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Electric heating

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09/04/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 22 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140238957 - Spot welding cap changer: The invention relates to a spot welding cap changer (1) with a cap puller (2) and two cap magazines (3, 3A), the cap puller (2) having a gripper (20) with spring-loaded, pivotable jaws (21, 22), which in response to a turning and axial pulling-off movement detaches a spot welding cap... Agent: 002152706 Ontario Ltd.

20140238960 - Laser processing head with axial crash protection: An upper housing assembly includes a pivot arm having an upper cam surface adjacent a distal end. A cam follower is coupled to a laser head to move up and down with a laser head. The cam follower exerts a downward force on the upper cam surface during normal operation.... Agent:

20140238959 - Processing system: A processing system includes a rotary stage, at least one shaft, a rotation driver, a plurality of loading platforms, and a plurality of processing devices. The rotary stage includes two opposite end surfaces and a plurality of loading surfaces between the end surfaces. The shaft connects the end surfaces of... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140238958 - Systems and methods for material processing using light-emitting diodes: Systems and methods for processing a material layer supported by a substrate using a light-source assembly that includes LED light sources each formed from an array of LEDs. The material layer is capable of undergoing a photo-process having a temperature-dependent reaction rate. Some of the LEDs emit light of a... Agent: Ultratech, Inc.

20140238961 - Laser machining apparatus: A laser machining apparatus includes a laser nozzle for supplying an assistive gas to remove undesirable materials and applying a laser beam at an angle, which is inclined with respect to a surface of a workpiece, a sputter blocking jig disposed over a region of the workpiece that is irradiated... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140238962 - Method and device for disposing of a slug produced in a hole punching operation on a hollow profile: A method for disposing of a slug produced in a hole punching operation on a hollow profile is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a hollow profile; cutting at least one predeterminable hole or slug contour path into the hollow profile by means of a cutting device; leaving... Agent: Jenoptik Automatisierungstechnik Gmbh

20140238963 - Apparatus for manufacturing mask and method of manufacturing mask using laser beam: A mask manufacturing apparatus includes a chamber, a laser beam irradiator, a stage, a cooling system, and a fan. The chamber provides an interior space therein. At least an upper wall of the chamber comprises a glass. The laser beam irradiator is disposed outside the chamber and configured to divide... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140238965 - Interface of a welding power source and method for defining the same: The invention relates to a method for defining an interface (32, 42, 52, 62) of a welding power source (31, 41, 51, 61) for communication with an external machine (26) that is connected to the interface. A freely configurable interface is used in the welding device, said interface being configured... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20140238964 - Remote master reset of machine: A welding machine includes one or more processors configured to control the welding machine and remote reset circuitry communicatively coupled to the one or more processors. The remote reset circuitry is configured to receive a remote signal and to reset the one or more processors based at least in part... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140238966 - Multi-operator engine driven welder system: An engine driven welder includes a generator configured to provide an electrical output, an engine coupled to the generator, an air compression system coupled to the engine, a first welding system coupled to the generator, and a second welding system. The engine is configured to drive the generator, and the... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140238967 - Heated moveable glass for vehicles: A device comprises a vehicle frame portion; a vehicle window that is selectively movable relative to the vehicle frame portion between a open position and a closed position, the vehicle window comprising at least one conductive heating element; and at least one flexible electrical supply cord. A first portion of... Agent: Spartan Motors, Inc.

20140238968 - Intelligent heating cable having a smart function and method for manufacturing same: According to the present disclosure, a heating cable has a hybrid construction in which an optical cable sensor is coupled to the heating cable to achieve the function of a sensor for sensing the temperatures of both an object and the heating cable so as to provide an active heating... Agent:

20140238969 - System for support of a rotational panel in a carousel infrared oven: A system for support and securement of a thermal heating panel of a carousel oven upper a rotational axle includes a flat upper receiver formed of several diametric strips. The upper receiver is proportioned for complemental receipt of the heating panel. At, or integrally secured to, the bottom of the... Agent:

20140238970 - Solid state light source assisted processing: Apparatus for providing pulsed or continuous energy in a process chamber are provided herein. The apparatus may include a lamphead including a set of lamps, wherein the first set of lamps are not solid state light sources, and a set of solid state light sources disposed on the lamp head,... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140238971 - Non-opaque arsenic-free beta-spodumene glass ceramic exhibiting brown-grey coloration: Methods, compositions, and articles provide for LAS-type glass-ceramics having specific thermo-mechanical, optical and coloration characteristics to yield generally brown-grey products. The glass-ceramic materials may include as colorants iron oxide, vanadium oxide, chromium oxide, cobalt oxide, nickel oxide and/or cerium oxide.... Agent: Eurokera

20140238972 - Thermal processing apparatus and method of controlling the same: A control unit can select a large-number control zone model in which the number of control zones, which are independently controlled, is large, and a small-number control zone model in which the number of control zones, which are independently controlled, is small. When a temperature is increased or decreased, the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140238973 - Heater control method and heater control apparatus for gas sensor: A heater control method and apparatus for a gas sensor which can quickly activate a detection element while reducing load due to heating even when a higher power supply voltage is applied. A heater element is connected to a power supply whose voltage is higher than 16 V, and power... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140238974 - Process for producing a resistance heating element and also resistance heating element: h

20140238975 - Monolithic thermal heating block made from refractory phosphate cement: The invention relates to the field of resistance heating in industrial resistance furnaces and, more specifically, to monolithic cement thermal heating blocks. The monolithic thermal heating block having a heating element disposed therein, the symmetry axes of which coincide with the symmetry axes of the monolithic thermal heating block, is... Agent:

20140238976 - Heated cover methods and technology: A heating apparatus comprising a support base and a microplate having a first surface and an opposing second surface. The microplate is positioned adjacent the support base and comprises a plurality of wells formed in the first surface thereof. Each of the plurality of wells is sized to receive an... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20140238977 - Composite article with induction layer and methods of forming and use thereof: A multi-layer composite article for fusing to a substrate comprises a polymeric composite layer having a first polymeric matrix and an induction layer having a second polymeric matrix that includes an induction current-susceptible material. An induction current can be applied to the multi-layer composite article to generate heat within the... Agent: Thercom Holdings, LLC

20140238978 - Non-contact power receiving device and non-contact power transmission device: In a non-contact power transmission device according to the present invention, a non-contact power receiving device includes a changeover portion for opening and closing the connection between a power receiving coil and a load device which is supplied with electric power from the power receiving coil, the power receiving coil... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

08/21/2014 > 30 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140231392 - Hole expanding device for lens holder: A hole expanding device includes an electric heating device, a moving device, an rotating device, and a carrying device. The electric heating device includes a transition portion and a hole expanding rod fixed onto the transition portion. The electric heating device heats the hole expanding rod to a predetermined temperature.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140231393 - Program controlled dicing of a substrate using a pulsed laser beam: A substrate is diced using a program-controlled pulsed laser beam apparatus having an associated memory for storing a laser cutting strategy file. The file contains selected combinations of pulse rate Δt, pulse energy density E and pulse spatial overlap to machine a single layer or different types of material in... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140231395 - Method and device for joint-welding coated metal sheets: A method for joint-welding coated metal sheets in a butt joint. At least one pulverulent welding additive in the form of a gas-powder flow is added to the weld melt via at least one flow duct such that the gas-powder flow leaving the flow duct is directed towards the weld... Agent:

20140231394 - Underwater welding apparatus and underwater welding method: An underwater welding apparatus includes: an underwater welding head provided underwater and having, at its leading end, a nozzle section from which laser light is emitted; a shied cover formed of an elastic member and provided around the nozzle section so as to form, at the leading end of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140231396 - Method for resistance welding with pre-chilling: A method for improving a resistance spot weld includes stacking two or more metal sheets and positioning first and second opposed electrodes on opposite sides of the metal stack. At least one of the metal sheets is chilled in the region where the weld is to be made. Weld current... Agent:

20140231397 - Hand-guided marking system: A hand-guided marking system (1) is disclosed, which is furnished with a radiation source (2) for applying a marking (100) to a surface (101) of a workpiece (102). A camera (4) and at least one illumination device (6) are used for recording a part of the surface (101) of the... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140231398 - High power laser tunneling mining and construction equipment and methods of use: There are provided high power laser and laser mechanical earth removing equipment, and operations using laser cutting tools having stand off distances. These equipment provide high power laser beams, greater than 1 kW to cut and volumetrically remove targeted materials and to remove laser affected material with gravity assistance, mechanical... Agent: Foro Energy, Inc.

