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Electric heating

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07/10/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140190959 - Method and apparatus for pulse and short circuit arc welding: A method and apparatus for multi process welding includes providing a controlled short circuit output and a pulse output in response to a user selection across a workpiece output stud and a torch output stud.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140190940 - Wire electrical discharge machine which corrects machining path in corner portion: In a corner portion formed at an intersection of a first block to be machined first and a second block to be machined second, an end point of the first block is extended. Then, after moving from the first block to the extended end point of the first block, a... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140190941 - Power supply device for electric discharge machining: In a power supply device for electric discharge machining, the polarity of the voltage to be applied is determined on the basis of a result of determination whether the machining gap is in open state or not, an average value of voltages applied across the machining gap voltage during machining,... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140190942 - Forming a layered structure: A method and apparatus for forming a layered structure. At least one raised area (202) is formed on a work piece (200), and a structure (302) is formed on the raised area using an Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) process.... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20140190943 - Automatic welding apparatus for end plug of nuclear fuel rod: Disclosed is an automatic welding apparatus for an end plug of a nuclear fuel rod, which is used to perform resistance welding on a cladding tube and the end plug in a welding chamber. The automatic welding apparatus includes a welding chamber configured to perform resistance welding on an end... Agent: Kepco Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.

20140190944 - Method and apparatus for automatically controlling gas pressure for a plasma cutter: A system for providing a dynamically controlled plasma cutting system. The plasma cutting system includes a proportional valve and a sensing device arrangement and a controller connected to this arrangement. The system is configured to dynamically control gas flow in a plasma torch. The system measures gas pressure at a... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140190945 - Plasma welding apparatus for guide thimble and guide thimble end plug of nuclear fuel assembly: Disclosed is a plasma welding apparatus for a guide thimble and guide thimble end plug of a nuclear fuel assembly, which includes: a welding chamber (100) includes an end-plug inserting part (110) into which the end plug (10) is inserted, a guide-thimble inserting part (120) which is provided on the... Agent: Kepco Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.

20140190946 - Laser microdissection method and laser microdissection device: Methods and apparatuses for laser microdissection are provided. For example, by a user at least one first system parameter is adjusted, for example varied, and at least one second system parameter of the laser microdissection system is adjusted automatically by the laser microdissection system such that a cut line has... Agent: Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

20140190948 - Laser cleaning system for a stator slot: A device for removing a coating formed in a slot of a stator core. The device includes a carriage movably attached to a first guide rail assembly to enable movement of the carriage in a longitudinal direction. The device also includes a first drive screw wherein rotation of the first... Agent:

20140190947 - Method of and device for producing a contour cut in a strip of sheet metal: The invention relates to a method for producing a contour cut in a sheet metal web (BB) transported in a direction of transport (T) by means of a conveying apparatus (3). To accelerate the production of the contour cut, it is proposed in accordance with the invention to divide the... Agent: Schuler Automation Gmbh & Co., Kg

20140190949 - Systems, tools and methods for high power laser surface decommissioning and downhole welding: There are provided using high power laser systems for performing decommissioning welding and repair of structures in boreholes, off-shore, and other remote and hazardous locations. In a particular embodiment the laser system is a Class I system.... Agent: Foro Energy, Inc.

20140190950 - Weld compensation device: The present disclosure is directed to devices and methods for automating weld termination. In one embodiment, a compensation device is provided to grip a weld dam comprised of silicon dioxide. The compensation device is used to impart linear motion along an x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis, and rotational motion about the... Agent: Kawasaki Robotics (usa), Inc.

20140190951 - Weld damming and backing: The present disclosure is directed to methods for damming and backing welds. In one embodiment, a method of welding a workpiece is provided in which the workpiece includes a first section, a second section, and a weld groove disposed therebetween. Opposing edges of the first and second sections are positioned... Agent: Kawasaki Robotics (usa), Inc.

