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Electric heating

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04/16/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150102014 - Welding pressure control apparatus and method: An apparatus for manufacturing wire wrapped screens utilizing a wire and support ribs is provided. The apparatus employs welding pressure control, utilizing a welding device mounted on a support assembly, wherein the support assembly is moveable in relation to a mounting structure and the wire and support rib weld pieces.... Agent: Delta Screens & Filtration, LLC

20150102015 - Method of seperating fastener shanks from heads or frames: A device and method for removal of fasteners by Electro-discharge Machining (EDM) such that portions of the fastener, such as a flange, may be separated from other portions of the fastener, such as a shank.... Agent: Perfect Point Edm Corporation

20150102016 - Laser metalworking of reflective metals using flux: Methods for laser processing of reflective metals. A reflective metal (2) is heated by applying a laser beam (6) to a layer of flux (4) in contact with the reflective metal, in which the flux is a powdered flux composition. The laser beam (38) may be applied to a powdered... Agent:

20150102017 - Device for surfacing a metal alloy part: A device for surfacing a metal alloy part by laser welding, the part including a recess to be surfaced and located at an overall planar area of the part, the device including a first protective element and a second protective element arranged on either side of the recess, the first... Agent:

20150102018 - Spot welding apparatus: A spot welding apparatus according to is provided that includes an upper and lower moving unit, an upper welding gun, a left and right moving unit and a lower welding gun. In particular, the upper and lower moving unit includes a slide block that is provided at one side of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150102020 - Cooling tube for a plasma arc torch and spacer: The invention relates to a cooling pipe for a plasma arc torch, comprising a hollow cylindrical electrode body having a central internal core, at the front end of which an electrode core holder having an electrode core inserted therein is arranged, and a hollow cylindrical cooling pipe which is inserted... Agent:

20150102019 - Plasma torch nozzle: e

20150102021 - Laser welding device: A laser welding device may include: a frame including a lower die supporting at least two sheets of welding objects and an upper die mounted over the lower die to be spaced apart from the lower die; a pressing plate movably mounted on the upper die in a vertical direction... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150102022 - Laser scoring to control gas-vapor transmission in sealed packaging: An adjustable system for controlling an amount of gas permeability allowed through multilayer material. A laser is controlled through a controller, and the laser processes the multiple layer material to remove only some of the layers in only an area. The area can be a pattern such as a line,... Agent: Lasersharp Flexpak Services, LLC

20150102023 - Planar heating element for window and window for vehicle: A planar heating element for a window includes a resin base having a flat or curved surface, a heating element formed of a conductive sheet having a uniform specific resistance and provided to spread in the form of a planar shape along the shape of the surface of the resin... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150102024 - Occupancy sensing with heating devices: A system comprising: a heater located within a steering wheel and a heater located within a vehicle seat; wherein the steering wheel is a first plate and the vehicle seat is a second plate and a shift in a signal is monitored from the first plate, the second plate, or... Agent:

20150102025 - Heated cover methods and technology: A heating apparatus comprising a support base and a microplate having a first surface and an opposing second surface. The microplate is positioned adjacent the support base and comprises a plurality of wells formed in the first surface thereof. Each of the plurality of wells is sized to receive an... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150096960 - Apparatus and method for machining internal portions of a valve body: Described herein is an electric discharge machining (EDM) assembly having an EDM electrode capable of machining multiple regions of a valve seat within a valve body. The electrode includes two cutting surfaces that are separate from each other. The EDM assembly is capable of removing material from a first region... Agent: Amega Industries

20150096962 - Aluminum alloy to steel welding process: A resistance spot welding method may involve spot welding a workpiece stack-up that includes a steel workpiece and an aluminum alloy workpiece that overlap one another to provide a faying interface. A pair of opposed welding electrodes are pressed against opposite sides of the workpiece stack-up with one welding electrode... Agent:

