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Electric heating

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08/07/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140217068 - Method for welding and for hard surface deposition of metal parts made of aluminium by a mig method with pulsed current and filler wire: A method for hard surface deposition on aluminium metal parts of a turbine engine using MIG welding equipment which includes a pulsed current generator and pulsed filler metal wire feed, wherein the deposition is achieved using a filler metal wire whose composition is of the same nature as the composition... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (c.n.r.s.)

20140217067 - Robotic welding cable: A robotic welding cable for a welding torch includes a flexible hose defining a hollow core for passage of welding wire and shielding gas. Conductor strands are arranged around the flexible hose. A composite layered covering includes electrical insulation that covers the conductor strands and an outer jacket that surrounds... Agent:

20140217069 - Plasma torch with reversible baffle: A plasma arc torch includes an annular baffle defining distinct faces A, B, C, and D. Faces A and C are opposite from each other, and faces B and D are opposite from each other. First passages for fluid flow extend between the faces A and C, and second passages... Agent: The Esab Group, Inc.

20140217070 - Systems and methods for thermally working a workpiece: A system for thermally working a workpiece has a torch body having a first axial end positionable near the workpiece and a torch receptacle coupled to a second axial end of the torch body. A plurality of ports extend axially through the torch receptacle from a first axial end of... Agent: Messer Cutting Systems Inc.

20140217071 - Laser machining systems and methods with vision correction and/or tracking: Vision correction and tracking systems may be used in laser machining systems and methods to improve the accuracy of the machining. The laser machining systems and methods may be used to scribe one or more lines in large flat workpieces such as solar panels. In particular, laser machining systems and... Agent: Ipg Microsystems LLC

20140217072 - Marking apparatus with a plurality of lasers and a combining deflection device: The invention relates to a marking apparatus (100) for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of lasers (10), in particular gas lasers (10), and a control unit for individually activating each of the lasers (10) to emit a laser beam according to a sign to be marked.... Agent: Alltec Angewandte Laserlight Technologie Gmbh

20140217073 - Marking apparatus with a plurality of lasers and individually adjustable sets of deflection means: The invention relates to a marking apparatus for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of lasers and a control unit for individually activating each of the lasers to emit a laser beam (90) according to a sign to be marked. A set of deflection means (30) for... Agent: Alltec Angewandte Laserlight Technologie Gmbh

20140217074 - Under surface marking process for a public/private key: The innovation involves the use of a laser to ablate a calculated microstructure or employ an adaptation of maskless photolithography using a Digital Micromirror Device to serve as a Spatial Light Modulator to embed a covert diffraction screen, holding encrypted information under transparent surfaces of plastics or glass substrates. One... Agent:

20140217075 - Method of forming through hole in insulating substrate and method of manufacturing insulating substrate for interposer: A method including (a) preparing an insulating substrate, and (b) forming n (n is an integer equal to or greater than 9) through holes on the insulating substrate in a through hole density in a range of 1000 pieces/cm2 to 20000 pieces/cm2 at a pitch P (μm) in a range... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140217076 - Robot system and method for controlling the robot system: A robot system includes a robot, a controller, and a laser emitter which is configured to emit a laser beam to a target workpiece and which is configured to be moved by the robot. The controller is configured to control the laser emitter to emit the laser beam based on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140217077 - Welding wire preheating system and method: In a welding system, a preheating process is carried out prior to initiation of a welding arc, such as upon depression of a trigger or switch on a welding torch. The preheating process involves generation and application of desired currents and voltages to a welding electrode from a power supply.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140217078 - Welding electrode storage system and method: A system includes a welding power supply. The welding power supply includes circuitry configured to produce power for a welding operation. The welding power supply also includes a compartment interior to the welding power supply and configured to hold one or more welding electrodes. In addition, the welding power supply... Agent: Hobart Brothers Company

20140217079 - System for snow and ice removal: A system for removing frozen precipitation that has accumulated on an upper exterior surface of a road vehicle. In an embodiment, the system includes a hydrophobic and/or low friction sheet attached to an upper exterior surface of the road vehicle. The system may further include a heating array attached to... Agent:

20140217080 - Zonal vehicle glass heating strategy: A vehicle glass heating system may include a vehicle glass having two or more electrically heated zones. The system may also have a controller, which determines an output based on an input signal and selectively actuates at least a portion of the heated zones to heat the vehicle glass according... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140217081 - Electrically-heated wearable blanket with auto shut-off switch: An electrically-heated wearable blanket with auto shut-off switch that includes a blanket portion disposed between a first edge, a second edge, a third edge, and a fourth edge, the blanket portion having a front surface and a back surface, wherein a person wearing the electrically-heated wearable blanket with auto shut-off... Agent:

20140217082 - Electric blanket and a low voltage and constant temperature controlling device thereof: The present invention relates to temperature control field, and particularly to an electric blanket and a low voltage and constant temperature controlling device thereof. In the present invention, because the high voltage rectifying and filtering unit power, the changing unit, the working parameter setting unit, and the temperature controlling unit... Agent: Shenzhen Xishuo Technology Company Limited

20140217083 - Oven cavity temperature lowering by forced air: A matchbox oven is disclosed. The matchbox oven includes a housing, a slider, a mover, a heat source and a blower. The housing includes a cavity having two openings. The mover moves the slider in and out of the cavity through the two openings. The heat source provides heat to... Agent: Ovention, Inc.

20140217084 - Sandwich making appliance and method of making a sandwich with the same: A small cooking appliance comprises a bottom housing, a top housing, and a ring assembly. The bottom housing has a top surface that forms a bottom cooking surface. The top housing has a bottom surface that forms a top cooking surface. The top housing is movably attached to the bottom... Agent: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

20140217085 - Combination electric lighter and portable vaporization device: A combination electric lighter and portable vaporization device that functions as a dual purpose apparatus permitting a user to carry a portable vaporization apparatus that additionally functions as an electric lighter. The apparatus includes an integrated electrical source and a versatile heating element. The apparatus allows the user to ignite... Agent: Atmos Nation, LLC

20140217086 - Electrical heating unit, heating device for a vehicle and method for producing a heating unit: An electrical heating unit for a heating device for a vehicle is provided comprising a heating layer and a heat conducting body. The heating layer may comprise at least one heating resistor, and the heat conducting body may comprise a heat absorbing face for absorbing heat from the heating layer... Agent: Webasto Se

20140217088 - Heating system, heater, and methods of heating a component: A heater includes at least one heating element having a resistance that varies non-linearly with respect to a temperature of the heating element. The heating element includes a first surface, a second surface opposite the first surface, a third surface extending between the first and second surfaces, and a fourth... Agent:

20140217087 - Temperature monitoring and control system for negative temperature coefficient heaters: where x=the average temperature of the heater element, in degrees Fahrenheit, and y=the resistance of the heater element as a percentage of the resistance of the heater element at room temperature, where A is from about −20000 to about 25000, B is from about 40000 to about 80000, C is... Agent:

20140217089 - Heating rod: The invention relates to a heating rod, comprising a housing made of metal, a heating element disposed in the housing, and a contact plate, which is seated against the heating element with a front and which protrudes from the housing. It is provided according to this disclosure that the contact... Agent:

20140217090 - Induction cooking apparatus and method of use: An induction cooking apparatus. The cooking apparatus is a vessel, such as a pot, for holding food. One or more ferrous elements are mounted outside the walls of the vessel. The ferrous elements receive electromagnetic radiation from an electromagnetic radiation source and they therefore become heated. Heat from the ferrous... Agent:

20140217091 - Wireless heat generation device and wireless heat generation system: A wireless heat generation device includes an antenna, a controller, a heating element, and a temperature sensor. The antenna is used for receiving a radio wave and converting the radio wave into electric energy. The controller is used for receiving the electric energy and providing an electric power to the... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

07/31/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140202992 - Method of producing injection-molding die for worm wheel, and method of producing worm wheel: A worm wheel 1 includes a circular arc-shaped tooth section 5 that is a portion meshing with a worm 101 and configuring a circular tube worm gear, and a helical tooth section 4 that is connected to one end side of the circular arc-shaped tooth section 5. An angle of... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20140202993 - Welding method: A method of welding surface-treated members together using a welding wire includes a step of transferring a droplet detached from the wire to the members and a step of pushing the melt pool in the direction opposite to the direction of welding in such a manner that the gas generated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140202995 - Plasma heat treatment apparatus: A plasma heat treatment apparatus, provided for enabling a control of temperature distribution within electrode surfaces, without accompanying an increase of an electric power to be inputted therein, even in case when heating is made on a sample to be heated, having a large diameter thereof, with applying plasma, comprises... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20140202996 - Above plate coolant containment and recovery system: An above plate coolant containment and recovery system for a machine having at least one machining head having a cutting tool in the form of a machining spindle with coolant supplied to the tooling and is designed for containing machining coolant during machining. The system includes a coolant guard apparatus... Agent: Eigen Systems Limited

20140202994 - Compact, coherent, high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir: Compact high brightness light sources for the mid and far IR spectral region, and exemplary applications are disclosed based on passively mode locked Tm fiber comb lasers. In at least one embodiment the coherence of the comb sources is increased in a system utilizing an amplified single-frequency laser to pump... Agent: Imra America, Inc.