20140190952 - Aluminum alloy welding wire: A composition for welding or brazing aluminum comprises silicon (Si) and magnesium (Mg) along with aluminum in an alloy suitable for use in welding and brazing. The Si content may vary between approximately 4.7 and 10.9 wt %, and the Mg content may vary between approximately 0.20 wt % and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140190953 - Roller for heating a paper web or fabric: A heated roller for heating a paper web or fabric web with a cylindrical roller shell, a front side and a rear side permits a homogenous temperature on its surface if the cylindrical roller shell surrounds an inner roller shell thereby forming a ring like or at least one ring... Agent: Quantum Technologie (deutschland) Gmbh

20140190954 - Distributed transistor-based power supply for supplying heat to a structure: A heating system includes a structure to be heated, and a heating apparatus disposed to heat the structure. The heating apparatus includes a housing member, a plurality of resonant frequency power sources, and a plurality of associated controls. The plurality of resonant frequency power sources are attached to the housing... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140190955 - Electrical utility box enclosing power supply and thermoregulator for a coil heater: An electrical utility box that houses various electrical devices to heat a coil heater to heat titanium rod through the process of thermal conduction. The titanium rod is heated for the purpose of vaporizing concentrated essential oils of medical marijuana. The electrical utility box utilizes a closed-loop advanced proportional plus... Agent:

20140190956 - Safety device and method for electric heating appliances: An appliance includes a plurality of electrical loads and a load control circuit including at least a clock enable circuit and a full power timer. The clock enable circuit is configured and operatively connected to activate the full power timer when all of the loads are energized, and the full... Agent: Conair Corporation

20140190957 - Planar heating element for underfloor heating: A heating element includes two flexible plastics layers connected in overlying relationship with first and second conductors each running along the element between the layers the side edges with a row of printed conductive strips at right angles to the conductors. A grounding layer comprising a sheet of foil laminated... Agent:

20140190958 - Method for coating an insulation component and insulation component: The invention relates to a method for coating an insulation component (10), having PEEK, for insulating an electrically conductive heating cable (100) comprising the following steps: 1.) at least sectionally treating the surface of the insulation component (10) with at least one cold plasma flame, and 2.) applying at least... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140190960 - Returned power for microwave applications: The present invention related to devices and methods that use returned power (RP) measurements during microwave energy delivery to perform one or more functions. For example, microwave devices and systems that comprise one or more features to measure the returned microwave power. One or more measurements of the returned microwave... Agent:

20140190961 - Cooking apparatus: A cooking apparatus 1 includes: a heating chamber which accommodates an object to be heated; an interior lamp illuminates the heating chamber; a control unit which supplies power to the interior lamp; and an operation unit which operates the control unit. The interior lamp is formed with an LED board... Agent:

20140190962 - Microwave mat: A microwave mat for removing items from a microwave oven includes a mat portion and a lip portion. The mat portion includes a plurality of ridges on the bottom side of the mat portion. The mat portion lays flat when the microwave mat is placed on a flat surface. The... Agent: Cl Trading LLC

07/03/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140183164 - Non-line of sight electro discharge machining system: An electro discharge machining system includes a guide having first and second portions that are non-colinear with respect to one another. A consumable electrode is housed within the guide and configured to drill cooling holes in a component. A controller is programmed to position the guide and electrode to a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140183165 - Erosion device and erosion method for machining hollow-cylindrical workpieces: An erosion device and a corresponding method are disclosed for machining a hollow-cylindrical workpiece, wherein the device is elongated and/or formed in the manner of a tube or cylinder and is characterized in that at least two rotationally acting drives (A1, A2), each with a drive shaft (AW1, AW2), and... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Germany Gmbh

