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Electric heating

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12/18/2014 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140367364 - Sinker electric discharge machining apparatus: A sinker electric discharge machining apparatus includes a quill 10, to which a tool electrode is attached, and a linear motor device configured to generate a linear movement of the quill towards a workpiece. The quill includes a plate member 11 made of a metal or an alloy, a first... Agent:

20140367365 - Method to make fillet welds: For fillet welding, sufficient amounts of metal must be deposited in order to make welds with sufficient sizes. In conventional submerged arc welding (SAW), the heat input is proportional to the amount of metal melted and is thus determined by the required weld size. In order to reduce the needed... Agent: Adaptive Intelligent Systems LLC

20140367366 - Systems and methods of conditioning an air flow for a welding environment: A welding system includes a gas supply system configured to provide an air flow to a welding application. The gas supply system is configured to draw the air flow from an ambient environment about the gas supply system.... Agent:

20140367367 - Additive layer manufacturing method: An additive layer manufacturing method includes the steps of: a) laying down powder layer on powder bed, and b) focussing energy on an area of powder layer to fuse area of powder layer and thereby form a cross-section of the product; wherein steps a) and b) are repeated to form... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140367368 - Resistance spot welding thin gauge steels: Resistance spot welding of a thin-gauge steel workpiece to another steel workpiece is achieved by through the combined use of specific spot welding electrodes and a pulsating welding current. Each of the spot welding electrodes has a weld face that is smaller in diameter than a typical steel spot welding... Agent:

20140367369 - Method for laser engraved reflective surface structures: Techniques or processes for providing markings on products are disclosed. In one embodiment, the products have housings and the markings are to be provided on the housings. For example, a housing for a particular product can include an outer housing surface and the markings can be provided on the outer... Agent:

20140367370 - Systems and methods for anomalous cathode event control: A method of operating a welding system includes supplying a weld current and a weld voltage to an electrode via a plurality of pulse periods, where each pulse period of the plurality of pulse periods includes a background phase and a peak phase. The method also includes detecting the occurrence... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140367371 - Method for controlling a heating device for heating a component, control device and motor vehicle with same: m

20140367372 - Heated insole remote control systems: A remote control wireless heated insole system in which address data identifying specific insoles to be heated is provided. Once the heating process is initiated, periodic repeated control signals are generated to cause heating of the insoles.... Agent:

20140367373 - Appliance for thawing snow or ice: An appliance for thawing snow or ice, comprising a container defining an interior space, a rod-form element extending longitudinally into the interior space of the container and spaced from walls of the container about its entire circumference, whereby an external surface of the rod-form element is exposed to material in... Agent:

20140367374 - Induction heating of springs: An apparatus for hardening a spring having a helical or beehive shape. The apparatus has a rotation support system and an induction heating system. The rotation support system is designed to support the spring while the spring is heated by the induction heating system. The induction heating system has an... Agent: Barnes Group Inc.

20140367375 - Method of fabricating a solder particle: Provided is a method of fabricating a solder particle including adding a first magnetic bar in a first container including a mixture containing first solder particles formed through a mixing process, disposing the first container in a second container including a second magnetic bar, operating the first magnetic bar and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140367376 - Method and arrangement for progressive surface hardening: The invention relates to a method for the progressive induction surface hardening of a closed curve trace of a workpiece, the closed curve trace and a hardening device being moved relative to one another in a feed mode to harden the closed curve trace starting from an initial zone to... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Rothe Erde Gmbh

20140367377 - Microwave heating apparatus and heating method: A microwave heating apparatus includes a phase control unit configured to change a phase of a standing wave of microwave introduced into the process chamber by the microwave introduction unit. The phase control unit includes a recessed portion with respect to an inner surface of the bottom wall. The phase... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