20140202997 - Reducing surface asperities: Surface asperities, such as roughness characteristics, are reduced or otherwise mitigated via the control of surface regions including the asperities in different regimes. In accordance with various embodiments, the height of both high-frequency and low-frequency surface asperities is reduced by controlling characteristics of a surface region under a first regime... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140202998 - Laser device and method for marking an object: Laser device comprising at least two gas laser units (10), stacked in layers, each laser unit comprising a plurality of resonator tubes (12), the resonator tubes being in fluidic communication with each other and forming a common tubular space, connecting elements (20, 21) for connecting adjacent resonator tubes so as... Agent: Alltec Angewandte Laserlicht Technologie Gmbh

20140202999 - Forming a structure: Apparatus and a method of forming a structure (304) are disclosed. The method includes applying a heat treatment to a first area (206) on a first surface (201A) of a work piece (200), wherein at least one dimension of the first area corresponds to a maximum design dimension of a... Agent:

20140203000 - Process for identifying existence of partially welded spots and retention of cut-out part in wire-cut electrical discharge machining: A process for identifying existence of a welded spot on a cut-out part and retention of the cut-out part on a workpiece in a wire electrode is disclosed which makes it possible to go ahead process steps while identifying automatically the retention of the cut-out part on a workpiece, ensuring... Agent: Seibu Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140203001 - Weld line-detecting method and industrial robot: The present invention is a weld line-detecting method when fillet welding by an industrial robot including a welding torch is taught. The welding torch on which an angle sensor having a contactor is attached is moved toward a welding object, angle information obtained when the contactor is in contact with... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140203002 - Machining method of welding ear plate on barrel of central cylinder of horizontal preheater: The invention discloses a machining method of welding an ear plate on a barrel of a central cylinder of a horizontal preheater. The machining method comprises step 1, designing a set of process equipment comprising welding guide brackets, a roller carrier and iron piers; step 2, drawing an assembly line... Agent:

20140203003 - Method for controlling arc welding and arc welding device: Disclosed is a method for controlling arc welding where an arc is generated between a welding wire as a consumable electrode and an object to be welded. The method includes: keeping a wire feed speed at a predetermined constant speed in a steady-state welding period; and at a time point... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140203004 - Arc welding control method and arc welding devide: In arc welding, determining a current value to be high in an early stage of the arc period is effective in reducing spatters caused by feeble short circuit in the arc period. In that case, to sharply decrease the voltage that has increased with increase in current, an inductance value... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140203006 - Systems and methods providing low current regulation for ac arc welding processes: Systems and methods providing low current regulation for AC arc welding processes to regulate arc welding performance. In arc welding power source embodiments, configurations of bridge and arc regulation circuits allow for the directional switching of the welding output current through the welding output circuit path and induce a voltage... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140203005 - Welder powered arc starter: An electric welding arc starter powered by a switching regulator, which draws its input current from the weld cables. Optionally, the regulator temporarily reduces its input current after the arc igniter fires. Optionally, the regulator temporarily increases its input current before the arc igniter fires.... Agent:

20140203007 - Cooperative welding system: The present invention includes a welding system that has at least two metal inert gas (MIG) welders configured to perform a cooperative pulsed MIG welding process. The welding system also includes at least one communications link connecting the at least two MIG welders to deliver at least one of subordination... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140203008 - Flux-cored welding wire, the method for manufacturing the same and using of the same: The present invention provides a flux-cored welding wire comprising a shell having a tubular cavity, which accommodates flux. The shell is made of 400 series stainless steels. The deposited metal formed after the welding using the flux-cored welding wire of the present invention has more uniform chemical compositions. Because the... Agent:

20140203009 - Kettle: A kettle comprising a base and a frame pivotally mounted relative to the base. The frame includes first electrical contacts connectable to a power source and a vessel is receivable in and removable from the frame. The vessel includes an internal element in connection with second electrical contacts and an... Agent: Nangala Pty Ltd

20140203010 - Cooking hob with rotary driving means and cooking vessel usable with said hob: The hob (1) comprises a support plate (2) which has a treatment area (3) and the cooking vessel (50) has rotary blades (53) connected to an upper magnetic coupling member (54). Below the plate (2) of the hob (1) there is a lower magnetic coupling member (4) rotatably driven by... Agent: Electrod&#xd3 Mestics Taurus S.l.