20140231399 - Connection fitting and connection method using the same: Provided is connection fitting and method. The connection fitting is to connect each of two connection portions of a two-electrode-integrated welding torch unit to each of two attachment ports of a shock sensor unit while fixed to the connection portion using tubular fastening parts, comprising: a tubular fitting body including... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140231400 - Combination welding generator-air compressor with a single belt drive: An integrated welder and air compressor combination includes a housing having an engine, weld current generator, and a belt-driven air compressor. A pulley arrangement is coupled to the engine, with the centers of the pulleys in a co-planar arrangement to enable driving the air compressor and engine accessory pulleys with... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140231401 - Tig rod feeder: It is an improved alternative device for welding, comprised of a stainless steel attachment for a cordless motorized driver, with optional extended accessory for greater adjustability. The driver includes a grooved rubber roller, whose rotation feeds a rod in a forward or backward motion, controlled by pressing the corresponding starter... Agent:

20140231402 - Induction heating augmentation for thermal curing: The thermal cycle time for curing a thermoset composite part in an autoclave is reduced by placing a heating blanket in proximity to an area of the composite part that is slow-to-heat, and inductively heating the area of the composite part that is slow-to-heat using the heating blanket.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140231403 - Stone surface heater and methods of installation: A system for heating a countertop includes a heater comprising a plastic film having a patterned heating element disposed thereon, the patterned heating element defining a resistive path on the plastic film shaped to provide closely-spaced heating traces and shaped to be affixed to an underside of the countertop. The... Agent:

20140231404 - Chest of drawers with heating elements: A chest of drawers is disclosed with a heating element incorporated therein. The chest of drawers has at least one drawer, which has a heating element incorporated into a portion thereof. The heating element may be disposed on or embedded in a base portion of the drawer, or attached externally... Agent:

20140231405 - Dental firing or press furnace: The invention relates to a dental firing or press furnace (10) that enables the production of at least one dental restoration part (62). The dental firing or press furnace is provided with a firing space (12) that is heatable with the aid of a heating device (22), preferably, a resistance... Agent:

20140231406 - Plural medical item warming system and method for warming a plurality of medical items to desired temperatures: Present invention embodiments include a thermal treatment system for thermally treating and individually monitoring a plurality of medical or other items. The thermal treatment system includes a modular configuration with a control unit and one or more modular units coupled to the control unit, where each of the control and... Agent: Medical Solutions, Inc.

20140231407 - Oven with increased cooking efficiency: The oven (1) of the present invention comprises a rear wall (4) that separates the cooking chamber (2) and the volume wherein the fan (3) is situated, a separator (5) which is located on the rear wall (4) and separates the cooking chamber (2) into two, and two side walls... Agent:

20140231408 - Dental furnace: This invention relates to a process for controlling a dental firing furnace in which a temperature in a firing chamber of the dental furnace is detected by means of a temperature sensor, and in which a heating element that is controlled by a control device controls the heating of the... Agent:

20140231409 - Method for heating object using sheet-shaped heat and light source: The present disclosure relates to a method for heating an object. A sheet-shaped heat and light source is provided. The sheet-shaped heat and light source includes a carbon nanotube film curved to form a hollow cylinder, and at least two electrodes spaced from each other, located on a surface of... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140231410 - Autonomous rechargeable heated child's mat: The Autonomous Rechargeable Heated Child's Mat is totally portable and forms an integrated yet detachable part of the child's pushchair, buggy or pram (or similar conveyance). Rechargeable embedded power cells power the system for over 4 hours at a full heat output. The system is fully controllable from the parent... Agent:

20140231411 - Insulated heating module for a supplemental heating device: The invention relates to a heating module for a supplemental electric heating device for heating an airflow, comprising at least one heat-conductive bar against which at least one electric resistor is arranged. The heat-conductive bar is partially electrically insulated by an insulating coating in order to prevent potential short-circuits and... Agent:

20140231412 - Full support heating element apparatus: An electric heater apparatus for heating air is disclosed, comprising a heater coil assembly including a coil support comprising a panel around which lies a coil of an electrical resistance element from approximately one end of the panel to approximately an opposite end, the coil of the electrical resistance element... Agent: Backer Ehp Inc.

