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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150144599 - Wire electric discharge machine: A wire electric discharge machine configured to perform machining while swinging a wire electrode and comprising a swing frequency counting unit configured to count a swing frequency of the wire electrode, a machining stop unit configured to stop machining by the wire electrode when the swing frequency reaches a predetermined... Agent:

20150144600 - Stainless steel weldment and pad combined welding method: A stainless steel weldment and pad combined welding method includes steps of: (a) respectively processing and pairing butts of to-be-welded portions of two weldments, wherein, during pairing, inner walls of the two weldments are aligned at the same plane; the butts of the two weldments are opposed to form a... Agent:

20150144601 - Respot jig: A respot jig is capable of easily moving a welding gun to any welding position and controlling positions of various kinds of workpieces. The respot jig includes: a jig having a flat shape; welding systems installed at both sides of an upper portion of the jig and including a five-shaft... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150144602 - Welding auxiliary joining part with a plastically deformable tip region; method for connecting components with this welding auxiliary joining part: A welding auxiliary joining part in the shape of a stud having a head, a shank and a tip is disclosed. The welding auxiliary joining part is driven into a component made of a non- or poorly weldable material by means of a setting method. A welding head is created... Agent:

20150144603 - High access consumables for a plasma arc cutting system: A nozzle for a plasma arc torch is provided. The nozzle includes a substantially hollow, elongated nozzle body capable of receiving an electrode, the body defining a longitudinal axis, a distal end, and a proximal end. The nozzle also includes a swirl sleeve attachable to an interior surface of the... Agent:

20150144604 - Laser machining system utilizing thermal radiation image and method thereof: A laser machining system and a method thereof are disclosed. The disclosed laser machining system comprises a laser generator, an array photo detector, a processer, and a position controller. The laser generator is configured to emit laser via a first light path onto a work piece. The array photo detector... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150144605 - Hybrid welding apparatuses, systems and methods for spatially offset components: Hybrid welding methods include directing a laser beam from a laser onto a first component that is vertically offset from a second component, and, directing a weld arc from an arc welder onto a weld joint between the first component and the second component to weld the first and second... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144606 - Method and system for the remote laser welding of two coated sheets: A method is provided for the remote laser welding of two coated sheets, wherein by way of a scanner, a laser beam is directed at the sheets to be connected to each other and guided on the sheets. The sheets are connected to each other by producing an end fillet... Agent:

20150144607 - Laser cutting head for machine tool: A laser cutting head powered by a laser emission apparatus including optical transmission devices and associated with a cutting machine tool, includes collimation device to collimate a laser beam coming from the laser emission apparatus, focusing device to focus a collimated laser beam leaving the collimation devices and a casing... Agent:

20150144608 - High density galvo housing for use with multiple laser beams: A multi-beam laser processing system comprising a plurality of laser beams and a plurality of pairs of selectively rotatable mirrors for laser beam steering where each laser beam is independently steered by one pair of selectively rotatable mirrors. The plurality of pairs of mirrors are positioned adjacent to one another... Agent:

20150144609 - Welding or cutting power supply using phase shift double forward converter circuit (psdf): A technique for dynamically adjusting an output voltage for a welding or cutting operation is provided. The technique allows for varying output voltage at the welding or cutting torch by manipulating the duty cycles of two forward converter circuits. The present disclosure provides methods and systems for increasing synchronized duty... Agent:

20150144610 - Hair iron controlled by usage detection and control method thereof: Disclosed herein is a hair iron controlled by usage detection. The hair iron includes a pair of bodies hinged to each other. An electric heating plate is attached to an inner surface of each of the bodies, and generates heat by power supplied thereto. A detection unit is configured to... Agent: Unil Electronics Corp.

20150144611 - Furnace and method for operating a furnace: The invention relates to a furnace for firing products to be fired, in particular dental ceramics, comprising a control unit for controlling the furnace. The control unit has a release portion which can be activated be means of an individualized control command, in particular be means of an encoded activation... Agent:

20150144612 - Electric thermos with manual timer switch: An electric thermos having a manual timer switch installed in a control panel at the top side of the electric thermos body thereof and electrically connected to the heating circuit and operable to set the time to turn on/off the electric heating circuit and the duration of the heating time... Agent:

20150144613 - Glass-ceramic article and manufacturing process:

20150144614 - Battery temperature raising system and control method thereof: A battery temperature raising system and a control method thereof are provided. The battery temperature raising system includes a power supply that operates a heater attached to a battery module. The heater is configured to increase a battery temperature and a variable resistor mounted on a circuit between the heater... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150144615 - Brazing method and device for glass kovar combination and oxygen-free copper: The invention discloses a brazing method for a glass Kovar combination and an oxygen-free copper, wherein the glass Kovar combination, the silver-based solder and the oxygen-free copper are placed within a quartz room with the pressure of 3.0×10−5˜7.0×10−5 Pa. The quartz room is heated by the coils of the high-frequency... Agent: Wuxi Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd.