12/11/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140360986 - Resistance spot welding of steel to pre-coated aluminum: Resistance spot welding of a steel workpiece to an aluminum or an aluminum alloy workpiece can be facilitated by replacing the refractory aluminum oxide-based layer(s) on at least the faying surface of the aluminum or aluminum alloy workpiece with a protective coating that is more conducive to the spot welding... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140360987 - Laser apparatus and method of irradiating laser beam using the same: A laser apparatus includes: a laser which selectively irradiates a laser beam to a portion of a target based on a laser driving voltage, where an intensity of the laser beam is substantially stabilized within about 10 nanoseconds; a stage which controls a relative location between the target and the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140360988 - Laser dicing method: A laser dicing method includes: placing a workpiece substrate on a stage; generating a clock signal; emitting a pulse laser beam synchronous with the clock signal; switching irradiation and non-irradiation of the workpiece substrate with the pulse laser beam in a unit of light pulse in synchronization with the clock... Agent:

20140360989 - Methods and systems for operating laser processing systems: Embodiments of methods and systems for distributing laser energy are disclosed herein. A system for dispensing laser energy by one or more laser energy sources in accordance with one embodiment of the present technology includes a laser energy credit transferring component configured to communicate with a laser energy source. The... Agent:

20140360990 - Laser welding device for roll forming system and control method thereof: A roll forming system which roll-forms a shaped beam by a roll forming unit including a plurality of roll formers is disclosed. A laser welding device for the roll forming system may include: front and rear guide means disposed apart from each other at the rear of the roll forming... Agent:

20140360991 - Elements for joining two workpiece parts by means of laser beam welding: A device for connecting two workpiece parts by means of laser beam welding. Producing a simply constructed and cost-effectively manufactured device for flat welding workpiece parts, with simultaneous compensation of workpiece tolerances, is achieved by a weld seam pattern with a number of weld seams arranged downstream of an adapted... Agent:

20140360992 - Impact-absorbing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method of producing the same: An impact-absorbing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an impact-absorbing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer including an impact-absorbing layer. A side surface of the impact-absorbing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer includes a tapered surface; and the tapered surface has a taper angle of 65° or more.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140360993 - Multi-function and multi-vehicle-type robot apparatus for common use: A multi-function and multi-vehicle-type common-use robot apparatus may include a robot; a frame attached to an arm of the robot; a plurality of sliders assembled to the frame to slide in a predetermined direction, and a common-use unit which includes an upper welding gun, a lower welding gun, and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140360994 - Welding transformer and welding transformer assembly and welding apparatus: It is possible to control a welding in a high speed and a high precision large electric current, and consumption electric power is also reduced. In the welding transformer, a loop magnetic core 25, a wound primary coil 12, plural positive side coils 14 and plural negative side coils 16... Agent: Koyo Giken Inc.

20140360995 - Arc welding apparatus, arc welding system, and arc welding method: An arc welding apparatus includes: a driver for advancing and retreating a welding consumable with respect to a workpiece to generate a short circuit condition and an arc condition; a state detector for detecting respective starts of the short circuit condition and the arc condition based on a voltage between... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140360996 - Arc welding apparatus, arc welding system, and arc welding method: An arc welding apparatus includes: a welding-condition acquirer configured to acquire a welding condition; a heat-input calculator configured to calculate a required heat input corresponding to the welding condition; a frequency setter configured to set a smaller frequency for a short circuit condition and an arc condition corresponding to an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140360997 - Arc welding apparatus, arc welding system, and arc welding method: An arc welding apparatus includes a difference calculator configured to calculate a difference voltage value by subtracting a welding voltage value from a target voltage value; a speed setter configured to set an advancing speed and a retreating speed of a welding consumable with respect to a workpiece to increase... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140360998 - Heated floor panel for transit vehicle: A system for generating radiant heat in a transit vehicle includes at least one floor panel having at least one heating element disposed therein, and a power switch operably disposed intermediate a power supply source and the heating element for selectively providing and discontinuing a supply of predetermined power generated... Agent:

20140360999 - Precision configuration of a component: A precision configuration system includes a plier device having clasp members, a heat transfer clamp member, a bending force transducer, and a temperature controller. One clasp member has a single jaw tooth that contacts and heats a component, for example, a wire positioned by a component holder and accommodated within... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20140361000 - Glow plug: A contact member (7) which has a cylindrical hole and whose outer circumferential surface has a contour swelling radially outward as viewed from a direction orthogonal to its axial direction is disposed between the wall surface of an axial bore (43) and a center shaft (3) at the rear end... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140361001 - Modular appliance: Appliances comprising a base unit and a plug connector coupled to the base unit. The plug connector is configured to electrically couple the appliance to a first socket connector of an electrical receptacle. A channel is formed on or in a first sidewall of the base unit. The plug connector... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20140361002 - Portable heating device for liquid: A heating device for liquid to warm the liquid and keep the temperature for a longer period of time for the portable use of the cup has been invented. The heating device in the present invention comprises an electronically wired removable cup and a sleeve wherein said cup filled up... Agent:

20140361003 - Four-braid resistive heater and devices incorporating such resistive heater: An apparatus includes a four-braid resistive heater, which includes a conductive structure configured to transport electrical currents and to generate heat based on the electrical currents. The conductive structure has first, second, third, and fourth electrical conductors. The first and second electrical conductors are looped around each other along a... Agent:

20140361004 - Flexible display apparatus and method of controlling flexibility of the same: A flexible display apparatus includes a flexible substrate; a display layer on the flexible substrate and including a plurality of pixels; a cover layer which covers the display layer; a heating electrode layer on a surface of the flexible substrate opposite to the display layer, between the flexible substrate and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140361005 - Glow plug: A glow plug including a coil housed in a tube. The coil includes a heating coil made of an Ni—Cr alloy disposed on a front end side, and a control coil connected to a rear end side of the heating coil. The coil has a normal temperature resistance value of... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140361006 - Device for solid state joining of light metals: A device for solid state joining of light metals like aluminum is described. The device utilizes the principle of continuous extrusion to add a string of filler metal into a groove separating the components to be joined, and shear deformation for surface oxide removal in the groove. The device comprises... Agent:

20140361007 - Circuit for the inductive heating of a metal: The invention relates to a circuit for the inductive heating of a metal that is optionally embedded in a non-magnetic bed by means of a transformer. The transformer induces eddy currents in the metal as a function of an exciter current IL and an exciter voltage UL and forms a... Agent: Ke Kelit Kunststoffwerk Gesellschaft M.b.h.

20140361008 - Induction coil unit: The induction coil unit for heating a component which is rotationally symmetrical relative to an axis, in particular a tool holder (5), comprises a plurality of coils (19) arranged about the axis (7) of the tool holder (5), with pole elements (2), which are movable radially with respect to the... Agent: Haimer Gmbh

20140361009 - Microwave heating device: A microwave heating device mountable to an electric device, includes: a commercial power supply; an AC/DC converter which outputs a plurality of DC voltages according to power supplied from the commercial power supply; a controller which receives power from the AC/DC converter and totally controls the electric device; a microwave... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140353281 - Pipe fabrication apparatus with a bed and a support having a backing plate: A pipe fabrication apparatus includes a fabrication module having a guide adapted to support a cylindrical component, at or adjacent a first end of the component, at two discrete and space apart locations on an exterior surface of the component, and a bed for supporting the cylindrical component at a... Agent: Condell Engineering Limited

20140353282 - Apparatus and method for electrical roller seam welding using a wire electrode: In a welding apparatus for the longitudinal seam welding of can bodies (31′) by way of electrode rollers (8, 17), three drive stages (4, 10, 20), by means of which the wire electrode (25) is driven in addition to the drive by the electrode rollers (8, 17), are provided in... Agent:

20140353283 - Optical screening system: The present invention relates to rendering electro-optical systems (thermal camera, camera, binoculars, sighting device, etc.) unusable (optical darkening). The inventive optical screening system, which prevents reuse of the electro-optical devices by destructing optical components thereof, essentially comprises at least one optical group consisting of the optical components of the electro-optical... Agent:

20140353284 - Cooling channel formed in a wall: A wall in which there is formed at least one cooling channel, said wall being cooled by cool air flowing in the channel, the channel comprising a hole and a diffusion portion, the hole opening out at one end into the inside surface of the wall, and at its other... Agent: Snecma

20140353285 - High boron hardfacing electrode: Electrodes for depositing hardfacing alloys containing boron, carbon, chromium, manganese, and silicon on the surface of metal components that are subjected to high thermal and mechanical stresses. The deposited hardfacing alloys have from about 2.5 to about 14.0 atomic weight percent boron and have a hardness on the Rockwell “C”... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140353288 - Aluminum deoxidizing welding wire: Provided is a welding method and electrodes (wires) with aluminum as a primary deoxidizer and a basic flux system for joining a workpieces with weld metal of comparable strengths and enhanced toughness. For instance, provided is a welding wire, comprising an aluminum content configured to act as a primary deoxidizer,... Agent:

20140353286 - Method for gas metal arc welding: A method for gas metal arc welding is disclosed, wherein a welding current is passed through a wire electrode and the a wire electrode is melted by a welding arc, wherein at least one parameter that influences Joulean heating of the wire electrode is adjusted.... Agent:

20140353287 - Method for producing a welded joint: A method for producing a welded joint between a high-strength aluminium alloy with a copper proportion as a first metal and a second metal, in which the welded joint is produced by CMT welding.... Agent: Magna Steyr Engineering Ag & Co Kg

20140353289 - Method for closing an aperture on a blade of a gas turbine: The invention relates to a method for closing an aperture on a blade of a gas turbine, wherein the blade of the gas turbine comprises a tip end with a top surface and a bottom surface. The aperture is formed on the tip end of the blade, and the aperture... Agent:

20140353290 - Electrode for use with a manufacturing apparatus for depositing a material: An electrode for use with a manufacturing apparatus to deposit a material onto a carrier body and to circulate a coolant through said electrode. The electrode includes a shaft having a first end and a second end spaced from each other. Also included is a head disposed on said second... Agent:

20140353291 - System for creating clad materials using resistance seam welding: A system for creating a clad material that includes at least one substrate; at least one cladding layer; at least one surface activation layer disposed between the at least one substrate and the at least one cladding layer; and a resistance seam welder, wherein the resistance seam welder is operative... Agent:

20140353292 - Systems and methods for spot welding using electrode tips: A cold-formed electrode tip for use in spot welding is provided. The cold-formed electrode tip includes a base, a rounded face, and an annular wall extending along a longitudinal axis of the electrode tip, the annular wall having a thickness such that the annular wall is configured to be readily... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140353294 - Plasma cutting method and plasma cutting device: A plurality of cutout members are cut out from a plate blank by a plasma arc generated from a plasma torch by a method including a piercing step and a cutting step. In the piercing step, an aperture is formed on an outer peripheral side of a cutout member by... Agent: Komatsu Industries Corporation

20140353293 - Moving a laser processing head relative to a clamping claw: A laser processing device for processing workpieces such as by welding includes a laser processing head and a workpiece clamping claw defining an opening through which the laser beam is focused on the workpiece. Each of the laser processing head and the clamping claw have respective shielding portions and movable... Agent:

20140353295 - System, method and apparatus for removing a burr from a slotted pipe: A deburring system for removing burrs from a surface of a pipe is provided. The deburring system comprises: a shaft having an anterior end; a conduit contained in the shaft for carrying a laser beam generated from a laser; and a directing module to direct the laser beam emanating from... Agent:

20140353296 - Substrate cutting device using laser beam: It is intended to enable a substrate made of a thick plate material with a high laser beam absorption rate to be easily processed by means of boring or so forth in a short time. The present device includes a work table (2) on which a substrate is disposed, a... Agent: Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140353297 - Laser cutting device and laser cutting method: A laser cutting device for cutting an original product includes a laser device which is movable along a first direction and a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, and rotatable reflecting mirrors. The original product includes a stub bar, optical lenses, and connection portions corresponding to the optical lenses.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140353298 - Welding system implementing concurrent auto-dam fabrication: A welding system is disclosed for use in closing a seam. The welding system may have a mount configured to hold a work piece having the seam to be welded, and a robotic welding device movable relative to the mount. The welding system may also have a controller in communication... Agent:

20140353299 - Hand-turnable welding cable connection: A hand-turnable welding cable connection includes a welding cable portion and a cooperable welding torch portion. The welding cable portion includes a receiver having an opening defined by an inner, generally cylindrical surface. A slit extends through the receiver. A fastener extends across the slit generally transverse to a longitudinal... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140353300 - Automated local thermal management system: The automated local thermal management system (20) includes a plurality of heated clothing articles (22). A first control device (36) with a first microcontroller (52) having a first memory includes a plurality of output drivers (28) each electrically connected to a vehicle power source and to the heated clothing articles... Agent:

20140353301 - Hair styling appliance: An appliance used for styling or shaping of fiber that is comprised of at least two heatable plates with a longitudinally extending gap between adjacent plates. The gap between the plates allows for increased function of the appliance. The appliance may be a hair straightener, a crimping iron, a curling... Agent:

20140353302 - Cooking appliance with a sensor control panel: A cooking appliance includes a cooktop having at least one sensor operating field. The at least one sensor operating field has at least one scroll field for step by step modification of a multi-value operating parameter of the cooking appliance. The at least one scroll field has a number of... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20140353303 - Heater for fixing device: A heater for fixing devices includes a glass substrate, a heating element, electrode patterns connected to the heating element, a first protective layer, and a second protective layer. The glass substrate is made of an alkali-free glass. The first protective layer is formed by firing a mixture of a first... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20140353304 - Apparatus and method for controlling heating element of electric range: Provided are an apparatus and method of controlling a heating element of an electric range. The apparatus for controlling a heating element of an electric range includes: a plurality of heating elements; an input unit to which an output adjustment value for each of the plurality of heating elements is... Agent:

20140353305 - Shim manufacturing system: A method for forming a shim. A liquid shim material with a magnetically permeable material is applied in a location for the shim between a plurality of composite parts. A magnetic field is applied to the magnetically permeable material in the location. The magnetic field is configured to heat the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140353307 - Container with window and microwave interactive material: A container with a window through which food within the container may be seen. The window may include a hole in a base material of the container, and at least one substantially clear polymeric film that is mounted to a portion of the container and obstructs (e.g., covers) the hole.... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140353306 - Thermal containers: A container to keep substances heated for longer periods of time is described. The container bears a cavity that contains a heating medium and a microwave susceptor. The container maybe a plate, cup, mug or other utensil to keep food or bevarages hot.... Agent: Cleary's Food And Bevarage Containers

11/27/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140346148 - Welding operation management device, welding operation management system, welding operation management method, and welding operation terminal: Disclosed is a welding operation management device characterized by being provided with a weld joint specification table (101a) that associates material qualities of pipe materials and welding execution methods as pipe weld joint specifications in plant construction work with weld joints, a welding execution method table (101c) that associates base... Agent:

20140346163 - Laser controlled internal welding machine for a pipeline: The present invention is directed to a system for welding together segments of a pipeline. The system includes an external alignment mechanism for externally supporting and manipulating the orientation of pipe segments in order to align relative segments. The system also includes an internal welding mechanism for applying a weld... Agent:

20140346149 - Submerged arc welding method for steel plate: Disclosed is a submerged arc welding method capable of an attempt to enhance toughness of a welded zone with low heat input and an attempt to decrease a weld reinforcement height by suppressing excessive melting of a wire, and capable of achieving a deep depth of penetration and a wide... Agent:

20140346150 - Detecting an incomplete cutting action: Methods, devices and systems for detecting an incomplete cutting action when cutting a workpiece with a high-energy beam are disclosed. In one aspect, a method includes taking an image of a region of the workpiece to be monitored, the region including an interaction region of the high-energy beam with the... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140346151 - Plasma arc torch nozzle with curved distal end region: A nozzle for a plasma arc torch is provided with a distal region sidewall formed by rotation of a variably curved element about a nozzle axis. The distal region sidewall has an inclination to the nozzle axis that increases at an increasing rate as it approached a nozzle terminal plane... Agent:

20140346152 - Mounting table and plasma processing apparatus: A mounting table includes an electrostatic chuck, a base, and a cylindrical sleeve. The electrostatic chuck has a top surface to be exposed to plasma and a bottom surface opposite to the top surface, and a first through-hole is formed through the electrostatic chuck. The base is bonded to the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140346153 - Inverted stent cutting process: A stent manufacturing device and methods for making intravascular stents and other medical devices. The stent manufacturing device may include a base, a laser or other cutting device coupled to the base, a horizontal motor coupled to the base, and a rotary motor coupled to the horizontal motor. A workpiece... Agent:

20140346154 - Device and method for cutting off an end section of a can blank: The invention is to a device and method, for cutting a can blank in which case an end section of the can blank is severed. The can blank is moved by means of a conveyor arrangement at a constant speed about a first axis of rotation. Preferably, a laser beam... Agent: Schuler Pressen Gmbh

20140346156 - Adaptive mirror for a laser processing device: An adaptive mirror for a laser processing apparatus has a housing and a pressure chamber which is arranged in the housing and can be connected to a pressure source. A mirror substrate, which delimits the pressure chamber, is fixedly clamped in the housing. Depending on the internal pressure in the... Agent: Lt-ultra Precision Technology Gmbh

20140346155 - Laser machining apparatus with adaptive mirror: A laser machining apparatus comprises a laser radiation source that generates laser radiation. A first and a second adaptive mirror are provided each having a pressure chamber connected to a pressure source and a mirror substrate that bounds the pressure chamber. An internal pressure in the pressure chamber can be... Agent: Lt-ultra Precision Technology Gmbh

20140346157 - Method to control the environment in a laser path: A method of controlling the environment intermediate a laser head and a targeted portion of a bore wall to remove solid material at the wall includes running an umbilical into the bore to position the head, irradiating the targeted portion of the wall using laser light, sensing a light spectrum... Agent:

20140346158 - Systems and methods providing a computerized eyewear device to aid in welding: Systems and methods to aid a welder or welding student. A system may provide a real-world arc welding system or a virtual reality arc welding system along with a computerized eyewear device having a head-up display (HUD). The computerized eyewear device may be worn by a user under a conventional... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140346159 - Method of ac welding with cored electrode: A method of arc welding with a cored electrode comprising creating a positive waveform with a first shape and having a first time; creating a negative waveform with a second shape and having a second time; making one of the first and second shapes greater in magnitude than the other... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140346160 - Heating system for heating a living being: The invention relates to a heating system for heating a living being, for instance, a person (2) within a vehicle (1) being preferentially a hybrid car or an electric car. The heating system comprises an infrared laser system (5, 6) for illuminating the living being with infrared laser light, thereby... Agent:

20140346161 - Hair iron fume removal device: The problem of noxious fume generation during chemical treatment of hair using a hair iron is solved by providing a fume intake on the hair iron near the point of fume generation, preferably near the iron's heating elements. The fume intake receives the fumes and delivers them to the fume... Agent:

20140346162 - Method for the three-dimensional shaping of an object from a flexible cord, a cord for carrying out the method and an object produced in this way: e

20140346164 - High frequency induction continuous heating method and high frequency induction continuous heating apparatus: A high frequency induction continuous heating method and a high frequency induction continuous heating apparatus are provided, and they can improve a working efficiency of a heating treatment and can also improve an uniformity of the heating treatment for an entirety of a work piece corresponding to multiple types of... Agent:

20140346165 - Oled package heating device and method thereof: An OLED package heating device and process, this device includes a microwave generator and a reaction chamber. There is a mask in the bottom of the reaction chamber. At the bottom of the mask there is a quartz layer, and on the surface of the mask there is a metal... Agent: Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

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