20150096961 - Resistance spot welding steel and aluminum workpieces using insertable cover: A method of resistance spot welding a steel workpiece and an aluminum or aluminum alloy workpiece together includes several steps. One step involves inserting a cover between the aluminum or aluminum alloy workpiece and an adjacent welding electrode. In another step, the adjacent welding electrode is pressed against cover, and... Agent:

20150096963 - Laser cladding with programmed beam size adjustment: A method for heating an irregularly shaped target surface (28, 36) with an energy beam (12, 48) with a controlled power density as the beam progresses across the surface in order to control a cladding process. In one embodiment, widths (y) of respective rectangular diode laser beam images (22, 24,... Agent:

20150096964 - Wafer processing method: A wafer processing method includes a wafer unit forming step of supporting a wafer through an adhesive tape to an annular frame to thereby form a wafer unit, a wafer unit holding step of holding the wafer through the adhesive tape on a holding surface of a chuck table under... Agent:

20150096965 - Arc welding control method: As a conventional problem, welding on surface-treated material, such as a zinc-coated steel plate, considerably generates air holes including blowholes and also generates lots of spatters. Present invention provides a method of controlling arc welding performed in a manner that a short-circuit period, in which a short circuit is generated... Agent:

20150096966 - Arc welder and method for controlling arc welding: An arc welder alternately repeats a short circuit period in which a wire and a welding object are short-circuited and an arc period in which an arc occurs between the wire and the welding object. The arc welder includes a welding output section, a joint type setting section, a storage... Agent:

20150096967 - Feedstock barrels coated with insulating films for rapid discharge forming of metallic glasses: The present disclosure is directed to feedstock barrels comprising thermally and electrically insulating films configured to be adjacent to a feedstock sample when it is loaded in the barrel for the process of shaping metallic glasses by rapid capacitor discharge forming (RCDF) techniques.... Agent:

20150096968 - Thermal mechanical diffusion system and method: Provided is a thermal mechanical diffusion system and method. In accordance with the present invention, one end of a fiber under tension is vibrated while a portion of the fiber is heated. A push-pull action of one end of the fiber forces increased (or rapid) diffusion of dopants in the... Agent: 3sae Technologies, Inc.

20150096969 - Stack including heater layer and drain layer: A multi-layer stack includes: a substrate; a drain layer on a first side of the substrate, the drain layer having a sheet resistance of less than about 106 ohms per square; a heater layer on the drain layer; and a dielectric layer between the heater layer and the drain layer... Agent:

20150096970 - Steam oven with quick recovery feature and method: A steam oven with a housing defining a cooking cavity therein and a door for accessing the cooking cavity. A water reservoir may be provided configured to hold a quantity of water that is turned to steam using a heating element. The oven may include one or more a steam... Agent:

20150096971 - Interchangeable wrap slow cooker: A kitchen appliance comprises a housing including a base member, a side wall member, and a retaining trim encasing the upper end of the side wall. The side wall member includes an external enclosure and an internal liner. At least a portion of the retaining trim is spaced radially outwardly... Agent:

20150096972 - Portable heating devices for hot beverage containers having insulating sleeves: An apparatus for heating hot beverage containers includes a housing having an upper end, a lower end, and a sidewall extending between the upper and lower ends of the housing. The upper end of the sidewall has oppositely disposed, downwardly curving portions that define oppositely disposed openings at the upper... Agent:

20150096973 - Susceptor heater and method of heating a substrate: A wafer processing apparatus may include a susceptor having a top side and a backside, a susceptor heater having a spacing member and a heating member, a shim removably mounted between the susceptor and the susceptor heater, a cavity formed by the susceptor backside, the susceptor heater, and the shim,... Agent:

20150096974 - Modular domestic cooking appliance with customizable cooking bays/ modules: A domestic cooking appliance includes a plurality of bays adapted to receive a plurality of different types of modules; a module connected to a bay of the plurality of bays; and a controller, wherein the controller is adapted to determine the bay in which the module is connected and a... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20150096975 - Heating device: Provided is a heating device, including: a first heating region including a first material; and a second heating region including a second material, the second heating region having a smaller temperature coefficient of resistance than a temperature coefficient of resistance of the first heating region, the first heating region and... Agent:

20150096976 - Microwavable food container with at least one removable microwave-interactive robe: A microwavable food container includes a liquid-impermeable barrier configured with a single compartment or multiple compartments. The microwavable food container also includes at least one removable robe attached to the liquid-impermeable barrier on the outside surface of the container wall of one or more of the compartments. The removable robe... Agent: Conagra Foods Rdm, Inc.

