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Electric heating

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11/13/2014 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140332503 - Wire electric-discharge machining device, wire electric-discharge machining method, thin-plate manufacturing method, and semiconductor wafer manufacturing method: A wire electric-discharge machining device includes a control unit that selects a cutting wire to which a pulse voltage is applied by a pulse-voltage generation unit on a basis of an angle formed between an end face of a workpiece and a plane including a plurality of cutting wires, which... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140332504 - Weld bead shaping apparatus and weld bead shaping method: A weld bead shaping apparatus including: a gouging torch for gouging an object to be shaped; a shape sensor for measuring a shape of the object; a slider apparatus and an articulated robot for driving the gouging torch and shape sensor; an image processing apparatus; and a robot controlling apparatus.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140332505 - Method of manufacturing track shoe: A method of manufacturing an undercarriage track shoe is provided. The method includes positioning a track shoe longbar at a workstation. The track shoe longbar has a sectional profile for a plurality of track shoes thereon. The method also includes engaging one end of the track shoe longbar in a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140332506 - Capacitively coupled devices and oscillators: Certain embodiments described herein are directed to devices that can be used to sustain a capacitively coupled plasma. In some examples, a capacitive device can be used to sustain a capacitively coupled plasma in a torch in the absence of any substantial inductive coupling. In certain embodiments, a helium gas... Agent: Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

20140332507 - Process for producing a shaped body by layerwise buildup from material powder: e) repeating steps c) and d) multiple times at least until the build-up of the moulded body is complete, wherein the energy application to selected points in radiation steps d) can be varied per unit of time by performing the radiation according to the respective radiation point on the powdered... Agent:

20140332508 - Process of laser welding with a calibration unit with refraction means: Provided is a laser welding process, including: emitting and propagating a laser beam having a diameter of between 30 pm and 1.5 mm along a first optical axis; refracting said laser beam including deviating the faster beam along a second optical axis that is different to said first optical axis;... Agent: Optec S.p.a.

20140332511 - Apparatus for etching multiple surfaces of luminaire reflector: An apparatus for etching multiple surfaces of a hydroformed powder coated luminaire reflector is described. The system includes a laser, one or more high speed scan heads, a laser marking station and a conveyance device. The system positions a reflector into optical alignment with the scan heads to allow permanent... Agent:

20140332510 - Coating removal systems for optical fibers: Coating removal systems for optical fibers are disclosed. Related methods and optical fibers processed with these methods and coating removal systems are also disclosed. An optical fiber includes a glass fiber, having a cladding and core, surrounded by a protective coating which does not contribute to the optical performance of... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140332509 - Operating machine and relative method for the surface treatment of cylinders: A machine for the surface treatment of a cylinder includes a first operative station for supporting the cylinder and for bringing it into rotation around its longitudinal axis, and at least a second operative station cooperating with the first station for generating and emitting, by means of an optical fiber... Agent: Tenova S.p.a.

20140332513 - Device for drilling a substrate and a method for drilling a substrate: A device is used for drilling a substrate, in particular a device for generating a hole or recess or well in an electrically insulating or semiconducting substrate, more specifically a device for generating a plurality of holes or recesses or wells in an electrically insulating or semiconducting substrate.... Agent:

20140332512 - Laser drilling without burr formation: A process for making a hole into a substrate by at least one laser includes a first step which involves producing at least one intermediate hole with a diameter which is smaller than a final diameter of a final hole to be produced. The intermediate hole with the smaller diameter... Agent:

20140332514 - Welding system for determining a quality of a welding operation: A welding system includes a repositionable temperature sensor. The repositionable temperature sensor is configured to detect temperatures corresponding to a workpiece and to provide temperature data corresponding to the detected temperatures. The welding system also includes a power supply configured to receive the temperature data from the temperature sensor. The... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140332515 - Method and apparatus for wireless remote control communication of a welder: A method and apparatus of communicating control signals to a welding power source from a remote location includes a welding system operated by control signals transmitted by a wireless remote control that can be remotely located from the welding power source. A plurality of welding parameters in the welding system... Agent:

20140332516 - Power source with rechargeable energy storage device: The present invention is directed to a welding-type power source that includes a power source housing and an engine arranged in the power source housing to supply electrical power. An energy storage device is included that is in rechargeable association with the internal combustion engine and arranged to provide welding-type... Agent:

20140332517 - Systems and methods for low-manganese welding alloys: The present disclosure relates generally to welding alloys and, more specifically, to welding consumables (e.g., welding wires and rods) for welding, such as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW). In an embodiment, a welding alloy... Agent: Hobart Brothers Company

20140332518 - Heatable luminaire cover: A heatable luminaire cover is described. The heatable luminaire cover has a polymeric main body, a first busbar, a second busbar and at least two conductor tracks on the inside of the polymeric main body.... Agent:

20140332519 - Window glass sheet fitted with seal member: Provided is a window glass sheet fitted with a seal member and incorporated with a device such as a deicer which facilitates the device and the seal member to be installed in a proper manner. The automotive window glass sheet comprises a laminated glass sheet including a first glass sheet... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.

20140332520 - Baby bottle warmer: A baby bottle warmer is disclosed, comprising a chamber (3) for receiving a baby bottle comprising a base (5) and side walls (6), configured so that in use the sides and base of the chamber (3) are at an angle to the surface on which the baby bottle warmer is... Agent:

20140332521 - Aircraft heating system: An aircraft heating system (100) is provided which can be supplied with DC power from an onboard source (130). The system (100) comprises a heater (150) positioned to provide heat to an aircraft appliance (101), a sensor (160) situated to sense appliance-relevant temperatures, a reporter (170) reporting system faults, and... Agent:

20140332522 - Cloth-like heater: The cloth-like heater of the present invention has an upper layer 2 in which a plurality of upper layer conducting parts 4 is provided, a lower layer 3 in which at least one lower layer conducting part 6 is provided, and an intermediate heat generation layer 8 that links the... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140332523 - Wireless kitchen appliance operated on induction heating cooker: The present invention relates to a kitchen appliance (1) suitable for being wirelessly operated on an induction heating cooker (K), comprising a programmable microcontroller (2), one or more than one electronic circuit (3) that provides the microcontroller (2) to control the communication means, user interface and sensors, providing communication with... Agent:

20140332524 - Door opening structure for microwave oven: A door opening structure for microwave oven includes an upper hinge fastened on a door body assembly, and a lower hinge fastened on a oven body of a microwave oven, wherein the door body assembly is hinged with the oven body by the upper hinge and the lower hinge. An... Agent: Guangdong Galanz Microwave Oven And Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Co.

11/06/2014 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140326703 - Extended cascade plasma gun: Plasma gun and method of applying powder to a substrate with a plasma gun. The plasma gun includes a cathode assembly (1), an anode (2), a rear neutrode (7), and an extended neutrode (8) positioned adjacent the rear neutrode (7) to define a channel bore (3) between the cathode assembly... Agent: Sulzer Metco (us) Inc.

20140326704 - Method for operating a plasma arc torch having multiple operating modes: The present invention provides a multi-mode plasma arc torch that includes a cylindrical vessel having a first end and a second end, a first tangential inlet/outlet connected to or proximate to the first end, a second tangential inlet/outlet connected to or proximate to the second end, an electrode housing connected... Agent:

20140326705 - Welding position detecting apparatus and welding position detecting method for laser beam welding: A welding position detecting apparatus for laser beam welding includes: an imaging device that captures, at a predetermined time interval, images of an irradiated portion of a welding material irradiated with a welding laser beam, and a surrounding area thereof, of a welding material; an image processing device that identifies... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140326706 - System and method for automated control of welding systems including a spool gun: A system and method for automatic detection of a connection of a spool gun to a welding system. In addition to automatically detecting connection of the spool gun, a system and method is provided for controlling the operation of the welding system based on the detection of the spool gun.... Agent:

20140326707 - Probe tip heating assembly: A heating assembly configured for use in mechanical testing at a scale of microns or less. The heating assembly includes a probe tip assembly configured for coupling with a transducer of the mechanical testing system. The probe tip assembly includes a probe tip heater system having a heating element, a... Agent:

20140326708 - Liquid resistant heating element: An improved heating element, comprising: (a) an electrically insulated resistive heating wire; (b) a flexible substrate that supports the electrically insulated resistive wire: (c) one or more electrical connection for an operational component of the heating element, the electrical connection including at least two wires that are joined together; (d)... Agent:

20140326709 - Sheet-type ohmic heating element: A sheet-type ohmic heating element (10) comprises a substrate sheet (12) having applied thereon a layer of PTC material (14) and a protective cover sheet (16) laid over the layer of PTC material. The protective cover sheet extends beyond the boundary of the layer of PTC material and is affixed... Agent: Iee International Electronics & Engineering S.a.

20140326710 - Compact oven: A compact oven is disclosed. The compact oven includes a housing having a cavity for receiving food items, and one or more blowers for directing heated air into the cavity. The compact oven also includes an air deflection plate coupled to a nozzle plate having multiple nozzles for capturing and... Agent: Ovention, Inc.

20140326711 - Devices and methods for heat generation: A reactor device includes a sealed vessel defining an interior, a fuel material within the interior of the vessel, and a heating element proximal the vessel. The fuel material may be a solid including nickel and hydrogen. The sealed vessel may be sealed against gas ingress or egress and may... Agent: Leonardo Corporation

20140326712 - Pulsed electrothermal ice protection systems with coated heating substrates: An aircraft ice protection system includes a heating substrate with a coating in intimate thermal contact with the heating substrate. The thermal effusivities of the heating substrate and the coating are different from one another for interference of thermal waves reflected from the coating with thermal waves generated in the... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20140326713 - Heating device for an electric hair dryer: The invention discloses a heating device for an electric hair dryer, said heating device comprising heating wires (2) and mica sheets (1); said heating wires (2) are folded to be corrugation, such that the distance between peaks is 5.0 mm or more; and said heating wires (2) are zigzag wound... Agent: Ningbo Taili Electric Co., Ltd.

20140326714 - Textile system for producing heat: A textile system for producing heat comprises a panel of heating textile, the heating textile comprising a non-woven three-dimensional network of non-electrically conductive fibers and strands of electrically conductive fibers consolidated therewith. Electrodes are conductively connected to the panel of heating textile at opposite ends. A circuit is formed at... Agent:

20140326715 - Composite structure: A composite structure is provided. The structure is formed of rigid composite material in which particulates or fibres reinforce a polymer matrix. The structure has first and second electrically conductive metallic meshes embedded therein, and respective electrodes electrically connected to the meshes. The first and second meshes are electrically isolated... Agent:

20140326716 - Power cable connection assembly and method of operation: A quick disconnect union and method of use is provided for a power cable of an induction heating system with a power source, a coolant transporting device, and an induction coil capable heating a desired material. The power cable may connect the power source and the coolant transporting device to... Agent: I Sq. R Power Cable Co.

20140326717 - Incremental sheet forming for fabrication of cold sprayed smart susceptor: An induction heating system for manufacturing a part including an induction coil and a smart susceptor positioned within an oscillating electromagnetic field from the induction coil. The smart susceptor includes a ferromagnetic material cold sprayed onto a tool. The tool may be a sheet metal component formed to a desired... Agent: The Boeing Company

10/30/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140319101 - Wire electric-discharge machining device and wire-electrode removing device: A wire-electrode removing device in a wire electric-discharge machining device includes a wire-electrode guide unit that has a through hole into which a wire electrode in a vertical direction is inserted at the time of electric-discharge machining using the wire electrode and guides an end on a cut point side... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140319102 - Power supply device for electrical discharge machine: The present invention includes a series circuit that includes a DC power supply and a switching element for supplying a DC or AC current pulse to a machining gap between a machining electrode and a workpiece; and a control unit that controls the switching element, wherein when generating a current... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140319103 - Welding assembly for gas shielded arc welding: A welding assembly includes an adapter, a diffuser, and a nozzle. The adapter includes an inner portion, a discharge portion, and an engagement portion. The discharge portion defines an outer periphery and at least one aperture. The diffuser defines a contact end, a diffusion end and an outer periphery. The... Agent:

20140319104 - Electrical insulating element made of ceramic material for an electrical processing device, corresponding processing device: An electrical welding or soldering device (1), including an electrode (2, 3), to which electric current and a pressing force are applied, and including an electrode retainer (5, 6) that transmits the pressing force. An electrical insulating element (13) is arranged between the electrode retainer (5, 6) and the electrode... Agent:

20140319105 - Welding electrode and method of forming a resistance spot weld joint: A welding electrode includes an electrode holder and an electrode cap removably attached to the holder and having a central longitudinal axis. The cap includes a body having an end, and a welding surface that is substantially smooth and free from any grooves defined therein, and has a first diameter... Agent:

20140319106 - Inductive plasma torch: The invention relates to an inductive plasma torch comprising: a cylindrical metal containment cage (1); a metal element solidly connected to the containment cage (1), extending radially from the periphery of one end thereof; and an inductor (5) surrounding the containment cage (1). The aforementioned containment cage (1) and element... Agent:

20140319107 - Laser machining method: A laser machining method for cutting or cutting grooves on a workpiece using an apparatus having an X-Y table for mounting the workpiece, a laser source emitting a continuous wave or a quasi-continuous wave laser beam, modulator forming a pulsed laser beam by a high-speed modulation of the continuous wave... Agent: Via Mechanics, Ltd.

20140319108 - Cutting equipment: Cutting equipment is used to cut an object. The object includes at least two preformed products. The cutting equipment includes a support device and a cutting device. The support device supports the object. The cutting device includes a laser emitter configured for emitting a first laser beam, and an optical... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319109 - Laser machining device: A laser machining device with a proximity-warning function in relation to a workpiece being machined includes a laser element and a position feedback unit. The laser element includes a laser head for emitting a focused laser beam and a movable member for moving the laser head. The position feedback unit... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319110 - Robotic welding equipment station: A robotic welding equipment station to detect deviation of a tool center point of a welding torch. The station is provided with pairs of light emitting and detecting devices to emit and detect two separate light beams. The pairs of light emitting devices and detectors are oriented at an angle... Agent:

20140319111 - Battery-operated welding and/or cutting device and a cooling profile: The object of the invention is a battery-operated welding and/or cutting device including a frame and at least one battery cell. The frame includes a cooling profile having an outer surface, which is in direct contact with the air surrounding the device. The cooling profile is provided to accommodate at... Agent: Kemppioy

20140319112 - Systems and methods to feed a wire within a welder: The invention includes a wire feed system that is used within a welder, the system having a forward drive roll that rotates in a first direction, a reverse drive roll that rotates in a second direction, which is opposite the first direction, wherein the forward drive roll and the reverse... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140319113 - Systems and methods to feed a wire within a welder: The subject embodiments relate to a retractable wire feed system used within a welder, which include a friction-drive system disposed on a first side of a wire, an idle drive roll located opposite the friction-drive system on a second side of a wire, wherein the friction-drive system advances the wire... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140319114 - Electric heater, and apparatus, heating and air conditioning system, and vehicle comprising the same: An electric heater, and an apparatus, a heating and air conditioning system and a vehicle, each comprising the electric heater, are provided. The electric heater comprises an outer frame; a heating core configured to connect to a power source and disposed within the outer frame; and a sealing-waterproof glue member... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20140319115 - Heating system for an aircraft or spacecraft: A heating system for an aircraft or spacecraft with a control device which includes at least one power line data transmission transceiver and one sensor controller, and at least one remote component which has a sensor element and a heating element, the at least one power line data transmission transceiver... Agent:

20140319116 - Transparent pane with electrically conductive coating: A transparent pane is described. The transparent pane has at least one transparent substrate and at least one electrically conductive coating on at least one surface of the transparent substrate. The electrically conductive coating has at least two functional layers arranged one on top of the other, and each functional... Agent:

20140319117 - Harness for electric heating catalyst: A harness for electric heating catalyst (20) is connected to a catalyst case (12) housing a catalyst for purifying exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine and provided in an exhaust gas pipe (11) for exhausting the exhaust gas and includes a wire (50) connected to a power supply, and... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140319118 - Fiber oxidation oven with multiple independently controllable heating systems: One embodiment is directed to an oven for heating fibers. The oven comprises a plurality of walls forming a chamber and a supply structure disposed within the chamber between first and second ends of the chamber. The supply structure is in communication with a first heating system and is configured... Agent: Despatch Industries Limited Partnership

20140319119 - Combination oven with peak power control: A commercial oven, such as a combination oven providing steam and convection heating, may provide for two different peak power modes and for steam cooking. A temperature sensor sampling temperature from a region of the oven may be used to detect a complete filling of the oven with steam. The... Agent: Alto-shaam. Inc.

20140319120 - Absorbing lamphead face: The embodiments described herein generally relate to a lamphead assembly with an absorbing upper surface in a thermal processing chamber. In one embodiment, a processing chamber includes an upper structure, a lower structure, a base ring connecting the upper structure to the lower structure, a substrate support disposed between the... Agent:

20140319121 - Supporting unit and substrate treatment apparatus: Provided is a supporting unit supporting a substrate. The supporting unit includes a body including a plurality of heating regions and disposed with the substrate on a top surface thereof and a heating unit heating the body. Herein, the heating unit includes heating lines provided in the plurality of heating... Agent: Semes Co., Ltd.

20140319122 - Range with suspended cooktop: A slide-in or drop-in cooking range includes an upper cooktop in the form of a module suspended above an oven cavity. For installation purposes, the upper cooktop can be vertically repositioned relative to the oven cavity to assure proper alignment with the countertop and avoid damage to the cooktop as... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140319123 - Controller for textile heating device: A controller for use in textile heating devices, such as heating pads, heating blankets, and the like is provided. The controller provides a display system for conveying to a user the selected heat setting. Such display system is useful in low light condition, where a user cannot readily see the... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20140319124 - High-frequency heating device with range hood: A high-frequency heating device with a range hood is equipped with a heating chamber, a magnetron for supplying high-frequency power, a chamber illumination device disposed adjacent, from outside, to a wall of the heating chamber, and an LED illumination device which is disposed in a bottom portion of the main... Agent:

20140319125 - Sealed housing and method of producing the same: A sealed housing of an electric heating device to be installed in a motor vehicle includes a housing lower part and a housing cover abutting on the housing lower part via an intermediate sealing element. An elongate positive locking element, which interconnects the housing lower part and the housing cover... Agent: Eberspacher Catem Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140319126 - Nozzle of injection machine and heating apparatus of the nozzle: A heating apparatus for a nozzle of an injection machine includes a helical-spring shaped heating portion, a first sleeve, and a second sleeve. The first sleeve includes a first blocking portion and forms internal threads. The second sleeve includes a second blocking portion and forms external threads. The heating portion... Agent: Foxnum Technology Co., Ltd.

20140319127 - Induction generator for induction heating devices and a method for the operation of an induction generator for induction heating elements: The present invention relates to an induction generator for induction heating elements, in particular for induction coils of a cooking hob. The induction generator is connected or connectable to different lines (L1, L2, L3) of a three-phase mains. The induction generator includes a control unit (10) connected to a current... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140319128 - Dynamic power balancing among multiple induction heater power units: A modular RF power system allows multiple power supplies to combine their RF output power as a single system and deliver it to a common resonant circuit. For flexibility and commonality, each power supply is designed to be separately powered by AC line voltage (aka AC Mains). The AC voltage... Agent: Ameritherm, Inc.

