DC-AC inverter includes an H bridge circuit, a connecting portion connected to the H bridge circuit, a smoothing filter that connects the connecting portion to the H bridge circuit, and a control section. The H bridge circuit has four switching elements. The four... Agent: Morgan & Finnegan, L.L.P.

20090034298 - Control method and apparatus of resonant type dc/dc converter with low power loss at light load and standby: The present invention discloses a control method and apparatus of resonant converter with low power loss at light load and standby. Based on the frequency response and loading condition of the resonant tank of a resonant converter, adjusts the switching frequency and the switching duty cycle to have a stable... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP

20090034301 - Switching power converter controlled by a winding voltage sampler: This invention discloses a switching power converter controlled by a winding voltage sampler, including an input circuit with an input end, an output circuit with an output end, one or more switches, a controller to regulate on/off of the switch, a winding voltage sampler, and a transformer including a primary-side... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia Int''l Patent Office Of Bang Shia

20090034302 - Dc-dc converter with current overload protection circuit and method: A DC-DC converter including: a switch, having a control terminal receiving a control signal, and a conduction terminal supplying a current; a load, coupled to the conduction terminal of the switch and selectively receiving the current; a control circuit, receiving a clock signal and generating the control signal in synchronism... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Inc. C/o Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20090034303 - Discontinuous pulse width modulation for double-ended inverter system: Systems and methods are provided for controlling a double-ended inverter system having a first inverter and a second inverter. The method comprises determining a required output current and determining a desired second inverter current. The method further comprises determining a second inverter switching function, wherein only a selected leg in... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20090034304 - Inverter for grounded direct current source, more specifically for a photovoltaic generator: An inverter (1) for a grounded direct voltage source, in particular for a photovoltaic generator (2), a battery or a fuel cell, for converting the direct voltage into an alternative voltage with a DC-DC converter (3) and a pulse inverter that is supplied by said DC-DC converter (3), said DC-DC... Agent: Pyle & Piontek Attn: Thomas R. Vigil

20090034305 - Power conversion device and power conversion system: A power conversion device includes input terminals, first output terminals, second output terminals, and an insulation transformer. The insulation transformer includes a primary coil and a secondary coil of equal inductance. The polarity of one end of the primary coil is same as the polarity of the other end of... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090034306 - Power module, power converter, and electric machine system for mounting in vehicle: A positive emitter conductor 3 connected to an emitter electrode of a positive power semiconductor element Mpu and an output terminal U are electrically interconnected by using a plurality of aluminum wires 7, a negative collector conductor 4 connected to a collector electrode of a negative power semiconductor element Mnu... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20090034307 - Protection device for electronic converters, related converter and method: A device for protecting an electronic converter, e.g. for halogen lamps, includes a comparator (10) having an output (Vo) as well as non-inverting (14) and inverting (12) inputs for receiving a first input signal (Vi(P)) indicative of the load applied to the converter and a second input signal (Vref(T°)) indicative... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc

20090034308 - Double ended inverter system with an impedance source inverter subsystem: A double ended inverter system suitable for use with an AC electric traction motor of a vehicle is provided. The double ended inverter system cooperates with a first DC energy source and a second DC energy source, which may have different nominal voltages. The double ended inverter system includes an... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

20090034309 - Electric power conversion system: In the present invention, miniaturization of an electric power conversion system is made possible while the reduction of a rise in temperature is achieved through a cooling operation by a cooling fan. The electric power conversion system is provided with a casing for covering cooling fins for cooling power semiconductors,... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20090034310 - Compact terminal assembly for power converters: A terminal assembly for a power converter is provided. The terminal assembly includes first and second conductive components and a current sensor. The first conductive component has first and second releasable attachment formations. The second conductive component has first and second portions with respective first and second widths. The first... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (gm)

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