04/02/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150090697 - Electric resistance welding operation management device, electric resistance welding operation management method, and computer program: An electric resistance welding operation management device 100 manages a welding operation during manufacture of electric resistance welded steel pipe, in which heat is input to a steel plate 1, that is being conveyed along a specific conveyance direction and formed into a circular tube shape while pressing side faces... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20150090698 - Method for gas metal arc welding: A method and device for gas metal arc welding, wherein a current-carrying wire electrode is melted by an arc, and wherein gas metal arc welding is performed using a filler metal, which contains at least one constituent that releases deleterious emissions through evaporation, wherein a composition that does not contain... Agent:

20150090699 - Spot welding apparatus: A spot welding apparatus includes: a fixed frame installed in an arm of a robot; an upper welding gun installed in one side of the fixed frame and reciprocating up and down through a pressurization unit; a rotary unit rotatably installed in a lower side of the fixed frame; and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150090700 - Plasma torch electrode materials and related systems and methods: In some aspects, multi-metallic emissive inserts shaped to be disposed within an electrode for a plasma arc torch electrode can include an exposed emitter surface at a distal end of the emissive insert to emit a plasma arc from the electrode, wherein the emissive insert comprises a first emissive material... Agent:

20150090701 - Developing device, blade assembly, and developing device manufacturing method: A method for welding a developing blade to a supporting member may include increasing a relative movement speed of a welding laser and a developing blade, along a moving direction. The method may include maintaining, upon the welding laser reaching the developing blade, the relative movement speed and initiating irradiation... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150090702 - Laser cutting device and method: Provided is a laser cutting device and method which changes a cutting speed of a laser according to a difference between characteristics (absorption coefficients) of an object to be cut, so as to uniformly supply an energy of laser to the whole of the object, thereby preventing the object from... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150090703 - Method and system to use combination filler wire feed and high intensity energy source for welding with controlled arcing frequency: Systems and methods consistent with embodiments of the present invention are directed to depositing a consumable onto a workpiece using a hot-wire welding technique which employs a combination of hot wire and arc welding. The waveform creates arc events during the hot wire welding operation to add/control heat in the... Agent:

20150090704 - Heated cover for an article of furniture: A heated cover for use with an article of furniture comprises an exterior top layer and an exterior bottom layer that are fabricated from a conductive material. The heated cover also includes a plurality of heating pads positioned between the exterior top layer and the exterior bottom layer. Each of... Agent:

20150090705 - Cooking apparatus and method of controlling the same: A cooking apparatus including a filter which may efficiently collect gas and smoke generated in a pyro-cleaning process, and a method of controlling the same. The cooking apparatus includes a main body having a cooking chamber formed therein, a vent unit configured to discharge gas in the cooking chamber to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150090706 - Steam generator and cooking appliance: A steam generator is provided. The steam generator may include a steam chamber, a steam heater to supply heat into the steam chamber, a water supply, through which water to generate steam may be supplied into the steam chamber, one or more interference members disposed in the steam chamber to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150090707 - Induction heating apparatus and induction heating method: A semiconductor substrate thermal treatment apparatus enables excellent heating control in suppressing influence of mutual induction between induction heating coils even when the induction heating coils are arranged in the vertical direction while providing horizontal magnetic flux to susceptors. The apparatus indirectly heats wafers mounted on horizontally-arranged susceptors including induction... Agent:

20150090708 - Microwave heating apparatus and processing method: A microwave heating apparatus includes a processing chamber for accommodating a target, a support device for supporting the target in the processing chamber and a microwave introducing device for generating microwaves to introduce them into the processing chamber. The processing chamber further includes a top wall having a plurality of... Agent:

20150090709 - Packaging having field modifiers for improved microwave heating of cone-shaped products: The packaging comprises a plurality of wall panels (11-16) forming a box-shaped container (10) configured to contain a filled dough-based cone-shaped product (P). Said wall panels (11-16) comprise a substrate made of a microwave inert material and a plurality of shielding patches (30-38) made of a microwave shielding material arranged... Agent: Coneinn Marketing, B.v.