20140203011 - System and method for induction heating a helical rotor using a coil: Embodiments of the invention provide a system and method for induction heating a helical rotor of a progressing cavity pump in order to reduce the surface roughness of the rotor. In order to heat the rotor most evenly, it is desired to space the coil as closely around the rotor... Agent: Kudu Industries Inc.

20140203012 - Microwave oven multiview silhouette volume calculation for mass estimation: A microwave heating apparatus includes a cavity arranged to receive a load. At least one microwave generator is configured to feed a plurality of microwaves into the cavity. At least one image-capturing device and a control unit is adapted to obtain load volume information of the load within the cavity... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

07/17/2014 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140197137 - Workpiece mounting table for electric discharge machine: A workpiece mounting table (20) for an electric discharge machine, which machines a workpiece (12) by discharging electricity between an electrode and the workpiece (12) in an interior of a work tank (6) and removing a surface of the workpiece (12), includes a surface-plate mounting table (3) made of a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140197138 - Wire electric discharge machine having function of compensating position of wire electrode: While machining is carried out according to a machining program by an electric discharge machine, the pressures of a machining fluid supplied from upper and lower nozzles are detected and displacement amounts of upper and lower wire guides are obtained from the detected pressures. Further, positional compensation values of the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140197139 - Production of fine grains in deposition welding: By tilting a welding nozzle back and forth for depositing each successively applied weld layer, a very fine-grained structure is achieved in the multilayered buildup of material producing a directionally solidified structure.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140197140 - Laser pulse energy control systems and methods: Systems and methods provide laser pulse energy control and/or monitoring. An example laser processing apparatus includes a laser system to generate a beam of laser pulses and a pulse energy control system to adjust the pulse energy of each laser pulse in the beam on a pulse-by-pulse basis. The pulse... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140197141 - Safety confinement equipment for laser radiation: Safety confinement equipment for laser radiation includes a safety confinement enclosure having two laterally opposite openings through which at least one metal strip can pass, the enclosure including first and second jaw devices for clamping the strip disposed on a path of travel of the strip between the two openings,... Agent: Siemens Vai Metals Technologies Sas

20140197142 - Monolite piston laser welding spatter control: An exemplary system and method for welding a piston assembly includes a piston assembly having a cooling gallery and a loose granulated medium positioned therein. The cooling gallery is formed by a piston body and a cooling gallery ring, and a welder such as a laser welder is positioned proximate... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140197143 - Movement method for re-melting cracks: Re-melting the material of a component transversely to the propagation direction of a crack in the component, providing a welding beam on the component and moving the welding beam at least transversely over the crack for re-melting the material, and more material is re-melted and increasing the strength of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140197144 - Method and device for slitting thin strip magnetic steel: In a method and system for slitting thin strip magnetic steel such as transformer core material, a laser is mounted above the material and the material is wound from a pay-out reel to one or more take-up reels.... Agent: Keith D. Earhart

20140197145 - Methods of forming parts using laser machining: Embodiments are directed to the formation micro-scale or millimeter scale structures or method of making such structures wherein the structures are formed from at least one sheet structural material and may include additional sheet structural materials or deposited structural materials wherein all or a portion of the patterning of the... Agent:

20140197146 - Coolant recovery and waste separation system: A below plate coolant recovery and waste separation system is provided for a combined machining and thermal metal plate cutting machine A trolley structure is located underneath a table supporting a fume chamber and coolant tray. The trolley is movable both in the X axis, and in response to the... Agent: Eigen Systems Limited

20140197147 - Nanocomposite welding wires: Welding wires and methods for welding metal work pieces using the welding wires are provided. The welding wires are composite materials comprising a metal alloy and high temperature nanoparticles dispersed in the metal alloy.... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140197148 - Structure and method of bonding copper and aluminum: A bonded structure of aluminum and copper is formed by bonding a copper workpiece and an aluminum workpiece together along a joint via an arc welding process. The copper workpiece has a first coating, having a lower melting point than copper, applied to at least a portion of it. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140197149 - Torch adjustment apparatus: [Problem] To provide a torch adjustment apparatus that improves anti-heat measures while making it easy to set the angle of the torch. [Solution] Provided is a torch adjustment apparatus for adjusting the position of a torch in relation to the material to be processed. The apparatus has the following: a... Agent:

20140197150 - Control panel for an appliance and a method for producing a control panel for an appliance: A control panel for an appliance is provided. The control panel can be produced by providing a dielectric substrate having a front surface and a back surface, printing a conductive ink onto the back surface of the dielectric substrate, curing the conductive ink such that the conductive ink forms a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140197151 - Substrate support with switchable multizone heater: Embodiments of substrate supports with a heater are provided herein. In some embodiments, a substrate support may include a first member to distribute heat to a substrate when present above a first planar surface of the first member, a second member disposed beneath the first member, the second member including... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140197152 - Hot plate comprising a coating applied to the lower side thereof: A cooktop plate includes a base plate having a lower side. A coating is formed on the lower side of the base plate and includes at least two metal layers and at least two dielectric layers in such a manner that a first color parameter a* or a second color... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20140197153 - Air impingement heater: Apparatus and methods for heating of one or more substrates with a plurality of independently controllable heating zones. Pressurized air is provided to each of a plurality of independently controlled heater blocks each including a heating element. The pressurized air is heated in the heater blocks and discharged towards one... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20140197155 - Heater control apparatus: There is provided a heater control apparatus for controlling a heat generation amount of a heater including a heating element which is provided in a seat and which has a positive or negative temperature coefficient of resistance. The heater control apparatus includes a resistance detection unit which detects an electricity... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197154 - Resistance determination with increased sensitivity for temperature control of heated automotive components: Electrical resistance of a heated component is determined for temperature control and monitoring. A voltage-representation signal, which is proportional to a voltage across a heater component, is received. A magnified voltage-representation signal is generated by determining a difference between a voltage baseline offset, which represents a minimum operating voltage of... Agent:

20140197156 - Semiconductor porcelain composition, positive temperature coefficient element, and heat-generating module: The present invention provides a semiconductor ceramic composition which is represented by a composition formula of [(Bi.A)x(Ba1-yRy)1-x](Ti1-zMz)aO3 (in which A is at least one kind of Na, Li and K, R is at least one kind of rare earth elements (including Y), and M is at least one kind of... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140197157 - Method of manufacturing electrodes for flat heat generator: A method of manufacturing electrodes for a flat heat generator is provided for creating electrodes in an arbitrary shape on an arbitrary site of an arbitrarily shaped flat heat generator, to allow a required portion to generate heat, and to allow a heat source to move. The method includes the... Agent: Tem-tech Lab. Co. Ltd.

20140197158 - Induction heating apparatus for a beverage can: An induction heating apparatus heats content efficiently while measuring a temperature of the heated content accurately. The induction heating apparatus includes a can holder, a heating coil disposed around the can holder, and a temperature measuring unit. A resealable metal beverage can having a thread formed on a neck portion... Agent: Daiwa Can Company

20140197159 - Magnetic field for sintering conductive material with nanoparticles: Conductive particle sintering systems including a conveyor for conveying a low-temperature substrate with a conductive ink having metallic nanomaterial on the substrate, the conveyor for conveying the substrate along a first direction; and at least one source of alternating magnetic field configured to provide sufficient energy to the conductive ink... Agent:

20140197160 - Systems and methods for protecting switching elements in an induction heating system: The present disclosure provides systems and methods for protecting switching elements in an induction heating system. A switching power loss associated with a switching element of the induction heating system can be calculated and an operating frequency of the induction heating system can be adjusted based upon the switching power... Agent: General Electric Company

20140197161 - Door switch apparatus for microwave ovens: A door switch apparatus for a microwave oven that disables the microwave system while not requiring any separate “fingers” or tongs on the door face to reach into the main body of the oven to activate a switch. The switch uses stackable switches activated by a single switch lever. The... Agent: Standex International Corporation

20140197162 - Food package: The present invention relates to a food package for cooking, storing and heating of ready-to-eat food. The food package comprises a food container (65), a plastic film (26) for sealing the food package from ambient air and being provided with an opening (16), said food package further comprising an openable... Agent:

20140197163 - Microwave mode stirrer apparatus: A mode stirrer apparatus that enables a more effective heating pattern in the food that is to be cooked. Two mode stirrers located in opposite walls of the oven. Each mode stirrer is independently driven by a small gear motor that causes the mode stirrer to rotate in only one... Agent: Standex International Corporation

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