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Electric heating

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02/05/2015 > 32 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150034602 - System and method for controlling and coordinating welding-type processes and gouging-type processes: A multi-operational welding-type system including a user interface supported by a support structure and including a first user interface device moveable between a welding position, a gouging position, and an off position, and a second user interface device configured to alter operation parameters of the multi-operational welding-type system. A controller... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20150034603 - Method for component machining by ablation and controlled recast layer removal by fluoride ion cleaning: Components, such as turbine blades or vanes, are formed to a desired shape and dimensions by ablation machining a work piece surface. Recast layer material created on the work piece surface during the ablation machining is subsequently removed by fluoride ion cleaning (FIC). Exemplary ablation machining methods include laser machining... Agent:

20150034604 - Laser additive manufacture of three-dimensional components containing multiple materials formed as integrated systems: Methods for laser additive manufacture are disclosed in which a plurality of powder layers (48, 50 and 52) are delivered onto a working surface (54A) to form a multi-powder deposit containing at least two adjacent powders layers in contact, and then applying a first laser energy (74) to a first... Agent:

20150034605 - High fracture toughness welds in thick workpieces: Embodiments of flux cored welding electrodes and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The flux cored welding electrodes limit brittleness of flux cored arc welds, particularly in thick weld deposits. Limiting brittleness in thick (e.g., from about 1″ to about 6″) flux cored arc welds is achieved by utilizing flux... Agent:

20150034606 - Method of manufacturing a component: An additive layer manufacture machine generates a first electron beam for scanning a powder layer to be melted in a selective melting process. Backscatter electrons from the interaction between the first electron beam and the powder layer is detected by a backscatter detector. Any defects in the powder layer can... Agent:

20150034607 - Grinding system and spot welding system: A grinding system includes a welding gun movable relative to a workpiece. A pair of clamp devices move relatively toward each other to clamp a workpiece. A welding tip is disposed on one of the pair of clamp devices. A detector detects a relative movement amount of the welding tip... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150034608 - Grinding system and spot welding system: A grinding system includes a period determiner that determines, on the basis of a torque of a grinder of a dresser that grinds a welding tip, whether the current period is a grinding period in which the grinder is grinding the welding tip or a non-grinding period in which the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150034609 - Resistance welding with minimized weld expulsion: A system for forming a weld nugget in a metal work piece includes a power supply, actuator, electrodes, and controller. The actuator delivers a variable electrode force to the work piece in response to a force command. The controller executes a method by transmitting a welding current command to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150034610 - Apparatus and method of aligning and securing components of a liquid cooled plasma arc torch: An arc torch assembly or sub assembly having improved replacement and centering characteristics, where certain components of the torch head have particular characteristics which improve the operation, use and replaceability of the various components.... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150034611 - Apparatus and method of aligning and securing components of a liquid cooled plasma arc torch using a multi-thread connection: An arc torch assembly or sub assembly having improved replacement and centering characteristics, where certain components of the torch head have particular characteristics which improve the operation, use and replaceability of the various components. Other embodiments utilize a thread connection which employs multiple separate and distinct thread paths to secure... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150034612 - Method and apparatus for non-abaltive, photoaccoustic compression machining in transparent materials using filamentation by burst ultrafast laser pulses: An apparatus, system and method for the processing of orifices in materials by laser filamentation that utilizes an optical configuration that focuses the incident laser light beam in a distributed manner along the longitudinal beam axis. This distributed focusing method enables the formation of filaments over distances, and the laser... Agent:

20150034613 - System for performing laser filamentation within transparent materials: Systems and methods are described for forming continuous laser filaments in transparent materials. A burst of ultrafast laser pulses is focused such that a beam waist is formed external to the material being processed without forming an external plasma channel, while a sufficient energy density is formed within an extended... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150034614 - Method of monitoring a laser beam and laser irradiation apparatus using the same: A laser irradiation apparatus is provided. The laser irradiation apparatus includes a laser beam generator configured to generate laser beams; a slit unit configured to selectively transmit the laser beams; a mirror unit configured to change a path of the selectively transmitted laser beams, so as to irradiate the selectively... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150034615 - Laser decoating of coated metal sheets: Methods, devices and systems for laser decoating of coated metal sheets, in particular for removing a metal protective layer from a metal sheet by a laser beam. The laser beam is directed onto a surface of a metal sheet coated with a metal protective layer, such that the laser beam... Agent:

20150034616 - Laser system and method thereof: A laser system includes a laser configured to emit pulse bursts and a motion device in optical communication with the laser. The motion device moves a laser beam along a process path on a substrate and is configured to have a natural frequency that is greater than an operating frequency... Agent:

20150034617 - Laser processing apparatus: A laser processing apparatus includes a beam splitting unit disposed between a pulsed laser beam oscillating unit and a condenser. The beam splitting unit includes a half-wave plate that rotates the plane of polarization of a pulsed laser beam, a birefringent lens that splits the pulsed laser beam that has... Agent:

20150034618 - Welding apparatus comprising a welding assistance: A welding apparatus comprises a welding unit for welding a workpiece. The welding unit comprises a welding assistance system for generating control commands by evaluating a voice dialogue performed with a welder, and a weld control unit for setting weld control parameters in dependence upon the control commands. A welding... Agent:

20150034619 - Remote sense lead magnitude and polarity controller: In a welding power supply, a feedback circuit senses electrical signals from the power output studs and from remote welding sense leads. The feedback control circuit scales the electrical signals and converts the signals to binary numbers having magnitude bits and a polarity bit respectively. The binary numbers, representing the... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.,

20150034620 - Wafer bonding method for use in making a mems gyroscope: A method of making a MEMS gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the MEMS gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism on a magnetic sensor wafer and a magnetic source on a MEMS wafer that further comprises a proof-mass.... Agent: Insightech, LLC

20150034621 - Pane arrangement having an electrically heatable baffle plate: A pane arrangement having an electrically heatable baffle plate is described. The pane arrangement has a pane having an enclosure on the inner side of the pane, a radiation receiver and/or a radiation source facing the pane within the enclosure such that a beam path of electromagnetic radiation passes through... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150034622 - Steering wheel: The present invention is directed to a steering wheel. Turning portions are alternately formed in a longitudinal direction by way of heater wires of heating portions that are fixed to a skin body main body formed in a belt shape. Of the turning potions, on an outer circumferential side of... Agent:

20150034623 - Heater unit: In a heater unit for heating a sheet stored in a cassette, respective heating wires of a plurality of heater wires are arranged along an outer periphery of a heat transfer plate so as not to overlap each other, respective power supply wires of the plurality of heater wires are... Agent:

20150034624 - Electric glory hole door assembly: An electric glass hot shop system is described herein that has at least one electrically powered heating unit (e.g., electric furnace, electric glory hole, electric pipe warmer, electric color box, electric annealer, electric crucible kiln) used in the processing of glass.... Agent: Spiral Arts Inc

20150034625 - Cooking appliance and method for controlling the same: A control method is provided for controlling a burner of a cooking appliance. According to one implementation the method includes the selection of a desired first power level of the burner within a first discrete set of possible power levels and the selection of a second power level within a... Agent: Eika, S. Coop.

20150034626 - Heating medium heating apparatus and vehicle air conditioner provided with same: The disclosure provides a heating medium heating apparatus by which it is possible to directly detect a temperature of a semiconductor switching element such as an IGBT, and to perform high-reliability overheating protection control, while suppressing the number of installations of the temperature sensor, and provides a vehicle air conditioner... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.

20150034627 - Circuit board test apparatus with electric heating member: An electric heating member includes a position plate, a connecting plate extending out from a first side of the position plate, a first cable, a second cable, and a number of electric heat tabs. The first cable includes a first conductive portion arranged on the first side of the position... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150034628 - Induction hardening control system: The present invention includes: a hardening control unit (70) for controlling an induction hardening apparatus (10, 10A) based on setup conditions data regarding the induction hardening apparatus (10, 10A); a hardening monitoring unit (20) that measures, as measurement data, the electric quantity in an electric circuit configured to include a... Agent: Neturen Co., Ltd.