20150090710 - Microwave heating system: A microwave heating system comprises a bowl, dome and rotor device. The dome is fit to the bowl. The bowl and dome form a volume. The bowl is connected to a microwave source such that a microwave field is supplied to the volume. The microwave field is attenuated in a... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150083692 - Laser cladding system filler material distribution apparatus: Laser cladding filler material is introduced in a pattern on a on a substrate by a filler distribution apparatus having a linear or polygonal array of dispensing apertures for uniform distribution in advance of or during a laser beam transferring optical energy to the substrate. The distribution apparatus includes a... Agent:

20150083693 - Resistance spot welding steel and aluminum workpieces with hot welding electrode at aluminum workpiece: A method of resistance spot welding a steel workpiece to an aluminum or aluminum alloy workpiece is disclosed. One step of the disclosed method involves providing a workpiece stack-up that includes a steel workpiece and an aluminum workpiece. Another step involves preheating the welding electrode that is meant to contact... Agent:

20150083694 - Weld electrode for attractive weld appearance: A welding electrode for use in resistance spot welding an assembly of overlying metal workpieces that includes an aluminum alloy workpiece is disclosed. The welding electrode includes a body, a convex weld face at one end of the body, and ringed protrusions that project outwardly from the convex weld face.... Agent:

20150083695 - Cooling pipes, electrode holders and electrode for an arc plasma torch: An electrode holder for an arc plasma torch includes an elongate holder body. The holder body includes a holder end for receiving an electrode and a hollow interior. An internal thread is positioned in the hollow interior for screwing in a rear end of said cooling tube. A cylindrical inner... Agent:

20150083696 - Consumable selection aid for a plasma cutting system: A plasma cutting or welding system includes a power input. The power input is configured to be coupled to a plurality of multipronged input plugs. Each of the multipronged input plugs corresponds to an input voltage. The power supply also includes a user input device for selecting an operating current.... Agent:

20150083697 - Method for laser remote processing of a workpiece on a fillet and device therefor: The invention relates to a method for laser remote processing of a component on a fillet, wherein a laser beam is directed by means of a scanner device onto the component and guided over said component. The working range of the laser beam on the workpiece is illuminated with illuminating... Agent:

20150083698 - Via-hole drilling in a printed circuit board using a carbon monoxide laser: Apparatus for drilling a via-hole in a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a carbon monoxide laser deliver laser radiation pulses. The pulses have a relatively broad wavelength-range, and slow rising and falling edges. The rising and falling edges of the pulses are clipped using and acousto-optic modulator. A dispersion-compensator compensates... Agent: Coherent, Inc.

20150083699 - Welding device having two welding torches and control unit for starting the arc ignition process, and welding method for welding with two welding processes under an adapted starting process: A welding device has a central unit and a welding torch unit, which can be connected to the central unit. The central unit includes at least one welding current source for providing electric current needed to operate the welding torch unit and includes a control unit. The welding torch unit... Agent:

20150083700 - Hybrid welder with detachable energy storage device: A hybrid welder having a cabinet, an energy storage device supported by the cabinet and means for removably attaching the cabinet to the welder.... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150083701 - Thermal control system for a hybrid welder: A hybrid welder having a motor-driven welder assembly including a motor; an energy storage device electrically connected to the motor-driven assembly; a heat transfer assembly, the heat transfer assembly being in thermal communication with the motor and the energy storage device, wherein the heat transfer assembly is selectively adaptive to... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150083702 - Hotwire deposition material processing system and method: A material processing system includes a power supply and a wire feeder to feed a wire electrode for a material processing operation. The enthalpy and/or temperature of a region of the tip of the electrode is maintained substantially constant via closed loop control. The control may be based upon regulation... Agent:

20150083703 - Heater control apparatus for gas sensor: In a heather control apparatus for a gas sensor, a CPU obtains upper and lower limit values by adding a predetermined value to and subtracting the predetermined value from an Rpvs average obtained in a last heater energization period (or to an Rpvs value obtained for the first time), and... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150083705 - Method and system for heating garments and heated garments incorporating same: A heated garment is disclosed for use by a wearer to impart heat to the wearer in cold conditions. The heated garment includes a wearable garment having an interior portion that resides adjacent a wearer's body. At least one heating pad is disposed in the wearable garment and the heating... Agent:

20150083704 - Solar-assisted garment: A solar-assisted garment is described, which includes a garment body having a rear surface panel, front surface panel and interior surface between the panels, a solar panel on the front surface panel, a heating element in electrical communication with the solar panel and a rechargeable battery so that as the... Agent:

20150083706 - Hybrid heater with dual function heating capability: A fuser heater member for an electrophotographic imaging device, including a heater member. According to an example embodiment, the heater member includes positive temperature coefficient (PTC) material disposed along a width of a fuser nip of the fuser assembly; first and second electrodes disposed along disposed surfaces of the PTC... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc.

20150083707 - Process for fabricating inductive heated solder cartridge: A method or process of fabricating a solder cartridge and solder cartridge made according to the process is disclosed. The solder cartridge made according to the process provides a self-temperature regulating solder tip for an inductive current soldering station having improved heater quality and stability with reduced manufacturing costs.... Agent: Hakko Corporation

20150083708 - Self-calibration temperature control device and method: A self-calibration temperature control method and device includes a temperature feedback and control unit, a precise temperature measurement unit, and a temperature calibration unit. The temperature feedback and control unit has a negative temperature coefficient thermistor and an analog feedback control circuit that are connected with a controlled heating element.... Agent: Edan Instruments, Inc.

20150083709 - Shapeable heating panel system: A heating panel system for producing heat, comprises a heating panel comprising a layer of heating textile, the heating textile layer being made of a non-woven three-dimensional network of non-woven non-electrically conductive synthetic fibers and electrically conductive strands of synthetic fibers or fine metal wires consolidated therewith. A shapeable structural... Agent:

20150083710 - Metal heating and working system and method: A workpiece may be heated with one or more induction heating coils coupled to an induction heating and control system. The heating is done in conjunction with a metal working operation, such as welding. The heating may be performed to remove coatings and the like before welding, to apply claddings... Agent:

20150083711 - Pan and method for making: In an exemplary embodiment, an induction cooking pan can include: a pan; a handle coupled to the pan; wherein the pan can include: a ceramic inner coated portion; a first metallic outer portion; and a second metallic outer portion; wherein the second metallic outer portion is at least one of... Agent: Nuwave, LLC

20150083712 - Induction cooking hob with a plurality of induction coils: The present invention relates to an induction cooking hob (10) with a plurality of induction coils (16). The induction cooking hob (10) comprises a cooking surface (12) and a control unit. The cooking surface (12) includes a cover plate. The induction coils (16) are arranged side-by-side according to a predetermined... Agent:

20150083713 - Device for induction heating of a billet: A device for the induction heating of a billet of metal of high electrical conductivity has: a tubular body supporting a plurality of permanent magnets arranged inside the tubular body, angularly spaced apart from each other and arranged so as to be alternated with opposite polarities. The device also has... Agent:

20150083714 - Wide band choke design for suppressing electromagnetic leakage in microwave ovens: A microwave oven that consist of a cooking chamber, a door for opening and closing the chamber, the E-type choke structure that filter the electromagnetic leakage is placed inside the door frame and a transparent glass surface covering this structure. The E-type choke on the door has two parallel cavities,... Agent:

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