20140319129 - Method and apparatus for microwave treatment of dielectric films: An apparatus for thermal treatment of dielectric films on substrates comprises: a microwave applicator cavity and microwave power source; a workpiece to be heated in the cavity, comprising a porous coating on a selected substrate; and, a means of introducing a controlled amount of a polar species into the porous... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140312005 - Dual gas laser cutting of medical devices: A system prevents oxidation of a laser cut workpiece by utilizing a laser source that utilizes laser source with an inert gas, such as argon or helium, rather than air or oxygen, to create the slots or kerfs which form the pattern cut into the workpiece. The system introduces oxygen... Agent:

20140312006 - Wire arc spray system using composite wire for porous coating, and related method: A composite wire for use with a wire arc spray system and related methods. The composite wire can include: a low melting point material at a core region thereof and a cladding including a metal surrounding the core region, the low metal point material having a melting point less than... Agent:

20140312007 - Cart and apparatus for welding studs: A stud feed assembly for welding studs comprising a stud loader and a stud catcher. The stud loader comprises a first chute component and a second chute component, the first chute component having a greater diameter than the second chute component. The stud catcher comprises a receiving component and a... Agent:

20140312008 - Drawn arc stud welding system: A system for drawn arc stud welding that includes a drawn arc stud welding device; a substrate; a stud for attachment to the substrate; a modified ferrule; and modified flux. The ferrule is placed around the stud in the welding device prior to attaching the stud to the substrate and... Agent:

20140312009 - Device to improve iron loss properties of grain-oriented electrical steel sheet: This device scans a high-energy beam in a direction traversing a feed path of a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having subjected to final annealing so as to irradiate a surface of the steel sheet being passed through with the high-energy beam to thereby perform magnetic domain refinement, the device including... Agent:

20140312010 - Plasma torch cutting device and process: A method of operating a plasma arc torch system includes placing a work piece to be cut on a table of the plasma arc torch system, wherein at least a portion of the work piece has a planer surface facing away from the table. A plasma arc torch is positioned... Agent:

20140312011 - Monitoring method for plasma arc welding and plasma arc welding device: The method of monitoring keyhole welding with a plasma arc includes the step of measuring output voltages when welding is performed with a constant current, and the step of finding peak frequencies and distributions of welding voltages by analyzing frequencies of the welding voltages which correlate to a molten weld... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140312012 - Plasma arc welding method and plasma arc welding device: Provided is a plasma arc welding method for continuously welding a welding target part of a welding workpiece while forming a keyhole weld on the welding target part of the welding workpiece using a plasma arc. A pulse current is used for a welding current, and the pulse frequency of... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140312013 - Laser emission-based control of beam positioner: A laser machining system (20) employs a fast positioner (68), such as a pair of galvanometer mirrors (70), that directs a beam axis (24) at a specified velocity to a start position of a cutting path (92) in coincidence with one of multiple laser pulses emitted from a laser (28)... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140312014 - Compensation of fiber lensing effect during grating fabrication in multicore fiber: An arrangement and method that compensates for variation in grating strength associated with forming multiple gratings in multicore fiber is proposed where the writing efficiency of the beam(s) used to form the gratings is controlled to compensate for fiber lensing effects. In one case, a spacing between the multicore optical... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140312015 - Laser processing apparatus, method of laser processing, method of fabricating substrate, and method of fabricating inkjet head: In the case where the workpiece (1) is processed, the laser beam is S-polarized by an optical modulator (7). Thus, the laser beam is mainly diverted toward a workpiece (1) by a polarizer (6). An optical path through which the laser beam passes is caused to have a high light... Agent:

20140312016 - Laser cutting device and laser cutting method: A laser cutting device is configured for cutting an original product. The original product includes a stub bar and an optical element. The laser cutting device includes a support member and a cutting member. The original product is moveably placed on the support member. The cutting member includes a checking... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312017 - Method for applying a data marking to the surface of a diamond or brilliant and for determining the authenticity thereof: A system and method are provided for marking valuable articles, particularly precious stones and here in particular cut diamonds (brilliants) and uncut diamonds. An identification marking that is invisible to the naked eye is applied to the article, and data associated with the identification marking is stored for subsequent use... Agent:

20140312018 - Dynamic height adjusting system and method for head assembly of laser processing system: The present invention relates to a dynamic height adjusting system and method that uses capacitance for a head assembly of a laser processing system throughout a process cycle. The proposed system and method involves use of a single frequency in which a change in phase is measured and processed to... Agent: Ipg Photonics Corporation

20140312019 - Laser system processing unit connection: A laser system includes one or more lasers and one or more laser processing units each connected to a respective one of the one or more lasers by a laser light cable and a data line associated uniquely with the laser light cable. Each laser processing unit includes a safety... Agent:

20140312020 - Systems and methods providing contact tip to work distance (ctwd) feedback for augmented reality: A system and method to make a welder aware of contact tip-to-work distance (CTWD) during a welding process. One or both of welding output current and wire feed speed is sampled in real time during the welding process. The actual CTWD is determined in real time based on at least... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140312022 - Personalized interface for torch system and method: There is provided a system and method for quick identification and selection of torch processes based on a profile scheme. In an illustrated embodiment, a profile selectable via a one-click process may define operational parameters for one or more torch processes. Multiple profiles may be identified by corresponding labels that... Agent:

20140312021 - Welding system having a wire-specific interface: A system having a welding wire hub with a wire-specific interface. The wire-specific interface may be configured to enable mounting with a first wire spool and configured to prevent mounting with a second wire spool. In some embodiments, the first and second wire spools have different welding wire types.... Agent:

20140312023 - Hybrid thread for welding gun neck: A welding gun neck for a welding gun includes an elongated tubular body having an end connectable to a gas diffuser. The elongated tubular body includes a threaded external surface adjacent the end. The threaded external surface defines a male, threaded portion. The male, threaded portion is mateable with a... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140312024 - Method for producing steel sheet for press molding, and method and device for producing press-molded component: [Solution] The method for producing a steel sheet for press molding according to one embodiment of the invention includes an electrical heating process (STEP-101) for electrically heating a blank (10) of rectangular steel sheet, viewed from the thickness direction of the blank, and a bending process (STEP-102) for deforming the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312025 - Zero clearance combination oven: A commercial oven, such as a combination oven providing steam and convection heating, may provide an equipment cabinet holding electronic equipment and having an external wall abutting other heating apparatus. The external wall includes an interior plenum through which air is circulated to provide compact virtual insulation from external heat... Agent: Alto-shaam, Inc.

20140312026 - Kitchen worktop with weighing means: A kitchen worktop having a support plate (2) with a treatment area (4) on which a container is placed (50), and a heating device (34) located in the treatment area under the support plate. Weight transducers (38) are fixed both to the support plate (2) and to a movable portion... Agent: Compa&#xd1 &#x2018 Ia Espa&#xd1 Ola De Electromenaje S.l.

20140312027 - Flexible electric heaters: Embodiments include a flexible fabric heater. The fabric heater has a conductive base fabric having elastic properties. The base fabric may be coupled to electrical terminals. A elastomeric layer may be applied on the base fabric. The elastomeric layer may have elastic properties and includes a liquid-resistant material. A first... Agent:

20140312028 - Medium voltage heater elements moisture detection circuit: In various embodiments, an electrical heating assembly is disclosed. The electrical heating assembly comprises one or more electrical heating elements. A current leakage sensor is operatively coupled to the one or more heating elements. The current leakage generates a signal indicative of current leakage from the electrical heating elements. The... Agent: Chromalox, Inc.

20140312029 - Flexible, low-profile heating cable: A flexible, low-profile heating cable with a first buss conductor, a second buss conductor, a plurality of carbon-based resistive heating elements, the heating elements connected to the first and second busses at connection nodes, high-temperature polymer-based electrical insulating thermally-conductive layers between the heating elements and the buss conductors, except at... Agent:

20140312030 - Microwave heat treatment apparatus and method: A heat treating system comprises a hot-wall microwave applicator cavity having a gas-diffusing structure on one surface, a microwave power supply, a transmission line between the applicator and power supply, and a granular heat transfer medium partially filling the cavity. The medium may be a single material or a blend... Agent:

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