20150034629 - Systems, devices, and methods for heating an inside wall of a pipe or a vessel: Systems, devices, and methods for heating an inside wall of a pipe or a vessel. In one example, a system is for heating an inside wall of a pipe, a vessel, or some combination thereof. The system includes a movable mechanical device configured to be positioned at least partially within... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150034630 - Induction cooking device for temperature-controlled cooking: A modular heat-retaining system for keeping food warm. The system contains a plurality of induction heat retaining units, each of which forms a heat-retaining area, and further contains a common power and control unit having a common power controller and a plurality of connection interfaces for individually connecting and individually... Agent: Inducs Ag

20150034631 - Device for electrical heating: A device for electrically heating a fluid, in particular for use in an electrically operated motor vehicle, comprising an induction coil, which is integrated in an oscillating circuit and produces an alternating magnetic field, and at least one first inductor, which is positioned within the alternating magnetic field. The inductor... Agent:

20150034632 - Device for applying rf energy to a cavity: An apparatus for applying RF energy to an object in a cavity is disclosed. The apparatus may include a plurality of pairs of radiating ports, and a plurality of electrically conductive elements. Each pair of radiating ports may include two radiating ports configured to emit RF radiation into the cavity... Agent:

20150034633 - Enhanced processes for optimized and sustainable tortilla-based microwave appliances and products thereby: Processes for making healthful tortilla-based products in microwave ovens allow production of crisply finished products having one-fifth of the oil of those fried in oil. Likewise, a plastic composition that is suitable for supporting or holding food during warming in a microwave oven is taught which is manufactured, for example,... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 35 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150027990 - Holding apparatus, holding method thereof, wire electrical discharge machining apparatus, and machining method thereof: A holding apparatus, which is used in electrical discharge machining for cutting a workpiece into slices at intervals of wires arranged in parallel to each other, includes: a holding unit for holding the workpiece so as to prevent the workpiece from falling from the holding apparatus; and an energization unit... Agent:

20150027991 - Wire electrode for the spark-erosive cutting of articles: The invention relates to a wire electrode (10) for the spark-erosive cutting of articles, comprising and electrically conductive core (2) and a jacket (5) surrounding the core (2), which jacket comprises at least on α+β-cover layer (6) that contains β-brass and/or β′-brass. In order to provide a wire electrode that... Agent: Heinrich Stamm Gmbh

20150027992 - Wire electric discharge machine including average discharge delay time calculating unit: Provided is a wire electric discharge machine in which time from application of a voltage to a machining gap between a workpiece and a wire electrode until occurrence of electric discharge is measured as a discharge delay time, and the measured discharge delay time is integrated over a predetermined measurement... Agent:

20150027993 - Flux for laser welding: Flux compositions adapted for use in laser welding, repair and additive manufacturing applications. Flux compositions contain 5 to 60 percent by weight of an optically transmissive constituent, 10 to 70 percent by weight of a viscosity/fluidity enhancer, 0 to 40 percent by weight of a shielding agent, 5 to 30... Agent:

20150027994 - Flux sheet for laser processing of metal components: A flux sheet (20A) and method of using the flux sheet to restore a surface (24) of a metal substrate (26). A laser beam (32) is directed onto the flux sheet to melt it and the surface, then allowed to cool and solidify to produce a restored surface. The flux... Agent:

20150027996 - Automated welding of moulds and stamping tools: A tool welding system is disclosed that includes a table that heats a tool. A multi-axis robot includes a welding head that is moved relative to the table in response to a command. A controller is in communication with the robot and generates the command in response to welding parameters.... Agent:

20150027995 - Solid wire, and gas-shielded arc welding method using same: A solid wire is for gas-shielded arc welding, using a shielding gas, and for galvanized steel sheet welding. The solid wire comprises, to the mass of the whole of the solid wire, predetermined amount of C, Si, Mn, P, S, O, and Cr, with the balance consisting Fe and inevitable... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150027997 - Welding torch, welding apparatus and method of welding using hollow electrode and filler material: A welding torch having guidance means designed to advance a wire-like welding filler material mechanically along an axis at least in a section of the welding torch, a process gas nozzle that coaxially surrounds at least the guidance means, and a welding current connector that is connected in electrically conductive... Agent:

20150027999 - Combined machining method and combined machining device: A method of cutting a cut member out of an original sheet by means of thermal cutting and machining, and includes a hole-cutting process, a finishing process, and an outer periphery-cutting process. During the hole-cutting process, a hole is created in the original sheet by means of thermal cutting while... Agent:

20150027998 - Plasma arc cutting system and persona selection process: The invention features methods and apparatuses for establishing operational settings of a plasma arc cutting system. A plasma power supply includes a user selectable control. The user selectable control enables selection of a single cutting persona that establishes at least a current, a gas pressure or gas flow rate, and... Agent: Hypertherm, Inc.