20140183166 - Manufacturing method for advanced high-strength steel wheel and jig device thereof: The present invention relates to a manufacturing method for advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) wheel, comprising the following steps. Take an AHSS with at least 590 MPa of tensile strength for rolling to circular ring of a rim. Apply low heat input welding, such as the cold metal transfer (CMT) welding... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140183168 - Welding process for the welding of aluminum: A welding process for the welding of aluminium includes a force sensor measuring a force between two welding electrodes on aluminum elements to be welded and transmitting its measured values to a welding control. Until the elapse of a set welding time, the welding control calculates and stores at least... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140183167 - Welding device for panel sheets and welding method for the same: A method of welding panels overlapping each other includes a one-directional clamping step that performs one-directional clamping by positioning electrodes of a pair of one-directional spot welding guns with respect to an upper panel and a lower panel overlapping each other, a pressure welding step that forms a plurality of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183169 - Metallic probe, and method and apparatus for fabricating the same: A sharpened metallic probe having a top of main body including a carbon-containing metal and a method and an apparatus for fabricating the metallic probe. A metallic probe with an extremely sharpened tip is obtained by inducing a field emission from the tip of the main body of the metallic... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20140183170 - High current electrode for a plasma arc torch: An electrode for a plasma arc torch includes a conductive body and a plurality of emissive inserts. The conductive body includes a proximal end portion, a distal end portion and a cavity extending from the proximal end portion to the distal end portion. The distal end portion defines a distal... Agent: Thermal Dynamics Corporation

20140183171 - Movement device, particularly for cutting torches of the plasma type and the like: A movement device, particularly for cutting torches of the plasma type, comprising a working head that can move along three Cartesian axes which are mutually perpendicular and supports a cutting torch for cutting mechanical pieces and the like, elements being comprised for the combined rotary and translational motion of the... Agent: Ficep S.p.a.

20140183172 - Laser crystallization system and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same: A laser crystallization system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the laser crystallization system includes i) a mother substrate including first, second, and third display regions sequentially arranged in a first direction and ii) a stage for supporting the mother substrate and moving in the first direction and in a second... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140183173 - Laser welder: A laser welder controls a focus and direction of a laser beam received from a laser oscillator through optical fiber and radiating the controlled laser beam. The laser welder may include a housing; a beam transmission unit expanding a beam size and simultaneously switching direction of the laser beam; a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183174 - Heat treatment device for crank shaft: A crankshaft heat treatment device may include a base frame, a jig frame in which a crankshaft is rotatably supported and that is disposed to be able to move in a horizontal direction and in a vertical direction at the base frame, and a laser unit that is disposed in... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183175 - Optical element of a laser material-processing machine: An optical element for installation in a laser processing machine has a surface that is optically unused and/or not subject to a laser beam during operation of the laser processing machine when the optical element is installed in the laser processing machine, and a transponder disposed in a region on... Agent: Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140183176 - System and method for controlling an arc welding process: A welding system includes an electrode configured to be advanced toward a workpiece and a power supply configured to provide a flow of electricity to the electrode for generating a welding arc between the electrode and the workpiece. The welding system also includes a first sensor configured to sense a... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140183177 - Semiconductor device and method for driving the same: According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor region, a second semiconductor region, a first electrode and a heat generation portion. The first semiconductor region includes n-type silicon carbide. The second semiconductor region is provided on a portion of the first semiconductor region. The second semiconductor region... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140183178 - Device for adjusting the quality factor of a mold with a self-contained induction heating system: A mold with a self-contained heating device comprising a mold body, a connector and an adjustment coil. The mold body comprises comprising an induction heating or tooling circuit having a resistance R1 and an inductance L1. The tooling circuit comprises an inductor extending inside a closed cavity of the mold... Agent: Roctool

20140183179 - Cooking device: A cooking device includes a base and a cooking container assembled to the base. The base includes a fixing base and at least a first height adjustable heating component. The first heating component is disposed with a first heating source and is movably assembled to the fixing base. The first... Agent: Tsann Kuen (zhangzhou) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140183180 - Spiral tube-like heater: Provided is a spiral tube-like heater capable of accurately controlling a temperature over a wide range and reducing a problem in safety caused by the disconnection of a heating element. In a spiral tube-like heater (1) in which a first heat-resistive resin tape (4) and a second heat-resistive resin tape... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20140183181 - Method and apparatus for forming a vehicle window assembly using induction soldering: Induction soldering via an assembly fixture is utilized to bond one or more items of hardware to a vehicle window to form a vehicle window assembly. A method of operating the assembly fixture to bond the one or more items of hardware to a vehicle window by induction soldering is... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20140183182 - Induction heat cooking apparatus and method for controlling output level thereof: Provided is an induction heat cooking apparatus. The induction heat cooking apparatus includes a rectifying part rectifying an input voltage to output a DC voltage; an inverter switching the DC voltage outputted through the rectifying part to generate an AC voltage; a first heating part operated by the AC voltage... Agent:

20140183183 - Induction heat cooking apparatus and method for controlling output level thereof: Provided is an induction heat cooking apparatus. The induction heat cooking apparatus includes a rectifying part rectifying an input voltage to output a DC voltage, an inverter switching the DC voltage outputted through the rectifying part to generate an AC voltage, a first heating part operated by the AC voltage... Agent:

20140183184 - Induction heat cooking apparatus and method for controlling output level thereof: Provided is an induction heat cooking apparatus. The induction heat cooking apparatus includes a rectifying part rectifying an input voltage to output a DC voltage, an inverter switching the DC voltage outputted through the rectifying part to generate an AC voltage, a first heating part operated by the AC voltage... Agent:

20140183185 - Tuned power amplifier with loaded choke for inductively heated fuel injector: A tuned power amplifier includes: a tuning capacitor connected in series with a loaded choke that represents an inductance of an oscillator, and a semiconductor power switch connected to the series connection between the tuning capacitor and the loaded choke. The loaded choke may be an induction heating coil of... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140175063 - Wire electric discharge machine that automatically corrects machining route according to corner angle: A wire electric discharge machine corrects a machining route according to an angle between two moving blocks that form a corner portion. A correction distance and a return distance are computed based on a detected corner angle. The correction is implemented so that an end point of a block to... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140175064 - Customized and varying cross-section electrodes: Erosion electrodes and associated devices, systems, and methods for providing improved performance during a process driven by FEED and facilitated by fluid flushing of a worksite is disclosed. Use of erosion electrodes having varying cross-sectional geometries result in customizable channels, within which the FEED process may proceed, improving efficiency and... Agent:

20140175065 - Welding-current control method of the resistance welding machine and welding-current control device: In spot welding, the condition tolerance for applying a large current in a short time into an aluminum alloy plate or the like is narrow, and also nugget crack sometimes occurs in spot welding. In the case of a mild steel plate, the expulsion sometimes occurs, and thereby a poor... Agent: Nadex Products Co., Ltd.

20140175066 - Manufacturing machine with magnetic field beam steering: According to an example embodiment, a machine includes, among other things, a housing and a support situated for supporting a work piece in a selected position relative to the housing. A radiation source is situated for emitting a beam of radiation in the housing. A magnetic field generator is situated... Agent:

20140175067 - Methods of forming images by laser micromachining: A method and laser processing system (2) addresses a substrate (102) with three different sets of laser processing parameters to achieve different surface effects in the substrate (102). A first set of laser parameters is employed to form a recess (106) in the substrate. A second set of laser parameters... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140175069 - Method of manufacturing laser welded steel pipe: Provided is a method of efficiently manufacturing a high-quality laser welded steel pipe at a high yield ratio while occurrence of underfill is prevented. Specifically, welding is performed using multiple laser beams each having a spot diameter of 0.3 mm or larger on an upper surface of an open pipe... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140175068 - Remote laser welding: A method of laser welding a first part to a second part including: shining a pointer laser, redirected by a bending mirror, to form a laser beam directed toward the first and second parts to create a laser stripe on the parts; detecting the laser stripe with a camera that... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140175070 - Laser processing method and fine particle layer forming agent: A laser processing method including the steps of covering the back side of a workpiece with fine particles having absorptivity to the wavelength of a laser beam to be applied to the workpiece, thereby forming a fine particle layer on the back side of the workpiece, and next applying the... Agent: Disco Corporation