20150144616 - Induction cook top with heat management system and systems heat control: An indoor or outdoor induction cook top with a heat management system is disclosed. The cook top controls heat generated by various components, including the electronic controller, mechanical controls, and the induction generators. The heat management system provides precise temperature control and an efficient way of removing heat from the... Agent: Western Industries, Inc.

20150144617 - Stand-up induction heating tool for membrane roofing: An induction heating tool has an induction heating coil configured to generate a magnetic field closely matched to the shape of the anchor plate. The induction heating tool includes a base configured to assist an operator in aligning the coil over each anchor plate. In the disclosed embodiments, the base... Agent:

20150144618 - Half bridge induction heating generator and a capacitor assembly for a half bridge induction heating generator: The present invention relates to a half bridge induction heating generator, comprising at least one power terminal (10) provided for a direct current voltage, at least one ground terminal (12), and four capacitors (C2, C3, C4, C5) forming a bridge circuit between the power terminal (10) and the ground terminal... Agent:

20150144619 - Apparatus for cooking food products: An apparatus for cooking food products includes: a first heating plate adapted to support the food products; a second heating plate adapted to face the food products during a cooking operation; a first resistive heating element associated with the first heating plate and adapted to provide heat to the food... Agent:

20150144620 - Tubular waveguide applicator: A microwave heating apparatus with a tubular waveguide applicator forming a heating chamber and with microwave-transparent centering elements to maintain product to be treated in proximity to the centerline axis of the chamber. Product is conveyed through the chamber in a direction in or opposite to the direction of propagation... Agent: Industrial Microwave Systems, L.L.C.

20150144621 - Matching method and microwave heating method: A matching method and a microwave heating method in a microwave heating apparatus for heating a substrate by introducing a microwave into a processing chamber comprises an initial matching step of performing a matching so that a reflection power to a microwave introducing unit is minimized in a state where... Agent:

20150144622 - Microwave heat treatment apparatus and microwave heat treatment method: A microwave heat treatment apparatus includes: a processing vessel configured to accommodate a substrate therein; a support member configured to rotatably support the substrate in the processing vessel; a microwave introduction device configured to generate a microwave for processing the substrate and introduce the microwave into the processing vessel; a... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150136741 - Method for producing arc-welded structural member: P

20150136742 - Switching electrode and resistance welding device using same, spot welding device and spot welding method: The invention provides a switching electrode which has a small variation in resistance value even when a large amount of current is repeatedly cut off and can carry a stable amount of current even when it is continuously used. In the invention, the switching electrode is used in a switch... Agent:

20150136743 - Method of closed form release for brittle materials using burst ultrafast laser pulses: A method for machining and releasing closed forms from a transparent, brittle substrate includes using a burst of ultrafast laser pulses to drill patterns of orifices in the substrate. Orifices are formed by photoacoustic compression and they extend completely or partially in the transparent substrate. A scribed line of spaced... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150136744 - Methods and systems for laser processing of coated substrates: Examples of methods and systems for laser processing of materials are disclosed. Methods and systems for singulation of a wafer comprising a coated substrate can utilize a laser outputting light that has a wavelength that is transparent to the wafer substrate but which may not be transparent to the coating... Agent:

20150136745 - System and method for welding using super capacitors: Disclosed herein is a capacitive discharge welder that comprises a series of super capacitors (or ultra-capacitors) used as a power source. The capacitive discharge welder disclosed herein also comprises a dual function circuit that serves as an emergency stop circuit that is capable of redirecting or disconnecting the weld path... Agent:

20150136746 - Systems and methods for selecting a welding process: A method includes detecting whether a wire feeder is in communication with a welding power supply. The method also includes detecting a current welding process of the welding power supply if the wire feeder is in communication with the welding power supply. The method includes determining, at the wire feeder,... Agent:

20150136747 - Connector for arc welding conductor tube for gmaw manual/robotic arc welding mig guns: An arc welding apparatus comprises a conductor tube defining an internal passageway is disclosed. The conductor tube further defines an external surface profile and a distal end portion. The conductor tube is configured to engage a sleeve having inner and outer surface profiles. The inner surface profile is configured to... Agent:

20150136748 - Positioning system and method for arc welding consumables: A nozzle assembly for a welding torch, a welding torch that includes said nozzle assembly, and a method of using the welding torch is provided. The nozzle assembly generally comprises an insulator having a plurality of grooves around an outer periphery, a plurality of sealing members disposed within the grooves... Agent:

20150136749 - System and method for matching arc welding consumables: A consumable assembly for a welding torch, a welding torch that includes said consumable assembly, and a method of using the welding torch is provided. The consumable assembly generally comprises a nozzle body having an exterior surface and an internal bore; and a contact tip having an exterior surface that... Agent:

20150136752 - Electrical heating assembly for a defrosting device: An electrical heating assembly is provided for a defrosting device of an air-intake lip of a turbojet engine nacelle. The electrical heating assembly includes a current-conductive portion and a resistive portion, and the resistive portion includes strips spaced apart one another. Each strip is connected to the current-conductive portion so... Agent:

20150136751 - Heated floor panel for an aircraft and aircraft having a heated floor panel: A heated floor panel for an airborne vehicle and an airborne vehicle having at least one heated floor panel are described. The floor panel includes a controller housing, a first heated panel configured to heat the floor panel, a panel connector arranged in a wall of the controller housing, at... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150136750 - Vehicle windscreen wiper heating element: A windscreen wiper heating element for motor vehicle is disclosed. The heating element includes a circuit having a heating electrical conductor and a support of that circuit. The circuit includes a first loop, the ends of which are connected to electrical power supply terminals, and at least one second loop,... Agent:

20150136753 - Electrically-powered thermal-regulated apparel and control system therefor: The present inventive concept relates to electrically-powered, thermal-regulated apparel or heated garments and a controller and related methods of operation thereof. The thermal-regulated apparel item includes a heating assembly having a substrate and shielding layers with an electrical resistance heating element located therebetween. The controller is linked to the heating... Agent:

20150136754 - Wireless heating system for motorcycles: Disclosed is a wireless heating system for motor vehicles, wherein the system includes gloves and handle bar heating pads, each having imbedded heating elements. The heating elements are in electrical communication with metal contact points disposed on the gloves and the heating pads. The contact points are disposed on locations... Agent:

20150136755 - Optical design for line generation using microlens array: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to an apparatus for thermally processing a semiconductor substrate. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a substrate support, a beam source having a fast axis for emitting a beam along an optical path intersecting the substrate support, and a homogenizer disposed along the optical... Agent:

20150136756 - Flat heating element comprising twists and bends and method thereby to relieve heating element stress: Presented is a heating element, and method for producing same, comprised of strip material having a length, width and depth where the strip material is twisted at least once axially relative to its length and bent at least once across its width resulting in a generally flat profile. The twists... Agent: Micropyretics Heaters International, Inc.

20150136757 - Chemical synthesis comprising heat treatment by intermittent dielectric heating combined with a recycling system: e

20150136759 - Microwave heating apparatus: A microwave heating apparatus includes a processing chamber configured to accommodate a substrate; a substrate holding unit configured to hold and rotate the substrate in the processing chamber; a microwave generating source configured to generate a microwave; and a plurality of microwave inlet ports formed at a surface of the... Agent:

20150136758 - Microwave heating device: In order to radiate microwaves from a waveguide tube to a whole area from end to end of a radiation area within a heating chamber, and to heat uniformly an object to be heated without using a driving mechanism, a microwave heating device of the present invention includes openings for... Agent:

20150136760 - Microwave oven using solid state amplifiers and antenna array: A microwave oven may include a housing defining an oven cavity therein configured to receive material to be heated, and a plurality of solid state microwave generating cells carried by the housing. At least one feedback circuit may be carried by the housing and configured to detect EM radiation within... Agent:

20150136761 - Microwave heating apparatus for uniformly heating objects based on near-cutoff condition: The microwave heating apparatus of the present invention enables microwaves to be propagated onto an object to be heated through a waveguide such that the microwaves propagate to a microwave space reduced by a wavelength controller which is arranged, as a solid-state object, to occupy a predetermined space in the... Agent:

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