20150028003 - Apparatus and method for a liquid cooled shield for improved piercing performance: A shield for a plasma arc torch is configured to protect consumable components of the plasma arc torch from splattering molten metal. The shield includes a generally conical unitary body defining (i) an interior surface to form a gas flow path with an outer surface of an adjacent nozzle of... Agent:

20150028000 - Devices for gas cooling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods: In some aspects, nozzles for a gas-cooled plasma torches can include a hollow generally cylindrical body having a first end and a second end that define a longitudinal axis, the second end of the body defining a nozzle exit orifice; a gas channel formed in the first end between an... Agent:

20150028001 - Devices for gas cooling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods: In some aspects, nozzles for gas-cooled plasma torches can include a body having a first end and a second end that define a longitudinal axis; a plenum region substantially formed within the body that extends from the first end and is configured to receive a plasma gas flow; an exit... Agent:

20150028002 - Devices for gas cooling plasma arc torches and related systems and methods: In some aspects, methods for providing a uniform shield gas flow for an air-cooled plasma arc torch can include supplying a shield gas to a shield gas flow channel defined by an exterior surface of a nozzle and an interior surface of a shield; flowing the shield gas along the... Agent:

20150028004 - Method for marking components employing overlapping and subsequently barely overlapping laser pulses: A method for marking components (2) by a plurality of pulses (4) of a pulsed beam of a laser is disclosed. At first, a melted burr is formed when the marking (2) is being created. Subsequently, the melted burr is removed, whereby the pulsed laser beam is moved over the... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co., Kg

20150028005 - Laser cutting systems: Vascular treatment and methods include a plurality of self-expanding bulbs and a hypotube including interspersed patterns of longitudinally spaced rows of kerfs. Joints between woven structures and hypotubes include solder. Woven structures include patterns of radiopaque filaments measureable under x-ray. Structures are heat treated to include at least shapes at... Agent: Insera Therapeutics, Inc.

20150028006 - Creation of laser-defined structures on pressure relief devices via tiling method: Methods of creating various laser-defined control structures on pressure relief devices are provided that utilize a laser having a field of view that is smaller than the overall dimensions of the laser-defined structure to be milled into the pressure relief device. The methods generally involve partitioning the working surface of... Agent: Fike Corporation

20150028007 - Method and device for machining a rotary tool with a plurality of cutting bodies: A rotary tool (21) working surface (23) includes a plurality of cutting bodies (24). The rotary tool (21) can be driven about a rotational axis (R). The actual enveloping surface (HF) of the working surface (23) is ascertained by an optical measuring arrangement (29). At least one other target variable... Agent:

20150028008 - Laser cutting process for forming stents: Systems and methods for improving the cutting efficiency and cut profile of stent strut is provided. A means for altering the energy distribution of a laser beam is provided, along with various ways of controlling a laser to provide for improved strut configurations are provided. A method for improved cutting... Agent:

20150028009 - Method for controlling neck detection for welding power supply: A method is provided for controlling a neck detection for a welding power supply. The neck detection can be suitably performed even if the welding power supply is combined with another power supply for performing a simultaneous arc welding operation at a plurality of locations of a workpiece.... Agent:

20150028010 - System and method of controlling heat input in tandem hot-wire applications: A system and method is provided. The system includes a high intensity energy source to create a molten puddle on a surface of a workpiece and a wire feeder that feeds a wire to the molten puddle via a contact tube. The system also includes a power supply that outputs... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150028011 - System and method of controlling heat input in tandem hot-wire applications: A system and method is provided. The system includes a high intensity energy source to create a molten puddle on a surface of a workpiece and a wire feeder that feeds a wire to the molten puddle via a contact tube. The system also includes a power supply that outputs... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150028012 - System and method of controlling heat input in tandem hot-wire applications: A system and method is provided. The system includes a high intensity energy source to create a molten puddle on a surface of a workpiece and a wire feeder that feeds a wire to the molten puddle via a contact tube. The system also includes a power supply that outputs... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20150028013 - Engine driven welder-generator with chopper circuit: An engine driven welder-generator including a chopper circuit and being adapted to produce an AC weld output, a DC weld output, and an auxiliary output is provided. The engine driven welder-generator is capable of selectively running at a low engine speed or a high engine speed based on operator inputs... Agent:

20150028014 - Heatable handle jacket for a vehicle: A heatable handle jacket includes a jacket mounted around a handle of a vehicle. The jacket is made of a thermally conductive material and includes an end having an outer surface with a recessed portion. A heating unit includes a heating wire mounted inside the jacket or to an inner... Agent: Tong Yah Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

20150028015 - Heating system for steering wheel: A heating system for a steering wheel includes a rim is covered with different materials having a leather part and a wood grain part. The heating system includes a first heating body provided in the leather part and a second heating body is provided in the wood grain part. A... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150028016 - Inrush current control system: A laundry machine (200) adapted to process laundry (220) by means of an operative fluid is provided. The laundry machine (200) comprises a drum (215) for housing the laundry (220), an electrical heater apparatus (280) configured to heat up the operative fluid, at least one electrical device (105), and an... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20150028017 - Iron for ironing: An iron having a housing, an electrically heated gliding surface, a power cord having a first end passing through an opening in the housing, a sleeve surrounding a portion of the power cord at the first end, and an indicator including a light source. The sleeve is at least partially... Agent: Aktiebolaget Electrolux

20150028018 - Oven for baking food products: The baking chamber (3) of an oven for baking food products is connected to a steam generator (8) communicating with a water tank (7) associated to a filtering device (38), which is mounted outside of the tank (7), so as to filter the water fed to a discharge duct (44)... Agent:

20150028019 - Warm-up apparatus for vehicle: A warm-up apparatus for a vehicle including a system which charges a battery by using an external power supply is provided. The warm-up apparatus includes a heater for warming up, a current detector, a voltage detector and a resistance changer. The heater is mounted in the vehicle and produces heat... Agent:

20150028020 - Compound elliptical reflector for curing optical fibers: A curing device comprises a first elliptic cylindrical reflector and a second elliptic cylindrical reflector, the first elliptic cylindrical reflector and the second elliptic cylindrical reflector arranged to have a co-located focus, and a light source located at a second focus of the first elliptic cylindrical reflector, wherein light emitted... Agent: Phoseon Technology, Inc.

20150028021 - Method for processing a modular hybrid component: The invention relates to a method for processing a modular hybrid component having a first part made of a first material and a second part made of a second material, which is different from the first material with regard to its electromagnetic and/or thermal properties. The method including exposing the... Agent:

20150028022 - Induction cooktop: An induction cooktop may include: a cooking surface; an induction coil; electronic circuitry coupled to said induction coil; and a housing surrounding at least a portion of said induction coil and at least a portion of said electronic circuitry, and said housing comprising a fan chamber comprising: a fan; at... Agent: Nuwave LLC

20150028023 - Heating coil, heat treatment apparatus, and heat treatment method for elongated workpiece: A heating coil of a heat treatment apparatus is configured to inductively heat an elongated workpiece having a recessed lateral surface. The heating coil includes a base conductor and a projected conductor. A width of the projected conductor is narrower than a width of the base conductor. The projected conductor... Agent:

20150028024 - Multi-stage compressor in a plasma cutter: Systems and methods are provided for a torch power system using a multi-stage compressor. In one embodiment, a system includes a torch power unit that includes a compressor having multiple compression stages. A method of operation is provided that includes compressing a gas via a multi-stage compressor in a torch... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150021299 - Batch methods of forming microscale or millimeter scale structures using electro discharge machining alone or in combination with other fabrication methods: Embodiments are directed to forming three-dimensional millimeter scale or micro-scale structures from single or multiple sheets or layers of material via electro discharge machining (EDM). In some embodiments, the electrodes are formed by single layer or multi-layer, single material or multi-material deposition processes. In some embodiments single electrodes form a... Agent:

20150021301 - System for converting electric energy into thermal energy: A system for transferring electrical energy to thermal energy which comprises two electrodes separated by a distance along the axis joining them and able to create field lines defining a zone of influence when subjected to a potential difference, an electrical power supply device for these electrodes, which is able... Agent:

20150021300 - Apparatus and method for securing a plasma torch electrode: An electrode for a plasma arc torch includes a generally cylindrical elongated body formed of an electrically conductive material. The elongated body includes a proximal end that connects to a power supply and a distal end that receives an emissive element. The electrode can include a flange that is disposed... Agent: Hypertherm, Inc.

20150021302 - Plasma arc torch electrode with symmetrical plasma gas flow: An electrode for a plasma arc torch includes a generally cylindrical elongated body formed of an electrically conductive material. The elongated body includes a proximal end that connects to a power supply and a distal end that receives an emissive element. The electrode can include a flange that is disposed... Agent: Hypertherm, Inc.

20150021303 - Laser machining device and laser oscillation control method: A laser machining device includes a laser oscillator for oscillating a laser beam to have a variable output according to a machining condition, an optical fiber for propagating the laser beam, a sensor for detecting an intensity of a light leaking from a cladding side face of the optical fiber... Agent: Amada Company, Limited

20150021304 - Laser machining method, laser machining apparatus, and laser machining program: Variation in hole diameter due to heating effects is minimized even if the shortest machining route is set, and machining quality is improved. A printed circuit board to be scanned by a laser beam is divided into a plurality of scan areas (S1). An order of drilling within the scan... Agent:

20150021307 - Arc welding power supply and methods for controlling arc welding power supply: An arc welding power supply supplies power to a welding wire functioning as a discharge electrode to generate an arc from an electrode distal end of the welding wire and perform arc welding on a welded article. The arc welding power supply includes an output control unit that adjusts the... Agent:

20150021305 - Integrated cable management for welding and cutting systems: A system includes a power supply, a first cable assembly, and a second cable assembly. The power supply includes a housing and supports extending from an upper portion of the housing. The first cable assembly has a clamp disposed at a distal end of a first cable extending from the... Agent:

20150021306 - Integrated cable management for welding and cutting systems: A power supply for use in a welding or cutting system includes a housing configured to hold circuitry of the power supply. The housing includes clips at one or more corners of the housing. The clips are configured to receive and hold a cable when the cable is wrapped around... Agent:

20150021308 - Welding method having a magnetic welding clamping device: A method is provided in which two parts (2, 3) are connected to each other by a weld. The two parts (2, 3) are fixed by a magnet (4) during welding. A magnetic field of the magnet (4) influences the flow of a melt in the weld (6).... Agent:

20150021309 - Steering wheel having a heating element, and fail-safety device using the same: The present invention relates to a steering wheel having a heating element and a fail-safety device using the same. The steering wheel having a heating element has a rim, a surface of which is coated with an electrically conductive heating element. The heating element includes a plurality of unit heating... Agent: Hwajin Co., Ltd.

20150021310 - Heated solar panel system and method: A solar collection device is provided having a solar panel, a frame, a back panel, and a heat source. The frame is affixed to a rear surface of the solar panel. The back panel is affixed to a rear surface of the frame providing at least one air chamber between... Agent:

20150021311 - Electric glory hole heating element baffle: An electric glass hot shop system is described herein that has at least one electrically powered heating unit (e.g., electric furnace, electric glory hole, electric pipe warmer, electric color box, electric annealer, electric crucible kiln) used in the processing of glass.... Agent: Spiral Arts Inc

20150021312 - Cooking apparatus having lighting elements: A cooking apparatus with a cooktop composed of a glass or glass-ceramic material is provided. The cooking apparatus includes a heating element and a lighting element that are disposed in the region below the underside of the cooktop. The heating element is applied to the underside of the cooktop indirectly... Agent:

20150021313 - Energy-saving heating pad: The present invention provides an energy-saving heating pad comprising a pad member comprising a heating wire enclosed by at least one heat accumulation layer therein and a socket connected to the heating wire therein; a controller comprising a plug connected to the socket of the pad member and a power... Agent:

20150021314 - Heater for a hand held appliance: A heater for a hand held appliance, the heater comprising a first layer, a second layer and a separator for separating the first and second layers of the heater wherein the separator is a tube. The first layer and/or second layer may be a wire element. The first layer may... Agent:

20150021315 - Combined decoupling and heating system: The invention relates to a combined decoupling and heating system, in particular for installing ceramic tiling using the thin bed method, having at least one anchoring layer formed from a structure element for a filler compound that is to be introduced in the area of the upper side of the... Agent:

20150021316 - Microwave heater and method of heating: A microwave heater and method of heating are provided. The microwave heater includes a non-resonant enclosure and a continuous helical antenna within the non-resonant enclosure. The continuous helical antenna is configured to receive therein a load to be heated by microwaves radiated from the continuous helical antenna.... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150014281 - Electrode and method for manufacturing the same: An electrode applied in electro-machining processes is provided. The electrode comprises a main body portion and at least one built-in internal flushing passage for introducing a flushing liquid to a volume between the electrode and a workpiece to be machined. The electrode is made by an additive fabrication process that... Agent:

20150014282 - Contact tip for use in gas metal-arc welding: A spring means (11) surrounding the fingers and exerting a radially acting spring force on the fingers of such strength that the fingers, when cool, are kept spaced apart, such that no pressure will be exerted on the casing surface of a welding wire introduced in the wire-feed conduit, and... Agent: Esab Ab

20150014283 - Hybrid hot-wire and arc welding method and system using offset positioning: A method and system to weld or join coated workpieces using an arc welding operation and at least one hot wire, resistance heated wire. Each of the arc welding and hot wire operation are directed to the same puddle. However, the arc welding operation is offset out of the joint... Agent:

20150014284 - Hybrid mig-tig or mag-tig welding device: A hybrid MIG-TIG or MAG-TIG welding device including a MIG or MAG welding torch utilizing a consumable wire oriented in a first direction, associated with a TIG welding torch utilizing a non-consumable electrode oriented in a second direction, said first and second directions being substantially coplanar and forming between themselves... Agent:

20150014285 - Diffuser shape vent slots in a hand torch shield castellation: A torch tip for a plasma arc torch includes a body having a first end, configured to attach to the torch, and a second end, where an end wall is disposed. A plasma exit orifice is formed in the end wall. At least two castellations are formed in the end... Agent:

20150014286 - Co2 laser with rapid power control: Subject matter of the invention is a CO2 laser that permits a rapid power modulation, particularly a highly efficient Q-switching. The key concept is the sub-division of the resonator into a high-power branch, containing inter alia the active medium (1), and a low-power feedback branch (14), in which the power-sensitive... Agent:

20150014287 - Laser removal of conductive seed layers: Various techniques are disclosed for an apparatus and a method to remove a layer from a substrate having a pattern formed on the layer. In one example, the apparatus comprises a stage configured to receive and hold the substrate. The apparatus may further comprise an irradiating device comprising a projection... Agent:

20150014288 - Highly elastic stent and production method for highly elastic stent: A highly elastic stent is made of an alloy that exhibits superelasticity at body temperature. At least a part of the highly elastic stent has such a property that load increases with displacement without exhibiting a distinct yield on a load-displacement curve obtained by a compression test and a bending... Agent:

20150014289 - Laser-induced plasma deburring: Processes and corresponding or associated arrangements for removal of a burr from a workpiece, particularly micromachined workpieces, involving irradiating a plasma plume source material with a laser beam to generate a plasma plume. The plasma plume at least in part impacts the burr disposed on the workpiece to at least... Agent:

20150014290 - Welding system and method of welding: A three stage power source for an electric arc welding process comprising an input stage having an AC input and a first DC output signal; a second stage in the form of an unregulated DC to DC converter having an input connected to the first DC output signal and converts... Agent:

20150014291 - Flexible welding fume collector: A welding fume collector is disclosed that includes a flexible sheath, fume collection opening at the distal end of the sheath, and vacuum hose. A welding torch extends through the sheath with the nozzle extending beyond the distal end of the sheath. The vacuum hose extends into the proximal end... Agent:

20150014292 - Heating method of honeycomb structure: The heating method of honeycomb structure includes a heating step of supplying a power to a honeycomb structure body of a honeycomb structure including the tubular honeycomb structure body having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells and a circumferential wall positioned at an outermost circumference,... Agent:

20150014293 - Vehicle heater and method for monitoring a vehicle heater: e

20150014294 - Method and system for melting frost and/or rime and/or ice and/or snow on the window of a vehicle: The invention relates to a method and system for melting frost and/or rime and/or ice and/or snow on the window of a motor vehicle using a wiper blade (1) arranged so as to provide heat to the window (2) according to a melting cycle associated with an upward phase or... Agent:

20150014295 - Vehicle heater and method for producing a vehicle heater: In a method for producing a vehicle heater (10) a main body (12) of the vehicle heater (10) is equipped with a non-intrinsically safe heat conductor layer (14), and a sensor device (16, 18, 20) for detecting exceedances of a temperature threshold value. A sensor layer (16) provided to be... Agent:

20150014296 - Heat generating device using arc discharge reactor, solar light color arc generating device, and high-pressure discharge lamp: The present invention relates to a heat generating device using an arc discharge reactor. One object of the present invention is to not only discharge a high brightness arc but also to make an arc which discharges at an even higher brightness when a magnet is placed nearby. The heat... Agent: Gear Technology Co., Ltd.

20150014297 - Heating plate having thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance: Disclosed herein is a heating plate of a heating device for a semiconductor manufacturing process, including: a metal matrix, which is composed of a Ni—Fe—Co alloy, and in which a heating element is buried; a first ceramic layer formed on one side of the metal matrix; and a second ceramic... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery And Materials

20150014298 - Self-adhesive radiant heating underlayment and apparatus for manufacture: Provided herein is a self-adhesive underlayment and an apparatus for its manufacture. The apparatus is operative to remove portions of release sheets covering upper and lower adhesive membranes and compress resulting exposed adhesive surfaces of the membranes to upper and lower surfaces of a flexible heating element.... Agent: Protecto Wrap Company

20150014299 - Proximity sensor and operator control panel formed therewith: A proximity sensor, in particular for use with a control panel, preferably a stove top, wherein the proximity sensor has at least one antenna, one frequency generator, and one power detector, wherein the at least one antenna is coupled to the frequency generator in order to supply it with power,... Agent:

20150014300 - Method for electronic temperature controlled curing of concrete and accelerating concrete maturity or equivalent age, precast concrete structures and objects and apparatus for same: The invention comprises a method of forming a concrete structure or object. The method comprises detecting the temperature of a quantity of curing concrete and selectively adding heat to the curing concrete, so that the temperature of the curing concrete follows a predetermined temperature profile during at least a portion... Agent:

20150014301 - Fail safe heater assembly: A fail safe heating assembly for operative union with a heat sink and/or work piece is provided. The assembly generally includes a heater characterized by a resistive heating element and a dielectric substrate, and a resistive sensor, substantially coextensive with the resistive heating element of the heater and united therewith... Agent:

20150014302 - Ceramic heater, glow plug, method of manufacturing ceramic heater and method of manufacturing glow plug: A ceramic heater wherein in at least one cross section of the ceramic heater orthogonal to the axial direction, a first resistor cross section has no protrusion on a first inner portion of the contour of a first resistor cross section, and has two or more protrusions on a first... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150014303 - Pliable heating device: A pliable heating device having a flexible electrical heating apparatus, which is operated by a control device and which has at least one flexible heating element that is connected to a flexible support and that has a heating conductor, which is situated in a heating circuit, and a flexible sensor... Agent:

20150014304 - Induction welding system: A method and apparatus for performing induction welding. A number of protective layers are positioned between a susceptor layer and at least one of a plurality of workpieces at a weld location. An undesired current path is prevented from forming at the weld location during induction heating of the plurality... Agent:

20150014305 - Microwave oven with dual doors: Novel microwave ovens and methods of using and manufacturing the same. Some microwave ovens include multiple doors and/or control keypads.... Agent: Bemon, LLC

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