20140175071 - Method for detecting defects during a laser-machining process and laser-machining device: Detection of defects during a machining process includes: moving a laser beam along a predefined path over multiple workpieces to be machined so as to generate a weld seam or a cutting gap in the workpieces; detecting, in a two-dimensional spatially resolved detector field of a detector, radiation emitted and/or... Agent: Trumpf Laser - Und Systemtechnik Gmbh

20140175072 - System for arc welding with enhanced metal deposition: A welding system includes a power supply configured to output power to a welding device. The power supply is configured to alternate the power output between an arc phase and a hotwire phase. The power output in the arc phase produces an arc between a welding electrode and a workpiece,... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140175074 - Method and apparatus for pulse welding: A method and system for pulse welding provides an output pulse waveform. The waveform has at least a frequency from a range of available frequencies not limited to harmonic frequencies. The waveform provides power suitable for welding, and has a plurality of background portions alternating with a plurality of peak... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140175073 - Power supply device for arc welding, arc welding system, and control method of power supply device for arc welding: A power supply device for arc welding according to an embodiment includes a constrained short-circuit opening unit and a reexecuting unit. The constrained short-circuit opening unit reduces, when a change amount of a welding voltage becomes not less than a predetermined threshold while raising a welding current between a consumable... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140175075 - Method and system of welding with auto-determined startup parameters: A method and system to determine optimum operating parameters for the startup phase of a welding-type process based on user-desired operating parameters of the post-startup or welding phase of the welding-type process are disclosed. While applicable to a number of welding-type processes, the method and system are particularly configured to... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140175076 - Welding head: A welding head is provided. The welding head includes a bracket. The bracket includes a central block coupled to it. The central block includes a tip holder detachably coupled to a lower portion of the central block and a plurality of contact tips attached to the tip holder. Each contact... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140175077 - Electronically induced ceramic fusible metal system: An electrically induced fusing system includes a module having walls and a base to define a module body. The module body includes first and second conductive layers stacked next to one another. An electrically resistive layer is interposed between the first and second conductive layers, and is configured to emit... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140175078 - Fabric with electrical function element:

20140175079 - Control of cooking appliance in response to control-compartment, cooling fan failure: A control system for a control-compartment cooling fan of an oven. In one embodiment, the control system includes a sensor for sensing an operating condition of a motor of the cooling fan. The operating condition is selected from the group of a motor current and a motor RPM. A controller... Agent: The Middleby Corporation

20140175080 - Warm window buss bar system and safety mechanism: Disclosed is a warm window system that utilizes individual buss bars that are placed within the space between an inside window pane and an outside window pane and creates sufficient physical force to create an electrical contact on the tin oxide layer on the inside surface of the inside pane... Agent: Energized Glass, LLC

20140175081 - Electronic cigarette lighting device with safety mechanism: Disclosed is an electronic cigarette lighting device with a safety mechanism, and the device includes a casing with a combustion-supporting hole formed on the casing, a heat generating unit installed in the casing and alternately positioned with the combustion-supporting hole, and a slide cover installed at the top of the... Agent: Great Performance Industries Co., Ltd.

20140175082 - Radio frequency stimulated blackbody with vacuum and cryogenic capability: A non-contact system and heating method includes a blackbody core heated according to Molecular Resonant Wavelength-Radio Frequency Heating method. Radio frequency waves of a resonant frequency travel in a hollow channel of a waveguide that contains an object, such as a blackbody core. The core is structurally secured within the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140175083 - Digital multi-use thermo-cup: A multi-use thermal cup device is provided that includes a cup, a sensor, a thermometer, a user interface, and an electronic controller. The cup has at least one heating element disposed between its inner and outer walls. Electro-mechanical connection points are included on the outer wall of the cup and... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. ("hesi")

20140175084 - Remotely controlled heat treatment system, remote control system for heat treating, and method for remotely controlling a heat treatment system: A heat treatment system includes a heat treatment apparatus as a component. An example of the heat treatment apparatus may be a metal heat treatment apparatus which thermally treats metal material in a chamber. In managing the temperature of a particular space for a long time, a remote control method... Agent:

20140175085 - Cooking apparatus: A cooking apparatus is provided. The cooking apparatus includes a main body provided with a cooking chamber, and a steam supply device generating steam to supply the steam to the cooking chamber. The steam supply device includes a water storage unit to store water, a steam generator that is supplied... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140175086 - Electric grill pan device with a separate power connection: An electric grill pan device includes a heating pan detachably mounted above a base. A socket is mounted in the base and includes a seat and an upper cover. A compartment is defined between the upper cover and the seat. The upper cover includes a plurality of insertion holes aligned... Agent: Uni-splender Corp.

20140175087 - Heaters: A heater includes a heating element, a first electrode, a second electrode and a temperature controller. The heating element includes carbon nanotube layer and a binder. The carbon nanotube layer defines a number of wrinkles. The temperature controller is electrically connected to the heating element by the first electrode or... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140175088 - Cooker and method for manufacturing the same: A cooker and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The cooker may include a cavity having a cooking chamber, an electrical chamber, in which a part to provide heat to the cooking chamber may be disposed, the electrical chamber being defined in one side of the cavity, and... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140166624 - Method and apparatus for electrically destroying a syringe needle of a pen-type hypodermic syringe: A method and apparatus for sterilizing and destroying a syringe needle includes a rotating needle carriage that receives a needle in a loading position. The needle carriage includes a port sized to accept a pen-type hypodermic syringe and an insert to downsize the port for accepting a conventional hypodermic syringe.... Agent: Q Care International LLC

20140166625 - Plasma spraying apparatus: The plasma spraying apparatus includes a cathode, a first gas nozzle defining a first gas path between the cathode and itself, a second gas nozzle defining a second gas path between the first gas nozzle and itself, and a third gas nozzle disposed between the first and second gas nozzles... Agent: Fujigiken Co., Ltd.

20140166626 - Self-adjusting wire feeder mounting assembly: A self-adjusting wire feeder mounting assembly includes a mount fixedly connectable to a multi-axis robotic arm, and a slidable, floating adapter plate for mounting of a wire feeder thereon. The adapter plate is coupled with and slidable about the mount, and the adapter plate is moveable relative to the mount... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140166627 - Apparatus for x-ray generation and method of making same: A system for applying a target track material to an x-ray tube target includes a controller configured to direct a beam of energy toward an x-ray tube target, and direct a solid stock material toward the beam of energy to cause the solid stock material to melt and deposit as... Agent: General Electric Company

20140166628 - Twin spot welding apparatus: A twin spot welding apparatus includes a fixed welder in a fixed frame on a top of which a mounting unit of a robot arm is integrally formed, a guide plate mounted on the fixed frame, an angle control plate movably installed in the guide plate, a servo actuator mounted... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140166629 - Devices and methods for indicating power on a torch: Devices and methods for indicating power on a torch. In one example, a welding or plasma cutting torch includes an indicator coupled to the torch. The torch also includes control circuitry coupled to the indicator and configured to provide a first signal and a second signal to the indicator. The... Agent: Ilinois Tool Works Inc.

20140166630 - Plasma spraying apparatus: The plasma spraying apparatus includes a cathode, a first gas nozzle surrounding a head of the cathode therewith to form a first gas path outside of the cathode, and a second gas nozzle surrounding the first gas nozzle therewith to form a second gas path outside of the first gas... Agent: Fujigiken Co., Ltd.

20140166631 - Devices and methods for providing information on a torch: A torch for a welding or plasma cutting operation configured to provide information. The torch includes a torch body. The torch also includes indicators coupled to the torch body and control circuitry coupled to the indicators and configured to provide data relating to the welding or plasma cutting operation to... Agent: Hobart Brothers Company

20140166632 - Dual-loop control for laser annealing of semiconductor wafers: Systems and methods for performing semiconductor laser annealing using dual loop control are disclosed. The first control loop operates at a first frequency and controls the output of the laser and controls the 1/f laser noise. The second control loop also controls the amount of output power in the laser... Agent: Ultratech, Inc.