20140231413 - Cooking hob, household appliance and method of operating an cooking hob: The invention is in particular directed to a cooking hob (1) having at least two heating elements (5, 6) and a motion unit adapted to move at least one first heating element (5) along a trajectory (12), such that in at least one trajectile position along at least one trajectory... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20140231414 - Magnetic heat generation and transfer apparatus and method: A magnetic heat generation and transfer apparatus and method for generating transferable usable heat. The magnetic heat generation and transfer apparatus and method includes a base; an air mover assembly mounted to the base and including a power source with a rotatable drive shaft and also including disc members spaced... Agent:

20140231415 - Induction heating head: An induction heating system includes a power source and an induction head. The converter output is at a voltage that is not greater than the voltage applied to the coil. The induction head includes a housing that houses a conductive coil disposed to induce heat in a workpiece and the... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140231416 - Radio frequency antenna assembly for hydrocarbon resource recovery including adjustable shorting plug and related methods: A radio frequency (RF) antenna assembly configured to be positioned within a wellbore in a subterranean formation for hydrocarbon resource recovery may include an RF transmission line and an RF antenna coupled to the RF transmission line. The RF antenna assembly may also include an adjustable balun that may include... Agent: Harris Corporation

20140231417 - Integrated and modular approach for converting electrical power to ionic momentum and high differential voltage potential: An integrated and modular approach is provided to convert electrical power to ionic momentum and a resulting high differential voltage field potential using an integrated multi-planar or axial microwave array and energetically sympathetic dielectric antennae to convert distilled liquid water to steam plasma and propagate the resulting water derived ions... Agent:

20140231418 - Microwave heating device: An aspect of the present invention provides a microwave heating device for an object having a plurality of parts, the microwave heating device including: a plurality of antennas which emits microwaves to a heating chamber inside; a sensor which detects information from a block model assigned the information indicating a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140231419 - Microwaveable food products and containers: Embodiments of the invention include food products and related methods. In an embodiment, the invention includes a food product. The food product can include a container and a food composition. The container can include a bottom wall and a side wall. The bottom wall can include a microwave reflector. The... Agent: Campbell Soup Company

20140231420 - Tool for forming a three dimensional article or container: A forming tool assembly and method for forming a cooking element. The forming tool assembly has an upper tool assembly and a lower tool assembly that cooperate to shape the cooking element from an annular cutout.... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140231421 - Cooker: A cooker capable of fixing a rail assembly to the inside of a cooking compartment by a fixing device includes a cooking compartment in which food is placed for cooking, a fixing bracket mounted at an inner wall of the cooking compartment, a rack provided so as to be withdrawn... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140224773 - High-speed transportation mechanism for micro solder balls: Approaches to a solder ball bonding (SBB) tool and a method for solder ball bonding work pieces. The SBB tool comprises a rotatable feed plate for transporting solder balls from a reservoir to a nozzle, which is a position at which a laser light source can irradiate and melt the... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140224774 - Method and device for joining a composite sheet-metal part: There is illustrated and described a method for joining a composite sheet metal member to an additional component, the composite sheet metal member having at least two outer covering metal sheets and at least one non-metal layer which is arranged between the covering metal sheets and the additional component having... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20140224776 - Laser-induced gas plasma machining: Techniques for removing material from a substrate are provided. A laser beam is focused at a distance from the surface to be treated. A gas is provided at the focus point. The gas is dissociated using the laser energy to generate gas plasma. The substrate is then brought in contact... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20140224775 - Laser ablation cell and injector system for a compositional analysis system: A laser ablation system includes a sample chamber 102 configured to accommodate a target 104 within an interior 106 thereof, a sample generator 108 configured to remove a portion of the target 104 (which may be subsequently captured as a sample) and an analysis system 110 configured to analyze a... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20140224778 - Marking apparatus with a plurality of gas lasers with resonator tubes and individually adjustable deflection means: The invention relates to a marking apparatus (100) for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of gas lasers (10) and a control unit for individually activating each of the gas lasers (10) to emit a laser beam according to a sign to be marked. The gas lasers... Agent: Alltec Angewandte Laserlicht Technologie Gmbh