20140166633 - Wireless system control and inventory monitoring for welding-type devices: A welding-type system is designed for wireless control and for inventory monitoring of welding consumables. The welding-type system includes a power source to produce a welding-type power, wherein the power source is operable in a plurality of operating modes. The welding-type system also includes a controller configured to set a... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140166634 - Remotely controlled welding machine: The present invention is directed to a remotely controlled welding machine. A remote control uses the welding circuit to transfer information to a welding power source. The information to be communicated to the power source includes welding power source output command information (amperage/voltage control), welding circuit on/off information (power source... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140166635 - Inverter with monitoring of the moisture state and method for operating an inverter: An inverter for converting electrical power from a DC voltage generator is disclosed. The inverter includes a moisture sensor inside a housing of the inverter, and a control unit for controlling the inverter connected to the moisture sensor for receiving a moisture value from the moisture sensor. The inverter also... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20140166637 - Heat treatment apparatus: A heat treatment apparatus is provided which includes heating means for enabling a rapid temperature rise to a temperature of 1600 through 1900° C., and a thermometer capable of accurately measuring temperatures even when rapid temperature rises and drops are repeated, the heat treatment apparatus being capable of performing heat... Agent: Toyoko Kagaku Co., Ltd.

20140166636 - Method for heating an scr system using two resistive heating elements: Method for heating an SCR system using at least two resistive heating elements, according to which each of these resistive elements is powered by a PWM signal, the two PWM signals being at least partly in phase opposition.... Agent: Inergy Automotive Sys. Research (societe Anonyme)

20140166638 - Self-regulating semi-conductive flexible heating element: A flexible homogeneous carbon polymeric heating element is provided. The flexible homogeneous carbon polymeric heating element includes a pair of layers of a first insulating material, a pair of layers of a second insulating material positioned between the pair of first insulating material layers, and an elongate web positioned between... Agent: Tech Design LLC

20140166639 - Bimetal thermal element and the manufacturing method thereof: A bimetal thermal element adapted to assembling into a support. The bimetal thermal element includes: a bimetal strip having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end, and a notch formed at the first end; a heater made of a resistant strip including a linear portion... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140166640 - Support for resisting radial creep of a heating element coil: A support member for a heating element coil includes at least one support beam having an opposed distal and proximal end. The distal end being arranged to be anchored in insulation of the heating element and the proximal end oriented towards a center of loops of the heating element. At... Agent: Sandvik Thermal Process Inc

20140166641 - Power supply device for a household appliance and an operating method thereof: A power supply device and method for a household appliance is disclosed. The power supply device comprises a switching converter having a rectifying stage, electrically connected with the mains, a bus capacitor, electrically connected in parallel with at least one output terminal of the rectifying stage, a first and second... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140166642 - Apparatus for heating plastics material pre-forms: An apparatus is provided for heating plastics material pre-forms, with a movable carrier on which a plurality of heating devices is arranged; wherein the heating devices are controllable independently of one another and have in each case a heating element as well as at least one regulating element for regulating... Agent: Krones Ag

20140166643 - Packaging material and method for microwave and steam cooking of food products: A packaging device allowing for the distribution, storage and cooking of various food products, such as perishable or frozen food product(s). The packaging device includes a plurality of micro-perforations that may promote the extended shelf-life of the perishable food product and the maintenance of the quality of the perishable food... Agent:

20140166644 - Radiation-shielding container: Systems and methods are disclosed for heating substances in a microwave oven. A container structure includes an internal chamber configured to have heating contents placed therein, wherein the chamber is defined at least partially by a thermally-conductive structure. A microwave-absorbing medium is disposed in direct or indirect thermal communication with... Agent:

20140166645 - Microwave heating device: In a microwave heating device of the present invention, a heating-chamber input portion is adapted to direct, to a heating chamber, microwaves having propagated through a waveguide tube and having passed through the positions where microwave radiating portions are formed, thereby realizing a state where progressive waves are dominant among... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

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