20140224777 - Marking apparatus with a plurality of lasers, deflection means, and telescopic means for each laser beam: The invention relates to a marking apparatus for marking an object with laser light, comprising a plurality of lasers and a control unit for individually activating each of the lasers to emit a laser beam (90a-i) acording to a sign to be marked. A set of deflection means (30) for... Agent:

20140224779 - Protective device for the laser machining of holes in components: The invention relates to a protective device (1) for the laser machining of holes (3) in at least one component (2) by means of a laser beam (5), wherein the protective device (1) is positionable in the beam direction downstream of the beam-exit-side end (8) of a hole (3) to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140224780 - Laser irradiation device and method of diagnosing the health of a laser irradiation head: A laser irradiation device comprises a laser oscillator, a laser irradiation head that performs laser processing by directing the laser beam onto the region to be processed; and a transmission mechanism that gets the laser beam through emitted from the laser oscillator to the laser irradiation head. The laser irradiation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140224781 - Ergonomic armrests for use with hotplate: An ergonomic armrest includes an outer surface layer formed of a pliable electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe material. The ergonomic armrest also includes a first metal layer configured to structurally support the outer surface layer and transfer heat from a first edge of the ergonomic armrest proximate to a heat source to... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140224782 - Metal matrix composite used as a heating element: A structural substrate for an aircraft structure and methods are presented. A multi-layer hybrid composite material comprises an outermost layer, an intermediate layer, and an innermost layer. The outermost layer comprises an electrically conductive metal matrix composite that conducts electricity to provide electric heating. The intermediate layer comprises an electrical... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140224783 - Heater and glow plug including the same: A heater of the present invention includes an insulating base, a resistor embedded in the insulating base, a lead embedded in the insulating base. One end of the lead is joined to the resistor, and the other end is led out as a terminal portion on the surface of the... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140224784 - Intelligent contrast warmer and contrast holder: Intelligent contrast warmers and methods for operating and using same are described. An intelligent contrast warmer may include elements configured to monitor information associated with the intelligent contrast warmer and contrast media stored in contrast bottles housed within the intelligent contrast warmer, such as contrast warmer temperatures, contrast warmer temperatures... Agent: Medrad, Inc.

20140224785 - Apparatus to improve internal wafer temperature profile: Some embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for providing a homogeneous wafer temperature profile in a wafer cleaning tool without introducing unwanted particles onto the wafer. In some embodiments, a disclosed wafer cleaning tool has a processing chamber configured to house a semiconductor wafer. A dispensing arm provides a high... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140224786 - Resistor: A method and apparatus provide a resistor electrically connected to an electrically conductive trace.... Agent:

20140224787 - Method for manufacturing optical module: A method for manufacturing an optical module 1 includes: a cladding 12 of one end of the optical fiber is exposed; an arrangement process of arranging the optical fiber 10 such that at least a leading end of a portion on which the cladding 12 is exposed is positioned in... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140224788 - Apparatus and methods for cartridge case annealing: In one embodiment, a case transfer apparatus includes a base, a feeding device having a first end tapering to a second end that is coupled to the base, a motor disposed on the base, a rotatable feed wheel assembly disposed on the base and coupled to the motor, the rotatable... Agent: Giraud Tool Company, Inc.

20140224789 - Method for joining two dissimilar materials and a microwave system for accomplishing the same: The present disclosure provides a method for joining two materials, and a system for accomplishing the same. The method for joining two materials, in this aspect, includes placing an article including two dissimilar materials within a waveguide structure, the article located between a microwave source and reflective surface of the... Agent: Letourneau University

20140224790 - Heating vessel: The applicant provides a heating vessel with a single lid for a microwave oven wherein boiling is maintained and overspill is unlikely to be ejected. In view of the fact that a wooden lid for an iron pot is flat, bulky and heavy, the applicant employs a thickened intermediate lid... Agent:

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